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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 16, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EST

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to take up this critical issue of. the outright war on the part of the left against the president of the united states. thanks for being with us. see you tomorrow. good night from new york. kennedy: a new level of intrigue at the white house. the feds are investigating a number of trump aides and associates and their potential ties to russia. republicans facing new problems in their quest to repeal and replace obamacare. a major insurer dropping out. will the trump administration see the light on free trade or push for more protectionism? nick gillespie has more on the battle over border tax. the uncomfortable chasm between the deep state and the new
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administration has been exposed. normally the fell as that become president understand the silent rules of who really governs and it's usually shadowing figures at alphabet intelligence agencies that are unelected, unactable, and out of sight. he want the real power and he's going to find the and hold on to it even if he has to crack a few eggs making the authority omelette. general flynn was flapping his trap to his counterpart about sanctions, but little did he know, he was being spied on by the f.b.i. i wonder if they had a warrant for all the intercepts between trump operatives and lord knows who else. all the deep state got were
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texts about sanctions. so three political hacks with dubious track record. sally yates, james clapper and john brennan decided to make political hay out of flinls perceived ineptitude. even for people who hate president trump and i know they are loud and angry. spying on american citizens and selectively leaking droplets to the "washington post" is wrong and bad on every level. it's the most powerful tool the american intelligence agency has, and to it's for a club is so wrong, even if the bruised bastard is the political devil. edward snowden exposed what eli lake calls.
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if there has been a deep state war ignited by flynn's resignation and the president want to get back at the intelligence community. he should pardon edward snowden. i heart you and i'm kennedy. is president trump and the intelligence community at war? let's ask jonah goldberg. what is your take on the deep state versus the administration? >> for me it's like the iran-iraq war. i am just sorry on one side can
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lose. i agree with you that what they did needs a thorough accounting. one way we can figure out what's going on, they should release the tapes that they have of the conversation. kennedy: or a transcript so week all see it and judge for ourselves. >> for the most part they should release the whole thing, especially the parts alluded to in the press. i'm pretty sure they did have a warrant. if they didn't have a warrant someone needs to go to jail really soon. but the warrant -- if they don't have a fisa warrant to do this, that's nuts. i'm not sure i agree with you that flynn didn't know he was being record. if he didn't know he was being record, that's really grotesque incompetence. the guy he was talking to is precisely the kind of got it nsa is supposed to be monitoring. it's a hot mess all the way around.
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if it is true that this is done unfairly and flynn's account of this is basically correct, then why the heck did the trump administration throw him under the bus. he shouldn't have been let go if it's as innocuous as everyone is saying. kennedy: i think our government and our country and our press are all strong enough to handle that sort of inquisition. what do you think if there were stuff on flynn? >> if there was stuff on flynn? kennedy: is there worst stuff on flynn? >> i don't know. i always thought this relationship and track record with russia was nervous making. i know he says a lot of hawkish things about russia in his book. the whole administration is extremely weird. kennedy: if you have people inside the administration who have curiously close relationships with moscow or if there is a deep state war and
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they are using this sort of soft coup. as far as independent investigations democrats want an investigation of any russian connection between president trump and people within the administration and republicans want an investigation on how this stuff happened and how it got leaked. where do you start? >> i want it all? i want both things investigated. when prosecutors abuse their authority to convict guilty people. i still want the guilty people to go to jail and i want the prosecutor to go to jail. i understand the politics. people want to be forced into one lane or another. i want to know about both. and i think that it is entirely likely a bunch of holdover obama hacks are playing bad games here and doing stuff that is against the interests of their own
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institutions in the long-run because it devalues and delegitimizes the work that they do. there is a weird situation where you have president trump who used to spout, i love wikileaks talking about how great wikileaks was. wikileaks is together same stuff these guys did to flynn. as far as we know, everything in wikileaks was true about podesta's emails. as far as we know now everything and he to be in this transcripts is true about flynn. we should confirm that. so when donald trump says it's outrageous about the illegal leaks. wicky leak was full of illegal stuff, too. i'm sort of -- i believe in consistencies of my position on all of these things. kennedy: you are going to come around and snowden, too, i can feel it. >> it may take a while. kennedy: let's go to the party
