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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 11, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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veterans that keep us safe. top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. president obama welcomes president elect trump to the white house. both sides reiterating commitment to smooth transition of power. >> i had been very encouraged by the, i think, interest in president elect trump's wanting to work with my team around many of the issues that this great country faces. >> the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half and it could have as far as i'm concerned could have gone on for a lot longer. i look very much dealing with the president in the future including counsel. maria: meeting come as antitrust protests turn violent and
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declared riots. business world reacts to next president. apple tim cook ceo asking employees to only way to get forward is to get forward together. the company billion dollars just in the first five minutes. we will tell you about it. disney is the name to watch in a minute. investors crying foul as struggles of espn going higher this morning. the dow industrial hit a record yesterday, stocks pulling back 60 points on the dow jones industrial average. we are expecting a weaker opening. in europe markets are lower across the board. ftse leading the losses down, better than 1% this morning. down 76 points. markets in asia overnight. mix, take a long. worst performer down one and a third. have some extra cash for the holidays? you may want to consider new set
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of wheels, staggering price tag that could make one ferrari the most expensive car ever sold. all the stories coming up this morning, joining me to talk about it dagen mcdowell, business and economic's professors bryan with us and fox news correspondent former navy fighter pilot and intelligence officer lea gabriel. lea, we want to wish you a happy veterans day. >> thank you so much. i want to say happy veterans to all my brothers and sisters in arms, all those who have served. this is their day. maria: we cannot thank our armed services enough. thank you to all the veterans out there. good morning to you. dagen: we are the land of the free because we are the home of the braif. so thank you. maria: we have a lot coming up this morning. former presidential retired neurosurgeon dr. ben carson is here today. bob murray along with president
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obama economic adviser and chief adviser mohamed talking markets and what has taken place over the last week. donald trump visited the white house. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel. he explained some ofhe difficulties and some of the high-flying asset ts and some of the really great things that have been achieved. >> my number one priority in the coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president elect is successful. we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed then the country succeeds. >> we are now talking about how we are going hit the ground
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running to make america great again. maria: melania trump also met with first lady michelle obama yesterday for a tour of the white house residence after the visit donald trump tweeted a fantastic day in dc, met with president obama for the first time, really good meeting, great chemistry. melania liked mrs. o a lot. howy, good to see you this morning? >> thank you, maria, happy veterans day to you. maria: what's your reaction to the swift change in rhetoric from both parties during the meeting yesterday? >> i guess they were polite in a proforma sort of way. you're right. what are you going to say when the last week obama was accusing him basically of being a member of the ku kluz klan and we all know about the birther controversy and they both said the right things, it would have been nice if obama had agreed to a photo op with the president
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elect, but you know, you -- as the song goes in this campaign rallies, you can't always get what you want. maria: it's funny that they didn't take a photo-op. what do you think about that? dagen: i thought this is as good as it could get given the depositions between the two individuals, but what people have said all along to us when donald trump was running, despite the bluster and the showmanship and him saying things that were outrageous when you meet him one-on-one he's a reasonable person and he does listen and he does digest ideas and he's quite a likable man and so i think possibly we are going see more of that person on the national stage. he's the president elect. maria: i was talking about president obama because, you know, he's been so vocal about donald trump. yesterday.eresting to see him [laughter] >> they are men who are
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sportsman and they both know how to shake hands and move forward. i have a really -- i really was happy about what i saw yesterday, photo-op aside. what we saw is two leaders of the free world who could sit together and be pleasant and positive and ictually it looked sportsman like and i hope that we will see more of the same. maria: transition team posted the dodd-frank economy does not work for working people. financial services industry implementation team will work to dismantle dodd-frank act and replace it to encouraging economic growth and job creation. what's your take on trump's plan to dismantle president obama's policies like obamacare and dodd-frank? >> i don't think dodd-frank was a big applause line on the campaign trail that repealing
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obamacare or ripping out the iranian nuclear deal was, but it's important and again this is a good indication that that trump hit the ground running. he's hitting all the right bases. dodd-frank means a lot to people on main street and not wall street. i would be surprised today if there's not anything about the veterans administration. i think he -- i think he's hitting the right notes. look at the stock market. it was humorous on tuesday night when the futures tanked, i think at wasn't point 800 points but once people woke up on wednesday morning they said, this is not such a bad thing. maria: that's right. >> think repealing dodd-frank is going to send another good message to the market. maria: we know these are the rules that have been hampering
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small businesses. >> it's hard to get a loan unless you're a big guy. >> i think people have expectations that obamacare is gone and dodd-frank is gone. it takes a long time to transition out of policies. what can people expect there? >> i don't think anybody is expecting, you know, to get a new letter from their insurance company saying never mind, the premiums aren't going up so much. no one is expecting that. it's just that you've got to show -- show everybody, your voters that you haven't forgotten this -- these problems. i mean, you know, another thing that i don't think too many people have talked about, how about keystone pipeline. that's something that really is important, i think. you know, opening the fracking ban on federal lands, i know energy prices are low, but again these are important symbolic messages. you're telling people like reagan did in 80 or 81 that america is open for business again. we will try to get the economy moving. donald trump talked about these
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95 million americans that aren't working. we want them back in the job market. i think everybody does except maybe the protestors. dagen: i watched paul ryan, speaker of the house on bret bare last night. maria: me too, i saw it. dagen: he was gety. he literally was gety about the possibilities. he was like we can actually get things done and i think that highest on the agenda is tax reform and creating jobs and once the government can get out of the way in terms of dialing back some of the orders, the leading by fiat if you will, whether it's the president or epa regulations -- maria: obamacare. dagen: obamacare. again, there's real -- there was real optimism and excitement coming out of paul ryan which i thought was terrific to see.
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>> ryan ran for vice president in 2012. he couldn't carry wisconsin. guess what? trump could. dagen: he said last night. the people that didn't get behind him got hurt in their elections. >> they have the keys to the kingdom right now. today is the day and lessons
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from the marine corps whose birth was yesterday to hit hard with policies because you have two years and you will see. maria: a lot of speculation about the transition team, about the cabinet, transition team apparently will include billionaire investor technology executive peter teal. howie, how do you think trump adding at billionaire to the team. he has been support i have to donald trump and now added to the transition team? >> i think he would be perfect. he's a billionaire and immigrant, he's gave, he's evangelical prison. he's had a career year already. i think his name was being floated earlier for the supreme court. he has gone to law school and used to be a clerk to somebody in appeals court. any way they can get him into a position of prom thans would be great. he's the perfect, you know,
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symbol of the new america, i think. dagen: we talked about the bezos versus trump thing. congratulations to donald trump. i forone give him my most open mind and wish him great success. >> tell that to the washington post editors. maria: everybody has an open mind now. [laughter] >> what happened to 20 reporters at the washington post that were digging up dirt on trump. maria: they're still digging, howie. that was extraordinary. that's why this election was a complete against the media. they come out with 20 reporters looking for dirt on trump and they didn't have any extras on hillary clinton, the one under fbi investigation. >> i love the heyedline in the washington post, i think it was, white house refuses to rule out
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partner for hillary clinton. that tells you all you need to know about the hillary clinton campaign. maria: howie, good to see you, thank you so much. release coming to residents of flint after judge orders bottled water to be delivered to homes there. efforts to recover from the water crisis coming up next. we are thankful to heros in uniform for service to our country today, how businesses are honoring veterans straight ahead, back in a minute afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: welcome back, res comments flint michigan still dealing with unsafe drinking water but one judge is ordering the town to step up. here is cheryl with the details. cheryl: delivery of bottled water in flint. water is distributed for free in areas of flint but this will help ensure that safe water is there for residents unable to get to a distribution site. each home will be provided with 4 cases of bottled water per week per resident unless they choose to opt out of that program. well frkts -- if you voted for donald trump you may not be
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welcome to grub hub. employee who is agree with trump's campaign rhetoric should resign. the e-mail from the ceo reads this, i absolutely reject the nationalist antiimmigrant and hateful politics of donald trump and will work to shield our community from this movement. that's, of course, from the grub hub ceo. the company then released a statement. we tbrab and accept all political employees no matter who they voted for in this or any election. message was intend today advocate for inclusion and tolerance regardless of political affiliation. the ceo says he's not embarrassed by his actions. 20% of employees thanked him for the original e-mail but we should also say the original e-mail said you should resign if you agree with donald trump. a lot of controversy about grub hub this morning. apple ceo tim cook sent a memo to employees after donald
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trump's victory but the message was about unity. i heard from many of you today about the presidential election, regardless of which candidate each of us supported as individual the only way to move forward is to move forward together. ihop giving red, white and blue pancakes to 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., red lobster with free appetizer and dedessert. you have to have id. we should say chipotle, baskin-robbins, the list goes on and on of american companies that are honoring veterans today. there's deals everywhere, actually. maria: i love that. coming up next the world's largest online event smashing records and it's not done yet.
