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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 2, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EST

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we'll handed over to morning to maria and say good morning to you, maria bartiromo. maria: good morning everybody. thanks for being with us. it is thursday, february 2nd. you're tops as 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. groundhog's day. chaos on campus. protests breaking out of a speech from a conservative editor for us in the camp relation of the event. broken windows sec the university and local residents frustrated as agitators got in the way of the first amendment. >> i support free speech. see what he had to say. [inaudible] it got shut down by a bunch of people. >> not a proud day for this campus on the free speech
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movement. violence is deplorable. there is nothing to be proud about. >> the average coming up this morning rex tillerson has been confirmed and sworn in as secretary of state. even as other nominees there's still facing roadblocks. details on the confirmation coming out. the social media giant posted better than expected fourth-quarter revenue. profit also above expectations. looking ahead to amazon's result tonight after the close. the structures that this morning. take a look about her that got this morning. underway the dow industrial ex-record to be down 50-point today. nasdaq down 20 points after again yesterday. in europe, muted action this morning. you will see mixed performance. the ft 173rd of a percent. in asia overnight, take a look
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at asian markets finished like this. shanghai composite closed at the nikkei average in japan than one of a quarter%. when football fans going the ultimate ticket. super bowl seats for life. details coming out. groundhog day tod. we will take you to pennsyania later this hour live when the crowd are lining up. it's incredibly packed right there this morning at this time. all of that coming up your journey to talk about it, dagen mcdowell. former goldman sachs partner peter kiernan and morgan ortagus. dagen: i love being here every morning. maria: everyday is groundhogs day. we got rex tillerson confirmed.
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we'll see who else is on the docket. dagen: at the devos haven't problems with two republican senators saying they were not voting for her. it is split 50 votes for republicans and so she is hanging on by a thread. maria: didn't expect that coming back to republicans. dagen: i did not either. maria: former republican presidential candidate steve forbes in the house. this former republican presidential candidate and minnesota governor timcommented with us this morning. the cheap investment officer is with us this morning. find out how he's got capital. minority leader tim ryan is that this big show. plus former nfl star jack ruark. stay right there. a big broker to head to taking it off with a wave of destruction blanketing the campus last night. protesters rallying against the planned speech by the school by
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bright arts news editor by logan not bliss. rioters start of fighters, broke windows, confronted police ultimately causing the top to be canceled. tucker carlson spoke last night about the chain of events that protesters spoke out as well. the scene. >> this evening got into the building, started preparing for the show and people started arriving in lot clothes, masks, could fill out and send things. there were rocks being thrown from the various other is in front of the building. the crowd floor was breached and i was evacuated. >> we have the right to defend ourselves that shutting this down and do whatever is necessary is a right. >> is one thing to protest them is right to come here and speak, but another is to create this much amount of destruction and violence. maria: incredible.
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peter kiernan, what is your reaction? you see berkeley is a left-leaning university. his is the place for you to go and say we want freese beach in the what they do to somebody? >> this man is on the campus tour from. he that can't a couple weeks ago and the university of new mexico find her posting $3500. he is somebody basically been rejected everywhere. i thought universities are places of free and open exchange of ideas. dagen: not in modern history they are not. these left-wing individuals -- this is throughout the college system in this country and is led by professors quite frankly, that they preach tolerance, but breed intolerance. they are breeding intolerance in the name of tolerance. that is what is so ironic and repugnant. maria: why is that? i had this conversation last night.
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why are academics. liberalism? even when you look at the day after the election when donald trump on. they are telling students of different narrative than what happened. >> it is just another demanded or they are completely out of touch with the american people. the university getting tenure. it's a bunch of groupthink and these are not people that are out working some job nine to five for making ends meet. the ready cushy jobs at nice. if i'd been in the government were you can get fired. what was interesting is that berkeley invited at the time president ahmadinejad from iran when he was being provocative to the u.s. death to america. you should america. you should not be the protests for and that you saw last night. also, my love is not without controversy. let's not pretend he stoked the flames of it.
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he does it as well. maria: have said this on the program when it comes to liberal protests, whether marches here to pro police brutality for example. defending the first amendment means lerating and allowing for beach that even you find repugnant and then. that is what the first amendment is about. it not about this. it shows that liberal left wing does gershon of what's going on when you hear the young woman begging we have the right to defend ourselves. your right is to not listen to what they have to say. stop acting like this is a physical attack on you. maria: why are you defending yourself? >> when all is said and done, we will protect the students from the real world or a world different from what they believe. when the students get in the real world, they will find a plurality of pints of, even as
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they never heard on campus. campuses are meant to create great leaders in the future. where the training of rfid on a full exposure? dagen: they shut down freedom of expression, the first amendment and you can say this enough. coe become a breeding ground for anti-semitism in this country. dagen: they are giving people cover to preach hatred of jewish and it's disgusting. maria: worse for president? where is the president of the university to stop this and show leadership. >> is interesting at you see davis chancellor did something that was not done enough this month at that photog. where is the action in the day-to-day activity. wired shoe opening the doors to contrary points of view. dagen: great point on this president's administration considering an executive order that would take a look at visa programs for foreign workers in the u.s. according to "the wall street journal."
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your take on this. her child that would be another promise fulfilled keeping jobs in america. >> first of all clearly the system needs reform. people on both sides of the aisle are honest with themselves. what i would prefer to see over an executive order is the work with congress on comprehensive reform. president obama has seen this firsthand when you issue of physics i could've orders they can easily be done. one of the problems over the last eight years is because he didn't work with congress to push legislation through. i like the idea of this. we need reform. outfit to see him go to congress, get something codified that can't be undone the minute the next president come in. dagen: the tech industry is upset about the go in after the h. one b. visas for highly skilled workers. i would argue on the other hand of god. the ceo of go daddy was friday
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and are currently at hundred thousand unfilled high skilled i.t. computer science jobs. if you want american companies to create more jobs, then you want the best and brightest from around the world living here in creating ideas and products that are then american-owned. i would argue this is of critical importance. we need to reform the education system quite frank he if you want americans to fill these jobs. in the interim you want to support an american. trade to which is why ceos are putting th a letr to to president maria: review everything you just read that the crux of the issue. the mac about a million people immigrate here every year. we should take 50,000 or 60,000 of those visas and sell them for $50,000. high-tech companies but has people so bad, we could raise a billion dollars a year, do that for five years.
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that's how you find your fixing of the education system. true to what are you best students? >> will give a slot and sell it to you for $50,000 if you want one, you pay. we still have a million people coming and free of charge no issue. if we are going to turn this into a commercial partnership of us really do it. >> this'll be a discussion because he has ceos meeting tomorrow. it's reported elon musk and the goobers ceo among others will be at the meeting. dagen: sadly not the americans living here through filters highly skilled jobs. maria: back respect to education because they don't have skill sets required. taking in refugees from australia. do you believe that? the obama administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from australia. i will study this done deal. coming after trump clashed.
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calling it the worst deal ever. he accused him of looking to export the next boston bombers. there's a lot of media reporting this morning that they had a tense call. you predict this change in the u.s. relationship? how important was this call? >> we're basically getting started, but have you been to australia? >> they won't take them by the way. >> why are they teaching their problem to us? it was right for the disabled level set. the relationship has changed. >> it happened on saturday after the rollout of the executive order was bungled. he's probably on match given the fact that it's been a rough weekend. the one thing we have to say is the australian prime minister reiterated special relationship. we work incredibly close any
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time ago toward. it's an important relationship. dagen: these refugees are an offshore detention centers in australia. if it is a deal president up a deal president up on the eighth with australia, it's up to the new president does decide whether it's in our best interest. maria: to remember when it was saint? president of almost doing so much of the twilight days of his assertion. we'll take a short break. farmers in retail. long time ceo of macy's. the struggling retailer may put itself up for sale. and then this little has none. they could not restrain a shortage of their favorite pork product. why a price hike might be back in short. back in a moment. ♪ is is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition?
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maria: welcome back. two staffers held hostage at a delaware maximum-security prison. lauren antonetti on headlines. >> to halt hostage as inmates remained in our songs enough to police. thincident began when employees at the correctional center taken hostage yesterday morning. when dsc staff member was released four hours later, another shortly before 8:00 p.m.
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one inmate reportedly cited president donald trump is the reason for the hostage situation stayed because of trump he knows the institution is going to change for the worse. an attorney representing state inmates as complaints have increased in the past year from and made about substandard medical care in poor record-keeping. big news in the business world. a sale from macy's is on the table. longtime ceo terry lundgren stepping down as head of the largest u.s. departments during the next few months. that's the report. an attempt to avoid more shakeup, considering a sale of macy's had macy's sales in the past year are down about 30%. this morning if you check out this board come that they are up four the news. they'll send mobile insights ranks t-mobile number one in customer service satisfaction. the company beating out verizon and at&t as the company to be recommended as well.
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this comes after t-mobile covers sales tax on smartphones tax on smartphones that the deal will give 11% off of a phone price if using a prepaid mastercard. i love this story because i love to look at the video. reports of frozen pork relic inventories reaching their lowest level in a year's. rest assured. earlier this week a story that was going to happen the claims of bacon shortages are unsupported. the processors are paying 30% than they did a few months ago and that increase might show up shortly. for now, they can price their holding steady in the usda reports a pound of bacon averages 11% last decade did in 2015. do you have it. good morning and that's hogwash. maria: i like that. i'm glad she got dead end. we want to show everybody what donald trump has been tweaking. moments ago. if you see berkeley does not allow free speech on innocent
6:19 am
people with a different point of view, no federal funds? wow, the president is pretty aggressive in terms of coming out and say you and there are consequences for what you are doing. no federal funding? dagen: i think president trump was watching fox and friends because you're the one, two-minute commentary. that is exactly what todd stern said roughly an hour ago. i'm not saying the president is getting his ideas from mr. starnes, but it's exactly what todd was talking about. maria: this is a big issue. how much money are we talking about in terms of what the federal government could hold back for university? we don't have those numbers. >> it looks pretty violent. i think berkeley would argue we can do to keep students safe.