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panel. kat timpf, joe devito and pete hegseth. welcome, you guys. so much stuff to talk about. general flynn is no longer in legal jeopardy. he's out of the white house for lying and not for breaking the law. but according to the "new york times" the feds are investigating a number of other trump aides for repeat contacts with russian intelligence officials. president trump and the russians dismissed the idea that any such phone calls took place. but is this a full-flown crisis? >> the media will want to tell us it's a scandal. if you read the "new york times"
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piece, there is no evidence. no one was talking about been figure it the other in these conversations. a future noo national security advisor can have conversations with their few tour counterparts -- future counterparts. kennedy: some of the stuff that was leaked from john podesta's emails, they are trying to create the perception there is a headline. >> unnamed sources won't say how many calls, how many officials. how many of them are obama holdovers trying to get at this administration. until we get the transscripts or evidence, this is building a up of a case against trump. >> you can only imagine the ax brennan had to grind with flynn. it's very convenient that a lot of people who called for edward snowden's head are loosely praising the work that he did
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showing that the government not only spying on private citizens, it's spying on public u.s. citizens and the government is spying on the government. >> congressman nunes who is huge into spying on private citizens for safety. that's important. but way out of line if it's an intelligence official and ambassador talking. you have got to be consistent. trump is complaining about leaks. come on. when it benefits you. i love seeing transparency happen even if it ends up being a little bit after mess or a lot of a mess. >> it's not transparency when you aren't naming sources. he's out of there. >> the "new york times" piece says russian officials were talking to trump campaign advisors.
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they are trying to drive that narrative. kennedy: that's the narrative democrats want to drive. if there is something happening with russia, we deserve to find that out. but if it's the deep state punishing this administration, that's not acceptable. pence is incredibly powerful because he was lied to by general flynn and flynn was essentially forced to resign. but people say pence is not in the inner circle base wasn't privy to this information that the president had two weeks ago. >> i think he got fired because he made pence look bad. the mainstream news is giving us fake news and leaks are giving us the truth. i think the idea he could have been in a meeting and it didn't occur to him he was being record or spied on. they should use the mafia format
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where you don't euls any personal nouns. kennedy: in the meantime, it appears the russians are doing a little poking back, perhaps to see how far they can push or possibly to test the trump administration. the pentagon is telling us a russian surveillance boat has been chugd up the east coast 70 miles offshore. and four russian jets flu fast and low over u.s. navy ships. u.s. officials their new missile violates a 30-year-old treaty between the russians and us. are we on a collision course or is this a careful live crafted
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scheme where president trump and vladimir putin pretend they are meddling. >> vladimir putin is lapping this up. everyone is claiming the russians around every single corner. so they are going to take this moment -- this pause, this place, where no one know iowa to do with russia. and he pushed the boundaries up our coast. they will take the confusion of the moment and maximize it as much as possible. kennedy: are the russians being sneaky? >> trump is a very america first guy. neither of them are the leaders or people who care what they have should be doing or shouldn't be doing. they are both also unpredictable. so this sounds like, oh, trump says nice things about putin. when people saw that and anybody who understands way it's like to be an unpredictable leader
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dealing with another unpredictable leader. you have no idea what they are going to do when they are thinking only about themselves. kennedy: on one level it's okay to deal with iran which is clearly funding terrorism. and that was fine for the obama administration. to have this toes irwript saudis who sent people over here to kill us. but if the united states -- and i'm not a puff continuist. i think he's a bad -- i'm not a putinist. i think he's a bad person who has done bad things. >> if you look back to when obama had the meeting and said to medvedev into the hot mike, this will be easier after the election. and hillary clinton gave them the reset but on with the typo on it. but my question is, is trump at
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warp with the russians or in cahoots with the russians? the fact that they are off of the coast of delaware, what are they going to do? steal our credit card information? kennedy: the party panel is coming back in just a little bit. repealing and replacing obamacare is an increasingly difficult puzzle for the gop. later, one of the states that helped donald trump shock the political world in november. now republicans pushing for an unlikely contender to run for congress. kid rock. this is the silverado special edition. this is one gorgeous truck. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!!
