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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 5, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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degeneration. so many eye disorders can be treated if caught early. make a plan today to get your eyes checked. visit to learn more. >> there is only one person to go nuclear and that is senate majority leader mitch mcdonald. >> if you can, mitch, go nuclear. that would be a shame if a man of this quality was put on the web. >> lou: we'll talk about the dems of destructionism with the chairman of the house freedom caucus, congressman mark meadows. good evening, everyone. president trump talking on the dems and their head clown and
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urging republican cans and mitch mcconnell to go nuclear to confirm his nominee to the supreme court. judge neil gorsuch. he was confirmed to his seat on the 10th circut court of appeals without a single dissenting vote back in 2006. >> there is a certain dishonesty if if they go from their vote and he got a unanimous endorsement. from the education and experience and stand point. great, great student and intlejukt. supreme court white and kennedy, he clerked. and i think it is really, really great. we want him to go through an elgrant process as opposed a demeaning process.
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>> lou: vice-president mike pence joined gorsuch. mcconnell on the senate floor echo onning president trump's call for democrats to treat gorsuch fairly. >> that's right, map dame president, not a single democrat opposed gorsuch's nomination. not senator obama, senator clinton or kennedy. not a single democrat still serving with us opposed him. i hope that all senate colleagues will give him determination when we did clinton and obama. >> lou: my first guest said democrats haven't learned why they keep losing. voters are sick of them playing politic. joining me is congressman mark
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meadows. it looks like the majority leader decided enough of the schumer nonsense and those who are following him on the other side of the aisle. >> well, bravo for the leader. the american people, you are right lou. they want us to deliver. the supreme court nominee, the president couldn't have done a better job with the pick. not only unanimous last time but his credentials were incredible. and the democrats came out with the talking points that they had prepared hours ahead. it didn't matter who was nominated. the american people see through that. it is time to go to work on their behalf. >> lou: your chamber, meeting with rand paul, and bill
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casscanidy and those senators and talking about repeal legislati legislation and perhaps more. where is the tax cut that the democrats, i mean the republicans and this president promised? are they in the priority and where is the repole? how can congress take 60 plus votes on repealing obamacare and not have a plan and proposal ready to go with this president who had promised to repeal almost at the same time, repeal and replace? >> well, lou, what we see you are right. there is a tendency to slow things down on the house side or senate side. the american people want action. they don't want talk anymore. i am here to tell you that congressman jim jordan and i know upon he is a guest many
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times with you here, lou. we are calling on our house leadership to put the repeal bill on the president's desk lest it goes luke 2015 when president trump vetoed that. there is no reason to not pass it through the house and senate. we need to do it and act now and enough talking. it is time for action. >> lou: you and many other members of the conference, i have to ask you, congressman, is the leadership of the house just lazy? what is the reason for the delays? why don't vihave a plan and making sense here and where is the tax cut? >> they are not lazy. they are working behind the scenes. it is time to make a decision. when you look at tax cut and coming in and doing tax reform. i met with chairman brady today.
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it is important to quit talking and we have the debate out in open. and make sure we take our case to the american people. ultimately, it is the american people we serve. >> lou: you know, in the very old days. not only hearings and bringing in. but doing so before the legislation was written, and basing much legislation written on the hearings. a hearing now means that the public listens to you interminably. it is awful what the congress is doing given the control of the president, congress and it looks like someone is trying to puck it up. >> there are some that are
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trying to slow it down. >> lou: got to be careful. >> what we have to do is act. and so we are call canning onnous our house leadership to act quickly and get out. you mention the senator casside and senator rand paul. he has a very good plan and we are taking aspects of the ideas that were shared by casscan ide. there is a cocan alition from senator paul. the members of the house caucus will introduce that this coming monday. we'll have a repeal and replacement vote and have it in february and put it on the president's desk and so he can sign it iolaw. >> lou: great for you and the house and freedom caucus. it will be interesting to see if there is a current of influence
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run aring through capitol hill and big pharma and k- street and whether it is playing a part in the delays and whether it will come to get something done. good on you and the caucus and paul. mark meadows, as always good to have you. >> thank you, lou. >> lou: caucus against the free speech. >> the it doesn't work that way, folks. you will work with people who disagree wu. >> lou: president trump threatening to pull the funding over the university's violent behavior. and president trump's policy resonant with companies. samsung considering to bringing
