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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 12, 2017 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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buy l.l. bean. hour thanks to linda bean and joined us on mornings with maria and we had a host of people tweeting about it. my thanks to our fantastic panel as always. dagen, james freeman and lee carter. we'll see you tomorrow, first, "varney & company." over to you. stuart: i believe that l.l. bean sales picked up a little because of the boycott. there's some good news for you. maria: thank you. stuart: you look good in that car, by the way. good morning, everyone. we're seeing the fallout from what was an extraordinary wednesday. start with the media. talk about disrespect? it was embarrassing. a cnn reporter tried to shout down the president-elect. his network reported unsubstantiated and false allegations about mr. trump. mr. tr question, but the reporter wouldn't shut up. never seen anything like it before. this morning, the media as
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hostility is clear. they're outraged at trump not the behavior of some members of the press corps. more fallout. mr. trump called out the drug companies and he said, we buy their products here, but often don't make them here. that will change, he said. and drug stocks went down and down big. some of them are still down today. and then there was the hearing for rex tillerson as secretary of state. he ran into opposition from some republicans, especially senator marco rubio. democrat senator cory booker making history, testifying against his senate colleague jeff sessions along with congressman john lewis, he questions sessions' commitment to civil rights. so the state of play this thursday morning. the left plans disruption at next week's inauguration. democrats ramping up their harsh attacks and the media remains intensely hostile and disrespectful to the president-elect. we have never seen anything like this before. "varney & company" is about to
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begin. ♪ >> you're attacking us, can you give us a question. mr. president-elect. >> go ahead, go ahead. >> mr. president-elect since you're attacking our news organization can you give us a chance. >> your organization, no. you're attacking our news organization. >> give us a question. >> quiet, quiet. >> mr. president-elect, can you say. >> don't be rude. >> mr. president-elect. >> don't be rude. >> since you're attacking us can you give-- >> fake news. stuart: i don't think that reporter should have done that. that was the scene as president-elect trump teed off on the news media and specifically targeting cnn at his first post election news conference. jonah goldberg from the national review is with us now. you're smiling. we're in the media here, do you think this is how it's going to be in the future, do you think?
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>> 0 ex, yeah, it's going to be like this as far as the eye can see. i agree with you, and kind of agree that jim costa pushed it too far and that we've never seen anything like this, but we've never seen anything like this on all sides. whatever you think of donald trump, he's a new variable on this, too, and never had a president-elect this confrontational, this blunt, with the media, and so, i just think, everyone's going to throw away their play books because it's a going to be a wild ride for a long time. stuart: have we ever had a media so universally opposed to an incoming president and quite prepared to show what i call their contempt in public? >> probably not. i think in part because in the past when the media-- the media has been uniformly hostile to conservatives and republicans for about 75 years at least. in the past, that allowed them to keep them from becoming
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president, we have never been able to say what would happen if barry goldwater. and to reagan and bush. stuart: not like this. real fast, does mr. trump win? if you call out the media you often win in the country as a whole. does mr. trump win this one? >> i think he wins this round. i think he's being a little unfair to cnn. i think that cnn got tomorrow parts of the story wrong and conflating what cnn did with what buzz feed did and what buzz feed did was completely indefensible. that doesn't matter, he wins this round, i think. stuart: jonah, thanks for being with us this morning, we appreciate it. >> good to be here. stuart: keep that smile, baby. listen to this, i've got breaking news, amazon announcing it will add 100,000 full-time jobs in the next 18 months.
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ashley: announced, full-time, full benefit jobs across the u.s. stuart: really? >> grow the work force from 180,000 to 280,000 by mid 2018 and also in this announcing is pledging to train military veterans and spouses over the next 25 years. stuart: i wonder if there's any bending to donald trump and grow the economy and grow the jobs here. ashley: it's not going to do them any harm. stuart: are you going to say 100,000 jobs with benefits. ashley: yes, full-time, full benefits. none of this part-time stuff that so many people are forced to take today. stuart: that's a remarkable thing. rachel duffy is with us, is that another trump win? >> chalk another one for donald trump. this has got to put the democrats in a weird position. he's doing what they wanted to
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do for so many years and he's not in office yet. >> the owner is jeff bezos, owns "the washington post," and apoplectic and now, amazon is doing what mr. trump wants them to do. ashley: because you're running a business. no matter what you think about mr. trump, you're running a business. >> there's no, red, there's no blue, there's green. stuart: and stocks this morning, we're deal with the fallout from the trum conference yesterday. he said amongst many other things, drug companies are, and i quote, getting away with murder. look what happened. red arrows for the big name pharmas. bristol-myers, celgene, pfizer. the stock started moving lower when mr. trump started to speak. beginning of the press conference and down went that
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market. but, liz, will you update exactly what happened to the drug stocks yesterday and again today. liz: yeah, they lost nearly 25 billion within 20 minutes of saying that mr. trump said they're getting away with murder and drug prices which medicare can't do. the incoming hhs press secretary tom price is against having medicare and drug prices. you look at the hockey puck action. trump is basically saying, i agree with bernie sanders, bernie sanders tweeted out his support after trump made the statements, bernie sanders said, yes, the u.s. government, medicare should be able to negotiate drug prices. stuart: strange bed fellows, can't get use today that. that's what happened to pharma. some are lower again this morning. i've got news on apple this morning, they are taking their cue from netflix and amazon, they're getting into original content.
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does that mean apple tv movies and stuff like that. ashley: yeah, essentially, taking on netflix and amazon who have been successful with their original movies. and it's very expensive and apple has a done of cash. original tv series and movies, five months ago, i didn't know this, apple bought the car pool karaoke tv series and tipped their toe in it. they didn't think they'll be able to match the libraries that netflix and amazon has, but they would add this to their music subscription service and let's be honest, apple had no new growth and they rely so much on the iphone, this is an area-- and they've got a trillion or so billion dollars cash to do it. three more confirmation hearings today. mike pompeo, cia, ben carson,
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housing and urban development. 9:30. hearing or defense nominee, general mad dog mattis. rachel. still with us? i expect today a lot of hostility from democrats grilling general mattis on the grounds that he's going to rebuild the military and going to turn into a real fighting force, not a politically correct force we've had for eight years. >> right, you can't imagine general mattis leading sensitivity training at military. he's a soldier's general. my father is a military man. it's an inspired pick, one that i think is making the military very, very happy and remember, some of these democrats are angry because he left in 2013 and retired in 2013 because he had disagreements with the white house and obama over iran. he has a strategy and is a
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student of military history and strategy and he'll be able to streamline the military. stuart: i can see some republicans voting against rex tillerson. i can't see any against mattis. >> he'll get in. stuart: there will be fireworks, but-- >> i don't think as many fireworks as rex. stuart: so we won't cover it. [laughter] >> i'm making the decisions here. stuart: good stuff. here is another one. gee-whiz tech from facebook, there are reports that it's working on a new technology that reads your brain waves and sends your thoughts to your friends. if that's not a frightening prospect. >> not all of them. stuart: check this out, too. [laughter] >> watch this, rick flare he dead weighted-- dead lifted 400 pounds. that man is 67 years old. >> what? >> later this morning, market
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watcher and former wrestling star, john layfield. i want to know how much he can dead lift weight, or-- dead lift. more on president-elect trump's battle over unsubstantiated reports published by buzz feed. does mr. trump have grounds for a lawsuit against buzz feed? mr. napolitano on that next.
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>> the extraordinary news we brought you moments ago. amazon is adding 100,000 new jobs in america, they're full-time jobs with full benefits, adding those jobs
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over the next 18 months. also, they will train 25,000 vets and spouses. amazon stock is going to be down a little with the rest of the market, but that's sensational news this morning. president-elect trump announcing a new job for rudy guiliani. >> it's a cyber security advisory group with private tech companies in there. so this is basically tightening the links between the trump administration and silicon valley. it was thought that peter thiel would take the lead here, but cyber security a big hot topic and rudy brings the litigation school. >> that's what he's going to do cyber security, or czar. liz: i don't know if rudy would like that. stuart: the unverified, unpublished report buzz feed from the gory details, disgusting detailsment trump was up responding to it. james clapper called me
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yesterday to denounce the false and fictitious report that was illegally circulated, made up, phony facts, too bad. all rise, napolitano is here. can the president-elect, or the president when he becomes president, sue a website for this? >> the short answer is yes, because anybody can sue anybody. the request he is does he want to do it? because the bar is so high for him to prevail and the burden on him during the litigation is so extraordinary because it would reexpose all of this stuff all over again. stuart: that's true. wait a second. let the audience know what we're talking about here. 35 pages of salacious and frankly disgusting details. ashley:. >> question. stuart: fictitious, we believe. >> put out by buzz feed, regurgitated by cnn as if true. the president is known as a public figure, a public figure because he's the president. he can get the bigger megaphone than buzz feed or cnn so a
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public figure can defend himself. in order for the public figure to sue the media the bar is high. how high? the president and his lawyers would have to show that buzz feed published this knowing it was false or with reckless disregard for its truth or falsity. very, very high bars. it's one of the problems with the defamation litigation in this country is you regurgitate the defamatory during litigation and you expose yourself, soon to be president would expose everything in his background that contributed to this reputation is fair game in the litigation. stuart: but we should point out nbc hostile to mr. trump has a $400 million investment in buzz feed which might create another incentive for mr. trump to go after buzz feed. >> no one is suggesting there
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are not deep pacts here, if he were looking for money, with deep pockets. i would think he would look for a retraction, that would be more than money in the bank. stuart: taco bell showing off what we should call inflated junk food, naked chicken jalu pchp jalup-- cha lupa. >> this is not mexican food. i'm mexican. this is not mexican food. >> what is it? >> a chalupa. [laughter] >> it's a fried chicken taco shell, filled with chicken, lettuce, cheese-- chalupa. and cory booker blasting jeff
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sessions at the confirmation hearing, a big reversal from what he was saying about ago. you will hear it all.
