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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 23, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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the next hour. sir? ashley: thank you, mr. cavuto. we're waiting for the federal reserve to release minutes of meeting last month. don't get to your turkey dinner until you find out what the fed is thinking. cue up peter barnes with the latest details. peter? reporter: they will be raising rates relatively soon, ashley, as long as incoming data provided some further evidence of continued progress towards the fed's objectives on inflation and on jobs markets. so we hear that phrase, relatively soon, once again. this was the meeting in the beginning of november, just a week before the presidential election. so the fed, as you recall held steady at that time. did not change its benchmark fed funds rate at that time and so now this term, relatively soon, has been interpreted to mean that this, upcoming meeting in december, mid-december, is the likely one for the next rate hike. however, the minutes also show that some participants are
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concerned about the fed's credibility, saying that the recent fed communications were consistent with an increase in the fed funds rate in the near or term, or agreed or in the near term or argued to preserve credibility such an increase would occur at the next meeting. once again more concrete point, pointing more firmly towards december. ash? ashley: peter barnes, thank you very much. wow, that relatively soon phrase again. let's get into this. "wall street journal" u.s. news editor glen hall, along with heritage capital president paul schatz. glen, let me go to you first. okay, they're worried about the credibility. i'm assuming what peter was saying if they don't raise rates, is that right? >> that's right. they have been signaling for a long time they wanted to move and following the dots, going into the right direction so this anticipation is very strong that the time is to move. we've also heard fed chairman janet yellen worrying if they don't act soon they might be
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forced to make abrupt action later on which would be more disruptive. ashley: let me bring in paul. we heard again we have to keep an eye on inflation and employment, paul. what exactly are we waiting for? what are the actual trigger points on those two particular topics? >> well, first, i can't find anywhere in the dual mandate that says credibility is one of the reasons the fed should take action. i'm floored to hear that. i'm embarrassed for the fed. i'm a big fan of the fed. i can't believe they actually put that in the minutes. that is number one. two, i'm an outlyer, i don't think if they should raise rates if they're going to, now is certain lit time. they laid the path literally brick by brick, lincoln log, by lincoln log to raise rates in december. if they didn't every person on the street would laugh even more than they already do. so the fed is looking at clearly looking at inflation data, jobs data, looking at gdp none of them, none, lead to an
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overheating, hot, worrisome economy. fed will do this anyway. i think it is wrong. raising rates another quarter point, two or three points next year will not give them frankly any bullets in their arsenal when they need to lower rates at end of 2017 and 18? ashley: that is a good point. glen, should they be raising rates? paul says no. this was before election of donald trump. markets took off. what do you think? >> some are calling the trump trade effect. there is optimism how a business climate might change under president trump. the expectation raise are going to rise. you see from fixed income to market. i think markets are expecting this. ashley: to paul's point should they raise rates? >> at some point they need to reload. they don't have many levers to pull if things should go wrong. if the economy is strong enough, seems all indicators are there,
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it is not rampaging but strong enough to increase that gives them flexibility in the future. ashley: paul, you reflected in your notes that the dow would hit 19,000 but you're a little, perhaps did it too quickly if i'm reading you, your notes correctly. why are you concerned the markets have gone up too fast? >> that's right. i called 18 and 19. in 2010 i said before this bull market ends we'll see at least 20,000. i stick by that although i may be too conservative. the rally from the day before the election until now has been very steep. there is nothing wrong with it. you have phenomenal leadership from banks, discretionaries, defense issues hit over the head pretty hard. the bond market has been the decimation point. i'm a little concerned that bond yields have really skyrocketed as much as they have. there is nothing wrong with the rally over the intermediate term. over the short term i would like
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to see a little bit of pause. a little digestion. less exuberance from people bearish all along. all of sudden woke up, wow, we have a new president-elect. let's start buying equities en masse. that is not great over the short term. long term, all systems go. ashley: you're not the first so say that, paul. glen, the economic landscape changed since the fed had its meeting. stocks are up. bond yields are up. u.s. dollar are up. market is in record territory. how does that change the thinking of the fed or does it? >> we'll see when we get deeper into these minutes, part of the equation is understanding what is the economic climate going forward. we had a lot of uncertainty walking into the election. we have more clarity down past the election. that changes dynamic and equation a little bit for the fed in terms of seeing what the future might hold for the economy. they don't want to see the economy overheating or underperforming. how much stimulus do they believe in the marketplace is the big question. ashley: good question for paul
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as well. paul, look, the fed, the fed will have to live in a trump world. trump-nomics whatever you want to call it. how does that change things for them? >> it doesn't. first of all we're still living through the typical post-financial crisis recovery. it is uneven, it is uncertain, it is teasing, tantalizes and terrifies. this is normal recovery which frankly president obama stuck his foot on the throat of. i would argue as we lower individual tax rates and corporate tax rates and repatriate and cut regulation and do infrastructure, you will give the economy a really good swift kick in the rear end. if that doesn't work i argue we have structural issues like japan has had for 30 years. giving u.s. economy the benefit of the doubt. i think we'll see gdp growth more than 3% by the midterm election of 18. i think the med will continue to raise rates.
