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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 7, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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you will have to wait for mondays because that's when we are back in action. i hope your thursday night and ♪ >> lou: the obama administration's efforts to avert the trumpet administration before begins in evidence on capitol hill today. obama's highly politicized intelligence agencies all agree russia intervened in the presidential election, but there is a problem. there was apparently no actual cyber attack at any point or level of our elections. agenciea single vote was altered to be had have no evidence any tally is altered or manipulative in any way. >> that's correct. >> lou: we will have the full report for you and more.
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also tonight, president-elect trump taking aim at democrats refusing to take response ability for the obamacare disaster that is theirs. mr. trump says the schumer clowns, as he calls them, are to blame for the mess and it is time for the head clown to fix it. congressman jim jordan agrees and joins me next. in a new car maker fire from the president-elect who now warns toyota if it goes ahead with building a new plant in mexico, there will be a hefty border tax on toyota brought to america. remember, it's america first. and good evening, everybody, the country's top intelligence officials gathered and delivered the report on russian hacking to the white house this afternoon after being grilled on capitol hill to explain what, if anything, they'd learned about alleged russian interference in the presidential election. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge
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on the report. >> witnesses testified they have never seen a cyber attack like this before. >> i don't think we've ever encountered a more aggressive or direct campaign to interfere in our election process. >> senior intelligence officials told the senate armed services committee their more certain now that russia is meddling then a month before the election. >> we stand actually more resolutely on the strength of that statement we made on the seventh of october. >> the witnesses say the interference is multifaceted including dnc and the clinton campaign including fake news but no evidence was found the ballots were tampered with. >> they did not change any vote tallies or anything of that is stored. intelligence immunity can't gauge the impact it had on choices that were made. no way for us to gauge that. >> the witnesses avoid
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identified vladimir putin by name but identified it came from the top. >> with respect to the involvement of high-level russian authorities is shared by all these agencies? >> yes. >> do you think a lot happens to russia that he doesn't know about? >> not many. certainly not that are sensitive to another country. >> the credibility of wikileaks founder julian assigns was attacked. >> the notion that an elected leader of this country would put julian assange on a pedestal compared to the men and women of the intelligence committee would put a about a human cry whether you are a republican or democrat. >> president obama received a final report today and was briefed by the leadership. young classified report is printed monday will address who is behind the meddling and their goal. >> do you think of the report next week that you all will
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ascribe a motivation to putin for the election attempt? >> yes, we will ascribe human motivation. >> in your years of intelligence with foreign leaders among the hardest tasks we ask of your intelligence service. >> it always has been. >> republican committee chairman says the obama administration shares some of the blame after failing to retaliate after china stall records in 2014 from the office of personnel personal mt security clearance database. >> our nation has no policy and thus no strategy for cyber deterrence. this appearance of weakness has been provocative to our adversaries who have attacked us again and again with growing severity. >> after the hearing, they responded to mccains prospect. >> it doesn't mean all of a
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sudden to start shooting. >> i don't have a new label to apply twitter today. >> the time is worth noting mr. obama got the final reports today, but last week his administration post sanctions on russia and when asked about the gap in timing, they wanted a forceful response and had enough to go on. >> lou: catherine, thank you very much. catherine herridge reporting. president trump peering into the left-wing national media claiming he sided with wikileaks founder julian assange. he tweeted this. that is out as media likes to say i am in agreement with julian assange. wrong. i simply state what he states, it is for the people to make up their own minds as to the truth. the media lies to make it look like i'm against intelligence, when in fact i'm a big fan. but it was a democratic national committee that rigged the national primary system and tried to influence the outcome of the general election. emails from the dnc detailed the
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content toward bernie sanders and revealed the dnc conspired to ensure hillary clinton will not denomination. three top dnc officials as a result of the conclusion and conspiracy were forced to resign. including the chair, debbie wasserman schultz. that's what wikileaks revealed. the wikileaks email also shed light on the collusion that took place between the clinton campaign and the national left-wing media. the criticism of mr. trump's relationship with the intelligence community now more of a deflection of a far greater trouble in truth concerning a corrupt clinton campaign and democratic party. about which there has been no hearing. joining me now to talk about the obama administration's efforts in the minds of some to subvert the trump presidency before it begins his fox news strategic
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analyst colonel ralph peters. great to have you with us, ralph. let me see if you and i agree on the outcome of this. we have a gathering of the heads of these intelligence agencies on capitol hill and at the white house and what they relayed was still primarily conjectured and no evidence of a direct intervention in the election itself, not altering a single vote. >> you are absolutely wrong. 16 intelligence agencies agreed that the russians attacked our electoral system. they attacked the fundamentals of our government. >> lou: what did they attack, ralph? now, you said i'm i am wrong ai want to understand. here's what i want to ask specifically, because what is not out of their is what did the russians attacked? >> the russians obviously hacked various democratic sites we know about. >> lou: democratic national committee? >> yes.
