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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  February 8, 2017 12:00pm-2:01pm EST

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>> what do you say, liz? liz: what are you politicizing shopping for and politicizing clothes for? effectively i'm paraphrasing. >> everything's political these days. the super bowl was political, for heaven's sake. >> no, thank you. >> i'm about to hand it over to neil cavuto. nonetheless i could not read what was on that prompt moments ago. so, neil, i am uncovered as requiring lenses . neil: you need a prompter? fantastic. i love how you are like a dog with a bone because you think you are onto it. it is the defining moment of these markets and this young presidency. and it's important. >> it's a very important story. you've been leading the way on this on fox news channel and on coast to coast. i think it's one of the most important stories there is for investors in our audience.
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>> and if it's delayed or watered down, man, or, man. but great stuff. very good stuff. thank you very, very much, stuart. all right. we are on top of that. stuart has been none stop on this. we're going to continue on this. what is the status of this? because this, what you're seeing happening on the floor of the senate now is what we call a distraction, my friends. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto on cavuto coast to coast. they might as well be praying for just peace amongst themselves because ever since senator warren was told to step down from the microphone because she was getting a little too personal in her attacks on senator jeff sessions as attorney general quoting from a letter, she said was just one from scott king 30 years ago. a lot of questions had been raised here as to whether this is about theater or about substance. the bottom line is this: the
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more this kind of stuff goes on, the less anything else goes on. and that is a worry to some on the right and the left here. but some suspecting maybe that's part of the agenda here. the dow down about 46 points here. again, in and of itself not necessarily telegraphing any big, big concerns here. but i am joined by senator mike, republican of south dakota. i know you were in this providing role, this position last night as to whether form was broken by senator warren here getting very personal on this. that was what mr. connell said. because now in rapid fire session we've seen three democratic senators quoting the same greta scott king letter that she was attempting to quote last night. how is this getting? the distraction itself? >> well, we're actually just burning time in the senate right now. there's a limit to debate. and we already know what the vote's going to look like.
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we know that senator sessions will become the next united states attorney general. but in the meantime, individuals can get onto the floor and if done correctly, they have the opportunity to express support or disapproval for the nomination. but we have rules about how that's done. there is still a sense of decourtroom that we try to maintain in the senate and, unfortunately, last night, the individual who was in the chair at the time felt that senator warren had violated rule 19, which is one that maintains decorum, and it just says you can't impute to another city or that's becoming a united states senator. and when that first warning was given, they have an opportunity to not do again. unfortunately, the second time around the majority leader came around and said he felt she was in violation of rule 19. the chair ruled that that was their opinion as well. that can then be overturned if
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the body says they disagree. in this particular case, the body agreed with the ruling of the chair that she was in violation of rule 19 and the penalty for that is that you can't speak to that particular subject, the nomination of senator sessions for the rest of the debate. neil: so when did it become personal when she was quoting from this letter just to bring viewers up to speed, senator, you are well versed in this, as well as procedures in the senate. it was a letter from king. considered for a judgeship number martin luther king's widow had said that it would be a mistake and that he should not be considered. that he had a history of frightening elderly young black voters and for this reprehensible conduct, he should not be for judgeship. was it the reprehensible word,
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the line in that letter that was the dividing point, the trigger point where it broke the corium? >> in the table in front of us, it was actually you write out that form in longhand and put it before the body so everybody can see the language to be discussed. neil: but we should stress that the letter was available within the record for everyone to read. you just couldn't read it in that form. is that right? >> correct. because it is imputing to another member of e senate. a sitting member of the senat s. neil: right. >> something which is derogatory to them. and once again, it's a matter, and i think on the other side if i'm not seeing it, if somebody else is saying it, then i can get away with it. and the answer to that is rule 19 varies very clear. it says you cannot directly or indirectly impugn another member. neil: then what happens, senator. here's where i'm confused on what's impugning.
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because when i remember ted cruz ripping mitch mcconnell a new one that he lied over and over and over again. i forgot that he said it was a famous incident. when i remember saying that the cancerous leadership under harry reid. where does one draw the line on what's offensive? >> the way that the senate rules are set up. and it's a very good question. in the case last night, as a matter of fact, senator king asked that question of me afterward. . neil: right. >> and what he said was is calling someone a floor on the senate a violation of rule 19? my response is in the opinion of the chair, it would be. but rule 19 says you have to act upon that at the time that it occurs. so if it would have been at the time that someone calls another member on the floor a liar, it would have been up to the person in the chair at the time if it was their opinion that it violated rule 19.
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neil: so let's say you were justified in doing what you did, sir. the rules are the rules, i understandhat. but if you had given the democrats, the senator from massachusetts and others who had been critical of this administration and its pointees an opportunity to say they had been wronged. >> oh, most certainly they have that opportunity. and that's what they're doing now. the question is will it change their few vous in the future? this should go both ways. it's not just calling it once. there are some of us that believe that we probably should be reminding people more often about the rules and the senate including. neil: by the way, you have always been very dignified in your approach to this, so take it from me if it's not a personal attack. what i am asking, though, is when senator -- >> i don't view it that way. neil: very good. i admire that because not was not intended that way. when i see three democratic
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senators come to the microphone and essentially quote this letter. how is it that they can do this and senator warren in her venue cannot? >> the -- and i'm not familiar with how far they went. but in the opinion of the member who is sitting in the chair at the time. in their opinion, it either did not rise to the level of impugning a senator, or it did not rise to that level based upon anyone else who was in the chamber at the time. it's not like you can't disagree or challenge what they were doing in actions. but if you personally suggest an attribution to a sitting united states senator, then you could be found in violation of rule 19. neil: okay. all right. i wouldn't survive ten minutes in the senate. i just concluded that i talk first, think later. so i would probably not make it. senator, thank you very, very
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much. very good seeing you. >> thank you. thank you, sir. . neil: all right. i think it's time for a minister who also happens to be a democratic congressman, all around decent guy tries to nil decency on both sides of the aisle. minister, is this getting crazy? >> crazy is a good word but, you know, i guess the term is more connected to macroeconomics. but we are really in a race downhill in terms of the political culture in our country that is also going to negatively impact the whole country. i looked at the senator warren situation this morning. i was in meetings last night, so i didn't see it.
