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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 20, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EST

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with that we will have over to dagen mcdowell terrific to see both of you. >> it's monday february 20. your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. a day of protest against resident trump demonstrators taking to the streets saying not my presidents' day. the average ahead. and the anti- trump manual that some people have put together. the administration eyeing an immigration plan the white house expected to unveil its new executive order on travel any day now. president trump reiterating why strong borders are necessary. i know that you want safe neighborhoods. not gang members and drug dealers were right now as i speak been thrown out of the country and they will not be
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let back in. we will have a strong borders again. we've a much closer look ahead it comes amid a new push to regain parts of most all. the consumer giant dropping his plan a closer look at why one by -- warren buffett is stepping back. the online giant making it even easier to get free shipping. markets in the u.s. closed for presidents' day but checking overseas action in europe you can see mixed markets there. in asia overnight dudes across the board. and a big win for space x. lodging and leaning its first rocket.
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that take up is happening. we look at the space race coming up. so much more with me. and we have our team here. welcome to everybody. when we went through that piece of sound i ask our stage manager in my shouting? >> my favorite president james k polk. kitty work on that all weekend. do four things and he did them all and he did not run again. good to see you.
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former secretary of state for political affairs under george w. bush nicholas burns, u.s. history and -- hispanic chamber of commerce president. the former mcdonald's ceo ed renzi. and then sheriff david clark in milwaukee terrific things coming up. thousands of people expected to protest on the holiday they are calling the rally's not my presidents' day to voice opposition against donald trump in hit policies. that revised travel order could come this week. it is exempt.
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james mattis weighed in during his trip abroad yesterday i have not seen the new executive order but right now i am assured that we will take steps to allow those who have fought alongside us to be allowed into the united states. and by that normal procedures and i'm sure we will work our way through this quickly. congressman, it's great to see. do you expect the original travel order they will try to effectively do the same thing. the first order came out there obviously were obviously some mistakes and how they brought it out. this when they have done their
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homework. is that going to stop the purchase or the opposition. because no matter what trump does with his order the opposition is real and they are proposing a course change. >> i hear them right now. i want to ask you about this. we are expecting protest a week as members of congress are on recess. and there is an activist group linked to the former president obama has put together an anti- trump protest manual and the goal is a training manager to advise them on how to bully gop lawmakers backing off support what is their endgame here. just disruption because his
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neck and a change of the course of what the gop and present trump have in store. >> it might. and it may change the democratic party. in 2009 and ten when i got elected the democrat party never thought the party movement was real. they all thought it was something manufactured. i think this opposition is real. i think it's grassroots. i think trump has woken up the opposition and my fellow republicans i think would be making a big mistake if they hid under their desk and avoided this opposition. i think they need to confront it and be honest with it. >> joe, good to see. in some way do you think there is an effect to these protests that are unaffected.
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it's why people should support donald trump. watch these protests i thought here in new york city the day after he won the election people were saying not my president. we know it's not a result of any specific action that he's taken. i think it galvanizes the support. see mac i think it does both. i think they just want to see what trump is going to do. i am seen people protest on the left and in the left middle who have not protested before. these paper -- these people were a sweep. the opposition has woken up. and it's real. i've got to tell you it's a
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divided country. it's imperative therefore for donald trump in the republicans to achieve things like tax reform it reputed and replacing obama care. >> with the type of protest you have are they trying to achieve overall immigration reform or do they want to have open borders where they trying to accomplish. and what's endgame for these types of protest. the issue they most oppose is the immigration being in securing the border. this is white trump got elected more than any other issue. the american people said secure my border and do something about these muslim terrorists. this is what drove trump's vote. and i think the opposition is all based on the notion of keeping people out of this country.
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it's going to continue week after week. the department of homeland security is ramping up efforts to deter illegal immigration we heard from the department of homeland security secretary john kelly we heard he is signed by most the higher thousands more. ice or immigration moved over 240,000 people. that was a 2% increase from the year before. do you think the new measures will make a difference. they will broaden the pool of illegals in this country that we can deport. not just hardened criminals. when people come across the border immediately we detain them and keep them here. this will allow us to return
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these people to mexico why should we detain them here. these are important steps in expanding the ice officials as well. part of this too is increasing the border patrol and those working at the border. as well as speeding up those hearings. it just making our system more efficient i think some of those who are really turned it vilify this and say the deportation force will go after people in their homes in fact speeding up the hearings is what helps those families who may be separated in those most difficult situations. >> is allowing these men and women to do their jobs. we overlook the fact that for eight years obama and his administration tied the hands of our immigration officers.
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dagan: a powerful storm system slamming california and renewing fears of flooding. we have that story and so much more. flood warnings are now in effect for parts of northern california. they are expected to drop as much as 5 inches of rain on a region already saturated by record rainfall. forecasters say funding is likely due to already swollen
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rivers. and it's on the heels of a deadly system. and left at least five people dead. more than 100 homes were damaged also over now --dash overnight in san antonio texas. some 44,000 customers were left without power. meanwhile about the border. an annual snow sculpture festival because of festival because of the warm weather is melting all of the art. with the right conditions could see it last over four months. this year has been extra i'm never seen it before. craft kinds heinz is now pulling the plug on its 143 billion-dollar offer to acquire rival unilever.
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they announced the decision seen the they him ethically abandon the offer. lowering the threshold first free shipping. the minimum use used to be 49. just last month also sped up those deliveries to today's. finally apple won't be announcing the iphone eight until november. the company said to be releasing three new devices. it could cost more than a thousand dollars. that is going to feature a 5.8-inch display.
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it eliminates the home button. in the touch idaho fingerprint part of that. they're talking about fingerprint technology. it is changing rapidly back to you. no home button what you think. it doesn't really function the way it used to. it's extremely finger sensitive. this highlights that apple needs to do something to reinvent their focus. everybody has been worried about this. what is the next leg of innovation for them. this is a ten year anniversary. how much optimism as is in this stock. and you can see the stock is
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up over 50% in the last 52 weeks. it is the upgrade that everyone's waiting for. it's pretty interesting because it hasn't happened yet. but the anticipation is already in the stock price. that didn't happen. another trying to move production to india. they still have the opportunity to take even market share from samsung. that is a bad look for any company. when they send you your reservation by e-mail that said you're not allowed to bring it. it's a constant reminder that sampson used their kill
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switch. it's not operating anymore. dagan: the battle over healthcare is the big discussion. thousands of cars. what you need to know just ahead. the future of business in new york state is already in motion. companies across the state are growing the economy, with the help of the lowest taxes in decades, a talented workforce, and world-class innovations. like in plattsburgh, where the most advanced transportation is already en route. and in corning,
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>> congress is set to be in tackling for many differ over whether or not to fully repeal obama care.
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they spoke with senator rand paul who spoke out against any partial repeal. i think the house leadership is pushing obama care light and i think what we need is complete repeal is that is a vote we should have again. if you do partial repeal there is a very good chance you'll make things worse. you know what if you only repeal part of it the downward spiral continues. scott what would you like to see congress to with the current law in the future healthcare regulations quacks. >> what's important is congress deal with the most owners provisions as soon as possible. one of those is a medical device tax which has have is have a tremendously negative impact on of on technology and medical innovation.
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like you can get back to doing what you do. how many jobs as that cost you in the industry. it has have an amazingly negative independent impact. this is numbers that came out of the obama commerce department that showed during the three-year window that is a huge hit to the economy. it has a very negative impact is on and is on a point something out. anytime ezekiel emanuel is on this program and even additional guests who were democrats who are behind the were behind the creation of obama care they always say there is no evidence that there was an economic impact
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from obama care. there is no hard data so what do you say to that. this information did not come out just from our up report. it's hard to imagine anything other than that. bad tax policy. and it's bad health healthcare policy. we think they need to up peel it right away. i know the president supports that. we are looking forward to getting that off the books. we talk about taxes typically that passes on. since the healthcare system is very complex well that go through. and when that cost the insurers where would flow through. how would we see the impact.
