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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 30, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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crowds and when you think about how isis has inspired the truck-driving massacres and all that all this guy did was knock that off. charles: thank you very much. scary and frightening stuff. we thank you for watching. lou dobbs is next. keep it right here on "fox business." lou: good evening everybody. it's been just over three weeks since donald trump became president elect but he is without question already leaving, capturing as only he can the attention of the national left-wing media this seems to alternately be impressed or dismayed that mr. trump is an obvious command on the transition process, working diligently to staff his white house and administration with top talent choices and already hard at work to make good on a large list of old campaign promises. mr. trump today announced he would take steps to separate
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himself on his vast business empire to demonstrate his full commitment to the fast trust that the american people have given him. his purpose, to prevent the appearance of a conflict of interest as president of the united states. trump is morning tweeted this. i will be holding a major news conference in new york city with my children on december 15 to discuss the fact that i will be leaving my great business in order to fully focus on running the country in order to make america great again. while i am not mandated to do this under the law i feel that it's visually important as president to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses.and more cabs made official today. the president-elect nominated steve mnuchin as treasury secretary billionaire wilbur ross as secretary of commerce the transition team says no more big announcements made this week but they have narrowed down the
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list for secretary of state. former presidential candidate governor mitt romney former new york mayor rudy giuliani, transition officials would not name the other finalists but the speculation does center around general david petraeus ambassador john bolton and senator corker. both have met with vice president-elect mike pence in washington today in this meeting with trump friday. they will be talking about the trump transition with the trump campaign deputy executive director of transition and also with us tonight the finance chairman of the trump victory committee lou eisenberg and the vice chair the trump transition congressman marsha blackburn. congressman jim jordan joins us as well to talk about what has become the crisis of radical islamist in america. what needs to be done and why nothing has been done to this point to protect american lives. somali refugees in this country
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have soared by 250% under president obama and the republican left house leadership has accommodated obama on the issue. why? we will take that up and our top story tonight president-elect trump preparing to head out on the victory tour as his incoming cabinet continues to take shape. today trump met with the founder of wwe wrestling former georgia governor sonny perdue and also sitting down with senator dan coats of indiana and general john f. kelly. held today chose to keep -- as u.s. attorney for manhattan after a meeting at trump tower. the president-elect also holding calls with leaders from pakistan and kazakhstan. at this point he and the vice president-elect have now had conversations with more than 44 world leaders and vice president-elect pence on capitol hill had lunch with financial services committee chairman jeff hensarling and
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meetings with the presidential transition office of secretary condoleezza rice. he's also meeting with house speaker ryan senate leader mcconnell along with chief of staff reince priebus. when asked what was on the agenda of pence said only the day. joining me the trump campaign's deputy executive director of transition former trump campaign deputy campaign manager david bossie. it's great to have you with us. let's start with a very impressive statement tweet it today by the president-elect separating himself from his multibillion dollar empire and holding a press conference on the 15th. were you as surprised as the rest of us or were you aware this was coming? >> mr. trump has made known that he is going to do everything he needs to do to run this country and if that requires him stepping away from his company
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to devote his full attention and do everything in his power to use every minute of the day to make america great again, that's what he's going to do and that has come to him over them over time as this election has really settled in. he used the word total in separating himself which he said all along he will put in the hands of his children and his executives. >> i think that we will see together on the 15th exactly the totality of his separation and i think you know this is still in the final works so for me to be able to sit here today and tell you exactly what it is lou i wish i knew. i just don't know but i can tell you you are going to be very happy on the 15th. i think the american people are going to be happy that donald trump -- lou: i am happy as can be. no one has to do anything extra for me.
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let's turn to speaking of happy, delighted to see the president-elect already working and talking with ford motors, talking with carrier and succeeding with both and in holding jobs in this country a very impressive beginning. this is as i said at the outset of the broadcast this is truly the ship in action already. it is just plain and simple leadership. something the american people have been craving, something that on november 8 the american people delivered. you know, bringing now president-elect trump to washington to drain the swamp, to really shake up america and to all waken what makes america great which is each individual and to give us every opportunity that is the stowed upon us so the carrier deal is the first of many deals that mr. trump is going to make.
