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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 12, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> i hope you get pampered. maria: good morning trump and japanese prime minister holding a late night news conference last night, i am maria bartiromo, welcome to sunday morning futures. what message are they sending, how should u.s. respond? carly fiorina is with me here this morning. and president trump weighing his options after a federal appeal court refuses toy e to reinstats travel ban.
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we have a interview with senator lindsey graham and former attorney general john ash troftt on that. >> and we look ahead right now on sunday morning futures. futures. >> trump sending a message loud and clear, america has japan's back. sand standing side by side with the prime minister of japan, abe. >> i just want everyone to understand and know that the united states of america, stands behind japan. its great ally 100%. thank you. maria: joining me right now,
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former ceo of hewlett-packard, carly fiorina, great to have you back thank you for joining us. >> good morning. maria: your react to what we heard yesterday, and weekend of plans with president trump, and the prime minister of japan. >> i think that president trump did the right thing. i think it was incredibly important that he and prime minister abe step forward immediately, and say in is unacceptable, the u.s. will stand with our ally japan. and i think that the administration will continue to ensure that both south korea and japan have all of the means necessary to defend themselves against such missile tests. on other hand we should not be surprised by this action from north korea, they don't like being out of the conversation, every now and then they will do this we need to continue to pressure china to behave
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appropriately, which they have not for years. and we have all necessary deterrent cap capability in pla. maria: tomorrow he is meeting with president of canada as well, we have another bilateral trade talk meeting on deck. how is he doing. you have a great vantage point to talk to this. a former opponent, and have watched his performance, is he bringing the party together, how would you grade donald trump so far. >> first we have to acknowledge that substantial change of any kind, he was hired, he was voted into office by the american people to bring about substantial change, it always creates substantial resistance. support has to be built. i start with that, because how things get done is as important
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as what gets done, when you try build support, and sustain the substantial change. it is important for president trump to think about how he gets things done, and build support, i agree with him, bilateral trade negotiations are far more economeconomyeffective for this. which is why he needs too build alliances. and it is wise, if i may, he ought to in my opinion, drop this court battle with regard to the vetting of refugees, go to his attorney general, secretary of state, secretary of homeland security ask the three of them, to come back to him in 30 days, with a comprehensive program to tighten security, tighten our refugee and visa program. then sell that to the american people. i think the american people want
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substantial change but in order for the change to be sustained he must built support, how things get done now matters, with our allies as well as here at home. maria: great points, in i was speaking with ceo of business last night, he said imagine if i did a deal with 20 players, of course, at the end of the day you end up favors one player over the 19. the bilateral, you can get it done probably morad va more -- advantageous to america. and we hear from trump this morning they may come out with a new executive order. you are right, he did not have his team in place when he came out with that executive order on the trafl travel ban, there were stalling tactics going on. >> right, now he has a great team in place.
