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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 7, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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higher as well. thank you for welcoming us into your homes. we have "making money" with charles payne next. [♪] charles: good evening. i'm charles payne. today the trump rally became a locomotive. the dow at another all-time high. "time's" person of the year, donald trump. the cover says "president of the divided states of america." it's not surprising that a newly elected president would be person of the year. remember when "time" mocked his meltdown? now just a few weeks later "time" has a painful epiphany as
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he continues to confound his critics. gina, i want to start with you. even whethey had the second meltdown cover. there was some legitimacy to it. you have to ask yourself, is this wishful thinking or true journalism? >> the first accurate thing i have seen the lame stream media do in this election year, maybe they decided to start competing with the fax entities. it seems as though they have no concept of what the american people tried to tell them in the last election. but there is a glimmer of hope since "time" magazine made him man of the year or person of the year.
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charles: it's a back-handed compliment calling him the president of the divide states of america. >> the only one dividing this nation are the news media and the far left. that's another slap in the face from "time" magazine with that subject titlthat -- on the subt. they put donald trump on the cover because they are going to sell more magazines. they are doing it to sell clicks online and sell magazines. that's the problem with the news media. they are suddenly irrelevant. people don't trust mainstream traditional news media. so they are going to non-traditional sources and going online. charles: mayor, i think you are being too kind. there is a ideological gulf
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between the mainstream media and donald trump. first they laughed him off. they laughed him off and disrespected him, and they couldn't believe it. and even with this magazine cover, they still in my mind seem to be underestimating the man. what he's done since he was elected is nothing according to the script. >> i think it's miraculous what donald trump has done. what he did was a phenomena. he spoke directly to the people. the people listened to him. and he one decisively. traditional campaigns don't work anymore. it's all about movement, crusade and the people. that's what donald trump showed our country.
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>> i think it's significant mayor levine would say that. i think that's a real signal of what we have to see ahead. charles: mayor levine, in your party you have recounts going on, the reelection of nancy pelosi in a leadership position, you have keith ellison on the cusp of becoming a leader in your party it seem the majority of your party is not hearing loud and clear what the american public is saying. >> i think i agree with you. there will be a lot of reconstruction going none the democratic party. but i believe the core focus will have to be florida. florida will be the normandy for the democratic party if they want to get back to washington. i can speak about florida, but i
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think florida depicts what america is going forward. charles: florida was atop tossup state. pennsylvania was not a tossup state. here is the thing, donald trump confounding the experts even more recently saying i consulted with barack obama and they have a good rip. i don't think anyone saw this coming. >> let's not forget donald trump could have won without florida. he's rewritten the tam campaign playbook. every consultant i know is scratching their heads and they are trying to look at what he did in his own without any so-called expert telling him how to do it, how he shifted as the mood of the campaign and electorate shifted. initially when he was trying to get his name out there, then it was about the convention and
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getting the delegates. then it became about winning on election day. if we look at what he did, the history will reflect donald trump has rewritten the way democrats and republicans will operate moving forward. charles: it was amazing what he did leading up to the election. what he has done since the election doesn't just have the mainstream media and progressives spinning on their heads, it's countering every single warning they told us to anticipate. >> look, let me tell you. i knew this was going to happen. gina knew this was going to happen. and i knew this is how he was going to operate. this is hot man is. he's not a establishment elitist. he's a man of the people and a blue collar millionaire. he's not going to worry and fret over what china or russia might
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do or say. he will act out of pure conviction and sense of leadership. that's what america was yearning for, particularly the people who struggled in this horrendous economic recovery. he will spin a lot of people on their heads when he starts to bring tax cuts and regulatory relief and the economy gets going again. i'm telling you we haven't seen anything yet. you have seen nothing yet so far. charles: it's been a nice appetizer. the market to me is reflecting what i keep telling people, animal spirits. go to the people who aren't political. it's the guy who works in my garage. the hot dog guy across the street. my brother-in-law works in scrap metal. the business is going through the roof. the democrats are in real trouble if donald trump is able
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to help owl these folks that formally used to belong the democratic party, what's going to happen to your party? i believe they are? serious trouble. >> every 8 years this happens. charles: the party that's given the chance normally blows it. >> we want him not to blow it. he's our president. if he's successful, all of us are successful. but we don't want him to just be the person of the year. we want him to be the president for the decade. i can tell you if he does something i don't agree with, i'll be the first one to call him out on your show. charles: is donald trump trading in his fiery campaign rhetoric for a different take on the dreamers? geraldo joins me in studio next.
