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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  January 17, 2017 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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>> my thanks to everyone. stuart, over to you. stuart: we've never seen anything like this before. contempt for the 45th president and backlash for supporters. one day's worth of headlines. trump doesn't know black america. trump doesn't get any respect because he hasn't earned anything. the media contemptuous three days before the inauguration. >> 43 democrats say they'll
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boycott the inauguration and that list keeps growing. backlash against anyone who meets the president-elect. steve harvey who went to trump tower, sold his soul and harvey describes the backlash as fierce. and all this have having some impact and the cnn poll shows donald trump with only a 44% approval rating, way, way below all other incoming presidents and mr. trump said that polls of rigged. and your money, the stocks are opening lower. the caveat here, mr. trump's america first plan has chalked up more success. just this morning, germany's bayer and south korea's hundryui committed to investigating in america. wal-mart announced jobs and gm another 2000 jobs here. there you have it.
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the left and media pour out contempt for trump, but business bends to his pressure. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ all right. let's start with the news right off the bat. trump the deal maker. the german chemical company, bayer, says it will invest billions in america. there is a catch. what's the catch. liz: the deal has to go through via regulators. stuart: what deal. liz: monsanto-bayer deal. a lot of regulatory road blocks in the united states. demand a quarter of the seed and pesticides market and remember, monsanto is a big gmo producer and both stocks under pressure and investors thinking it may not go through. stuart: there's the caveat, you have it. two automakers, general motors and south korea's hyundai, they are announcing more investment
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in america. what's this. ashley: again, with gm the largest u.s. auto maker planning to invest $1 billion or more in its u.s. factories, but quick to point out says it's not in response to mr. trump, but it's for business reasons. good news nonetheless help to create or retain 1,000 jobs. and hyundai considering building a new plan that would create thousands of jobs and they're going to spend this money over the next five years. stuart: one more. wal-mart. ashley: creating 10,000 jobs this year. those jobs will come from previously planned store openings, store expansions and beefing up their e-commerce services. also, they say they're going to create 24,000 temporary construction jobs due to expansion. stuart: some of them were going to make these expansions anyway. ashley: they were. stuart: but none of them wants to be on the wrong side of donald trump. maybe having an impact. ashley: great for our economy, come on. stuart: as for the market,
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we're going to open lower this morning. sever several factors in play. trump's comment on the dollar too long and for everybody, a pledge on health care reform and theresa may outlined the plan to leave the eu and, yes, they're leaving. and oil is higher, dollar is lower, after mr. trump's comments on the dollar. and gold, a nice move up there, the price per ounce, 1216 right now. now, let's get back to britain's prime minister theresa may talking about the brits leaving the eu. what does she say. >> strong speech today. basically says that brexit says we cannot have the market, the control of people coming into the united kingdom and whatever deal instruction with the eu,
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it would have to be approved by both houses of parliament. they may try to push for some amendments. her speech getting a thumbs down. that's ambitious, theresa may, all take and no give. stuart: maybe theresa may is taking a page out of donald trump's book, art of the deal. and from the swiss meeting, china's president is leading-- >> sharp rebukes, some globalization is reason for chaos, no, it's poor regulation. trump wants to dial back on regulation. he says no one wins in a trade war and he also supports the climate change accord reached recently so he's pushing back on donald trump. stuart: he is.
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he's setting up himself as the opponent of donald trump leading the europeans in opposition to donald trump. that's what it looks like to me. liz: as he ects massive capital controls and trade barriers to his own countr he's applauding globalization. stuart: well said, liz. yes, he is. former reagan economist art laffer is with us. i find this amazing. the leader of china's communist party rallies western business executives in operaposition to captionist america. >> no, i've never seen that, i've been in china and it's amazing and it's done in davos, there you have the elite meet to eat sweets and they sit there in this pandered environment talking how classless someone else is, duh. it's terrible. stuart: but i've got to say, i'm worried about the mounting opposition and what the left is calling the--
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not the legitimacy of the trump presidency. i think it brings out democracy and is a problem for the world of money and just as much for politics as democracy. >> if you look at legitimacy. there have been elections that have literally gone on and decided by the house in march or april, if you look at the presidency going back in time, illegitimacy has been a keynote of u.s. presidential and congressional elections and don't think it's any different. look at bush. stuart: it's never been like this before. it's never been so intense. the level of contempt has never been quite at this level. >> oh. stuart: you go back to ronald reagan, when ronald reagan walked into the office they called him ronald ray-gun and they got over it. >> this is part and parcel of partisan politics. it's going on now, it will be over, don't worry, these are
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children screaming at the tv sets. i don't think it's a big deal going forward and i'm not worried about the boycotting the inauguration and all of that nonsense. what i did see in theresa may though, if i may, stuart, is as you know, i've worked with lady thatcher almost as much as i did with reagan for all of those years. this lady is incredible. that speech was the best speech, she's got the greatest speech writers and greatest message going. i think there could be a huge partnership once again with the u.s. and britain. it is, i was just-- did you see the one where she's talking about trade with america,he used queue one sentence and line in the second part. how well written was that speech and --. stuart: wouldn't it have been great to go back to the margaret thatcher and ronald reagan. all right. >> i have not been a fan of hers, but i am now. i'm 100% a may fan. stuart: we all are.
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stay there, i'm going to bring you back later on. >> thank you. stuart: at least 43 democrat lawmakers now refuse to attend friday's inauguration. the left's contempt for president-elect trump, you could almost say this is palpable. wmal radio host and weekly standard on-line editor larry o'connor is with us now. >> stuart. stuart: everybody is free to protest, we've got that, that's our constitutional democracy, but what's going on now, this is my opinion, i think it frays our democratic institutions. what say you? >> i don'ten if it frays the democratic institutions. this is a celebration of people that have opposing views are expressing that. the political game that democrats are playing, plays into donald trump's hand and they've been saying this and trying to resist him for over a year now. he doesn't care and still
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continues to win. so they've lowered the bar on this president-elect at such a level. all he has to do is be competent and he's going to look like a success. stuart: you're turning it around as a potential success for donald trump. listen to this, i think that the contempt for donald trump is so strong and so obvious. comedian tv host steve harvey. >> yeah. stuart: he says he's shocked at the backlash he's received just for meeting with the president-elect. watch this, larry. >> yeah. >> on a personal note, a lot of you all hurt me. you really did. i didn't expect the backlash to be so fierce and you know, but i also understand that if i'm going to keep getting stabbed at, i'm still steve harvey, so please understand, if i'm going to keep getting stabbed at, then at least while you're stabbing me, you should understand my intent. stuart: okay.
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larry, what do you say to that. you heard it. >> yeah, and i think it was an emotional plea for people to just, you know, back off a little bit and actually move forward. kind of like you had jim brown, nfl legend right here on this program saying, listen, we've got to move forward as a country and it was martin luther king day for crying out loud. everyone in this country except for the state of california and maybe your neighborhood in manhattan, stuart, they see that and they see a human being trying to move forward and trying to get something done in this country and that resonates. it resonates in a big way. stuart: got it. larry, you can come back soon, plea plea please. at what age should you be allowed to buy tobacco. in texas they're considering no sales to anyone under 21. and president trump looking for
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a plan to replace obamacare. insurance for everyone, what? is he talking about a single payer. and the last man tied to went to the moon. >> we didn't go to the moon alone. we had every worker that had a piece of wire in the spacecraft. that was their spacecraft. what they did was not going to fa fail. if you take medication, you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms.
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>> the top guy at united health, the ceo thereof is talking about the changes that may be made to obamacare. what's he saying? >> he's looking ahead and saying, look it, there's an opportunity for state-based health care markets, says that medicaid, he sees medicaid to eligible and paying members and he's also a fan of high risk pools that's getting a lot of attention, exchanges in those, that people can choose it
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sustain them. that means that those that are on obamacare would be covered under these individual exchanges. stuart: bottom line, he thinks he can work with the proposed changes talked about so far. ashley: correct. stuart: the stock is going up. ashley: and they pulled out. here is another stock going up, morgan stanley, there's been a big rally in stocks and it's going to be opened pretty much unchanged. there's been a rally in stocks since the election and we hear that morgan stanley has made a lot of money out of the rally. the stock unchanged. president-elect trump is telling "the washington post" his plan to replace obamacare is almost complete. his goal, insurance for everybody. insurance for everybody sound a lot like single payer or bernie sanders would like. i've not seen it or read it.
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a cadillac plan for the stuart varney's of the world. another plan for those who don't have expendable an income of a stuart varney. stated differently, the use of the free market to enable you to construct an insurance policy for yourself. i live in new jersey, right now i have to pay for things that i couldn't possibly use because obamacare and the state of new jersey forced me to do that. so, as i understand it, president trump or president-elect trump is not saying that everyone must get insurance. he says we will use the free market so that everybody will be able to afford insurance. stuart: interesting. >> he is confronted with this dilemma. obamacare has given benefits to 30 million americans who did not have this em eight years ago. the constitution prohibits the government from taking those benefits away. we are stuck with those. that doesn't mean that the government has to pay for them. it means that these people who
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receive them don't have to pay any more than they're paying now. so, president trump and his folks must come up with programs to fund or to make these available to folks, but he can know the pull the rug out from under them or the courts will stop him. stuart: but, his idea revolves around the concept of like a buffet. you've got free choice of what you want to eat off the health insurance buffet. >> it's based off the free market. you want health savings you can do that. you will i have in new jersey, and you want this from a insurance company in montana, you can do that. if you want bare bones, even though you may have some medical bills, you can do that. stuart: catastrophic insurance. >> and it's the thou shalt have insurance that's offensive to
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donald trump. stuart: you've got to have it. the problem is, you've got to bring the price down. yove g to make insurance affordable. >> as you know, you know the market far better than i do. it's going to be a while until the price comes down. once the price comes down you'll find a lot more physicians participating. you'll find deductibles will go down and that will cause increase in the cause of quality of health care. less government, more free market. less bureaucrats, more physician-patient participation. stuart: where have i heard that before. >> sound pretty good, doesn't it? >>iest yes, sir, it does. are we in agreement? >> we are, with the president-elect. stuart: that's a good place to be. >> never mind those 42 clowns that don't want to go to the inauguration. stuart: 43. >> it's up to 43 now. no name calling on the show. 43 democrats. >> 43 democrats.
