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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  December 1, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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supposed to be shipped off to méxico. we have exclusive with microsoft ceo, former ceo steve, thoughts on all the changes going on. he's a pretty passionate guy. he will be weighing on some of the passion with president-elect trump. trish: all righty, thank you so much, niel. big stuff coming up this hour, everyone. take a look here. a live picture, you will be of a carrier factory in indianapolis where any midnight from now president-elect donald trump is going to be meeting with factory workers there to make good on that promise he made with them on the campaign trail. that promise to keep their jobs in the united states of america. i am trish regan, welcome everybody to the intelligence report. donald trump is about to take to the stage there in indianapolis, in indiana, he struck a de with carrier. remember, he said he worked all through thanks giving and executives there to try to keep jobs in america. it looks like he's got roughly a
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thousand jobs that will stay in indiana instead of moving to méxico and just confirmed the state of indiana is giving carrier $700 million in tax breaks in order to keep those jobs in the state. we will be getting more details on this big deal from donald trump himself there in indiana any minute from now. for more on what we can expect at today's event, i want to go right now to jeff flock who is at the carrier plant in indianapolis with more. jeff, what do you hear? jeff: you're absolutely right, trish. announcing $7 million over ten years, the company is going antonio vest itself 16 million in keeping jobs here. it's important to note not everybody's job is going to be saved. you say a thousand. we thinks 100 jobs saved but they are only going to save the furnace factory, people building furnaces, they also make air-conditioning, they are going to ship jobs to méxico as
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planned, 6500 jobs and also control's unit, another plant here in indiana, about 700 jobs. they are going to go to méxico too. illustrates, trish, just how tough it is to keep jobs here even with donald trump getting in the middle of it. you saves 100, you lose 1300, 1400. it's tough but the president elect says once he gets in office the whole environment is going to change and maybe job loss to the united states comes to an end, we will see. trish: one of the concerns, of course, he might throw a 35% tariff on those air-conditioners that try to make themselves back from méxico to the united states. any company has to be looking at that with a little more fear. good to see you guys. here we are waiting, donald trump is going to tell us how he worked out this deal. he didn't save all the jobs but
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quite a few. how significant is that right now that a president elect, not even in office yet and working aggressively with businesses to try and save jobs? >> this is what you get with a businessman president, results. christmas came early for nearly 1100 carrier employees, going forward, this is a big victory while i'm optimistic for carrier employees, this is a big victory for trump and much needed victory because he has to take this situation and dangle it in front of congress to get results and to get them to move their butt forward because moving forward with a lot of companies, we've lost 45 million manufacturing jobs since 2000 and if we are going to actually keep manufacturing here, we are going to have to use a special sticks and carrots, things like rolling back the corporate tax code by 15%, infrastructure, rolling back regulations and maybe even tariffs but you're going to need donning to get a lot of these things done.
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the key is environment -- trish: we haven't done that. we haven't done that certainly for the last eight years. i would argue even longer which is part of the reason company after company after company, you've seen it there in your state of ohio, is this pretty different? i can't remember when a president elect has come out and negotiated with business ahead after taking office? >> this is ip -- incredibly unique for somebody not yet in office to take leadership position and ignore the current president of the united states and push forward an agenda and fulfill a campaign promise. you know, this is pretty unprecedented. now i will say and i will say this before on air and i am going to say it again, in my district, we manufacture the chevy cruise, a fuel-efficient vehicle made by general motors, our facility is a corner stone of our economy in north eastern ohio. the day -- one day after the
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election they announced over 2,000 layoffs in the united states. most of which are coming out of my district. i believe that's because they have basically flooded the market with additional production down in méxico. so i would implore mr. president, president-elect trump, if you are listening, please consider picking up the phone and engaging in the same manner for my people in north eastern ohio. they need you just as much as indianapolis. >> to your point, that's exactly where i'm going with congress. there's a lot of things out there that trump can do and he's going need congress to do it. >> that's correct. i totally agree with you on that. we do have three branches of government. in my case, john kasich, you want to say we will regulatory reform, that's not going to happen if congress does not pass a package. trish: there are going to be critics out there, guys, we don't like this because you're handing out basically freebies
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to the company in indianapolis, $700 million, et cetera, too stay there. i would argue isn't that part of being competitive? you think about ge, right? it had operated for years in connecticut, connecticut got honorrous, what did it do, picked up and went to massachusetts. it's on the local level. it's on the federal level there, you know, going from state to state. this is the same thing that's happened with a lot of businesses that are saying, look, i can find a better regulatory environment, i can find cheaper labor and i can find a a lower tax environment in places like méxico. so don't we, ford, need to actually put our own ability to compete at the top of the agenda? >> well, that's exactly right and then that part goes to congress and we were discussing with all the different sticks and carrots but also comes town to a lot of the governors playing ball. the good thing for donald trump is you've got basically 340 governor who is are republicans.