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>> we don't have the same type of director products. it just impacts our ability to do more r&d in the future. no cost to pass along. it is a sales tax against that. it just hurts our bottom line and makes it more difficult. there is a lot of pushback recently about how the trumpet ministration and also congress should be moving faster on some of those issues. they had have a negative impact on industry. on the various taxes they
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can't move quickly enough. there is a suspension in place that runs until the end of this year. the quicker we can get back we need some dick debility over the long-term. the sooner they do that the sooner we can go back to creating jobs and there are some amazing innovations in medical technology that we can move forward on if they will get rid of the owners tax. when do you think we will get it. for the repeal and replacement of obama care. in the first quarter of this year they will deal with most of it.
6:28 am
i am optimistic that it will get done in the near term. it's not an easy thing to do. i know they're working diligently to try to get it done. dagan: and then the market waits for tax reform also. scott, great to see. thank you so much for being here. >> it comes amid a new push to regain parts of muzzle. over the fee increase. we want to hear these details. with every early morning... every late night... and moment away... with every and paycheck... you've earned your medicare.
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it was a deal that was made long ago, and aarp believes it should be honored. thankfully, president trump does too. "i am going to protect and save your social security and your medicare. you made a deal a long time ago." now, it's congress' turn. tell them to protect medicare.
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[ whimpers ] ♪ so when you need a dog walker or a handyman, you can count on us to help you find the right person for the job. discover all the ways we can help at angie's list. because your home is where our heart is. welcome back. invert maria bartiromo. president say. the top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern time. secretary of defense james matus touchdown in baghdad overnight. they launched an offensive to retake muzzle. they up express support for the region. we are going to make certain we have good awareness of what we face.
6:32 am
to really destroy asis. that is the point about going in there. the president searches president searches for a replacement for michael flynn. dan malloy under fire under proposed gun permits. they were able to fight back. ordering an urgent investigation. the post that has the company scrambling. that's ahead. what you need to know before you hit the road today. the markets in the united states are closed for presidents' day but checking the action overseas had mixed markets in europe. it's now lowered slightly. that gains across the board.
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adding more than 1% and reaching for the stars. what the latest launch means for the future. before heading to baghdad james matus takes a departure from the earlier comments on iraq. in its oil. watch this. all of us in america had generally paid for gas and oil all along and i'm sure that we will continue to do so in the future. we direct to siege anybody's oil. the trades at the u.s. has spent fighting islamic state could have been avoided if americans have just taken the oil supply. critics say that taking the oil would be stealing from civilians making and a war crime. and essentially talking about two different ideas.
6:34 am
this is reporters tried to drive a wedge. president trump made the statement saying when we go into countries and we evade we should be reaping the benefits of it. oil being one example james mattis' job right now in iraq is to destroy asis. and a cut off to cut off all of their funding. it's different than what it should've been done in 2003 or 2004. and will be given the tools to do so. to be gain control of the islamic state. are we making enough progress in the region how long do you
6:35 am
think that will take. >> unknown how long it will take. specially when you understand that they have the ability to head haven there. they've made progress there can to continue to make progress. the question was not whether we will take it but how we will hold it with the mosaic of all of the different interests in that city. the challenge as we understand we won the war through the surge in iraq. the timeline here is unknown but i think we should all be confident that president trump has put all the resources there. it's good to see you. recent discussion on the possibility of sending more u.s. troops into afghanistan
6:36 am
we had 5,000 plus u.s. troops on the ground in iraq. we've a new administration and while taking muzzle will be the biggest blow there will still be more. a lot of work to get that country to prevent that from falling into the civil war. at least you can't hold that territory anymore. you think that they may consider upping that number to something considerably more substantial. we know there is some ground forces. i can see that number going up. what you think. they don't want the nation built. they have existed too long and the been able to establish that.
6:37 am
afghanistan is such a difficult problem set that at some point i think if you could cut your losses and what you could truly do that and understand that you want to prevent havens but you're not going to build a nation. like they can accelerate. i would not be surprised if james matus made suggestions like that. so that we can deal with this problem and i have to go back and do it again. the trumpet ministration may have some trouble with allies because of statements made in the past. i feel like iraq is a great opportunity for the ministration to show just how will they can actually do that fight.
6:38 am
it all starts with leadership. i sense that we are winning that fight. you understand that is what the problem was yesterday. in this case donald trump has said it's the scourge of the earth. therefore allies who are equally invested if you really want to defeat isis. that is probably of what he can reassert. dagan: it left intentionally by the obama and ministration. for possible candidates. three military input -- individuals who do you think
6:39 am
is at that position. no one can know what president trump truly seeks. someone who will be the principal advisor. somebody who can correlate through agencies. i am a big fan of hr mcmaster. on quite some time. john bolton also i really understand the nature of the industry.
6:40 am
the media is going to try to do whatever they can to drive a wedge between this pic and this president. he is a fine summary he is wanting to work with. everyone will try to undermine him on that. there were reports over the weekend. that they will have full control over that. it was really outraged by that. the new national security can put in their own team. and that has been kind of the issue. that was the reason.
6:41 am
is that the reason that he gave. they understand it's going to be a very high scrutiny. even have to be bright in the trench for everything. i will give you the final word on that. it's never been a pretty it's can be messy. things are gonna go perfect. but if you can let the first instance we disagree be the wedge. this is a different kind of president tried to trying to take on enemies that we failed to counter the way that we should.
6:42 am
otherwise there will be problems. it's not unreasonable to say i want my own people. coming up security footage captured the north korean dictator. it shows two attackers. unbelievable footage the blog post that has the company scrambling. did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night. enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepitechnology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make.
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[and her new business: i do, to jeanetgo. jeanette was excellent at marrying people. but had trouble getting paid. not a good time, jeanette. even worse. now i'm uncomfortable. but here's the good news, jeanette got quickbooks. send that invoice, jeanette. looks like they viewed it. and, ta-da! paid twice as fast. oh, she's an efficient officiant. way to grow, jeanette. new. get paid twice as fast for free. visit quickbooks-dot-com. dagan: new surveillance video from inside a malaysian airport showing the final
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minutes leading up to the death. cheryl has more details. the story really is incredible. it shows a woman putting the half-brother in the chokehold before another woman comes up and sprays him in the face with poison. they show what explain what happened. he died a short time later in an ambulance. he often spoke out against him. they believe that dictator huber ceo has promised an investigation they described describe the long-term history of sexual harassment. she was openly positioned. she complained nothing happened.
6:47 am
she said her female coworkers explained the same experience. to conduct an urgent investigation into dollars account. they are recalling some cars. the automaker said affected cars dodge chargers that are equipped with all-wheel drive. they are expected with the recall. chrysler said it will notify owners into dealers and they will do it free of charge. and finally connecticut don't -- gun owners are unhappy. the governor dan malloy is calling for increases for up to $300 fees for background
6:48 am
checks are going to increase from 50 to 75. republicans are now vowing to fight the proposal. we should say that the gun advocates say many people will no longer be able to afford guns. he course is a democrat in connecticut. it is politically palatable and a left wing lunatic state like connecticut and they raise revenue. they view it as unfortunate. if you can start putting a huge price and exercising that people say what we can have next. i know that they don't see it that way but that is a reality. this is outrageous. it should of been dealt with in new york city and new york.
6:49 am
it's very annoying. they're just trying to regulate and tax. people that stand for that second amendment are a minority. you talk about gun ownership in the city and their practically calling the cops thank you. the city is incredible. we have them successfully launching at. and look at the modern space race. i realize that ah, that $100k is not exactly a fortune.
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>> them successfully launching at. look at the modern space race. lift off. mission accomplished. it said that dragon space craft to the international space station. an explosion last summer. what i find fascinating about this is that people do care about us being in space. everybody was posting photos of this launch. is a big deal. it's actually very exciting.
