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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  December 1, 2016 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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>> a big thank you to our all-star panel. seize the day. thank you very much. "varney & company" begins right now. stuart, coming to you from the new bentley. over to you. stuart: is that a mannequin pose? i don't know, i don't know. [laughter] you look good, maria. maria: good, thank you. stuart: drive it away. all right, everybody. december 1st, 50 days until the trump presidency. let's be optimistic, dow 20,000? good morning, now, this is not a forecast, it's an optimistic outlook in line with america's new mood. 19,123. that was the close yesterday. that means we're 876 points from 20k. what will get us there? the promise of growth and tax cuts and big government spending. goldman sachs, no less, says, yes, a huge rally is coming.
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of course, there's a down side. mortgage rates, for example, are soaring and so is the price of oil and that means higher gas prices down the road. let' move on to president-elect trump. this is thank you day, he heads to ohio and look for big crowds. the question, will governor kasich be there? and then to indiana, carrier will thank him for saving one thousand jobs. and now they're telling fox business they want dialog with the new president. and let's move on to the democrats. nancy pelosi in a leadership race, democrats are cheering, they lost on her watch 63 seats. keith ellison goes up against the merely far left howard dean in the race for dnc chair.
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let's call this the "varney & company" thank you tour because thanks to you, we have now beaten cnbc for four months in a row. the tour is about to begin. [laughter]. ♪ >> it's morning again in america. today, more men and women will go to work than ever before in our country's history. with interest rates at about half the record highs of 1980, nearly 2000 families today will buy new homes. more than at any time in the past four years. stuart: we can't resist. [laughter] would you? remember it? the great communicator, rallying the country with upbeat positive mental. well, investors are feeli-- an update message. and they're feeling positive.
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nasdaq 2, russell 2000, 10% higher. that's the trump rally. based on the promise of growth and that's why we're looking at dow 20,000 maybe and goldman sachs with a huge rally as well. let's go to the down side, there is one. the 30-year fixed rate mortgage moved well above, well, it's above 4%, that's a key level. interest rates are rising sharply. we're going to get the latest mortgage rate reading the next of the top hour. look at this, the price of oil almost at $51 per barrel. now, that means gas prices will go up. the upside move has started already. the price of regular was moving up a little bit overnight, 2.15 is the average and that's for a gallon of regular nationwide. look who is here. brian brenburg at king's college, new york. i think that growth and the stock market rally as positives
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beat out higher interest rates and more expensive gas as negatives. that's what i say. >> i agree. this rally could continue, 5% increase next year, gets us to 20k. trump has to move fast and stay focused. you're right. the rally s been on the promise of growth and he has to deliver on the policy. stuart: you're saying 5% growth next year for the stock market. that takes us well above $20,000. >> that's kind of the magnitude of the shifting you'll see to get us to 20 k and i think it's possible for next year. again, it depends on translating promises to policy. that's the question mark going forward. stuart: look, the price of oil is on the screen right now. close to $51 a barrel. that means gas prices are going up. look at the 10-year treasury yield. now at 2.4%. now, those are negatives, i suspect. >> not big enough to derail the rally. trump has some wind at his tail right now when you've got gdp being revised up. jobs numbers are looking pretty good. consumer confidence is way up. people are expecting higher
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wages and lower tax bills and that's going to outweigh marginal increases in the treasury rate that's going to outweigh marginal increases. >> i'm not way out of line putting up a full screen saying 20,000 on the dow industrials maybe? >> no, again, it's going to change from promises to policy execution. that's what's going to drive the market next year. stuart: wait a minute, are you in any doubt that we will get tax cut, regulatory reform, big government spending on infrastructure in the military? no doubt surely? >> look, it's one thing to say you want these things and it's quite another, as you know, to work with congress, even a friendly congress to get this done. there's going to be a lot of ups and downs. i think you can get to 20 k, but it's not going to be easy. >> thanks, stay there, a lot more for you. remember when donald trump said he would not eat oreo's ever again if the factory that makes them move to mexico? roll that tape. >> i can tell you this, when carrier and ford and nabisco
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leaving chicago, i'm not eating oreos. neither is chris, you're not eating oreo's, no more for either of us. don't feel bad. stuart: i miss it. that was entertainment, was it not. ashley: that was great. stuart: that was back in may. now that mr. trump struck deals with carrier and ford, they're going to stay, some of the jobs. what's this about oreo's and nabisco? >> i'm not going to eat those, i'm not going to eat oreo's. it's owned by mondelez, the big company. they've moved jobs to mexico from their chicago facility. however, fox business spoke with nabisco and said, look, going down the line and in future we will be happy to talk to the obama-- the obama administration, they'd be happy to say goodbye to the obama administration and say hello to the trump administration. in other words, willing to talk. so another example, perhaps of donald trump saying, look, keep
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the jobs in the united states. stuart: and-- >> the companies lining up at the white house to get special breaks in return for giving trump good headlines. this is not what's going to get you to 20k. you've got to broad base reforms not individual company deals. stuart: all right, i heard you. [laughter] how about nancy pelosi? now, remember, please, her party lost 63 seats in the house of representatives and 12 governorships on her watch. she has been reelected house minority leader. trump's senior advisor kellyanne conway tweeted this about the democrats after pelosi's win. what a relief. i was worried. [laughter] i was worried they had learned from the elections and might be competitive and cohesive again. washington examiner columnist, you're cheering her on. >> i'm rejoicing because it's so foolish. literally is just so foolish.
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if you've suffered such historic losses under nancy pelosi, such historic losses for the democratic party as a whole the past four years, why would you continue doing what has failed you? but you know, obviously, they're going to so i applaud it. stuart: now, look, there's another battle coming up within the democratic party, keith ellison going up against former governor howard dean. they're going up, contesting the championship of the dnc. what will you do, if a way out far left, keith ellison wins? >> well, i think it's just another left turn towards trajectory of failure that they have seen, if that's what they ultimately decide to do. this is a guy who said that black americans need a separate country. this is someone who has written that the constitution is a white conspiracy, essentially, to, you know, control other people, i'm paraphrasing, but that's something that he has written. so he's very extreme. he has ties to the nation of islam and i think this is going
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to continue to take the democratic party down the rabbit hole. they were just rejeblcted on progressivism. they were more concerned about transgender bathrooms than getting the economy on track and giving people a chance. stuart: i'm looking forward to battles in congress, repeal of obamacare, tax cuts, deregulating the financial industry. how about the democrats mount significant opposition, as divided as they are? >> well, i think the focus is going to be more in the senate, that's where they have more opportunities, obviously, to filibuster and try to do these things. you look at chuck schumer, he's more of a deal maker than harry reid. you could see where chuck schumer strikes deals with donald trump and move the ball
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forward, but we'll see and we don't know yet. stuart: i'm looking at the big smile and know why you've got the big smile on your face. thank you, indeed. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: a sad difficult subject, the latest on the wildfires in tennessee. ashley: yeah, it's absolutel heartbreaking. seven people now confirmed dead in these fires. the bodies of three people inside of a house. and 700 buildings destroyed or damaged. the speed and the ferocity of the fire took everybody by surprise. wind up to 90 miles per hour as they swept through, that's hurricane strength. and tell me about dollywood-- >> that's in pigeon forge. she's made an extremely generous move. ashley: she's a generous person
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anyway, the dollywood foundation is donating $1,000 a month for every family who lost for six months. it's from her foundation, the dollywood foundation, that park was spared, but she's doing what she can to help. stuart: i think she helped light the tree last night. ashley: she did, indeed. stuart: good for you, dolly, good stuff. check this out, a picture from the fire zone that's making the round on facebook. firefighters from johnson city, tennessee fire department. they slept on the sidewalk. 36 straight hours of fighting fires in tennessee, stretched out there, asleep on the sidewalk. those guys have been working. back to your money, look at futures, please. moving up a bit. up 30, 40 points at the opening bell, which is about 20 minutes from now. and some vegans in the u.k., they are outraged over the bank notes there. why would that be? well, they contain animal
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tallow, that's an animal fat. it helps the bank notes move through atm machines. they're outraged. ashley: probably taste pretty good. [laughter] e. stuart: sarah palin reports that she's considered to head up the va. more on that coming up. first though jessie waters confronts the president of hampshire college. he's the one who took down the american flags after trump's win. things got heated. you'll see it all after this break. . i'at the edward jones office, like sue suggested. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. (laughing) you mean pay him back? knowing your future is about more than just you. so let's start talking about your long-term goals... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> why did you remove the american flag from campus? don't you realize the whole country's laughing at you right now? >> get your foot out of my door. >> president-elect, why did you remove the flag? >> i don't want to talk toou about it. >> don't you think you owe it to the veterans to explain yourself? >> i don't want to talk to you about it.
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would you please remove your foot from my door? >> you made a lot of people very upset. i think you owe the country an explanation. >> you're giving speeches. stuart: all right, you heard it. that was fox news jessie water confronting the president of hampshire college, amherst, massachusetts. that's where the flags were removed after the election. and stacy washington is with us. would you like to pass judgment on banning the flag at that particular college? you're a veteran. >> yeah, i can, yeah, i have a problem with it. stuart: you do? >> you know, yeah, i do. absolutely, i think it's ridiculous. so we're not in a foreign country here. this is america and if you want to make a statement about not liking what happened during the election, there are other ways to do that, but this guy is in a position of leadership with students looking up to him and he has a lot of responsibilities and this is the wrong way to express himself. especially since he's got to have veterans in his student body. got to have veterans driving by that campus and seeing some
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international flag and wondering what's going on over there. stuart: yeah, i wonder if he would take down the mexican flag if somebody raised it, that's a pejorative statement on my part. i said it. there are media reports that sarah palin is considered for veterans affairs secretary. you are a veteran, stacy, what would you think of sarah palin running the departme? >> well, okay. so, stuart, we know that under a va run by sarah palin, 387,000 veterans will not die waiting for appointments to see what's wrong with them so i actually don't have a problem with it. my optimal situation would be to have mitt romney prove himself as someone who's turned away from his horrible statements that he made about donald trump during the primary and have him come in and turn around the va the same way he did the olympics. but if that's not going to happen, sarah palin would be awesome. i've seen that documentary that stephen bannon did on her called the undefeated. she is a fantastic, phenomenal
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leader, a great business mind, and i know, you know, snl videos aside, she would make a fantastic va secretary. stuart: you really stick your neck out sometimes, don't you? [laughter] you do. >> yeah. stuart: you're not supposed to dissolve into tears of laughter when i say you stick your neck out. if you want to do that, that's fine. >> no, i do. this is what i really think and i'm so tired of this whole idea that mitt romney is owed anything. he's not, stu, this is a job interview and he shouldn't just be automatically up for that job. i think he would be better at va. i do. stuart: okay, stacy, would you stay there, please? i've got a lot more that will make you smile later on. stay there, please. i've got breaking news from the ford motor company. sales are up. ashley: they were essentially flat.