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this award is one of the highest civilians honors our nation can bestow and it is clearly fitting to tribute, to give this tribute to the courageous foot soldiers. stuart: as you heard there, that was senator cory booker from new jersey praising jeff sessions. that was just back in february. all right? now, listen to how the senator's tune has changed at senator session's confirmation hearing. roll tape. >> if someone is to be an attorney general, they must be willing to continue the hallowed tradition in this country fighting for all, for equal justice, for civil rights. america needs an attorney general who is resolute and determined to bend the arc. senator sessions' record does not speak to that desire, intention or will. with all that has taken our nation now, with urgent need for healing and for love, i pray that my colleagues will
9:24 am
join me in opposing his nomination. stuart: rachel duffy insisted on staying with us. >> it's so theatrical. stuart: what is he up? >> he's up to running for president. it's calculated, you can almost hear his colleagues groaning in the back. it's not going to work, this is a post trump era where authenticity is reward, good, bad, ugly. he's not going to win on this calculated move and we saw this before in the senate with ted cruz and didn't turn out well for him either. ashley: fair point. stuart: we've got senator schumer weighing in on cory booker's side. ashley: yes, indeed put out a statement, after reviewing his record, jeff sessions and giving careful consideration to his answers during the hearing i'm not confident of senator sessions as to the rights of all americans or an independent
9:25 am
check. stuart: senators are coming together saying sessions you're a racist, you're not going to be attorney general. ashley: they made their mind up about that before the hearing. >> it's not just racism. they don't want him to be just an attorney general who follows the law and they want someone like eric holder changing the l law. he is going to be confirmed though. stuart: i can't see anyone-- and google bringing the internet to far corners of the earth, that plan is gone, scrapped. the a president-elect trump calls out drug companies and saying they're getting away with murder. and the pharmaceutical stocks fell out of bed. have you ever seen a politician that marks markets like this one does? the opening bell is next. oduc. one of the largest business process companies in the world.
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>> all right. we've got about what, 40-odd seconds to go before that market opens up this morning. we have been hovering around 19,800, 19,900 for about four weeks. you could say that that stalled out the trump rally.
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we closed out yesterday 19,954. we've said it every day, we're so many points away from 20k. we're approaching 20k. i don't know what's going to happen, but in nine seconds the bell is ringing and we're down 40 or 50 points when we get trading of the thursday morning, 9:30 and we're off and running and we're down. 19,929. that's where we are. i see a lot of red on the left-hand side of the screen. we're down 51, about a quarter of a percent. broader based indicator, where is that going this morning? up.39. so, i'm sorry, that's amazon. and nasdaq, s&p, s&p is down 1/4 percent just like the dow. show me the nasdaq, please, that's been doing very very well, it's down .3, a pullback there. where is oil, he asks? $53 a barrel, it's up today,
9:31 am
not helping stocks though. oil up usually stocks up, but not today. how about gold? where are we with gold? >> up $5, just reaching $1200 an ounce. announcement of the day, from amazon and it's pushed the stock up. listen to this, they're going to add 100,000 full-time jobs in the next 18 months, all of them carry benefits. that's where we're going to start today. ashley webster, liz macdonald. john, and john layfield. all right, looking toward future growth to the company, what say you? >> sure it is. that's one of the reasons, i don't think that minimum wage is so important as jobs are important. look at west texas, you can't hire anybody for $15 an hour because the jobs are scarce because of the oil field. and same thing in north dakota, bakken oil fields. and we're having wage pressure, a good thing for workers.
9:32 am
stuart: 100,000 new jobs, full-time jobs. >> look, amazon is changing retail. they're reaping the benefits and they're going to hire people to do that. it's great news. stuart: is it possible, liz, amazon co-founder jeff bezos owns "the washington post," "the washington post" hates donald trump and maybe the jobs is a way to placate that. liz: or if he wants to put it that way. the job growth. stuart: drug stocks, boy, did they take a hit yesterday after mr. trump said that drug companies are getting away with murder. now, they were way down yesterday, e-mack. tell us where they are today. liz: trump almost ruined his own trump rally. they went down-- nine big players went down nearly 29 billion bucks in market value so it's hockey stick action. what's going on here? trump said yesterday, that the government should be able to be
9:33 am
in a bidding process with them and does that mean medicare? medicare does not now allow negotiations of drug prioritieses. tom price says he doesn't like that. the two are at odds. stuart: they are down. liz: they were under pressure. stuart: down again today. you guys who manage money, do you like it when the president stand up and beats up on a whole industry and down goes your investment? >> no, absolutely not. what you can see, like with general motors as soon as president-elect trump put out a tweet, they came out with a response. i think that's what you're going to see. stuart: lockheed martin went down because of beating up on them. how do you feel about a president-elect that goes after a company? >> i feel lightly better when it's up, than in big pharma. that's his wheel house, making a decision. be careful here because you've got to know the facts and
9:34 am
understand the drivers before you go after these companies, especially with big pharma. liz: why shouldn't medicare-- with medicaid you can negotiate drug prices, why not with medicare? >> number one, how do you like to negotiate against the federal government. liz: it's $325 billion in drug costs that we pay. >> what happens to drug development. liz: not talking tax credit, just negotiating the prices like canada does. >> you know what trump should talk about, improving the fda process. liz: fine. >> that helps pharma companies. liz: we pay a heck of a lot more than other countries that take the benefit of our drug prices. stuart: moving on to apple, they've set their sights on hollywood. they've got a plan, we think, reportedly, making their own tv shows and movies. ashley: the journal reporting they're talking with veteran producers to bring out possible tv series and movies and all the rest of it, you know, they're going to be take on netflix and amazon possibly. they can add this to their
9:35 am
music subscription services and that's the thought behind this. they have a ton of cash. what are they going to-- they need areas for new growth. the iphone, the sales are declining. they've got to come up with something, maybe this is it. netflix and amazon have spent a ton of money and they're successful. >> what about the nfl rights? they've got the money. that made fox sports. they've got the main and $10 subscription, the money they have with the $5 base, these guys have double that. buy something in sports and you make your business. stuart: that's an interesting idea. >> i own apple, by the way. stuart: thank you. here is a story that's fascinating and somewhat frightening. facebook is working on a way to read brain waves. ashley, straighten me out here. ashley: yeah. stuart: if this works, if it's really accurate. i can read your thoughts and you can read mine. ashley: i can already, actually, but that's another story. liz: brits. [laughter]
9:36 am
>> that was good, very good, i got it. ashley: need anything else? >> well, it is. ashley: facebook has had a building 8, whacky futuristic stuff. they've been advertising for positions such as neuro imaging, electro physiological data engineer. communications platform of the future, in other words, technology that would do just what you said. i can read your thoughts if i want you to or vice versa and let me apologize to everyone ahead of time if that's ever possible. stuart: for a second, john, we've had predictions that facebook would be the first trillion dollar company not apple, facebook, what say you? >> i think they will be. look, they've got over a billion subscribers and they have the way to monetize that unlike twitter. liz: maybe trump wouldn't have to tweet, he could beam his thoughts to facebook. [laughter] >> let's leave that. you think that facebook could
9:37 am
eventually be a trillion dollar company which means they have to triple. >> i don't think they're going to the way of my space. they had a problem mobile and they were able to. stuart: do you own it? . and as we speak, 19-8. six volkswagen executives charged and the company pleads guilty in the emissions scandal. volkswagen has recovered from the lows, but the recovery has stalled. $32 a share, vw. exxon and hess announce a new oil found off guyana. what's this. nicole: that's right, exxon is the leader in this discovery. they discovered this off shore of guyana, it's a new reservoir and contains 100 to 150 million barrels of oil. it's about ten miles, about
9:38 am
northwest of exxon, one of their other discoveries. so this is good news for exxon as they lead here, up 1/4 of 1%. and by the way exxon's operator, a 45% interest in this. and hess has an interest in it, a 30% interest. but hess gave guidance where they're going to be spending 2.25 and hess is to the down side. stuart: wait until mr. trump removes restrictions on fracking and you'll see a gusher. google in the news, they're shutting down their drone internet project. they were going to-- they seem to be dropping projects left and right. liz: this is called another moon shot project and they're cracking down. solar powered drones teeming the internet to other areas around the world and they're
9:39 am
going to move that project to high altitude balloons. they've spin off the car project, the internet drones. . >> the strategy is see what works, keep it. see what's not working, get rid of it. they don't want to throw good money after bad. they're starting as many things as they're stopping, you have to pay attention to that. stuart: these high-tech companies, amazon, googles of the world making the running. >> thank goodness they're doing things because the government isn't doing anymore. they're going into space and thank goodness. stuart: son soon you'll be able to pick up packages at walgreens. an interesting use of brooks and mortar. >> between fedex and walgreens, makes sense, there's one on over corner. make it easier to drop it off
9:40 am
and pick it up. what it does for fedex, big expense and backlog is the fail to deliver problems. failed delivery, you can drop it off at the walgreens because you can pick it up when you can. and for walgreens, of course, it will increase customers coming in. no one loses on that deal. stuart: some of our viewers may be glad to hear this. trump's election has been hard on george soros. liz: he went bearish thinking the market would go down. according to our senior editor charlie brady, it's the best return since john kennedy. >> chime in. >> george soros, run of the reasons he is returns have been so good lifetime he's found a
