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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  February 17, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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cincinnati i guess a good many. the president taking a tour. i wonder if he's going to fly in it? he's there. boeing and the relationship that started out icy is on and quite constructive. trish regan, take it. trish: he's ready to take off there. he's in the cockpit breaking rite now president trump touring bowing where he promise today -- promised to great jobs. the president is going to head to florida where he's going to be holding a big rally for the american people there but, again, today as he spoke to workers there at the boeing plant, really stick to go his economic message, the message that got him elected in the first place, create american jobs, good american jobs. i'm trish regan, welcome everyone to the intelligence report. it is time that we start making
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products in america. again, you heard him there at the boeing plant. he view vowed to make our military great and strong again. let's watch a clip while he continue to see him on the plane. let's go to the clip. he's about to leave the cockpit. let's take a look here. >> i'm going to do everything i can to unleash the power of the american spirit and to put our people back to work. th is ou mantra buy american and hire american. we want products made in america, made by american hands. trish: made in america. he referred to those as magnificent words. again as we watch the president there now descending from the plane. i want to go to blake berman who is at the white house with more on this blake. blake, he's getting back on the economic message and this is a message that resinates. blake: he is, trish. i was speaking with the white house official and trying to find out if anything of news
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would -- would come from this and was told, no, the president wanting to get back out there and talk about jobs, which as you heard there was a central focus of this speech saying that his job platform would be america first, he talked about america first, with one of the pipeline that is would have to be made steel in america, how he wants to keep manufacturing jobs here in america and plants here in america. wasn't thing that i want to point out, trish, all of this is taking place, as the whole tax reform package, we are led to believe is coming in the next few weeks and one of the questions surrounding it is might do border adjustability tax be in it? might it be out? might there be tariffs for product that is are brought back into the country? maybe not. what might be in all of this and the president reiterated today there at boeing that if companies leave and if they bring products back in, they will be taxed. listen here to the president on that end.
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>> i don't want companies leaving our country making their product and selling it back, no tax, no nothiniring everybody in our country, we are not letting that happen anymore, folks, believe me. there will be a very substantial pebilitiy to be paid when they fire their people and move to another country, make the product, and think that they are going to sell it back over what will soon a very, very strong border. blake: trish that sounds a little bit like tariff or tack, however you want to describe it for companies that leave and come back in. is that necessarily the border adjustability tax or something else? tough to read into at this point but all is taking place as they are trying to figure out in the white house the final details. trish: fascinating stuff, indeed. we are going to continue looking at the live pictures in charleston, south carolina, joining for for analysts,
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republican strategist evan and talk show radio host chris, good to see both of you guys. chris, this should be right up your alley, jobs, american jobs. you're kind of a union supporter, this should be union allys, give me your opinion. >> it's great what i just heard, unfortunately everybody is still talking about yesterday including senator john mccain who is saying the white house is in disarray. trish: i'm not talking about yesterday. let me point something out, he very cleverly did aggressive switch that narrative because i came in to today anticipating that we would do a whole lot coverage and we are going to get to that, but right now he just changed the story, he changed it back to his wheel house, jobs, the economy.
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he needs to put a staff around him that is professional enough to get it done and professional enough to stand up to him when he wants to do things that might jeopardize his agenda. trish: we have a tax plan coming forward in the next couple of weeks, let's talk for about that, evan. he also, you heard the threat just now, look, if you're an american company and you decide that you're going to relocate overseas because you can get a better deal on workers or whatever the regulation is and sell products back into the united states of america, guess what, i'm hitting you with a tax, do you think that's coming forward in the next couple of weeks? >> i don't know what's coming forward. they do need to have a conversation because the congressional, need to get his tax plan through and they are going to have to talk about that. but i think what chris is missing is the press conference yesterday like people be saying,
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this is so awful, real americans are going out and seeing this, they are laughing. trish: they watched it. >> they are cheering for the president. i was talking to a union leader earlier today who said to me, i watched that press conference add midnight and it was the greatest thing i ever saw, this is a union leader. not typical a republican union leader. >> evan, you're exactly right on both points, the point -- first point conflicts with the second point. it's congress that he needs to work with. he doesn't need to get elected in another three years. trish: i don't want to put words in your mouth. the concern has been that he's losing the american public because the media is out there bashing him every single sec they can, chris, they will not give him a break. they are like sharks and circling because they smell blood and he basically said, enough, he fought back and so he got a leg up to a certain, you
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know, extent with the american public because as evan said people heard him and they were like, yeah, right. >> the media is not circling for no reason, when the head of the nsa resigns in disgrace and you send somebody out on the sunday morning shows who really seems odd, you're going to have the press circling like this. this is not -- >> isn't it the president's job to go out and cheer on american and american made products. >> absolutely. >> if this was obama a year ago he went to the boeing plant and said you didn't build that. we need to go out and applaud the president for saying -- >> why should we give americans confidence in american-made products? trish: answer that and don't take me back to the press conference. we are doing that later. >> all right, i think the president should be out on the road giving people confidence in american products just as president obama did and every president before him did. that's part of the job.
