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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 15, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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neil: speaker ryan is going to continue being speaker ryan. republicans have just nominated him to lead them again. trish regan -- trish: just crossing the ticker tape, breaking right now. thank you so much, neil cavuto. paul ryan unanimously reelected speaker of the house by the gop. there, you know, was a time i've got to points out that his future seemed rather uncertain. you saw some of that discord playing out on the campaign trail between speaker ryan and donald trump. but, ultimately, with donald trump heading to the white house, it may have, in the end, helped save paul ryan and his political future. so, again, the gop voting unanimously to keep paul ryan as speaker of the house. meanwhile, you've got the democrats right now in crisis
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mode, desperate to stop donald trump. party leaders are calling our president-elected a racist while bigtime democrats working with leftist billionaire george soros in washington, d.c. right now in an attempt to plot against donald trump. all of this as more protests get underway. i am trish regan, welcome, everyone, to "the intelligence report." again, paul ryan will stay on as speaker of the house. that news just crossing moments ago. this all happening as donald trump prepares to drain the swamp, as he'll tell you, in washington. but the democrats are refusing to accept him as their new commander in chief. anti-trump protests continue to surge right now in major cities. take a look there across america, this video coming to us from oakland, california, where demonstrators were echoing chants like not my president and love trumps hate. so where are our democratic leaders in all of this? i mean, shouldn't they be helping to defuse this situation?
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shouldn't we be watching a peaceful transition right now? you'd think. but instead here's senator elizabeth warren today issuing a rallying call to business leaders to act against our president-elect. take a listen. >> i don't think it's possible to stand on the sidelines and be quiet about this. there are a lot of people in this room who helped lead the charge to make workplaces open and accepting places, to say we're open to all customers, we want to make sure that we serve all americans, that we treat everybody with dignity and respect. if this white house goes in a different direction, that damages every one of us. and i think it calls on the business community for leadership, i think it calls on the democrats for leadership. trish: meanwhile, new york city mayor bill de blasio is encouraging protests. he's out there saying, and i quote -- in a radio interview -- we have to recognize that all over this country the more disruption that's caused
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peacefully, the more it will change the trajectory of things. you know, perhaps they believe that this is the only way they stay relevant? i mean, after all, they lost. and wouldn't it be healthier for the country if they came to terms with the fact that donald trump will be our 45th president of the united states on january 20th? what exactly are they trying to do? joining me right now is fox news contributor rachel campos duffy, ned ryan and democracy for america communications director neil. >> rocha. volk ca. neil, i'm going to get to you, but first to the news that paul ryan has been renominated for speaker of the house. rachel, he had a difficult path at times. you're from wisconsin. what are you hearing? >> what a difference an election makes. [laughter] the democrats are in disarray, a unanimous vote for paul ryan. look, i never thought that this vote was going to be anything but this. yes, there was some tension between the trump camp and paul
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ryan, but the house of representatives loves paul ryan. he is the brain of that institution, he has all the policies. he's a wonk, and they know he wants to get the job done, and they're so excited now that they have donald trump there he can do it. trish: ned, there's a lot that can be done, a lot many economists feel should be done in the way of lowering taxeses and creating less regulation, and now donald trump has the oval office, the house and the senate, how much of an asset or liability -- i don't know where you stand on this -- is paul ryan right now? >> you know what? i knew this was going to happen, and when i had members of the freedom caucus calling me on friday saying, listen, we don't want turmoil, fighting or bloodletting that would serve the democrats' interest, we're going to get paul ryan back in as speaker, and we're going to spend the first six months of this next year ramming forward an agenda that really there's an agreement on the substance of. i really think the first 100-150 days, i just heard steve moore who is likely to be the white house economist talking down in
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palm beach over the weekend, and, i mean, those first 150 days for tax reform -- trish: are pretty meaningful. you heard steve moore down there in palm beach. guess what? he's coming up in just a couple minutes, so we're going to ask him more about the economic policy changes. >> good. trish: all right. so paul ryan looks like he's going to stay on, he has been unanimously renominated. the republicans showing a pretty cohesive front right now. meanwhile, we're watching the democrats in total chaos, neil, as more and more protesters take to the streets, and you've got democratic lawmakers out there pushing this narrative and trying to see more in the way of protests. what do they want, neil? >> what you see is millions of americans speaking up and making sure their voice is heard -- trish: technically, it's not millions. >> their voices, their voices haven't been heard in a lot of ways. we've got to remember, donald trump is losing the popular vote by about 700,000 votes.