9:41 am
way to get out of paying taxes. stuart: john, brian, both of you, thanks for joining us, check that big board one more time. we're down 93 to be precise, 19,862. here is what's next. two items for one of president-elect trump's economic revisers. one, repealing and replacing obamacare. number two, trump's claim that 9 6 million people want jobs and can't find one. is that statement accurate? we'll check the facts. in the next hour we'll revisit bbc's real house wives of isis. a lot of people weren't happy about our coverage of it. i say it's satirical, around the british laws. we'll be back with more after this. ♪
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>> thursday morning, 15 minutes into the trading session and we are down about what, 15-- sorry, 95 points as we speak, well below 19-9. record high for alcoa, the stock just moments ago touched 33.50. that's alcoa for you. and moments ago, here is an important development, the ceo of at&t randall stevenson along with the chair of at&t arrived at trump tower and talk about the proposed at&t-time warner merger with mr. trump. mr. trump opposes that. ashley: and he said that on the campaign trail, a $85 billion merger. of course, his strong stance
9:46 am
against cnn a time warner company, what does that do to anti-trust deliberation that mr. trump's justice department will decide on anti-trust implications. there's a belief that at&t would be happy if cnn was spun out of time warner, they're not interested in the news business, they want the entertainment properties that time warner has. it's interesting, we know that donald trump has spoken out against this saying it puts too much influence and power into the hand of one. stuart: isn't that fascinating, the president-elect who has a beef with cnn calls in the ceo of time warner which owns cnn and they're going to have a chat right about now. liz: we haven't seen that before. >> that's extroert-- extraordinary stuff, all rules have been broken, all changed. how about this, overnight the senate voted 51-48 in favor of taking the first real step toward repealing obamacare,
9:47 am
part of a budget resolution, so it's a 50-50 vote. 51-48. before that happens, president-elect trump said this. >> it will be repeal, and replace. it will be essentially simultaneously. it will be various segments you understand, but likely the same day, the same week, probably the same day, could be the same hour. as soon as our secretary is approved and gets into the office, we'll be filing a plan. stuart: all right. i want to bring in trump economic advisor steve moore who is very much on the inside of these economic developments. steve, if there is a plan, can you outline it for me right now? give me the bullet points, please. one, one, one, go! >> stuart, frankly, i can't give you the bullet points, there isn't one plan. the problem is the republicans have four or five different
9:48 am
plans out there to replace. stuart: then you're going to get hammered. >> i think it's a problem. stuart: you will abe hammered by the democrats. you'll say you're abandoning millions of people who have got health care by obamacare. >> this is right and the vote that you mentioned that happened yesterday is indicative where we're headed. that was a straight party line vote. democrats are not going to help one iota in terms of repealing or replacing obamacare with something that's more sensible. now, look, my opinion is that you start with repealing the really bad features of obamacare that have driven up costs and hurt employment. so, i would get rid of the mandated benefit program that drives up health care costs. i would get rid of the obamacare taxes, capital gains and dividend tax increases and then i would get rid of the 50 worker rule and the 30-hour rule that you and i have talked about so many times on the show and then, you start putting in place some of those trump reforms, like, i think the ones
9:49 am
that will have an immediately positive effect is to allow people to buy insurance across state lines. stuart: you'll be hammered. >> why? >> you know you will. i've got to get to this one fast, steve. let me leave it with this you're going to be hammered if you don't have a complete new plan. >> an important point. we have to make sure that people don't lose health insurance coverage during this process. that's the most important thing, we don't want headlines that say people lost their insurance. anyway, go ahead. stuart: real fast. yes. the president-elect yesterday at the press conference said 96 million americans are looking for jobs and can't find jobs. that's not accurate, is it? >> no, it is not. stuart: 96 million includes what, retirees, disabled people. >> people in college. stuart: he got it wrong. >> i think he misspoke, but i agree with the central point though, which is when you have a record 95, 96 million people over age 16 outside of labor force, i do believe, stuart, and i think this is what donald trump meant to say, is there
9:50 am
are tens of millions of americans who are eligible for work, who want to work, who aren't in the work force partly because there aren't good jobs out there partly because welfare pays better than work. if you change the incentives, you get 10, 20 million more people of those workers that move into the work force. and people say where are we going to get the people from. >> from the 90 million. >> get to work on that plan and don't leave anybody high and dry. check the market on the down side, the dow 30 stocks and in total the dow jones average is dropping 113 points and falling as we speak. former pro wrestler, rick flair, weight lifting 400 pounds. that man is 57 years old.
9:51 am
john layfield, a former pro wrestler, he's going to react to that. you stay there. >> yes, sir. >> a liberal group says boycott l.l. bean because one of the family members is pro trump. more on this. >> it's bullying. bullying me personally. it's bullying now the company that didn't give the donation. i gave the donation personally. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now.
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> >> up, up, up, up! whoa! . stuart: that man is 67 years old! >> whoa. st wrestler. he's in the wrestling hall of fame, as a matter of fact. could you do that? >> i don't think i do. stuart: he was 67 and you're not 67. >> no, and rick flair, 16 time world champion. two great champions, bruno 187 pounds, rick flair, a record that might or might not be broken by john cena, he's a freak of nature. stuart: 67 years old.
9:56 am
what could you do, what could you bench -- not bench press, but lift? >> in my day, in my day, ten years ago, around 500, 550. >> whoa. stuart: i've got to leave the wrestling scene for a moment here. earlier today, maria bartiromo spoke to linda bean. she's the l.l. bean founder's granddaughter. her conservative political views prompted an anti-trump boycott of the l.l. bean company. she likes donald trump. do you approve of boycotts? >> absolutely not. and i don't approve of what meryl streep did either. i didn't like people going off president obama. i didn't like people going after president-elect trump it's bad for our countries and the boycott stuff is nonsense to me. i think it back fired. the l.l. bean boycott back fired. i talked to her quietly this morning and there was a-- >> if i was near an l.l. bean story would buy something
9:57 am
because people are boycotting it. i disagree with boycotts. stuart: john, you're a sport. thanks for being with us. 500 pounds in your day. >> great to see you. stuart: in the second hour of "varney & company," donald trump versus the media. my take on the contempt that the mainstream media has for our president-elect. also an update on our coverage of the bbc skit known as "the real housewives of isis", some of you are not happy the way we covered it. we're going to cover it some more. "varney & company" two minutes aw away.
9:58 am
. . . .
9:59 am
stuart: two development that set the stage for the incoming presidency. first, mr. trump's press conference incredibly a cnn reporter tried to shout down the president-elect. cnn had reported false and unverified allegations that the russians had dirt on him. the reporter wanted to ask a question but mr. trump refused to take it.
10:00 am
trump said, you are fake news. the reporter would not be quiet. as mr. trump said, he was rude. this morning the media is largely taking cnn's side. they are outraged at trump not the rudeness of the cnn reporter. one more indication of the contempt that so many in the media feel for the president-elect. and one more indication that the elites will carry their grudge way into the next four years. item two, the testimony of senator cory booker against senator jeff sessions, the attorney general nominee. this was remarkable. never before has one senator testified against another. senator booker's complaint boiled down to the allegation that sessions is a racist. this is an indication that the democrats will continue to smear the trump team. will continue to undermine and demine the 45th president. this is not going to stop. in fact, the contempt is building to a crescendo.
10:01 am
the left will try to disrupt the inauguration next week. celebrities pour out their scorn on a daily basis. and the media will never tire of sliming our next president. hell hath no fury like a scorned elite. the second hour of "varney" and company is about to begin. ♪ stuart: it's a happening right now this thursday, several confirmation hearings on the trump cabinet. on the left, general james mattis, secretary of defense, opening statements are wrapping up. they will be wrapped up very soon. on the right, congressman mike pompeo, trump's pick for cia director. that is starting at this hour. we'll monitor both for any news. also dr. ben carson's hearing, he is the pick for department of housing and urban development. we're listening to that one as well.
10:02 am
we'll bring you news when it happens. breaking right now, weekly mortgage rates. what have we got? liz: 4.12. down again. second drop since the election. why? freddie mac citing weak december jobs report came in 156,000 jobs. stuart: yeah, but down again. that is very interesting. homebuilders are way, way down. anything above 4.1%, even though come down a fraction is bad news for homebuilders all of them down big time. however, look at amazon please. i believe the stock is still above $800 a share. is it? 806 now. why? how many jobs are they adding. ashley: this is impressive. they will create more than 100,000 full-time, full benefit jobs over the next 18 months. they're planning to grow that u.s. based workforce from 180,000 this year to 280,000 by mid next year. also, they're pledging to hire and train an additional 25,000
10:03 am
veterans and military spouses over the next five years. stuart: repeat please, full benefits? ashley: full benefits, full-time, full-benefit jobs. stuart: this ain't no part-time hiring? ashley: no, working three part-time jobs. stuart: biggest hiring plan i heard in a long, long time. can cory booker testifying against fellow senator jeff sessions at his hearing to be attorney general. >> if one is to be attorney general they must continue the hallowed condition in our country for fighting for justice for all, for equal justice, for civil rights. america needs an attorney general who is resolute and determined to bend the arc. senator sessions's record does not speak to that desire or intention or will. stuart: senator booker did not always feel like that. words of praise for sessions previously. roll tape.