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it's incredibly violent violent. you saw buyers could watch it for yourself. maria: where's the leadership to stop it from getting out of control and putting it under fire. >> if you look at you see davis will do. maria: what is in a name? hot elon musk is closing a new deal. and i on earnings this morning. faced with needing expectations last night. we've got the growth story at amazon coming out back in a moment.
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maria: markets for smaller. take a look at the shares this morning. company reported a strong fourth quarter and easily topping analyst expectations. revenue up a staggering 51% year-over-year. not all good news for the company. jury sided against his oculus bringing the lawsuit ordered to pay $509 to game maker. "wall street journal" chief economic correspondent on that. >> it's all about tech yesterday and today. amazon coming up later. it is amazing to me that companies like face the end amazon rss a huge scale already. amazon with 1.9 billion users pumping out 51% growth numbers. to be that big and that fast is
6:25 am
really transformative. >> it is incredibly successful. look at the stock today in the business getting into a different industries. what do you think? >> it is interesting that they remind they take over from macy's the number 1 dollar up with her others are changing in the guard there. 20 years ago the stock is up 42000%. if you put $1000 in, it would be $420,000 today. an extraordinary come anyway beyond detailing. the thing i saw in a research report, is a great company and does not compete with amazon. it's a benefit not to be in a competitive view of amazon. >> it reminds me a lot of wal-mart in the night 90s and that wal-mart wasn't just a retailer. it became the logistics powerhouse the way it dealt as
6:26 am
warehousing networks and technology to move products. leaving the show right now. they are investing so much and getting products to people overnight. but the van card. dagen: want to point out wal-mart just rolled out a free shipping program for every single order and you don't have to pay a subscription. day shipo anybody in the united states. wal-mart has enough at least on the retail side. maybe not the apparel selection, but they're even focused on that. maria: they've got to come up with things like free shipping. we didn't talk about original content. >> they are there behind manchester by the sea. some of the economy of words.
6:27 am
they look at this in a very broad gauge. maria: at any thoughts from the fed meeting and what you heard from janet yellen yesterday. the meeting with the president on friday. several ceos headed to the white house tomorrow. bob geiger, while disney, dr. toby cosgrove sl ceo of ibm. what do you exct to you? >> on the fed meeting, they' in a wait-and-see mode here but i find most interesting and without debating with colleagues is that the fed is on a collision course with donald trump. janet yellen thinks we will have to% growth over the next few years. donald trump wants 4% growth. this is that going to accommodate it? as far as what the fed does not, a lot depends on the job numbers. we look at pretty good wage growth and jobs on friday and that could move the fed towards
6:28 am
the next rate increase. the ceo of meaning, this president has made a lot of promise as it is going cut back regulation and achieve tax reform. the market has been very excited about that. at some point this year we have to see whether he delivers. one of the things you have to think about what the whole visa debate and immigration that's going on right now, that is more regulation, not less regulation. i wonder what pushback you look at for the ceo made it on that point. >> the one thing that i think you predicted accurately, there is a war coming between. she's sees growth one-way, inflation is coming over the dollars they fight and it's right around the corner. maria: good to see you, sir. former chief executive of exxonmobil rex tillerson sworn
6:29 am
in as secretary of state yesterday. betsy devos still facing roadblocks. we'll get into it next time and from camp is one super bowl tickets for life. back in a minute. you've earned your medicare. it was a deal that was made long ago, and aarp believes it should be honored. thankfully, president trump does too. "i am going to protect and save your social security and your medicar you made a dl a long time ago." now, it's congress' turn. tell them to protect medicare.
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. . . maria: i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday february 2nd, top stories right now 6:30 on the east coast. president trump's cabinet finally gaining another member. rex tillerson sworn yesterday
6:32 am
after approved in 56 to 43 vote. >> this is where you were meant to be right here today at this cross roads in history. it's time to bring a clear-eyed focus to foreign affairs, to take a fresh look at the world around us and to seek new solutions grounded in very ancient truths. maria: very latest on the continuing confirmations coming up this morning. president trump honors a hero making unannounced trip to receive the remains of the first service member lost during his presidency. he went with his daughter ivanka trump. the president tweeting moments ago, attending chief ryan owens dignified transfer with my daughter ivanka, was my great honor. to a brave and great man, thank you. decide today take out the motors coming up, we will tell you about it. broader markets indicating like this, we are
6:33 am
once again on earnings watch today and one day ahead of the job's number out tomorrow. dow industrials down 50 points, nasdaq under spelling pressure as well down 17 points although facebook is straightening up. amazon expected to report earnings after the close tonight. take a look the euro indice markets are mixed. ftse is up and dax in germany down. ftse up a third of a percent. in asia declines across the board. nikkei in japan, worst performer. how one man won super bowl tickets for life. we will explain. will he or won't he, we will take you to pennsylvania to see if punxsutawney, phil will he see his shadow. president trump took to twitter to congratulate him. here is what president trump writes, congratulations to rex
6:34 am
tillerson on being sworn in as new secretary of state. he will be a star. this as trump's nominee for education secretary betsy devos is facing trouble. two gop members will vote against her. joining us right now forbes media chairmanand former presidential candidate himself steve forbe. >> good to be here, maria. maria: we want to talk about tax reform as well. what do you make of the challenges, two gop senators. >> in the case from the senator of alaska she owes the association big time, she had a successful writing campaign to win the election. susan of maine, she goes her own way. i think they will get her through. if they don't, they'll be repercussions in the republican party because betsy is seen as real reformer, school reformer, they can't get her through.
6:35 am
boy, it'll be hard to drain the swamp of our education system. maria: why, what are the challenges? >> the fierce opposition of teachers unions, this will be the first education sect ray since -- back in the reagan administration, she knght and en and detroit and getting the chartered schools and real choice and expose it is real hypocrisies. how many members of congress send their kids to washington public schools, barack obama didn't do it. they are forcing kids to go to failing schools, t got to stop. she has to do everything she can. she has been through these fights, that's why they fear she has had experience. dagen: not to jump to gun, is there anybody that would be such a reformer as betsy devos if she doesn't get confirmed, steve? is it a sign that the strangle hold and the cartel that the unions have put together in washington will never be broken?
6:36 am
maria: that is the ward, cartel. >> it is a cartel and there are good people that made reforms in arizona and elsewhere. if betsy devos goes down the union is predominantly. you have election next year, watch out democrats. republicans fear the nea and national education association as well. so the trump administration is going to use political capital to get through this thing, also betsy devos is a major figure in the republican party. if you can't take care of your own big supporters who have done a lot of work for the party, pushing reforms that you like, what does that say about other fights coming up? maria: she's got the goods, school reformer. >> absolutely, record of reform. morgan: do you think that has to do with shaky performance? we have seen people like rex tillerson and mnuchin who gave
6:37 am
really excellent testimony before and were incredibly prepared. i think her fiercest allies wod say it's a shaky performance. >> a cover of what was going to happen anyway. the nea knows this as a big, big battle and they are going to find any excuse for their husband or anything they can latch onto to find an excuse to say, kill this nominee. >> do you see this as the threat to teachers union and do you think mike pence will have to come and save the day? maria: they would get 50-50 and mike pence can do it. >> he absolutely knows what these stakes are with high-tech technology coming along reformers now have more weapons to break this monopoly and so i think the unions know they have to try to stop this and that's why they've even on the state
6:38 am
level they fight fiercely any kind of reform. maria: what's your take on judge gorsuch, president trump encouraged senate republicans to go nuclear to get the nominee approved. listen to this. >> if we end up with a gridlock like they've had in washington for the last -- longer than eight years in all fairness to president obama, a lot longer than eight years, if we end up with the gridlock, i would say, if you can, mitch, go nuclear, because that would be an absolute shame if a man of this quality was caught up in the web. so i would say it's up to mitch, but i would say go for it. maria: trump also saying he would support the approval of gorsuch with 51 votes than the 60 required. that's the nuclear option. steve, what do you think? >> this is the case where that might not be necessary. in the case of gorsuch, he's so well qualified, what i like is
6:39 am
the understanding of the threat of the administrative regulatory state wheregeies make laws instead of congress. but the democrats will have a hard time getting real traction against him. it doesn't change the composition of the supreme court. so i think they could peel off enough democrats because they will want to preserve the filibuster if nomination comes up that could change the complex of the supreme court, the complex. they want to save it from that, to break that nominee who is so well qualified who doesn't change the composition of the court, they are probably going to save their power for another day. maria: can we talk about tax reform for a minute. we were all in on tax reform and we thought this was hang sooner rather than later. now we are talking about second half of the year and border adjustment tax, steve forbes, where are we on this? >> this is where president trump is going to have to step in and
6:40 am
say, enough of this other stuff, we have to get the nominees through and all the good stuff. here is a tax package, move on it and the border tax, national sales tax, hugely destructive to the economy, leave it out, go for pure cut tax pact, cut tax rates, ram it through and make it retro active through january 1st. maria: that's what he promised us. >> politically if people don't feel right away that this new president is delivering on a better economy, better paychecks and new investments coming, they are going to have a much harder time as opposition gains ground on this administration. his opponents are out, talk about nuclear, to destroy and impeachment and he better get political capital, good economy as bill clinton discovers does wonders when you get in trouble. dagen: that's the whole game plan is to bog the president down at every turn and bait him