6:54 am
try to figure out how to commercialize. there is a lot of technologies that could be developed for us. it's exciting that the government has really laid off of the risk there. they actually want humans to be able to go around in the 22nd century i thought it was embarrassing that they were having to hitch rides with the russians to get to the international space station. i want to ask about that president's plan. that includes having the private sector handle it. once we are still talking
6:55 am
about that policy. is just an essay. this is part of trump promising to make america great again. people have a lot of nostalgia. when you look at the spending some of it is now been done by the private sector. people want to spend more.en yos is going to play out. whether this is going to be a crowned jewel of the administration i'm doubtful. but people do have this connection and they feel like it is a symbol to see that again. in the american company sending this rocket into space. it is a feel-good moment.
6:56 am
the. >> i don't think people care if it's a government or that u.s. company. this is why he knows that he brings someone from the crowd about his rally over the weekend in melbourne and the car goes wild. this is in a crazy idea we need to give it in those returns. whatever the price tag may be. this is the first launch since the shuttle program which ended about six years ago. that was how upset he was about the fact that they have the dominance. as you increase the standing around the world. the government leased out this pad we are not generating revenue from leasing this
6:57 am
out. they're actually generating revenue from this. i just don't want american astronauts. thank you for being a friend. we take a look at the newly opened golden girl seem to café. that's what i was fat in college. i will tell you more.
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good morning. it is monday february 20 it's presidents' day. the war over the media. after criticizing president trump's comment about the press. we need a free press. you must have it. if you want to preserve and very serious now. if you want preserve democracy as we know it you have to have a free and many cited -- many times adversarial press. i'm afraid that we would lose so much of our individual
7:01 am
liberties over time. that's how dictators get started. now senator rand paul is coming to the present defense. they continue the diplomatic trip in europe. our relationship with key european allies. i have. mortgage rates on the rise. we will tell you the best state to get a loan, youtube changing its advertising. markets closed for presidents' day but checking overseas action e of you had mixed markets in europe. about half of 1%. the biggest gain or their gainer there being in shanghai. the national bid. the giant panda is moving to china.
7:02 am
so much for siri and alexa how about having barbie. you will hear that story coming up and former cia officer buck sexton. >> everybody loves the panda at the national zoo. it were my heart. and this is doing pretty well. you can just check in on the and up. that's all she does is p and research. i will share the information coming up. we agreed we would return the panda to china. let's keep the panda.
7:03 am
coming up this morning we have i can't wait to watch and get fired up. the chief oil analyst and milwaukee county sheriff david clark. you don't want to miss any of those gentlemen. it's opening divide within his own party. senator john mccain criticizing the president's stance yesterday and he get immediate blowback from fellow senator rand paul. a consolidation of power the first thing they do is shutdown the press. i'm not saying that president trump is trying to be a dictator. i'm just trying to say we need to learn. everything he says about the president is colored by his own personal dispute.
7:04 am
it should be taken with a grain of salt because john mccain is the guy that has advocated for war everywhere. we are very lucky john mccain is not in charge. joining us this morning as nicholas burns. what is your take on the feud between these two because rand paul was not mincing words. i think what president trump said in his tweet was really troubling. president trump said the press is the enemy of the american people. in the first amendment rights and the freedom of the press is an important part.
7:05 am
to use the word dictator is a step too far. and senator rand paul was pointing out divisions between senator john mccain and president trump. again senator mike kane has been increasingly vocal lessons president trump was and not graded. i would not use the word dictator no but this dispute and argument as you look at it is really based on american foreign policy. he gave a very good speech. i certainly applauded it as an american but what is happening is that you have almost got two voices in the said ministration they are all in europe this week saying they support the european union but
7:06 am
the president out in melbourne criticizing nato a fairly that's what's contributed to this debate. >> i read the transcript at that conference in munich and he said that this was the most dangerous time for the west that he can remember. something along those lines. do you feel like some of that was overstated. we were facing a threat and plenty of people or dried the were drawing the connection between his concerns over donald trump and the verbiage that he chose specifically in that speech when you connect with the speech that he gave over the weekend he might be inflating the concern from donald trump. >> i thought senator mccain gave a very strong speech.
7:07 am
he's pressuring the baltic states. you also had this alarming situation in europe where they need american leadership but they're not really getting it to the american president. and the europeans have big elections this year. they are worried about the rise of an anti- and democratic democratic political movement on the right. he put all of that together it's a very troubling time for your and i thought senator mccain stood up and spoke about the values that both republicans and democrats can't support. it seems like a pretty specific us white. i certainly agree with senator mccain i think the executive order on immigration is
7:08 am
misguided. it's it send the wrong signal. they were there this weekend. a lot of support by the congressional delegation. president trump does. we are the leader of the west. we support nato. he's been talking down to the european union. you have this image over the weekend the vice president i think saying all the right things. they're earning rave reviews things to his unique leadership style. the closest aides referred to him as the ceo rather and that. to follow what they just said about your thoughts on tillerson's performance so
7:09 am
far. i think he has all of the experience to be a successful secretary of state. he's one our most global company he knows of the world he is very sophisticated. he is a manager and the state department has more than 50,000 employees and a multibillion-dollar budget. he was at a meeting in june of many. i think there is respect there for him. i think the good professionalism so far so good so far so good i want everybody in here. i just want to know what responsibility did these senators bear when they go after president trump in a way that they are critical of him for attacking in the media but they are saying dissent and
7:10 am
uncertainty about the very leadership in this country. i does create a lot of that. i think the whole thing about how he doesn't want to say he was turned shutdown the press. that's actually what he said. he's bringing them up in the context. how would the press be not free. i don't know a single journalist who doesn't think it advances their career. >> they've never said they want to shut down the press. civic something really interesting here is that senator rand paul is at the forefront. this is really giving a
7:11 am
journalist a sense of credibility again because they feel like they have something to go after. a lot of journalism has been dead. now they have a fire in their belly. it's good for their industry. we did not hear about this. more people under the espionage act. the readership is up. people are starting to get engaged in civics. that's really good for the press. a press that coddles and loves the former president now that the president is in opposition to them why is one could good and the other bad. he gave a 77 minute q&a. he is engaging with them. dagan: i want to give you ambassador the final word on this.
7:12 am
it always disagreed. but when he says that many news outlets are the enemy of the american people it's very troubling it crosses an important line. we have to have respect for the press into the role of the administration. i think it was misguided for him to say what he did. i encouraged all the members of the press they can buy some arnica gel. there is more coming up. you top -- youtube is pressing paws on one of the most annoying features with their ads.
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dagan: an escaped prisoner on the run since 2003 is now under arrest. that prisoner was who was also an illegal immigrant was captured in an ice rate in atlanta on friday. he was jailed for felony cocaine charges and he escaped from illinois prison.
7:16 am
he will be deported after facing criminal charges. they made a surprise visit to alabama over the weekend. part of the challenges of challenge to visit all 50 states. he hopes to get out and talk to more people on the in the state that he visits. they said that he was very down to earth and said that he really enjoyed now -- mobile alabama. i understand that the ad aren't popular. the company is trying to get advertisers to go with a the shorter 62nd add that it launched last year. unfortunately there had to wait until next year to start seeing those longer ads.
7:17 am
who does not love the golden girls. they have a place to relive their memories. they have opened a golden globe deemed kathy right here in new york city. they have things like cheesecake slices and then it's crammed with pictures and a lot of memorabilia from the show which ran from 1985 to 1982. pictures from the show. and a lot of their props from the show. i will meet you there for
7:18 am
lunch later today. thank you so much cheryl. it was a daily ritual. and then a lot of beer. i was super heavy. this is like a destination. they're having to figure out how to lure people in. this is a way for them to be able to say where a destination spot. come see us. i'm not sure this is going to be replicated. that's why this is the spot. i would rather go to the point break bar instead.
7:19 am
after the show. that sums up my 20s and 30s. they could to save this country billions. we break down the numbers behind a new report. in perspective home buyers beware. okay, let's call his agent. i'm coming over right now. the newly advanced gle can see in your blind spot. onboard cameras and radar detect danger all around you. driver assist systems pull you back into your lane if drifting.