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they also engaged in broader dissemination campaign, face news sites. vladimir putin tried to put it politely to make mischief with our fundamental tools of democracy free elections. lou there is no way around it. i trust the intelligence community. >> lou: good for you. i have to tell you something, i trust the men and women of the intelligence community, but don't, please, don't ask me to sit here and condone leadership of the intelligence community that still cannot tell us what the definition and certainty that they know who hacked, carried out a successful cyber attack against the office of personnel. >> they are telling you, they do know. >> lou: at some point you have to come to ground with reality. who hacked the opm? who will? who? >> the chinese. >> lou: who? the chinese? >> no come elements in china that specialize in there net.
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>> lou: what was our response? i am trying to focus. >> julian sanchez is not the answer, putin is not the answer. >> lou: let me ask you this, what was the obama response to the 2014 cyber attack by china? >> i am not defending obama. >> lou: you are going to have to, because otherwise -- >> no i don't. >> lou: otherwise you can put forward a case of who was attacked by the russians. and it was john podesta and the campaign of hillary clinton that were wide open. lou, stop covering up for this. >> lou: covering up what? >> nobody is condemning -- >> lou: we are not going to put up with that here, partner. >> yes, you are, you are diverting attention. >> lou: why are you defending a bracket that has been utterly
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attacking intelligence? i am criticizing. >> you are attacking patriots and defending russia's attempt. >> lou: how dare you hide behind the patriotic nonsense. this is about a nation that is absolutely a subject of a disinformation campaign from the left in this country, the left-wing media in this country. >> you are less more concernedt that than you are but a disinformation campaign from moscow? >> lou: no, no, no, no. >> this is about our country and security, get on board. >> lou: i would like you to do me the slight favor of opening your mind and be patient as i have one more question if you wouldn't mind. >> if you open your mind. >> lou: i assure you it is. why is it there has been no investigation of all that was revealed by the wikileaks emails, those of john podesta
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and the hillary clinton campaign, and the misdeeds they reveal? why is that? why are we suddenly talking about vladimir putin, which you heard today they could not ascribe as the point had earlier. this operation, whatever it was too vladimir putin. remember, he was personally involved in this a week ago. >> listen to what general klapper said, they did ascribe putin. nothing like this happens in russia without putin's approval and we all know that. vladimir putin is not our friend, he is not a good guy. >> lou: who asserted he is? >> the president-elect. >> lou: have you heard me today say he's our friend? have you ever heard me say that? >> no, i have not. >> lou: not once. yet you very quickly said why are you defending vladimir putin. you are defending bureaucracy that has ineptitude and that is
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to the detriment of national security. >> the intelligence community keeps us safe, it keeps us safe! lou do you want to wipe away our intelligence community? >> lou: patriotism, how does the saying ago, too good for me to finish the sentence. ralph peters, we've got to run. thank you for being here, we appreciate it. we are coming back with much more, stay with us. >> lou: the obama administration try to strengthen his case that russia interviewed in the presidential election. but as mr. trump has said, the evidence just isn't there. >> i think it's ridiculous, another excuse, i don't believe it. >> lou: when will the obama campaign of disinformation and? we will have some of the answers with congressman jim jordan, who joined me next. and these base jumpers about to jump in from the second tallest residential building in the world. we will have their daring, death-defying leap of faith a
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now known head clown chuck schumer know how bad obamacare is, what a mess they are in instead of trying to fix it they do the typical political thing and blame. the fact is obamacare was alive from the beginning. keep your doctor, keep your plan. it is time for republicans and democrats to get together, come up with a health care plan that really works, much less expensive and far better. joining me now, congressman jim jordan, member of the house judiciary and oversight committees, also a member of the freedom caucus, and it is great to have you with us. i will start by saying happy new year. >> happy new year to you, lou great to be with you. >> lou: this is an alternate universe for you in washington, d.c. republicans controlling the house with the senate and the white house. how does it feel? >> it feels good. now we get a chance to do what we said we were going to do. we talked on your show and others where our job is pretty
6:18 am
