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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 14, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EST

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on "fbn:am." we will turn it right over to maria maria bartiromo and "mornings with maria." maria: hey there, ladies. good morning, everybody. i maria bartiromo. it is valentines day to stick in to stick to my figure. 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. breaking news this morning. a major shakeup. michael flynn resigned as national security advisor pick late-night announcement as the face of the face criticism with russia ties and whether he misled vice president elect mike pence. here's how pent they got the situation january 15th. >> did mike flynn never discussed the infections in any of those conversations? >> i talked to general flynn yesterday in the conversation said it took place at that time were not in any way related to new u.s. sanctions russia for the expulsion of diplomats.
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maria: that was what general flynn told the vice president elect at that point. the fallout coming up here and president trains treasury secretary sworn in last night. stephenson entering the cabin after last night's confirmation vote. new concerns over what affords assigned vehicles get hundreds of voters say the car is making them sick and exhaust may be to blame. we have the details. pharmaceutical company under fire over pricing. now pressing the pause button on its $89,000 treatment for most electricity. the major average closing another record high yesterday. pulling back from the record high showing yesterday by a fraction this is still considered a big tree given the huge gains we've been seeing the last couple days. stocks ended flat by this fall. similar situation to the u.s. ft 100 up as the cac and dax even if just by a fraction. major average finished the disc in the mostly lower. nikkei average down 1%.
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playboy going back to his roots. by the magazine is publishing photos once again. joining me to talk about it, pollster lee carter is here. kings college professor of business economics bryan brandenburg and former nfl star and ceo jack brewer. good to see you. happy valentine's day. >> happy valentines day. >> happy valentine's day to you. maria: big story with the trump administration michael flynn stepping down. a lot of talk about. >> absolutely. so much to talk about. maria: it was not unexpected given that he did talk to michael pence the way that he did. media chairman and former republican presidential candidate steve forbes joining us this morning. education secretary bill bennett is here. singer and songwriter who were then make america great dress again at the grammys is joining us this morning as well as ceo debra fine. lots to come. stay with us on a big show
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breakdown. take it off at our top story, donald trump national security adviser michael flynn resigned late last night. he came under fire after it was revealed the potential sanctions from russia with ambassador before president trump took office. in his resignation letter, flynn wrote unfortunate because of the fast pace of events and pace of event that an effort to break the vice president elect another's with incomplete information regarding own cause with russian ambassador. i sincerely apologize to the president and vice president and they've accepted my apology. before the news broke, white house press secretary sean spicer and chuck schumer weighed in. >> the president is evaluating the situation. he speaking to vice president and relative to the conversation the vice president had with general flynn and also various other people about what he iders the single most important subject areas, our national security.
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>> a security clearance must be withdrawn until the independent investigation is completed and he has violated any law or ethical precepts yet to be fired. maria: retired general keith caught up and acting advisor along with retired general david trias and robert haar were the former deputy commander of u.s. central command with word of the potential replacements for the position. democratic presidential candidate from ohio congressman and fox news contributor dennis kucinich. good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. maria: the department of justice or the administration flynn could be vulnerable to blackmail or his connection to the russian ambassador. are you surprised that the resignation? what's your take? >> general flynn has said the vice president. they had to look at this deeper. a phone call from the incoming director of national security was an ersatz did in the contents given to the media.
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and so obviously shared by intelligence officials. but that the core of this is an effort by some in the intelligence community to act and any positive relationship between the u.s. and russia. as a marching band and society out there. there are people trying to separate the u.s. and russia so that the military industrial and tell axis can cash in. maria: sin is the bigger issue here in your youth the fact that this was leaked and somebody inside the white house got this news out to the press? what are you saying? >> an issue. the general has admitted that he misled the vice president. i forgot them. the american people have to know that there's a game going on inside the intelligence community where there are those who want to celebrate the u.s. from russia.
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that's up at the bottom of all of this. early in the morning valentine day. wake up, america. >> you think this fundamentally changes the prospect of a stronger relationship with russia or campaigns proceed if they have been as the president said he would like to proceed? >> was going on in the intelligence community with his new president is unprecedented. they are making every effort to offend him. he's knows what the truth is anymore. this is like the electronic version of mad magazine. spy versus spy. the bottom line is we should not start a cold war again with russia. the american people forked over billions of dollars for the last one and changed the quality of life in this country. there's something wrong going on in the intelligence community. maria: russia donald trump do? >> first of all, he has to get a hold of his own intelligence
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apparatus. this isn't a joke. this is a serious matter. if he doesn't get control for the information is coming from, he'll never know the truth. the american people won't buy the true then we could be set up her with almost any country. be very careful with my warning this morning. >> congressman condit in the age of wikileaks and access to information across the board, what can they do right now? the administration seemed like the national security. >> not just this administration. i want to remind the viewers send all those on the panel that in the closing months of the obama illustration, they put together a deal with russia to create peace in syria. a few days later a military strike killed 100 syrian soldiers invented the agreement.
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what happened is inside the intelligence of the pentagon, there is a deliberate effort to sabotage an agreement the white house made here this is like each state, said kind of a spy novel. but it's real in the people have to understand the game is played for our country. >> congressman, people are having so much of the understand that they should pay attention to. so much betrayal, so much hate out there. people are in one hand saying the administration is in disarray. they don't know what they're doing. because many mistakes they are making. national security sybase. people shouldn't have security clearance having security clearance. what should people be focused on, why should users be taken away right now? >> it's going to be very important that the president tells the truth. we will be celebrating presidents' day as soon. one of the presidency is celebrating his george
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washington who mythically with sag members to have lied, that in fact chopped down that cherry tree. the fact of the matter is we need to make sure the white house is communicating clearly to the american people about what's going on. the question is the president getting the right information and are there games played inside the intelligence community to force american policy in a direction different than what the white house wants. we need to have closer ties with russia. we cannot also have certain people play manager in the separates us from our aspirations for peace between the two major powers in the world. maria: is the bigger issue the fact that even discuss sanctions but this potential counterpart and russia? or is the bigger issue that he lied to vice president of the expense? >> first of all, news reports this morning indicate that one intel official who secretly
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sharing his thoughts with the media say he never talked about acting sanctions. who knows. but the bigger issue that in this moment that in a conversation with the vice president and, he misled the vice president. maria: the cover-up is worse than the crime. you're underlining something even bigger than that if somebody within trump's white house is trying to sabotage somehow. >> i don't know if it somebody inside the trump white house. there's definitely something going on inside the intelligence community to try to undermine this illustration. you know, this isn't about whether you are for or against donald trump. this is about whether or not the american people are bystanders in a power-play inside the intelligence community. the outcome of which could determine our relationships with
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russia and whether or not billions of dollars are going to be spent in a new cold war. maria: the head of the cia was against donald trump before he came into office as the former head of the cia. hillary clinton taking jabs at resignation. started with a former aide treated this. dear mike flynn and mike finn junior, what goes around comes around. he included a link for a job opening at dominoes pizza. it's a reference to the trade regarding the child trafficking conspiracy theory. for the clinton treated herself. he's only saying things that he is a point about the consequences of fake news. whether you've make of this? should clinton be weighed in on this? >> well, what happened, the whole story was a disgrace. really. i'm not going to go into details because it's nearly not fit for family television. but i will tell you this. this is a much more serious
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issue. the white house, whether you are for dagen against trump, the white house is under attack from elements inside the industry, which are trying to elevate tensions between russia and the united states and at the bottom of that is money, and agenda for somebody to cash in on club left between the u.s. and russia at any level. maria: that's pretty extraordinary. good to have you on the program. thanks very much. joining us there. the comment pieces story was not something i focused on at all actually. but he makes a really important point in terms of undermining the president and the country's intelligence. >> people want to make this a story of culture within the white house. he is saying something deeper than that.
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we will see if it plays out in the coming days. maria: will take a short break. present trends treasury secretary stephen mnuchin joining after last night's vote. and to be joined by david chopin. ford explorer might be making you sick. what you need to know about the investigation into the popular suv. that is next.
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senate voting unanimously last night to confirm president transfected at the department of veterans affairs. lauren simonetti -- lauren simonetti went back. >> this one is drama free. good morning. the lone holdover from the palm administration served the undersecretary for health since july 2015 and a confirmation hearing month the factors here had major reform and transformation of a department. the senate also voted my fantasy mentioned two can earn stephen mnuchin despite opposition from democrats on this one discernment their money where president trump had nothing but praise from mnuchin. >> steven is a financial legend with an incredible track record of success. he's been my friend are many, many years. everything he touches turns to gold to defend amazing job enough of them we want for our
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country. >> and that is treasury secretary. nearly 200,000 people remained under evacuation orders out of fear that a spillway could collapse a machine water from the tallest in. authorities managed to avoid the danger oscars jet diverted spillway and restore the water levels. many are now asking why more of us not to do after environmental groups warned about 12 years ago that this was an imminent disaster. in other news, federal regulators investigating claims that exhaust fumes are they can't afford exporters after hundreds of drivers complained about his sulfur smell in their cars, which some worry may have been carbon monoxide. the pro covers 2011 to 2015 explores. ford has yet to issue a recall to fix the alleged defect. finally comes to an earnings season. t-mobile one of the stocks to watch today. the countries largest wireless carrier expected to report
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higher quarterly revenue as more customers sign up for the service. t-mobile will release results before the bell. expecting troopers for sales growth for its latest quarter due to meet defending a kingdom. investors watching its 2017 forecast. after the bell today, earnings from aig as well as express scripts. one company however reporting rolls-royce of $5 loss after settling bribery charges. maria: thank you so much. earnings are doing pretty good. the s&p 500 here. 6.9% growth. that is better than people were expecting. >> 70% of beating earnings. the news is good if they talk about stock market leader. this is what's driving investors. maria: financially stranded in a statement .9% for fourth-quarter earnings for financials. how about apple.
