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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  January 18, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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of -- charles: and bill de blasio in new york city. mark ruffalo i hold him responsible for lack of fracking jobs in upstate new york. mayor levine, thank you very much. tammy always great as usual. we appreciate you watching us every night at 6:00 p.m. and of course lou dobbs is next. lou: trump transition official slamming senate democrats who are trying to slow walk the confirmation process of trump cabinet nominees. incoming white house press secretary sean spicer says the democrats are obstructing. >> i think they send it bad signal to the rest of the world when you show that you want to slow down this kind of transfer of power. lou: congressman mark meadows the chairmanf the house freedom caucus joins us here and also tonight nary a word of democrats saying they will boycott friday's inauguration.
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mr. trump not concerned at all however congressman john lewis needs to stop being so divisive. >> what he did with the very bad thing. for me it doesn't matter. the bad thing for the country. very, very divisive. we have a divided country. it's not divided because of me. it's been divided. david horowitz tony sanded randy evans join us here tonight. president obama sparky more controversy commuting chelsea manning's prison sentence. >> to commute private manning sentenced was a mistake. private manning is a traitor and should not have been turned into a martyr. lou: tonight i will have a few thoughts on the end of the obama era. good evening everybody. the senate today holding confirmation hearings on four of the president elects cabinet that nominees and congressman tom price who will be if
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confirmed secretary of health and human services. the congressman came under close questioning over his financial investments. >> i'm just asking did you bye-bye this document if you introduce a bill that would be helpful to the company just bought stock in? >> the stock was directed by her broker who is making those decisions. i was not making those decisions. >> these are your stock trades though. they are listed under your name, right? lou: it still would not be the same thing of course. price reported that transaction over which elizabeth warren has exercised as soon as he learned about it in the stands to make an estimated $300 as a result of th transacti but that relative pittance to senator warren obviously. she also by the way failed to mention something that she has invested in banks and mutual funds that trade health care and pharmaceuticals stocks. the senate armed services committee voting 26-1 to confirm
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general james mattis to be secretary of defense. the general is the only cabinet choice now cleared for full senate vote by friday, inauguration day. mr. trump will be taking office without most of his cabinet in place because of democratic delays and democratic obstruction. a break from tradition and the congressional role to provide advice and consent on presidential appointment. listen to senator charles schumer today. >> this is a swamp full of bankers and billionaires. many of them have hard right views. some of which directly contradict promises that the president-elect campaigned on. it's no surprise republicans are trying to rush through. they don't want people to know the true views of their nominees. lou: schumer has obviously leading a strategy of delay and obstruction and outright
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hostility towards the trump presidency. schumer was not only voicing his displeasure with the number of the nominees but today he warned that if democrats believe republicans are rushing the confirmation process as he put it he will use parliamentary tactics to force extensive debate on the floor which would cause only further delay. trumps nominees are also being subjected to rigorous vetting by an obscure federal agency on ethics issues. eight years ago the senate confirmed seven cabinet level nominees that day in which barack obama was inaugurated. george w. bush and some of his cabinet picks confirmed on his inauguration day and also when bill clinton was sworn into office every single member of his cabinet but one was confirmed why the senate within two days. we are in a different place. joining me to discuss democratic obstructionism, the road ahead
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by the republican party that controls both the senate and the house will be talking about how they will implement the trump agenda. the chairman of the freedom congress congressman mark meadows and congressman it's great at you with us. this looks like a very serious impasse in which we find ourselves. schumer looks like he is running a foreign power, not the democratic conference in the senate. >> well it's taking away from the real substance of the nominees which are outstanding. you mentioned dr. tom price and i can tell you there is not a finer man that understands health care better than really anyone on capitol hill. not only be position by policymakers so it's time that we put aside the partisan attacks and confirm these nominees. lou: i will be honest with you, if we were sitting down to tea that would be a great attitude. schumer is fighting an
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ideological war. it is a nasty and brutal way to begin a presidency but so be it. anyone can handle that certainly donald trump's going to need some troops that are not willing to put up with this kind of nonsense. >> and i'm one of those. i'm willing to call it out lou and what you are mentioning fair, it's all about everybody says well it's time to be fair and come together and we are seeing that that we are only seeing it from one side, from the republican side and whether it's a boycott of the inauguration or its these very contentious hearings. lou: would be going to do about it? with each passing day i think we all can the re-they are going to get downright surly about the way in which this new president is being treated in this administration and they as voters who elected him to office. >> well and you. >> well and you know lou i'm a man of action so it's not enough
