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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  December 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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monitor the breaking news, throughout the evening for the very latest details on the suspect, and the motive. against so many questions, we don't know what happened but we'll be monitoring the proe -- progress, "risk & reward" starts right now. liz: 9 dead at least 50 injured after a truck traveling at least 40 miles an hour plows into a christmas market in berlin. welcome to "risk & reward," i am elizabeth macdonald filling in for deirdre bolton. police are investigating whether terrorism was a motive. the suspected driver of the truck arrested. codriver is dead. he is being called a codriver and also a passenger. we get latest from fox news reporter kitty logan in london. >> police spokesperson i spoke to in last couple of hours, saying they are try to determine if it was an
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accident or an intended attack . police are still investigating, we know a man, a person, believed to be the driver of the truck has been arrested. the truck the very large truck, veered off the road, drove up on the pavement to sidewalk around 8 p.m. local time in berlin. hit the market, went half way back on the road, we're hearing 9 people killed, many more injured, one killed of we believe a codriver or a passenger on the truck. this is in western city center. the christmas markets are popular with public. they are likely to be very busy at that time of the evening, police are urging people to stay home, they also.
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empathize -- emphasize there is no immediate threat. we also waiting for more details to come out about this particular incident. >> thank you, kitty logan. >> we have breaking news, germany justice minister said federal prosecutor who handle terrorism cases are now taking over what happened with this christmas market attack in germany. liz: we also know that isis has been calling for vikingal attacks. -- bring in dr. jaffer. good to have you. in addition to this, we also
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russian ambassador assassinated on camera in turkey, brussels was on lockdown today, massive police present. potential. also attack at an islamic center in zurich, three people killed there. a 12-year-old child trying to set off a nail bomb near a christmas market near city hall in germany. can you make sense of this. >> we're not countering violent extremism we're contouring violent. violent. >> and they are finding themselves squeezed by syrian forces and russia and the rest of the coalition forces that are operating to try to get rid of isis, but at the en of the the day the more they get squeezed the more they go to
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softer targets, this is a soft target, but, it is hard in that it is a attack on christians, an attack near a church, the holiday season. a month ago there was a warning to christians and other targets in europe there would be religiously based targets from islamist from berlin to brussels. we've seen aacts that into a crescendo. the more they are pulling out everything they can because of the hopelessness they areeing, o something in syria if we're ever going to see an end to that. liz: do you believe that authorities overseas have stepped up their ground game? >> i think so, this is why the isis journal, in october, said stop using bombs, you can use cars, knives, whatever you can, because you will be tracked more easily if you are using conventional weapons, they will use vehicles and
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other. israel has been dealing with this for years, they know sometimes the biggest risks are nontraditional represent witnesses, europe -- weapons, europe is beginning to lockdown, but i don't believe they will do it effectively, many of these folks do not have a record, they are not radicalized from a violent perspective, but from a islamist perspective they would, we need to engage those and look and with narratives that if you look at this police officer in turkey, he had clearances, and yet, he probably was beginning to have some outbursts be it personally or whatever, saw the chance he gave before he assassinated the russian ambassador with a sel a -- chant.
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>> three were injured. in that attack as well. doctor jasser, what seems to happen is a promise of action. as a memory of the horror fades, you know, only until the next savagery do we hear when authorities are doing to protect the general population. are you satisfied with the response friend tellgence and our -- from the intelligence and our authorities in stopping the future attacks. >> absolutely not. because, we continue this whack-a-mole program, the world pays attention for a day or two, then we just go back to your regular business, and forget that there are ideologies that are brewing underneath, in germany, just a few weeks ago, finally, merkel started to address the, of bans of burke amaking sure that -- burka, making sure that people cannot publicly wear face masks, it is because they are address the problem,
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like treating cancers, sometimes a patient gets sicker before you do it we can't cow down in free society to islamist with their grie grievances. >> general flynn has been criticized for calling it a cancer. >> he is being criticized by islamist groups, they are first to be monitors they are part of the radicalling a process. it is not my islam remember but for someone who say its not a form of islam, i think general flynn was saying there a mirm for -- a form of muslim that is a cancer. that is not antimuslim that is pro muslim. we need to treat it. all across the.