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the benchmark 30 year rate morgan.
7:23 am
that was down from 4.17 percent from the week before. that rate stood at 3.65 percent. the lowest on record going back to at least 1971. they say that it will not stay low for long. they saw that rate at five and half percent by 2019. colin wood group. tim where our mortgage rates headed and do you think probably speaking that if you're ready to buy home you need to act on -- obviously and looks like interest rates are going up. you see interest rates go up 25 basis points are quarter of a% since the election. that's hardly the biggest cautionary tale. to put these things into perspective. it's about a 50-dollar increase on a monthly payment.
7:24 am
what you're seeing is that they are looking to raise interest rates as quickly as i can. relative to renting a property. it's less expensive. there is a lot of dynamics going behind the homeownership phenomenon of right now. we did have the great recession. i came out last week that over 1 million americans are actually delinquent on their car loans by two months or more we are seeing consumer debt can you give some color on some of the dynamics that are impacting the market and my home affordability is still at a 51 year low. there is a lot of different things going on there.
7:25 am
it's a pretty nested topic. here are couple of things just to consider. give a whole millennial population right now which is coming of age into that prime homebuying mid- 20s. the challenges that about 91 percent of these millenials that's 80 some million households or people have less than a thousand dollars in savings. one of the challenges that were seen for people is obviously rates are high but the sharing economy whether you're sharing your property whatever it might be. if the own things to build any sort of wealth. i don't know any good story where someone made their money on timeshares. in investing in things like home ownership. a quick follow up on that. is a student death -- debt
7:26 am
crisis impacting that because they are burning by this big college debt crisis that were having right now. select there's no doubt. i was talking with my family over the weekend. it seems like we're all playing the same playbook of our parents. in terms of you by your house. i bought my second home first. we are still digging our way out. you're seeing that they are trying to do that same thing. they get a higher education than their future is going to be more certain and more profitable. with tuitions going up 200 or 300% in the last decade or so and that the constant availability you need to purchase things as opposed to saving they are having trouble getting into that first leg of
7:27 am
homeownership and that opportunity in the and the whole system seems to be breaking down. an article just came out in the wall street journal over the weekend. they are the poorest had been in three decades. we need to stop kidding ourselves that the consumption -based economy is the best way for this country and individuals to succeed. speemac i know that. you see that huge influx and moving into cities and trying to buy in cities how is that going to affect this market as well. it's been one of the issues that you found that they are colliding in these urban areas what is happening is because arent has gone so high you have almost 20 million they are forcing themselves other urban areas and giving way to
7:28 am
the baby boomers who choose all of the conveniences of being in the city. there's not enough of them doing that. since were talking about the regions. there really based on whether they are seen as a competitive environment. but also some of the issues such as risk management. the time it takes to foreclose. you are seen less weight and pressure. then you are whether not there a quarter of a% higher in the states. i'm glad you are watching a portion of the program. all the time. good to see.
7:29 am
an automatic reappearance just because of that. in germany. they accidentally sent out to airmen and forget about the cost of the border wall. what about the savings. the new report that suggests the wall could help the u.s. bank. this is one gorgeous truck. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me! it's truck month! find your tag for an average total value over $11,000 on chevy silverado all star editions when you finance through gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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dagen: welcome back. i'm dagen mcdowell, it is
7:32 am
monday, february 20, presidents' day today top stories 7:30 a.m. eastern time, the wall taking center stage, the secretary rex tillson homeland security head john kelly will move to south of the border as a new study says that building the structure could actually save u.s. billions, escalating debate ahead president trump takes i am a at trade commander in chief reportedly considering comhiepgs to how we calculate our trade deficit. >> we're going to have tremendous all over the world but going to be bilateral or as we would say one-on-one none of these deals where we getting caught in quick stabbed mired in don't do anything about it like, by the way, nafta so many others. dagen: the latest on the possible changes coming up false alarm chaos at nato base
7:33 am
tense moments after workers told seek shelter immediately. >> markets in u.s. closed for president's day, checking overseas action mixed in europe to tell you about dax still managing to eke hust 1% gain there, in asia overnight, gains across the board. and, by the way, the dow having best 30 days into a presidency since 1945, first 30 days, since if idr. 1945 up more than 4% during president trump's first 30 days, we say bye-bye to -- the details as beloved panda in washington prepares to head to china. barbie goes virtual new toy bring changes, playtime. secretary of state rex tillerson and homeland security secretary john kelly visit mexico meet with officials this thursday, according to a report speaker of the house paul ryan will reportedly head to text az mexico border the week to
7:34 am
speak with authorities as well this amidst tension over a board wall a promise trump made numerous times to supporters. >> build that wall, build that wall, build that balance. >> going to build that wall approximately. >> build that wall, build that wall. >> do not worry, we are going to build the wall. >> u.s. his at annib chamber of commerce ceo president, what do you suspect to happen in meetings. >> morning daying ann thanks for moving he -- >> good to see you. >> i am very encouraged by the fact that secretary tillson headed south i think when secretary tillerson, by the way, a fellow ticketsance longhorn somebody like me keeps a home in the dallas
7:35 am
metroplex, rex tillerson understands important economic relationship that exists, between mexico and united states. he understands that 6 million americans jobs depend on that bilateral trade between two nations, that as we stand 558 billion dollars of bilateral trade a year, mexico is our number one export market we export more goods and services to mexico than at a countries briendz brazil russia india china combined rex tillerson brings that understanding having pen a texan all his life i think important to have that -- that perspective when you are having you know a dialogue about the future of two important you know nation, and where we go from skwleer there is a stie out by enter for immigration in a american taxpayers could save about 54 million dollars next 10 years if new wall stopped half of all undocumented immigrants coming into this country i
7:36 am
wanted to get your reaction to that. >> you know, i think that there are a variety of ways to look at this wall. at the end of the day, i have never been a proponent of a physical wall, in my opinion, i believe that the use of technology the use of drones and frankly beefing up personnel along the southern border is more effective way to build a wall if you will. the reality of it is, some 42% of the people who are in this nation in undocumented fashion threw to this country unless 48,000 feet in the air not going to solve half the problem but therein lies the opportunity for people like rex tillerson, to bring a business bias to this begin the dialogue about where we go from here collaborate with important southern neighbor. >> i want to ask you if you think that the trump administration plans for any number of things, not just the border wall itself but, also,
7:37 am
increases in deportation, increases workplace enforcement visa overstaiz all inspects of labor immigration the challenges the administration approaches do you think that will have negative impact you mention what had important economically relationship with mexico seems the u.s. has a lot of leverage it has not really used much in recent years, two, that this will continue, irreinspective whether trump administration takes measures despite what is often reporting on this i wanted your take. >> let's be procedurally our immigration system has been broken for years, for decades. donald trump is inheriting that -- that very thorny situation. additionally if honest with ourselves, president obama deported more people than the 43 presidents before him and i go. so we got to deal with the facts first.
7:38 am
in donald trump, we have somebody who threw his campaign promise going to take action on immigration, within that lies a great deal of opportunity to do it in a compassionate fashion. what i am hoping is that campaigning from the inside, as opposed to complaining from the outside, that i can influence some of the thinking, and create an opportunity for us to life to up respectation of america compassionate nation we hearts broad shoulders this needs to be done i think can be done in a compassionate faction would be the new orleans put strain on economic relationship we must have with mexico, by the way, my association stands ready to help the administration, in any way that we can, to fix this broken immigration system. >> of they reached out to you? >> we have talked to several ebs in of the team.
