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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 13, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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charles: okay. you were fantastic, appreciate it, at home, that you very much, doing well. when you think we're off target, tweet me, he is lou dobbs. lou: president trump and canadian prime minister trudeau mind common ground on tougher security for their shared border, despite differing views on syrian refugees, the two struck a cancel -- conciliatory town. >> the last thing that canadians expect, is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern themselves. lou: we take up the
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trump-trudeau summit. tonight, president trump promises to deal strongly with north korea after it launches a mid range ballistic missile into the sea of japan. we take it up with care en skinner and john hannah. lou: hundreds of thousands threatened in the country tallest dam fails. we'll have the latest from oroville. lou: good evening, we're awaiting an vote to capitol hill, senate to confirm former "wall street journal" banker steve mnuchin at treasury secretary, mnuchin would be th10th trump cabinet nominee, now developments concerning the trump administration's
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legal challenge to reinstate the extreme vetting executive order. james robart said that lawsuit should proceed, and he is quote, not prepared to slow this down while the 9th circuit court of appeals considers further appeals, this follows a request by the trump administration in which they ask judge robart to put any proceedings at the district court level on hole, the trump administration is occurring what is called an en bank appeal on 9th circuit court, mr. trump addressed the vetting order during a nurs news conference today with canadian prime minister trudeau. >> this is a stance of common sense, we're going to pursue it vigorously. we don't want to have our country have the kind of problems you are witnessing
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taking place all over the world. we're going to give ourselves every bit of chance so that things go well for the united states, and they will go well. lou: the president and prime minister trudeau unveiled a by literal init-- bilateral initiative, aimed at boosting female entrepreneurs. encouraging a higher level of female entrepreneurship. and national security adviser je general michael flynn apologized to mike pence. fox news reporting that flynn has now plans to resign, or to give up his security clearance, white house press secretary spicer just released this statement, the president
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is evaluating the situation, speaking to the vice president relative to the cop veryizatiocouldn'tvery -- couldn' conversation that the vice president had with general flyn flynn. >> mr. trump's meeting today, what will be the very busy veteran of 10 presidential campaigns and republican strategists, ed rollins and pulitzer prize winning columnist for "new york post" michael goodwin. >> good to be with you. lou: this is being blown up by the left wing media and the democrats. and perhaps, a few opportunistic republicans.
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>> it seems to becoming from different directs the attacks on him, i think that there is some unacceptness in the white house as well. if it is true that he lied to pence, that seems to be a fatal blow, i would think, if that is true. so, i am also curious this supposedly was not an intercepted phone call between flynn and the russian ambassador. the. the transcript is circulating, i would think that would be classified information. it just, i'm wondering who has the dirtiest hands here, no bodies hands seem particularly clean. lou: ed? >> general tblin ha flynn has been with president trump since day one. unless it is a grievace sin could something that was a deliberate lie, deliberately
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misleading the vice president, then i think you have ought to try to save him. if you can't do that. we have secretary of state with no experience, he could be a valuable player at-this-point in time. i think it is up to the president, do i really need his value and his loyalty. his understanding of the intelligence community, if so, i'll keep him, if not i'll try too find a replacement. lou: this is a bloodletting that is a venomous left wing media and the level wing itself on capitol hill. in both houses, they want michael, for that reason, the president has been aware of what his national security adviser is doing, may not have been aware of the conversation between the vice president and general flynn. but the fact of the matter, this is small potatoes compared to victory it would handle the president's mortal enemies on the left and within
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his own party. >> that has got to be one of his considerations, even if flynn is flawed, perhaps handing those who are not just determined to won him but destroy his presidency, that is clear with new york times and wor washington post. if you give them a scout it should be because you the president feel is time for plenty t to -- flint to go. it has to be serious for the president to pull the plug on flynn. lou: we're watching the senate underway now with its voting to confirm the treasury secretary, steve mnuchin. we'll have that for you as we approach the threshold of the majority vote required.
