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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  February 1, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EST

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strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. >> breaking news this morning. president donald trump selects judge neil gorsuch sparking a very fierce confirmation battle democrats. good morning. i am lauren simonetti appeared nicole: good morning. i'm nicole petallides. a triple digit loss and thence junior is half a percent gain. focus will be washington earning the federal reserve meeting. stock market futures are market futures are in right now with 40 points. lauren: japanese stocks edge higher as the trump administration says the u.s.
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dollar is overvalued. train to facebook and apple, two stocks to watch today. as a new way to compete for dollars come at this in television. apple stock jumping after it reported record sales thanks to the iphone seven. lauren: in sports, kawai leonard in the home of thunder. the new york rangers pulled their star goalie if they fall the columbus blue jackets. we'll have the highlights for you. >> 51:00 a.m. when they come in february 1st welcome to "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. lauren: president tremper villainess for supreme court nominee kathleen lowe respect did conservative judge neil gorsuch on the high court announcing the decision not iconic tribe praised gorsuch
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credentials and ability to attract bipartisan support. >> judge gorsuch has outstanding legal skills and the brilliant mind commit tremendous discipline and has earned bipartisan support. when he was nominated to the 10th circuit court of appeals, who is confirmed by the senate unanimously. unanimous, can you believe that nowadays with what is going on? lauren: accepting the nomination, gorsuch praised the late justice scalia. >> justice scalia was the lion. a clear disagree, all his colleagues on the bench shared his wisdom and humor. and like them, miss him. nicole: democrats getting ready for a war on gorsuch. chuck schumer saying he has serious doubts about gorsuch comeau other senators elizabeth warren and jerry brown rallied
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to oppose his nomination. gorsuch has received a strong endorsement from a liberal. obama administration solicitor praised to the judge writing a mere tenths off end quote with fairness and decency to the job and temperament that is the nation's highest court. drink a chain of command on supreme court nominee, chief counsel for the crisis network. good morning from the kerry. >> good morning. lauren: d.c. it is a slam dunk? >> he so obviously qualified pgk unanimously qualified big enough time around. there's no question. it kicks puppies and neck over santos. the level of partisan and this
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fact speaks for itself. request seven democratic senators on the record. they should filibuster the nominees. the endorsement, the former obama mc is really excellent because he's highly well-regarded. and judge gorsuch and someone is fair and understands the rule of law. two sides of the aisle. he had to say about forces last night. take a listen. the american legal thought not permitted to supreme court precedents. nicole: what do you think? how think? have you seen outside the mainstream legal thought? >> is tiny, rachel not a
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description of someone relatively mainstream pap. nancy pelosi is react into her continued frustration at the term. she still hasn't made it that she lost the election manner. she may think trump is outside the mainstream. no way you could call him. he's committed to the lot and understands the role of the judge. following the presidency is done that every time the 10th circuit and sticking closely to the text of the law and constitution. i suggested scalia did and what gorsuch will do. lauren: he also said a good judge doesn't like the outcomes of his decisions but follows the law. how do you expect democrats to attack his record here or the outcome of his decisions. how do you expect that to happen? >> they're going to point to things with excellent religious
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freedom decisions. they'll go back to their war on women because he didn't have important votes in the little sister case, hobby lobby case. he's also got defending and brutal murder again. the native american sweat lodge. this isn't the case he likes that. it is because he understands the principle which is the first amendment freedom of religion and restoration act which is the law of the land. he does so in a separate record of doing so consistently. lauren: a great record. thank you rattan this morning. chief counsel for the judicial crisis center. nicole: bickering aside and some not trump's cabinet picks in th senate. but now mr. is for secretary of state. confirming former exxon ceo rex