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switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed. built for business. charles: donald trump commenting on immigration saying quote we'll work something out with dreamers. the president-elect remarks getting aflaws from senators lindsey graham. there is bipartisan support for this in the senate. but the big question is donald trump on base with this. dreamers?
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no, illegals. trump better not cave on this. geraldo rivera is here. donald trump road a wave of anti-illegal immigration to the white house. this is one of those rock solid promises people in the heartland took his word on. i know you are a fan of the dreamers staying here. but could this be a major potical mistake? >> i hope he changes his minds. but asking about the political consequences with trump's base, i hope not. the way he has been received at these so-called victory rallies. all the adoration and love the people who voted for him have, i think he's establishing himself as a real conservative. he's going to govern from a conservative perspective, the
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dow jones is up over 6% since he has been elected. i think in terms of the dreamers specifically. if there is any give in the anti-immigration crowd, i totally agree with you, this was the signal issue that got him elected just like brexit was an immigration phenomenon over there. i hope people understand these were youngsters who were brought sheerm, they did nothing to come here. they were under 16 years old when they were brought here by their parents. they have been sheer continuously since 2007. they have had to come out of the shadow, give their names and addresses, register and get a job and go to college, go into the military. are we going to rat them out and send them back to countries where they have never been? charles: what do you say to people born in this country under difficult circumstances,
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maybe a father was laid off off his job was sent overseas or is that reason enough to circumvent the rule of law? is that reason enough to circumvent millions of americans who have sit tough, and they believe one of the main reasons for that is because of the massive influx of illegal immigrants. >> i reject that notion that the undocumented immigrants are taking jobs from poor americans. i always said if you want to put a sign in the center city and say we'll give you minimum wage to go upstate new york to pick apples. here is an empty bus, get in it, i don't think the bus would fill up. many of the people who are native born have gone past if the meat processing.
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charles: what about the rule of law? >> this is a nation of immigrants whether brought here through involuntary servitude or slavery. everybody whether you have came in the irish wave or german wave or the italian wave, we all have come from other places to be here, and these people particularly, they had background checks. we know who they are. we know they have been law abiding. charles: i understand what you are saying. but the ability of a country to control its borders, there are people in this country who waited 10 years, 15 years. they waited a long time and they came through. donald trump got a lot of those folks this election. they say we reject the notion someone can jump the line as bring a kid with them as a way to stay in this country. they think that's disrespectful and unseemly.
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>> fit was unseemly or disrespectful it was the adults who violated that concept and jumped the line. ru going to it on a 2-year-old, that the 2-year-old jumped the line. charles: it's a 4-4 ruling and it's safe to assume if scalia were alive that it would have been resumed unconstitutional. >> i don't think that's accurate. they ruled on the expansion of documents. he succeed with the kids, he wanted to expands sit to his parents. obviously executive orders are a major political point that donald trump has made very, very specific that he shall overcome
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those executive orders handed down by president obama. except when you heard him today, even donald trump who is honoring his pledge to his constituents, sees this as the one place where there has to be some give. it's christmastime, charles, give me a break. charles: i have a feeling even though he will gram with this, i think this is the will of the voters who propelled him into the white house. this is a tough time for this country. taint keeps out that red carpet' and invitation, you can continue to break our laws and trample on our constitution and be reward for it. i don't think america is at that place. >> i think that is not an accurate assessment of what's going on. i think donald trump has heard from these 15 mayors who said you throw these kids out, it will be a loss of almost $500
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billion in economic activity. 15 big city mayors saying they will create sank waries. the kid in apartment 3b was brought here by his aunts. charles: it's a humanitarian situation. before it was played out on a big stage and i thought the american public had spoke. but we'll see. president-elect trump receives a hands-delivered letter from chicago mayor rahm emanuel today. sanctuary cities standing up to the president-elect. [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event.
