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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  February 20, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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my show is over. let you know we have breaking news. donald trump now picked general hr mcmaster to become national security advisor. general kellogg is here. ashley: breaking news. president trump not just celebrating president's day but one month on the job. the president will wrap up the working vacation at any moment to return to the nation's capitol. moments ago as you have just seen the commander-in-chief announcing his choice to be next national security advisor, naming lt. general hr mcmaster to take over the role of michael flynn's resignation one week ago. the vice president and defense secretary tend to other military matters. vice president mike pence working on nato with european leaders. secretary james mattis in baghdad with the fight in iraq entering a new phase.
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christopher hill will be here if the commander-in-chief has the right battle plans for the country. also spacex taking another giant leap forward. dr. lair are you krauss tell us what success means for manned missions and how that could drive america's space program into orbit. plus, bill gates calls for robot tax. four-wheeling in a dodge charger. charlie breaks it. the markets are closed. we're most definitely open for business. i'm ashley webster in for liz claman. let's begin the countdown. ashley: here is what investors need to know, kraft-heinz abandoned the offer for unilever, 48 hours after making an initial bid to combine the two companies. in a statement, kraft amicably
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agreed to withdrawal the proposal. shares of unlever soared after the initial offer was made friday. in breaking news, saudi arabia is getting ready to list its state owned oil company in new york or london with a preference in new york. with a minority stake in saudi aramco. this is set to be one of the biggest ipos ever, with an estimated value more than $2 trillion. now that is big. we start at the winter white house as we call it. president donald trump excepted to depart mar-a-lago in palm beach, florida, next hour, traveling back to d.c., moments ago with a surprise announcement of a new national security advisor. the news keeps on coming. fox business's blake burman standing by live at the white house. blake, what can you tell us? reporter: ashley we had the treat from president trump a
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little while ago he was meeting with the generals and he said quote, it was very interesting. all of sudden president trump reveals before the cameras at mar-a-lago reveals his election for his new national security advisor, that being lt. general hr mcmaster, a career officer in the united states army of 30 plus years. currently in charge of the army's capability integration center. he will be the new national security advisor after the departure of lt. general michael flynn. you know that story. general keith kellogg, who was the acting nsa, acting national security advisor will go back to his role as chief of staff of the nsc. listen to president trump moments ago in florida. >> so i just wanted to announce, we've been working all weekend, very diligently, very hard that general hr mcmaster will
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become the national security advisor. it is a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience. i watched and read a lot over the last two days. he is highly respected by everybody in the military. and we're very honored to have him. reporter: ashley, you heard the president there say he had learned a lot about the lt. general mcmaster over the last couple days. this was the pick, at least, fairly decisive, fairly swift for a position that needed to be filled after michael flynn had stepped aside here or the president asked for his resignation last week. we have, saw during the transition how this administration talked about and was very proud how they make the high-profile selections quickly. in the case of mr. flynn, might say that was made too quick and some other candidate may have been looked at. here we are on this day, lt. general mcmaster as the national security adviser i should say.
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ashley? ashley: no time to waste i guess. blake burman, thank you very much. i'm joined by joe trippi, former campaign manager of howard dean, fox news contributor, ron christie, former special assistant to president george w. bush. i will ask you what you think of this selection? let me start with ron christie. do you like this pick. >> good afternoon, ashley. i do. someone respected not only in the ranks but the senior echelon of the united states military. more importantly someone with the trust of the president of the united states. the national security vice hears a very difficult job, coordinating state department, department of defense and internally at the national security adviser but has to be an independent voice to the president on very, very serious matters. yes, i think is a great choice. ashley: joe to you, do you think he will be well-received? >> yes. i think he was one of the less
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controversial people had been suggested. i agree with ron, one who is widely respected. i think what is more important now he made this choice, made it, he had to make this fast because you can't move forward without, not very well without your national security adviser and i think general mcmaster will be well he received. it doesn't need senate confirmmation. this position doesn't need it anyway. the president could have made whatever choice he wanted. this one i don't think will get much pushback. ashley: ron, one month, here we are, we have the new pick for national security advisor. donald trump says, president trump says, i have accomplished a lot in 30 days. i'm an all action president. does he get the credit he deserves for that? >> no, he is not getting the credit he deserves for this. i can not think of a time incoming president with new administration accomplished so much in such a short amount of time.