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>> thank you dr. jasser terrific thank you. >> any time. liz: we have former senator and homeland security committee member scott brown joining me now by satellite. what do you make of today's attacks, and planned attacks? >> their is an attack on all good people of goodwill who want freedom and democracy and ability to live their lives, people who want to changing our ways life. these radical islamic terrorists are trying to change our way of life, it is going to take an efforts by all those country, people, citizens who care as i do about freedom, and democracy and the ability to live your life to its fullest. that means if we have to mar to marry up with south koreans, and russians and
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germans, to get it done then so be it. liz: do you think that u.s. voters are waking up to the threat of these attacks. >> since we had in california, we see what happened ought our collecting in -- at our colleges and universities that we're more aware. it is important that we have the ability to have our second amendment ride rights to defend ourselveses if we see those things happening. we could be a first line of defense, i think that people are more aware. i think with the new administration we'll have a better approach to it there will be no misunderstanding the fact that we're at war with islamic terrorists. liz: how do you i think the voterring it, where everyone stands up with one voice and says enough. this is not a war against a relingon, it is a war against elements in your religion who are per vetting it and destroying it what will it
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take to bring all u.s. voters together. for saying enough this wrong, stop it, stop it now. >> unfortunately, what did it took before? it took a 9/11, we had all elected officials on capitol steps locked arm in arm. liz: i have to push back. paul krugman new york time columnist said that donald trump would like that, donald trump saying, i don't want thousands of my fellow americans, to basically bring my base together. >> first of all, i think that donald trump answered that correctly, he is craziurzure
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-- unhingerred that makes no sense, no one is wishing for a tragedy. sadly that is what what happen happened when there should a tragedy, hopefully you will have leaders like donald trump talking about it and the new leaders in place in homeland security and other wears who make it more relevant and in people's every day lives. >> thank you senator. echoing the nice attack that left 36 dead, and a christmas market attack in berlin, other multiple stories unfolding. come back in the next -- we have senator on u.s. electoral college vote? we're switching gears, sorry about that.
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>> he refused tosay he would accept the outcome of this elect. >> he refused to say, he would respect the results of this election. >> that last debate, he said something truly horrifying, that was that he would not say he would accept the results of the election. liz: remember president obama also criticized trump as well. but now in a final bid to delegitimize president-elect trump's victory, protests erupting across the u.s. california voting this hour. we will not find nationwide results until january. members of media also pressures electoral college to change their votes to deny trump the presidency.
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>> trump protest is spill hopinstill hoping for one last chance. >> it seems that people are still holding out hope that the electoral college will in how decide that hillary clinton is the winner. >> when founding father created the electoral college, they put it in place as a fail safe against a demagogue like donald trump. the electionors could do their -- electors could do their patriotic duty by votes again trump. >> you have to think about your vote. >> if i were going to polls tomorrow, i would want to know if the next president of the united states collided with foreign o hostile power to defect our democracy. >> there is a glimmer of hope on the constitution. >> okay. there is noevidence trump
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colluded. the construction is silent about streeting their conscious, you are -- voting your conscious, it is state law. not this is a hack of the campaign, not a hack of the vote. russian hack is unacceptable, if you have seen this pressure coming out of media like this? >> this if the dnc put up a real fire wall, and spent time and effort, they never would have been hacked. let's cut it out. we know. liz: that only evidence they have, that rnc was not publicized, and dnc hack was, that is only evidence we're seeing now that russia in anyway was connected to it. >> that is why this is false narrative. just listening to 30 seconds i have t had to listen to those talking points, i have a
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headache that stuff is n is so whiney and complaining, every time they do, that and every effort they make to delegitimize this president is helping donald trump. he is getting stronger and stronger because people are saying, gosh thank god i didn't vote for hillary clinton, if those are the type of people behind her. so, i don't think it happens, you know he will get the appropriate amount, joe biden will have to certify, and then we'll move on in january 20 to a new direct which is a great thing. liz: thank you senator scott brown. dow still nearing record 20,000 mark, let's get back to this alleged attack in berle in, christmas -- berlin, christmas market, 9 dead and 50 injured in this truck attack, they are investigating that. 40 miles an hour that truck went through the crowd, same thing happened in nice and france, 86 dead, 434 injured in that attack.
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we have general lieutenant mcnerney, he weighs in next, don't go away.