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>> we discussed immigration, and i presented him with a letter signed by all 14 mayors from across the country. and we are clear as mayors that these are dreamers who are seeking the american dream and we should embrace them rather than do a bait and switch.
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charles: that was rahm emanuel earlier today. he met with donald trump discussing immigration policy. he and other mayors signed a letter to the president-elect addressing doca. he says the program quote that we'll work something out. joining me to discuss, sheriff david clarke. you recently wrote a pies for the hill on -- a piece for the hill on these sanctuary cities that boldly told donald trump they will protect these illegal immigrants, even the ones who committed crimes. with or without his okay. >> we can't let crocodile tears drive policy. it's note my job to create or establish immigration policy.
6:24 pm
president-elect trump will decide how he will carry out what congress passes. if we are going to be a sovereign nation and we are going to have borders, we have to enforce those borders. geraldo said we are a nation of immigrants. no we are not. we are a nation with borders and legal immigrants. we have to have a zero toll transfor crossing the border illegally, coming in and setting up residence. these sanctuary cities, the mayors cannot drive immigration policy. the sanctuary cities are havens for criminal activity. a criminal identifies someone he knows is not supposed to be in this country and he commits a crime and victimizes him because he knows they will not call the police for fear of being identified as being in the country illegally. we are talking about serious crimes.
6:25 pm
we have illegal victims being raped, robbed, child abuse, domestic abuse. we have a lot of under and not reported crime in the united states because of it. i like donald trump, i support him. i fought for him to become the president. the rule of law must prevail. but that's going to be up to the president-elect to up force the law and not david clarke. we have statutes on the books. 8usc1324 that provide criminal sanctions for people who knowingly harbor and provide safe havens for people known to be in the country illegally. also federal funding can be looked at. >> quickly let me ask you. we have news that police officer nicholas marr, one of two
6:26 pm
officers shot today in the line duty has died from his wound. another, jody smith is in critical condition. you discussed the war against the police officers. how much of that do you blame this current administration for and how confident are you that this will change dramatically once donald trump takes office? >> i blame the current administration for a lot of the rhetoric that contribute to this. the president-elect nominated an attorney general who gets it. they will get rid of this hatred toward cops that contributes to many of these things. it will be a long road back. we'll have a different narrative as it relates to the american police officer. charles: i salute you for all
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>> i am proud that i've always treated the blue-collar worker
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and i consider myself in a certain way to be a blue-collar worker, that make this country run with tremendous respect. charles: president-elect donald trump carrier announced symbolically he's very serious about putting the american worker first. even "time" magazine acknowledged that. see everyday blue-collar worker that donald trump's been able to reach on his campaign and of course that propelled him into the white house. despite his wealth all by not always fancied he could be a cheeseburger on the cheeseburger on the plane he has become the people's president. joining me to discuss steve rogers and -- o'connell. you have a major announcement is like to make. >> charles it's an honor to ma it here and tonight i'm officially announcing mike candidacy for governor of the state of new jersey tomorrow at 12 noon i will be the madison hotel in moorsetown to unveil my plans for new jersey.