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i'll see you in two hours. stuart: thank you, sir. former obama economic advisor, larry summers, who was a treasury secretary, too. says that trump will not be able to deliver on his economic promises. more contempt for the president-elect? is that it? we're on it.
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>> mr. trump has made a comment that the dollar is too strong. that's had a reaction. the dollar is now moving lower in value and that, in turn, is helping the price of oil. it's up by a buck a barrel and helping the price of gold, which is $19 higher, 1216 on gold right now. and how about this, opposition to mr. trump coming in every quarter, from economist and former treasury secretary larry summers in "the washington post." the new u.s. president will be operating on a weak political foundation, is unlikely to be able to deliver the results he's promised. this makes it probable that a cycle of growing disillusion, disappointment and disapproval will set in within a year. reagan economist art laffer is back and what do you say to mr. summers? >> well, i don't think he's right. he may be right, but i don't think so. i think donald trump comes in with the lowest bar imaginable. if you look at all of these wonderful presidents thaha
9:25 am
high aroval tings. by the time they got to mid term elections they'd fallen dramatically. i think that donald trump has such a low bar and a political lock on the next four years that i think he could deliver shockingly, improving his ratings throughout the entire four years and i'm very excited about him doing that. if he does the right economics, stuart, it's going to be a win, win, win for everyone. stuart: real fast, there's a problem this morning, mr. trump does not like the border adjustment tax that is being written into corporate tax reform. real fast, where do you stand on this, art? >> it's a dangerous issue and the border tax adjustment if done correctly can be wonderful, but i don't think these people know straight up, stick em in the white house, and leave it alone, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. stuart: appreciate you being with us. it's my pleasure, stuart.
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stuart: success for donald trump's america first plan. here it is, more companies as of this morning are going to be ready to make big investment in america. full details and opening bell coming up in a couple of minutes.
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>> i'm laughing 'cause everybodhere is trying to
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calm me down. . [laughter] >> we've d a three-day weekend and we haven't had the market open since friday. we're going to open it up again in about ten seconds. we're looking like we're going to head south to the tune of 60 for 70 points. a couple of negatives for stocks this morning. bang! it's 9:30 on this tuesday morning. we are off and running. in a very early going, we're down 40 points and coming off the market as we speak. 19,847 there. the s&p 500, broader base indicator, that, too, is ever so slightly lower. the nasdaq composite, where is that this morning? it's down .3% as well. price of oil is up about a buck a barrel. the price of gold is up, well above $1200 an ounce this is because the dollar is moving down a little bit at this moment and that's pushing gold and oil up. have i got that right. liz: yes. ashley: yes. stuart: good. ashley webster is here and liz
9:31 am
macdonald. not to mention mike murphy. why is the market down jack howe? >> at barron's we had a conference and asking them what would happen with the stock market. everyone thought the earnings growth would look good and a return, maybe even double digit earnings groewth. no one-- it's a little high, the market prices flattish while earnings grow. stuart: no stopping netflix, $135 per share, maybe it's because i just opened a netflix account. >> people have been talking on. stuart: you know what i've been bingeing? >> the crown. stuart: i can't have enough of it. i'm 10 episodes through already. liz: ten? >> now this, the trump effect,
9:32 am
i guess you could say. german drug maker bayer, could investigate billions in america only if the monsanto deal, which is a huge deal, goes through. bayer is down a bit this morning. now, here is the real trump effect. general motors and hyundai investing billions in the u.s. and wal-mart adding thousands of jobs. ashley: so much stuff, gomes planning to invest a billion dollars in u.s. factories, also hong to boost employment by adding more engineers hyundai saying it will invest in the next years and create a plant that would create thousands of jobs. you mentioned wal-mart adding 10,000 jobs this year, come from previously planned store openings, store expansions, adding and beefing up the e-commerce sites. i have to point out, even though mr. trump will take credit for this, a lot of these were in the planning stages, however, it's still good news for the u.s. economy.
9:33 am
stuart: what do you think when you see them scrambling because of president trump. >> 24,000 construction jobs, jobs in stores and those are jobs that we need, 24,000 are construction jobs to build within this country. that has a trickle down effect throughout the country, rich, poor, black, white, it's a positive for the united states of america. stuart: i suspect that's not in response to mr. trump's pressure, it's in response to mr. trump changing tax and regulatory rules that will make the economy expand and wal-mart is expanding into it? >> i couldn't agree more. people are looking how to partake in this, less regulation and pro growth environment we're entering into, this is a sign of it, i believe. stuart: earlier this morning, britain's prime minister theresa may outlined a plan to leave the european union. by all will thes --
9:34 am
accounts, it was a terrific speech. liz: and you see the pound, now up at a buck 23. it's at 2008 level why? because theresa may calmed t waters and she said she will put the exit vote to parliament and that to traders meant they will wring out excesses of the brexiteers. traders like it and the pound was rallying to buck 23, not seen since 2008. stuart: and we're is the 19, 843. higher profits at morgan stanley. the stock is down 30 cents, no big deal. higher sales and profit at united health. it's down a buck at 160, but look at netflix, it opened another new high. it's close to the high. it's at 134. british american tobacco
9:35 am
bidding for full control of reynolds america. i guess this is going to create a gigantic tobacco company, is that right, nicole. nicole: gigantic, number one, the largest publicly traded tobacco company and put together the names you know, lucky strike, pal mal british-america tobacco, and they sweetened the offer. three months ago tried to get it for 47 billion. it wasn't enough they had to push it up to 49.4 billion to make this happen. what's interesting, there's so much going on with cigarettes. we know that e-cigarettes and vaping have been popular though they dwindled a little of late and there's controversy about e-cigarettes, they're exploding. can't put them in the checked bags and obviously markengo children. so, these are some of the things that are front and center on tobacco. the last thing i'll tell you, in texas, lawmakers are back in the last 24 hours, back on the table saying you cannot smoke unless you're 21 years of age
9:36 am
and they've tried to push it through and now they have more republicans looking at this. democrats and republicans alike are going to try to push this through and that could hurt the industry, as well. stuart: okay. nicole: i'm not an advocate of young people smoking, but-- >> and animals and circuses. liz: if they make money, buy them. stuart: i thought i would go at you. ashley: apples and oranges, come on. stuart: no, it's not. ashley: zoos and tobacco? come on. >> i'm on stu's side. if you don't like-- they're bad for you, they kill people. if you don't like it, don't investigate. stuart: the only group of stocks i wouldn't buy. liz: i would not buy them either, but if others want to buy them, buy them. stuart: the drug makers were up a moment ago. this is the first chance this tuesday morning, the first chance for the drug socks to
9:37 am
react to what mr. trump had to say earlier, last week, as a matter of fact. that medicare and medicaid would have to negotiate lower drug charges. liz: medicaid essentially does that. it's medicare. and since 2003, that law, medicare part d can't negotiate. so there's a big pharma meeting in san francisco, they thought break out the hats and horns, here comes donald trump. no more hillary clinton regulating drug prices, trump saying wait a second, you should let medicare negotiate. and why not make drugs here and lower those drug costs down. stuart: and jack howe. >> this is so important. there's so much focus on the plan. get rid of obamacare and what's the new plan look like. forget about the plan, the cost of care, and drugs and devices, there has to be a way to rein in costs. if this works, if we get affordable health care system in this country, i would expect
9:38 am
that some of these health care sectors would not do well over the years. stuart: would you buy any of them? >> i wouldn't because there's too much uncertainty on the space. it opens up a can of word for free markets. is it the president's place to tell you what you can and cannot charge for something you created. stuart: it's a negotiated deal between medicare and medicaid and-- if there's a negotiation, i don't see a problem with that. >> agreed. stuart: good man. how about this? no, i mean, no trump stock price for twitter, because user growth flat to declining. ashley: you think the greatest advert ever would be president trump, president-elect trump on twitter every day, i should say. no bump at all. unique visitors down #%, down 5% in november. and growth completely flat. no matter what donald trump does, it's not helping twitter.
9:39 am
>> why doesn't he buy it and change the name to trumper. i've been arguing that. we'll see. stuart: they're not making any money. >> and some of the deals we expected positive things from. liz: how are the traders dealing with the tweets. they had built in fed models whatever the fed says and algorithms pick it up. they can't detect bethis-- you don't want your traders on twitter. >> i don't think it affects the traders, liz, as much as the algo's. liz: that's my point. >> they can pick up the words. liz: that's what i'm saying. >> a lot of people are concerned how a potential president trump tweet could affect the market. liz: that's what i was saying. thank you, mike murphy. stuart: weaker holiday sales at tiffany. it's the biggest drop in the stock in a couple of months, it's down 2 1/2%, but it's below $80 a share. now, this is the year you're
9:40 am
supposed to be able to buy a piece of snapchat for yourself. it could be different because the owners or founders, liz are, are going to keep voting control. >> they're owning 45% of the stock. word is out there. and you've got to kick out the board or maybe don't want calpers weighing in. calpers went after barry diller's company recently. that's the play here and by the way, google's guys, they control 60% of the voting stock in alphabet. stuart: i think that snapchat is more attractive if the founders keep control. isn't it? facebook is attractive because of zuckerberg, what are you looking at? >> this is the oldest m esest p the media industry. you want the economic benefits and you don't want to give anybody a say and-- >> what's wrong with that. >> we were talking about
9:41 am
twitter, with the user base they're not finding a way to make money. stuart: snap chat. >> if you want growth and technology you want a piece of snapchat when it's public. two different classes of stocks, facebook has them and google has them and you've done all right if you own those companies. that should have no impact if you want to own this company. stuart: if i could rake in $20 billion and still control the company. >> makes you a smart person. stuart: some baby boomers when they reach age 70, a lot of them will reach age 70 this year, you have to start cashing out your ira, your 401(k) or any other pension plan that you've got. you've got to start withdrawals. you've got to. doesn't that make for a massive cashing out of stocks? a lot of selling of stocks and bond? doesn't it make for that? >> it does. it makes for-- it could make for a big head wind for the mark, except that we've seen it coming. the math has been in the books a long time and we know it's
9:42 am
coming down the road. i don't know that the market is going to begin tanking because the social security money is coming out. stuart: head wind. >> there's a demographic head wind, in terms of valuation and you could well see the market. stuart: a lot of people don't understand this. they don't know when you get to 70, you've got to make withdrawals, you can't leave it there. >> the question has to be as they get the money, there's nothing stopping them from reinvesting so it could be a tail wind for the market. stuart: and taxed as well. and thank you, jack and thank you, mike. >> are you feeling better? >> no, not now. [laughter] >> i'm not-- let's not say my age. mike, jack, thank you. check that big board holding with a loss of 40-d points. comedian, tv host steve harvey meets with donald trump. the left attacks him. harvey has responded. hear what he's got to say in a moment. and at least 43 democrats now say they're not attending the
9:43 am
inauguration, they're trying to undermine his presidency before he takes office. some places are expressing flat-out contempt for our new president. we'll be back. ♪ why pause a spontaneous moment?