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what alibaba says about the health of the economy, that's next. mac suck zerg coming to i was why the social media election did not hurt the election and did not influence anything. back in a minute. not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now save $500 on the queencse mattress. plus 36 months special financing. know better sleep with sleep number.
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maria: china's economic slowdown is not getting in the way of the country's online shopping day of the year, alibaba chattered the singles day sales record and still a couple of hours left in 24-hour promotion. bryan with us. let me ask you about that. alibaba had a billion dollars in sales in five minutes.
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>> $5 billion in sales in two hours. 175,000 orders per second in the first hour. this is exactly why u.s. companies wanting to to the get in on this. you have levi's, apple, u.s. companies say we want to reach the chinese consumer because they are willing to spend big time. maria: i always chuckle at singles day. it's bun any. they have their rule, one child rule and they celebrate being single. [laughter] >> don't wait to get presents until you get married. by them for yourself. >> go out because you're single and get together with groups and potentially meet someone initially and then became, okay, we will celebrate yourself, buy something for yourself. maria: i'm all in. [laughter] dagen: speaking of retail, though, some of the retail stocks did terrifically yesterday. we got good news from macy's and
6:24 am
nordstrom lifted financial targets for the year. rising wages, wages running at the fastest pace sincor 09 and tighter inventory. that was good news. maria: better. can we see macy's and kohl's stocks for the holiday because that definitely -- the area of the market that was among the leadership yesterday. dagen: that and the financials. >> macy's and target are part of the alibaba sale. you can go in. maria: let's talk disney for a second. the stock is looking up today mostly due to loss in advertising revenue at espn. this is obviously the sports power house of the industry.
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more americans are cutting the cord. can disney turn it around in terms of espn and revenue? >> i think so. they are looking at partnerships with hulu and at&t, they need channels to reach millennials. it is a big issue. they've lost ad revenue from the fantasy sports betting. they haven't had much of that. they can move but they have to have different channels. maria: a lot of sports deals expire in 1919. don't think amazon is not going to be there to potentially do a deal and buy monday night football, sunday night football. am done is there and they want live programming and they want sports. >> yeah. maria: we don't know if espn is going to get it. dagen: what do i have in my home right now amazon fire that's got
6:26 am
all my apps on it and at the moment i'm not paying for satellite or cable. maria: they may very well be there. dagen: they've got to coin and jeff bezos is willing to take risks. look at what he paid for the top-gear guys. suto bring the guys over from the uk. maria: look at ad revenue at espn. sports is the -- >> well, it's interesting we talk about millennials getting into cable less and doing more streaming video and disney did announce this potential deal to acquire bam, the tech but everything is going stream video, that's what the millennials are doing and dagen is using more streaming. maria: she watches stream all of the time.
6:27 am
daig daug i stream dagen: i stream fox news and fox business. >> the question is can espn get fast enough because 2019 is coming and amazon is a better bet here. how quickly can they ramp up to reach millennials. it's going to be tough for them. we will take a short break, donald trump setting sites on cabinet, national security concerns could frame choices of advisers, whether he talk about it. warren buffet's pick for president but he is still having a good week. shares are hitting record highs, back in a moment oot and light-hd i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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...tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms... ...such as fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to. if you have inflammatory bowel disease, tell your doctor if symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. see me. see me. see me. on my way. find clear skin... and a clearer path forward. for a different kind of medicine, ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. maria: welcome back. it is friday, november 11. veterans day. the top stories 6:30 a.m. president-elect calling it a fantastic day in dc yesterday. set to be 45th president of the united states. he promised to work together for the american people. >> we have a fantastic productive meeting. and going to work for the american people. donald trump has had one of
6:31 am
the most impressive victories we have ever seen. he will turn that into progress for the american people. we want to make sure that we can get this country turned around and make america great again. turned around and make america great again. we're going to do some spectacular things for the american people. maria: social media plane a huge part in the social media -- in the election of donald trump. warren buffett bet big on hillary clinton but it is donald trump's victory that is making him them big money. the details as berkshire hathaway shares hit an all-time high. it closed at a record level yesterday. a pullback of what has been a record-setting week last week. markets are mostly lower this week. better than 1%.
6:32 am
markets in asia are mixed. hong kong is down one and a third% there. a great deal on a new car for the holiday season to tell you about. the cash you will need to get behind one of the most expensive cars ever sold. it's pretty good-looking too. the weekend box office could be out of this world. lance come to theaters near you this weekend. the new york bombing suspect was in court. he captured back in september 19. he intends to plead not guilty. good to see. he is looking to fill some key posts.
6:33 am
terrorism and political correctness don't go together. we are gonna see an increased terrorist threat in the homeland. until we drop the political correctness and start taking advantage of the new data that we have to spot people who are going to be terrorist and spot them quickly afterwards we won't get ahead of it. the example that everyone should pay attention to is your open borders multiculturalism and what do you have a terrorist incident in every major capital once a week. maria: you think donald trump will do that? >> he will definitely drop a political correctness and do whatever it takes. he will also protected the military and the police. >> you do see a softening of tone there was a report that on the trump website that they had removed that.
6:34 am
you see a campaign now moving into a presidency. >> you see donald trump moving into a presidency. to see what he did it yesterday with president obama he looked like he belonged there. this is the biggest political earthquake in 200 years. donald trump is going into the white house as the only president since at george washington george washington who doesn't owe anything to anybody and he has just taken wn the political establishment the governing elite, the mainstream media, the two biggest political machines that have dominated politics for over generation in its donald trump and who does he represent the american people. >> one of the things that's interesting about military strategy one of the first steps is striking the fear into the hearts and minds of the edit enemy. we've heard do you want him to have the nuclear codes? guess what now he has the
6:35 am
nuclear codes. >> sometimes he will throw that out there. and they immediately react. these guys are apparently fresh air. it's an immediate reaction. we can't possibly do that. you know what happened within a couple of days there saying you know he has a point they're not paying their fair share and they looked at it. and the germans increase their defense budget. maria: would you join donald trump's administration? >> is not about me is not him and what he's done. i've been supportive of his policies i think we have lost wars in the middle east that we never should have lost and i think we have a policy towards china where we have said we don't pick a fight with our banker we can be tough. everyone of those things makes sense. anybody would be honored to
6:36 am
serve in this revolution. maria: now donald trump is receiving the same classified daily intelligence briefing as president obama receives. what does that mean. as he prepared to handle this top-secret information tell us how you feel. >> i worked for henry kissinger's for ford and nixon. it is a memorandum from the cia. it's called the president's daily brief they say this is what is happening. i have a custard newspaper if you well. the national security adviser goes in and says this is what happened in the last 24 hours. were watching something in europe where the south china sea. it's like when you get your morning coffee with maria and you find out what's going on in the world of business and finance the president find out what's going on for security.
6:37 am
>> intelligent stuff you get some satellite signals. it's about moving the trips is about worries of where it's going. i'm in with withdrew his reaction should be. there would also be recommendations in there. >> so much of the news has been about the economy. how does that affect relations with china. as the is the trade were a possibility helpful or unhelpful what you think about that? >> that's actually the most important question to ask. what reagan did when i worked for president reagan he relates you had options you can go to other countries and say you do this or you do you do that. you're in a position of power. i think trump was quite right to say the first amendment to do is fix the economy. and then that gives us options whether it's dealing with the chinese the russians et cetera. he can act on and six months.
6:38 am
they can impose tariffs if he sees it necessary. so at least we are doing that. those are two biggest trading partners. i think it's also quite interesting about three months ago when the mexican president met with candidate donald trump and he was criticized how could you do that the guy wants a wall. and now the mexican president has acknowledged that there will be a wall. the second thing that happened is the mexican president said bergen to build a wall on our southern border and the third thing in the third thing that happened is everything in mexico said while the guys smart. the world has gone around.
6:39 am
you advised the president elect a national security there's been so much talk about isis, terrorism and fears of that but those of us in that national security space know that there are some real serious concerns we need to have on the foreign policy what are the top priorities that you're gonna tell him he needs to focus on. gifted deal with radical islam. before they get their hands on nuclear weapons. number two we have an immediate problem with russia. if we don't find some good way to deal with the russians and prevent that from escalating into a crisis in the number three the long range threat has always been china. they want to replace the united states as the world's dominant power. by trying to take one of the world's largest trade routes is an internal chinese see. i think those would be the three priorities that i would brief anybody on whether it was donald trump or anybody.