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maybe they go to every other meeting next year. i think everything is lined up to the give the economy its best chance of success since 2006. ashley: that's encouraging. let's hope the fed is not constantly questioning its own credibility. glen, we're out of time. paul as well, appreciate your comments. turning to politics, president-elect donald trump appointing moments ago, michigan former republican chairwoman and childhood advocate betsy devos to be education secretary. no michelle rhee. just hours after a he tapped nikki haley governor of south carolina as u.n. ambassador. he posted on facebook a short time ago, quote, after serious discussions with the trump transition team i feel i can make a significant contribution, to making our inner cities great for everyone. all right. so will ben carson be the next hud secretary? are these the right people to
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help trump run the country? more importantly, unite the country? joining me now, executive editor of "the weekly standard" fred barnes. fred, great to see you as always. what do you think of these picks? we can start with betsy devos if you like but what is your general impression so far? >> these are pretty dazzling appointments. not necessarily people who backed donald trump in the campaign. ben carson ran against him. start with ben carson, he was guy at john hopkins in baltimore, in the inner city of baltimore and grew up in the inner-city of detroit. hhs, health and human services is exactly the right place for him because he knows, he knows what, he knows subject matter there very well. betsy devos has been education reformer for years and years and is very much for school choice and of course the teachers unions will to berserk. nikki haley was strongly antitrump. remember during the republican primaries? very much very critical and here
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she is going to be u.n. ambassador. look, you have two women and one african-american. remember when the media was saying a couple weeks ago, maybe a week, maybe a few days ago, oh, it will be the white male loyalists to donald trump. acontraire. ashley: talk about white males, newt gingrich says this is terrible idea about romney or is newt saying what about me? i think mitt romney, could be have the gravitas to represent the country around the world? >> i'm dubious of it. donald trump seems to be moving in romney's direction. i thought when he went, invited him in for a talk a couple days ago that was just, unifying the party and being nice to everyone and broadening his base and so on. but everything i hear is that donald trump takes mitt romney
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seriously, as potential secretary of state. we'll see. i would like to see somebody who knew more the subject matter there. john bolton i think would be very good. but romney seems to be the number one contender. ashley: it is interesting. almost like opposite world. the democrats, or those who oppose donald trump seem, some at least saying you know what? this guy isn't as bad. he is seems very measured. he is everything he want on the campaign trail to large degree where as donald trump's base say what the heck is going on? you're supposed to be draining the swamp too many establishment people. kind of a strange dynamic right now. >> it's a strange dynamic. trump to his credit getting people who are the most talented. it is not, these are not a bunch of trump cronies. he obvious knows his national security advisor and he knows jeff sessions, talk about a senator who he put in the justice department. the rest of these people are not
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intimates of trump at all. and, so look, his search process has been very, very good, finding the best people for cabinet jobs, completely different from what the press was saying about him earlier. ashley: you know, i want to come back to that point. one of the chants that we heard at donald trump rallies was lock her up, lock her up! in fact during the debate he looked right into hillary clinton's eyes and said i'm going to get a special prosecutor and i'm going to lock you up. now he walked all of that back. does that hurt him? >> well, no, i don't think so at all. look, remember that, that his i think a lot of people, including many of his followers didn't take those things literally. i didn't think he would lock her up? did you think that? it doesn't make sense. ashley: i think some of his supporters did. >> i don't think it would be good for the country than locking up richard nixon when he
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was pardon by gerald ford in 1974. i think he did the right thing and expected him to do it all along. ashley: something fascinating to follow, from trump tower to fred barnes in d.c. thank you very much. >> you're welcome. ashley: if you're on your way to grandma's for thanksgiving expect extra time for travel. they expect it to be the busiest travel period in nine years. they limit 49 million people will travel this thanksgiving. we have fox business team coverage what you expect at airports and roads and everywhere else next.