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hitting a new high yesterday. >> very positive. when you look at apple, you want to have allocation to apple, but it's good to see the economy whom could get a job on the proposed tax and coming up. maria: you think that still is underlying the market reality? >> i don't think it is priced in early on. you see a jump in prices. maria: i agree with you. when we come back from the tsa workers connected to an atv or drugs monthly operation. by definition is arrested on charges to distribute. major indexes closing at record highs that optimism drives the market spread what to expect as the trump rally continues. back in a moment. stay right here. ♪
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maria: features indicating a fractional loss at the opening of trading. major indexes closing at record highs. we continue to see the market react to what they are anticipating to be a pretty big tax refund policy coming soon. the policies coming out of d.c. and could go back in regulation and lower taxes, which we assume a half of this year. fascist earnings. >> difference lately have been the president focusing on taxes and regulation. he's not talking as much about trade. if not talking about tariffs. returning. good economic data. you have kind of a quiet. when it comes to tariffs and trade and a lot of conversation about taxes and regulations.
6:24 am
that's what they are reacting to, moving up this week could be a little different. more economic data this week that inflation numbers, retail sales numbers, small business survey numbers. and of course janet yellen testified today and tomorrow. it's in the absence of trade and tariffs and a lot of talk on taxes and regulation which markets love. tragedy for love. tragedy for thea q. say first-quarter earnings are in the double digits. 11% to 12%. after the fourth quarter was up 6.8%. doublecheck digit earnings growth is that people are looking for. >> you go for the see spike in earnings and a little bit of a lag in the fourth quarter of going through that time period of the election. the local and start spending more money. people are enthusiastic. valentines day is today. i think you will see a great pop
6:25 am
in earnings on the first quarter. >> they better be out there fighting today. one of the things i'm so curious about is if they saw because obama's policy is finally working and mrs. obama's market or is this all by reaction to transplants? it's a real debate. i'm curious which it is. >> i think it is fair to say trump has inherited an economy that is not quite as bad as the past 7.8 years. i don't think you can collect an obama uptick in the stock market because clearly investors look ahead and favorite kind of basically solid economy right now. policies can build on with taxes and regulation that has to be part of the story. investors are excited to get the economy growing faster than she% rate for the past eight years. maria: now we have the treasury secretary confirmed, maybe they could start rolling out policies. >> when you think will see tax
6:26 am
reform? as late as august or something in the second order? >> the hope is to get something done this year retroactive to the beginning of the year and develop on the corporate business tax side return of investment job creation and that is that people are looking for. you need some focus on that. park is very spotty lately to the fact precedent seems to be focusing once again on tax reform to the exclusion of the more controversial policies. maria: people are demanding it. president trump muppet justin trudeau yesterday. trade among the top topics then. listen to this. >> much of our economy depends on good working relationships with the united days. good integration with the american economy. and the fact is millions of jobs on both sides of the border depend on the smooth and easy flow of goods and services send people back and forth across the border. >> to be of an outstanding trade
6:27 am
relationship with canada? we'll be tweeting it, doing certain things that benefit both of our countries. it's a much less severe situation and what is taking place on the southern order for many, many years. the transaction was not fair to the united states. an extremely unfair transaction. maria: it is interesting that he really has a problem with nafta as it relates to mexico, but not with canada at all. even wilbur ross said there's not much problem with that part of the deal. >> the deficit in terms of goods in trade. the important thing is your 35 state in canada is the biggest export partner. that includes ohio and wisconsin and indiana. this is not a relationship you want to disrupt it for now other reason than politically it could be very charged. important to have a strong relationship with canada. it was really nice yesterday to see the president affirmed that
6:28 am
they want to maintain this trading relationship with canada. >> think about it. canada sent 75% of their exports to the united states that's a big number. that in itself tells you donald trump is here to negotiate and he's doing what he said is going to do. for him to stand up next to the leader of canada and basically talk about mexico in the same breath. because you were where the focus is on. maria: share. we will take a short break here president trump to take strong action against the country. what to expect next. another pharmaceutical, any under fire. marathon on a $50,000 treatment for muscular dystrophy. details coming up next. back in a moment.
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maria: good tuesday morning, happy valentine's day, everybody, welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo, it is tuesday february 14th, top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. president trump vowing response to latest aggression of north korea, the u.s. condemns the missile test. president trump addressed the escalating tensions at a news conference with canadian prime minister justin trudeau yesterday. >> many, many problems, when i was campaigning i said it's not a good situation, now that i see it including with intelligence briefings, we have problems that a lot of people have no idea how
6:32 am
bad they are, how serious they are, not only internationally but when you come right here, obviously north korea is a big, big problem and we will deal with that very strongly. maria: very latest on the situation coming up this morning. immigration crisis was also addressed. spoke to the refugees coming into the country since his travel ban was blocked. the surprising numbers coming up. tsa workers indicted over drug smuggling ring, how they helped bring over $100 million of cocaine into the u.s. the latest pharmaceutical company to come under fire over staggering price tags for a drug. checking market this is morning, major averages closing in record high, futures indicating pullback from record high numbers yesterday. dow industrials expected to open down 12 points n. europe stocks near flat line. similar situation there.
6:33 am
although they are mostly hirer, fractionally up. in asia mixed performances, mostly lower. nikkei average in japan worst performer down better than 1%. the naked truth to bring back to nude models, all that coming up this morning. president trump vow to go take strong action against north korea after the weekend ballistic missile test and condemned the launch with canadian prime minister justin trudeau, the message coming on heels of a new poll that the majority of americans view the president as a strong leader who keeps his promises. joins us this morning the director for politics and strategy at university, what kind of action are you expecting the president to take against north korea, it is good to see you, welcome. >> thank you for having me, maria, as always early in the morning. i would like to begin by saying that the president from what i'm hearing and reading about, the white house deliberations are thinking about economic
6:34 am
political and military actions against north korea. putting on a faster track. the thaad missile defense system in place that was scheduled later in the year, perhaps that would be sped up in anticipation of north korea provocation as you know, new secretary of defense made first trip abroad to the region and reassured the south koreans and the japanese of the firm american commitment to them and then the mini summit that president trump had over the weekend at mar-a-lago with the leader abe of japan, those commitments were reaffirmed once more. and also the white house has noted the u.s. commitment to japan's security in the east china sea. long-standing claim to
6:35 am
territories there that has the u.s. backing. i think there are a range of alternatives. i think the administration will be very careful, however, on imposing economic sanctions on chinese companies which u.s. law does allow that do business in the arms trade with the north koreans. i think that's something they are going to take time to move into, but there are a lot of options on the table that do not have to result in kinetic activity and direct war with north korea. >> do you see the administration putting more pressure on china to do something about north korea? that's always been a sensitive issue, but, in fact, they may put more pressure on china. >> that's at the top of the list of deliberations and will be doing with a lot of thought. president trump is becoming a centrist, rhetoric remains strong.
6:36 am
in terms of china, it's been an evolution in the last couple of weeks from what appeared to be in abandonment of the one-china policy but a return to that view from the administration so, inning on china they have to think through the options because they are trying to build a more collaborative and cooperative relationship and how can sanctions or something be imposed on chinese businesses without disturbing the overall structure, new relationship that they are building and will those sanctions actually work. there's a lot to think about and then, of course, the united nations will be central and the administration has already speeding ahead in terms of trying to get some security counsel statement about north korea as well. >> when they learned about what was happening and when they were at dinner at the mar-a-lago, a
6:37 am
lot of folks taking pictures of the president and a lot of people are saying, there's the guy that has the football and pictures all over facebook and social media, what level should folks be concerned that these -- this kind of activity is being captured in person live right now? >> that is of concern and i think the white house will look more closely at those kinds of engagement in the future. this is early in presidency, wasn't of the first presidencies that is truly going to be infused with social media as a part of the fabric of what it does, so i think trying to figure out how to draw a bright line between reaching out to millions of americans through social media, while maintaining security is something that will get resolved very quickly in the new trump administration. i have no doubt about that. maria: let me switch gears and ask you about the president's travel ban, since the federal
6:38 am
judge halted the executive order, fe yuji omissions have surged from the seven countries, as of yesterday, the total was 1,172, over one hundred refugees admitted in the past two days alone. is this a threat to national security knowing that they see an opening, they are rushing to come to the united states, largely from these seven countries that the president deemed dangerous? >> i don't see it as immediate national security threat because people want to come here and they're from muslim-banned countries. so i don't exactly see it that way. i do see it as part of larger confusion of the roll-out of executive order, it's led to a lot of anxiety. i'm a professor and fellow at stanford university hoover institution, i'm seeing on the ground what's happening to a lot of academics and students and
6:39 am
researchers who do not understand where american law is heading and making decisions to enter or exit the country in ways that would not have been otherwise. i do think that the administration is going to learn that the executive orders and decrees really need a public relation strategy and echo chamber of experts around them when they execute them so we don't get the kind of global confusion that you're talking about right now. >> the trump administration has been vocal what it feels like the united nations has not been able to accomplish. if you look at the issues they are global issues, immigration, security with north korea, what role will the trumration play gg forward with the un security council and how might that bring this relationship closer to be amendable? >> the united nations has been an important organization since
6:40 am
it was founded in terms of, you know, bringing together diverse voices throughout the world but in terms of u.s. interest in particular it's often been the case that the u.s. is the target, although the un would not exist in the current form without the united states paying its dues, adding moral voice to that body that it helped found in the first place but i do think the un will be put on notice and the security council in particular that the united states expects a lot more reciprocity and respect given that it is a global leader, it is the world's super power and provides a level of support and security and extended deterrence for much of the globe and i think this administration will
6:41 am
do time and time again. maria: last night general michael flynn resigned as national security adviser. over his conversation with russia and how he explained what happened, now former democratic presidential candidate da nice had this to say about that? >> what's at the core of this is an effort of someone in the intelligence community to up-end any positive relationship between the u.s. and russia and i tell you there's a marching band in society out there, there are people trying to separate the u.s. and russia so that this military industrial intel can cash in. maria: what about this? this is a serious situation where denise is saying that someone within the intelligence community is undermining this administration. okay, yes, they listen to phone calls and eve's drop on phone calls but who is leaking this? the washington post broke the story of what exactly was
6:42 am
happening on that phone call between michael flynn and his potential counterpart in russia, the washington post broke the story, so who told the washington post? >> i have never seen that many leaks come out of the white house as i have seen right now and it needs to stop and i believe that the confusion of this administration so far in terms of leaking is something that itself could damage national security. i'm sure that those in the white house who are committed to the president and his agenda are horrified by the number of leaks that are happening and where these are coming from, i don't know. maria: yeah. >> i don't build right now a conspiracy around russia, sadly with general flynn, do i think that the fact that trump won was a surprise for so many.