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trish: what about buy america, buy american, made in america, that -- that's something that i don't think we heard a tremendous amount of from president obama? there was the globalist sense, the reality is you can make products overseas and sell them here and americans pay less and that was seen as kind of a good thing and that was something that hillary clinton embraced as well and we are seeing effectively i'd say swinging back the other way. people, say i don't want foreign stuff anymore. >> trish, he talked about policy he wants congress to enact like tariff on imported goods. for him to do that, he needs to have a professional staff around him which right now it appears he does not. even evan in his earlier comment saying, look, the congressional republicans are -- are not in the know of what's going on with the policies and that's his staff's problem, it's not the president's problem.
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i'm trying -- look, i have not rooted for him to fail. i'm trying to say to him that he needs. trish: all right, we are going to continue this conversation, guys, don't go anywhere, i will see u in a little bit. i want to go back to how the liberal media is portraying our president right now. just moments after president president -- president trump's trump conference you heard the media blasting the president over and over and over again. here they are. >> it was unhinged, it was wild. >> exaggeration and a few loose facts. >> bizarre, contentious, if we are looking, we are getting inside into the mind of our president that he's just obsessed with coverage. >> it was like a guy almost like on a couch explaining his problems. >> it was all over the place. a road map of his mind, it is a very disturbing road map in many regards. >> you have presidents take office, many of them are empower
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today get bigger, you think you have a president in that press conference that looked smaller. trish: pile-on effect. you see this from the likes of cnn. it's social media team out there tweeting, turn your sound up and watch president trump conduct amazing symphony, press conference. i want you to look at this briefly so we can talk about it. watch. ♪ ♪ ♪ trish: seriously? come on. that's cnn sending this out. cnn wants to be taken seriously and yet they are out there tweeting garbage like this. they might as well join the likes of buzzfeed, right? joining me right now for more analysis dan from the media research center, can we turn
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that thing off. i have to tell you, it wasn't even well cut in terms of actually sinking his body movements to the music but i will leave that aside. i think it's atrocious that a ws organizion would be sending out junk like this, again, to my point, they want to be taken seriously by the president, they yet are doing this kind of stuff? >> they are talking out of both sides of their mouth. you remember the old charles ads, bullies would kick sand of the people on the beach and somebody will get tough and fight back against them. that's donald trump. the media has been kicking sand in the face to the american public for decades going after every republican who rose to the floor, every republican president, every conservative leader and then finally somebody stands up to them and they are gasped and can be the deal with it and they are torn with saying
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we are professional and mocking the president and saying -- trish: that was an example of total unprofessionalty. [laughter] trish: dan, let me get back to what's happening now, though, because what he did, i think, very effectively was start to change the narrative and he's getting control of it, he's out there today talking about jobs, talking about the importance of getting americans back to work, does that really, you think, resinates in the hearts and mind of the american people right now in the way that basically this media stiff -- stuff becomes background noise? >> this is one of those where the media are all upset about it, the inside, beltway people are upset. ordinary americans think, you know, this is great. it was a great theater, it was entertaining. trish: did he have a choice, by the way? i looked at that yesterd and i thought this is a guy wh
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basically is dam if he does and dam if he doesn't. the media isn't going to give him credit for anything. they don't want to credit him for anything at all. knowing their hostility, why not fire back, right? >> well, that's precisely it. if he backs off now they'll just say he caved to the media. it's like the china and russia situations, one of them they want him to be strong against, one weak against and whever one he does, he either warmonger or surrender monkey. they don't want him to succeed. they think we are back in the 1970's. the problem is the only bernstein. trish: again, back to the economy and back to jobs, if he's successful on the front, if we look at a gdp number that's
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off the chart sometime hopefully in the coming year, if we start to see americans get back to work in good-paying, full-time jobs, if we start to see a little inflation in this economy, dan, won't the media at that point have to recognize his accomplishments or do you think they are still going to refuse? >> i think they are still refusing, you look at how well the stock market is doing. they are not focused on that. they are foe culled on whether he's talking to the christian broadcasting network or fox instead of ap and abc. they are focused on their privilege and not the rights and frankly the needs of the american public. trish: so any republican is going to deal with this, right? you know, i don't care if he's very statesman like like mitt romney and mitt romney has that reputation or he is who he is which what you see is what you get, donald trump. i think the media no matter who if it's a conservative in the