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tillerson. the final vote today. the development comes during a time of people within the department. yesterday 1000 state department staffers sign onto an internal letter protect teen present tense executive order in the refugee. nicole: president trump zeroed in on a meeting with executives at the white house. blake burman with more on that. >> pharmaceutical leaders getting their turn to sit down and talk with the president. tuesday at the white house the president could mean top pharmacy is about to drive down cars. >> lower the job prices. the competition in key to lower drug prices. a lot of time the competition dissipates. all oppose anything that makes it harder. smaller younger companies take the risk of bringing the product to the competitive market. reporter: asked press secretary
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sean spicer asking where he can proceed writers have not. spicer appointed to the president's background. >> they're top-notch negotiators. several people tried to get the cost of playing down cover the cost of the 35 and air force one for a couple he did it. reporter: upcoming trade policy will help the pharmaceutical companies deal with developing new chairs here at home. back to you in new york. trendy san francisco using the trump administration over its executive order targeting sanctuary city. the first challenge of the theater which threatens to cut efforts to capture and documented immigrant. the attorney called it unconstitutional. >> is not a death i take lightly, but one necessa to defend the cities, stas and countries from overreach of presidential little respect for constitution comes days right
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through the rule of law. nicole: same as cisco received by the $1.2 million figure in federal funding which could be a mistake. let's hold onto this story about the dakota access pipeline. it is clear a significant hurdle however north dakota senator says the army corps of engineers has given its ok to proceed with the final permit necessary to finish the pipeline which runs through four states. a local native american tribe -- could contaminate drinking water. the obama administration to deny the permit. president trump issued an executive allowing building of the dakota access pipeline as well as the keystone excel pipeline to continue. nicole: let's get you caught up in the global action market. everything with three of the four pairs.
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up one third of 1%. japan a path of 1%. only the hong kong hang seng down a quarter of 1%. lauren: outgrows across the board is sharply so. 1% gain for the ftse in london, cacm garrisoned dax and germany. i want to point out comments that president trump street chief said about the current dollar being strong and criticizing germany have been undervalued euro to gain the trade advantage. nicole: taking a look at stock market futures this morning. up 40-point after three days of selling. another triple digit loss yesterday. positiveness after apple, to which is a winner today. lauren: you can see that oil at the moment is traded to the upside of 11 cents. gold the phenomenal month of january at $60 in january
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continuing the trend not even a dollar team today. nicole: taking a look at the currency story here. a mixed bag, the euro and the yen weaker against the u.s. dollar while the u.k. pound and mexican peso per in the nighttime. trends revealed in the 10 year treasury 2.74%. lauren: mention apple. strong holiday quarter for apple. record 70.3 million iphones in the quarter thanks to strong demand for the iphone seven and seven plus. i don't revenue rise to $70.4 billion. and reverse three straight quarters. apple shares rising 3% in premarket trading on the news closer to record high of 24% in the last year. lauren: facebook report earnings after the close today. the media companies topped expectations for earnings and revenue for five quarters. today they'll be watching for
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the latest user numbers of how facebook and studio with an expected slowing of the newsfeed add growth around the middle of this year. dishes so many ads you can't really fill the newsfeed with more. facebook ranch and not into television as well. "the wall street journal" reported facebook is developing a sunup for streaming tv boxes. facebook shares up 1% in premarket trading. lauren: donald trump and democrats getting ready for fight of the president's pick of the supreme court. >> the qualifications of judge gorsuch are the undisputed. i only hope both democrats and republicans can come together for once for the good of the country. nicole: will be right back.
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lauren: 5:15 a.m. in new york. donald trump has made his selection to the supreme court the nominating conservative judge neil gorsuch pretend u.s. circuit court of appeals to certainly faces a potentially contentious confirmation in the senate after republicans last year refused to consider the vacancy caused by the death of justice antonin scalia. rex taylor said is about to become secretary of state.
