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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 6, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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charles: guny, always great having you on the show, thank you very much. every night, 6 p.m. - -- lou dobbs is next with a two hour. . lou: good evening, the left is having a fit, so too a large number of g.o.p. leaders in congress who have been trying to convince almost anyone who will listen they are protects american from our unorthodox and anything but convention will president-elect. donald trump is making them look like what they are. this president has in short order saved a thousand jobs, likely more, announced a direct investment in u.s. of $50 billion by a japanese bank that will create more jobs by the tens of thousands. trump also in one phone call
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with president of taiwan reoriented 40 year trilateral relationship among taiwan, china as and u.s. and done so without consultation of united nations. only the left, the tired, tired orthodox left seems to object to the president-elect's approach. meanwhile, president-elec. >> not winning favor with the left, but doing so with americans. irrespective of party, there is bipartisan support among americans after all, support for this president elect and his impressive work ethic, and his efforts to put more americans back to work. that is how we begin tonight. our president-elect on the
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road, tonight trump in fayetteville, north carolina. for the second stop on his post elect thank you tour. and he found a way to bypass the left wing national media, and in tonight, talks straight to some of nearly 2.5 million north carolinians who propelled him to the white house. we'll have special coverage of the speech. joining me former reagan white house political director ed rollins, steven moore, we have a lot to talk about. and so does donald trump. trump once promised to be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. it is clear he insteps to keep that -- intends to keep that pro promise.
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boeing responding tonight, company that signed a single bid contract with government, released a statement that reads, in part, we're under contract for $170 million to help determine capabilities of complex military aircraft that serve the unique requirement of the president of the united states, we look forward to working with u.s. air force on subsequents phases of the program. boeing referred to cost, so far not the final cost. more than 20% of boeing's revenue come from federal cost, a spokesman said they budgeted $2 .7 billion for replacement program in 2017 but expect this number to change as program matures. the 747-8 series to be
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scheduled by 2024, trump called to cancel the order. not without precedence. in 2004 president obama canceled a contract. joining me to talk about donald trump's concern for taxpayer and taxpayer dollars and his thank you tour tonight, ed rollins. >> thank you, this is a great thing, going a -- after boeing. with hidden $125 million -- billion, how do you hide that? i would say you go through the list, find these items and get rid of them. lou: that is a risk forever these officials who are afraid
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congress -- i love the motivation, $125 billion in waste out right, outrageous neg je negligence on part of pentagon, they said they did so, to hide it from congress who might take the money away from them. might criticize them. poor little daffodils. >> idea that congress will take that money away was frightening, if that is all they are worried about. lou: they need not worry, turn to donald trump. opening his day, with going after boeing, all i could -- you know i heard art of the deem screaming at me in mid '80s. this is him negotiations. >> this is a single source, it was a couple of sources that bid for this, now single source, they had this contract for 25 or 30 years.
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there is more sophisticate the equipment going on air force one. lou: i don't think that there has been a different company manufacturing an air force one aircraft, since the 50s. >> mcdonald douglas tried, i know. but boeing got the contract, i think that this is an item that you want to be good and secure, but you don't want it to be gold-laced. lou: like he said, he said, we want booin boeing to make money just not that much. one of the more rational statements i heard. >> this goes against great sense you maybe a lot of planes for a cost to go 3 times of original bid that is absurd. >> the jobs however, showing
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up with massa, softbank, japan's extraordinary aggressive global bank in japan, $50 billion direct investment he announces it. creating he 850,000 jobs -- creating 50,000 jobs. this is extraordinary stiff on part of a president-elect. >> leader of that company said that if hillary clinton would have won, i would not have made this investment. lou: do you remember mark cuban saying that the markets are going to crash if donald trump is elected. do you remember the quote, unquote smart money guys, they look ridiculous. there is no apology that is what gripes me -- well, it gets me revved up, for these
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people to make forecast, idiotic statements they made, then they don't say i'm sorry i was wrong, i think that good things are going to happen, instead they keep -- >> democrats must have thought they won november 6. idea they are not giving waiver to secretary o of defense or try to stop it. lou: mitch mcconnell today, said, isn't it night that harry reid was vial eve, -- venomous nasty sol -ob, those are my words, and here we are, no reason why anyone of these candidates, chosen by this president should not move forward. >> he has a good agenda, a
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great cabinet, much better than anyone anticipated. my sense is he has a few more appointments. i believe he will have good people. lou: i think he will have terrific people, but my question is, how does the list keep expanding. >> i have grade respect for kissinger, he was there today, i hope just for advice. lou: he would be still make a terrific secretary of state. >> any time i see him on tv i pay attention to him. lou: we're looking at venue new in fayetteville, north carolina, donald trump to take the stage. we'll be going there live, with him tonight, general
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mattis. general mattis will be running defense department for this president-elect. soon to be president donald trump. i never heard so much, site am about a -- excitement about a man taking over defense department as we heard and watched with general mattis. >> by military and civilians. i think in 4 or 8 years, he will be one of the great significant forces in this country for good. i think he will redefine this country in the defense area. lou: in fayetteville, near fort bragg. this speech tonight with general mattis, with the soon to be commander in chief, appropriate, i imagine crowd that you are looking at is every bit as anxious as roas
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rest of the country to hear from president-elect and his secretary of defense. ed rollins thank you. >> thank you. lou: there of a lot happening today, a lot in trump center, much in washington. the roast in the world, we'll have it for you, stay with us, we're coming right back. president-elect today meeting with more secretary of state candidates. >> i hear him say it more often than anything else, we we' that person who will be best for the country. lou: who will he choose at secretary of state? we take it up with michelle. next. >> president-elect today making another deal for prosperity, creating thousands more american jobs, we'll talk about trump's job saving, job creating deal like no
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president elect before him. we'll be right back with all of that and much more stay with us.
