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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 15, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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ways, we could look at that famous red line of barack obama's being a failure. captain nash, we have to give it to lou dobbs, he is next. lou: good evening, president-elect trump moving closer to filling out his cabinet, today, he met with running mate mike pence for hours at trump you toker in manhattan, try -- trump tower in manhattan, narrowing the list. two names have emerged as top choice for secretary of state. rudy guliani and john bolton, who is my guest here tonight. and also jeff sessions, to become secretary odefense. and while we don't know who is
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in yet. we know that dr. carson, ben carson will not be working in the administration, at least officially. retired neurosurgeon told campaign he believes he would be more helpful as an advisor to mr. trump while working outside of the white house, and mike rogers of michigan had been mentioned as a possible pick for a number of jobs, but he has been pushed out of trump transition team as part of a purge of moderate republicans who are chris christie loyalists, we learn that senator ted cruz met with donald trump at trump tower, no word on what they talked about, but cruz's office said that senator looks forward to assisting the president elect, and draining the swamp, repealing obamacare and securing the border, we'll talk about the president elect's potential ca cabinet
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appointment with congressman jim jordan. it was a busy day on capitol hill, house republicans, renominated paul ryan as house speaker. to align himself with president obama's policies and advance his own self-style better way agenda. >> as for president obama he is in greece, athens. where he gave a news conference today. in when which he took shots at tens of millions of trump supporters and voters, trump move. and at president elect himself for pushing what he call a crude sort of nationalism. >> i do believe separate and apart from go particular election or movement, that we're going to have to guard
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against a rise in a crude sort of nationalism or ethnic identity or tribalism that is built around an us and a them. >> how like president obama to have made those comes while traveling abroad. where they almost always racial mr. obama seems most comfortable in talking down his people and this great nation, and how sad for him. our top story, a tale of two parties, house democrats in disarray, following disast ois election results announcing today they are delaying their leadership election set for thursday until november 30. on other side of isle republicans in congress renominated paul ryan as speaker of house for two more years, ryan ran unopposed in
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the closed door g.o.p. conference vote, he must win a floor vote for speaker in january. when all members of the house cast ballots. ryan who tried to undermine donald trump throughout the presidential campaign, preached unity today instead. >> to all americans, to every citizen in this country, who worried about the future of this country, worried their futfuture. we hear you, we're here to fix problem, this house republican conference is unified. and we're so eager to get to work, with our new president elect to fix america's pressing problems. >> joining me now, congressman jim jordan, a member of -- > judiciary committee.
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unity and i swear, speaker sounded like a cheerleader. >> well, what a contrast that two comments you played. you have president of united states, somehow saying that it is crude if we want to secure boarder and do agreement on trade that benefit america, how is that crude versus what speaker said, about let's get about doing what we told voters we're going to do, what a contrast right there. speaker of house and president of united states, that shows why people last tuesday dwhat they did. lou: this crude sense of nationalism has been expected by this president elect as america first. do yo suppose, that president obama would have guts, and say to americans we can't put --
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do you thin you. >> it makes no sense, these comments, their nominee for president said he wanted a borderless hemisphere, one thing that defines you as a country are boundaries. that is what people voted for, you agree with other country because we want trade to happen, but treatments in such a fashion they benefit the u.s., those are two,s that were front and center with obamacare, and a lot of other things we have to get about doing as quickly as we can, that is message you hear from republicans. lou: i hope that is the message. that is what i'm hearing, i'm hearing that party is united conference sucker nighted in house, i presume senate as well, what i didn't hear from ryan today, president's agenda, if i hear any more of this better way nonsense that
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was fabricated by this speaker, to be, as well as speaker that he is in this lame duck fact that is enough -- it is appalling is there going to be a contest between the better way and the best way? >> well, i think that look at this, the people's way, american people's way, they elected to us do things work told them we were doing certain things they give us priv lonprivilege of serving by putting us in office, we make this job too complicated, it is do what they said. it is american people's way what nascent us here to do there are great things in. but there are two big,s that donald trump campaign on and launched him on the first nominee then president, president election thos, arefr g our border and obamacare. lou: i remember talking about jobs too.