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he should ask that team to come forward with rec len station. look, i think that vast majority of americans understand we need to tighten our security, we need to tighten our vetting procedures, and understand who is coming in. not just from 7 countries, but from any country. and so take the time to do it right, and don't continue down a battle with 9th circuit, my dad served on 9th circuit as one of lone conservative, you are not going to live in that court, let it go. maria: okay that is important. >> your opinion on russia reportedly considering turning snowden over to u.s. as a gift. >> i hope if snowden is turned over to u.s., he is tried for treason, because he is a traitor. maria: okay that is ha has been
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talked about, carly there are reports you are considering challenging virginia senator tim kaine in 2018 for a senate seat. is this in the plans? >> well, i have not made any decision yet. and in virginia we have important elections this year. so we have a gubernatorial elect, in november, of 2017, i'm works hard for ed gillespie, i am focused on 2017. beyond, that i would say that 2018 senate race, the republican party has to make a decision. the democrats are going to throw everything they can at defending tim kaine's seat, virginia is a purple state, it is important a candidate, perhaps myself make a decision is important that republican party decide they really want this seat, republicans are going to have a lot of seats to defend in 2018, they have other democrats that are perhaps, even more vuller
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able in deep -- vulnerable in deep red states. maria: we'll see if people remember the stalling tactics going into 2018 by the way. >> yes. maria: many senators are pushing back from states that voted in donald trump am. trump. >> right, and i think that democrats are losing credibility rapidly, what they telegraphed, we'll resist everything, and everyone. anything and anyone, it is just rampant stalling tactics. i think they lose credibility, but that is their tactic right now. >> all right. carly thank you so much. >> thank you. maria: carly fiorina joining us, why does congress stand in immigration executive order, i talk exclusively next with senator lindsey graham. let us know what you would like to hear, we're looking ahead on "sunday morning futures ." i'
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maria: react continues to the 9th circuit court of appeals decision last week and trump administration response, joining me right now senator lindsey graham. good to have you back to the program. >> thank you. maria: your reaction to donald trump's response, he said, look, i'll see you in court? >> well, he should think about, i believe is issuing another executive order that is modify the. if president really believes we'rwe're at threat, and there s good reason to believe that. he should issue another executive order. but with th the 9 circuit, theyt struck down more than they get upheld.
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but in a 4-4 supreme court, president should be careful about appealing this order. maria: you think it was a weak >> no, i think that president needs to make a good decision for his administration. the country as a whole. if i were him i would issue a new econom executive order makie that green card holders and interpreters are not included on the ban. maria: do you think he wins if it does go to supreme court. >> most likely, the president has a lot of discretion with entering intos country regarding national security, whole idea of 9th circuit, that second guesses national security judgment an is a nonstarter. this is clearly not a muslim ban there are christians and other people in these countries that cannot travel either.
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maria: the push back from the left on anything that president trump does has been so severe, now they are threatening not to nominate neil gorsuch to the supreme court. they are refusing to vote for him just to get back at that time donald trump and republicans for not taking garland seriously. >> you can keep the tape here, gorsuch will get 60 votes, there are enough democrats on capitol hill with a political need, that seem reasonable, trump won their states, we need i believe we'll get more than 60 votes. in his case, he is so well qualified, i'm not worried about his nomination at all. maria: how will his present on the court change supreme court. >> you have have something like scalia, a man of the law, one of the most qualifies people to be nominated for supreme court. he is conservative. he is in the mold of scalia, so
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i think you will see a continuation pretty much of what you got with justice scalia. maria: i think just the fact he was nominated unanimously the last time he was up at bat, makes you wonder what is going on. just a central tactic pushing back on anything that president does. >> well they lost the election in the process of losing their mind. bottom line the left has gone nuts, they cannot understand why they lost, they want to attack trump at every stage. you see emergences of tea party-type movement on the left, there are some democratic senators in trump states if they follow the lead of radical left, they will lose their job. maria: let me switch gears for a moment, there is a lot of conversation about muslim brotherhood and whether or not that president trump administration should name muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization, do you think it should.
