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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 14, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EST

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time later this week, we can continue the conversation. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. ambassador john bolton, charlie hurt, gayle trotter. thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. kennedy: voters confront lawmakers on a host of issues including obamacare. kentucky senator rand paul is here to explain his plan. is abolishing the department of education the best way to start fixing our education system? congressman thomas massie says yes. and he joins me tonight. the panel is here to talk about that. grab a pot holder. time to global it off. the new left where independent thought goes to die. republican lawmakers are being delanding by screeching protesters at every turn and
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town hall to shout down things and stuff they find to be violating. utah congressman jason chaffetz was one of the victims of the latest leftist cause. their message, we don't like president trump, he's a republican, around republican, therefore we don't like you. and do your job. the one we hate. do your job says the unfocused mob. protests have spread from college campuses to the halls of normally tame political discourse. groups like indivisible calling out opposing lawmakers and shame those in disagreement in an attempt to silence and soak momentum.
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the president was so course and loud throughout the campaign, we are just using his across particulars against him. if you are so turned off by someone, sit down and have a logical conversation and stop trying to govern by meme. it is a short-term feel good exercise that only exploits the weaknesses in tactic and argument. i can't hear you when you are throwing a tantrum and spending your political capital with every eye-rolling outburst. stop being wildly hypocritical about your anti-trashism while being total fascists. try running some candidates who aren't power hungry, out of touch or white people. "huffington post" and "washington post" are trying to
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paint clothes on the empress, but unless you get white people elected this is not the tea party of the left. they are zpleemg a vacuum and will use any means necessary to force their will and change the outcome. this is not what democracy looks like. this neo-authoritarianism. it's a losing strategy. i'm kennedy. all the shouting at republican town halls just sour grapes from the last electionr or are we seeing the birth of a legitimate political movement? and will replacing obamacare be the linchpin? let me ask rand paul from the great state of kentucky. let's talk about the aca.
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it seems to be a flash point ap at these town halls. there is a lot of social media corralling. one of the talking points they are given is about the aca and accusing republicans of taking away their healthcare. what would you say to some of these protesters. >> i think we ought 20 re-peel and replace the on the same day. i'm not naive enough to think healthcare was perfect before obamacare. i practiced for 20 years and people come explained most live about the cost of it. then obama care made the cost worse. so by mandating things your insurance they made insurance more expensive. so they compounded the problem. re-placement needs freedom, choice, competition, the marketplace. we need to be free to be left alone to try to choose from a whole range of insurance products and we want it to be
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legal to choose something inexpensive. kennedy: one of the things you put forward which i this one the of the better ideas and encourages the free market if the health pools where individuals can pool together to buy insurance across state lines. i want to know with yours specifically, is this something you can i am flement practically within a year? >> yes. there are some of these sore imraiptions they have them in oregon and washington and a couple other places. a many people on the left like them when they look into them. nobody should be left to bye insurance by themselves. people do worry about this and worry about this. if you are a mom and pop and run a pest control business. you are worried what if my wife or:spouse gets cancer. will they drowms from insurance?
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will they jack up our rates? my plan would let people join together in large associations and they would have leverage to get lower price. but they would also have leverage to get insurance that can't drop them. that don't jack up their rates because they are part of a large pool. the fact that anybody has to buy insurance by themselves is an artifact of the tax structure system that linked health insurance to employment a long, long time ago. kennedy: people employment patterns are so different. obama administration went to great pains to talk about how great employment numbers were when you had so many beam part-time jobs and many who drop out of the workplace who don't have one single table employer. one of the bigger issue with the your plan. that's the part that has to do with preexisting conditions. you have to continually pay for two years' worth of coverage to
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maintain your insurance after that provision runs out. but for people with preexisting conditions and current necessarily work for two years straight. what happened to them. >> you have to look at problem before we gets to the solution. if you tell people you can buy insurance after you have get sick, that's what will happen. people will wait and buy insurance after they get sick. then there are no healthy people to supply a large poosm insureds. and it spierlts out of control. so that's what we have now. to fix it you cannot let people biens after they get sick because it don't work as a model of business. people will go bankruptcy and you have to bail out the insurance companies. so what my plan says is obama gave this and people are stuck in the middle of it. we give people a two-year period to sign for insurance during
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which the preexisting clause would be there, then it's phase out and gone in two years. in has to be ultimately some sort of incentive to buy insurance. if there is no incentive -- and i can wait until i have a heart attack or diagnosed with cancer, people will because it's cheaper. kennedy: that's why people were protesting the individual mandate by taking the penalty. i want to switch gears and talk about the "washington post" and other publications fanning the flames of this emotionalism on the left. you are a product of the tea party movement. and you were elected to the united states senate in 2010 and reelected this last november. do you see that happening on the left if that's what is going on here? >> i would say it's unknown. we'll see if this is a moment, a group or organization that gains momentum over time. whether it has an ideology or some sort of compact goals and
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aims. i don't know that that's certain yet. the march here the day after the inauguration. there were a lot of people here. there are angry people showing you have at town halls. with the tea party there was a consistent idea somey, a reverence for the rule of law, limited government, balanced budget and not accumulating more debt and passion it on to our kids and grandkids. it was one that harkened back to the founders. that's where the don't trade on me flag comes from -- don't tread on me flag comes from. this is anger, not necessarily ideology. kennedy: this not one tunifying principle like there is in the liberty movement. i want to ask you lastly,
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bradley balkow writes a great deal about criminal justice. he said how does a drug war and mass incarceration critic vote for the indianapolis most strident supporter of both to run the d.o.j.? >> personal considerations. i have known him for a long time. i didn't like the way the democrats tried to kree him him into a racist monster. i can tell people that there is no stronger voice in the u.s. senate for oh posing militarization of the police, oh posing the drug war. oh posing the surveillance state. i suggest maybe they spend some of their time honor 9 less libertarian senators.