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kennedy: get ready for trump-care. the plan would cut the open enrollment window in half and lower the minimum standards for healthcare than it surers would need to qualify for the exchanges. republican lawmakers who are struggling to replace obamacare now have yet another lands mine to dodge.
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humana annnced they will stop selling on obama exchanged next year citing uncertainty about a replacement. that puts the gop in a bind because it makes replace. more difficult. welcome back, congressman. before we diefn to some of the nuts and bolts of obamacare. i want to talk about your performance at your town hall. a lot of your fellow republican congress people have been told not to engage with protesters, and top limit the size of your town hall, and you said no way. what advice would you give to other people who do your job in your party when dealing with loud protesters? >> i tell them to be open to go back to their districts, to talk to constituents, to hear their concerns. there are a lot of people with
12:21 am
reasonable concerns. we may not agreen all the solutions. but it's important to have those conversations and take the criticism where someone wants to criticize you. and there will be people there who want to thank you for what you are doing. it's important to be there and hear the different perspectives and try to represent your entire district. kennedy: you were praised by the way you handled some of those issues. you talk about citizens united. you don't accept the kind of corporate money people often take issue with in their campaigns. your speaker paul ryan went over to the senate and talked to senate republicans about pane obamacare plan, and -- about and one of your republicans senator rand paul of kentucky walked out. are you standing with rand or dying with ryan.
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>> i like rand palms plan better. i think we should return this healthcare system to the states. allow the states to decide what they are going to do, and create some sort of phase-in period to give the states time top get up on their feet with a healthcare system. but between the two plans, rand pauls and paul ryan's, i prefer rand palms plan because it puts people back in charge. it gives people more options, and it tries to get the government out of the system and the way it's been. a lot of what we are seeing from republican leadership and some of the republicans plans out there would be characterized by me as obamacare light or obamacare version two. i think that's not way to go. if we don't like the way the healthcare system is working we should offer a real alternative.
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not just finger and change a few things. kennedy: i think it is protecting the status quo, and that's how we got to this hyper partisan pickle we are in to begin with. you have been a member of the freedom caucus are you still a member of that caucus? >> yes. kennedy: what are some of the members saying about their plan for repeal and replace of obamacare? >> people are supportive of rand palms plan. governor mark stanford has the companion bill, it's a little bit different from rand's, and the house freedom caucus has been supportive of that proposal. we think repeal and replace should happen at roughly the same time. we would have a repeal bill and a replace bill. and of the plans that are out there right now, we think that mark sanford's plan which is essentially rand palms plan is
12:24 am
the best one out there that we can get behind. kennedy: the president says it could take over a year to repeal and replace. will that send the healthcare industry into a death spiral. >> we want to make sure we give health insurance companies the time they need to adjust. but we should take action immediately. we should put our plan out there and pass the repeal bill. we should take action and show we are serious. when we were against obamacare out there on the campaign trail, we meant it. we weren't just about tinkering and reconfiguring way or finding new ways to finance it. kennedy: thank you so much for your time. a group of retail leader met with president trump at the white house to discuss taxes on imports. we'll talk about the impact of
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across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help ow your company's tomorrow - today at kennedy: donald trump and republicans are pushing for a tax on stuff we bring in from
12:29 am
our border. the retail industry will jack up prices. watch this. >> this bored adjustment tax would actually pick winners and losers in our manufacturing base. at exactly the time we don't need to be doing this. kennedy: would a border tax help our economy or kill free trade? the editor-in-chief of "reason." what are these massive ceos, these corporatists, what are they saying about it? >> i think they have a strong point. any tax ultimately, you can call it a corporate tax, but it's ultimately paid for by customers. if you slap a 0% tax on import,
12:30 am
they increase their prices and people buy less stuff. it won't help the economy the way house republicans think it is. on top of that, it's an incredibly complicated scheme where import are taxes, but export aren't. what we really need in the economy is less government spending because government spending take over from where private sector people are going to be making better choices. we need clean and simple taxes. it's a good idea to reduces corporate thanks rate to 20% or lower. in the end it's customers who pay that kind of stuff. if you take less tax out of the economy you leave people with more money. but instead of paying it by taxing import we should do it by cutting spending.
