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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 28, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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charles: wild and crazy day already, keet here on fox business as we await more appointments for president-elect donald trump's team. have the latest on my show, "making money," 6:00 p.m. eastern. neil is back tomorrow. but now is trish regan. charles: sources are tell. trish: sources are telling fox that is the suspect is a somali man in his 20s. after had man rammed his vehicle into a group of pedestrians, got out and stabbed people with a butcher night before being shot to death by a campus police officer. i'm trish regan. welcome, everyone, to to "the intelligence report." one person is in critical condition. ashley webster in the newsroom. ashley, this may be a man from somalia. do we know anything else about him? >> we don't. exactly what you reported.
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a somali man a male in his 20s. we don't know his name or status here in the united states. wasn't student at ohio state in we do not know. these are coming from law enforcement sources. we'll have to wait as the investigation goes on but you can be sure, trish, that the investigators, probably led by the fbi, are going through his phone. they will find his home. they will look, go through his computer to get any clue what the motive may have been. now, at one point in the press conference at ohio state university, a little over 45 minutes ago, one of the police leaders there was asked whether this was an act of terrorism. the answer was, i think we have to consider that it is terrorism. let's not forget, using a vehicle and a knife is something isis has been promoting for some two years now on its web site, if you don't have a bomb and don't have a gun, use a vehicle, use a knife. of course the specter of terrorism certainly looms large. but we do not know for sure what the reasoning was.
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to your point, what you said, trish, absolutely you too, this individual drove a car into a group of pedestrians. got out of vehicle with a butch are knife, started stabbing, slashing, last rating people. a police officer was there within a minute of happening. gave the person instructions. he did not follow them. the officer fatally shot the suspect. the question who is this person? what were they doing? did they act alone? plenty more questions to be answered. as for those injured, nine injured, one critically, four stabbed, others hurt by the vehicle hitting them. could have been worse but very disturbing the way it played out, trish? trish: there was talk of a second person being involved in the press conference. at the press conference they said no, they didn't have any intel. any other developments that front.
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any information that the person acted alone? >> they do. they are not committing to it. there is suggestion that the firearm went off the watts building outside of the where this event took place. it is an engineering. perhaps conspiracy theorists, someone raised a fire alarm in order to get people out in front of the building, enabling the person to hit the vehicle. none of that is talked about. as it stands, trish, they say they have no more information on a second suspect. trish: what a barbaric animal and thank goodness for the police officer being there. thank you so much, ashley webster. we'll continue to check in with you. this is developing story. here with reaction, former washington, d.c., homicide detective rod wheeler. good to see you. unfortunate circumstances of course. what are your thoughts this may be in fact be terrorism or something they're looking into right now? >> trish, i can tell you and viewers exactly what the investigators are doing right now in terms of conducting this investigation now. this is a multidepartmental
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investigation. what do i mean by that? you have the ohio state university police, you have the city of columbus police, but you also have the bureau of criminal investigation which is a major law enforcement body in the state of ohio. i'm a graduate of ohio state university, so i'm very familiar with the procedures there within the state of ohio. bci is conducting a lot of the forensic examinations of the weapons and things like that. the columbus police department as well as fbi, what they're doing, they are executing a search warrant in this guy's home or dorm room if he is a student and his computer system and phone systems because they're trying to learn as much as they can about him. did he have any associates? here's the main question, trish, we need to listen for the next couple days, were there any warning signs? did anyone who personally knew this guy, if he was a student, did he give any indication whatsoever he would conduct this? this is very fluid investigation, but i think as time goes by, trish, we'll learn
