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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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adam: president-elect trump will appear in north carolina tonight, his second stop on a thank you tour. general mad dog mattis will join him. right now charles payne is up. charles: good evening. breaking news. softbank founder and ceo said he will invest $50 billion in the united states and create 50,000 jobs. i talked about animal spirits stirring in this country. it's been a mix of anecdotal evidence. a serious measure how deep pocketed investors outside the united states view america as a
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destination for investment. but more recently we have fallen behind the european union and developing economies. foreign investment peaked in 2008. it struggled more recently essentially crashing to 112 billion. talk about a huge shot in the arm without costing the taxpayers a dime. just a short time ago the president-elect emerged from the lobby in trump tower with the ceo of softbank to tout the announcement. >> he just i agreed to invest $50 billion in the united states and $50,000 jobs. he's one of the great men of industry. i want to thank you. >> i would like to celebrate his
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job because he will have a left deregulation. this is great. the united states will become great again. charles: joining me to discuss. foreign investment down to $100 billion in a few short years. we talk about repatriating cash and restructuring regulations and taxes. what could be a bigger shot in the arm than a foreign government sending billions of dollars to create jobs in this country. >> the repatriation of jobs coming back combined with the rhetoric and spirit that's totally different than we had 8 years ago. when president obama was first elected, the things i remember him saying in terms of creating
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a spirit. he was encouraging businesses not to travel to las vegas for conventions. from a policy stand points to, tax reform, repatriation, and cultivating more interest prize-oriented spirit. that's been the big contribution so far. charles: i do recall. the democrat play book has been about divide and conquer. it was americans versus corporations. they can't regulate themselves. it was about. we had a presidency one single your of 3% growth. to hear this guy say he sees donald trump making america great again and he's ready to commit $50 billion bucks. anybody watching has to say there is something going none
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this country. something stirring. >> it's no surprise to me. donald trump is a value creator. in two weeks, this is the second sea announcement we have seen. it would not surprise me to see week after week of announcements like this. he knows how to create jobs. he knows how to create value. i would not be surprised to see more and more of these types of announcements. when you bring a businessman into the white house like donald trump, you are going to see ange going to be happy about what you are seeing. i keep talking about it, i sight all the time. i'm calling it animal spirits. it's the key component to making donald trump's economic plan successful. >>ed the first thing i thought about watching that clip, what a press conference.
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donald trump knows how to cork straight the meetings, come down into the lobby. the cameras and press are there. son, and softbank conl sprints. it seems like that might be what he's going after, merging it with t-mobile. charles: there could be ulterior motives. here is the thing witho with so. he's a horatio alger story. he comes to america.
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he seize how businesses are developed. he goes back to japan and creates a silicon valley-like business there and it's going gang busters. for him to say i wants to put $50 billion in this country. >> i have been hesitant to make comparisons of this particular president-elect to president reagan. but there is a familiarity with the way businesses are speaking when president reagan was elected. all of a sudden they were willing to begin investing again. they felt like there was a climate that would be friendly to end prize. i think there is a lot of work to do. a lot of undoing that needs to be done in terms of those animal spirits and business investment. both from foreign investment and
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also domestically. we have to see domestic businesses reinvesting in cap x. to the extents has shelby points out, president-elect trump has the ability to generate hype around these things. now putting meat on the bone could be the octane we need. >> last week you had to deal with opec. we keep it up there, we are talking perhaps $50 billion to $100 billion that put people who work with their hands to work. you couple that with billions of dollars coming back into this country because everyone in the world wants a piece of this action. we are talking about the ultimate stimulus package that cause our viewers this. >> charles, i think donald trump, he's shown us already what he can do for this country
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and how he can take his capital. he's taken his own money to work, and he has shown us how he's doing it with his empire. this is a president, the first president in history who now can come in the white house with his business experience and understand, look at every line item on every deal with every expense to see how things get done. charles: the "wall street journal" was so critical of donald trump on the economic stuff, particularly the trade policy. >> the market is impressed. businesses said they will start to hire. but this week we saw trump single out certain businesses. that's creating a lot of confusion. we don't know what policies he will be able to work with republicans in congress and put in place. there always little bit of uncertainty, but they like the plan. charles: lou dobbs will be live
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tonight but with a two-hour special from 7-9:00 p.m. extended coverage of the trump thank you tour. coming up, president-elect trump slams boeing. but did he do it for the right reasons? and did boeing and the rest of the corporal world get the membershipsage? we'll be right back.
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charles: the president-elect has spoken and he came out swinging hard against boeing for ripping off the taxpayers. boeing is building an pair force one.