12:31 am
that's the easiest fix. >> you haven't heard the congressional republicans address the idea of reciprocity and a trade war. if you are putting a bored tax on, why wouldn't china and mexico and canada do the exact same thing our exports? >> of course there is he likelihood they would and it raises questions about nafta and a couple world trade organizations agreements about putting taxes on that. the great benefit of nafta which president trump ran against, hillary clinton ran against, even though her husband bill clinton helped seal the deal on that. it reduced all cross-border goods and services going in and out of mexico and canada to zero. that's a level playing field. that's what donald trump says he wants. that's a better economy when the government isn't saying import is bad, exports are good.
12:32 am
when you go to best buy or target. you are not going there to pay extra money. you are going there to get the best deal you can. kennedy: the price of goods will certainly increase. now, we only have about -- 30 section left. you have said when the economy sucks we don't have as much illegal immigration. but when it's doing well, that's when more people come over the border it's a sign the economy is booming. >> immigration is a lagging indicator of the economy. when the economy heats up immigrant legal and illegal come here. republicans are the party of no immigration. if the economy grows we'll see
12:33 am
more demand for immigrants. america' biggest problems are when we have the least amount of immigrants, not when we have the most. kennedy: irish and italian, correct? >> absolutely. kennedy: thank you so much. have a great night. the party panel returns.
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kennedy: that's kid rock singing about detroit, michigan. michigan a state where they recently held their republican party convention, and a committee member mentioned kid rock's name as a possible senate candidate. the kid, a vocal strum supporter. but should each meeting begin
12:38 am
with a rendition of his song. we are hearing mark cuban being floated for a presidential run. along with al franken. >> i don't think it's crazy. i don't agree with him on everything. but if he wore his wife beat tore all the events and giving the speeches i would not only vote for him and campaign for him. kennedy: you are a proud american and even prouder michigander. kennedy: kanye west is also thought to be a contender. >> when trump is president and kid rock in the gop, we can finally drop the idea that republicans are a bunch of
12:39 am
squares. i'm in favor of the weed he likes to smoke. people from michigan like to hold the map in their hand. now put a joint in your hand. >> he would get the uber vote. kennedy: i think the only thing left to do is reanimate ronald reagan. i don't know if we take his thoughts and speeches. >> you start with kid rock. an authentic american who make music we all love. >> is he the 1st century embodiment of reagan. his song gin and cocaine. more of what the senate needs clearly. >> i remember president reagan ran on happy days are here again. well, you know that feeling when
12:40 am
you get to go to a drive-thru, order a bigger and you think why can't funerals be like this? there is a funeral home in memphis with drive-thru visitation it's a window for mourners who wish to pay their respects and be on their way. do you think this is a great idea? is that how you want to be remembered? >> this makes we sick. you don't want to go out in the rain. you don't want to look for parking. if i'm dead that's significantly worse than getting rained on. if anybody dared to do this to me, i would haunted them for the rest of their days. kennedy: the planner of your memorial would never sleep again. >> no, nor would their children. kennedy: maybe we need to rethink how we celebrate death. >> i have no idea with the
12:41 am
drive-thru. it's the overnight drop box. if you go to the second drive-thru window. three extra packets of hot sauce. kennedy: pete were you are a traditionalist. >> this is a good repurposing of a bank. if i were the director owner i would look for a bank. kennedy: banks are going the way of malls. >> and people are still dying, and they are dying at higher rates. kennedy: you are absolutely right. >> they did mention live streaming. >> i want my funeral on facebook live. kennedy: kat, i miss you already. >> well, you know. that's good to hear.
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thank you, guys. you made my hump day. coming up -- a college wants white udents to wear buttons on campus so everyone can couple to them and discuss white privilege.