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senate expected to confirm the ceo and a final vote today despite demands by some democrats to question rex tillerson one more time to get the controversial immigration order. a couple of text apps today. apple one of them but three straight quarters of declining iphone sales ring back with the fourth quarter and demands to the iphone seven and seven plus and facebook reporting latest numbers. earnings and revenue for five straight quarters. the markets overall with the rebound after two triple digit losses. s&p also 1% tacking on half a percent this morning. nicole: as lauren mentioned from the democrats preparing for a fierce fight over judge neil gorsuch nomination. the ndcith details on what we
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can expect next. >> good morning to you. this could be the most contentious of president trumps nomination. during his introduction, president trump is living up to his promise to nominate someone for the constitution. judge gorsuch was confirmed unanimously by the 10th circuit court of appeals. >> the qualifications are beyond dispute. he is the man of our country and a man who our country really needs and needs badly to observe the rule of law and the role of justice. >> as this process moves in senate, i look forward to speaking with members from both sides of the aisle. >> for the pick was announced, democrats haven't decided them last night were more signs of the confirmation battle end up
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being a long one. >> it's a very hostile appointment. as far as your family is concerned if you prepare, drink water if any at way to interact, this is a very bad decision. well outside the mainstream of american legal file. that committee to supreme court precedent. >> while democrats unhappy with this pick, republicans say they fully support the nomination. judge gorsuch is a homeland. i'm happy during the campaign president trump come as the american people he would nominate to constitutionalists replaced justice scalia and today president trump kept his word. he honored their commitment. tonight was a big deal. a lot of similarities.
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he will be replacing the late justice antonin scalia. nicole: the president made a supreme court and that does him in the is over. what do you think the odds are this confirmation? >> senator majority leader says they are looking to filibuster this nomination. the nuclear option. senate majority leader harry reid to change the rules for presidential appointees which allows them to move forward with a simple majority of 51 votes rather than the 60 that is needed. if they are going to filibuster, mitch bacall has hinted he may be willing to expand to rule for 51 votes rather than 60 to get the nomination through. >> great work. we can expect confirmed by
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march. quite an honor that san antonio spurs are built on the city thunder. default to the columbus blue jackets. we will have highlighted. and then there's this. >> that i was simply probably never will. nicole: we will tell you about johnny depp's $2 million a month money troubles. no money troubles this morning on wall street. two straight triple digit losses back of 50 in the free market. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪
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>> you may never insult me. lauren: the pirate ship has just sailed into deeper waters and it's not good. after johnny depp being countersued by former business managers after the pirates of the caribbean start of the $20 million lawsuit for allegedly grossly mishandling earnings. the former managers claim $2 million a month spending
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habit is to blame for his financial trouble. within $75 million to buy 14 homes, 150-foot yacht and even a chain of islands in the bahamas. take a look at the latest in the world of sports. doubles this season, that never has mind. yes a three pointer. the thunder down nine. westbrook rosetta on the floor. then it later takes the lead after being down by senate seat in the dirt. san antonio steps again fourth-quarter. followed by the reverse layup. they deny a triple double again.
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after his take on this fund and overtime. under a minute left. anthony davis this is. the rebounding gets the ball back with the shot in the paint. second life. when away-minus six. nhl's all-star break is over at the columbus jackets visiting new york probably wishes he was still on vacation. from the blue line, that is one long goal. eventually moved from the game in the blue jackets on that 164. lauren: coming up to my donald trump and democrats getting ready for a fight over his pick for the supreme court.
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facebook and apple put their hands this afternoon. a new way to compete for lucrative tv ad dollars of apple stocks that jump in after it reported record sales. you are watching "fbn:am."
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suddenly everything was turned around because they insist that i just try. all it took was someone who would just... listen. nicole: president donald trump for the supreme court sparking what is expected to be a very furious confirmation battle with democrats. good morning. i am nicole petallides. lauren: i am lauren simonetti. the second day in a row. it did in january with half a percent gain effectiveness take upwards of 4% last month. the focus today on washington on earnings and the federal reserve meeting on interest rates. stock futures, looks like we have the rebound of 49.