6:40 am
get your priorities straight. the rest will fall into place. a lot of what we gave was upfront. so the iran to we tied it to nothing. we didn't tie it to behavior. we didn't say if to stop supporting radical islamic movements. if to stop trying to kill americans. you have to stop the nuclear missile program basically we said halt for about ten years and then you can legally had nukes. now that they have everything they wanted there's not a lot of incentive for them to abide by their part of the deal. >> they should stop by saying death to america. here's the thing about poop. they humiliate him in public
6:41 am
third rate regional power. you're in the wrong place. that in private to give them everything he wants. in private let's have a negotiation. thank you so much. the gto speeding away to become the most expensive car ever sold you won't believe how much this is going for. the box office expectations coming up ahead of your weekend. we are back in a moment.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. maria: welcome back.
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markets looking lower. we are well off of the lows of the morning. the dow is expected to be a down about 50 points today. as i mentioned it's off of the loaves and it's coming off of several days of record highs for the market. a couple of names to watch they are at an all-time shot --dash mckay. billionaire chairman word buffet opposed trump's candidacy the companies newark class b shares climbed about 3% yesterday in the big rally for financials. both are up over 18% year to date. go pro launching that the biggest ad campaign ever. that's after a disastrous quarterly report. the first ever scripted tv ad. the stock is down sharply in the past month. he said there at $10 in change. donald trump is responding to the protesters. >> anti- trump protesters across the country have taken to the streets for two straight nights now. trump tweeted about it sayed i love the fact that the small groups of protesters last
6:46 am
night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. 4,000 people marched in portland oregon. after store windows were smashed the demonstrator shutdown freeways and number of people were arrested. mark zuckerberg is a pending facebook against charges that influenced the election. he said that it was a very small amount of the content. he also said there was plenty of real news on the site and it's up to users to access it. the owner of splenda is suing dunkin' donuts. it is misleading customers into thinking that the donut shops offer splenda instead of a product made in china.
6:47 am
duncan started to use the other sweetener. both of them, come in pale yellow packets and on top of that they claim that employees often tell customers that the sweetener is splenda. check out these hot wheels. this ferrari is about to become the most expensive car ever sold. the 1962 ferrari gto. it was just listed in britain for nearly 56 and a half million dollars. this car is a second one of 39 that were ever built and it can still burn forever. it rubber. it reaches about 60 miles an hour and get this in six seconds. one offer has already been made for the car. in case you missed it we have a great week. take a look at some of the top moments from mornings with maria this week. >> a historic night for our country. donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states of america. >> donald trump gave a lot of people hope and last night was an indication for millions of
6:48 am
americans who found out their vote doesn't fact matter. the restoration and construction of justice is always more difficult than the destruction of trust. this world needs u.s. leadership. that's with the world needs. and bergen have the u.s. leadership when we have a strong economy. >> is a look at what the trump plan it as it is for more growth and that's can help all of the companies in the index eventually because part of this movement is to get government out of the special-interest business. and what he said from the beginning and he kept saying i want to build jobs i want to bring jobs back to america i want to give everyone a chance to participate. i think he will bring respect back to the idea of doing that are fair deals. in the way he goes about
6:49 am
making decisions. i think there is a certain intimidation that goes with that. >> and changing some other of the things like the enormous regulatory burdens in the red tape that has been part on our economy by the obama administration the last eight years. ripping up obama care is easy to say but republicans over the last six years have come up replacement ideas that they have. if you go to donald trump's website and look for what he's can do on healthcare he's gonna tell you to replace that with something better. but we never had enough details. what i want to do is help this -- help him get them get the tax cut past. art, our you going back to washington. i had three great grandchildren. i'm having so much fun watching them make the world a
6:50 am
much better place. >> are you can have a role in the new administration. it something i'm very passionate about. >> the people all across the political spectrum is a the help the military families. and of course one of the best friends to president obama a partner in the last eight years on the business side. he's the only guy that's played golf with both trump and obama. >> exactly. i will let them play it out. there are snobs in places like new york. >> the white peppermint is delicious. >> hundred 80 calories and
6:51 am
5 grams of fat. >> i'm not worried about that. >> i don't want to speak for everyone but we are all about taste testing. we live in a pick and choose world.
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maria: that as a clip from the new sci-fi thriller. starring amy adams. mike, good to see you.
6:55 am
i am a big sci-fi fan. >> it really does. it's more of an intellectual science fiction thriller. amy adams. she plays the linguist they get pulled in to make first congress -- contact with those who arrive on the planet. twelve different ships have appeared and nobody knows why. >> i think this is a film that says something about communication and how we treat things and what we do with the unknown. i think this is a time of your people are looking for pete something a little bit more than they're getting.
6:56 am
opening this weekend the movie has have good reception from social media but it's not predicted to match up against the rival. i think those are two different movies. in the christmas comedies have become a tradition now. they go looking for something like that. either movie will take you somewhere. >> almost christmas is sort of easier. the sci-fi thriller you're negatively laughing too much in the arrival. almost christmas i think you'll be surprised at how funny it is. right after halloween. i went with low expectations. because how many holiday dysfunctional family christmas movies are there. i appreciate it. good to see you.
6:57 am
thank you maria. >> wall street welcomed donald trump elect with a huge rally. a big day for drug and biotech stock. if hillary clinton would have one she would a push for push for price control. that sentiment sending the biotech etf ticker soaring since his election. when it is up on this 11% the biggest today gain and 14 and half years. mornings with maria will be right back.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. maria: welcome back. thanks for being with us. it is friday, november 11. happy veterans day. the top story 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. a transition of power and the nation's capital. president obama and president-elect promising to work together to make sure the country succeeds. >> i want to emphasize to you mr. president-elect that we now are you want to do everything we can to help you succeed and lead the country.
7:01 am
>> it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many more times in the future. maria: anti- trump protest turned violent over night at the shocking riot damage and destruction in oregon to report this morning. so so new about taking backlash after he throws his support behind the president president-elect the fallout as they burn sneakers. hillary clinton clearing her head after her historic loss. looking to get away this holiday season the travel days you dates you need to avoid it so that you did not break the bank to see family this week holiday season. snapchat flocked to get the company's new glasses. future showing that they will go. we had stocks pulling back this friday morning. it's expected to bed down about 50 points.
7:02 am
they are down better than 1%. the index in german is a one third up one third of 1%. indonesia overnight the worst performer down 3.4 percent. donald trump is not the only major meeting at the white house yesterday. all of the stories coming up and joining me to talk about it is dagen mcdowell, brian brett burke and leah gabrielle. leah we want to wish you a happy veterans day. >> the truth is going to boot camp or anything else it's about the people in front of you and behind you it's about the other veterans. happy veterans day to all of the veterans out there today. maria: thank you for keeping us safe and free. >> you could always tell the people that would not make it
7:03 am
when they're out in the cold because they're thinking about themselves and not thinking about everybody else who they are with. think about the big picture and the mission. that's a hallmark of everyone who is served this country. >> you do things that terrify you you do things under high levels of stress and what really gets you going is the people around you before they are going. i just want to celebrate all that veterans karl rove is with us. we're talking markets on the global economy. you don't want to miss the moment. we have a big hour coming up. i historic meeting president obama welcomes president-elect
7:04 am
a trump yesterday to the white house. watch. >> i've been very encouraged by the interest in president-elect trumps wanting to work with my team around many of the issues that this great country faces. >> we discussed a lot of different situations some wonderful and some not. i really much look forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel. the president hasn't changed he stand by what he said. he made the ark meant vigorously and he made that argument and states all across the country. but the american people decided the election is over the president get to choose his successor in the american people did. maria: the election is over.
7:05 am
we should make sure that the protesters get that message. dr. carr should we just want to say thank you for joining us. let's kick it up with yesterday's meeting. what did you make of it. we were all watching for any awkward moments. do you think that meeting will help unify the country? >> it was will a accorded in all the right things were said. well that be the appropriate follow through. with to make sure that donald trump succeeds. and if that does happen it would be a new day and a new beginning they had been so many seeds of discord so over the last several years and we are not each other's.
7:06 am
if you supported trump send us your resignation. these kind of things are un-american. but i do believe that there are forces behind him that are tried to divide us on the basis of everything. at the american people can become dissatisfied and makes it easier to fundamentally change the nation. these protesters are listening to the media. they told one narrative about who a donald trump was throughout this election and that is a narrative that some people heard. and we also know that donald trump has said many times that he wants to change a number of things that president obama put into place. it was a campaign promise from president-elect trump. it was the busiest day since enrollment began. do you think they have a plan to replace that.