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a whole lot more. trish: detective wheeler, you said were there warning signs. unfortunately in a lot of these cases the people hide out, however, however, often they're on line connecting with other terrorist. >> that's right. trish: if in fact that is what he was, potentially inspired by isis. >> right. trish: i would think, detective, theoretically should be able to put together a footprint of his activities op line. i'm getting back to the sort of root question we keep coming up to or keep coming back to, can you stop this in its tracks if you see the people connecting and reading this lit at that rush and talking about doing these kind of horrible things online? >> right, well, we try to do a good job, as far as identifying these people but it is very difficult, trish, as you well know. everybody is on social media. to identify these individuals to the point whereby we can stop them makes it extremely
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difficult n this situation two things you want to look at that i haven't heard anybody talk about today. number one, the situation took place right around the 10:00 hour this morning. at ohio state, that is significant because that is the time that we change classes at ohio state. so you're going to have the majority of people on the street especially there on college avenue. you have thousands of people on the street at 10:00 in the morning. number two, the second thing you want to look at, why did this guy decide to go to watts hall where he could go anywhere on the campus? what is the connection to watts hall? as an investigator i'm looking at those those two things to form a profile for that individual whether he had any tariffsic ties to someone domestically here. charles: we'll continue checking with you and ashley webster. trish: president-elect donald trump back to business, interviewing more candidates for key positions in his administration. president-elect donald trump
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will meet with former cia director general david petraeus today amid reports that the general is being considered for secretary of state. this as campaign manager kellyanne conway blasted the idea of mitt romney becoming secretary of state over the weekend. cornell mcshane is outside of trump you tower. before we get the latest on the transition mr. trump just responded to the attack at ohio state university. fill us in on what he had to say? reporter: just briefly, trish, a facebook post earlier from the president-elect did have his response to the attack at ohio state. he basically just sent out his prayers to the families and also in that facebook post he was quick to praise the actions of the first-responders. we begin our day with a conference call with transition team officials. that happens at 10:30 in the morning eastern time, first thing they said on the call the president-elect was being kept up-to-date what was going on at ohio state.
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that was still an active situation. busy time separate from that with these meetings as we wait for general david petraeus, former campaign manager corey lewandoski was spotted going up which is nothing odd. president-elect mike pence seen in the lobby today and general david petraeus -- trish: not to interrupt you, connell, we're looking live picture. reporter: can you see in the lobby? trish: trish, that is him. getting on elevator. doors are closed. he is going up. reporter: right on time. fifth on the list for meetings with the president-elect today. there were four done. general is right on time for the meeting. we'll see how the meeting goes today. interesting to see when he comes down the elevator if he has time to speak with reporters afterwards. other names will be here at least two of them tomorrow.
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mitt romney on the schedule for tomorrow. senator bob corker on the schedule tomorrow. petraeus and those two tomorrow. the romney meeting second with trump after the comments you referenced by kellyanne conway over the weekend. listen. >> people feel betrayed to think that governor romney, who went out of his way to question the character and the intellect and the integrity of donald trump, now our president-elect, would be given the most significant cabinet post of all, secretary of state, and that is a decision only one man can make, president-elect donald trump. i will respect it and support it 1000%. reporter: that's obviously got a lot of people talking talking to transition officials, they tell us the two men have not spent a lot of time together. tomorrow's meeting another way to spend time together. we'll see. we know general petraeus has gone up the elevator to have his meeting. we'll see what he says if
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anything, when he comes back down. trish: connell mcshane. everyone is obsessing who will be the next secretary of state? what about secretary of homeland security? terrorism is a constant worry, should be a pretty big job, right? why wouldn't rudy giuliani want that? joining me right now communications director for democracy of america. and ceo of american majority ned ryan, and good to see all you guys. we'll get to that in a second. i think rudy giuliani has the background, the qualifications to really perform in that capacity and we need someone with the background to actually really be able to do the best possible job in homeland security but first let me ask you about, ned ryan, this mitt romney thing, general petraeus. do you think there is a chance the general can get it? everybody is so up in arms about mitt romney that it become as very difficult task for him to be able to give it to romney at this point?