10:04 am
>> i feel blessed and honored to partnered with senator sessions being the senate sponsors of this important award. this award is one of the highest civilian honors our nation can bestow and it is clearly fitting to tribute, to give this tribute to the courageous foot soldiers. stuart: quite a turnaround. sheriff david clarke is with us. sheriff, what do you think senator booker is up to here? >> first of all it was an embarassment on the part of senator booker. he must have hit his head and suffered a case of amnesia. not too long ago he was praising senator jeff sessions. senator sessions is a good man. he is a fair man. he is a just man. he believes in justice for all. what cory booker and dem can kratz turned these nomination hearings into is burning at the stake. senator booker, he said started out heard beginning of it, talked about senator sessions being a friend of his and
10:05 am
basically a good man. and turned around not only through him under the bus and told the bus driver to back it up to make sure. this is stuff going on for too long in washington, d.c. you see good people have their reputation and character just destroyed with no foundation whatsoever and it needs to stop. senator booker needs to apologize publicly for that piss-poor display he did on capitol hill. he gets an f for acting class. he doesn't have the oratory skills president obama. like president obama or not, obama is charismatic individual. booker tried to use that as an audition to be the torchbearer but he did a horrible job. stuart: this morning senator schummer, democrats in the senate came out against senator sessions, very much agreeing with senator cory booker. as this thing goes forward, it seems unlikely that the democrats will drop their charge that the entire trump team and
10:06 am
trump administration is basically racist. do you think they will get anywhere with that? >> no. i think it doesn't have any meaning anymore coming from these individuals because everybody is a racist according to chuck schumer. you're a racist. i'm a racist according to chuck schumer. everybody is a racist. when everybody is a racist nokia is a racist. stuart: lost its power. >> this is all they have. it is the only card they have. they are a one-trick pony. they think this helps with the voting base. it might help with the fringe but not helping with middle america. middle america is tired of this. they made it clear on november 8th. they want a different way. they want this country to come together. stuart: sheriff, that kind of language, is it keeping black voters within the democratic party? is it working with black voters among democrats? >> no it is not. black people are opening their eyes. more black people voted for donald trump than any gop in recent history. black people are realizing the
10:07 am
democrat party has done nothing for them. they have fooled them. they used them at voting time, election time. when the election is over, tell them get back in the basement. we'll see you in two years at midterm. see you in four years. that is what black people are coming to realization out. throwing a race card and gop and white people are racist, as somebody once famously said, that dog won't hunt this time. stuart: sheriff david clarke. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. stuart: look at the left-hand side of the screen the big board continues a with a big selloff. it is 1960 points lower. there is a lot of concern about president trump's press conference -- 160. he is going after industries and individual corporations talking about products coming into the country. investors are unhappy, uneasy with that. down goes the market. we're down to 19,700 as we
10:08 am
speak. yesterday, president-elect trump blast ad cnn reporter at his press conference. it was quite a scene. roll tape. >> since you're attacking us can you give us a question? mr. president-elect,. >> go ahead. >> since you're attacking our news organization can you give us a chance? >> not you. >> can you give us a chance to ask a question, sir? go ahead. >> quiet. quiet. >> mr. president-elect, can you say category, can you give us a question? >> you are rude. >> can you give us a question. >> don't be rude, i'm not going to give you a question. >> can you state categorically -- >> you are fake news. go ahead. stuart: i just don't think that is okay. i do not think it is okay for any reporter to try to shout down the president-elect of the united states. i just think that is flat-out wrong. regardless where you're coming from. however, it appears to be okay for the president to criticize president obama, who criticized fox repeatedly. watch this. >> if you talk to somebody who said, i don't know, i was watching fox news and they said
10:09 am
this is horrible. good affordable health care might seem like a fanged threat to the freedom of the american people on fox news. it turns out it is working pretty well in the real world. if you watch fox news, on a regular basis, it is a constant menu, they will find folks who make me mad. look, if i watched fox news i wouldn't vote for me. [laughter] stuart: the rest of the media never defended fox news. the rest of the media is defending cnn and their reporter from yesterday. lisa booth is here.
10:10 am
for donald trump, it was very biased throughout the entirety of the election. stuart: it was, it was. now what do you make of the president's tone? i know a lot of people who are backing off a little bit, because they're just not used to that almost raucous, dare i sablely coast tone, they're not used to it. they're not used to seeing a president getting into a real fight with a reporter as happened yesterday, and i think some people are recoiling a little. do they want this for another four years
10:11 am
that you know hate donald trump, even republicans that were anti-trump. that was sort of the way they did their panels. you watched their coverage, it was all negative against donald trump. they barely ever covered anything negative for hillary clinton. if you're president-elect trump, i can see why he is frustrated. i can see why he feels there is this constant effort by both the media and by the left to try to delegitimatize his victory, try to delegitimatize him as incoming president of the united states. you know, i don't think obviously the way he interacted with cnn yesterday is going to do to anything pour cool water on the fire.things. but i can certainly see why he is frustrated. stuart: but i think he might politically when okay costed by rudeness of a reporter. lisa, thank you. >> thank you.
10:12 am
stuart: the market is down significantly, off 154 points. 26 of the dow 30 are on the downside. excuse me. severe flooding in northern california. rescue workers using kayaks and boats to evacuate people from flooded homes. this is san per neat-o county,er in san jose. some houses under five feet of water. look at that. donald trump fuming about the publication of unverified spy memo. james woolsey is next on how it was leaked in the first place. ♪
10:13 am
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10:16 am
stuart: we always keep a close eye on gun stocks but look at this. this is vista outdoor. they are an ammunition company. they are way down six bucks on $31 stock. ashley: they are continuing to write down some of their revenue outlooks because they're saying it is very challenging market condition right now. we've seen the gunmakers in the period where we thought hillary clinton could well indeed be the next president, gun sales, background checks, all of those things went through the roof but now of course, with president trump, president-elect trump, different story. that is hitting ammo makers and gunmakers. stuart: they have come down, big drop indeed. ashley: yes. stuart: then we have google. they keep dumping some of their ventures. remember they have sold or spun off that robot division.
10:17 am
separated out from the self-driving car wamo unit and satellite mapping cars. they have gotten out of that. there is one more item. liz, what are they getting rid of now? liz: drones around the world and they will move the people to the project loon, which is balloons doing it. they're getting rid of moon shot projects that are not working. stuart: okay. we have reminder for you, there are two, several confirmmation hearings carrying on in washington. left-hand side of the screen, the hearing for james mattis, the selection for being secretary of defense. on the right, that is dr. ben carson at his hearing to be confirmed as secretary of housing and urban development. monitoring both of course for any developments. now the russia leak, the disgusting material supposedly held over on donald trump, we have a trump comment and tweet this morning. here it is.
10:18 am
this is from the director -- here is the quote. this is the tweet. james clapper called me yesterday to denounce the false and fictitious supportreport illegally circulated, made up, phony facts. too bad. come in cia director james woolsey. i have a question, how did this unverified, inaccurate and false report, how did that make it into an intel brief for the president? >> well, i sympathize with jim clapper on this issue. he had a tough question of judgment to deal with and, just as if there is intelligence that is picked up about somebody being dealt with unfairly that is a prominent individual, you could well have the fbi director come and say, they're spreading a a false story about you,
10:19 am
mr. so-and-so, and here it is. i think that we spent fair amount of time over the course of last several weeks, we, i mean everybody, sorting out the overall question of whether russian disinformation, as they call it, their deception programs, were being used to the detriment of the dnc and of hillary clinton's campaign. stuart: how is this stuff -- >> now it focuses on the other side, is, who is using the disinformation to do what? stuart: yeah. but who leaked this? i mean, how did this get out from the intel services? >> well, i don't know whether it got out from the intel services or whether it got out from the negative researchers, the researchers on negative information for campaigns, that, or the blog that had it. i made no independent investigation. i don't know where it came from.
10:20 am
stuart: real fast, james, do you expect that mr. pompeo will be confirmed as cia director? there are hearings going on right now. any doubts that he will be confirmed? >> no. i think he is an outstanding individual and i think he will do well in the hearings. stuart: got it. james woolsey, thank you very much indeed, sir. moving swiftly along, al sharpton very upset about mr. trump winning the election. he is calling for civil disobedience on a mass scale. very interesting story from facebook, reportedly working on technology, which can read your mind, and share your thoughts with others. ♪
10:21 am
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10:24 am
stuart: breaking news on fiat chrysler. the stock is way down. the story, please. ashley: we understand the epa will soon this morning accuse fiat chrysler of using software that allowed excess diesel emissions in some of its vehicles to pass emissions tests. sounds familiar? sounds like the vw scandal. it involves about 100,000 vehicles in the united states using software soft again that allows -- stuart: we'll get more details but the stock is down 5%. big drop for fiat chrysler. then there is this. reverend al sharpton calling for civil disobedience in senator jeff sessions is confirmed as attorney general. sheriff david clarke is with us.
10:25 am
he is calling for massively disobedience at the inauguration. can i ask you, sheriff, what influence does the reverend sharpton have in the black community these days? >> zero, absolutely none. look, the guy is a carnival barker. p.t. barnum would be brought of this guy. all he knows how to do is shout and holler. but even his game is old. dissolving into irrelevancy. he has over the last couple decades, barack obama propped him up for the last four years. he sees that slipping away as well. stuart: he is rallying the black community, isn't he? he makes the headlines. he gets a lot of exposure in the media. puts out a press statement, makes moves. the man does have influence. he can rally the black community very much against the trump administration. he is doing it. >> i disagree with that, stu, and i think that was evidenced in this last election. he couldn't turn out the black vote.