7:07 am
and what should it look like. the philosophy is something that puts the policy back in the hands of patients minimizes the role of third parties. what happened for good health care. along comes the third-party that this along comes the third-party that this the relationship. it doesn't make any sense. i cost us money and it's unnecessary. that's what you heard president-elect trump talking about health savings accounts. those are under the control of the individual and we can pay for them with the same dollars that we pay for this incredibly inefficient system. we spend twice as much per capita as many other nations to have much better access because they don't have the level of bureaucracy and special interest involved in healthcare. health is your most important
7:08 am
asset and that's why they've all said when you want to gain control you can control of healthcare. and everything else will come along. >> in terms of changing what has already been put into place in terms of the health exchanges in the regulations how many years would it really take to implement something new that covers the same number of people. >> i don't think it will take an excessive number of years. you do realize in washington there is a mentality that everything is complex. i think there is online criticism of donald trump when he opened his new hotel. under budget and ahead of schedule.
7:09 am
we can do things logically that make sense and we will do them gradually because there is concern about those people who have gotten insurance who might not had it under another plan. to gradually make the change in the present something that they will absolutely love. that is the american way. not forcing people into what you believe is the best solution. >> speaking of the american way there so much anger in our country right now. here is somebody who is up against president-elect trump and then you joined his side. as someone who was up against trump and then joined him can you get out to some of these communities and try to make some peace.
7:10 am
>> people get to know him. he is a very reasonable person. he's not the statement that they've tried to paint him out to be. that will be coming increasingly apparent and he recognizes you cannot make america great again is f -- if everyone is fighting again. we have much more in common than the things that separate us. it's work on this things let's talk about those things. we should all be interested in our children and what will happen to them in the future. then one other thing to remember we have practical islamic terrorists who want to destroy us. why would we facilitate their goals by trying to destroy ourselves? it makes no sense. maria: dr. carson, do you think you could see yourself as education secretary? >> i could see myself as continuing to help improve the educational environment the healthcare environment and many other things. my preference would be to do
7:11 am
that from outside of the government as a friend as an assistant as an advisor if it can't be done that way i will do whatever is necessary to make sure that we succeed as a nation. maria: who do we think it should be out there in terms of leadership positions? what should we do about the people protesting in the streets. >> i would like to see the media emphasizing bringing us together. we have to realize that media can be very powerful. they were absolutely essential to getting us on the right track and the in the gone off track themselves subsequently. and they can come back. i talk about integrity and journalism.
7:12 am
maria: even you would think that is something that people want to be helpful. rather than acting out which is what we are seeing right now. when you think we will have more information about the cabin and the ones about him. >> over the next few weeks a lot of things will become much clearer but the decisions had to be made. when not talking about political decisions were talking about decisions that will allow success. one of the reasons they had been a successful is because he has put in place he's put in place the right people not just friends. maria: half-baked controversy.
7:13 am
they add a layer politics to the sweet treats. freedom for two bald eagles. we are back in a moment.
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
sunglasses have a built-in video camera. they're called spectacles and they're being sold been sold from an automated disney machine. you can't make this stuff up. they can record video 102nd at the time and then you upload it to snap chat. the glasses are getting a cell for hundred $29. let us know what you think if you try them please. a dunkin' donuts store is under fire for some new donuts that had red and blue on white frosting. along the us-mexico border. customers weigh in on this one. another said there can to get a lot of cog traversing that the donuts but the wall. they all live in arizona. it's a big topic in arizona what can i say?
7:17 am
>> a bald eagle is free again after two of them somehow got stuck in a road side storm drain. this video shows another bird flew on top of it to protect it or because they were fighting for territory. these responders around these bald eagles. i've never seen a response for two animals stuck in the storm drain. and they're okay. they're fine. in their eagles. it's a symbol of freedom in our country. thank you so much. the manikin challenge goes viral. and then you still have a haven't booked your trip home for thanksgiving we will take the best in the worst days to fight for the holidays. you will want to hear this. back in a minute.
7:18 am
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maria: the nfl cannot blame the election for low tv ratings in that same old story for the cleveland browns. good morning. one week removed from the cleveland indian's. indians. five months since they won their first championship. they were that cleveland browns. like milos said to at a three. in the third quarter smith on the receiving end of the touchdown. one of three scores thrown by fica. three different quarterbacks.
7:22 am
browns at said the first team in five years to win. they are now's your intent. the first year in the league. as tv ratings continue to plummet down at double the double digits this year. they said yesterday the league is considering how to speed up the game and might even run fewer ads and alter when they run. we want to take as much dead time out of this game so we can make the game more exciting. so the cavaliers go to the white house. the latest craze. they make like a mannequin. one warrior span was in a golden state of mine -- mind. check this out.
7:23 am
she is wearing the warrior's christmas sweater. i keep thinking as i look at her if she someone's mom. or she stayed don't tell anybody. they're they are trying to figure out exactly who she is. this tweet with the video. that's awesome. i think it's like an nba version. there you go. i think we got it. forget the manikins. as a general well you have to move your feet when you do.
7:24 am
is that it. you should move your feet as well when you're dancing. let's do it. there's a lot going on there. good stuff. >> should we all try it. >> alain. they should do a whole routine. celebrating life. that's it they need to get their ratings and backup. more dancing like that. another gets a speed of the game. there's so much to this story. some of the people i think between 57 and 75 million americans play a fantasy
7:25 am
football. see her watching all different games. there is also the matter of the red zone channel which shows just the parts that are getting ready to score. i have the red zone channel on. i'm not watching the game for three hours. why are they playing. it's because there are commercials. if the payoff does tv contracts somehow. >> not enough spirit. their loving it today. there is more coming up. talking trade. they don't know what it was stepping into when it endorsed donald trump. it's how they are handling the backlash. there back in a moment.
7:26 am
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donald trump takes deceit by storm. one of his strongest opponents elizabeth warren laid out her hopes for him. >> he is an opportunity to chart a different course to govern for all americans into respect our institution. in his victory speech his pledge that he would be president for all americans. maria: trump blames u.s. trade flames u.s. traddeals during the election. now canada said it's willing to re- negotiate its steel. the major issues and changes we could see. you balance taking backlash is morning after the ceo throws his support through donald trump. the follow as consumers burn sneakers. hillary clinton is moving ahead. she runs into a young mother hiking in the woods yesterday. and traveling without breaking the bank. we will tell you the best days to visit your family.
7:30 am
remember were coming off of a record-setting week. they close at an all-time high. today were seen stocks pull back from that. someone in a quarter percent. the leadership on the downside. markets in asia were mixed as well. hong kong down one and a third%. in korea down 1% in a nikkei average on the shanghai deposit were higher. so so the classic toys from your childhood taking their place in the tall -- in the toy hall of fame. the president-elect may have soared to victory because of his stance opposing free trade agreements according to reports but a fox exit poll said that 52 percent of voters think the economy is the most important issue he should focus on. where voters trusted trump to handle the economy.
7:31 am
we want to bring in charles hart a calmness from the washington times. we also have a rich elaborate here with us. are you surprised that they were drawn to his views on the economy more than the stance of immigration? >> i think immigration got so much attention because it was was so shocking to people in the media and checking to even a lot of republicans that a guy would say those things even though a very large majority of americans agree with what he said about it. in terms of the trade thing i think people are not necessarily opposed to free trade they just wanted economy and when you had 14 million people who had left the workforce under president obama people want jobs is that frustration that got swept up
7:32 am
in donald trump talk about wanting to renegotiate all of these trade deals. >> it's interesting how these things turned so quickly. and now you have candidates and were ready to redo it. and then there saying that china steel and never really worked. there are both core issues for him. i think immigration is easy to follow through that's the way they didn't through the executive action. the trade is trickier. he obviously needs to do something on trade. we will not have a big free big free trade agreements going forward in the next few years but ripping up nafta in its entirety would be a mistake because i think they would be so disruptive and overwhelming for his administration. he has a lot of agenda items
7:33 am
he needs to get through in the first year if i was him i would focus on just a big legislative accomplishments which are really possible. >> i pointed this out. and president obama's first four years in office he was deporting illegal immigrants at record numbers. >> even president obama admitted that it was reported differently. >> it was complicated but it was it was right at the border we turn you around you go back to your country. it's not is not counted as a deportation. they got that number way up and then they said we are that. the point i was trying to make was that was something that president obama can now do more easily. in terms of deportation. basically if you are in the interior of the country were not going to deport you.