7:39 am
throughout a period of time, we continue to offer advice and council when called upon, and when we think it adds value, we represent 4.1 million hispanic owned firms in this country contribute over 668 billion dollars to the american economy veracitied interest make approximating sure immigration is effective works on going forward basis. >> i want to get you in here i wanted to point out in terms of kindness, we did hear from president trump last week, when he -- he was talking about so-called dreamers people emgrades illegally to this country in deferred action for child hyde arrivals given amity he sympathetic. >> you are speaking with about influence power of fwlaus has been so interesting even though donald trump is on
7:40 am
campaign trail as president has spoken very, very strongly about relationship with mexico as well as a wall, yet, for example, on torture said different, secretary mattis and i might disagree i defer to defense secretary what is your sense about you know secretary of state rex tillerson his expertise is he going to be able to take the thorny experience going to the border be an fluency for a -- president trump how he maybe changes thinking about flavors and maybe virtual technology as well. >> you know therein i think lies the opportunity for president trump to illustrate, that he can he can build the best team, available. we are very encouraged by some of the individuals that have been named to the cabinet. people like rex tillerson people like, stephen mnuchin people like rick perry who i think will be very level for
7:41 am
american small business, these individuals bring a pragmatic business sense a strong bias towards action they are results driven individuals. and i think that when they are allowed to do what i know they can do, that will be nothing but good necessary for the american public, and certainly for the american economy. >> great to see i thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> we will see you soon trolling of oval office mac cuban takes a shot at president trump in nba celebrity games the barbie of the future when iconic toy will hit shelves as a hologram. ♪ ♪ ♪ don't wake me up ♪ you realize the smartest investing idea
7:42 am
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is there any
7:44 am
. . dagen: delphi indiana police
7:45 am
skai a plan in to the frav suspect in disappearance two of girls cheryl casone has that and more. cheryl: dagen police say the man is now wanted in the killings of 14-year-old liberty and 1-year-old abigail williams found dead tuesday in area where they had gone hiking the man in the picture that you see here considers one authorities want to talk to police say a suspect in the murderous seen walking on the around the time two teenaged girls were found servicers held over the weekend. >> scary moments in nato base in germany after incoming missile test message was sent to airmen of the 52nd fighter winning someone added emoji making fun of this person all in the fake obviously shows mils inbound seek shelter immediately at risk.
7:46 am
>> it was recalled the error reported by first force times recalled 8 minutes later a lot of airmen at base are having a lot of fun with this mistake, they have been all over twitter with it, fans of the beloved panda bow-bow say good-bye living at national zoo will move to china tomorrow in a brief program, the popular panda going to fly none stop aboard fedex panda express with caretaker will have treats bamboo apple sent to china as part of long standing agreement between zoos in china and united states has to go back for the breeding program, this -- dagen, mattel unveiled at international toy fair in new york hello barbie hologram, this is the latest version
7:47 am
voice avtivated you can ask her change skin tone outfit she can tell you by the way, what the weather is like if you ask o does yoga the hologram to hit stores in the fall for christmas will cost under 300 dollars the question arewhere do you want a hologram for barbie instead of one you can play with. >> how about human interaction. >> mash coogan arrival with president trump hitting the hardwood billionaire's clfr snipe at president during nba celeb game. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price...
7:48 am
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. ♪ best day of my life ♪ ♪ dagen: record breaking n. b.a. all-star game jared max. >> atlanta falcons showed up. >> pelicans, wilt chamberland all-star game the pelicans snagged all-star in a blockbuster trade with sacramento the game reunion between kevin durant russell westbrook scored 41 played 19 minutes would have been mvp if not for host city anthony davis scored 52, 10 more than wilt chamberland west beat
7:52 am
east 192-182 bias news form of trade agreed to secretary of state kings and new orleans pelicans get cousins leads in permanent foulsing he rejections 10 rewounds per game nltz gave up three players two draft picks first and second round others this year. >> gasol 7 feet 1ch at all-star game in style a tesla 400 miles from memphis instead of flying 7 foot 1 works, mark cuban friday night all-star engineers 46. cuban said he wants to be next president maybe. >> reportedly told espn picked 46 to tweak blank out of everybody to mess with everybody us he says that is what i do you got to have fun with it. gen access openly the invisible touch dustin johnson won by 5,ings ranked number 1
7:53 am
in world since 1986, since 19896, only 20, tiger woods number one for about 13 years. in all that is why we have only had to since 1986. >> will tiger ever be number one. >> time goes on i believe less and less, no if he does one of the greatest stories making a he motive about tom brady fall from a grace going back to the top i think tiger woods movie would outsell that. >> if you made an honest real movie about tiger woods would be nc 17. >> i watched shameless i know you were watching nascar qualifying yesterday. >> i know you were. >> i actually was -- on fox sports chase elliott qualifying he took the pole position for day on the a 500
7:54 am
second straight year young elliott from dawsonville elliott captured pole, biggest race of the year starts the season will be sunday on fox in 7th position dale, jr., out a good part of the season because of -- he was having -- symptoms from concussions vertigo. >> you talked with fears of going to the market shopping would start to feel it a long time to come back, he is back i mean that even led to you know, recent thought of retirement for. >> just got married over the break. >> holiday. >> -- tony retired -- >> surprise retirement. >> oh -- carl edwards. >> talked about watching he said i still have my health and dale earnhardt, jr.,'s trials and tribulation froms head injury, seemed to weigh a little bit. >> the way it working fnovices
7:55 am
qualifying yesterday dale, jr., in front row in p2, thursday it in a they set the qualifying order with two races dual you can watch on fox sports i think. >> thirt straight pole win at daytona. >> jimmy johnson dale jr.. >> growing up nba fan watched legends started for my age range dr.j, magic, michael jordan nba all-star used to be 3:00 afternoon sunday watched entire game i became inba fan with championship games i call a reasonable hour. >> bird and johnson to watch, nba all-star why on sunday night 8:30. >> 192 to 182.
7:56 am
>> no -- >> look at me look at. >> look at me, look at me look at me. >> i so fine i want -- >> in mix. >> i just think phenomenal there is something about baseball graceful i love it will. >> doesn't makes sense to me. >> mark cuban in hobby winning. >> well, in with cuban celebrity game turned on briefly i was like i am not watching this. >> i learned from -- avert your eyes or ears is in a thank you good to see you watch duels thursday night fan for this. take you to a race how about this.
7:57 am
>> my neck is hurting from turning left. >> jared thank you, sports report fox news headlines 24-7 serious xm 115 join his beautiful voice, next, hour, paying price of protesting, demonstrators losing jobs for work on day without immigrants. we will be right back.
7:58 am
so how old do you want to be when you retire? uhh, i was thinking around 70. alright, and before that? you mean after that? no, i'm talking before that. do you have things you want to do before you retire? oh yeah sure... ok, like what?
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8:00 am
it is monday, february 20, presidents' day, top stories 8:00 a.m. eastern time, a day of protests against president trump. demonstrate straight oz to streets saying not my presidents' day, this comes after a massive walk out over immigration last week. . >> wholly walk out about immigration, and how it effects everybody, not -- everybody, no matter what part of the world you are from. >> this country was built on the backs of immigrants, so to me just ludicrous we wouldn't welcome them in our country this is what we are, this is who. >> some who walked off the job last week are now out of a job, we have the latest a hid. >> defense secretary james mattis in baghdad said the u.s. not going in iraq to seize. >> i will kraft heinz calling thing off walking away from where 143 billion dollars plan to acquire unilever.