6:41 am
rather than focusing on making people's livesetter. the wall street journal put it so brilliantly in editorial page that every decisioout of the white house has to be scrubbed with does it help grow the economy, does it improve people's lives and grow wages. maria: that was his priority during whole campaign. my worry is not just the democrats, it's paul ryan. border of adjustment tax -- >> yes, it is. this is what's so strong. epa was doing its job and find out why people like paul ryan, it's a destructive tax. leave it out. maria: will they, though? do you think that's where this is going? >> this is where the president it is a to step in and say, cu it out. >> this is destruct i have to what you're trying to do. that will drive the economy. >> it's so bizarre, other countries hurt their consumers
6:42 am
with the sales taxes, we should do the same thing, no. dagen: here is steve forbes on the border tax, it's horrible. >> thank you, maria. maria: we want to bring you the tweet, the president tweeting again, iran has been formally put on notice for firing a ballistic missile, should have been thankful for the terrible deal with the u.s. made with them. iran was on its last legs and ready to collapse until the u.s. came along and gave it a lifeline in the form of the iran deal. $150billion, yeah, in cash, more on this at the top of the hour. president trump tweeting about iran and the most recent upset. at&t with new ultma fast wireless network. beyonce breaking the internet,
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maria: welcome back, i want to show you markets this morning. we are looking for lower opening for the broader averages. we do have job's number tomorrow for the month of january. a couple of names we are watching at&t, announcing plans to launch 5g, austin and indianapolis and will offer speeds nearly 40 times faster than standard cellular service. we are watching abercrombie&finch. stock down 56% over the last year as you can see from that one-year chart. president trump and dauger ivanka made an annoued trip yesterday to honor the returning remains of a u.s. navy seal
6:47 am
killed in a weekend raid in yemen. lauren simonetti with details. lauren: hi, maria, trump with the family in his two-visit -- two-hour visit to the base. more than a half of dozen militant suspects were also killed n. the raid in al-qaeda compound the dead included the 8-year-old daughter of radical clerk and u.s. citizen who was killed by a drone strike six years ago. tesla motors is dropping the motors, the name changed to tesla, inc shows the company beyond selling high-end electric cars and shifting to solar panels and home batteries. tesla agreed to buy solar city back in november. well, here is one beer run that won't beforgotten ever. over the holidays this guy liol
6:48 am
ran to buy bud light and as he was restocking pans into the refrigerator he knew that one was gold, meaning that he was illable for bud light's super bowl ticket for life sweep stakes. as luck would have it, was chosen from 37,000 people to win the grand prize. super bowl tickets for the rest of his life and he is now on his way to houston for super bowl 51 on sunday right here on fox. and finally check this out, beyonce chattering even more records with this photo on instagram revealing the news that she's expecting twins. this picture is now the most liked post of all time receiving over 7 and a half million likes since yesterday. selena gómez previously held the title, she had over 6 million with the lyrics of her song.
6:49 am
can anybody help me out? dagen: her pregnant with twins and that's me after lunch. maria: congratulations, beyonce. coming up, it's ground hog day. those celebrating in punxsutawawney may want to crawl in the hole on hotel prices and those to the super bowl. back in a minute afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: welcome back, it is ground hog day today. it is the time of the year when the country watches to find out whether we will have an early spring or six more miserable of cold and snow. fox news meteorologist janice dean is live in punxsutawney,
6:53 am
pennsylvania. hey, janice. janice: this is my first ground hog day here and it is exciting. phil is going to come out at 7:25 eastern time. will it be early spring, we don't know. john is here with me, he's an official punxsutawney handler. early spring today? can you give me any indication? >> we have no way of knowing. we do not have a preconceived notion on what it's going to be. janice: this is what i hear, he is always right and sometimes media gets it wrong. ground hog ease. it gets lost in translation. >> one person, our president, yes. >> tell me what your job is to handle. >> basically it's for this
6:54 am
morning it's to pull him out of the stump and hold him to adoring fans and my partner will pull him out and get prediction. other than that it's 365 days of feeding him and cleaning his cage or zoo. janice: what about mrs. punxsutawney. >> he does have a wife and she stays at the zoo downtown. janice: if he sees his shadow it's six more weeks but if he sees his wife it's six more ground hogs. >> could be. nice: they are more expensive than they are at the super bowl. >> yes, they are. i saw the report myself and kind of shocked me, but you have to remember we only have two in town. janice: how many people are you expecting here today? >> i'm sorry i didn't hear you. janice: how many people were you
6:55 am
expecting here today? >> really, we never know. a lot of people come in from out of the area, we never know what's going to be here but i will tell you what, it's a great thursday crowd here this morning. aa lot bigger than what we anticipated. >> the weather here we are getting big fat snow flakes, i don't know, maybe another six more weeks of winter, we will have to find out. of course incident we will give you the details when phil comes out at 7:25 eastern time. maria: look at the gloves you're sporting. you said a minute ago that the hotels are even more expensive than the super bowl but you're also being honored into the weather discovery hall of fame. what an honor, congratulations, janice. [cheers and applause] janice: thanks, maria. what an honor to be here today. maria: we will be watching you, janice, thanks so much, meteorologist and author of
6:56 am
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maria: thanks so much for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo, it is thursday february 27bd, top
6:59 am
stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. president trump gears up for another busy day today, later this hour heading to national prayer breakfast. we will bring it to you live. there he is going yesterday with his daughter, we will bring you that story coming up. this as key policy issues come into play. new details on how long it will take to build the wall along the u.s.-méxico border as the president calls out bad hombres. the president tweeting on iran this morning. iran has been put on notice for firing ballistic missile. he should have been thankful for the terrible deal the u.s. made with them. >> iran continues to threaten u.s. friends and allies in the region. the obama administration fail today respond adequately to tehran's actions including weapon's transfer and support of terrorism and other violations of national norms. the trump administration condemns such action by iran
7:00 am
that undermined security, prosperity and stability throughout and beyond the middle east which places american lives at risk. maria: we are taking a closer look, another busy day on earnings calendar. merck reporting moments ago. however, revenue missed xpations a.merck, results were hurt by the strong dollar, stock closed yesterday at 62.10. we will see if merck has impact. broader market indicating lower. nasdaq also under selling pressure this morning. in europe reaction this is morning. performance a mixed story. ftse and qak quarante up fractionally. in asia overnight declines across the board. taxes the super computer will help you find deductions that may have been missed by humans.
7:01 am
plus the secrete menu item in mcdonalds go to public. all the stories coming up this morning and joining me fox business network dagen mcdowell and new new york times best seller author peter and morgan ortagus. morgan: good morning. dagen: always so much to talk about, president trump, president of the united states. tweeting, tweeting. maria: on iran. dagen: uc berkeley. maria: this was a horrible story, wasn't it? joining the conversation, the director of center for politics at the university of virginia is with us. ohio congressman tim ryan who tried to go against nancy pelosi and lost that night. stay with us ahead this morning. we kick it off with the trump administration, intensifying efforts to secure the southern border despite of challenges
7:02 am
president trump warned the mexican president in the phone call that he was ready to send u.s. troops to stop bad hombres unless the military takes action to control them. this is coming as the department of home labd security john kelly sat down in exclusive interview with katherine to spell out a time line for the border wall. watch. >> it'll be built where it needs most and then fill in. maria: joining us, tim, good to have you on the program. thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning, good to be with you. maria: what's your take on efforts to secure the border? >> if you have to have a country we have to have border integrity. enforcing through a variety of means enhancing with a wall is appropriate and good negotiating leverage by the way.
7:03 am
maria: in terms of paying for it, obviously, governor, that's the issue. how do you see that working out? is this going to escalate into a fight since donald trump is adamant méxico pay for the wall. >> think of the size and magnitude of it and the unilateral authority that donald trump possesses, 10 billion up to 20 billion and spread over years that's a large number but in context of federal spending it really isn't and by the way donald trump can impose surcharges, tariffs or other potential taxes tat border that would allow him to claim méxico directly or indirectly paying for the wall. so he's got a lot of leverage to implement this as he's suggested or threatened. maria: but that's the thing. this whole idea of import tax, we have been talking a lot about it, do you agree with that because we are trying to -- to see how he's going to implement his campaign promise which is
7:04 am
lower taxes? you know, border adjustment tax flies right in the face of that. how does that jive with what you're talking about in terms of tax on méxico products in. >> er adjustment tax or bad tax been estimated to raise a trillion dollars over ten years, there's a lot of potential concern abt the bad tax but it is unquestionably a very large revenue raiser, governor said if you cut other taxes by at least that much or more so the net effect of the tax reform is neutral or positive in terms of cutting taxes, that at least he would find it acceptable as a net tax cut. >> you know, governor, i had a question. when you look at it it's 1900-miles, some of it forbidden landscape. very tricky, how are we going to build that out in any reasonable kind of period of time, whether it's walls or virtual walls heavily guarded, how do you see that unfolding?