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in my home state governor rick scott of florida is without question one of the best. i think in terms of making sure we keep manufacturing here and other jobs here, trump needs to get the governors together. this is a great move and optimistic about the future, this also came true because who is the vp, the vind governor mike pence. >> that's right, that's not an accident. mike pence played an instrumental role in this. no question you need to have a partnership between the local governments and the state governments, but you do need to make sure, to trish's point is important to note, we can't just get freebies. we need to find a way to pay for these things and we need to be mindful of deficit and debt. we need to make sure consumers can afford product that is we are asking them to buy in the case of carrier, t a durable good. in the case of a car it's a durable good and something i've promoted over the years, why
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can't we provide a direct tax credit, tax incentive on durable goods to the american consumer -- trish: very interesting idea. i like it. forget the tariff. let's go to tax incentive for people to bye usa, buy american goods. let me ask you about something else right now. it feels as though people have been really down for the last eight years economically speaking. they are concerned about the future. company after company that will come out and say, you know, we are weary about what we are hearing from the white house. now ford, wow, what a reversal. stock market way, way up just in the last several weeks here since the election and you have companies like caterpillar sounding very encouraged about the future. when you see little moments like this, little wins and i know not all the jobs are going to stay in indianapolis but nearly a thousand are and that is glass
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half full a little bit of a win, a little bit of optimism, isn't this part of what americans need to see right now? >> there's no question about it. americans need optimism. they are down in the dumps and sometimes as president you have to do exactly what trump is doing right now and that's hitting singles and doubles. you hit enough singles and doubles across the board you're going to boost optimism and consumer confidence and you're going to foster an environment where companies want to stay in america because it's america this puts people too work. trish: don't go anywhere, guys, i'm going to come back to you in a second. more breaking news we have to get to here as we await the president elect who is going to be speaking any minuteapolis th. we are going to bring it to you just as soon as it begins. i want to talk a little bit about donald trump's cabinet which is quickly taking shape. my next guest is a contender for the spot in the cabinet. joining me right now ceo of continental resources harold
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hamm. good to see you. >> good to be with you. not a contender. i think i've been looked at for maybe as a possibility, but certainly i've got a full-time job here at continental and i love what i'm doing, oil and gas. we have a future again and i'm so excited about that. trish: okay. so harold, let me clarify something then, we've seen numerous report that is you would be the leading candidate for energy secretary. i know donald trump has talked about how valuable you have been as an energy adviser to him. are you telling us you're not considering the job? >> i am not considering a job. you know, i'm going to do everything i can to make, you know, president trump the most successful president ever and certainly if i can do that on the sidelines, i am going to do everything i can. trish: has he asked you to take the job?
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>> no. i've not taken a job and -- trish: all right. well, you know, harold, one of the reasons he sought you out as adviser when it comes to energy business, you are perhaps the most knowledgeable american in this. i mean, you've been in that energy business, pretty much your whole life. you built your whole career and incredible company around it. what excites you right now about having this president elect about to take over? >> well, i was very excited about the fact that, you know, we can get back from the brink of extinction and have a future here in america as oil and gas producers. you know, i spent 50 years, it's our 50th year and doing what i love to do and that's oil and gas and produce for america -- american consumers. so, you know, right now is a great times in america with horizontal drilling and bringing
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on supply of oil and gas. trish: are we going to be able to increase our supply here in the u.s.? you know, there was a lot of trepidation about that with the obama administration. is that going to change here? >> certainly it's going to change. you get the right people in the right places here and quit targeting oil and gas to put us out of business. that is what's going on and certainly the clinton administration meant to do more of the same. so we are very excited about, you know, the trump administration going forward. trish: speaking of donald trump, there's his plane, it just land there had in indianapolis. he's going to be making his way to the carrier facility to talk to workers there. he's managed to save roughly 800 jobs, 600 jobs will still be going to méxico but a glass-full world 800 sure counts for something and most importantly it's interesting harold to see that businesses, business leaders are responding to donald trump.