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and then i thought about the series. i thought about joe wilson onyelling out "you lied, president obama. neil: that's right. i remember that. it seems to me we're just going to continue to go down further and further and and. . neil: but he held on the same side with residents who were concerned about the travel ban restriction, whatever you want to call it. and some of them got pretty honoree. so it gets to be incoherent madness. people can obviously disagree. but how does it and can it get back from being so incredibly disagreeable. >> well, i think we can make corrections. i think we can turn things around. but it's going to require intentionallallity. and i think members in
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washington are preoccupied with power. . neil: do you think senator warren. decorum matters, i understand that. but do you think she knew ahead of time that quoting from this letter from scott king and the shot at jeff sessions entertaining a judgeship that she knew it would get responsive and she didn't care. this was all about making a statement. >> i don't know. senator warren that well. neil: would you have quoted that letter? if you were in the senate, and you were doing it, would you have quoted that letter? >> well, it depends as i understand it, and this is from 12,000 miles away. neil: right. >> that she was trying to demonstrate the long hit of
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senator sessions in terms of voting african-americans and so forth. so i don't really know. but i'm not sure that the -- i mean, if we could erase last night. neil: right. >> i think both sides, i think america would be better. the political class of this town is going to have to come to grips, and i think very quickly with the fact we're taking this country downhill. now, i know most people are going to disagree when i say this could very well dispel the decline of the american empire in terms of the direction we're going. but i am absolutely convinced great nations. great republics don't die by murder. they die by suicide. and that's exactly where we're taking this country right now, and you can just come over here on the hill and look at what's going on every single day, and it's not healthy for the future of this republic. at some point we're going to have to say, look, you know, i have a different view than this person and that person. but saying nasty things or
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attacking people and making up things about people is not what i'm going to do. i think that that's going too far. and until or unless we do this, i am convinced that we're on the road to suicide. neil: now, you know, you've been around this town a while in your days as a mayor. and you're looking at everything that's going on. i don't remember anything like this, and i know people, you know, elections bring out great divisions and great deal of anger after this one. i understand all of that. but we have to get stuff done. we have to move forward here. and nothing i see now seems to show we're in that direction. a lot of your colleagues. i'm not casting on one part or the other. >> yeah. neil: they're not -- in fact, they vow not to work with this administration and they're void by a politico poll right now that says two-thirds should fight this
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administration on all cost on all issues all the time, all appointments. that's a little troubling. >> well, i'm not going to fight the administration. in fact, i hope the administration comes forwards with a sound and solid plan for some kind of infrastructure legislation that could pass on both sides and a make sense funding mechanism and i think that's in the best interest of the people in the fifth congressional district in missouri that i represent. and, you know, if people want to vote against me because i'm interested in building an infrastructure with donald trump or with the oakland raiders. i work with the oakland raiders to build an infrastructure. there ought to be some things that we can say. okay. we're going to put partisanship aside. this is what's good for the country. and if we don't do it, we're
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in trouble. neil: do you think then given the fact that donald trump has five of his cabinet picks at this point, barack obama had 12. maybe that will change in the next couple of days. that it isn't getting better, and it won't get better? >> what i've been told and what i read is that most of the -- nominees that are being stalled in some cases -- probably not all -- don't have all the clearance papers in. you know, the background checks and so forth. so my understanding is that that's the delay. you know, there are some cabinet members i don't particularly care for. however, the administration is going to have to put two in place. if there's a legitimate concern about a candidate, it has to be expressed. but my goodness, everybody is
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not going to be bad. >> yeah. a voice of reason, whether people agree or disagree. my goodness i think i adhere to that old john f kennedy line we all breathe the same air. thank you, my friend. good having you go. >> thank you. neil: in the meantime we're going to be hearing from martin luther king's niece that had a letter that made it across the country 30 years later. you are watching coast to coast. the debate and the anger rolls on.
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saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. . neil: all right. in the middle of this back and forth in the senate and the laying out cabinet picks and all the rest, talk than the all is stymied.
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tax reform. key lawmaker telling me it is still on. take a look. >> i know that we had our caucus meet with the chairman to talk about not only the border adjustment tax but overall tax reform. and what the chairman indicates is that he hopes to have a bill where we can vote on that by this summer. neil: was it your understanding and the chairman's understanding that you would wed the corporate tax relief with the personal income relief at the same time? >> i think you have to, neil, when you really look at comprehensive tax reform. it's an all inclusive as you know from the business standpoint. some of that flows through to individuals, depending on what type of corporation they have. so you have to make it all together. . neil: all right. what he was referring to was conversations he has had with the house chair kevin brady. remember it is in that committee that all of this stuff is going to be cooked up on tax cuts, combining corporate relief, individual rate relief, and to get that going in the next couple of months so that it is on the
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docket and ready to go shortly thereafter to former bush 43 deputy chief of staff, best-selling author on that. well, i think a lot of people in the investment community and elsewhere will be relieved to hear that it hasn't been forgotten. but then automate looking at some of these on the senate floor, and i'm wondering will it ever happen. what do you think's going on? >> well, first of all, it will happen. it will probably have to happen in the form of the final budget reconciliation bill this fall. because any tax cut is unlikely to get 60 votes in the senate. so they'll probably use the fall fy2018 bill to pass the reform. neil: and you do it with a simple majority. you don't have to go -- >> simple majority. right. now, the downside is that it's on the books for only ten years. this is what happened to the bush tax cut. but nonetheless when the bush
12:22 pm
tax cuts came up for renewal at the end of that ten-year period, virtually all of them were kept. so in all likelihood if they get such a bill done, it will be kept. yeah, you're right. but right now, i feel like people are things are spinning out of control. when an administration comes in and likes to leave a comprehensive, consistent, strong message about the things that matter most to people, and, you know, we've gotten stuck in little battles that didn't matter at all. neil: right. >> that were avoidable, you know, what was the size of donald trump's inauguration crowd? we're stuck now in some little battles that are unavoidable, given the nature of the partisan divisions, the application rule 19 that certain warren's speech last night. but the main thing is that the policy initiative, i'm worried there's less on jobs and economy pro growth tax reform and other stuff, including most prominently immigration. so people voted for donald trump in large measure because they were concerned about the
12:23 pm
economy. they need to be emphasizing that, in my opinion, a little bit more. neil: yeah, but it isn't happening. one of the things apparently this house chair has talked about, he wants to avoid personally if he can this whole tenure thing. the only way president bush could do it. but he wants something that would be sweeping in its core. but i'm looking at this same atmosphere and environment you are, and this might be the best that he can hope for. >> well, that may be right. but kevin brady where under the constitution tax measure needs to originate. neil: right. >> and senate finance committee. they have to have big aspirations. they have to try for 60. they have to try to get some democrats aboard and meet with them, compromise, negotiate, see as many as they can get. it's better to have a tax bill if need be passed with 60
12:24 pm
votes rather than 52 votes. but likely they're going to have their life's dream and have it with 60. but start out aim high and settle for something less. neil: i'm told that for the upper income, it might be revenue neutral in that they're not going to get a net tax cut. it will be offset by higher deduction or lower deduction so that they're not paying less taxes. will that be an issue? willingly be a disappointment? what? >> well, two things. first of all, remember, the congressional budget office and the joint committee on taxation do a good job of estimating, you know, how much tax is going to bring in. they overestimate its cost. they underestimate the feedback from economic growth. neil: every time. >> so revenue neutral -- every time. and then second of all in the house and senate republicans are -- have been pushing successfully to get congress to involve itself in dynamic
12:25 pm
