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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 14, 2016 6:00am-9:01am EST

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nicole: thanks for watching fbn:am. lauren: right now we toss it over to mornings with maria. maria: hi, everybody. happy monday. it is monday november 14th, top stories 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. merger monday on wall street this morning. samsung acquiring harman in 8 million-dollar tale, major player in auto space. in politics president elect donald trump administration start to go take shape. he named reince priebus chief of staff. mr. trump sitting for first interview telling americans he's ready to be in charge. >> are you in any way intim at a timed, scared about the enormous
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burden, the gravity of what you're taking on? >> no. >> not at all in. >> i respect it. i think the press tries to make it into a wild man, i'm not, i'm a sobber president. maria: trump spoke with the president xijinping. the annual event an excellent target. we've got the details this morning. new zealand faces tsunami and aftershocks, we will bring you details. markets, the rally goes on. the trump rally continues this morning. another big opening for the broader averages of 80 points.
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nasdaq, s&p 500 also firmer: in europe gains across the board. all gains two third of a percent and one percent higher in europe. in asia overnight, check the mix ed and nikkei higher, adding onto big rally on friday as well. before you book next vacation, best airline of the year just revealed. we will have it for you. joining me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, chief investment officer kevin kelly and democratic strategist harlan hill. >> great to be here. dagen: good morning. maria: big news over the weekend. dagen: reince priebus, one of the most certain people get that job based on what we have been hearing. maria: they will no tout will be blind spots. you wanted washington insider to
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be the pretty call position of chief of staff. dagen: who pe cue -- executed for him brilliantly in the election? maria: more changes are expected. fox news judicial analysts andrew napolitano is here. rnc communication sean is with us. he's losing number one reince priebus to become chief of staff and former white house chief of staff josh borten, big show. president elect trump sitting down for first interview, last night he talked about key issues he plans to take on including combating illegal immigration. >> what we are going to do is get the people with criminal records, gang members, drug dealers, we have a lot of this
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people, probably 2 million we are getting out of the country or incarcerate but they are getting out of our country. maria: joining us former michigan congressman, good to see you both. thank you so much for joining us. let me kick it off with you, your reaction over plans over the weekend, two new hires as he begins to put cabinet together. >> it's mr. inside, mr. outside, mr. priebus as the head of the republican party helped donald trump by trying to hold on to the institutional republican support after the primary elections. he's certainly well suited for working with the washington political establishment at the same time he has shown willingness and ability to work
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with mr. trump under very hard circumstances. is going to go through a rocky period, the big concern that many people will have is will he be a polarizing figure? this is a time that the nation needs unity and hopefully the approach that will be taken will be to find ways to unit america. maria: but congressman, you have to believe that given reince priebus' relationship with the gop in general, maybe that helps him get things through and then what about that -- what about that pushback in terms of being the outsider here? >> well, i think, you know, mr. trump recognizes what the american people want, the american people, number one, wants things to get done and reince priebus will be tremendous help to the president elect. the american people want change
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in washington. they are sick and tired what is going on in the last decade, they recognize that we have severe problems in terms of our immigration, in term of the economy, in terms of national security, they want change, it can't be, you know, just doing what we've been doing in the past, just doing it better, washington needs to change and that's what steve is going to bring to this team. i think it's a great team and sends a real strong signal that mr. trump is going to get things done but he's going to bring change to washington. dagen: congressman it's dagen mcdowell, you used the word unity, what responsibility do the democrats bear in terms of uniting the country because of language we heard from democratic leaders is not going bring people together in this country and you've got hillary clinton over the weekend talking to her donors, blaming the fbi
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and jim comey for her defeat rather than the will of the people? >> well, you know, of course, the american people specially will. look, i will continue to have concerns about the conduct of the fbi in the closing days of election. but let's set that aside for a minute. it is important for democrats to, you know, be the honorable opposition, but not to engage in the venom that would further divide america k look, we have serious difference of opinion but at the same time how we express that is important. we've got to try to find a way to lesson the confrontational approach that's being taken. we can still disagree. we are not all going to be on the same page but we've got to be careful that it doesn't keep increasing because frankly it's
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bad for the country and dangerous as well. >> congressman, kevin kelly, my question to you given that the two people that were appointed by donald trump this weekend are polar opposites, right, you center outside, insider as you brought, do you think they'll be inherent conflicts because of dualing personalities and priebus was to keep paul ryan happy? >> having tension in the leadership here of the white house is very, very good. a tension is a healthy, healthy dynamic recognizing that if you're going to change washington, you're going to need to push forward and if you just had everybody, you know, group think, all looking at things exactly the say, you get a stale administration or if you went one way too far or the other, you know, it would be dysfunctional.
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having this tension, i think, is healthy, it shows that mr. trump is very comfortable in who he is and where he wants to go and what he wants to get done for the country by bringing in the two polar opposites in believing and i believe that he will be able to successfully manage that tension and get good things done for the country. dagen: wall street journal writes, it's hard to know whether this will be a union of i didn't ying-yang. harlan: how does the democratic party reconcile at this time? whether it goes in the direction of bernie sanders or if it doubles down on the mainstream moderate democrat views of somebody like hillary clinton before she -- she shifted to the left at tend of the primary, where does the democratic party go?
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is it possible to reconcile without further defeat? >> well, look, you know, as a democrat, i can tell you that the party began to lose its way in the 80's when it was taking money from the corporate source that is the republican party traditionally took money from. that's what blurred the difference between the party. the democratic party has to go back to the old-time relincoln own of fdr, putting millions of people back to work and coming up with proposals to present to do that, i think there's, you know, it's about what we stand for. it's not just about the cosmetics. maria: so far the reaction from harry reid was pretty nasty. you would think that at this moment in time the people have spoken, the election is over, the votes are done, that harry reid would show some professionalism and not call trump's administration white supremist but that's what he's
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doing. >> well, you know, i said it before and i will say it again, everyone has to be careful with the rhetoric here. both sides, we have to be clear about where we want america to go and disparagement doesn't serve any purpose. harry reid has given this country excellent service. he's a good man, but i think he and a lot of other people were shocked at the outcome of the election. their concern -- let's face it, there was rhetoric in this election that ought to give people pause and it is but we also have waiting for the signals from the new administration that they're ready to bind up the nation's wounds and to take america in a new direction. maria: you would think, dagen, with all the protesting going on across the country still that leaders would handle with care how they addressed all of these things and i know today there's going to be a conference called democratic conference called and president obama said he's going to jump on the phone and called on all democrats to be on the
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call. hillary clinton is going to be reaching out to congressional democrats today, what are they going to say? dagen: i would expect president obama to may -- behave last week and he's concerned about his legacy and how he carries himself. with harry reid, that's exactly what i expect from harry reid, lied about mitt romney that mitt romney didn't pay taxes. maria: stop legislation that could have gone through like tax reform. dagen: one thing that the democrats are going to be rallying around is getting away with the electoral college. that would be a flag for them even in the coming months and coming years because they are so upset about election, not only donald trump and supporters won but the democrats lost and if they had just watched fox business and fox news in the last years they would know that this was coming in terms of how
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people have been talked down to and dismissed fbi people and leadership. maria: i have to give a big shot out everybody on the desk and everybody at the fox business network and fbn saw it and we were in touch of what people were saying, we took donald trump and his group very seriously. we treated them with respect. dagen: i was wrong about donald trump very early on but i fully acknowledged what was going on. absolutely. maria: we saw what he tapped into. kevin: on the electoral college it would be hypocritical of the democratic national committee just to the fact that super delegates that weighed and influenced their primary. maria: that's a good point. good to see you, gentlemen, thank you. we will see you soon. coming up next on busy day, earthquake left two people dead, all of the developing details. american apparel start to go
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stay afloat. let's take a look at that next. busy monday morning right here at mornings with maria. know better sleep with sleep number.