8:01 am
>> one big headache for american workers traffic, counting down the worst cities in america. markets in u.s. closed presidents' day holiday, but checking action overseas in europe mixed action there the dax still eking out gain half 1%, asia overnight, gains across the board, with more than 1% gain in seaning shanghai. >> ratinging the virtual world one county wants making suring of pokémon go to get permits. >> all that so much more coming up this morning are inning is in a recon capital kevin kelly. >> buck sexton discussing as in radar in the break -- promised to describe why nascar is fantastic weigh care fox covers. >> i love america. >> you go to one race will
8:02 am
fall in love daytona 500 hear the national anthem sung, at datona 500, for the air force the flyover one of the most. >> first race to go to daytona 500. >> start of the year nascar talk so much more to talk about everybody former mcdonald's ceo is here, chief oil analyst oil price information service tom milwaukee county sheriff david clark host of "varney & company." >> good morning. >> don't miss any of those gentlemen. >> moving on to not my presidents' day protests to take place nationwide as president trump prepares to unveil his revised executive order on immigration, blake burman live at the white house with latest, good morning. cheryl: good morning to you as well sr., if i believe saying over weekend this revamp executive order agency relates to extrooem vetting
8:03 am
down the line white house has not released what specific tweaks might be involved earlier today the defense secretary, james mattis made a surprise visit, to iraq, as just mentioned, did say that he received assurances as relates to those who fought alongside troops in the middle east. >> i have not seen the new executive order but i right now, am assured that we will take steps to allow those who have fought alongside into united states vetted by performance on battlefield beside us. >> that executive order ire of opponents maim continue protesting on what is called not my president's day he protest taking place, in cities across the country, including new york, los angeles, atlanta to make that a few president trump on this day this morning is in florida
8:04 am
will make his way back here to the white house later this afternoon, dagen. dagen: i am watching his twitter feed so see what president trump has to say this morning. >> we all are. dagen: as we all should. thank you so much blake, blake burman in washington for us, last week, a day without immigrants protest shut down businesses nationwide not without consequences dozens say they lost jobs after skipping work to take part in the he demonstration joining us former mcdonald's usa ceo ed renzi what do you think about this? >> i would termed them two seconds they have obligation to stakeholders sharz to customers if you want make products develop products deliver products what good are you? >> these folks want to make a protest, they want a statement great i am all for that we have freedom of speech but if
8:05 am
you don't go to work you get fired the end of the discussion there is lots of reasons not to go to work but that has to be one of the dumbest things i ever heard of. >> if you are a business owner protests this week trying to disrupt town halls republican congressmanr having not just immigration but trying to put a stop to obamacare any of the trump proposals they are trying to stop in tracks. what do you do if a business orn you think this is going to be a problem how do you act preemptively make sure your work is not disrupted the? >> communication communication communication. >> you have to convey to employees what your beliefs you behaviors values are going to be talk being about the issues of the at a at the end of the day they have to protect their families they have to have income to buy
8:06 am
groceries drugs shelter. >> communicate is essentially, frankly i get concerned because everybody is talking about how trump -- the left in this country so unhinged unbelievably what they are doing is stifling discussion stifling discovery stopping debate, they say we want free speech act like idiots want afrg but free speech if you don't agree you don't get to talk end of discussion abhorrent business owners must communication make sure they understand what their values and believes are. e. >> i wanted to ask you about the sense that you are getting from business owners across the country, i think easier to see protests like this that have to do with trump policies on immigration labor this this is representative of broader sentiment you look at markets proposals of the trump
8:07 am
administration corporate tax reform seems a lot of optimism out there people will be hiring, and opportunities for businesses to grow, so what is your sense of that we see protests, people saying trump is about aed for immigration bad for labor the market seems to feel differently so far i think there is a lot of different aspects of this administration you can point to say there is optimism out there people feel good about what the labor market is going to look like. >> i probably talked to 15 to 20 businesspeople a day i do a lot of public speaking, and talk to a lot of franchise organizations i tell you the i optimism in this country highest since middle of the bush presidency, they are excited about what donald trump is saying they articulate like strategies get rid of regulation give businesses opportunity it is a wellspring of growth for the
8:08 am
family if they don't have jobs you don't grow. you get you stifled more and more every day so -- there are. >> you saw that kind of optimism coming from trump when speaking at that he boeing plant in south carolina on friday. but he has run into trouble norm cabinetn with puz inner withdrawing, u.s. attorney acosta your thoughts on that pick? >> i think acosta is very intelligent guy obviously he worked around washington a lot a lawyer, his law schools got one of the highest passing rates for the bar of any in the nation he is a quality guy, the only thing i really have a hesitancy about never run a business. he has never run a small business andy puzder had small
8:09 am
businesses have unique problems, if acosta doesn't understand that the tilt in national labor relations arena is toward unions union leadership we are in trouble, they are stifling -- >> unions -- united steel works. >> ed to that point 74% in that vote at the boeing plant against unionization, 74% of the workers, who voted in that south carolina unionization effort voted to stay out of the union, that is significant. is it not? >> absolutely. i think the most important two issues we have today has to do with overtime in the regulations on things like instant sign-up for union membership we need right to
8:10 am
work laws in every state, and we need to embrace the employee rights act two things will help balance the importance of union membership against private sector need for continuous labor efforts. >> ed i know this will make you happy missouri became i think 28th right to work state that was just a couple weeks ago, so there you go. >> good to see you -- >> nice to be here thanks fostering us. >> come back soon unilever squeezing out of a takeover bid from kraft heinz 143-billion-dollar deal fell apart lego batman hurdles great wall to conquer the box office a second week in row heroic call for the toy you superhero parity.
8:11 am
♪ ♪ to see you ♪ owner.
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8:13 am
. . . dagen: california getting more of what it does not need -- that is rain. that is raising flooding fears cheryl casone was details. cheryl: flood warnings in effect for parts of northern california, through early tuesday this time expected to drop as much as 5 inches of rain on a region that is already saturated by record
8:14 am
rainfall this year, for being cavities say likely due to swollen rivers on heels of a system that hit southern part of california friday and saturday a wave of rain and snow left at least 5 dead more than 100 homes we should say also damaged to texas, san antonio following severe weather there, national weather service issuing flash flood warning one point 44,000 customers in southern texas without power, above the border winnipeg a snow sculpture festival called off because of the warm weather, melting all of the art, listen. >> doesn't last forever but the right answer can last i have seen them last over four months quite honestly this year is extraordinary. never seen this before. cheryl: confess valley
8:15 am
canceled snow bordering examination changed into skateboarding bmx. >> kraft heinz pulling plug on 143-billion-dollar offer to acquire unilever two days after proposing the deal company announced decision in press release saying kraft being ably abandoned would have been one of the biggest ever kraft heinz is still in the market for acquisition. >> highway congestion big problems for motorists patients and wallets get this a report, packed roads cost nearly 300 billion dollars, last year, in wasted time adding gas, the report blaming chief gas surging economy telling people on roads more, l.a. checking in with worst traffic in the world among the more than 1,000 stoez studied afternoon dwraifrtd more than -- more than 100 hours in
8:16 am
traffic, i am sure a little bit of the patients issue as well, lego batman dominating the box office again. >> superman -- >> i say this i don't currently have a bad guy i am fighting few different people. i like to fight around . >> maria z loves lego the film number one spot second weekend in a row raking in 34.2 million dollars, the picture darker second with under 21 million dollars, despite horrific reviews. >> a newcomer a little over 18 million dollars below estimates, cost 150 million to make, coming in fourth 16 1/2 mall john, chapter two fistfight with 12 million dollars i don't know if you saw movies i have not, may be lego bat man on the list.
8:17 am
>> i started watching the people versus o.j. simpson now on netflix if anyone is interested, in it is phenomenal i never got chance to watch it. >> a lot of emmys won by that show. >> make a point on kraft heinz, so british government seemed vehemently against this when rumors came out because kraft acquired cadbury 2010 agreed to keep factors in britain they reneged on that didn't keep factors in britain the british government opposed lawmakers came out warren buffett said we are not able to work out a deal. >> can you. >> also want to know how many people that saw that great wall movie just walked into wrong needed to see our movie figured -- >> probably lost fantasy
8:18 am
football. >> i wish i could bet against one like that one evident worst pieces of garbage ever, don't give me that matt damon stuff. >> i know -- >> [laughter] >> -- jason bourne, please. >> come on, good one. >> probably his better movies. >> you can listen to buck, maria. >> on radio talking about matt damon coming up thousands expected to send president's spend president's at a protesting record stockpiles when we could finally see crude push behalf of the 60 bucks a barrel. ♪ that loving feeling, you
8:19 am
lost that loving feeling now it's gone, gone, gone, whoa ♪
8:20 am
8:21 am
i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here.