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>> the plane is totally out of control. it will be over $4 billion for air force one program. i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make lot of money, but not that much money. charles: some are saying this is another blow to corporate bottom lines. joining me to discuss, john burnett and brad thomas. boeing released statement later on that didn't necessarily touch on the things donald trump alluded to in this tweet. what do you think his goal was in this? >> trump is not cheap, but he's frugal. two jets over $5 billion? that's ludicrous. what donald trump is
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experiencing american taxpayers' experience. you go to buy a new car, you start adding the options. state of the art communications, missile avoidance systems. protection from electromagnetic pulse of a nuclear blast. charles: do you think it's more about the cost or the notion that you have ripped off taxpayers because usually there is one colorado any bidding on projects. they never come in on time. there is a report the pentagon hiding a report $145 billion in wasted money. the pentagon/defense industry, the industrial military come fleaks squanders -- complex squanders billions of dollars onal daily basis.
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>> i think he's looking at the entire system. as we go along he will start bargaining down these companies because he knows they are adding 10, 20, 25% on top of it. charles: should corporate america be concerned that there will be limitations on how much money they can make? >> donald trump knows something about boeing he disclosed in his presidential filings. i have been on
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>> >> you weren't saying that when jan brewer passed the immigration bill in arizona. when jan brewer did it, it didn't make sense. >> there is hypocrisy on the left. charles: that was megyn kelly points out democrats were quick to condemn jan brewer passing immigration legislation.
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governor, thanks for joining us. it's amazing of course, every time we get on this topic everyone has to remember when you met president obama on the tarmac and you get that dressing down. what do you make of the states and some cities saying they are going to defy president-elect trump and continue the stink wary policies -- and continue the sanctuary policies. >> this is hypocrisy at its worst. these are the elected officials in california screaming and yelling and having a heart attack because i was trying to do something with illegal immigration that mirrored federal law. now they think they are going to open up their state as a sanctuary state. i guess they forget their president sued the state of arizona and myself included for
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messing with immigration. certainly is it legal? that's already been determined. it's hypocrisy. where are they coming from? they just change the laws. charles: elizabeth, it's remarkable that we have seen mayors from los angeles, chicago and certain states. they have thrown down the gauntlet. they are saying when president trump is inaugurated, they are going to thumb their nose at them. >> it isn't surprising with california because it's the last bastion for the american left. they were defeated practically everywhere else. it's not surprising they will double down on these policies that have been rejected by the rest of america with the election of donald trump. isn't it ironic these measures california is trying to pass, trying to use the law to circumvent the law. that's what they are trying to
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do here. how can you train criminal attorneys in immigration law? what immigration law are they using? the law is simple. you have to come to the country legally. charles: speaking of ironic. germany's chancellor calling for a nationwide burka ban. the proposal is controversial. she also announced she'll seek her fourth term as chancellor after opening germany's borders to 1 million asylum seekers. i know she is having a lot of misgivings. we have seen the ugly incidents the last few years in cologne. and she is facing a huge backlash. is this an epiphany or just good public policy? >> i think it's good public
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policy but it's probably an epiphany also. the question you have to ask yourself is the country can't keep assimilating into it. with the crime rate the way it's been in germany i would think everybody would be outraged in regards to what they had done. i guess i understand now she is going to make a deal and they won't accept them anymore. and encourage these people to assimilate. it's costing their taxpayers all these dollars, too. we have been the there and done that. we believe in the rule of law. charles: it's expensive, illegal and damaging with respect to the physical violence. whether it's assimilation or acull curlization. we have seen muslims who try to become part of fabric of their country.
