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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 21, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EST

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that's all she does is photograph pandas on china. if you're not getting your panda fix, you can follow her. will see you for the next three hours. hurry and get yourself a peer, lady. good morning, everybody. and they can dial in for maria bartiromo. your top stories at 6:00 a.m. eastern time. president tried gearing up for a new action on immigration. fox news reporting plans will be unveiled this morning. detailed st president trump name and his replacement for michael flynn, h.r. mcmaster but the next national security adviser. what that means for our foreign policy. plus a california police officer killed in the line of duty by a gang member out on parole. whittier police chief discussing frustration with the loss of the criminals out of jail early. >> enough is enough.
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you're passing these propositions, creating laws raising crime. not good for our community and not good for officers. dagen: we have the latest ahead. a small plane crash killing four americans. the planes slamming into a shopping mall just after takeoff. earnings focus on wall street this morning. we will hear from wal-mart in the macy's, home depot. but they tell us about the health of the consumer. u.s. markets open back after the long holiday weekend. gains in the future is across the board. in europe, markets are little changed at the moment. the mix markets. ftse 100 in england down ever so slightly. in asia, the action was also mixed. gains in shanghai on the nikkei in japan and the cost south korea. snapchat selling spectacles to the masses.
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wyatt will drum up sales ahead of the ipo. joining me on marty mann, lea gabrielle will be on set momentarily. we are not going to make her run in heels appear. other kings college professor of business and economic, brent redbird. and fox news contributor mr. robber wolf. a lot to talk about. >> a lot to talk about. good to be here. >> i'm fired up and ready to go. but that's an obama chance. dagen: you were a close friend of president obama, so why not. fox news is reporting that the white house will announce a big immigration launch this morning. according to a senior administration official. he would not include a new executive order or travel ban, but will focus on the department of homeland security, expending at first to deport illegal
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immigrants. vice president mike pence discussed efforts to keep america safe yesterday during a news conference in brussels. listen to this. >> president trump and our administration are developing plans to ensure the strongest military in the world and the united states become stronger as well. turbine is to intensify at first to cut off terrorist funding and cybercapabilities. we must be as i said before, we must be as dominant in the digital world as we are in the physical world. the united states is committed to continuing to work with our nato allies to achieve that of checking for the security of all the nations in our alliance. dagen: we are expected to get his vote this week you revised travel order to focus -- expected to focus on the themes of the mostly muslim countries. posted during her corridors and dual citizens that had a problem with the original executive order the people that had green cards. we don't know a whole lot about
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what this -- it will be focused on deportation and deporting illegal immigrants in this country. again, this is president trump or that you agree or not focused on what he promised on the campaign trail. >> obviously national security is critical. this is immigration to point out. let's see what it says. i'm glad they allow green card holders and visas and obviously 20,000 students were impact it by the last thing that the white house came out with. my guess is this is much more coordinad ith the department of homeland security. that's critically important. we should say from the seven countries, it usually takes 18 months to two years to get in. it will be interesting how this is different than president obama's policy. dagen: that is one of the critical things because we are talking about essentially two different issues as the new
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travel order to curb the refugees in the united states. but also expect to more people to enforce illegal immigration in this country, focusing on removing people here illegally. again, it too different ways of focusing on illegal immigrants. >> people just want to see a well executed for. they want to see that it's well executed. and the illegal immigrants here. is this not disruptive, clear come to expect patients are clear. that's only thing missing in previous rollouts. they be helpful to do that. >> to travel order expected to dress expected to draft the journalist had seemed that there would be seven to 14 day rollout after president trump signed this document. again cap exemptions for people with green card.
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the new travel order is expected to remove any kind of preference for religious minority that was included in the original order, which goes to the constitutionality of it. the merit argument was that it was discriminated. so they are fixing these problems. we haven't seen it, but this is in the draft. >> rollout to point out. let's hope it's much different and less erratic. dagen: but a lot of the protesters did yesterday, over the weekend and the protests we see in this republican town halls is focusing on keeping the obama carried an focusing on the crackdown on illegal immigration in this country. and trying to secure the homeland by focusing on improving setting of refugees. >> even know what we see on this new policy would be different
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from the first one, i don't think you see a lot of difference in terms of people's reactive. you are against the first-order and second-order. that will not change the dynamic. the question is a more defensible in court and looks like the answer will be yes it is for that according to what we are seeing here. dagen: donald trump has completed its first month in office. he has doubled down on his commitment to keeping jobs in the united states. >> jobs is one of the primary reasons i'm standing here today as your president and i will never, ever disappoint you. believe me. i will not disappoint you. [cheers and applause] i campaigned on the promise that i will do everything in my power to bring those jobs back into america. we wanted to make it much easier, it has to be much easier to manufacture in our country and much harder to leave.
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dagen: are in donald trump's first month in the white house coming is rolled back regulations, started tackling illegal immigration among the list of things that have been going on. he has talked to business is about adding jobs. i did the math. you have businesses promise to invest more than $20 billion in the united states to keep roughly 55,000 jobs here at at her keep 5000 jobs. i can go through the list. >> the question is how much of the plants are already in place that there's a need for pr purposes. how much can you get them in the first month? not a lot you can get another then set the tone and priorities and what you want to accomplish over the next four years are donald trump has done that. president trump is that growth is our priority, jobs are a priority.
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over the next 60, 90 days to start to look for policy implementation and have to deliver right now. over the course of the first month, it mostly has to be be words and priorities. dagen: and here is lea gabrielle. lea: made it. the president trump has done that they started to get to know washington. for new presidents when they come to washington, it's a shock to see what the bureaucratic processes like him how difficult the checks are against the executive branch. he's run up against the judiciary branch. he's run up a sub called the fourth range of government the free press. and then i think he will see some resistance from congress even though it's a republican congress. republican congressmen are going to want to get reelected. i think right now he's kind of feeling his way out and that is typical of a new president when they arrive in washington. dagen: certainly push back from john mccain who reference
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trump talking about the media. he used the word dictator. he had some very harsh words for president trump oversees over the weekend and lindsey graham is another senator. is that going to complicate his agenda? >> this honeymoon period has been somewhat erratic. it has not been a straight line. as an american, we are hopeful we have a very, very strong year for the president. that being said, him getting his stuff passing congress will be incredibly difficult. true to what is the most typical use it? >> are hidden, immigration reform and tax reform. there will be tax cuts. getting comprehensive tax reform done will be very difficult, especially if he's going to include military spending, infrastructure planned and not touch the social net of medicare, medicaid and social security. at some point, the hawks on the right will say no way. i think there's going to be --
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dagen: you are hearing that from senator ran paul in terms of repeal and replace an obamacare. if you need some of the pieces in there, it creates a huge financial problem. >> is a vacuum on the 20 million unique to ensure and then what state they're going to do. there's some good ideas republican side. unless they have a true replacement. dagen: we've got a lot far to talk about. a police officer dead, another wounded in l.a. county after responding to a traffic incident involving a paroled gang member. the average ahead. snapchat expanding sales of its sunglasses. by the giant is trying to drum up sales ahead of its ipo.
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train to the line first in a community mourning the loss of one of their own in whittier california. cheryl casone has the details. reporter: a 27 year veteran of the forces killed in a shootout with a known gang member while responding to a call about a traffic accident if you suspect a 26 euros on parole was driving a stolen car when he opened fire with a semi-animatic pistol killing and injuring another officer. police chief jeff pieper broke down in tears as he described his own colleague and friend.