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kennedy: now to tonight's epic party panel. she is a fox news contributor. she is julie roginsky. and michael malice, and charles cook. welcome, everyone. let's discuss some of the news of the day. president trump got a taste of a potentially explosive foreign policy challenge. it was just a test, then it landed in the ocean so no big deal. but the north koreans have nuclear weapons and the launch happened while the prime minister of japan was in the u.s. or meetings with president trump. the launch was meant to send a message to the new administration. the question is how will president trump respond? >> i think president trump has a great opportunity with north korea because if obama had been con i am tory towards him the
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republicans would have hit him for could you t to -- for cow .o he compared north korea controlling america to an ant hill controlling an elephant. 23 you have someone robbing a bank, there is two times of people, the people who run through the bank and shoot up everybody. and the people who run through the bank and shoot at the ceiling. second ones are the ones you want to deal with because they are sane and they want to get the money and get out of there and keep everyone safe. they could have hit seoul very easily. they could have done it since the 50s. they wanted food and money. kennedy: the sanctions don't work. >> people are suffering.
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kennedy: when they starve their own people, they say take our money away. i see that as the person who walks into a bank and start shooting indiscriminately. >> the sanctions -- when the sanctions hit and the people are starving, they say you are starving because of the americans. the other point is, every regime, if you look at iraq and libya. when regimes go down and people at the top are personally killed and people know when they go down they will be shot along with their families. they have to have someone that will give them a parachute to escape like reagan gave gorbachev the ability to escape without bloodshed.
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i'm half joking with trump. there are two trumps. presidents always get tested early on in their tenure. the donald trump who says things on twitter and seems to make policy up on the fly, then the donald trump who hires general mattis and seems to be surrounded by smart people. if you look at the executive orders, they are well thought through. they were probably drawn up when romney was running. the others? probably written on the back of a napkin. kennedy: what should the president do about north korea. >> the president tweeted the something in 2012. china is laughing out, it's really sad. this came not just on the heels
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of when shinzo abe was visiting this country, but a day or two after donald trump caused on the one china policy after making a big stink about it and said he was going to open relations with taiwan. he backed off. kennedy: at first he said we'll not be dictated to in chemples our china policy. >> then obviously the premiere of china would not take his phone calls. the reason i say that is because china is -- north korea is a client state of china. kennedy: china is there to help prowp their economy. will china save the day diplomatically between the united states and north korea? >> no, because north korea is getting on china's nerves. kennedy: north korea is the family member china has to put up with.
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kennedy: betty devos squeaks by in her confirmation to become the next secretary of education. teachers unions calling for a boycott. the growing thought on the left is betsy devos will ruin the department of education. one congressman had a solution. the $79 billion department, turn the money back over to school districts in states. thomas massie joining me to explain his plan. it's kentucky night. happy to have you back. >> my bill is only one sentence long. 10 word, if you will.
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i'm trying to get other congressmen in the habit of reading bills so i thought it would keep it short it says the department of education shall terminate december 31, 2018. the reason i dropped this bill in the hopper is i had a lot of democrats calling up to ask me to stop betsy devos. i don't get to vote on betsy devos. the on the alternative i could think of was to introduce a bill to get rid of her job. kennedy: what is betsy devos going to do for money when the department of education no longer exists and she is out of a job. you have self co-sponsors. it's not like you are some mad scientist in the basement of the rayburn building.