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ashley: record number of people are set to travel for the holiday, making security of course a top priority. according to airlines for
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america, more than 27 million people will hit the skies this thanksgiving. that is up nearly 3% from last year. so what can we expect at airports? crowds i would imagine. let's go to our very own adam shapiro at one of the nation's busiest airports, beautiful newark airport in new jersey. adam. reporter: newark at the interstate. we're at the united counter. it is picking up a bit. this is not the horrendous lines and dooms day crowds we've seen in the past. although there are some lines. tsa and port authority requested we not shoot the security area but i can tell you that the lines that i'm watching process right now are no larger than you would have midweek on a regular business day. they're moving through that line in less than 30 minutes. so we are expecting more people here. as you said, over 12-day period that starts before thanksgiving, runs through the holiday and afterwards. 27 million people expect to
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flight. when you consider aaa believes 49 million people go by train, plane, bus, automobile traveling somewhere, most people that traveled for thanksgiving since 2007. so that might seem to be an optimistic sign, unless you're stuck in traffic or a line at tsa, at one of the airports where lines are pretty uncontrollable. one of the things they have done, ashley, to speed people at tsa at airports, automated tsa lines. you have to wait for the cart to come back and put your stuff in and send it you through? those are automated. for instance, atlanta is experimenting with that. they have it here at newark. speeds things up by 30 minutes. you might recall in the spring there was a big nightmare at chicago midway because of lack of it. sa agents. ashley: yeah. >> they have got more agents hired. they have 2,000 new or part time switched over to full time. other thing, they want everyone to sign up for tsapre. not as much signed up for as tsa
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wanted. that about 12 million people signed up. if you're going out of newark and flying united, guess what? that is 45-second hassle. i think i can take that. ashley: i think we predicted nightmares in the media, people said, blow it, i'm not going to go. we created our own -- reporter: like the media never gets it wrong. ashley: adam shapiro, who never gets it wrong. thanks very much, adam. go to the other part of this story. connell mcshane at one of the nation's busiest crossings. he wanted to go to a local bar. we said no, you have to go to the holland tunnel. what are you seeing there, connell? reporter: ashley, i have been holding up 10 last 15 minutes, honk if you're ashley webster fan. when you hear the among, that is why. there is fairly big line, no surprise for normal are watchers of traffic.
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thank you, me too. big ashley webster fan. some. records that are supposed to be set this time and how this is supposed to be the biggest travel year since, really before the economic blowup in 2008, going back to 07. mostly people drive, nine out of 10. all the attention we put on airports, most people drive heading out for thanksgiving. they love low gas prices last couple years. look at nation's average. 2.13 a gallon. historically quite low. eight cents higher than it was this time last year of the historically, last couple years we were helped out by low gas prices. economically helped out on the roads by other economic indicators. wages started to go up a little bit. consumer confidence started to go up in the second half of this year. so all those things are helping. i don't think it is helping moods of any of these people, thank you very much as they head out into the tunnel. show you one last piece of graphical evidence, ashley. i'm not sure how much this bill help either. google maps put this together. take a look around the country
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at worst times to leave. pretty much right now if you're on the east coast of the flights, new york, or atlanta, 3:00, next hour is about the worst time you could leave, middle of the country in chicago, 5:00, maybe different out west. the point is, don't travel now if you don't have to. make it on bullhorn or public service announcement. the time to have left would be very early this morning, 6:00 in the morning when nobody is on roads. these people didn't have a choice. ashley: rather popular google captain obvious map. my kids are only ones honking the horns as they go around the block. say hi for me. connell mcshane at the holland tunnel. he wanted to be at the bar. president obama's legacy taking a hit as the federal judge put as halt to his overtime rule. it's a win for small business owners but will the white house find another way to declare war on businesses? we've got the details next.