7:05 am
>> as you know much of the border does have a wall on it, much of it does not. some of the remaining terrain as you difficult is difficult and other problems and by the way there's some land ownership rights in texas along the border so you'll have to deal with eminent domain issues as practical matter if they are really going to complete the effort, some of it has to be physical structure, some of it maybe drones, some of it electronics and some human resources, obviously he's going to make a big piece of progress in the next 24 months and i think he's going to do and has the ability to pay for it. dagen: governor, this is dagen mcdowell, this is one of myriad issues that the trump administration has tackled just in his first little more than a week in the white house. do you worry given -- because some things have gone well and some things not like the executive order on some immigration, it wasn't rolled out with care, if you will. do you worry that this white house is getting bogged down
7:06 am
with too many things and that's kind of central promise of tax reform and growing the economy might be on the back burner? >> i think you wouldn't describe his first week as bogged down. you might describe it as hyperenergetic. dagen: no, i was talking about bogged down with tax reform, that's it. >> i understand. i think that is a potential concern because that is one of the main things and as been said, you want to keep the main things the main things. i-- nobody is going to remember if they were off message week number one or week number two. maria: maybe not but the border tax has had muddied the waters, has that become more complicated than promised in. >> it's the house republicans that came up with the border adjustment tax. donald trump actually was somewhat concerned about it a few weeks ago. the trick is how do you do it in
7:07 am
the border adjustment tax has a lot of critics, a camel's nose to a value-added tax. until you see the other side of the ledger, the tax cut that is people are going to get, specially everyday americans who are in the middle income, unless you see the other side of the ledger you really can't say that the package overall is a bad idea or not. maria: do you think we will get tax reform this year, governor? that's what we are all wondering. now we are expecting what we know what it looks like in the first 200 days, is that what you think? >> i think so. the republican congress and the leaders have been sl vaiting over tax reforming for a debate, this is their brief -- hopefully not brief but shining moment to get it done and if they don't, that's going to be a very big, you know, f on the report card. maria: you're absolutely right. kevin mccarthy and paul ryan continue to say, look, we know what this window of opportunity is, we are not going the waste
7:08 am
it. listen to this. >> president trump has severely criticized the various agreements reachedbetween iran and the obama administration as well as the united nations as being weak and ineffective. instead of being thankl to the united statein these agreements, iran is now feeling embolden today we are officially putting iran on notice. maria: on notice, governor. president trump tweeted this morning, here is what he said in the tweet today, iran has been formally put on notice for firing ballistic missile. should have been thankful or u.s. deal. the administration's next step against the country obviously still to be determined, governor, what does that mean to you, put on notice? >> i think putting on notice
7:09 am
that we are not going to tolerate menacing behavior and violations of un resolutions and treaties is a good thing. and frankly it's long overdue. they've been flirting with violating the nuclear treaty. they've been thumbing their nose at u.s. resolutions and they beencuddled and bullies respect toughness and they didn't respect in the obama administration. morgan: i wouldn't agree with me in setting a tone with iran. when you look at the iran deal, it's a multiparty agreement. it's not a bilateral agreement between the u.s. and iran. so what are the practical steps that you think that the president and his team can take to either can they amend the deal or what can they do going forward to have it more than just putting them on notice?
7:10 am
>> they can do a number of things. first of all, if they are trying to warm up our relationships with russia, russia has important relationships with iran so exploring how russia can be helpful, although i'm skeptical of russia as well. they tick run of ships in our region, u to tell them, we are going to light you up, fire back, fire at you. next when you violate the ballistic missile treaty, we are going to put sanctions on and if the world community won't do it, we will do it ourselves in the u.s. we need to work with allies and get everybody to do it. lastly, you to look them in the eye, there are going to be more consequences but this idea that -- this you have a agreements that nobody enforces means the agreements themselves don't mean anything and that becomes a very dangerous world. maria: how is president trump doing so far in your view, governor? >> well, i was a trump supporter, i became a skeptic after some of the revelations during campaign, but i have to say he's off to a strong start and i'm hopeful how he does from here.
7:11 am
maria more governor, good to see you, thank you so much for joining under the circumstances. coming up next ibm super computer using smart to help you file your taxes, help you find deductions that you missed. the fan's favorite sweet treat officially on the menu. back in a moment this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me! it's truck month! find your tag for an average total value over $11,000 on chevy silverado all star editions when you finance through gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. why pause a spontaneous moment?
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maria: welcome back, a mysterious vehicle that carried trump flag belongs to the navy. lauren simonetti has the story. lauren: this vehicle spotted on sunday flying a blue trump flag near louisville was from a navy seal unit and that's a problem because regulations do not permit an unauthorized flag on a military vehicle. officials have launched inquiry to determine if any misconduct can be linked to this incident. h&r block can help you out before you pull out your hair. ibm super computer and data crunching skills to answer questions to hopefully help tax filers score better refund. h&r block is betting big airing commercial on super bowl sunday to advertise. there's a day care in texas telling parents get off your phones, one mom is picking up
7:15 am
her kids right outside of houston when she spotted a new sign. you're picking up your child, get off your phone, your child is happy to see you, are you not happy to see your child. goes on from there, the woman told fox news that she completely agrees with her message. she happened to have her phone in her hand and decide today snap a picture of it and share it with her friends, well, it vent viral and now been shared on facebook month 1.2 million times. st. patricks day right around the corner which is mcdonalds shamrock shake season. and this year there's something new. the shamrock had been favorite for 40 years now but this year you can get a chocolate shamrock shake. you have to ask staffer to add chocolate if they would do it, at their discretion, but now regular menu item during the season. mccaffee is the original shake and topped off with mint
7:16 am
sprinkles, wined cream and a cherry. mcdonalds is ating a chock clat chip frappe and shom rock mocha. maria: too much chocolate. lauren: you can only get it for a limited time, so if you want it, get it soon. [laughter] maria: it's like 3,000 calories? dagen: no. maria: 2,000. dagen: i would rather eat a piece of cake. maria: green die in there. we are taking a look at the markets next.
7:17 am
public debut, we are seeing a couple more ipo's after a long stretch of weakness there. and then we are just minutes away from ground hog day prediction, how long do you expect winter to last in we will tell you next in pennsylvania le your insurance company
7:18 am
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saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. maria: listen to this. punpsutawney phil about to make his prediction.
7:21 am
let's take a look. [inaudible conversations] maria: we are live in pennsylvania and we just saw the program take place where the ground hog saw his shadow, that means six more weeks of winter is expected and we thought we were going to get an early spring. >> i was ready to sign it for it, yes. porg morgue dagen, can i stay with you in miami for the weekend. dagen: yes. unfortunately we work here. [laughter] maria: signs of life in the ipo market. that was the largest offering in over a year but the ipo wall street is waiting for the ipo is snapchat, that filing expected any day now. joining us right now david, managing director at inside venture partners. thank you so much for joining us . you invest in private companies? >> correct.
7:22 am
it was the weakest since the financial crisis. you saw signs of life at the end of 2016, you're starting to see strength early in the year. >> do you think snap snaps everything out of it? >> i think the answer is yes, got taken out by cisco and doubled the ipo price and that gave confidence that investors and companies are still looking for growth. the real problem with ipo market if you look back it's really a supply problem than demand policemen. they are still interested in investing in growth. there's 164 public internet companies between a billion and 10 billion-dollar market cap, only 9 of them have a growth rate of 30%. there's just not a lot of things to invest in at scale which you need if you're a large investor and snapchat clearly fulfills
7:23 am
the environment. if you look at smaller companies, scale companies, again, between market capital of 9 billion, 10 billion, only nine companies to invest. software same metrics. >> deven, you talk about a dull period in '15 and '16, $86 billion, $88 billion, is snapchat which could be the second largest u.s. tech ipo ever is t going to be that kind of triggering event that lights up the market again? >> i think it's going to get credit for doing that but i think it was happening anyway. what i mean is ipo backlog. if you talk to any investment banker you'll hear that they are busier than they have been in a long time. we have a lot. snapchat because they'll end up having been the first major one, it might have gotten a lot of the credit that had hay gone up traded 100%.
7:24 am
it'll likely get the credit but the fundamentals going into 2017 were pretty strong for the ipo market regardless. morgan: there's a report out there that five major tech companies, apple, facebook, uber , are writing a letter to the president opposing to the immigration ban. what's your take on that? >> i think if you look at the tech industry, we have a huge demand for skilled workers particularly around, you know, coding and areas. if you talk to anybody in the tech industry they will tell you that they want to solve a long-term structural problem which is we don't have enough domestic pipeline. that, however, is not a problem we are going to solve in a month or two so to put a -- to put a ban in place that potentially stops companies and make it -- make not possible for them to work here, i don't think it's long-term good for the growth of the companies which is frankly
7:25 am
not long-term good for the overall economy. dagen: do these companies realize because the leadership and a lot of the executives in silicon valley were adamantly opposed to donald trump as the presidential candidate. they raised a lot of money for hillary clinton, but now they're caught. are they in washington trying to hire people who have a better relationship with the gop and within the trump administration? i've heard that from people that these companies -- because they had an easy ride in terms of policy with the obama administration are now worried. maria: they are trying hire conservative. dagen: google was hiring a conservative liaison. maria: so is media. look at nbc news and cnn. >> the policy framework going into this administration is not going to be the same. they are going to try to no doubt build relationships and higher people with more conservative credentials to deal
7:26 am
with the administration. i don't think there's a debate there. i don't think there's a debate of improving national security. this is really the tech folks in particular are talking about an area where there's massive supply and demand between the talent that we need and the talent that's available. >> the notion of having few less programmers from yemen and syria and some of these countries, i don't think this is a robust supply, so something about their totality doesn't work for me because i don't think that's where the real talent is coming from. maria: that's a great point. >> the broader concern and adding the policies haven't come out yet but looks like there's going to be revaluation how h1 visas work as well. that's probably where the real problem lies with most companies. maria: how should it look? >> the h1-b program was to make sure that if you had talent that wanod readily ailable in the u.s., that talent could come here and be gainlly employ and i think the concerns that
7:27 am
some have had is that h1 visas have been gamed an people are coming here, people in this country that could provide the same service. i'm not saying that there's not some cases of that, i'm sure there is. but in total that's not the case. dagen: there are cases where companies and we've heard about it in the program where companies will bring in overseas workers on h1 visas and have existing employees, train these people and then fire them. >> i'm not goimg -- going to say -- i don't think anyone is going to dispute that. there's a broader, there's a broader issue around particularly in some of the highly-skilled areas, we just don't have enough people graduating in those programs in this country. morgan: that's the problem. that's the fundamental problem. maria: once again goes back to education. >> if we can fill -- sell 50,000
7:28 am
of those, if the companies want them so much, why don't you ask the companies to pay for it. you want that visa slot, by the way, that person can train the young person from the united states. you can put all kinds of hooks into it to make sure that it makes sense for the american people. >> look, i think there's lots of different solutions. the concern right now is that we are going towards a policy framework which is trying to stop this type of immigration in total. maria: yeah. we will see what that meeting and the letter looks like from the technology ceo's. deven, good to have you on the show today. coming up, more immigration business on tap for the trump administration. executive order which could be reexamining the visa programs, we will get more on that coming up. cocktails to go. how you can shake up something, so exciting for your flask, back in a minute re care though. she wants to stay in her house. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's take a look at your financial plan and see what we can do. ok, so we've got...