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>> it's really hard for me to hold back. all of them have been grieving since 10:00 this morning. >> paperboys frustration allied convicts to return to the street on early parole. >> we need to make a. enough is enough. you're passing propositions, creating life that is raising crime. it's not good for our community and not good for officers. reporter: the suspect was also injured in the shootout. turning now to a stray work by people including four american tourists were killed when their small plane crashed into a shopping mall shortly after takeoff. it happened this morning. the pilot in australia appointed a catastrophic engine failure before his twin engine plane
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crashed into the outlet mall preparing to open. officials say no one on the ground was injured. in other news this morning. uber hiring eric holder for claims made by a former software engineer who went public in the block untreated over the weekend. a nasa probe in an e-mail to the staff in which he revealed women made up only 15% of the company's technology staff. finally this coming now you can get your hands on a pair of snap spectacles. snape, formerly snapchat but this $130 camera in november. the only way you could buy a pair of us to track down a roaming vending machine. now spectacles are available for purchase online here in the united states. of course, the launch of venus snap prepares to trade it stop. last estimate on valuation,
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19 billion come anywhere to 22.2 billion. i will let you will discuss that one. back to you. dagen: what you think about this ipo? the spec goes they are selling our professional materials. >> the google glasses, i don't think that makes a difference in the long run. snapple do very well. dagen: are you one snapchat? >> i'm only on twitter. recently i was actually duke this past weekend but the whole group of some frat boys. all they do is snap. they are not on facebook, twitter. lea: why is it so popular? >> because it deletes itself. dagen: it's about more than that. it's about your story. it's morphed into the rapidly disappearing photographs into a full social media platform with video and photos. >> i think the young audience or
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just chilling with it. it is like the antithesis of facebook for them. >> if you're looking for that growth, it definitely would not twitter and facebook. snapchat is the growth driver. dagen: as it too pricey? >> i don't think so. of course always the potential is uncertain. when you see these dynamics on college campuses with younger people, that's recent evaluation coming. i don't think it's outrageous that >> is the second most viewed social media after facebook. lea: twitter not so much. top retailers report earnings before tbout including wal-mart, macy's, home -- home depot. and now a bottle of bubbly from a vending machine. the delicious details ahead. ♪
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dagen: retailer and dagen: retailer and the bulk of this morning. home depot beating estimates for earnings per share in revenue in the most recent quarter. take a look at how the stock is performing in premarket trading. awaiting results from macy's and wal-mart. are you acting overall?
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>> continuing to seek to press results. everything here is reaction to what is going on at amazon. so much online sales growth, so everybody's looking at macy's saying can they adapt to this? look in a wal-mart and paid how are they adapting? wal-mart has made a huge investment which is depressed or to set them up or stronger sales growth in the future. everybody looking at how these two firms adapt to online sales at home depot beating expectations, they've been strong in this space. spending is strong. sales on expanding retail footprint. they want more sales at existing stores and push more on their online channel. trade to the overall retail sales came in better than expected. in december, and they were higher. it looks that people's optimism is translating into more purchase. >> there's two stories at the
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consumer optimism is a good story. you see that in results or the other is how different retailers was onto that. can they capture optimism? amazon continues to dominate the space. companies like macy's have a hard time saying should macy's be setting up retail? should this be a real estate play? >> the trump dump is what we call it. i really want to give proper at stake on an issue for all of the top retailers in particular. congress comes back next week. speaker paul ryan having trouble selling on capitol hill as they shove into the tax reform ideas. retailers hated. >> this will not pass because spirit of 70% plus and when you start taxing imports more like a sales tax, it gets passed to the consumer. this would not be good for our country.
6:25 am
they are trying to do it because it lowers the deficit. but this is not a good plan. retailers are screaming and the suggest now part. >> yesterday on the programs that if you put a border adjustment tax in place, gas prices will go up automatically. he said politically, how do you spell that? >> will impact purchasing power immediately. it just will. dagen: why would republicans come up with something? they are advocates to this idea. again, so politically toxic. >> well, two reasons. if it actually has a worse development would be a stray border top in a country like mexico. this could be preferable to that number one. number two, you need the revenue. this is a trillion dollars revenue. that allows you to do tax reform, not just taxpayers. that doesn't mean it's a good idea. clear reasons why they look for
6:26 am
the revenue. >> just a comment. one starts talking about the border attacks of mexico. that can actually get passed. if we did that with mexico, we have to do china. a huge trade war. that is not happening. that would have to actually pass wto and congress. this was an alternative. this isn't happening is that they need to find a different tax reform, which is why ifthey do get tax cuts. you won't get tax reform. dagen: what i find a little astonishing is this border attacks idea by paul ryan and kevin brady. they didn't have other republicans on board. talk to any republican congressman who has their constituents are major retailers comment very worried about this. what were they doing the last almost eight years selling this to other republican congressmen? did they not think that donald
6:27 am
trump would get elected to the presidency and they didn't think they'd have to do with tax reform? >> for people in congress is all about getting reelected. i want to talk about macy's. will close an on hundred stores in 30,000 jobs. velocity in buyout talks. i am wondering, what is that due from macy's? how will that help but that help out of this long-term plan? >> thing is worth about twice as much if you get rid of the retail operations. $21 billion potentially compared to a market cap of $5 billion. they looking at that saying this is a better play than a retail play. said the retail assets to someone who can create scale and work on a property portfolio. >> not to go down a different path but that was a plan. they are all in the same boat trying to survive in the world not ready to play. would you do?
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>> the first internet boom started 96 via dave had 20 years to get it together. their online delivery and should is not good. still after 20 ygood. still after 20 years. resident trump and his replacement for michael flynn. lieutenant general h. r. mcmaster appoint the next national security adviser. what that means for foreign policy. retail under fire. the latest company to announce layoffs. how the shift to online private sector and about, robert was talking about it. online shopping killing jobs. ♪
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dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell, in for maria bartiromo, it is tuesday february 21st, top stories at 6:30 a.m. eastern time. lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster appointed as national security adviser. president trump announcing replacement for michael flynn at mar-a-lago yesterday. >> i just wanted to announce, we have been working all weekend very diligently, very hard at general h.r. mcmaster will become the national security adviser.
6:32 am
>> i just like to say what a privilege it is to continue serving our nation. i'm grateful for you for that opportunity. dagen: pick comes amid a security scare at jfk airport after nearly a dozen people walked through security without being checked. they still don't know who they are, in fact. mandatory evacuation in california following a lee breach, what you need to know as heavy rains continue to slam the region. lay offs hitting toys are us. u.s. markets open after a long weekend. dow up more than 4%. the best performance of the first 34 days since '95. the ftse still in major
6:33 am
territory. we had gains in china, japan and on the kospi in south korea and shanghai. the story behind the golfer's 18 holes with the commander in chief. forget the chips, get the champagne, how can you get a bubbly from a vending machine? 51 drroarld will -- 51-year-old and earned high praise from the president's announcement. >> he's highly respected by everybody in the military and we are very honored to have him.
6:34 am
>> mr. president, thank you very much. i am grateful to you for that opportunity and i look forward to joining the national security team and doing everything i can to advance and protect the interest of the american people. dagen: joining us right now former navy seal and former foreign policy adviser to president obama's 2008 campaign and state department official, david, you worked with lieutenant general mcmaster in the past, how do you see him as a pick? >> this is an excellent pick. i had an opportunity to work with him when i was posted in baghdad, joint campaign plan for iraq, he's a very clever general and very experienced, has lots of on the ground experience in counterinsurgancey and demonstrated qualities when i had the chance to observe him in baghdad. most importantly, he brings real
6:35 am
on the ground experience from iraq and afghanistan fighting insurgence. that's something we have not had. he brings the experience into the white house to what i think is the number one priority of this administration and what the number one priority should be which is to defeat isis. it's very interesting, general mcmaster served in a hot bed of insurge antsy in iraq. it's probably going to be the last stand of isis in iraq. we have a guy who know it is territory very well and can help design the plan to ultimately defeat isis in iraq and push then out of bhir eak, i applaud this point. dagen: it was his method that prevented u.s. defeat in that country. he is an independent banker. people forget about the surge strategy that it was dismissed by many.