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>> i think merkel's policies have been disastrous for germany. you see these european nations struggling with the policies of open borders which is something hillary clinton also supported. we are americans blessed to be in a different region. but it's the same thing. if you don't have borders and don't respect the law, you won't have a country anymore. that's what they are having big problems with in europe. what cultural identity do they have there. they don't respect the laws and value the freedoms we have. charles: the dreams of open border-one world society is crumbling. >> luckily american voters rejected it. charles: amazon a giants online. charles: amazon a giants online. but seen it could have minimum wage protesters in the employment line. we'll cover president-elect wage protesters in the
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christopher we talk about the kiosk and robot, amazon go is just there are hardly any human beings in. >> some of only human beings that work for amazon on the ground are the folks who work in the warehouses, and they will be lost to automation as well. as prices go up to human labor in the warehouse, right now amazon is a national giant, i would look out if i were bezos. he and donald trump are not exactly friends. one of every two dollars spent on internet goes to amazon in some way. >> caitlin, interesting we had the really massive protests over last few years, $15 for
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jobs, that payless than 8 bucks. you know i have been critical of these folks. i think you can overpay, it changes the structure. and to a degree rewards mediocrate, this will make it a moot point. >> you now have republicans in charge of senate, house and white house, democrats are trying to push federal minimum wage increase, it has been blocked by republicans. donald trump has supported an increase in federal minimum wage throughout the primary. he has been on different sides of, making point you made, but also saying there should be some kind of an increase, he said $10 should be manageable, people cannot live on minimum wage now. whether congress trying to push this again or democrats in congress they might have a president more favorable to it remains to be seen. charles: he talked about different statesshould have
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-- should be up to the states, it costs more to live in new york city than in birmingham, alabama. but getting back to notion this could be a waste of time. maybe instead of doing that we should have these folks learning how to work drills, you know. really. they have to get a better job or a better skill to survive in the next 50 years. >> i'm not disagreeing with you there, but there still has to be quid pro quo, if companies are losing the regulations that obama inflicted upon them, let minimum wage go up, dow is almost 20,000, people are making money, let workers make more. but i agree on federal level it should be by the state. it is not ideological can trump, it is a business thing. if he can negotiate a deal, so be it. charles: i guess, christopher,
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we're entering into an area where next couple of years, you have to have serious define able skills. or we will be 200,000 welders short. you force corporation to pay overpay there is a ripple with that. >> there is, that is old, this is established, this is not maybe. in 1940s minimum wage so thed to go up -- setted to go up. even more than destruction we've seen in last 60 or 70 years we'll see massive disruption in 40 years when truck drivers becommo become -- obsolete because of self driving cars, and also taxi drivers. and particular is making it so -- technology is making it so
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labor can be done without the workers. >> according to oxnard university, 47% of jobs, including mine will be taken over by a robot at some point. >> thank you. >> dow cruising to another record, my market commentary is next, stay tuned.
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charles: we're moments away from donald trump taking the stage on his next thank you tour, fayetteville, it has a military theme, we have a preview for you, next.
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charles: the s&p 500 and nasdaq closed at high of session while the dow shook
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off early boeing jitters, if you will, overall, spurred higher to the close, russell 2000, the small cap names finished at an all-time high, part of that momentum came from more signs that the economy is picking up, productivity is surging. and 3.1 headline reading was less than consensus. wages come on strong. more signs of anticipation that the economy will soar, which gives the economy a freight chance of soaring. -- a great chance of soaring. then the economic optimism index, surging to a 10 year high. from december, from 41.4 in november, a huge move up. that reading, highest reading goes back to march 2002. that was just 6 monthed after
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9/11, the nation rallied in a manner that had not been seen for a generation before. american optimism about the economy 6 months from now also increasing. but maybe the restaurant recession is over, dave and busters blowing away wall stree street. you can see stock is surging to the upside. i gave that you stock last year at 35 bucks. >> i am saying that donald trump is inheriting a nice ripple, i think he will turn it to a tidalwave of prosperity. stephanie here to discuss it with us, welcome to the show. >> thank you. charles: you are not as convinced as i am that economy has oomph. >> i guess coming into the election i was tracking a
6:41 pm
number of that economy was heading to resolution, personal tax receipts showed no growth. you had turn in credit cycle, with delinquency rates rising from corporate sector, not just energy but all side of energy. and subprime models and home equity loans. charles: not near the danger zone areas? maybe student loans the question mark? we don't know how that will impact us. they have never been over a trillion dollars before. >> not that the del delinquency rates are so elevated now but the credit cycle turned then. you also had indications of distressed borrowing, consumers remember charging more on their credit cards
6:42 pm
after years of resisting that impulse. they were not using that money to increase their discretionary expenditure. charles: what do you think they were doing with it? >> i think they were paying bills. i put a lot of blame on the obamacare. if you look at increase in healthcare expenditures, at personal level, it has been absolute pa abla. -- p parabola. >> with all things that you described. could there be a change a foot. i call is manual spirits. that changes your mind with respect to maybe not going into a regular of being in a recession but hitting an inflection point. >> i have to confess, i have
6:43 pm
had this view of u.s. consumer for a long time, i fell after housing bubble burst they change their attitude about saving and debt. it would restream spending, market anticipate a return. when i was pressed on that for years, as to what would changeny view -- my answer of always pro growth business policies that put more money in people's pockets. charles: it is here. all right, thank you very much. >> really efficient you -- appreciate your first time on the show. >> thank you. charles: mainstream media questioning whether dr. ben carson is qualified to be in donald trump's cabinet, i have my own thoughts on the matter, payne's pat passion is next. prescription medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can cause cavities and bad breath. over 400 medications can cause a dry mouth.