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lou: let me say, when kellyanne conway made an offhand remark and people started talking about all sorts of nonsense. it time for this president, i believe too slap down the democratic party and their puerile and venomous leaders, and say you know we're not going to take the time to deal with your sorted nonsense, just go on with you must, but we're not going to play. >> this is the 22nd day of the administration, this the staff, you need them to get experience, they are running 100 mile an hor right now. ihour right now, it is not just the press, i think this there is the intelligent keep
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community out there trying to get even with him for past sins, i think that. you have to beat it back. lou: they are not half as damn important as they think they are, they can be brought to heel. obama the reports out now, he is going to be within a couple of miles of the white house with a shadow government to make life hell for this administration. that is bordering on sedition is it not? >> it could be. it is going to overshadow the democratic party, and make it difficult. who is the next leader of the democratic party? forget the dnc, i am talking about next candidate for president. it can't be barack obama, it
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can't be hillary clinton i suspect. so, i think that they are the big trees that won't let the little trees grow. they have to get out of the way so that anothers have a chance, if obama continues to foment this, i think he is just going to retard the party's development. >> he is not going to do if as a shadow government. lou: when he had power, he was not adroit in using it. >> he is not on the ballot, it is disaster. lou: a good point. >> i thought i would make it. >> we're delighted you did, thank you. lou: it's -- we have never seen this. i keep just shaking my head. officials in northern california tonight, engaged in a frantic fight to keep the
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nation's tallest dam from failing, 200,000 residents down the street from lake oroville dam have been ordered to evacuate. say the engineers are trying too figure out a way too repair the crippled emergency spillway, fox news correspondent claudia kohan is live. reporter: i can tell you the situation is fluid. we have a mandatory evacuation order that remains in effect. that emergency, that spillway is holding right now, water level continues to drop, it is about 6 feet below. it is dropping about 4 inches an hour, it needs to drop a lot more, and fast. engineers are focusing on repairing oroville dam's emergency spillway that
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suffered severe erosion damage over the weekend, convoys of trucks delivered boulders, the plan is for black hawk helicopters to lower the sacks into the damaged areas and shore up a huge ravine that had never been used before. this weekend, there was no choice. the reservoir is occurre occur full at 901 feet, saturday morning water was 6 inches over that limit. and starred to pour over the emergency spillway, 6 hours later, lake levels were dropping and are continuing to drop. >> continuing to fall, it special to point. and our objective is to lower the lake level by 50 feet to prepare for future inflow of water. reporter: more than 180,000 people were ordered to evacuate, sparking traffic jams and concerns.
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>> multiple accidents with injuries on the freeway coming over from oroville. we were pulling a trailer it took almost two hours. >> everyone is panicking. everyone has to remember we're okay at the moment, keep calm. reporter: evacuees and engineers are focused on the weather as more rain is in the forecast for later this week. a live look at this massive airlift operation that just began here, a few minutes ago, a couple of black hawk helicopters, just ferrying the big sacks of boulders over to that emergency spillway. lou, this is going to be one of the biggest and most expensive repair jobs this area has seen, more than $200 million to fix up the main spillway, perhaps you can see some spray as water comes crashing down against the broken concrete there, a lot of erosion damage on the main spillway it may need to be
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entirely replaced. we have these emergency evacuation orders until further notice. lou: can i ask a question, with prospect of nightfall, will that interrupt the emergency repairs that are being undertaken. reporter: it is unclear. these emergency workers, say use night vision goggles, it may come into play tonight, we're trying to get more in to how long the operation will last, they are picking up another super sack. filled with boulders, that have been trucked in throughout the morning and last night from nearby quarries, they are tboig quick work. they have -- they are doing quick work, they have taken a few dozen sacks over. this operation may not need to last into the evening and darker hours. but if they don't finish today, they will finish tomorrow. they have been waiting all day
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to get this operation started. and it started about 15 minutes ago, going quick. we'll keep an eye on it, we'll have more updates. >> thank you claudia from lake oroville, california. and 200,000 people, as she reported evacuated. hundreds of thousands more, under threat. good news is that lake's level is falling. good news now the question is, will it be in time? what does weather hold for the region? senate right now is voting on steve mnuchin for treasury secretary, we're monitoring that. when we get close, we'll be bringing if to you. we're coming right back, there is much more, straight ahead. stay with us. >> the trump administration cracks down on criminal illegal immigrants across the nation. >> we're actually taking people that are criminals, very hardened criminals in some cases.
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with a tremendous track record of abuse and problems. and we're getting them out. lou: immigration and custom enforcement removing gang members and drug dealers. and the white house now say its has enormous evidence to support president's assersion about voter fraud, we take up that with michae mike -- michele malkin my guest here next. stay with us. y to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say: if you love something... set it free. see you around, giulia ♪
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lou: joining me, michelle malkin, great to see you, there is so much for us to cover. i want to start if i may, with voter fraud and steven miller. he gave george stephanopolous fits over the weekend, it was hilarious to watch, unless you were george stephanopolous or one of his producers. this is remarkable he is advancing the administration's pace to have an investigation. the left seems to be saying why investigate, if there is no proof of it? because we're supposed too have all of the answers before we begin.