scoring. that is to say to begin to take into peculiarity some of the feedback from economic growth. and i think what this means is if it looks like it's revenue neutral, it's actually going to generate a little bit more revenue because of economic growth. not because of higher tax rates. neil: thank you, my friend. we'll have more after this
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.. train to iran's supreme leader is hitting president trump are showing america's true depth of co in the u.s. government. "the wall street journal" executive with us right now. how things are going as we get going on a new relationship year. i imagine that it is already dicey. i guess these remarks are in such a surprise. what they might signal going forward. >> yeah, i think that's right. and the trumpeter is pretty
12:29 pm
clear. this is i think the administration thinking were about to move the story same day thinking about designating the revolutionary guard corps and iran as a terrorist organization that would bring on more sanctions, republicans in the congress of new sanctions and legislation. the goal of the administration is to simply show there's a new sheriff in town and they do not pretty effectively cleared clearly the iranians are doing some testing, too. whales that they've done a ballistic missile test within days the president trump taken president trump taking office. this is a period of testing can isolate dangerous but probably inevitable when donald trump became president of the united states. neil: toners action on that and quite another. it is sort of like redline for this administration. you have to follow. >> that is one of the two
12:30 pm
concerns people have right now. a new tone is good thing. do yu know what the follow-up is and what happens if you put them on notice that on notice it is not the desired effect. what is the next step? there's the danger in people and the iranian opposition make this point you can go too far but the town because one of the things the hard learners want is to have a conflict and rally people around the flag to say our anti-americanism is justified. you couldn't do a deal with these people and there's an election coming up in may and one of the things the hard-line canoeist is too much confrontation with the trump administration to rally people around their cause and to distract attention away from the eternal problems that could cause them some trouble in the iranian election. there is an important election. >> are they going to be as intimidated by our great sanctions if they very begotten a lot of the money frozen for
12:31 pm
decades. obviously they spend a lot of money right now. a lot of money and to pay. they have a great deal of it. so are they really so intimidated by what the trump administration is throwing out? >> it's a good question that the effect is probably pointed beard the bigger blunting effect comes from the fact that whatever the left us, in this case and at this . yars ago, the allies are going to go along. they've exited the sanctions based on their point of view. they've moved on to let stew business at the iranians. the real problem with sanctions now isn't simply the iranians have gotten cash, which they have, but going forward it is unlikely there will be a big multilateral sanctions regime now if there was some years ago. that's the most important thing. neil: no matter how much they
12:32 pm
cheat. >> i think so. having said that, i think the u.s. is not the master of the international financial system. that's what hurts people where they live and that still will be a factor. it's not just a fact year when the germans and japanese and the british are going up on them as less likely now. neil: "wall street journal" executive editor. thank you very much. still waiting for the appeals court ruling. a lot of people reading in between the lines from what those three judges were asking of the trump administration on this whole travel ban delay, whatever you want to call it. whether that's a decision that would not be supported to the white house is anyone's guess. one way or the other, the consensus being this is going to the supreme court.
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>> i think it's sad. i think it's a sad day. our security is at risk today and it will be at risk until such time as we are entitled to get what we are entitled to. a citizen of this country. neil: you know what the president's coming from him executive order that is now being sort of weight by an appeals court in san francisco. three judges to seem to be airing on the side, given their line of questioning, remember
12:37 pm
two of them have to agree to make it go forward. they are not keen on what the president is trying to do with the vetting process and that's been the case with many in the technology community who fear this is doing more harm than good. among them is the ceo of intel, meeting with the president. i believe as we speak on is the bare right now, guys? so a lot of these tech ceos agree a lot with what the president wants to do an economic side, tax cut, lower regulation. even when it comes to stimulating growth, hiring more here. what really sticks in their craw is something they say look in the way of hiring good folks and have a deleterious effect here in the united states. when we hear from intel ceo, of course we will go to that. the former house cometh ceo greg
12:38 pm
rayburn. you've heard from what a lot of your technology colleagues have been saying outside of your specific industry of coors that they go slow on this. nd that it could get in the way of his other agenda. when we think of that? >> i wouldn't necessarily disagree with that. i think what i see in the country today is you've got everybody on the edges and not very many people in the middle. the left being offended every single day and doing marches and petitions and the right focusing on issues that are little bit more third rail of the subway issues than things like he does mention on air, which is that people can support, tax cut for corporations, tax reform. people say that's underway, and these kind of things, infrastructure spending, the kind of things you can get people behind and what is happening is everybody's at the
12:39 pm
extreme end of the argument right now. neil: i think it's been proven in this whole dustup with senator warren and what constitutes hateful comments on the floor of the senate. i'm not here to way back as much as i am this trend of letting up, whether it be public and at every angle. now they return the favor going after this republican president. it knows no bounds. i'm beginning to wonder when i see a political poll that comes out that more than half, close to two thirds bite themout appointments come issues. this will be paramount. >> is interesting because i tend to look at these events like his election and i tried to think about what lessons can we learn and what should this administration take away much of
12:40 pm
the country take away from that event? i think continuously the last leaning liberal media didn't learn anything from the outcome of this election and they sort of demonstrate that every day and they sort of format the action on the extremes and not not really is. -- productive. what i think the administration should learn them is what obama did when he had control of the house and the senate. he shouldn't make that famous day because the reality is obama's actions during presidency or what have lead to tribunal acted and when he had control, he jammed obama carried out half the country that didn't wanted, jammed it down their throat. i came back to bite him, came back to bite hillary clinton. neil: republicans might be doing the same. they will say we tried to work with you. democrats will bring the argument. we know in retrospect that
12:41 pm
wasn't the case. so why can't stand. >> i'll go back to it. what i would advise the administration to do is workon things you can get support behind and put that up front in your agenda. and go there. the majority of this country once the things that i just ticked off and several others were a lot of people want to support that. the other advice i give this administration is somebody's got to take his phone away. neil: that is another issue for another show. i don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. the tit-for-tat is incredible. thank you veteran. good seeing you again. by now you know that disney disappointed with earnings up the chart. the concern about espn and rabiner there, not so much in the theme parks and costs about $800,000 to visit disney world and disneyland. close. very, very close.
12:42 pm
they are expensive parks. the issue now, what they do what the problems they have at espn. charlie gasparino, the story you are not hearing that you probably should.
12:43 pm
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12:45 pm
neil: is waiting for the assembly got it in donald trump resumed the blade on this whole dating issue the biggest increase in traffic from certain areas where our people are far more vulnerable as we wait for what should the ecd. i guess is the decision. charlie gasparino is he with me now. >> i've got to brush up on my trump language. neil: what he is saying is this is a no-brainer. judges and appeals court, go my way. >> listen, i agree with him.
12:46 pm
these are countries where president of imus watchlist the guy i know and you know -- neil: i would call you president gasparino. >> the donald, the president wanted a muslim bed earlier. neil: that came through in a couple questions they were just borderline childish. i am wondering whether all of this stuff, i want to get into th and i promise i will. what is distracting from other issues that i would assume are near and dear from economic boom coming. >> he took a veiled swipe at him. he's a huge supporter he plans republicans for not pushing for a tax-cut and economic agenda. i'm paraphrasing.
12:47 pm
something's going on. the white house is not doing us any favors. so he took major sites that republicans are meant to a minor swipe at the white house which is kind of a detour. i'm just telling you, when matt drudge who is a huge supporter of donald starts talking, president trump -- president donald starts saying you are not doing enough on the economy. neil: he's juggling a lot here and focus on what you're juggling. let's switch gears on disney right now. the report disappointed on the revenue front. was that it? >> a little bit. stocker trout fears >> i think disney is doing pretty good. it is starting to get espn in order, which is a real issue. neil: have you ever been to disney world? >> now, i went years ago. my father took me there in the 70s. didn't it start in the 70s?