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maria: welcome back, powerful aftershocks rattling new zealand this morning in the wake of yesterday's earthquake. cheryl: initial 7.5 magnitude quake killed two people and triggered massive landslides
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northeast of chies church, destroyed buildings while kicking 8-foot waves. facebook has fixed a bug that falsely killed off several users including mark zuckerberg, the ceo. the website displayed a memorial barn at the top of user profiles for people that were still alive. reports coming in from users around the world, hey, i'm not dead. facebook releasing a statement, quote, this was a terrible error that we have now fixed, we are very sorry that that happened. meanwhile we have trouble this morning for american apparel, the retailer has filed for second bankruptcy protection in just over a year. the company faces rising online competition and has struggled to overcome controversies surrounding founder and the racy advertising they are well known. finally this, the mcrib is back,
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signature limited edition sandwich thanks to app, now they can track the locations which locations are carrying the sandwich, since 2012 they are only selling to restaurant operators who asked for it. maria, it's very popular as expected to stick around until the end of december. it's a trick for mcdonalds but has done well. maria: that's funny, you to get the mcrib finder on your phone. [laughter] kevin: take it easy. dagen: a friend of mine who has an alert and alerts her when they have hot doughnuts down the road. there you go. maria: that is funny, coming up next samsung hitting the road with biggest acquisition ever. the 8 billion-dollar acquisition to acquire har pl on international, that gets right
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hey, drop a beat.flix? ♪ show me orange is the new black ♪ ♪ wait, no, bloodline ♪ how about bojack, luke cage ♪ oh, dj tanner maybe show me lilyhammer ♪ ♪ stranger things, marseille, the fall ♪ ♪ in the same place as my basketball? ♪ ♪ narcos, fearless, cooked ♪ the crown, marco polo, lost and found ♪ ♪ grace and frankie, hemlock grove, season one of...! ♪ show me house of cards. finally, you can now find all of netflix in the same place as all your other entertainment. on xfinity x1. maria: i want to show you the moon right now. take a look at the shot right now 6:22, cheryl casone just told us this is when the moon is closest to the earth right now. so this is the best shet.
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there is the moon as we look at the super moon and we've been admiring it. we all took pictures, i did. did you guys take pictures of the moon over the weekend? kevin: i was sitting well rested for this morning. dagen: pictures don't look good when i take them. maria: pictures are terrible, it wasn't as gorgeous as it is right now. i want to tell you about mega deals, samsung making a slash to buy auto part supplier, 8 billion-dollar deal there. $112 a share kevin kelly and that's a nice premium on friday. stock is going to soar today. kevin: it's a big deal. semiconductor were a big manufacturer on the chip side as well. samsung has a lot of chips and you knee the next wave of consolidation and fighting for
6:24 am
the next thing. specially when i comes to semiconductors as well as entertainment. there's more of this to happen. samsung needed this to happen. this is a good move for them, when you think about it. maria: 28% premium on harman and 37% to harman30 day value. kevin: 24 billion backlog in selling products. maria: heels of the busiest month ever last month. semens acquiring mentor graphics. dagen: you're talking about mentor during the break?
6:25 am
kevin: they put themselves for sale and you had activists, investors come in the stock and said, you need to sell yourself, you need to fix that and trade at the same multiple or you need to sell yourself and you're seeing what they did. dagen: big picture macro is front page story about broadly speaking economist are positive about economic growth under a trump administration but they expect inflation to pick up, they expect higher interest rates, they are worried about what he does on trade but i think you have to watch the tenure treasury. the tenure treasury close above 2.1%. huge bounceback. is it on expectation of better growth and higher inflation or does it have something to do with heavy deficit spending and a inflation that gets away from us.
6:26 am
i think it's going to be a tricky situation. it's something to not worry about at this point but certainly to watch in the next several months. kevin: that's a very big point as you're seeing the cost of debt two up, more deals are going to start to happen. you're going to start to see a lot more deals happen specially before the end of the year, capital markets have been robust n october $300 billion in m&a activity, 3 billion-dollar raise in ipo market, the capital markets are flowing right now. harlan: does this foreshadow further investment into cars, some day deploy their own car? i know they had joint venture out of france, is this -- this is just the first step? kevin: so samsung and apple have both said they're not going to start and manufacture cars anymore. samsung -- they supply a lot of parts to auto manufacturers so this will help get stronghold in the market.
6:27 am
maria: that's where the innovation is. kevin: exactly, exactly. dagen: they were early in developing kind of electronic systems, ford, to name one. tesla is a rolling computer. anybody who has been in that one acknowledges that. the entire technology industry is going to take over auto, the auto business as we know it. maria: a rolling -- dagen: it's a computer. kevin: samsung makes lithium batteries. dagen: are blowing up. [laughter] maria: short break. isis could be seating sights on new york city tradition, threat to parade from the islamic state. online shoppers be ware, amazon's deals may not be that really a bargain, all the details back in a minute i don't want to live with
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on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. maria: good monday morning, everybody. i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday november 144th. top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. mega deal hits week on walling street. samsung in harman international, the move will make the technology giant a major player in the auto space. in poll this morning, the trump administration has begun to take shape.
6:31 am
thousands of protesting continues across the country from portland to new york, antitrump protests this weekend. hillary clinton blaming fbi director james comey for stunning defeat. >> should be commended for putting herself for running for president twice. i just can't believe it's somebody else's fault. sometimes you have to take a look and reflect what went wrong. >> what he understood with many democrats did not, trump tapped that anger, now what our job is to do is to see what is the solution. maria: meanwhile as president elect trump prepares to take office, isis may be eyeing an attack of a tradition, the macy's thanksgiving par aid an excellent target. cyber moments in the streets of paris as the world mourns one year after devastating attacks in paris this morning.
6:32 am
markets to rally. trump rally continues, futures losing some steam although we are still looking at high hoping on 20 points in dow jones, s&p and nasdaq both turning lower in the last few minutes. british found helping lift stock in the uk. in asia overnight mixed performances, better than expected reading on japanese gdp, that drove and best performer. am done ready to break out the deals next week for black friday but are you actually getting a deal? the best bang for your buck, while you may want to think twice before actually clicking buy, one giant moon for the night sky, take a look at the amazing image of the record-breaking, super moon, the moon closest to earth right now. that's what we are looking at. president elect donald trump gave interview to 60 minutes and
6:33 am
reaffirmed that he knows more than general in defeating isis, watch. >> i probably do because look at the job that they have done. they haven't done the job. now, maybe it's leadership, maybe it's something else. who knows. all i can tell you we are going to get rid of isis. maria: this coming as reports hit the tape that jihadists are plan to go use president elect trump's victory to recruit new fighters. i want to bring lieutenant tony chaffer. what's your take on using trump's victory as recruiting tool and the threat that they want to attack america during the thanksgiving parade? >> the whole fiction of anything mr. trump has done or nothing done of recruiting tool is insane. i talked to intelligence community, isis doesn't care. they are going to recruit using the methodology they have always done. they seek to bring those in that
6:34 am
have a psychological need to belong to something greater as well as a certain view of the world, so mr. trump saying anything is -- has no relevance to their recruiting efforts, secondly to the point of what's coming here. look, we know for a fact that isis does have a network, it is functioning and has operatives here now. the question is can we prevent it from becoming as effective as it was in a year. there's three things we have to do immediately, first we have to approach and defeat isis as a global target. mr. trump says he knows more than generals. in some ways i think he's hit the nail in the head, it's about leadership and policy. the policy has been, maria, to not allow the pent goant to go after isis. secondly, once you fix the policy, go aer t elements is wrevetheyre aand at mns whaveo bellot moreggreive ywhe, th do tt eectily, ickl and the third factor has to be the long-term targeting islam
6:35 am
and calling it out what it is. president obama has been reluctant or denying radical islam which you must accept as existing to defeat. so i think those are the things that mr. trump will recognize, i think he has people helping advise him on this and start making effort to go after isis. kevin: colonel, we have a new administration coming in, are there going to be new tasks that this administration would take that this administration will take to prevent terrorist -- >> the answer is yes that i'm aware of that are work to go adsehe pentak at tactics, old and new. there's members of the old reagan white house who have come out. i've spoken to a couple of them. there's clearly a need to look at everything on the spectrum, everything that can be done must be done to protect the american people. again, this is something the old white house did not have an
6:36 am
interest in doing. do i believe mr. trump and the new white house will have an interest. absolutely. dagen: what's happening in mosul, is that an indication that the islamic state is in retreat although we have seen them move in other areas throughout the middle east? particularly what's happening given the one-year anniversary of the attacks in paris, it begs the question. >> you're correct. what is happening is exact you you stated there, we have to approach them as a global target. you push a balloon here and they go somewhere else. we will probably see a victory in iraq probably within 60 days, taking them out of one geographic state, you push them into syria. we don't have a clear solution for syria.
6:37 am
denying recruiting, denying them bodies, resources such as money and obviously going after them in a space they live which is social media. think about this, mr. trump won his election by using social media effectively, going right to the people who had to vote for him. isis is doing the same thing. they have become a very effective group that uses social med alike no other terror organization. we have to recognize that and actually have the government, have our government target isis where they live, which is on social media which we have not been doing well. harlan: colonel shaffer, harlan hill here, he would not divulge what his plan was but i understand reasoning there, when do you think we will actually hear this plan, when will he articulate plan to destroy isis or continue to be a mystery for the time being?