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white house would be on the attack, is that a fair assumption? >> that's what they've been doing for decades going back to reagan easily. the difference here is they convinced themselves and they convinced the left that donald trump wasn't going to win and they feel cheated by somebody, they want to point fingers, they want to riot in the streets, they want to march because they're angry, they feel ripped off. trish: how does it change, does it change? dan k you hear me? how does it change, does it change, do we just need to start graduating new crops of students? maybe have a better background in economics and history than they do say journalism. >> well, that would be -- trish: whatever that is, by the way. >> it changes when the american people started ignoring the media mind set and going with what they want which is they care about the economy. they care about jobs, they care
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about things being made in america, they don't care about, you know, who gets -- trish: people do care about that. i've always argued that a lot of reporters, however, don't care about that. i've worked in places where, you know, i happily reported on the fed and on gdp numbers because specially starting out a lot of people didn't want to do it. they were intimidated by it. they don't like to cover the economy. they would much rather cover sort of the silly stuff here which is what we have been seeing just over the last several weeks. i mean, the economy is the number one issue. if we can get back to job growth and prosperity i think the media is going to have to eat its words. dan, thank you as always. meanwhile it's not just the president the libbal media is after, they are now attacking his family. take a look at the washington post headline and i quote, this was at the top of the post this morning. trump's family elaborate lifestyle is logistical nightmare at taxpayer expense.
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trish: all right, everyone, president trump is heading to what has been the winter white house mar-a-lago and the media is furious. take a look. the front page of the washington post. it's online right now front and center. it's right now on the company's website. it says trump's family elaborate lifestyle is a logistical nightmare at taxpayer expense. the article criticizes the security and travel costs of president trump and his family
2:21 pm
is on the go schedule and the media completely forgetting that trump's sons are pretty busy businessmen, they are running his company and trump himself never stops working even it mar-a-lago, plus the liberal left is spanning the flames of the rhetoric, of course, the family is going to need more security. here to weigh in former new york lieutenant governor betsy mccoy, betsy, what are they suggesting? are they suggesting that americans are supposed to elect someone who doesn't have a family that is successful because you get a smaller tab on security? >> this just shows how biased the washington media are, the washington swamp people and the media are trying to diminish president when he takes office. trish: to bring up security costs. >> people will read it and say, why are we spending all of this money, the previous first family
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spent $85 million on family vacations to hawaii, to martha's vineyard, to africa, to other places and, of course, they had plenty of security, they rented multimilon dollar homes. trish: where was the outrage then? >> no self-restrain about the cost of it and generated no mainstream media coverage. mrs. obama took a trip herself to more -- morocco, not only was it an expensive trip, she gave $450 million of taxpayer money to educate girls in morocco and i thought to myself when i first saw the story, why not educate girls in west virginia, girls in inner city chicago. you're going to give the money away and the cause of educating young girls, let's start at home? trish: the left gets away with a lot and the right can't get away with anything n. the case of donald trump, i keep going back to this, look, this is
2:23 pm
unfortunately the cost of doing business. americans elected him, americans hired him, he's got the spot and, yeah, sorry, you're going to have a bigger tax bill, i guess because he has kids that travel a lot and have been successful. >> unfortunately this is only a small part of a much bigger picture of the danger of media bias. for example, you've seen so many newspapers, i have new york times today on my lap, diminishing criticizing the president for not getting enough done his first three weeks in office. he staffed the white house, he appointed 12 cabinet members all of whom are getting in far better record than president obama, he appointed supreme court justice, he has done so much in three weeks. trish: met with world leaders. >> theresa may, benjamin
2:24 pm