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>> tuesday morning, back after a three-day weekend, the market is open and we're down 60 points on the dow industrial average. i want to bring in a guy who publishes what is called the gloom, boom and doom report. his name is marc farber. and he's joining us now by phone from thailand so we're going to cut this pretty short. marc farber, you've got to tell me when does doom arrive for
9:46 am
wall street? >> that's a good question. i think that if you own the wrong shares you have to some extent already doomed because a lot of shares are lower than at the peak in 2015. but in general, if you own the index, you've done well. stuart: are you calling for a major-- are you calling for a huge selloff in the near future? >> well, not necessarily in the near future, but i think that if you look at the valuation of stocks they're high. you look at the valuation of the u.s. dollar, it is high. if you look at the money flows in the last few weeks, a lot of money has flown into u.s. equities, both from the mexican investors and international investors, as a contrarian, this is not a particularly good sign. however, there is a lot of
9:47 am
liquidity in the world and i believe that whatever you think, the liquidity will move into precious metals, in the next three to six months, and precious metal stocks. so, i would be long gold shares, silver shares, platinum and underlying physical and i also think that the sentiment is much too optimistic about stocks, but far too pessimistic about bonds. stuart: okay. >> and i would probably, as a trade, b some treasury bonds in the u.s. because the yields have gone up substantially over the last, say, three months, and i believe that the yields will come off again not necessarily to new lows, but they can go down to, say on the 10 year 1.75%, 1 1/2.
9:48 am
stuart: here is what i'm getting from the information, i'm sorry, i'm not trying to cut you off, but getting to it fast. in the next three to six months, you see a serious rally in precious metals, gold, silver and platinum. thank you for joining you gos, you're the gloom, doom, boom guy. and we've got the clintons downsizing their foundation. fox news reports that the clinton global initiative is shutting down, that's news to me. ashley: another 22 additional employees are being laid off from the cgi and it's called. clinton global initiative. it's part of a wave of layoffs going on. let's be honest, the political influence of the clintons is waning. the donor list for this is shrinking and of course with the publicity it got during the campaign there's only one way it's going to go. it's downsizing and shutting down.
9:49 am
stuart: are they going to give the money back. i know i'm being facetious here. i largely think this was a pay to play. you paid your money and expected to play in the game with hillary as the president. she's not the president, there's no quio quo, so you get a refund. liz: no, they didn't sign a contract. stuart: they're shutting this this thing down. where did they spend the money where they spent. ashley: and australia pulled out and the writing has been on the wall for some time to say the least. stuart: all right. [laughter] yeah, thank you very much indeed. i want a sense of the market, we've opened up 20-odd minutes ago, an even balance between winners and losers and a few more losers, actually. we're down 60 points on the dow jones industrial average, first
9:50 am
time back after a long holiday weekend and remember, this is inauguration week and we started at 19-8. president-elect trump, wal-mart, general motors, and others with jobs in america. is this part of trump winning? we'll be back. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? so let's start talking about your long-term goals. knowing your future is about more than just you. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> you know, we've watched this thing climb since the election, the last couple of months. and earlier this morning, it hit almost $135 a share, now, it's back to 132, but it's way up there, 134.99 was the high. the all-time high for netflix. liz: earnings are coming tomorrow. stuart: earnings tomorrow so we're walking up the earnings report tomorrow. it depends how much subscribers they signed up.
9:55 am
that's what it is. president-elect trump is kind of going off german automakers, bmw and mercedes, you build them there and you get a tax. and jeff flock is in illinois. how do they feel about this, jeff? >> they say donald trump just doesn't get it. the u.s. automakers are making accommodations and gm announcing today they'll bring jobs back and make investments. germans say you want to build cars in germany, build better cars. it's amazing, we buy a lot of german cars, donald trump is right. mercedes was the biggest luxury seller in the u.s. last year, 300,000 plus cars sold. bmw another 300,000 plus. cadillac only sold 170,000 cars in the u.s. in all of europe, about 700. what's the reason for that? well, part of the reason, i
9:56 am
think, is that the germans make pretty good cars and we want them here and that's why we buy them. take a look at this, if we make a car here and sell it in the european union, 10% tariff. if they make a car in germany and sell it back here, 2 1/2% tariff. stuart: there. >> donald trump talks about tariffs, he might have a point. stuart: both sides of the story from jeff flock. good stuff, jeff. thank you, we'll see you later on the show. and coming up, my take on the left. i think they're trying to undermine the presidency of donald trump and they're expressing pure contempt. i say it's time for democrats to get a grip on their lot. and a self-described deplorable, he's got tips for liberals in america. the cond hour "varney & company" is three minutes away.
9:57 am
. .
9:58 am
9:59 am
stuart: the left is going all
10:00 am
out to undermine the incoming president. the delegitimatize trump movent is reallyattering mentum. there are now 43 democrats who announced they will not tend the inauguration. that list is still growing. very few democrats from california, massachusetts, or new york will be attending. mr. trump's home is new york city. the far left mayor bill de blasio will hold an anti-trump demonstration in the city. will be a big one, with celebrities right before the inauguration. and the media, pouring on the contempt for trump and that is an accurate word to use, contempt. the editorial pages and broadcast networks are full of hostility, yes, contempt for our next president. and anything, any one who says anything favorable about trump is harshly criticized and yes, ostracized. steve harvey went to trump tower. that is all he did. he says the reaction was fierce. everyone has the constitutional right to protest, but is our
10:01 am
democracy undermined when the legitimacy of mr. trump's presidency is questioned? my answer is yes. in a large bloc of politicians says the election was not legit and the media condemns him with contemptuous concerns, the democratic process begins to fray. media supporters and left don't do any good with this cooler heads should prevail, like vice president joe biden, albeit reluctantly, the election, it is over. yes it is. it is time for the left to get a grip with the loss and steak out a measured response to the president they so clearly detest. the quality of our democracy is at stake, isn't it? the second hour of "varney" and company is about to begin. ♪
10:02 am
♪ ♪ i can see clearly the now the rain is gone ♪ stuart: i know this song. i love it. i like it, i can see clearly now. just three days until president-elect trump's inauguration. good song. liz: johnny nash. that is the singer, johnny nash. stuart: i'll take it. thanks, lizze. bailing me out again. i appreciate it. check out the big board we're down in the early going after a three-day weekend. 65 points lower. all-time high for netflix earlier but backed off but we're up there, at. tiffany sales down over the holidays. president of google america will become chief executive at toy-maker mattel? that is an interesting switch. investors like it, mattel up 3%. revlon will promote more growth for the company and that stock
10:03 am
is up nearly 5%. growth is good. price of gasoline, is 2.33 dal. that is interesting. the national average for regular. it has stopped going up. president-elect trump meets with mlk iii. bottom it. listen to the media shouted at him roll tape. >> were you offended by president-elect's tweet as john lewis with no action. does that cut you to the core president-elect refers to john lewis as all talk and no action. that is farther from the truth, right? stuart: they wanted mlk iii to call mr. trump a racist. liz:ing putting words in his mouth. stuart: they did not get it. jesse lee pete earn son. mr. trump is reaching outs to the black community.
10:04 am
jim brown was at meeting in trump tower but he is getting harshly criticized. what is going on, jesse? >> stuart, i have to tell you, what i woke up on november 9th, and discovered that donald trump had won, i went to cloud nine. since that time i have been dancing on the ceiling. for the first time since ronald reagan, we have a chance to make america great again and especially black americans. black americans. i believe that donald trump is going to bring blacks you up like we've never seen since the civil rights movement first started and john lewis are upset about that. stuart: but, jesse, black leadership, congressional black caucus, and black civil rights leaders, al sharpton, reverend jesse jackson, to a man, they are opposing donald trump saying he is not a legitimate president. this is racial, racial divide
10:05 am
here on mr. trump. is that, not right? >> well, yes, you're right and the reason for that is that the black politicians, jesse jackson and others are about politics. they are not about the people. they have been in control of the hearts and minds of black americans for the last 50 to 60 years and black people in the inner cities are worse off today. any other time in the history of america, and they know donald trump is going to change that they don't want that to change because, it will putthem out of work. so they can cry racism. stuart: jesse, i have 20 seconds left. i want you to tell us how many people, in the black community support your point of view? >> i have to tell you the folks up to 60 or 70% of black americans, regular folks are happy that donald trump is th it is so-called leadership who is not happy.