6:43 am
flynn was an early supporter of his and i believe that many didn't think he would win and i think the transition in some ways suffered from the fact that this was a surprise for all and they had to play catch-up and i think we saw that in the -- the early weeks of the administration. maria: good to have you on the program this morning, thank you so much. >> thank you. maria: op-ed in the journal this morning, if mr. flynn was under surveillance, mr. trump should know why. was there a court order to listen? and who is leaking this stuff? that's the bigger question right now. we will take a short break and continue the conversation. am done is taking on skype, details on new video-conferencing service coming up. not so sweet valentine's day after all, netflix putting a new study that cheating is on the rise, what your spouse could be hiding from you? we will tell you about it back in a moment millions of you are online right now,
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maria: welcome back, markets are pulling another record high for major averages yesterday as money keeps flowing into the market in the anticipation that we will get some positive policy as it is impacting earnings, we are taking a look at few names on the move, tesla making first venture in the middle east. electric car latest endeavor in dubai yesterday. deliveries to the region are expected to begin this morning. tesla shares up. the company is taking on the likes of microsoft and cisco with new video conferencing tool. the services called chime, it would focus on business users. shares of amazon 838 and change. apple as well at all-time high. a lot of anticipation, ten-year anniversary and ten-year anniversary iphone. workers arrested for smuggling cocaine. lauren simonetti with the details.
6:48 am
lauren: this is a big one. prosecutors in puerto rico says 12 people helped smuggle cocaine, that's worth as much as a hundred million dollars. the smuggling operation in puerto rico ended only last year. if convicted the defendants face a minimum of ten years, up to life in prison. well, marathon pharmaceuticals is now delaying launch of drug in the u.s., the problem is increasing criticism of its 89,000-dollar a year price tag, already two members of congress have launched an investigation, senator bernie sanders and representative elijah cummings accusing and this medicine, by the way, dramatically cheaper overseas. all right, guys, t getting hot in here.
6:49 am
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6:53 am
maria: welcome back, the university of connecticut extending ncaaa basketball record last night to a nice round number. jared max with the story. jared: happy valentine's day, a clean 100th game winning streak, 100 in a row. the yukon n huskies. yukon came back deficit but extended win streak. it's now 819 days since their last loss. gabi williams, career high, 56-55 of hundred straight wins,
6:54 am
you know how many decided by double-digit wins, 98 out of a hundred by double digits. the secret to coach's coaching a hundred straight wins. >> the thing i'm most proud of is day in and day out no matter who we are playing, no matter where, no matter where the situation, we don't take time off. it doesn't matter if we are playing the worst team in america or the best team in america and i'm proud of that. jared: lesson in sports. the man stripped of his record 7 tour the france titles facing more trouble. lance armstrong on court for trial by jury. a hundred million dollars in damages from armstrong filed by floyd who stand to collect 25%. armstrong tried to get the lawsuit dismissed. the team sponsorship was worth far more to the postal service.
6:55 am
there's going to be a baby. soon to be hall of famer yankee shortstop derek jeter is going to be a dad. the couple's news announced on jeter's website. we want our kid's life to be normal as possible. they are going to be born to such an extraordinary situation, they are going to have to be strong little people and don't want them to be defined for their dad's name. for him we want them to be dad. you know how many kids have been named jeter in the new york area ? baby jet ear. >> this is going to be the most beautiful talented kid, i think, ever born. >> ever. can you imagine if he couldn't throw a ball? [laughter] >> one of those babies, you have to look away. imagine that. maria: hey, jar red, the owner of the new england patriots, we
6:56 am
talked about tom brady's missing super bowl jersey, i have to get your reaction on what he said. >> it's very sad to me that someone would do something like this and actually they don't -- it's like taking, you know, a great shagal or pick aso -- picasso and you can never display it. somehow i feel that they'll be news that would clear this up in the not too distant future. maria: it sounds like he knows something that they found the jersey. jared: when you asked him -- >> i don't want to take anybody's thunder. jared: maybe there's something. they have top cops in houston, texas rangers getting in on this all about a jersey. the football everybody was saying, james white scored, he put the ball down, he's not thinking what is this going to be worth, he took off running.
6:57 am
the ball was never missing, somebody in the equipment staff got the football. maria: now we know it was never missing. jack, what do you think about all of this? nfl star. >> the and a -- and a nfl has best security. they will find the jersey. that interview was one of the best i have seen. maria: thanks. he brought the whole trophy. did you think you would actually win it? and he had optimism. >> i don't know about that. maria: back in a minute your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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maria: good tuesday morning, welcome back, i'm maria bartiromo, thank you so much for joining us this morning. it is tuesday february 149, happy valentine's day. your top stories, 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. michael flynn out of national security adviser. he resigned last night after fire storm brew after conversation with russian embassador. steve mnuchin, he's in. president trump highlighting experience during ceremony yesterday. >> americans should know that steven, our nation's financial system is truly in great hands. with him we are going to have in problem, believe me.
7:01 am
once again, the disappointment i'm following through on my promise to follow only the very best and the very brightest. maria: we have the latest coming up this morning. posting a wider than expected fourth quarter loss and cut more than jobs this year. there were signs of strength, however, particularly in the management business, the stock is higher ahead of the opening, 2 and a half percent. rest of the markets looking like this, major averages pulling back from yesterday setter yesterday. futures close to where they closed yesterday as you see there, actually this is a real victory as a result of slight pullback after huge record highs yesterday. investors are watching any comments from fed chair janet yellen, she kicks her semiannual today.
7:02 am
in asia overnight, mostly lower, nikkei average worst performer, down better than 1%. lexus lights it up, led car making runway debut, all those lights. we will take you there. plus if you like it, put a ring on it at least that's what dominoes pizza is saying this valentine's day, details on the pizza engagement ring from dominoes, all the stories coming up this morning. joining me to talk about it lee carter, kings college professor brian and former nfl star jack brewer, great to see you. >> good to see you. maria: the interview that was something because he underlined the fact that somebody is undermining this administration by leaking stuff. michael flynn is out, why the washington post broke the story of what he discussed on a phone call with his potential counterpart in russia. >> yeah, i think people just help me sort this out, help me understand why this is happening and how it gets fixed.
7:03 am
i think only the president can do that at this point. maria: it's extraordinary. we have the conversation front and center. also to talk about tax reform and the economy former republican presidential candidate steve forbes is with us. former education secretary and fox news contributor bill bennett is with us. the woman who wore the make america great again dress joy villa. breaking news right now etna and humana ending merger deal. human ann and etna were going to nernlg a huge deal and now they are breaking up mutually breaking up agreement. obviously the economics is not working. this is going to have an impact. donald trump has said on the campaign trail, i don't know where he stood on this deal, he said he doesn't like too much power in the hands of too few.