10:26 am
they didn't use him to go to some of the swing states because they knew he would be detriment. they didn't send him to michigan. they didn't send him to pennsylvania, north carolina or any other states that donald trump won. trump will be the best thing to happen to the black community in the post-martin luther king era because when donald trump looks at black americans, he doesn't see a group that is ripe for exploitation like the democrat party does, he see as group of people that deserve a shot at the american dream. stuart: got it. sheriff clarke, thanks for staying around with us. we appreciate it. see you again real soon. sheriff, my pleasure. >> got it. stuart: mr. trump made his book for va secretary. none of these people on the screen, they're all rumored to be taking the position. none of them got it. instead, mr. trump has selected what i might call an obama insider, someone who already works at the va. i'm going to ask the trump administration's gatekeeper about, is he really draining the swamp at the va? look at this.
10:27 am
turkish lawmakers brawling in their parliament, arguing over a constitutional amendment that would give more power to president erdogan. he has a lot of power. punches thrown. one law i can mare suffer as broken nose. trouble in turkey. scientists worked out true age of the moon. they studied the moon rock samples to get the true age. i will tell you, it is 4.51 billion years old. more "varney" after this. ♪
10:28 am
>> it felt good to say that to those turkeys. but i had a different impression of who i was at that point.
10:29 am
it's one of the reasons that candy and i started the carson scholars fund. and we put in reading rooms all over the country. we have 165 of them, primarily in title one home where kid come to school with no books at home. 90% of high school dropouts are functionally illiterate. that's way it's about, changing lives and pro riding opportunity for people. it makes all the difference in the world. we had a program at hopkins. i would have 700 to 800 student come in on a regular basis.
10:30 am
the school buses were bringing in the kids and trying to even kowrn them in what they could do. i got involved in a lot of programs in east baltimore on with the community school and the mayors. that was an important part of my life, even though i was an extraordinarily busy surgeon. i do believe government can play an important role. some have distorted what i said about government. but i believe government is important. and it is there, i believe, to promote life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. what happened too often is people who seemingly mean well promoted things that do not
10:31 am
encourage the development of any talent in people. and hence we have generation after generation of people living in dependent situations. it's not that they are bad people. it's that this is what they have been given. this is all they know in many cases. i think we have an opportunity to do something about that if we take a more holistic approach. if we talk about hud, most people think putting roofs over the heads of poor people. but it has the ability to be so much more than that. particularly if we take a holistic approach. and we think about how do we develop our fellow human beings. i see each individual as human capital that can be developed to become part of the engine that drives our nation, or if not
10:32 am
developed, becomes part of the load. we are the ones who are tasks with helping to make the difference. so i do believe government is extraordinarily important. and one of the things that it want to do instead of just listening to the sane people of washington, d.c., and there are some wise people here, i want to go on a listening tour. i want to hear from people with boots on the ground administering programs and benefiting from the programs. i want to see what actually work and what does not work. i want to analyze why it work and why it doesn't work. before i go on the road to do that, i want to do that at hud. we have people who have been there for 10, 20, 30, even 40 years. i don't think people listen to what they have to say.
10:33 am
i suspect they have garnered a tremendous amount of information. i want to get that information from them and work with them on a regular basis. but some people say, medicine, why would you go into something like hud? i believe there is a tremendous neck us. good health has a lot to do with a good environment. after working with so many people and putting them back into an environment with lead and inducements for asthma and other chronic diseases. it's not very, very helpful. i'm hooking forward to the safe and healthy homes program. stu were dr. ben carson's opening statement. did you notice, the man is not using a script. he's just speaking off the cuff.
10:34 am
the panel will decide on his confirmation this morning. we have news for you from the market. we have the dow down 150 points. it dropped below 19,800. there is a story here with fiat. ashley: the epa-accuse fiat chrysler using software that allowed 100,000 newer trucks and suvs to generate excess pollution that would violate u.s. law. stuart: more details later at a news conference. liz: this is the biggest sell-off on the dow since the. >> d since the
10:35 am
election. there was speculation about all of these people that they would be the next secretary at the veterans nomination. president-elect trump has gone for this man. david shulkin. republican congressman chris collins is here. you are the gatekeeper. you are approving a lot of these nominations or big-time jobs. one of the criticisms is mr. shulkin is not draining the swamp. you are almost adding to it. >> dr. shulkin is a ceo, a private sector ceo and other cabinet officials like rex tillerson. he has been at the va in only one year.
10:36 am
in that one year he has come to understand, he has been in charge of the hospital, the health system. that's where the biggest problems have been, the delays on the healthcare side. that's where dr. shulkin is coming from. he's only been there 12 months. stuart: if you are the gatekeeper, you have got to know something about this gentleman. do you believe that he would her a system of privatization into the va? would he do that? >> no, i think at this point in time that would be a stretch. first we have to improve the systems we have. when you look at the scope and depth of our va hospital systems, it would be impossible to privatize that in a short order way. it doesn't mean if you remember a year or so ago in congress, we said any veteran who has to wait
10:37 am
a certain number of days or weeks can move into the private sector to get their treatment. even in that small piece there was difficulty finding the number of if i significants we needed to find. the first step is to put the veterans first. and we need to give dr. shulkin the cools including firing the veterans who don't put them first. stuart: forget me for suggesting that in trump was not draining the swamp. i did not know dr. shulkin was from a private company. appreciate it. some of our viewers may remember. this video, this is bbc satire, housewives of isis. some of you didn't think we should be showing it and were offended that i made a joke about it. some felt it was insensitive to the horrors of isis.
10:38 am
be advised we are going to show some more of it. roll tape now. >> this is my 6th marriage. widows five times. six times. >> hang on. i am putting it on instagram. >> what do you think? he surprised me with it yesterday. >> hashtag omg hashtag death to the west. >> she looked massive. you are going to need a lot to kill that one. >> ladies, what do you think of this? >> you are a complete [bleep] >> copied everything? copied this? >> oh, my god it was so cringe.
10:39 am
hashtag matchy-matchy. >> times like this i wish i never moved out here. stuart: i have never seen anything like that before. katie hopkins is with us from london. the reaction when i played that on this program was mixed. a lot of people thought it was very, very funny. some people thought it was wildly insensitive, don't make fun of a horrific organization like isis. i presume the bbc did it to get around hate speech. because you can a tirrize without -- because you can satirize without it being hate speech. >> i think maybe your audience that were offended are the sorts of people that were easily
10:40 am
offended anyway, probably not meat eaters, probably vegan. stuart: don't say that about our viewers. they are not like that. our viewers are very serious people who know what they are doing. >> they should also be able to have a laugh, stuart, at something that is blatantly funny. what was the reaction in britain to this? >> i think it's surprising for us. usually the bbc would be sympathetic to isis. there is a lefty bias that goes on. we are careful when you are around the bbc because they support multi-culturalism because we don't say anything about any culture ever. so it's strange to see the bbc doing something like this. i can only assume the boss was away for a few weeks. stuart: look at that, lost the video.
10:41 am
ashley: maybe the bbc pulled the plug. she is back. stuart: you have got 30 seconds to finish your thoughts. >> i think it's a great thing that trump has called out the bbc as being another beauty in the same bracket as cnn and buzzfeed. i look forward to seeing them disappearing off the landscape in 2017. you should be afraid because i'm on my way to new york on thursday. stuart: you better stoop by the studio. we would love to see you on set. >> i always threatened i would. stuart: if fiat chrysler is don 14%. it may be mixed up in an eve missions scandal somewhat similar but not the same as volkswagen.
10:42 am
on the left, they can't accept hillary clinton's loss. they are promising to disrupt the inauguration. we'll tell you all about it. an
10:43 am
10:44 am
ashley: president trump respond something what he calls a fake news release from buzzfeed. but can he sue if the news media. >> the president and his lawyers would have to show that buzzfeed published this knowing it was false or with reckless disregard for its truth or falsity. very, very high bars. it's one of the problems with defamation litigation. you regurnl regurgitate the dety statements. the president would expose everything in his background that contribute to the statement it's fair game in litigation. (other languages spoken)
10:45 am
look abbot, i got it. it's a miracle. ♪
10:46 am
stuart: it's a sell-off. the dow down 132 points as we speak. a big drop for fiat chrysler. the epa says the company used software that allows excess emissions. am zone adding 100,000 new jobs in america, full-time jobs, full benefits. they will add them noarveght
10:47 am
year and a half, as well as training 25,000 vets and spouses. that stock is up in a down day. inauguration day just 8 days as many as 3/4 of a million people could come to d.c. looking to disrupt the festivities. and the women's march could have at many as 200,000 people there. burkes rnell, you are on the
10:48 am
we'll have so many trump supporters there you probably won't notice anyone is marching. what americans should do is to go to that inauguration and get behind our president elect like never before. he's the president. stuart: if you get those number ofs of people making a lot of noise, the media will focus on them, distracting attention from the inauguration and trying to spoil the inauguration. the media will cover them fully. >> we have media channels that also have supported the president-elect. i believe they will be out there counteracting any negativity. but at the end of the day, what i'm going to tell you have is you will have more people coming out to support this amazing president-elect donald j. trump and our vice president-elect mike pence. stuart: al sharpton calming for
10:49 am
yesterday about how he and jeff sessions did that medal of honor for those who hard during the civil rights act. i believe jeff sessions is going to be confirmed. he's going to go to work and be about the business of the american people. stuart: we'll see you shortly in d.c. >> i'm in d.c. god police and god bless america.
10:50 am
stuart: confirmation hearings, several of them going on on capitol hill. general mattis. ben carson. the democrats are not happy with donald trump's nominees so far. on the market, 4/of the dow 30 stocks are down. the dow industrials down 146 points. we are no longer look for 20k. at least not today. [♪] when it comes to healthcare,
10:51 am
seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live.
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stuart: i am sure you have seen this and everybody is talking about it. mr. trump called out a cnn reporter. he accused that reporter of reporting fake news. the media slammed mr. trump for this.