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that's going to get worse -- trish: let me ask you about that. first, you want your voice heard -- >> it's called voting. trish: you go to the ballot box -- >> yeah, they did. vandalizing? the overwhelming majority of these protests are peaceful. neil: okay. go ahead, ned. >> of the protesters in portland, the 112 that were arrested the other night, only 25 of them actually voted. >> excuse me -- >> no, what you're seeing is young people who are out on the streets. you know, the left, the thing that's interesting, a week ago these hillary advisers were saying, oh, we want to make sure there's a peaceful transition of power, we don't want to see unrest in the streets. amazing how that has gone out the window in a week, and it seems the left is not necessarily interested in a peaceful transition of power, they're interested in a transition of power to their preferred candidate. so i think this is the height of hypocrisy -- >> first of all -- trish: let me jump in, and i want to get rachel's thoughts on this too. ned, you're saying he lost the popular vote, therefore, he
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shouldn't be president. and i want to poke a few holes in that logic, because i'm from a little state called new hampshire which, actually, voted for clinton, but it was neck and neck there. clinton and trump both spent a ton of time in new hampshire, and you know why they did? because those four electoral votes mattered. >> exactly. trish: if we didn't have electoral voting, then guess what? they'd spend all their time in manhattan and philadelphia and chicago and l.a., and all those folks out in wisconsin where rachel's from or new hampshire where i'm from, they wouldn't have a say. they wouldn't have a voice. they wouldn't be heard. so what are you telling me? you want to abandon the electoral system, neil? >> what i think should happen is that the president should be supported be by the majority of the american people, and that's not the case here. this is someone who is noun of the most reviled public figures to ever earn the presidency, and he doesn't have a majority of the american people behind him. that is an unfortunate -- >> it's about winning the electoral college. trish: go ahead, rachel. >> this is just sour grapes.
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america is turning the page on socialism. they elected a businessman president. they are welcoming back american free enterprise. the stock market is up, and everyone's getting back to work except these losers who haven't figured out that socialism isn't working, and i don't know what they're doing out there. trish: by the way, neil, ned pointed out, i mean, you call them losers, a lot of those people in portland, oregon, that were arrested, they didn't even vote. >> who actually -- trish: they want to have a say in all this -- go ahead, ned. >> but we need lders to stop them. >> we need trump to say he's not going to continue his bigoted agenda. >> oh, gosh, stop. [inaudible conversations] trish: all right. i'm going to leave it there, but i've got to tell you, i'm very disappointed in the left right now -- >> the propagandists for white supremacists and bigots. >> absurd. [inaudible conversations] trish: a peaceful transition, and they are ignoring that, losing that opportunity -- >> exactly. >> it's donald trump's hand to
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try to convince the majority of the american people that he's actually going to be on their side and not on the side of white supremacists -- trish: okay, all right. i'm going to leave it there. neil, ned, rachel, good to see you, guys. meanwhile, the left reaching this, as i said, hysterical pitch over everything including the president-elect's vow to deport criminal illegal immigrants. the keyword here, criminal. if you're here illegally and you commit a crime, you're out. i'm sorry, but really i don't see anything controversial about this at all, and yet here we are listening to chicago mayor rahm emanuel vowing to protect illegal immigrants that commit crimes in chicago. listen. >> to be clear about what chicago is, it always will be a sanctuary with city -- sanctuary city to all those who were, after tuesday's election, very nervous, they're filled with anxiety as has been spoken to.
