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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  December 16, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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the barrel bombs. we had so few troops in iraq. charles: all right. thank you very much. lou dobbs has a two hour for you, trump tour. continues. in orlando. next. lou: good even, president-elect trump in orlando, for his 7th rally of his thank you tour. mr. trump and vice president elect pence will talk the amphitheater, president-elect was there 6 days before he won the election and presidency. we'll bring you the rally, when mr. trump takes the stage. we have a lot to take up with you here, including obama's politicize intelligence agencies and president who has lead from behind, today, tried to advance a story that he walked back. fbi director james comey, director of national
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intelligence, james clapper. have reached a sudden agreement with a cia assessment that top russian officials oversaw a covert plan to expose dnc e-mails and interfere in the presidential election according to the head of cia, john brennan there is now a quote, strong consensus among u.s. intelligence services, that russia orchestrated hacks and on-line leaks in part to help donald trump win the white house. that is latest theory. it contradicts earlier theories and statements of those ages, but despite the newly constructed consensus about intervention in the election, by which the agencies now mean that russians did hack not the election but the democratic national committee, and obama administration now acknowledges that there is still no evidence that a single vote was changed as a
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result of what those agencies and their consensus call, russian interference. >> the president's homeland security secretary jay johnson said, that the hacking did not change the vote count. >> we see no evidence that hacking by any actor altered ballot count or any cyber actions that deprived people of voting whether the disclosures that were made that we pointed out in our october 7 statement, altered public opinion is not -- that is pion my level of expertise. lou: only thing we can be sure of is that three top officials of the democratic national committee were forced to resign this summer because
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they rigged the democratic primary against bernie sanders, they collided with the democratic nominee. we'll take that up with american conservative union chairman matt slap and weekly standard, fred barnes here, also here, media mogul steve forbes, and general jack king, we'll talk about china's latest provocation, and what in terms of nationally is second does the president's statements today mean? pentagon demanding that return of u.s. navy underwater drone, stolen by the chinese military, in the waters of the south china sea. we'll have the story, details and the consequences coming up. >> our top story, president obama changing his story, but not his opportunity. mr. president obama trying to explain why he shrugged off
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russian hacking until after donald trump had been elected. outgoing president had odd on the see to suggest that, should not become a quote political football, after he made it that. and president said he has already resolved matter after a confrontation with vladimir putin. >> in earlier september, i say president putin in china, i felt that the most effective way to ensure that that not happen, was to talk to him directly. tell him to kit it oil. we did not see further tampers of the election process, but the leaks through wikileaks had already occurred. charles: in app earlier interview, president said, his government still needed to take action. >> i think that there is no
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doubt, that when any foreign government trying to impact the integrity of our elections that we need to take action, and we will, at a time and a place ofure own choosing, some of it may be expose it. some may not be. but mr. putin is well aware ofny feelings about this. i spoke to him directly about it. charles: hillary clinton gathered with her big donors last night, saying that putin directed cyberattacks again, dnc, trump transition team senior advisor, kellyanne conwa conway. >> and it is also is timely,
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for a democratic party that condition seem to escape u.s. u.sidentity crisis. all this, lack of self awareness now, seeping into an argument about urinure -- urinintelligence, we don't appreciate that. >> country top leadership of behind the cyberattacks, vladimir putin, a kremlin spokesman saying that u.s. should croat stop talking about it or produce some evidence. otherwise it looks highly inseemly. >> joining me now. to discuss obama administration seemingly desperate attempts to delegitimize president-elect trump's victory, chairman of american conservative union, matt slap. and fred barnes. let me ask you, does this not look like rather high level of
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-- this looks like, a straight on propaganda move, this president who acknowledges he in a conversation with or confrontation, with vladimir putin, gave him a warning to which vladimir putin, melted. it just does not make sense, does it. charlesit? >> no, and knowing president obama, he probably said please, please, please top that hacking. because, look, there is for one thing, there no evidence that russians were trying to elect donald trump. maybe they were but there is no evidence, no evidence when the cia made this finding and still no evidence today, best they become up with is for now.