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maria: happy thursday welcome back everyone. your top stories 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. the commander in chief said to attend the annual national prayer breakfast beginning just moments for now will take it or their life when he begins speaking. new reports are surfacing of a possible risk with an american ally. to take in refugees from australia. the prime minister responding. i can say is i've said before
7:32 am
that i received the assurance that i did from the president himself. it was confirmed by the president's spokesman. in the briefing room of the white house. elected officials are continuing to work on the arrangements. the very latest on the tension. the election when hitting one business hard. earnings once again driving stocks this morning. analysts are expecting giving holiday sales. check in the broader markets. dow industrial down about 30 points right now. nonetheless. markets are mixed right now.
7:33 am
they are getting strict in the streaked in the last half an hour. that is just down by affection. they're they are down across the board. the big mistake that put teenagers plan on ice. get ready to bundle up. my faithful followers. i clearly see a perfect clear shadow of me. get ready for that. we will have more on that coming up. with the president and his stance on religious issues. the trump administration released the statement earlier saying the president is proud
7:34 am
to be the first ever gop nominee to mention that lgbt community pledging them. charles, good to see. thank you so much for joining us. the president have the opportunity to firm up his stance and he was the first to come out and had peter have such an example what are you expecting from this breakfast. this is a bipartisan affair. i would hope that this year would be no different. donald trump is in a very good job is not an overtly religious guy but he has done a very good job of pinpointing the importance of religious liberty and i think that is why he was able to win over so
7:35 am
many religious conservatives in the election and he's done it largely by putting all of these social issues and putting them off to the side. and no matter what your background you end up supporting these things. we will take the audience their life when he starts speaking. more of a headline this morning is that a draft of an executive order calling for re-examining the program. the new report is saying he ought to prioritize both jobs and wages of the american workers we do not have a specific industry that has been pointed out here. particularly technology firms. we talk about the company executives talk about bringing in workers from overseas and all that is great and important but what about the
7:36 am
untapped talent in america in terms of it would require education and looking at social policies. when it be a lot better for america if we actually trade people in this country who are already americans to do a lot of these jobs the second thing is not only is he not religious it is not is not a diplomatic guy. he rankles a lot of people around here with a lot of the things that he says. but for the first time were looking at a guy who looks at her immigration policies and he said what is good for america not what is good for other countries. the big change is that the obama administration look to immigration as a solution to
7:37 am
other people's problems. and donald trump is looking at this as a solution for these problems. to the supreme court. many people voted for donald trump. but the protection of religious liberty and particularly how he they were over the affordable care act that really speaks to trump at least protecting religious freedom. and if there are any never trappers left. if they're there's still a suspicious to get the republican nomination. nothing will convince them. the pick is the entire game as
7:38 am
far as i'm concerned. obviously you're filling judge scalia's seat but you not shifting the balance of the court. if there's another vacancy and donald trump pics another neil gorsuch and he believes that the constitution says exactly what it means. that will be a tremendous victory. that republicans and conservatives haven't seen certainly out of any republican president since at least ronald reagan. and even he gave us justice kennedy. president obama have done so much through executive order. it can't be undone by the next
7:39 am
president. i would far rather had these things go to the legislature. but there is purview of the president to do certain things. the knock on president obama was not just the executive order it was that he was actually changing laws is it what we have. using community colleges and other resources.
7:40 am
that obviously is very hard to do. then i want to address. it social programs and incentivizing people to work. it was much easier. and get cheap labor. what is your take on that conversation. about the prime minister of australia. we don't want these refugees. that deal was is made with president obama not me. they did elect together some very great politics. he's not very diplomatic. but again it's another example
7:41 am
of a president that is looking at immigration and all of this in terms of what's best for america as opposed to what's best for other countries. is getting leaked by bureaucrats and administration their heads are exploding. with all of the turmoil over the extreme vetting. i think largely because you bureaucratall over the federal government doing everything they can toake it look like it turned out i really wasn't. you can hear donald trump on the call. he felt like you were watching an episode of the apprentice.
7:42 am
that's what he has a fan club that he does. say what you mean and walk the talk. and he does both. thank you. they could be hurting ammunition sales. one teenager fighting themselves in the deep end. that's next. it's all back in a moment. with every early morning... every late night... and moment away... with every and paycheck... you've earned your medicare. it was a deal that was made long ago, and aarp believes it should be honored. thankfully, president trump does too. "i am going to protect and save your social security
7:43 am
and your medicare. you made a deal a long time ago." now, it's congress' turn. tell them to protect medicare.
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7:45 am
tensions rising between police and protesters over the dakota pipeline. police say they arrested 76 protesters who refused to leave a camp that was set up
7:46 am
on private property. they wanted them to move to a safer area because the spring floods will arrive soon officials say there was a group of rogue protesters and they tried to set up another camp nearby where they went supposed to. since august they've made about 700 arrests these protesters do not want to see the pipeline completed because they say the oil it would carry could contaminate their drinking water. could he be hurting sales of ammunition. he said before it the increased find him up because i thought hillary clinton would win and would enforce stronger gun control. two teenage girls miraculously not hurt after crashing their car into the icy swimming pool. their lexus veered off the road crashed throughout france
7:47 am
and then plunged into an inground pool. it actually landed in the shallow end. they helped the girls weighed their way out of the water. it took them three hours to pull their car out. pretty unbelievable. what an accident. they always hit the accelerator instead of hitting e brk. they are new to driving. it happens all the time. remember the toyota sudden acceleration problem. i was nothing wrong with the car. coming up. spicing up your flask.
7:48 am
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maria: welcome back. we are shaking things up with cocktails. the restaurant owner get to see you. thank you so mucfojoining us. you brought some goodies here. your article in the march issue is giving tips on the best concoctions that you can actually fit the flask. tell us about that. flask are fun to carry around and put risky and but they're also fun to put a cocktail in it's a little bit surprising when you're sharing it with someone.
7:52 am
what are your favorites. i brought a few here today. this flask is filled with a drink called the ferrari it's a drink that's like a bartender shot they're both still a very strong bitter in the course. you'll mix it up and then you will put in the flask. it's all mixed up and ready to go. it's a way to have a secret handshake. you slip it out of your pocket you look at someone you give them a little smile or wake you offer them a drink.
7:53 am
oftentimes ear using it when you're going on a trip but are these becoming more prevalent. it's a classy thing to do. you show up at a party or a camping trip with one of these in your pocket. if a special mornings with maria cocktail that you created. mornings are good. sparkling wine in the morning is great. and then the morning with the mario -- with maria is great. it's a little bit better i think you'll be nice. let's see. and it's nice and orange. happy mornings. and that is just per cycle.
7:54 am
we will put in a flask. why did you choose that for mornings with maria. i like the color. it is a good color. it's a very popular morning drink. in a little bit of seltzer. and we sell a lot of those at fort defiance and with this were just upping the orange flavor just a little bit. thank you for that. i one more call the diamondback. this is right risky yellow chartreuse and apple brandy. and that one is named after a turtle. from maryland but it bites
7:55 am
like a snake. good to see. thank you so much. appreciative very much. we will be right back. president trump said to speak at the national peer prayer breakfast. just like the people who own them, every businesss diffent. but every one of thosebuns will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here. [vo] quickbooks introduces he teaches lessons to stanley... and that's kind of it right now. but rodney knew just what to do...he got quickbooks.