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>> lou: the chief executive of uber announced he is stepping down from president trump's economic advisory council. his decision coming one day
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before the group was set to washington. he wrote a memo, joining the group was not meant to be an endorsement of the president and agenda and unfortunately it is misinterpreted to be that. joining us is charlie hurt. david horrowiowa tz and author of the new big "big agenda, president trump's plan to save america. ". david, your organization and mi lo working together at uc berkely. we understand they cancelled the speech two hours before it was set to take police. they didn't have adequate police or officials who refused to stop the 150 an ark sift who
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destroyed property and injured people; is that a correct summation? >> yeah, this is the launch of the anticampus campaign and the people spvenlt janet napolitano, former head of the security security who named the california campuses and define, it is really in opposition to the patriot act. they encouraged this. why weren't people arrested? this is going on for decades. i can't go to a campus without body guards and there is no conservative who is a target of the left that can do so. andhat is a responsibility of the administrators. they all need to be prosecuted. defund them and make them pay. one good thing is the election of trump, now we'll have an
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attorney general who will investigate these facist. that's what they are. these organizations that commit violence and have violent protest and throw them in jail where they belong. >> lou: and charlie, we have this and the demonstrations in washington d.c., the riots on inauguration day leaving aside the saturday protest, however you would like to describe those. and arresting 216 people in washington d.c. i was shocked that the washington police actually responded. but in the case of uc berkely, you are looking at maybe an outdated notion, that our academic institutions, our colleges, our universities and academic freedom and cure freedom of speech and assembly.
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this is beyond any expectation i think for anyone certainly that is a product of the '60s and takes a look at what is happening now. is inverse. >> it is supposed to be a case where kids learn discipline and challenged intellectually and mentally and physically. and david is right. it is astonish issuing. they should have arrested every single one of them and put them in jail. by whatever force wases ryder considering what they were doing. but to me the most disgusting thing that happened was they cancelled the speech. people try to dismiss mi lo as a provoke tour as if that matters. provocative, mainstream whatever. he has a right to speak. the idea that the university
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would back down. d move tanks in and put this down and so the person can speak. >> lou: they made one arrest and withdrew polices and never put the police up against then arkist who were making. and a girl with make america great hat peppered sprayed and unconscious. >> if you do it 2 or 3 times, the thugs would get the message. the argument they are not students of campus and travel around. okay, start arresting them and you will fix a lot of problems in the places. that's terrific. >> lou: it is terrific that david and your organization is working to bring attention and break the cycle of utter ignorance that seized so many public and private, campuses in
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california and around the country. i want to tend to iran quickly. president trump said nothing is off of the table here, david, after saying clearly and determining they would be put on notice and general flynn making that announcement yesterday and today, a missile launch in defiance. your thoughts of where we will go from here and likely to go. >> i hope they reare inconstitute sanctionses and pulls the plug on on the phony deal. >> lou: interestingly, that doesn't seem to be the thinking here. they are going to hold to the deal and sanctions they are talking about crafting, as i understand it so they would not be in violations of the deal which i find utterly remarkable. >> you can consider it step one. this administration is under siege.
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we have a democratic party that is destroying the american electoral system. actresses calling for a military coup. we have democrats sabostaging the incoming administration. >> lou: and a quarterback that wanted to see the the american president assassinated and the secret service is not following up on any one of those expressions? >> that is a mystery to me. and a state department leaking presidential conversations. it is a mess. >> lou: it is a mess and seis dengz. i call it subversion. i haven't come to sedition but close. >> you are right about the iran sanctions. i think some sanctions are better than none. but what it underscores is how
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pernicious the deal is. and the actual damage that barak obama did and john kennedy did lifting the global sanctions on iran and it may be impossible to get the tooth paste back in the tube. it is a good reminder of how damaging the last administration was. >> lou: indeed. we only need a faint reminder on occasion. charlie and david, gentlemen, thank it you. follow me on twitter and follow me on instagram on>> lo >> the democrats are trying to stop the nominee. neither one of the supreme court justices were subject to the 60
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but there's plenty of time if you know where to look. now you can own a 1e sub-compact tractor for just $99 a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. >> lou: i don't want to be overly critical of the demss but then how could i be? and a few thought it's reckless disregard of the public safety and mr. trump was sworn in not even two weeks ago. yet only six of his appointees are confirmed fewest since 1933 at this juncture in his president the see. democrats showing contempt by boy cotting another committee vote on scott pruett.