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>> i think so. first of all, kellyanne appearing on tv was no mistake. it is not by chance it was on tv. she had clearance at some level to go on to express her feelings what is taking place. she made very valid point. there is significant revolt on the grassroots with mitt romney as secretary of state. romney was going out of his way to attract trump. it was not every now and then he was going on every day and every month. commerce, treasury, i could understand. the thing that is a little disappointing -- trish: treasury would make sense. >> john bolton was being mentioned earlier on as secretary of state. i think bolton has a good grasp of trump's world view but he has grasp of something else i think is very important. these people being appointed to cabinet positions and undersecretary and deputy secretary they have to be prepared for everyday political knife fights with these careers inside of these departments. trish: that is distraction.
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ab, what a waste of time if you think about it. got infighting and they're worried about romney and worried about giuliani. don't you want the best possible person for the job? how do you just do your job when you have all this going on in the background? >> that is going to be an interesting criteria for donald trump when he finally picks somebody. he thinks that there are qualities in rudy giuliani and general petraeus, even senator bob corker and mitt romney would make them good contenders for this job. there are problems with each and everyone of those picks as well. i don't -- i was told by a general the other day even he thought there shouldn't be a third general in foreign policy position in the trump administration. he will be probably, you know, talked to by his advisors about the value of doing that. general petraeus and rudy giuliani both actually open trump up to charges of hypocrisy because of attacks that he made
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against hillary clinton in the presidential campaign. and so, they're all complicated picks. mitt romney will infuriate his base and his biggest critic. i think there is still a chance for some total dark horse we're not talking about secretary of state. trish: john mccain, as long as you're looking at romney. john mccain was not nearly as aggressive in his stance against trump as mitt romney was but rudy giuliani, back to him for a second, neil. he did a great job as mayor of new york. really great job. kept the city safe after 9/11. what about rudy giuliani for homeland security, why do you think he is backing away from that and trying for secretary of state? >> i don't know that you can trust rudy giuliani in foreign policy or position. this guy has been in bed with the turkish government since he started his firm. trish: he wants to keep america safe. he certainly kept new york safe.
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>> trish i think you're right. the department of homeland security is better fit for giuliani. i think ab is right. you might see a dark horse coming out in regards to secretary of state. i would be shocked, i really would be, romney picked as secretary of state. guess what? trump needs loyalists is specially secretary of defense, secretary of state, people have his back and team players i don't see that with romney. trish: you wasn't a loyalist but you want the best person for the job. i think kellyanne conway might have nailed it there, ned, really pointing to the fact this is someone with a great business background. this is live picture. live picture coming in to us of kellyanne conway getting into the elevator. they're all heading back up there. big meeting going on. david petraeus, kellyanne conway in trump tower. she is making a valid point as ned pointed out. if you don't have the right background for the job, ab, loyalty aside, those are issues that you should be concerned about, i imagine he is very
2:15 pm
concerned about, you got to fit the position. does mitt romney fit it? >> if, if this entire thing was a ruse, trish, and donald trump never wanted to put an old adversary into this position, then he was just, you know, using him to hang him out to dry and humiliate him. but i think from what we've read , donald trump believes he would do a good job as diplomat for the world. someone who is well-respected by americans at home and people abroad and that he would be, quote, unquote, he looks the part which -- trish: right out of central casting, right? >> rudy giuliani was mayor of new york and knows a lot about security and maybe you're right he is better fit for homeland security. he seems to want the job of secretary of state, only that job, putting pressure on donald trump who wants to rewarded his greatest loyalist in rudy giuliani. but again, if you accuse hillary clinton in the campaign of
2:16 pm
putting her hand and her cup out around the world to peddle her influence and you know, sell access and all that kind of stuff, rudy giuliani is going to have -- going to come under criticism for that same type -- trish: at the end of the day, you have got to admit, neil, give us a bone here, right? the idea that donald trump is willing to put aside that kind of animosity and everything that mitt romney said, does that tell you something about him? >> well, what this shows me, the way this process is playing out, this guy who thinks the presidency is some sort of reality television show. fine if you want to assemble a team of rivals. come on let's not do this in public. actually have a private process where you go about embarrassing people for no reason. trish: that is not ideal, to see infighting. you have a point. ab, neil, we have fox news alert. donald trump officially won the
2:17 pm
state of michigan, 16 electoral votes. a recount request is expected. we'll be right back.