netanyahu from israel, the prime minister of japan and mplished a lot in those meetings. it's breath-taking what he's done in three weeks. trish: what does "the new york times" say? >> they are also talking about congress, but what's holding up congress, chuck schumer, he's become obstructionist. there's nothing in the whole article about that. as if the republicans can't doing their job, they are ready to do the job, cutting taxes, for example, chuck assumer -- schumer says he's going to obstruct every single republican legislative initiative. he has said it in front of the cameras. trish: how much success are they really going to have with this because the numbers don't add quite in their favor? >> yes, unfortunately in the senate because of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's adherence to senate rules, nothing in the constitution about this, the senate majority leader decide that had the republicans will need 60 votes, not 51 as the
2:25 pm
constitution requires but 60 votes to get most legislation through and so chuck schumer does have it within his power to hold things up and that's what he's doing. trish: how does trump breakthrough this? >> he broke through it very well yesterday in that press conference and americans applauded him. here is a man who is blunt, who is sincere, he's pro-american and he looked out -- trish: by the way -- >> made fun of them and had a good time doing it. trish: we have been talking about it. your average american probably wasn't that interested in a presidential press conference until now, right it was entertaining and he came out swinging. he really did. does he need to do more of this? >> the more i say donald trump should be out there doing it. [laughter] trish: betsy mccoy, good to see you. u.s. political climate to the
2:26 pm
arab spring, the billionaire tech entrepreneur saying and i quote, a lot of the same patterns we've seen during iranian green revolution in the arab spring, it was stun to go see how twitter was being use today have a conversation about the government with the government. is he really comparing the trump administration to past political presidents in the middle east? it sounds more like manufacturing drama by the left to smear donald trump by any means necessary. when are they going to get the hint, this is isn't the uprising, the american people want to feel safe from terror threats, they want to have good, high-paying jobs. joining me right now stewart holiday. good to see you. the average person, betsy was telling us, the average person responded to that conference in a positive way. you have jack dorcey effectively
2:27 pm
comparing to the arab spring, give me your view on that. >> well, if anything it's president trump that's actually used twit tore speak directly to people and not through the filter of the media so if there's anything that could be compared, it's really that he's sort of a revolutionary in a way that's come in and wanting to sort of challenge the establishment and he's effectively the first president who has used twitter in office. from that perspective, it's -- trish: poor comparison, though, you to admit, give or take. >> if he's alleging that somehow or another there's a ground of revolt against the president, there's the use of twitter to do that, but i really think what he's getting at is the idea that the walls have broken down between the conversation between the president and the people and you see that -- trish: i don't like compare it to the arab spring. it's an odd comparison choice to make. >> sure. arab spring didn't quite work
2:28 pm
out the way that they'd expect it. trish: no kidding. this is a president, i agree with you, who is going directly to the people. we do see that via twitter, we see it in the press conference yesterday, it was combative and took aim at the press that i'm sure a lot of americans were cheering on on the sidelines, a far more direct conversation. i think that's important, stewart, because i think that your average american can feel more vested in his presidency as a result, do you agree? >> i do. i think that there's not been the kind of connection that there exists between the president and his supporters, they follow him, they're keenly interesting in hearing what he has to say and it's not necessarily through the filter of the mainstream media anymore. it's directly from the president and he's obviously going to probably be doing a lot more of that.
2:29 pm
trish: how much can the mainstream media chip away at him? they tried, they certainly tried during the election and he's the one in the oval office now? >> you have what is the mainstream media anymore? you have, you know, everybody has a blog, there are outlets, people retweet stuff. it's hard to figure out what's authoritative anymore. trish: i would make that point. we were talking about the tweet from cnn, the ridiculous tweet that they sent out where they showed donald trump speaking and they had music playing behind him saying he was a conductor. aren't you supposed to be mainstream real media? >> but nonetheless, we have to admit the press does have a very important role to play. trish: surely. surely, but and they always do. i guess the danger in all of this is that you have a press that has an answer in their head
2:30 pm
and they want to basically have everything add up to equal that answer, snrieght their answer is that donald trump is evil, that donald trump is sending us in todays that we haven't seen since world war ii. this is narrative that they have and so every little thing that they can find along the way that might contribute in the narrative they are exploiting in a way that's not honest. >> yeah, i think that's why you see trump speaking directly to the people through twitter and directly, you know, to the media -- directly to his supporters through the rallies, through the meetings, he's going to be going to florida as well and -- trish: rallies are good. ed rollins who managed reagan campaign said to me recently, they used to get reagan on the road because it was good for the people and also good for him. i think it'll be good for donald trump as well to see that crowd and the appreciation and get outside the beltway.