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not just the controversial immigration executive order but looking at ways putting americans back to work, of two pipelines now going to start construction. we'll put people to work there, deals he is negotiating be it with boeing or other companies to find a way to stimulate the economy. while many in the media who denigrate when he has done the last 30 days he is a breath of fresh air to many who think washington politicians and business as usual. ashley: politicians make a lot of promise, don't follow through, this president you walk the talk and, and he is doing what he is said he would do and that is a bit aftershock to the system, would you agree. >> i think he has, the problem it is easy to sign the executive order on obamacare, for instance, you know to get moving on it. it is another thing to actually get it done and get the votes in the house and senate and get agreement.
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that will be longer part, that part he has done, he has done what he said he was going to do. i think the bigger problem a lot of times his own rhetoric muddles up an accomplishment or something he signed yesterday or in the case of the ban, immigration ban, you know, was just so badly implemented, too fast, that it just, it created more havoc and chaos than needed to have happen if he, if they had planned it better and had better implementation of it. ashley: ron, let me ask you, it doesn't help when you have people like senator john mccain over in europe talking about how the administration is a bit indisarray. then you have lindsey graham on this side of the atlantic, that the gop is badly-split with speaker ryan's tax plan. there are those who say look there are issues here. i want to get back to the mccain situation.
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that can't sit well with a lot of other republicans. >> it doesn't sit well with me. the dynamic duo at it again. senator mccain and senator graham are always quick to run to the microphone to criticize folks and i don't see them pick up heavy mantle to work across the aisle and with the party to get things done. senator mccain of all people should know, criticizing your president on foreign soil is somewhat disgraceful. if you have something to say to the president, mr. mccain, say it to the president, quietly to the colleagues, doing so in public forum only undermines the commander-in-chief of the states. ashley: certainly feels like it is personal. we're out of time. joe trippi, ron christie, gentlemen, thank you very much. on this president's day. up next the world's richest man, guess what? he wants to tax the robots. find out why billionaire bill gates thinks government should crack down on job-stealing machines and how it
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could spell doom for the world's workers. provocative conservative voice, milo yiannopoulos could be facing a worst fate than door in his face to cpac. charlie gasparino is telling us what hot water this guy is in now. charlie breaks it next. now on the next page you'll see a breakdown of costs. what? it's just... we were going to ask about it but we weren't sure when. so thanks. being upfront is how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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♪ ashley: the world's richest man wants to use taxes to fight off a robot invasion, kind of. bill gates tells the website courts, that a robot tax is needed to train human workers replaced by those very same machines. the cofounder of microsoft also telling a meeting of security officials in europe that the military must do more to prepare for bioterror or a global pandemic. he is calling for so-called germ games that would simulate massive health emergencies. wow. we have some breaking news for you. "breitbart" conservative commentator mile yo yiannopoulos has already been disinvited from speaking at the conservative political action conference, this after a controversial video surfaced but could he be even in more trouble with his employer? joining me, charlie gasparino to break it. what is going on? >> i take no, have no credit in this story. ashley: yeah.