10:55 am
look at what some of our viewers had to say about this confrontation. president obama attacked fox news for 8 years. media yawns. but now media flips out when trump hits cnn. jean says, you go, trump. obama bashed fox news. now it's your turn to turn your back on the network that turned their back on you. ashley: they are absolutely right. what did he say? something about fox news being in he bar and restaurant in this country. tough to take on those views that are not strictly true. i'm sorry, it's absolutely right. turnaround is fair play.
10:56 am
you can't call out cnn for something that was blatantly unverified. liz: obama wanted to send the government into newsrooms. cnn didn't report the details of it. so there is that important caveat. so do the "new york times" and "wall street journal." what buzzfeed did that was wrong. here is the report, you go figure it out, reader. that's not journalism. so when you see even harry reid declining to report on it when he had it in the fall, that tells you something. it's a reality gut check for journalists across the country and it's irresponsible. thank you very much indeed. yes, we'll be back.
10:57 am
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11:00 am
stuart: the word is still talking about that press conference 24 hours ago. it was a confrontation, the media versus the president-elect. it was chaos. particularly offensive was the attempt to shout down in trump. >> since you are attacking us, can you give us a question in mr. president-elect since you are attack our news organization can you give us a chance. >> no, go ahead. quite, quiet. >> can you say categorically -- you are attack us, can you give us a question he don't be -- i am not going to give you a question, you are fake news. go ahead. stuart: no reporter should do that period. cnn reported unverifiable and false allegations about mr. trump.
11:01 am
hours after that report buzzfeed issues 35 pages of dirt in detail, none of it verifiable or even sourced. it amounted to a vast smear. that's why mr. trump said to cnn, you are fake news. when the cnn reporter would not stand down, that's when the president-elect called him rude. we've not seen anything like this before, but we'll probably see him again. this morning the media is largely defending the aggrieved reporter and not mr. trump. the left will not stop its smear campaign. charge of racism and sexism will be hurled around and the media will continue its bias. no other president coming into office has faced such a barrage of contempt. can you imagine if obama had
11:02 am
been treated like this. hell has no fury like the scorn of the elite. the third hour of "varney and company" is about to begin. [♪] stuart: the dow is down 173 points. the tries of crude oil still constant. 59.96. rex tillerson former exxon ceo visited capitol hill for his confirmation as secretary of state. that's why we are quoting the price of oil and steven schork will join us later this hour. drug stocks dealing with the fallout from the trump press conference. he said drug companies are getting away with murder.
11:03 am
any moment now the epa will accuse fiat chrysler of using software that aloud excess diesel emissions in 100,000 vehicles in the united states. that's why fiat chrysler is way, way down. can we go back to those healthcare stocks? republicans plan to vote on a full-scale repeal of obamacare tomorrow our next guest says the repeal of obamacare will will affect the taxes that fund the healthcare law. house ways and committee congressman brady. mr. chairman, it's good to see you. at the moment of repeal, i understand that some 22
11:04 am
obamacare tax will go away. is that accurate? will i feel those taxes going away the moment the repeal bill is signed. >> we are going to act immediately to repeal those taxes. over $trillion of taxes on families, on local businesses, on the economy. we think they need to leave. we are work on the timing, the details of all that. but these are taxes that hurt us in a major way. they hurt the rest of the country in a major way. our top goal is to repeal all those taxes. stuart: you are also working on the broader based tax reform bill. i know that there is a lot of backward and forward on this as you are discussing different plans. can you tell me something concrete that will definitely happen, a tax which will definitely be cut when you have got this bill through congress. can you tell me something specific, sir?
11:05 am
>> we are proposing cutting nearly in half the taxes our businesses pay, whether you are the largest or smallest. so our companies can survive tough times and grow in good economic times. we are proposing businesses to immediately run off all their business investment. key to job growth and we are redesigning our international tax code to be competitive. so our businesses can win anywhere in the world. and we are going to end the made in america tax so we can compete on a level playing field. >> categorically you can say the tax rate on corporations will come down from 35% to 15% or 20%, and you can definitely say if i as a business owner invest in capital equipment, i can write the whole thing off in the year in which i make that investment.
11:06 am
you can tell us for sure those two things. >> that's exactly with our built for growth tax plan proposed. i look at the excitement out of the trump administration. they are ready to shake things up. senate republicans are engaged in this in a big way. we are aligning -- this is -- stuart, this is the first chance in 30 years to do this, and it may be another 30 years before we get that chance again so we are determined to act. stuart: congressman brady, you are a very important guy, you are sitting on the most important committee in congress in my opinion. we love having you back to tell us specific stuff. that's what we love. our next guest says trump's economic plan will revitalize the midwest. with me is joseph sitt, the ceo of thor he can which is.
11:07 am
most money people are not in favor of mr. trump, but you are, correct? >> you know what it is, so many people attach themselves to what was politically correct. the pop culture trend was with the obama administration, and they did do a lot of great things. but it's sad to see the business community not willing and ready to make the change and admit this is an opportunity to reinvigorate our economy and the jobs and creates opportunities across the united states of america. stuart: what about the revitalization of the midwest. >> very, very much. this will become the era of the rust belt if i had to describe it. i don't think president-elect trump will be doing it to thank those voters for turning over the elections. and with the bounceback from the recession that we saw on the
11:08 am
east and west coast, he feels like ohio, pennsylvania, detroit and michigan missed out on that bounceback. he's looking to reward them a little bit disproportionately to rebalance them and give them so as much of what they lost out on. and reinvigorate some of the industries, some of the politically sensitive like coal and some of the energy issue well as reawakening. stuart: we are going to listen to rudy giuliani who has been put in charge of cyber security. >> the president-elect is aware of this. what he wants to make sure is we spend time having our defense our cyber defense cash up to our offense. we need that in the cyber sector and government.
11:09 am
the purpose of this group will be to bring to him the top corporate executives and the top thought leaders in the private sector who are number one experiencing problems, number two are also working on the solutions to the problem. you have might think of it in a way like cancer. there is a tremendous amount of cancer research going on touch feel as if you can bring all the people together doing the cancer research, you might be able to cure it. there is research going on in israel and germany on cyber defense. i spend a lot of time going there working on that. and it's going to be my job to bring those people to the president and obviously to the people in the administration so we can share with them their problems and solutions. stuart: i'm going to come out of
11:10 am
that. i think you got message there. rudy giuliani in charge cyber security in the trump team. joseph sitt manages $10 billion. he says mr. trump will revitalize the midwest and you just came back from mexico. what is a trump supporter who manages $10 billion who thinks mr. trump will be great for america, what were you doing in mexico? >> two answers. we are probably the largest investor in commercial real sells state in the country of mexico in terms of mexico. one of the questions everybody always asks me, i can read the question coming in your eyes. how could you be playing both sides. >> the answer is there is win-win. the president is looking for a rebalancing. he's look to create jobs in places we didn't have them. he's looking to bring infrastructure into the modern
11:11 am
era so weave the most advanced economy in the world can have highways and bridges and tunnels and airports that places that in the third world like istanbul and middle eastern countries and china are just coming into the emerging era already have. stuart: do the mexican people, their government officials, do they have see things like that. win-win? >> candidly, i think the people of mexico, wonderful culture, wonderful people, i think their local politics made them handle it wrong. if you think of it, what's the only country the president of the united states made a political visit to during this campaign. hard to believe it, it's mexico. went to mexico city, humbled himself to give them their due respect. on the way out, they kicked him in the butt too harm 237 fired the right-hand man, the president of the country.
11:12 am
but i think they awakened to the mistake. a few days ago he got reinstated back in his position because they have figured he would be the best bridge to the president of the united states. one of the messages i have had consistently with mexico. while president trump has a nationalist agenda, his goals are he wants to be liked lie everybody and find a happy medium. he realized he has to oversphwhring the short-run. and the second message i have for mexicans is you have a disproportionate advantage that you are not factoring in. all this political instability has -- has depreciated the perks so.
11:13 am
even if therer there were higher duties and you have had an insane thing come through and it add to the duties. the currency value, even if it were 10%. they have an advantage themselves. it will be win-win. stuart: we don't get many money guys managing a billion dollars. >> as the last congressman said on this channel. it's the first time in 30 years most constituents elected a president of the united states that's empowered to make business happen and not make business into a bad thing. let's give him a chance. stuart: you will be back, joseph sitt of thor equities. breaking news on fiat chrysler. ashley: the epa says chrysler
11:14 am
used software that allowed illegal emissions. an epa official saying this is a clear and serious violation of the u.s. clean air act. they claim the automaker installed software and recent diesel powered jeep grand cher keys and dodge ram trucks. it affects about 104,000 of those vehicles and the stock tumbling 16% on that news. stuart: we have breaking news on the mike pompeo hearing. the cia director. this is part of his testimony. ashley: he says as ci sarks director he will drop his opposition to the iran nuclear deal he expressed as a lawmaker. he says the cia must be rigorously fair and objective in assessing that deal. stuart: he will drop his opposition.
