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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 12, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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the united states is putting out because they'll know he means it, for the first time. charles: paul, thank you very much, appreciate it. >> thank you, charles. charles: at home, an exciting and eventful two weeks. we worked straight through. lou dobbs has an hour or two left. see you next week. lou: good evening, everybody. it has been barely three days since voters elected america's 45th president, but president-elect donald trump is on the move. he's working hard at selecting his transition team, selecting who will join him in government, in the white house. in his cabinet. throughout his administration. president-elect this morning tweeted about the decisions he'll be making saying this -- but the president-elect is creating a structure and organization around him that will allow him to organize the
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leaders he wants to join him in the departments, the agencies and roles that he believes is best suited to his preferences, to the talents and skills of those he will choose to carry out his policies and programs and serve the interests of the country most efficiently and importantly successfully. today, president-elect trump announced he's chosen vice president-elect mike pence to take over the job of leading trump's presidential transition team. governor pence taking the helm from chris christie who remains a vice chairman of the transition team. it's all part of trump's efforts to surround himself with the best, the most successful and effective leaders that he is assemble. former reagan white house political director ed rollins has a few thoughts on who should be prominent on the trump team. we'll tell you who's on that list, and a few stickers in the
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bed roll to look out for, if you're the president-elect. all of that and more coming up tonight. also with me, two possible picks for the trump cabinet. milwaukee county sheriff david clarke, former presidential candidate steve forbes, one of the evangelical leaders who helped propel trump to the white house. liberty university president jerry falwell, jr. a lot to talk about including the spectacle of street demonstrations and riot in some cities, paid for and driven by radical leftists and the street money of george soros. sprinkles around left-wing activists nonprofits like and blm, and we'll cover more paid protests, the radical left planning to take to the streets for a third straight night, paid provocateurs and organizers with preprinted -- easy for me to say, signs and messages in the streets again. but the protesters outrage is
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as manufactured as those signs, that the protesters are being bussed to locations is one tell tale clue of coordination, typical of nonprofits supported by the liberal left-wing billionaire george soros. we'll have the latest for you. and president-elect trump also now has given his first television interview since being elected president to cbs' "60 minutes." interviewed by leslie stahl, and here, here is a brief excerpt of the president-elect -- i keep having to add that elect, speaking about obamacare. >> let me ask you about obamacare, which you say you're going to repeal and replace. when you replace it, are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> you're going to keep that. >> also with the children living with parents for an extended period.
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very much try and keep that in. ads cost but very much something we're going to try and keep. >> reporter: and there's going to be a period, if you repeal it, and before you replace it, when millions of people -- >> we're going to do it simultaneously. it will be just fine. that's what i do, i do a good job. i know how to do this stuff. we're going to repeal it and replace it. we're not going to have a two-day period and not going to have a two-year period where there's nothing, it will be repealed and replaced and we'll know, it will be great health care for much less money. lou: trump also talked about his phone calls after the election with bill and hillary clinton. e president-elect called both lovely and gracious in their marks. our top story, donald trump releasing the names of the a-team he says will help prepare a transformative government ready to lead from day one. the vice chairs to an executive committee to assist governor
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pence include dr. ben carson, governor chris christie, newt gingrich, lieutenant general michael flynn, rudy giuliani and senator jeff sessions. trump also tapping family members for the committee, donald trump junior, eric trump, ivanka trump and kellyanne conway named senior adviser for trump's transition team staff lineup. joining me great america pac strategist, former reagan white house political director, veteran of nine presidential campaigns. ed rollins. the dean we call him. great to have you. >> thank you. the most important the president-elect will do in his administration will be picking his personnel. it's a short period of time. he has 4,000 people he gets to appoint over a period of time, but the first 100, 150 are very, very important. the cabinet officers, who's his white house staff and what have you. the critical thing is have to make sure they are confident, make sure they believe in what he wants to do and they're loyal to him.