7:26 pm
republicans on the senate environmental committee did what the finance committee. they suspended rules to advance prosecute for an up and down vote. dems attacking the nominees without basis what so ever and pledging to block in my opinion one of the finest nominees in supreme court history without even meeting the band. warren, ryden and brown are at a level of radical that we have not seen. and they are behaving like anarchist and they are an embarrassment to the senate. their leader senator chuck schumer offered an incredible defense of his obstructionist pigheaded destructive tactics, claiming that president trump didn't put forth a normal cabinet. schumer is truly the head clown that trump calls him and few
7:27 pm
have respect or meaning for him after his conduct in the last two weeks. former clinton running mate tim kaine even less rational, it is appalling in his behavior call canning on dems to fight back against president trump and congress in he cou and oh, yes>> the streets. did you hear that? tim kaine in the streets? here is counsellor to the president kelly ann counsel way. >> the democratic party is unravelled and revealed. they are hysterical about everything. it is everything they cry and scream. >> lou: the democrats forfeitted any claim to be a partner with president trump. i believe only merit our
7:28 pm
contempt now. the quotation of the evening from pj who said this. two most frightening words in washington is bip partisan consensus. he said bipartisan consensous is when my doctor and lawyer grooe agree with my wife that i need help. there is a lot more to cover today and a lot more to cover in washington. you know the popullist revolution? it looks like it is here. we'll have more for you next. president trump promises his nominee neil gorsuch will be an outstanding supreme court justice. >> i have selected an individual whose qualities define what we are looking for. judge gorsuch has outstanding legal skill and a brilliant legal mind and earned bipartisan
7:29 pm
support. >> the dean ed rollins joins us now. and the president slams the dishonest left wing media and about time the left wing media straightens out its act. we'll take up the president's war with the media, next. ♪ you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor recommended gaviscon. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon.
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7:33 pm
united states? it is under considerable strain tonight. british prime minister theresa may felt compel ped to intervene in u.s. politics and give a view on president trump's executive order on vetting. days after she declared solidarity with mr. trump in the white house. >> this role on the policy that president trump introduced this government is clear that policy is wrong. we wouldn't do it in six years and i never viewed. we believe it is divisive and wrong. >> lou: that is plain unfortunate for the prime minister. of course, national security ram ifshgzs surrounding illegal immigration helped to drive the brexit vote. today the house of commons voted to authorize the prime minister
7:34 pm
with article will 50. joining me is ed rollins. this is just an incredible moment in our history, is it not? the president of the united states beseeching the senate majority leader to go nuclear to put it to a simple 51 majority. >> we think we ought to get rid of the filibust arer rules. >> lou: what ever it takes. >> it is extraordinary thing that the president announced last night. and he is a brilliant guy and should be passed by more than the republican and they should pass him when he was passed to be in the appeal's court. >> lou: the president said something on point and exact. said that this man, neil gorsuch, an outstanding judge
7:35 pm
and extraordinary man. n should be elegant and not demeaning and the ignorance that is displayed by senate schumer, the head clown as the president calls him. they are vile and radicals and they are trying to bespoil everything about this process and shame on them. >> i agree with you. you can't take someone like judge gorsuch with an extraordinary record and i was good friends with his mother who was a epa supporter and she was driven from office on the left wing press. she has to be proud from henlooking down on her young son. there is not a single thing you couldn't find fault with this man and is a great tribute to the president to do that. >> lou: he couldn't have chosen
7:36 pm
better. even the dems agree with that in their quiet moment. we are headed to the confirmation. six nominees of the president are confirmed and that is about half of what is normally confirmed in this juncture and previous presidents going back to clinton. this is going to happen and the democrs continue to make it a trevail and painful as it can be. how long can schumer? what will be the consequences for schumer? he is acting like a complete [bleep]. he wants to be the opposition leader in the senate. and they can sit there and throw hand grenades but they will lose senate seats and the country will see they are challenging people for no reason other than politics.