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ashley: a federal judge putting president obama ace over time pay hikes on workers on hold. the white house is vowing to fight the ruling but employers said there will job cut with ever cost of ballooning regulations. we have club for growth president david macintosh. david, you're with the club for growth. i would imagine you're happy with the ruling from this judge? >> yes, indeed. it was a tremendous ruling. right on the law, more importantly it will free up small businesses to be able to have flexibility and in hiring people and not have to pay overtime if they're not getting value for it. one of the things that people realize when they sign up for salaried job is that is not part of the deal. ashley: people who disagree with you, david, they say unfortunately as a result of this ruling, unfortunately for the time being workers continue to work longer hours for less pay thanks to this obstructionist litigation.
2:25 pm
how would you respond to that? >> two things, one, people will be able to get fair pay for the hours they put in, but more importantly, what will happen is, businesses won't have to have extra costs that they pass on to consumers, roughly about $2 billion worth is the estimate of this. basically it is very good for the economy. likely actually to create more jobs as the employers have flexibility, knowing the heavy hand of washington regulators aren't going to come in and renegotiate all their salaries. ashley: yeah it is interesting. we have a stat up there now. this law would have nearly doubled the threshold at which executive ad min straight tiff and professional employees are except from over time from 23,660 to 47,476 on the screen there. what would that impact have had on small business, david? >> it's a tremendous impact t would have cost them over, about $2 billion. and that, they would have no choice but to pass that on to their consumers.
2:26 pm
but many of them would say, i'm going to hire one fewer people if i have to pay for this overtime. could have had impact on the number of jobs created as well. ashley: so what do you think donald trump presidency does for small business? i mean he has to take the steps but are you optimistic? >> i am. i think he is going to have a thorough review. one of the best things he has announced already is he is going to require the agencies to remove two regulations before they put a new one in. that will help get rid of the old and very costly rules, especially a lot of them president obama and his administration put in the last eight years. it also sends a signal to the markets. we're not going to continue this grinding out regulations that cost us in the energy sector, cost us in manufacturing. cost us in the finance sector all bank rules under dodd-frank. there is a lot of work to be done. it will have a big impact on the economy. likely to increase growth by two to 3%. ashley: listen should the
2:27 pm
government be in the business of telling small business or any businesses for that matter how much they should pay their employees? >> i think it is free market. they should negotiate that. if they have a good skills they will make a lot of money but if they don't have good skills they need to get in the labor force. ashley: for small businesses living on the edge, that could easily push them over that edge and no one has a job, right? >> that's right. everybody else loses their job when the business goes out of business. these regulations have huge unintended consequences. they end up hurting some people and some people benefit with slightly higher wage but they have to earn that or the job will go away. ashley: very good point. we'll it right there. david macintosh, thank you so much for joining us. >> my pleasure, ashley. ashley: president-elect donald trump proving once again he is willing to work with anyone willing to work with him
2:28 pm
to make america great again. he wants former critic, governor nikki haley to be u.n. ambassador, and he is even reportedly considering a democrat, yes a democrat, harold ford, jr., for a job in his administration. so is this a positive sign that our president-elect can unify this country? we debate next. your day with thr one choice of dentists. philips sonicare removes significantly more plaque versus oral-b 7000. experience this amazing feel of clean. now when you buy philips sonicare. when i was too busy with the kids to get a repair estimate. i just snapped a photo and got an estimate in 24 hours. my insurance company definitely doesn't have that... you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance
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to make eli lilly on the expense -- the experimental
2:32 pm
drug has failed in an trial. not only is it a devastating blow but the stock also tumbling today on the news. lori is here with more on the story. >> this was supposed to be the first medicine to slow the progression of alzheimer's disease. it's an absolutely heartbreaking development. for wall street also. they are down about ten and a half percent. the worst performer on the s&p 500. in particular had a look at shares. they are down as well today. the alzheimer's association basically said that they could strike an estimated 28 million americans mid century.