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the ford brand up 4.6%. suv sales up, and the strong area for ford is the lincoln models, up 19.1% and truck sales up nearly 5% so overall positive. stuart: that's where the cheap gas goes, cheap gas gives you suv sales. ashley: everyone wants an suv. stuart: i've got two big retail names and both are looking the outlook is not that great. they'll be down. guess will be down a couple of bucks, in percentage it erms -- terms is quite a bit. and same percentage drop, significant. president-elect trump, well, he kicks off his, i'm going to call it the thank you, tour today. first off is the carrier factory in indianapolis. the workers there say thank you to them. he saved a thousand of their jobs. you'll see it live here on fox business, 2 p.m. eastern, we're hoping to show you his motorcade, gigantic motorcade
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leaving trump tower this morning and we hope to get that on the show. next up on the tour, cincinnati, ohio. huge crowds expected. this will be the big public appearance. the question, will governor john kasich be there? kelloggs pulling all ads from and they say it promotes racism. breitbart is pushing back. we're back in a moment. ways w.
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>> will you look at this? the price of oil just hit $51 per barrel. that's the back drop to the markets this morning. $51 a barrel oil. we have cereal maker kellogg saying they'll pull the plan from breitbart. they claim it's racist and anti-semitic. >> there's a boycott, it's tough because kelloggs has "special k," pringles, eggo waffles, the major food groups and so that's going to be hard. and kellogg's says that hate speech is why they're pulling their ads. stuart: stacy is with us. you've lost your smile. [laughter] look, if you scan the news these days, everybody is a racist, what do you make of this? >> no one is a racist 'cause if everyone's a racist, no one is,
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if you've seen the cartoon, you get the reference i'm making here. this is about cheez-its and always a form in a baggie available. this means there won't be a cheez-it's and i'll put my kids on other pretzels. stuart: are you sick and tired about this, if you want something done about 11 million illegals living in america you're a bigot. you can be called a racist and bigot so easily, i'm sick and tired of it, how about you? >> i'm more than sick and tired. i'm fed up, you have to be a racist if you want is sovereign border and taxes, and it's nothing to do with racism. stuart: stacy washington, you'll be back smile and all. all right, check this out.
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here is where the dow closed 19,123. that means we're 876 points from 20,000. think we'll get there by christmas? maybe that's a stretch, but earlier in the new year, who knows? watch your money. the opening bell after this.
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>> well, this is going to be interesting. we've got 15 seconds before that market formally opens up. they'll stop clapping and we'll start trading. we should be up i'm guessing 30, maybe 40 points and we're getting awfully close to dow 20,000. there you go, it's 9:30 when the graphic fades like that, you know we're starting, we're up 19 points, 18 points, a lot of green on the left-hand side. >> we're up 16 points. the s&p is up 1 point, .05%. how about that nasdaq? took it on the chin yesterday. no change this morning and still at $5300. here is the market that's moving. oil. moments ago, we hit $51 per barrel. that's a huge gain in the last two days, we're up nearly 3% go enthis morning, and that may have some impact on the overall stock market. certainly on energy stocks this morning. how about gold? where are we? 11,067. we have come down a lot since
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the election. who is here? it's thursday morning. ashley is here larry levin, brian, dr, we're altogether. let's go. dow 20,000. we're 876 points away. when do we get to 20k. layrr larry, i'm going to hit you on first. >> i think december, but there's a fed meeting and it will put a kibosh on that, sometime, but not. stuart: you're hedging, certainly before christmas except for the fed and come on. dr barton, when? >> i like 20,000 in the first half of next year, i think even the first quarter. one more thing to think about in addition to the fed. we've got a big vote in italy coming up the markets are going to be anticipating whether it's called the it-leave referendum.
9:32 am
and it would be a constitutional change to open them up. stuart: hold on a second, if you say no, no to constitutional change on sunday in italy. >> yes. stuart: our market goes down? yes. ashley: yes, because the prime minister there says he's going to quit and putting his reputation on line here. trying to change the constitution in order to put reforms through quicker. the no camp is strong and could create instability. and italian banks is another cloud. stuart: i'm going to break in, general motors sales, earlier ford up 5%. gm did what. ashley: up 10%. stuart: 10%. and the stock nearly 35. it was around 30, 31, 32 for a long, long time now at 35. okay. not bad. how about this one for you? still on the theme of the big rally. goldman sachs speculates that the s&p 500, you're looking at it now, will jump, wait for it, 9% in the early months of the trump presidency.
9:33 am
ashley: yeah, hit 2400 in the first quarter according to goldman sachs. it's upping the forecast from earlier, investors will look at hope instead of fear, 2017 earnings growth 1 # 1%, they were projecting 5%. they've doubled their estimates. stuart: don't you love? >> jump on board. stuart: you've been quiet. do you think we'll see the whopping rally that goldman says? >> i think that 20k by christmas 2017. it's going to get tougher when you're talking getting policy through. you have to bake that into the conversation. stuart: now, i want a way to play the trump rally. so far the trump rally has been concentrated on stocks in the russell 2000 index. there's something called an eta, a basket of stocks that represents the russell 2000. you're looking at a chart of
9:34 am
what it's called iwm. that's the symbol. if you want to invest in the whole ball of wax you buy iwm. good way to invest, dr? >> if you're expecting this rally that goldman sachs is looking at, that brian says is going to come later in the year, but if you're expecting that rally, stuart, that is a great way to play. playing these small cap stocks, what it does for us, it allows us to get a bigger bang for the buck. they go down faster than the market goes down. they go up faster than the market goes up. if you have an expectation of markets up, the iwm is a good way to play that expectation. stuart: we hate being technical on this program etf and that kind of stuff. if you want to play that whole basket, all 2000 of them, iwm is the way to go. >> correct. stuart: got anything to say? >> i agree and actually smaller companies have smaller effective tax rate so with the trump tax cut, a bigger boost there. that's why these companies have been surging more. stuart: that's interesting. good stuff.
9:35 am
now, let's not forget the big-- >> be careful about the timing. say again, larry. >> i would say i'd be careful about the timing. we've got a fed meeting coming up and that fed meeting is probably going to affect the timing and probably could time it after the fed meeting. stuart: you're suggesting that the fed will raise interest rates and look for raising them more and that will hit the market. is that what you're saying, larry? >> i love my trading buddy giving us timing tips. stuart: larry runs a school for teaching people how to trade and hedge? >> and we talk about timing every single day. stuart: and every single customer that i bring in with that little promo, i just gave to you, it's commissionable. >> fair enough. stuart: and techs, three of them which took a huge hit yesterday and look at them. they're down again. alphabet, that's google. amazon, facebook. big losses yesterday. and they're down a bit more today. i want to know why.
9:36 am
why are they taking the hit and nobody else? >> the reason they're not participating in the rally and taking these hits. you've got to remember, these are the stocks that were up so much over 2015 and 2016. investors and institutional money managers are starting to go, we want to play the next big thing. we want to get into the trump and republican dominated congress plays. to do that they've got to get money from somewhere. what do they do? they take profits on the stocks up so strongly. stuart: larry levin, you're our futuristic kind of guy. putting money out for these? >> some people are moving money and some of them, facebook and places like that aren't doing as well as they once were and they're reporting poorly or we saw that nasdaq take a hit yesterday and there's certainly profit-taking in there. stuart: what do you say, brian.
9:37 am
>> tech stocks have a murkier future going forward. it's not clear what relationship they'll have compared to carriers of the world at the door of the white house. stuart: do you think that donald trump will look at silicon valley and try to beat them up? >> maybe try. a weaker relationship, they may be more invo-- innovative. i don't like the cozy relationship. >> and that could bring us back a tax incentive. stuart: that gives them leverage. they have the money overseas to try to get them to bring it back. larry come back in, please. i just heard shouting in the background there. what's going on? >> i think we had a big order to the right here. they are he an unfortunately,
9:38 am
few and far between in the pits like electronics, at least we had one. stuart: it's the sound of someone making money. check the big board, 7, 8 minutes on the day. 19,160 is where we are. profit and sales down at la-z-boy, not down as much as wall street was thinking so the stock goes up 7%. go figure. weaker profit, weaker sales, dollar general, surprisingly. and it's down 6 1/2%. check the share price of ford motor company. earlier we learned 5% sales up year over year, forward back $12 a share. energy stocks, i'm sure they're up across the board because the price of oil is rallying big time. $51 a barrel for oil and look at exxon-- i'm sorry, devon energy, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. all are up except baker hughes and now the energy stocks, more of them. et cetera, et cetera, you know
9:39 am
what i'm talking about. energy stocks are up today. have we got the big majors, the exxons of the world? can we put them up, please, we'll get there sooner or later. i'll guarantee they are up and that's helping the overall market. we've got blood letting from a couple of retailers. that's a graphic way to put it. i guess it beats putting them on death watch. express cutting their profit forecast and there's another one, too, nicole, give me the story, please, wrap it up. nicole: blood letting. it sounds terrible, but the truth of the matter yesterday we heard from american eagle outfitters and today we heard from both guess and express, much of the same story. guess in particular, lower than expected revenue and profit. their e-commerce, that was down so that's not even good. they've just had the falling foot traffic, the rising competition. the promotional environment and both have noted that. there's a couple of bright spots. guess, well, they've seen some double digit abroad, in europe
9:40 am
and asia, the bright spot for express is that the ceo says that they saw an increase, a double digit increase for e-commerce, big picture. these retailers are struggling in a challenging environment and i love guess, but-- >> like i said yesterday, a long time before i invest in a teen retailer again. [laughter] you know more about this than i do. all right, now, serious story, look at the stock price of disney, they are the parent of espn. now, espn lost 1.2 million subscribers, almost 1.2 million in two months. what's that about? >> when you think it's about $7 per month per subscriber, that's about $80 a year per subscriber. stuart: a big loss. ashley: 100 million maybe. why? well, cord cutting, but leftist posturing, nba coaches and
9:41 am
analysts ranting about a donald trump victory turned people off and the magazine was supportive of colin kaepernick protest during the national anthem and that's turning people off. stuart: the liberal bias on penn is one of the reasons why they're dropping espn? >> an article about the politicalization. every time they're doing this, they're offending half the audience, whichever way you want to rant and that's a big thing. 49% of disney's profits come from the cable companies in their realm, stuart. espn a good chunk. stuart: the stock is already-- >> people have been expecting this drop back. what espn has going for it, they have some pricing power.