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>> milo yiannopoulos is guy i know. i actually like him a lot. i think he is, he is provocateur and took it too far with these statements about sex between underage but mature men and older men, and it is probably something he shouldn't be opining on. he is known as tech editor of "breitbart." might want to stick at that those statements came to light. ashley: has he walked back some of those statements already. >> tried to put them in context and it hasn't helped them. i will get to them in a minute. these statements came to light. they were put in a podcast., it should be in a podcast. it sparked outrage in the conservative community because primarily he will speak at upcoming cpac conference. when it came out, cpac rescinded its invitation. now what sources -- ashley: not surprisingly. >> sources are telling us inside
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"breitbart" that he's, he is facing possible dismissal. there is from what i understand a fierce debate inside of "breitbart." some editors he well--liked inside of "breitbart." he was well-liked steve bannon. steve bannon is working for trump administration, senior adviser but there are senior people inside of "breitbart" right now are saying these latest statements are a bridge too far. we can not -- ashley: they go over the top. >> we should point out that, i would suggest two things. i kind of don't want to characterize what he said. i want the viewer and the readers should opine for themselves. on we have both, what he said where he was, sort of opining in a very theoretical way between mature young under age boys having with old men -- ashley: i don't even want to get into that. what purpose does it serve? >> mile low is open mile gay.
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he had section what he was 13. he said political correctness made that type of sex between mature young people and older people, made it sort of a a crime when it shouldn't be. he also said in the podcast he believes that -- ashley: the fact remains it is so. >> he also believes the age of consent is where it should be. most states is 18, depending on state. he has a full explanation what he says he meant on his facebook page but i will tell you this. "breitbart" has defended -- he makes controversial statements. ashley: he is lightning rod. >> he wants to challenge orthodoxy. he is openly gay. he is openly critical of muslims. he is openly critical others that condemn and both support the gay agenda, gay political agenda. he is anti-political correctness. he is clearly a lightning rod and he got into this thing as a way to he provoke thought and
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this one i think has pushed it over the line. ashley: he talked himself out of an appearance at cpac. you now could very well talked himself out of a job. >> by the way we should point out a book by simon & schuster. he may talk himself out of the book. who knows. they don't have to go through with it. they are giving me the wrap. i want to put that in context. ashley: yeah. >> this is a big story, particularly if he he does get dismissed. i don't know if he will. inside of "breitbart" there are people saying that there is a good chance, there is a debate. people that want him to stay. but they find this thing very, very hard -- ashley: across the line. >> to defend. we'll see what happens. very interesting. by the way, i heard it could come sooner rather than later. he will have to explain himself. but one of the things they're worrying about inside of "breitbart," him explaining this statement, that he digs himself deeper. it is hard to explain this statement other than in real theoretical choice, real -- ashley: more he talks the worse
3:19 pm
he gets feels like in that sense. >> like i said. i like milo, i take no, no joy in doing this story. he is a good kid. he got ahead of his skis on this one. ashley: yes he did. charlie, thank you very much. appreciate it breaking that news. coming up next the all-american muscle car not usually the first choice to take out on a snowy day. dodge is hoping to change that. they're making all-wheel drive dodge charger. gary gastelu hitting the track in snow in connecticut. buckle up for the action next.
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♪ ashley: an american muscle car in the snow?
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not necessarily my first choice but i'm about to be proven wrong as always.'s gary guess tell law, at snow covered, it was snow-covered it is melting. in lakeville, connecticut. behind the wheel of ology challenger. gary, you have this down to a fine art, haven't you? >> yeah. this is lime rock park. it was covered in snow when we got here. we've been using this thing as a snowplow. for years if you want ad muscle car you had to decide to take a chance and park it for the winter or you had to get a truck to drive instead of your car for the couple month when it is snowy out. dodge came out with this, the first all-wheel drive dodge challenger, first all-wheel drive muscle car. it's a lot of fun. i'm getting a little crazy right now. i haven't gotten stuck today. ashley: it is not four-wheel drive all the time though, is it, gary? >> that is the great part about it.