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to just talk about it. we have got to do something about it. i think what we do is we fill up the legislative agenda so it's not just these confirmation but its real policies that affect moms and dads back home and make sure they take some tough votes. true true is you do have a rhetoric and a confirmation hearing and it's another thing when you have to take a vote so i look forward to working with the new trump administration who i can tell you is putting in an agenda in his first 200 days that we haven't seen in modern history lou. lou: and i accept that and i'm as enthusiastic as you and his arrival in washington d.c.. i am however a little perplexed by the silence of the senate majority leader, on the silence of the house speaker. in fact the speaker as you well know has challenged the president-elect in the last 24
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hours and i had very candidly there a lot of people scratching their heads saying is this the same old paul ryan? is this the same confused g.o.p. establishment that still thinks k street is in charge of the american government, not the american people and representing their areas when donald j. trump president-elect of the united states? >> i can tell you the jury is out but i can also say the verdict came in on november 8 lou across the country from florida to maine from new york to california and in between. people came out and voted for donald trump. some had never voted before. i talked to one lady who was 76 years old and had never voted. she came voted. cheeky matches for donald trump. they are not going to put up with the kind of stonewalling we are seeing or the lack of support among congressional. lou: is a crisis in the house of representatives that if a
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speaker who isn't outright opposition to the president-elect soon to be the president of the united states and the leader of the republican party. >> i think it becomes a crisis when we see much of the trump agenda not getting on board whether it's in the senate are in the house. it becomes a crisis. i can tell you there are a number of us who are not all me meeting with the trump policy folks but policy people in the house and the senate to make sure it's smooth and the american people nor i am willing to put up with the stonewalling that i will be glad to come on in you know i'm willing to take them to task if we aren't seeing evidence of this. lou: i think the question we move towards this straight up. at what point do you believe you'll be ready to move against the freedom caucus and other conservatives in the house of representatives against a leadership that is contrary, out of touch with the american people and working in direct
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opposition to the president-elect of the united states? >> well if that happens certainly we are not going to let any leadership position stand in the way of accomplishing something that the american people want. it's not just me. it's the freedom caucus and other members of the g.o.p. conference that i can say this, there has been a whole lot of working behind the scenes with the trump administration was certainly on the house side from speaker ryan on down but it's critical that we don't offer up excuses. it's about keeping price -- promises. vice president pence said it's about keeping promises and we are committed to do that. lou: you are now on the business of doing so. thanks so much congressman mark meadows and as he says he is a man of action and he means what he says and says what he means rare for a long capitol hill. we are coming back with much more. stay with us. mr. trump targeting the f-35 jet
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you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. make the switch and find out why 96% of our customers are satisfied with liberty mutual. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. lou: there is little doubt tonight president-elect trump is
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following through on many of his campaign promises already including bringing jobs back to america. you would know that however from some of the national left-wing media. >> if you had to rate the president-elect's impact on job creation or job preservation over the course of this two-month transition how would you rate it? >> goes according to companies to hear from its very small or nonexistent. there's a fancy foot tall order to all of this because donald trump's saying things on the internet and what companies do things they will selectively respond to it. lou: the president-elect firing back on twitter and by the way this was a legal correspondent on nbc and not a business journalist at cnbc. they have interesting ways in which they treat stories as well over a cnbc. this is what the president-elect said. totally biased, nbc news went out of its way to to say that
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big announcement from ford general motors lochte and others that jobs are coming back to the united states but have nothing to do with trump is more fake news. as top ceos of those companies came back because of me. no wonder "the today show" on biased nbc is doing so badly compared to its glorious past. little credibility. a stunning -- very impressive for joining me now randy avent partner with difference law firm former chairman of the republican national law association, good to have you with his randy. >> it to be here. lou: that member of your association? >> ion't tnk he . i'd like to have one of these guys on the morning show go to a target or go anywhere and talk to real americans about how
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optimistic they are about the future and how they are buying goods and how they are now optimistic about having a job. they just don't get it and it's the reason why they have lost so much credibility. they are just divorce her melody. lou: there is no question they have lost credibility but they have also lost honor. i mean matt lauer and that fellow webpages did was to distort reality and deny the truth and it's just that simple. i can't believe it is matt lauer doing that, i don't know the lawyer but i can tell you he is upside down. basically he was implying that donald trump takes credit once he hears there's announcement by general motors or ford or carrier. i mean it's bizarre the ways in which our national left-wing media are twisting themselves into knots because donald trump's actually doing things before he is even sworn into