2:33 pm
it could likely take the drugs. in this particular drug. it could be one of many drugs in the future that could ultimately slow or stamp out alzheimer's. >> president-elect donald trump right now is to make america great again. mister trump also moving into the middle. get this. senator elizabeth warren say the transition is chaotic and
2:34 pm
in disarray. they investigate the transition effort. i thought those certainly in the democrats would be pleasantly surprised. should we be surprised that elizabeth warren and elijah cummings are not happy. >> and i think they been happy since november 8. nothing he does is to satisfy him. one day there accusing him of appointing steve bannon. the next day he pushes the trial balloon that he can appoint his son-in-law an
2:35 pm
orthodox and he's accused of nepotism. mike pence has vice president gets addressed down by the cast of hamilton. and they are all speaking truth to power. two years ago when ben carson did the same thing to barack obama at the national prayer breakfast that was the worst thing that ever happened. again, there is nothing he can do. one day he is moving too slow on the transition and now they are saying he's moving chaotically. he second and he's to make these people happy. should we give at least to some some kudos to mister trump who has perhaps offered a more tempered view when you agree. there is a lot of weeping --dash inept teeth.
2:36 pm
i think one of the challenges is just as in his presidential can pain in his private-sector career donald trump is a little all over the board. you have the appointment which is the most extreme imaginable short --dash make -- sort of right wing a person. and they are doing about faces on some pretty standard issues e change and whatnot. everybody is just trying to get there underpinnings there. to follow up. and the fact that he's willing to do that i would imagine it should be a comfort to his biggest critics because he's able to stand back a little bit and be more of a mediator on these issues. his biggest critics are inconsolable right now.
2:37 pm
he tries to move it to the center and as you say shouldn't that be seen as a good sign. yet i read on the internet today. here are trump's flip-flops. he can't get credit for anything. i don't think steve bannon is that extreme. he worked for goldman sachs. he has an equity piece of a seinfeld he was in the navy for 12 years. our these the mark of some neo-nazi i don't think so. there is no one more extreme that has been in a senior position like that. it is a divisive first signal. whatever credit he's not getting carried when the is your first move. that kind of confirms everything as what his critics would've said about his campaign. with the mister trump becoming
2:38 pm
more moderate on some issues. it may persuade some democrats who are very critical. rep what about upsetting his core base. >> has been reported in its true that they take him literally but not seriously. and his supporters take him seriously and not literally. i don't think that this is really a deer -- deal breaker for him. on my radio show i've been off this week people were more worked up about him talking about putting mitt romney in the cabinet. well had to leave it right there. as always thank you so much.
2:39 pm
we will see you guys again and in just a little bit. facebook is vowing to stop fake news stories but that's not all. they will now censor what stories you can and cannot see. it's all part of an effort to make nice with china. we're just minutes away from the annual white house turkey part in. it will be president obama's eighth and final pardon. we will bring that to you as soon as it begins. doctors prove personalized care. cheese? cheese! xerox healthcare services... ...soon to be conduent. that's it. how was your commute? good. yours? good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting. xerox transportation services... ...soon to be conduent.
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>> good afternoon. i'm here with your foxbusiness break. the tao beginning to build on record. they are taking a little bit of a breather today. let's have a look at what is driving the tao. the leading the tao with microsoft. the european union is set to clear. the u.s. dollar surges. that is weighing on the gold producing companies. they're down nearly 9%. let's take a look at the price of oil here. a similar story. $2.15.