9:42 am
one of the reasons that people don't cut cords as quickly is because they want to keep their espn so they've been raising prices while losing subscribers. stuart: that's an interesting story. anything to say? >> this is why it's so interesting that some of the big names, major league baseball, starting to look at amazon as a way to distribute their content and that won't come up for five, seven years. but this kind of trend at espn speaks highly. stuart: i'd love a crystal ball, it's like this, this and this. and a couple of weeks ago you would say, hold on. ashley: stu lost his train of thought. stuart: avert your eyes, that's the model gigi hadid at the victoria secret fashion show. el brands is the parent company. gigi hadid took some heat after a melania trump impression at ama's and now she's parading in her underwear.
9:43 am
anyone want to-- larry levin, do you want to comment on this? [laughter] >> i saw her impression. i thought it was terrible. and i don't know, this is probably going to come off as sexist, everybody will hate me for saying this, i spend more time looking at models. stuart: i think that's acceptable. any comment, you're a professor? dr, you're a christian, get away who says you can't have fun when covering money? >> no one. stuart: get out of here. everybody, calm down. time for the amazon story of the day. amazon wants to ship your data to the cloud using a truck like that, an actual truck. you heard me right. ashley: i thought it was a joke, an april fool's joke, you push a button and up it goes to the cloud. apparently they'll send a truck and they basically-- if you have a lot of data
9:44 am
they'll send this truck and imagine siphoning gasoline out of a tank. they'll hook up to your data center and drive it to the amazon center and take it to amazon and up to the cloud. >> think about it as a pipe, a pipe out of your small business or medium business, it's small electronically data-wise, they can bring a big pipe and get it and upload it onto hard drives onto this truck and upload it later. ashley: it's called the snowmobile service, which is a truck. stuart: a truckload of data. they're killing me, i've got to move on. i've got a gallup poll on donald trump's infrastructure plan. 75% of the people polled say they agree with the proposal, only 11% disagree. i think that's a pretty strong majority there, brian. >> if they're expecting this to
9:45 am
be a major job creator, they have another thing coming. it's not like you're going to be like the 1930's and send them out with pick axes. it's going to be a boost to infrastructure companies, i don't think it's a boost to workers. ashley: what, what? >> no, no, no, no. stuart: electricians, you know, look, backhoe operators. >> guys who have work, guys who are highly skilled, this is not going to be the job for people working at mcdonald's who are struggling with low wages and low opportunities. >> there's a long-term productivity play here, if we invest in infrastructure, it helps our u.s. economy productivity, then we have a long-term positive play. stuart: you've both-- you're totally wrong, remberg. >> you watch, it's a goodbye, thanks seeing you, dr, you're all right and larry see you soon. stuart: why don't we check the big board?
9:46 am
why not of course we're going to check it. it's up 52 points, 19,176 that's where we are. nancy pelosi, still house minority leader. here is part of her victory speech. roll tape. >> i have a special spring in my step today because this opportunity is a special one to lead the house democrats, bring everyone together as we go forward. my heart is broken that we did not win the white house this time. that -- it's a pain in -- not for me personally, but for what it means to the american people. stuart: i shall repeat, a spring in her step. that's what she said. come on in, leslie marshall, she's with us this morning. i don't know why you're smiling leslie, because your party appears to be in some trouble. speaker pelosi led her party in the house to the loss of 63
9:47 am
seats and 12 governorships and she's reelected in a landslide. what are you up to? >> well, i'm smiling because i'm seeing you, stuart. i had a week off for thanksgiving. stuart: nice try. >> hey, listen, i'm one of the few liberal democrats who thought that change would have been a good idea. but when we look historically at both parties, even just most recent days, john boehner, paul ryan, there may be somebody who says, hey, i'm going to come up against you as an opponent and fight and you get some both, people in both parties seem to go with what they know. and the problem here with that, stuart, as you know, not only did democrats not win the presidency, but they did not get leadership of the senate, they lost seats within the minority in the house under nancy pelosi's leadership so i was one that felt maybe it was time for a change, especially bringing somebody forward from a state like ohio, as an example, where you have a very
9:48 am
strong blue collar worker base. stuart: what about the forth coming election to chair the dnc. you've got far, far left keith ellison going up against the far left howard dean. i mean, you know, that -- what's going on? i mean, you're moving further and further and further to the left here. you can't approve of that surely? >> stuart, to me, it's not as much the move to the left that i have a problem with, it's the continuing lack of unity and the continuing division within this party and not listening to the american people. one thing that we saw with bernie sanders's success and certainly president-elect trump's success, the american people across the board and democrats across the board want change. howard dean is a voice, a name from the past. that is not change. he is viewed as being a part of the old informer establishment. keith ellison is a part of the establishment and certainly
9:49 am
very left for some democrats that are more moderate, especially when it comes to fiscal issues. stuart: do you think we'll stop the identity-- will you stop the identity politics? and move towards an embrace of america? >> well, the problem, stuart, we have a very divided america. i think we have divisions within our own parties. we as democrats do. republicans do as well. the nation is clearly divided and i don't know who or how that is going to be brought together. honestly, i hope that this next president can do that. i'm a bit of a pessimist, not just for donald trump not being able to do that, but i just think that sometimes we really love being divided to a certain degree. even within our own party and we saw with the bernie or bust people, as we see even with the people who say yay for nancy pelosi or no we need change. stuart: you've had your week off, now you're back to business and you've still got a smile.
9:50 am
i'm glad to see that good stuff. leslie, come again soon, good to see you. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: breaking news, fiat chrysler sales just got them. ashley: yeah, not very good. fiat chrysler down 14% year over year and i was just taking a check. the dodge sales down 21%. this is far worse than was expected. jeep truck sales down 12%. you know, we just heard from gm and ford that sales are actually up in november. not a good month it appears. >> ford up 5% and gm up 10% and that stock is going to 34.35 and fiat chrysler, the stock at 7. got it. take a look, now we're up 71 points, close to 19-2. i think more than half of the dow 30 are in the green. that means they're up. the ceo of levi's, tells customers, do not bring your guns into our stores, but he might have a good reason why.
9:51 am
full story coming up for you. president-elect trump embarks on his thank you tour today. one of his stops, the carrier plant in indiana where he struck a deal to keep nearly 1,000 jobs from going to mexico. trump's transition going at a break-neck pace. ♪ ♪
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call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ >> the pick for secretary of state is down to four names. i didn't ask for the names, presume you're on the four-name list, aren't you, mr. ambassador? >> well, you know, stuart, i don't think i'll commit any news this morning, either. so-- >> i knew it, i knew it. well, he did not want to get onto it-- get into it i should say. that was ambassador john bolton. we hear that his name is on the new short list of, i think it's four or five, for secretary of state. what have you got. ashley: we said four yesterday, but five, don't count out john bolton. rudy guiliani, senator bob corker, as the aforementioned john bolton, mitt romney of
9:56 am
course, and general petraeus. you know, it seemed like john bolton's name was fading away a bit, but he's back. stuart: back on the list. ashley: a lot of people like john bolton. stuart: and levy's ceo that's you want to shop for jeans, leave the gun at home. ashley: he says you don't need a gun to try on a pair of jeans. this follows a customer shooting himself while inside an levi's store, it's not funny, he was fine. shot himself in the foot. he's fine, but he says i have employees across the country expressing concerns they are seeing more weapons that are being brought into the stores and so he's put on a nationwide ban of no guns in the store, even though some states allow it. stuart: okay. but he doesn't want to-- >> he says there's no need to have a gun in an levi's store. stuart: president-elect trump, a man who spent his entire life in the business world, he's moving into the white house
9:57 am
just next month. this will be a very stark contrast compared to the last eight years of the obama administration. i ask you, when was the last time you saw a business leader meet with president obama? i can't remember. we'll have my take on that in a moment. and also, one of the top lawmakers who says that congress has an obligation to investigate hillary clinton? he's on the show, this is far from over. hour two coming up.
9:58 am
. .
9:59 am
stuart: when was the lags time you saw president obama meet
10:00 am
with business leaders? has been a while, hasn't it? this administration has develop ad anti-business reputation. big business, big corporations always thrown out as a negative. tax them, regulate them, don't let them leave the country. amazing really so many in the executive suite backed hillary clinton whose campaign rhetoric was even more anti-business than president obama. well look what is happening now. a man who spent his entire life in business is going to sit in the oval office and the cabinet he uses to run the country relies heavily on business people. and the policies they will put in place are to put it mildly, business-friendly. wait, there's more. the way they govern will take a lot from the business playbook. you think trump will handle infrastructure building the same as obama handled the $800 billion stimulus program? come on, dream on. it was really sad to see the president's press secretary being so smugly critical of trump's win with the carrier
10:01 am
corporation. it was a business win for trump but josh ernest just couldn't bring himself to say, well-done. couple of hours from now you will see the trump motorcade leave the white house north, trump tower, and head to indianapolis. the president-elect is going to the carrier plant whose jobs he saved. workers will say thank you. what a contrast. trump gets a thank you, the obama team whines. the second hour of "varney & company," the highest-rated business show in day time television, is about to begin claim. stuart: wait for it. we have latest on mortgage rates. what have we got, ash? ashley: 30 year fix,ed stu, coming in 4.08%. that is up from 4.03 percent. it was 3.93. the trend is upwards, above 4%.