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lou: i have to tell you, i'm immediately excited about a number, nearly all of the people on that executive committee, if you will. i'm thrilled he's got a place there for conway. i am particularly pleased that rudy giuliani is playing an important and senior role as senator jeff sessions. all the rest. but you know what? it excites me a bit to see his children there, and to have a prominent role because that's good for him as well as for them and for the country, in my opinion. that just feels so right, it's very trumpian but it is -- >> they're phenomenal young adults who are stars all through the campaign, and he obviously trained them, they're going to run his companies. they give him great counsel, and the most important thing about a president is that he has people that he trusts, that he can basically bounce things off of. and obviously his young children, in their 20s, my
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sense is that's a good move. lou: i think he is carrying the momentum with him of the campaign into governance here, and i want to show you ed rollins, calling it rollins roll call and the folks he thinks are extraordinarily helpful in this transition and certainly that includes senator jeff sessions, it includes rudy giuliani as we just said, reince priebus, the chairman of the rnc, petre thiel, a terrific venture capitalist and businessman without question. lou eisenberg and kellyanne conway and steve bannon. a row of great talent. >> great talent, the first is a influential senator, low key guy, brilliant guy, first to
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stand up and give him counsel all the way through. helped with the immigration program any. job he could fulfill, former federal judge, he should have what he wants in this administration. rudy giuliani is critical to be the attorney general. the most important agency in this government is clean up that justice department and because this president is going to come under all kinds of attacks. lou: you know, you keep saying the most important and i'm sure you're right but all i can think of, i look at that government right now. there is such a bureaucratic morass beneath the face we've seen for almost eight years, get rid of those faces, that is the top of it, and the next three or four levels, there's still a tremendous, a tremendous mess to clean up across nearly all of the departments of the federal government. >> here's what i did in the reagan days. they asked me what kind of notice should we give the political appointees, i said give them a week. when i was a ford appointee, carter gave us two weeks, i
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want to show i'm tougher to be here. we wrote a letter, have you one. and get them out. if they are there, they are there, they function, settle in and want to make sure your people aren't captured by the team that is there. lou: i notice you didn't recommend a lot of governors there. what's the deal with the governors? >> in modern history, 39 governors cabinet officers since eisenhowerer. governors are used to being the boss, and my sense is donald trump's the boss. >> i think you've got the right sense. >> and i think that unless there is extraordinary talent beyond being a governor, i just wouldn't recommend them, and traditionally -- lou: could we keep the vice president? >> the vice president is one of the best. he's now the vice president. and advantage of him is that he's been in the congress and he's been a governor. lou: and he's a good man. >> he's a good man. great choice. lou: as are you, ed rollins, good to see your thinking and
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ideas there. appreciate it, as always. death threats against donald trump flooding twitter timelines. the social media outlet now reporting any violent threats being made toward the president-elect are going to be given to the fbi, other platform. agencies. fox business' adam shapiro joins us from the fox business newsroom and he has more on the story that is developing. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lou, it's disturbing, there are death threats on twitter dhau see still if you go to the hashtag assassinate trump. what twitter is doing, at least what they say they're doing is trying to stop the violent threats. i want to show you the hashtag, we did a screen grab and reached out to twitter and asked on twitter you may not make threats of violence or promoting violence, they cited u.s. federal code which prohibits people from
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threatening the president or successor to the president. we asked does twitter report the threats to the fbi and other law enforcement agencies like the secret service. at first they sent us a statement. i want to read this to you. it said see our guidelines for law enforcement for specifics on how authorities can request private information about accounts, but we were asking not about the cops requesting information, but does twitter report the accounts which are threatening violence against the president-elect? finally after several repeated attempts to get an answer from twitter. they did respond, they said we report accounts to the fbi and law enforcement and asked do you suspend the accounts? they said yes. we were able to find accounts where threats had been made and they had not been suspended. lou: the hashtag assassinate trump, is it still there? >> it's still there. lou: you know, this is really, this, i have to tell you, this is enough to anger anyone, any american, but twitter is the
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one who -- they're defining hate speech almost as anything that is not left-wing on that platform, and for them to be doing, this would you do me a favor, please? let us know if there is any change in the course of the next hour on twitter. the american people need to know this. this is outrageous they would permit this. >> absolutely. you should know within the hashtag, there are people attacking those who are calling for violence. lou: i understand that, can i tell you straightforwardly, hashtag assassinate anyone is an asinine and irresponsible hashtag for twitter to preserve. >> the own policy says it is -- lou: it is not apparent but it is the final word, we're out of time. thank you so much, we're coming right back. and adam will have the latest when we do, and as he monitors that. i mean, twitter, i love you, but get it right. come on. we're coming right back.