7:04 am
>> the past administration focused on preventing the mergers. maria: you saw consolidation going on. interesting that they are ending the deal, etna and humana. >> we saw a lot of consolidation in the financial sector as a result of dealing with deregulation as that pulls back you may see that trend pull back as well. maria: we will be watching that. the federal judge has blocked the deal of health insurance mega merger. shake-up in trump's administration, president trump's national security adviser resigned last night following revelation that is he discussed sanctions with russia before the president took office and then he said a different
7:05 am
story to vice president-elect mike pence, general flynn wrote in resignation letter the following, unfortunately because of fast-pace of events i briefed the president elect and others regarding conversations with russian embassador. i sincerely apologize to the president and vice president. they have accepted my apology. kellogg has been named the acting national security adviser while president trump considers who to fill the role permanently. fox news is learning that the announcement could come as early as this week. national review editor rich larry with us. rich, thank you so much for joining us. once again the cover-up is worst than the crime. >> a lot of the supposed scandals and dysfunction in the trump administration, fake news, media hysteria, this one the omg factor is really high. to have a national security adviser out within a month is just stunning and he had this
7:06 am
conversation which as an intelligence official he should have known was going to be monitored with the russian embassador and then apparently wasn't truthful to mike pence about it knowing probably that pence would talk about it publicly. if he had stayed it would have poisoned his relationship with pence and trump disrespects pence and doesn't take it that seriously and that made it inintoll -- intolerable to stay. maria: did it have a court order to listen to mr. flynn and who is leaking this stuff? >> yeah, those are all big questions, usually you minimize which means you don't have a transcript of the entire call which the intelligence agencies did and was circulating and the press got as well and it's another sign that there's an element of intelligence community that is at war with this administration, that never ends well, we saw it with the bush administration and that's a
7:07 am
troubling sign. >> people are trying to paint this as you have a systematic problem in the trump administration. there are leaks, do you see more as one-off issue or a systematic problem potentially within the administration here? >> well, i think at times chaotic beginning, that's true of a lot of administrations. it was a flynn problem. there was a doubt about him, about his judgment, about his experience, his management ability and all of that was proved out within three weeks, usually if you're out the first year, a sign that things didn't go well. to blow up like this is astonishing. >> there's a lot of folks now saying, look, this is really about the ties to russia, flynn-russia, trump-russia, all of this russia commentary that's going on. you think this is a bigger issue about the relationship with russia or the fact that flynn covered this up? >> well, potentially both. there's a high interest in the
7:08 am
call, to me doesn't seem on the face of it outrageous. you're going to talk to foreign counterparts but democrats made a big deal, the thing that gives me pause unless flynn just accidentally forgot, which is a little hard to believe, there seems to be some guilt in being deceptive about it. maria: that's the thing. the cover-up is worst than the crime. what else is he going to talk about when he's talking to potential counterpart in russia, of course, they would probably talk about the potential of sanctions but he doesn't have the authority to make a move, he didn't have the authority then, whatever he says doesn't matter, the fact that he didn't say exactly what went on to the call to mike pence and mike pence goes on sunday shows and says absolutely not. >> he did talk about sanctions which, again, i don't see what's
7:09 am
the enormous problem in and of itself specially the administration is going to have power to lift sanctions, why is it a scandal that he might discuss this with the russians but as you say, the cover-up is worst than the crime and just deceiving the vice president is a big deal. maria: you can't lie. three possible front runners for the white house national security adviser role include the acting adviser keith kellogg, vise admiral howard and former cia david portraeus, how much scrutiny can they face? >> a lot. this isn't a senate confirmed position, if trump picks, he gets whoever he wants. i would think there should be going with someone really experienced and really professional and apparently they are most interested in this howard guy who is close to general mattis who served in the bush national security council so he might -- they might look at him as a steady hand and they want to do this quickly just to cut a nip in the bud, the sense
7:10 am
of chaos. maria: steven mnuchin sworn in last night by vice president pence. listen to this. >> i'm commit today using the full powers of this office to create more jobs, to combat terrorist activities and financing and to make america great again. thank you. maria: all right, we got the guy in now running treasury. does that mean we are going to get tax reform soon? rich, what's your take? >> that's the big question. he has a huge job because it feels three weeks incredible things have happened but known -- none of it involves congress. mnuchin has to do three things to do with congress, infrastructure, taxes, dodd-frank reform. all of which are big and complicated specially tax reform. >> and you have a debt ceiling fight in mid-march. >> right. >> can he handle that or get that out of the way so that he
7:11 am
can deal with the big issues? >> i would think usually the way the debt ceiling works the party flips on it. republicans are reluctant to raise it, in the obama years they'll be more willing to go along, let's not divert attention and energy when we have big things we want to check off the list. maria: even if we don't get tax reform in the second half of the year, if we know what it would look like in the first one hundred or 200 days, i think the markets will be fine with that. don't you think? >> yeah. maria: as long as people know it's coming, this is what the plan would look like. >> i think that's an excellent point and the big event here would be trump's speech the joint session of congress where, i think, he needs to lay out a direction of what his on i'm care replacement plan which they talked about and what in more specificity is there vision for tax reform. maria: february 28th. all right, rich, great to see you. thank you so much. we are monitoring humana and etna, they have walked away from 37 billion-dollar deal.
7:12 am
i want to point out that anthem and cigna are also in the deal. the judge is going to rule on that one as well. that's even a larger, 48 billion-dollar deal. the health care insurance companies today may trade lower. disappointing results hitting employees why they are planning to cut more than 5,000 jobs next. dominoes helping run lucky contest winner pop the question with a slice of pizza. one of a kind lexus that's shining the light on new york fashion week this week, back in a moment did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night. enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make.
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7:15 am
maria: welcome back, serious concerns remain about an emergency spillway, 150 miles north of san francisco. lauren simonetti with details and headlines, now, lauren. lauren: hi, maria, nearly 2,000 people remain under evacuation orders that a spill below the oroville dam could collapse, unleashing a wall of water from the tallest dam, crews continue to patch-up the eroded speedway. but many are now asking why more
7:16 am
wasn't done about this sooner after environmental groups warned nearly 12 years ago that this dam was an eminent disaster. well, the son of former penn state assistant coach sandusky has been charged on sex charges, soliciting sex from his girlfriend's 15-year-old daughter and asking older sister for naked pictures. his father is currently in prison. younger sandusky faces 14 counts and being faced on bail. he's one of six adopted children. the swiss bank says it would eliminate jobs this year after reporting $2.3 billion net loss for last year, that lose wider than expected, much of it due to hefty settlement, stiming from
7:17 am
the financial crisis but credit swiss is upbeat about this year citing strong capital ratios and high hopes for the u.s. economy, we will see. want to top the question with a unique ring, valentine's day dominoes is offering 22karat gold ring shaped like a slice a pizza, topping like pepperoni, if you want it, head to facebook, dominoes will pick a winner from the entries, don't get too excited if you're looking to pop the question, this is only for customers in the uk, maria. [laughter] maria: nothing says i love you -- you're absolutely right. coming out stressing out of president trump's twitter feed. iphone buzzing, pushing shares of apple to a record high, what the anticipation could mean for
7:18 am
the technology giant. stock is at another all-time high, we will tell you about it next this is where i trade andrs. manage my portfolio. since i added futures, i have access to the oil markets and gold markets. okay. i'm plugged into equities- trade confirmed- and i have global access 24/7. meaning i can do what i need to do, then i can focus on what i want to do. visit to see what adding futures can do for you.
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♪ ♪ ♪ maria: welcome back, love is in the air and in the cubicle, apparently. romances at a ten-year high according to survey. 41% of workers said they dated a coworker, that's up from 37% who said last year. joining us dr. jena, jena, good to see you. your thoughts, love in the workplace.
7:22 am
>> yeah, probably not a good idea. most of it doesn't end well, maria. think about this, you're not only getting the person, you're getting the pressures of the problems with the person and if it doesn't end well, you probably still have to see the person every single day at work. generally speaking not a good plan. maria: the good news is 30% of office romances apparently led to marriage, it's not always happily ever after, we know that, 5% said they left the job after the relationship went sour, what do you guys think? do you think companies should be doing something about this? does the boss need to get involve? >> that seems pretty risky. people are spending more time at the office. maria: good point. >> is this the primary social connection point for people? >> it definitely is happening more often. they noticed a 10% increase over the last few years in office romances and it's not only because people are spending more time at the office but it's
7:23 am
because of mediums like social media, facilitate those relationships and also because since people work longer hours and travel more, the traveling component on that can cause some of the sparks to fly as well. maria: we have been talking this morning, jenna, that there's the election anxiety that seems not to be going away. people are still anxious, mental health experts are seeing more signs of stress specially on opponents of president trump. 70% of respondents said they were living with high stress levels, what do you make of it is? >> thanks to people like you, those who turn in to news media that aren't bias, we don't have so much of a problem. politics in general, maria, as you know can be a little scary for people to absorb and people like to think as negative thing that you're not suppose toddies cuss at christmas or thanksgiving, but some of us realize that there are solvable problems and that some of the things that government can do
7:24 am
either to get out of the way or to -- to maybe make things a little better for business or whatever can make life better so some people can be less stress if they pay attention to what is really going on like market indications or things like that that improve with different cycles of politics. it depends, honestly, if you're listening to fear among -- fear mongering. >> in the office, i have heard from so many folks, trying to help understand what just happened and they are saying, i can't even say out loud that i voted for trump, i'm still afraid what my boz is going to say about, what do you think is happening around people's view of politics and their relationships with each other right now? >> i think that's a great question because this is the thing, we are talking less, i think, honestly and openly than
7:25 am
we used to perhaps talk about politics and that too, of course, can add to the stress level. if you're not discussing it, you're not working through things, verbally processing issues that are alarm to go you, you are more likely to be stressed out about it. i think that does probably contribute to some of the stress we are seeing in the culture today. >> how do we get past this political climate. you like trump you're racist or sexist, if you like president obama that means that you support black people but you don't support police officers and the likes, it's just getting ridiculous. maria: yeah, it is. >> complete political lines and this means that you're either a sexist, racist or antisystematic, that has to have some effect on stress levels for people. >> it really does. i think we need to get out of that, you remember in your 101 learning about concrete operational thinking where everything is either black or white and can't think in the gray area, maybe perhaps someone, you know, could be
7:26 am
black and could also support first responders, those kinds of things, if you start to look at the gray areas and have conversations specially in the workplace about how things aren't always completely easily defined, i think people can begin to find common ground and perhaps to -- to chill a little bit because we really could use a big dose of that specially these days and things are looking good. the future looks bright and i think that focusing in on that is another way to sort of dispel some of the fear mongering going on. maria: you're right, jenna, the future does look bright. good to see you, thank you so much. coming up, ibm ceo claiming defense after employees of the company called for her to step down from president trump's business council. the political backlash straight ahead. bright future of automobiles in fashion, cheryl casone is in grand central station this morning with the
7:27 am
one of a kind lexus, looking good there, cheryl. ♪ ♪ ♪
7:28 am
7:29 am
dream to a tuesday morning. i maria bartiromo appear to i maria bartiromo. to stay connected there for team in the valentine's day. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast and
7:30 am
ceo of ibm defending her decision in a letter to employees were many said were many said she will use her access to race can learn. she is among the biggest names in business who have met with the president. >> intel is very proud of the fact the majority of our manufacturing is here in the u.s. and the majority of our research and development this year in the u.s. >> is very focused on policies with investment and jobs here in america and america industry and the automotive industry we talked about this morning. trade to the president's advisory council. backlash from the president, not the only concern for ceos. how companies are forced to play defense when the president to eat. apple does have to question if hitting all-time high yesterday. eagerly awaiting the next iphone ahead of the company's 10 year anniversary coming up. the stock a fraction of morning in the premarket. breaking this in the health insurance to their appeared at
7:31 am
the end he meant an inner merger deal on a $37 billion deal after the judge bought in recent weeks. broader markets look like this. major averages to pullback fractionally. the markets of course lower, but hit all-time highs of the major averages yesterday. in europe, stocks are near the flat line. fractional gain also very close to the file name. asia overnight, mixed performances. waiting to hear from jamie gallen in the house today in the senate tomorrow and her semi annual speech. disney severs tie with a youtube video that is in hot water. has created an for new york fashion week. we will take you there. right now in grand central. obedience classes might be in order here. the canine controversy from the westminster dog show coming up.