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there were no republicans e-mails. that is not evidence, that is a gift. charles: well, also, matt, seemingly with resolve there was no further hacking after september, here we are with a 31 days remaining in his term, and now he wants to retaliate against russia? what kind of mindless nonsense is this on the part of this white house? >> well, the president got a no de -- nobel peace prize before he even hungs drapes off, now he is looking tough with vladimir putin, after going as around the globe and apologizing to every dictator. he did not get his obama third term, it looks political, it stinks, and i think that american people' to -- if there are facts like fred is talking about, show us, quit
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the selective leaks and what is happening with telling "new york times" with their finding, tell the american people your findings. charles: john brennan is you know nothing more than a political appointee, and a very politicized agency at the top, and in case of cia, and other agents within the intelligence community. this is a major problem for the incoming administration. the trump administration is going to have to clean house. and that is a very difficult additional burden to put on a young administration. >> it is when you look at cia, under john brennan you look like this agency, has tried to taint the election of donald
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trump. remember he also brennan also attacked donald trump, for his view that we need to get rid of the deal with iran on nuclear weapons that is a policy, something that cia is not supposed to do that, he is real exided hid -- exceeded hid bounds. there will be a lot of house cleans for congressman pompeo. lou: mainly because, this president, will be first president since wilson to remain in washington, d.c. after leaving the white house. the last time that occurred, he is breaking precedence, he is changing the culture. the custom, and looks like he is positioning himself to interfere as vigor usually as he can in the administration of donald trump. >> you are right, he has said,
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that he might be person to lead charge against donald trump policies, i think we see this week with the nasty comes from president obama. -- comments from president obama, vis-a-vis donald trump react to charges about russia and putin, look at his own press secretary, literally taking on the incoming president, we have not seen anything like this, this is unseemly, and i think you know, i think you are right, it breaks a tradition that is important, which is let the new guy come in give him a chance, and he all of our president we should stand behind him, give him that chance. lou: that is -- ernly very clear now. that these are crocodile tears that president sheds, and it is also very clear that the donald trump administration had better be ready because, they are digging in here for a reason, it is for a not campaign, they mean seems to
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be to subvert the real of the people and attack this government, i think that we're going to see some very, dark and dangerous moments as a result of what obama is clearly planning and the left doing. even as they refuse to recognize their edec electoral power slipped levels not seen since 1922, on positive side, i think it would add to their dim uniic. >> we're awaiting donald trump's thank you tour really, in orlando, we'll be right back with that and much more. the day was complicated. >> we'll be right back. >> donald trump not overly impressed with the outgoing white house press secretary, on the subject of russia.
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>> this foolish guy, josh ernest, he is so bad, the way he delivers the message, he can deliver a positive message and it sounds bad. lou: when will losing left whiney ever end? >> a heist at sea, china stealing an american drone in the disputed waters of thesouth. navy warned chinese not do it, they did it and their theft prompted a u.s. diplomatic protest. but show what? we'll find out with general jack king, we'll be right back, stay with us.
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lou: pentagon demanding that china return a stolen drone. it happened yesterday after 40 miles west of phillipines in international water, a chinese warship, shadows u.s. navy which stopped to retrieve two underwater drones, at that point the chinese crew sent out a small boat and took one of the drones, a crew of mariners and scientists made repeated requests over radio asking the chinese to return the drone, they did not.
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the crew was not armed at the time. after the incident state department lodged a formal diplomatic protest to china. and china announcing they carried out live fire exercises, dozens of ships and character taking part -- and aircraft taking part. to test weapons performance and training levels. china's first aircraft carrier. it is not small, but 60% lighter and 100 feet smaller than uss ronald reagan. joining me now to focus on what is going on with china. general jack king.
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turn first to china their response to this protest by u.s. over a drone. they stole. >> they pretty much responded. sudden a note to -- they stent a note to our military officials in beijing, said you should not be surprised. there are risks in the south china sea. and when you maintain close surveillance like that you will have risks. so, essentially they tell us, so many words, that we have your underwater sea vehicle, we had a right to take it. lou: and thetic tra economy --iic translation -- extrapolation it a shared risk, they are running risk as well, one would think this country, would have a response, but there has been none.
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>> there will not be much of a respond fro badge obama administration. >> there a great power competition with u.s. and china, and also russia, russia is shooting at uses their airplane to bomb our syrian monitors. now great power struggle is real, they are not supporting international order that has been established for 70s years, they don't see it in their national interest, they will take it apart, what is happens, china is, militarize in south china sea to be part of their regional strategy to dominate the pacific and asia, they have made up their mind, now they have military strength to back up their political goals that is when their intent is that will clash with the u.s. interest in the region.