3:25 pm
it is but biased, it acts like a rear wheel drive as much as you can. you can do the cool doughnuts in it, when you start getting stuck, when you need the traction the front wheels take over and get a little bit extra power to pull you out of any trouble. that is great when the snow is very deep and something that even snow tires aren't going to be able to help you out with when it is really bad outside. ashley: you ever thought of getting a job as a stunt car driver? >> i'm terrible driver. this is making me look good right now. anybody could do this. $35,000 this thing starts at. if you want a muscle car and don't want a muscle car and suv for the winter this is the only choice.get a all-wheel drive mustang or camaro. dodge has the segment. they have come out with this car in 2008. they keep reinventing. sales is the last two years, which is unheard of by a sports
3:26 pm
car. by now it should be ready to be sent out to pasture. they figure out ways to sell more cars and last couple more years. ashley: gary, when you go home tonight, you have to realize you can't take every corner like that? >> blowing up the track. it is the speed limit. i will play it safe. ashley: i'm impressed you have been doing this all day. have you tried going around the other way to mix it up a bit? >> not a lot of snow left right now is the problem. ashley: producer brad hurst says,. >> it is crazy. ashley: could you send me a text right now? i'm just kidding. he is on a racetrack. we're not going to do that. gary gastelu god bless him, he is earning his paycheck going around and around in melting snow. you are brave -- very good, gary, thank you. >> three, two, one, ignition and
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liftoff of the falcon 9 to the stays station on the first commercial launch from kennedy space center's historic pad 39-a. ashley: isn't that cool? does spacex have the right stuff. falcon 9 launching from an historic pad at kennedy space center. this is transition to private space travel but when will we see american astronauts aboard the private rocket? find out in a moment. the next phase in the fight against isis takes shape. ambassador christopher hill is the former ambassador to iraq. he will tell us if the new commander-in-chief has the right battle plan to keep america safe. "countdown" is coming right back. dear predictable, there's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced,
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cheryl: breaking news. president trump picking his replacement for national security advisor. lt. general h.r. mcmaster at top of the hour. he replaces another retired lt. general, michael flynn, who stepped down aover controversy amid his ties to russia. there is brand new footage showing moments right after the half-brother of north korea's dictator kim jong-un was attacked with poison spray inside the kuala lumpur airport in malaysia. not long after he died while being transported to a hospital. investigators looking possible role of two female assassins. there is reports that the trump administration is quietly taking steps to bring senior north korean officials to talks. interesting development. fox news's rich edson standing by at the state department with the latest. rich? reporter: good afternoon, ashley, if this meeting happens
3:33 pm
it is between former american officials and current north korean government officials this hasn't happened since 2011, according to "the washington post" t would be a way for the united states and north korea informally with no exact ties to the trump administration to begin at least to discuss the long list of issues the two countries have between one another. on the united states's side, really much of the rest of the world they're looking for greater curbs on north korea nuclear program, north korea's baistic missile program. there is economic sanctions regime against the country which led to major problems with the north korean economy among other issues. a state department spokesperson informally americans and north koreans meet routinely around the world but this is the first time in five years if this meeting does happen it would happen in the united states and also notable, that it would be north korean government officials.