7:34 am
you can tell tell you to actually do your job. i do get other another thing that's very important than this president obama turned on a giant neon light inviting all of these people who believed that they could cross aboard and get into america and just turning off that neon light not only is it good for america but also it's good for all of these poor people from all over south america who risk their lives or died to try to get into america because they believe that this guys can say come on in. >> back to trade for a second. does he focus on taxes and regulation does he try to put people back to work and hope that some of the trade issues receipt into the background or does he go with something on trade right away. it seems to me you're suggesting to the economy and trade sort of takes care of itself over the long-term.
7:35 am
he is gonna need some big ticket items. but by and large if he goes in and goes after the epa and does like a true progrowth sora program that turns the economy around and people are happy with good jobs and higher wages and things like that. i do think the trade stuff stays into the background. but you do have to buy and sell things. it was the media's narrative that told the world that he is all of these anti- everything. and the media did not report what was going on in terms of his stance on trade. >> it's the way he says china. on the point of immigration there is national security and foreign policy. i think a lot of people
7:36 am
actually see the immigration issue under this. they feel like a service that have gone to illegal immigrants. a friend of mine said to me during this campaign this is all a negotiation. he's planning to be the president and he is beginning his negotiation with making these really strong points because you go strong then when you come to the table he's back and you make the other person or the other side feel like they want. >> trump is a genius as declaring victory's that are short of hundred% victory. i told you we were to get mexico there. i think he's can be a much more practical minded than people expect. and the key the conservative controlled congress you get an agenda that's in between and it passes in the first year.
7:37 am
it will be a historic accomplishment. they are chanting that trump is not their president. demonstration continues in several cities including portland they deemed to purchase a riot lesson because they were doing dangerous criminal behaviors. then they tweeted about it. just had a very open and successful present decks should -- election. very unfair. and it is. trump took a different tone of this money. love the fact that the small group of protesters last night have passion for our great country we will all come together and be proud. what you think about that. >> first of all these people are idiots. it's best for trump to just ignore it. elevate, rise above it.
7:38 am
but don't let them get under your skin. this won't stop. these people can i can be there trying to disrupt it. >> and only strengthens trump's hand it seems to me. they're not helping their cause at all. >> what about cancel classes in a cry in. why can't they inward and have some introspection and say we got behind a candidate who people didn't like who is maybe a criminal and was definitely corrupt. >> i think this is a function of the reality tv ruled that we live in.
7:39 am
we saw that during the selection. we sought to candidates blood each other on a personal level and i've seen so much emotion after this election just driving back from where i was covering the election in philadelphia. they were crying on the phone. other people jubilant. they're so excited. i think it was a lot of emotion. i think it's not a good idea to ignore it. they've an opportunity to reach out to those people. i don't mean coddle them. but i do think that it can very much bring down that emotional tone when you see it in say i hear you. who are these people. miley cyrus they never do.
7:40 am
>> can i say something about amy schumer. she put on instagram one of these names about donald trump this alleged interview that he never did. about how stupid republicans are she put on instagram. stop putting out there in social media. it's not true it doesn't exist in the fact that they don't even know that is a testament to how big of morons they are. our country was based on an educated public and voter. they need to do their own study studying and on educating themselves. and they need to make their own decision. they didn't listen to celebrities. they know so much about the economy and how to create jobs. why would i not want to listen to them. hillary clinton seems to be enjoying her time off the trail.
7:41 am
>> and bill clinton bill clinton is credited with snapping the picture. she looks good. she looks content. what you think. >> if she was appealing in her concession speech which i thought was a very brave speech. and then the story today about running into the hiker. if only she had been that appealing during the campaign she could never be real. she's trying to figure out how to make her real and that never works. we did see a little bit of vulnerability and a lot of strength in the concession. i hope that moment was healing for her to run into something. we are all americans. it was authentic that's for sure. thank you so much.
7:42 am
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start at one of the cancer treatment centers of america hospitals near you. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. maria: welcome back. only two weeks until thanksgiving. cheryl was some travel tips. >> it's one of the busiest travel days of the year. there are some trips to know if you plan to fly. the lightest travel date is thanksgiving day. and then the sunday and monday after things giving.
7:46 am
return unto that you can actually save more than $200 and you can perish into your family some and not had to fly on thanksgiving morning. two weeks from date retailers are pretty optimistic about the holiday shopping season. macy's and kohl's are very upbeat saying they expect consumers to turn it from voting to shopping. the warm weather. the national retail celebration could increase 3.6% in then speaking of christmas and toys the national toy hall of fame. has announced its inductees for 2016. they include the classic swing. everybody likes that. the role-playing game dungeons and dragons when the characters they were all
7:47 am
playing that game a bunch. and then fisher-price the little people that's another one. the honor for the tiny tenants comes after it they were finalist for seven times is a very competitive game. to get into the toll -- toy hall of fame. >> i liked bobby's. -- barbies. >> my favorite toy growing up was my big wheel. you remember that? i remember shooting down the hill by my house. good ones guys. take me back. an endorsement sparking fiery reactions. why they are burning their new balance sneakers. it's coming up next.
7:48 am
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welcome back. the endorsements are still coming in for donald trump. new balance has become the first company to publicly back president-elect donald trump. in a statement issued to the wall street journal they said this the obama administration turned a deaf ear to us and with president-elect donald trump we feel like they're gonna work in the right direction. they have some customers burning man. they're taking to twitter and setting their new balance sneakers on fire. they are tossing them in the trash. laura, good to see you. what do you think they were
7:52 am
hoping to gain from this and then what is your reaction to this horrible reaction to this. it definitely backfired and burned up big time. this was a big news. they thought they would get in there and get their brand attached to that and it really didn't turn out well. just makes good business. have the people didn't vote for trump. what do they think they were to gain by this. it makes no sense and i think they are really regretting it right now. social media has taken that. >> it reminds me of what michael jordan said. he said i'm not going to get involved because republicans buy sneakers too. >> one of the markets is in the northeast.
7:53 am
what are they thinking here. >> they clearly weren't thinking. one of their corporate policy people clearly they did support that. that was something that bernie sanders, clinton and trump were also against. don't get into politics. they stepped into the political crosshairs and they just got annihilated. it doesn't make any sense. this was the wrong time to talk about this. sure got there for your company and talk about the trade. but no one was bringing this up. they came out of the blue. there really the wrong thing to do. it's sad to see how it's come to pass and hurt them. >> you would think that you could have an opinion without someone going on some going on and putting your sneakers on fire online don't get involved
7:54 am
in politics i get what you're saying. at the same time all of these people to grow up and stop the nonsense. it's ridiculous. they are also burning the sneakers. they feel like it's been left out in a lot of ways because they have the strategy of made in the usa which i applaud they basically started here in the u.s. built their company here. as this is what you need to happen to grow u.s. jobs or or do you see at wafer manufacturing jobs to be brought back to the u.s. they have taken a stand. they do have the factories in america. from what i've seen it's only about 25 percent. for sure. there is a bigger topic out there. it has been exploding for weeks.
7:55 am
people are looking for opportunities to talk about this and they are jumping on this in using this as a scapegoat and to make a protest. it has become a political statement. .ou don't want your brand to >> this will not have a lasting impact on this brand. no weight know how. i'm not emotionally unstable enough to worry about it. i'll had enough energy to get bunched up over whether the company likes who got elected to the presidency. loyal customers are very hard to sway. but it also becomes something out there. it's not a good thing if you're running a company and running that variant. i think they have other issues.