12:48 pm
he took me there at 75. that was the last time i was there. what do they do next? what media executives tell fox business, particularly at at&t, which is a competitor. they will do a major deal. twitter i don't think it's a major deal. they don't have a lot of headlines. twitter has to clean up the troll, the people that attacked me in you. they've got to get rid of them. i told back to jack dorsey yesterday. he's following not good a lot of people, even at&t believe that diey will do a transformative deal, something huge. maybe netflix, may a distribution. neil: how much on iger extending his stay. >> they really believe -- people at at&t believe they need to do
12:49 pm
something transformative. >> people don't watch tv as much anymore. here's where twitter makes sense. twitter has an amazing experience of sports experience if you go on twitter you can download games, see plays induced death that millennial star do with espn. they don't watch espn. they do social media stuff for sports. that is where printer makes a lot of sense. neil: the president has made twitter much bigger. >> the stock is up to 18. neil: the president. a friend of mine spoke with the president the other day. he called him president trump and he stopped in and said call me donald. you know me as donald.
12:50 pm
maybe that's why this guy didn't get hired, by the way. maybe that was the man's problem. trained to look at the time. thank you, my friend. the best spirit i don't know if he's on to buy there, but charlie gasparino is seeing a lot of snow. how do we deal? that's a great idea, but why don't you just go to thinkorswim's chat rooms where you can share strategies, ideas, even actual trades with market professionals and thousands of other traders? i know. your brain told my brain before you told my face. mmm, blueberry? tap into the knowledge of other traders on thinkorswim. only at td ameritrade.
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neil: to the right of your screen, and seeing what the lot is now. to the right of your snow is right outside our office in midtown manhattan today is about 61, 62 degrees. 65 which is closer record or will be. to be 25 degrees and we will be under a foot of snow.
12:54 pm
what is going on here? this makes no sense. >> well, actually, if similar to when i was a kid. between december 6 and 17, 1967 and atlantic new jersey between the fifth and 10th got two feet of snow. it was all gone by the 15th because of wanted so much in a foot on the ground the morning of the 17th. we used to see back and forth like this quite often. the last time it happened like this was a member of the super bowl in new york it was nice and warm and then two sons had directly after that. locally 15 inches of snow.
12:55 pm
the wind picks up, temperatures dropped and when it leaves, the wind will continue to blow and so the snow that is fallen will drift back across roads. where is pretty rough, around 10 to 15 degrees. there will be times tomorrow where it is tough to have traffic moving because the rate of snowfall, maybe only for three or four hours will be two to three inches an hour. that kind of thing really snarls traffic. this is similar to a storm. the canadian girls dorm. not much happening in the midwest, but it all congealed on the eastern seaboard of the i-95 corridor and looks like the same thing is going to happen. neil: at the ground is warm from the weather, wouldn't that residual effect limit the amount of snow accumulation tomorrow? >> it does to an extent.
12:56 pm
what happens is that the temperatures down to 27, 28 and the wind is blowing, you will see the snow was again. the interesting thing is when you shovel the snow tomorrow, you will find underneath that keeps melting from below and that means you really try to get it off a evening because it is slushy. it's going to freeze in the evening. there's a lot of things going on here. this is all part of what is a wild weather pattern. this particular winter season. over the last month, dominated in the east. a while until they get done, goes on until then. neil: that's scary stuff. thank you, my friend. always good seeing you. >> take it easy shoveling snow tomorrow. trade too sure, absolutely. for mother nature starts to the political variety and this one is getting heated.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
neil: whatever the differences of those trying to get into this country issue, the tech ceos that parted company on that particular issue are not parting with him on the economic things he wants to do. we have the intel ceo meeting with president trump today and on the wires now saying that it is going to be investing $7 billion in an arizona semiconductor factory. says that factory will employ 3,000 people at its peak. obviously whatever differences they have on one issue, on the economic front and securing more american jobs that remains the case. of course this wrapping up a meeting he had th the
1:01 pm
president is anyone's guess but normally that is the case. president trump saying courts are getting too political as we await the appeals court ruling. adam shapiro with latest on that front. hi, adam. reporter: the fight over the president's executive order will continue deny the ninth circuit court of appeals ruling we expect to be delivered any moment. the question before the court is simple one. should the judges stay the temporary restraining order and reinstate the temporary travel ban which restrictions entry into the united states of refugees and citizens from seven specific countries. the losing side is expected to appeal the decision to the united states supreme court. president trump launched the argument tuesday evening and he said he could not believe what he was hearing. the president speaking to a conference of chiefs of police a few hours ago said the country is at risk. >> i don't ever want to call a court biased. so i won't call it biased. we haven't had a decision yet
1:02 pm
but courts seem to be so political and it would be so great for our justice system if they would be able to read a statement and do what's right. reporter: during the appellate hearing yesterday judge richard clifton asked how the executive order could be a ban of muslims when muslims from most countries in the world would still be able to enter the united states. >> i have trouble undersnding why we're supposed to infer religious an my must when in fact the vast majority of muslims would not be affected as residents of those nations. reporter: neil, we're waiting for the ruling. we'll let you know when it comes down. back to you. neil: thank you my friend, meantime senator liz warren speaking with reporters after last night's dust-up what she could and couldn't say about jeff sessions. quoting coretta scott king.
1:03 pm
>> this is about coretta scott king's letter. that is all this is about. she wrote a powerful letter about a important moment in history that directly involved jeff sessions and it directly relevant to the question of whether or not jeff sessions ought to be the attorney general of the united states. and mitch mcconnell didn't want me to read that letter. he stopped me. neil: all right. well it broke decorum of the senate to say anything bad about a fellow senator. in that letter coretta scott king, widow of martin luther king, when the senator was up for judgeship, at the time he was not a senator. that his conduct was reprehensible looking at rights of black voters and should not be rewarded with judgeship. we have the niece of dr. martin luther king, jr. alveda, the reprehensible comment apparently irked many in the senate and too personal not
1:04 pm
to be repeated, three democratic senators since gone to the microphone to repeat this letter and that comment. what do you think? >> if we take a look at my aunt coretta scott king's letter, we know she was a peacemaker. her intentions were never to divide during her whole life. i was here communications and correspondence secretary for several years when i was a young woman. so in that letter she would be referring to perhaps some of his comments, however, she would agree today that he of course ended some school desegregation. he worked to prosecute members of the kkk. aunt coretta was very reasonable woman and she would integrity would have noted he had done some great work in fighting against discrimination. neil: this is a snapshot of 30 plus years ago. >> it's a snapshot. she also said about immigration. she wrote a letter saying that immigration could hurt the blacb market as well. so she had very strong opinions
1:05 pm
and concern for all americans, and perhaps people all over the world. and i believe certainly that if she could look at the record of senator sessions today, with integrity, she would say, well, he has worked to prosecute the ku klux klan. he has worked to desegregate public schools. there is a bait and switch. us use the name of king. my name is alveda king. stir up emotions. play the race card. ne: we'll hear from the president shortly. >> it is not in my family at all. we have taken a look at many things mrs. coretta scott king said, martin luther king, jr., my daddy, reverend ae king. we are peacemakers. we do not -- neil: this is the president speaking with ceo of intel. >> we're negotiating lots of deals with our country.