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much more straight ahead, stay with us. >> president-elect trump's momentous win has simply infuriated george soros and soros's money is behind the radical left network that is protesting the president-elect. >> these are anarchists, the ones we've been putting up with, the cop haters for a long time. they're in shock. lou: milwaukee county sheriff david clarke among those reportedly considered by the president-elect for an important position in homeland security. he joins me here next. why aren't president obama and vice president biden condemning these radical demonstrators? is it because they're paid for by their good buddy george soros? should cities and states be sending a bill to him for all the damage in the loss of
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they shattered business windows, police declared the demonstration a riot, citing extensive criminal and dangerous behavior. police officers in riot gear were forced to use rubber bullets and flash-bang grenadeses trying to clear those crowds. police arrested 26 people. trump reacted tweeting this -- and this morning trump seeming more optimistic said this ta tash -- my next guest says these temper tantrums from radical anarchists as he called them must be quelled, and joining me milwaukee county sheriff david clarke, whose name is floated as possible secretary of homeland security in the trump administration.
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sheriff, it is great to see you. let's deal first with the riots. i know you have very little patience with police departments that do not maintain law and order. what is your reaction to what you've seen on display over the last couple of nights? >> first of all, lou, it's a great day in america, two, three days after the election of donald trump to be the next commander in chief. donald trump ran on a theme of law and order, and what we're seeing is pure lawlessness by anarchests, these are not protests. they do not believe in the united states constitution, they don't believe in the first amendment, they don't believe in the rule of law. they're trying to topple and intimidate the lawfully constituted government. lou: let me interrupt to the audience, you are looking at protests, demonstrations, call them what you will, the sheriff is exactly right. they are paid professional protesters and provocateurs driving this, but the effect is the same as if it were organic
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and authentic protests. they are obviously obstructing traffic and being driven by some of the nonprofits including and black lives matter to create dissension and disruption, i'm sorry, sheriff, go ahead. >> you're right, this has george soros written all over it, but the passive approach to dealing with these things which many agencies have gone to does not work, it never has. one thing that you have to do is draw a very bright line with the anarchists and let them know if the line is crossed. that's when the looting and the firebombing and that thing starts to occur. all bets are off when you use all reasonable force. i have authorized my officers in milwaukee, wisconsin, we had a demonstration last night, to use all reasonable force. i've given the okay to use the rubber bullets, the beanbags,
7:21 pm
the flash-bangs up to and including tear gas to disperse unruly behavior. lou: and why is it there cannot be liability, responsibility placed on the nonprofits behind this, i'm talking about, black lives matter. much of the money of george soros, he has plenty of money. he should be financially responsible for the property damage, the personal injury that is created by his support and frankly initiatives created by his nonprofits to do this, those that he supports so completely. >> there are obviously federal law violations and state law violations inciting riots and i'm sure there are other federal statutes they could get creative with, if they can pinpoint this back to these goon-driven organizations like black lives matter and so on
7:22 pm
and so forth they should be held criminaly liable and civilly liable. we have an attorney general loretta lynch who has no will to hold the individuals responsible. that is probably on order from the white house. secretly, i think, mrs. bill clinton, barack obama and bernie sanders are kind of enjoying what they're seeing right now because these are the tactics that they use. lou: shame on them. and the great news is it's a 68-day problem in terms of leadership. your reaction to your name being put forward as one of those the president-elect is interested in putting in homeland security? >> obviously, i'd be honored to serve in a donald trump administration. when the president asks to you serve, you step up and fulfill that duty. it's a little early yet. i realize my name is floated around for a number of position, it's pure speculation at this point.
7:23 pm
once the president gets his legs underneath him, they have the transition team in place, i'm sure my name will be thrown around for a number of positions. when the president asks to you serve, you step up and serve. lou: you'll be in good company with the names we've seen, as you put it, being thrown around. great to talk with you as always. sheriff david clarke. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. the question is -- we'd like to hear from you on this. cast your vote on twitter. follow me -- . on wall street, another record-breaking day as investors continue to cheer the trump presidency. cheer? this is a full-on rally.