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trish: more details coming to us about the suspect there at ohio state. fox has learned through a well-placed government official, u.s. government official, that the ohio state attacker was an 18-year-old somali male, legal permanent resident. that is an important distinction. that suggests he was brought to the united states. he was not born here in the united states. and authorities are looking into potential ties to terrorism. the fbi, fox has learned, has been brought in to investigate the situation, and, fox has been told there is no sign at this point that he was on any kind of terrorism watch list.
2:21 pm
but again, learning that he was an 18-year-old somali male, legal permanent resident, suggesting again he was brought to the u.s. he was not born here in this country. let me go back to donald trump and issues of the recount right now. president-elect donald trump won the election fair and square. even his opponent hillary clinton accepted the defeat. well, at least she did initially. listen. >> we must accept this result and then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. trish: yes, but that was yesterday. today, mrs. clinton is walking back her comments. she is joining green party nominee jill stein's efforts for a recount in wisconsin. and now stein is speaking, or seeking i should say a recount in pennsylvania. peter barnes is in washington with the very latest on the recount shenanigans. my goodness. where does it stand now, peter?
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>> so as you said there, trish, jill stein has just petition ad state court in pennsylvania for a recount which donald trump won by over 60,000 votes. the process for a recount in pennsylvania is harder and more difficult than in wisconsin. more time-consuming. she is buying time for her supporters to get it going there with this petition to the, commonwealth court in pennsylvania. in wisconsin, mr. trump received about 20,000 more votes than secretary clinton. they each got about 1.4 million. jill stein got a total of 31,000 votes. she wants a recount in michigan as well. her party, green party, estimate the recount in all three states will cost 6 to 7 million. stein says she raised 6 million. the recounts the campaign said, not to help hillary clinton or president, they're about the integrity of elections. the clinton campaign says it is participating for the same reason. the trump camp is pushing back hard, listen.
2:23 pm
>> it's a total and complete hypocritical joke that the group of people that thought that they were nervous about president-elect trump not conceding are the people that are conducting recounts in states where we won by over 68,000 votes. reporter: the president-elect himself was tweeting about this over the weekend claiming he won not just the electoral college majority but also the popular vote because he charges, millions of people voted illegally. he tweeted, serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias. big problem. clinton campaign lawyer mark elias weighed in as well, tweeting we're getting a attacked for participating in a recount we didn't ask for by the man who won election but thinks there was massive fraud. trish? trish: yeah. you know, reince priebus has a point. irony of all this is really something. peter barnes, thank you very much. fidel castro's death celebrated on the streets of miami's little havana neighborhood.
2:24 pm
the brutal dictator who murdered and imprisoned dissidents for decades is finally gone. so contrast this celebration with the media and the political reaction? "new york times" calling castro a revolutionary who defied the u.s. "washington post" quote, a spiritual beacon to the world's political far left. are those words you would use to describe fidel castro? we're on it next.
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>> fidel castro's death celebrated it. no wonder. this is a man who murdered thousands and thousands of people. an estimated 11,000. he is stolen in today's dollars $50 billion from people there. just confiscated their property. so finally they have some relief but contrast that celebration with the responses
2:28 pm
you saw in the media and even with president obama's response. our president wrote we offer condolences to his family and our thoughts and prayers are with the cuban people. history will record and judge this enormous impact. no mention anywhere of the fact that this man was a dictator who imposed a reign of terror. the express sorrow for the death of cubans largest -- longest serving president. he has walked that one back a bit. in response to the outrage understandably that he got. then you have the liberal media will start to be outdone. the washington post writing that he was at spiritual begin
2:29 pm
to the far left. matt welch. good to see you. when you see that kind of terminology to describe fidel castro as someone who murdered thousands of people in his country and confiscated so much property the way he did why does the new york times and the washington post show him this kind of deference if you would. see mike he has been a darling of the far left since 1958. it goes back decade after decade. it has just been infatuated by him. you won't see in any of these incredible stories that are coming out are things like castro himself acknowledging that he urged the soviet union to let off nuclear bombs against the united states.