10:02 am
stuart: the big jump come since the election. ashley: the trump rally. stuart: i guess you could say that. ashley: that is the way the market is headed. stuart: 4.0is where we are headed? ashley: yes. stuart: dow jones industrials are a gain of 58. 19,182. they're are big names, three in particular, all of these stocks, alphabet, amazon, and facebook, they all took a huge hit yesterday and they're taking another hit today. down seven on google. down three on amazon and down nearly 2.50 on facebook. people are worried about the relationship between the trump administration and silicon valley. how about this? the price of oil, straight up again. 50.71 is the price. opec looking towards an agreement to cut production. up goes the price of oil. i think we have energy stocks going straight up as well.
10:03 am
ashley: okay. stuart: control room, at some point get me the exxons of this world and shells of this world because i think they will be way up as well. a lot of those people hold those stocks. yes, there you go. okay. can you move that camera a bit. i can't see the board. so i don't squint. they put it up full screen for me. exxon, conoco chevron, bp, royal dutch/shell to upside, a big gain as well. president trump making deals already, reaching out to business, the white house, not impressed. roll that tape. >> that the president-elect indicated he deserves credit for that announcement. if he is successful in doing that, 804 more times, then he will meet the record of manufacturing jobs that were created in the united states while president obama was in
10:04 am
office. stuart: one of the trump campaign advisors, trump campaign chief, i should say, how are you, jeff? big smile. >> great, stuart. stuart. makes me laugh hearing that clip from him, tell you what. stuart: why do you laugh? was he making a valid point about president obama's job creation versus donald trump's? why are you laughing? >> well donald trump hasn't even assumed the role yet. he is already creating jobs. i don't think that president obama could come anywhere close to that. but the fact that they are down playing what is happening already since the election, we have consumer sentiment at a nine-year high. we just had adp jobs number came out yesterday. we were expecting 165,000. it came out at 216,000. job market is picking up. consumer sentiment is going through the roof. that is big driver of market. market hitting highs since
10:05 am
donald trump was elected. small caps drastically outperforming large caps since the election. shows you small business, the true driver of job growth sees this as a huge positive. donald trump's record looking back will be a lot better than barack obama's as evidenced by the strong start before even gets in the white house? stuart: look, we're a business show. i have to get into the conflict of interest. mr. trump has said he will be handing control of his business empire to his children, allowing him to completely and freely run the country, a divorce between the two. can he really separate himself from thinks businesses, if it is his children who are running those businesses? >> yeah, i don't think there is any way that he doesn't. keep in mind, not as if he is running a big manufacturing company that would be selling goods to the u.s. government. so the conflict of interest in owning resorts and golf courses and hotels is very slim anyways. so it is a very different thing than people, than i think the
10:06 am
take out there. there is no question. i'm proud of him for the stance he is taking. he is asking corporations right now like carrier to put america first to keep jobs here. asking everyone to go to washington sign a five-year pledge to make america over their interests. he is doing the same in his personal life. i think he should be much commended for what he is doing. stuart: you have the inside story, did mr. trump strong arm carrier and others? hey, you want to do business with the federal government, shape up, was sitting like that. >> i don't think so at all. i think they know good things are around the corner. the economy is picking up. with his win, i think a lot of companies considering going elsewhere will stick around to see how this plays out. in typical government sense you would have carrot and stick. i don't think there needs to be a stick. the carrot that will come in growth in the economy, in tax cuts, in less regulation, are things that will be drivers for
10:07 am
the economy that will force companies to stick around for the bottom line. stuart: jeff, i think you're being a little soft there. i can't see mr. trump not exploiting leverage whenever he's got it. you are not necessarily in a position to say that. jeff dewitt, i hope you enjoy the victory tour and inauguration, i hope to see you before then. >> sure thing, stuart. stuart: president-elect trump will head to cincinnati, kickoff his thank you tour. congressman jim jordan who is from ohio. sir, i like to know right from the get-go, governor john kasich a huge trump critic will show up today in ohio in cincinnati, with mr. trump? >> well, obviously stuart, you would have to ask him, let's hope so, let's hope so. i think it is important for republicans to unite and get us after the things voters sent us here to do. let's hope so. i felt good about ohio before the election but i would never have predicted 8.5%.
10:08 am
stuart: astonishing. >> it was, it was amazing. shows how when you're fighting the establishment and campaigning in and pledging to do things that help working class and middle class families, shows what can happen when people to to the ballot box. great win for our state and it is great to have mr. trump and vice president-elect in the state here soon. stuart: congressman, as i'm sure you know, president-elect trump held a meeting with manhattan federal prosecutor preet bharara. he is the man responsible for investigate the clinton foundation. you're on the house oversight committee. are you going to push the investigation to the bitter end? i mean, do you have lock her up in mind? >> well, i would frame it this way, stuart. we have this amazing standard in america that i think now has been under question, that is equal treatment under the law. what too many americans see right now a justice department that is political, one set of rules for you and me but a different set for
10:09 am
politically-connected like hillary clinton. the fact that mr. trump wants to keep someone in the u.s. attorney's office in the manhattan district who understands that fundamental principle, justice is supposed to be blind, it is supposed to treat everyone equal, no one who is politically-connected gets a special deal or a different deal, that is a good sign. that the attitude we in congress have. we should do our constitutional duty. we should investigate secretary clinton like any other person with the same circumstances. that is what you will see from us as we move forward. stuart: are you totally opposed to a presidential pardon for hillary clinton? >> look the president can make the decision what he wants. in the end, decision what justice department will do relative to secretary clinton that is jeff sessions call. one of many good people i've been impressed with vice president-elect pence and president-elect trump have selected to be part of the cabinet. i think that will be a jeff sessions call. i know what we have to do in the congress, our constitutional duty to provide oversight of the
10:10 am
executive branch. when you look what secretary clinton is involved in, records-keeping violations that i think took place there, we have to continue our investigation because that is what we would do for any other citizen. stuart: congressman jim jordan, thank you very much for being with us. >> you bet. thank you, sir. stuart: look at this. that is hillary clinton's campaign plane. getting a new paint job. what is that all about. ashley: stronger together will soon go away. hillary clinton campaign leased this plane and now it is being, going to be sent out to somewhere else. this is rosswell, new mexico, maybe came from another planet. i'm just saying. hillary plane, one other final see you later. paint it over. stuart: good-bye campaign. ashley: it is history. stuart: we have this for you as well. employee at carrier, his job saved by president-elect trump. that employee is on the show next. he has a message for mr. trump. sarah palin may be back on the scene. is she about to land a job in the trump administration?
10:11 am
we'll consider that in a moment. ♪
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
stuart: breaking news for you. bank robbery in florida. potential hostage situation. ashley: yes, maybe as 11 people inside of a community first credit union in north side of jacksonville. they are surrounded. s.w.a.t. teams there. they have negotiators. no word of any injuries. all local businesses on shutdown. the question, they have to talk this person out. we'll keep an eye on it for you, stu. stuart: thank you, ash. president-elect trump continues to fill out the cabinet. he chose about half so far. he says, announcement or his spokes certain sate announcements are done for this week. what you're looking at is the cabinet picks so far.
10:15 am
but we also have a list for you of potential secretaries of state. ashley: we have four or five. mitt romney going back and forth to trump tower as many of the others. former mayor rudy giuliani of new york city. senator bob corker of tennessee, general david petraeus, yes, ambassador john bolton, former ambassador to the u.n. his name faded a bit but now apparently still in the mix. five potential candidates right there. don't forget sarah palin. veterans affairs. stuart: she is veterans affairs. ashley: veterans affairs. which thought scott brown was in drivers seat. stuart: or pete hegseth. there is lots of candidates. ashley: we have tunnel from this studio straight to trump tower. stuart: take a trip over to trump tower to see what job they're speculating for you. ashley: i will hang out at the gold elevators. please, please, respect the
10:16 am
privacy. stuart: mr. trump goes to indianapolis today. he is going to the carrier plant. he saved jobs there. do you remember, not that long ago, when the company made the announcement that those jobs would move to mexico? roll tape. >> is to move production from our facility in indianapolis to monterrey, mexico. [shouting] stuart: i got to say, i'm still you are is priced the made the announcement so overtly just like that. you would think they would try to cover up a little bit. emotional moment. on in please, 24 year veteran of the carrier plant, robert may in order. welcome to the program. good to have you with us. >> good morning, sir. stuart: were you in the room when you made the announcement? >> yes, sir, sir i, i was. stuart: how did you fell at that time? >> at that time i was devastated.
10:17 am
not sure what the future held. and just, you know, was going to come to work every day and do my job until my job went away but, you know, not knowing what the future would hold and where i would go or what job i would land later on. yeah, we were all devastated. stuart: now you're back in business. your job i hope has been saved. >> yes. stuart: when do you find out the news? >> i found out tuesday night. my wife had given me a phone call. i was running around with a friend of mine and she calls said, hey, did you hear the news? i said what news are you talking about? she said trump and pens have talked to carrier and they have come to an agreement to save 1,000 jobs. so i was very excited about that. stuart: i got to tell you, robert. we love good news. we like that positive, upbeat, that america is going someplace so we want to latch on to your enthusiasm for this. what are you going to say to --
10:18 am
are you getting a chance to shake mr. trump's hand today? >> that, i don't know. i'm hoping to. i would like to get up and shake his hand and congratulate him and mr. pence on doing an excellent job taking their time to, during the holidays, even, out of their busy schedule to go ahead and start talking with carrier and, as a matter of fact, they haven't even taken office yet. and, doing this beforehand, and you know, i figured a couple weeks before we knew something but you know, two days, you know, we've already had a decision where our jobs are going and stuff. so i was very excited about that. stuart: do you, did most of your colleagues vote for mr. trump in the hope that it could keep the jobs here? >> i'm not sure how many actually voted for trump. i do know that i was hearing, you know, seeing things on facebook of people saying they were going to cross party lines
10:19 am
and vote republican and stuff. so, percentagewise i'm not sure. i know a lot of people in the factory were tired with the current administration and the direction our country was going and direction our jobs were going. so, i know a lot of them decided to step across party lines and vote republican and vote for mr. trump. stuart: on behalf of myself and all of our viewers, congratulations robert. i'm glad you got your job. i hope you have a real good time today. robert maynard. 24 years at the plant. robin, we'll see you soon. nancy pelosi lost 63,000 seats, 12 governorships on her watch. but she has a spring in her step. fred barnes will tell us why in a moment. espn, oh, they're sinking, more than a half million subscribers lost in a single month. we have the story for you. more "varney" next. ♪
10:20 am
10:21 am
10:22 am
10:23 am
stuart: who are we putting on death watch now? express, the clothing store. they have a poor outlook and down they go, 19%. that is express. roll that organ music again please, because the same story with guess. ashley: wow. stuart: they're down 11%, exactly the same story. they don't have a very good outlook in the immediate future. that stock price is the lowest in seven 1/2 years. ashley: never a good outlook with the grim reaper standing right there. stuart: i guess not. how about disney? they own, they run espn and espn is losing a ton of subscribers.