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liz: france and other country in europe are now tightening their security in open market, christmas shopping gathering areas. we'll have more on that in a moment, back to the truck that hit the christmas market in berlin, germany. 9 dead, 50 injuries, that could rise, wo one of the truck drivers is dead, the driver in custody according to police. they are investigating this as a terror attack. motive unknown. >> also this, a 12-year-old child in custody in germany after trying to set off nail
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bombs at a christmas market earlier this month, also outside of city hall. russian ambassador to turkey, assassinated on camera, at an art exhibit in anchor -- ankara he was withriy o riot ppolice in turkey. also, this three people shot and wounded at an islamic center in zurich, zit switzerland. we had brusselss in lockdown, police terror probe indicate a massive present as well. bringing in lieutenant joinal tom mcnerney, your take on what happened in germany with christmas market. >> this still speculation, this is my take. as you point out christmas markets are very popular in europe. they are also a target, a soft target for radical islam to attack. this is kind of a cookie cutter of nice, we don't have
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all of the facts because one of the truck drivers is dead. the other we have captive, we'll get a better feel. but i would say there is a 99% chance that this was radical islam, it was deliberately done, i never heard in 5 tours in europe of these type things happening before like nice and berlin now. and then you have the turkish scene with the russian ambassador being shot. the other events you mentioned. liz: mi-5 in england warned that christmas markets would be a target for isis and al qaeda. again we do not know if that attack in germany was terror related. they are also saying chemical attacks. >> we should expect that. they are patterns of behavior, you don't go 40 miles an hour, in an area, where you having a
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christmas festival in europe. it just is not done. truck driver that is why those are indications that i get, then killing 9 people, that this will turn out to be terror, it is amazing but the germans have been more -- giving more benefits to muslims that have come in from syria and elsewhere in europe than anywhere element now you see this beast of radical islam is turning on them. and we must stop the political correctness. we must demandthat islam take care of this problem. because, someone in that community, a number of people, knew that this was going to happen. just like they knew it was going to happen in nice. and so we have to get those, th, like swrasser wa jasser was talking about they must be responsible for cleaning it up. liz: compare contrast to what europe and the ue is doing
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with terror, and how united states and voter consciousness about it from both siding in europe, they are making it criminal, offense to travel to a war zone if you are seeking to engage in terrorism. they are trying to do away with duel citizenship also law enforcement there setting up a database to tractorrists,y know that -- terrorists, don continue has been vilified and called racist for suggesting there be a database to track syrian refugees. >> well europe is finally starting to get it our administration, this president calls them violent extremists. i know not the ideology list of that. i do know ideology of radical islam, koran, and sharia law, those are what we have to point out, this is how you determine who has been
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radicalized, that is how you build a network up they, themselves mustic pun -- these people from, we're going to the wrong direct, i guarantee 20 january, 2017, that will change in the united states. liz: former lieutenant general tom mcnerney thank you for your service, merry christmas. >> thank you, liz, merry christmas. liz: anti-trump protest, to flip electoral college votes breaking out. some electoral college members are now under police protect, we have a member who broke through the protest line to cast his vote, he will join us to talk about this after this. manage my portfolio. since i added futures, i have access to the oil markets and gold markets.
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liz: anti-trump protest to flip the electoral college vote to vote for hillary instead of donald trump. some e-- >> donald trump saying if my many supporters acted like those who lost the election are doing they would have been scorned and called terrible names. brain fairbrother is joining me now. were they able to flip you. >> absolutely not, thank you for having me. i am happy to announce that all of the votes were cast for donald trump and michael pence. liz: wait you got threatening e-mails, where is the justice department?
5:29 pm
have you heard anything from the justice department? >> i have not or the fbi. i have received thousands of e-mails and letters in the mail, and facebook requests today someone said they wish my mother would have well an -- had an abortion, just very inappropriate things. but they were not dissuading any of my numbers. liz: are you reportining -- those comes to facebook or twitter. >> they said i am going to be killed or anything like, that but when my mother heard that, she was very taken back. liz: tell your mother, we give our condolences, and we hear when you say.
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>> you don't hear hillary clinton condemning anything, which is kind of the epitome of hypocrisy in my opinion. if donald trump had anyone saying that it would be all over the national news. liz: i think you said you got e-mails from people in other country, to change your vote? >> true. liz: what were they saying. >> saying, everything across the board, but luckily, i found a web site, electors for trump, even though we were receiving thousands of e-mails urges us to vote for anyone but donald trump, luckily, some americans, who like donald trump started to e-mail us, and they were supportive, i just want to reach out to them, thank you. liz: brian, switch to michael moore, he will pay electors fines, he said. if they flip their vote away from trump toward hillary, what did you think of that?