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japanese stocks but the administration says the u.s. dollar is overvalued. the market closed for holiday. lauren: facebook and apple to stocks to watch today. did this afternoon also a new way to compete for dollars. this time on television. apple stocks jump in after the company reported record sales thanks to the success of the iphone seven. nicole: anon at the san antonio spurs over the oklahoma city thunder and new york rangers ball to the columbus. we'll have highlights for you. lauren: wednesday, february 1st. good look at today's market the latest breaking news. nicole: straight to the stories this morning. president trump revealing his first supreme court nominee well respected conservative judge neil gorsuch to be on the high
5:32 am
court. he praised the credentials and his ability to attract bipartisan support. >> judge gorsuch is a brilliant mind, tremendous discipline and. when he was nominated to the 10th circuit court of appeals, he was confirmed by the senate unanimously. that's unanimous. can you believe that nowadays with what's going on? trying to accept the nomination, praised the late justice scully a period >> justice scalia was the line of the law. agree or disagree, all collect some of them share wisdom and humor. like them, i miss him. lauren: democrats getting ready for war of the nomination. senate majority leader chuck schumer saying he had serious doubts about gorsuch.
5:33 am
while he did vote for him when he was nominated to the 10th circuit court of appeals. other senators including elizabeth warren and sharad are vowing to oppose his nomination. a very strong endorsement from at least one liberal. obama administration solicitor general plays on trent praised the judge. he brings a sense of fairness and decency to the job and temperament that suit the nation's highest court. nicole: supreme court one of his former law clerks. that the professor but the law school at george mason university. thank you for joining us. what do you make of this position? >> thanks for having me. great moment for america today. neil gorsuch is a great judge come in the exact kind of country needs and wants at this time. i'm excited about it. lauren: you're talking about your former boss, that gorsuch
5:34 am
was there with his former boss, justice kennedy. we were going to play some sound. that surplus he had to say. take a listen. >> this is a very bad decision outside mainstream american thought not committed to supreme court precedents. tcm is outside means strained? i thought he was more moderate. he's absolutely conservative, but right in the mainstream. he's the kind of judge you want. it is somewhat policy preferences to get in the way. the framers envisioned. lauren: for businesses versus consumers that he likes to follow the law. your thoughts on businesses versus consumers and how this is
5:35 am
going forward. he's really focused on the laws favorable to one or the other. it's really about politicians in congress for the judges to apply the law as written. for judge gorsuch, it is about what the law said or the lot is. >> democrats come in now and looking at the outcome of several of his decision to one on contraception and hobby lobby. can you see them looking at the outcome trying to say this is a backward thinker. he's going to be disastrous for the country. >> be a complete state that i saw someone carrying a sign that said opposed a spot to write and whomever the name was president trump nominated. the same thing no matter what. the illicit judge wright in the heartland of conservative. he is going to be a terrific
5:36 am
justice supreme court if the senate confirms that he should quickly. nicole: i hope he was listening. can george mason university. i hope you listened this morning. great endorsement. >> thanks for having me. lauren: partisan bickering tying up but not h choice for secretary of state. the senate to confirm rex tillerson and a final vote today the development comes are in a time of upheaval within the department. yesterday a thousand state department staffers signed onto an internal letter protesting president trump's executive order and refugees in the country. trade to president tran again on drug prices. blake berman and washington with all the details. >> top pharmaceutical leaders talk with the president. tuesday at the white house the
5:37 am
president could be the top pharmacy and drive down costs. >> the competition that keeps lower drug prices. a lot of times the competition due process. the smaller younger companies take the risk of bringing a product to a vibrantly competitive market. >> as the press secretary sean spicer of president feels he can succeed where others have not. spicer pointed to the president's business background. >> top-notch negotiators as several people about the cost of planes down. the 35 and air force one into a couple conversations he did it. the developing of new cures here at home. >> san francisco suing the trump administration never executive
5:38 am