6:38 am
>> let me say as much as i can say about this, i think it's clear that a plan has been looked at quite a while. certain members that have been working prior to his victory. the elements of those discussions will now be translated to operational plans. it's going to take some time. mr. trump is partially holding back because i don't think he knows all the details yet. it's one of those things that's too important to say i'm going to roll out the door and kill these folks. maria: that makes sense. >> you have to let him build time up and build staff up and take an effort and we all know that the people in the white house have been reluctant to give the pentagon the authority it need. so i think there's multiple things here, there's leadership, there's planning and clearly to execute plan. >> you make a great point, colonel. at the end of the day, life happens. you have to face the reality.
6:39 am
you may not have that wiggle room and that time as luxury to have the time you need. we know what isis is calling for right now. they want to get us on thanks giving day. they are calling the macy's thanksgiving parade a target. they are aimed at lone wolves. they are trying to fire up new lone wolves in america that are here now to drive trucks through crowds and throngs of people during the thanksgiving parade. >> great point. you have to two to war with the army you've got. you have the most renown antiterrorism in the country, nypd. if anybody can get ahead of it, it's them. these are network attacks, new jersey and new york, they
6:40 am
believe this was a run-through, with that said, everything that can be done will be done to prevent this. the watch word is vigilance. if you see something, say something. the individual citizen watching something that's different now should step up and that's one of the things about political correctness, political correctness should go away. you see something that's a concern, say something. don't be thinking that it's racist because you see something out of the ordinary and somebody is doing something. we have to work together to prevent terror. this is both a government issue and individual issue which is time to work together and defeat. maria: that's all we can do. we just have to be on alert. >> yes, ma'am. maria: god to see you, sir. we will see you soon. airlines from the u.s. grounded on the list of top 10 airlines for 24011, international carriers that made the cut. we will bring you the list. and then legal trouble for toyota. why is toyota forking over million $3 billion over owners
6:41 am
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maria: welcome back, we are expecting a mixed opening for the broader averages, we have been looking at a firmer market pretty much all morning. we are off of the highs right now. nasdaq has turned negative as you know the technology part of the market has really been the lagger, it's underperforming the ballot we are seeing right now on the heels of the trump election. we are watching shares of facebook. company launching public chat feature, rooms creates public chat groups based on topics. shares of facebook pointing to higher opening to start the week. as you see there looking lower this morning on facebook. we are keeping on eye on shares of madison square garden, ufc fight in new york, mcgregor-álvarez battle bringing
6:45 am
in $17.7 million at the gate. shares of msg up this year. cheryl casone with the details and, cheryl, hard to believe we were there live with the program one year ago and the city was in state of shock. cheryl: you're right. you saw firsthand. it's a mood in paris. he opened concert. this is one year after isis terrorist killed 90 people there during an eagles of death metal concert. jesse, leader, refused entry to hughes at reopening concert. criticized about it in an interview with fbn's kennedy. toyota has reached a settlement in class action lawsuit over inadequate rust protection
6:46 am
brought by owners, pickups, suv's, 3.4 billion, toyota admitting liability or wrongdoing. new zealand has been the airline of the year. usa -- australia breaks record of safety, environmental leadership, another australian airliner, singapore, cathay pacific, virgin-atlantic, if you are going to be in those planes this year. the moon has been the brightest it's been in almost 60 years. amazing pictures have been taken, 68 years since we have seen this. it's coming to closer to earth, closer than any time since january of 1948, as you pointed
6:47 am
out to viewers, at 6:22 eastern time, got the closest to earth, 14% larger in diameter and it's not going to be back till 2034, i didn't see it last night because i was watching the cowboys game nasa say ifs we go out tonight, if we missed it last night there's only tinny difference from what we saw this morning. so still going to be amazing tonight for folks. maria: i love this story, cheryl. the super moon. kevin: you need to know the -- maria: i kept tweeting out pictures that i was taking. this is a horrible shot as the moon that i usually take. it was gorgeous. you feel like it was in your pocket, i love it. kevin: by 2034, tim cook will have it figured out. [laughter] maria: did you check it out? dagen: i was trying to drive and
6:48 am
look at it. maria: it was right there. kevin: her head was out of the window. dagen: like my dogs. maria: we have to talk about harry reid, i can't believe his quotes, we will tell you about it when we come right back. up next holiday ready with deals today, the bargains may not as good as it sounds. look at this, this is what harry reid says, white nationalists. we live in a pick and choose world.
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maria: welcome back, amazon may not be the bargain you thought it was. an investigation by the sunday
6:52 am
times in the uk shows that amazon may actually not have the best deals online. this comes as amazon ceo jeff bezos tries to make nice with president elect donald trump. i want to bring founder of capitalist and fox news contributor. jonathan, good to see you. let's talk about the deals. no evidence that they are acting illegally but it does hurt, you know, the whole perception that here is where you're going to get the best deals as we are entering the holiday sale season kickoff. >> amazon is a marketplace. it's all about trade, maria, it's where you can go to shop for goods, services, worldwide, ip even. i don't know if value proposition that you always get the best deal but consumers shop around. that's what they do. that's what makes amazon so great that you're able to trade and shop with people at local store but sellers all over the world. amazon may not always have the best deals but it's been an
6:53 am
amazing stock and i think it will do very well. maria: you always get the best deals on amazon, right, dagen. dagen: i don't even look for deals. jonathan, there's one day last week in particular that amazon stock, i take it to the wood shed, in part because of concerns about the new trump presidency, what he would do on trade, also the relationship with jeff bezos, although bezos tweeted nice, nice at trump last week after the fact, but is that a concern if you're an investor, do you worry about what's coming out of washington when you're picking individual stocks like amazon? >> oh, yeah, dagen, as you said, amazon, one of the world's biggest companies fell after trump was elected. i think it was specifically because trump was elected, because as i said, amazon is all about trade and trump at least up to this point has been antitrade. that's one of the things he ran
6:54 am
on dagen, i think unfortunately the biggest threat to amazon right now isn't a weak santa claus claws but the president elect of the united states and views on trade. dagen: i will say -- i will add this, he said that there were at one point antitrust concerns about amazon but as the president of the united states he's going to learn that you should not talk about individual stocks, in fact, you shouldn't talk about the stock market. [laughter] >> i hope -- dagen: all presidents learn that lesson the hard way. maria: we remember what he said about the at&t and time warner deal. >> that's the thing he has to keep in mind, guys, difference between economic and political power. amazon wins through economic power. they trade. that's why people love it and they've been so successful. the president, the government is the power of the gun, so now that president elect trump is in the position of being a president elect, he's the position of government, he has
6:55 am
to be extraordinarily careful with what he says because he's not speaking from a trade perspective, he's speaking from a gun perspective and that's what the government is and that's what amazon and any other company that relies on trade could be in trouble under a trump administration. kevin: one of the things we are tip-toeing around is the internet backbone with web services. one of the strongest asset that is they have is the platform because every mobile app uses their infrastructure. we wanted to start app company, we would use amazon web services. i think they're employing the future of this country specially because they're going to be focusing on the trade that you're talking about but they're also going to be focusing on the hb1 visas that they need to get engineers to continue to develop the technology for the company to thrive but also the company and we need the talent coming in and one of the strongest things that happened last week peter
6:56 am
teal was named to the transition team because he's a silicon valley insider, although they treat him as outsider. there are certain things happening around amazon behind the scenes too when it comes to policies like that, what do you make of thosepolicies? >> it was the world's biggest bookstore, you don't hear much about that. you know, we talked about marketplaces in the value of marketplace, look at the difference between amazon's marketplace which is basically free and the government-controlled obamacare marketplace. they called it a marketplace which is falling apart. your report is right on amazon, has not stop innovating and all government should do is stay out of their way, president elect trump special special -- dagen: thanks for that memory. [laughter]
6:57 am
>> i don't believe that, dagen. dagen: that's true. maria: there's the washington post. i wonder how they are going to get along there since washington post was putting 20 reporters on trump and no extra reporters on hillary clinton during the campaign. jeff bezos owns the washington post. >> i think another real area of concern for investors. i mean, but for americans as well, the right to trade and the right to speak are inherent in the right to americanism. so trump should understand that. maria: we will leave it there. thank you so much. >> thank you. maria: president elect donald trump unveiled first picks for his administration, more on what to expect from trump's cabinet in the next hour. mornings with maria will be right back when it comes to healthcare,
6:58 am
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7:00 am
>> good morning morning everybody. it is monday november 14. your stops stories. simpson is acquiring palm or international. it's an 8 billion-dollar deal. the move will make that technology giant the major player in the audio industry. president-elect donald trump administration is beginning to take shape. he named reince preibus over the weekend. the president-elect spoke with 60 minutes regarding the transfer of power from president obama. regarding the transfer of
7:01 am
power from president obama. he told me the good things in the bad things. we talked about the middle east. it's a tough situation. i want to get his full view. i got a good part of his view. maria: a facebook in the crosshairs. he's forced to defend his company's role in the election. futures coming off of earlier highs. are still expecting the higher openings. they look to extend the big rally we saw on the trumpet victory last week opening up about 30 points. in europe we had gains across the board. a stronger dollar is helping to lift stocks in london. take a look. gains between a third of a% and a quarter of a%. it drove the japanese market higher.