1:06 pm
i just want to introduce brian chris ceo of a intel. a great, great company. we wanted to make announcement doing with arizona and jobs and great technology that will be produced. this is brian and brian, say a few words, talk about the product you will make. it is amazing. >> yes, mr. president. it is an honor to be here representing intel and to be able to announce our $7 billion investment in our newest, advanced factory 42 in chandler, arizona. we will complete the factory to make the most advanced seven nanometer semiconductor chips on the planet. intel is proud of the fact that the majority of our manufacturing is here in u.s., and the majority of our research is here in the u.s. while over
1:07 pm
80% of are what we sell is outside the u.s. we're one of the top development and research spenders in the night. we're able to do that while the regulatory and tax policies have disadvantaged us in the past relative to the competition we have across the world. fab 42 is an investment in intel but also the u.s.'s future in innovation and leadership in the semiconductor industry. and fab 42 will employ approximately 3,000, direct, high-paying, high-wage, high-tech jobs at its peak. over 10,000 people in the arizona area in support of the factory. and this factory will produce, as i said, the most powerful computer chips on the planet.
1:08 pm
powering the best computers, the best data centers, autonomous cars. all of these devices are the most powerful computing devices on the planet and at intel, we have simple saying while other people predict the future, we build the future and this factory is a great example of that. i want to thank the president for this opportunity to be here today. >> thank you, brian. you have something over there that will show a little bit about the new product. >> this is an example of the wafer thatill be built in fab 42. this is one of our newest 10-nanometer silicon wafers. and this is the future of computing. >> did you have any questions for brian? i know you have none for me. how about -- >> will you bring back jobs -- other business you have outside the country, do you plan on bringing them back here?
1:09 pm
>> this is expansion. this is about growth. this position is about growth and new jobs in the u.s. >> great thing for arizona. unbelievable company and product and we're very happy. i can tell you the people of arizona are very happy. that is a lot of jobs, probably the investment, what do you say your total investment will be what? >> total investment in just this factory is the $7 billion but if you take arizona, we already have two other factories in arizona. so we have several tens of billions of dollars of investments in factories in arizona. we're the number one private employer in arizona. >> how long have you been planning this investment? >> we've been working on this factory for several years. we held off actually doing this investment until now. >> was there something president trump did or said that want you to announce this here and now. >> it is really in support of the tax and regulatory policies we see the administration pushing forward.
1:10 pm
that really make it advantageous to do manufacturing in the u.s. >> can you -- >> thank you all. thank you very much. [inaudible]. neil: all right. that is brian krzanich of intel announcing in the oval office a $7 billion commitment to hire more american workers at a new chip plant, not new but expanded one in arizona. 3,000 american workers there. the president trumpeting that even though krzanich joins other ceos concerned with the president's vetting plan here. that is not the issue. this is occurring on same day famed internet maestro matt drudge is critical of republicans in general saying the gop should be sued for fraud over inaction on tax cuts and obamacare and the like. i'm joined by alveda king here. there is stuff getting done.
1:11 pm
we have an impatience obviously with the pace of that but this seems to be an indication, whatever the differences, stuff is getting done, right? >> well the president and i commend him for all of his appointments and all of his decisions and things that he is doing today, to see jobs come back to america is a great thing and i believe my dad reverend a.d. king, my uncle martin luther king, perhaps miss coretta scott king we want jobs for black people in america, she said negroes in america. he is moving towards healing america. once america is whole, neil, then the whole world can be helped neil: do you worry about that process though? maybe it is just the times we live in. when matt drudge or others i heard it from other republicans are expressing frustrations with the republicans getting sidetracked on some other issues or falling prey to media that will pounce those issues over that decision.
1:12 pm
>> instant won't work as well as the steady will work. sometimes when president trump says let's just stop this and take a look at it, doesn't mean he is against one community or the other. he has to examine from a business perspective. he has to see the whole picture, make the analysis, and then maybe move people around on the bus, or put people in different positions. that actually takes time. nothing can be done instantly. we always say we want it now and want it fixed. if he can't do it he is the wrong person but no -- neil: the tone and disposition in washington now among the parties is just awful. even cleaver of missouri, democratic congressman faulted his own party for that but this continues sort of spite that he as a minister, like you find offense, you react to this. >> yeah. >> person who has exhibited -- >> political class in this town is going to have to come to grips and i think very quickly, with the fact that we're taking this country downhill.
1:13 pm
i know most people say that this cod very well spell the decline of the american empire in terms of direction we're going you but i am absolutely convinced great nations, great republics don't die by murder. they die by suicide. neil: might have been accidentally you heard elizabeth warren and you saw emanuel clear -- cleaver there, couldn't be more just at that position of times we live in. someone trying to work, move forward and someone angry, maybe properly so, that is the chasm we live in today. >> well, neil, i am a member of the king family and we've got six to seven generations right here in america that we can track and take a look at and we have is the king non-violent conflict resolution approach. so there are six steps. you gather your information, you negotiate, you discuss, you look for win, win solutions and then
1:14 pm
if that does not work, then you get peaceful, non-violent action but the goal is to come together for a solution. and if we're not doing that the anger, emotion, stirring up emotions using triggers, using the name of martin luther king, jr., now mrs. coretta scott king to get people's emotions stirred so they can not clearly get the message. martin luther king, jr. talked about peace and non-violence. neil: that she would get this reaction and slap from the -- >> it is the old bait and switch, with the race card being played. stir up the emotions. people will never look at issues. people will never see the solutions. they will be angry and we can slip our agenda in. i believe she was surprised she was shut down. but we will no long etf accept racist, bait and switch race card situation. we knee facts and solutions. neil: there is a lot of anger, real quickly, final question, you have to go, idea democrats will not work with republicans. don't want to.
1:15 pm
holdover, angry the way they were treated but they will not work. >> some who will not work, but i believe we will have somewhere we can meet and discuss and peacefully resolve some of these issues. neil: i hope you're right. always great to see you. >> thank you, to republican senator john hoeven who echoes that sentiment and hope mrs. king is right. what do you make of the temperament, particularly in the senate, sir? >> well look we've got to find ways to work together in a bipartisan way. right now we're getting a lot of resistance from our colleagues across the aisle. i think still kind of the aftermath of the election if i will. they're adjusting to the new situation. but we're just trying to get the work done. we're going to continue to do that. this is about getting the work done forethe american people. neil: i was raising this with alveda king and others i have had on the show. do you think, senator, elizabeth warren knew by quoting a letter 30 plus years old and
1:16 pm
saying a dom -- comment like that, she was going to be reprimanded but she just did it anyway? >> neil, she was warned. i don't know if you have that on the video that you're reviewing but she was actually warned prior to the, you know, the rule 19 censor. she certainly had opportunity to change it, address it. she chose not to do that. neil: her people have come back, that is fine thing for republicans lecturing me, it was their senator ted cruz went after mitch mcconnell saying, you know, you know, a lot of awful things about him. and then the same about others like, senator cotton, among others who had been critical of harry reid, using a lot of disparaging personal comments. so that, republicans are very select tiff who they get mad at what do you say. >> first i say up to everybody on both sides of the aisle to
1:17 pm
rise above and talk about issues and have that good debate. not get into any kind of personal defamation. and the other thing is the parliamentarian applies rule 19 equally to republicans or democrats. if somebody wants to invoke the rule on the other side they have the same opportunity to do that. neil: yeah. it is crazy times. senator, thank you very much. for your patience with all the breaking news. just to refer what some of these democrats were referring to, ted cruz saying to mitch mcconnell that he lied over and over and over again. that tom cotton said of harry reid, his leadership was canner rouse. again in the eye of the beholder. ongoing side these two sides are far apart and that was part of the frustration on drudge and some other sites. because of that republicans are losing their mojo and maybe things that got them to power in washington on tax cuts and obamacare. a little more after this. your insurance company
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>> it was done for the security of our nation. the security of our citizens. so that people come in who aren't going to do us harm. one of the reasons i was elected because of law and order and security. neil: all right. the president arguing once again that he was only motivated over executive order, not so new on 27th of january, if it is blocked with latest appeals court out of san francisco, tone of some, not all the questioning has folks wondering whether it will continue to be blocked, then a lot is being sacrificed there, including our nation's security. to former trump national security advisor karen skinner.