10:06 am
and the reason that the regular folks are happy because they feel that a real change will come now for the good. stuart: jesse lee peterson, thank very much for joining us this morning. we appreciate you being here, thank you. >> thank you, stuart. i appreciate it. stuart: got this news for you, the mayor of new york city, bill de blasio, planning a big protest against president-elect trump. and he will hold the protest in new york city right before the inauguration. big protest? liz: alec baldwin, michael moore, mark ruffalo. tweeting out that republicans want people to die because aflac of health insurance. stuart: what? liz: may bill de blasio tweeting that out. stuart: repeat that. liz: each year thousands of people die because of lack of health insurance. make no mistake that is what republicans are voting for. this is incendiary talk from the mayor of new york city. here is what is going on. you see trump's poll numbers going down according to quinnepiac, that gives cover to
10:07 am
potentially republicans like rubio or lindsey graham or mccain to block his agenda or his nominees. that seems to be the play. with independents it is going down as well. stuart: incendiary language from the mayor of new york city. ashley: we should be protesting de blasio, believe me. stuart: there will be a big protest. liz: not all new yorkers are behind this. they're not. not all new yorkers are for mayor de blasio going out there protesting donald trump. they're not. stuart: we have steve harvey, he says he is received a severe, very negative backlash, and some threats after just meeting with esidenelectrump. roll tape. >> on a personal note, a lot of y'all hurt me. you really did. i didn't expect the backlash to be so vicious and, you know, but i also understand that if i'm going to keep getting stabbed at, now i'm still steve harvey,
10:08 am
so please understand, if i'm going to keep getting stabbed at, then, at least while you're stabbing me you should understand my intent. stuart: leslie marshall is joining us now. on the left, leslie, thanks very much for joining us. this is serious stuff that is going on now. my position is, and see how you respond to this, that this vigorous contempt, that is being expressed for mr. trump, and the delegitimatizing of his presidency, that is in full force. i think that that undermines our democracy. we lose faith in the democratic process. our democratic institutions start to fray when they're under this kind of attack. you join me on this? >> i would love, stuart, to see unity in this nation but unfortunately i would also love to see the guy in the red suit and north pole be a real thing on december 25th.
10:09 am
the reality is this is not just happening with donald trump. we saw this happen with barack obama. we you saw a lack of respect. we saw division. we -- stuart: nothing like this leslie. nothing at all like this. >> i don't disagree that this is even, this is even worse, but you know what, stuart, i will surprise you. one of the thing that bothers me about the outrage and all of the protest, and i have no problem with that, that is our first amendment at work, a lot of these people didn't come out and vote. when we talk about steve harvey, and his audience, which is diverse but largely african-american, african-americans didn't come out to vote in this past election. steve harvey said you hurt me but he expected the backlash. honestly if donald trump invited me to meet with him, i would. he is going to be the president of the united states and sworn in on friday. i would get backlash and expect it. so i think steve harvey was being a little bit naive not to expect it. but i'd like the fact that he said his intention which he
10:10 am
wanted to have a connection with ben carson who will be heading up hud, he, steve harvey, came from low-income housing in the inner city and wants to help, that is an area he is personally concerned about. stuart: stay right there, leslie please. we'll be back with you in a second. i want to deal with an issue coming up here, namely the international monetary fund, the famous imf. they say our growth rate here in america will go up, we'll have better growth in america thanks to president-elect donald trump. this is the imf? ashley: this is forecast you can take with a grain of salt, but however based on donald trump's tax-and-spending plans. they believe it will be a boost to the u.s. economy. 2.3% is their prediction a slight uptick. gdp next year at 2.5%. up half a percent from their previous predictions. there you go. it is tax and spending plans of donald trump that have given them the belief that the economy will grow more. how about that. stuart: imf? ashley: imf no less.
10:11 am
stuart: get used to this leslie marshall, i know you were listening to this the imf says we'll get a better growth rate in america because of donald trump. you're on the left. your response. >> first of all, when you look at the fine print there, the imf actually said worldwide everybody is going to get a boost economically, and not because of donald trump. stuart: that is even better. >> certainly china will not get a boost from trump up. stuart: the world bank said it would -- >> liz: world bank said it would get a boost from trump policies. come on, what do you say? >> well, first of all, this is, they also talk about the caution. the caution what happens if there are the tariffs. if we do have a trade r,hat that will do. they also talk about the fed raising interest rates. i'm a pessimist. i know you got to look at glass half-full. stuart: with trump you are. >> no, no. i want the economy, every american wants the economy to do well -- stuart: no they don't. the left wants it to fail.
10:12 am
the left wants trump to fail. they are contemptuous of him. >> i think a lot of policies of trump will fail but i want the economy to be robust. stuart: we hear that. we like it. leslie, thanks for being with us. we like it. in just a few moments i should say we'll be speaking to the man that wrote this article, the deplorables aren't so bad once you get to know us. he is on the show. he has four tips for liberals lost in america, trump's america, lost. one of the tips, don't call people racists or bigots. oh, i could get behind that one big time. we'll be back.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
stuart: well we are very proud of this. you know who that man is, where he is. that is trump tower. that is judge andrew napolitano. he appeared on this program about 45 minutes ago, jumped across the street, arrived at trump tower. he is waiting for another audience with the president-elect.
10:16 am
i do not know what they will be talking about, but we wish the judge very, very well. by the way, he is going to be back in this studio in the next hour. i would of course ask him what are you talking about and he's not going to tell me. liz: but you will ask. stuart: the judge is at trump tower right now meeting with the president. ashley: probably took the tunnel from the varney studio to trump tower. you know there is a tunnel now. stuart: did the elevator break? he is still waiting on the elevator. let's move on. president obama will leave the white house on friday, right after the inauguration of course. that is what he has to do. where is he going first? ashley: they have to welcome donald and melania to the white house. as soon as that is done. he will jump into the helicopter, not marine one because is no longer president, and to to andrews air foe base to take a vacation in palm springs, california. this according to "tmz." they had a vacation in hawaii
10:17 am
and comes back and then goes to paul springs. stuart: where is he going to live, liz? liz: two miles from the northwest of d.c. where the brittish embassy people are. they're moving boxes. stuart: he is moving close to the brits? liz: diplomats. neighborhood staff. here is the point. he is the first president since woodrow wilson not to leave d.c. he will stick around. he is launching his obama foundation. stuart: that is his house with movers. liz: five million plus in costs. watch this with the obama foundation. he is now taking in money. he is, unlike the clinton foundation, his foundation will not take money from foreign companies companies, foreign governments or private sector companies. stuart: he will in that house two miles from the white house. liz: five million plus house. stuart: our next guest is carpet salesman in pittsburgh, self-labeled, self-described deplorable. you remember what hillary
10:18 am
clinton called trump supporters deplorables. he wrote this article in the "wall street journal" the he deplorables aren't so bad once you get to know us. lou weiss joining us on "varney & company." lou, i know you have tips with liberals on how to deal in trump's america. the first one i think is, don't call people racists and bigots. is that it? >> that is it. first of all, stuart, thank you so much for having me on your show. thks to "the wall street journal" editorial page for occasionally publishing things that i write. it's not a good idea to call people bigots, racists, homophobes, sexists. that is what my mother used to call me every day. it is not right. i have to deal with it personally but other people are not so thick skinned. stuart: we're kind of laughing about it, but at the time when we were called deplorables and racists and bigots, that did not go down well at all. second trip, don't make trips to
10:19 am
cuba. go to iowa. is that it? >> iowa if you can, that's great. i'll really suggesting pittsburgh. pittsburgh sits at nexus of deplorable-adorable country. you can come here, five minutes out of the city you're in trump country. you come back into the city, you think you're safe, but even in the city of pittsburgh, i should mention, even in the city there are other deplorables. i heard from a lot of surgeons, not just plumbers. stuart: you have sense of humor. talking with your tongue-in-cheek. next one you tell people watch "american sniper" instead of "hamilton." go. >> no, "hamilton" too but don't worry about hamilton ticket prices. watch "american sniper" than the stuff with mark ruffalo on the independent movie channel but i like it but i like turner class being movies. stuart: ditch the boycotts, boycotts of l.l. bean, because
10:20 am
the granddaughter of the founder is a trump supporter, ditch the boycotts you say? >> yes. i'm wearing a l.l. bean shirt today, i'm proud to say. i casionally shop at brooks brothers, frankly costco. it is not good to be boycotting. you can't go out to buy a shirt until you read sunday "new york times" and nation magazine before you buy a pair of socks. too much work. stuart: you're not a pundit. you are a comedian. you write very well. you made us all laugh and smile. that is good stuff. mr. weiss, come on back on the show okay? write some more for the journal and come back on "varney & company," love to have you. >> anytime you will have me, thank you. stuart: good luck. see you again soon. >> thank you. stuart: where is the big board now? oh, the loss has narrowed significantly. we were down 70. now we're down 13. meanwhile as of this morning, several big companies announcing major investments in america ahead of trump's inauguration. general motors, walmart,
10:21 am
hyundai. is this trump effect? that's a fair question. more "varney" next. >> we're going to win so much you may even get tired of winning, and you'll say, please, please, it's too much winning. we can't take it anymore. mr. president, it's too much, and i'll say no, it isn't. we have to keep winning, we have to win more. with the xfinity tv app,
10:22 am
10:23 am
anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinit.
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i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. stuart: several companies including this group, walmart, general motors, under day, bayer, that is the correct pronunciation, all of them today saying they're going to increase their investment in america, create jobs in america. liz, you can give us some details on this. i don't know whether they were going to do this anyway or whether they are in fact
10:25 am
responding to trump's pressure. liz: that is important caveat. walmart may be opening as ash pointed out opening a store or expanding. walmart, 10,000 new jobs. gm will create 1000 jobs. hyundai rarely discusses any expansions or openings in any country, all of sudden says, yes, possibly a new factory in the united states. more than three billion in next five years. bayh, monsanto, if our deal goes through we will invest in the u.s. there is a caveat there. stuart: mr. trump, he can, in the position to take some credit here. yes, we are winning because look what they're doing, regardless why they're doing it. liz: as he is getting blow back from the twitter fights and approval ratings going down with fights with john lewis, his nominees could get hung up, here is what is going on as well. that is why his voters voted him into office. ashley: don't hurt the companies to be on the good side of the guy in the oval office.