2:30 pm
that doesn't matter. there is a good healthcare system health care system in cuba. nevermind the squalor that they are living in. no one flees to the united states or any other nation in the world to go live in cuba and yet they celebrate cuba. and yet they celebrate cuba. that is only because he is a good reporter who wanted to understand the community there. matt you had spent time once 18 years ago and once more recently. these people are living in squalor. not the real life or opportunity. >> is a free healthcare when you can have access to aspirin. we gave our friends rubbing alcohol. she cried.
2:31 pm
she hadn't have this in her family for her kids living in a place that doesn't had running water. it's great that you have a 99. zero literacy rate but if you can't read books because of their band and not been printed there is something not quite so wonderful about those statistics. there are some good reporting out there. but brent is right from the beginning fidel castro manipulated liberal intelligence specifically the new york times. he bamboozled him in 1956 trying to make his revolution look much bigger than ever was. he has played journalists in the west like a flu. we've talked about this before. and you've done a lot of research and reporting on this. some people that are in this come from a leftist mentality
2:32 pm
anyway. and cuba was the pinnacle of that. >> a great example of someone who have lived in these conditions who knows these countries who knows what's going on there. he reports accurately and honestly. it is a living 75 years in the past. when you think about how the media treated semi- like that. no love lost there. but very different than this. as they should. the guy is a dictator.
2:33 pm
it is a double standard. anti- american dictators get that better. that's the way it's always been. i saw the comments and i thought again you want him on team usa and when you see him showing that kind of deference to fidel castro you question it. thank you so much we can take a quick break.nobody's thank you very much. only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals.
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we won trish: we are getting more details about the somali suspect continuing to date. telling fox news that the suspect came into the 18 years old. he has eight birthday of the first of january 1988. that's what fox news is being told. he was granted status as a legal permanent resident. there also reports that he was a student at ohio state university but none of this is been confirmed by authorities which by the weight will be holding another press conference at 4:00 p.m. eastern at ohio state university. maybe this will actually be confirmed by authorities. that is the question of how many of these people can you
2:38 pm
bring into this country right now people that may be sympathetic towards isis. we don't know that it's terrorism. we don't know if it's isis related terrorism. these questions organize surface again because people obviously feel nervous. it will be critical to get into this individuals computer. what websites was he going to. all of those questions authorities now had to really start digging into to find out what the motivation was for this attack. they are learning that the suspect was a refugee to the united states we opened our doors to him. we will keep checking in. today of course is cyber monday. sales are expected to finish up nearly nine and half percent from last year at nearly three half a billion
2:39 pm
dollars. the sales were just shy of $500 million. the at the amazon the filament center. i can imagine they are pretty darn busy. >> it is incredibly busy. how does $3.6 billion a sound. they expect this cyber monday to be worth in sales. at the fulfillment center here in new jersey. this particular fulfillment center 28 football fields. one of the guests is the portable speaker. what is unique about this is something that amazon is doing
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is the people that make this they don't have a store. they cut the overhead and lowers the price. it's a pretty good deal. but here is what one of the cofounders told me about doing business this way. without any shipping and logistics. right off the bat you are saving a ton because you don't have that overhead. it's really built a platform for people like me. it isn't the only company that does that. they do the same kind of thing. we tested it. we are playing that.
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2:43 pm
investors are little different and nervous. with the holiday shopping season. they are trading lower as well. they are seeding from the recent peaks. none other than wendy grossman. and what the economy is can look like going into 2017.