7:02 am
that was the best performer. the new mcdonald's burger that's taking aim at your sweet tooth. do you want chocolate on your burger. all of the stories coming up this morning. >> we know you will eat it. if a big show i have. andrew napolitano is with us. the communications director of the rnc sean spicer is here. former white house chief of staff will join us along with former white house chief of staff. you don't want to miss a moment of it. say with us for a big hour coming up.
7:03 am
we kick it off and out with nearly a week after the election. thousands are still protesting. my saint in the president-elect called for unity in the country. in an interview with 60 minutes. we can bring our country back but certainly don't be afraid. we just had an election. if the given a little time. if hillary had one in my people went out and protested everybody would say that's a terrible thing. it would've been a much different attitude. there is a double standard here. jason miller's here it's good to see. absolutely. i think if you saw the conservative protesters it would be completely different story. but i think with important take away here president-elect trump is doing exactly what he
7:04 am
said he would do is, and focus on jobs. about securing our border about repealing and replacing obama care. he is up to the task for this job and he's gonna be a unifying figure. maria: the people really outrage me. the election is over. those people who are supposed to show strength and confidence to make sure everybody else understands that we have to come together. here is harry reid's quote. it has emboldened the forces of hate and bigotry in america. senator president-elect trump is wrong. it's an embarrassment to the senate as an institution.
7:05 am
our democratic party into the nation i want to be very clear he does not speak for me. the reason that donald trump one is because of harry reid because a dysfunctional washington. in a loud mouth in dc who talks to him like that. in this statement one of the things he said was innocent americans cry tears of fear. that is why people united under donald trump. because that's how they had been treated by democrats and liberals not just for eight years but for decades. and jason, what is your reaction to how he reacted to it. >> i would say don't do it. i'm in a bring this country together. they are harassing latinos, muslims, i'm so saddened to
7:06 am
hear that. and i say stop it. stop it. do you see this for a major issue with them going forward. it is, and be a unifying figure and make clear what his focus is which is to help create an economy that helps all americans. i think you see coming out of the gate he's been very specific with what he wants to do. he's coming out with the very specific plant and he's doing exactly what he laid out at the address that he head at gettysburg with here's what our first hundred days will do. for anyone who is a supporter or a fan of mister trump during the election this is exactly what we saw. they can play this dividing game.
7:07 am
we need someone to bring us together. that's exactly what president-elect is doing. the media deserves a lot of credit. have not done their job. there is a reason that the mid west flipped for trump. it's because these voters have been forgotten. there are counties that voted for obama twice. >> i think you are forgotten. i think they were seen that they were running for the benefit of their i think they were seen that they were running for the benefit of their i think the democrats
7:08 am
need to recognize that they can't run this country for themselves. it was a push ba against t dia becse ty we not llinthe uth. it was also against obama's executive orders. the present select gave voters something to be four. the other side of the campaign have no message. and when voters went into the booth they have someone with the president-elect that they could vote for and were seen this were talking about the bad trade deals. in the premium letters. this is what the president-elect is gonna deal with. this is what is making the left so upset. they're seen how well he's doing and putting everything together.
7:09 am
i think some people have voted for trump expect him to not do that in a way. he works with the congress and pushing his agenda rather than taking it on himself. and you see it with the team he's putting together. this is a team that has division and the vision and the relationships in skills to implement what mr. trump wants to do and you see that already in my he's putting together. it's that temperament and judgment we need as president. co- chief operating officer's is at the hierarchy. i think and be competing.
7:10 am
he is the boss. this is the same team that so successful during the election. this is very impressive. the team has worked very well so far. you can see they got the lowest amount of delicates they head in 28 years. and that speaks everything you need to know. regardless if she gets the popular vote. we are only one legislature away from being able to pass some of the constitutional amendments.
7:11 am
you can start getting circuited some real governing done. these are some powerful things that we will need help with at the state level. these are some powerful things that we will need help with at the state level. mister trump said he will come right out with obama care. with taking on the tax codes. as he always talks about. then we have to get out there and secure the border. the exchanges that were made due to the affordable care act. and that's what he will be laying out a very specific plan to go do that. already were working with our hill out lies to get that put together. whenever you find out the west -- the rest of the cabinet.
7:12 am
i think he will start to see all of that come together very soon. i think you saw many of the important pieces come together. i think you will see the rest coming along. he will surround himself with the best people. it will be a diverse team. what a contrast there can be to the last eight years. i think you have the rare with all to run a lot of this through. it brought me back to the beginning of the campaign. everybody was like how come she has all of these super delegates and we have the leading number of delegates.
7:13 am
in terms of building up those republican voters. the presidency. all four. jason, congrats again. we will be watching the developments. there is more coming up. mcdonald's getting ready with its newest addition to the menu. you can grab a new tele- burger. liberty mutual stood with me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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7:16 am
you can grab a new tele- burger. southwest airlines launch its first flight to cuba. they had been offered in the nonstop service it will now be twice per day. it comes after the obama administration restored diplomatic relations. they plan to have other services at some point. they continue to defend facebook. against charges that may have influenced the election. a group during the campaign spreading rise in misinformation. over the weekend. they used his facebook page to say that less than 1% of the content is fake and that crosses party lines.
7:17 am
there's also tools to develop fake news. it's responsibility should be limited. >> you think you know how the world works. you think this material universe is all there. the reality is one of many. dr. strange number one again. marvels latest super hero film. taken in 43 million. bring as domestic it take so far to 153 million. rounding out the top five. they're coming in third place.
7:18 am
it came in at number five. check your passport. it's making a fast food waves with the new nutella burger. it is more dessert. it is just chocolate and the chocolate spread on a bun. anyway, somebody did bake it into the bun. i don't think so. there is a lot of social media reaction. mcdonald's in italy has just announced the burger. 2016 is starting to look a little bit better. i will send it back to you. is it dinner or dessert.
7:19 am
i don't want my new tele- on a bun. put in some bananas and strawberries. sometimes the simplest thing is new tele- on bread. -- nutella on bread. that's it. it will be more than just in the morning. i will try it. new tele- is delicious. wildfires forcing residents to wear special masks. more on the effort to contain this incredible blaze.
7:20 am
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7:23 am
xfinity, the future of awesome. maria: busy day busy week on wall street. sampson is inquiring harman international. kevin kelly is with us this morning. it's a pretty important week for the earnings. if cisco out on wednesday and home depot in target also out this week. they've been really other than her focus. they been under attack for the last couple of quarters. must we get there is a momentum coming and this week.
7:24 am
we need to focus on this. that has been where the deficit is. business spending has been dead. and if we actually see the cisco numbers that can indicate that businesses are spending more on that kind of it. you will see the labor investment as well as capital investment. they would be a big beneficiary of a tax plan. they do have a lot of money overseas. maybe we would get some guidance from the hollywood could deploy that capital. we say all the time if you don't have growth you have to acquire growth. and also if you don't have confidence in what the road ahead looks like your neck in a go out and make your biggest acquisition ever buying harman.
7:25 am
at least now that you're past the election you saw those record number deals. now they continue because they see confidence and some predict ability. particularly here in the united states. it is a really good point. it may indicate more confidence. what you make of this big rally. a lot of ink has been spilled. the growth generating type of policies. it reflects a lot of positioning heading into the election that was may be a bit more cautious and then then winding. i think at the outset some of it was a bit of a short covering.
7:26 am
i would be a little bit cautious in making the assumption about this. in the long-term it was a great bet for them market. in looking long-term quacks they would be a decidedly negative. clearly on the regulatory and tax side. even that piece of the infrastructure plan comes with an interest crease in the deficit. it makes a lot of sense. you need the economic growth to justify that looking longer term. but i think working to see
7:27 am
some of the deficit set back in. as we increase the deficit that adds to the long term debt. is that not a problem that has gone away. i think the stronger dollar. do you see that as an impediment on the dollar. a year ago when we were looking at it. it have a significant impact on corporate earnings. it translated into weaker earnings from the industrial companies. the dollar is actually stability. you stay in some semblance of
7:28 am
the trading range. i think a persistent persistent move would start to bring into question the loftier assumptions. factoring in the trumpet presidency. earnings where we are. the data that we see. do and put new money to work in the stock market right here. in trump we believe in rebalancing that norm. there's probably more money that may want to pare back. in order to move the portfolios back in line. i think this is probably an opportunity to at least had
7:29 am
some profits. >> technology has not performed with the rest. if you want to look at the trump industries. doing a rollback .-dot frank. technology has not participated. we do still have an outperform on technology. i think that's been hurt by the potential trade problems as well as us being a very domestic orientation in terms of stock market leadership. we are certainly still comfortable there. on the energy sector we have a market perform rating. the two areas where we had had underperformed ratings is telecom and utilities. we believe that those have gotten rich as they were looking within the equity market to find income generations. we are still sane avoid those. of the financials in technology at the top of the list it has been a better bet recently.