6:36 am
many people didn't believed in it and it worked, what does this kind of independence thinking do as national security? this guy is outside the box thinker. to a lot of people who served with him, he made general because of abraciveness of going against policy which is donald trump needs. he needs someone who is loyal, patriot, american-free loving person but also somebody who needs to say, no, hold on, that's not the right thing to do and you need to listen to me. dagen: david, also adapt being a foreign policy strategist if you will, and you do have high-level officials, general mattis as defense secretary and also army general john kelly at homeland security and with mcmaster now,
6:37 am
how do you read the kind of heavy military presence within the administration? >> well, i think this addition is a very positive one. i don't have any consideration about the heavy military presence within the administration. the one knock on general mcmaster is he doesn't have experience in washington but perhaps that's an asset as well. my biggest worry with general mcmasters he's going to bring creativity and good ideas and leadership to the white house, my biggest worry is whether administration officials in the white house specially some of the civilians like a steven miller, like a steve bannon, whether they are going to listen to him or whether they are going to override him. let's wait and see what happens with that. dagen: you actually have heard defense secretary mattis come out in opposition to things that donald trump has said n. recent days secretary mattis differed from issues suggesting tougher stance on russia, he talked
6:38 am
about not taking the oil from iraq. donald trump we heard him say that or at least allude to it as recently as january 21st after inauguration, even after secretary mattis' position on torture is different than what trump has said and trump has said i differ to secretary mattis. >> yeah, and what's important -- one of the guys pete hegseth wrote a piece about it, in the arena. they are more poised to make decisions, from an educative perspective and understand the enemy. the important thing here is with the increase military presence in the white house, in the political sphere here we are a goal-oriented group of folks, we see a goal and find out how to do it and execute. we don't bumble around as the typical washington bureaucrats. i don't know if they're ready for it but we are coming.
6:39 am
dagen: david, one other issues these leader within the administration are going to have to tackle with and you alluded to it, the troop levels in afghanistan, roughly 6,000 u.s. troops that are still in iraq and what to do with those. that was one of the reasons that secretary mattis paid that visit to iraq. >> yeah, i think you'll see, you know, some of these new appointee to push lasting presence both in iraq and afghanistan. i think it's a valid criticism of the previous administration that we didn't keep enough troops on the ground in iraq to protect against the threat of islamic -- radical islam that arose in 2014 with isis coming over from syria. they have big problems to tackle in the region. syria is a big problem, we need to have a lasting presence, we need to have a lasting presence in baghdad and in the north in the region who would welcome lasting military presence and look at afghanistan, we are going to have troops there for a
6:40 am
long time as well. dagen: carl, i want to get your reaction, federal authorities are investigating spike in opioid theft at four va hospitals, the number of missing prescription drugs have jumped, doctors and nurse stiffened inventory for own use or even sold drugs on the street, what can be done to fix the problem and the overall -- it's just tram attic what has happened to our veterans in terms of them becoming addicted to opioids in. >> this is a perpetual ongoing problem of a culture of unaccountability. people in the va think they can take whatever they want and this is just one more example of that. you have veterans coming back and being overmedicated and there's one company called ags health which is coming -- male
6:41 am
veterans, free test if they're overmedicated and that's what's happening, they can stop the stuff dead in the track, 100 to 0, this is something that he could do day one to stop the overmedication. dagen: one thing we are going to hear about later in the show the company work to go alternative to opioid-based medication or painkiller because, again, this is an epidemic not just in this country but particularly among our veterans. that's the travesty in all of the men and women who have served us to mightily and this is what happens, this is the kind of care they get. carl, thanks to see you. david, great inside, we will see you soon. security breach at jfk airport when 11 people got through tsa airport with no screening, the latest ahead. shares falling after posting much lower than expected four-year earnings, that report next.
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dagen: welcome back, futures pointing to a higher open. we like it. a few stocks on the move. keep your eyes on hsbc, shares are lower after the company reported pretax profits falling more than 60% in the last year. the bank blaming the loss in parton a multibillion dollar writedown, shares of hsbc are lower. big loss there. also watching for solar, the company set to report fourth-quarter results, analysts are expecting 97 cents, solar shares are down over 44% in the
6:46 am
last 52 weeks. a major security breach at one of the world's biggest busiest airports, cheryl casone has the stunning details, charles. cheryl: it really is when you hear what the guys pulled off. 11 people passed through unattended security lane at jfk airport. three of the passengers set off alarms, they walked through the metal detector, nobody stopped them. >> immediately tsa should have notified the port authority, they should are notified nypd, other people who can go through pull and stop the flights and make sure that nobody gets on an airplane who hasn't been screened. cheryl: tsa did not notify police of the breach until about two hours later. authorities also identified the three passenger who is got onto a flight to california. they were screened upon arrival in california. well, now to extreme weather for you. millions under flood watches and warnings and evacuations are
6:47 am
underway now as relentless rains continue to wreak havoc in california. mud slides also a major concern as we have been told you, a home in monterrey knocked off of foundation n. san josé, first responders had to rescue a couple who was stuck in a swollen creek. for the first time in 20 years, officials force today open the don pedro spellway to keep the reservoir from overflowing, a lot of dramatic pictures coming out of california this morning. we will see what happens when the sun comes up there. toys r us laid off employees. toys are us having a hard time getting shoppers into the stores in particular in key shopping season. champagne fans everywhere.
6:48 am
first champagne vending machine has arrived. guests can score a mini bottle after purchasing coin in the front desk $20, yes, you to present your id if you think you didn't have to, kids. [laughter] dagen: i bought a bolt of champagne the other day and i think it was like, what's the special occasion, i was like, what do you mean. [laughter] dagen: by the way, those small kind of individual bottles of champagne, that's all straw.
6:49 am
>> anything to add to that? >> nothing. dagen: you wouldn't know frit the snsorship, why fifa is having trouble signing backers next.
6:50 am a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises.
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dagen: scare on the basketball court last night for one well known college coach. jared max has that story and so much more. jared: has been coaching hoops for 35 years ago. 15 years ago he had a heart attack and last night that defill -- defibrilator went off. he stayed on the sideline, got checked out at half time and was okay. now, after the game he said he felt light-headed from standing up too quickly and sals said he's like 99.9% like other guys in america, 63. he does the commercial. bob is all right. the tradeline thursday, that sends demarcus cousins to new orleans. listen to what he said he did
6:54 am
not hold out till closer to the deadline to deal with wasn't of the nba's most talented players. >> than what you got now? >> yeah. -- does it leave that they have a steal in cousins or a player's whose stocks dropped thanks in part to the sponsorships for the next world cup greatly lacking. 18 months from the 2018 cup in russia, fifa has only nine companies on board for the tournament. when brazil hosted the last world cup it had 20 sponsors by kickoff and most of which were in place three years before the event began. so having a tough time selling sponsor for the russian world
6:55 am
cup still 18 months away. dagen: what's going on? >> basically all the leaders from the top of fifa knocked down and people don't want to get in bed what could be cost of sponsorship, $150 million, three tiers of sponsorship. dagen: trump only played a few holes of golf on sunday, the white house is now reversing its comments, white house spokesperson sarah sanders saying as stated yesterday, the president played golf, he intended to play a few holes and decide today play longer and had a full day of meetings, calls and interviews for the nnsa which is he's continuing today before return to go washington. the cause of the reversal was roy, posting on his website that he played a full 18, a photo of him with president trump was also posted on twitter. >> i played with both.
6:56 am
[laughter] >> trump and obama. dagen: who is a better golfer? >> they're both much better than me. dagen: who has a better handicap? >> trump is a better handicap. my guess is the obama somewhere between 10 and 12. dagen: trump is like a 5. wow. >> if you have a handicap for anybody who doesn't play golf, then you're a fantastic golfer, prior. >> they both would take money from me, so -- rice -- [laughter] >> i would take obama on the hoops court than trump, though. jared: he played 18 holes, he was only going to play a few, are you kidding me? get off your soap box, find me somebody that says i'm not going the play golf with the
6:57 am
president, give me a break, he's the president of the united states, who is going to give up that experience to play 18 holes. dagen: democrats played with trump. >> i played with obama about 20 times. all i will say three to four hours on the golf course on the weekend honestly, they work 24/7. dagen: exactly. >> if obama wants to play golf, let him go play golf. dagen: and president trump too. it applies to both presidents. siriusxm, listen to jared. the traveling in the world in luxury, make your vacation of your dreams a reality did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmness? fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night. enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow!
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dagen: good morning, i'm dagen mcdowell in for maria bartiromo, tuesday february 21st, top stories at 7:00 a.m. eastern time. president trump gearing up for his new action on immigration. the administration set to announce new plan this is morning to target criminal illegal immigrants including department of homeland security hiring 15,000 more people. latest ahead. vice president mike pence making his case about the administration's war with the media. >> the truth is that we have in president trump someone who has unique ability to speak directly to the american people and when the media gets it wrong, i promise you, president trump will take his case straight to the american people to set the record straight.