basic. do what we told them we would do, do what they elected us to do. when they give us a privilege to serve, let's keep our promises, get rid of obamacare and to do the other things we talked about in this campaign. as the obamacare debate has started, it is time to deliver now. >> lou: it is time to deliver, and now we are seeing some, if you will, some visitors within the party. senator ron paul stepping forward to offer criticism or two in an alternative way in the house, the freedom caucus, i don't know where you all will land, but it's also very clear that a lot of thinking that one would expected have gone into the replacement aspect of this. obviously isn't ready, at least not yet. >> i think it will be ready, but i started with this preface, i think this is important, lou it
6:19 am
will be better and less expensive as obamacare is repealed. everything we were talked about this legislation turned out to be false. premiums will go down, deductibles will go down, payments will go down $2500, web sites will work, the co-op will be wonderful, 18 of the 23 have gone bankrupt in two years, so everything we were told has turned out to be false. they passed this without one republican vote, so now it is laughable. let's get about repealing at all, taxes, mandates, everything in it, and put in place a model that focuses on patients, doctors, families and freedom of choice, not a washington focus approach emma which is what we have under obamacare. >> lou: it is clear in the senate and congress that there are plans that will form a replacement, but they are not organized yet. and for chuck schumer to start
6:20 am
this, it is as if he is trying to earn the label that donald trump has branded him, that is "the head clown." the steps he has taken are purely nasty and without foundation. your reaction to it. >> you are exactly right. let's help the american families across this country who no obamacare is a failure. they know everything they were told was inaccurate, it's a failure, it's driving up costs, is driving up deductibles, the cost of the policies. it has been a disaster. i talk to families every single day. why not say let's come together and focus on fixing. repeal it and fix the american health care system, put in place models that actually empower patients, doctors and families, not what obamacare does which is put all the power here in this town with all the bureaucracy and mandates that come with it.
6:21 am
>> lou: the speakers that he is confident all that can be done. within one month of the president taking the oath of office. do you agree? >> i do. again, i think that's what the voters sent us here to do. it is like what vice president pence said. let's keep our promise and do it as quickly as possible. it shouldn't take three, four years, it has to be done quickly and within this congress as a minimum. let's just do what we said. we make this job way too complicated, do what we said we would do. we said we would repeal it because that is what they sent us here to do, let's do it as quickly as possible. >> lou: i want to touch on one thing quickly, congressman. that is the russian hacking, and the view that all the intelligence agencies agree that russia intervened in our election, so they said, and declared, but without one example of a single level of the
6:22 am
election where the state, federal or local, in any way altered by the russians. what is this campaign that the obama administration is on? >> yeah, who knows. i said before would have been nice to the president in the last 7.5 years on the international stage stood up for international principles a lot stronger than he is in the last three weeks. i would like to see the evidence, like most members do. the president seems to want to make this a big issue now. i don't see any evidence where they changed votes around the election poll polling places ad our country. so they hacked into the democratic national committee, may be, but lets us see the evidence, that is what members want to see. >> lou: congressman jim jordan, always good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> lou: please roll the video now as this group of base jumpers launch themselves from
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the second tallest residential building in the world. now, there is a thrill. they free fall off the tower. how's that for an adventure high above the dubai sky. look at this. everybody had a good time and a lot of pictures, what a thrill. up next, the head clown has been hitting trump all week, yet now he's a little leery. a little weary of all the name-calling. schumer and the schumer clowns are the subject of my commentary next.
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>> lou: a few thoughts now on the man leading the obstructionist charge on capitol hill. he is none other than senate minority leader chuck schumer of new york. the same who back in the timbers
6:28 am
that he could work with president-elect tromp, trump reciprocated at the time with this tweet. "i have always had a good relationship with chuck schumer, he is far smarter than harry reid and has the ability to get things done, good news"! that was then, and now is something altogether different. the president-elect today dubbed schumer "head clown" after schumer said trump wanted to "make america sick again." too low even for a man of schumer's standards. all this before following the head clown will be known as schumer clowns and suddenly schumer doesn't like name-calling. >> i say to the president-elect and republicans that this is not a time for calling names. it's time for them to step up to the plate if they want to repeal and show us what they will replace it with.