10:24 am
it is not affecting the stock of disney but it is a big -- how many are they losing and why? ashley: lots. half a million last month and 621,000 the month before. 1.2 million subscribers last two months. you know what? people pay seven bucks each a month per household, 80 bucks a year. that is a lot of dough. cord cutting is certainly part of it. another part getting a lot more attention now is the left-leaning bias of espn. nba coaches an analysts ranting on about donald trump. and especially the espn magazine, that came out basically in support of colin kaepernick and his protests during the national anthem. all of that left a bitter taste. people have been leaving espn. so perfect storm. put that with the cord cutters. stuart: i find that fascinating. ashley: keep politics out of sports, being, please. ashley: people don't like it. stuart: come on. now this, the model, gigi hadid
10:25 am
walking runway at victoria secret fashion show in paris. you may remember this. she made fun of incoming first lady, melania trump, a funny accent, mocked her face. what is she doing parading in her underwear in paris, having mocked our incoming first lady. >> she mocked the accent of melania trump, when both of her parents are immigrants to this country. her mother is dust. her father is muslim, palestinian-arab. stuart: let me stop you right there. her father is a palestinian, muslim gentleman? i have no idea what he thinks of his daughter parading around in underwear in paris you but i don't suspect it is particularly popular. >> that is mohamed hadid. his wife was a model. his other daughter was a model. they have both strut their stuff
10:26 am
on many runways with very little clothing. gigi respects his religion but hasn't coming out and said she is practices muslim. google searches for that question are like 10,000 a month. she doesn't want to label, what she is. she does show respect for the religion. stuart: not wearing a burka. >> remember couple years ago a british muslim in miss america, miss universe pageant, you remember that? got death threats back in 2011 for -- stuart: we're bound to point out the contradiction of a woman in her underwear, the daughter of a palestinian-muslim, who has insulted the incoming first lady of the united states. i think something needs to be said and you said it. you thank -- thank you very muc. don't be such a stranger. >> okay. stuart: president-elect donald trump given a badge by police in cleveland. they're hoping that mr. trump
10:27 am
will usher in a new era for respect of law enforcement. man in the middle. photo, steve loomis will join us very shortly. trump's popularity going way up in, china. gordon chang will be here to explain what on earth is going on. e so i brought in my comfort pony. well, you could get support from thinkorswim's in-app chat. so you don't need a comfort pony. so what about my motivational meerkat? in-app chat on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away
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for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis and a $200 savings card.
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♪ stuart: very good. i get around. ashley: you do get around. stuart: dow at 19,183. look at oil, very close to $51 a barrel. who would have thought? weaker profit, weaker sales at dollar general. down goes the stock some%.
10:31 am
carnival's -- 7%. carnival will pa for polluting ocean waters. the stock down 1 1/2%. here is stock we don't mention very often, maybe we should after this. fannie mae, that stock went up 50% yesterday, just after maria bartiromo at fox business network interviewed treasury secretary, future treasury secretary steve mnuchin. ashley: nominee for treasury secretary. he basically said, told maria, that these government-backed mortgage companies, these companies should be privatized. they're basically displacing private enders in the mortgage market and should be restructured so they're not basically wards of the government. so they shouldn't be, you know, bailed out if they get into trouble. those comments to maria, both freddie and fannie up 50% in just 24 hours. that is amazing. stuart: well-done, maria. ashley: yes. stuart: boy, you moved the market. fannie mae up 50%, that is two-day chart.
10:32 am
look at it, 50% in one day. we got it. democrats reelected nancy pelosi as house minority leader. she was facing ohio congressman tim ryan of the beat him in a landslide. pelosi said she is happy to represent her party. roll tape. >> i have a special spring in my step today because this opportunity is a special one, lead house democrats, bring everyone together as we go forward. my heart is broken that we did not win the white house this time. that is, it is a pain, and, not for me personally, but for what it means to the american people. stuart: well, it seems that she is not the only one who is happy. republicans just love her choice, her continuing choice as house minority leader. look at this quote. tweet from kellyanne conway. she of the trump campaign. what a relief. i was worried they had learned
10:33 am
from the elections and might be competitive and cohesive again. can you say sarcasm? fred barnes can. he is with us right now. that was a very -- you're laughing. i don't know why you're laughing. republicans are overjoyed that she won, am i right? >> well of course they are. she is 76. tim ryan who ran against her for minority leader in the house, is 43. would have brought youngblood into party. got a lot of attention beyond your show and many others on television. he was beaten better than two to one. reflect as couple of things. one, the democrat are a very old party. they're old in the house. they're old in the senate. what governorships they have, they don't have a lot of young, vibrant, ambitious, attractive governors. these are the people who emerge and run for president and so on. they just aren't there in the democratic party. i think it was the geriatric caucus in the house that
10:34 am
reelected -- stuart: you're brutal fred. you're brutal. >> i'm honest. i'm honest. stuart: carry this forward, if that is the leadership for the democrats in the house, presumably the republicans have a little easier time when it comes to pushing through the changes that they want to make through congress? >> well i think they do and, the big one of course is obamacare. and, look at these 10 democrats running for re-election in 2018 who are in states won by trump. five of them in states where trump won by 19 percentage points or more. and now are they growing to want to embrace obamacare again after it's hurt them in elections in 2010 and so on? i don't know that they are. stuart: talking about 10 senators, 10 democrat senators who face re-election two years from now, and they're looking pretty grim. okay, is there any sign that the democrats will come together somehow or other? any sign that they will create
10:35 am
more modern, more youthful leadership? any sign there at all? >> well, only things that are written by people in journalism who are democrats and give them advice but they don't seem to be taking that advice. i mean they're stuck on this very left-wing agenda that they have, that has gotten more farther to the left. they want to, they want to oppose almost everything trump wants to do. they will go along if he wants to spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure but that's about it. they're going to be obstructionists. the real test will be watch when the, when the confirmation hearing comes up on jeff sessions for attorney general. that will be, that will be a test. stuart: we'll be watching. fred barnes, i know you're happy, don't lose that smile. see you again real soon. next one, president-elect trump, one of his main campaign
10:36 am
platforms was america's poor relationship with china. remember all of the times that mr. trump slammed beijing. watch this. >> what china has done to our country is the biggest theft and greatest theft in the history of the word. this is the one i didn't want to hear. give me china. give me china. china, you ever see china's tone. china. china. china. china. we don't win anymore. when was the last time we won? we lose to china. stuart: hold on a second. despite the pronunciation of china, it seems that mr. trump's popularity in china is rising. i don't get it but gordon chang does. he is the author of the book, the coming collapse of china. he is back. what is going on? why, which group, which sector of the chinese population likes donald trump? >> almost everybody but xi jinping the ruler. stuart: why?
10:37 am
>> is he outsider, accessible, open, speaks his mind, throws convention to the wind. chinese leaders on other hand they are very closed. one press conference a year in march where they take scripted questions and read answers. you know, trump is just fresh. that is why it is so important i think -- stuart: how do you know that trump is popular in china? what newspaper, which magazine, which facebook posting are you reading? >> you don't see weibo, facebook is not permitted in china. stuart: right. >> you see a lot of chinese twitter-like platforms, we chat, weibo. there is this story, i don't know if it is true or not, communist party held election for people's congress in shanghai. this is very scripted because there is only communist party members running, winner chosen in advance. there was supposedly 10% of the people in shanghai wrote in
10:38 am
donald trump's name and 6% wrote in a japanese porn star. so you can see there is a lot of discontent. not just about trump. it is about the communist party. stuart: let's reverse this for a second. donald trump will probably push hard on china. do you think that will make china retreat into nationalism, dangerous nationalism within china as a response to trump? >> they have already retreated into a dangerous form of nationalism under xi jinping. that is continue ages what his predecessor, hu jintao is doing. under xi is accelerated. trump will face different cut period of time, even in best of circumstances chinese leaders test american leaders. april 2001 for george w. bush, and march and may of 2009 for president obama. trump will get a hard time from chinese leaders, especially because they know he said all those things about china. they want to defang him quickly before he can do real damage to their fragile economy.
10:39 am
stuart: dying to see how this plays you out, it actually could be a very dangerous situation. it could be. gordon, come back and tell us how it is playing out please. gordon chang, everyone. thank you very much. >> thanks, stuart. stuart: all right. now this, in the united kingdom announcing that they a top baby names of the year. actually very important. ashley: it is. it is interesting. let's get right to it. number one name in the uk, oliver. stuart: got it. ashley: goes back. number two, mohamed. stuart: the whole of great britain. ashley: whole of great britain, most popular male baby names, number one oliver, mohamed, noah, harry, jack. stuart: we're making a point of this, telling but the make up of this. ashley: the way the population has changed. stuart: maybe it tells you something about "brexit." ashley: maybe. stuart: maybe tells you
10:40 am
something about the breakup of the european union. ashley: yes. stuart: very small indicator, but i don't think a lot of europe will be happy about this. bring it to your attention. look at tech stocks, please, google, amazon, facebook down big after the election. yesterday, down big again. look at that, this morning, huge losses for google, amazon, facebook. nicole, come on in. tell me what happened. >> i was very surprised to see the baby-naming. i'm not surprised to see the tech stocks down once again. seeing google down 2%. amazon down 1%. facebook, down 3%. why are the stocks lower today as markets breaking new highs. it is all looking at this group. we haven't seen highs for this group since the month of october. november it was about financials industrials. energy, and president-elect donald trump and sectors go along with him and his favorable business administration.