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that is the view of left wing media. >> yeah. that is right. and steven miller is giving a lot of people fits, a lot of people seizures, because he is somebody who is brilliant, and unapologetic and has been battle tested in so many of these fights that the left has felt entitle ed to have no opposition to. this has been the frustration of so many of us who have been on the side of immigration enforcement, or so many of these fights on cultural matters or matters of national sovereignty, as young as steven miller is, he has had more experience in opposing these forces and winning than so much of the open border republican acceptment. this is not just the george stephanopolouses of the world
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but so many republicans who have been in the pockets of big business and played along with this game, that we should not look at voter fraud, we should not look at the impact on both economics and national security of systemic nonenforcement of our immigration laws. lou: i love it when george stephanopolous was talking about the cost of the border wall, and mill ar miller said, why don't you people ever investigate the cost of illegal immigration and the burden it represents to treasury of local, state and federal treasuries. and it is the essential question with economics, and essential question when we look at drug traffic across that border, which it is the majority source for most of the most popular drugs in this country. >> yes. lou: it is just, makes you just wonder what it is going
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to take to bring rationality back to left wing media. >> well, it is more people like steven miller in government, and in positions of power and influence, and having platforms that ordinary americans who have been harmed by all these policies have never had, that is what is so refreshing. because patriots like steven miller are ripping the kabuki mask over open borders theater, he had the finger on the pull working for jeff sessions and michele bachmann on those h-1b workers who never had a voice in washington. or the family members of victims of the illegal alien crime, now we're seeing all of the hugh and cry over the i.c.e. raids -- why? because finally the 20,000 people who work in bureau of
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immigration and customs enforcement have had their hands unleashed and untied to do their job. of course, the left is up in arms about it. lou: it is looking as though the companies that control left wing media in this country, are starting to see there is a limit to the damage they can do to the trump administration. and i think that the american people are awakening to the fact that the revolution that is being described by the democrats in particular, and the left, is really a resolution of elites whether it is hollywood or billionaires, trying to drive a given message through the national media. the so far, donald trump is making it clear he is remaining on the side of the american people. as you have been for a long time michelle, we appreciate it. and thank you for being with us. >> you bit, tear care lou. lou: you took michelle malkin. vote in tonight's poll, do you
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think that president trump should tell left wing activists attacking kellyanne conway, and general flynn that both issue are being handled confidentialy and there will be no longer any further discussion on the two incident the, cast your vote on twitter at lou dobbs. like me on facebook, and follow he on instagram. up next, president trump making good on more of his campaign promises. mr. trump's efforts to make america safe again and the left wing national media's frenetic, frantic attacks on the presidency. the subject of my commentary here next, stay with us. we'll be right back. across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica,
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lou: the vote continues, but the
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senate has confirmed steve mnuchin for treasury secretary. the vote remains open. but he now has a majority of the votes in the senate. the former goldman sachs employee who also helmed one west bank, trump's financial director during his presidential campaign. he now becomes the financial advisor for the entire country. steve mnuchin has been confirmed in what has been three weeks. customs enforcement officials are targeting known criminals. nearly 700 arrests made in raids in 12 states. president trump applaud the operation during a news conference with canadian prime minister trudeau. >> we are actually taking people
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that are criminals, very hardened criminals in some cases with a tremendous track record of abuse and problems. and we are getting them out, and that's what i said i would do. lou: but the hyperventilation from the national left-wing media has been relentless. >> a stern warning to all the 11 million undocumented living in the united states. most them law-biding and paying taxes and working, that they are no longer safe to stay here. >> hundreds have been arrested in whatted administration says is targeting criminals. >> targeted raids round up hundreds of foreign nationals. is the new administration behind the latest crackdown? lou: not sensationalistic in any form, did you think? in california 150 to 160 illegals arrested had felony conviction.