7:30 am
donald trump backing down on his plan for special prosecutor. he might be softening his stance there. the automaker once again under fire for the admissions scandal.
7:31 am
7:32 am
maria: good monday morning everyone. it is monday november 14. your top stories. 7:30 a.m. a megadeal kicking off. the week on wall street.
7:33 am
samsung acquires harman international. herman shares have gone up. they are already indicated sharply. as donald trump's administration begins to take shape the president-elect is starting to address has top his top priorities when he enters the over -- over office. >> what we are going to do is get the people that are criminal. we have a lot of these people probably two were going to get them out of our country or we are going to incarcerate. were not planning on that. that is not what we are focused on. we are focused on securing the border. what you need to know this morning as a transition of power continues. maria: shocking images out of
7:34 am
the south to show you. we will bring you there and see these devastating pictures. the average as the automakers confirmed this morning a new investigation into admissions levels. the new breach that bridge that may have put over 400 million accounts at risk. scary step. stuff. the markets this morning are mixed. take a look at the yield in the tenure right now. it is up. six straight days. is that it 26 day high at two-point 27 percent. nonetheless we are expecting a higher opening for the broader averages is expected to be up about 50 points. technology has not participated in the big rally last week. once again we expect the nasdaq to open down. the stronger dollar this morning.
7:35 am
better than expected reading. it is up 2.2 percent. it was the best performer. i would have a wild night. all the details coming from the big game. meanwhile what they could do for hillary clinton. it's our crowds breaking into chance lock her up. locker appeared the president-elect may be back in my from assigning a special prosecutor to clinton's case. i'm in a think about it. i feel that i want to focus on jobs. i want to focus on healthcare. until the border and immigration. >> i don't want to hurt them.
7:36 am
interesting commentary there. it's funny how the world look so differently from the outside looking in as opposed to being inside the white house. he is not there yet. he's starting to sound more presidential. that is not something we would've heard from him during the campaign. when he's confronted with all of these powers. i don't think he's have his fbi briefing yet. he doesn't know the gravity of the two cases the two live investigations. did she follow through with her decisions. in accordance with whether the people who benefited. the other one which her husband is a target also. was the clinton foundation
7:37 am
achieve -- true charity. i don't know that it has the details on that. can he order them to reopen now for the third time the e-mail investigation. >> the clinton foundation investigation never stopped. that is still ongoing. an enormous investigation. i mean tremendous value -- volume of paperwork. being scrutinized by a large number of beth pi agents who expect an outcome different. they also want to get the power that they have with exposure.
7:38 am
they want to get subpoenas. we don't know if a grand jury is hearing any evidence on the clinton foundation that was the singular defect in the e-mail investigation. goes to a grand jury. it asks the grand jury for a subpoena. the fbi and the doj are essentially toothless. the doj itself has a conflict. and it needs an outside entity to investigate a particular person. i don't know that we reached that level here. >> i'm talking about in the trump administration.
7:39 am
if their son attorney conflict. they get his or his own term. totally independent. because of the conflict between fbi and the doj. i did not see the whole interview. i thought he was terrifically careful.
7:40 am
i need to make a little bit more before i make a decision as opposed to a pep rally that have been running for the past year and half. >> what should he do here quacks there is a amount of evidence including paper play. she put it over national security. there is amounts of evidence that he should pursue this but at the same time that is a total distraction to him pushing through his plan to fix problems for everyday americans.
7:41 am
if he pardons mrs. clinton. he probably should part in president clinton and the others around them. and then he should consider it. i goes on and on. that's probably something donald trump would prefer not to address for the reasons you had articulated. i spoke with the oversight committee. they also address whether or not it is a is open to be on the docket. listen. we've a lot of things we have to fix. it never happens again. we will have well had less power in january. is he can conduct an investigation that the president doesn't want.
7:42 am
listen to rudy giuliani also out this weekend. on the one hand you don't want to disrupt the nation. even though it might not be. we want equal justice under the law. a pardon is mercy. mercy is often the opposite of justice. is it tough and intimate call. last week you were talking about this. in the e-mails from our fans, friends and colleagues. either one would have the opportunity. the presidents pardoning is absolute. >> the boater decided the voter was a judge on this. they voted in donald trump and not hillary clinton. we know this for a fact.
7:43 am
we know that she got a congressional subpoena and then what did she do she destroyed evidence. we know that there are a lot of people in jail as we speak who did far less with respect to the e-mails and the failure to maintain state secrets and she did. thank you so much. i'm not so friendly hack attack. talk about of powerful walk. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette.
7:44 am
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7:47 am
she won wild fires wildfires that still rating in the southeast. here cheryl with the detail. >> thousands of firefighters are working around the clock tried to put out these fires you are seen. they are prompting them to wear masks if they have to go outside. they asked suspect arson is behind the blaze. of that region and dry conditions are expected to continue into next week. into next week. more trouble. in certain vehicles. it is the parent company of audi. this investigation is focusing on whether the automatic transitions the same issue and very similar after last year's admissions a very popular part of volkswagen.
7:48 am
>> is a site used it to find sexual partners. it may be maybe the biggest data breach of them all. it may have been outed. it have not confirmed that breach but it has received reports of what it calls potential security vulnerabilities. it makes ashley madison's hack look like nothing. the city said it has installed light powered by pedestrians. it's called kinetic energy. each can create between four and 8 watts of energy. because is not bright enough. i like it. it looks cool.
7:49 am
the solar panel. they have wi-fi. >> you can blame that could blame that on the friend finder. you could blame that on the friend finder. protests against donald trump. how buccaneers wide receiver mike evans decided to take a page out of colin cap next book. we've something to say about that. (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping!
7:50 am
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7:52 am
we've something to say about that. did you catch the game lasting. fox news headlines jarrod joining us for the best highlight from week ten.
7:53 am
if one sunday should produce a spike six games or one over the final minute and a half. twenty-one months since the seahawks were intercepted. seattle takes the lead in foxboro. with four and half minutes to go. he catches the third touchdown of the game. they failed. the patriots to get over. they stopped on fortress. the second time hundred four home games. it was the largest card ever to see a pittsburgh steelers home game. anything but a game of catch up. the question who would bring more mustard. dallas led 2924.
7:54 am
but still time for big ben. ondssteelers take the one left. five plays later ezekiel elliott goes for 32 yards. they went 35 to 30. the first time since a 77. 77. they went in row. they are america's team. mike evans the tampa bay buccaneer is alleged to -- is the latest in protest. he said he will continue to nail for the anthem because donald trump was elected resident. >> i don't want to disrespect the veterans and that men and women that serve this country. but the things going on in
7:55 am
america imac in a scene for that. when he says were doing that. mister evans wants kneepads for christmas. >> did he talk about a policy or stance that he's mentioning. if he actually looked at some of hillary clinton's and how their human rights abusers would they had nailed there as well. to meet this falls on deaf ears. we continue to see it. but who cares. are they not even paying attention to this anymore. it's a four four-year a deal that mike evans has. in his salary is guaranteed
7:56 am
$14.6 million. with your 14 million-dollar contract. he disrespected anybody who has committed their lives to service in this country. i won't name him by name. all of these people have no idea what these men and women have served. they have no idea and i think when you do this there are other forms self-expression. you can do what you want but there are better ways to do it. and she brought up a great point earlier. a lot of these people are making about themselves. if you think about it.