order and targeting sanctuary cities at the first challenger for the record which threatens to cut and hinder efforts but undocumented immigrant bid the attorney called supply-side unconstitutional. >> this is not a step is taken lightly. the city, state and country from the overreach of a president who show little respect for constitution states rights or the rule of law. lauren: seven cisco receiv billion llars in federal funding which could ever escape the city cides the order. federal prosecutors decision whether to bring child charges against the former representative anthony winner because of explicit changes that he allegedly had with a 15-year-old girl. the sources said the most serious speed can figure a 15 year mandatory minimum prison sentence. there have been talking with
5:39 am
federal prosecutors about the charges and resigned from congress in 2011. try to run for mayor of new york in 2013 the discovery of new messages and his wife, hillary clinton's aid, whom abbot and left him last august. lauren: we all remember that story. markets in asia particularly in china shanghai composite closed for a holiday. two. in half of 1%. cost in south korea getting more than half of 1%. export showed the fastest growth in five years. >> people in the eurozone by one of the trade adviser peter navarro with their key trading partners are devalued currencies and sticking it to the american
5:40 am
people and with that, they are quite criticized the eurozone. london ftse up more than three quarters of 1%. cac 1.2% higher. extending to the u.s. market as well. the first is that very pretty amazing. it was a terrific month and was the first time that the january gain since 2013. on the first day dow futures at order three, nasdaq futures at 25 points. nicole: yobs affect features are more than 50% until july. likelihood this year yes, but not likely until july. forward-looking higher by 11 cents. gold of 90 cents right now. lauren: the dollar the kingmaker today can several currencies including the euro, canadian
5:41 am
dollar and began. nicole: those are weaker this morning. the yield on the 10 year treasury. 2.47%. lauren: the strong demand of the iphone seven. the revenue rose $70.4 billion. they did reverse three quarters through the company. apple shares up 3% right now and free market on the news. they are within distance of setting a record high. also up 24% in the past year. trade did the no-space-off. earnings for social media companies topics dictations for five quarters today analysts will be watching the latest user number and how facebook plans to deal with the growth of our midyear. facebook reportedly branching
5:42 am
out into television. the wall street generous as developing its own map for streaming tv bosses. facebook shares up 1% in premarket trading. "-close-double-quote hundred 30 change per share. >> 25 federal agencies plus a demo club prison officials work on security. see how she goes behind the scenes. >> security is always a top priority and visit to lance that with minimal inconvenience as they ask. the event. it gets out of here. do they not the northeast, what comes next. on the cloth wowed the forecast coming out. you are watching "fbn:am."
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nicole: 5:45 a.m. president trump has made his selection to fill the vacant supreme court. he nominated conservative judge neil gorsuch on the 10th circuit court of appeals faces contentious confirmation battle after republicans lost or refused to consider to fill the vacancy of antonin scalia. after some delay, rex tillerson
5:46 am
about to become secretary of state. the former exxon ceo and a final vote today. this recommends that democrats to question one more time on the controversial immigration order. a couple of tech stocks for you to keep an eye on. apple with declining iphones has reported strong fourth-quarter demand for the iphone seven. facebook reports earnings after the closing bell today. the companies topics that haitians were earnings and revenue for five quarters. u.s. stock futures this morning after three days of selling another triple digit loss yesterday. seeing some of perez of 43. dow futures, s&p up five. lauren: security in houstonnd sunday's big game. super bowl 51 between patriots and falcons. the chief intelligence corresponded has the latest. >> heavy security with the
5:47 am
city's energy stadium is fun for us men super bowl. >> we have digital security. >> some 200 a day enter secure areas of the stadium. all undergoing trading by dogs. >> we have a manifest of what is inside the containers ahead of time. 70,000 spectators will be individually screened. >> always our top priority. we look to balance that with minimal inconvenience to the fans as they ask. the event. >> security planning began 15 months ago. the highest security designation second only to presidential or not duration. this year 25 agencies including the fbi are on the scene. in addition to 10,000 uniformed law enforcement officers, s.w.a.t teams come intelligence
5:48 am
analyst and specialists also on hand. >> why there are no credible threats, obviously an extremely high event. our intel and law enforcement communities and local levels are working together throughout the event. >> with blackhawk helicopters and fighter jets to carry the skies, more than a million people expected in houston this weekend. fox news. lauren: thank you so much. nicole: the american gaming association for about $4.7 billion. that's an 11% increase last year. 97% will be illegal. that is because only that's made and nevada are legal. but on anything from the winner of the coin toss with a final score of the game. although legal and illegal.