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this one came even before he was president. to be honest with you we are astonished that we are able, that he was able to put this together in such short order out out -- saving a thousand jobs in indianapolis and really showing the american people what this president is going to be like. lou: it is a dramatic beginning and certainly in the right direction. let's get right to the point. who is going to be secretary of state, david? >> i wish i knew. look, i think what president-elect trump has done here is really an amazing job in his deliberation, in the process that he has gone through to look and talk to as many people from david petraeus to rudy giuliani. lou: is that mean you were not going to tell us who he is going to choose?
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>> i wish i knew. i think it has come down to a couple of folks that he is seriously looking at and look, i love the process and i think he has been incredibly studious in every single decision whether it's looking at an energy secretary,, education secretary, dod, state department you name it, his attorney general we are just tickled pink with what's going on. lou: he has done very well into other departments and that is treasury and commerce, outstanding choices as as been the case in every instance. david rossi it's always great to see you and i still feel like saying the election, i can still smell the -- in the air a great campaign in a great success and again congratulations. thanks so much david. we are coming right back. much more to cover. stay with us.
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president-elect trump says the somali refugee who plowed his car into a crowd before slashing several people should not have been in the country. speaker ryan and some republican leaders doing little to stop the administration from bringing them in. congressman jim jordan joins me next on what congress should do to stop radical islamists. and first responders in eastern tennessee getting some much-needed help in their battle against massive deadly wildfires we will have the latest on the devastation in tennessee next. stay with us. this is your daughter. and she just got this. ooh boy. but, you've got hum. so you can set this. and if she drives like this, you can tell her to drive more like this. because you'll get this. you can even set boundaries for so if she should be here, but instead goes here, here, or here.
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lou: president-elect trump tying monday's terrorist attack in ohio state university that resulted in blending of 11 peopletyin it to a failed immigration policy. trump tweet it this thing isis is taking credit for the terrible stabbing attack at ohio state university by a somali refugee who should not abandon our country. a source telling "fox news" that the suspect abdul razak ali artan travel to washington d.c. late last week before the incident and that is now a central focus of the fbi investigation. artan is one of more than 90,000
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refugees from somalia who have been admitted to this country since 2001. last year house speaker paul ryan's omnibus spending bill funded the president expanded refugee agenda. funding visas for nearly 300,000 temporary and permanent muslim immigrants this year alone and there's still no commitment from ryan on a bill introduced by congressman brian babbitt that would place an immediate suspension on immigrants into this country and of the refugee resettlement program. the united states is slated to spend $1.5 billion for refugee processing and resettlement, a 73% increase since obama took office and the latest numbers do not include the additional costs associated with the unaccompanied children's program temporary assistance for needy families medicaid supplemental social security, i mean the list goes on. my next guest is urging the leadership of the house to take up the babbitt refugee bill.