7:57 am
no sense of history. and then as you spoke about that. what had to be fought for. and then he does what he does. it's just where is the message. they should go to facebook and look up thaddeus dion alexander in his facebook page. wait until you see his rant. thank you. a short break there's more still to come. she became the faster -- fastest female globetrotter.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
. maria: welcome back good monday morning thanks so much being with us us i am maria bartiromo it is monday, november 14, your top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast a merger monday on wall street samsung conveyoring harmon international 8-billion-dollar deal 30% premium the move will make the technology giant major player in the auto space, in politics president-elect donald trump administration is starting to take shape. he named reince priebus chief of staff yesterday steve bannon steve strategist trump sitting down for first intu since elects day calling on supporters to help bring unity to the country. >> i'm very surprised to hear
8:01 am
that i was -- >> i hate to hear that. i hate to hear. >> but do you hear it. >> i don't hear it. >> you are not seeing it. >> one or two instances -- a very small amount again i think it is. >> do you want to say anything to those people. >> i would say don't do it that is terrible i am going to bring this country together. >> plus the presidenth president-elect trump choke with chinese president last night saying the leaders established quote a clear sense every night mutual respect details surrounding the murder of a police officer in california. what you need to know as authorities taking known criminal in custody, shocking images out of new zealand latest cleanup efforts begin following yesterday's massive earthquake, we are seeing the destruction right there. markets this morning, watching a big move in the 10-year yield, driving the action look at where the yield is now 2 and a quarter percent, it has been rising five days it is now at a high for the year this is a 2016 high two of and
8:02 am
quarter percent, stocks off earlier highs nonetheless we are expecting a higher opening from broader averages dow industrials to extended yesterday opening 50 points s&p 500 fractionally positive nasdaq under pressure intelligent lagging the broader markets in yurpz begins a cbo strongly stronger dollar 6th day in a row in london paris frankfort gains across the board here, too we are off the best levels of the day, in asia overnight mixed, better than expected reading gdp out of japan gdp there up 2.2%, that helps naeeming nikkei average in japan stocks in general up 1 and 3/4 periods good samaritans getting a surprise help a stranded biker who was actually bruce springsteen we will show you tell you all about it all those coming this up morning with me to talk about it fox business network dagen mcdowell recon capital chief investment officer kevin
8:03 am
kelly democratic strategist harlan hill. >> running into bruce springsteen. >> gave him a hard time guys from american legion went to post the trump supporters have like expressed outrage on facebook they stopped to help bruce springsteen, hillary clinton supporter i'm sorry the boss, again leave if you can see the boss leave politics on your bike, man. >> yes. joining the conversation this morning big hour ahead former white house chief of staff under president clinton mac mechanic latter kwlooi with us former who is chief of staff are in president jorj wambitious host of vainsteins, stuarts stuart will weigh in as well don't miss a moment we've got a obeying hour quick off with the he cabinet taking shape president-elect named rnuc chairman reince priebus chief of staff yesterday and trump campaign advise other bannon chief strategy
8:04 am
conjunctivitis senior counselor. >> communicates director sunday a good to see you thanks for joining us. >> good monday morning to you. >> so relianince priebus your partner for sometime in the republican national committee, what does this mean in terms of those of leaving the rnc, and becoming the chief of staff in the white house how does that change your life and rnc? >> rnc -- fine he had a he phenomenal tenure here if you think what he has done he put a plan together 4 1/2 years ago, how to rebuild the party how to make it very strong up and down the ticket to make sure we had infrastructure and mechanics down to win results speak for itself tuesday night not only take back white house we maintained our journeymaning in the hurt or and senate 43 governor of attorneys general we have majority of state legislatures we flipped the kentucky statehouse first time in 100
8:05 am
years so this party is strong vibrant, and while you know, reince the party can't take all the credit, i think that we created the data infrastructure and ground, that allowed oush voters to come out and for the party to help candidates identify, who people were, so it is great news for president-elect trump pof him by his side knows how to put plan together to bring people together execute. >> you think this is going to help get things through quicker, it will be more efficient giving reince's relationship throughout gop, now house and senate controlled? >> yeah, i mean look frankly not just among republicans i think if you talk to leading democrats, in kwausht throughout the country that know him he is somebody that gets along well with others knows how to put a plan together bring people to a table, even from opposing views, and to be successful and get us where we're going donald trump has a very ambitious agendaed reince
8:06 am
priebus kind of guy knows how to take that agenda work with right parties to make it happen implement it. >> were you surprised tuesday made to in honestly i know you laid down groundwork for a victory but weren't surprised when you vaults come in and you saw it was electoral college landslide. >> a sweep. >> a sweep. >> yes. i was surprised by the depth of it i can't lie harlan, it was -- when when the counties key states whether virginia, or wisconsin, or michigan or even florida earlier on we saw margins where we had to do well democrats weren't doing as well, that was -- it just -- it kept growing, hour-by-hour minute by minute, where you realized that this wasn't going to be election we are going to squeak out. that it was going to be a very, ve very, very did he sizesive win a lot of blue states. >> kevin kelly here now that reince moved to the white
8:07 am
house when can we actually expect rnc to come up because there is a lot to be done in january quicker than we think. >> that is right. rnc will meet again, in -- in mid january, by rule. at which time new chairman is elected chairmen priebus's turn will continue to serve until then my expectation the committee will meet, and choose a new chairman, largely historically the president of -- of the party -- of the president if party in with white house makes the suggestion and the party general accepts that see who mr. trump would like to suggest whether he wants to committee to play a role there is a long time between now and inauguration day a lot of decisions tlaf to get made, and so we kind of make letting process work itself out the. >> who are some of those names have you floated names to donald trump about who could take over rnc?
8:08 am
>> -- we're about 8 hours after the first major announcement so there is plenty of time for additional announcements and policy decisions of priorities to get laid out, so -- we are -- we are saveroring win now selection of boss as partner to donald trump, we are trying to savor as many moments as possible before we move on to the next. >> dagen mcdowell one of the big promising expectancies out of the trump presidency big infrastructure spending if you are a conservative how do you really feel about that? >> well, i think it is how it is done is what matters. i think we can generally all agree in a there is some projects that need to get done, how it gets done is always the devil in the detail, right? so if you ask democrats through raising taxes i think how mr. trump governor pence put a plan together with
8:09 am
congress, to pay for some of these things is where it is going matter i think those are where you are going to see conservative values come through. >> are you going to follow reince priebus to the white house? >> i -- i am -- honored to have the job i have now, and -- we will be supportive of chairman priebus any way that i can going forward. >> tell me what that looks like next four years let's say you stay at the rnc, in terms of of the rnc and the white house working together, interesting that you say going to be trump to make reputations perhaps to say, who may run the rnc next? >> well, again, i am speaking out of tradition here, obviously that is something chairman priebus, and president-elect trump will talk about, about who candidates are may be somebody from committee puts name out there they think a good choice, may be chairman priebus has ideas that he wants to share with president-elect trump may be president-elect trump has ideas i think again, i know
8:10 am
that a lot of people want to sort of get to the last chapter of the book right now. but we are still at the beginning, page one of key staff decisions press priorities being laid out. >> sure. >> so those discussion will be had. in due time and i think that between chairman priebus' tenure experience and success in this buildings i know mr. trump is clearly going to look to him to make some suggestions and ideas, whether that is from existing candidates or somebody they think would do a really good job carrying on that legacy to help republicans up and down ticket continue to get elected it is interesting when you look at the map in the breadth and depth of this victory state highways mayors moscow city councils amazing how well this party has done, how well we are poised to continue to do. >> do you think that was a repudiation against the last 8 years president obama's executive orders the way he the way he he baefz with
8:11 am
congress or do you think a repudiation against media did not cover everything, what was it why? why such an adamant vote? >> well i think there's a combination maria. one in the largest part you have to have a candidate and a message, a movement trump created a movement that i have never seen in my lifetime would i guess most people have never seen may not again. he really sort of can hachannel frustrations with government in a way nobody else has done it he brought that message and that movement to bear. and then i think you combine that with the data and infrastructure and ground game chairman priebus built here the ability to target voters know where they are when they are going to vote how they are going to vote what it takes to get them sought who friends are key issues per the combination of those two things at the right time created a victory that helped not only the top of the ticket
8:12 am
but all the way down to the lowest levels people running for office, and, until -- it was a sort of a political tsunami that i don't know that we will ever see again unless in the trump reelect. >> you are right thanks so much. >> thanks. >> coming up next samsung hitching a ride on going under the roof of the tech giant 8-billion-dollar deal, acquiring harmon international even the boss needs help sometimes, new jersey bikers construe bruce springsteen stranded on the street how rocker paid them back next. what powers the digital world? communication. like centurylink's broadband network that gives 35,000 fans a cutting edge game experience. or the network that keeps a leading hotel chain's guests connected at work, and at play.