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lou: we're as awaiting donald trump's thank you tour, his
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second stop this one i in fayetteville, north carolina today. there will be resistance from republican leadership as well, on important issues. senate democrats are vowing to give trump's cabinet picks the quote, unquote garland treatment. referring to delay tactics regarding nominee garland. harry reid used a nuclear option to remove closer. kevin mccarty his wing of house calling for tax reform. as opposed to punitive tariffs that trump proposed. a top ally, house speaker paul
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ryan indicates that g.o.p. brass may' to block some of trump's more populous campaign promises. i can't believe it has taken so long to actually fly their flag. republican congressman bill flores of texas said we agree that some of president trump's proposed policies are not going to lineup very well with our cons joining me now to find out how well they lineup, michelle great to have you here. >> thank you. lou: let's turn to this sudden display of the false flag cut from yard iron here we go, skull and cross bones are flying. mccarthy and ryan will be obstructists again.
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>> as they always are, these people have learned nothing. in the same way so many established democrats have learned nothing, they will double down, i believe that this g.o.p. so-called leadership, is going to pose more headaches and will be a bigger threat to donald trump and his american sovereignty ajen athan the out right liberals will be this has always been the case as long as i covered politics over last 25 years, the republicans who pretend, and pay lip service to american worker, american economy, strong borders, again and again and again, they have been shown to be phonies, and liars, and we'll go through this all over again. lou: and starting early, that may be to suggest that perhaps there they so weak they need to build momentum before trump takes white house, that is positive, other outlook they
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are so cock sure of themselves and brash because they have unlimited funds they have been bought and paid for by chamber of commerce, business round table and to hell with the american people. >> they have been entrenched for so long, they are not going to loosen their iron grip on the power they with wielded over american people to capitol hill in particular paul ryan, i said it before, i believe he is one of the biggest -- of the republican party. he is a threat. there are some johnny-come-latelies who are awakening to fact he is not donald trump's friend. lou: donald trump has been, i have to say, i will not pretend objective tie, i think that donald trump will be one of the great president this country ever had. but i think that donald trump has been as generous, as open
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as he could be with a man he knows of first of all not only done think that donald trump would win but did all he could to make sure he did not win. >> yes, that you right. you look at paul ryan's record over many decade he has been groomed by donor class, groomed by k-street by open border special interests, he was groomed to be in this position to carry their water. this is man who was not going to give up. dropped a mavericks who has finally stood up for american workers, and american sovereignty. >> in short order, president-elect saving a thousand jobs can carrier, and softbank deal he announced today, japanese bank $50
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billion, i mean these are extraordinary moments this is a president election standing up as he promised he would for working man and woman and their families. and it is -- there has to be such a strong feeling of optimism right now, in this country as a result. >> there is, among the carrier workers who will have a job, and piece of mind this holiday. and you know i wrote about carrier company in history book on entrepreneurs that i wrote last year called who built that, it is an amazing company, a showcase of american innovation, engineers who dug into their own pockets and invaded approved every aspect of our life, of course, this company should keep their jobs in america. i do not consider it crony capitalism, i consider it a
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backlash to crony socialism of government over last 25 years. lou: and the allegiance that has been built up between corporate america in particular and the public policy of the government that is turned their backs on working men and women, and simply turned their open palms to the industriures of corporate america for -- treasuries of corporate america. i have a feeling that will change dramatically, i think no one would be more surprised than folks on, can kstreet about they have been abandoned. lou: great to have you, michelle malkin . >> thank you. >> breaking news, a shocking new report has found pentagon tried to bury a study it identified $125 billion of wasteful spending at pentagon.