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joining me now congressman jim jordan a member of the judiciary and oversight committees and has also been the chairman of the freedom caucus since its inception but is just announce he doesn't plan to seek another term as chairman. congressman is great. congressman is great to be with us. >> good to be with you lou. lou: this is remarkable what is going on. the house republicans with that vote on on the omnibus funding and supporting aggressive resettlement and issue of the president which is not only to the tragedy this week but others as you know as well by somali refugees. >> if we can't pass the bill go back and pass the stand-alone bill we did last year which every single republicans supported, 47 democrats supported. that would have gotten over -- once the bill passed barack
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obama said i would veto it and we would put that legislation on the omnibus. that bill, 47 seven democrats at this problem is so serious we are willing to pass that legislation and willing to vote for that legislation. that's who we should bring up as a must-have legislation because that could help save americans and to prevent harm that has happened like to place earlier this week at ohio state. >> congressman jordan i haven't heard the white house speak to that attack. i haven't heard anything but a rationalization from the local if ti authorities there saying they can't declared a terrorist attack even though isis is claiming credit. it's as if there's somebody going to be injured if it's referred to as a terrorist attack. it is plainly that so i don't -- this is an administration that
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has obfuscated from the inception. i don't understand the house leadership. speaker ryan saying he was going to stand tall against the president-elect on this very issue and he hasn't said a word about this attack either. this is awful. >> that's why we have this bill with bipartisan support. the bill says unless you are thoroughly checked out you do not get an plain and simple and here's why it's so important. our ago i spoke to one of the victims, young man who served in iraq and our military graduate from our high school with her oldest daughter. i spoke to andy about what to place. he got caught on the hand and had to have surgery. that's why this is so important. it has real consequences when we don't do what is plainly just common sense. that's all we are asking so the babbitt legislation are the hudson legislation has passed the house already. either one of those could help in the future may be preventing some of the similar attacks from
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happening and the reason is so important is people like the kid from our high school who served our country who have to go through surgery because he was stabbed by what surely looks like a terrorist. lou: let me change the subject and that is to a peculiar remark by kevin mccarthy the majority leader commenting that republican don't plan to kowtow to the conservatives anymore. i guess that means the freedom caucus as well and they are and the less influential freedom caucus and frankly an establishment that has a free hand because of the election of donald trump. do you suppose kevin mccarthy has just missed the entire point of the past year and a half? >> here is what i knew lou. the freedom caucus was formed as a group to take on the establishment and fight for working-class and middle-class families. along come the candidate is now the president-elect who ran a campaign to stand up for working-class and middle-class
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families and take on the establishment and somehow because all that took place the relevance and influence of the freedom caucus has diminished. i think most people would say no. it reinforces that we are on the right track fighting for the right things and were donald trump is pushing for the things that faunter's sentiment here to do the we'll have soap and everyone way we can to get happened to my concern is the establishment as a way to take good ideas at the american people want done come establishment has a way of watering goes down and preventing the very things that people elected us to do to get done. that's my big concern and that's why we have to focus on doing what we told the voters we would do, doing what they sent us here to do us here to do. if we do that we will get back on the right path and make -- two things that make a common sense and help everyone across this great nation. lou: first of all i cheer your suggestion i hope you will concur with mine which is the house of representatives including if not especially his leadership understand it's not
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about the better way agenda of speaker but rather about the america first, make america great again agenda of the man that this country elected president. >> it's not about a person, it's about the american people who sent us here to do certain things that we campaigned on. if we focus on that then we will get america back on the right path which is good for everybody. lou: let me see if we are fixing on something. we are in agreement that it will be the president's agenda, right? >> oh yeah when it comes to securing the border. lou: it's going to be his agenda putting america first in making america great again. the list goes on. >> putting the american people first is what we have to focus on them that this would donald trump campaigned on. let's make sure we do that. lou: congressman i look forward to seeing you again soon and good luck. a tall tall order in front of you as you well know. >> thanks very much.
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lou: at concerts night out of gatlinburg tennessee where the mayor says the death toll from the wildfires that surrounded the community, the death toll has risen to at least seven people and another nearly two dozen people have been injured. more than 14,000 people evacuated and the fires torching almost 20,000 acres already. this incredible video from michael luciano who escape the inferno which surrounded him literally from all sides. the rain welcome in part, possible tornadoes as well to parts of alabama and tennessee. officials say the fire started monday is likely arson but they didn't elaborate any further statement about the intent or whether or not it was arson and we will keep you posted as we learn more. the fire still out of control.