7:56 am
mainly they have nike and under armor. those are the big issues. how many people lo new balance. they certainly had issues. why make their life more difficult by getting into a political statement and getting in there. it just doesn't make any business sense for them to bother doing that. think about the brand not the politics. >> may be trump will wear new balance shoes. maria: one small business is helping and honoring our veterans how made in america flip-flops are giving jobs to our heroes. it's coming up next. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
7:57 am
the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
7:58 am
7:59 am
maria: welcome back good friday morning thanks so much for being here i am maria bartiromo it is friday, november 1 1e happy veterans day your top stories 8:00 oom east coast historic meeting in capital yesterday president obama welcomes president-elect trump to the white house both sides reiterating commitment to smooth transition of power. >> you really we discussed a lot of different situations some wonderful and some difficulties, explained a number of difficulties some of the high-flying assets, some of the some of the really great things that have been achieved. >> we talked about foreign policy we talked aboabout
8:00 am
domestic policy as i said last night number one priority coming two months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is successful. >> the meeting coming as one anti-trump protest turned violent declared rite shocking damage destruction in oregon. >> disney misted earns expectations weighed down by loss in advertising revenue, from espn the stock is going to be up today, seeing magic in premarket breaking down numbers tell you what is moving that stock, futures showing markets headed for lower open broadly speak despite the yoi closing record lvrl yet seeing a pullback this morning, we are off at the worst levels of the morning, in europe markets are mixed ft 100 leading losses down over 1%, inlon the cac quarante also weaker in paris the dax index in jooirm higher two-thirds of one% markets in
8:01 am
asia mcdonald hang seng worst down 1 and a third percent as you see there business world honoring heroes providing opportunities for veterans, making products in america all those stories this morning, joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell business economics professor kings college brian, fox news wch correspondent inordinately navy fighter pilot we wish have you happy veterans day thank you for service to our great country. >> thank you to all inadvertents out there a special mention to all who died airman passed away late october right in the middle of all this election very little coverage, but tuskeegee geo airmen first black fighter pilots in our kin i relate to them one of the first female fighter pilots he was a a radio man. >> thank you for saying that. >> brother no fort brag we i
8:02 am
think them for service. >> to all veterans men and women keep us safe and free every day, thank you. >> joining the conversation this morning former deputy chief of staff carl rove with us former president obama economic advisory austan goolsbee with us, chief economic anniversary here, host of "varney & company" stuarts stuarts willaway in a big hour coming up kick off now with transition, has begun, donald trump visiting washington, d.c., yesterday, to meet with us and obama with paul ryan, garrett teny at white house wul the latest. good morning to you. reporter: maria good morning to you, who wouldn't have wanting to be a fly on wall for this meeting at white house yesterday going into it, there was a lot of questions, after all, both spt much last few months launching highly he personal attacks at one another instead yesterday initially we were told meeting would be brief not more than
8:03 am
10 to 15 minutes snead president-elect trump and president obama met american an hour and half mr. trump called meeting a great honor mr. obama self-described it s excellent wide-ranging discussion both said they look forward to working together both now and in the future. >> i have been very encouraged by the i think interest in president-elect trump's want to go work with my team. around many of the issues that this great country faces. >> the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half, and it could have as far as i am concerned it could have gone for a lot longer i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel. >> president-elect headed to
8:04 am
capitol hill to meet with house speaker paul ryan to discuss agenda for first 100 days in office last night on special report paul ryan said mr. trump and gop controlled congress are planning to quote go big and go bold right out of the gate. >> i can tell you what i got out of donald trump today this is a man of action he is ready to get working we are already talking about you know, how to execute plans, how to get the transition working, how to make 2017 a success for american people just asked him to be president of the united states. >> on capitol hill mr. trump laid out, four items the top of his to-do list he mentioned lowerings taxes jobs immigration, and reforming health care. >> thanks very much the latest there joining us right now he former deputy chief of is it a of, carl rove good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> takeaway from yesterday's meeting between president-elect trump and president obama.
8:05 am
>> look trump has on a president-elect tuesday night wednesday morning had a pittedch perfect victory statement, and i thought yesterday afternoon morning could not have gone better the meeting with the president, i am sure look, they both contemplated the meeting would go more than 10 or 15 minutes, but it is smart other than to say we are going to meet 15 minutes and then let it go for so long as it went, that is a good sign, and the language coming out both the body language and what was spoken in those meetings was i thought enormously helpful i thought sitting president got a bite of a dig in said he was here and by president-elect trump's willing to work with his team on major issues president the electric trump has distinctionly different construe what you ought to be done about economy than president obama's current team does i thought really good then to go to the hill, accompanied by pence not only vice president but ambassador to the capitol is again, the
8:06 am
body language, and at the messages that came out of that very constructive. >> i want to raise this issue, president bush, sent when -- president obama and his wife were coming in to office, the first family was incredibly gracious to them president bush said nothing during obama administration was very quiet and he removed himself in terms of of the political stage, do you hope president obama does the same because we don't really know how he is going to -- care himself once he leaves office? >> well, i think he would serve himself well letting new president have a decent interval to move forward i am skeptic after seeing president obama for whom i said high xapgs actually believed he
8:07 am
wanted to be president not red and blue states but united states governed in a distinctly different way i you thought it was very hurtful to our country ultimatelyly to the cause of hillary clinton to go out and play such a problemat prominent role and so tough in language belittling in approach i think it hurt him at the end of the day it counteroffered people to say hillary clinton is going to be third term of barack obama, and while i may like him personally in comparison to the two people on the stage, running for president, i don't like what he has done i don't want more of that, 62% of the american people wanted t thought country on the wrong track went for donald trump by 69 to too o so i think -- to 25 president obama would do well let new president-elect have a shot at tone and getting agenda moved. >> i think you make a good point karl the legacy is because of the way president
8:08 am
obama governed years executive orders, with his going around congress, it enraged people then you add on to that, the fbi investigation, around hillary clinton and those tapes, from the o'keefe video showing the dems had planned to inoversight violence people wanted it to end. >> yeah, look, about he also did not have good relationships with we know with the republicans in congress, that famous meeting house republicans came to over suggestions about stimulus bill he kwut omega this have cut off eric cantor saying i won thing one tone we would not have in 2001 gotten bush tax cuts through if sametude schierm. finance committee maximum baucus if we said we won forget it not negotiated with you set wrong tone he also has a bad relationship with many in his side of the aisle in congress because, president
8:09 am
obama treated them as potted planted largely ignored them this gis president-elect trump an opportunity if you go to hill talk to democrats republicans you sense quickly they want get things done if trump if anything else is a deal make our when he goes to hill when infrastructure regulatory issues or tax reform he doesn't have sort of opinions that my way or highway he wants to get the deal done that is going to be very helpful in getting people to come together around some big issues if he is smart and keeps focused. >> yesterday you said after the economy new president should focus rebuilding military and it is common during a time like this, for potential foes to test new president kind of like antagonizes a tiger poke here prod there, what do you expect on this and how well is this team prepared to responded? >> well, look you are absolutely right. i mean, and particularly now, we have three sets ofed a sar
8:10 am
jesus vice preside vladimir putin things he will get away with things in europe baltics very problematic for our security interests and those of allies, and will require response under nato obligations, we have china which is you know, we have a chinese leader who is attempting to get another term, and there is a struggle going on sort of people -- not about that but future beyond that, and again, they are going to take this moment to exeither are influence problematic we have isis al-qaida will use this moment i didn't think was accident that there was very serious reports about attacks in major american cities he shortly before election, and they will attempt to make a statement. they made statement in 2000 we didn't understand when it they attacked u.s. cool they will
8:11 am
attempt to do something between now and then the president-elect has got to have his team foreign policy team the secretary, secretary defense, the other national director about national intelligence national security advisor most pressing appointments he has to make after people in charge of his economic policy. maria: doing that right now apparently good to see you. thank you so much joining us there. >> heap are veterans day to you happy veterans day take a look whether donald trump can bring back mining jobs as promised there are gifts, we keep on giving, but our gift cards losing their luster the recipients. back in a minute. ♪
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8:14 am
maria: disappointing sales from retailers to tell you about cheryl casone with details. cheryl: yeah maria watching shares j.p. penny stock plunging about 9% premarket trading selling is escalated last half hour or so electoral came o -- retailer missed estimate penny reported loss 21 cents
8:15 am
per share not helping expects positive adjusted earnings for 2016 same-store sales to rise between 1 and 2% the street is not buying it this morning, then just in time, for the holidays, you got google out with the daydream view virtual reality headset 79 bucks you can see behind me connects to smartphone has potential controller, upgraded from cardboard, it can only be used as phones market crowded samsung sony playstation coming out with gear we will see how it does for the holidays, dollar general retailer into the convenience store business opened first store in nashville this is going to be fully operational beginning of the year in urban easier wouldn't go to traditional dollar general store calling it dgx,imed as
8:16 am
market for fresh food grocery release sandwichees beverages walmart into same game, finally with holidays approaching survey about gift cards says get this, kind of surprising we like to give them more than receive them. the survey found more than half all consumers say some pretense gifts other a quarter would like to get a gift card snaefd gift basically the survey found millennials age-group most likely to favor gift cards also most likely to book for a real gift make up your minds my parents tell them get gift cards they love them apply what they want, my brother as well, they are requesting it i don't know what to say. maria: we are pretty much much agreed upon -- on the set here about gift cards, weigh in but we hate gift cards. dagen: i can'tfying out why
8:17 am
but it is this is going to i know i can sound like a moron, but i don't use them very often. >> gift card put it somewhere forget about it. >> happens to me you mean team times. >> pushback in credit card based gift cards go to use try to use he retailers we don't accept those don't give you a reason why. >> you put them somewhere forget about it, it will expire. >> to the benefit of the companies that sell them, came up with this idea to make money making it on you. >> i love gifts, don't get me wrong but you get a gift card, of -- small amount shall we say, to a store at a carries very, very expensive items. >> that happened to me? >> never understand that either. >> can't afford anything. >> a gift card for 500 dollars looking at if you haven't i wanted to buy in thousands i
8:18 am
never used that i wasn't going to buy several thousand dollar couch at the time. >> what they wanted you to do. >> i don't know where that gift card is. >> we will get you there wait five years build up gift cards find a store. right. >> best gift alcohol a nice bottle. >> when in doubt -- >> i was on list of gifts not to give. >> if you have addiction problem, or check in advance. >> perfectly acceptable. >>ing historic win has coal industry fired up how he can bring mining jobs back taking a look if those jobs come back to america looking at trump's first 100 days in who was a president-elect should focus on from infrastructure to trade. we're back in a minute. ♪ music
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8:22 am
. . maria: welcome back, donald trump, said he will make jobs a priority of his administration, watch. >>. >> we have a lot. very strongly, immigration -- health care. looking at jobs. big league jobs. >> can president-elect bring back jobs thanks for joining unsuitables good morning thank you american veterans on this day. >> yes, that is what we have been saying all morning thank you for that, bob, trump has been appealing to working class miners we know that spoke about this throughout the campaign critics are saying the coal industry is too far gone at this point to mend what do you see in terms of of the industry and what do
8:23 am
you feel that president-elect trump needs to do to revamp the industry. >> maria, this was a victory for the working men and women of america. and repudiation of the a suspicious -- particularly the obama administration and bureaucrats he appointed our people just wanted to work honor dignity, hillary clinton represented an extension her word an expansion of obama's policies. i rejection play to pay politics of radical remember silicon valley -- the working people -- people saw through this, and elected obama -- he
8:24 am
will do it has passion has commitment, and has the mandate to do it. and he will follow through, and he must be very bold and not be distracted and cleaning up the destruction of the obama administration and his regal king-like operation of the united states by passing continuation constitutioning replacing -- justice department because there are more criminals supporting obama's outlaw activities in the justice department than anywhere in the government. >> obstruction drunk driver fbi investigation. >> since president obama took office coal production last winter down 20% compared to 2014 decrease due to obama's policy also americans jumping on ecofriendly bandwagon.