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office. >> i think there's another explanation. they are delusional. they don't actually understand how the real world works. the reason why they can understand how it net full of winners will produce winning. lou: you may be right about that. i will see to that randy. >> i know the u. of re-with the lawyer. lou: i always take note of the facts and i truly believe, i truly believe that these people i think they are being malevolent and i think there is nothing accidental. you have to work to distort truth the way for example some of these networks including nbc their news division as wel as matt lauer is no newsman and "the today show" is no news broadcast that when you get into reality there is some purchase
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to the idea of being factual. >> lou i will concede to you that there are some members of the media that deliberately deciding because they know the truth because they been told the truth. they see the data. they hear the words from people saying we are keeping jobs here because of donald trump and notwithstanding knowing the truth they say the opposite. i will give you that point. i think there's a farc reader group that actually just has no idea of what the real world is. lou: you have a generous hearted nature that makes me feel small and somehow petty putting this matter but the truth is i happen to, i happen to be in chagrin at what has happened because donald trump's, i have seen him fight the national left-wing media, the republican party establishment that democrats come the left-wingers and the crazy bernie sanders who today is decided he is the arbiter of
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all things decent. and then to have the national left-wing media play these games they really says something randy and you as a republican leader, i mean this is a fight. this is a battle and this is a war. this isn't about the loyal opposition. this is i believe 2 cents on all the way through. >> i completely agree. it's a politics of personal discussion versus the politics of merit. we want to fight on merit and they want to fight on personal discussion but they have learned nothing in eight years. years ago in a partisan way they push through obama karen now eight years later you have 60 democrats point cutting the inauguration dishonoring the inauguration of the new president. can you imagine the founding fathers suggesting at any moment in time that you would dishonor the office of the presidency or had we done that what kind of
7:21 pm
names we have been called? lou: the test here is not what they have done to the real challenge is what will the republican establishment do and what will the republican party do in response that is not apologetic and rationalization of awful mendacious acts by the democratic party, the left-wing in this country and how you respond to it beyond rhetoric is the critical test it seems to me. >> i completely agree and the ability to tweet like her sample on the vote to change the ethics rules to call the house into question come to call the senate on what they are doing to make sure the republicans stay in line you have a president bold enough, strong enough and with the leadership qualities to say you've crossed the line i'm calling you out for it. lou: absolutely and what you have is a leader. now we have to find out how much integrity and commitment there is in the party to follow
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because the leader is clear and absolutely committed. i spent less than that right now from the party and the leadership of the house or the senate. i hope i am wrong and my concerns are misplaced. >> history says this, great leaders lead. i think donald trump will lead and i think you will be a great leader and i think the net effect will be the rest will follow. that's what we have to count on. lou: we appreciated, thanks so much. >> thank you for having me. lou: former president george h.w. bush and his wife are brought remain in a texas hospital at this hour. the 92-year-old former president suffered over the weekend from a respiratory issue that has not been clearly defined. we are told he is resting comfortably after being moved to intensive care after a minor procedure. barbara bush today was admitted into the same houston hospital
7:23 pm
as a brick russian -- precaution after she was suffering from fatigue. our thoughts and prayers go to both. sure to vote in our poll tonight to the question is do you believe donald duck should continue tweeting in order to talk direct late to the american people? cast your vote on twitter @lou dobbs. follow me on twitter @lou dobbs like me on facebook follow me on instagram @lou dobbs tonight. on wall street transition date for stocks the dow jones industrials fell 22 points the s&p gain for the nasdaq up 17, volume on the ward 3.3 billion shares. the dow dragged lower by goldman sachs. finished lower despite better-than-expected earnings. investors apparently receiving profits. in my judgment a little profit-making is permitted hear peter minder listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coastn the salem
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radio network. up next the pentagon recommended against commuting chelsea manning sentence. president obama did not listen. the end of the lawless obama than straight straight men to start a the trump era of law and order is the subject of my commentary here next. [vo] quickbooks introduces jeanette and her new mobile wedding business. at first, getting paid was tough... until she got quickbooks. now she sends invoices, sees when they've been viewed and ta-da, paid twice as fast! see how at quickbooks-dot-com. >>
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lou: a few thoughts as our country prepares to enter a new era with a president tru. i think most americans are looking forward to our future positive that president trump will fulfill his promises. last week president obama gave his final official speech and today held his final news conference.