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>> of course, jobs, and tax cuts. lou: and america first, and everything. >> yes. all those things. lou: i remember 60 million plus votes for that president-elect trump, does that carry any weight in the house. >> it doesn't, and also fact he got a roirtd number o record in a primary, 17 good candidates he won with a record number of votes, all that is significant, but saying let's focus on the things we ran othat american computer supported let's get those done. lou: i just come back to better way was never before the american people, president-elect trump was, i don't understand this, you are saying the dickens out a lot of people. >> i understand that. lou: either this is president's agenda. he supported by millions of americans and you 700 thousand
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you come together but he is only one that in was national election. >> i agree you. that is got to be focus of what we do, i was saying there are things in a better way that i think president-elect trump agrees on. we get the mandate. lou: and to your point, we' a congress that is representative of the people, but also, understand their role in this government, i know that republicans are not accustomed to this power and opportunity. conservatives going along with this renominating him? >> we are expecting to focus on what people send us here to do, there are big issues coming up in in lame duck session, we're going to make
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sure they get done the right way, that will play out. lou: like what. >> important as we said here, important that we unify to to what american people send us here to do. mandate they gave president-elect trump get them done. lou: i heard a member of your leadership talking about it, pp -- tpp, saying it is not dead, i hear your conference talking about maybe we could do something with white house on immigration. is this crazy lame duck session? >> no, there is -- i see no, that should not happen, no tpp, no immigration deal either. we better not do a big spending package like has been in other end of calendar year.
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lou: there are wild eye folks in your leadership. >> we getter better not do a big omnibus, maybe a short-term spending meure too get to next year, we could reduce spending imagine that that has to be focus. focus. >> congressman always good to talk with you. >> thank you, lou. lou: congressman jim jordan. ford ceo doubled down on moving small car production from united states to mexico. what kind of day is this? he said that despite fact that president-elect trump proposed putting 35% tax or tariff on vehicles built and imported to this country from mexico, right now united states
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imports under 2 million cars from mexico every year. since 2014 mazda, honda, volkswagen, audi, hyundai and kia have all opened plans in mex -- plants in mexico? do you know why? steel is better and the air is clear. ni, that not the reason, it because free trade deal like nafta make ships from mexico to u.s., simple, straight forward and ere is a thing called labor price arbitrage. mexican workers paid far less than americans, average over $8 an hour in the plants, american counterparts making about $46 an hour, it is called middle class, it has been under assault by
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particular by the auto industry for decades now. ohio, indiana, kentucky, alabama, tennessee, missouri, michigan, voted for trump, but they have not officially called it, i am sneaking it in . i have to tell you, who are these car companies for? should that money be invested in this country? tion those cars be made in this country? for this market? i have no problem. build all of the plants you want in mexico for the mexican market, for us, i believe in that america first thing, don't you. >> coming up much more straight ahead, stay with us. lou: donald trump's transition team weighing there are cabinet recommendation for
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president-elect about john would be a very good choice. >> is there anybody better? >> maybe me, i don't know. >> who will president-elect trump choose, ambassador john bolton is joining me next with his view, and his reaction to rudy guliani. >> now more reason to believe radical left is engineering violent street demonstration and protest in wake of trump election, more than half the demonstrators arrested in portland, oregon, share one thing in common. we'll share that with you, here next. that is coming up, we'll be right back, stay with us. i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare.
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because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. lou: i have toy i to tell tell you. "new york times" said that they urge president-elect trump to up hold the iranian nuclear deal. he said, pro-iranian regime apologists, based on false narratives and incomplete information.
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i like way that john hannah puts things. and "new york times" claims that report signatures are bipartisan they include m.i.t. -- john hannah did a good job describing them, my next guest, being considered -- i am told by trump technology -- for most of sea secretary of state and others, joining us john bolton, great to have you with us, i have to ask you, when you saw rudy guliani talking about he thinks you are a terrific fellow, he just thinks he meeting a little mortarrive -- terrific he did it with a big old grin. >> it's hard to top rudy when he on a role. look,.
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lou: did the ambassador say he would wipe the floor clean with him. in a closed-door meeting? did i misunderstand. >> i am sure that is what i sai said. lou: let's talk, do you know where and if you will be serving the president election and in what capacity? >> well i do not. actually. i am old school about this, i think it is for president elect to decide when he will do in god's good time, then we'll see what happens to all of us. lou: i'm new school, i think it should be broken here on the broadcast. >> okay, lou, you want to be ambassador to mexico is what that you are saying. [ laughter ] lou: no way. but i appreciate it so much the thought. at least, ed rollins offered me defense. but. >> that is ed rollins is a classy guy too.