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we, the u.s.,' to avoid conflict but we're not going to be able to avoid confrontation, that is what this is, this contro confrontation, these will happen time and again, we must deal with it. charles: reporter: with that vision, of the future. confronting a inevitable. in this struggle for power for dominance, in two part of the globe with russia and china, are we prepared to deal with such a confrontation, militarily? we lost divisions, we have allowed our budgets to eroad your equipment in particular aircraft is terribly out of date. and needs replacement are we ready? >> u.s. military, is superiority, as a power. has beenesh roadinhas been eroding to point where we
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don't have credible deterrent that we used to have. our adversaries should be able to look at us, and say there is no way i am going to challenge the united states, this has been eroding. critics say you are still spending more money on u.s. defense budget, that is not relevant, what is relevant, are we a credible deterrent to our adversaries or not, based on putin a actions we're not, we have a right to be in pacific, my response would be park warships out there in south china sea, not just pass through but park them there let them know we are in the area this is international waters, this is global commons we have a right to be there, and make it understood, in no uncertain terms we're supporting our allies in that region, everyone excepting nok
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knocnorth korea nok is an ally of united states. lou: general jack keane. >> thank you. lou: sources tell fox news that congressman mick mulvaney of south carolina is leading candidate to be donald trump's budget director. mulvaney is cofounder of house freedom caucus, known as a fiscal hard-line, and has oppose his own party budget and appropriation bills because they spend too much money. on wall street stocks today, ticked a little lower, dow fell 9, s&p down 4, nasdaq down 20, volume 5.5 billion shares. for the week, dow up a half percent, s&p and nasdaq weekly losses. small but losses. and listen to my reports 3 time a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network, up next, president-elect trump
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pledging to bring back health and prosperity to the great nation. >> they say, mr. president elect, it does not sound good when you say rich nation. i say, we have to be a rich nation, if we're going to rebuild our military. if we're going to build the wall, we have to be a rich nation. lou: peace through strength. steve forbes is joining me here next. we're awaiting president-elect in orlando, his thank you rally about to begin, stay with us. between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate
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lou: we are awaiting the president-elect in orlando, florida. fox news correspondent phil keating is with him at orlando ampitheatre. it looks like a full crowd. >> reporter: it's about 5,000,
7:29 pm
6,000 people on hand. there were hundreds of people waiting all day long in the beautiful 70 degree weather. he flew to mar-a-lago and dropped off his family and they are currently en route to here. maybe 7:45, tight *, you will see donald trump take the stage. but they don't care how late he is. they are sow excited to see him, the mood, the passion, just enormous all day long. progress of everything is better when our the winning side. that's for certain. things we'll shear trump talk about tonight will be common themes of the campaign, we have to strengthen the immigration law. slash corer corporate taxes, slash personal income taxes.
7:30 pm
and of course el light up this crowd when he promises he will build that's wall. trump is running late. but everyone has got their enthusiasm high. a lot of red make america great again hats as well as chants of "lock her up, lock her up." lou: a big, big difference now with the knowledge as to who wins the thing. i have got to tell you how impressed i'm with the people of until braving those 70-plus degree temperatures to get there to see the president-elect. reporter: sure. lou: up next, president-elect trump will be taking the stage in orlando. and stay with us. former presidential candidate, media know mogul and all-time great american steve forbes joins me next.
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lou: democrats threatening president-elect trump with impeachment if he doesn't divest himself of assets that might pose a potential con fliskt interest. the impeachment effort from five senate democrats is expected to go nowhere in the republican senate. but trump said his sons will be
7:35 pm
managing his assets while he's in office. and there will be no new deals. steve forbes, great to have you heerve. we have so much to cover. donald trump is not going to divest. he doesn't have the time to, couldn't possibly. what does he do that's that's satisfactory to reasonable people foregetting the five is realists in the senate. >> the key word is reasonable. if he has his sons run the business, his daughter and son-in-law will continue to advise him very, very separate. reasonable people will say that's all you can do. you have got stuff all over the world. you have real estate you can't sell overnight. if he does something that comes across as reasonable, they can
7:36 pm
sputter and shake their fists, but it's not going to go anywhere. lou: these people are diminished to such a point, they don't think they can get any smaller. but with these actions they do become smaller and matter. >> they can't believe they lost. they not only can't believe it. but they think by some miracle they will revirlts. the electoral college will come our rescue. no it won't. threaten impeachment. donald trump is staying up platp late at night worrying about that. lou: they are taken anti-american group. they are trying to subvert the will of the people. they are not saying we'll get you in four years, they are
7:37 pm