6:29 am
>> lou: sorry, chuck, it appears to be too late for you, you are down as the head clown. you didn't help yourself yesterday when as head clown you blustered the only way democrats would work with president-elect tromp would be if he "moves completely in our direction and abandons his republican colleagues." the schumer clowns and their leader now bona fide obstructionist earned the branding, the head clown has threatened to slow the confirmation process for trump's cabinet, said he will absolutely work to keep the supreme court vacancy open, and today he is demanding an ethics probe into the choice to head the health and human choices his. it is too late to counsel the head clown and all the schumer clowns. the battle is joint between the globalist left and the nationalist who put america first, the battle between populace and the socialist. the great conflict is at hand,
6:30 am
make no mistake about it, so i wish the head clown and his followers lock, and none of it good. now the quotation of the evening, this one from benjamin franklin who says "tricks and treachery are the practice of fools that don't have brains enough to be honest. we are coming right back.
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>> lou: the new senate minority leader, senator chuck schumer, his signaling he is going to try to stop trump at every step of the way.
6:34 am
schumer singh this week democrats will only work with donald trump if he abandons his republican colleagues. >> mr. president-elect, you went after both the democratic and republican establishments when you ran, but by your cabinet picks and early announcements, you seem to be embracing the timeworn, hard road, the only way we are going to work with him as if he moves completely in our direction and abandons his republican colleagues. 90, 95% of the time we will hold his feet to the fire and hold him accountable, but we're democrats, we are not just going to oppose things to oppose them. >> lou: board does sound like that's exactly what the nature schumer is doing, doesn't it? he has a new brand, now referring to democrats as schumer clowns. here to talk about the so-called schumer clowns, death of obamacare and if the 115th congress can carry out the trump agenda, joining me now from the
6:35 am
trump campaign manager corey lewandowski, partner at avenue strategies. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> lou: listening to chuck schumer, talking about abandoning republican party, he's presumptuous, arrogant, and he certainly didn't have his tongue at least apparently in his cheek. what do you make of senator schumer? >> 's come as you know, the most dangerous place between anybody in washington is chuck schumer and a camera. all of a sudden chuck schumer says well, us as democrats aret going to hold the president accountable if it's just in the interest of holding people accountable, we will do 90-95% of the time. say excuse me, there is a mandate when donald trump was elected, a mandate since the largest congressional election as it related to the majorities and electoral college votes since the reagan reelection campaign in 1984. the american people have spoken,
6:36 am
may be chuck schumer doesn't understand that. >> lou: i don't know if he understands it or not, but i know he's not used to having somebody a lot smarter than him leading the opposition. that is the case now. to imagine chuck schumer suggesting that donald trump, he could get along if it were not for the doggone republican party. how infantile and how lazy minded previously at various points become? it's really stunning. >> you have to remember chuck schumer has been the poster child for obamacare, it has been a colossal failure. premiums over 116% this year, you can't use it unless you are hit by a bus anymore. right? the system has failed. the goal has been to pass obamacare. that's all they have, and the problem is chuck schumer has walked into a situation
6:37 am
following harry reid and trying to step forward and appease the progressive wing of the democratic party of which the american people have fundamentally rejected. >> lou: how can they even called themselves progressives there? it has no foreign policy to even claim in the course of the past eight years a failed presidency, and frankly, this legislation, obamacare, republicans right now are the adults coming in to try to dismantle and reconstruct a program that makes some sense. it is an immense challenge, and i thought the president-elect was exactly right today to remind everybody who owns this, and it is the democrats and this president. it is also very difficult thing to maintain some separation between that reality and trying to reconstruct. >> it is, but you have to
6:38 am
understand, you can't have a system in place for your premiums go up on 115% increase in a year and think it's going to be sustainable. it cannot happen, so repeal and replace obamacare is where donald trump and his administration are going to come it has been the priority of this. you heard mike pence talk about it today. that is what the people elected this president to do. >> lou: i'm talking about the process, we have known it was not sustainable, it would not hold up. >> the whole system was bordered on a lie, if you like your doctor, you can keep it. we know that is not the case. the other issue, donald trump talked about this today, we have more deaths in the city of chicago than is sustainable. if rahm emanuel cannot do his job, ask for help. we need to make sure protecting our citizens as a priority and that is what donald trump is talking about today. >> lou: he is not only talking
6:39 am
about it, but he is getting it done and it is truly remarkable. donald trump becomes the first president, the president-elect technically, but the first national leader to say to the american people, chicago, these are americans who are dying and dying in record numbers at the hands of their fellow citizens in chicago. why in the world, this president and others, did not stand up? it takes donald trump to do so. this is amazing to me. >> lou, what's amazing is we see president-elect trump ringing jobs back to america. we expect them to be treated fairly and have safety. 700 plus deaths in one year in the city, the current president's hometown, it's outrageous. >> lou: acceptable collateral damage at least in the minds of this administration and the national democratic party.