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you are safe in chicago. trish: all right. so why are they going to get all that federal funding? if they're not playing by the same rules that the government wants and needs them to play by, why should they be bankrolled by all of us taxpayers? rahm emanuel is dealing with a city that is wracked with crime, yet he's promising to give refuge to those who commit crimes? joining me now, lieutenant colonel ralph peters. welcome. >> i'm sorry, i shouldn't be laughing, but when i hear rahm emanuel telling illegal immigrants they'll be safe in chicago, nobody's safe in chicago. on a given weekend in chicago, more americans have died than died in afghanistan and iraq combined so far this year. i mean,s this is -- he's playing politics at9 the most desperate level. -- at the most desperate level. tripp trish you know what's interesting, he's one to have said before never ignore a good crisis for its political aspects to it. but he's someone who actually
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did not think that immigration was an issue that should be taken on. he called it the third rail of politics and tried to discourage obama initially from getting into some kind of immigration reform. so now he's suddenly a champion of sanctuary cities? is this just all, you know, because it will further his potential political career and actually further this division, which elizabeth warren and be bill de blasio and harry reid are trying to create? >> well, the politics of division are very much envogue this america today. but for rahm emanuel, look, he's failed as mayor of chicago. the city is far worse off than when he took office, and he's desperate and he's trying. but we shouldn't lose sight of the bigger issue, and i know you don't, trish, that president-elect trump has really shown some willingness to compromise on this all-important issue. he's not talking about deporting 11 million people right now. he's talking, as you pointed out, about deporting violent
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felons and other criminals. and how can the democrats object to that? how can they object to keeping americans safe? and i think if they would only do what we all need to do and support the new president until he gives us a tangible reason not to, we could work something out on immigration that would be humane and beneficial to our economy and get rid of the criminals. trish: yeah, you know, but it sounds to me be like, colonel, they just don't want to work together. they don't want to give him an inch. they don't want to give him anything. they're encouraging these protests. rahm emanuel saying, look, we're going to stay as a sanctuary city. i think you could probably cut off the funding, right? why should chicago get all that money from federal taxpayers, from you and from me and from everybody else? >> yeah, well, two points on that. the first is, my god, the american people, the citizens of this republic have spoken. i was not an enthusiastic trump supporter -- trish: i know you weren't.
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>> but he is going to be my president. and until he gives us a reason to withdraw our support, we should all, democrats and republicans -- trish: so this is a change of tune, by the way. i want to at least point out you were not a trump supporter in any way. >> or a hillary supporter. trish: you hate hillary clinton, and yet you said you were going to vote for her anyway. we've got the clip. i want to get your reaction. >> yeah. i think hillary clinton is despicable. she is, has committed criminal acts, she's greedy, she's corrupt, and, yes, i'm going to vote for her. i'm voting for hillary clinton because it's a vote against donald trump. trish: okay. but now donald trump is our president-elect -- >> yes. trish: -- and you're telling me you say we've got to support him, we've got to give him a chance. >> of course. trish: tell me about this sort of change, this about 80 that you've done, but basically you're asking other democrats -- and you're not a democrat per se -- >> no, i'm an independent. yes, of course, because that's
2:14 pm
how our system works. it was a very hard-fought campaign. i felt, as i said on fox, we had a choice between lucifer and satan, two terrible candidates. but once the -- through the electoral college system of this republic, which is what it is, a republic, the american people made their voices known. and the decision was in favor of donald trump. trish: right. >> he is going to be our president, and we need to support america. trish: all right -- >> to be -- to attack a president before he's even inaugurated is to vote against america. trish: i know. they're on the attack, and i'm just saying, look, you know what? it's going to be okay, and you've got to give the guy a chance. colonel peters, thank you so much. donald trump won the election because he recognized perhaps better than any of them america's us from bation with the establishment -- frustration with the establishment. trump gave people hope. coming up, duck dynasty's willie robertson is here with a look at
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trish: you know, i've told you before, one of the things that i found most striking about this election season was this total disconnect between what i'd hear from, say, everyday americans outside the island of manhattan and what you'd hr reported in the mainstream media. i kept saying don't count donald trump out, and and there were a few others out there who had a hunch that trump was resonating in ways that hillary clinton just simply couldn't. i'm joined by one of those, willie robertson of "duck dynasty" fame. he knew that donald trump had a real shot.