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i mean, you think about ford, for example, saying they are going to keep jobs in louisiana. you now see, of course, the carrier example, you know, look, it sounds like there's a new sheriff in town and ceo's are recognizing it, is that fair? >> you know, nobody wants to leave america and go anywhere. we just need a business environment that we can be successful here in america. nobody wants to go anywhere. so, you know, that's certainly our true for me and our industry. trish: harold, they've been forced to. you get pretty taxes and a lot of regulation in the u.s. and let's not forget you get cheaper workers abroad that are willing to do a job for a whole lot less. i hear you, no one wants to leave. what do we do to encourage them to stay? >> the easy thing to do, one thing is back off on some of the regulations. it's a costly to operate here in
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america compared to méxico, for sure. so back off on some regulations that a lot of those are punitive in nature and back off on those and make it where companies could produce their goods right here in america and certainly taxes, yeah, i think that'll be, you know, job number one on this administration going forward. trish: can i ask you about oil prices, wow, what a couple of days it's been, this is in reaction to opec of course. what do you think right now? above $50 a dollar, harold. is that going to continue or more supply via the u.s., are we going to see prices stuck in. >> prices have been artificially suppressed low as the saudis and, you know, basically brought pressure on -- on opec members
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and also other nonopec members to cut supply and -- and help reduce the production world. we've had a big overhang of inventory even though we have seen the rebouncing occur, supply and command at the end of the second quarter this year, but, yeah, there's some ways to run. trish: can you give me a sense of where you would see, say, oil prices and i just have 20 second, but six months out, harold? >> well, you know, i just give you quick thumbnail. i think that we would see 60 by year-end. i think that was right on. we would have had had a deal made sooner or not involved in the process. trish: 60 bucks by year-end.
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december 31st, that's a heck of a run we could still in the next couple of weeks. >> well, yeah, january 1st. it can certainly happen. trish: harold hamm predicting $60 a barrel by the end of the year and saying he will not take the position in donald trump's cabinet as a secretary of energy. all right, harold. it's good to see you, sir, as always, thank you. >> you bet, thank you. trish: we are continuing to watch donald trump, he just landed in indianapolis and he is going to be taken to the stage there at the carrier factory any minute. so do not go anywhere, we are right back with donald trump live from carrier after this
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trish: all right, let's take a live picture coming from indianapolis in indiana. donald trump about to get off of
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his plane right now and he's going the make his way to the carrier factory where he will meet with workers and he will address them there. roughly 800 jobs have been saved. they are workers that will continue on in the plant, donald trump and former indiana governor and now vice president elect mike pence worked aggressively on a deal with carrier over the thanksgiving holiday and they came to some kind of deal that would at least save 800 jobs. president elect is going to talk to people. as we continue to watch this, he's going to be leaving this plane any minute. we will continue to keep an eye here. you just heard from harold hamm who said he's not going to take the position as secretary of energy. overall the media has been very sort of angrier, you can say in
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a full on freak-out mode of some of the people that he has chosen because they want to implement policies that donald trump has promised. so, for example, there are in uproar of pick tom price because tom price wants to abolish obamacare just as doctoral, masters' and bachelors' degrees had said he would like to do. and then you look at the education secretary pick, you know a woman who is a huge school voucher supporter. i mean, of course they want someone who wants to blow up the whole union cartel that's been strangling our education system here in america and penalizing the students who so badly needed and steve mnuchin. joining me howie from media,
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howie, god to see -- good to see you. why do you think the media is so shocked right now that he has picked who he has picked? these are people that embody the very policies he promised? >> i do think, trish, donald trump and mike pence's to save joobs in indiana are going to resinate with the working-class voters than who he put in the cabinet. there's sort of a tone anguish, outrage, concern about the fact that the people that donald trump are picking, you named a couple of them are going to reverse some of the obama administration policies. we didn't see that when barack obama was the president elect and, of course, the people that he picked were going to reverse many of the george w. bush policies. trish: just once again proving that the bias in mainstream media, they are coming to everything from the left?