7:01 am
dagen: one of his stops yesterday it was an american flag that was making headlines. why? it had 51 stars on it. we have more on that story coming up. russia's embassador to the united nations dying suddenly. the details surrounding his death including the cause still unknown. samsung reportedly putting the galaxy note 7 on the market. it's going to refurbish the devices an sell them in a merging market. home depot said to be a winner on wall street. retail expecting to report better than results. 70-point gain in dow industrials. it's been a great start to the year so far and in europe, markets are a little changed. the ftse 100 in england is still down ever slightly. we have gains in france and germany. in asia overnight. we had a little bit of mixed action but only loser there was
7:02 am
hong kong about three quarters of 1%. we are also watching the cost of crude oil, prices jumping down 2%, holding 55-dollar a barrel mark. opec general saying this morning he expects inventories to fall this year and that's the cartel pushing for higher compliance on production cuts. luxury vacation, visit 20 cities in 20 days and do it in style. but it's going to cost you. the price tag ahead including the pop and pop-up, a coffee is coming and turning the breakfast pastry into, okay, pizza, tacos and even french fries, you know who was going to be all over that story, cheryl casone. fox news correspondenten lea gabriel, kings college professor brad and 32 advisers ceo and fox news contributor robert wolf who just told the american people
7:03 am
that donald trump has a better handicap at golf than president trump does, there you go. >> they put in their own golf scores, so i will leave it at that. dagen: you can take a look at how wal-mart is doing. it came in at 1.30 a share versus 1.29 estimate. sales are going to be rit call there in terms of we are also going to be looking at the online sales, how much growth that you saw in online, again, wal-mart is going straight head to head with amazon in terms of offering free shipping trying to get people on board. they changed the way that they're purchasing their goods too. did you know that wal-mart -- they used to purchase separately for online and for the brick and mortar stores and now they have combined purchasing. when i read that i thought that
7:04 am
was odd that they didn't do that already. revenue did miss expectations, came in shy of $131 billion for the most recent quarter. it was expected to be north of 131 billion. we will watch the stock in premarket trading just to see how it acts. we will get you more details on that. almost up 2% in premarket trading. he tweeted yesterday, give the public a break, the fake news media is trying to say that large scale immigration in sweden is working out just beautifully, not, all caps e -- esm take a listen. >> you can app that the president and all of us will continue to call out the media
7:05 am
when they play fast and loose with the facts. dagen: joining us right now national review editor rich lowery, what do you make of the war with the media and the media is just outraged. >> well, the media has been freaked out and basically waging a war on trump since last august and there was brief interruption and we should be more fair and immediately snapped right back. i don't like the enemy of the people line. but this is a raw tribal war between the administration and the press. >> you know, what i would say watch chris wallace's interview with reince priebus which i thought was outstanding. i put the entire interview on my twitter, one thing that he really said, you don't get to tell us what to do and we want
7:06 am
to make sure that the media has freedom of press and the president should get hit on sweden comments when they were inaccurate. dagen: all he said, did you see what happened in sweden last night. >> come on. [laughter] >> his audience was probably watching fox news and that's a pretty good expectation, his audience does -- >> nothing happened in sweden. increasing crimes which we have seen in other -- [laughter] >> let's be factual here. he said last night. a lot of people thought he was responding -- dagen: again, this is what we focus on. i said repeatedly, when he
7:07 am
basically took -- when he beat up the entire press corp last thursday, when did it happened, it happened after flynn stepped down, increasing reports about there's disarray in the administration, what does he do, he turns it back on the press, the press loves to bitch and moan about their treatment by donald trump so he turned the entire news cycle on its head and had the press writing about the press. >> the whole four-week period, there's been new controversy basically every six hours. they can be the remember anything. when was gorsuch. that feels ages ago. flynn, i almost forgot the guy's name. you're right, trump is in constant controversy and contention. now, there's a downside to the strategy, he needs to kind of reassure fence setters about him and it's not clear that he's doing that and probably results will matter more. events and what actually happens on capitol hill will matter more
7:08 am
for how we regard the first year than anything else. dagen: i want to get to this, former attorney general under george w. bush wrote an op-ed yesterday. democracy can't function without secrecy in he says, quote, the choice to discloses matters that public officials have determined should remain secret is often a singularly antidemocratic act, public officials are elected or appointed by those elected to pursue policies for which they answer to the voters at large. those who discloses national secrets assert a right to override the democratic outcomes. do you think the media is wrong to support the leaks of this national security information? >> yeah. dagen: this goes back to pentagon papers. >> it's sort of built in. the press can report the stuff. the scandal is that people that have taken the oath to protect the material will leak it and the problem is you don't know whether they're being complete, the flynn matter, you talk to people around flynn, it was a misunderstanding, it was a
7:09 am
relatively small part of conversation, the sanctions portion and then you read in the newspaper, no, it was much more explicit and being deceptive. we don't know because we haven't seen it. this is a case -- since we all know the transcripts exist now, let's see them. >> ic you can't pin it on the press when things are leaked. when someone wants to leak from the inside they are going to get it to someone and it's a matter of which press reports it. it's holding accountable the people that promise today serve our country and when you have someone like chelsea manage i think who leaks 3 quarters of million documents and violated the espionage act and her has sentenced commute today seven years from 35 years, that promotes these leaks and it allows people to think that when they make promises to protect our secrets that they're going to get away with it if they leak them. >> right. it makes it seem totally conditional that promise and not something we really take
7:10 am
seriously, you're absolutely right. dagen: is this going to be the relationship between president trump and the media in terms of -- it's name calling but people accused president trump of calling people names, the enemy of the state but you have senator john mccain turns around. not only lambastes him overseas about his stance on immigration, not in name but in message and turns around and refers indirectly to his behavior as being like a dictator. again, it goes both ways. people who are his opponents are critical of him. they go after him with the same vim and vigor and name calling. >> what happens is opponents thinking he's violating certain norms and he is. they violate certain norms, head count for electoral college coup, all the leaks who are illegal and wrong and i think the trump administration's relationship will continue to be this contentious with the media and bureaucracy.
7:11 am
the one thing he wants to avoid and mccain gets to this, having a contentious relationship with capitol hill republicans. that happens, then you get a meltdown of the republican agenda. dagen: is that already in the making? >> no, not necessarily. you can't necessarily judge by mccain where the median republican on capitol hill is all whom want to make this thing work, all who want to pass obamacare, want to pass tax reform, that needs presidential leadership. so first -- dagen: not pass obamacare, but get rid of it and pass something else. robert, you want to say something before we go? >> i agree with rich, i think at the end of the day, you to find the balance of making sure that you don't turn off the press and i equally agree, we should not have the leaks, okay, it goes back to the campaign when then candidate trump says i like the leaks, okay, when it was wikileaks, i think you can't have it both ways, all of the foreign intelligence as lea said
7:12 am
should stay within foreign intelligence and should make public when it's supposed to be made public. >> did i just endorse obamacare on air? [laughter] >> you're sitting to the left of me. [laughter] dagen: it's his cologne. keep your distance. >> i'm telling you. usually no one sits to the left of me. dagen: smartphones could be costing you more on the road, why car insurance rates are rising because stop looking at your phone, be a better driver and favorite breakfast being turn today pop-up barn in new york city, a sweet treat straight ahead
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
dagen: russia's embassador to the united nations dying suddenly in new york city. "good day-- cheryl casone has the details. cheryl: apparent heart attack one day after birthday after falling. he was the longest serving embassador on the security council. common sense while using smartphone isn't safe or smart but also causing a spike in auto insurance rates, the wall street journal says that premium increases can't keep up from the
7:16 am
growing costs of car crashes, premiums jumped 17% last year from 2011 and the number of deadly accidents rose more than 7% just in 2015. chinese government appears to be putting up a major road block to billion dollar purchase of dick clark productions, reports say that beijing's clamp-down on capitol leaving the country has put the deal in jeopardy, dick clark produces golden globes, other award shows, high-profile acquisition was announced last november and considered a big step forward in expanding map into the entertainment industry and particularly the u.s. entertainment industry. finally this, it's breakfast time. if you're eating a pop tart right now, listen to this. kelloggs has converted breakfast bar right here in new york city into a pop tart coffee. some of the menu items pop tarts
7:17 am
made into pizza, pop tart tacos, pop tart fries, it's a new take on familiar dishes but use pop tart as ingredient. the pop tart pizza, the crust has brown sugar, strawberry filling which takes place of the marinara sauce. it sounds disgust to go me. the pepperoni is dried fruit slices. sugar buzz on crack. i don't know what to say. i'm going to send it back to you. dagen: good god. [laughter] dagen: coming up, a scary statistic, a new study find parents putting children at risk by fail to go lock up prescription drugs, what it means for the opioid crisis in this country? samsung could be moving on from this exploding galaxy note 7 phones by bringing the faulty devices back to store shelfs. where?