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the rest had misdemeanors or were in the united states illegally. the crimes charges from sex crimes stop weapons and sexual assault. i.c.e. pointing out these raids were planned before president trump took office. critics forget the fact that senator barack obama and nor bill clinton both praised tougher bored were security and immigration enforcement before losing their way. >> we are a generous and welcoming people here in the united states. but those who enter the country illegally and those who employ them disrespect the rule of law. we cannot allow people to pour into the united states undetected, undocumented, unchecked. >> we'll try to do more to speed the deportation of illegal aliens arrested for crime, to better identify illegal i am grants workplace. we are a nation of immigrants,
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but we are also a nation of laws. lou: both still showed true. steven miller respond to the constant wailing and clucking from the left-wing critics. >> there has been a lot of coverage in the news about the effect of these enforcement actions. but what's more important is the lives that are being saved, the merit can lives being saved because we are taking enforcement action. we'll focus on public safety and saving american lives. we'll not apologize for that. lou: president trump campaigned and won in november stressing immigration security is national security. the left-wing dems and national media will continue to put their ideology ahead of national security. fortunately our commander-in-chief is putting america first with his commitment to law and order.
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lou: joining us tonight, the director politics. and descr skinner let me begin with you. a closed door session of the security council, condemnation of the launch by north korea, and ambassador haley calling for action on the part of the much united nations accountable and
7:38 pm
not just in words but in action. what do you make of it and what are your thoughts? >> i think ambassador haley's words were correct. but as you have know, we have to rely on the united states for leadership in dealing with north korea and most of the challenges around the world because the united nations cannot be counted on. i think the trump had administration has been very deliberate in the fast few days thinking about and speaking about north korea. there was a much stronger statement from abe than trump initially during their visit. but president obama has come out very strong saying this is a serious and grave challenge. there are many options open to the u.s., military, economic and political and all of those are being discussed coming out of the white house. lou: john hannah, your thoughts? >> i agree with the professor. this is a good start in the
7:39 pm
united nations. but the question is are there going to be actions and sanctions impose on north korea and are the chinese going to enforce them? is president obama unlike president obama going to be able to queets the chinese and persuade them to bring it hammer down on the north? that's the tomorrow way we'll be able to bring sufficient pressure on this regime to get 0 back off from this nuclear missile program that will at some point pose a threat to the continental united states. lou: have we moved beyond that line where all options have to be on the table to prevent north korea from adding to the range of their ibms? >> i think we are there white now.
7:40 pm
that's why you see a deliberate and pragmatic approach by the trump administration. they understand this is a major test by north korea. while it's already dealt with iran's ballistic missile test and continuing the fight in iraq and syria. now with north korea we have to look at all options. one of the rain ones from last year allows the u.s. to impose sanctions on chinese companies that take part in the north koreaianorthkorean arms market. lou: are we moving to a position where president trump is making it clear enough, standing shoulder to shoulder with prime minister abe in his conversations upcoming with netanyahu.
7:41 pm
his telephone conversations with 50 leaders. world leaders are getting a pretty good sense of what he is thinking. is there a way forward here that does not involve military action even on the part of the united nations? one can't imagine china falling in line with that such a thing. economic sanctions have not worked against iran or russia. >> there may be a non-military means of solving this problem in north corp ria. but it will not work. we'll not get that non-military means unless there is a stick on the table, and a credible threat if all else fails the united states is not going to allow north korea to threaten us with nuclear armed icbms that can take out san francisco and los angeles but also new york and washington, d.c. that is an intolerable threat. hopefully the united states can
7:42 pm
rally the world to do something about it. but unless there is a credible threat of american military force together with our keyal lights in asia i don't think it's going happen. lou: lurking behind all of this, we have rising tensions with moscow. rising tensions with tehran. china is an absolute wildcard at this point because there have been conflicting signals from beijing. this is going to be a tough call for this administration and a great deal perhaps is riding on the next steps of this administration. what do you think, doctor? >> i think that the administration has started what you are just talking about. they looked at the exact same international landscape you just described. and dispatched general mattis our new secretary of defense to the asian region for the reasons
7:43 pm
you talked about to reassure the south korean that we mean business and we have military options that don't include the use of force. for example the fadd missile defense system. we have let the japanese know we are defending them in the east china sea. their right to the territory. i think we have done some military tight maneuvers already. lou: thanks so much. i'm sorry, we are out of time. i promise to begin with you next session, john hannah, thank you. dr. skinner, thank you. the quotation of the evening. this one from carly fiorina. she said this. people are angry that a common sense thing like securing the border and ending sanctuary
7:44 pm
cities is extreme. it's not extreme. it's common sense. a near disaster in the qatar desert. this stuntman's dream quickly turned into a nightmare as his back tire land on the hood of the jeep. thankfully no one was hurt. but the jeep got a dent out of the thing. it looks like the rider didn't even get get a bruise. >> there is a campaign going on on the hill in the media, in the academia, to personally discredit not only donald trump,
7:45 pm
but the people who are around him. lou: congressman chris collins weighs in on that. we are coming right back with the obama shadow government. really? this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say: if you love something... set it free. see you around, giulia ♪
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lou: steven miller, senior advisor to president trump had a message for those questioning the executive order. >> our opponent, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president to protect our country are very substantial and will not be questioned. lou: joining me now, congressman chris collins, and the first congressman to endorse donald j. trump to become president. let's start with first, if i may, instead of the executive order that's going to wind its way through the president's going to have his say, do you agree? >> there is no question.