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charles: so like everything trump-related, media has gone into a tizzy overs election of dr. ben carson for hud. they warn that one of most brilliant neurosurgeons in history is quote, woefully unqualified. it is true hud is a giant bureaucracy with tens of thousands of employees. that is not the biggest challenge. the challenge is taking an agency that is most intimate with poor of americans and changing it from a factory. to an agency that helping to provide back drop attitude that nurture self reliance. when my family and i moved in
6:48 pm
harlem in 1970s, the delapitated building we lived in, had a broken front door, i would literally have to jump over winos and homeless on the way to school. more dire and desperate people are, the bigger government and agents become, more poor people become as well. as punishment. with that, it is not the inexperience of ben carson that scares the left but his using the budget to shift focus on poor communities from blame to individual achievement, i long forward to that day, to celebrate every day with no more public
6:49 pm
housing. joining me to discuss is rachel campo. i found this aggravated with dr. ben carson, i think he brings a unique skill set to this job. >> absolutely, running a neurosurgery department out of the johns hopkins i hopkin is no small thing. he became the director of this department at the age of 33. so, this de denny greg by nancy pelosi and others on dr. ben carson is racists if you ask me, by also there is a
6:50 pm
fear he will be successful in breaking these poverty cycles that so many on the left have depended on as their gravy train. charles: right, you have to be quaking in your boots that donald trump and his administration over next 4 or 8 years have a chance to prove something to the world, and to people, blacks, hispanics, women, the gay, lesbian community, all communities that have been told for decades they are the boogeyman. >> absolutely, the left wants to make people comfortable in their poverty, they are not about lifting people out of poverty. i think having someone in head of hud, this is an opportunity that somebody who has that idea of open -- empowerment,
6:51 pm
upward mobility, not treating people leak like a number, it is causing these bureaucrats to quake in their boots, not only the bureaucrats but also some very well connected progressive community organizations and so-called nonprofits that are very well connected to hud. you look at dr. ben carson, just like donald trump, he doesn't owe anybody anything he does not need this job. charles: it will be really exciting, i would love to see the cycle of poverty broken. mental and economic thank you very much appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: coming up donald trump taking the stage in a
6:52 pm
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charles: we're just minutes away from donald trump's post election thank you tour. last week he electrified crowd at the cincinnati rally, announcing he was nominating secretary of defense, mattis, he is joining him today. joining me now. jesse. when he announced mad dog mattis last week, the crowd went crazy. i can just imagine, it will be amazing.
6:56 pm
>> jesse went crazy too. you know, they are down in north carolina is awesome for the crowd, it will be awesome for troops, bulk of our military are enlisted men and women, the fact he has so much respect among the enlisted speaks volume to what kind of leadership this is. this man is revered among marines as one of the greatest leaders ever, he knows how to get people motivated and inspired to do things they would not normally do. that is what makes a great leader. charles: you know, jesse, what do you make of the idea that there are more key spots to be filled. some are questioning any mattis and flynn could work together. you would know better. >> there is no friction, they are senior fellows at london
6:57 pm
center where i am at, there is a great respect for both. they are in different avenues. general flynn is an intel officer, he is specifically designed to go in make sure that white house has proper security information it will need. mattis, on other hand is a great general that understands what military needs are to survive and sustain itself in war, that is what we need in the pentagon, he can relate to what is needed to make most efficient decisions and ensure that troops are never taken advantage of again and dragged out into a 15 year war again. charles: last night we talked about the soldier, the vet who died in the v.a. hospital, his family complained about husbande-- the band bandages not changed, there were
6:58 pm
maggots in his wounds. will it take a very powerful general at higher levels of government to get this job done? >> takes powerful men and women, it boils down to you willwill -- you will tell me what you can do, not what you cannot do. that is what a good leader does. i could sit here all day and throw stones at v.a. but now we're at, what are we going to do to fix it. the ones that have allowed maggots, it doctors to not give veterans appointment be we had one commit suicide two weeks ago because he could not be seen for 6 weeks for his headaches after a brain tumor was removed. these are serious allegations
6:59 pm
of lack of comba compassion and care, they care more about the employee than the veteran. charles: idea of mind set, shift a bit, esprit decore employee know that men and women in military felt this current administration has turned its back on them, how much work will it take to get them back to feeling that white house has their back 100%. >> right now we're on path for that, donald trump will say what he means and means what he says, we're putting in the right leadership, in a year if we don't see change we'll be back to having people with pitch forks and t torches demanding change.
7:00 pm
charles: guny, always great having you on the show, thank you very much. every night, 6 p.m. - -- lou dobbs is next with a two hour. . lou: good evening, the left is having a fit, so too a large number of g.o.p. leaders in congress who have been trying to convince almost anyone who will listen they are protects american from our unorthodox and anything but convention will president-elect. donald trump is making them look like what they are. this president has in short order saved a thousand jobs, likely more, announced a direct investment in u.s. of $50 billion by a japanese bank that will create more jobs by the tens of thousands. trump al


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