7:18 am
the details ahead. your insurance company
7:19 am
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dagen: this 1999, the amount of prescription opioids sold quadruple. according to cdc there's been little change of the amount of pain americans report. pharmaceutical company is work to go commercialize nonopioid pain therapy starting with tackling the issue of arthritis in the snee. your lead product, it's been accepted and in the approval process. >> correct.
7:22 am
dagen: in front of fda, what does it do and the thinking behind creating this drug? >> yeah, i appreciate the question and thanks for having me. just to frame the problem to again with, very common in the united states. over 30 million patients suffer from this disease. it's progressive and doesn't have a key and once you're diagnosed with arthritis50% of replacing. 50% of patients with arthritis are prescribed opioids in the united states. what we are doing is developing a steriod, cortozone and that's commonly injected into the knee
7:23 am
joint but none are formulated for sustain release. you inject in the knee and flow out rapidly and pretty good pain relief tend to wane over weeks. so what we have developed a sustained release formulation of the steroid that once injected lasting in the joint for at least 3 months at concentrations and clinical trail data that shows pain relief over time. >> i had my acl done twice, my left knee, the last one i had a tendon done. i take nothing. i can only imagine the people that have the osteoarthritis. i can tell you what the weather is going to be. if you need a clinical study, i'm your guy. i will just tell you that, you
7:24 am
know, knees are going left and right it feels like. >> very common problem. we are hoping -- dagen: nonaddictive. >> it's so important. what it's so gratifying for us is the opportunity to deliver a medicine that matters to patients in need and who can't get them soon enough. this in severest form results in patients being unable to do the activities of daily living. it can be a miserable existence. dagen: you're in the approval process. new administration, new president, do you have any sense that the approval process might be quicker? do you get those indications when you're dealing with the fda. >> we don't have that indication per se. what we have a decision date that's been given to us of october 6th, we are highly confident that that timeline will be adhered to and whether it happens sooner than that, i
7:25 am
think it would be pure speculation at this opinion. dagen: big question, cost, how much would it cost? >> it's a great question. we have consistently guided in a price of $500 per injection which based on the data and the safety data that we have we think represents very good value for that treatment. >> so will that be covered under normal medical -- >> absolutely. we have done multiple rounds of pair and we are highly confident that this will be covered without a problem. >> doctor, that's a particular application to the knee, do you see other applications in the future, same kind of device or -- >> yeah. those are great questions. absolutely. we have the potential for what we call label expansion, meaning doing clinical study that is would evaluate it in shoulder and evaluate in hip, for example, common areas and it turns out that steroids are
7:26 am
injected in ten million patients a year for conditions outside particularly in the shoulder, things like frozen shoulder, adhesive, very common conditions, we are certainly not going to suggest that this will work in those conditions in the absence of data we need to generate the data but since steroids are so commonly used there and they don't stay in those joints, we have reason to believe that this could work in those conditions. dagen: just really quickly, lea, before you get to the question. we always talk about the daughterover opioid, they pose a danger to children that we should point out with 32% of parents report storing in a locked location. they do pose a danger because people leave them out in the open. lea -- >> that's what i was going to get to the opioid addiction issue. a lot of people develop
7:27 am
long-term pain because they had some form of a surgery. how soon would this drug be able to used post surgery or post injury before the injury develops and hopefully before people develop an opioid addiction from having those medications prescribed again and again? >> it's a good question. just to be clear, our initial indication of this product will be per patients who have already developed osteoarthritis. we are hopeful that this represents addition and potentially means that some patients wouldn't necessarily have to be prescribed opioids. i think, lea, you are talking about something different, what do you do in immediate post-op period and that's something in front of us in terms of considering how best to evaluate the product. >> that's when a lot of people develop opioid addictions is when they've had pain, they get put on the pill and never get off. >> i love the idea because like
7:28 am
you said, with cortozone or draining the knee, you can only go a few times a year. dagen: you're all busted up. i'm going to stop you. your shoulder, your knee. [laughter] dagen: i have a crank in my neck and my back hurts. it was good to see you. >> thank you so much for having me. pleasure. dagen: the ceo there. coming up protests breaking out over president trump's scheduled visit to the united kingdom. the push to rescend that invitation and giving the dream vacation a new meaning, what you need to have in your bank account to travel the world in this, that's a jet, ahead hi my name is tom. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom.
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7:30 am
if you take certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. .. ask your doctor if switching to eliquis is right for you.
7:31 am
drink two good morning. i good morning. and dagen mcdowell mcdowell and for maria bartiromo. tuesday, february 21st. president trying to unveil enterprise integration executive order this morning. but it could cost him on the world stage. the president's travel ban among the reasons that leaders in the united kingdom are debating rescinding invitation for him to visit. >> do you really think that it is more important to be rate 10, castigate 10 and encourage him
7:32 am
to retreat into some sort of longer rather than to do what the prime minister did, perhaps more literally than any of us expect it, which is too taken by the hand and try and lead him down the path of righteousness? dagen: okay, debate comes at the white house keeps its focus here at home. first daughter ivanka trump and mounting threat between jewish community centers. the n.y.p.d. force to rescue several teens after they fell into a now frozen pond in central park. you will see the video or more of it. would you buy a refurbished galaxy note seven? samsung's explicit decision to resell devices ahead. new details around the yahoo! verizon deal.
7:33 am
"wall street journal" reporting companies have agreed to cut the merger price by $350 million will split teacher cost of data breaches. more on those developments coming. retail earnings on wall street this morning could could wal-mart hitting the tape a short while ago. companies earnings per share topping expectations. revenues came up short of that $131 billion in revenue numbers. stocks still up more than 2%. u.s. markets back open after a long holiday weekend. futures are up 73-point gain on the dow futures right now. a terrific start. record-breaking run for the market so far this year. in europe markets are little changed. ftse 100 in negative territory. asia mostly in the day for trading. the only one of the four major exchanges there was lower in hong kong for the hang seng down three quarters of 1%. around the world in 20 days.
7:34 am
one company wants to show you the globe in style, but it's going to cost you. the staggering price tag for you in 49 friends to take the ultimate luxury trip. can't solve the math homework? called heroes and blue by one with greater turn to the police department for help with her math homework. we will have that story. british lawmakers held a three-hour debate over whether to revoke president tribes invite to the country yesterday after 2 million britons tended to petition against his visit. joining us now to weigh in as republican strategist and write-in campaign adviser, one of my favorite people watching on planet earth. also a fox news contributor, ed rowan. i mean that. i yell at you like a crazy person. >> i'm so happy to be here with you. >> it's like you had me at hello. >> i've got to keep working on
7:35 am
it. dagen: what do you make of this? when you pac-man is speaking overseas, rockefeller said, vice president penn speaking overseas over the weekend, they put on a good friend and they put on a good show. what is the uproar about trumpeting the u.k.? >> i've never heard the u.s. called a bunker. i think the reality here is always going to be a little push and shove an international stage. with the most significant ally and vice versa. this was an administration that didn't get elected to do international affairs and obviously do with those on the world stage. it's really to fix the economy. big battles ahead with the congress and that's what we do next. >> even look at foreign leaders. u.s. companies cbs pressured to not meet with president trump.