10:26 am
let's be honest. stuart: well-said. watch this, giant alligator. nature preserve, polk county, florida. has a name, humpback. it waddells across the path. on lookers nearby, totally unconcerned. sitting down there taking pictures. what a giant alligator. 12-foot long. liz: dragon. stuart: next president of america has a twitter following of 20 million people. twitter not getting a bump from that, surprisingly. twitter visits to the site are going down. more "varney" in a moment. ♪
10:27 am
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stuart: narrowing loss, down 24 points now on the dow industrials. , 19,860. we check them every day, all of them are down today. all of them dropping a little bit lower, but amazon, look at this still, $810 a share. facebook at 12. pretty close to the highs but down a bit today. how about the health insurers? we have the health insurers, all of them down today. there is a lot of uncertainty about exactly what the new health care plan will look like when we've deleted and gotten away from obamacare. there is great uncertainty so down go thhealth insurers as we sak. liz: no. keep going. stuart: nothing to add on this one. here is interesting story from jcpenney. they're teaming with up nike. nike is going to open branded
10:31 am
boutiques, nike branded boutiques inside 600 jcpenney stores. penney's good for 3% gain on that. red arrows across the board for bank stocks. they're all pulling back. that is taking steam out of the dow. goldman is down 1.%. that is taking points off the dow jones industrial average. so the bankers down today. president-elect trump's twitter following, now just passed 20 million. they get a lot of free publicity because of mr. trump but listen to this. unique visitors to twitter, down 7% in october, down 5% in november. all compared to last year. mashable as lance ulanoff is with us now. first of all, did i get the name right? i tried hard, lance, i really did. >> you succeeded. stuart: what concerns a lot of people, mr. trump will keep taking to twitter.
10:32 am
his twitter account stays open even as president but i put it to you, very easy, if you know what you're doing, to hack into a twitter account. >> we know that donald trump's account was hacked into in 2013. it happened before. he had to explain a tweet that didn't make any sense. it had towith lil' wayne. it can happen with poor passwords, right kind of triangulation with some other account he has. we know jack dorsey was hacked, ceo of twitter. many accounts are hacked because they're usually not using good security. is is now, this man is about to bece the leader of the free world. he will be dling with intelligence ports. we don't know what he will say on twitter. i would like all of his information filtered. i would certainly like his account protected and watched 24/7. a personal account is not watched in the same way. he will tweet directly to the american people through this i can see that side of it. you know, having that many followers and having that direct
10:33 am
access. there is a risk. stuart: people could hack in, put out a message not from mr. trump, but from the hacker and it could be destablizing. >> it could. we see companies, countries, leaders, react what he is saying on twitter. hoping donald trump is using two factor authentication. it checks from someplace else, check on the phone and give a password. there are ways to protect yourself and as i offered many times i will talk to trump about technology so i can clear all this up. that is an open invitation. stuart: you tell me, what is wrong with twitter? they have got this enormous publicity machine called donald trump, yet user base -- >> month at this act live users. stuart: they are down. >> they have sort of become like this, flat. 312, nearing 320 million. the trajectory of twitter's growth has gone from this to this with a little bit of down. stuart: why?
10:34 am
>> the people truly active on twitter, people provide all the content are not regular people. they tend to be newsmakers, brands, media companies celebrities. everay people are looking, consuming. it is like, twit twitter is more a network than facebook. do you understand? stuart: i got you. you have all these millions of people, tens of millions of people just looking, can't they look at commercials so you can monotize this thing? >> that is an excellent point and the pivot twitter is trying to make heavily into video. that is the big plan for 2017. you saw them start in 2016. you will see a lot more of that if you have apple tv, you can download the twitter app and consume tv content including nfl games. this is an area where you see radical change from twitter this is interesting day as they continue to consolidate. vine, social platform is shutting down today, they will prelace the vine app.
10:35 am
i think they can survive but it will be a different twitter than you see now. that may impact how donald trump uses it. stuart: might affect the stock as well. around 11. lance ulanoff. good stuff. totally different story. i'm talking totally different now, actress lindsay lohan, wait a minute, i see the prompter, maybe convert to islam? what? lance, you want to -- >> no. stuart: you stay out of this. >> i left. ashley: she has deleted all her photos on her instagram account over the weekend, changed her bio on instagram to salam, in arabic is unto you peace. some believe and rumors she is converting to the muslim faith. in headscarf. happening out a lot in dubai. has a lot of saudi arabia friends. even her accent has changed. this is not the first time.
10:36 am
in 2016 she was holding a copy of the koran. stuart: her accent is changed? ashley: reports say she is got a different accent. she feels vilified in the u.s. and hangs out in dubai. stuart: give me more information. ashley: much later. stuart: breaking news. these are congressional democrats who say they're skipping the inauguration. at last count it was 43 and rising. not just congress. the mainstream media is really slamming trump. opinion pieces from "the washington post," all of these just today. trump has absolutely no idea what black america looks like. trump gets no respect. that, look that is contempt, at large in the media this morning. i'm going live now on the radio, brian kilmeade. we are joining him on his radio show. brian, have you ever seen, this level of contempt from politicians and the media? i think it is undermining our democracy and our democratic institutions.
10:37 am
what say you? >> i think you're 100% right. as we open up the phones, stuart, always great to see you, that is the same thing i'm getting from people who are saying, wait a second, why are they doing this at the foundation of our democracy at time we have transition. there is not a honeymoon, the rhetoric has actually heated up. i also, going to give some assurance from senator inhofe a short time ago. he said don't worry about approval ratings. don't worry aboutwho is not showing up. just understand that donald trump is walking in with a house and senate, and thanks to harry reid, only needing a simple majority to get things done, he will have more power to do more things than almost any other president with 85% approval rating or 67 or 61 like george w. bush. and that is the fact of the matter. these 44 might not want to come and they might not want him president but he is going to be president and he has a lot of power. we know he has a lot of energy. stuart: how about this, brian, the other side of the coin.
10:38 am
if mr. trump's policies enjoy a degree of success, if he grows the economy, creates jobs, for example, if he does that, if he wins, those democrats who did not attend his inauguration and say he is not a legitimate president, they will be losing big-time in 2018. it could rebound against them, can it not? >> they have not reconfigured to come up with a philosophy and strategy amongst the liberals that picked that up. is bill maher. all liberals are talking to each other. they're not trying to find out why they lost. they raise money that's fine. they always raised a lot of money. where did it get them? lost white house and house. some democrats want to work with donald trump. one was elijah cummings yesterday. when it comes to health care reform taking on big pharma, if he does that i'm with you. do me a favor, donald trump, pick up the phone and call john lewis and try to heal this divide. stuart: we're up against the
10:39 am
time constraint here. brian kilmeade. thanks very much for letting us on your show. you're welcome on this show anytime you like. thank you. >> thank you. stuart: how about this? baby boomers, when you reach the age of 70, you got to start cashing out your pension plans, whether an ira or 401(k) or whatever, you have to start taking money out. not necessarily because you want to but you have to. that could have some impact on the market when people start selling stocks, to cash out. we're on it. first i want to show you some video. a man in alaska on a frozen lake with ice skates, using a chainsaw to propel himself across the lake, skimming across the surface. i wouldn't dare do that, with a chainsaw. liz: cutting into the ice. stuart: no he is not. using it as a propeller. more "varney" after this. ♪
10:40 am
10:41 am
♪ ashley: increasing uncertainty about trump's policies could be weighing on the markets today. here is what market watcher marc faber had to say where stocks are going. roll tape. >> if you look at the valuation of stocks, they're high. if you look at the valuation of the u.s. dollar, it is high.
10:42 am
if you look at the money flows in the last few weeks, a lot of money has flown into u.s. equities flows from the mexican investors and international investors. as a con contrarian this is not a particular good sign. however, there is a lot of liquidity in the world and i believe that whatever you think the liquidity will move into precious metals in the next three to six months. ♪ hey gary, what are you doing? oh hey john, i'm connecting our brains so we can share our amazing trading knowledge. that's a great idea, but why don't you just go to thinkorswim's chat rooms where you can share strategies, ideas, even actual trades with market professionals and thousands of other traders? i know. your brain told my brain before you told my face. mmm, blueberry? tap into the knowledge of other traders on thinkorswim.
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stuart: this is happening right now. just walked into trump tower. we're talking about the ceo of boeing, dennis mule henneberg. arriving there meeting with the president-elect. some issues on the table will no doubt be the cost of the new air force one plane and maybe, just like lockheed martin, the cost of defense contracts. big pow wow going on right now. let's see what boeing says when they walk out of there. we'll see what happens to the stock as well. check out the big board, we're down 20 odd points. a relatively restrained calm day, three days back from the long weekend. we're down 23 as we speak. davos, the in switzerland, big confab started today. the keynote speaker was that gentleman on the left there,
10:45 am
xi xinping, china's leader. davos is the european elites all meeting together. the globalists, they're all getting together in the swiss ass. they were addressed al become, xi xinping. what did he say. he is in favor of globalization. i want to bring in peter morici, checks professor of the university of maryland. china is linking up with the elites in davos and putting themselves in opposition to america first, trump. it is globalizes getting together there in opposition to america first trump. is that the way it is stacking up here? >> actually i think that is a very good analysis. i picked up on that this morning that he was taking that position. we're going to be pressuring germany on some of its policies with regard to automobil. we're pressuring china with regard to, its policies on investment and currency and so forth.