10:41 am
for these stocks, they come under pressure. couple things. visas, net neutrality, they are somewhat out of favor. jpmorgan has these next year as neutral in the technology realm. they like financials, energy, some of the others. you have to correlate that. stuart: i bet silicon valley is worried about being strong armed, muscled by mr. trump. nicole, great stuff. thank you very much indeed. we'll see you shortly. breaking news, more of it. volkswagen sales? ashley: up 24%. stuart: whoa. ashley: the company has been at the center of this emissions scandal but has been a good november for volkswagen. looking at individual cars. the golf did very well. the passat is selling very well. there you go. stuart: compared to november of last year? ashley: correct. stuart: all right. 27 is the stock price. law and order president-elect donald trump does his thank you tour today. remember on the campaign trail, trump demanded more respect for our nation's law enforcement. question, will they get it?
10:42 am
first the wildfires in tennessee spreading. seven people dead. country music star dolly parton, pledging $1000 to victims of the fires. ashley: for six months. stuart: back in a minute. our special today is the seared ahi tuna, and i'll be right back to take your order. thank you. thanks. don't you hate that? when they don't tell you how much something costs? and you have to ask? right. i do. maybe that's why i always make sure to... ..."bring up the costs associated with your services." i know. hey, i'm nothing if not predictable. lemme guess, the salmon? being transparent about our costs. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
10:43 am
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10:44 am
>> someone who has written that the constitution is the a white conspiracy, essentially to, control other peoples. i'm paraphrasing, but that is something that he has written. he is very extreme. he has ties to the nation of islam. i think will continue to take the democratic party down the rabbit hole. they were just rejected because of their focus on progressiveism as opposed to giving a people a job. they were more concerned about transgender bathrooms than were about getting economy back on track and giving people a chance. ♪
10:45 am
10:46 am
stuart: i want to show you a picture of generosity. that is the fires, dolly parton is the generous one here. she announced she will help victims of fires you see on left happened side of the screen. how much?
10:47 am
ashley: set up a my people run, dollywood foundation she runs will contribute $1,000 a month for six months for families that lost homes in devastating fires. stuart: that is fine gesture. ashley: incredibly generous person always. stuart: that was her last night. that was in rockefeller center. tree lighting. there she was. thatthat is a wonderful thing ms parton. you're all right. got it. tonight president-elect trump kicks off what he is calling the thank you tour in cincinnati, ohio. detective steve loomis, cleveland police department, is on right-hand side of the screen. you gave mr. trump a medal last time he was in ohio. what was the medal for. >> it was a come a commemorative badge for rnc we made up and thought it was appropriate to give mr. giuliani, mr. pence, a keepsake. stuart: the trump campaign won ohio by a whopping eight points. i don't think many people
10:48 am
expected that. would it be fair to say that most police officers voted for the trump campaign? >> absolutely. not only in ohio but across the country. that was, it was a big mistake that hillary clinton made alienating police officers across this country, and mr. trump embraced us. and he's a law and order guy. i have spoken to him personally. and, we, we look very forward to working with the trump administration. stuart: what you want is for donald trump to restore respect for police departments across the country. that is what you really want here, isn't it? how is he going to do that? >> well, there is a lot of different ways. right now we have the department of justice that is very liberal in their thinking. they treat law enforcement as a necessary evil. we hope the mr. trump's
10:49 am
department of justice will embrace us as integral part of successful and thriving community. that is the goal. stuart: are you going to be there tonight? are you going to be there at the big rally? >> no. unfortunately i have a prior commitment. i would love to be there. i'm not going to be able to get down there. stuart: what we're looking a here, maybe some is very big crowds, just like we you saw in the campaign. any idea how many people will be turning out tonight? i just to get a preevent look, a lot of people looking how many people will be there. >> there will be at least 10,000 people there, if not more. whatever that venue is going to hold, it will be full. as it was during the campaign. you know, we go to events here in cleveland and eight to 12,000 people at a trump rally, you know hillary was struggling to get 1000 people to show up at a free rap concert. stuart: take that smile off your face. >> i'm trying. stuart: sarcasm is low form of
10:50 am
wit as you know it. governor kasich is not trump supporter. wouldn't show up at the republican convention in ohio. do you think he, i don't know whether you know of any plans for him to be there tonight. is he going to be there? >> well i would hope that he would man up and go and show his support and respect. very disappointed that he didn't come here during the convention. i just, i can't imagine what he was thinking. and, that is disappointing because he has done a fairly good job here in ohio, and you know, a lot of people look up to him. stuart: we'll look to see if he is there. detective steve loomis, thank you very much for being with us. i know you're having a grand ol' time. pity you can't go there. >> thank you very much, sir, merry christmas. stuart: to you, sir. trump tower watch, that's what we're doing. we have some meetings tomorrow? ashley: those elevators we know so well continuing to get quite a workout. here are people coming for
10:51 am
meetings at trump tower tomorrow, stu, put out by transition team. former governor son any perdue from georgia. retired admiral james cohn. florida attorney general pam bondi. former ambassador john bolton will be there tomorrow. senator heidi heitkamp democrat from north dakota will meet with mr. trump. stuart: don't you dare show up, ash. ashley: i will hang out to be a part of it. stuart: we brought awe story yesterday. a man in midtown manhattan, new york city, he stole a bucket of gold, literally out of the back of an armored truck. worth 1.6 million bucks. police are searching for the guy. he might be hiding out in orlando or miami. okay. juan williams, democrat, friend of the show. every time he makes a appearance on "varney & company," you the viewer take issue. your responses to juan in a moment.
10:52 am
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10:56 am
make it fit his narrative, always liberal. again i think a little strong. some viewers are starting to appreciate juan on the show. this is from susan. juan williams, i disagree with you on most everything but i'm glad you're on to bring the balance needed. that is exactly what the other mainstream news outlets lack. i think that one is correct. the others not. ashley: susan nails it. i love juan williams. he is a great guy. we are fair and balanced. i think he is wrong 99.9% of the time. he does it with good humor. it is important to hear other side of any argument. even if we don't agree with it. important to put it out there. otherwise everyone will watch people talk about the same things, agree with the same things which i get but i need the other side. stuart: ashley you are fair. ashley: that's why you and juan make a great pair. stuart: we always end with a handshake and a smile. that's what you need. ashley: very important. stuart: i think he is a valuable contributor to the show. ashley: i do too, as with other
10:57 am
more leftist views. it is important to hear what you have to say and shoot them down. stuart: you're terrible. you're worse than i am! ashley: yes. stuart: he is worse than i am. we will be back.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
stuart: it is going to start soon, a giant motorcade will leave trump tower in new york city was the president-elect will head to the airport, to indianapolis, the carrier plan to be precise, he saved the thousand jobs at that plant. they are not going to mexico. those jobs are staying here. trump strong-armed the parent company united technologies does a lot of business with the federal government. they want to keep that business and the trump pens team offered incentives to stay. it is called negotiation. from a position of strength to help america. you will probably see a lot more of this and you will be seeing
11:01 am
huge crowds when trump moved on to ohio. he won that state by a surprising eight points. he promised to bring back quality manufacturing jobs to working families. i'm to liberally using a democrat expression because trump won that traditionally democrat group. two questions. will ohio's governor john kasich be there to greet him? he would not even show up for the republican convention which was held in ohio. let's see if john kasich does a u-turn like mitt romney. next question, will the media cover the crowds? do not hold your breath. it will be based on the racial makeup of the crowd and all the protesters outside. nothing changes. nancy pelosi, democrat in the house and they hate donald trump and they are missing the new upbeat and positive mood that has come alive in america today.
11:02 am
the third hour of "varney and company," top-rated daytime business show in america, is about to begin. smack stuart: that is it. right there on your screen, the carrier plant in indiana. that is trump tower in new york city. that is a bus going by. a great big motorcade, they will drive through midtown manhattan to the airport. i hope we will see them leave live. can we go to the carrier plant now? president-elect trump. ashley: a lot of buses. stuart: the carrier plant is where he is going starting at 2:00 eastern time. he saved the thousand jobs from going to mexico at that carrier
11:03 am
plant. ashley: meeting some of those workers was we spoke to one at this event, a thank you tour, publicity for donald trump. mike pence spent a lot of time on it as governor of indiana to keep the carrier there. did you see bernie sanders saying this is a terrible thing donald trump has done to keep these thousand jobs in the us because he says now he signaled to every corporation in america they can threaten to offshore jobs and exchange for business friendly tax benefits. stuart: is there something wrong with this? ashley: you are putting everybody's job at risk because you are encouraging companies to threaten to move overseas and then get a good deal out of it. stuart: reverse logic. i am sure you can. check the big board, this is the high of the day, the dow is very close at an all-time high, up 81
11:04 am
points, i am trying to do the math, 794 points in change, we don't do math. however, look at this. the big-name technology companies, google, facebook, again today. they were down yesterday and ever since the election. amazon back to 740, facebook 114, google 761, major losses there. in my opinion it is because donald trump is going to strong-arm silicon valley. ashley: never seen too many silicon valley types in trump tower, the financial world and military and education, no one from silicon valley. stuart: silicon valley is in california which is solid democrat. do we have microsoft in their? microsoft, i own it, that has retreated from 61 to 59. not as caught up in the downside, 60. let's take a look at the oil
11:05 am
price. now it has gone up even more, we are up $51.31. the script says i'm asking you if you got to 20 k on the dow. ashley: early next year. ashley: i'm in no mood. stuart: president-elect trump filling out his cabinet, half of the members so far, he says announcements are done for the week. one of these will be secretary of state. a list of five people on that list, mitt romney, judy - rudy giuliani, general david petraeus, ambassador john bolton, joining us is congressman peter king from new york, he knows a thing about
11:06 am
diplomacy and security. who do you like on that list of five? >> i could accept any of them, rudy giuliani is a longtime friend, doing an outstanding job. donald trump is the president-elect, whatever he selects from that group, going to make an outstanding secretary of state. he knows how to make it run, the friendship level, the experience level. and visiting him in mosul in 2003, and after that john bolton, for a number of years, always a gentleman, knows his stuff. it is up to donald trump, president-elect trumbull. stuart: i hate to interrupt but you sound a little lukewarm on mitt romney for political
11:07 am
reasons. >> i don't know mitt romney that well. president-elect trump, that is his prerogative. of those you mention he is the one i know the least, and obviously was very negative toward donald trump is having said that, donald trump is a big man. he can work with mitt romney, know you are in favor of surveillance gathering against extremists in the united states. in the new trump administration, what measure would you like to see taken in surveillance of muslims? >> what we should be doing is let the fbi keep open longer. we found that in florida, san francisco, opened files on
11:08 am
people, looked at it, didn't find enough to close beyond 6 months, and as long as i had to, we should be encouraging the fbi to work closely with local police. they could keep it open, many of these people carry something out. could be taking years, you have to get local police more involved and the fbi should keep in the investigation. to expand the limit on which the fbi investigation is open and encourage the fbi and local police to stay on those people. stuart: thank you for joining us. you may be wondering why we have caterpillar, and pending news dissemination. no idea what the news may be.