11:15 am
ashley: he will take off his lawmaker hat and says as director of the cia i have to be rigorous looking at it objectively. stuart: not look at it politically. that is new. mike pompeii over right there. next case, president obama over the last 8 years attacked fox news many, many times. watch this. >> if you talk to somebody who said i was watching fox news and they said this is horrible. good affordable healthcare might seem like a fanninged threat to the freedom of the american people on fox news. it turns out it's working pretty well in the real world. >> if you watch fox news on a regular basis, it's a constant menu. they will find folks who make me mad. >> if i watch fox news, i wouldn't vote for me. stuart: the media didn't say
11:16 am
have much about mr. brawsm's attacks on fox news. compare that to donald trump blasting cnn. >> since you are attack us can you give us a question. >> go ahead. >> since you are attacking us. >> not you. not you. your organization is terrible. your organization is terrible. >> can you gives a chance to ask a question. >> she is asking a question, don't be rude. don't be rude. don't be rude. i am not going to give you a question. >> can you state -- >> you are fake news. stuart: please note the media did not support fox news when it was attacked by president obama. but the media is supporting cnn after that confrontation with donald trump yesterday. karl rove knows a few of things about presidential press conferences and how to handle them and he joins us now.
11:17 am
i think that cnn reporter went flat out much too far, should never have done that. that shows disrespect for the president, and i think it's the way things will be the next four years. what say you? >> i think it was over the top and was flailing. the news conference got out of hand. it worked to the advantage of president-elect trump. it may not always work to the advantage of president-elect trump. i recommend his press secretary fall back on what has been previously done and that is give the president a list of names of people to call upon in order. and that gets to be determined by sean spicer. he doesn't have to share it with the press. but it gives the president a chance rather than have to look out at the crowd and pick out somebody and point at them. he will say now i'm going to turn to stuart varney of fox business.
11:18 am
much easier for him to maintain control. stuart: he's not that kind of person, is he? >> you know what? sometimes it's in his interest to change. and i think it would be in his interest. he handled it yesterday well. but he was helped by the fact that acosta looked like a numb skull when he said you attacked our network, give me a question. most people didn't hear it. the news conference was so badly organized they didn't have live sound for all the questioners. so for most people who watched that they never heard what acosta said. there are some things that for the long-haul would better serve the president-elect if he falls back on practices that allow him to maintain bigger and better control over that news conference. stuart: i think some people recoiled by the tone adopted against president-elect trump. it's so different, it's so
11:19 am
unusual and so bruce can that people -- it's so brusk, they step back and say do i want that for the next four years. >> i happened to be at a conference of business types and investors. one of the people who watched the news conference came up to me and said i think it was great he gave it to the press. i said i agree. but do you want to keep seeing that? it was interesting. there was something in his manner. i know i shouldn't have liked it, but i really liked it. i said do you quanlt to keep seeing that? an said no i want to see him as president. stuart: president-elect trump selecting former new york mayor rudy giuliani to overhe cyber-security. -- to oversee cyber-security.
11:20 am
he also said intel officials would present him with a report on hacking defense 90 days after he takes office. more on that in a moment. [♪] if you take medication, you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms. why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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11:23 am
stuart: rex tillerson is the man who used to run exxonmobil. he's been nominated to be secretary of state. come on in, steven schork, by phone, a leading oil analyst. i want to know what you think about an oil man running the state department and negotiating with the iranians and the russians. >> i feel great by the, stuart. some of the reasons cited by
11:24 am
tillerson's detractors on the hill are the very same reasons that make him an ideal choice for secretary of state. face it, dealing with governments is part and parcel of the job as head of a major oil company. the fact that oil is sourced in some of the dodgier places on the earth. makes tillerson's experience negotiating deals with the central characters in these places all the more attractive to run the state department. stuart: you have got to be pleads a fossil fuel -- pleased a fossil fews guy is going to be in the state department. >> if you are going to negotiate a quote-unquote deal with iran, i would rather have tillerson at the table than a liberal from massachusetts. i'm girdy as a schoolgirl that
11:25 am
tillerson is potentially going to be secretary of state. stuart: oilman steven schork gives the okay to oilman tillerson. the stock price on fiat chrysler is way down because of allegations by the epa that fiat chrysler used cheating software. >> they say they are very disappointed. they say their diesel-powered vehicles meet all regulatory rirmts and this is not so-called defeat device used to get around emissions controls. they say they meet all of those regulations and have a state of the art emissions control system within their vehicles and they will fight this. stuart: the investigation into
11:26 am
hillary clinton is back front and center. so says the man you are about to see walking into the studio. you know him, judge andrew napolitano. he will tell us why it's back on he will tell us why it's back on the front burner. [♪] well, i feel pretty smart. well, we're all about educating people on options strategies. well, don't worry, i won't let this accomplishment go to my head. i'm still the same old gary. wait, you forgot your french dictionary. oh, mucho gracias. get help on options trading with thinkorswim, only at td ameritrade.
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.. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline.
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only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. stuart: if you are watching this program you would know the fbi death -- them to better hillary clinton email documents that kept the spotlight on the email
11:30 am
scandal. judge andrew napolitano is back, you say the criminal investigation is back, keyword criminal. judge napolitano: yes. put aside the investigation of the foundation still going on. put aside the investigation whether she made decisions as secretary of state to benefit the foundation, the public corruption investigation still going on, the email investigation is about to be reopened which i will give you several reasons. one of the metrics the justice department uses to decide whether to indict somebody, has there been any harm as a result of what this person did? mrs. clinton argued there was no harm, donald trump argued there was. the fbi has demonstrated conclusively and beyond a doubt that state secrets she sent to sid blumenthal were accessed by hostile powers, russia and china and friendly hackers if there
11:31 am
could be such a thing, the israelis. stuart: that is back to the criminal investigation. judge napolitano: the president and the president alone, senate judiciary committee, senator sessions, you respect strong suspicions about clinton's liable, the attorney general, i will not put the opinions aside. i will put myself aside. stuart: he recuses himself. judge napolitano: meaning the investigation will go forward and be managed by someone under him who will not communicate with him about the investigation. stuart: volkswagen, the german automaker, the emissions scandal, paid tens of billions in fines and reparation. now we have fiat chrysler
11:32 am
accused of tampering with emissions devices and i suspect they have a much lower liability problem or a lower -- judge napolitano: for two reasons. there are fewer automobiles involved and the amount of emissions is different. the specific allegation against them is the use of software to deliver intentionally misleading readings so the person looking at the computer thought the readings were appropriate, the software was rigged to have a higher tolerance level for pollutants than it should have. stuart: vw paid a ton of money because they polluted more as opposed to fiat chrysler. judge napolitano: occasionally the government's punishing schemes make sense. stuart: you may have just affected the stock price. i have a story on chipotle. hold on a second. a woman in california suing tripoli for using her image. liz: photograph taken ten years
11:33 am
ago saying she changed the image, bottles of alcohol added to it, changed the texture of her hair, she's representing herself suing for the entire profits over the 10-year period so it is a long shot. judge napolitano: you might appreciate, imagine if they took a picture of you and -- without compensating you. you would file a lawsuit in a heartbeat. stuart: i am a public figure. judge napolitano: they can't use your image to make money off of you without paying you. stuart: that was a picture with alcohol. judge napolitano: a totally false lunch, she doesn't drink they made money, won't get $2.2 million, she will win something just as you would if a picture of you walking past, i won't get the name of it, one in
11:34 am
the basement. stuart: back to politics. i am on safe ground which our next guest, he didn't say this explicitly. i'm reading into what he said. the internet has ruined journalism. here's the headline i am referring to. the trump/russia files, the president of turns into a media circus damaging everyone. dan hettinger joins us as in dan henegar from the wall street journal. i read between the lines here, ruined journalism. are you going that far? >> i think the internet and the web driven media has damaged a lot of what we used to think were standard in journalism. let's run through the russian dossier that was released. the most amazing thing. cnn goes with a description of what is in the dossier. they don't publish it. tuesday night while barack obama gives his farewell address in chicago buzz feed puts the
11:35 am
contents of the dossier on its site, blowing the farewell speech out of the news and by midnight the top of the website of every publication in the country are carrying stories about this unverifiable unsubstantiated dossier. the next morning all of them, newspapers, on their front pages have stories about this unverifiable dossier about trump's activities and what he was compromised in russia. there was a time when you would have made editorial judgment about something like this that has no substantiation. if it was a story at all he would go on page a 15 or the way down, now because of web media everything runs at the same screaming high level and you get this wildfire that feeds on itself and builds a nonstory into a major problem for donald trump. stuart: the wildfire is the
11:36 am
story. >> it feeds on itself. everyone else has to talk about it and people say there must be something here. there is little he can do except fight back against it. stuart: asked what he can do there's nothing we can do. >> i see no real good answer to this. there has to be an editorial judgment you have to make clear this is not a big story but it is hard in the age we live into a portion hierarchies to the news story. stuart: ashley has an update. ashley: putting a dollar number on the accusation against fiat chrysler. the potential would be 44,539 bucks per vehicle, it comes out it $4.63 billion fine. stuart: stuart: a convicted and prove they are doing it but their emission systems are state-of-the-art. >> hit a record high earlier
11:37 am
today. stuart: stock is 16% down. sorry i left you out of this one. did media bias and i think the media is strongly biased against donald trump, was that in evidence with this buzz feed story? >> yes. i think to some extent donald trump is the center of everything all the time, constantly tweeting, call the reports nazi germany, the circus atmosphere that is created around the use things, gives the media an incentive, if trump is a contentious public figure to go after him and come at him with unsubstantiated stories and he is the president and there is a sense in which everyone has to be aware these are major american institutions, the press, the intelligence
11:38 am
community, the presidency of the united states and we don't want to go forward for the rest of donald trump's presidency as a rolling bonfire and circus of mayhem about stories some of which are real, some of which are completely unreal. that is what we went through in the past week. stuart: well said with the wonderland column in the wall street journal. paul ryan is talking about obamacare. >> completely understandable and i believe as he begins to see men and women in the intelligence community, not political people but people who are producing the intelligence who might be working, he will learn to appreciate what they do. range repeal and replace -- in that scenario by creating
11:39 am
processes. >> budget process is the regular order process, it is regular order, what we are doing and we will use every other tool at our disposal. that is the other point. there are many steps we can take to bring relief not to mention an hhs now that wants to bring people relief from obamacare and things we can do in congress all taken together. we feel the need to step outside the collapse of this loss of people don't get the rug pulled out from under the mend don't collapse with this law and bring a new system that will work. that will take a transition and we want to make sure, but people's mind at ease that they won't lose their healthcare some february day, the we will have a good transition period while we move and all these steps to rescue us from the collapse that is occurring with obamacare.