7:50 pm
and i like what i'm hearing to issue a new executive order that addresses the nonsense the judge in seattle put forward and green card and the like that was clarified but not to their satisfaction. now that we know what their game plan is we can face it directly. put out a new executive order, call it a win and move on. >> this president has the power and inclination to enforce all laws and nearly all of these laws are on the books. so there it is. james web, the former senator and democrat says there is a campaign on the hill, the media and academia to personally discredit president trump and the people around him which i think most of us believe anyway. but to hear webb say it shows how the threat level is rising. >> desperate people will do desperate things.
7:51 pm
whether it's nancy pelosi or senators schumer or warren. they are desperate. they are trying to put together a playbook to delegitimize president trump. they will throw a wrench into what i look like as a smooth running machine. we have secretary price and secretary mnuchin. we have the two secretaries finally in place. we can move those forward on our agenda. the rest of the it is just noits in the wind. wind. lou: david shulkin's nomination has been confirmed. so progress is under way before our very eyes, congressman. but also before our very eyes is barack obama who many claim will be creating a shadow government
7:52 pm
to frustrate the policy goals of this administration. we are looking at something coming very close, it seems to me, to sedition. when you start working against the interests of the united states government whether it's in the person of donald trump and whatever and conspiring and organizing to frustrate the policies he intends to execute, i think that take us to a whole other level. what do you think? >> i agree. it started with the playbook when the democrats just had their retreat, they called it their retreat, how they are going to disrupt the government of the united states to make sure donald j. trump president doesn't get anything done. i think what they are doing is playing with dynamite here and they are just begging us to get rid of the fill bus for not on on the supreme court, but frankly get rid of the filibuster on legislation. if we do that, they become totally irrelevant.
7:53 pm
let senators schumer and whoever do whatever they can. absent the filibuster, they become irrelevant. we achieve success for the american public and the democrats will be wandering lost in the desert for a very long time. lou: with that country being restored again to safety and security and prosperity, and i think great again is the expression we are looking for here. congressman, great to have you with us. congressman chris collins. critics crying foul on the left-wing smear campaign against education director betsy devos. raffle reid joins us next. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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lou: ralph reid, 100 evangelical leaders going after president trump? what in the world is that about? >> i read that open letter and it was interesting. they said we should balance compassion with security. they across knowledged that the president has every right as the commander-in-chief to protect and secure our borders and the homeland.
7:58 pm
so i'm not really clear based on the principles they laid out of the christian faith of which i'm a stronged a heernt, how in the world a temporary pause in order to make sure we have the right criteria for terrorists who might be trying to enter our country is violating the principles of our country much less our christian faith. lou: you start trying to balance american lives in some abstract way, we want our security to be absolute. this campaign against betsy devos, our new secretary of education. he she is being blocked by black lives matter. police and her security not doing much. and it's peculiar there is such an attack against her. why is that, in your opinion? >> it's very simple. she represents a direct and
7:59 pm
existential threat as they see it to the stranglehold that the teachers unions boss have had on our public education system, i might add to the detriment of millions of school children trapped in schools where they cannot learn and are not safe, and where drug deals go on as a daily occurrence or shootings or violence in the hallways. i have been a friend of betsy devos for 20 years. she is a great leader on education reform. the vicious personal attacks and the attacks on her ring faith claiming she was seeking to impose her religion on other people are over the line. they have no place in our civic discourse. lou: i would like to, if i could if your schedule permit some
8:00 pm
time later this week, we can continue the conversation. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. ambassador john bolton, charlie hurt, gayle trotter. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: voters confront lawmakers on a host of issues including obamacare. kentucky senator rand paul is here to explain his plan. is abolishing the department of education the best way to start fixing our education system? congressman thomas massie says yes. and he joins me tonight. the panel is here to talk about that. grab a pot holder. time to global it off. the new left where independent thought goes to die. republican lawmakers are being delanding by screeching


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