2:31 pm
anyway, em bats door, good to see you, thank you very much for joining me. donaldtrump help to send a clear message to the general public or do we just need him to start doing the press conferences? that's next hey sweetie, how was your first week? long. it'll get better. i'm at the edward jones office, like sue suggested. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? knowing your future is about more than just you. so let's start talking about your long-term goals. multiplied by 14,000 financial advisors, it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. :
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. trish: president trump hiring republican media strategist as his new white house communications director. his hiring will ease the burden on whiouse p secretary sean spicer filling in for both jobs since tru's inauguration, and has had quite a bit on his place. evan sigfreid and chris hahn are back with me. that's the question, is this going to help here. evan, start with you. can the messaging coming out of the white house get streamlined in a way that is more positive? >> i think what we're going to see is the white house is going
2:35 pm
to be able to focus on longer term message which dubke can instill. they can have that happen, have the american people see what president trump is doing on the economy, et cetera. trish: the flipside with this is you are dealing with donald trump, he has his own message, and sometimes that message may shift, depending on the circumstances. how do you -- how do you effectively sort of curtail that without -- without diminishing who he is and what he can do? >> well, it's also planning media events such as the press conference yesterday. that was planned at the very last minute. they can say strategically three months from now we'll have a press conference on this topic. because that's the legislation. helps shape the narrative. trish: for him to be him, but you think long-term about what it is that you're going to need to do, and it's like we have a planning calendar by the way on the show, right?
2:36 pm
and helps to know you got this coming up next week and this coming up the following week and think about what are the things we likely will be talking about. now it can change on a dime but you have some sense of where you're going? >> hearing a lot from congressional republicans behind closed doors is they feel the white house is in the improvisational messaging and policy style. this will instill discipline, relax republicans and people in the middle will be put at ease, and they would still let trump be trump. trish: in a way, though, how do you not have this? do you think they were planning on it and took a while to get to this? he must have had something similar within his business as well, you always want to have a look ahead? >> document to have a look ahead. when you lose jason miller a month before he's taking office and interviewed two other candidates who said we don't want the job, dubke is going to instill the discipline the white house needs and chris would agree with that.
2:37 pm
trish: chris hahn, your thoughts on dubke, is that a game-changer for the white house? >> dubke can bring the staff together so they control the message a little more than it's been. seems to me when people want to get to the president, they leak things in the press or goes on the shows and talk to the president, but they got to control the message. what happened yesterday is not a typical presidential press conference, as evan was saying, you plan the things, prep the president for every potential question that's going to happen. trish: i know, but it's no fun that way, chris! it's just no fun. this is what the people like, they like the fact that he is who he is, that nobody has to sit there and say, here are your talking points and this reporter may ask about this. instead, you got full-on authenticity that is frankly rather refreshing coming from a politician. >> yes, and i think that that's showing up in the polls, though, you look at fox news
2:38 pm
approval poll, he's at 39%. >> he's at 55 with rasmussen. >> if he wants to be at 50% again, he has to have a more control the message and a more professional white house. trish: there's some thought that dubke will be helpful in terms of also positioning congress to go the way the president wants. in other words, his background is in ad buying, and he's been very strategic working for groups, for example, like karl rove's super pac to place ads in certain markets where you want to have an influence. do you think that's also part of his role there as he tries to influence certain members of congress to go along with things like the tax cuts? chris? >> oh, i can see him absolutely being involved with that, i think that's probably, unfortunately, that's a big part of modern governing politics right now. placing ads in strategic districts to influence members of congress and the season. i've been seeing ads on these
2:39 pm
things the last couple of weeks between gorsuch and the other cabinet nominees. trish: he'll have a role in that, one would think, that would be, evan, i would imagine a positive. you want to get as many people on your side, and you want all members that you can possibly bring in and congress cooperating with you? >> yeah, i think it's good they would go out and do ads, emphasize they shouldn't be doing tv ads as much and focus on digital. 67% of people receive news from mobile phones as opposed to tv. trish: oh! don't tell me that. >> use a sniper rifle and save money. i tell you that. trish: i tell you, we got a lot of people watching this network every single day, emphasize that. chris, final thoughts to you, are we going to anticipate lots more changes on the communications front. let's not forget. he is the communications front, right? he really sets the tone, sets the message, sets the news. so maybe we just need to hear more from him. maybe he needs to do more press
2:40 pm
conferences instead of spicer. >> look, look, i think there are a certain amount of people that would like that to happen, not all of them have the president's best interest at heart. if the president wants to govern appropriately, he's going to hire staff and he's going to take their advice. trish: what does that mean for his current staff? >> i think some of them gotta go. >> evan? >> i think that we're -- every administration has growing pains, let's be honest. this one has had more than previous administrations, but hopefully they'll settle in and help the future of the american people. trish: it's only been what, a month? >> 28 days. >> he needs a jim bakker type. trish: thank you very much, guys, coming in to us right now of donald trump, you recall, of course, he was there at the boeing plant. he's taking some questions.