10:46 am
and an unholy alliance could emerge of some of our major trading partners, who are very powerful within their own regions to oppose the flights and may get difficult to affect the kind of changes we need. you are fortunately the trump -- unfortunately trump team doesn't seem sensitive to the wto, international system and so forth, the potential allies. stuart: i found it extraordinary that the leader of china's communist party rallying western business executives against capitalist america. i found that really quite a juxtaposition. i want to move on to the imf which you're very familiar. they raised their forecast for growth in america. they say because of trump's economic plan, are you on board with that? >> if trump manageses to get his tax proposals in place, and to do his infrastructure program, that will increase economic growth. i looked at that, it is not a huge jump, several tenths of a
10:47 am
percentage. that is something to cheer about. imf has not very good way moved delling this and doesn't appreciate it very much considering who staffs that place is regulatory reform. if we get that, alongside of the tax proposals and the infrastructure program, then their estimates are low. we'll get a really big boost to growth. stuart: fair point. last one for you. some baby boomers, the oldest baby boomers are starting to hit the age of 70, stop laughing. when you hit 70, you've got to start taking money out of your ira, 401(k), your pension plan. you got to. the law makes you do it. it occurs to me we may be starting to see a lot of cashing out, a lot of selling of stocks an bonds. is that likely? >> yes. it will increase each year and very bad thing. it is a knack crow necessaritic to set age to hold on to ira
10:48 am
invests 70 1/2. now that americans are living longer. the country has a stake in vibrant stock market, not bailing out so to speak. raising the age to 75 and indexi makes sense to me. stuart: got it. peter morici, tenured professor of economics. good thing too. thank you, peter. always a pleasure. thanks very much, sir. >> thank you. stuart: we're remembering astronaut gene cernan, passed away at age of 82, on this show last year. watch this. >> grew up in chicago. mom and dad didn't have education. immigrant grandparents. world war ii, i dreaming of naval aviator. i wanted to do what they were doing at midway. my dream was getting education he never had chance to get. stuart: you spent time with him. he wants to get back now to the vision of the early 1960s where
10:49 am
we would do things and explore. >> liz: that's right. the passion of human space exploration. he is saying that a mission to nowhere. that kennedy era, american exceptionalism where the young were inspired to get into the programs because maybe they could go up in space. the problem was, you had the columbia and the challenger space shuttle disasters, 14 astronauts were killed. nasa still does really cool things. saturn moons and exploring mars but it is about putting human beings in space. that is the -- stuart: that was in the '60s and we lost that. ashley: it was fueled by we didn't want the russians to beat us. it was a big driving force. then people questioning how much money are we spending and what are we achieving. i'm all for exploration and now we hear about mars and elon musk, and all those things. that is moon shoot type of thing. stuart: i'm with liz, and gene cernan, wouldn't we like to get back to the pioneering spirit?
10:50 am
liz: yes. stuart: that sense of excitement. liz: the guys at nasa still have it the budge jent shrunk,. liz: president obama canceled the constellation program. how do you get people excited about the space program again. stuart: gene cernan, honor to have him on the show. great american, passed away yesterday, 82 years old. repeat he was the last man to walk on the moon. 1972. ashley: amazing how long ago it was. stuart: we shall him. to the markets very briefly please. check the market scan. we have now a preponderance of winners. a few more winners than loser. we're only down 15 point. let me remind you, three days until the inauguration. varney viewers against me, moi, because of what i said
10:51 am
about ringling brothers circus animals. you say i'm shallow and cruel. [coughing] ♪
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
stuart: now this. ngling brothers circus, announcing, they're shutting down in may. some viewers were not happy with ash and liz for disliking circuses. we'll dewith that first. this is from randy. tell your co-hosts i'm tired of their holier than thou attitudes. what is difference between training a elephant and dog? they were traditionally wild bred for human enjoyment. how about sled and cats, do they want them living as pets. people were not happy with me for disagreeing with ash an liz. cathy says, stuart you're shallow in thinking animal activists do you think liberals only care about animals. i'm not a liberal. no poll tex. laura, stuart, you're wrong. no animals should be captured kept for our entertainment and education. there are other ways. you get over this one. let them be free, period. my only point was, you take the
10:56 am
kids to the circus and see animals from all around the world and see glories of nature. what's wrong with that? liz: i think it is about exploitation. if elephants were pets we would have one in the house. it is about compassion, compassion for animals. i don't think they should be in captivity. stuart: have you got a dog? ashley: i have two sled. liz: that dog runs in central park. that dog is free to run in central park. stuart: it is central park. liz: runs around. stuart: half hour a day? liz: number of hours a day. every day and weekend. stuart: that is big of you. you would ban circuses, ban zoos, ban aquariums? ashley: yeah. stuart: no fish tanks in people's houses. liz: i wouldn't abandon them. i would say don't go to them. stuart: discussion for the future. ashley: you're wrong. stuartwe'll have the discuson right or wrong, ash. we'll be back.
10:57 am
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train to remember during the campaign, candidate trump told audiences we are going to win. we are going to win so much get tired of it. he is winning. he won't care much about this in the media. they are too busy attacking him before he takes office. consider this. wal-mart has just announced they will add 10,000 new jobs this year. germany's buyer announced billions here. gm has close to 2000 jobs. all of this came out today. is it coincidence these announcements, after they make these threats, play ball. executives don't want to be a trump target. they don't want to get beaten up with import taxes and government scrutiny, so they play ball.
11:01 am
it is highly unusual for any president to go after big corporations in this way. we've never seen anything like this before. boeing, lockheed martin, buyer, gm, ford, amazon. they have all made job creation or investment announcement or price adjustments at the just there in nature trumps pressure. that is a win. let's not forget mr. trump does not become president until noon on friday. his impact has been profound. we've never seen anything like this before. the third hour of trends that man is about to begin.
11:02 am
♪ starting with the beatles music. for right now unveiling the 2018 mustang. mustang was the best-selling sports car in america for the past two years. i like that. this is not new technology. more powerful engines. we will give you an in-depth look later this hour. that is the first look at the new mustang and you are seeing it for the first time ever. bernie & co. delivers. the losses narrowed to a near 16 points down for the industrials. some uncertainty in the market. his economic plan and prime minister teresa mays speech where they been the european union. all of that was early today. the price of oil hauled by a slightly lower dollar. that is what is happening right now.
11:03 am
we are up on gold and up on oil. i want to get back to the editorial pages imposed upon the world at the top of the hour. american mojo, peter kernan joins us now. i say that this is a win for trump. his strategy of corporations is a winning strategy does fire. >> i was supposed to a diverse spirit i thought it was impulsive, but this impulsivity has a purpose and it's working. everywhere you look you see people and what business does is it that two changes and went trump is done by taking some random point of view and pointing the finger and tough talk, he's created business adoption. >> we don't know whether job creation announcements were in the works already or whether they are indeed responding to mr. trumps pressure. the point is they are making
11:04 am
announcements. >> some of the mexican things for because the cars are selling in that kind of thing. however, we create a pattern of behavior that we are rewarding and people are excited about. once people get that, that is how you create momentum. train to market watcher keith fitzgerald is with us. what is your opinion here? is this a win, winning strategy for mr. trump? >> absolutely. there's an additional wrinkle here and this is why i think ceos are coming on board now and coming on board with that number is is they don't fear trumps so much. they do fear being as unpatriotic because that affects their brand and alters consumer behavior. they clearly want to tell that. get in line big. stuart: they are also responding to the possibility of strong growth in the future if mr. trumps taxcutting and deregulatory policies are put in place. they respond to that carried as much as mistake. >> i think that is absolutely
11:05 am
spot on. stuart: the big name technology companies on the left-hand side of your screen. faced with done a little bit still upon 27. amazon is still at $810 per share. they are pretty far up there. come back in again please. you say that these big tech companies still have some momentum left in them they could still go higher. is that what you're saying? >> unlike a car, not to defend the cars here because they are talking about them, and there is utility you could bring. a technology company with millions of customers and there's no doubt in my mind to go into the valuations already high by historical period when you look at them by future standards, we haven't seen anything yet. stuart: we've got the trump effect as we describe it to you. general motors, jaime, all
11:06 am
investing billions in america. wal-mart adding 10,000 new jobs this year. peter, are they responding as much to the carrots of tax cuts and regulatory reform as to the state of import duties? >> is something of a combination there is on into opportunity. so many companies evening for sitting on piles of cash. one of the things we've been waiting for is a green light, a go-ahead like saying i'm going to stimulate the economy for you. i'm going to give you every reason to invest and build here. what is happening here is the profound response to a global movement. start here. >> take a look at the bank stocks. most of them this morning are down. all of the major bank stocks are significantly down. i want to know why they are down
11:07 am
because they had a fantastic run out. almost better than anyone and now we see some retrieve by peer >> the key reason is you see a little bit of her retreat in the bond market. interest rates went way up to 260 on the tenure. now 233. banks basically make their money on spread lending. but they are very sensitive and i think trump by saying i'm upset about the strong dollar, i promise you we will be sitting here in six months. trump will be at war. i can tell it's coming. he wants to grow 4%. she thinks her growing to 2%. she's going to raise interest rates to many times. we are starting to see just the beginning of the friction with trump versus yellen reflected in the bank stocks. trained to do agree without the run-up is just about over? they're certainly a pause. >> i think peter put it absolutely perfectly. the war when i think it will be better. but i also think trump will win because the desire for opportunity and profit will
11:08 am
outweigh the fed which is clearly rearview mirror measured. stuart: you develop such a reputation on this program as a market watcher that she had been asked to pick two stocks which you think will deliver very solid returns. the first occupation is an asi. is that -- i've never heard of it. is that the stock symbol? you better explain yourself. >> am very, very fortunate that viewers have placed our trust. they make non-bassist patient monitoring technology. what is interesting here is that he got been in the hospital and had a fingertip thing put on you, they've got something you can put on your four head. they can measure oxygen, temperature, pulse. 100 million uses of this date last year.