7:36 am
what is the strategy? wouldn't you want to engage the president? >> out there certainly thinks so. the reality here again for the second day or the second month. a long ways to go here. presidencies are not a singular week or month. how you accomplished the things you've set out to accomplish? is done as much as he can on executive orders. while the congress give him what he wants on tax reform? >> are you worried about divisions maybe not on the homicide, but senator john mccain calling him a dictator. not directly. >> i've looked at both ends of pennsylvania avenue. i looked at the white house and i was chairman of the congressional committee. i've seen it from both ends. one point x miles. i think to a certain extent the congress will go along with most of what he wants. but it's not exactly what he wants. to a certain extent he needs to
7:37 am
declare the tree can take what to get them and declare big dream for cell across the country. dagen: does the white house need to drive this more? are enough putting foot on the accelerator or the regulatory pace? >> i would make it there that she can't delay tax cut for another six, eight months which is what they talk about. they've been working a long time and it's there. speaker brian was chairman of the ways and means committee. before him, they explored every tax element there was. they know what's going to work and what's not going to work. they should be a bill quickly. >> was interesting this edges using the word tax cuts. that is more and more often as opposed to tax reform. i think you'll get the tax cut. i think they'll change some of the growth projections on revenues and then you won't see much of the tax reform. it will be very difficult.
7:38 am
the battle will be a more trump wants to be spending with infrastructure military spending, saving the social security, medicare, medicaid and all the things. look at some battles of fiscal hawks. >> all of the above. dagen: he's done a lot so far today preparing president trump in the administration preparing to reveal a revised immigration order. what do you make above your hearing? >> you will do the same thing. what they've done now is rushed out the first one. he certainly has the power to do that. they didn't do a very good job of getting it out and legalities are quite correct. to a certain extent that the justice department that will pretty much get what they need. >> is received any differently or the same pushback? >> you get the same pushback. people that don't want it, he again has to go son of always doing this. the critical thing here is the
7:39 am
extraordinary month that the motion action and i would not want to be working on this white house. dagen: really, why? >> first of all, and 73 are sold. dagen: i wasn't trying to get you to reveal your age. >> a subclass that he doesn't drink so that's what gives them all the energy. i spent my life drinking so i'm not going to give that up. to a certain extent, he's now got his cabinet and the controversial sites. the new labor secretary will be far more effect did uncontroversial. the mcmaster situation is brilliant. i take nothing away from either men. at the end of the day, he got what he wanted. >> i would say i don't think the immigration plan is going to be the same. is going to be a big difference a green card holders can be says. that caused a lot of the uproar. that in itself will debut so
7:40 am
where the noise a bit. >> you won't >> you wanted to shock shot the first one put out. >> it wasn't quite the coordination it should've been. >> department of homeland security will be involved in this one. >> i would assume so. this all happened fast here they were quite ready for it. and to a certain extent it was the major stumble so far. the other sappy sense of far has been pretty significant. drain to the white house is announcing a wave of new threats against jewish community centers across the country. ivanka trump tweeted america is a nation built on religious tolerance. we must protect our houses of worship and religious centers. #jcc. we should point out, she is jewish. she's orthodox. >> i'm jewish and i were immediately immediately
7:41 am
retreated. i think it's great she stepped out on this and i appreciate that she made sure this country realizes that there are things happening under the radar that is to be put out in front. i do think that would be good if the president also made a state there. >> if the matches that counteracts concerns that the immigration policy with the broader tolerance. >> the more she's involved in helping with decisions, the more sensitive to the two is going in the country. a tremendous asset and to assert extent she represents the new young modern woman and that's very, very. >> people who know donald trump, you know president trump individually. he is a sensitive person and a kind person. he likes to invest the media on twitter. >> a lot of people like to lambaste the media.
7:42 am
at the end of the day, every presidency presidencies since modern times or even ancient times. at the end of the day, it's just foolish to me what you try and do is tell your story. are you going to set the agenda and to me i always sound the more you hammer on them, it's better to ignore -- >> is there an opportunity for an effective reset with the media? >> if you watch chris wallace heeded the show over the weekend talking about the media needs their freedom. lea: shepard smith has been making the meeting. i'm not taking an ax. dagen: and certainly supreme court nominee supreme court nominee if gorsuch will not take an ax to the first amendment. >> words matter for the president of the united states. when he cost them their enemy, that resonates in a strange way in this country. >> unfortunately, a lot of people misunderstand the role is
7:43 am
one of the great freedoms we have. their job is to cover, not editorialize the front pages. to a certain extent permitted by selig gave him, which i'm not giving him advice, is ignore him. you've got the biggest megaphone i saw. i saw in his 77 minute press conference that he called, anytime he wants the attention of the country he can have it. dagen: we will be monitoring to see whether president trump follows your eyes. come back soon, please. ed rollins. [speaking in spanish] could be sending a scandal to rest by bringing back its no seven phones where they could be sold. the police department, how an officer came to the rescue to solve a fifth graders math problem. that is ahead. millions of you are online right now,
7:44 am
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dagen: a group of teenagers safely rescued after falling through what was the really i.c.e. cheryl casone has the details. >> a lot of new yorkers buzzing about this one this morning. police say that fire and rescue units in new york city pulled six teenagers out of the freezing water. they fell through on an off-limits pond in new york's central park. witnesses say teens were trying to take a group cell three when the ice gave way beneath them. they are all expected to be okay. they were taken in the hospital. probably just a little embarrassed. another headline can the european union show in a starstruck american flag by one of vice president prince's recent appearances. this flag shown alongside as 51 stars on it. instead of 50 but did have the right number of stripes on it. turns out the flags projected onto a video wall. an extra star and the u.s. flag by mistake. sam sun is not giving up
7:48 am
completely on the galaxy note seven. the company selling refurbished models. the note seven supposed to be the hottest item in 2016 but before batteries began to explode commitments are catching on fire. the company claims to recover 98% of the handset sold. the company dropped to 49% on the 100 best most visible companies. finally, a 10-year-old girl really to do art the popular phrase if you need help, find a police officer. fifth grader from marion, ohio the fisher police department on facebook after she was struggling with the tricky math problem. a lieutenant's replied in health care. she then sent another math problem. this time his answer might not have been correct, but is hoping for an a for effort on this one. her mom shudders daughters exchange at the officer and facebook in austin we share thousands of times on face the
7:49 am
dread i wouldn't build a helper with the first one, let alone the second one. dagen: luxury travel hitting new heights but the price tag of a trip around the world on the dream maker. that's ahead. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis.
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dagen: a trip for billionaibillionai res, not millionaires traveled to 20 cities in 20 days for about $13 million. that's the promise of passport did it become a trip that takes 50 people into boeing business planes to see the world and ultimate luxury.
7:53 am
genocide member of the board for dream maker, director of international operations, stephen ferry. tell us about -- just sell it to us. some of his $14 million trip. what do i get in 20 days ?-que?-que stion-mark >> you get a trip of a lifetime in a nutshell. dagen: where you go? what does it include? more than stops in the most beautiful places in the world. >> absolutely. fast forward to 50 because elements of 50. there's 50 different fantastic mail says he will have. 50 orchestrated events in different locations. there are 50 staff looking after you in the air and much more on the ground. so we have a wonderland statute ratio which insures all the guests will receive the same level of attention is the host.
7:54 am
each experience that you have is designed to touch your heart and your soul. dagen: is their demand for this out there? how many have you sold so far? >> we've only just launched it right now we're in serious negotiations with two client, one of which is quite close to the studio. dagen: would you like to tell us who it is? >> we could never share that information. dagen: what was the genesis for this idea? did one of the board members, was the approach by a multimillionaire or billionaire and say this is something that i've might be interested in. where is the concept come from ?-questionstion -mark >> it's been going for 28 years under bravery patrick. he is the artistic director. tools of enchantment was the only name of the company. he's than 10 such trips, but not
7:55 am
on such a big scale. he was sitting in a café looking at the news. this gentle man who ordered a dream liner for his own personal use and a bad dream liner, true maker. that's us. his clients always called him the true maker. >> a portion of the profit, assuming that these trips will go to charities? which charities in which portion of the proceeds would go to charity? >> in the past, we've given a million dollars or more to charities. we expect to more than double that with this particular trip. charities like water ductwork founded about 25 years ago by matt damon. much similar to make-a-wish in
7:56 am
america starlight foundation. the kinds of things we are doing is giving water to children to 50,000 children in the philippines. 63,000 of those delivered them from ephedra. dagen: how close are you to selling one of these? >> there's been so much interest that we've recently launched their dagen: you have to come back and tell us who it is, who paid for it. >> i don't think will be a lot to do that. dagen: thank you so much. great to see you. still to come, back lash striking bus over ivanka trump's brands. while some products are more popular than ever. that is in the next hour of "mornings with maria." holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite?