12:22 am
all republican representatives who have signed on. what are the chances you will actually get his passed and we can finally abolish an entire department of the federal government? >> one of the co-sponsors is my chairman in the oversight committee. jason chaffetz is the chairman of the oversight committee. maybe we can get a hearing on this bill. i would love to have teachers there. what the bill does is eliminates the bureaucracy. the 4,500 employees making an average of $105,000 a year coming up with ideas to tell our teachers in kentucky how and what to teach. teachers don't appreciate that big bureaucracy.
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all the money can flow back to the states without the strings attached. kennedy: it's about the teachers and the students and the learning. for me what the devos confirmation hearings came down to was the state versus parents. these leftist, progressives, socialist, communists, they want as much control over young minds and old minds as they possibly can. and he want to use the federal government as a tool to shape the way people learn and are educated in this country, and i think that's flat-out wrong. >> they are for centralized big government until they are not on control of the centralized big government. i ask them, do you want trump and his appointees to be making decisions for your teachers and principals in the your districts? there is a great chance to turn this question around. they are starting to learn big
12:24 am
government isn't all it's cracked up to be. kennedy: isn't it amazing how all of after sudden statists are learning about federalism? >> it's a great opportunity. some people asked me, do you think betsy devos supports your bill? my answer is, if she doesn't, she is not qualified to do the job she is doing. which is to give the power back to the states. i hope she'll do that in the two years she has remaining before we've eliminate it. you know what i think scares people. donald trump is the first president since ronald reagan who would actually sign this bill. kennedy: thanks for coming on tonight, i appreciate. coming up, "saturday night live" spent an entire episode parodying the trump white house, and their jokes on sean expires
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were almost a carbon copy of last week's skit. last week's skit. that's coming g g g g
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now you can own a 1e sub-compact tractor for just $99 a month. learn more at your john deere dealer. kennedy: this week the liberal snow flakes on the left took president trump's administration
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to task by parodying him on "saturday night live." >> it included a religious test. >> overruled. kennedy: saturday was the highest rated snl in 6 years. there were a slew of political statements at grammy awards. >> at this particular point in history our voices are needed more than ever. >> i just want to say president agent orange. kennedy: is this a fiery effective rebellion or has the media run out of material. joining me is brian kilmeade. "saturday night live," i wanted
12:30 am
it to be funny. lot of people like melissa mccarthy's version of sean spicer. >> if you watch over the last 10 years, there will be a little bit of fun mixed in. instead it's just an all-out hit that made even jon stewart cringe. kennedy: i don't minds the hit as long as it's funny. when i was watching the fatal attraction thing i used to go and watch with my manager when i first started at mtv, and he would explain why this worked and why this didn't. he said the biggest problem that snl has is they can't figure out how to ends their sketches.
12:31 am
>> just watcng that, i'm i having is this going? did it end? because they sight -- i guilt makes her look desperate and jake tapper look great. and she always desperate woman dying for attention. if you look at the stephen colbert show, it's a shut job on donald trump. if you watch jimmy fallon man losing, they gradually got harder and harder on donald trump. if the donald trump people are going to be upset it's going to get worse because they have see ratings. they are going to blister him. there will be no balance that carson and others had, at that o always displays. kennedy: it's constant reassurance this is what you
12:32 am
have should be doing, this is what you have should be saying. >> i think in the past, if you notice they couldn't couple with anything for chuck human were. the protesters, isn't there something where you could have humor there? if tough feel the show is a nonstop hit job on your points of view, you will get fewer viewers. kennedy: where do you go from here because the material will get pretty stale withinnal couple weeks. -- within a couple weeks. >> donald trump should be smart by the. fill in the blanks and not tweet about it. he tweeted about james corden on the grammies, which is not true.
12:33 am
kennedy: i think james corden is tremendously talented. i think the neil diamond karaoke was so funny. i loved that adele screwed up so badly on her george michael try beaut she had to start over. it's amazing how much paris looks like her dad. bust a rhyme, agent orange. and other thing that was interesting when j lo says it's up to the arts to save the country. kennedy: it's our job. we have to keep everyone honest and safe.
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brian kilmeade, thanks for being here. coming up, the party panel returns with valentine's day coming up. is vladimir putin trying to butter up donald trump? earning your cash back shouldn't be this complicated. yet some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back to a few places. and then, change those places every few months. enough with that! (echo) with quicksilver from capital one you've always earned unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. welcome to unlimited. what's in your wallet?