11:09 am
today it's got all kinds of growth that his time at our population is older and we need that technology. stuart: that's fascinating because the stock has gone quite. last winter fast. cognizant. what if they do? >> they are in i.t. and services provider consultancy firm. it's interesting to me as they have their fingers in a lot of different pies. financial services and what i like about this company as those are both areas that will be under trumps microscope. that tells the companies that want to be more profitable will look cognizant to help them get their action here and get their profits to the bottom line. >> you're only as good as your last.x. keith fitzgerald, everybody. stay with us for the hour, please. quickly check netflix. very close to 135 of little earlier. i just open a new netflix account. i'm a binge watcher of the
11:10 am
crown. >> i've watched it three times. it's fantastic. stuart: i am up to episode 10. liz: already? stuart: i don't go to bed. it's incredible. i think it is 43 democrats, may now be 44. the list is growing. they will not attend the inauguration of donald trump. they try to undermine his presence. that's my opinion, even before he takes office. i think it orders on flat-out contempt of the new president. john ashcroft, former attorney general is it attorney general is at best. have you ever seen anything like this before? we'll be right back.
11:11 am
11:12 am
11:13 am
stuart: i believe that the left is going all-out to undermine the incoming president. i do believe that they'd
11:14 am
delegitimize track movement is gathering momentum. look at this. 43 democrats. maybe now 44 in congress who said we are not going to attend the maturation. this is a very far cry for one all boy did attend the george w. bush inauguration after a very tough election loss. he was very conciliatory. very different now. john ashcroft, former attorney general under george w. bush. thank you very much for being with us today at a very important moment. i'm going all out here, stating that the fabric of democracy is being undermined by this intense after to delegitimize president traub. have they gone too far? >> well, let me put it this way. many of those who are choosing not to participate and of course they have a right to choose not to participate. they have a right to protest and
11:15 am
the protesters not only have a right to protest, that the leftist groups that are funding these protesters have a right to do it. but it's interesting to me that they are playing in the hands of those who would destabilize the deep value our constitutional democracy. they are saying one of the reasons they are protesting if there is russian involvement in the election. but the russians really wanted to do in our election was to de-stabilize in devalued democracy and the protesters find themselves in the end and the cause of the russians in this setting to make our elections seen in some way to some of the world perhaps less legitimate. of course, the american public knows what happened in the election. they know donald trump on the election. it is an unprecedented effort to devalue the capacity of a president to carry into place an agenda people he endors ia
11:16 am
strange and anomalous way it reinforces what they were protesting, which was russian involvement in our election. stuart: what about the inauguration itself? there are plans for demonstrations that could be violent. that's an attempt to spoil the inauguration and the delegitimizing of donald trump's presidency. am i going too far with this? >> i think there's no question about the fact that people can accept the fact that the election didn't go their way are seeking to disrupt and take any value they can away from donald trump the president-elect and who will soon be the president of the united states. i think there is a component backfiring and what they are doing because the american people disrespect this kind of effort to pull the rug out from under our constitutional democracy. we have a long tradition. this is unprecedented.
11:17 am
we've all witnessed a lot of a lot of various a lot of various selections and so-called injustices. but we've never seen any response like this before in the peaceful transition of one administration to another is the law mark of what we are about is a country and those who seek to disrupt that are really denying what america has a great tradition of doing can i be in a unique place in the world that respects the people spoke. stuart: that's why i'm here. attorney general john ashcroft. thank you for joining us. >> great to be with you. thank you. stuart: now this, britain's prime minister theresa may outlined her plan to leave the european union this morning. it w quite a speech by all accounts. it was direct and clear right from the get-go. peter karyn is with us. you watch the speech. there's no doubt that the birds are leaving, is there? >> i thought it was one of the greatest speeches i ever heard and encourage anyone to read this speech.
11:18 am
she was clear, tough peer she said to europe we want the european union to stay together. we will not be a part of it the way we were. if you screw around with us coming don't jeopardize the 360 billion pounds a year of business to do with us or the a trillion investment. we will create clean, fair and i insist that parliament vote on it. pat to me was a unifying distinction. stuart: very good. i think she's opening the way to another special relationship between the birth in america. teresa and i and donald trump. just as she's working toward that on the continent and diverse, the globalization elites were addressed by the leader of china and it seemed to me that they were setting themselves up there in direct contrast to mr. trump in america. it was the communists and capitalists getting together around globalization versus we in america first.
11:19 am
>> i think mr. xi z has misunderstood trump. a global great britain. it is about a global united states. it's not the were anti-globalism but we will createhe right kind of deals. my first book was about china. stuart: you wrote a best-seller in china. >> i did, thank you. unlike the global 500, 98 of those companies are in china. most of them owned by the government. produce a little more. we'll give you a break. produce a little more, if you've got access, shifted over to vietnam and dump it in the united states so it doesn't come here and that's all copacetic. when you have a guy like wilbur ross has been in the steel business confronting, china's model of globalization will not continue. this is a great little donnybrook are way past time we came nosed in us. we know your game and we are going to call you on it. stuart: thank you very much
11:20 am
indeed. check the stock price of tiffany. they had weak holiday sales. the stock is down not much. eighty dollars a share. president-elect trump beginning to lay out his plan to replace obamacare. he says, quote comment insurance for everybody. i'm not sure exactly what that means, but we will figure it out in a moment. ♪ with the xfinity tv app,
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private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. stuart: president-elect trump tells the "washington post" to replace obamacare. what's the goal? insurance for everybody. peter karyn n., i have no clue what insurance for everybody means. >> we will all have to get used to trump vegas and spirit is the way he governs and it's got two or three d going to be right back as president. he's talking about trying to take the pizza nobody cared that was most popular, particularly with those on the democratic side of the aisle, which is to say more coverage for more people. he really wants to find some sort of insurance program to provide at least that many people and more.
11:25 am
stuart: catastrophic insurance. >> there are a lot of ways to go, but i think the notion, if you get hit by a bus, we've got to be there for you. that's what they develop. >> .politics of it. >> if you have the right kind of pool. one of the things he's trying to do is answer the people as they went about the 23 million people who just got obamacare. don't worry. i'm going to take care of you. that's the method is gone. stuart: just long as it's on a british style national health insurance. now this. tradition american tobacco bidding for full control of reynolds american. they would create the world's biggest of addiction. should you be allowed to buy tobacco in texas? anybody buying cigarettes under
11:26 am
the age of 21. we are on now. look at this please that is around judge andrew napolitano. he is at trump tower. what was he doing there? he's come back to us and were going to ask him. what are you up to, judge?
11:27 am
11:28 am
11:29 am
11:30 am
stuart: there is a threat hanging over some other carmakers. you build cars in mexico. you try to bring them back here to america a ware gog to slap you with a 35% tax at the border. that's not popular with everyone. joining us now via skype, this man knows a thing or two about investing around the world and he has an opinion on this border attacks. frank, i don't think you like it, do you? >> i'm not necessarily in favor of tariffs, but i am in a verb reducing our current account deficit. if you look at the united states, we've seen a rapid deterioration in our net international investment position. we've gone from a negative 1.72 trillion and negative 7.8 trillion since 2008.
11:31 am
this is essentially the united states balance sheet and if that continues on, certainly at the rate it's going we will have serious issues in the united states. stuart: with taxes at the border. >> i'm sorry? stuart: stop it, reverse that with taxes at the border. >> i think what you do is you stop it with a trade deficit, country specific trade deficit. so when you have a country you've been having trade with for more than five years, you could not limitation on the trade deficit, reducing it by 20%. that being said, you can either increase u.s. exports by 10% or drop imports by 10%. this essentially put us in our trading partners on the same side of the table to try to figure out how do find more american procts will certainly try to figure out w to buy
11:32 am
more foreign products in the figure at how to buy more american products. it's a more stable foundation. stuart: is. stuart: i've got it. i've got deleted because the sound quality is a little shaky there. thanks very much for being on the show this morning. we appreciate your opinion. turn to peter kiernan with the same question. do you approve of attracting 35% tariff? >> again i don't. the truth is the one area donald trump scares me most is on trade. however, the thing i like about it and the one thing he was onto is the notion of bilateral trade is a great place to wind up. globalization means you don't not join one club and have somebody of brussels tell you what to do. bilateral trade as a culture reason i say let's create a deal so we can create more value for each country. that's what international trade should be. that's the seat of it, that's where it started in returning to his old school.
11:33 am
stuart: direct, straightforward, uncomplicated. >> forget these grand bargains. it makes you special in your nation if you're part of a grand art in this groundout and you lose your uniqueness. stuart: fascinating stuff. we should really sound the trumpets here. there you go. why would we be sounding trumpets? i'll tell you why. that man right there. he has just -- i'll rephrase that. that's a look-alike. judge andrew napolitano has just spent time one-on-one with the president elect in trump tower. are you allowed to say anything about what you talked about? >> the president elect is focusing on his choices for his choice for the supreme court of the united state. and we discussed judicial attitudes, judicial temperament, ideology and candidates for the court. stuart: it's a great honor to be
11:34 am
invited. i think this is the second time. >> it was awesome to say the least to spend that time with him about. flattering and the president-elect has an opinion on every tank quite literally. he has a high opinion of the show i will tell you that. stuart: he does? the >> yes, i said i like "varney." i'll be watching. stuart: we are flattered and honored enough to find things. he said stanford stuff. >> i hope so. stuart: 43 lawmakers, democrats in congress refused to attend the inauguration. >> we did discuss. stuart: i want your opinion on my point of view. those democrats in those going to protest violently perhaps it did not duration and thmedia spewing contempt odonald trump. i think that they are undermining our need. i think that we are fraying
11:35 am
democratic and the two shins in this election campaign. would you say? >> i fully agree with you. it is the dark side of the freedom of speech that sometimes the speech we hate can actually cause harm. but those 43 people whose faces were just up on the screen who are elected members of congress, to the same oath that donald trump will take on friday to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. they are giving cover to some very nasty and dangerous people who believe that donald can't does not true legal lawful president of the united states and this is a dangerous argument. stuart: nobody objects or denies the constitutional right to protest in whatever fashion they see fit. stuart: they are not breaking the law. you could reject reality, but you can't reject the consequences of rejecting
11:36 am
reality. they are going to wake up saturday morning. stuart: it's more than that. we had a tradition in this country the peaceful transition of power. that's the essence of our democracy. that is being undermined by this thread of violence and protests. >> i think it's worse than that. some of the protesters will look for ideological support for their protests. peaceful protest is also the essence of democracy. at the protest gets violent, if the protest right to stop governmental functions and they look to those 43 for support, they are not legally responsible. they are morally culpable for giving cover to violent protesters. stuart: fascinating stuff. say they're just a moment. i will segue to a different story. in texas, lawmakers second entering a law which would make 21 the minimum age to buy cigarettes. right now of course it's 18.