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>> it is worth looking at. but you have to be cautious, have you muslim brotherhood afilliated groups in the government in morocco and tunisia that have been very helpful to the united states, i would tell president to talk to muslim leaders, the king of jordan and other people in the region to say what kind of affect it would have on their ability to govern, you don't want to make them martyrs. maria: a lots of people say that is a diseased part of islam, and they should be termed that but what would the implications be? >> well, muslim brotherhood has a mixed reputation, they have engaged in violent in some areas, and sometimes they are seen by population of providing services that government would not provide. the bottom line the cia is insightful, i would tell president and his team to call the region, talk to our allies
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in will region, get their input. tomorrow i would designate african taliban as terrorists. maria: so much -- afghan taliban as terrorists. >> so much debate, with this and other issues with foreign policy, there has been jabbed back and forth between you and president trump, and senator mccain, and donald trump. do you think it is high time you went out for a beer and had a conversation, or got on the same page about things? >> absolutely. i think radical islam is a common e enemy to mankind. he should listen to senator mccain, and senator mccain should understand that president trump is now our commander in chief, one difference i have with him really is around russia, i pretty much see the world the same the trump administration, but russia is very problematic. i think that president does not
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appreciate that putin's russia is enemy to dem create an democy to the united states. maria: we have not heard from trump administration on this whether they are considers lifting sanctions. >> i hope they will not, i hope they punish russia more. they have not been punished for interfering in our election, they are trying to do the same in france and germany. in afghanistan, since 2016, russia that been involved in undermining our efforts to win in afghanistan. putin does not want democracy to flourish anywhere. it is a threat to him, it is time for us to punish russia, they are up to no good. maria: all right thank you so much senator. >> thank you. >> senato sense senator lindsey. maria: coming up next, we will talk with former a g john
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ashcroft with how john sessions will handle the fate of president trump's immigration order. >> we have chairman of house service financial committee deck as well, stay with us. dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say: if you love something... set it free. see you around, giulia ♪
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maria: welcome back attorney general jeff sessions prepares to start his first full week of the job tomorrow. sessions taking on his new role at trump's executive order oil break remains in legal limbo. joining me now, former u.s. attorney general john ashcroft, welcome.
6:23 pm
>> my delight to be with you. maria: let me kick it off with latest, we're understanding that the trump administration will do a new executive order. you say? >> i think that there are two main concerns here. first is national security. and to address those concerns, a new order could achieve all that president wanted to achieve with the firstic -- the court on west coast has impaired that by refusing to lift it. i think one thing that has to be developed in terms of strategy is making sure that we don't sacrifice the president's authority in this situation. it may be that they will want to continue to litigate the old executive order and they may be
6:24 pm
able to craft a new one. but clear that president has this authority. when i was attorney general, the 9th circuit court of appeals sought to look behind my motives when i was doing a job which was clearly within the legal responsibilities i had. and the 9th circuit vote the again me, but the u.s. supreme court said, you can't consider motives if the person doing what is legal he is given the responsibility and opportunity to conduct his duties, the supreme court in an 8-0 vote sustained my position. i think that the supreme court would be likely to sustain the president's position, similarly, because he is clearly within his responsibilities. it is the duty of the president to defend the country. so, he is defending the country. if he seeks to make sure that we dean have a gap in that -- make sure we don't have a gap in this defense, and issues a new order, i think he should do that, at
6:25 pm
some point though, he need --s -- i think we need to affirm and establish his authority to defend the nation by act consistently with statute that gives him the authority to limit entry to u.s. by those who are not citizens of the united states. maria: i think you make an important point, the potential to undermine the presidency. most people were surprised that a federal court could actually stop an executive order from the president of the country. >> as it relates to the defense of the nation, the constitution is very clear. that the commander in chief, the president, and statu stater staw makes clear his responsibility. when you have congress and a statutory law that is sink -- with the constitution of u.s.,
6:26 pm
that is from the steel case written by justice jackson after he was attorney general of the u.s. he with that situation, congress that authorized president, the president exercises his authority in accordance with that, as it relates to national security and defense of america. if the president believes, i think he sincerely believes this is a matter of merg emergency delaying that would forfeit an opportunity to defend america. maria: and we have seen the flow of refugees spike just in the last week, since february 3, since this judge order came down, your take on jeff sessions, he is kicking off his first full week in office, after getting confirmed. what are you expecting from the new attorney general? >> well, he is a real of law person -- rule of law person, all talk about numbers involved
6:27 pm
in his confirmation, and all that is behind him. he will devote himself to implementing a program to advance the public safety of america. and to provide the justice system that is uncontaminate by politics but which we relies rule of law. my first day of the department, head of fbi said i need to talk to you about something very important, we have to go to a compartmented facility so no eaves dropping. you have to be ready to focus and go to work, and jeff sessions is that kind o person, this presidential order,
6:28 pm
defending the president. that hits his plate right away. i am sure he has been working on that over the weekend. maria: and so important to have it uncontaminated given so many of our agencies have become politicized. mr. attorney general it is good to see you. >> always good to be with you, i wish you well. maria: thank you so much, attorney general john ashcroft there, coming up, the fight over obamacare. >> there is no evidence that affordable care act limited economic growth. maria: 100% wrong. 100% wrong. i ask my fiery debate, with zeek emanuel, coming up next, rand paul with his replacement plan, ririririri as soon as i left the hospital after a dvt blood clot, i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again?