6:40 am
very quickly, and this russian hacking mess that is going on, we have john brennan, the head of the cia, asking the american people for weeks the prediction at least, the projection from the cia that the russians interviewed with the presidential election, now asking for little patients on the part of everyone so we can round up the evidence to support his conclusion. does it get any dumber than that? >> this is a great thing about president-elect trump, his willing to do things and say things to challenge the status quo. he says if you have evidence, prove it. the community doesn't have it, the intelligence community. moreover the briefing was supposed to take place yesterday is postponed until friday now, and on top of that, what we all know unequivocally -- >> lou: be patient. >> the russians had nothing to do with the outcome of this election. the bottom line is the american people went, they voted,
6:41 am
hillary clinton was a failed candidate and lost on her own. you can blame anybody you want, she lost on her own. >> lou: you know what else is great? your former boss is going to be president of the united states, and he doesn't put up with stupid. it doesn't matter if it originates from the cia or wherever, and that is a delightful prospect for all. >> challenge all of washington to make it better, can we do that? >> lou: i don't think there is any doubt he can and will. good to have you here. corey lewandowski. our vice president elected today reminding everybody on capitol hill donald trump means to deliver on every one of his campaign promises starting with obamacare. >> the the american people havt a message to washington, d.c., that they want obamacare to be repealed and replaced with health care reform that will lower the cost of health insurance without growing the size of government. >> lou: 15 days until donald trump becomes the 45th president of the united states.
6:42 am
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>> lou: joining me now, "the five" cohost, kimberly guilfoyle. this is great, after 61 times the house has repealed obamacare, this time they are going to do it and they are going to kill it. this is dominating everything, how do you feel about it? >> it was the lead on our show, obamacare again rearing its ugly head. you have some good advice about what to do with it. >> lou: is well beyond that now, but the problem, i think from came up with some irregular advice for these folks on capitol hill, it is to make certain that no matter what, the democrats don't lose ownership of the calamity that is the affordable care act. >> that is absolutely true because they built it, they own it, they have to go down with it. he is already showing so much leadership, it is incredible just in terms of reaching the people and in fact reach congress to let them know hold
6:47 am
on a second, we have seen that already now time and time again. he's delivering already, not like business as usual in d.c., the stagnation, the confusion, he's a man of business and getting it done already. >> lou: you know, to that point, the pompous, silly left-wing journalist in this country who are saying i'm sorry, president-elect, you have to put down that tweet machine, we can't let you have that. you have a responsible job here. to see him take his box, his messages to the american people on twitter, on facebook, whatever it may be bearded it's an extraordinary advantage for any president to cut through. >> he has the antidotes for their stupidity. let me educate you, let me aluminate, i'm going to cure you 140 characters at a time, and it's actually working, which is
6:48 am
fantastic. it is working. all of a sudden looking down with his head like this reading some weird post. >> lou: the original schumer clown, she is referring to schumer with his glasses. how can you be pompous slumped over in terror? i have two get up on my haunches a little bit. >> if they saw that, he would be i timeout after school because lack of articulation, bad posture, poor communication. >> lou: truth to be told, good to see schumer back as a foil? >> it's a rope-a-dope versus harry reid. he's a chucky doll.