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be sure to vote in our poll tonight. given his success with carrier and ford do you believe president-elect trump will be successful in changing the outsourcing culture of corporate america? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs. follow me on twitter @lou dobbs like and facebook follow me on instagram @lou dobbs tonight and by the way thank you followers on twitter over 1 million. we appreciate it. on wall street today stocks closed mix the dow up amir to point the trump rally goes on but two points, come on. you have have to boost it. the s&p lost six and the nasdaq down 56 points. the volume on the big were picking up heavy trading 5.4 million shares. from specter he leading to big gains for the month the dow up a whopping 5% the s&p up more than 3% and the nasdaq a gain of 2.5%. oil prices surging after opec announced a deal to cut production. saudi arabia falling in line
7:23 pm
with iran cutting production by 1.2 million barrels a day. we will see that at the beginning of the year if the deal holds. crude oil prices up 9% at $49 a barrel. the private sector adding 216,000 jobs in november and that's the biggest gain since june at least according to adp and reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next house minority leader nancy pelosi survives her day of reckoning. >> i have a special spring in my step today because this opportunity is a special one to leave the house democrats, bring everyone together as we go forward. we know how to win the elections. we have done it in the past. we'll do it again. lou: well they haven't done it for a long, long time, have they? president obama was the exception. donald trump changed all of that as well.
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that's the subject of my commentary. stay with us, we will be right back.
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lou: trump is not only hands on in the challenging assembling of his cabinet and naming of white house official, he's also working with two corporations to begin saving american jobs. he must be comfort by the flagging democratic party. they re-elected nancy pelosi as their leader in the house. he localsy who corrode that members would have to pass obamacare before they could see what was in it. but she won a front row seat in the dismantling of obamacare.
7:29 pm
he lowsies reelection speaks loudly to the state of the democrats on capitol hill and every level of government throughout the country. the dems are displayed and desperate. the reality and prospects are the dimmest in almost a decade. the new left looks like the old left. when rest of ideas and energy. in the senate republicans hold 51 seats and in the house republicans held 239 seats. republicans control 33 governors' mansions and 68 of 99 state legislative chambers. but the left as usual blaming everyone but themselves and their anti-democratic inept policies and philosophy of greater dependency and great government. president obama in an interview
7:30 pm
with "rolling stone" said this about the loss in the election. part of it has to do with our inability, our failure to reach white working class voters effectively. part of it is fox news in every bar and flaunt big chunks of the country. you know better, mr. president. shame, shame. we are not in all of the bars and restaurants. you also lost $because the republican party got very fortunate. lucky that a bright, bold, patriotic billionaire decided to relinquish his comfort and that of his family and risk all to run for president. that's why americans are excited more by the day by this guy trump who promised to put america first in everything he does. and this is the part you may feel some anxiety.
7:31 pm
he promised to drain the swamp. an won't need an epa permit to do that. four quotation of the evening from teddy roosevelt. he said this. the most successful politician is he who says what the people are thinking most often in the loudest voice. does that remind you of someone? it does me. we are coming right back. three weeks from since election day and trump's cabinet is nearly half filled. >> this is as man of boundless energy and creativity. and he is absolutely determined to move that agenda forward and move it forward quickly. lou: trump promises immediate changes on day one of his administration. inauguration day can't come soon enough. coming up, here is your chance for an up close stunning ride through the swiss alps.
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lou: green party presidential candidate jill stein is getting more attention in the last few days than she got throughout the entire campaign. she officially requested a full hand recount of michigan's presidential vote.
7:36 pm
the recount could start as early as friday. it is unlikely trump's victory will be reversed since his lead in the state is well over 10,000 votes. the clinton campaign backing the latest recount in pennsylvania and wisconsin where a judge refused to order a hand count. a serious reversal for the democratic and green party's fundraising efforts. lee carter, tony sayegh, great to have you both with us. lee, do you have a dog or should i say a far it in the secretary of state's sweepstakes? >> oh, gosh. i'm excited about all of them. i love that there is -- lou: i'm talk with two republican strategists. are you guys careful.