7:32 am
can't miss that one. i had one. ahead of ibm defending her on present trends advisory can vote an internal letter. some have suggested that we should not engage with the u.s. administration. i disagree. our experience has taught us in case you missed the best path to outcomes. ibm does not espouse partisan political point of view. former republican presidential candidate himself, steve forbes is good to see you. she no-space-on the president cto advisory council. more than 100 technology companies including apple increased the site a legal brief against president trams travel ban. would you think about this? >> her letter was exactly right. if you want input am a good outcome, you have to be there to give it rights. she pointed out she's not endorsing, but the whole thing that you must have no contact with the administration to disagree with. precisely went to have contact
7:33 am
in an good. you want to get policies to go in a positive direction. maria: it makes no sense to not have any access to the president of the country. what do these employees want? >> they think if you stay away, somehow trump will go away. it's not going to happen. maria: the internal petition by several ibm in who he is to affirm the company's values. they wrote hostile rhetoric towards immigrants, muslims, latinos cannot all gpt people and others in pinch on an open exchange of ideas essential for ability to recruit top talent. "the new york times" reported 1000 to sign the petition. >> again, nice to have those values and express those values. if you're not rare to make the case, that's going to get lost in the shuffle.
7:34 am
so she is there in person. when he talked face-to-face has more impact than a piece of paper on a screen. maria: that's incredible. let me ask you the nomination as secretary stephen mnuchin. would he think this means for tax reform? >> the president said a few weeks ago when he said in a few weeks will have a humongous tax proposal out there. they realized they don't go on offense after what happened to general flynn. executive order on immigration. it's got to have something positive that gets people excited in the future. this will speed the process up or keep it the process up or keep it going in the next three weeks. >> we know we'll have an idea but the tax package looks like within short order but we won't see it implemented until later on in the year. the border adjustment tax republicans wanted in. paul ryan, kevin brady plan. trump did not talk about attacks and all on the trail. the guilty included?
7:35 am
>> the disaster. republicans should drop it. the senate is not favorable to it. the house was it. the senate republicans have not. donald trump has to make that decision. if you put that name you have a fight among your allies. iran european trading partners and others will take us to the wto for adjudication of this thing. it's unnecessary. go for a claim tax cut mr. trump outlined in the campaign as others have out right and announced that even if it takes this to be retroactive, that gets people excited, something to look forward to. maria: and kevin brady was asked recently, he said if we come out with a plan towards the end of the year, we'll have to see if it's retro that it are begins in a team. we don't know that it will be restricted right now. maria: politically about every 2017. 2018 the economy is said to me they will have midterm elections
7:36 am
and the administration should realize that they're trying to get their footing as any new machine does. they are not going to get any slack in the media. they better get some big people can feel at the end of the year. trump has something big army and the economy. maria: republicans want revenue. they want the tax package to be revenue neutral. i do take taxes down? the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15% or 20%. how do you pay for it? they won't revenue. the border adjustment tax will raise a trillion dollars. >> at least 120 billion a year to year out of the pockets of american consumers. the league of revenue as the buoyant economy, booming economy, assets going up across the board. that's what cut tax rates would do. they have to realize when you make an announcement you're going to build a new plant or do something, takes time to do it. when trump is back in his real estate days, that doesn't happen overnight.
7:37 am
it takes several years in the revenue neutrality is unreal. takes time for things to come online. maria: the committee for responsive budget would say you will add to the debt. $20 trillion in debt. the debt had doubled under barack obama. now we are $20 trillion. the tax package glad to that. >> the tax package will be two but reagan needs in the 90s when you have any restraints. ultimately leads to a balanced budget. the key thing is to never get a hold of our finances and this economy remained stagnant. that's five the debt level under barack obama plus reckless spending. trump brings a little bit on the spending side, gets a booming economy. the picture changes rapidly. maria: the unpredictability of president trump is being talked about in board rooms this morning. american companies on the defense. reportedly drafted plans to take unsurprising presidential tweets
7:38 am
according to "the wall street journal." we know the president uses twitter to directly address company policy he wants to change. peacekeeping businesses on their toes. it is this a good thing? >> you will have very little impact at the end of the day. the key thing is if you get this economy, they will not care to get a presidential tweet that their revenues are growing, profits growing, adding more people come in new business has been started. that's what you have to do. and the reason they are going along with some of this is because they are hoping to get to 15% or 20% corporate tax rate. maria: remember lockheed mart. they asked 35 is too expensive. so that's why ceos say we've got to be ready to the president
7:39 am
comes out with. your take on the breaking news this morning. the internet and the mayor merger deal. $37 billion to comes after a judge blocked the recent week. what's your take? >> it was an unnatural archer because the health market is a natural. the more moves than refunds to get a patient oriented health market, the mergers won't make sense. their merger to race because two companies realizing the environment we go into with obamacare, it better be big because the government is bigger. that is why you have these unnatural mergers. snow are going to get a new environment. the quicker they deal with obamacare, companies do with the both of the games would be in the next couple years. then they say let's try it again or do something different. they've got to know the rules of the game are. dagen: think of this fine people understand the department of justice does not like a lot of power in a few hands.
7:40 am
i find it very vocal before he took office. >> a patient health care market of the new company spice the new companies rise up in new ways of delivering health care rice. there's a lot of entrepreneurs out there just waiting to move as long as they note the of the game are. you'll feel at the surgery center in oklahoma bolted to fraction of the price of other hospitals because they don't go through the administrative processes of insurance. a state of oklahoma has its employees because it's so cheap in effect is. maria: another guessing that any of them. a judge blocked that deal deal and they will appeal it. we will see what these two leaving each other means for the other deal. >> the whole industry will wait for the so-called dust to settle. maria: steve, good to see you. coming up, investors see promise in the new python. shares of apple into record territory.
7:41 am
straight ahead, 183 and change. and then, via the beagle is winning over dog lovers. the obstacle course next. back in a minute. ♪ [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney. he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands. ahhh...that's a profit. way to grow, rodney! visit
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7:44 am
maria: the hot streak goes on for apple to lauren simonetti. >> closing a record high that sent the stock up over 40% in the past year. check this out. continued out. continuing right now in the premarket, 133.64. game of a quirk of 1% of the company investors bet the 10th anniversary iphones due later this year will be a hit. goldman sachs to $150 to 133.
7:45 am
expecting the new phone will have software improvements needed for augmented reality. in a $1000 rice data. disney maker studios has parted ways with youtube's biggest star. after he posted videos containing anti-semitic messages. the videos included one that showed a man dressed as jesus reagan had her did absolutely nothing wrong. he does not support eight cell expression for entertainment, but maker studios says he went too far. cutie pie is the most watch creator who made $16 million last year. the princess covering both been sold for $7.15 at the palace could shop is featured images from prince william think prince william think he's traveled the verse with engagements comes
7:46 am
with a companion sticker book pick that one is skull dress up kate, have safety stickers included the judges of cambridge. proceeds from the sales will go to historic royal palaces, the charity responsible for kensington palace. media the beagle may not have won the agility competition at the start talk show but she still managed to steal the show. she was running the obstacle course in the masters agility event, but she had some trouble staying focused. she cleared several obstacles no problem. but then she got distracted. she stopped here and there to sniff the ground and stare into space. but she dialed it back to finish the course drawn in the crowd loved her. good job. maria: i love her. >> i don't think she got distracted at all. maria: she looks like a puppy. she's got the energy of a puppy. >> so i've let it.
7:47 am
maria: she is great. mia the beagle. when we come back, one custom lexuses fashion forward covered almost 42,000 led lights. ethnic peak of the car. cheryl. >> by which about 41,999 led lights on the lexus. because it's fashion week and you can. the exclusive car we were showing you what the lamar details coming up on "mornings with maria" laugher of grand central terminal. midtown manhattan will be right back. ♪ you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it.
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7:51 am
maria: welcome back. alexis leading up to your city with a one-of-a-kind card and 42,000 programmable led lights. grand central terminal in new york city. a look at the car. >> maria, this has never been done before. it is a branded 2017 model. first i think why. by which about 42,000 led lights on the lexus car? >> it is a very expressive car. how can we make it even more expressive than we added all of these late.