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but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. . . . >> all if america generally paid for our gas and oil, all along, and i am sure will will continue to do so in the future we're not in iraq to seize anybody's oil. >> defense secretary james mattis ahead of unannounced trip to iraqi capital baghdad oil prices higher this morning, but broader gains bumping against record stockpiles a soaring rig count in united states, chief oil analyst, oil price information service, mr. tom we love seeing you bring good news tom what do you expect from oil
8:23 am
prices her with record stockpiles? >> well, i think crude oil prices are going to remain in very narrow range you know we are used to crude oil being like the nba all-star game with scoring, it is more likely you european soccer game without all the fans going crazy, so i think we're stuck when you hear people talk about 65, over, they are talking about books or hopes, and i think when you think you talk about people who are 40 dollars or less that is not going to happen now. this is the one-year anniversary of when we saw 26 dollars, so we're 53 to 55 i think we stay there, i think we see a lot more u.s. shale production this year, and so long as libya and nigeria continue to throw more out, the pressure is going to be on opec, and january was probably as good as it gets for the cartel in terms ofed a herring
8:24 am
to promise in november. >> one of the things i have seen in oil is that you talked about this range bound oil volatility has 26 unheard of lowest in 52 weeks, but one of the biggest things we keep talking about supply you allude to nigeria we even got shale producers here is he exporting a million barrels. >> shale procures are increasing son supply side where on demand side allow is that going to impact price of oil we pushing, pushing, i see scalp kind of towards 60 can demand help make up push us above the 60 level. >> well two stories here on global side, there is the notion that the demand is rising a million and half barrels day a big boel yee of crude oil, but the penn taller new jersey governor, the
8:25 am
exports that is like a liposuction moving a million barrel overseas i do think global demand is up about a million and half barrels a day. in u.s. gasoline demand down 5 to 6% so far this year, i think it is just a quirk funky i don't think people drive as much eastern standard time than daylight time a lot more cookon if you are analyzing u.s. numbers not just gasoline but diesel would you think in a recession i absolutely don't think that is at a case. >> i am going to ask you do you think that is forecasting something that other people might be missing including investors in the stock market? >> no i don't think missing it dagen i think we all these talk about well you need to buy this much gas or whatever but there are a lot of people right now that are paying 50, 70 cents more than last year. and there is almost an internal thermostat that people have for what they pay
8:26 am
for gas, the way they he react to gasoline prices is almost comical, so i think that -- certainly during the winter months we are driving a little bit less a little bit pulled walk in terms of spending. but i suspect that from presidents' day on, and into the driving season we will drive about as much as last year, and gas prices will go up, we think 240 to 250 a nationally will be average but we think about six states watch california this week, could go above 3 dollars a gallon. >> do you see anything having a time to kick in clearly at least from everything we see fossil fuel friendly drilling pipelines seem they want as much of that drilling as possible, but there is already obviously a lot that has been done result o shale revolution.
8:27 am
>> i think the theme clearly more rigs less regs. >> the republicans tax paroles in the house widespread tax reform one key as iffest alters to a border tax originally, including oil. if they do thank it is probably about a one in six chance or whatever, then the price of oil is going up about 10 dollars a barrel, and u.s. gasoline prices go up 30 cents, your taxes migrate down -- might go down if that board tax proposal goes through price of oil will break through this range. >> one of the reasons even congressman could vote against a. >> it if it raises the price for tooth picks garments, 99% imported no big deal don't
8:28 am
mess with my gasoline price that is what people say. >> why the federal gas tax hasn't gone up since mid 90s great to see you -- >> a reference to the new jersey governor by the way, we will post his clip on line people can enjoy this. second third time, thank you so much, a virtual hunting 3er789 new rules for pokémon players looking to catch monsters in this milwaukee parks. >> the latest edition of classic muscle car that is snow. love it. ♪ ♪ ♪ what you gonna do? ♪ ♪ oh, cinnamon cinnamon cinnamon -- ♪ ♪
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8:31 am
. . dagen: i am dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo it is monday, february 20, presidents' day your top stories 8:30 a.m. eastern time, protesters taking to streets, begins our commander in chief, demonstrators celebrating not my president's day, as that he lash out, at president trump. the tensions coming up, lawmakers look to aing put a stop to the deadly violence in chicago department of justice
8:32 am
and chicago police department meeting this week to ask is reforms he to the area. president trump addressed keeping american cities safe a rally over the weekend. >> we will work with our police not against our police, our police do a great job, and they have never been troubled like troubled now, it is very unfair what is happening. we've directed the creation of a task force for reducing violent crime in america, including our inner cities going to make our inner cities safe. >> plans to combat that violence ahead. markets u.s. closed for president's day, checking overseas action mixed markets in europe, gain of about half 1%, on the dax in germany asia overnight, it was green across your screen across the board shanghai up more than 1%, new challengeer hitting the road,
8:33 am
and the snow big changes that bring year round reliability to that beautiful muscle car, pokémon, no needing perlts in one american city. >> protests not my presidents' day protester across the country to speak out against president trump, coming after americans stuck out over weekend in disapproval is in a -- ho-ho, trump has got to go, ho-ho -- >> joining us now is milwaukee county sheriff david clark, sheriff clark meernz are expected to organize, in milwaukee how is your police force advised what are you planning. >> fires of all that is resistance movement i have given very strictest orders first time a rock thrown window smashed property
8:34 am
damaged vandalism first time officer is a juried, the crowd is to be disperseed to use all reasonable means to keep the peace, that is us the main objective to preserve life and property. >> sheriff i know you have been watching protesters across the country, and a lot are expected, demonstrators, at republican town halls in coming week there is inttrump kind of booklet guidelines put out by one organization backed president obama, in terms of resistance do you worry these protesters demonstrate. >> become violent. >> no we have the means we have law on our side to deal with this resistance there is a difference between resistance and protests. the protests, the people would accept the underlying premise the government has the right to carrier out a policy they think the wrong policy to
8:35 am
pursue protecting that, in resistance movement they are stopping the government, from exercising their authority under constitution, to carry out that -- that particular property, look, people are like petulant children stomping feet with child-like nirzry remain slogans hey n hey, ho n ho juvenile behavior quite all right if they act like that i think donald trump i really believe this has a chance to be winston dhuch hill of 21st is this your statement if he continues to focus what he talked about in campaign what he still continues to talk about in terms of making america great again, making america safe again, i believe that he wil be that winston churchill of 21st century big thing to stay focused, they are trying to intimidate him deny him his lawful position as president of the united states he is the president of the united states, he is president of all
8:36 am
team, i know he is the president i was in washington, d.c., during inaugural week saw him put hand on bible take oath be sworn in. he is president of all people doesn't mean all people have to like him but all people many must respect 45i78th president of the united states. >> i have lawmaker in family worked for noicht yp.d. for a time everyone that i speak to no law enforcement side, is happy that they feel they have a k commander in chief now means also, a doj a justice department, and a federal bureaucracy behind it that is going to be taking a different tone towards law enforcement we heard a lot recently about how intelligence community and other places in government have been difficult for this president i think that the way law enforcement feels about this president is underreported i don't think we hear much about it i wanted your sense what you are hearing from those in your law enforcement community, about the change in tone what the expectations are for how they
8:37 am
will be supported in for for example situations doing protesters or clearly in previous administration, often antipolice vibe behind much what was done. >> i talk to law enforcement officers all across the country we are relieved at this point, going to take time to bend this curve back on it police sentiment we know we have with overwhelming majority of support in communities we got rid of echo chamber barack obama led chorus antipolice rhetoric that is gone you heard donald trump continues, to you know prop up the police, give that moral support that we need because all look we don't ask for anybody to's pity we are not asking for anybody to feel sorry for us all we expect is that the rule of law prevailing if something goes wrong in dynamic world we operate in world of uncertainty that to rule of law is applied to how thing is a dealt with not the cries of angry mob i think donald trump