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studier issued last year, for stayed billion by stream lining bureaucracy, slashing use of contractors according to washington post respecting from pentagon leaders were so concerned that proposal would encourage congress or light white house to cuts had budget they killed the study, they hid the results of the study that only now are surfacing. >> on wall street, stocks edging slightly higher, dow gaining 36, but closing at 20th record this year, s&p up 8, nasdaq up 24, volume 3.6 billion shares. listen to my report 3 times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network, up next president-elect trump keeping his campaign promises, pushing to keep jobs within our boarders. >> we'll crackdown on all foreign trade abuses that undermine your ability and
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your company's ability to compete, those days are over. >> trump's former national spokesperson katrina pearson will join me next. we'll have more as well as the president-elect, when we return, stay with us.
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lou: president-elect trump, his second stop on his thank you tour in fayetteville, north carolina. he will be addressing folks in fayetteville, the 82nd airborne. the largest base in the country. emintroduce his soon-to-be defense secretary-general james mattis. he tweeted, departing new york with james mad dog mattis, see
7:29 pm
you in fayetteville. anxious i'm sure like everybody else in that big old room to see them take the stage. reporter: donald trump should be up there with mad dog mattis in 20 minutes time. but when it comes to confirming mattis. don't forget, because he's only been out of the military for three years, under u.s. law he needs to seek a waiver from congress to do that. the statute step ups you have to be retire -- the statute sip lates you have to be retired for 7 years before you can take over.
7:30 pm
democrats on capitol hill said the republicans are trying to streamline the process. there is a move by republicans in the house and senate to attach a rider to this week's continuing resolution to expedite the process for general mattis to get that waiver when it comes time to do it. minority house leader nancy pelosi says there needs to be a full vetting of general mattis since this is the first time in 66 years a flag officer has been appointed to run the pentagon. or maybe they will accede to the democrats' demands and wait to confirm it. donald trump is getting kudos from the military for appointing general mattis.
7:31 pm
but he tweeted out this morning he might cancel the air force's programs to replace the 737s that ferry the president around. lou: what i'm interested in is nancy pelosi. mitch mcconnell themed his nose at her and every other democrat, what's terrific about all of this from the republican points of view and the president-elect and general mat imattis, he went to the nuke yas option, blew away cloture, now the republicans have a 51-seat majority. and it will smooth out in a hurry, he's assured of being the next secretary of defense, god willing and the creeks don't
7:32 pm
rise. right? reporter: i would think -- i would say it's probably 99% that he will be the next secretary of defense. but the trump transition is worried the democrats might find this as their best way to delay the process. but it would southeast die d --d expedite the process and bring it down to a 51-vote majority. john roberts. it will be quite an evening. it looks like you have got a full house, about 10,000 people. is that correct? reporter: there are a lot of the people here, i would have to look up again what the capacity
7:33 pm
of his arena is. it's 2/3 full. there is still time before trump takes the stage. he will haval healthy audience tonight to hear him. and they always make lots of noise. lou: up next, trump's former national spokesperson, katrina pierson is joining me. we'll be coming right back after these messages. we'll do all the housekeeping and take a quick break. stay with us. ♪
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lou: joining us is donald trump's former national campaign spokesperson, katrina pierson. i want to ask you first much all, this president-elect is making good on promises early. he's moving the ball like we haven't seen a president move like this period, particularly during the president-elect's being president-elect. the closest i would say to this would be ronald reagan in terms of bringing back the hostages from iran. cutting that deal. so the two have some analogies that rise up here, aren't there? >> absolutely. surely no one expected for president-elect trump to sit
7:38 pm
around and wait to get busy on this. this is something he has been planning to do for quite some time. he's not one to sit around and wait. he's a doer, he's a go getter. he's a winner and he wants to make good on those commitments. lou: he's making good on his word, as you say web's a man of action, he's getting things done. what i get a kick out of, and i don't know how you being part of campaign, how you feel about this, but the left is scrambling trying to figure out what hit them. they are complaining about him creating jobs. they are complaining about him announcing direct investment. they can't believe a president said
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incredible that he has been able to break the strategy with his followers whether it be on facebook, social media or twitter and going on a thank you tour. he has found a way to speak directly to them. >> i think they marginalize themselves. they severely overreached throughout this campaign process. or essentially labeling everyone that supported mr. trump as a racist, sexist, misogynist.
7:42 pm
and that's not america. people believe we have to have a common sense philosophy when handling global affairs and put american families first. when the media along with the left decided to dog pile on the american taxpayer and american worker. i think they marginalize themselves. lou: katrina pierson, we enjoy talking with you as always and wish you a lot of truck in the upcoming days. up next, republican leadership working to undermine the president-elect's populist agenda? that wouldn't be paul ryan, would it? kevin mccarthy? really? they are the problem? we'll get into that. more special coverage of trump's thank you tour. he's running a little late. but we don't mind. he's going to be the next president.