2:19 pm
he's the new author of the american fishermen. willie, welcome. good to have you here. >> good to be here. trish: so you've within a trump support -- been a trump supporter from the get go, right? >> pretty good while, since the end of last scherr. trish: what is it you saw in him? >> well, first off, he's a real guy. when you talk to him just privately and you're sitting there talking, unlike a lot of politicians that are kind of stiff and rigid and wondering if everything they say or should they talk to this person, i didn't get that at all with him. he's just a regular guy, business guy. even though we're definitely from two different circles -- [laughter] from him being up here in new york and me from louisiana, there was just something about honesty and just what he said really, you know, really attracted me to him. i was, you know, at first i was intrigued by him, and then i met him, and just withen on a whim, i happened to be in oklahoma city. i was there watching my son
2:20 pm
doing something totally different, heard he was in town, and i really just wanted to go see this whole thing. i'd heard about the rallies and had seen it on television and was able to meet him there. trump jr. and i are good friends, we've hunted together and i knew each other. so i texted him and said, hey, i'm going to go see your father -- trish: he met you? >> he said did you want to get on stage? no, i'm good, mr. trump. i was kind of trying to hide because it was his stage, his thing. so i was kind of hiding in the stairwell. he got up, and i thought he was going to mentioning me right off the bat, he didn't. i thought, oh, i made it through that. and 30 minutes deep he said, where's willie? [laughter] that was my cue to go on the stage. from there, you know, we've had a great relationship. i introduced him -- trish: you've said that the media completely -- everybody's said the media completely missed this one. >> right. trish: i point out anecdotally everywhere i went people from different walks of life in america say they really liked
2:21 pm
what he was saying. >> right. trish: and rural americans, people that don't live in these big, populace cities, they really came out in droves. >> oh, yeah. trish: and did you think they would? >> yeah, i was hoping so. when you saw that map at the end with a all that red, and i was so happy that those voices were heard and they made a statement to the small blue pockets of a lot of people. i know as a guy who has a television show, you wonder how many people watch the show. and as i looked at that map, probably a lot of those counties were viewers of our show, and there was a realness about him. and i think, ultimately, we wanted change. trish: you think he can accomplish a lot? i mean, we've been watching all these protests right now, the left continually feeding this perhaps, as i've pointed out, maybe to keep themselves relevant. but there's this discord right now in the country, and he's got to overcome that. >> well, they're angry and upset which, i think, you know, for people that didn't vote for
2:22 pm
president obama, i think probably people were upset, but they didn't show it in that manner. people were probably sad for a while. i remember my dad didn't watch the news for about six months after he won the first time. [laughter] but even going back, i can remember president clinton, you know, when he was elected, i thought, wow, i can't believe we've elected this guy. but you move on, and you see how can we help the country. trish: you didn't see that kind of hysteria from the right when members of the -- >> well, i think we all respect the system. there's no changing it. he's going to be the president, so you would think you would try to get, you know, find out what you could do to help the country and not tearing up stuff. i don't get it. trish: so you like to fish. >> i like to fish. american fishermen. yeah, we wrote this, it's a historical account of how fishing's really impacted this country. we talk about past presidents, george washington was a commercial fisherman, believe it or not, by trade. his most successful wiz was that -- business was that. it really factored into the
2:23 pm
revolutionary war, the civil war. we found some great stories that really come to life so so, yeah, we put it in the book. trish: i was telling my kids -- >> your kids, you've started a lifetime of little anglers there. trish: so good to see you. >> nice to be here. trish: one of the biggest criticisms against donald trump is that he wants to work with vladimir putin to fight isis. the two leaders had a call, they agreed to work together to tackle islamic extremism, and yet the left is blasting the president-elect for wanting to get along with russia. kt mcfarlane is next with a look at how the enemy of my enemy is often my friend. i'll see you right back here this two.
2:24 pm
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2:26 pm
. trish: all right, their first phone conversation, president-elect donald trump and vladimir putin vowing to mend ties between the two countries. something trump has been
2:27 pm
criticized for throughout his entire campaign. people have said he's too cozy with russia. he made the point over and over again. i don't know putin personally. they had the first chat the other day and they look as though they want to move together in the fight against islamic extremism. what's wrong with the two countries who have a common enemy working together and having a nice relationship. here to weigh in, fox news national security analyst k.t. mcfarland. good to see you. you said all along for quite some time now that we should be willing to work together with someone who is previously been considered an enemy because right now we got a bigger threat and that's isis. do you think donald trump, can, will do this with vladimir putin. >> he said a number of times, including in his terrorism speech, foreign policy statements and debates wouldn't it be good to work with russia to defeat radical islamism.
2:28 pm
trish: it sends panic. >> here's a republican saying let's find a way to work this out. and the left saying no, no, no, no, we can't possibly do that. trish: why? are they so entrenched in deep rooted hostists? >> here's the problem with the obama administration, they were gratuitously rude to the russians, you are on the wrong side of history. and yet privately giving concessions hand over fist. i think a far better -- the interesting thing i saw about the phone call and the press release putin put out and the russians put out era mutual respect, the better way is not publicly humiliate him. trish: could this potentially be a very different era. >> absolutely. not only with russia but the middle east, what is the involvement in the middle east? nato? china? get tough with china.