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lauren: coming up in spores, san antonio spurs over the oklahoma senator. the new york rangers told their star goalie to the columbus blue jackets. on the first day of february, a terrific january. first since 23rd to nine day when of february. dow futures of 41. you are watching nicole petallides.
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nicole: john died at the age of 67. crimson marketing mistake and nearby deep in the 60s and 70s. asia in 1981 with drummer carl palmer of emerson lake and palmer. the keyboardist geoff downes. after the release in 1982. heat at the moment reached number four on the billboard chart. his manager says that cause was colon cancer. lauren: look at the latest in sports that russell westbrook establishing a newsstand or triple doubles but he's never had one and san antonio spurs. first-quarter nasa three-pointer. the thunders down i bet they come back in the third. westbrook drives interested up to stephen adams for the alito.
5:54 am
a minute later, westbrook drives and finishes. after being down by 17 in the third of the san antonio steps it up again. the crossover dribble and credible reverse layup and they took my westbrook. the slumping raptors taking on the pelicans. it's 53. rafters hundreds minute to the game. the pelicans rebound and gets the ball back. 10 seconds on the clock. does that then had to pay raptors win one away-1 of six. nhl all-star break is over. john treadwell and the columbus blue jacks visiting new york. probably wishes he was still on
5:55 am
vacation. eighth goal of the year. 1-0 blue jackets. eventually removed from the game. meteorologist todd and anna fox weather center at the wednesday forecast. >> good morning. a couple of systems on the west coast and east coast kind of wrapping up a little bit. for a lot of a lot of folks an embankment but maybe not entirely done if you have read off the great lakes. that is the spot where we see snow continue to pile up even more snow has finished up for those folks. you really do see limited areas. wouldn't be surprised if it sought an additional foot to two feet of snow. a lot of other folks not getting very much.
5:56 am
they're really coming up in the next couple days. snow not so much an issue talking about very heavy rain of in northern california. note that higher elevations in the oregon area. the line of rainfall laid bare pretty heavily and pretty consistently for the next day or so. everyone now is inflicted like it's going to be a pretty good day. lauren: coming up, will tell you about the guy selling nascar's. all 700. stay with us. so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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nicole: most people are content with one or two cars. ron has collected 700 over 700 or madeira says these cars will be auctioned off in july. in 1840s studebaker when he was 16 years old and just kept collecting cars. almost 250 of the cars for sale are studebaker is that the collection includes trucks, motorcycles, track restricted number of european classics of march american classics including the auction will be conducted via adventure brave auctions in the hometown of ohio
6:00 am
july 15th and 16th. they want to get top dollar. lauren: i'm sure adam shapiro doesn't cut that. he loves studebaker's. but thank you for watching "fbn:am." weill toss it over to maria bartiromo, mornings with maria. >> eggs for being with us. a maria bartiromo. wednesday, february 1st reader top stories right now six and east coast. president trump makes his pick and roll nominate vilsack six after the death of justice antonin scalia. president trump explained his choice last night. >> i promise to select someone who respects our laws and its rep resented it of our constitution and to lesser crimes to tuition and someone who will interpret them.


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