5:31 pm
>> i was not tempted. people who are urge -- who were urging us to not support donald trump, they need to read the michigan law. michigan law is very clear in that any elector who chooses to vote for someone who did not win the general election will be removed and replaced. it was a simple decision for me. >> thank you brian, merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas to you as well. liz: you were threatened. pro trump, thank you. >> thank you. liz: pro hillary protests breaking out to try to flip the electoral college votes away from donald trump. there was a free and fair election. we have some pro trump voters getting police protection after threats were made against their lives. >> my next guest is a hollywood trump supporter, he said he was physically assaulted at his child a school, because he -- child's
5:32 pm
school because he supports donald trump, scott baio is with me, he is smoking out that is next.
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♪ ♪ he has a sharp wit. a winning smile. and no chance of getting an athletic scholarship. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. liz: donald trump has efficiently won the -- officially won the presidency of the united states, now above 270 vote -- threshold.
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with me now, john browne, good to have you mr. browne. >> thank you, liz. liz: uk leader farage said, in england there were brexit protests, and a left wing member of parliament in england also claimed that russia hacked the brexit vote. >> i think that left has come up -- it may have done. i have no idea. this is intelligence of a high caliber. the question is, it is being used. personally it should be dell with my congress. there should becomingal inquiry -- should be
5:37 pm
congressional inquiries, toy ito say it swayed the election is farcical. getting back to what is going on with the donald trump winning the electoral college vote, farage saying that this push to revery the vote, he called it disgusting, saying it is delusional and u.s. is weaker after president obama, your thoughts? >> well, i am a great friend of nigel farage. i have known him for decades, i totally agree with him. i think that obama left america racially divided, morally bankrupt, and heading for default on hid his debt,
5:38 pm
with business stifled with over regulation, and over taxation ask discouragement. the average consumer in america is worried, so they want to hold their money, not spend it. i think that donald trump, he is a local 5 person from palm beach, i wrote to hil him in july, about 15 months ago, i said i thought hewould win the presidency, i am very thrilled, i am an american citizen, i voted for him, i think he will be a revolution against the invested interests -- vested interested of washington, in 1945, america was large of country in the world, ne now the largest debtor, that is responsibility of republicans and democrats. i believe that donald trump will be a health i wind of change, and prosperity in america, and strong as he advocated and i think that will be greatly respected throughout the world. liz: turn to breaking news.
5:39 pm
german police saying that dead passenger in the truck, he was polish. nationality of suspected driver in unclear, intelligence authorities calling this -- they are investigating the motive, white house, meanwhile saying it condemns what appears to have been a terrorist attack in that christmas market in berlin. first, nice, france, a truck attack. we do not know if this is a terror attack that berlin yet, but america i5 -- mi-5 and other intelligence authorities have warned that christmas markets of a target. >> i totally agree, and i totally agree with every word that general said it is unconfirmed but i have great suspicion it will end up being proved a terrorist act. we have the politicians to
5:40 pm
blame, they have allowed these masses of people in without any security chiclet alone identity check, they do not know who they are oh or what they represent. i remember when i came to united states in 1968 to go to business school, i was asked whether i was a member of communist party and all that stuff, they went to great detail on a student visa, that no longer happens in europe they have a stupe stupid plan that thank goodness britain is not a member of but under a politically correct david cameron we did open our base to massive immigration. liz: if you try to bring this here in u.s., you are called antimuslim. >> everything you do, that is not little bi politically correct you are slandered,
5:41 pm
whether you are racist or sexist or anything. we have to battle this back. it fled the nazis to new york then to california, political correctness spreads eastwards across united states across atlantic into europe. and to stop us communicating with each other, in terms of that we understand. the words we understood since childhood are taken out. you can't say crippled you have to say that willed and all this thing. and this is trying to affect our military service, i could all armed forces of nato have been affected by political correctness in a very detriment a detrimental way and our politics certainly. liz: thank you so much. protests have been an, today, my next guest is a hollywood
5:42 pm
trump supporter, saying he was assaulted at his child's school, scott barrow is peak -- scott baio is speaking out next.
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liz: breaking news, fox told by fbi at this time now americans have been identified as casualties in the truck, it is being called an afternoo an attack, still no motive. 9 dead, truck plowing into a christmas market in berlin, germany. 50 are injured, that fatality count could rise. law enforcement sources telling fogs news that fbi's legal apache office in berlin has been in touch with german officials to offer support, we know intelligence authorities have been saying in europe that christmas markets are a
5:46 pm
target by isis and al qaeda. donald trump has officially won presidency of the united states, he captured votes from a majority of the members of electoral college, associated press reporting that president-elect is now above the 270 vote. they don't count them until january 6, michael pence said he is humbled and honors. >> and -- protests throughout country, and actor scott baio said he was physically assaulted, filing a police report for battery against nancy mack, wife of drummer for the band red-hot chill red-hot chill peppers, with me at phone now is scott. >> merry christmas. liz: wha what happen? why you are pressing charges.