6:32 pm
charles: i'm very happy for you and proud of you and you saw connection between donald trump and blue-collar workers, everyday americans in your travels particularly in your blue state of new jersey. it's been a blue state for a long time. what makes you think he can win and why is now the time? >> now's the time because the people of the state of new jersey as well as a nation are fed up with the establishment of political entities we have around the country. charles, taxes are crushing people in donald trump address that i'm going to dress address it in new jersey. businesses are being heard badly by regulations. donald trump addressed it and i'm going toddress that in jersey. what we have to do is bring the power back to the people as donald trump has. we have said all along i knew from the beginning he was going to win because the pollsters were dead wrong. they took a scientific method in order to come to their conclusions. what trump did and what i saw and i see new jersey especially when i move forward is the
6:33 pm
heart, soul and spirit of the people. they will have i'm sure a lot of money. i will be the poor guy on the campaign trail but they control every bit of money they want in their campaign. we are going to win this race because we are going to touch the heart, soul and spirit of the people a state of new jersey. charles: that's what donald trump was able to did not just on his road to the white house but even more so since then. he went to bat for the folks who work a carrier. he challenged boeing, one of the largest corporations on the planet in front of the world he challenge them. he is challenging apple in front of the world and he's putting everyone of those workers first. >> i have sat on the panel for over year and content of 2016 would be the year of the working class voter. they put donald trump over the top because basically he won them in predominantly carrier. hillary clinton was tone deaf on jobs. she was untrustworthy on trade and they felt she cared more
6:34 pm
about transgender bathrooms then the likelihood. donald trump's over never the issues of jobs and trade and he knows what voters want and jobs optimism and safety and he really hit a homerun. even when i'd disagreed with some of his tactics. charles: what about the notion that the establishment on both sides of the aisle, i think it's more than being tone deaf. i think they are so elitist and so against the ping-ponging and saying okay you get them for four years and we'll get them for four years. they have all taken americans for granted particularly those in the so-called flyover states. >> that's exactly right. i can he that howls from the ohio river all the way to the beltway that they can see that because they didn't understand that voters were hurting and why they were hurting and frankly let me tell you something. democrats will claim that donald trump was selling blue-collar
6:35 pm
voters very best of my disagree with that. at least he was selling them something because he'll are once in was only offering we will retrain you and when they hear that you are telling them you don't have their there just at hand. charles: you are going to make the announcement formal tomorrow new jersey. you have a state in many ways that is reflective of all the problems. a lot of people have left the state. a lot of hard-working people have left the state. you have an economy that is shaky right now are the highest taxes in the country. you have your work cut out for you. >> charles we are going to bring it all together because we are going to unify democrats and republicans and independents and pull the thing together but one thing about the g.o.p. we have to be more compassionate to people. we have got to me more inclusive so i'm going to bring that to this day. i'm a law enforcement officer. if you want to see something done with the crime rate in new jersey i'm sending drug dealers
6:36 pm
who should be classified as terrorist, you better pack your bags and get out the state now they forget to trenton because charles herr 14 example is devastated this nation and its devastating that state. >> six years ago a white kid in my neighborhood about 19 years old wandered into my backyard and died of a heroin overdose. he comes from and upper-middle-class wealthy family and he died of heroin so good luck with that. thank you all very much. the major market averages soared. he didn't just make a new record today they soared to a new record. if you listen to my mark in and and -- commentary grab a pen, it's next.
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charles: it looks like donald trump expected to nominate marine corps john kelly is head of homeland security. we are talking about an administration filled with journalism's. washington is out of control. the dead is out of control.
6:39 pm
nothing in the story is going to change they have to. the u.s. debt is increasing average of nearly $2.4 billion every day. >> it's an unsustainable practice there is going to end that wanted us it's it's going to end very rapidly.