8:25 am
>> bob also you have, all sorts of of energy sources trump wants to open up not just coal but fracturing, you know big production in china has market changers even if coal unshackled will have a hard time competing with other sources of energy. >> you are correct maria is correct coal cannot come back, to the level it was, and i have asked mr. trump to temper his expectations and statements in that regard. but we can stabilize it the regulations have been coming out of the obama administration ladies and gentlemen faster than we can read them coal makes -- kilowatt hour electricity wind mils solar panels cost six times more than cost of electricity i think about that woman raising a family on one income or that couple that we are relying on -- nest egg for in pension years, they are
8:26 am
paying out 22% of their income for energy. mr. trump has an energy policy hillary clinton had no energy policy except reward billionaires who make windmills solar panels 4 cent kilowatt tax credit doing so. coal can't be brought back it can be stabilized we need that 4 cent kilowatt hours to off as the the 26 kilowatt hour wind mils and solar panels he will use natural gas so be it all i want is a level-playing field in the coal industry, and not a government that is picking winners and losers as obama has done, all the time, destroying so many lives, and so many livelihoods of working families in this america these people are evil he is evil and she said she will continue his policies. she is gone! he is gone! >> what are your ideas for
8:27 am
moving the direction some ways of renewable unreasonable making it less expensive moving some jobs over to renewable energy. >> have renewable energy can never be made competitive with coal fired gas fired nuclear fired generation just can't be. it is a concept that without the government subsidies wouldn't even exist it can't be it is not reliable only there if, youed blows sun shines what we need all the above policy i am willing to compete with gas and nuclear, and the other low cost means of generating electricity with our coal, so long as the government stays out of it, and allows the marketplace to make the decisions, that will be the best outcome for america, because low kocht reliabcost re about electricity staple.
8:28 am
>> the incesentiment was shown people hope damage decline stop good to see you thanks for about joining us. >> thank you, bob murray joining us next donald trump's plan for first 1400 days in office laying out strategy to hit the ground running whether it will pay off highlighting the businesses helping heroes how made in america flip-flopped giving veterans a leg up, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ when a moment turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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>> good friday morning i am maria bartiromo it is friday, november 11 veterans day shout out to all men and women who keep us safe and free thank you your top stories 8:30 a.m. own east coast, president-elect donald trump calling it fantastic day in d.c. yesterday meeting with president obama the white house and they tried to move past angry rhetoric from the campaign trail. >> when you consider the high priority that the president places on smooth effective transition i think that equals qualifies excellent they obviously have deep disagreements but what they do agree on is to a smooth and effective transition good thing for the country. >> top issues for new administration, ahead, from infrastructure to the economy, what the plt elect needs to
8:32 am
focus on first 100 days in office get rich details alibaba a billion dollars in the first five minutes incredible ahmanson a time out a judge orders company to be refund for purchases made by kids, futures indicating a lowe opening this morning after the markets had a record-setting week, about a pullback from record levels reached yesterday for the dow jones industrial average, the tone set in europe markets mixed there ft 100 leading losses down over 1% ft 100 london cac quarante in paris down one half of one percent hang seng worst performer in hong kong down better than 1% as you can see there honoring heroes this morning the company that provides opportunities, for veterans, all making products right here, in america. u.s. futures indicating a lower opening this morning for the broader averages after two day rally following donald trump's election to the white house dow closing record high
8:33 am
as dust settles focus is shift to go trump economic plan, canada agreeing to talk about nafta as trump vows to scrap and redraw america's trade agreement joining me former economic advisor to president obama, along with chief economic advisor president obama global development council chairman good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. >> great to see you. >> thank you. >> mohamed let me kick off with you to what do you attribute the importantly would you call it rams as trump was elected president why did stocks go to record highs why did interest rates move as high 10 year highest since april. >> investors comraifd prospect of higher growthflation under president-elect trump for two reasons content and tone to emphasize pull growth elements of his program, higher
8:34 am
infrastructure spending, corporate tax reform deregulation downplayed the antitrade element and tone tone has been constructive unifying. >> i think you are right roll back of regulation promising to spur economic growth what do you think about that how much growth are you expecting as a result of these plans. >> not a on the i think we've had a significant uncertainty that was bearing down in the markets, trying to figure out this question that mohamed raises is donald trump going to go for that nationalist kind of protectionist agenda or shift if he were elected to a more traditional republican agenda big tax cuts regulatory cuts thus far seems more standard republican route, but -- we have yet to see this
8:35 am
other shoe drop which is how are his supporters the nonestablishment republicans going to react to the last 72 hours in which they are taking down a bunch of big promise, on the campaign web site, and named a bunch of lobbyists, the list of people they are talking about for jobs in washington are the same old lifetime politicians kind of names i think we saw when george bush enacted pretty close to the program that trump is now describing big tax cuts big roll back of regulation, that had existed under president clinton, we did not get a very big jump in growth you got a little bit, but you know we were going into a recession right then. >> wasn't that coupled with a hostility host of regulations hampered growth. >> you don't think lower taxes rollback of recreations will lead to growth?
8:36 am
>> i do not think th giant tax cuts for high income people and corporations lead to rapidly growth that did not happen when joernl bugeorge bust factually not true that george bush increased regulates he repealed a bunch of things clinton put in, i think the argument that unpaid for tax cuts are going to grow deficit will create magic bean stock obedience that grow economy i think disproven many times i think will pass a tax reform of that nature i don't think a big impact. >> what is wrong with 8 years how come still under 2% growth. >> a reason about we've been about % growth we talked about many times we had a large bubble that popped, and economy can't go back to doing what it was doing before the recession began. so that involves transforming
8:37 am
drivers, we need capital investment innovation led growth, and you can't do that overnight. >> mohamed let me ask you about move in interest rates do you think has to do with worry about inflation given we are going to see more spending in terms of infrastructure trump has spoken about or do you think that we are seeing that has to do with federal reserve? >> i think we are seeing mainly, because of the embracement higher growth higher inflation we also are having a redefinition if you like of what the fed is likely to do, and with the markets so calm and about expectations going up, that means that the fed is more likely to hike in december, than what people thought immediately after the election results. and, finally, in the background, there is this concern has not come out yet it is important that it stay in the background there is this concern as to whether a trump presidency would come
8:38 am
after the political independence of the federal reserve so the main drivers now are growth, inflation to lesser extent the fed. >> yeah so mohamed how do you want to allocate capital there when you see what has gone on this week, in markets you know e bank stocks rallied because expecting lower regulation and they are expecting him to dismantle dodd-frank financial legacy ditto drug stocks may not see drug prices -- the idea broader business community befrz from lower corporate taxes. >> the big move has been in areas that benefit from dee deregulation higher interest rates, spending we have seen massive outperformance the under performance has come from pryor leaders techs, i think a rebalancing where the biggest opportunity is, right
8:39 am
now, is the rest of the world particularly american market currency hit very hard by concern about protectionism, and if president the president-elect does not go down the road of protection system where opportunity is. >> a good point are you saying you expect growth on international markets. >> a lot if we maintain current content and tone i suspect international markets emerging markets recovery on backs of stabilization in about currency. >> you served on president obama's transition team donald trump has big decisions to make for his cabinet, trump just tweeted this, busy day planned in new york, we will soon make very important decisions on who will be running our government.