7:37 pm
>> lou: looking at where we are headed with this presidency, he travelled to a base in delaware where the young chief petty office of the u.s. seal team six, his remains were brought home, your thoughts about him quietly, the president quietly traveling over to the base to be there. >> i think it was a superb effort. william owenses was a bright young man and 36 years old and dedicated his life to the navy seal and many points of action and he was a real leader. unfortunately in battlegrounds, you have tragedy and they need to be be recognized as american heroes. the president did do that. and he went there and a great message to our troops. >> lou: and exemptulary that
7:38 pm
nothing was made of this. it was a heart felt gesture and one that our men and women deserve in serving this nation and unfortunately in this instance, making the ultimate sacrifice. the alienation and polar zaugz that the left wing media talks about, i get the sense that there is cover for someone else. the president is experting leadership. it is not been but two weeks and look at all that is moving ahead. >> i don't think they anticipated he would be successful. >> lou: it must scare the hell out of him. >> they said you could not get good team. he's got them there and showed leadership the other night when he fired the acting attorney general for her stand up. >> lou: her betrachlt >> and sent a loud message to
7:39 pm
certain extent fulfilling the promises that he made. the new team is running at full speed right now. >> lou: and all of the media and dems clacking. and trying to say that this extreme vetting order that he issued could have been handled better. i don't think you could have better served notice on every country in the world that there's a new approach here and this president will defend our border and control immigration, and put our national security and the safety of americans first. i thought it was a brilliant notice to the entire world. >> he promised to do that in the campaign and it was important thing to do. it is not a ban, it is a restriction on people coming in until we figure out who they are. >> lou: i join the president. i don't give a damhat you call it. it is about making americans safe and that is good for me.
7:40 pm
ed, good to have you here. historical time. we'll have more straight ahead. the white house calling out the dem's effort to block the supreme court nominee. >> the so- called 60 vote standard is not accurate. democrats are grasping at strawses to block the qualified nominee. >> lou: will the left fall in line or will republicans need to go nuclear? the jay sekelow joins us next. >> we'll show the dramatic >> we'll show the dramatic moments and the video coming when a cold calls... achoo! ...answer it. with zicam cold remedy. it shortens colds, so you get better, faster. colds are gonna call. answer them with zicam! zicam. get your better back.
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>> lou: joining me now is jay sekelow, chief counsel for the american law and justice. >> thank you, lou. >> lou: the president laying it out he will protect american and national security and secure our borders. let's start with the extreme vetting executive order. >> it is clearly constitutional.
7:45 pm
the president has the authority and recognized by the supreme court precedent to do what he did. the fact of the matter is, if people read the executive order on immigration and on the extreme vetting as it is called, it is rather unremarkable. >> lou: it is a little long. >> it was long and a lot of the page and had to be. they laid out the statutory basis on which it was done. president obama infer did it that he tried to change the law. but president trump did it on the law and constitution. what is the deal? should we vet the people coming in from the countries? the answer is yes. >> lou: even though five judges made their attempt to run at it,
7:46 pm
as you say it is constitutional and these judges are making political judgments and not proper legal judgments. and let me turn to the opposition that has sprung up around gorsuch. i never have seen a a supreme court nominee with resume and respect from all quarter ares of the legal profession and political bely is universal and he's a remarkable candidate. what happens to him? will there be a nuclear option in your judgment and should there be if he is to be opposed by dems just because of their own recklessness and pettiness? >> in 8 or 9 weeks, we'll call him eight weeks justice gorsuch. i had a case in front of the judge and made a great decision
7:47 pm
and took it to the supreme court and involved the ten commandments and won unanimously. and how he writes or reasons. they agreed with the position we advocated. and it was the law. is he going to be confirmed, yes? will they try to mount opposition? sure they will try? it is not so much the senators as the public advocacy groups demanding something. >> lou: can we just say the hell with them? i want to go to something else. we are talking about a legal profession in every law school in the country. they get less of an education than a undoctorination and lileral viewses in their education as attorneys? >> there is no doubt in the legal academy, it is not only
7:48 pm
left of center and i give lectureses in the law schools. there is rare exception. i teach at regent university. and they are an exception. the liberal community is tilted left and drive the law through an ideological lens that is contrary to our history and the constitution and foundation of which most law students don't read. >> lou: should not the republican party focus on the issues and come can up with a counter veiling strategy and tactic and neutralize that kind of indoctorination? any shouldn't the american bar association have standards that are balanced and constitutional
7:49 pm
foundation? >> they study the law on the bananas. there are law schools that don't have required courses anymore. >> lou: that is okay. we have schools that start teaching american history from 1887. >> the lawyers become judges and some of them end up on the supreme court of the united states. and so we have to understand the constitution is at stake whether a supreme court nominee or supreme court case or the law student. >> lou: jay sekelohank you for being with us and thank y for your assuran on justice gorsuch. >> thank you. >> lou: roll the video. a california bike race turns nearly fatal.