2:41 pm
>> cutting prices, they have to cut prices, but we're doing very well. it's a great plane, we're cutting prices, saving a lot of money. reporter: [inaudible] >> if the price doesn't come down enough, we would. the f-18 is a great plane, they put a great stealth component on it. the f-18 is a great plane, we've cut over $700 million off the lockheed plant. it was out of control. we're very happy about it. i will say we'll save many billions of dollars. great product from boeing and lockheed. trish: all right, that was the president just addressing some members of the media, talking about how we're going to save millions and millions of dollars on the new air force
2:42 pm
one and also talking about what a great plane boeing now has. we're going to take a quick break. we're back with more right after this.
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. >> i will not back down from defending our country. i got elected on defense of our country, and i keep my campaign promises, and our citizens will be very happy when they see the result. trish: all right, that is the president vowing to issue a new immigration order next week after the judicial system blocked him. this as 43% of refugees led in since judge robart's ruling or order have been from the countries our president warned that the government cannot properly vet. joining me former cia officer buck sexton. a white house official is saying president trump may meet with candidates, after bob
2:46 pm
harward declined president trump's offer to succeed mike flynn. are you hearing about that? we'll get to the other issue in a second. on the national security front, are you hearing anything? >> i'm hearing from people who have sense to know how the discussions go down. he wanted to bring in his own team. harward, he would be taking a massive pay cut. he served in the military for a very long time. at least three decades and decided he wasn't going to be up for putting himself -- trish: it wasn't trump related. >> might not have been up for the scrutiny and difficulties that come attached with the administration, so intensely politicized. that's not the answer i'm sure anyone would want to give publicly, especially someone who facedown the ene his whole life. i'm sure he decided he's done enough, without his own team and take a huge pay cut, decided it's not best for he and his family. trish: david petraeus on the
2:47 pm
list? >> bad idea with respect to the cia director, my former agency and the military, long time in the military. you can't have somebody who just barely escaped felony charges for mishandling classified information back in the national security adviser chair. that would send a terrible message. trish: now to the immigration front, expecting he's coming forward with a new executiveord that front. how different do you think it will be in the criticism is it will sloppily be put together, intentions may be good but not as buttoned up as it needed to be. what might we expect going forward? >> narrowly taylored to address the concerns that the ninth circuit court judges that kept the stay on the ban in place, i think it will address those concerns, most specifically the point about permanent u.s. residents, green card helders. the trump administration said we fixed that and the judges more or less said it needed to be fixed in the actual executive order.