1:22 pm
if we know, maybe we know any minute, later today, i'm not sure, if these judges decide, they just need 2-1. it would be 3-0, that the president didn't prove his case or his point this goes up to the supreme court but in the interim he can't do anything on this, right? >> absolutely. when rolling out this executive order it would have been incumbent upon the administration to make an extreme case about the threat of radical islam on the american homeland, and i think that may be what's missing. i don't disagree necessarily with t president that th may help us in fact avoid an attack on our own homeland the way that our european allies have suffered, particularly the french in recent years but i think making a really comprehensive case, walking the audience through the american, you know, society through why this is necessary, may in fact
1:23 pm
have helped with the ninth circuit because they have even argued they need to see the national security argument in great detail.esident's case is the fact that bipartisan group of former secretaries of state, national security advisors, including madeleine albright and general mike hayden have said the national security test has not been met in this particular case. so that's something that i'm concerned about now. can we make a stronger case for this, especially if this is going to go to the supreme court. neil: you know what i, you're smarter on these legal matters than i am, i just read into the questioning, a lot of questioning that i was able to hear it doesn't look good for the president. i could be wrong but they kept going back or referencing, referring if you will, comments he made during the campaign and not the action that was specific to this now as president of the united states, protect the people. and that that kind of is
1:24 pm
coloring or appears to be coloring their decision, whether this represents a muslim ban or going after people based on their religion. i'm paraphrasing here, get to the point they're still living in the election, and for whatever reason they don't can like a decision from the guy who won that election? >> absolutely. when you look at the decision itself versus the rhetoric during the campaign, the decision was done a lot more carefully. neil: right, right. >> even to there is a lot of opposition to it. it talked about seven countries that were already of concern to the obama administration on issues around vetting and security for the americans. so it was an extension what is already being done. and also it really forces the inneragency process throughout the federal government to work more closely together on issues of vetting and understanding how to keep america secure. there are some positive externalities from this just being missed because the rhetoric as you said from the
1:25 pm
campaign is being pulled back as a way to say the president doesn't know what he's doing. neil: yeah. that's my take as well. but you just said it a lot better. kiron thank you very much. good having you. >> thank you. neil: we should know to her point relatively soon, we'll get a sense of white house thinking from the briefing just minutes away. stick around. you're watching fox business.
1:26 pm
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1:28 pm
neil: what is it with people and tweeting? hillary clinton tweeting. quoting mitch mcconnell. she was warned, given an explanation. nevertheless she persisted. so must we all. she is taking position elizabeth warren is right quoting coretta scott thing to
1:29 pm
senator thurman, which she wrote for jeff sessions after judgeship, his reprehensible conduct should not be rewarded with that judgeship. that reprehensible word was enough. she was warned we were told by republicans, mitch mcconnell, more to the point, that she would be kicked off the floor for doing that. she could still vote. she can't do much more than that or talk in this process. we've got washington, d.c. attorney general carl racine. he is a democrat. the back and forth on this, i can't keep up with it. but on i don't know senate rules, maybe you do. is that going too far? is that, quoting from a letter that is 30 years ago using a term like reprehensible to refer to a guy that is up for attorney general a bad move? >> kneel, i'm like you, i don't
1:30 pm
really know the niceties of senate rule 19 but it did seem to me, just an observer, that what senator warren was doing was perfectly appropriate. she was reading the letter, a heart-felt letter of an iconic figure, iconic civil rights hero expressing her viewers and observations about the role that senator sessions has played in civil rights. and you know for the life of me i don't know why it is that the public letter of an iconic figure would not be allowed to be read, and so i'm generally supportive of everything that senator warren did and i, and her colleague kamala harris, california, trying to get that letter fully read. the public should know what coretta scott thing thought in 1986. neil: but it is 1986, right? i could see fair game going into something like this but if we're going to be judged and debate on someone was saying regardless of
1:31 pm
who they are, she is a big deal then. in retrospect remains, it is 30 plus years old? >> i think that is certainly goes to the weight one should give to that letter. indeed, senator sessions has had 30 years since that letter to, you know, demonstrate his conduct and his fidelity to civil rights. neil: many say he has, fighting the ku klux klan. that is all opinion, i understand, i guess that is what bugs me. you're right on senate rules and decorum i have heard far nastier things. but i also want to get on you're part of 19 attorneys general fighting president's immigration order that goes too far. on what grounds are do you argue it is going to far? the president earlier today saying he is trying to protect us. you're arguing the opposite. >> here is what we argue. we're acknowledge generally speaking the president under law
1:32 pm
has great authority on national security and immigration. however as the judges made clear yesterday, that authority is subject to the checks and balances of the united states constitution. my colleagues and i, sincerely believe that the executive goes, the executive order goes too far in that it violates the equal protection clause and the establishment clause of the constitution. by essentially, favoring one religion over another. neil: so, it is not so that you don't think the president has the right to protect us, you think that he is mixed this with a personal bias against a religion and a people even when he says he is not, he is echoing the same seven countries that obama obama did? >> well, i think as you know there are very significant differences between that which barack obama did with respect to those seven countries. it is important to point out the difference.