6:40 pm
i guess about a week and half ago stocks were down pretty good like in 18 dollars stock hit $16.90. that's the reverse has been going up ever since. here's a stock that will do extraordinarily well if trumps. it was me discussing several signals that the market was not a surprise like everyone said if donald trump winds. u.s. traded at 2096 november a4 the next day at a rally to 2450 guests were closed today? 3790, almost a panetta presented a look now but a key millennial
6:41 pm
hashtag is playing a big role in moving this market. it's anxiety, possibility of missing an interesting event that may be currently having some are else often aroused by posts on social media sites. in this case it's coming from investors. many people missed it during a bombing years and now they are missing the trump locomotive. millions of folks that voted for the president-elect are hesitant about owning great american companies but the higher the market goes the more that will realize it would be a shame not to participate in economic renaissance that they voted for. the reality is the nation's eager for the cultural renaissance that began ushered into all of europe from the 14th to 17th century. that's the case here in united states means reporting back to a candid nation focused on a cycle of individual achievement that
6:42 pm
creates individual opportunities. in other words pulling oneself up by the bootstraps. remember back in 2000 president-elect obama said people didn't have bootstraps to tug on say he was suggesting self-reliance was not only unrealistic he was saying he was insulting. now the nation was ready to get back to working people want to earn their piece of the action. the same mentality doesn't die some apply to investing which is seen as something for the elite or the byproduct of the rich. i'm going to tell you something there is a lot of rigging out up there and i can tell you the playing field is not level but when it's all said and done shares are great businesses. they move higher and shares of bad businesses move lower. to shame wall street shenanigans this book so many people out of this market that continues at this point to keep them at bay. as you can see the train is leaving the station is picking up steam. today went parabolic. it was chartered by the move and the dow jones transportation average which is the highest
6:43 pm
point it seems since november of 2014 but if you recall and watch this index is going to add credibility and also the one with big money to start the move and that's why stocks today in the new york stock exchange -- in this case transportation are not just a harbinger for the economy but also a sign we can have a possible -- for ineptitude speaking of the the small demonstration are phenomenal pics. on that notion you might want exposure cole and the technology side. seagate today a major breakout. by the way stock is significant higher. costco shares are drifting just a little bit. this is a great rally. we will have down days but if you look back let's say year or two from now and you have a
6:44 pm
benefit there'll be no one to blame but yourself. after all it think you voted to make your your portfolio grade again tonight. still to come trump is building on his plans to rebuild america. two of the latest foreign companies pledging to bring big-time money and jobs to america. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a
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6:48 pm
invest in american donald trump's promised he's going to do more in his speech in north carolina last night to take a listen. >> we will have two simple rules when it comes to rebuilding this country. by american and higher american. charles: of course donald trump has singled out carrier for their plan to ship jobs outside the united states. ron christie is with us at the goodman and liz peek. liz i'm going to start with you because almost every single dam seeing anecdotal evidence are hard core evidence assured the audience order for commercial trucks by small and medium-sized businesses through the roof the first year over year increase in a long time. we are seeing a commitment of economy to grow. >> we are seeing a commitment and activism on the part of president. for eight years president obama has really not engage with the business community. he also has engage with congressman in terms of actually reaching out to business leaders
6:49 pm
and getting their advice working with them to increase the number of manufacturing jobs and i stayed trump is taking a different turn from obama. it's working so far. it won't work in every instance but look he is talking to companies, ceos and saying we are going to lower taxes and make life easier for you in terms of regulations and they are responding it by the way as we discussed many times this is the missing ingredient in this economy for last eight years. we have not seen business investment increase so i think one of the things obama has never understood that these ceos are human beings. they are optimistic they may start to expand. they may start to put money on the table and they have not been optimistic because the white house has given them no reason to be for a long years. charles: the thing is run businesses want to do that. they are in the business to grow and expand today would love to build a new factory in love to create jobs instead of buying back their stock.
6:50 pm
liz talked about barack obama not communicating. he did it was always saber rattling and demonization. a business council that didn't meet in the last two or three years that we have seen the antithesis of what's gone on in the last three weeks. >> no question about that. good evening charles. what i enjoys listening to mr. trump's comments is there's a willingness not only to work with the business community as a partner but look at the business community as a friend. as you said these ceos who work at these corporations want to have american jobs. they want to expand operations, they want to find a way to work with the us government to reduce regulation. we arguably have the highest corporate income tax rate in the world. let's find a way to bring these folks together to the table to be partners and friends with their government rather than adversaries and from what we have seen in the last week and half it's a promising step. let's also caution it's not always going to work in the folks supporting trump me to
6:51 pm
recognize he can't be in the business of picking winners and losers. he has to have a level playing field for everyone. charles: adam on that note donald trump's and if the relationship the typical g.o.p. relationship with businesses. i think americans sort of appreciate that he has pushed back against boeing's of the world and the carriers of the world. this makes it look different as a g.o.p. strategist. i don't think we would have seen us from them that romney, president mitt romney. >> you are right, charles. this is economic populism being wrought by a republican president. he did send a message in the carrier deal that wasn't just about regaining american american jobs. he sent another message to ceos across america that if you want to prosper you need to invest in jobs in america. i can tell you after the last 70 days in the market the first thing i want to do is pick up
6:52 pm
the phone and call my broker. there has been a surge of optimism in this country. you can see it. it's not just the market hitting record levels. it's this feeling you feel on the ground and for political strategists and communicated there is nothing more effectual as them being part of a movement and liz is right. they're going to be bumps along the way but for the first time in a long time the words investing in america are about to be something very good. charles: by the way before you call your broker or subscribe to my service first. here's the thing though, we have seen where voters for donald trump have been somewhat forgiving if you will about changes that he is made whether its policy or personnel. i'd and prepared for the bumps in the road. i think they are trapped in an fare like you know what we know it's not going to be a smooth ride but is palpable. >> i think it's about direction and it's about symbolism.