2:29 pm
we have the opportunity like reagan did to have a real reversal and the leave from behind failing in foreign policy. i don't think anybody but barack obama thinks the last eight years have been a good thing. trish: he said that yesterday in his press conference what a success he was effectively because the last eight years were so great. maybe donald trump wouldn't have been elected if the last eight years were so great. as we gear up for the new era, what are the opportunities really for him out there? >> i think first understand that he fixed the economy, which trump's big priority is have a pro-growth, pro jobs economy and options that you didn't have before, when trump said the iran nuclear deal, worst deal in history, bad deal with the chinese, bad deal all around. he is a really tough negotiator, to survive in the new york real estate market and succeed like he has, he knows how to do a deal. he is the art of the deal. if so many relationships with
2:30 pm
the russians, the europeans, chinese and the middle east are on the basis of negotiations and bilateral deals, i'd rather have that guy. trish: interesting four years for sure is. k.t. mcfarland. thank you. major announcement from ford, despite president-elect trump's policies to tax corporations, ford will stick to original plan and move small-car production to mexico. we got the details on this showdown, potential showdown between ford and donald trump next. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours.
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. >> have you changed anything in terms of moving small-car production to mexico as a result of the election of donald trump? >> no, we're just implementing our business plan and just like we're making investments in mexico and moving focus down there. plans haven't changed to introduce two, two very important products into the plant that the focus is moving out of. that was ceo mark fields announcing the automaker will move forward with plan to build a $1.6 billion assembly plant in mexico. he's setting himself up for a potential showdown with the president-elect promising a 35% tariff on any of those goods from mexico should ford try to ship them back to the united states of america. donald trump criticized ford during his campaign arguing the company will kill thousands of american jobs by moving car
2:35 pm
production to mexico. so what happens next? the showdown indeed, i'm joined by ashley webster along with steve moore. steve, your ears must have been ringing! ned ryun was shouting out your name at the top of the show, talking about what we can anticipate on the economic front, he heard you speak recently in palm beach. i said guess what! stick around, you're going to hear steve moore now. fill us in on the economic front, what's going to happen to ford that say we want to move to mexico because it's cheaper for us to produce there? >> i think you used the operative word, showdown, that's coming between ford and donald trump, he believes very strongly he wants to keep as many of the factories and jobs here. there's two ways of doing that, trish, the carrot and the stick. the stick is when he's threatening the tariffs when mexico wants to bring the goods back in. the carrot would be the
2:36 pm
approach i would rather take in combination, why don't we get a lower tax rate? why don't we fix the regulatory burden in this country so that companies like ford don't have the incentive to leave. you're right, this will be a showdown, and let's face it, where did donald trump surprise everybody? how did he win the election by winning the industrial midwestern states. trish: the reason to stick up for the workers right now. mark fields, watch out. steve makes a point, if you lessen regulation and lessen taxes, you are creating incentives for american companies to be here. >> he's right. trish: i agree with that, too. steve, i'll give you a shot at this, too. workers cost less in mexico, so how do we protect labor in an environment where companies like ford are saying i just want to go to the cheapest possible worker? >> that's the easy way out. if you give tax incentives to
2:37 pm
statement what i don't understand about mark fields, we're not losing jobs, we're going to lose the focus of the production to mexico, why didn't they build the multibillion dollar plant in michigan? why didn't they create more jobs in michigan than moving it out. he says nafta, mark fields says nafta, great agreement. donald trump says it's the worst thing we signed and agreed to. trish: you brought up an interesting point, $1.6 billion in investment going to mexico. you think about the ancillary effects the construction, et cetera that goes into building a facility like that and talking about the multiplier talking about going into mexico's economy. steve, what has mexico done other than have cheap labor that makes it so attractive, we should be thinking about, because we need the jobs and that investment here? >> their regulations on businesses are much less oner
2:38 pm
outcome, you talk to any business owner who does business in both the countries and they will tell you that, that mexico is very open to business, and they do what they can to accommodate them to bring jobs. we've had exactly the opposite approach. we almost treat our businesses like villains. i think it fits into the equation of competitiveness, everything we have to do going forward in the trump administration is how do we make our companies more competitive? i disagree everybody wants to go where the lowest labor costs are. if that were the case, every company would be located in india. we have great advantage. we have a skilled workforce. we have much more political stability and things like that. and all, we could have the cheapest energy in the world and the cheapest electric power if we would use our energy. so the name of the game is making america competitive and being pro business, trump will bring the attitude to washington. trish: quickly, you have been
2:39 pm
part of his economic team. are we going to see you in the white house? >> i'd rather stay with you on fox. [ laughter ] >> good answer, good answer. anyway, we win either way. good to see you. top political economic and financial leaders are gathering at the "wall street journal" ceo council conference. the hot topic, donald trump's white house appointments and how his administration will affect businesses and regulations? you're already seeing the potential showdown with ford. reince priebus is going to be chief of staff, we know that, steve bannon from breitbart is special counsel to trump. rudy giuliani among the top on the list for secretary of state. steve mnuchin possibly could get treasury secretary. peter barnes at the conference where elizabeth warren is throwing verbal grenades trying to get them to her side. what's going on?