11:09 am
ashley: trying to find out what that news is. stuart: president-elect trump kicks off the thank you tour, and workers thank him for saving 1000 jobs. you will see it live on foxbusiness at 2:00 eastern. we hope to so you the trump motorcade and goes to the airport and get to indianapolis. and cincinnati, ohio. and this will be the president-elect, the first public appearance, and governor john kasich get the event, a big critic of donald trump. they with us, special reports bret baer next.
11:10 am
11:11 am
11:12 am
11:13 am
stuart: bringing you the s&p 500 index. goldman sachs, the big-name and wall street came out with a prediction. they say in the early months of the trump presidency that index will jump tween 9%. that would be a huge rally. ashley: it would take it to 2400 up 9%, investors will be focusing on hope rather than fear. donald trump's plans lower corporate taxes, repatriation of cash from overseas, fiscal stimulus, all of that combines will get the market another nice lift up 9%, and also 2017 earnings grow 11% next year as opposed to the 5% they predicted earlier so they are very bullish. stuart: big stimulus, big
11:14 am
spending, that would be one huge rally. ashley: 9%. stuart: the downside is rising interest rates. ashley: the latest read on a fixed mortgage, 4.08%. stuart: 4 present being the operative deal. ashley: it is starting to go up. stuart: what we are watching for the last three weeks, people coming and going out of trump tower interviewing people for his cabinet. president-elect trump going in and out of gold elevators, at a breakneck pace. today, on this victory tour, thank you tour, bret baer, anchor of special report. have you ever seen an administration take off at such a breakneck pace as this one? >> if you look at the
11:15 am
appointment and the nominations, well ahead of where president obama was where president elect george w. bush was a ronald reagan was, if you look at the chart he is ahead of schedule. number 2 this carrier deal, i have heard a lot of people say it is just 1000 jobs, other companies are leaving the country. it is 1000 jobs and there are 1000 families that are very happy. it is the image of a president-elect already doing something, negotiating and that is psychological if nothing else. stuart: a soundbite from josh earnest addressing 1000 jobs saved at the carrier corporation. this is sour grapes but i will hear your judgment in a moment, role that tape. >> the president-elect indicated
11:16 am
that announcements. successful of doing that 804 more times, he will meet the record of manufacturing jobs created in the united states while president obama was in office. stuart: i said with a little like sour grapes, maybe that is a little harsh, i would not expect the news guy like you to back me up on that but what is your take on that soundbite? change any analyst whatever the ideology can look at the obama administration, left a lot on the table about what he would have done, stimulating business, encouraging business, carrot and stick approach. their interaction with the white house, roughly the same thing. donald trump getting a lot of play for this thousand jobs at
11:17 am
carrier, is indicative of the thought that a lot will happen in a short time. stuart: the vote for the leadership of house democrats went to nancy pelosi, she was four over her competitor. under nancy pelosi's leadership the democrats lost 63 seats in the house. what do you make of this overwhelming victory for the old guard among house democrats? >> one thing is clear, nancy pelosi runs a tight ship in the democratic caucus, she is a brilliant tactician and she can whip votes. that said she has a losing record when it comes to elections. she is not getting it across the finish line in recent elections and the fact democrats again put her at the helm, 76-year-old liberal democrat from san francisco when the real focus is
11:18 am
on middle america where democrats feel they were overlooked on the issue of jobs, potentially a problem for democrats and they have to figure that out. stuart: tell me about your new book. >> it is coming out january 10th, three days in january, eisenhower's final mission, his farewell address, three days before john f. kennedy is inaugurated. we take that moment in time, and what he could learn from that. stuart: i was around in those days, you were not. we will be watching tonight. president-elect trump is heading to a carrier facility where he
11:19 am
kept 1000 jobs. what you are looking at on your screen, jeff flock, the announcement jobs go to mexico, they are not, we will have jeff flock with us shortly. listen to this announcement. >> a new production to our facility in indianapolis, tomorrow in mexico.
11:20 am
11:21 am
stuart: breaking into the commercial because we have breaking news. caterpillar was halted, now it is trading, gone down a little bit, news on this stock. nicole: the trading has begun to the downside, down have of 1%. caterpillar speaking out at credit suisse industrial complex and they gave encouraging comments but also said they were concerned about north america construction equipment. also noting earnings-per-share going forward is too optimistic considering expected head winds that this big industrial company. the dow component, turned back to the green. the positive comments include that they were encouraged by the potential donald trump era, the potential of us infrastructure tax reform, smart regulation, commodity prices and the opec announcement and the $38 billion
11:22 am
preview for sale for 2017 and revenue, those are good mid-point. saying earnings-per-share is too optimistic and they do face headwinds and are concerned about north america construction equipment so it has resumed trading. we have a big spike, at the highest level, turn back to probably january two years ago, and you see it is back in the green but not where it was. stuart: thank you very much. i am surprised they would halt a big name stock like that without dramatic news. more breaking news, we are learning what carrier got for keeping those jobs in america. ashley: it is reported by some, not confirmed that indiana has united to give united technologies, parent carrier, $7 million worth of tax breaks over ten years to encourage the
11:23 am
company to keep those 1000 jobs in the state according to sources familiar with the matter. stuart: gave a little sugar to help the medicine go down, 10 years not a great deal of money. and maybe mister trump said he will get federal contracts. jeff flock is with us and he is at the carrier plant. you just heard the news, the parent company was given $7 million over ten years. what have you got for us? >> reporter: that probably went without saying, a little bit of leverage got used, always happens when president obama did that. this is the line of people outside the carrier plant, corporate headquarters here as well, where president-elect trump will be speaking later. most folks, these are not folks who lost their jobs, the corporate headquarters here, a lot of these people, carrier
11:24 am
asked us not to speak in a moment but they said a lot of competitors moved to mexico, lenox, another big competitor of carriers already moved a lot of production to mexico, they say they are the ones best at keeping jobs in the us but this latest development continues with that so good news. stuart: a line of people waiting to get in to see the president-elect, thank you very much. i want to turn to the democrats landslide win for nancy pelosi in the house leadership race. republicans celebrated her win. on her watch the party lost 63 house seats. way out far left, keith ellison goes up against merely far left howard dean in the race for dnc chair. we will be on that story. we are staying on trump's cabinet, dan henegar calls it trump's a team.
11:25 am
caterpillar as use the resumes trading at two year high i believe.
11:26 am
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
stuart: caterpillar was halted, and the company says potential infrastructure bill in the united states is going to have a positive impact in 2017, not a great positive impact but a little. stock reopened, gone up 1/2%, $96 a share, down stock and that is a modest upside, two year high for caterpillar. politics, nancy pelosi nominated -- he was challenged by tim ryan, beat him conclusively. welcome back, julie. are you applauding the win of nancy pelosi? >> i am not. stuart: 63-12, think about 1000 local elections. >> she is not responsible for anything but the house so let's not blame it on her. but yes, i agree with you. don't know much about her opponent but after all these years of losing anybody else
11:30 am
would lose their job and she is not entitled to another shot. stuart: stuck within elitist from san francisco. >> they are not stuck, they voted for her. they are stuck the next two years. stuart: what happened in the forthcoming elections when you have way out far left keith ellison against the merely way far left howard dean? what do you do when one of them becomes leader of the party apparatus? >> i think the dnc chair, to me, i like keith ellison but it is -- he remained in the house, an important job, he owes it to the constituents to see the job through so i don't think he has much time to run around the country doing what he does with the democratic party. stuart: i don't want to gloat. >> go for it. stuart: it didn't turn out the way you saw things going and you are now with geriatric
11:31 am
democratic leadership, far left democrat leadership, only the elites. >> donald trump, i will take my guy over your guy. i am not in love with my party. here's what i am happy about. in 2004 election night i was so depressed, took a trip to the hawaii in the middle of the night, and who knew the four years later a state senator named barack obama from illinois would emerge. stuart: you booked a trip the night of november 8th? >> i did. i did. this time i'm getting under the country, going to jamaica. new york, get out of the cold, hang out at our resorts with fellow liberals, drive our volvos. stuart: can you tell me in a couple sentences what is the democrat plan to start winning elections again?
11:32 am
what are you going to do? >> one is to let donald trump play out, people who voted for him will be shocked and surprised the commitments he made to them are not going to come to fruition in the second, i believe strongly, the very grassroots level, legislatures, redistricting two years from now or four years from now, very important to assure we have a house majority in 2020 going forward and whoever people run for president in four years. stuart: if memory serves me before the election you were goading me suggesting hillary would win hands down and i would have tears running down my cheeks on november 8th. >> would feel so good is in 2006 at this very table you said bob mendez would lose to tom came in new jersey and he is still there. that was ten years ago. you are still -- have to think about it.