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the dow gaining 40 points, closing at a new all-time high. the s&p down three points, the nasdaq up 28. volume on the big board, 5 billion shares on a friday in november. the dow posting biggest weekly gain since 2007. the s&p and nasdaq posting gains of nearly 4% on the week. financial sector rallying on hope of less regulation under president-elect trump. up more than 11% this week. and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, donald trump is called the mainstream liberal media among the worst people he's ever met. now that mr. trump is president-elect, will they change their ill-mannered ways? well, it doesn't appear like that, but we'll assess that in my commentary coming up next. stay with us.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on the mainstream liberal media which got the election so wrong, laying its bias there for all to see, outright complicity with the left for all to see, in fact, the mainstream media got it so wrong that news week did this, forced to recall commemorative issue because news week designed covers for both a trump and clinton victory went haywire. magazine's production partner shipped only the clinton last week believing she would win. she did not, by the way. 125,000 copies of news week proclaiming hillary clinton madam president. nope. as a result, the trump edition not expected to hit newsstands until next week. 125,000 collectors editions of the magazine have been created. the mainstream media failing to
7:30 pm
come to grips with president-elect trump and the fact they got it all wrong. the "new york times" defended election coverage in a letter to readers a dwindling group and it was an appeal for readership. times publisher and executive editor wrote this -- that should scare you to death. most reasonable readers would find that statement more of the same to be frightening and not a reason to continue their subscription. i can't tell whether they are sending subtle assurances to their most ideologically committed left-wing readers, whether the words are dog whistle or left-wing media code
7:31 pm
promising times readers they will continue their campaign of torture and gutting of the truth. the left-wing media has thoroughly embarrassed itself throughout the campaign, the election, not only bias as i said complicit with the democrats and the left. while they may recover someday from their embarrassment, i doubt soon they'll recover their credibility with many readers. no matter what, i assure you, we'll be watching them and their lies, very carefully, because i believe what they're practicing is disinformation and propaganda, and we'll report as well, of course, when they occasionally commit journalism. that will truly be news. the quotation of the evening, this one from eric hoffer who said -- we're coming right back. president-elect trump working
7:32 pm
hard to assemble his winning team of cabinet members ready to make america great again. >> some people are obvious, so integral to the campaign, they're bound to be close to trump in a major position. lou: we take up trump's important decisions with tony sayegh and lee carter, they join me here next. and this wingsuiter taking sight-seeing to new extreme heights, and he'll be taking us along for the the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. because, healthier doesn't haen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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. lou: joining me, pollster lee carter. republican campaign strategist, fox news contributor, tony sayegh. thank you, both for being here. >> great to be here. lou: and lee, we're watching right now these protests and marches, the president has said nothing. the clinton folks have said nothing. the vice president has said nothing. and a number of media outlets are saying well, trump should address them. when, in fact, we know for a fact that george soros is behind some of these demonstrations, some of the protesters with his money with, his organizations, his nonprofits. >> you know, there's a few things here, i think number one, the right to protest is a right and people should be able to do it. if they want to -- lou: wait, wait, let me be clear, so we don't have to go through this bromide. i don't have problem with anybody demonstrating, protesting, i have a problem with cities having to pay
7:37 pm
massive bills for security. secondly, property damage and personal injury. those things i have a problem with. >> i have a problem with that too. irony of all of this, if trump were going to lose it's his supporters on the streets causing chaos. it seems to be quite the opposite. one of the things i think we need to have happen right now is need to understand that people are upset and need to come together. lou: i don't believe that. by the way, i don't believe that. >> you don't? lou: i don't believe it. they're being paid to get into the street. >> it's artificial. lou: this is astro turf. >> this is exactly what the democrats claimed a legitimate grassroots uprising of the tea party movement was. they claimed it was -- lou: that's why i used astro turf, salute to nancy pelosi. >> she needs salutes, lou, she's not happy. thank you for that. the reality is none of this would be happening without a coordinated financed basically
7:38 pm
operation coming from george soros and the like, the reality is we always have peop upset after a political outcome because your guy or side didn't win, but you don't have this, you don't have civil unrest. lou: where is obama? where is biden? why aren't they speaking to this? why doesn't george soros say he's had enough fun, pull his money, pull his instructions and get them off the street. >> i don't know where the president and vice president is. they said so many times donald trump should condemn things that were said. they should be settling things down. he did a beautiful speech -- hillary did a wonderful concession speech. put it into practice, the healing must begin, we have to give president-elect trump a chance it. is up to them to lead. lou: let's move to -- hope for the best. we've got 68 days of what appears to be more nonsense and
7:39 pm
look to real leadership. the idea that the cabinet now is moving apparently at a very sharp rate of speed. trump has put his children on the transition executive committee. you got to love that. it's terrific, i think. >> it is terrific, and i think they are a big reason why so many people looked at donald trump when they weren't sure they could give him the benefit of the doubt, and i think the fact that he has such amazing children is large part why he was able to get as far as he was. they love ivanka, eric, donald, junior. lou: i can hear him now, those are my kids. >> good leaders groom good leaders, it happens to be his children. i'm quite impressed with what he's put together with the people you heard from past government service, guys like rudy giuliani and newt gingrich. you know what i see on the list, a lot ofdoers, accomplished something, not
7:40 pm
just theoretical people, academics, wrote a great policy paper that was published. they accomplished things in the public and private sector. the other thing i'm excited about is this is the first president of the united states who's come to the table with real business management experience in a very long time. >> i also think, you look at rudy giuliani and newt gingrich, a lot of people chri criticizers. lou: who are they going to criticize? >> plenty of people have. and what i would like to point out they are experience in unifying, you've never seen new york so unified behind rudy giuliani. never see the party that liked what newt gingrich did. that is a great skill they have behind them. lou: i have to tell you, rudy giuliani is a special talent, a special guy, and i'm delighted he's in the role he is.