8:38 am
the best move he made and i asked this of him during campaign i said just appoint an attorney general going to see the american police officer as an ally in pursuit of justice, and safe for a sxhupts instead of enemy because barack obama eric holder loretta lynch crooks with good guys, we have been dealing with this two years going to take time before american law enforcement officer is fully -- fully understands and fully confident that the rule of law will be on her sued when they have to do some unpleasant things that they do, in the world of policing, but so long as we stick to constitution, the -- the code of ethics the policies rules of our agencies, we will be fine. dagen: i wanted to get your reaction to the -- the meetings that are going to take place this week chicago police department, is expected to meet with the department of
8:39 am
justice, or officials from doj, this week, to reform the police department after investigation found officers unifying excessive force against minorities do you think that has been used is this an attack on police department? what do you expect out of this meeting. >> that report under cop hitting doj led by loretta lynch holder president obama was junk garbage if you will of wliez none of that stuff i saw it nonis true here is what needs to happen in chicago we have an attorney general in jeff sessions gets its sports police rule of law what has to happen they have to take, untie cops rights now in chicago, are operating with one hand tied behind her back. you have to let the law enforcement officers use everything they can under the rule of law under the constitution, to beat back criminal element they have tied hands of the chicago police department aclu in
8:40 am
"black lives matter" making policy decisions for chicago police department craziest things -- they need to get rid of that report start over a clean slate apply rule of law see crooks gang members gang bangers drug deerlgz as enemy who we are in purity of we will do it within the constitution rule of law everything pain but here is what else has to happen the black community has to play a role in this, the black community, can no longer stand by and watch this cultural rock, of the black under class not entire lathe black under class shame shun tumult rally dysfunction played out by black under class left likes to look at to embrace, tha they say part of the can you recall the it is not i have been black all my life never been a part of black culture
8:41 am
selling dope -- taking care of disputes settling disputes with force intimidating friends with weapons selling poison dope to other people never a part of the black community but black people black leaders are going to have to stand up in a city of chicago start to shun this cultural rot over the city. >> i want your take on this pokémon go i don't know if you played it, bdevelopers need a permit there were crowds left trash the game developers have to pay a fee to help with maintenance i wanting your reaction to that. >> first of all, it is stupid i am talking about making people get permits, parks are people, places public owns the park, not true they left behind garbage trash so on, this thing going on quite sometime, this is a way for
8:42 am
the county board members to skwaez money out of people who want to use the park, the object to get people to use it not not did heter them putting a permit on rieldz name i have never played pokémon good. >> we love your bluntness puts a smile on our face. >> that is why we love having you here thank you sheriff so much, take care have a great week. >> help presidents' day. >> first lady under fire millionia trump criticized for praying at president trump most rally over the weekend. >> stuart varney has something to say about that, and motorist city muscle going for a spin in new all-wheel drive dodge challenger. ♪ ♪ ♪ and -- -- ♪ no one is going to --
8:43 am
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dagen: first lady melania trump facing backlash for opening the president's florida rally with a prayer. >> let us pray. our father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as in heaven, give us our daily bread and forgive us our retrogress passes as we forgive those who. >> against us. >> watching i must confess very surprised i can't remember a public official opening a pb event with a prayer in my lifetime, actually. of the and along comes the
8:47 am
first lady, with the lord's prayer in front of thousands of people, and national television. of the i think there was a collective shock when this happened we have gotten so used to the left the human annists driving religion out of the public square we are surprised when a public official first lady of the united states actually starts with a prayer, think how far we've come we used to be a nation of you could you say what you thought. you were free to express yourselves along dominates culture drives feeling out of public square we are shocked when it makes a return i loved it flat out loved it. dagen: i absolutely do, in my family we have a family blessing, and pray before every meal be it in private or in public.
8:48 am
i find no shame in fact i take great pride in that because again, it is reminding yourself there is something greater than just you the individual. >> we are told church and state must be separated, okay i can go along with that but nowhere does it say you've got to drive religion out of our public life entirely, inwhere does it say suppress free k expre. >> i favor free speech allowed in society i think we are at that point begin to question that, i noticed, by the way, that free speech movement are coming back to american campuses, 50 years after original free speech movement mario burke in the 60s everything comes around i am glad to see it coming around. >> one final note.
8:49 am
that i am nascar fan i watch all nascar races before ever race there is a prayer, by our local minister broadcast, they broadcast that prayer, and they broadcast the national anthem you know what? makes you feel good. >> nascar is not followed by the elites, is it? it is elites have driven religion out of the public. >> er. >> that is why i love it that is why i will be taking to you a race within next six months there you go. >> [laughter] >> we will see you in a little less than 11 minutes, "varney & company" every day 9:00 a.m. eastern time coming um the wheel, dodge bringing all-wheel drive to the challenger we put the muscle car to the test. ress firmness? enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for
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8:53 am
squeeze cultural. . . dagen: need a vehicle powers through snow you can't take eyes off the car dodge has the solution for you, combining speed and year-round reliability automotive editor at the track in connecticut with -- bring it gary. >> here we go, very snowy hill right now -- we can do it, in a muscle car dodge challenger gt, first ever made. >> dosage 4 wheel drive, this basically a slower version when went to customers, asked why they want a challenger they said they need all-wheel drive nine year after selling all-wheel drive version,
8:54 am
developed so can do this dont thing, acts like a real, rally drive car, you need to go through the snow it is a lot of fun, unique product, ford doesn't make allheel mustang chevy doesn't probably would be the any time soon -- >> wld you expect as a ford gm would step up with all chel drive for muscle cars as well if this is a hot seller. >> -- >> i think they will new camaro on all-wheel drive cadillac they could do it, current mustang couldn't be turned into all wheel they have to wait for new one i think they want to sea how this velz one caveat a muscle car 305 horsepower available with v-6 tried v8 nobody wanted it this goes they could --
8:55 am
>> people wouldn't want a v-8 charger why didn't that sell. >> you got me let's be honest in the snow, you can -- right now, you know we will see how this thing goes i wouldn't be surprised you know this is the car that comes in 707 horsepower, and doing a lot of performances -- next year vn 8 meantime i think this will do. >> good to see you enjoy that in connecticut. i know that track well. >> gary for us, bund new all wheel -- what do you think. >> interesting, because most car sales where everything is going in suv section of carmakers department so this is interesting because they
8:56 am
needed to differentiate death into sedans smaller cars. >> interesting. >> really nothing more fun than doughnuts in the snow there you go. >> final thoughts from all-star panel coming up when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:57 am
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♪ muck. dagen: we're saying bye-bye to bau bau. if you love pandas, follow ami on instagram, she photographs exclusively pandas. i want to quickly get final thoughts. >> everyone needs to strap in, it's going to be a wild ride if trump gives a new executive order this week. >> huge market day tomorrow, walmart, macy's reporting as well as home depot, it's going to give a read through the consumer and how their feeling. >> and melania trump gave that prayer, people loved that. honestly, we need more talk about forgiveness in this country, kindness, and as you mentioned, dagen, that there's a power higher than ourselves. i just want to applaud that. dagen: my mother always told me
9:00 am
i'm going to remind you that there's a higher power, and it will prevent you from being a selfish individual. >> amen, sister. dagen: kirsten, kevin and buck, fantastic to see all of you. right now it's mr. varney and varney and company. stuart: thank you very much, dagen. this is president's day. the left says this is not your president's day. oh, here we go again. barely a month into the presidency, and the left again displays its utter contempt for mr. trump. good morning, everyone. they will demonstrate today this a dozen locations, anything to undermoon be donald trump's election -- undernine donald trump's election win. the steady drum beat of what they call resistance continues. perhaps it's losing steam? here's a surprise be, a real surprise. a centrist democrat thousand goes hard left. last week ray buckley mocked the left, now he's withdrawn


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