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2:43 pm
late breaking news. the president is speaking at the turkey pardon. this is my final presidential turkey pardon. no cameras that just us every
2:44 pm
year no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey. that was pretty funny. thanksgiving is a chance to gather with love once and after a long campaign season finally turned our attention from polls to poultry. this year we are honored to be joined by two of the lucky ones. they were raised by the domino family in iowa. tater and taught. now tater is here in a backup role just in case tot can't fulfill his duties so he is like the vice in turkey. were working on getting a pair of aviator glasses for him. d it is my great privilege
2:45 pm
was just as my job to grant them clemency this afternoon. as i do want to take a moment to recognize the brave turkeys you weren't so lucky who didn't get to ride the gravy train to freedom who met their fate with courage and sacrifice and proved that they weren't chicken. it's not that bad. of course we have a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving. six straight years of job creation. low unemployment. the quality is narrowing. the stock market is nearly tripled icicle graduation rate is at an all-time high and are uninsured rate is at an on -- all-time low. proud families that's worth
2:46 pm
gold gobi -- doubling about. across the country are finally complete now that marriage equality is a law of the land. in this thanksgiving they can celebrate with our brave troops and veterans who we welcome home. thanksgiving is a reminder of the source of the national strike that out of many we are one that we are bound not by any one race or religion but rather by inherence to a common creed that all of us are created equal and while accepting our differences and building a diverse society has never been easy and has never been more important. we are people that look out for one another and get each other's backs. we keep moving forward. defined by values and ideals
2:47 pm
that have been a light to all humanity. we all had families we love. and we had hopes for the better future. thanksgiving is a good time for us to remember that. if a lot more in common then the rides us. i believe we are judged by how we care for the poor and the vulnerable and the sick and the elderly. everybody who has tried to get a second chance i believe that in order to truly live up to those ideals we have to continually fight discrimination and all of its forms and always show the world that america is a generous and giving country. we should also make sure everyone has something to eat on things giving. of course except the turkeys they are there already stuffed. so later today the obama
2:48 pm
family will participate in our traditional thanksgiving service project and when somebody at your in your table says that even hogging all of the side dishes and you can't have any more i hope you respond with a creed that sums up the spirit of the hungry people yes we cram. that was good. you don't think that's funny, i know there's some bad ones in here that this is the last time i'm doing this so were not leaving any room for leftovers. let me just say one last thing when i spare these turkeys lives i want to express my sincere gratitude to the american people for the trust you head in place. in the incredible kindness
2:49 pm
that you've shown my family. on behalf of michelle and my mother-in-law and our girls we want to thank you so very much and now, from the rose garden tater in tot will go to their new home at virginia tech which is a bit hokey they will get to live out their natural lives at a new facility called gobbler's arrest gobblers rest where students and veterinarians will care for them and so let's get on with the pardoning because it's wednesday afternoon and everybody knows that traffic can put people in a foul mood. happy thanksgiving everybody. [applause]. >> thank you very much take me
2:50 pm
ten minutes to think of that pardoning. tot the turkey. he talked about economic accomplishments as well. in the majority of the governor positions. if everything he said was okay and the economy and might in my hillary clinton when? that's a very good point. he does deliver a good joke. a turkey is saved today. i think we've have our fill of stuffing right now. we will be right back. liz, thank you very much.
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♪ tomorrow is thanksgiving. a time to enjoy a nice meal with your family and loved ones. maybe to reflect on the year but wait a minute there may be some touchy conversation going on this thanksgiving. mainly politics. don't worry the nonprofit group showing up for racial justice is offering a hotline. to coach you through some of those awkward conversations. i think i could see a rolling horizon to my right. a hotline to help us get through awkward situations. >> it is encouraging people to have these conversations.
2:55 pm
i'm in a go in there and i'm in a show my 90-year-old grandpa what a racist pig he is. if you're in the situation you're sitting in house or some indoor space gorging yourself on tons and tons of food with people who want to spend time with you. there are people who are alone. sometimes families don't always get together. thanksgiving is supposed to be about gratitude. and being happy for things that you do have. >> it has really pitted us against each other. new york times did a great thing about putting it on hold. if your dinner party is being put on hold is your biggest problem. be thankful for that.
2:56 pm
if you want to have every other day of your life. but thanksgiving is supposed to be the one day where you are thankful that saying i need to go in there and change all of these people. do you have a rule no politics or do you just go for it. a little bit of both. if someone tries to start a fight for you you have to go. rooms are nice things that some people don't have on thanksgiving. it's not that serious. no one will pick a fight with you. thank you so much. we will be right back.
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2:59 pm
>> millions of americans traveling today kicking off what is expected to be the busiest thanksgiving holiday in nearly a decade.
3:00 pm
that's helping. certainly to fuel the travel plans this year. about 45 million people are taking to the skies. everyone have a great and happy thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving. whatever you guys are doing. just keep doing it. as long as you do it within this hour. it is shaping up to be another day for the record books. even at the epic numbers make that thanksgiving getaway. they are on track to close at noon never before record


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