2:40 pm
>> reporter: real quick, the ceos, about 100 of them, top ceos, voted for hillary clinton. here's the poll that the journal released on them. 50% voting for hillary clinton. 38% for donald trump -- >> okay, i believe we lost our audio from peter bar we'll go back to him ijust a moment. he was explaining so many in the business community were for hillary clinton, and this is despite donald trump's promise of less regulation and lower taxes, which you would think would be the best recipe for business, you know, certainly the stock market thought so. we've been looking at new highs on the stock market. we're going to talk more about that coming up, but again, lots of things happening right now. a lot of transition in place as the world adapts to this new leader. this historic victory for donald trump. coming up, we're going to take a look at google and facebook.
2:41 pm
they are taking aim at fake news sites after liberals cry foul, blaking the fake news sites for donald trump's big win. get this, the tech giants aren't doing a darn thing about the hateful posts. they're talking assassination, et cetera, things we don't want to talk about. they're saying them right there against our president-elect. remember when facebook was so concerned about censoring all that conservative news? well, there's clearly a liberal bias in silicon valli, we know that and adam shapiro is on it, he joins me next. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in tpital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. and he recommended eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again.
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. trish: all right, we got the markets inching back into positive territory. new high on the dow here, up six points, 18,874. the nasdaq is higher up 57 points but the s&p trading up 12, half a percent. shares of walmart trading slightly higher amid news that warren buffett is cutting remaining walmart stake by 70%. berkshire hathaway stake in the giant retailer is less than one billion dollars but buying shares of three airlines, american, united and delta. pushing the stocks up 3, 4%. oil closing out the day settles up 5.75%.
2:44 pm
biggest gain since april. we are going to be right back. we have new questions about social media and whether it is doing enough to stop hateful posts?
2:45 pm
. trish: facebook and google taking action to stop fake news from circulating on their websites. the move coming after liberals cry foul, blaming these fake
2:46 pm
news sites for donald trump's big win. but get this, these groups advocating for the assassination, if you can believe it, of donald trump. they have not been shut down. our own adam shapiro is investigating the story. he joins me right now. adam, okay, it's fine in the eyes of facebook and twitter to threaten the president, but conservative views, pull those down right away are we looking at a double standard? >> two different issues, twitter, when we confronted twitter with the fact have you hashtags that say assassinate donald trump. we kept beating them down. trish: they still had some up there. >> you can find these because they come up quickly. they were reporting to the fbi, secret service, law enforcement. then you get the issue of google and facebook and the issue of fake news. you heard from the left and from the clinton supporters that part of what contributed to their losing the election were the fake news sites which
2:47 pm
were populating on facebook feeds as well as when you would do searches on the google search engine about the candidates. trish: it would say something like, and i've seen it, hillary clinton and husband divorce. that would be the least of, it probably. here's how google and facebook stop fake news. they're going to go after the incentive. the fake news sites get advertising sold by facebook and google, so what they're going to do is disallow them from advertising for their different services, it would make it, allegedly, no incentive to sell fake news. this is what google said, moving forward we will restrict ads serving on pages that misrepresent, misstate or conceal information about the publisher, the content or the primary purpose of the web property. facebook never responded. we reached out to the two different platforms. >> this is a positive overall.