7:52 am
it brings to life the car, but also bringing to life fashionably. >> i want to know if i can drive this. is that a possibility? >> accardo stride but it would be street legal. reporter: the police might pull me over. everybody wants to know what this car cost and make. what did? to spend to make this car? >> the base car under $40,000. with all the computers, 5280 feet of wire as u.k. said 41,999 led lights cost a bit more on top of that. reporter: this is all for new ast withhion week. all the models, running around. so this is kind of a way to amp the promotion upgrade. >> if you car is ready to editors, publishers, designers. tenet says that the patterns from some of the designers who work with beard jeremy scott. >> i want to show our viewers in
7:53 am
the via this because what you see if you come into grand central terminal every single day as you see fashion shows running. but he probably didn't realize earlier is that they show, each time the model comes up on the screen, the display on the car changes to match the outfit that you're seeing on your screen right now. right now a lot of pink and blue and white and the skinny woman walking down the runway. but i think is the most fascinating thing you're able to pull off. >> and wave wraps on cars that are driving around, but that is static. today's environment is so much more social come is so much more alive come is so much more video. great to be what to do it on a life car is supposed to static. reporter: what else is really close you can go and buy the 2017 like this for 42 great and change. >> a little under 40. reporter: a bargain deal. i can't believe you didn't send
7:54 am
jeff byrd without me to check out this car. this seems like a jack brewer type of vehicle. >> i was just looking at the vehicle of thinking men what i get pulled over at by the strain this vehicle? you have the best job in america, cheryl. you do with the most incredible experiences i've seen on tv. trained to do the lights stay like that? will they stay there all the time and program them differently? how about work when someone actually buys the car. reporter: about, right now you could never buy the heart unless he wanted to put it in a show room and never try that after unfortunately for jack and myself in all of you in the studio and new york. so it's kind of an anomaly. the cops will literally pull you over, maria. they would pull you over and arrest you.
7:55 am
maria: cheryl casone, thank thau occurred and intend to maintain a mac for joining us. coming up, turning heads on the red carpet the other night when she were the trump inspired dress to music's biggest night she will join us live in the next hour, "mornings with maria." stay with us. ooohh!! uh! holyackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me! it's truck month! find your tag for an average total value over $11,000 on chevy silverado all star editions when you finance through gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. withevery late night...g... and moment away... with every and paycheck... you've earned your medicare. it was a deal that was made long ago, and aarp believes
7:56 am
it should be honored. thankfully, president trump does too. "i am going to protect and save your social security and your medicare. you made a deal a long time ago." now, it's congress' turn. tell them to protect medicare.
7:57 am
iexponential. . it is tuesday, february
7:58 am
14, happy valentine's day top stories on the east coast, a major shake-up in white house general michael flynn resigned answer national security adviser amidfirestorm over conversation with russia's ambassador president trump's cabinet two more members mnuchin someone in last night david shuttlon confirmed secretary of veterans aifrs, renegotiating nafta, discussed in news conference yesterday. >> we understand, that both of our countries are stronger, and rejoin forces in matters of international commerce, having more jobs create right here in north america, is better for both the united states, and is also much better for canada we should coordinate closely and we will coordinate closely to protect jobs in our hemisphere and
7:59 am
weep wealth on our continent to keep everyone safe. maria: one industry appears concerned a about stance on trade agriculture we will talk with money iowa farmer, who says president trump needs to processed with extreme caution on trade a deal bites the defendant it is a north america humana ending 34-billion-dollar merge agreement markets this morning major averages back from yesterday's record setting poll as you see the dow nasdaq s&p 500 fabricationly lower today after all-time highs yesterday einvestors will be watching any comments from federal reserve chair janet yellen today kicks off semiannual testimony speaking to house today senate tomorrow in europe near flat play on eurozone indices right now you will see fractional, performance, not far from where they closed in asia overnight, markets -- mostly lower as you see here worst form was japan nikkei average down better than 12% more than
8:00 am
flowers and chocolates a look at some freebies you can score on valentine's day those coming up joining me to talk all about it pollster lee carter with us kings climbing professor business and economics brian is here former nfl star jack brewer, good to see you. >> happy valentines za. >> making important point yearly in terms of what you are seeing from polling, what you are hearing in terms of people's behavior when they see the media, and sort of wrong information. >> you know really interesting it can't be emotional and curious at the same time. and so much is driving emotions people to be afraid it is almost impossible to tell forest from trees, so we're seeing what most folks in america say i not sure i hit a don dmont sure i like him i don't know what to believe what is in font of me i can't make sense of i know enough to be afraid, a lot of really negative discourse to happen people don't know which way to turn for information. >> why you think people are
8:01 am
still stressed out. >> stress on campaign trail? >> have you seen movement, make facebook greet all can i just see pictures of puppies, kittens, enough with anger vitriol. maria: absolutely. >> it is wearing and where do people have to relieve let loose it is tough right now. maria: we have pictures of puppies today, because we are having a story on puppies. >> that is right. >> joining the conversation former jaengs secretary bill bennett, singer/songwriter joining us made a splash when make america great again dress at grammys with i hope you saw that ceo deborah here talking to jewelry host of "varney & company" stuart varney will weigh in big shy headed stay with us this hour fallout over general michael flynn's record resignation, blake burman live at white house with latest. good morning to you. reporter: good morning to you questions surrounding michael
8:02 am
flynn flynn's honesty a phone call made in late december to the russia ambassador as obama administration was levying sanctions against russia flynn main attend several weeks after that phone call was not about swangs, rather a routine planning type call that was repeat, by many top members within 2 trump administration, for example,, take a listen to then vice president-elect pence, just days before the inauguration. >> did mike flynn ever discuss lift sanctions in any of thoseing conversation do you know. >> i talked to general flynn yesterday. and the conversation said that took place at that time were not in any way revolted. to new u.s. sanctions against russia or expullion of diplomats. >> he walked that back in oppressive days as resigned last night released the following statement, quote,
8:03 am
unfortunately, because of the fast pace of events i he inadvertently briefed vice president-elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone call with thank you russian ambassador, flynn is out retired lieutenant general acting national security adviser this morning potentially for days following the search is on for flynn's replacement. maria: blake burman with latest there, white house want to bring in former education secretary under president reagan fox news contributor bill bennett thanks for joining us reaction to this resignation? >> well, i thought it would come. and i didn't know it would come this quickly from some of the signals, sounds, that we were getting. but you know you knew was going to happen he is a good man able man i know him some, we will see who the replacement is. you know, a few lessons here, tell the truth. don't set up the vice president.
8:04 am
particularly that particular vice president who is so important to this administration. at the same time, maria, i think there are other things going on. if everything were fine people pefl happy with general flynn otherwise, i am not sure this would have happened. the whole "logan" act thing i think is -- silly no won prosecuted or i am prisoned he was national security adviser if he talked about sanctions with russian official, it wouldn't the bothered me he he could have apologized it was premature but not a firing offense the firing offense if we take this at face value, is misrepresenting, particularly vice president on national tv say something that isn't true. maria: i totally agree coverup worse than the crime in this situation, but what about the bigger issue, that the fact that somebody in the intelligence community or group of intelligence
8:05 am
community is underminings this with white house somebody leaked this to "washington post" "washington post" knew exactly what was said on that phone call we know there was eavesdropping listening to conversation knew what was discussed whoever -- but how does that get to the "washington post"? >> yeah, well there is the battle and then the war, maria the battle may have been get rid of flynn but the war to get trump. maria: right. >> this is all about getting trump, a if you scan other stations this morning come back to fox business, you will see it is all about trump. and why is trump acting in this way does administration know what it is doing all the usual stuff my guess is not just somebody my guess is there are a lot of people, i know when i went to the department of education, it was not just a couple people trying to undermine me there were a lot of people trying to undermine me look three weeks three and a half weeks in, of there is going to be more of this, but you know, all the
8:06 am
more reason, that people be straightforward candid with the president, by the way, i think they are not going to get him on this. i think he is doing well. there is a shakedown period going to be some mistakes going to be some appointments that should not be made. and people should give it a little time, and a a little patience on this, despite the scare tactics my question how long does this opposition intense hatred and organized opposition to the president sustain itself can this go on four years? i don't know i don't think s bu-- it shows no signs of abating does it. >> mr. bennett, long time listening of you and radio i am in texas. >> can you. >> what did president trump do internally with the all the things going on with intelligence community, is there anything that he can do systematically to protect against this seems like
8:07 am
unprecedented times to me. i have never seen or witnessed anything quite like it. >>e i can't, well he can lay down a few rules i think, and -- should. that is don't misrepresent to me or to the vice president. candor intelligence good will, conditions good dialogue tell the truth be straightforward. then he has got to have people in charge, should be the chief of staff, for most procedural matters but i don't agree with people who say there has to be o one funnel two the a couple funnels two or three ears that he licenses to if reince priebus, steve bannon, kellyanne conway, that is okay. but he's got to lay down the law in the cabinet meeting, as ronald reagan did with us, that when we were report to him we report he honestly. >> let me ask about betsy devos when education secretary betsy devos making first fist to public school was confronted by angry protests
8:08 am
look at pictures yelling shame, go back pb she was eventually able to get into the school bus -- but a horrible first day for her obviously. as a former education secretary what do you make of the -- what we've seen around betsy devos? >> well maybe that football in our previous question never blocked me from going in, you know i am a different style than betsy probably more polite more gentle than um i was mistaken for security people thought i was security guy for the secretary not the secretary, but she should have been able to enter that door. look, george wallace 1963, in schoolhouse door until he was told, under order by nicholas katzenbach, attorney general, on the order of president john f. kennedy you have to remove yourself let students in malone the other student who got in i wish that that had
8:09 am
happened. t betsy is not o confrontational that way good for her she got in the school another way i know that school by the way, jefferson middle school she should continuing to around the country go to schools visit these schools that is not to say that she isn't going to run into opposition when a she does, i visited 120 schools, when i was secretary of education, and teachers' unions others, put up some blocks put up some set traps for me in those schools she should expect that because they don't like her she represents a change oh, a revolution in educational thinking. >> how can she think about targ articulateing her message she is having a hard time breaking through with grumentz opposed to her can that happen if it can happen what does she need to do to articulate that message.