1:33 pm
what barack obama did with respect to those seven countries he made a rule that caused people who ordinarily would not have to get a visa to enter into the united states, to require additional vetting if they visited those seven countries. neil: all right. >> what president trump is doing is quite different as you know. he is imposing a ban on immigration. neil: all right. sounds like i'm jumping on you because we're going to commercial break coming whether you and i speaking or not. general, thank you very much for taking the time, we appreciate it. >> thank you, neil. neil: we'll have much more after this. hi my name is tom. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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>> let's make breaking news here, neil, i came from a eting withhairman brady. what the chairman indicates hopes to have a bill where we can vote on that by this summer. neil: all right. he is hopeful of that. in other words, kevin brady who runs the house ways and means committee is going to have a tax measure going and soon. so all of you who are concerned about that not happening, think twice. he might by extension referring to internet sensation matt drudge who put up some rather alarming language on his site today saying no obamacare repeal, tax cuts but republicans vote to shut warren? only know how to be in the opposition and not lead. danger. why does everyone sound like when they're tweeting, everyone sounds like president trump now? bottom line there is
1:38 pm
consternation over this whether republicans are losing a golden opportunity to take full advantage having a full run of the table in the washington, d.c., white house, house, senate. to market watcher sandy charmer, "making money," charles payne and last but not least my buddy gerri willis. gerri, what matt drudge is saying, i have my worries. >> we're all saying put up or shut up. let's test this baby. take a look at it. what are you going to have or going to show us? we're not getting that tax reform or obamacare at this point. the major reasons we may have voted for you, the reasons we're behind you, we're seeing no evidence we're making any progress at all. neil: charles, what do you make of that, people at white house, hello, news flash, it has not even been three weeks? >> i know, but by the same token the white house prided itself how it attacked a lot of things
1:39 pm
and these are at the top of the wish-list. not the idea you have to get them all done the first 100 days. i'm not sure where that arbitrary number came from but there is general sense that there is confusion. neil: i started it. >> there is general feeling there is confusion. bob corker said no one is talking about obamacare. this is yesterday right after paul ryan said it comes first t doesn't have to be complicated. simple lowering the rate, initially. you want massive tax reform, put it off to next year the tax code is nine-story pamphlet or book. show us something, to keep momentum going. neil: what if it is delayed? does it make any difference in the equation for the market? what do you think the market would do if it is delayed? >> the market is priced for perfection. we had a significant rally right out of the election, election night, the markets futures are down 5%. we've had a significant rally, especially mid-caps, small cap stocks we'll have significant
1:40 pm
benefits coming to the domestic companies. the dollar rallied since the beginning of the year we've seen -- neil: on notion tax cuts are coming. >> the tax cuts are coming. will be good for the domestic agenda. we'll look at small cap equities. small cap u.s. equities s&p returned about 5% from election night to the end of the year. mid-caps were up 10% at the same time. neil: all that reversed if this is delayed or meaningful tax cut? >> i do think if we don't see progress on the tax cut, we don't see progress on some of the fiscal agenda we do think the markets are overvalued, certainly priced for perfection. we do see a give-back. if you think about it, small caps returning nearly 16% in matter of seven weeks, average of 2% a week. it's a stunning rally so. neil: one of the things you hear too republicans are tied up, the drudge lament, playing tit-for-tat and nasty games with democrats. republicans come back, they started it.
1:41 pm
you know that drill goes. pot line none of the other stuff gets done pause of these distractions, delays in approving cabinet positions in the trump administration. it is legitimate argument on republicans but the anger persist. >> the anger persists and people are still upset over the election. i'm hearing that people are getting counseling in parts of the country because they can't deal with change. neil: what is the woman left her husband. >> she was like 70 years old. neil: 30 years married. there could be other problems, right? can't be -- >> absolutely. what i'm saying is, people are still coping with this, that we got to the level, elizabeth warren, floor of the senate, her statements and attitude and tone of them. we'll not get anything done. neil: but she knew, elizabeth warren knew, she was warned as mentioned, everyone, both sides play to the it cameras to take full advantage of this. what it illustrates more we get
1:42 pm
knee deep in this stuff we don't get anything else. >> we're rubbernecking what is happening in d.c., and that is stalling this rally a bit. this is the first three-week period since the election where investors 30% or more bearish. also 30% or more neutral. not necessarily indifferent but certainly put off, they're not sure. yesterday vulcan materials had a big earnings miss. this is the name went you through the roof because we'll have infrastructure. we'll build the wall. we'll fill potholes. we'll get the economy going. to sandy's point, these names are little ahead of themselves. make sure the news out of d.c. mitigate any near term shortcomings. neil: there is political poll out of democratic voters who by margin of 2/3, urging their representatives not to do anything to help president
1:43 pm
trump, this theme of stop him, stop him, stop him is rampant. as you look at markets where they are now, that is prevailing attitude, republicans have the run of the hill, but that can't be a long-term positive development? >> it can can not be. one of those situations we have eight-year-old bull market. environment of four decades of globalization. some of the impact that we're seeing with "brexit," with president trump's election, that some people are call canning wave of populism is a way for the democracy to work where people have been elected but they have not done their job and in helping the public. neil: are you optimistic? >> i'm optimistic, but i think like taking medication which comes with side-effects. side-effects mean you don't take the medication. we need better targeted medication, accelerated depreciation. neil: you don't think it is end of the world? >> we have to stop fooling
1:44 pm
around with ideas like border tax a justment. so complicated. get work done. >> >> not the end of the world. neil: we're waiting to hear from sean spicer, all of this will be fair game for an administration under fire but very good firing back. stick around. you're watching fox business.
1:45 pm
1:46 pm
1:47 pm
neil: white house briefing starting any minute and we're hear from sean spicer. kennedy, this is all over at two weeks, where are they right now. when you look at them, kind of things important to you, what do you get. >> it is really interesting, because if you can for a moment extricate yourself from the partisanship and just sort of look globally at any new administration you realize it take as few weeks to find your
1:48 pm
footing. it is always clumsy. every new president has never been president before. it is like a baby giraffe. at some point they will be willow which and beautiful but first they fall on their faces not to break the long neck. neil: that is horrific fall. >> right. neil: wait a minute, if you get a sense, the drudge fear, that is getting much press, conservative icon saying hey, republicans you're botching it. >> that is said every day. there is hysterical overreaction from every side. the reactions are so extreme and so partisan that they at some point just become self-defeating and no one believes any of the announcements anymore. that is why people sit back in apathy waiting for something that happens that truly affects their lives. neil: all right. which brings us to sean spicer. >> in his inaugural address can the president laid out a ambitious vision to create 25 million jobs over the next
1:49 pm
decade, from beginning of his campaign to bringing jobs back to our struggling community has been one of the parts of the president's message that most resonated with the american people. hiring tens of thousands of people himself the president is keenly aware what prevents businesses from being successful in creating jobs in the current economy. president obama by contrast visited the same factory site where this factory will be built during his last re-election visit in 2012. touting the government incentives supposed to bring back jobs that were lost to asia. president trump knows for a business the real government incentive is the government restraining itself. for too many years washington smothered industry in this country under burdensome regulation. this administration will set out to free businesses from constraints of government bureaucracy and regulation. under the president's buy american, hire american agenda the government is going to get out of the way of businesses to allow them to thrive. just last week the president
1:50 pm
signed what we've been calling one in two out executive order requiring every new federal regulation adopted two must be eliminated this new rule will provide much-needed relief for businesses regulated and saddled with absolutely staggering amount of additional red tape, as much a$1.9 trillion per year by some estimates. in 2014 the national association of manufacturers calculated companies in every industry paid average of the $991 per -- employee to cover federal regulations t has gotten worse since the study was conducted. we will allow businesses to grow and hire more people. projects stalled or scuttled being revived in anticipation of the president's pro-growth policies. last quarter, confidence among ceo's of u.s. based companies