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8:15 am
. maria: welcome back, police in california arresting a man kelgd killdeputy. >> authorities in california say 36-year-old david shot the deputy twice in the head execution style he was checking a reported stolen van at the time the stop carjacked another vehicle committed armed robbery, then attempted to steel a woman woman's purse before arrested. >> two people dead following 7.8 earthquake in new zealand
8:16 am
massive a landsides northeast of christchurch also destroyed roads buildings, 8-foot waves along the coast of that country, here is what happened to, one tourist, listen. >> it knocked me out of bed, things fell on the room, that i was staying in hotel that i was staying in is condemned i can't return. cheryl: new zealand prime minister estimates the quake did blonz of billions in dollar damage. >> two adults, three calfs strand on grass ripped apart after earthquake we don't have word on if they have been rescued there is an attempt we understand, this hour. >> a major merger auto parts sam song buying harmon international for 8 billion all cash, samsung's biggest acquisition ever as trying to find areas of growth outside
8:17 am
of the exploding smartphone market pun intended. >> in sanford connecticut 30,000 employees going to operate as subsidiary continue to be led by concurrent ceo no change at top for harmon the chart of that company, this maria a group of veterans from jersey had a veterans day not going to forget returning home on motorcycles pulled over to help a bikesh realized the man in need bruce springsteen couldn't get springsteen's bike starting so boss jumped on back of one of their bikes they went to a local bar to wait for a ride boss bot all drinks promised tickets to one of the shows posed pictures. >> good day for those guise. >> all over social media. people outraged trump supporters outraged they helped bruce springsteen who
8:18 am
cares about politics can we move on. >> move on. >> not going to stop for bruce, by the way, leon russel died over the weekend god he was such a music -- a horrible year for the music business, princess. >> leonard cohen. >> now leon russel godspeed. >> a short break shooting for the moon in fight against cancer where are we in fight against cancers a progress report on vice president joe biden's plan to accelerate cancer research miebl milliken live next a look inside donald trump cabinet two former white house chiefs of staff weigh in back in a moment.
8:19 am
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maria: welcome back, the cancer moon shot task force achieved lift off at president obama's finalizing state of the union address the goal, propel a dedicated worth of cancer research treatment and prevention in five years, watch. >> last year, vice president biden said that with the new moon shot america can cure cancer. >> tonight i am announcing a new national effort to get it done. and because he has gone to the mat for all of us so many issues the past 40 years i am putting joe in charge of mission control let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. >> then vice president biden's address last month spoke about progress the cancer moon shot task force has made. >> we have tools. powerful tools with moon shot we now have a clear strategy for the road ahead.
8:23 am
>> it matters folks, because there is a consensus now we are in inflexing point science medicine technology all advancing offering real promise. >> joining me the man had 25 year headstart michael milliken chairman of the institute with us greg simon executive director of the white house cancer moon shot task force good to see you -- >> great to be here. >> the reason that i mentioned that mike is because we go back, and i know it has got to be 20, 25 years ago when i first attended a faster curious meeting that you hosted i was aastoundeded by people profit nonprofit doctors all over the world you said i am not going to give you any money i am not giving you funding unless you share your research. wow. what a major result that created. >> it has. and the partnership of government agencies nih, cdc, fda, many others with
8:24 am
biopharma as i say every time we are together and to your fans watching us today, more than 50% of all economic growth has come from health medical research greatest achievement ever occurred inings as i havization extension of life we sometimes forget the start of the 20th century life was 31 years today mid 70s planet amazing thing occurred, and the concept that the best investment we can make is that investment in bioscience propel longer, healthier more fulfilling lives. >> we are more educated about health changed behaviors we have laernearned more about bods
8:25 am
who you would you characterize where we are. >> when we starting in 1971 we had no army we had no strategy we had no weapon today we've got millions of patients we studied thousands of scientists, we have a strategy now on using big data computing sharing medical information to acquit a cto create a situation. >> if you lose a certain amount of weight that would trigger x-amount of economic growth. >> one trillion. amazing when you think about it, that this really didn't occur in america, till early 1990's by reducing your body index here, you reduce probability getting diabetes
8:26 am
here a heart disease, et cetera, when i visits agencies 20, 25 years ago would say prove it, okay now with big -- >> we are proving. >> it we can prove what happens to you and the story today on the front page of papers is essentially that you can determine health in your life your lifestyle what you eat what you drink whether you exercise, what you breathe, has the substantial effect not ingest genetics if you remember will become 30 years ago a study was done showing when you had two brothers, and one from japan moved to united states or two sisters one moved here, their incidence of cancer increased ovarian prostate almost 10 fold by change in diet lifestyle. >> today big data holds the key, and we are so excited
8:27 am
each that we are in the last of our four lapse to eliminate karns as cause of death and suffering. >> which cancer have we gotten our hands around mostly where are still the biggest challenges you have done so much regarding prostate cancer i feel breast cancer has come a long way pancreatic, lung the del give us that status check. >> this takes -- one for example melanoma under faster cures melanoma ref alliance, fits health with funding the immunology efforts did not approve effective the more mutations you have the more effective treatments melanoma as you know, was a death sentence in stage four, today
8:28 am
there is many of these treatments have proved very effective whether prostate breast lung, today big data holds the promise of something called precision there are numerous types we can pinpoint what you have, now fundamental you won't take something until we know it would work for you. >> we know even with all of this success that mike is telling us, greg, we still have this shortage of funding from nih we still are in desperate need for more government -- help from the private sector we have a new president coming into office, what are you hearing from donald trump? what are you hearing in terms of of the focus on -- on allocating resources to this. >> well, i know from just what public statements have been, that there is a lot of support, in both parties for nih funding cancer funding i haven't heard from trump transition team there is a process for all of that the key thing here is not just the amount of money it is what you
8:29 am
do with it that is where we had a blue ribbon panel of scientists experts to advise national cancer institute on what to do with new money we asked congress to provide that can move things faster, we have made progress in cancer, over the last 40 years, but we can make a lot more progress by sharing information sharing data. >> what do you want to see from new administration on this. >> i think increases in partnership not expenditures, they see are investments young math i think shawe want a messal fun bioscience if they invest 15, 20 years getting hpd's md's fellowships they want to know that there will be money available for these research -- the countries that lead in bioscience will be the leaders in the century and not just
8:30 am
your health it is air it is water, it is your food. all these elements this has been the exciting opportunity when i think back to march maria that you were asked, 19 efforts between 1993 to 1998 a half million people around the country. , to try to end cancer, those have benefits all forms of disease, and the american public, and our leaders need to focus on this is the number one growth opportunity today. >> you make a good point because people it is not just necessarily what you eat and how you exercise, and care for yourselves but where you life your exposed to, i want to run this mayor giuliani talking about you on fox news when will cancer be treatable disease not a killer? when? what is your timing. >> what do you think i know --
8:31 am
>> many diseases are treatable we want to make them not chronic many are terminal we need to make them -- the moon shot we can get a lot of cancers turned into chronic in the next five years. >> mike here is what rudy giuliani said on fox news the other night with sean hannity. >> i believe, milliken is an excellent candidate for a pardon. >> all right mr. mayor. >> and that is based on the good works that he has done, after his conviction this is a case of a guy who learned his lesson has really helped society. >> helped society in a huge way your reaction? >> well, i've got a full time job about headed of milliken institute right now, and i haven't been thinking about that, i think when -- when you think about an individual like myself 23 years ago was told
8:32 am
12 to 18 months to live with cancer, i am no different than americans you always think first you can see kids grow up, are you going to see them married? are you going to see grandchildren, et cetera? i have been blessed with many pardons. okay, a solution to my life-threatening cancer, today laurie and i have nine grandchildren one on the way there is a lot of joy in life, the joy that i am really going to enjoy when we eliminate cancer as cause of dieting and suffering would i say for many americans we have done that. getting you right treatment. >> true inspiration you both are thank you so much good to see you both we'll be right back stay with us. ♪ we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire.