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maria: repealing and replacing obamacare has been a length le t -- length latest priority for president trump. rand paul is joining us. >> thank you. maria: you have outlined obamacare replacement act to provide congress with a health care plan which has conservative reforms in it, that you think is ready for immediate vote.
6:33 pm
>> we looked through a lot of legislation, there has been legislation for 1 10 or 15 years that including market reforms, there no one item in our plan that i think a republican would object to. we get rid of mandates, from obamacare, that prevent sales of ineinexpensive the insurance lie catastrophic insurance. a healthy savings account that is tax free, and. another idea. is we allow individuals to join together in an association to have leverage to get lower prices and get protected against insurance companies dropping them or raising their prices. maria: you protect individuals from preexisting conditions, which is a critical part of what to keep in the current plan.
6:34 pm
>> we have a two year enrollment period where that regulation would be there, but it would phase out over two years. you can't let people buy the insurance after they are sick or no one will buy before they are sick. that is part of problem of obamacare. right now young, healthy people are not buying it, when you repeal that individual mandate but you tell people they can get insurance after they are sick that does not work as a business model. blue cross in north dakota lost 4 million in individual market because people are not buying it before a get sick they buy it before a get sick, they get adverse selection, we cannot do that. we have to change the rules back to what marketplace would dictate. maria: you know, tell us how it differs from some other plans. you have senator collins, and bill cassidy, with the
6:35 pm
patient-freedom act of 2017, you say your plan is th one that everyone is getting behind. what do you say? >> the problem with the other republican plan is that it keeps the obamacare facts, i don't know of any republicans, i have traveled the country to meet a grassroot republican who said let's keep obama carry taxes, and said if you like obamacare you can keep it, if the big blue states with large population like california, and new york want to keep obamacare, they would ask texas and alabama and tuck talkkentucky to pay for ita nonstarter. i do not know any republican that would say they want to pay for obamacare for big democrat states, that is a nonstart ir, it obamacare-light, i don't think it is a consensus
6:36 pm
position, my plan, including that one has pieces of what i'm asking, allow more freedom in the insurance market, let people safe, and join association, their complaint it will not continue by big government subsidies for health insurance. maria: and you allow purchase of insurance across state lines. let me ask you about the cost of the plan, last week. i spoke with dr. zeek emanuel, one of the architects of obamacare. he said it has nothing to do with economic growth, i argued it did it is too expensive. how does your plan become less expensive, and affordable? >> our bill would allow freedom
6:37 pm
and chase and competition of many different types of insurance products but mainly we would allow sale of inexpensive insurance, obamacare made it illegal to sell inexpensive insurance, because everything had to have pregnancy coverage or 10 or 11 different mandates, we get rid of these mandates and let the market sell what consumers want, that would drive the prices down. when you pay for your care mostly all of healthy saving account, if 30% paid out of that they would call their doctor and ask how much manage would cost, and force transparency by having consumer interest in the price. it works -- >> we're now not sure what kind of priorities, you have got in terms of congress, i know that you have got obamacare as a priority, do you believe you will repeal and we place in 2017?