11:37 am
they want to make it 21. ashl: that has bome reality for years now. the democratic lawmakers trying to do this but now he has bipartisan support in the texas legislature. the argument is that saves lives and a tremendous amount of money in health costs by their reckoning $406 million over five years saved in health care costs. that will be to the person themselves, and the babies born to smokers and so on. this would be the thursday by the way who's raised it at 19 or above in order to buy tobacco. stuart: we will bring judge napolitano down to earth did he spend time with the president-elect undermined democracy. what do you make of this in principle? you can vote at 18. you can die for your country at 18 but you can drink and maybe in texas he can't smoke a cigarette. >> i think it is constitutional and falls within the police power, to regulate for health, safety, welfare and morality which they attained and is
11:38 am
guaranteed by the 10th amendment. when they give away their authority, they have welfare morality. also used not in favor of this. police do not want to have to enforce this because they have a lot more important things to do. remember, this is in any state. this is paternalism. we are going to take the cigarettes away from you. not because you stole them or are solid now without protecting taxes and these kids will say can't i decide what to do with my own body? the police don't like to get into that argument. does the state had the authority to do it? yes, it does. stuart: happening right now, we are going to update you all on the wife of the earth and a shooter. what's happening? ashley: arrested yesterday, noor salman was arrested in tampa cisco. more details than it appears prosecutors believe she deliberately health care has been terror plans while trying
11:39 am
to keep police and the fbi off their trail. in other words, she did knowingly aid and abet. so that signals she played a much more major role in this attack. stuart: if they charge her with conspiracy, she can get the same penalty he would've gotten had he been convicted short of the death penalty. the supreme court will not let you execute a person who did not pull the trigger. get life in prison without possibility of parole if you are see is the charge, the highest charge they can bring against. liz: she exchanged attack. stuart: why did it take so long to press charges? >> that is fascinating and i don't know. the complaint filed is not yet public or the affidavit by the fbi agent to get a federal judge to sign an arrest warrant is not yet public. she must've done something recently which should be articulated in the affidavit that cause them to go after her
11:40 am
yesterday as they did. those documents have been made public in about 20 minutes at 9:00 in the morning california time. stuart: quite a day for you. pleasure. thank you very much. check the big board. 47 points down this tuesday is resumed trading after the long weekend. 19,839. morgan stanley better profits, however bank stocks overall are down this morning. morgan stanley down. how about mattel. they are going up. the stock is up 4%. they've hired a senior google executive whose going over to run the town. check this out. this was the bible used by abraham lincoln during his first inauguration as president. as the electrons will be sworn in using not vital. a lincoln bible also used a president obama in 08 and 12.
11:41 am
only obama and mccain have used a copy of the bible to swear the oath of office. much more for you just had.
11:42 am
11:43 am
>> and nicole petallides with her for business brief. losing 47 points. down arrows across the board. we were down over 70. the s&p down five in the mass back 26. winners than losers. wal-mart plans to create 10,000 jobs in the u.s. and that if they went on wall street. goldman sachs and jpmorgan under pressure. financial stake in the head after donald trump holds "the wall street journal" that the u.s. dollar is too strong. also some other comments about corporate tax reform. still higher. you can see the names of 15%, 9% depending which one you look at. the group overall of 16%. gold is that 1213 a tryout. it's been up three weeks in a row.
11:44 am
5.5% year to start your day on fox business that i banned. lauren and i will see you there
11:45 am
>> our president does what he said he can do. he will support americans. the bottom line is he teaches people to be responsible for their own actions and that is what all of our young human need out there. not to blame anyone. not to blame the system, but to
11:46 am
get up and stand up and keep it to their own development. and then we can of course help them. stuart: you know that then. and if the legend jim brown on the show yesterday. he said people are responsible for their own actions. they need to stop blaming everybody else for their problems. larry alder joins us. nationally syndicated talkshow host. jim brown was reading from their playbook or you are reading from his you agree entirely, don't you? >> that's exactly right. i should point out that mohammed ali according to his biographers said he would vote for donald trump. you have louis farrakhan also say donald trump users to have an opportunity. donald trump has met with a number of people. martin luther king the third is probably aware of the fact that if he packed up a magic wand and waited over the hearts of white america and removed every smidgen of racism from the heart and mind, the major problems still remain.
11:47 am
most notably 70% of black kids are raised without fathers. the 50% inner-city dropout have criminal records as car accidents. in this homicide. they will remain no matter how much you remove from the hearts of america. donald trump is doing some and no republican has done in my memory and that's good onto the inner-city, talk down to the breakdown of families to talk about the fact they want vouchers to take their underperforming public schools and give them a shot at a better school. these are things that will help the community far more in the year 2017. stuart: antioch featuring donald trump to the black community is met with extreme resistance. just watch this for a second. this is martin luther king the third at trump tower yesterday. he came out and just listen the question the media at it. watch this.
11:48 am
>> were you offended the president? tweet that it's all talk and no action. >> is in or send in the past year according to the president-elect referred to john lewis is all talk and no action? nothing further from the truth. stuart: we highlighted the questions because they were clearly pejorative. we were leading questions. the report is wanted and al qaeda 36 ounces of racists. i find it astonishing that you get reporters, and the media charging like this against black folks. go. stuart: well, why be surprised? we know the media believes racism remains a major problem in america. notice they didn't say mr. mlk the third under obama black poverty has increased. the so-called wealth gap between average black family and my family hasn't been this wide and 23 years. do you think donald trump has a plan to do something about that? that should be the line of
11:49 am
questioning. instead, it isn't donald trump a bigot? and what are your thoughts about the bigotry of donald trump? stuart: i just want to know, when will mr. trump remarks at the ball in the black community? do you see that day coming? >> remember, donald trump got a greater percentage than john mccain did in may from a day pretty impressive. once we start talking about 4% gdp growth and you find more and more black teenagers finding jobs in the labor force participation rate improving among black men. much of this is going to go away and i predict when donald trump runs for reelection in 2020, he'll get an even greater percentage of the vote. stuart: fascinating. thank you for joining us. we'll see you again real soon. >> my pleasure. today we remember an american hero. he was the last man to walk on the moon. he passed at the age of 82. he was a great man. i had the pleasure of
11:50 am
intervwing him last year. watch this. >> we didn't go to the moon alone. we had everyone in the country who put a piece of wire that was their spacecraft. what they did was not going to fail. stuart: members of our team you can see on the screen after he appeared on the show. he was by the way the second american to watkins pays and one of three to a flown twice to the moon. great man. ♪ ♪
11:51 am
11:52 am
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say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ stuart: boeing chief at trump tower meeting with trump. the thin end. >> do you think mr. trump's access on twitter are the right way to negotiate? >> i think mr. trump is ing it great job. we are all on the same page here. we want to generate jobs in the u.s. the u.s. aerospace industry is the highest balance trade in the
11:55 am
country. we support about 1.5 million manufacturing jobs. it's about 13,000 mid and small size companies in our supply chain in the u.s. manufacturing jobs is the place to invest. i think mr. trump's engagement industry is going to help us grow manufacturing jobs in this country. [inaudible] 's >> i think we are making great progress. they think it will be in the very near term and again, we are in the same page providing the best capability for lowest cost. [inaudible] 's >> together we are working through simplifying requirements in streamlining the process and finding commercial best practices.
11:56 am
that is going to lead to substantial cost reductions is something we are working together. i appreciate the teamwork approach on this. the right way to do business. >> meeting with mr. trump at trump tower in new york city. though in an trump on the same page when it comes to job creation, working on cost-cutting and contracts. very interesting. just a tiny bit down. earlier today on this program for the first time, ford unveil, there it is, the brand-new mustang 28 in camera revealed to us and only us. amanda did the unveiling is gary castello. he works with us. he is back. you've got 60 seconds to sell me the mustang 2018. go. >> ford at 150 best-selling vehicle in america for the past couple years has been the best-selling sports car in america. they've updated it to keep it up front.
11:57 am
new sign on the front nine. i knew five-liter engine will be the most powerful five-liter via they've ever put in a mustang. although bone dry itself, it does have the autonomous technology. this is the system that will keep you between a man and the detection system that will slam on the brakes. four decks were seized over 140 countries right now. pretty good seller to ford. stuart: does a pretty good selling job. i really appreciate that. i may or not buy myself a mustang, but you did a good job. thank you indeed. good stuff. we will have more trans pics for you right after this. -- "varney" for you right after this.
11:58 am
. .
11:59 am
. . stuart: buried in political controversy is a trump win a series of trump wins. general motors, hyundai, walmart, monsanto, bayh, a couple of others all announced jobs will stay in america. jobs created in america. a trump win, peter. >> turning economy around
12:00 pm
involves momentum. talking about hitting decks running he will come into the presidency with great win behind him. i hope more is coming. stuart: three days to go he is the president. all great stuff. thanks for being on the show. ashley, liz. thank you. neil, it is yours. neil: thank you, stuart. we're up to 47 congressman not going to the trump inauguration. that is 10% of the house of representatives. we've never seen that amount. why don't you give people with large investments and give them those seats, doing more than the congressman oing out? that is conjecture. keep in mind with the 47 know-shows on friday, host of fortune 500 ceos and beyond who committed a lot of money to not only jobs in this country but expanded jobs and facilities in this country. gerri willis with all the


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