8:10 am
>> in addition to going to schools plashl schools of choice charter schools the like she can appear with organized groups, organized groups right there in washington, parents' groups, scholarship program president obama cut, allowed poor students largely minority from going to other schools, schools that parents wanted them to go to i think she could do a lot of this around the country, but i think the strategy right now would be to go outside of washington for the most part visit schools, in the states with good media markets show she is interested listening, and show that she wants to support all good schools whether public/private homeschool or anything else she can get her message through. >> go ahead. >> mr. bennett it seems that it seems to me that the same people that protesting against betsy her policies really what she focuses on giving niner
8:11 am
city sides young poor minority kids options it blows me away same people are protesting what can media do. >> is it unions? >> sure unions heart and so you will of opposition they understand with choice is accountability with accountability means some people may ploz jobs, look i think we should pay good teachers a lot more think we should goelt rid of bad teachers in unions would agree to that would he would be he in -- a big if very big if. >> let me did you about undocumented grant story arrested as part of raids, 11 million people living in u.s. illegally, yesterday president trump praised john kelly paid fulfilling a campaign process. >> general kelly who is
8:12 am
sitting right here is doing a about fantastic job i said at the beginning we are going to get the bad ones, the really bad ones getting them out, and chase exactly what we're doing. maria: so while the president is praising, senator chuck schumer zushd by them should u.s. immigrations and the customs be more er transparent where are you -- >> heaven knows what a shock the president is doing what he said he was going to do during the campaign. and i think this is -- this is new, people have not seen this before, he is also by the way, ironically, continuing many policies of barack obama. remember deporter in chief this is the guy sending more people out of the country, barack obama. this these orders put together long before donald trump came in, but i expect he will continue them. and he will be criticized for them where barack obama did
8:13 am
not get such -- such broad criticism. >> look at individual cases, the left is pushing very hard on one of these cases when separates a mother from grown children, but she is a felon as i understand the case, maria direct answer to your question transparency what are the facts in the case, and start with those who have committed these series crimes does anybody really think these people have a right to stay in the skcountry? >> the answer is yes there are people think anybody wants to come should come and be allowed to stay be given benefits that is just not -- just not -- >> i don't know why people feel a constitutional right to come to america all the time as if there aren't rules a struck in place to be here legally i think we agree on that point good to see you thanks so much. >> thank you very much, thank you very much maria happy valentines za.
8:14 am
>> thank you right back at you happy v. day growing concerns over future of nafta some worry how president trump will treat a decades old trade agreement. >> valentine's day freebies back in a minute. and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis.
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bp gives its offshore teams 24/7 support from onshore experts, so we have extra sets of eyes on our wells every day. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. disturbed disturbed zushd disturbed rain dppd in california keeping officials at oroville cam on alert lauren simonetti with details. lauren: forecasts calling for that, could begin tomorrow,
8:17 am
and last until weekend that is why the water levels at this dam have to be reduced fast nearly 200,000 people still under evacuation orders, out of the fear the spillway below dam could collapse cruise work the patch up the he roeed spillway the question yf wasn't more done after environmental groups warned 12 years ago this dam was in imminent disaster. and markets, investors looking over more earnings this morning, and way, shape or form t-mobile u.s. he better-than-expected quarterly results stock sharply hi earlier has come down right now in premarket, shares are unchanged, we are watching american international group will report after the close today, looking for insurance company to post a profit that would reverse a year ago loss.
8:18 am
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8:19 am
>> going viral one says let's make relationships great again, a pink heart surrounding the president looks so smug there this one says i am going to build a wall around your heart so on in else can get in, oh, boy, all right. i wouldn't support you. to from the president with big kiss puckering up, promised to deport millions undocumented immigrants with criminal records, i am so rich i could buy you with picture of the president smiling when one do you want maria? [laughter] >> heart-shaped cookie looks good, happy valentine's day. >> dunkin' donuts. >> got you any plans. >> we have made reservations i am very, very excited. >> family going to 945 we are talking 5 pm.
8:20 am
>> -- late dinner. >> ---ing so different. >> valentine's day happens all the time for me. coming up president trump talk on nafta fear moneying farmers growing concerns over future of the trade deal making grammys great a singer made a backlash with her president trump inspired outfit she will join us back in a minute. with every early morning... every late night... and moment away... with every and paycheck... you've earned your medicare. it was a deal that was made long ago, and aarp believes it should be honored. thankfully, president trump does too. "i am going to protect and save your social security
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call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance . >> our country, a for workers. >> nafta has been a terrible
8:24 am
deal, a total disaster for united states from a inception. >> nafta a total complete disaster. >> one -- into mexico. maria: that was president trump with some tough words on long standing grade agreement nafta one group serious condionsbout theresident plans to regotiate farmers broadly group supported trump in election joining me iowa farm bureau pet he farmer himself craig hill thanks for joining is i know thank you raise corn bosoy beans. >> iowa produces 25% nation corn about a third of the nation's pork, so 44 million hogs need to find a home each and every year. and in my production, one-third of that total production is exported mexico is a great export destination
8:25 am
for iowa, canada. >> so i mean, when you see that the president wants to redo nafta, 45% went to canada, mexico in terms of iowa exports what would you like to see what kind of with implications would you expect if nafta is completely redone, and what kind of a deal would you want to see? >> well, keep in mind that first time that america became net exporter of pork in 1994 when nafta was implemented day we quadrupled opportunities in that country through nafta so there has been a great deal of success from a nafta, we want to build on that success if refinements, alterations if we look at nafta again, and find some adjustments i think that is okay. but for a blanket disregard or for us to apply 20% tariff or tax on imported goods from mexico would lead to
8:26 am
retaliation a trade war is not something that agriculture would welcome. >> craig it is -- farmers one of the groups that actually were dismayed about president walking from tpp as well seems bigger issue is the growth markets overseas. in tpp would have one one channel to help reach growth markets that is the fundamental issue that you see real growth for farmers coming outside you have thes you want to make sure that trade rate of speed are preserved enhanced? . >> absolutely in 1949 was multilateral trade egotistics nafta 20 years since another multilateral that was negotiated through tpp unfortunately congress didn't get an opportunity to look at that or vote on it i think it would have been good deal for agriculture, but we want to
8:27 am
reach outside world 4.4% global population in america we produce food distributed all over the world we need to be able to outsource that market a growing population growing and market is agriculture powerhouse i was one of those states -- iowa one of the states leads the nation in commodities. >> how is immigration affecting with migrant worker that hope our farmers how is that affecting the exports. >> absolutely. there is a lot of jobs, that u.s. citizens are not willing to accept, or do, and so immigration is important, of course, legal immigration is a standard that we need. but there are opportunities for immigrant works to o come do jobs in the u.s. i think it benefits everyone, to do that. and so agriculture depends on a lot of immigrant workforce a lot of our production here in
8:28 am
iowa is processed through plants he processing facilities immigrant labor. maria: we leave it there good to have you on program thanks so much for joinings you -- >> thank you. >> appreciate it craig hill, her degrees hit right notes at grammys sent sales pouring we talk with pro trump singer brought the slogan to the red carpet facebook is pursuing big names in music back in a minute. ♪ ♪ villa.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
. maria: good tuesday morning welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo, thanks so much for joining us this morning tuesday, february 14, valentine's day, your top stors 8:30 a.m. on the et coast, a major shake-up at white house to report, he general michael phillip resigned as national security advisory the late night announcement as he faced growing criticism over talks, you russian ambassadorial whether he misled then vice president elect mike pence not only news for administration this morning two new cabinet memories confirmed david schultz approved secretary veterans affairs mnuchin sworn in as treasury secretary. >> he spent his entire career making money in the private sector, that is okay. especially if you are
8:32 am
secretary of the treasury so we will now we will go to work on behalf of the american taxpayer. >> i share your economic vision, in gold, aals to grow economy a make better economic opportunities for all americans. >> have latest on administration's changes coming up, breaking news in health insurance aetna humana ending 37-billion-dollar deal, this coming after a judge blocked the deal in recent weeks, facebook looking to let user where were you borning without why network report working with music industry to jazz up your provides on to broader market a also major averages a hi opening for broader averages investors watching for comments from janet yellen kicks off our semiannual testimony testifying in front of the house financial services committee, in europe, stocks near flat play on to look
8:33 am
european indices this morning, up just fractionally, as you see across the board. in asia overnight, mixed in fact japan was the worst performer down better than 1%, shanghai composite in china, eked out a fractional gain bringing the bling this morning we've got the diamonds that will help you play cupid this valentine's day stay with us for that, we kick off though right now with this, one artist determined to make that red carpet great at 59th grooem awards sunday night joy village as a trump inspired gown sparked conversation on twitter and album sales online soared fox news reporter her "i make the static" album climbed to number three on moversnd shakers, joy villa joins me right now great to have youn progm welcome. >> hi. good morning, nice to be here. >> tell us about your decision to wear that make america great again dress, and the back, said trump it was
8:34 am
beautiful dress but obviously made a big statement. >> it did. >> well you know, for me, i voted for trump. and a lot of my friends did as well. and we felt like we had to be quite about it or would face backlash bullying i got tired of hit a you are racist a bigot this that people losing jobs because they voted for our now elected president, for me it is more of a platform for love and acceptance, unity for america this dress i was hoping to make a statement some small little statement, about unity, togetherness and supporting our president as one unified country. maria: good for you so i understand that you walked in with a robe on right you took the robe off to show the dress. >> that is right i did. maria: people didn't know what you were wearing when they figured out what you were doing did you get backlash from people were they mad?