7:57 am
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>>. dagen: . >>. . dagen: good morning. i'm dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo, tuesday, phobia 21, top stories at 8:00 a.m. eastern time, a busy day ahead for president trump, now back in washington, he will go to the american african-american museum of history and culture this hour february, black history month we are expecting new details on the president's plans for immigration, fox news reporting that the plans particularly here in the united states will target illegal immigrants who are criminals department of homeland security will hire additional 15,000 people. to enforce our immigration
8:00 am
laws, battle over a painting depicting police officers as pigs heading to court, latest developments ahead and a california officer killed in the line of duty, his partner shot responding to a call about a traffic accident. >> impact to the department last for years. -- you know it is really hard for me to hold back. >> my tears. all of us have been grieving. 10:00 this morning. >> i didn't figure i would he would it be -- tears left. >> we're going to get through it. this makes us he stronger. >> the suspect a gang member was out an parole, the outrage the fallout ahead. yahoo! paying the price with massive date breach "the wall
8:01 am
street journal" reporting verizon slashing the price of deal to acquire yahoo! more than 300 million dollars. a busy morning for retail earnings, the last of the majors reporting is macy's earning crossing profits beneath expectations, while revenue missed, you see a pickup in the stock in premarket trading that was the same story over at walmart walmart shares are higher, hefrping contribute to a higher open, potential and hour a half from now in markets, take a look at u.s. futures. right now, and how they are fairing, dow off a highs of the morning still up 67 points, in europe markets little changed we have slight losses, on the ftse 1 england gains france and german losses for major asian markets the shanghai nikkei kospi up hunger henning lower 3/4 of 1% so much for that boycotting one grocery store selling out
8:02 am
of trump lines. want ivanka's perfume top of amazon's best-seller list a closer look ahead, saying bye-bye to bau-bau. >> delicious that yub cleucalyp. >> lea gabriel double-double triple time good to see you, college professor business economics, 32 adviser ceo fox news contributor. robert wolf. >> i didn't have to look at prompter and read your name. >> good morning can we talk about the stick of brurt whether she was born now 3 sending her back eventually going to breed hopefully, we six years old i know you like pandas. >> i follow into -- geographic
8:03 am
photographer, i am all about the panda. >> very sad to see her he go hopefully she will have babies. >> -- yes. >> the white house expected to announce a big immigration launch this morning coming as president selects army lieutenant general hr mcmaster new national security adviser blake burman live at white house request the very latest. reporter: good morning to you department of homeland security crumpled to unveil at some point later this morning, that will further clarify the trump administration policies, ons immigration, official here'sl here at white house telling me this will involve hiring of additional 10,000 ice agents 5,000 border apple troll as well we expect rollout to announce guidelines, for the targeting and removal of criminal illegal immigrants, as you know, president trump talked for months and months and minutes during the campaign about shoring up southern
8:04 am
border he views it as a national security issue. along those lines, yesterday, the president also unveiled his new national security adviser that being lieutenant general hr mcmasterer a career army officer decorated war veteran. >> the man of tremendous talent tremendous experience, i watched and read a lot over the last two days. he is highly respected by everybody in the military. and we are very honored to have him. >> thank you very much, i just like to say what a privilege it is to be able to continue serving our nation, i am grateful to you for that opportunity. >> a note on mcmatter ofer dagen he is first active duty military member promoted to the national security adviser in 30 years, the last time that happened ronald reagan did so with colin powell. >> by the way, president trump expected to leave white house about a half hour or so. he heads not far away probably
8:05 am
5, 6 blocks or so over to the -- national museum african-american history and culture opened in past few months. >> thank you so much particularly for black mist month former ohio congressman fox news contributor, dennis kucinich what are you expecting from immigration announcement this morning. >> they are gonna first of all, have to clarify for american people they can get matter of the orders of the court, that pulled the administration up short on some first amendment issues, the next thing is there is how is plan unfolded if you are going to hire between 10 and 15,000 agents, you have to have congressional approval that involves expenditure of billions of dollars to say agents have to be trained the idea that people are just going to rush out there and starter an hend he -- >> criminals not happening
8:06 am
fast you have to identify them you have to have a plan apprehend them they go before a judge deported this is a process you have to keep in mind that process can still take a while to work. >> president obama and first four years ramped up the deportation of illegal immigrants here focusing on people who were criminals now that those k deportations trailed off in a second term but you have things like, federal raids on maternity hotels people fly to united states to have kids on american soil so they would have u.s. citizenship president obama tough on immigration first four years is trump being demon i'd for tough talk nieb doing very well the same thing. >> there are seem similarities, between the policies of the obama administration, and what president trump is he is. >> espoising president obama
8:07 am
this every talked about what could be construed religious test men and women people very concerned about violent criminals in this country or people maybe suspected terrorists would come into this country us do harm, a national security issue, however we have could be careful this is you know, to remember what america is about america is a country of immigrants, and that i think is has been the big difficulty that president trump has had. because the tone of his immigration orders, has been to in eyes of some people challenge underlying be what america is about. >> i do want to point out though on that very thing, now we're waiting for revised travel order to come out. but the new version that some in the media have seen appears to address that criticism. about it being a religious test or religious ban, amounting to religious
8:08 am
discrimination would be unconst eliminating at the preferences for religious minorities that was included in the original order legally psychologically the administration is sensitive to that. >> that is important, here is the here is the difficulty they have. the first rollout was he handled in a way that wasn't very good the second one is going to be framed based on the first one, you know, this is really a matter of framing the issue and reframe people are going to say is this more the same? the courts will determine that. but i think that -- you know -- i don't think anybody argues with the need to deal with violent criminals here illegally or suspected terrorists there is a lot of argument about pinning all immigrants with same brush also puttinging into deportation people really caught up in a bureaucracy we got to be careful how this is handled.
8:09 am
>> congressman you know this immigration plan is supposed to prioritize one -- criminal illegally aliens and that is defined from what what i read convicted of criminal -- charging has not been resolved, using public benefit programs, that they weren't supposed to juice subject to removal order but still in the country. >> how do you see that sort sf expansion of what is defined as criminal illegal aliens. >> i don't know that it is an expansion, the question is who gets caught up in this directive, because not all immigrants are the same we have to realize that. there's as -- there's -- dozens of different statuses, so we have to be careful that we're not sweeping up innocent people in this effort to try to make our country safer. dagen: . >> are you innocent if violating the rule of law essentially if you are here illegally with you technically innocent.