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let's start with the secretary of state, rex tilson from exon mobile. mitt romney's arch enemy. what's going on here? >> i think -- lou: i'm not complaining. i'm just trying to comprehend. >> i think donald trump likes to bring talented people to the table, it's thinking outside the box. lou: they
7:48 pm
7:49 pm
>> where are you going with speaker ryan? come on. lou: speaker ryan and kevin mccarthy saying they are going to block part of the president-elect's populist program because itn't align with their values. who do these people think they are? >> all i know is that what we are seeing is that speaker ryan and trump are working closely together.
7:50 pm
lou: no they are not. mercedes, if there is one thing my audience will not tolerate, okay? they won't. and that is being taken for fools. they are not working together. kevin mccarthy is saying straight out, congressman bill flores saying straightforwardly, they are going to be in opposition to the president-elect's populist agenda. please. >> there are elements that you will find they are not going to agree on. we know this. there is the free market conservative republicans who don't want to move forward. lou: free market republicans? is that a conservative? is that a democrat? >> not pushing forward tariffs. lou: charlie, get in here because we are going to be out of time.
7:51 pm
>> i'll tell you, i love -- i don't mind the infighting at all. i think it's terrific, it's open, honest debate, and donald trump will be able to make his arguments and they will be able to make their arguments. if these were the olden days all the republicans or democrats would be in lock step. this open infighting within the family is terrific. i have a lot of faith that donald trump will win some of these arguments. paul ryan and kevin mccarthy will win some of the other arguments and the american people will come out winning. >> it's about negotiating the deal. >> the art of the deal. lou: i think we have to be clear about who the parties to the deal are. with ryan and mccarthy we are talk about the chamber of commerce and the business rounds
7:52 pm
table. >> if they are carrying water for the chamber of commerce instead their constituents, donald trump will call them out on that. >> we have a healthy checks and balance system with republicans in the senate and the house, and i think it -- you will see so many pieces of legislation going through that will benefit the american people. it will be part of donald trump pushing forward his populist message and agenda. at the same time they are going to look for insuring they don't push forward the tariffs donald trump was pushing for. lou: we are in agreement. open argument discussions, sunlight is flowing. they are so happy. and my audience appreciates it. thanks so as much, both of you. up next, donald trump very late on his thank you tour in north
7:53 pm
carolina. we'll be bringing you this rally. i have got to be candid with you. i am so thrilled that donald trump is the president-elect. i can remember when bill clinton was an hour late to things. i don't care how late he is. i'm just that happy. trump will take the stage, and when he does, tony sayegh and lee carter will be with me as we analyze every word he says. stay with us.
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[♪] lou: there is the venue. and it looks like it's full. can we get a count there? it's about a 10,000 person -- it's 3/4 full. about 7,500 people in attendance. there are people lined up outside. president-elect trump is running late as you can tell. this is his second stop of his thank you tour. mr. trump is at the coliseum, we are told. we are also told trump's motorcade had some problems but has arrived. so we are getting to be in good shape. joining to us further the festive mood, republican cam spain strategist, tony sayegh and she carter.
7:58 pm
good to -- lee carter. this is truly genius at work. given social media and now the thank you tour, donald trump is going straight to the american people, particularly in the states where he won the presidency. >> that's right. people are so energized. i have been talking to voters since his last speech in cincinnati. they love this. a lot of the media is pretending this is a strike industry tour, it is not. it -- pretending this is a victory tour, it is not it's a thank you tour. lou: it is what he says it is. >> at the same time he has been doing things, taking actions and steps that people are energized about from the carrier deal to today with beauing what he did. people are energized, excited,
7:59 pm
and he will stands up and act. lou: bringing $50 billion from soft bank and creating tens of thousands in jobs. >> what's important to consider here, the modern american presidency is limited tonight constitutional power, unbeknownst to barack obama. but they have the power of the bully pulpit. donald trump made it abundantly clear that he's going to use the power of that bully pulpit to bring jobs back and help the average american who has been left out over whatever progress might have been made in the eyes of the media or the establishment in the last 20 years. when you talk about free trade, we buy cheap i phones. but the american workers have been decimated.
8:00 pm
president trump using the power of his office. he says i'm going talk to companies and encourage them to keep your jobs in the united states. lou: donald trump taking the stage now. just to show yo you the power of the presidency before he even takes the oath of office. they have been waiting 45 minutes for him, and here he is. >> thank you, everybody. thank you. wow, thank you. [cheers and applause] thank you. [crow chants trump trump trump]. >> the weather was really bad


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