3:34 pm
we also asked the state department if they have approved any visas for these officials to come over to the united states and talk. that is something that the state department is refusing to comment on saying at that they refuse to comment on any specific cases when it comes to visas. north korea continues its provocations on february 12th, it launched another ballistic missile. the very bizarre case of kim jong-un's brother, february 13th, getting assassinated in malaysia. last week secretary of state rex tillerson met with the chinese foreign minister for the first time. one of the points he made according to the state department was to push the chinese to push their allies, the north koreans to kind of pull back on these provocations like missile launches and nuclear tests. a couple days after that the chinese government announced it would not buy anymore north korean coal, a big hit to the country's economy. we'll wait to see if this is another informal conversation as the problems with north korea, united states and much of the
3:35 pm
rest of the world continue. ashley? ashley: interesting stuff. rich edson of the state department, rich, thank you very much. >> sure. ashley: turning to u.s. diplomacy in the middle east, u.s. secretary of defense general james mattis this morning in baghdad to meet with iraqi political leadership and u.s. partners. mattis is making the trip, quote because i need to get current on the political situation, the enemy situation and the friendly situation. now his visit comes as iraqi forces launch an offensive to reclaim western mosul from isis. general mattis said the u.s. was in the country for the right reasons. >> i think all of us here in this room, all of us in america, generally paid for our gas and oil all along and i'm sure we will continue to do so in the future. we're not in iraq to seize anybody's oil. ashley: well, joining us now with his take on mat at this time's trip to iraq and the
3:36 pm
u.s.'s potential upcoming meeting with north korea is former ambassador to iraq and korea, no one better to talk about this, ambassador christopher hill. by the way, ambassador hill, author of "the out post, diplomat at work" dean of study can as the university of denver. ambassador, let's begin in the middle east. donald trump spoke about getting tough and doing more to wipe out isis. are you comfortable with our role as it pertains now to iraq? >> well i think one of the problems with iraq of course, some of the statements made during the heat of the campaign, namely we many so how should have taken their oil. so clearly secretary of defense was trying to tamp that down. but another issue of course is the fact that in in the first iteration of the muslim ban, iraqis were included. that is something also that needs to be tamped down a little especially as iraq is one of the only countries with one of the only armies in the world
3:37 pm
actually fighting isis. so i think general mattis's comment can be taken at face value as they usually can, he wants to get a first-hand look at this, a sense of where this is going, a sense perhaps, whether there is anything we should be doing that we're not doing because the pentagon is under a, essentially a writ from the president to come back with a plan. so, i think it's quite understandable that mattis would go there and i think his presence is always reassuring. it was certainly reassuring a few weeks ago when he went to south korea, a country with a lot of political problems. ashley: right. >> he made very clear we stand together with the south koreans. this is part of what he does. i'm sure his visit is very much welcomed. ashley: that is interesting because the u.s.'s role in iraq most recently has been to train and advise and we get a sense more u.s. troops are pushing forward closer to the front line? is that a good idea, a good strategy, that we want to take it to isis?
3:38 pm
>> there is no question that we and the iraqis have been hammering isis in recent months. no question they are getting clobbered from the air. and now there is a pretty robust ground component as well. so the degree to which, do we want to hold back let the iraqis take the lead on this? or are there instances making sure the targeting is really on target. whether any special operators could be helpful there. general mattis who knows the scene like the back of his hand, should be able to get a sense whether we're at the right place. my sense, leaning forward here at this time is the right time to do it because i think isis is on the run and i think, you know, if we kind of press the thing i think we can finish the job with the iraqis. ashley: before i run out of time, ambassador, i have to ask you about the news last 30 minutes or so, general h.r. mcmaster, picked as next
3:39 pm
chief national security advisor. are you happy with that appointment? >> i am. he is cerebral guy, very smart guy and well-respected by his colleagues which is a key thing in that line of work. the challenge posed by north korea. that will be inner agency challenge. you will have to have a national security advisor bring the cia, defense department, around the same table to work on multipronged strategy. this guy is a strategist who knows there is no-go it alone. you have to get everyone on the same sheet of music. ashley: word on perhaps that the trump administration working to get north korean officials here for talks. could that bear fruit? >> well that is one i have trouble with. the north koreans always want to talk to us but they never want to talk to us on basis of things they have agreed to and repudiated. one of the things they agreed to they will get rid of their nuclear weapons.