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lou: you got it, let's turn to where this transition team is now in terms of these jobs, there seems to be a bit of a pause, people are being assessed. your thoughts about that, as objectively as you can express your thoughts. >> always objectively. i don't think that they are behind the pace or where they need be to at-this-point. i think we had a lot of preliminary work done, in the period before the election that is unusual compared to prior transitions because of federal funding. this is going to be -- these decisions are particularly important. and i believe that donald trump should take as much time as he wants, we have republican control of house and senate, that is significant. getting personnel decisions right is most important thing that he needs to do at-this-point.
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let's give him time to sort it out, put his teaming it. lou: i have to say to you. there is something special about this transition, the names that are being talked about, and moved today, in the discussion, whether it be reince priebus and bannon or bolton, and sessions and guliani. i think that american people have to be very reassured that the president-elect is putting people of this caliber, and this call fee into his cabinet -- quality into his cabinet or thinking with them to be peopling that cabinet. >> yes, it is important that he end up with a team that can function together, media necessarily focus on individual names, i have one in mind in particular, but, the point is that there is one president, and he has to be
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satisfied that he has a group that can work together each in their particular field. this is a delicate matter, i don't think he should feel rushed, he should take his time, and make sure he feels comfortable with his decision. lou: ambassador john bolton, great to have you here, wishing you the best, and good luck, i know that you would' your name singled out here, i will use you as a counter weight to the name, you the united nations ambassador, american enterprise senior scholar and great american. is that it? >> that sounds fine, you can call me your excellency. lou: with that. his excellencey john bolton, we're coming right back with more. but first, john, thank you. >> and be sure to vote in our poll, which do you prefer? trump's policy of america first? or obama's wariness of crude
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nationalism? don't you think he should have had a little box of snuff to his fingers to his nose as he said that? follow me on twitter. and facebook and instagram. on wall street's record breaking day for stocks, dow up 54. closing at a new all-time high. yes, trump rally rolls on. >> s&p up 16. nasdaq gaining 57. volume on the big board 4.5 billion shares, a reminder to listen to my report 3 time a day, coast-to-coast on salem radio network. >> by the way, do you you were those naysayers on wall street donating money to bankers, it went for clinton in a big way. i bet they don't regret a thing now. >> up next, speaker ryan said we have a quote, new unified republican government. but it is tough to gain sincerity in these matters, considering last week he said
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that republican party does not belong to any single person, clearly anticipating well disappointment at poll, which ryan which we believe? the subject of my commentary next. stay with us.
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lou: a few quick thoughts on what some republicans are calling donald trump's mandate as republicans prepare to govern the nation. with a. you dmant white house and republican majorities in the house and senate. democrats in the minority in the house and senateomnowhere near their spec taightss of at least seizing control of the senate. and the house beginning to show
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signs outright revolt, the democratic caucus decided to delay their leadership vote until the end of this month. nancy pelosi facing the challenger. despite being trump's most vocal detractor after the democratic nominee herself during the campaign. speaker ryan pledged to work hand in glove with the president-elect. >> this will be a focus on working hand in glove with a president trump. we'll make sure the voices we heard from the american people are acted upon. better days lie ahead for our country.
7:31 pm
lou: the better way is to follow the president's agenda. ryan may have his so called betterway agenda, but trump has the best way, and the only way. trump and his agenda wouldn't highest office in the land with 60 million people voting for him, his ideas, his way. while democrats may be in disarray, i believe it will mean very little if speaker ryan misperceives his role in which he is so fortunate find himself and the fear that he might return to what has been his nature and habit. the president-elect made clear while he is the outsider, he's first and foremost a man of action to service to the white house and the nation. the one america voted for
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november 8. and our quotation of the evening on sufficient things, this one from former president ronald reagan. president reagan said this. there is no limit to the amount of good you can do if you don't care who gets the credit. with that, paul ryan, i sure hope you are listening this time. we are coming right back. president-elect trump's administration is taking shape. >> nobody is in a rush to do the wrong thing. these are serious appointments. he's not the kind that's just going to hand them out to donors as is sometimes the case. lou: anticipation is building as donald trump finalizes his a-team. this group of experienced skydivers flying into the record books. stay with us. a lot more ahead. we'll be right back.
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lou: a shocking report finds 70% of the radical left protesters arrested in portland, oregon didn't vote in oregon. they weren't even registered to vote. 112 protesters arrested. of those 39 did not turn in a ballot. another 36 were not registered in oregon. 33 of the rioters did actually participate in our electoral process. one air force vet fed up with these violent protests took to the internet with this message that's gone viral.