1:51 pm
jumped by 4.2%, in the ypo global survey. one of the single largest quarter gains in history. this is only the beginning of the president's agenda. moving on to recap the president's afternoon and evening yesterday, as you saw we officially announced the 24 people serving with the president in his cabinet on the white house website yesterday. the president looks forward to having these distinguished qualify men and women in place as heads of departments and agencies so our government can start fully working for the american people and enacting the agenda he brought forward in the last campaign. he had a call with the president of spain and the two leaders discussed our share priorities including efforts to eliminate isis. the president additionally reiterated to the united states commitment to the north atlantic treat i organization and the sharing of as defense spending. president trump spoke to president erdogan of turkey. he conveyed support to turkey as
1:52 pm
strategic partner and nato ally and welcomed turkey's contributions to the fight against isis. the president had meaningful visit with current officers who enrolled in the green beret qualifications force. these young men and women will be at the tip of the spear serving our country in the most dangerous places as intelligence officers. the president told how the brave officers he was of their commitment and how humbled he was to serve as their commander-in-chief around how they could always count on him to are have their back. the department of justice presented the case in front of the ninth circuit court about president trump's executive order. issue before the ninth circuit is extremely narrow. the question simply whether or not the president's executive order which we maintain is fully lawful under the constitution and u.s. code should remain in effect while the courts actually consider it on its merits. we expect the court to issue a decision on the matter soon. we will have a statement once
1:53 pm
that's done. today the president spoke before the major cities police chiefs and major county sheriffs winter conference. in his remarks the president reiterated his commitment to great national partnership between his administration and law enforcement. whether many things the federal government can do improve safety in our communities it truly rest with the picofficers, sheriffs and deputies who risk their lives every day on our streets. their mission is critical to the future of this country. these brave men men and women have true friend in the white house. the president said many times we must protect those who protect us. he will continue do do throughout his administration. later this afternoon the president will participate in legislative strategy meeting of his team here. the team is working around the clock to engage you lawmakers and get the president's agenda through congress. yesterday the vice president attended republican policy lunch where he discussed how the administration will work with the senate to deliver results for the american people. of course the vice president cast historic vote for secretary
1:54 pm
of education betsy devos on floor of the senate. he later swore her in his office across the street. the larger intergovernmental affairs team is maintaining direct communications to state, local and tribal leaders so we know what issues are affecting local communities. so far they have contacted all gop state speakers of house, state senate presidents, attorneys general and all but eight gop senate majority leaders. our legislative team is engaged in judge gorsuch's nomination. he had another full day of meetings in the senate with both republicans and democrats. he met with senators flake and heitkamp. this afternoon meets with cotton, blumenthal, mccaskill and heller. we're pleased to see another democrat, jeanne shaheen of w hampshire eminently qualified judge gorsuch deserves up and down vote. nine democrats hope to treat judge gorsuch fairly. we hope more democrats fulfill the constitutional duty to
1:55 pm
offered a vice and consent on president's nominee. we expect attorney general designate sessions to receive a full vote on the floor of the senate tonight. unfortunately commonplace in the senate democrats once again spent hours last night counterproductive discussion about one of president trump's clearly qualified nominees, not to mention one of their peers. senator sessions has a long and distinguished legal career and serving both as u.s. attorney of the southern district of alabama and as alabama's attorney general. the president looks forward to senator session's return to the department of justice where he will be continue his service our nation as our chief law enforcement officer. we also anticipate votes later this week on secretary designate price and mnuchin. finally before i open up for questions the white house has spoken with the governor of louisiana about the severe weather in the gulf coast. we've also made contact with the mayors of the affected areas. fema is monitoring the situation around the clock and is in the process of deploying teams to support response and recovery
1:56 pm
activities. at this time there have been no additional requests for federal assistance. we'll update you should that change. with that, let me go to the first question from curtis fuller from wlwt, nbc in cincinnati, ohio. >> good afternoon. cincinnati among other cities has recently voted to become a sanctuary city, city leaders here are vowing not to enforce federal immigration laws without a specific request. they also say that they want to be open and welcoming to refugees. my question today, how will president trump respond? will cincinnati face economic or other sanctions including for example, funding of the bridge which he said he would fund when he was on the campaign trail? >> thanks, curtis. as i have noted before, the end of the day this order is about two things. one, keeping our cities safe and two, respecting the hard-earned taxpayers who send their money
1:57 pm
to the federal government. the president will do everything he can within the scope of the executive order to make sure that cities who don't comply with it, counties and other institutions, that remain sanctuary cities don't get federal government funding in compliance with the executive order. more areas like miami-dade, down in florida, understand the importance of this order and we hope cities like cincinnati and other communities around the country follow their lead and comply with that. with that, anita kumar. >> i have two questions. the first one is, can you tell us who is paying or how this is happening with prime minister abe's visit to mar-a-lago? who will be paying for that? i asked the white house yesterday. they referred me to state. state referred me to t japanese goverent who didn't respond. seems, prime minister was paying and money was going to treasury as previously discussed. >> when he travels here or -- >> mar-a-lago. seems the white house would know that.
1:58 pm
>> let me get back to you on that. i will follow up with you on the exact financing. i'm not sure how that flows but i would be glad to find out. >> second question was during the hearing you talked about the ninth circuit there was some discussion whether there needed to be tweak to executive order to make it clear that legal permanent residents would not be included in that. there was back and forth on that will there be a tweak or -- >> there was further guidance that i spoke about that went out, i think it has been a week ago, correct me if i'm wrong. and talked about we wanted to make it very, very clear legal permanent resident were not included in that. again, remember we're not talking about the merit of the order. right now this discussion that happened last night, the court will be ruling on is specific to the temporary restraining order, whether or not it should be maintained until there is further discussion on the merit. so again, i don't want to get
1:59 pm
into the legal nuances but right now the guidance is very clear, that was issued several days ago, if not a week ago, this is not about legal permanent residents. so i just, they are excluded from this. i don't kn why there would be that discussion. that clarification has been made. jeff? >> sean, talking about the merits of the order but the president this morning talking about the merits of the order, called it disgraceful, the hear last night. >> he wasn't arguing before the ninth circuit, jeff. last night was a motion before the ninth circuit on temporary restrained order.ent is very clt the u.s. code and constitution clearly give the president all the authority that is needed to make sure that he can regulate who comes into this country and prevent any acts of, anyone who is not coming into this country in a peaceful manner. the code, 8 u.s. code 1152 is very, very clear on this. i think the president was pointing out the same issue we had in boston, once we had a
2:00 pm
chance to argue on the merits we won on it. so i think that's, that -- he clearly did not argue in front of the ninth circuit last night. >> called it disgraceful. called it disgraceful, is that the type of language -- >> when you look at the u.s. code, and how clear it is written and authority and power it gives the president to do what is necessary to keep this country safe and regulate who comes into this country, i think it's a very, very clear reading and president was very, you know, i think he further went on to say, doesn't matter what level of education you're at i don't think you could miss reid this. >> is this insulting -- >> he was very clear, jeff. daniel halper. >> i'm curious about his daughter's brand and retweeted by the potus account. what is the standard president is doing with regard to family or family businesses. >> this is less about his family business than an attack on his daughter. he ran for president. he won.


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