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kennedy: there is word russian
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president vladimir putin has paikd house warming gift for our new president. it's nsa leaker edward snowden. the report claims russia is trying to curry favor with the new administration. donald trump said snowden is a traitor and should be executed. snowden said he's not a spy because he says the russians would never hands over a spy. should snowden start packing his bags to come back to the united states? so julie, i will start with you. you are one of two russians on the panel. so snowden says obviously i'm not a spy because russia would never do that to one of their
12:39 am
own. >> this what happens when you have squeeze the juice out of after lemon and the lemon gets thrown in the garbage. so what ends up happening web's disposable because whatever they got out of edward snowden they got upon arrival. whether he returns him intact or not intact. the real point is he's not setting him back. it makes sense for russia. they want to do them a giant favor. >> i think it would be big head cake for the administration. i think snowden has enough you fourth on both sides of the aisle. so i think this is just them
12:40 am
playing footy with each other in public. people are sending out trial balloons. but the relationship will be getting much weirder the next four years. kennedy: do you have think snowden states in russia? dose self deport? >> how much more favor with putin think he can curry? putin according to trump is on a moral level with the united states. that's a pretty emphatic state. given donald trump is president and said he would execute him, why is snowden not scared to come back to the united states. kennedy: he says he's not scared, not waried. his lawyers at the aclu say they haven't heard of any kind of deal like this. >> she is going to run disney.
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>> this was something from thousands of years ago that speaks to us today it'truly american history. >> did you know at that point i maybe have something very, very special? >> the thought went through my mind, maybe it is more than just a few drawings. kennedy: a clip from the newest episode of "strange inheritance." it airs tonight. it family has a 100-foot limestone cliff that features ancient native american painting and coverings. it's currently in full swing and it's better than ever. the show continues to improve
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with some of the best stories on the planet. here to talk about the new jest and strangest episodes, the shows host, jamie colby. welcome back. this is one of the most unique stories you have covered. you said it was your most memorable. why was it so memorable for you to see these formations? >> algren wrote us. when we looked into it further we knew we had to get there right away. what i loved about her so much is she has something unique, incredibly valuable, a spiritual and religious ground where many warriors came and left war time symbols and family signs. as many as 3,000-year-old drawings, 5,000 of them now is
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ploard by archeologists who say themselves, wow, and they are the people who have seen everything. what she has chosen to do is open it up to the public. show it to school children. she and her son a ray give tours. they are living a simple life with an extraordinary item in their backyard and they are sharing it with us. that's one of two incredible episodes airing tonight. kennedy: the second episode i'd called "autograph addict." what do you have? >> i have lots after autographs, alfred hitchcock. rob williams, johnny depp. jamie: what was your reaction when you saw the mag used to what he had. >> i was blown away. >> it would be 7 figures without a doubt.
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kennedy: we are smack dab in the dog days of winter. as always donate the yellow snow. i'm wearing yellow.
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this is the "topical storm." topic number one. "the bachelor" is a as addictive as it is ridiculous. but if you take out the dudes. what are you left with? a clever santa fe animal shelter experimented with the format wondering what happens when you replace the human fella with the dog. how much does it chae the show? >> i'm going on a date with stuart. and sarah will be there with me. she is rough around the edges. she is in a closet cat person. >> we are made for each other. >> it will be awkward for stuart. >> are you in love with stuart? >> totally. >> a lot of kissing. oddly enough with the doing
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bachelor versus the human counterpart the show is 41% more intelligent. but no matter who is giving out the rose they all turn into a bunch of [bleep] female dogs. topic number two. one guy made a spinner out of razors. that's like a top that cuts things like red bull cans. and crayons. and hot dogs. it's like the metal spinning thingies. we can automate that ninja i
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hired. and then there is this kenny rogers, and he's in prison. hashtag so sad. topic number three. he took the gamble. sword-wielding ninja. topic number three. weather report are a vital source of information during a blizzard. but sometimes they reveal more than just temperatures. watch this newscast and see if you notice something odd. about 6:15 to 6:30, it has not let up at all it's coming down steadily in springfield. you can see the visibility has been reduced. i have seen countless spinouts. and even multiple people have been stuck here.
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kennedy: it also promotes legalized marijuana by photo bombing journalists. >> holy, it's a pair of big feet playing beer pongs. kennedy: they are pretty good at it. big foot, will you ever outgrow playing beer pong? never. topic number four. air bags are made out of a special strain of exploding mushroom that grows in tucson, arizona. mushroom hunt erms capture them and wash them and fit them inside steering columns until they ripen and later explode. let's see what happens when they
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