7:37 pm
>> ain't nothing free. you ain't no slave. you don't get your way. you are acting like a 2-year-old burning peopleles stuff. destroying the streets, making people late for work. lou: millions have listened to him. it's gone viral. as of right now there are no election protests taking place anywhere in the country. it's early, but that's where we stand right now, and none have been planned as far as we know. portland's mayor-he select joining citing across the country vowing to remain a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants despite president trump's historic win. they say they will do all they can to protect illegal immigrants from deportation. we'll take that up with
7:38 pm
republican campaign strategist tony sayegh and lee carter. good to have you both here. what do you make of all of those democratically run cities defying the rule of law and in particular the man who was just elected president. >> i'm not surprised by the behavior of them. i think that these cities, these elected officials are making decisions to basically these are the same people shop criticized obama for stonewalling in the first place. >> they are talk about protecting illegal immigrants and not their own residents with crime rising at an incredittible rate. >> protect the illegal immigrants and get rid of those awful uneducated white men. lou: that seems to be the story, tony, what do you think?
7:39 pm
>> you will see a president who understands what it is to defend the american people. there is a boundary to our compassion. to have sank wary cities, lots taking from the civil discourse and well pair of these cities, these are now going to be things that are unacceptable under a trump administration in some regard. you have federal funding associated with a lot of what cities request. so i think you might see for once the word coming from washington that tells these municipalities, these areas, that they have to play by the federal immigration rules. he wants to enforce the existing rule. that's the bottom line. lou: president obama in greece saying we are a country you have to be watchful of. we might get into that primitive nationalism, that crude nationalism. >> watching his speech today i
7:40 pm
was so disappointed. in fact i was more than disappointed, i was page are you. he was here in america yesterday giving a speech that was calling for unity. let's give this process a chance. the next day he goes to greece and basically slams our country. i was furious, and i think a lot of people would be, too, or are right now. >> i grew up as a first generation american. i ate peanut butter and jelly on ita bread. as we saw in the results where donald trump received more hispanic votes that mitt romney did and many other republicans did. those here legally do want to have a country that embraces the rule of law. we are not against immigration by enforcing immigration law. we are in favor of protexting our sovereignty.
7:41 pm
i think that is the important point to continue to make. you are not against immigration because you want to make sure there is a legal process that is followed by certainly our states and municipalities. lou: one of the battles i have fought over the course of the last decade is a national left wing media that conflates illegal and legal immigration. if you oppose illegal immigration you will be as president-elect trump has been, you wie hammered by weigh calls the dishonest media. talk about him being against immigration, it's preposterous. their prerogative to distort anyone's meaning, reality for the american voter. >> the media has done a lowlsy job covering all of this. you see these protesters. half of them didn't vote because they figure the decision was already made. earn said this is a decision done.
7:42 pm
hillary clinton is the next president. lou: of all the things the national left wing media gets wrong, i don't think i have been so happy they get it wrong. tony, i have the sentence you were talking about some sort of deprivation when you were talking about peanut butter and pita bread. >> my grandparents and parents are lebanese. we ate everything on pita bread before it was fashionable. america is grand. it is indeed. especially with peanut birth and pita bread. seasoned thrill seekers flying their way into the record books.
7:43 pm
130 of them over the age of 40 pouring out of planes nearly 19,000 feet above perris, california. that's one of the most pop there are a skydiving locations in the country. this age group 40-plus. previous record was 123 skydivers. all of them 40-plus. it's safe to say donald trump's election didn't do too much damage to president obama's ego. >> when you see a donald trump and bernie sanders very unconventional candidates have considerable success, obviously there is something there that's being tapped into. having said that. people think i did a pretty good job.
7:44 pm
lou: i think he was going to say a really good job. the dean joins me now, ed rollins on presidential politics. stay with us. ♪ [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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lou: joining me now, veteran of nine presidential campaigns, luminary dean and great american -- >> this tenth campaign. this is as super pac. lou: let's turn to george soros who is ex o exorcised his money didn't bring victory. >> they are going to go out and fight this battle. lou: they are talking about fighting the president-elect and his policies like it's a campaign. >> we have to tell the story that the president just got elected, 60 million plus votes. one in every state he needed to win and more.
7:49 pm
lou: we don't have to talk about the legitimacy of his victory. we have to talk about the legitimacy of a 90-year-old billionaire who decided to subvert democracy in this constitutional republic. >> or try to. he has been wasting a lot of his money effort to years. that element of the political sector is not silent. i think the pac i'm involved in and several others will be happy to engage him in the trenches. lou: how about the courts? lou: i hope as he's buying signs and moving the protesters around -- lou: he doesn't even change the signs. >> i hope he buys them dental insurance because sooner or later there will be retaliation. they can't be out doing these kinds of things without somebody countering them a little bit. lou: sanctuary cities.