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sitting the new smoking. because your body was built for more than sitting. it was built to move. and varidesk was built to help get you moving. varidesk arrives fully assembled. instantly converts your current desk into a height adjustable standing desk. effortlessly raises and lowers. and transforms your workspace into a healthier more productive environment. varidesk work elevated. . . maria: good thursday morning wey back thank you for joining
7:58 am
us this morning i am maria bartiromo. it is thursday, february 2 your top stories right now 8:00 a.m. on the east coast we are awaiting comments from president trump this morning, set to speak tat national prayer breakfast we will take you live in washington as soon as he takes podium chaos on campus take a look at pictures violent protests breaking out uc berkeley over a speech from the conservative editor of breitbart forcing cancellation of the event watch. >> i understand why people are upset, for some reason but -- i mean, for -- originally -- location free speech movement is kind of sad that we would resort to violent actions. >> -- don't agree with me -- the other side, they were prevented from doing so by violent he terrified of anyone they think might be -- interesting or take people with them. >> outrage this morning on the
7:59 am
heels of that breakout, another member added to president trump's could it be o former exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson confirmed sworn in as secretary of state happened yesterday several cabinet members facing blocks the latest on the process coming up a strong earnings report from facebook stock higher the social media giant posted better-than-expected fourth quarter revenue profit above expectations breaking down numbers taking a look ahead to newt's big number from amazon, amazon results after the close tonight, take a look at facebook amazon this morning, betterments lower despite strength in intelligent take a look, dow industrials down 40 points nasdaq weaker 13 points heels of gains yesterday in europe mixed performances take a look at eurozone indices you see ft 100 up two-thirds of 1% the majors fractionally moving this morning, asia overnight declines across the board to report, china is still closed for the lunar new year the nikkei average in a japan down 1 1/4 percent german president
8:00 am
george h.w. bush a new job coin flipper the coin tows at super bowl li ahead of the game look at excitement happening in houston. even nasa in on action we will take you there coming up this morning, keep your weren't you coats -- more weren't you on the way we heard from a punxsutawney phil he did see his shadow six more weeks winter all that coming this up morning joining me to talk all about it fox business network dagen mcdowell former goldman sachs partner new york times best-selling that you're peter, and ortagus, good to see you -- dagen: getting over that flu i had two weeks ago. maria: that is right. >> news comes back fast you bounce right back. dagen: yeah, that is i don't even i am so beyond that i don't even know what that word means. anymore. maria: we got a big show ahead look we've seen the
8:01 am
markets trade flat this year on heels of the rally after election tonight going to talk request chief investment officer coming up cal piers how laekting hundreds of billions of dollars won if he is expecting strength to continue, when a we need to hear from president trump his administration so he will weigh in co, ohio congressman tim ryan with us tried go against nancy pelosi lost that we talk about the democratically party the host of vain vairn stuart varney weighing in as also a look at former star jack brew other don't miss a moment an hour ahead we kick off with request violent protests last night, at university of california berkeley campus, over a speech from conservative editor, rooirts broke windows look at this, they confronted police ultimately causing event to be canceled the university virginia center for politics
8:02 am
director larry sabato thanks for joining us. what do you have to say about this violence? >> well, as peter kiernan knows i am frommute of virginia been associated with university 47 years, it is thomas he jefferson's university we believe in free speech i have had literally hundreds of speakers that i have brought in to the university from right to left and everything in between, i have never had a single problem. so obviously, what happened at berkeley was wrong. you've got lots of choices you can boycott an event you don't like you can peacefully protester it go and ask questions during the q&a period hold a counter event what you should not do is to shut down the actual event, and deny someone the right to speak, if they have been invited by a group and followed the rules of that university, so this is not a good thing, but let's not he overgeneralize this is one university i am sure happened
8:03 am
elsewhere but plenty of universities, like the university of virginia not nearly as good but like the university of virginia, in that they welcome speakers. maria: we don't want to generalize about universities across the board but there is a thread that goes through universities across the board frankly not cutting off free speech but you said that -- what i really want to say who is accountable who do you guys think is accountable should leadership from university of berkeley uc have come put end to it what could have been done to stop this. dagen: ultimately falls into the hands of the leadership of the university, and quite frankly, it leads to anecdotally there is this thread among universities plashl with a lot of professors, that there is no room in the classroom for a differing opinion. >> well, yeah,, i can't speak for every university, or every professor every classroom i know my students don't hear me
8:04 am
at all, and they constantly object to this that and the other, ways contrary opinions i encourage it that is what you should do in a classroom. so -- >> you said peter knows that. >> he knows that, larry has taught up a four might have children in process taught me a heck of a lot too i think what we're talking about here, though is i think a community obligation can't just be that something that the president does alone faculty donees alone students there are stakeholders here what uva does equitablying well could be i think a magnet for people to watch is -- bring forces together in a way useful i this i what you are seeing in berkeley uc davis not useful in any way the person ultimately harmed frankly is the student. >> that is true you -- >> if you peacefully previous to find every right to peacefully previous to as much
8:05 am
free speech how about holding students about accountable in so many sort of punishment so students know you can peacefully previous to you can't burn builds break windows that is silly. >> absolutely, you have to hold -- >> we -- unfortunately, this bias continues, throughout the iversity -- >>. dagen: wake forest, i had in wake forest late 80s where like -- speech was free if it agreed with some of my professors, and i wasing targeted because i was in a sorority some prefers didn't like that. >> i think got away from itself lack of leadership not talking about university of virginia a lack of leadership or it is just control of the liberal left. >> o professor -- one question, and that is. >> sure you've seen them come and done contentious elections contentious campaigns but what is the way for us to evaluate and think about trump's start
8:06 am
has done great things had speed bumping where do you see him in continuum of things what should we take from this as starting out rough spots what should be longer term concerns if there are any? >> he has been in office 14 days. >> [laughter] >> it is a four-year term! i told people, you know swep judgment give anybody a reasonable trial period. whenever we start a new job, often we have a rough period, so you know, his supporters are pleased focusing on things they like, his spoepts disbelieved focusing on things they don't like see how this turns out, as we move into you know, six-month period or the first 100 days ends tend of april that seems like a much fairer trial period. >> yeah let me gears the president n kaelin another member added former exxon ceo rex tillerson confirmed sworn?
8:07 am
secretary of state, two republican senators say they will vote against trump's pick for education secretary, that is betsy devos, if these senators follow through republicans would only need one more no vote to block votes of appointment, what do you think here? that the white h administration sharetheir confidence that betsy devos would be confirmed, listen to this. >> i have one hundred percent confidence she will be next secretary of education unbelievably qualified educatoror advocate for students teachers, parents, it would will he i think that the games that are being played with betsy devos are sad. maria: how do you see it larry do you think she will get confirmed? >> well, obviously it is a close call, let's remember, historically a president losses on one cabinet member the person forced to withdraw or doesn't pass the senate something happens usually to
8:08 am
at least one some have two or three i think devos might be the only one i don't know whether she will lose another republican or not, or whether she will gain one democratic vote you know there is always senator joe manchin from west virginia i haven't heard him speak own how he is going to vote may be he issued a statement i missed it the broader picture i think represented by someone like rex tillerson i mad opportunity to meet mr. tillerson talk with him in his prior role over years on a a number of occasions i think will make a very good secretary i think people will be surprised how well contained he has become, thanks to being ceo of exxonmobil, so big has its own foreign policy. maria: yeah. dagen: larry in terms of how democrats handle four years of the trump administration because there is so much outrage on social media, about the hillary clinton loss about donald trump, and they are really pushing leadership
8:09 am
whether nancy pelosi or chuck schumer to fight trump administration at every single step. is this what we're going to get for four years? will it get worse? >> s i don't think you will i certainly don't think wise to do that simply because you can't fight everhing, it is absurd to even try to do that, you have to focus your attention on items or individuals that really concern you. and actually the supreme court nominees is going to be a good test do you really spend all of your little bitted ammunition on somebody who is almost certain to be confirmed? a pretty impressive person when you listen to him read he credentials whether you agree or not beside the point. or do you wait for that critical change that is coming when ginsburg kennedy or briar steps aside that is when court will change that is when to use ammunition don't lose the
8:10 am
filibuster on gorsuch so there are important diefrpgs here up to the leadership i distinctions you mentioned the leadership universities up to party leadership to make that case, to the rank and file. if they are angry they are angry but have to use seen ins but i mean what would be pushback from these from you know on these nominees, i mean do you think this is obstruction by the democrats or is this just politics as usual? >> well, it's -- this is a continuum if you look back over you know, 30 years, you will see that it has gotten worse and worse and worse just asporization has gotten worse, as polarization is worse a step or two or three further along the line of division, note healthy for the country. maria: it isn't. >> i don't have much optimism it is going to change any time soon. >> thanks so much larry sabdo we are awaiting remarks from president trump at national prayer breakfast you he see on
8:11 am
bottom of your scene melania trump ready for a big change gearing up for move to the white house investors hoping on amazon earnings what to expect straight ahead. ♪ ♪
8:12 am
8:13 am
. . maria: markets expected to
8:14 am
open lower, stocks soared after the election, of course, but the trump rally has been slowing down, this year, leading investors to look to trump policy before making next move joining me is calpers chief investment officer ted eliopoulos joining us great to have you on show you the for joining us. >> thank you for having me nice to be here. >> a it is important, to check in with you, because you are overseeing a massive amount of capital 306 billion dollars is that right, aum calpers right now. >> right. >> how are you allocateing that has it changed. >> we are according to strategic aallocation waetdz to equities in strategic allocation going into this u.s. election, we position it had portfolio to -- take into
8:15 am
account the equity allocations, rks pos eltion there is much hope optimism for growth in the u.s., positioning of portfolios to take advantage of that growth calpers benefited commencely from run-up in equity markets over the last month and a half for sure. of the now the question really is as you know, what happens in the future. >> i mean i think this market was really rallying on the idea that we would see corporate tax reform 15% or 20% corporate tax rate would do a lot for earnings yes? >> yes, it would as really as regulatory reform, both would be very productive for growth in the u.s. and translate to better earnings for the future. but there are also risks, to take into account one is what impact on inflation we have been on in a very low
8:16 am
inflation inflationary environment what impact could be on inflation is something to keep an eye on. maria: how do you prepare yourself as asset manager for that, i mean when you look at potato inflation perhaps on the horizon, does that change your assessment of what to do with bonds versus stocks. >> well it is very difficult for investors right now you have to prepare for some are divergent outcomes are we having inflationary environment or continue to have a deflationary environment there is no one portfolio maximized in each environment for cal percent we have a dominate equity position in portfolio almost 48% of the portfolio today we have bought some inflation protecting securities repositioned portfolio k as well as commodities.