3:40 pm
they repudiated that, the idea we'll have talks in the u.s., there is no such thing as non-governmental officials in noh korea. they're all governmental officials. so i'm not quite clear what is going on there but we'll have to stay tuned. ashley: yeah. skepticism born out by history as they say. ambassador christopher hill. thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. coming up next, elon musk's spacex with one giant leap from an historic locale, but will that spaceflight inspire new generation of astronauts to dream for the stars? dr. larry krauss with discussions about the great beyond. more "countdown" is on the way. your insurance company
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ashley: spacex has its eyes on the sky as the latest cargo capsule filled with food and experiments heads for a rendezvous with the international space station. the booster propelled the payload on space touched down in land in cape canaveral yesterday. it is cool to watch this only third time that feat has been accomplished. it is kind of fun to watch. spacex making an aggressive push to launch as many as two rockets per month and a rocket per week by 2019. here to discuss the privatization of space, lawrence krauss, prominent physicist and director of a project at arizona state university. author of, the greatest story ever told -- so far. lawrence, thanks so much for joining us. what is your take on the private sector getting into the space business? i mean can it be profitable and is it it a good thing? >> well i think it's a good thing. i think it's a good thing. it is cool to watch that thing
3:46 pm
land again. i think the point is private industry can get in the space business after the government sort of takes the forefront. nasa told taught us for a long time how to get into low earth space orbit. industry is tweaking it and making it more cheaper. i think there is potential real business plan there although there are problems. getting into space is hard, it is expensive and there will be disasters. ashley: yeah. >> right now spacex is lucky it hasn't had people in its accidents. there will be accidents and that will provide setbacks. i see a potential business model there. that is lower orbit. when which get to real space exploration, frontiers of space i can't see a role for private industry at that point now. it is the government will have to do it. it is going to be a long time anything for the private industry. ashley: going back to the moon and push it out, a lot is made of mars.
3:47 pm
would you like more effort to put into mars or is that just -- >> mars is exciting because of course we would like to know if there was once life on mars. elon is very interested in going to mars. i don't see the business plan to go to mars. moreover, i don't see the point from a scientific perspective sending humans there in the near term. i know it is great for adventure and cool to watch. we can send rovers there. as i say you can send rover to mars for price of making a movie to send bruce willis to mars. ashley: that is a good way of putting it. the question, does the government have the impetus? i guess it depends on the administration in charge but is there -- >> it worries me. ashley: yes. is there the will, if you like from a government perspective to spend a lot of money to do this? >> well, that is the concern of mine. if you don't have government involved what it needs to be involve in, that includes nasa
3:48 pm
involved in near-earth viewing because in fact only government can do those kind of things. can monitor the earth for climate change or can in fact send satellites to explore the universe. that is what government is for. i'm a little worried that this administration is focusing too much getting nasa out of earth monitoring and also out of really doing fundamental science. i think you can do both. i think you can do the adventure and the science. you have to understand what government is good for and what it isn't. ashley: you have other entrepreneurs out there. you have sir richard branson and virgin galactic. there are a lot of different entities out there. jeff bezos of amazon. >> there is talk of space tourism. there is large -- i'm a guess i'm a little jaded about that too, because what we learn from the space shuttle, after all was monitored as well as any spacecraft, that roughly one to
3:49 pm
2% of people we send into space are going to die. there were two accidents in a little over 100 missions. if that starts happening in the private enterprise where people die, you're going to see big problems. lawyers will be making money but i'm not sure anyone else will, assuming this all happens, we start sending tourists into space, would you be happy to go on one of those flights? >> yeah, probably would. i probably would. i wouldn't, i, i used to want to go to mars. the only wray to go to mars is one way. i think i'm happier here on earth. in the current climate, maybe mars is okay. ashley: matt damon made it back. >> that is the movies. the real world is harder. ashley: it is. thank you so much, lawrence. appreciate it on this president's day. >> thank you. ashley: up next, where is rick grimes when you need him? some of america's most well-known retail chains
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resembling the walking dead. that is a reference. jeff flock on number of zombie retailers, jeff. reporter: i'm on state street in chicago. this is one of the nation's and the world's historic place for retail. and the zombies are coming. who are the zombies? i suggest you stay tuned. s did. at one point, i did change to a different company with car insurance, and i was not happy with the customer service. we have switched back over and we feel like we're back home now. the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children, and that they can be protected. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life. call usaa today to talk about your insurance needs. as after a dvt blood clot,ital i sure had a lot to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again?