11:40 am
>> a large obamacare -- you need democrats. how will that come? >> let me say it this way. the premise of your question i would disagree with his because obamacare is collapsing don't forget, the base case we are walking into in 2017 with this new government is we are staring at a healthcare law that said if you like your plan you can keep it. that is not true. it would lower your premiums by $2500, that is clearly not true. and your deductibles were reasonable so you could use your insurance, that is not true. by the way five whole states have one plan to choose from and we are told they may lose that and 31% of the counties in america, one plan to choose from, political monopoly that is not choices. you have to remember the law is when actuaries tell us is a death spiral so we have got to
11:41 am
intervene to prevent this from getting worse so i do hope and believe some of this can and should be bipartisan but if people are going to be so partisan and ideological to try to cling to the failure of obamacare which is doing damage in people's lives then shame on that. we have a job to do and our job is to use every tool at our disposal to fix this problem before it gets worse. >> have reconciliation, is that something? >> we are on an aggressive timetable and we will work the process the best we can. we are not holding hard deadlines only because we want to get it right. we need to move quickly because the law is collapsing but we want to get it right and we will go through regular order unlike what democrats did. we won't to the gatorade in harry reid's office on christmas
11:42 am
eve and pass a massive bill that you don't know what is in it until after it is passed, we are not going to do it. we will do it the way congress is supposed to work but we feel the need to act quickly because again this thing is collapsing. it is -- we are working off of the bill we passed last year and our goal in that policy is to get healthcare to women in low-income communities who need it without controversy surrounding -- it is better directed to community health care. lots of experience in wisconsin, with everyone planned parenthood clinic there are 20 federal community health centers, 20:1 and we think it is better to send these dollars to those clinics that do a very good job
11:43 am
getting women the services they need, preventative services without the controversy surrounding planned parenthood. i think if we deliver our promises we will do well. well -- that is why to casey's question we are going to get this right and we are grilling these bills through the committee process so when we have those we will move forward. sorry. go ahead. it is a good question. we are hoping to pass reforms. not just repeal obamacare but repeal and replace, we hope to pass as many as we can to bring new options and opportunities for people to buy affordable care but also don't forget the
11:44 am
fact that the administration which we are getting an administration that once to provide relief is not lashing people to the mast of obamacare which is sinking and we believe the administering will have the ability to give a lot of regulatory relief. mike pence had a press conference which is we believe with the new administration working with us we can get quick relief so people can find something they can afford. i haven't looked at the details of the arrangement, focused on the presidency, getting business over remaining family members who will run the business but i will leave it to the government reform committee to look at this as part of their responsibility.
11:45 am
due to the laptop. >> what is better? >> go to our website and you will see what we are looking at doing. thank you very much, everybody, go packers. stuart: we left it up just long enough to get his plug in for the packers in wisconsin. speaker ryan was talking about obamacare. he and his colleagues are in complete sink with president-elect trump on the issue of repealing and getting to obamacare in place but reassuring people when obamacare is repealed nobody will be left out in the cold. we have to intervene because obamacare is in a death spiral falling to pieces, that was his word, therefore it must be replaced in short order. he will not be held to a
11:46 am
deadline. liz: he said no, we want to get it right and he said something interesting, helps to repeal, bipartisan, democrats on board. this is why it has been easy to yank obamacare, it went down straight partisan lines. if it was bipartisan it would have been difficult to repeal and replace obamacare, only democrats voted for it. stuart: that statement was designed to reassure people and oppose democrats who say you are going to kill people. ashley: repeatedly said you are going to be left out, pull the rug out from under you and repeal obamacare and leave you on your own and paul ryan -- the system is collapsing. liz: they are going to have a plan. stuart: many celebrities singing i will survive about a week before trump's inauguration. role this tape. >> do you think i crumbled? do you think i lay down and die?
11:47 am
♪ not i, i will survive ♪ as long as i know how to love i know i will stay alive ♪ >> i have all my life to live. >> all my love to give. >> i will survive. >> i will survive. >> i like that part. >> i will survive. stuart: that was matthew mcconaughey. ashley: they will survive in multibillion-dollar homes with multimillion dollar salaries, how tough it is for them. stuart: sarcasm is a low form of with. other celebrities will participate in a lovefest on facebook and they will march in protest during the inauguration. janine turner joins us, actress and radio host and too much of a stranger from "varney and company". where have you been? come on back. >> thank you, happy new year. stuart: you tell me, you are
11:48 am
part of that world, why are so many celebrities so far out there on the left? >> i don't know. i really don't know. i think it is this -- i do know. for one thing you won't get work if you do not toe the line. stuart: is that true? >> it really is true. when i watched meryl streep give her speech at the golden globes, i have been there. i was nominated for three golden globes. i have been in those rooms and it is very uncomfortable for the people in the room that aren't liberal, maybe are republican or conservative or have different ideas, it is very -- we don't get the opportunity to say anything. the fact that meryl streep, they can say these things it is a 1-way street. if you are liberal and you agree you can speak. if you don't you cannot speak. can you imagine if one of us at
11:49 am
the golden globes started talking in a positive way about donald trump or in a negative way about president obama we would be ostracized. for those who love freedom of speech it is ironic. stuart: the other side of the coin. when president-elect trump tweet toed to about meryl streep he called her an overrated actress. i don't think he should do that. that is making a judgment on hurt talent. >> i believe she is not overrated. she is a brilliant, luminous actress, the greatest living actress of all time. when i saw her clip of the beautiful clip they showed, all her work, i couldn't wait what she would say to encourage actors and talk about her career. that is why it was disappointing what she did. i think it was not the right forum. if she would like to call a press conference or talk to rolling stone or time magazine
11:50 am
that is fine but this is an award ceremony and they were honoring her work and it was not a proper form and the narrative is wrong because they kept saying all these foreigners in the room won't be able to work, the hollywood press won't exist and that is an incorrect narrative because i worked on movies with 22 different nationalities and they are all legal. they are working there legally. all we are talking about is people who come across the border should come across the border illegally so the narrative was completely wrong. stuart: i did not know you once hosted the golden globes. i hope you host it again in the future. it is highly unlikely however. >> at this rate yes. stuart: thank you very much, always a pleasure. sports alert, san diego chargers set to announce their move to los angeles. they will be the second football
11:51 am
team after the rams moved over there last year. the chargers talking about rebranding, not sure what that means but we will try to tell you in a moment. a liberal group says boycott l.l. bean because one of the been family members is from trump. watch this. >> it is blaming the company the didn't give the donation. i gave the donation. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? so let's start talking about your long-term goals. knowing your future is about more than just you. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. (snap) achoo! (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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stuart: earlier today, maria bartiroma spoke to melinda been, the been founders's ground granddaughter, and anti-trump boycott of the business, she likes donald trump. >> it is bullying me personally, bullying a company that didn't give a donation which i gave the donation to support trump and. my cousin gave to obama four years ago and he gave many more times the amount i did. the point is we should have that privilege, we live in america, this is a free country.
11:56 am
stuart: she will join our program at 11:00 tomorrow to discuss the boycott and the results thereof. i have two items on amazon. first of all they will create 100,000 new full-time full benefit jobs all across america, they pledged also to hire and train an additional 20,000 veterans and military spouses over five years. that is a big deal and stock is up but that is not all. item number 2, they have a credit card for prime users. liz: 5% off of anything on the website and 2% off when you go to restaurants, drugstores or gas stations. if you are a prime member you pay $99 a year, it is no fee, 5% discount of anything on the website. stuart: no wonder the stock is really something. i got this for you. the studio of at&t randall stephenson and the chairman of that company both arrived at trump tower to talk about the proposed at&t time warner merger which mister trump opposes. ashley: it puts too much power in the hands of too few, $85 billion deal, what will happen
11:57 am
with this proposed merger? let's not forget the key ingredients is esther trump's anger towards cnn, the parent company of time warner, that complicates matters even more who want this deal to go through. time warner, for the deal to go through. stuart: an interesting question. the beef between mister trump and cnn. time warner which owns cnn meeting with mister trump and at&t and the market is down 173 points at this point. we will be back.
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: look at that. 12% down is the stock price of fiat chrysler. the epa says fiat chrysler tampered with emissions software. that's why the stock is down. that is the charge against chrysler fiat. now the ceo of fiat chrysler will hold a news conference in the noon hour. stay tuned for that.
12:00 pm
by the way, the dow industrials down 160 odd points. there is concern about the tone mr. trump's press conference yesterday. not all investors liked it. my time is up. neil, it is yours. neil: i don't know that i buy, that stuart. did you find it interesting as soon as we got details on the republican plan on health care and go about dismantling it and replace it, they were not all on the same page and we're down already. i notice accelerating almost looks like keystone coppish. stuart: you're right. that kind of statement and development would push the market down. you're right. what is with the glasses, neil? neil: i don't know. [laughter]. what's with the accent? [laughter] stuart: good luck, sir. neil: group hug. thank you very much. we were following this. again as stuart says, we can't get a real handle what is leading to this selloff here.


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