6:38 pm
>> it has to happen in the next monitonextmonth, or two they cax reform until they get through this issue. that process has to be finished before they can start the next budget process, which we need to be immediately in, so there is pressure to vote on repeal, and i have been saying, i that president agrees with me, i think that tom price agrees, that we should do repeal and replacement the same day, and replacement should be market type of reforms that unite us, not sort of big government or obamobama obamacare light propol that divide us. maria: we'll talk about tax reform package with representative jeb hensarling coming up in the program, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. maria: appreciate it. >> let look at what is coming up, top of the hour, how are you
6:39 pm
howie. >> president trump pushing back against media again over coverage of travel ban case over the way that terrorism is detected, and saying that media is abusing his daughter ivanka over that clothing flap at nordstrom. sarah huckabee will join us, coming up on media buzz. maria: we'll see you about in 20 minutes, president trump to have his pick for treasury secretary confirmed tomorrow. what can we expect from steven mnuchin. >> the kind of tax relief that president trump is promises for america business. we look at big business, ahead on "sunday morning futures." this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh!
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maria: welcome back later today president trump will meet with
6:43 pm
his pick to head secretary department, steven mnuchin, one day before the senate is expected to confirm his nomination tomorrow. this as mr. trump with airline ceo meeting last week. watch. >> lowering overall tax burden on american business is big league, that is coming along very well. we're way ahead of schedule, i believe we'll be announcing something over next 2 or 3 weeks that will be phenomenal in terms of tax. maria: republican congressman jeb hensarling, chairs house financial service committee, good to have you on the program. >> thank you. maria: can you walk through what the tax reform package may look like as you see it? we were thinking a lot of people out there, that this would be a top priority for this administration, it feel like
6:44 pm
obamacare, and national security has taken the oxygen out of the room of tax reform. what will this package look like, and your timeline? >> well, i am not sure i agree with that, there are several different priorities that administration and congress have. we can walk and chew gum at the same time, the way our budget rule work you need to do obamacare reform, before tax reform. i do know about tax reform it will have a much lower business tax rate, we have as you well no highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized word. if there one thing that is shipping jobs overseas it is the uncompetitive tax code, dropping corporate rate, and other business entity rates is paramount to us having a healthy economy. second i think that tax we form -- reform plan, i have not seen details, but i believe it will be gauged toward simplicity for
6:45 pm
working americans, so you can take a small post card to fill out your taxes otoo often we know people are gaming the system. i also believe there will be genius credit for child care, and deduction of charitable and mortgage will be there but it will be built for growth, and simplicity, it cannot come at a better time. because our economy is still lackluster under 8 years of obamanomics, we need to get did going with recession weller to reform -- regulatory reform. tax reform is one of most program thing we can do to lift people out of of the poverty. maria: i want to point out many people see repeal and replacement of obamacare as one of the biggest tax cuts. will the tax reform package, do you believe, include a border adjustment tax.