11:33 am
just saying. stuart: you are a good sport. thank you very much indeed. wait a second. you are not done. stuart: the rolling stone interview. president obama blames fox news in part for hillary clinton's election loss. you work for fox news. you are paid by fox news was >> what do you expect me to say? with that setup that is the silliest thing i ever heard. what else can i possibly say? all joking aside it is the silliest thing i ever heard and i would say the same for republican to complain about mainstream media constantly, do your job. has nothing to do with the media or fox news or anything other than he had a message that resonated and she did not it is not because i work to fox news. of republicans blamed it on msnbc. i would say the same thing. stuart: i will call it with. >> while we are all still
11:34 am
employed, we both still have a job. stuart: appreciate you being with us. let's get right to our next guest who says president-elect trump's cabinet picks are mostly conservative and he says this is the a team. he had the headline from his article which is trump's a team on the transition process, the trump transition talking to and appointing the most accomplished and serious individuals in republican and conservative politics, donald trump is not pulling rabbits out of a hat. trump, first rate rolodex. does it sound good when i read it? >> even better than when i write it. stuart: a team full of accomplished conservatives. you don't particularly like trump as i recall. >> i was never never trump by
11:35 am
any means, there was criticism to be criticized but donald trump's campaign was looked at as a kind of pick up basketball team am a playground basketball team people throwing a campaign together. we now know that isn't quite the case. this transition team donald trump has going now was created and established last spring in washington because the trump people understood that if they want, they believed they were going to win, they would need a transition, they started to pull people together, they occupied the same building at 1717 pennsylvania. and hillary was on one floor, and one of them would be gone, and we knew was going to be out of there. just full of surprises. stuart: one of the best pics was that the, school choice is a necessary and good thing. join me on that?
11:36 am
>> i will join you on that and that is what i am talking about which she is from michigan, long time activist in the area of charter schools and school choice and vouchers, submitted her life to it but she's not that well known outside conservative circles but the trump transition team understood their was a lady out there who understood the subject, knew exactly what donald trump was trying to do as secretary of education and now she is secretary of education. elaine chao, reformist, labor secretary for george w. bush, bring that to the transportation department, has been talking to bob, one of the foremost black conservatives, productive guy, making good on trump's commitment to champion the inner-city. these are the best people in conservatism and the trump team by getting people out there who understand who they are bringing
11:37 am
them into the transition at trump tower and in washington putting together a good cabinet. stuart: what do you make of steve mnuchin, a goldman sachs guy? the criticism is he's not draining the swamp, he is sickening the swamp. what say you? >> in part that is loyalty because steve mnuchin raised so much money for him but trump is also trying to bring in some business men into his cabinet. this is what mitch daniels did in indiana and john kasich in ohio and bill haviland in tennessee, brought men with business experience, women with business experience who would work on something like the tax bill and leave government, get out and partly that is what he is trying to do and wilbur ross. stuart: would you say you are pleasantly surprised with trump's cabinet pick? >> more than personally surprised. jim addison, this close to becoming defense secretary and jim matus, hero of iraq, commander of central command and
11:38 am
the middle east, knows the area. couldn't think of a better pick. i more than plainly surprised at how it has been going. stuart: read all about it in the wall street journal, the headline from dan hettinger. thank you very much. i want to get back to some news, not exactly breaking news but this is important. mortgage rates have gone up and we are above 4 person. ashley: just a tick, 4.08% but that represent the highest level in 16 months for the average rate you get on a 30 year mortgage, 3.93% a year ago, not screening hire but the trend is to move up as our other loans. stuart: interest rates up, the downside what we are about to show you, stock market has gone straight up and still going up, well over 19,000, nice trump rally, the downside is much
11:39 am
higher mortgage rates and generally speaking higher interest rates as well. back to caterpillar, it was halted pending a news development, that the company says it is encouraged by the potential of the us infrastructure bill, they are encouraged by that and tax reform, call it smart regulation or the regulation and stocks at a two year high. >> their expectations may be too high. stuart: has not gone up that much. a cash, a 4 rifle, explosives seized in the 1992 raid in one of vista, the camp in colorado where an alleged recruitment video was captured that shows members engaging in military type drills, if i look at the map on the screen you can see
11:40 am
muslim compounds all across america, 15 on that map, total of 22 altogether. the man who has been studying this for over a decade also says he has sources inside the group. we will be back.
11:41 am
11:42 am
nicole: i am nicole pedallides, we have a mixed market, the dow up 69 points, 19,192, the levels we are seeing we could see a record close once again, the ninth record close for the dow since donald trump was elected president. the s&p down 2, nasdaq under pressure. looking at dow winners and losers, we are seeing oil drive, the whole group rising. i will tell you the traders, those shorts are squeezing oil and making it go higher. watching caterpillar, they have breaking news, facing head winds and earnings per share estimates too optimistic, the group that has done well in november, had
11:43 am
the best november, they are higher once again.
11:44 am
stuart: donald trump's huge motorcade departing trump tower in manhattan, we call it white house northbridge a little grainy. it is on his way to laguardia airport, his thank you tour, the
11:45 am
carrier plant in indianapolis. november sales for automakers, 5% higher, general motors, 10% year over year. and fiat, chrysler down 14%. 24%, $.20 at 27. people in as islamist compound are stockpiling guns in preparation for the trump administration. all the compounds across the country, the islamist group they claim have compounds all over the place. the man who brought us the report, ryan morrow, the clarion project. you got people inside these compounds. >> we have a significant number
11:46 am
of people operating not just inside the compound but among those living outside the compounds, a group of muslims in america, used to be known as -- they carried out a bunch of terrorist attacks and decided to drop the name and culminated in one of the camps being shut down in colorado. the rest of the infrastructure remained including the same villages you are talking about. stuart: making weapons, assault rifles, explosives, what did they say they were going to do? >> depends who they are talking to. sometimes the lives of their own members, this is for self defense which is something how you describe jihadi, sometimes or blatantly referred to as the hard but this arming and the type of training that has been going on, we have video of training going on at their headquarters, has been going on since the beginning. breaking news, we heard from multiple sources and they provided information to substantiate this, with the election of donald trump, there
11:47 am
in time prophecies are being fulfilled, donald trump is part of a satanic jewish conspiracy and they are preparing for the camps to be rated and fight back. stuart: what is the response of law enforcement who you have made aware of this? >> most don't know about this. everything is outside and isis. it does not appear in most cases about sharing information on the local level and i educate law enforcement across the country. most of the time they don't know about this. they heard a little bit so we accumulated thousands and thousands of documents to help law enforcement with this and an hour ago we opened a new website called where people can look at declassified documents. stuart: you can have these weapons and if you have a permit you can have these weapons and the fbi or law enforcement cannot go to the compound and say we are just checking.
11:48 am
law enforcement cannot do that. what are they going to do? >> engage in a lot of criminal activity and terrorist history. you can make the argument there is a level of probable cause, drug trafficking, massive charter school scam, all sorts of things that raise millions of dollars that go back to their leadership in pakistan. their leader is the man daniel pearl, wall street journal reporter was going to interview when he was abducted and killed. there is a section on our website going over that incident because i am not convinced she was not involved in that. stuart: your position, have not read your website, sounds like you believe this is a muslim force in america prepared to attack for whatever reason. >> based on their own material statements yes. stuart: an enemy army fully armed ready to attack him you say that? >> the fbi documents declassified and posted on the website, a number of people have been arrested because they are felons, not allowed to have guns and so they have other members,
11:49 am
they pass the man there is a pattern of that. stuart: what do you want done about this? >> i agree with a dozen muslim organization we rally together saying this qualifies as a foreign terrorist organization. american citizens but if you are a foreign terrorist organization that changes things because it becomes illegal for the group to operate here and severs at the very least the link between them and the pakistani terror network. stuart: how many people live -- the compound in upstate new york, how many people are living there on the compound? >> 200 to 300, they move in and out altogether, that ranged from 1500 to 3000 members but it doesn't appear to include the family that they have a lot of hits. and multiple wives. stuart: you better come back soon and tell us the progress. a shocking story. the name of that website again? >>
11:50 am
stuart: see you again. i went to get to the devastation in tennessee. and 7 people are dead, wildfires tear through the mountain, major tourist destination, the rest of it to damage or destroy more than 700 homes and businesses, thousands of wooded acres have been burned. here is a powerful image from that fire, firefighters taking a moment to rest, flat out asleep and why not? they have been working 36 hours straight fighting the tennessee fires. in michigan where there is a lawsuit over who the border patrol is searching and detaining, that story in a moment. i love getting more for less. that's why this control enthusiast rents from national. where i can skip the counter...
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plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ stuart: the aclu is suing the michigan border patrol over immigrant rights. alleging the border patrol is searching for detaining immigrants without a warrant more than 100 miles from the border. by law the border patrol is allowed to search and detain without a warrant within 100 mile radius of the border. judge andrew napolitano is here. judge napolitano: i have a
11:55 am
disgusted look on my, what this is a misunderstood and abused area of the law. the aclu is correct in this respect. the entire state of michigan is available to stop and search, here is the law. to stop on reasonable suspicion anyone who generates the reasonable suspicion, you came into the country illegally, and whether it is yours or not, in a reasonable distance, the border patrol interpreted reasonable distance, the language is in the statutes, 100 miles, many federal judges shock and revolves, upheld the limit, take a look at the state of michigan. there is no point in michigan
11:56 am
that is less than 100 miles, and you don't live in michigan. the border patrol has taken the position that with articulable suspicion, reasonable basis about a suspicion, and over the border. and you don't want the freedom of travel under a pretext. stuart: 50 mile -- judge napolitano: it is the border. narrow, imaginary line between one country and the next, and leave them be. stuart: go across the border. under judge andrew napolitano's world. judge napolitano: constitution
11:57 am
guarantees freedom of travel, people's right to travel. stuart: we need a constitutional amendment. you don't have what you do -- judge napolitano: like bernie -- i witnessed it with my own eyes. stuart: do you protect their rights. police were watching them, and the president-elect's name on it. stuart: you should have formed an honor guard to make sure they burn the american flag for employees and gift. stuart: a good job, we are laughing. we will be back and that is a promise.
11:58 am
. .
11:59 am
stuart: real fast, california just named a new attorney general? >> javier becerra, highest ranking latino in congress.
12:00 pm
that is the belief. kamala harris current attorney general is replacing barbara boxer is the new senator from california. stuart: and becerra will probably be the next governor of california. neil: 1000 carrier jobs that were guaranteed, looking at donald trump's plane. he will leave new york's lagarde you yaw airport en route to indianapolis a lot of those workers whose jobs he saved. scant details coming available to us, is that united technologies, the parent company of carrier was granted aboutmillion dollars worth of -- $7 million tax breaks over 10 years, meant to encourage carrier to keep the jobs, not only in the united states but specifically in the state. carrier will invest 16 million to keep operations in general in the state you but there were a


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