6:53 pm
for every move he makes the media find something negative to say about it. his followers are saying yeah that's what we wanted to see from donald trump. we wanted to see him go out and talk to us about job creation in indiana etc.. i think they will forgive him a great deal because look as much as the media wants to portray donald trump supporters as ignorant they are not. charles: the bottom line they're going to help them become successful. guys thank you all very much. coming up donald trump tapping into the third general to join the frustration who knows for for petraeus ago before. we have a man who doesn't think it's a bad idea lieutenant colonel allen west helping us break it all down, next.
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charles: today marks the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor. the tragedy which left more than 2000 service people dead ushering the united states into world war ii. our thoughts and prayers of course go out to those who gave
6:57 pm
their lives on december 7, 1941 and of course that they will live in infamy. breaking news we have for you tonight donald trump is expected to nominate retired marine corps general john kelly for the department of homeland security. he's the third general to get a top post in the shrub administration that's sparking backlash from the mainstream media. here to push back a little bit lieutenant colonel allen west. thank you for coming on the show. >> thanks for hatami charles, merry christmas. charles: we are hearing howls from the media pay too many military people in there. this is some sort of a de facto coup. we have got to push back. >> one of the things you have to look at is once upon a time on capitol hill 40 or 45 years ago you had 70 to 75% of men and women who would raise the right hand to take the oath to support and defend the constitution who are willing to put their lives on the line to the men and women who serve in our military are all focused on this
6:58 pm
constitutional republic and defense of its its principles its values and way of life. we are willing to make that ultimate sacrifice as opposed to let's be very very honest when he had the capital available and and -- run by lawyers and political cronies in the corruption we have. i think it's very important we have people with real-life experience people that a man willing to make that sacrifice for this country sacrifice with their families as well step up and continued to serve out of uniform. there's no statute of limitations on the oath of office that we take. charles: i read your work every day in one piece of news you commented on briefly with the potential partner bowe bergdahl. just your comments on it. the idea that he would think he could extend their ask president obama for presidential pardon is a. >> in the face to eye up with think anyone who has served in our military. >> it's an incredible slap in the face. there's no doubt that zero
6:59 pm
bergdahl was a deserter and he left his combat duty post in afghanistan in the fact that we have gone almost three years without any resolution in this case. we have a young man like army first lieutenant clint marantz u.s. served in fort leavenworth something is upside down and that's why it's very important that we once again have some of these former military leaders and the civilian leadership positions they can advise the president especially national security. >> was talk about general petraeus and if va spot is open. you are a trump tower earlier this week. any comments? >> you know our family when you talk about pearl harbor my dad answered the call of service in world war ii and we still have a relative in our family serving in the united states army. that's for generations so if anyone in the trump administration believes someone
7:00 pm
in the west family can continue service to the this nation at the humbled and honored to do so charles: they need to call me to get a serious reference. thank you and thank you for your service to this country. thank you his usual for watching us. now here's lou dobbs. lou: good evening everybody. president-elect donald trump filling three vacancies in this cabinet naming retired general john kelly to run the department of homeland security department of homeland security. iowa governor terry branstad as u.s. ambassador to china and oklahoma attorney general scott pruett to head up the environmental protection agency. retired green general john kelly will be the third former general to join the trump administration. he is described as a order hot and up until january he let the military's southern command responsible for latin america


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