8:17 am
>> is that through index funds etfs specific names. >> direct in global index of stocks predominantly index investor with enhancements mostly internally. >> tell us about that today, you can buy an index with whatever combination you want right. >> that is right, so we -- we have several factors we look at the momentum, value, quality, low volatility, maximum diversification allow us to tilt portfolio slightly in directions that we see benefit. maria: when you look at overall areas that you have to allocate capital we talked about hedge funds you have been vocal about fees are something to watch, and you said not as -- you know -- a profitable thing anymore
8:18 am
private equity you developing plans to shift 30 billion dollars in terms of private equity away from what are you doing in terms of shifting. >> sure, yeah. >> move in-house as pensions cut fees. >> we're trying to bring as much inhours as we can, we have over 70% portfolio internally that is public asset classes, we have added a new allocation to opportunistic credit, structured credit private we think that is an opportunity for the future. and that bringing we have that talent in-house we have active fixed income managers within our staff that are able to execute those strategies with confidence. in the private market much tougher assessment whether you can bring in-house, those strategies, and we're not sure right now on the private equity side that we could effect a strategy to compete
8:19 am
with external managers partners done extraordinarily well for us overtime the fees high the returns performance net of all fees have been quite rost, anpersistent over 20 years now so it is a very important calculus to try and adjust the external internal model internally. >> do you have any concern that we're not going to see the tax cuts and rollback of regulations instituted this year and would that dictate change in the way you invest in all those equities. >> well we will stay heavily invested in equities for the long term we are a long term investor, we will be watching quite closely over the next six months to see how difficult and how swift they see policy changes may come. >> discuss a people are wondering if in fact, i know, there is money for this, they want it revenue neutral one of the president's underplings mulvaney says we got to take chopping block to entitlements
8:20 am
as guy running the largest pension fuvendz calpers out there in the country what is your take on cutting entitleds. >> you knows these are promises that have been made to -- ordinary pensioners, that he is our view. for calpers, our duty is to pensioners we have hardworking policemen firemen fire women, you have to keep projects o the key to maker you price them save nor them to keep promises long term. >> great to have you. >> thank you. >> ted eliopoulos chief investment officer breaking news hostage situation at delaware prison now secure, one hostage found dead another has been hospitalized, breaking news just happening we are going to have details for you, when we come right back, after this you see the -- the lineup of people there, we will be right back. your insurance company
8:21 am
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. . maria: welcome back hostage situation at it correctional center in delaware ended tragically lauren simonetti with details right now. lauren: state police rushed into the building when two hostages were still being held from last night into early this morning, one of them a prison officer was found dead they were taken hostage by inmates the other one rescued the correctional officer yun president said quote sad day for delaware correct shunnal officers, inmates told local paper that concerns about treatment and the leadership of the u.s. prompted their actions. all right. let's move to markets here big day for earnings, merck's report quarterly profit in line with estimates posted adjusted profit 889 cents
8:25 am
share revenue however narrowly missed estimate by weak sales of key i am mupo oncology drug, as well as diabetes medicine. a record christmas for e-commerce sales that is expected to boos amazon earnings when company reports after closing bell today said this holiday season it was best one ever. chipotle mexican also reports after the close company working to recovery from big losses from foodborne bacteria that made customers sick that was back in 2015. chip leigh has said sales for the holiday quarter probably fell 5%. and visa reports after the close as well, analysts expect company to post a profit 78 cents a share. efebruary 2 groundhog day punxsutawney phil says i'm sorry, six more weeks of winter a short time ago he happened to see his shadow, and according to legend that means spring's arrival has to wait longer, how accurate is phil.
8:26 am
>> according to reports, going book to 1988 he has been correct 46% of the time. finally, first lady melania trump will be moving to white house start of summer aides say settling in end of school year splitting time between new york and d.c. white house announced lindsey reynolds will join first lady's team as chief of staff apart from that reynolds is also an assistant to president donald trump, back to you. maria: thank you so much, coming up rex tillerson taking helm as secretary of state despite delays by democrats future of the party next take a look at confirmation process where do we stand then losing a part of title looks to expand beyond cars changes to the automaker coming up. back in a moment.
8:27 am
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go to for a store near you. . maria: welcome back, happy thursday thanks for joining us this morning i am maria bartiromo, i it is you thursday, february 2 your top stories 8:30 am on the east coast right now, we are awaiting comments from president trump in washington to speak at national prayer breakfast momentarily we will take you there live as soon as he takes to the podium, president trump's cabinet gains another member, rex tillerson, sworn in, as the next secretary of state after he was approved by the senate yesterday, in a 56-43 vote, tillerson latest confirmation fight between the president,
8:30 am
and democrats. >> -- a meaning when the other side, they want to make you look as bad as possible, i think there's a certain dishonesty if they go against -- from not very long ago he did get a unanimous endorsement. >> i am not concerned about that let me tell you why. because i think that -- their record of obstruction is going to wear thin with people we did not obstruct and so we think that our -- republican president ought to have same consideration. >> latest on tensions this morning, president trump escalating fight with mexico commander in chief telling country to take care of bad hombres secretary homeland security john kelly says wall could be finished in two years, macy's known nor sale the company could be up for sale, the outgoing ceo is i reportedly considering selling the company. stock this morning looking up on rumors, earnings story on wall street amazon name to
8:31 am
watch afters close tonight, company will report fourth quarter analysts expecting a big quarter given in the missiled holiday season for amazon we get numbers for i as soon as they hit the tape after the close, broader market lower nasdaq s&p 500 in red concompromise commander in chief ready to do super bowl shuffle details behind president george h.w. bush's coin flip this sunday. big game a few days away party is already in full swing we are taking a live to houston, where everybody from nfl star to astronauts in on fun. >> capitol hill president trump sending a message to senate if democrats who intend to block confirmations justice as exchangeable gains another member blake burman the latest at white house. reporter: despite he is reservations on both sides
8:32 am
with dealings with rush the senate confirmed rex tillerson to become next secretary of state narrow nomination passed he came to white house former exxonmobil ceo with president vice president by side sworn in he appeared to give okay for senate majority leader mcconnell to change senate as a rules should it get to that point with another nomination that being the supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. >> if we end up with the same dwridlock that they have had in washington for the lastch longer than 8 years in all -- a lot longer than 8 years we end up with gridlock i would say if you can -- that would be an absolute shame if a man of this quality was caught up in the web. maria: you -- >> you heard president s go nuclear that references to the
8:33 am
so-called nuclear option, would eliminate 60 votes filibuster threshold that democrats are calling for and bring it down to 51. i asked white house press seek sean spicer about this yesterday, maria whether the white house would be comfortable going forward with that path, spicer told me that it is not the president's preference at this point, and that essentially it is mitch mcconnell's call see if it gets to in a point. >> blake burman the white house joining us right now the man who ran against nancy pelosi ohio congressman tim ryan with us good to see you thanks so much is for joining us. >> thanks. maria: your reaction to all these stall tactics obviously they are trying to do whatever they can to stall president trump from having his cabinet in place. >> well, i mean, that is a process, i mean we're not -- democracy that is where we live you saw it happen during
8:34 am
president obama's tenure where republicans were literally ockie tried to do jobs, supreme court nominee now there is agreement i think whether the supreme court justice or some of his nominees, that violates some of the basic values that i think democrats have. so it is important for us, to stand up, republicans have the majority, they are getting some of their nominees through, but this is all part of the process, and i don't think anything unnecessary is happening but we have to stand up for what we believe in too. maria: what specific values are being violated? >> well, i think if you look at the supreme court nominee, trump you know campaigned about draining the swamp, the supreme court nominee is not for any kind of campaign finance reform at all i think if you look you know, at devos secretary of ecaon absolutely no experience in public education also owes ohio 5 million dollars from fines she got a few years ago, when she was involved in
8:35 am
another organization that she hasn't paidless are legitimate things. maria: wait when you say judge ignores ignores this is individual confirmed unanimously just 10 years ago by republicans and democrats what changed other than him being donald trump's pick? >> well, i think the fact that donald trump campaigned on drink the swamp, he is not for draining the swamp he is for unfettered money into politics with many, many people are against. maria: i want to ask you about draining the swamp. >> go ahead. >> he also campaigned on helping working class people where the supreme court nominee is against right to work would allow working class people to organize. so i think these are legitimate things we are going to have fights over let's not make too big a deal of it. >> the president needs team in place to execute some promises he made one question on drink the swamp for you because there is an article right now, saying nancy pelosi is legislated her party into o
8:36 am
blif i know nancy pelosi said that judge ignores is hostile to women's productive rights how will it toward children and schoolchildren with autism as far as president trump says wreckless incompetent does she not understand what happened in terms of of the election she is going against what the people just voted for. >> well, i mean democrs -- not to be of a frank but we are in oblivion as we speak wiped out in the election so we are trying to work our way back but i think donald trump also campaigned maria on stability doing everything in his power to make the globe more unstable at this point you see rally with stock market his subsideed a bit because he is picking fights, doing things with -- the muslim ban immigration makes us look hostile to allies in muslim countries muslims in the united states we know that
8:37 am
these are very important things that the kind of stability we need he campaigned on bringing us that stability. and he is making things unstable, he campaigned on making us stronger. in muslim ban makes it harder for us to process acute war on terrorism. >>. dagen: not muslim ban seven countries identified by obama administration restrictions based on country not religion first and foremost. >> i want to get to nancy pelosi loss of democrats in rebuilding the party and making a comeback. is -- but is the way to do that this kind of fierce rhetoric opposition from not only nancy pelosi also chuck schumer is that how you win over voters over the next two to four years? >> well, you know you have to take a stand on things that you believe in, and it may not always be particular in the moment, i am not into real
8:38 am
hostilewrote i am not into inflaming the situation we have enough of that in washington we need to reach out to each other and see if we can find some common ground i will tell you it is chief executive's responsibility to do that he hasn't reached out to his own national security people, for example, with the immigration issue that we were just talking about he didn't talk to his own people not talking to democrats, that is the responsibility of the president of the united states, president obama did a lot of reaching out to republicans, early on, through a lot of the affordable care stuff always reaching out. maria: oh, come on affordable care act don't go there -- put through has absolutely no support on republican side at all. >> are you kidding me? he had no support? i am saying he reached out for months and months, including in the stimulus bill incorporated tax cuts into stimulus bill many democrats didn't want we wanted straight infrastructure spending to do -- juice up economy. >> how many so many, many
8:39 am
executive orders. >> because the republicans were blocking every single thing he did. he had no choice. but if he want to get anything done, to do executive orders you know it i know it -- says he his number one goal mitch mcconnell said number one goal was to making sure president obama didn't have a second term. they blocked his jobs bill didn't vote not one vote for health care, their whole mo to destroy obama and make him a one termer don't turn around, so don't turn around two weeks into trump's presidency and say boy you guys are being really unfair, look this is not the rotary club this is politics, a full contact support if you can't take heat get out of the kitchen. >> i think also important to know that part of the reason donald trump won the election is because of those executive orders it was agency much repudiation against prident obama as it was the fact there was no message. from your candidate. >> look. >> let's not or go fte reality is your team lost.