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>> not necessarily everything. jeff sessions, politico ran two stories about he's going to overturn civil rights enforcement and exodus from civil rights division, why, because jeff sessions is not going to have the same approach as civil rights or probably a lot of law enforcement priorities than the obama administration and some people including politico think it's a bad thing. this is why we have elections. there's no surprise here. of course, the president elect are going to elect mostly rich people, take a different approach to urban areas, education and he actually would be breaking faith with his supporters. trish: people that are doing -- embody the exact value that is
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he promoted on the campaign trail and the media needs to take a deep breath and get over it because he won and the people that he will put in are people that will help to get his agenda done, we are looking at him coming out of the plane along with mike pence there in indianapolis, they just touched down moments ago. this is a big deal. roughly 800 jobs are going to be saved at carrier as a result of the negotiation that is took place in part over the thanksgiving holiday weekend. donald trump tweeting out that he was busy working on a deal and howie, i always say that what the media projects about the economy and says about the economy actually has a big affect on people sentiment and a lot of that is also what the president is saying and what the president is conveying and here you've got donald trump going to work as he promised for the american people. i know he didn't save all the jobs, but he saved quite a few
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and that's got to make people feel good right now. >> right. i think the legitimate question about was this a good deal for the taxpayers in terms of the tax breaks that carrier will be getting, before he even takes office to save these jobs i think sends a powerful message, yeah, he may have a rich treasury secretary or commerce secretary but he is focusing on manufacturing jobs and other kinds of jobs for people who don't necessarily live among the coastal elites and aren't high-tech workers. he's telling them through this symbolism that he cares about them and he's going to work for them. trish: it is symbolism. i'm joined here by ed rollins onset and i want to join him, ed rollins ran the second campaign for ronald reagan with success. you think back to when reagan first came into office and how
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down the country was? >> i was in that administration. i went back tooth white house in the second term. you're talking about symbolism. it's very important. what he has done so far is he's sort of taken charge, i'm going to fix this problem, a thousand people are going to have a much better christmas staying in their home than they would have. that goes aacross the country. a guy who is basically going to help me. trish: i saw the news cross and my immediate reaction was, thank goodness for those people and how happy are they right now that they voted for him because, you know, they have a chance at really still being able to provide for their families in a way that they always have, i thought to myself, how important this is for the country. i also thought, gosh, i wonder how they're getting this done. you have to give some concessions, but that aside, i mean, this is a big emotional win and you know what, emotions,
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ed rollins, they count. >> there's no question about it. you have to have confidence and people feel better about it. the new administration, the people that he's named, business people, they understand how to create jobs and my sense is i think it's a very positive way to begin the new administration by the end of this year. trish: he surrounding with smart people, one is steve mnuchin. we heard from steve mnuchin right here on fox business. he's promising a major tax overhaul within first 90 days of trump's presidency. >> we will have a major tax reform, biggest tax reform since reagan. it's not just going to be a cut in corporate taxes but also a very large middle-income tax cut that's going to help this country. trish: tax cut.eed it. businesses need it. i think this is one thing that
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actually both sides can agree on. i want to go to our own peter barnes with the latest as we continue to await donald trump. you know, peter, they are saying that there are tax concessions given in this deal in indianapolis i want to point out to the viewer that we are keeping an eye on the live picture that's coming to us right now from indianapolis where donald trump will be micking his way onto that stage. we are going to go to it as soon as it happens. you know, taxes, they are pretty relevant part shall we say, peter, in the whole supply and demand equation? >> yeah, that's right, trish. but you know, there's some additional comments from mnuchin which are causing confusion in washington. they differ somewhat from what the trump campaign outlined this summer and appearing to promise lower tax bills for everyone. listen. >> on the upper end, not will cut the tax rate but offset with a significant reduction of deductions. so for the upper class it won't be a tax cut but it will be a
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simplification, it will lower the marginal rate which will spur investment. peter: but the top tax writer in the house echoed mnuchin's comments this morning. >> the only way to lower rates for everybody is to eliminate hundreds of special tax provisions for some and so that's what we are proposing to you, significant trade-offs to move to this. peter: but brady said -- brady said republicans here are waiting or more guidance from the trump team on how to proceed on tax reform. the two sides are talking now. the tax outline mr. trump released in august when campaigning suggest that had every taxpayer including top earners will get a lower tax bill and said plans income thresholds would be similar to the tax reform plan from house republicans which has the same rates as mr. trump. here are the thresholds so you
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can get some idea what you might pay if all of this passes congress. a couple making $75,000 will pay 12% in taxes, income 75,000 and 230,000 or so would be taxed at 25% and anything above the 31 would be taxed at 33%. as you know, the top right now is 39.6 starting at 400,000. trish: the reality is if he really wants to cut taxes he's going to have to give something for those paying the most in the way of taxes. top 20% paying basically 80% of the load. anyway, peter barnes, thank you very much so much. we are continuing to here to wait for donald trump who is going to be addressing those workers at carrier in indianapolis, indiana. we are going to go as soon as it happens but i want to talk a little bit more about not just that, not just what's happening in indiana, but the overall economic future and what you can anticipate for your tax bill. here with me former campaign