7:41 pm
thank you, both as always, delighted to have youer. >> good to be here. lou: tony, lee? roll the video, please, mesmerizing, we haven't used that word in months. mesmerizing in the swiss alps as this person flies down the mountain at breakneck -- i'm having trouble with words tonight, breakneck speeds, comes terrifyingly close to rocks, and jagged cliffs. loops down the narrow mountain valleys. speed flying brought ever closer together when you do both in the alps. up next, donald trump promised to be great for business, great for the country and so far the markets and the banks are in strong agreement. >> and i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. i tell you that. that will happen.
7:42 pm
that will happen. lou: former presidential candidate, media mogul steve forbes joins me to assess the claims and the one week reality. and let me tell you, he's not even president yet, and already delivering. stay with us. [burke] hot dog. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar.
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. lou: joining me now, former presidential candidate himself and forbes media chairman and editor in chief, steve forbes, great to have you here, steve. >> good to be with you, thank you. lou: this is moving quickly, we have the united auto workers union president saying he agrees with trump on nafta. we have canada, trudeau saying he will be glad to open it up with trump. we have the president of mexico saying upon further consideration, we're willing to talk about it. suddenly, precisely what everybody said was a terrible idea on the left are witnessing the heads of state, heads of unions saying it's time to do precisely what trump has called for from the outset? >> well, and it's going to proceed. one thing trump should consider doing with the chinese, you might say soften them up for negotiation says send the navy to those -- [ laughter ] >> seriously, seriously.
7:47 pm
lou: more like war than negotiation. >> send the navy inside the alleged waters -- lou: south china sea? >> south china sea. make it clear we're not passive anymore. you do, that they're in a frame of mind. this is serious, sit down, stabilize currencies, no more valuations, devaluations and that kind of thing. lou: sort of a form, what would you call that, a benign gun boat run at diplomacy? >> does two things, shows we're serious about negotiating, negotiations take time, you can get early next year a real tax cut bill. hugely important, it would be a model for europe and asia. lou: some of that you have to send the gun boat up the potomac. >> it happened, it is called tuesday, the election. that blasted them away.
7:48 pm
lou: you're in a bellicose wonderful kind of mood tonight. >> we need things done. lou: well, one of the things we need done, i think, is a president who is moving at the rate of speed that donald trump is. i mean, aren't you impressed with t spe and the quality of people he is bringing together for both his transition team and ostensibly for his cabinet? >> well, the transition team that you saw reformulated today, that's more like a shadow government of what we're going to see actually in the white house. that's effective second stage of you have during the campaign, you have a transition team working. after the elections you bring in the people who are going to be real players in your government. another thing that trump did today, one that he did well today even though i didn't like it initially when obama did it, the 23 to 26-year-old provision in obamacare where you can keep your kids onto 26, keeping that on takes away a battering ram
7:49 pm
that the democrats use against him that you're going to leave people on the streets. take it away from the kids. so that was smart. that way you can get the big thing done, repeal the monstrosity but not suffer political in fact. lou: george bernard shaw, you cannot change nothing if you cannot change your own mind, is in effect here. he says, donald trump says, the president-elect says it was a result of talking during that hour and a half meeting with the president that he decided he was going to re-evaluate a few elements, and i think that's all to the good. >> disarms the opposition. lou: well, i think the opposition didn't come to this fight fully, equipped, i don't think we have to worry much about that. the markets. this we do have to focus. this looks like it may be the strongest one week performance for the dow in a trump rally following this trump rally, following tuesday's election.