7:50 pm
donald trump is he's going to shut tm down. 7 mayors, and they are the ones being honest right now. they say they are going to defy federal law. >> there was a thing called title 9 in the education code. and they threatened to cut off their funds and quickly women in sports and it changed america dramatically. they want sanctuary cities, they will have to go to their taxpayers and say they need more money because the federal government has cut them off. lou: donald trump is having a tough day in the sense people are standing up saying they are going to defy the law or donald trump and particularly ford motor and others saying they are
7:51 pm
going awith their plans. >> at the end of the day it's short-sighted on their part. i think the president-elect is serious about putting a surtax on their products. lou: why would the ceo of ford not just say we want to be part of america first. we want to be part of making america great again and we are going to work to put american workers, men and women, their families, back into an era of prosperity. prosperity for all americans. >> if we don't do that, he could be a leader. >> he could set a real tone. at the end of the day people will buy his cars if we have people work on those cars. lou: as always, ed. >> happy anniversary to my wife.
7:52 pm
she has put up with 13 long years with me. lou: happy anniversary from deb and me as well. i will include ed in that. >> i'm a maul part of the marriage. lovely wife. lou: happy anniversary. up next donald trump vowing to renegotiate nafta during his first 100 days in office. steve moore joins me next. stay with us. me when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. liberty did what? yeah, with liberty mutual all i needed to do to get an estimate was snap a photo of the damage and voila! voila! (sigh) i wish my insurance company had that... wait! hold it... hold it boys... there's supposed to be three of you... where's your brother? where's your brother? hey, where's charlie? charlie?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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lou: in our online poll we asked do you believe the never trumpers should be embarrassed by their sudden opportunistic embrace of trump and 8% said yes. joining me is one of donald trump's economic advisers, steve moore. >> you have no idea how many emails and notes i have gotten from trumpers who say i was with you all along, can you get me a job. lou: that little trade-off look for work. that's what transition committees are for. trump on trade. we have got mark fields, the ceo of ford saying he's not going to
7:57 pm
stop his plans to invest in mexico, bring two million cars into this country. and he thinks it's a terrible idea to have a 35% tax on it when he does. i don't see a way in the short term. in the long term there are a lot of solutions. but the ceos, why aren't they saying, you are right, let's do the right thing for the middle class, invest that money, build wealth, build wages so people can afford to buy stuff that's manufactured here. >> i agree with that. i'm more of a free trader than you are and more after free trader than donald trump. lou: you can't tell me one free trade agreement that fits the definition of free trade. >> that's a fair point. i will say this. i don't like tariffs. tariffs are taxes. but i will say this.
7:58 pm
the american people spoke. heveryone in washington loves nafta and people don't like it. it should be renegotiated in a way that protects american workers. i want ford and these companies to build stuff in the united states. lou: out of corporate america i want leadership, i want them to put america first just like donald trump says. if they can't follow donald trump's lead, they don't deserve to be leading their companies because you know the axiom, if you can't follow, you can't lead. this is a time to lead in america, and this country need them. >> i'm going to say this, a lot of these companies leaving the united states, we do it to ourselves through our own stupidity. we tax -- lou: this isn't our stupidity.
7:59 pm
this is the stupidity of the business round table and the u.s. chamber of commerce. they are the ones who have driven this tax policy for decade. >> it's also true -- lou: can i get a percentage from you about the truth? of course it's true. >> 50% true on that one. companies also have a fiduciary duty to their shareholders to get the best deal they can. we make the deals better in mexico and china. why not fix the tax and regulatory structure. we'll do that with donald trump and those companies won't want to leave. >> i have got to tell you, put out the fire first, brother. if you start talking about that and changing the tax code and hang everything out in subsequent conditions we are in a hell of a mess, still. steve moore, i know you won't do that.
8:00 pm
that's it for us. thanks for being with us. tomorrow night we are joined by the formerred a individualsor to prime minister david cameron. peter schweizer among our guests. good night from new york. kennedy: president-elect trump shows he wants to chop up obamacare and throw most of it out the window. liberals love president obama's executive orders. but now that trump may have that same power, they are freak out. should mark zuckerberg get to decide what you can and cannot read? grab your glasses. it's time to see the light. obamacare breathes new life


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