2:48 pm
you don't want fake news on any website, but you know -- >> who determines -- you don't want to see lies, but facebook's policy is that you may not post anything that is illegal, misleading or deceptive. that's the policy. trish: so now you're in a gray area, now a gray area especially with facebook. >> which already got into trouble. trish: facebook has a liberal bias and they go after conservatives and shut down conservatives' accounts far more quickly. >> mark zuckerberg, mark zuckerberg -- this is a quote. he says 99% of everything on the news feeds is authentic. how on earth could you verify that? but zuckerberg said on a blog that 99%. trish: you absolutely can't. >> not unless you have a team of reporters verifying everything. >> okay, facebook had a team of human beings populating trending news articles,
2:49 pm
remember they were putting liberal stuff to conservatives. they're using algorithm to filter out fake news. whether this is successful or not. who knows? trish: can you see the stock recovering a little bit. >> down 9%. trish: donald trump won and became president-elect, they're recovering a little bit. we'll watch them very carefully. it's a new world for some of them. thank you very much, adam shapiro. president obama taking a shot at hillary clinton saying he won states like iowa not because of the demographics but because he spent time there talking to voters. i think going to every fish fry was his quote. that was one of clinton's biggest mistakes, shesumed she had certain demographic. shesumed she had women. she was wrong. my next guest is a suburban mom who voted for trump and says many suburban women hate hillary clinton. her story next. ♪
2:50 pm
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to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ . trish: hillary clinton set to have her first public appearance tomorrow after conceding the leck to donald trump. a loss that she privately blames james comey and the fbi for. we're going to talk about that, i told you my feelings on that one yesterday. but you got to think about who she looked to. she looked to women, for example, in particular, to be her base. she figured that they were just in the bag, she thought that about the rust belt, too. she figured they would help her win, but you know what? a lot of them helped trump win the presidency. i'm joined by one of the women, julie kelly, national online contributor. julie, welcome, seems as though that you were part of the silent majority.
2:54 pm
what were you hearing from women, conservatives, independents, democrats alike? >> as i wrote in my piece for the federalist it was a wide range of enthusiasm for donald trump, but we are republicans, and we came around and we were happy to support him at the election day. i think a lot of it came from a revolt against the washington established elite that included republicans, included the media in hollywood, and i think that all of us were proud and happy to vote for donald trump, flaws and all on election day. trish: what is it hillary clinton got wrong? she figured because she was a woman, women would vote for her, the woman's issue didn't play as big a factorsa the other issues like the economy and national security, julie? >> exactly. you know my friends and i are
2:55 pm
very engaged in politics. we have children that are in college and high school, we're concerned about their future. we were listening towards the policy. and i think this is a valid criticism, she was not talking about policy. it became very personal, very petty, she was not only reaching the rural voters in industrial and agricultural areas, she was not speaking to us at all. it didn't work like that. trish: i've always said that americans need someone to vote for, not against, and in this case, the only reason she was really giving you to vote for her, you know, yes, there was the corruption issue, the concerns, pay to play at the clinton foundation, concerns about e-mail server, about money that for example, qatar given a million dollars to the foundation and her not reporting it when she was secretary of state though she promised she would. people wanted something to vote
2:56 pm
for, not against, and you couldn't run a campaign vote for me because i'm donald trump? >> right, that was a huge miscalculation on their part. i will say, trish, i think she was held to a different standard in this regard. we're used to male politicians being corrupt and working out of self interest and business interest, it's a little more daunting and cuts deeper when you see that in a woman politician, to that regard, and the trump shaming and i refer to it as trump shaming that the media and the campaign did against women like us, it was not the media covering suburban women how we were going to vote. it was a suggestion, it was making us feel bad if we voted for donald trump. trish: that's why the polls were so darn off. i got to leave it there. thank you so much. i'll be back on the other side right after this. hey! i just wanted to thank your support team for walking me through my first options trade. we only do it for everyone gary. well, i feel pretty smart. well, we're all about educating people on options strategies.
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2:59 pm
. trish: all right, i got to ask this question, isn't it time,
3:00 pm
we've been through a lot, there's a lot of division, a lot of things said on both sides, isn't it time to look to the future to give our new president-elect a chance? what do you think? i mean elizabeth warren, harry reid, don't they need to stop? tell me what you think on my facebook page. liz has you covered from here. liz: look at this, calling it the nas-back. we are at session highs right this session up 64 points and watching what's going on to states north of us here. filler up at this hour. president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect are toiling to build all the various cabinet and advisory roles in the new administration, it comes at the exact same time that republicans in congress fill one of their own positions, the house gop voti


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