7:50 pm
it's remarkable what we're watching here. >> it is, but also has to be followed through and trump made noise about it during the campaign. stop having the federal reserve hurting our credit markets, credit can start to flow again to small and new businesses. lou: i love the ease with which you reach out to the chinese and begin to deal with them and put other arm around the fed and say, janet? i think he's moving at amazing rate of speed already, i think you would move him up to the speed of light if you had your way. >> i think that's the way he wants to go anyway. lou: we're sure going to find out. we know one thing, rate of speed or otherwise, things are moving terrifically and a great start. >> the yankees can do the same thing, all will be well. lou: and there steve forbes put things right in the new york universe. good to have you here. >> good to be with you. >> steve forbes. late night comedy hosts have lots of material, they thought,
7:51 pm
about donald trump throughout the campaign, but now that he's president-elect, it's pretty clear the late-night comedians, well, they haven't gained footing or their humor. >> before we left, we put our eight-month-old son to bed, and i was holding him and said when you wake up tomorrow, we might have our first female president. and then when we came home around midnight, i went into his room, shook his crib until he woke up and screamed, we have to get out of here! >> it was a weird night, weird to be watching the news. if you were flipping around, every news anchor on every channel was just going uhhhhh! >> a lot of people little rough, you can see it in their eyes. there's no way around it. this is what it feels like when america's made great again. [laughter]
7:52 pm
i was wondering and i was really hoping it would feel better because this suuuucks! >> did you notice the inventive use of the uuuu in all of their comedy. that was comedy! what sucks was their comedy and sucks for the audience that the comedians haven't figured out to be funny yet. they've got time, i'm guessing about eight years to figure it all out. stay with us. pollsters and pundits doubted trump this entire year. evangelicals did not falter. and more than 80% of white evangelicals voted for president-elect trump tuesday. evangelical leader jerry fall quell junior says trump is the perfect candidate for conservatives and evangelicals, and i could add to that every other american. he joins me here next. and at progressive, we let you compare
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lou: in our online poll we asked, do you believe speaker ryan's betrayal of the republican until knee should disqualify him from holding any leadership role. 65% said yes it should. my next guest endorsed donald trump for president back in january. joining us, the president of liberty university, jerry paul well jr. let's -- jerry falwell jr.
7:57 pm
let's get a read on how the president is starting to populate his administration and cabinet. >> i don't think he's wasting any time. i don't think he sleeps. he time i call him he's right there. he's doing all the things he promised. he's being flexible. i was glad to see he was willing to make a few changes when he met with president obama. he's a good business person and knows how to negotiate and get things done. i couldn't be more excited after this week. lou: it seems everything is moving in the correct way. i was very disappointed he didn't get more photos with the obamas. that seems to have been the only limitation on his experience at the white house. but also, i'm thrilled at at quality of people he's putting around him. it's just striking.
7:58 pm
and i'm also impressed by the 83% of evangel kalts in the country who supported him in the election. i was concerned that the evangelicals would be animated and energized as they turned out to be. >> i wasn't. donald trump -- they figured out early on that he's personable, he has a big heart, he loves people and most of all, he loves this country and he's for the common man. he's not for the elite and the establishment. when he appointed mike pence as his vice presidential running mate. for the first time since 2004 tony perkins, my friend on the platform committee of the republican party told me the first republican candidate, the first time since 2004 that the republican candidate hasn't cut back the platform that the conservatives on the platform
7:59 pm
committee preferred. donald trump approved all planks in the the platform and when he named the supreme court justices, that was the clincher. what the press and the media didn't understand. evangelicalism, our theology is about forgiveness it's not moralistic. lou: they tried to point out that man was not perfect. and evangelicals understand that. >> but evangelicals, that's what the theology is all about. we are all sinners. they thought we were a judgmental lot, but we are not. hough we appreciate you being with us. >> i have got to say one thing. lou: i'm sorry we are out of time, i apologize we are. >> the liberal colleges that canceled class, if liberty canceled classes after obama was elected the irs would have been
8:00 pm
breathing down our necks. lou: ed rollins, pastor robert jeffress, have a great s tonight on "war stories," japanese-americans in world war ii. >> i'm an american soldier. >> they didn't trust us. >> but their loyalty was questioned. >> franklin roosevelt campaigned for the mass evacuation of japanese-americans. >> and when we boarded the train, i saw my dad crying. >> it's a story of tragedy and triumph. >> they were treated as traitors and yet they became among the most patriotic fiters. >> that's next on "war stories." >> welcome to "war stories." i'm oliver north and this is camp shelby, miss mix today being used to train soldiers,


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