6:46 pm
>> i do not know, and i am not a vegas booky, i know chairman brady, has that has part of his plan. i know he is taking a lot of feedback on that plan. whether or not the final package has, that i do not know. but i do know when the dust settles we'll have a far simpler, flatter, more competitive tax code. >> and he joined us last week on this program. let's talk about regulation roll back. congressman, because, last week on friday we got news that dan tarulois stepping down, and we know that president signed an executive order to roll back. >> well, right now, unfortunately, we have federal bureaucrats to are in the boardrooms of mayor financial
6:47 pm
institutions, that leads to washington allocating credit along political lines. this is not good. this will not lead to a healthy economy. this littl politicize allocatio. we need a replacement for dodd-frank we need greater levels of loss absorbing capital, private capital, so we don't have washington bureaucrats, micromanaging our banks. which is leading to politicizing of credit. with ta rulo leaving, defacto, took over the board seat that president obama never appointed. but it led to an unhealthy economy, we see that entrepreneurship, is at a generational low. and last year the economy grew
6:48 pm
at an anemic less than 2%. and we know with right regulatory reforms, right tax reforms, we could have an economy growing at 4 to 4.5% that would lift everyone up. number one we need to make sure that bureaucrats are there to en fore the law, not make the law, and all of the laws pass a cost benefit test. it is common sense, and. ask do these regulations imprese greater harm on the economy or do more good. the weight and cost of particularlieed do -- dodd-frank bill. it crushing. i look forward to working with secretary mnuchin, and the president on making sure that we have robust levels of private capital, otherwise let freedom
6:49 pm
ring. maria: i think you make a lot of great points, i know our viewers look forward to sees that economic growth move. we'll be watching, thank you. >> thank you. maria: we'll see you soon, president trump vowing to stand behind japan after north korea launches its first missile of the year, how will new administration deal with rise of tensions. we have the panel on deck on we have the panel on deck on that next on "sunday morning afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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maria: welcome back, president trump responding to report that north korea launched a ballistic missile into the sea. mr. trump saying that u.s. stands behind japan 100%, this is as president trump was
6:53 pm
hosting japan's prime minister at his mar-a-lago estate in florida this weekend. the missile launch would be north korea's first since president trump was elected. joining us is our panel. good to see you. >> good morning. maria: he is with abe, then they lunclaunch on the same day. >> no question they will test him, his relationship with japan is critical. one thing i would say, this is a guy that got elected on domestic issues, in 21 days has done a lot of foreign policy stuff, it has been positive. one-on-one he does well. i would say, stay off the phone, deal with these people head-to-head. maria: julie? >> i think that is partially
6:54 pm
right, he had a couple of prominent foreign policy missteps over last 3 weeks. whether with mexico and australia. so, from that perspective, i think he has a lot of clean up to do,. abe meeting systems to have been successful. and north korea is going to do with north korea is going to do. he will see now that north korea is not something that we can control. china has to be part of the equation. you can't provoke china and expect north korea to cooperate. when chinese will not cooperate with us on certain issue. >> north korea launch about domestic bluster as well efficient their regime, and -- for their regime, let's remember this is not happening in a vacuum. you had america retreat from foreign stage in position of strength for 8 years, donald
6:55 pm
trump has run on a robust america first, peace through strength agenda. we will get tested. and you see him managing that well. i don't think he will take it laying down, i think he is somebody that understands important of a lot of strong bilateral relationships that have gone week over the last 8 years, the meeting with japanese prime minister has been a success. he will move forward, and continue to rebuild the idea that america is world leader. maria: we have to remember we're on day 21. this is extraordinary that this president has done as much as he didn't. >> this is a learning week, i think this week he learned he have to be strategic, he has to have a planning process. there is a lot of activity this week, i think, what he really learned this week that democrats will be resistance party. there is no substance.
6:56 pm
they will fight himming to tootd nail. i expect mnuchin tomorrow passing by minimum. he has to get in his head, this is an opposition party, they are not cooperating with me on big issues. maria: you have to wonder if people remember this in 2018. >> they remembered. democrats learned from the best. i will say there is one more thing about north korea, launch, he backed off, on his one-china policy, and reiterated that, president trump did. and blinked in the space of chinese premier not taking his calls, not a coins sense that north korea saw an opportunity to stick it to him, because they saw some weakness there with respect to china. maria: you know rex tillerson,
6:57 pm
and jeff sessions now at his side, maybe they had something to do with one-china policy. >> and sadly, a state department up until now run by largely dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one.
6:58 pm
i know this is sudden, but they say: if you love something... set it free. see you around, giulia ♪
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7:00 pm
charles: hopefully it will be fixed, here is lou. >> president pledges administration next week will unveil new security measures to keep america safe. mr. trump insists that safety of all americans is his top priority. >> we'll do something very rapidly, having to do with additional security for our country, you will see that sometime next week. lou: we take up the left's effort to block trump administration at every turn no matter the risk to our national security. fred barnes joins ni me. >> also, black lives matter democrat or physically


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