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-by revealing their ethnic mix. you'll save 30%-and they'll have a new story to tell. order now at offer ends monday. trish: stocks slightly lower today. the dow up 35 points. donald trump was elected on november 8 it's up for a half percent. it feels like investors are pretty optimistic right now. the question is where our consumers. are they optimistic quacks will it translate into more consumer spending this holiday season. >> it was kind of cyber every
2:46 pm
day i think that that this is gonna be a constant. people are our always on line. that was where the experience was. that's where the excitement is. this is the flagship today. it's the first place people go. even for engagement and even deceit what they want to buy. that's where all the emphasis has to be. has to be on assortment and certainly it has to be on price. trish: how much more competitive does that make the landscape. >> it to make it makes it that much more competitive. they have definitely it was
2:47 pm
about the product. along with that price but it's also about assortment and also about the engagement. >> we decided keith urban on yesterday. the other businesses we launched augmented reality. you can see where products are in your home. you can do that digitally. we now offer on demand personalization i reason why someone is going to do this. make yourself distinctive in this environment. we talked before and you thought people were holding back in terms of spending. and we think we know who is can be president.
2:48 pm
knowing we have a president coming in to the new year does that unleash any pent-up demand. >> i was a proponent of continuing to say that uncertainty is there to any kind of consumer behavior. whether you're happy about it or not happy about it you can move forward. i think we saw people do that throughout the holiday season but i do think that they are smart. if you think about it of the consumers they surveyed there was 60% increase year on year from consumers that said 100 percent of what they bought was on sale. they were out there but you just had to be that much more competitive. we are demanding also here on this show. we have your brilliant
2:49 pm
investor husband. he's gonna tell us a little bit more about the overall economy. i am making promises i can't keep. mindy grossman, always good to see you. mister neil grossman with a look at the market environment right now. good to see you. it's brought to you by sector spider ets. we want to change the way we see the world by changing the
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know better sleep with sleep number. the organization for economic cooperation issuing an upbeat report today. send president elect donald trump and his plan spending could boost global growth. all of this positivity could make way for them to actually raise rates next month. can you imagine that.
2:53 pm
good to have you here. what are your thoughts right now in terms of what we might see and what we might see from the overall economy. i agree with you on that. it's about time that someone got a little bit more positive after a number of years. irrespective of donald and what he's going to do there is no doubt there to raise rates this meeting. the economy is strained to the point. employment is up 5%. i think i'm looking for a very strong employment number. i think the low side is $225,000. why is this sudden change. they happen to be very trish:
2:54 pm
i hope it continues. 200,000 jobs fine. we need to be adding more than that. we need to add jobs that are pain well. just because the breakeven race are down. your neck in and to be adding jobs at that rate. do you think things have started to shift enough and a positive direction that they have no point to actually do that let's go to what were talking about. if he's gonna do what he's talking about witches reduce regulation. if you're going to get involved at least reduce it and if you find that we get a
2:55 pm
lot of infrastructure investment the u.s. economy is can a track upward to one and a half% more. >> you think our economy will grow one and half to 2% over the next four years those are very good things for the economy doing that on top of what is having the full employment. core emplacement elation is up over 2%. that was the primary measure when it was lower than core. they had shifted. the wages are starting to rise. i suspect if you're saying this. you're telling me organ have some good economic policies. and will start to see a little inflation. what do you do as an investor.
2:56 pm
it is good for investing. you will see higher expectations for more rapid fed. we have discussed this many times. it will provide income to a lot of people who are on fixed incomes. i think in the early stages this is good. is there a point at which interest rates but a break because of this counting of cash flow. neil grossman thank you so much.
2:57 pm
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the next briefing happens at 4:00 p.m. eastern and just about an hour from now so make sure you stay with foxbusiness for all of the latest developments we will continue to stay all over the story in the meantime you're heading into the closing hour. a course along with this. it is all business at this hour. trump tower donald trump expected to meet with the chairman of the largest african-american known business. his name is david stewart. and this just happened. take a look at this. the former director of the cia david trace talking with himself. ongoing as we speak. the biggest discussion at the trump tower right now it might


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