8:40 am
>> i like some of his executive orders, small business regulation, i agree with it. renegotiating tpp i agree with it, about those finding a way to make nafta work for places like youngstown warren akron, ohio sit down and do that i am not here to butt heads with him every turn i am here to work with him if we can but as i said, he is not even reaching out to his own people on policy decisions, he certainly not reaching out to the democrats, but we stand ready if there is something we can work on. >> congressman one final question are democrats going to put anybody under 70 years old in power? in leadership? >> [laughter] >> well -- i did my part i did my part -- >> i did my part to try to try, you know i think we do need new faces in the democratic party and i think we need a solid approach that reaches out to all corn efrz of the country i think we have a good agenda. that we need to just push and get out we need to rebuild the country we need broadband in every corner of the kin to
8:41 am
unlock certain communities that just can't compete in the new economy because they don't have the new america 2.0 infrastructure like broadband, in you know education reform all the rest. so we have an agenda. but we've got to be willing to sit down try to o either good it through. maria: part of that issue is the party is being hijacked by extreme left is that a fair statement? >> well, we're in era in the country of stream partisanship i think president trump needs to do a better job of figuring out how to do things without inciteing everybody in the country and in the world. now you look at what is going on with -- with refugees people coming over here. no bureaucratic system is perfecifhings we need to do fine if reality if we are concerned with refugees coming over people coming overing a terrorists probability not going to come from yemen probably not going to come from syria. >> why not. >> probable going to be smart
8:42 am
enough to come through a european country, into the united states. and so let's sit downfying out how we can work with our european allies, to tighten things up to make sure that we are covering the entire ground. we have a really strong vetting process, of course, can be improved but he didn't need to could it in a way that makes it hostile to where tech companies are freakin' out because you know they have muslim workers o two a doctor at cleveland clinic getting stopped not allowed back into the country, you don't need to do this, it just there is too much chaos with trump drama sit down relax breathe through nose let's figure out how to work together and get the country going again. maria: quick peter. >> i have to say i watched you closely when you were running your campaign for excuse me minority leader i think you would have made a great one i don't believe you would have fought at every single step at every single turn, way schumer and pelosi are do you have reaction to that. >> i think we do need to pick spots i think we have to find
8:43 am
points of agreement but there are people are -- are excited about a couple of these nominees i think that -- immigration issue the muslim issue, inkrooitsdz a lot of sensibilities including mine public sector muslims in line trying to get in the country going to tell refugees want a save heaven sometimes united states sometimes other kinds coming from a war we started guys we started this war. so we have some responsibility, so no, i don't think you fight on every turn, i think you try to find some common ground when there are basic issues that violate our values, you stand up and you fight and we're giving him i think will give him a lot more hearings for supreme court justice than theepublicans gave the president obama so it is importaor us to remember that as well. maria: congressman good to have you on program we will be watching thanks so much. >> thanks, maria. maria: congressman joining us there we are waiting remarks from president trump at
8:44 am
national breakfast the prayer board ofs. we'll be right back.
8:45 am
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8:47 am
. maria: welcome back 45 minutes away from the opening bell markets, lower this morning we are at lows of the morning right now dow industrials now expecting a decline 60 points, nasdaq down 11, couple names watching macy's stock, is looking higher reportedly considering a possible sale. the "new york post" is reporting that longtime ceo is set to be weighing the move before he steps down this quarter, macy's shares a bit off tesla dropping motors to tesla inc to move behind just selling high end cars energy products like panels, 2.6 billion dollars, back in november -- >> blowout earnings from intelligent names microsoft apple facebook sam horizon reporting tonight host of "varney & company" stuart varney joins me looking at tech in the spotlight. >> i continue my as on the
8:48 am
itchment at performance of big tech xeens apple, 246 billion dollars in cash, facebook last night 1.8 billion monthly users, a every year tonight amazon, i don't know whether going to spun out or what i do know that if you look at numbers it will be a shock maria you and i have covered financial news a few years, i have covered it for decades longer than you have i have never, ever seen such a concentration of financial power among the four or five top american big name technology companies never seen this before, remember, they are now in opposition to president trump. on ideologic grounds and trade grounds on visa grounds, this is quite a confrontation that is coming here. maria: incredible part of the issue the technology seeped into so many industries right tech changed transportation,
8:49 am
changed health care, it changed retailing one of the reasons for power base that it is not just traditional tech, it is technology changing so many industries. >> that is very true, i mean seeped into automobile industry. >> true. >> i don't know what percentage of a car these days comes from silicon valley or computer oriented. >> you the is big and growing. i just i don't think i have ever seen that kind of concentration of financial power. the money these guys have, the influence that brings, is really astonishing i love it. >> president trump doesn't like monopolies we will see where that goes. >> sigh in 10 minutes thank you "varney & company" top of the hour after "mornings with maria" join stuart 9:00 a.m. eastern nfl takes super bowl patrons on the ride of their life, cheryl casone is on the ground houston, and norm nfl star jack brewer check it
8:50 am
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regime back houston home to nasa johnson space center should come no surprise space travel agency in presuper bowl festivities cheryl casone and former nfl star jack brewer took a ride on virtual reality trip to mars and back lived to tell the tell a cheryl? >> maria, good morning, yeah,
8:54 am
it was two minute ride full of thrills nasa does want go to mars to make it happen, as far as the ride how would you dry what we went through yesterday for maria. >> i was freaked out. >> whoa. >> ready -- >> about to go up 90 feet so we can drop 90 feet. >> you are afraid of heights. >> i can't believe you talked me into this. >> standing in the middle of the field. >> only thing missing here is you. >> oh, boy. >> to mars -- >> oh, my god. >> in space -- >> aah. >> -- space -- approaching mars. >> beautiful. >> yeah. >> wow.
8:55 am
>> [screaming] [laughter] >> i did not say anything that was on tv -- >> [laughter] it was cool here we go, oh, man. >> you okay. >> i was just -- happy that i -- >> look, we just want to mars. >> that was -- >> you owe us. maria: what we do for you maria right jack. >> that is right. we love you a lot of fun, crazy outhere but an experience today if in texas come down. >> you have spunk dagen and i talking about when you went on that roller-coaster ride, cheryl, meanwhile, how about
8:56 am
this guys former president he george h.w. bush his wife barbara flipping the county before 2017 super bowl according to spokesperson, jack what do you think about that who do you think former president is rooting for? >> well, i mean i am sure a fan but he wishes watching dallas cowboys president bush is a very, veryed a mired person in texas i am a texan as well as cheryl. >> our home state you know the thing hometown so much buzz so many well wishes from all over on a local perspective, but i can't imagine what that stadium is going to be like when he comes out to do that coin toss sunday. >> we are going to be there we will let you know. >> no question. >> thank you, cheryl and jack we will see you later, thanks for that remember you can watch super bowl only on one network live on the fox network sunday night 7:eght 6:3 eastern. >> all-star panel when we come
8:57 am
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>> we're awaiting comments from president trump at the national prayer breakfast. we're scratching our heads with tim ryan saying we started this war. >> to push back, i don't know what he's talking about as if we asked for 9/11 going down that road. in terms of syria and the
9:00 am
crisis that president trump is trying to deal with. the situation in syria was created because of the vacuum by president obama, there was a red line and essentially putin and assad took over. maria: we'll see you, everybody, here is stuart. stuart: let's not hold back on this. it was a right, an ugly, violent riot, free speech took another hit. berkley, california, a reporter was invited to speak, they shut him down. trump supporters were assaulted. one woman was pepper sprayed by a royter. at dawn this morning, prime minister fired off this tweet, if uc berkeley doesn't allow free speech, look at it, no federal funds.


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