8:40 am
what role will trump's transition team play on his economic plans? what do you think? you were there, with president obama, tell us how this plays out. >> yeah, i think it is quite important, actually. you know, particularly, in the context that donald trump is not a lifetime washington figure by any means, so who he is naming to the transition team and especially into the major jobs of the administration, will make a huge difference in both what are they prioritizing do first how do they enact rules as you know maria there are so many pieces of legislation that we have already passed, over last 20 years, that that is a whole bunch of power into these agencies, so the secretary of the treasury i know may try to repeal dodd-frank if you look at dodd-frank designate who twhaer the capital requirements what should be the charges, the negotiations
8:41 am
of the accords agreements of the major banks in europe all those things heavily flufd by the treasury secretary, so going to be very interesting to see what kind of people he puts in the administration. >> you know i feel like one of the reasons we saw reaction mohamed people were looking at economic plans as growth plan, do you see his plan as growth plan i know the trade part of it is still being debated and questions, i thought it was really interesting to hear canada say yeah, we are ready to talk about nafta we are ready to redo a deal if that is what it requires. >> so it is important that we tweak a little bit, the narrative on trade, for me it is unambiguous if we put car ots against mexico china dismantle china that is stationary which is not good thing for average american because they suffer on account of high inflation lower growth. but if he fair and free trade
8:42 am
that is different issue i suspect people will be willing to talk also i agree, be careful about digs manhattanling thinmanhatta -- dismantling quickly u.s. exit with brexit very important don't replace something with nothing the reason going slow on brexit want to get it right, it is really important, so so long as the president-ele president-ele president-elect avoids antigrowth trade measures dismantling before good substitutes the growth compulsory can continue. >> what a is expecting to 2017 economy mohamed. >> if we continue like that look at 2, to 2 1/2 percent importantly some of the stock like infrastructure spending, captor tax reform speaks not to just 2017 growth but speaks to potential growth that is really important, in an economy that has been suffering quite a bit of headwinds on that account. >> sure has final word from
8:43 am
you what is your expectation for the purpose 2017 economy? >> i still think that kind of 2 to 2 1/2% range i think longer run jury is going to be out, there are some growth policies, but if all that is going to mean is another big run-up, in the structural permanent deficit i think would drag back down long run growth prospects. >> coming up americans voting for a 180 stuart varney weighs in on jump from president obama to president-ele trump next so easy can do it amazon in trouble for making its app a little too user-friendly. back in a minute. .
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
maria: welcome back, we are 45 minutes away from opening bell for friday markets lower after what has been a record-setting week, take a look at names on the move world largest online shopping
8:47 am
to come to end, alibaba singles day stock down better than 1% the trailer has shattered the previous 14-billion-dollar singles day sales record online trailer amazon losing a bourt battle a judge ordered the giant to refund parents made by -- for purchases, made by children, without the permission, the stock up more than 9% year to date from president obama to president-elect donald trump can we and 180 degree turn for country joining me host of "varney & company" stuart varney weighing in good morning to you. >> i sure hope sporadio maria i don't like about what we had 8 years i think the answer yes right in the middle what have with starting point, of america doing a flat-out 180. we useded to idea getting zruts getting rid of obamacare got that we than us we are going to cut regulation we got all of that but i bring this
8:48 am
you today, iran has been cheating on the iran nuke deal so says the united nations. if united nations says that, i got to figure that iran nuke deal is toast a big chunk of president obama legacy another 180 likely "washington post" headline obama big intent policies at risk that is interesting i haven't heard much about that as i understand it we have relinquished control what we created the intent to a bunch of for eners hopefully we take it back then we have as i said the iran nuke deal, the oh, the "new york times" climate policy faces reversal does that mean paris agreement toast as well a 180 i welcome it, i sent completely new mood a mood of we can do this, i have real hope for change, maria. maria: yeah, i think i agree with you, and ied one more
8:49 am
thing to list keystone pipeline is coming back. >> yes. >> there you go another 180. >> i felt sorryy for austfter yu for austin very nice go a. >> doesn't want to admit last 8 years economic story was failure, sitting here 2% growth, and he continues to blame the financial crisis almost 10 years past it. >> we can't do that come on get real, he is a very nice guy i got a great detail of similar thee for him zeke emanuel another story entirely. >> see the you 10 minutes "varney & company" every day 9:00 a.m. eastern right after "mornings with maria" join substitute in next 10 medicines made in usa making jobs for veterans footwear company about how they are helping our heroes hit their stride. back in a minute. ♪ ♪
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about your prescription drug options and find the plan that's right for you. ♪ . maria: welcome back, it is veterans day we are honoring heroes this morning our next guest combines making in u.s. with hiring veterans we bring in tommy and tim gibb norew york founders thank you for joining us lea our veteran with us all morning good to see you thank you so much for joining us every time we see made in the usa we get excited tell us about flip-flops why you manufacture all in the usa. >> launched on threech simple principals could make it here better and make a difference we proved that with better materials, processes technology and talent where we
8:54 am
leaned on veterans to help us build our company to what it is today. >> i know that you know you employ veterans when they come back from service ovn can't find jobs looking for. >> right now unemployment for strerts close the unemployment in general but still thousands of veterans, serve their country and come back, and need jobs, and what i found, is that it is not just needing jobs they need jobs that are aligned with capabilities what they have done in past. >> there is how you address that. >> i mean just with -- transition a company that we partnered with work on, and they sent we work with them on first veteran, and since then partnered with higher purpose nyp actually, and what we find is on production floor they are able to employ a lot of skills they bring back from
8:55 am
overseas. >> tommy tim i think this is a great story because of that, so what do you find as some of the best qualities that veterans have, that actually are very relatable to business work discipline teamwork comes to mind. >> what is important is they care, sense of camaraderie teamwork, and discipline, it is created a culture at our company that allows us to be very efficient, very progressive for ward very cool place. >> the thing they bring is perfect every day. >> good point. >> on veterans day i look at these shoes and i think about some of our veterans who have come back without legs, and i think about companies like yourself that are working to help our veterans to support them looking at these i think my friend colin can't wear these but we can wear them for them your company with an support people like him. >> tell us about pliltdz edition souls for service.
8:56 am
>> a limited edition steers of shoes that we are presenting today launching on veterans day, one hundred percent profits go to heroes in transition where we raise money for companion dogs troops coming home a cool project. >> and you have been partnering with other companies you are a young company you have partnered with some iconic brands like coca-cola. >> yes, all-american brands, all-american artists representative america american culture where we have been where we are going. >> i got-shoter i have a pair on. >> these are called shower shoes. are. >> very cool. >> i like them they feel good. >> good. >> great to see you both this you so much made in usa title new york good to see you touch so much appreciate it very much we will be right back final thoughts all-star panel. back in a minute. when it comes to healthcare,
8:57 am
seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live. ...
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>> welcome back. i want to take this moment to thank all of our veterans out there. we have a number of veterans on our staff. veto, brian, will, our lighting director. and of course, with us today leah, and the vets that we work with every day, thank you for your wonderful service to the country. >> thank you for that, maria and thanks for having me. four names.
9:00 am
maria: there's leah in uniform. >> the people i was with, they're in the dangerous parts of the world and took off after this never came back. maria: thank you. stuart: get some sleep, maria, you deserve it. [laughter] >> i have a day off tomorrow, you know, just saying. stuart: all right, i'll work for you, don't worry, i'll be in. thank you, indeed. trump sets a cracking place. the revolution has arrived, america doing a 180. the left total disarray and a riot in oregon. good friday morning, everyone, what a week! outrage of the day, here it is, the left throws a tantrum. not our president, they say. violence, property destroyed, authorities in oregon make it official, yes, it was a r


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