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director for ronal reagan ed rollins, ed, it's an an ambitious plan. >> it's an ambitious plan. obviously get 15% business tax. you can get people, reemploying people, doing well particularly small business, creating jobs, you have more taxpayers. you can create growth. trish: this is what you guys did so successfully in the reagan administration? >> the reality was a tough hard fight. we did it twice. 7 brackets to 3. there's a long-term planning that you can do, today we've gone all additional brackets and additional taxes, the idea that you as a business can know i've got to pay 15% tax on business, small big, what have you, i can plan, i can create jobs and that's what's -- the whole -- trish: obamacare, the tax
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situation. business owner after business owner, a lot of small businesses, they're all in agreement or have been in agreement for the last eight years that they couldn't really foresee a future. they didn't know what was in the future so they were hoarding. >> they were hoarding. we have done two or three times in our lifetime. president kennedy in 1960. trish: this doesn't need to be political. kennedy cut taxes. >> it doesn't have to be. the tax pill that is reagan passed, very much a partner in all of this. it made the economy boom and my sense today is we've studied this thing to death. hearings for four years, speaker ryan was the chairman. we knew what we had to do, we couldn't get it through because -- trish: that's all changed? >> it's all changed. now it's our party, we can have
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bipartisan support on this and move it forward and people will have clear ideas of what the taxes are going to be and a lot more money in people's pocket. trish: it has to translate to growth at some point. you can look at the charts and you'll see an increase in gdp overall economic growth that corresponds with lower taxes and historically you can chart that out but it doesn't necessarily move hand in hand, there's a lag effect and so what your critics are going to say, ed, you can't spend all of this money, you don't have all the money to spend, you can't offer tax cuts, what do you say? >> basically put the money back in people's pocket and see what they do with it. we know government -- trish: you know government is going to spend it some way or somehow. >> you can spend them, invest them, all of which are good except paying more taxes. trish: some people are saying, look, that's not fair to the indiana taxpayer but there's
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also let's not forget, ed, what i call the ripple effect. there's a ripple economic effect. if you lose those 800 jobs and go to méxico, they're not coming back, they're gone. that accounts for a lot of the economic activity in indianapolis. >> i would argue why shouldn't you use federal government to create jobs, incentives for small businesses. it's a positive message from trump and pence and others who knew what they had to do and made it happen. he's out here thanking the voters for what they did and the greatest gift in this community right here jobs that are going to be in méxico now -- trish: great gift. let me also ask you, he's going on the thank you tour, a bit of victory lap, going and thanking all of these people that voted for him. he will be in ohio, for example, we will have that tonight. how important is it for him to continue staying in touch with those voters out there in america? in other words, should he continue thinking about doing some of the rallies because that
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put it is pressure on those that want to stand in the way of things like tax cuts? >> i would be out every ek we took ronald reagan at least once a week. rejustify nateed -- rejuvinated him. this is a guy that will go nuts if he's in the white house 60 hours a week. it keeps the spop -- populism going forward. trish: you're the lawmaker that wants to say no way to something, it makes it harder. don't go anywhere. president-elect trump is going to be taking to the stage there in indianapolis any minute. we saw him get out of the plane. he's there with the vice president elect, indiana governor mike pence and they will be talking about how they put this whole deal together with carrier in a pretty short amount of time and they have
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managed to save 800 jobs as a result. quickly, i want to take a look at energy stocks because they are leading the dow right now into record ter tir yet again today. we just talk today harold hamm, ceo of continental. he told us he is not going to be taking the position as energy secretary in donald trump's cabinet. he had been rumored to do so. he's obviously a big proponent for drilling and natural gas in the country. he sees oil at 51.6 heading 650. that would be quite a bit of room to go in the next several weeks. i want to go with ashley webster on the floor of the new york stock exchange as we continue to wait -- here he is. he's walking out to the podium. he's touring the factory. this is the carrier factory where a lot of the workers there did vote for him. he promised to save their jobs. carrier wanted to move their
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plant to méxico and he really took this issue on, on the campaign trail and hit it over and over again and said, look, when i'm president, this kind of stuff is not going to happen because we need to put american workers first. ed rollins, you were saying, this is so vital to ronald reagan, ability to get things done and energize themselves. >> what a message this is? a month ago when it was knocked down campaign, not a man who is even the president and putting a team together, he's making significant change in community and it's more than symbolism. it's a reality. i can do it, i will do it and can go out to the people and say, you know, 800 jobs. there will be more jobs and this is what we are going to do. trish: have we ever seen anything like this? >> i've been around as long as you've been around -- trish: well, maybe just a little longer. >> i've been in 450 years, you
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were just a kid. wonderful kid but a kid. i've seep a lot and never seen anything quite like this. trish: ford and caprie, ed is saying this is going to be a pretty powerful tool for donald trump. when he's out there it energizes him and the country and enables him to get his agenda through. caprice, you're a democrat. the democrats stand in the way of measures that will help hopefully the revitalized the economy. are they going to be met with discourse from the public? >> it doesn't matter frankly. it's one-party rule. the republicans do have an opportunity to pass the agenda regardless of what the democrats have to say for themselves. however, i would employer fellow democrats to actually listen to the public. we have so much that we need to