7:29 pm
but he couldn't resist lecturing, being obstructionist in chief on his way out the door. he commute the sentence of chelsea manning against the wishes of the pentagon and even though manning leaked 700,000 classified documents. it's only the latest in 8 years a president with an ambiguous view of the world that diminishes american values. what would he have mayor sca make of him? his early days offering
7:30 pm
apologize for the monroe doctrine and betrying our key ally -- betraying our key ally israel. and his strategy to move the national interest ahead to europe, russia and china. despite the mess, the broad vast mess by mr. obama, it will become a new day friday at noon when in trump takes the oath of office and officially becomes our 45th president. trump is straightforward and that has confused the left. ours is a spectacular moment in history. and the trump era is about to officially begin, and the american people know matter what
7:31 pm
you read, which poll you look at, are cheering our new montana and our new possibilities. our quotation of the evening which recognizes there may and few like chuck schumer or paul ryan who don't quite yet understand all of that as they lash out at president trump. don't quite understand there will be return fire. consequences, if you will. our quotation from new york international airport ed koch who said this when he sometimes dealt harshly and fearsly with his detractors. he said you punch me, i punch back. i do not believe it's good for one's self respect to be a punching bag. i think mr. trump's self-respect appears to be in good form. president obama under fire for x
7:32 pm
commuting chelsea manning's 35-year prison sentence. >> this is partisan politics at its worst. the way we look at leaking depends on whose ox is being gored. lou: this group of women setting their sights on an extraordinary skydiving world record. this video will amaze you. we are coming right back. you got it. just say show me millions of used cars for sale at the all new i don't want one that's had a big wreck just say, show me cars with no accidents reported pretty cool i like it that's the power of carfax® find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing
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lou:sh jets strike positions in northern syria. their joint operation is the first of its kind. both countries brokered a syrian truce. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov invited trump administration officials to participate. joining me, fred fleitz. good to have you with us. a couple things if we may chronologically. we begin with turkey and russia taking part in joint operations, strike operations in syria. how important, what is the
7:37 pm
importance? >> it's a stunning development. it emphasizes what most us know, which is donald trump is going to inherit quite a mess in syria that has been caused by this power vacuum due to barack obama's policies of retreat and leading from behind. a nato member is collaborating with russia to attack isis forces on the ground and to attack syrian kurds hot u.s. is back and is against the assad regime. it' quite a mess. lou: what is the reaction? what is the consequence for turkey? this is in obvious conflict with nato's long-term interest and may be in conflict with their interests as well. u.s. who has less of a role than
7:38 pm
it's had in decades in policy directions as well. what do you make of it? >> it's bad news for our relationship with turkey which was already in bad shape. and we have a situation in the middle east where russia is driving the train. russia is part of the problem. russia can't be driving the train. but we have given up leadership in the middle east to russia. and talking about the increased presence of iran in syria which i think is making the situation so much worse. lou: when i hear someone whose views i respect, it can't be, and describes what can't be as what is, i wonder what is next. donald trump doesn't have, it seems to me, the interest to make the united states a bigger actor in the middle east. i don't see how that this our national interest to do so. what are the options available to them, what do you think is
7:39 pm
the wisest course? >> the russians have invited the united states to participate in a peace conference? sca zach and. i think we -- in kazakhstan. i think we should go. but the trump administration has to do an evaluation of what's going on in syria and iran. russia has to get out of the driver's seat to find a better regional solution. lou: is russia the problem? or is the problem the united states? when you talk about do a research paper and examine all the possibilities and create contingency plans most americans would think would be in a file somewhere in a cia computer, certainly with the national security council. the defense department. you name it. suddenly we have to study it. it suggests, i don't know if you