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8:35 am
. >> happy monday welcome back everybody thank for being with us i am maria bartiromo it is monday, november 14, your top stories 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, the trump administration, begins to take shape. thousands of people are still protesting across the country. from portland to new york anti-trump demonstrators continued through weekend one president-elect hypocrite senator bernie sanders spoke about what he expects from president-elect trump. >> would i who will him accountable, mr. trump claimed that he was choampion of working class of this country as you he know there are millions of people working longer hours low wages don't
8:36 am
have health care don't afford to send kids to college -- also a lot of regulations that need to be rolled back, and there is a lot of executive odds president trump has to deal with first few days that he is in office, but you know with that the republicans now senate and presidency i think we are more optimistic than ever. >> what you need to know this morning, as the transition of power continues, and activist investor targets kate spade calling on company to pursue a sale we tell you big move in interest rates 10-year yield 2016 high 2.24%, up 8 basis points up last five days stocks also up off earlier highs of the morning take a look dow industrials up 40 points nasdaq under pressure technology sector has been under upcoming otherwise very strong reaction to mr. trump. 180 countries all by age of 27? the millennial glob traert
8:37 am
that to rule is making the world her oyster. >> president-elect donald trump starting to shape administration with key positions announced yesterday, peter barnes live from trump tower this morning, with more, peter good morning to you. reporter: hey. good morning maria that is right. the president-elect appointing reince priebus the headed of the republican national committee to be his chief of staff he is a washington inspired ainside close friend of paul ryan from wisconsin, also named breitbart chairman steve brannon chief strategist. >> the relationship built in congress, are absolutely essentially are in order to get anything done you are not getting tax reform done obamacare placed done in the capital unless you have relationships to get it done, you have to keep the base and
8:38 am
everyone happy at the same time. >> also point out this appointment of priebus is possibly good for getting things done in congress because bannon had called for moving ryan as speaker. >> all right. thank you so much, peter barnes tolerates there tame on glimpse into elect trump administration former who is chaff under president clinton mac mclarty, joshing fulton. >> good to see you did you so much for joining us. >> so what about that? first off, what is your sense of having these two positions equal, not a hierarchy here steve bannon and reince priebus, very different, one is establishment republican reince priebus is, steve bannon much more conservative, calling him alt right what is take on two men working to he go. >> somewhat unusual structure but reagan had a simply
8:39 am
trucker with james a. baker and edward meese in, california, so somewhat unusual but not unprecedented, it is fairly common for a political operative to come in white house with the elected president we saw that with karl rove appall begala president clinton david axelrod with president obama the difference is reince priebus has been chairman of the republican party so how well he can work with democrats is a question, ma, although he has some relationship there i think he is a solid choice, i think he is a fine person he has been -- demonstrated real capability chairman of the republican party and ability to work with donald trump, and steve bannon, that is key. mr. bannon do i not know -- i don't know a naval career service to country successful investor but bright bart doeitbe
8:40 am
sometimes beyond norms vice president not consistent with my values i think many americans as well. >> what about that on one hand, you look at you say okay, well, that means two groups will be served, right? the extreme all the way to the right, as well as the establishment. on the other hand, we know what happens in business and coceo's never work. >> i agree coceo's is a problem there is nothing wrong with diversity of opinions in white house and perspectives donald trump got elected with broad coalition of perspectives and views around the country all of that needs to be reflected in the white house. but i think the white house runs well only if there is one chief of staff clearly in charge, so my advice to any incoming president would be make sure there is a diverse of views, that you hear all the all the different opinions especially the views that brought you there in the first
8:41 am
place. but in power, only one chief of staff. >> both of you served as white house chiefs of staff under president bush and clinton what is the relationship and the importance talk to us about the chief of staff, what the next you know, 200 days looks like, going into 2017 what would be priorities from your standpoint josh. >> well, first of all, the chief of staff job is one of the best jobs in america, but you got a lot to do. the overarching goal to make president the best president he can possibly be. underneath that you have to do a lot of things, and this is why i say that really only you can only have one chief of staff. but you have to make sure that the presidential decisions make their way to the president in a way the president can make a good decision and everything else is kept away from him. you've got to control the
8:42 am
president's calendar so that people who need to see the president get to see him but the thousands more who want to see him don't you've got run the staff effectively, and most important keep the strategic direction of the white house and administration focused on the priorities that got him elected . >> what about that? >> that is. >> i think -- >> as chief a splndid to you atorial on chief of staff decisions his or her responsibilities i only add a couple things number one called the chief catcher job was a operative is privilege to serve chief of staff a demanding job make no mistake about that. secondly, would i add what josh said, you've got to have xatability trust i think the impact reince priebus worked with, candidate donald trump as well as steve bannon, and others, is a real plus for him going in. thirdly, the first in 100 days are always important
8:43 am
particularly important i think in a president trump administration, he has got to move forward try to reassure the country and unite crunch chief of staff will pay key role in achieving that or not. >> would it be nice if harry reid would try to get onboard. >> that maybe a step too far we will see. >> good to see you both thank you so much. >> thanks for having us. >> we'll be right back. how was your commute? good. yours? good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting. xerox transportation services... ...soon to be conduent.
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. maria: markets looking higher names watching indicate spied new york based hedge fund sent a letter to the handbag making suring saying concerned about declining the stock price suggesting best way to enhance shareholder value to sell company the shares declined 63% just since august 2014.
8:47 am
at 1662 i guess that means stock in play. we will watch that watching mentor graphics one of two major ordeals siemens agreeing to acquire 4 1/2 billion dollar deal share surging premarket as harman international acquired as well as this morning by samsung, protesters are continuing across the country this weekend, over the election of donald trump, joining me host of vaurn vairn, stua"varney & ch in. >> not just protesters i know there are offices office places in new york city and california where the sons and daughters of elite nice jobs there is a mass cry n un in some offices there is hysterical crying and tears from people in 0's for at the heaven's sake what it has come to in this country i find it absolutely pathetic,
8:48 am
protesters -- the media is in disgrateful for what it did not apologizing now, we've got individuals only on the elitist left and right coasts that is all we've got in tears, frankly i find that absolutely pathetic what is our country coming to -- >> i think you are hitting a good basis on this, i did not notice this at first when it came to protesters, is that these are people want redistribution of weather had a nice sign not necessarily even about her losing it is worried about benefits worried about fr given to them. >> they want to get keith ellison as new chair of the dnc, man is a flat-out socialist wants massive tax
8:49 am
increases huge redistribution the democrats going further to the left i hope they do. >> stuart one thing can help is leadership on the side of leading democrats what i have to open the journal today and read this with harry reid is saying basically the trump victory has emwoldened -- emboldened hit a bigotry, i want to be very clear does not speak for me, that is wrong to say that after this election. >> well, the democrats want and need a fresh start. good-bye harry reid you totally failed if they say hello keith ellison will fail again. it really does seem like they are off on this left hike nothing to restrain them pull them back you are right, this is a time for responsible democrat leadership to say, look what happens here is what we're going to do.
8:50 am
>> not coming from elizabeth warren, barack obama where as better not coming from bernie sander sanders. >> elizabeth warren bernie sanders, senator schumer supporting keith ellison to run for chair of the dinadmissibilityc schumddnc. >> a friend of mine said i almost stopped crying i know i get a tax cut in four years. >> one thing to cheer about. >> i shall ask all democrats appear on program you know don't want this tax cut will you give it back if a big deal of moral principle give them money. >> dave chappelle had a joke said all friends moving out said you want to come on mean we're going to leave america he said no, i think i am going to see how this tax cut works out see you in so minutes, "varney & company" 9:00 a.m. right after "mornings with maria", we'll be right back.
8:51 am
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ maria: welcome back this week in business, megadeals kicked off today samsung agreeing to acquire harman international for 8 billion dollars the other deal seeing graphics two major ordeals rich peterson pointed out after election this is two deals are with foreign partners. >> that is. >> samsung. >> big deal look at under tony that is driving marketing next month, potential fed rate hike starting to sinterest rates pick up 10 year terrorsry to high levels about 2.2 exactly we are seeing that in sealens
8:55 am
german company juice prowess and companies need to do this put capital to work, so whether it is implementing dividends, tech sector increasing dividends search so much cash. >> fez meets december 14 dagen. dagen: definitely going to raise rates longer term bond markets has already kind of done the work you've seen the yields go up, one thing to watch, though, and i don't want to to be the sky is falling, because -- enjoy the market rally. >> watch. >> the money coming out of -- watch longer term triple digits interest rates a drag on the economy, may be right now just the sign that people see better days ahead not so risk averse. >> treasury, moving the market
8:56 am
selling bonds going into tips protected securities because of it you want it to happen solely not fast. >> see what happens in terms of the campaign cisco, walmart a big one. >> the numbers from last week though kind of forecast that we got from macy's, kohl's, they were really good for the holiday season so let's hope for more of that. >> people have more to spend wages went up from last -- >> talking about growth. >> yes. >> we haven't talked about growth. >> in policy. >> a refreshing change, monetary policy. >> exactly. >> that is a different conversation, final thoughts from all-star panel when we come right back, stay with us. ♪ music
8:57 am
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♪ ♪ mama tried to raise me better, that leaves only me to blame 'cause mama tried ♪ >> welcome back. let's get our final thoughts. harlan hill. >> i realize i'm part of the most coddled generation, millennials in history. instead of voting they're crying in the streets. instead of voting saying woe is me on facebook. instead of taking tests in school they're taking safe spaces. maria: can i get you anything else? >> yeah, i know, i know. [laughter] >
9:00 am
>> got to work. >> go to work. maria: take your tests. >> i like the technology sector, money out of bond and deals happy. dagen: and godspeed leon russell and we were just listening to merle haggard. maria: we'll see you tomorrow. "varney & company" begins, stuart. stuart: let's get this going, shall we? america under new management. welcome to the growth economy and please, watch that market. good monday morning, everyone. 19,000 on the dow? we're only 150 points away. and stocks are moving up again as we speak. call this the trump rally. he's going for growth. and by the way, he's going for unity. the president-elect sounds like the voice of moderation, doesn't he? he's not keen on a special prosecutor for the clintons, he won't take a salary and fence


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