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of silver last year at their 2 mexican mines. their recent mine acquisition in peru, once fully operational, stands to increase their production up to 75 percent. great panther silver ♪ ashley: so retail sales were higher than expected in january, may not paint though the true picture what is happening in retail market. just last year several high-profile bankruptcies including aeropostale and pac-sun and supports authority just to name three. sports authority. 20 well-known retailers are on the brink. jeff flock on the streets of chicago to bring home that message. jeff? reporter: they call them some by retailers. that is not my word, that is the "wall street journal."
3:54 pm
ashley, as you point out a lot of analysts think there will be a lot of bankruptcy in the retail sector. that is claire's. you know the claire's stores? they specialize in stuff for young girls, stuff to put in your hair, sort of thing. they have $1.79 billion worth of bond debt. they have a payment due in march. so they're one of the so-called zombie retailers. look at some others. nine west, the shoe seller. j. crew also on the list. gymboree, true religion is another of them. moody's all in all says 19 of the retailers they track now have either poor debt or very high-risk of bankruptcy right now. that is about 13, 14% of the retailers they track. that is about the same as it was during the recession. so times are tough right now. we haven't even mentioned, you know the department stores. you look at sears. that has got to be the biggest threat out there. they have lost 55% of their value in the last year, the
3:55 pm
stock has. bon-ton stores, another big department store, lost 28% of the its value. macy's though not on the zombie list, they lost 20% of the their value. closed a lot of their stores, laid off a lot of people. pay less shoe source, talking about 1000 store closings. talking with lenders. bills are coming due, ashley. they have borrowed money. they can't pay it back. don't have prospects. could be a tough year for retailer. they say we want experiences, we want to go places. we want to stuff. we don't want things. who needs things. ashley: again, jeff, bring home the point that great death star in the sky which we call amazon taking a bite out of retailers on the high streets. >> one-two punch. a lost them may not be able to sustain it. ashley: it is tough. jeff flock, great job as always, jeff. thank you very much, on the
3:56 pm
streets of chicago. as these stores struggle. reporter: good to see you, ashley. it may be a long weekend. money managers looking where to invest money. my next guest says three things long-term investors learn from long-term traders. bring in portfolio wealth advisor cio lee munson. lee, thanks for joining us of course we and you, we don't stop working. talk about when the markets get going tomorrow. we see markets move up and up. do you see anything slowing them down? >> i do. here is what i'm looking at, most of my clients, they're retired baby boomers. they only take money out. i send them checks. money doesn't come back in. i have to know when to pick profits. that is different from a younger person always saving. number one, look at general electric, what is up with ge? it is going down when the dow jones is going up. when you have a bellwether, i tell you the dow jones will lose
3:57 pm
and have to work off some of that difference. number two, have you noticed all the friday closes where investors put money in. volatility is very low. complacency, one of my favorite technicians says, that will be punished. look at dollar rally. what. we have net short option futures. let me tell you in english. ashley: thank you. >> degenerate gamblers, betting u.s. dollar will go down versus up. that is new thing. bottom line, you see small cap value, the small cap value things, emerging markets? see them going down in price like vaughn vaughn's pumps ivanka's pumps. this will be not a nice easy correction. may get five, 6, 7% off.
3:58 pm
don't be a pig. wait for a huge dump. see a sale. ashley: several analysts, baron's, over the next eight years, no reason why the dow can't go to 30,000 if president trump gets his way and his policies, his tax cuts and reviewing regulation. if those things put in place and if he avoids a trade war, real war, for matter, no reason why the market couldn't climb at a good clip. >> we could see 2600 on the s&p 500 with just a 20 multiple that means in english this market can go up another 10% and still be reasonably valued. ashley: yeah. >> here's the thing. arcly i know where the little sale is going to be. we're hanging out all of sudden, there is a sale. some new story, some cycle where they say the tax cuts, they will be slower than expected. ashley: yeah. >> it will be unclear. you know he what people are going to do?
3:59 pm
they will run to the hills and sell. you know what i'm doing? drinking tea, buying their shares. ashley: isn't that the warren buffett way? when they're running away go creaming towards it.
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