7:40 pm
mean to say it this way. it sounds like you are saying we don't know what the situation truly is and who the actors are. >> i'm saying no easy answers and i'm responding to what you said that it's not clear what mr. trump's policy is towards the situation in syria. trump's people have to consult with their european allies and regional states to find a solution that the united states is not going to fix on its own and gets russia and iran out of playing a primary role. my concern is if this keeps going the way it is, what if assad fell and russia took control of syria? the new administration has to have policy options and a much more sophisticated strategy. >> i think there is considerable good news and as you suggest bad news in that. we have about a day and a half to deal with the contingency of the perspective of the obama
7:41 pm
administration. fred, as you say, too, what a mess donald trump inherits. please roll the video. a group of adventurers blowing past the competition. watch this all female skydiving team nosedive out of the aircraft over the northwest desert. the group now hold the woman's verse cal head down skydiving world regard. up next, president-elect trump promising to come out with an illegal immigration plan very soon. >> the plan will come out and it will be very firm but with a lot of heart.
7:42 pm
lou: congressman andy biggs working on a bill to end the catch and release of illegal immigrants. (snap) achoo! achoo! (snap) (snap) achoo! achoo! feel a cold coming on? zicam cold remedy nasal swabs shorten colds with a snap, and reduce symptom severity by 45%. shorten your cold with a snap, with zicam.
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lou: joining me now, freshman
7:46 pm
congressman andy biggs of arizona. working on ending what is the end of catch and release through this legislation. how critical is it in your judgment to assure the public safety of americans? >> hi, lou, thanks for having me. it is vital. what we see going on is there is more than 170,000 illegal aliens in this country who committed deportable offenses. these are crimes. these are serious criminals. under the obama administration they are letting these folks back out on the street posing a danger in our community. this has got to stop. lou: donald trump made it clear this is precisely something he wants to stop. have you talked with his administration? do you have their support? do you have the support of the leadership in the house?
7:47 pm
>> we have the support of the trump administration. when mr. trump was campaigning in arizona, he campaigned with the father of the victim for whom this bill is named. i have every confidence as we try to get this bill through, that president trump will sign this bill, i have no doubt. lou: you left out one part of it, that's the leadership of the house. what kind of support are they giving you? >> i have got to believe they will support this. we have not had a specific discussion about this. it's still pretty early in the session. but we are receiving support as we go along and it's building. i think we'll get this bill through. lou: immigration a main focus of the president-elect. is it your sense -- he talks about the dreamers.
7:48 pm
he talks about there being a lot of heart in the legislation that he's going to propose, the program he will propose. do you think he's moving in exactly the right direction? >> i haven't seen exactly what he's going to end up at. lou: i questions will be fair. >> that's a fair question. i'm behind securing the bored and building the wall. intern enforcement and eliminating or significantly reducing the incentives people have to come and stay in this country illegally. we have to do that. and i have a feeling he's going that way. lou: when you get that phone call from the speaker's office fully endorsing your legislation. congressman, thanks for being with us. great to have you here. up next, president-elect trump
7:49 pm
is defending his use of twitter. personally i don't think he has to defend anything. i think it's one of the smartest things at his disposal. he says he uses it to combat the left wing national media. >> look, i don't like tweeting. i have other thing i could be doing. but i get very dishonest media, very dishonest press. it's my only way i can counteract. lou: he's pretty good eight and it makes a lot of sense. he says he doesn't like it. i hope he never acts on that view. sometimes you just know when you hit a home run. that's how i feel about blue-emu pain relief spray. odorless and fast-acting. it soothes all my muscle aches and pains. and it's convenient for those hard to reach places. and if you're like me, you'll love blue-emu super strength cream. it's made with real emu oil, it's non greasy, it's a deep penetrating formula that works itself down into your joints.