saying to hell with you and they are trying to subvert the will of the people. >> they are trying to county i will legitimacy thing because in 2018 they know they could lose 10 to 12 seats in 2018. so they will be more impotent than ever before. lou: let's turn to the provecation by china, going after the drone. and the response. they are saying there are risks in the china sea and we did what comes naturally. what should be our response to the chinese where we have an immense investment and dependentsy for goods and products. >> they are more dependent on us than we on them fit came to that. china believes, and i think they
7:38 pm
will be disabused of this notion, that we are a dee kleining nation. the soviets and the russians believe thanked in the 1970s, they got a real wake-up call. it's about the economic program. lou: peace through strengths. >> that's a great phrase. if this economy starts to turn around, which it will, then chinese economy is now in trouble. the bond market -- the bond market cleart nearly closed down thursday. money is pouring out of china. the chinese people, their government may huff and puff. but the chinese people don't have faith in their own government. money goes when they smell trouble. that's what you have in china. lou: real trouble. it looks as though given the troubles they have got, they may
7:39 pm
want some limited amount of trouble and conflict with the united states. they certainly don't want, do you believe open conflict. >> they know what happened with japan when they tried that. that movie did not have a happy ending. they haven't fully grasped yet this president is different from barack obama. it's going to be very, very different. they will learn, they will learn. lou: 31 days by my count. up next, bitter jp rrp blaming the broken f.b.i. for hillary clinton's loss in the election. tammy bruce, daniel halper join me next. we are waiting for the president-elect. he's running a little late. stay with us. we continue our special coverage tonight from new york and all
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lou already defeated diminished
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democrats look to blame anyone but themselves for hillary clinton's losses in the election. hillary clinton telling her donors two unprecedented events led to her loss. comey's letter about the versus giengs her private server and russian hack of the dnc. john podesta joining us in the excuse and blame game. writing in a "washington post" op-ed, something is deeply broken at the f.b.i. joining me now the washington bureau chief at the new york post and washington times columnist, tammy bruce. let's start with the president and his so-called final press conference. he backed up his story about hack an election and it was --
7:45 pm
was reduced to a narrow line of hack the dnc. >> he said you would have to be delusional to think the election could be hacked when they thought hillary was wing. an nbc report says sources inside the white house says he did not do anything about the hacking because they thought hillary was going to win and they didn't want to risk a cyber war. talk about situational ethics. if the situation were to benefit him he could do nothing about it even though it would benefit the united states. he's always come out sounding a little haggard. lou: he was halting, stammering throughout much of this press conference, his last talking it seemed endlessly. but it all toomentd a rationalization of everything he said in his own decisions and actions whether it be in putin in december telling him to cut
7:46 pm
it out. putin dutifully responded with quitting any kind of hack. so why if he quit hacking in september is it a big deal in december? >> the whole press conference today was defensive. by being defensive, he refuted john podesta and hillary clinton who were blaming the russian hacking and -- and the f.b.i. so the f.b.i., the russian hack. barack obama defended the f.b.i. today which i thought was stunning. it was and the full frontal defense. but he was saying they are good people and they know what they are doing. lou: the cia assessment of the hack of the election. >> it was striking because he also said the hacking and all these document did not situate election and had no bearing on the election which is the
7:47 pm
clinton campaigns other argument. in a shocking way he completely demolished their arguments. of course it was all in defense of himself. his only goal is to defend himself because he doesn't want to look like the weak leader and the guy who resulted in donald trump being elected. he would rather shift the blame. it's stunning because it's a complete rebuke to what hillary clinton and john podesta are saying. lou: there is something sad about a president who thinks he can talk his way into a legacy that is more positive than the one that will result, which is devastating. >> for those don'tors at the party wonder wrght autopsy was. answer is right in front of their face. her delusion. the fact that this is what she thinks. her inability to connect with the american people. the inclination to lie
7:48 pm
immediately and blame others. no reflection, self reflection. this is why they lost. unless -- and we heard it from the president. unless they get their act together and look in the mirror and realize it's their agenda they rejected, it will and bloodletting and they have to make sure it many the right sort of republican who win in 2018 in the senate. so we have a filibuster-proof majority there. >> we have a president-elect who is leading the nation, frankly, not barack obama. >> barack obama is obviously so weak he's going off to hawaii for two weeks. he's in the airplane right now. one month left in his presidency and two of those weeks he won't be in town. he's completely checked out. nothing is happening here. donald trump is leading policy in many ways by taking phone
7:49 pm