8:35 am
>> well -- you know, there is also a going to be backlash whenever you make bold statement, whenever you be yourself, and for me as an artist i want to use platform to really reach people on level that i feel is real, and i knew there would be backlash, but the surprising thing is i received so much more than outpouring of love and support than i ever thought i would receive, in fact, my e-mails flooded publicist e-mail flooded with i support you i appreciate that, or even i don't agree with trump but i agree with you being bold and making a statement. thanks for being yourself. so at the overwhelming response has been positive. and that i really, really am grateful for. >> what about -- what about other stars at grammy awards were they upset because you know a lot of people were expecting would get real political against donald trump. >> right. >> right. >> well, you know, i figured that would happen, unfortunately, and i didn't
8:36 am
get a lot of backlash in person, what i got was mostly people taking selfies with me telling me i support it, and i voted for him, too sort of that sort of like -- finally somebody saying that. one guy did say i wish i could step on it but he whispered that i wish i could step on it i thought it is a free country. >> so reports that you received death threats was that true. >> there has been some death threats on dwight do i not look at trolls i ignore anything in negative in that way, honestly, i have had so many he overwhelming responses of love and support i haven't been able to read negative comments, of course, i know about them friends like hey i love you, i have the adjustment concerned. >> i say listen i am safe i am happy making a political statement about love is what i use my platform for love and unity my whole thing is let's give our president a chance, let's see what he can do,
8:37 am
whether you agree with him or not, he is our president. for the next four years, may be more. so let's give each other a chance, to support who runs america. >> have you heard from the president at all? >> i haven't yet. i am looking forward to that. >> what did you think. >> i would love to hear from the president. >> i am sure so what did you think about the way there were antipresident president trump commentary at awards show? >> i figured that would probably be the thing, you know a lot of my peers in music have made you are in platform one of going against not even against the grain because i went against the grainy but being against what is happening politically right now, and i don't like -- i don't care about being particular i care about the truth and speaking my truth. of the and uniting for peace i don't disrespect them they have to live their truth say what they believe, and it is a free country, america is a
8:38 am
democracy that is important, what i don't like is being bullied, for standing up for what i believe and friends that that i have have been insulted being called bigots, racist, saying you are nothing you are a waste of time don't know what you are talking about the most horrible insults just because they voted for a president, or chosen to say i actually like the guy i am going to give him a chance that narrative has to end now, i want a narrative of love and acceptance, and in hollywood in my industry the arts, i hope to shed a little bit of light, and unity, and sort of chge the wave towards one of more positive influence. maria: tell us why you voted for donald trump it is interesting the designer of the dress andre is a filipino immigrant, and -- >> absolutely he. >> is does he support president trump as well? >> he he -- he does. and he is a gay filipino immigrant. and he has been in this
8:39 am
country legally, he and i got together, we heard about the bottoming of the white house they wander to bomb the white house people using you know oh this and hate and neg that is not okay. so you know you don't want to do that you don't want to use your platform to insight violence or make people feel bad. so both of us believe we have been in the industry a while, he has been on reality tv,had a show, he knows a lot of stars and -- knows that a lot of people voted for trump but were afraid to say so we said let's do this make a small impact, and shed for love shed our light of love why i held the hart purse message from the beginning we are unified in that -- hoping america can be unified in that, too. >> you obviously resonateed how big increase in sales after the dress at grammys. >> huge, huge, huge. >> i mean was --
8:40 am
>> 1,000 and something on charts to number one, i am now currently number one artist best-selling album on itunes, and amazon music. the sales have come in like gang busters. >> means so much to me i was not expecting that, of course, i said it would be great if more people knew who i was as artist i know liked my music maybe bought few albums that with overwhelming support pushing me through the charts, up to number one place, it shows what supportive europity can do no matter what in the face of controversy in the face of hate backlash i am glad i spoke my truth other people agree a beautiful thing. >> it is. >> oi did it for other people. >> good for you joy, you really showed courage by doing that, congratulations to you, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much. >> joy villa joining us there we will see you soon really protests against president trump could get in way of
8:41 am
progress stuart varney sounds on next. >> love all you need right diamond never hurts hottest jewelry to win hearts this valentine's day, back in a minute. ♪ and as your needs change with investment management services.
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intrush. . maria: 45 manipulates from the opening bell for tuesday, markets flat right now, take a look at stocks on the move right now shares of apple, closing record high yesterday, investors betting big on next version of iphone expected this year, jump putting market value nearly 700 billion dollars. 1 3 and quarter premarket , facebook look to aing is change your tune, bloomberg reporting meeting with record labels to let users ooed popular music to videos a deal would he help avoid copyright
8:45 am
infringe meant 134 and change politics into rowdy antianterior protests some professors may contributor stuart varney has more. >> thanks, maria going to do something different on the program this morning, because, we are very familiar with what is going on on college campuses, these days, and familiar with the expression have unhinged left. some think maybe that goes a little bit far today we are going to show you the unhinged left. you may remember, not long ago gavin mcginnis a conservative tried to give a speech at nyu, demonstrators blocked his speech didn't want him to speak on that campus. i've got the video, of an nyu he professor mowinging obscenities demanding stopping conservatives from getting on campus nyu professor this lady
8:46 am
says i am nyu professor and fbombs all over the place doing this because, i want to make it clear, the extent of this hostility to all things trump conservative republican now on college campuses not exaggerated they are extreme in the extreme, and i think should be out the that is what we're going to do. >> outrageous. >> it is wait till you see this tape you won't believe this is an nyu professor saying those things in that way. >> horrible brian with us this morning, stu you are a professor what do you do about this. >> just as he professor hard to understand why you would put nurse that position, because your job and classroom is to provide a space where people have legitimate conversation, you can't do that when you are out on the streets making those kinds of claims, stuart i am very interested to see what you pulled together. >> you are right that should be the job of a professor.
8:47 am
of the and ensure a reasonable sound debate where both sides are heard. but all too often brian you know very well, that is not the case on the american exists at this moment. they are forcibly keeping out conservative republicans most harshetape. >> it is wrong we will see you there "varney & company" stop of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern after "mornings with maria" join substitute for that next we break out the bling hottest valentine's day jewelry trends surprise someone special in your life, back in a minute. ♪
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. . maria: big day arrived if looking for sweet simple for significant gore with flowers and chocolate but to really wow her do it with diamonds joining us debra fine ceooh of a jewelry company good to have you on program. >> thanks so much. >> do you usually see the jewelry for valentine's day is that what most go for? absolutely. >> or in line of -- >> you know there are 18 billion dollars that is going to be spent, in and around valentine's day 4.3 billion is spent on jewelry no surprise almost 20% engagement rings given between christmas and today. >> wow, okay. so how is business going these days. >> going great, innovator we founded bricks and cliques 4 years ago to maximum measles shopping best of both words,
8:52 am
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8:53 am
am wearing six special rings available if you order by 4 pm, piloting only in tri-state resignation deliberatived by 6:00 from 9,000 dollars to up 36,000. >> are these what is the karat on this one is this. >> these are resignation 1. carats they retailers 18,000, 5 carats each around 100,000 dollars this intufl sparkler 6 carats, 280,000 dollars. >> i love that is yellow diamond. >> and trends in terms of what is selling is a color diamond selling more so than a regular white diamond tell us about trends. >> you know i would say a couple trends resonating, stones round resignation leader sometime, interest in
8:54 am
ovals, emerald the bigger on finger the better valentine's day trending the all diamond eternity brand. >> you didn't mention these. >> these bracelets we sort of make analogous to red carpet collection the one i am wearing from the collection will go for under 300,000 dollars. >> do diamonds also a retain value interesting when you ply a diamond typically doesn't go down in price or am i wrong night is interesting we were having discussion about value diamonds the investment and the emotional quotient so i think that diamonds of glad cash part or tapping on trend. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks. >> happy valentine's day to you final thoughts from
8:55 am
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♪ ♪ you can stand under my umbrella ♪
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>> that's my new emoji. anyone who follows me on twitter knows that already. i sent that out. >> that's amazing. maria: let's get final thoughts with fly, ansteve mnuchin getting confirmed. >> it's valentine's day, america, we need more love. no more division, i know because are' republican or democrat, stop labelling each other and stop put people in a bucket. you can respect people's colors and minorities and immigration goes, there are people in here in america thrown in yale for senseless climbs crimes, let's fight for people in our own country. >> building on that, things to
8:59 am
be hopeful for. an economy that looks like it's poised for growth if we get the right policy, tax policies, good meeting with trudeau from canada. big information this week coming from yellen's testimony and economic data. should be good data moving in the direction of tax reform and there's hope for people. maria: he's had good meetings, the japan, shinzo abe meeting looked like it went well and yesterday, with mr. trudeau as well from canada. >> it was reassuring yesterday. and i think big story right now, trump's continuing to be plagued by the whole russia connection and i think right now with flynn resigning and all of this, he's going to have to contextualize the issue with russia and it will plague him like the e-mails did with hillary clinton. maria: the russian narrative, the left started that narrative and never, never let go and new michael flynn, i think he was fired more for not telling the
9:00 am
truth than for the actual conversation. >> that's right. and it's important-- >> he resigned. >> it's important, that we're talking about this morning, the leak notion, where are the leaks coming from. maria: lee carter, brian, jack, great to see you, thanks for joining us, we'll see you tomorrow at the same time. "varney & company" begins now. stuart: thank you so much. the national security advisor resigns, democrats pounce, political turmoil and the trump rally, still very much alive and well, thanks very much. good morning, everyone, that's where we're going to start with your money. 20,412 where the dow closed an astonishing run-up 2000 points since election day. by the way, $2 trillion has beeneded to the nation as wealth and look at this, please, no retreat this morning. often, after an explosive rally will, there's a pullback, not much of a pullback today. we'll be down just a fraction.


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