7:37 pm
>> a lot of people are against mitt romney. i think it's a fantastic move that he's been talking to someone he has been publicly in disagreement with. i think a lot of people are saying he's more reasonable than you think, that he will talk to people he doesn't necessarily get along with. i think it's interesting petraeus is in the mix. a lot of people are excited about this as well. lou: you are talking about a guy -- are you kidding me? donald trump campaigned against hillary clinton in part on the fact that she was as the f.b.i. director put it so inadequately, she was extremely careless with national security. i don't know how to describe david petraeus. >> you know that initially the idea of romney was compelling. the more time goes on and the
7:38 pm
more the discontent and just outright anger about the prospect of mitt romney begins to foment among the most loyal supporters of donald trump, using human logic, the more capital donald trump has to use to select mitt romney, the less likely it will be mitt romney. politics and capital are the most -- political capital is the most important thing anybody has in the beginning of their term. to spend so much on one decision might be too far of a gamble. lou: mark my words on this, if you will. i think this president will generate capital, political capital at a greater rate than he generates even jobs. i think it will be about the same level. think about the fact he had two
7:39 pm
discussions with the heads of forward motors and carrier. there have been pallable results. jobs saved lives. affected by a president-elect who since reagan has done that? no one. think about the listless way this do youe do --this dour pre. you have got to be impressed, lee? >> i'm very impressed. i think -- it's okay. i think that what we are seeing here is that donald trump is going out and talking to folks that are pragmatists. he's talking to folks who are
7:40 pm
going to do the job he laid out. look at mnuchin. he's talking about tax cuts. he has a lot of experience in loan reform. he's ready to go and do those things donald trump is talking about. we are looking at a number of potential cabinet members who will be able to carry out the promises donald trump had in the campaign. >> donald trump has basically helped create and save more american jobs in the last four weeks than barack obama has done in the last four years. you have the carrier negotiation that looks successful. you have consumer confidence raising. you have the markets looking good, heading in the right direction. keystone pipeline looks like it might be resurrected creating good-paying jobs. there are a lot of people in this country -- that's a great job creator. and we hear from the trump side they are have much in favor of that. already a study, i's not going
7:41 pm
along with tpp. people should be happy about that and celebrate. lou: and we will. lee, thank you so much. we appreciate it. i want to give a show itout to the folks -- a shout-out to the folks at carrier and bill ford. the ceo took the wrong path. he's lucky he has a chairman who listened to donald trump and with whom they could reap some agreement and make a deal and the workers who benefited are deeply appreciative for the management of both of those companies. i know i am. roll the video. twod a convenient tiewsher -- two adventurers taking a
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majestic flight on a mountainside. this looks like something out of "harry potter." look as they glide across the sky in a gorgeous gorge. to survive a fly through the crack pilots must fly at speeds above 100 miles per hour. that's adventure. up next, trump's choice to head the treasury department says his focus will be jobs and growth. >> our priority will be creating good jobs for the american worker. this administration is about putting them back to work and creating good jobs. lou: lou icenberg, a great
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7:47 pm
pleased with all that has occurred. >> thank you, i'm particularly flattered to be called a great american. what this all about is to make america great again. to be part of the vision donald trump represent and try to put it into style and action is a great honor. lou: to make the commitment you made to donald trump to do it early in a full-on way which is the way you do everything, it is remarkable the me that most people i think would say, wait a minute. lou eisenberg, a crewture of the establishment take on and work for and with donald trump who was running against it. was it ever a conflict for you? >> it wasn't a conflict. early on with the strong leadership of reince priebus we were committed to support the nominee of the party.
7:48 pm
it was clear it would be donald trump. we were 100% plus in. and done * is d and donald trump is 100% plus in. what he did with carrier while he's still the president-elect is almost like the air controllers' action only earlier in his career as president than ronald reagan. lou: moving forward with the hostage negotiations predating his inauguration certainly and obviously. but he brings an energy that is to me palpable. you are watching people in washington, there are some people trying it seems to put a brave face on what they see as change coming. it's a tsunami awaiting them. i don't think all of them quite understand it.