calls from taiwan. the problem of course is he doesn't have any power. so when this under water drone gets taken there is no real way to respond to it and we are left flailing. >> manage when he does have actual power. the world is going to change for the better. lou: he has the power of the bully pulpit. you are watching a country that's feeling a lot better right now, of people feeling better about themselves because of one donald j. trump. daniel halper and tammy bruce, thank you for being with us tonight. facebook is under fire for its evident to purge so-called fake news from users' news feed. if this is a little like the telephone company telling you what you can and cannot talk about on your cell phone. the social media giant is bringing in quote-unquote,
7:50 pm
outside fact clerks. can we believe this nonsense? we are talking about a major corporation with intelligent people at the helm and they led themselves into this abyss. those fact checkers they tell us are to determine whether a story is disputed. but it turns out one of those outside fact checkers is funded by leftist billionaire george soros. it's amazing the places he turns up particularly when the head of an organization like facebook is a leftist himself. up next, the president-elect's thank you tour has been a wild success. we'll play you some of his greatest hits as we await his rally in orlando. stay with us, we'll be right back. . the microsoft cloud offers infinite scalability. the microsoft cloud helps our customers get up and running,
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lou: let's check in right now and go to orlando, florida where donald trump will be speaking at his thank you rally. the christmas trees have been -- appropriately the decor of this festive season. merry christmas, everybody. by the way, tonight marks the 7th thank you stop on the president-elect's wildly successful -- just stay with me,
7:55 pm
i can i this -- thank you tour in the battleground states. he's set to hold his final rally in mobile, alabama it's where it started out. i remember jeff sessions was there. here is some of the tour's, we think, best moment. >> my administration will follow two simple rules. buy american and hire american. speaker paul ryan, i really have come [crowd booing] >> i have come to appreciate him. he's like a fine wine. every day that goats by i get to appreciate his genius more and more. if he ever goes against me i won't say that. we are going to work on the wall, paul. we'll keep radical islamic
7:56 pm
terrorists the hell out of our country! lou: joining me now the founder and chief executive officer of american majority, ned ryan. and bree hayden. this thank you tour is working bully. and it's interesting to contrast the outgoing with the new, the old with the new, and the old today, i honestly didn't know where he was going to go. it turned out he was recanting his story about the hack of the election and was talking about a russian hacking of the dnc. a remarkable reversal. don't you think? >> certainly. he day it's like a new scapegoat and new reason why hillary clinton lost. today it's the russians. but yesterday it was -- today it was the media, yesterday it was the russians, every day it's a new reason why she won. it's important to remind
7:57 pm
everyone of the thing the russians didn't do and the media didn't do. neither of these entities set up a private email server for hillary clinton to curry phase from big pocketed donors. and they didn't prevent her from coming up with a coherent check message. and they didn't prevent her from coming up with a reason for voters to vote for her. and they don't address the real issue with her campaign which is she was an extremely flawed candidate. >> lou, it's like obama is together excuse tour as trump is doing his thank you tour. it had to be one of the more pathetic press conferences i have ever seen. for him to make excuse after excuse after excuse. did josh earnest write every one
7:58 pm
of those questions or most of them. i think there were a couple things that were troubling. first of all when he was asked, was that a free and fair election. there is only one answer, of course it is. we have free and fair elections in the united states. the other question i would love to have seen asked, mr. president, how did it feel to meddle in the israeli elections in your attempts to unseat netanyahu. how did it feel to meddle in the brexit vote in your attempt to stop brexit. those would have been the questions to ask. lou: there is something about self-righteousness that he has to carry with him. he's never got quite an adequate supply of it. he's looking for other supplies that always at some point seem to be at hand. you make a terrific point in talking about the intervention
7:59 pm
in the israeli elections and netanyahu. trying to destroy netanyahu and spending some considerable money and time to do it. our money. and brexit telling the british they are damn fools. this man won't be missed in many quarters outside the left. >> the good news is edonly has 30 days left and he will be out of the white house and we'll correct ther university last 8 years. lou: you make it sound very easy. but we know it will be hard, tough work for the incoming administration. >> it is. but the other troubling thing was when he said we would retaliate against the russians. the responsible thing to do is talk with the trump administration to say how are we going to address this so he doesn't do anything and leave the trump administration holding the bag. i thought that was very
8:00 pm
irresponsible to say that on npr earlier in the day and reiterate that in his press conference. he needs to be working with the trump administration. lou: it's a stark contrast, is it not, too look at hillary clinton with 400 of her donors in bright new york city where she is explaining herself and embracing them on it seems, slim chance she'll need their money again. and president-elect trump out on the campaign trail saying thank you to all of the people who supported him. it's really -- it's such a striking contrast between the two and tells us a lot about why he won and what kind of leader he will be. >> you are completely right. polite koa released a blistering and detailed report detailing every single mistake after


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