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do, we obviously have lost our way. we have lost our voice and we seemingly continue to go with the status quo. we just saw them in the leadership race between nancy pelosi and tim ryan. if donald trump is going to be out there and beating the bushes with the people, i would implore , you know, my fellow democrats to listen to the people because they feel like they've been ignored. i do want to say one other thing, though, donald trump needs to be careful. he has to strike a balance. one thing i was critical of barack obama about was the fact that you can't campaign your way to governance. he needs to be out there -- >> let me make the following points. first of all, i completely agree with ed that basically take his show on the road. stay out of the white house, talk to the people. the other thing is, he can use this in the small victories like we are seeing in carrier to race
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congress over the coals. not just republicans but democrats. he's absolutely right. donald trump just has to remember when he's out on the campaign trail doing the political road show -- trish: a lot of traditional conservatives, they may not like this. ed rollins if this has been president obama or bernie sanders for that matter, strong-arming a ceo, they'd be furious, but somehow i think the fact that you got a businessman, the ultimate capitalist doing it, there's a certain ease that people have with that because they trust his instinct. >> he also said what he would do. i can't imagine president obama doing these kinds of deals. at the end of the day, there's always a honeymoon period. the thing that you're going to find, he's reaching out to former governor romney, shows you -- he hasn't made the decision yet, but reaching out, he's going to reach out to democrats. we will have bipartisan support and we are not going to have to polarization that we've had for
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the last eight years. if democrats want to fight him every tooth and nail all the way, they will suffer heavily. trish: i agree. >> we have to move the ball forward and create jobs. trish: we know it's forever changed 4 or 8 years changed the republican party significant. >> it's his party. trish: it's his party, right. nancy pelosi is right back where she started. so the democrats right back where they started. >> that's right. i am beside myself. i actually just did an op-ed for the washington examiner on this exact issue. the democrats have really, you know, wasted an opportunity to write the course of a democrats in the house. you know, why we have decided to go with a leader that has had a track record of failure for the last four cycles, we have lost almost 60 seats since 2010. this is really, i believe, a -- this is what i say in my op-ed piece.
2:42 pm
this is a proxy war essentially between the coastal elites and the fly-over states and my constituents and tim ryan's constituents the people people trump voters who were democrats who turned around and voted for donald trump, they feel like they've been ignored, talked down to, they feel like their message and priorities are not being heard. and so i think what needs to happen, donald trump took a democratic message particularly on trade and he made it his own and his forced the republicans to deal with the populist economic message. we can't talk down to voters, we need to talk with them. that's been our problem. trish: you might wind up if it doesn't change having to switch sides. i think, this is exactly what happened in this election cycle. you had people, for example, in indiana there, in indianapolis at the the very plant, you're looking at live pictures coming into us right now of the carrier plant, donald trump is touring the facility right now, you know, they said, okay, enough and they may have historically
2:43 pm
voted for a democrat but they said i can't because my economic future is too important. i'm willing to take a chance on this guy that they tell me is crazy. the democrats have certainly squared the living daylights out of what donald trump could represent and they say, sobeit, i'm going with it and this is remarkable. ford. >> that's because basically hillary clinton and the democratic party specifically nancy pelosi have ignored the bedrock of the democratic party since fdr, the white-working class voter and they chose to go with identity politics. unless they get another obama, modern democratic party stands for nothing but ie tenty -- identity politics. [laughter] >> no fresh new blood.
2:44 pm
i don't know where they're going to get -- trish: they have caprie. >> he hit the right message right on the head. trish: he got a little lucky. i would argue, ed, the republicans in general got a little lucky with this guy that came out of nowhere. >> i thought other republicans might have been stronger initially. at the end donald trump was the only one who could have won the election. he tapped into the blue-collar democrat. he won the critical states, wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan, states that we struggled with since '88 and '84 when i was running campaigns. we have them back again. we have an opportunity to go forward and create jobs. he's only going to be measured on the economy. he's not going to be measured across walls across the border, did i get this country moving
2:45 pm
forward again and create jobs and the best way to create jobs is the tax programs and basically -- trish: the first businessman, real businessman that we have had in office. i think that that -- i think it matters. having been around business folks my whole career and politicians and no offense against political types, you all know them quite well and come from that world as well. there seems to be sort of a different measurement, right? in business you measure yourself by how much you're growing, how much money you're making, where are your stock prices. in politics the election matters, along the way it gets mirky, ford? >> look, that's exactly right. if people can't eat and they can't pay their bills and they feel hopeless about the future, then guess what, nothing else matters and that is exactly ed is right about what happened here. back in march of 2015 or 2016i said that donald trump could win
2:46 pm
because he was the only one who could talk industrial midwest and he could goose that sort of white-working vote. he's won heo have to deliver. trish: what i'm saying is he's got a better shot at delivering than your average politician and it's simply because of his life experience. >> i absolutely agree there. >> one critical thing. if you're a businessman, you to make a payroll. small businessman big payroll and often times you're the last person paid. if you understand that, the government you have don't have to worry about. if you basically failed as a businessman, you cost a lot of jobs. he slipped many times in his career, he's come back. he had people around him that had to make payrolls, they understand the decisions were vital. that's what we have to think about for the country.