5:47 pm
>> i can't talk about pending investigation, i am asked not to by a lot of people. but what lead to it was my support for donald trump. you just said got enough electoral votes, maybe now we can get rid of that childish video to television about electors changing their vote and actors will give respect. i am tired of it, reason i -- i am not this kind of guy. i am a brooklyn guy. straight up, black and white guy, i don't need this ag vague in my -- a -- aggravation in my life, my mom died 10 days ago, i have a sick nephew, but my child was involved, so i will not let
5:48 pm
this go, my child is 9, i was scared for herself and myself, at a point you do have to stand up for what you believe in i'm not saying oh,well it just happened. liz: are you saying you are fizz ebbl physically assaulted by the wife of this drummer. >> yeah. liz: have you gotten other harassing statements targeted towards you from people in hollywood. >> from people in hollywood? liz: anywhere. >> no from people, threats on line, phone calls, somehow people got my cell phone number. yeah. sure a whole bunch. liz: you -- do you feel scared? >> i got to look over my shoulder, absolutely. and i live in l.a., i'm not in a conservative bastion of america. liz: just quickly, your thoughts to members of the electoral college saying they
5:49 pm
have been threatened, some asking for police protection? >> democrats are sore losers. it is over, it is over, we won. liz: brooklyn boy scott baio, merry christmas to you. >> thank you, take care. liz: michelle obama, changes her tune saying, we do not have hope after president-elect trump won. our next guest said he has a lot to be hopeful for, because the president-elect saved hid job, he is robin maynard he joins me next, don't go away.
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>> our motto is when they go low, we go high. liz:first lady michelle obama saying this during an interview with oprah winfrey. >> everything, the election was all about hope. do you think this administration achieved that? >> yes, i do. because we feel the difference now. now we are feeling what not having hope feels like. liz: recent polls show 59% of americans are hopeful, 50% feeling very optimistic. this is what people are telling the pollsters.
5:54 pm
my next guest says he is optimistic because donald trump saved his job. he's carrier employee robin maynard. michel obama only saying in 2008 she was proud to be an american, now she is saying she doesn't have hope. what are your thoughts? >> i feel like americans, we are change. we need to change. and i feel that the new administration coming in is going to make that change for us. we needed a change for a long time. the economy has gone down hill the last 8 years that i know of. and i'm looking for the change myself. liz: donald trump said he believes the first lady meant that statement differently than it came out. how did president trump save your job?
5:55 pm
>> he met with the ceo of carrier, and when he was running for the presidency, he made the comment that if he was president, carrier would not leave, and carrier is not leaving. he didn't promise a number of how many jobs would be saved, he promised carrier would stay in the united states and not go outside the country, and that's what he accomplished. he saved our jobs at carrier, at least 730 of them. liz: what are you hearing from your colleagues at work? are they happy with what donald trump did? >> most of them are. but some who are against trump and stuff. but for the most part most of us are very happy that our jobs are staying and we don't have to hit the streets to find jobs in the future. the ones that will have to, i feel sorry for those.
5:56 pm
the few hundred that's got to do that. but he didn't promise a number, he promised carrier would stay here. liz: are you feeling more hopeful now? >> yes it's a brighter future for the family. we have a daughter getting married next year, a daughter graduating high school. we have grand babies on the way. we are hopeful. liz: congratulations to you. a truck plowing through a christmas market in berlin. 9 dead, 50 injured. >> a lot of people running away and a lot of people crying, shouting, talking on the phone. we knew something was wrong. but we saw on people's phase, there were people fainting on the floor. we knew something was wrong.
5:57 pm
we tried to ask people, but nobody knew.
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liz: 9 dead, more than 50
6:00 pm
injured in a christmas market attack? germany. charles payne will continue to bring you the latest details on this attack next. don't go away. [♪] charles: good evening, i'm charles payne. at least 9 people have been killed and dozens more injured when a truck plowed into a crowd at a christmas market in berlin, germany. the white house is saying the incident appears to be a terrorist attack. rick, we all think of nice, when we saw this, another attack, the kind we have been bracing for in the west. what's your initial assessment? >> it looks like more trouble for europe. we have to get a handle on this and we have to find the command and control center of isis.


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