7:50 pm
a bike pile up. one cyclist crashed and he rolls over the guard rail on the other side. his bike flies in the air. and danningling over a 30 foot deep canyon and he was retrieved as his bike and walked away with only minor injuries. up next president trump offering up a prayer for arnold swartsnegar. >> the ratings went down the tubes and it is a total disaster and mark will never bet against trump again. and i want to pray for arnold if we can for those ratings. okay. >> the president referring to mark burnet, the executive producer of the "the
7:51 pm
apprentice", his old friend and business colcan league. the terminator took a few shots of his own. because he is now talking about the president of the united states. how did he do, gale trotter and mark slo an join me next and mark slo an join me next and we'll tell afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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7:55 pm
asked you should senator mitch mcconnell go nuclear if the dems continue with their obstruction. 94 percent of you said yes. we love that. we are building consensus here on the "lou dobbs tonight" show. thank you for voting and please vote tonight as well. join ming is gail trotter, radio talk be show host on new york's wor and mark simon, thank you for being here. we'll start with milo and the uc berkely which ruled out the constitution. >> millo is a brave courageous young man. i had an opportunity to meet him in the republican convention in cleveland. and he will not back down and he is a warrior for the first amendment. and it is sorry and sad to see a public university not standing up for our first stewingal right
7:56 pm
freedom of speech and see the violent protest that erupt. >> lou: uc berkly didn't stand up. but cancelled the speech two hours before it happened. and didn't move police in to stop the anarchist. and they said to hell with their responsibilities as a public constitution. >> this is a university run by janet napolitano who couldn't secure a campus for one night. >> lou: or a few hours. and the left, the democrats are digging their own grave. you think democrat and think of fire and limousine and blowing up and rocks through windows. >> lou: you think of the democrats in the senate and blocking and running from vote and blocking the confirmation of the president's nominees. >> he looked like sully sullenberger and the head of the
7:57 pm
student council can. and chuck schumer said he is an extremist and not a normal. >> lou: you have knownchumer for a long time. >> don reveal that, please. >> lou: the man isberrive of character and prince and he will is an oportunist and his actions are deplorable. >> he is beloved by both sides of the aisle who say wake him up in 3:00 in the morning. donor service. >> and clown. >> lou: and head clown as president trump has branded him. it looks like the democrats can't do anything but bleat and bray like barnyard animals and accomplish nothing. nominees are going through?
7:58 pm
>> they will, president trump is going to have his cabinet and the democrats in doing all of this stuff, echoing what they did in wisconsin when scott walker tried to get through legislation and they fled the state. and the democrats are trying to do the same thing in washington. their efforts are creating a foil that president trump can say, look they are obstructionist and getting in the way of the people's business and they deserve to be punished in the midterm elections. >> this is not going to change the balance of the court. they should have saved this for the next round. >> lou: you make a point. there are others today who are saying, that this was the perfect time for judge gorsuch and his name to be put forward by the president. i agree with you. if that was the game that was
7:59 pm
played here, the strategic game. he is definitely an ace. but the heritage foundation and the federalist society put together a list of 21 names that everyone will be thrilled with. >> well, most folks. >> everyone who loves the constitution will be thrilled. >> lou: two things very quickly and we'll make it one thing because of the time. serving notice on iran. today, missiles are launched. what do do you think of the decision to put them on notice? what does it mean and will it be effective? >> you remember when president trump did this with syria and said he was drawing a redline. i think president trump will handle it different when he put ps iran on notice. >> and obama said nothing is off
8:00 pm
of the table and like how obama handle today. >> lou: we'll see the consequence and where the two men depart. make and gale, thank you for you. ♪ >> tucker: violent riots last night at the university of california at berkeley, you watch them break out live on the show last evening. the man who made that campus tremble joins us tonight in studio for his first interview following the outbreak of violence. good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." few people are hated more by the left than milo yiannopoulos. the jewish immigrant who has become the face of the right. evidence was on full display last night at berkeley where milo was scheduled to speak but was evacuated shortly before the speech for his own safety. watch what happened.


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