2:47 pm
trish: people wanted a fresh start and bringing in someone who is not as experienced in the political sphere, some would say that comes with risks because he may not know how to deal with this one or that one. but i think the bottom line is he's accomplished more than anybody in congress -- he's accomplished more than most politicians. >> there are strengths and weaknesses to someone who does not have elected experience. not only does he have experience, no policy experience. there will be strengths and weaknesses in that and i have concerns in some areas, foreign policy, health care, et cetera, that being said, you know, i think the one place where i think we can all at least have a real conversation about donald trump's potential successes is around the economy. i think one thing that no one has mentioned about, because donald trump is a businessman, not only does he understand making payroll, he understands
2:48 pm
what businesses need from government particularly because he's a real estate developer. here is a guy that understands what you need from infrastructure, what you need when it comes to easements and right aways and zoning issues. trish: he knows how much read tape there is. >> he's not going to know what to offer. >> i have great respect for you. he does have elective experience . 44 men did that before and the first one with no experience and he won it and won it big. trish: don't anybody go anywhere. we are still waiting on donald trump. i want to bring in to the conversation our own blake berman who is standing by in cincinnati, ohio where there's going to be a big thank you rally in ohio tonight. we were just saying, blake, how important this is for him. it's important for him and it's important for voters and it's important to the process because
2:49 pm
it's going to put a little bit of pressure on anybody who might try and stand in the way. blake: and this is somewhat unprecedented, trish, at least for modern american politics. think about it. here we are here. it is december, november is gone. we are here in southwest ohio. i think you see the line over my shoulder there. this is about to start this thank you tour in about four hours from now. you might think it's late october or early november and the rally was going to get underway. this is a thank you tour. the president elect, mr. trump will be here tonight about four hours from now, 7:30, he will be joined by his running mate, the vice president-elect mike pence and they will take the stage and basically say as the title suggests, thank you for electing him as the president of the united states. this is one of what we believe to be a handful oar so stops all
2:50 pm
across the country, battleground states leading to the election, the thinking was that if candidate trump was to eventually win the white house he would need ohio, turns out with a little bit more with 306 college electoral, he didn't because he ran the midwest states including this one, this is where he's going to kick off thank you tour. he will be here 4-45 hours from now and i think you see it behind me, it is kind of a campaignlike atmosphere. they have the hats and the sweaters and shirts and all that that we had seen for months in the campaign trail. trish: i think the hats are still for sale. ii think i got an e-mail the other day saying you can still get your make america great hat again. by the way, where does all the money go? do you have any idea? blake: for the hats?
2:51 pm
trish: yeah, for the hats. blake: it was listed on campaign website. to rent out arena, turn on the lights and so forth, they still -- trish: stay with us, blake. i want to remind our viewer donald trump is coming to the stage there any minute from now in indianapolis. i'm here with my panel. i have ford, blake, caprie and ed rollins. ed, there's something about just the sound of it too, a thank you rally. >> i think it's fabulous. it was a brilliant idea. seldom do you ever thank people at the end of the campaign. to go back to the voters and i picked a state like ohio, we've never won a presidency as republicans without ohio and even though he had a big victory to say, thank you very much, we didn't take your vote for granted and what he's going to be the president of the working people and i think that's a very -- trish: let's face it. the republicans had become the
2:52 pm
party of the elites and, you know, mitt romney who is being looked as a contender of secretary of state, he in many ways helped to embody that, he was not proud of his wealth. he tried to apologize for it and in doing so, increasingly became this elitist and there was a sense that republicans oonl cared about corporate america and they didn't care about the little guy and as we are going to see any minute right now on stage carrier in indianapolis, this is a president elect who is going to take this message of i care, i care about our workers right to the people, ford, and there's something fascinating about the sort of difference in change and in tone both in the party and the administration. >> well, it's a much more than donald trump just being a businessman as you pointed out mitt romney was a businessman too. here is what makes donald trump
2:53 pm
more unique, he knows his audience and he can read people like a book. let me tell you, if you've been to one of his rallies, i've been a trumper the whole time, when you go to rallies and you watch the call in response and the way he makes people feel whether they live in trump tower like him or go to cracker barrel. trish: he's extremely positive. the first time i ever interviewed donald trump was back probably sometime around 2004 and he had just declared bankruptcy in atlantic city and i walk intoed his office, isn't this great. [laughter] trish: i thought, i was a new reporter on the scene. do i have the story right? he was looking at it -- he said since then it was a good deal for him but he has sort of a way about him where he's constantly trying to emphasize the positive.