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lou: in our online poll we asked you, do you believe donald trump has already proven he's a stronger leader than president obama? 87% of you say yes. joining us now, republican campaign strategist, tony sayegh and david more with it. horowitz, author of the book. congratulations on the book, david. let's start with the
7:54 pm
inauguration. democrats -- about 70 are not going. your reaction? >> sabotage attempt. gallup says that the average honeymoon for an incoming president is 7 months. that's down. it used to be 20 months. he didn't get 17 seconds. but before he's in office he's already change the country. lou: i don't know if you saw matt lauer and a legal reporter for the "today show" nbc news. they were trying to take that away from him. the fact that he brought the concept back to bringing jobs back to america and corporate america and is moving on it. >> they are so perverse. he has a new deal from the inner cities and they take that at a slap at the inner cities that
7:55 pm
they need help. of course, they do. there is a chapter in my book. the achilles heel of the democratic party is they have a monopoly control of the inner cities. trump will drive a evening through the democratic base in those cities. >> the power structure of the inner cities. that includes black churches, the community, centers in those community. >> during the cam paint got lost. he had $130 billion voucher program for inner cities. that goes to religious schools. he just will blow up the democratic base. they can't win if they lose 25%
7:56 pm
of the black vote. lou: sonny perdue, the former governor of georgia to be the agriculture secretary. his name will be advanced we are reliably told to be agriculture secretary. your reaction, tony, as a strategist to what chuck schumer and the dems are doing in slowing down the nomination process, slowing count confirmation process, and schumer is talking like -- he's talking like a thug. and i'm talking to randy evans earlier. randy is talking like he's leading a church choir somewhere. this has to be dealt with. >> it's a losing strategy. what they did not anticipate was how prepared jeff sessions, rex tillerson and james mattis wer
7:57 pm
for their hearings. they thought they might draw blood. betsy devos giving brilliant testimony, holding her composure. you had price and tom price for hhs. lou: could the republican party respond to schumer, the delays? are we going to let this go to february and march? >> luckily for us, chuck schumer's biggest enemy in this respect is harry reid who essentially got rid of the filibuster the last half of the obama administration. so now we have an opportunity for a simple majority. democrats understand this, and that's why they are going for the last-minute theatrics with a lot of these cabinet appointments. they will pass, lou. they have not done it quite the way republicans have shown in
7:58 pm
terms of courtesy to democratic administrations in the past. lou: courtesy. no time for courtesy. >> that's the word, sir. >> our not so secret weapon is donald trump. he will come out smoking. he's going to flame the 200 plus substitutive orders, take care of the borders and unravel obamacare. if chuck schumer tries this too much, he will get a million tweets. trump has already changed the republican party. it will take a longer effort by being a leader, being a fighter. the republicans won't fight. that's why people supported trump. that's why you have did and why i did. this will change everything. >> people want a fighter for the conservative cause. and the republican cause. i'll say this -- lou: we got rid of the white
7:59 pm
house. >> that's the change element here. chuck schumer does not stand for much. he plays political games and he met his match. lou: who is mitch mcconnell and paul ryan and what the hell are they going to do? >> they have a lead tore follow nowy in donald trump. >> and they better not mess with him. the book is right here. we recommend it highly. big agenda. president trump's plan to save america. be with us tomorrow. we are going to be in the quaint little town, washington, d.c. as we begin our special coverage of donald trump's inauguration. from the nation's capital.
8:00 pm
thanks so much for being with us tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: tonight another round of confirmation hearings from the hill. new fallout over president obama's decision to commute the sentence of convicted wicky leaker chelsea manning. are we on the verge of another punk rock revolution? lady lightning rod took her crusade before the senate


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