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kennedy: those wacky college democrats at elizabethtown are asking white students to wear white puzzle pieces on campus. the college stressed that pins are not mandatory. but is this the waste bay to get the conversation going? greg gutfeld is here. he has ph.d on ripping into liberal nonsense. i feel like we were raids to see past color. do you remember the after school special world was my black friend said. greg: i find the whole thing puzzling. we'll be right back.
12:47 am
i love the idea of wearing a pin to self identify as a non-thinking chicago shea is academic sheep. because instead of having you and me try to find out if this person is a loser, they are actually telling you ahead of time. it's like going to a dating website and the person says i have bad breath, i like to eat my own hair. it saves you have the time of weeks or months finds out your zieght one who eats their hair and has bad tbreat because of the hair. also living in your mother's closet. that's why i took those off my proaf file. now my life is turned around. kennedy: and your wife is so impressed. greg: what tough use it to trap the gullible. what if you or me wore them get so-called dialogue going. bit of turns out it's not the
12:48 am
dialogue they want. the dialogue of what you just said, where we've need to get past identity. we. kennedy: they say racial identity is very important. but it doesn't make sense to me to be a self-loather. if you are self-identifying as someone who shades short people, what does that say about you? >> it says you are an awful, evil, disgusting person. i don't know what that means. kennedy: if you are installation something about you that you cannot change, that you have hate. >> it's a silly thing. it's a whole movement based on guilt. >> companies are getting smarter on energy savings by using sensors in desks and name tags and lights to monitor employees and determine whether they have need lieght or heath. this could also theoretically track every move every employee
12:49 am
and punish them accordingly when they take too many bathroom breaks. i think weave have been so worn down by the nsa, millennials are especially careful about imairg their privacy. greg: i have to say, i love this idea. i love the idea offal buys. when i have a hangover i spends the weekend watching "forensic files." bust sense source are like your alibi. my sensor says i'm at work. it might be a box of bricks on my feet. but other people are giving me an alibi. sow i don't ha to worry about being falsely akeulsd of a crime. kennedy: what if you are
12:50 am
committing a crime with the sensor on? greg: people will know where you are. i'm trying get past it. you know who this discriminates against? smokers. the office drier. do you have an office crier. the person who goes to the bathroom a lot. then you have people like me who have tiny bladders. i drink a cup of water. the bathroom is literally across the building so i'm constantly -- it's the office in "being john malkovitch. kennedy: sometimes when i'm bored at midnight i run laps around the 18th floor. greg gutfeld returns tomorrow
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oftentimes cities will make humiliating bets before big championship game. the atl had to make good on the loss of the super bowl. so they had to name an animal in the zoo after tom brady. watch. >> we also have bobby and of course we have marcia, marcia, marcia. there you go, darling. and we have jan and cindy. but of course we don't want to forget our final member of our family. i would like to introduce tom brady. kennedy: it's a hissing
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madagascar cockroach. they named it tom brady. i thought it loved atlanta before. but now want to take a bite out of that soft peach. the marcia come roach could kick tom brady's white butt. topic number two. back in the habit. sounds like the. we have all dealt with annoying printers. one guy came with a cost effective way to do just that. behold. i asked my deputy vice associate
12:57 am
trainee to fix my printer earlier today. paul? >> we did all that. all right? jack it up there. kennedy: looks like we'll need to buy a new one. you will have to pull it out of your non-existent salary. have fun beating the government cheese again. topic number three. if you thought hedge hogs were on the silver end of the animal spectrum, think again. police in new zealand were called out to deal with apparently a drunk hedge hodge that got its hedge stuck inside a yogurt cup. this is not first time we have dealt with disoriented hedge hogs. but we hope the prevention advice given will see a decrease
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there is only one road that can lead down. topic number 5. dogs are superior to cats in every way. they are sensitive, intuitive and always trying to find ways to be bipedal like us. hay for horses, buck co. appreciate your dog. thank you for watching the show tonight. you can follow me on twitter and instagram.
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