2:54 pm
he did emphasize the negative with the past administration and where america has been heading and he did so, however, i'd say, ed, with a silver lining in all of it. it was -- people say, a negative message. it was a negative message but wrapped in a lot of positivity in that we can change this, we can fiction this. >> that's the critical thing here. he feels he can fix it and the american public things he can fiction -- fix it. trish: this is one of the executives from carrier right now addressing the workers there. this is a close event just to carrier workers. those factory workers had the jobs on the line. carrier had said that they were all going to send them to méxico. now some of them are still going to go to méxico but 800 of them have been saved, they are staying in indianapolis. we have learned that there's been roughly $7 million worth of tax concessions that have been offered to carrier in order to help get them to stay.
2:55 pm
indiana governor now vice president elect mike pence, of course, had a hand in that as did donald trump who was working over the weekend, tweeting out he was working on a deal with carrier to get them to stay. you know, we saw that ford was willing to stay in louisiana. we see that nabisco is reaching out that they want to have a conversation with donald trump. is this -- would you say acknowledgment ed rollins that they are going to have the play ball? >> absolutely. in a short period of time he has made two enormous companies turn around and rethink their strategy. their strategy is make the environment good for our workers here and let us create whatever product you're going to sell. we can do it better here than anywhere else in the world with do it. to a certain extent it's a great message and encouraging. trish: we were just listening from the parent united united
2:56 pm
tech that was the ceo that was just on stage. now, this is mike pence who is going address the workers there. let's listen in. >> how about not round of applause for greg hayes. [applause] >> to the executives at united technologies who are with us, executives with carrier, to the great carrier team here in indiana. [cheers and applause] >> to our honored guests, governor elect garrett, indiana speaker of the house bryan, indianapolis mayor joe, my fellow hoosiers. it is great to be back home in indiana. [cheers and applause]
2:57 pm
>> and this is a great day for indiana and it's a great day for working people all across the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> the state of indiana is very proud, we are a proud manufacturing state. we are home to low taxes, sensible regulations, great schools and roads and the best workforce in america. since the 1950's carrier has been a part of indiana's manufacturing success story. and we've been proud of it. as governor, i couldn't be more pleased and thanks to the initiative and the leadership of president-elect donald trump, carrier has decided to stay and grow right here. [cheers and applause] in america. [applause] we're so grateful. we're so grateful that thanks to the initiative of our
2:58 pm
president-elect that i'll talk about in a minute and,, frankly, thanks to the confidence of greg hayes, united technologies, and bob mcdonough at carrier. carrier has decided to stay in indiana, invest more than $16 million in this facility alone and will keep more than 1,000 jobs right here in the heart of the heartland. [applause] what a difference a year makes. you know, the truth be told, job announcements are almost a daily thing here in the state of indiana. we're at record employment today. we have more hoosiers going to work than ever before. that's why, frankly, along with all of you who work in this facility that that day, february 10th, was a heartbreaking day. when carrier made the difficult decision to close this facility and move jobs out of our
2:59 pm
country. we met with the leaders of the company back in march, and try as we might to make the indiana case, it was clear that the die was cast. the simple truth was that policies coming out of our nation's capital were literally driving jobs out of this country. what was missing was clear to me as your governor, what s missing was leadership and change. well, the american people voted for change last month, and even before taking office, our president-elect provided real leadership that made the difference. [applause] you know, president-elect donald trump did just what he said he would do. he picked up the phone. i was actually in the room. [laughter] he picked up the phone, he talked from one american to another. he talked about our plans, our
3:00 pm
plans to make america more competitive, to reduce taxes, to roll back regulations, to put american jobs and american workers first again. he made the case for america, and carrier decided to bet on a brighter future for the american people, and we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts. [applause] you know, i'm very humbled to be standing before you today, i truly am. my family and i are deeply moved by the opportunities the people ofup have given us -- of indiana have given us and now the people of america have given us to serve. this wonderful news not only here in indiana, but all across this country. but i think it's important to give credit where credit is due. first


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