2:48 pm
they can address that very quickly or very easily i think. where it gets complicated is on the question of national security judgment. that's supposed to be left to the commander in chief where. a lot of the people who are judicial analysts who criticize this said, look, this has to be left up to the president. you can't have judges saying we don't think this is effective so therefore we're going to tell you, you can't do this. on the efficacy point, you will see additional data, perhaps a little more specificity about that it will be out there., so it's really forcing a showdown. trish: it really is. >> that's what they want to have happen here. you saw the judge in virginia who came out, this did not get as much attention as i thought it should. goes behind a lot of the animus against this. they say it's discriminatory on its face. it's religious bigotry. that is what a federal judge in virginia said and have to look at well, if it's only seven
2:49 pm
countries and 12% of the muslim world how is that rooted in bigotry. trish: it's not. >> of course, that's where the fight is going to go. trish: buck, great to see you. quick break, right back after this. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas® for pulmonary hypertension, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have a sudden decrease or loss of hearing or vision, or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis. ♪ guyhey nicole, happening here? this is my new alert system for whenever anything happens in the market. kid's a natural. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you. shhh. alerts on anything at all? not only that, you can act on that opportunity with just one tap right from the alert.
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2:53 pm
joining me of the california women's leadership association ashley along with catalina magazine publisher cathy. good to see you guys. >> hi. trish: cathy, it seems to me that ivanka trump is doing a lot of what women on the left have been pushing for. she, in many ways does have it all. she's got the family. she's a working woman. she's created her own clothing line. she's in charge, and yet it seems as though those on the left, they just won't cut her a break, why? >> yeah, she balancing it all. she's very respectable as a woman, an entrepreneur. wonderful what she's doing, but we don't know if the brand is going to weather the storm. ivanka trump brand is turning off people. she had to have known people were upset when she politicized her brand at the rnc convention. this is the first time in history we've had a relative of a president-elect advertise
2:54 pm
what they were wearing at a convention, and then say the next day, buy my look. trish: well, you know, ashley, she's running her own company, designing her own clothes there, has her own approval on the clothes she's putting out there. why wouldn't you wear your own brand, come on! >> exactly. isn't it amazing when it's a conservative woman, the shoe is on the other foot. no pun intended. she's a working woman, a mother, and attacked by the intolerant left and the hypocritical women's organizations because she's a consvave. we finally have somebody in e white house who's an advocate for entrepreneurship, an advocate for women's equality in the workplace, and the hypocritical women's organizations are going after her because they can't accept the results of the election. it's unacceptable. these businesses are being pressured by these organizations. it's purely political news. and what's more embarrassing is
2:55 pm
women who love ivanka's line are being shamed to buy something they enjoy. trish: i know, there's this pressure, we see it over and over again unfortunately with the left. it's similar to them freaking out on college campuses when there is a trump sign, and saying this is hate speech if there's a trump sign. hello! he's now president. the ridiculousness of it when it comes to the left and the willingness to shut down anyone who doesn't, you know, agree with their point of view, cathy, i think that's what's very dangerous here, and unfortunately, ivanka trump is caught in the cross hairs of all of that. she's a woman who clearly believes in the quality of women and has really demonstrated that she can be successful in her own right, and so many women on the left want to attack her over and over again. whatever happened for women sticking up for women.
2:56 pm
>> i went to a store that sells high-end products and sell ivanka trump brand. they didn't want to be quoted and said women have gone in, they love the house is, they turn over and see it's ivanka trump shoe, they put it back and walk out. when asked it's not ivanka trump, it's her father. sending a message to the father, it's the trump name th're boycotng. you ve guiltars, neiman marcus and now burlington coat factory. it's not political with the companies. >> i continuing, is i think there is politics wrapped up in all of this, for sure, and unfortunate for her, and it's frankly unfortunate for women, really. overall. ashley and cathy. thank you so much for joining me. i'm going to take a quick break. more "intel" after this.
2:57 pm
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2:59 pm
. trish: what do you think of the one-two punch from the president? just yesterday you saw him at press conference going on
3:00 pm
offense with the press in a very big way, the press freaking out. they don't like any of it, and today, he's right back on message with the economy. this is what got him elected in the first place. he's talking about creating jobs and bringing economic prosperity back to this country. i want to hear you from. go to my twitter account -- let me know what you think. liz has you from here. liz: huge breaking news story coming out of telecom world. two stocks you may own them, but boy, you got hear about this. get it to you in just a second. did you catch the sideshow there in south carolina? president donald trump while visiting boeing throws down the gauntlet to spark what could be a major military jet order competition. moments ago, as you see, hopping on air force one to head to florida for campaign-style rally this weekend. he should arrive in just a moment. taking you live to mar-a-lago. it's what happened in the last hour that you and every taxpayer needs to see. while visiting that boeing


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