7:49 pm
it will be -- it will be beautiful to watch in trumpian words. >> he's an indefatigable agent of change. he's a truly thoughtful transactional nare. i combines keen intellect, but you can watch how he's making these decisions on his appointments and how well they are turning out. he gives great thought, make its transaction and the results i think you would agree with me -- lou: they are outstanding, top-tier talent in every instance. who is going to be secretary of state? >> i don't know. and i would say -- if i knew. what i do think we are going to see. you had that saying, thoughtful,
7:50 pm
precise nature. he's thought to a number perhaps thot not all. all the candidates who could do this job well. i'm confident he will do the decision to make a tremendous secretary of state. lou: that's a tremendous feeling in the confidence that's the president-elect. >> we mad a chance to spend time together. the president for 30-some years plus. the chance to see him in action how he can stick to it and deliver, wheel we are in for an incredible positive change. lou: mnuchin, wilbur ross, these are names moving into important posts in the administration. this is exciting to see this level of talent. and everyone that i have looked at, they are not going there for a pay raise.
7:51 pm
they are going there out of a sense of duty. >> these are people i know well and have worked with for a long period of time. steven mnuchin brings to it a great mind which becomes readily apparent and has been into these issues more than middle east people will expect. he will create jobs and reduce regulations to achieve 4% growth. over time if we do go about the deregulation, working with steve a perfect combination, and focus on trade, fair trade, but free trade, we are going to make it. we are going to make it. lou: always good to see you. congratulations again.
7:52 pm
lou: up next congressman marcia blackburn says donald trump is proving to be a great leader, meeting with former goes and rivals such as mitt romney. >> he won this election by focusing on principles, policies and change. not on personality. he's bringing that to bear as he is insnrieght his foes. lou: congresswoman blackburn is the vice chair of the trump transition team.
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lou: joining me now is the vice-chair of the trump transition team as well as the chairman of the house commerce congresswoman blackburn, i want to share with our audience the latest video from gat rinseburg, the -- near gatlinburg. the fire is raging out of control. it's believed to be arson. beyond that not a lot is being divulged. at this point, they are saying that it was man made fire and it reached -- it swept 500 acres? just instantly, it seemed.
7:57 pm
now it devoured some 20,000 acres. it's about 10% controlled, which is uncontrolled. is that what you have as well? do you have anything new you can add to that? >> that's pretty much what we know, and we know there are four confirmed deaths. the devastation is just unbelievable. so much concern, the story from our 10ans who are coming out of -- or tennesseans coming out of that area, it's absolutely horrific. >> we can update the death toll and injuries now. the death toll has risen to 7, according to latest, and there are two dozen people who have been injured in those fires. and the efforts to control it
7:58 pm
obviously go on. our hearts go out to all of the folks. >> absolutely, and to the first responders and national guard working dill jnltly trying to get it under control, and we are praying for rain. lou: we have a couple minutes very quickly. what is the mood in the house as you began to finish up the lame duck session and get ready for a brand-new president, a new congress? >> the house is very optimistic. we are going to hear from different members. they will say i haven't been this excited ever because they know that this is a president-elect who will be a president and make a decision, he's going to bring leadership. he's building out what i think will be a rock star cabinet. people committed to getting the job done. you are going to see government reform and innovation take place.
7:59 pm
which is what people want. and this is the time to dream big and be bold, and to really exercise reducing the size, the scope and reach of the federal government, reduce the cost of it. >> you have got a big and bold dreamer and doer in donald trump. so it's going to be a fascinating first 100 days, my bet is fascinating 8 years in point of fact. >> i think you are exactly right. >> congressman, i appreciate it again. i know you join me in saying just, you know, our prayers for the folks in tennessee and the families of those who have been injured and unfortunately killed in this terrible fire. congressman marsha blackburn, thank you for being with us. we look forward to seeing you soon. >> time fear comment or two.
8:00 pm
that's it for us. thank you for being with us. be with us for our special coverage of trump's thank you and victory tour. kennedy: donald trump says he's stepping away from his businesses so he can fully focus on the country. but is it enough to prevent any conflicts of interest? hillary clinton officially asking forral recount in wisconsin. what are her chances? chris stirewalt is here with the details. is barack obama really blaming fox news in tvs in restaurants for the democratic electoral failure? brian kilmeade is our guest. if religion is the opiate of the masses then twitter is the kraskt electorate and um


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