6:49 am
one is a chuck e. cheese, one is a chucky doll. >> lou: you have them in their places. schumer being branded now, democratic party being branded as schumer clowns, trump has done it again. he has branded the whole group. >> it's great, but you have to call it as it is. direct pipeline to the american people, that everybody loves. >> lou: we want to show you this image, if we made, you are looking at a moving van, that is the executive office building. and the van as it were between the eob and the west wing. >> does this please you, lou? >> lou: yes, it does. >> look at the smile, "lou dobbs tonight." >> lou: is sort of tells you where we are headed. don't you feel that? >> i am super excited, i am
6:50 am
excited to get to inauguration, a new beginning, i'm ecstatic for the families across america, the working men and women, they will get a shot bearded this is your chance, the guy who will do it for you. >> lou: the republic will be saved. there you go. kimberly guilfoyle, thank you so much. >> lou dobbs. >> lou: roll the video. a trio of extreme athletes taking on one of the wildest and most dangerous rivers in the world. now, this is definitely one of the most dangerous, my gosh. kayaking down the steepest white waters section in mexico down a 70-foot waterfall. that's a hoot. that's incredible. the niagara falls idea, i don't endorse it at all.
6:51 am
please roll the video bearded a tourist going to great lengths on what a self he was, watch as he climbs a wobbly tower frame on the island of malta. the battles wild wind as he makes his way down the terrifyingly long arm of the crane. that's less down then it is out, but my gosh, not a great idea but what a self you really i think cell fees are underrated. it was a spontaneous idea said the tourist. i'm how i'm comforted by the idea he wasn't thinking about this at great length before he did such a foolish thing. next, four african-americans in chicago are now facing hate crime charges because of an attack they carried out against a mentally disabled man. police described the sickening
6:52 am
that thousands and thousands of saw on facebook for a half-hour beamed to them live. >> i really can't say what's in the mind of four individuals who would do something as sickening as this. who knows, who knows. >> he was traumatized, certainly really like i said, it took most of the night for him to calm down enough to be able to talk to us. >> lou: eboni williams, tony sayegh with their reactions, a city that is seemingly sicker by the day. we will be right back. stick with us. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it.
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>> lou: our online poll, we ask you do you think the left-wing will ever permit themselves to recognize president-elect tramps talent and accomplishments no 2% of you are not hopeful. outrage across the country as disturbing hate crime streamed live on facebook for 30 minutes. four african-americans attacking a special needs teenager in chicago repeatedly yelling antiwhite, anti-trump messages. the suspects have been arrested and have now been charged with a hate crime among other offenses including kidnapping and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. joining me now, fox business
6:57 am
contributors eboni williams and tony sayegh. the white house response, it is too early to decide if it is a hate crime. authorities in chicago basically saying boys will be boys for the two teenage girls as well as boys here. this is awful. >> that response is terrible bearded there are certain actual elements we look forward to define statutorily a hate crime. i will be the first to say yes, take your time and due diligence, i think it is very important we all collectively engage in this outrage and call it what it is, it is a hate crime. >> lou: leaders don't wait for facts, they know what is staring them in the face. this isn't something where we have two deliberate and wait for some sort of paneled investigation inquiry into facts, they are all presented for us to see. >> this is a devastating story
6:58 am
that i think it shocks the conscience of anybody who is humane in this country. i join with my colleague and counselor on the facts of the case, but it goes beyond that on your case to leadership. there is no doubt somebody should be: this kids family and apologizing or at least offering the condolences to the fact you have targeted somebody who is a special-needs special needs child because he was white. whether you want to imply the political implications of this -- >> lou: i do, because politics are the reason 762 people have been shot dead in chicago, the highest number in 20 years. not a single person from this white house has been in chicago admonishing mayor emmanuel pleading with him to do something to save these lives. 5000 people shot, it is insane. >> it's difficult for me to
6:59 am
understand why my president, whom has substantial connections and a relationship with the city of chicago. >> lou: his hometown. >> hasn't been there. >> lou: i have to tell you, i am very unhappy. the difference between you and me is i am very unhappy with the oval office. >> murders more in chicago than in l.a. or new york combined. i once was taught by a political science professor that you want to look at the failure of big democratic policies, look at urban america. you want to look at the failure of obama administration, look at his hometown of chicago. there has been nothing done. >> lou: he wouldn't say a word. >> the education system in chicago too, totally broken. it is a shame. >> lou: it is broke. yes, it seems donald trump is the only one in the campaign who
7:00 am
want to talk about the real issues in the inner-city bearded >> can't wait to see what he does. >> those kids deserve a lot more. >> lou: everybody deserves more than what chicago gives. thank you come appreciated. thank you for being with us. good night from new york. sydney. john: washington is a swamp because insiders use their clout to rig the system. >> i need a bailout. john: those who want to compete with the actual entrepreneur said they get politicians to ban competition. but even entrepreneurs get handouts. $500 million from the government from tesla


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