8:10 am
>> that is an interesting question there are some people overstayed their time permitted, they aretically in violation, but not violent criminals some are in application, trying to get their stay extended. they haven't been approved, you know, they are in a gray area so what i am suggesting is that while we need to pay attention to national security issues here, we also have to be very careful that we're not pinning all immigrants with the same brush. >> congressman it is robert how are you? nice to see you. just a pick to question. with respect to seven countries, that go through pretty intense vetting already, i think homeland security has said that it takes 18 to 24 months, for these countries if they don't have visa green cards waivers, how is it that much dust than what is already happening? >> it is not that much different except there is renewed emphasis, on it. as i said at the beginning of
8:11 am
this interview, there is a process and the process can be very lengthy working its way out, the big -- concern that americans have is that in our desire to be able to protect our borders, that we do not cause undue criticism to people might have an immigrant status, and you have to remember where mesh came from a balance issue here, there is a policy issue has to be dealt with there is balance issue who are we as nation? are we continuing to welcome people give us your tired free public masses are we saying that is it we're not taking anyone else? we have to be careful the signal we send to millions of immigrants in this country contributing to america helping build tech industries repleni isish he educations you institutions deal with issues president trump identified as national security matters. dagen: great to see you
8:12 am
dennis kucinich we will see you soon the company behind burger king reportedly has its eye on popeye, the first details on the rumored deal r the friday chicken chain. >> the u.s. said bye-bye to bau-bau the giant panda moving into china. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ demonize.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
. . dagen: law enforcement community mourning the loss of one of their own, in whittier california cheryl casone has more on this story. cheryl: 27-year veteran of the force was killed in a shoot-out with a known gang member responding to a call about a traffic accident, the suspect 26-year-old out on parole was driving a stolen car when he opened fire with semiautomatic pistol killing him and injuring another souvpolice we have broke down in tears as he described his fallen colleague and a friend. >> really hard for me to hold back. my tears -- all of us have been grieving. since 2:00 this morning i didn't think i had any tears
8:16 am
left. cheryl: tough day for that department suspect was injured in that shoot-out. watching walmart this morning higher in premarket trading same-store sales for the latest convert better than expected earnings per share beat street home depot a boost the company results, at top expectations thanks to strong u.s. ug housing market home depot raising quarterly dividend setting 15-billion-dollar buyback there is is stock premarket, in burger king may be looking to cash in on popularity of fried chicken, reported on this extensively home of the whopper reportedly want to go acquire popeye for more than 1.7 billion sources say a detail could be announced as early as this week the k35e7bs discussed takeover in summer no agreement was reached, pop ice has described to comment brands international parent of burger king has not issued a comment a one year chart of that company. >> thousands are heading to
8:17 am
the smithsonian national zoo to say good-bye to bau-bau american panda can you be at a departs for china 16-hour flight there has been a ceremony, a party, all millions of fans around the world, and they basically saying that this hourlong wait you guys for people to come say good-bye to her that was just yesterday. the agreement china has to go back to overseas all being live streamed, taking bamboo, some -- apples. >> that hour to go and see her say good-bye, wouldn't you -- >> i would wait. >> i don't -- should i say this i don't believe, as an animal lover i have issues but bau-bau is good to go to be able to breed now. >> the pandas, he endangered
8:18 am
species having a watching her since birth, at the need to build seizes out you see pandas eating i read they eat 15 hours day flight 16 hours hoping she will eat most flight which it there about a comfortable 5 ups and downs apples 50 pounds bamboo. >> i keep talking about her name -- aimee vital vfrments frments t-a-l-e on instagram has that is all she does is frav pandas, in the panda base in china, and there was a video particular where it was 23 baby pandas, born, and like all the workers -- >> each other. >> love it. >> what is about it pandas.
8:19 am
>> i want to say again see a side of a stick of butter when born. >> high risk very difficult for them you know, they are very -- because so little vulnerable. all babies are. >> bau-bau. >> let's wait in line. >> i definitely would do that the success ivanka trump perfume to top of the chart despite calls for a protesting her products, and state of a controversial painting will hang in the hands of the court, congressman is planning to sue over removal on capitol hill. lieutenant.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
. we have no debt bought right price from banks frankly i think something going to be a left fun job producing we will produce a fantastic one insights is considered as eric said the largest winery on the east coast i think may be more important than size we make the finest wines many different types of wines but the finest wines that to me o more important than size the size does matter. >> president trump his wine company when he purchased it in 2011 turns out customers feel the same way about that wine, even though president trump doesn't drink so boycott backfiring, announcinging sold out of trump wine people voting with wallets, what is your take on this again i think natural reaction this grab your wallet trying to get people to not shop at any store that carries any trump merchandise. >> look, when people like product going to buy it whether wine perfume that is
8:24 am
great how markets work, the brands going to have to find right channels to sell can when they do that reach customers buy the product they like it these sorts of things won't stick grab your wallet won't stick people like products they buy. >> people want what they think they can't have they see this buying because they don't want to lose out on the product they like also because they want something conclusive. >> boycotting against ivanka trump's brand losing steam pr fume topping amazon best-seller list, again. >> listen, 15 million people voted for trump, so there is at least 50 million consumers plus that. of the and so i think that they see different protesters trying to shut down trump brand or any other brand just doesn't work. >> i think the real question is going to be staying power when people are rushing to buy things ivanka's per form right now the question down the road long term will people continue to want to a fwloi that or heat of the moment right.
8:25 am
>> you channels like horizon not taking any hit for selling the stuff that is the thing you have to pay attention there is brand channels pay attention nordstrom, amazon is going to sell stuff people are going to buy it there is going to be nothing lost for amazon selling product. >> chinese companies looking to trademark items with ivanka's name on them. >> ivanka you don't need trump. for that. >> people know who ivanka is, no matter your politics you can't the fact lovely poised a powerful woman represents a lot of things that women in today's world want to be represented by, so you know her name is her brand. >> i just think that like this grab your wallet protester thing is a waste of energy, like just a feel good movement for one individual who is starting it. >> listen there will be those people don't shop for the political reasons, but like i said -- >> you know, it is the same thing, as i am not gonna shop
8:26 am
i am not gonna shop at dillard's because they carry ivanka trump, hooey. >> i agree with you. >> i am not going to invest in the stock market because it is the same thing i am not going to invest in the stock market discuss a president obama was t. >> that would have been really stupid because -- four times -- >> everyone touting obama one month versus 400% -- >> i will get. >> i will give you that ares. >> did say that, you know, big does matter, so -- you know in his winery. >> sound bite ended on. >> no idea what you are talking about. >> that is where you were going. >> this is a family show. >> champagne. >> 8:26 in the morning. >> champagne? >> yeah. >> you do that with trump champagne with a straw. >> i have had that winery is not -- it is very close to
8:27 am
where some of my family members live, and it was -- >> i remember. >> -- >> 2011 cheryl casone tell us quality wine known for sparkling whites. >> we have breaking news we want to bring that police in barcelona say they have detained man driving a truck, with butane gas tanks at a high speed against traffic on a local highway. >> media reporting police stopped driver with gunshots more details as they come, but, again,, barcelona, you he remember what happened in marseilles bastille day terrorist attack not making a connection barcelona very close to marseilles, again so police stopping this truck with butane gas tanks in the back, still ahead, the month -- into the presidency, one month. is mr. trump president trump delivering on his promises. >> we will hear what voters
8:28 am
are saying, apple reportedly ready to roll out ipad refresh, when new molds are expected to hit store shelves. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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. . dagen: well back dagen mcdowell for maria bartiromo tuesday, february 21, your top stories at 8:30 a.m. eastern time, a busy day for president trump, examine commander in chief to visit national museum
8:31 am
army of history culture, this comes as president trump is expected to unveil his revised immigration plan this morning, here in states includes hiring 15,000 additional people, homeland security. the big changes we expect ahead. this comes amid breaking news out of spain police in barcelona say they have detained a man driving a a truck, with butane gas tanks, in a high speed against traffic on a highway. local media reporting police stopped driver with gunshots we bring details as they come. >> battle over capitol hill painting depicts police officers as pigs heading to court. >> i don't understand why democrats congressional black caucus stand for portraying cops as pigs i don't understand blows my mind 23 democratic party stands for making cops look like pigs hanging a piece of art like that u.s. state capitol a very sad commentary on their party
8:32 am
what they stand for. >> latest on that tense debate ahead new details around the yoo-hoo verizon deal the company agreeing to cut the merger price will -- future costs of date breaches on those developments coming up retail earnings focus on wall street macy's out short while ago the company earnings per share topping estimates revenue missing shares are headed higher by 2%, similar story at walmart, walmart, you can see what the stock markets are doing in terms of walmart dow component dow futures up 59 points off highs of the session. europe markets little changed this day we have losses on the ftse 100 in england gains in france and germany, in asia overnight there was one of the four major markets lower the hang seng in hong kong down 3/4 of 1%, law enforcement returning to their home states this week, where
8:33 am
they are getting earful from constituents some republicans finding themselves with angry protests packing town hall meetings joining us from home district florida congressman ron de santis what are you hearing from constituents a lot are democrats that agitators encouraged to fuss at you folks. >> good morning i think that is right, there are definitely people who are liberal democrats who are very upset that donald trump is president. i think that a lot of people in the democratically party if i had a tough time coming to terms with election making their voices known, fine, but i will tell you, in my district, i have a lot of people who are happy with the president, because he is basically doing what he promised voters that he would do, and my what i found in politics, is when you run for office, you say what you are going to do if you get in just do what you said you are going to do dental break your
8:34 am
promises even voters that don't necessarily agree with you own every issue they do appreciate that you are following through with what you said would you do. >> there are a couple of things that all of you need to get on the stick about though in terms of promises. can we talk about what you are doing about tax reform what you are doing about repealing on care figuring out a placement that will fly. >> two things one budget process is already in place to do repeal of obamacare so i think that will happen, when we return in march, and then the replacement people say o they don't have a plan we have half dozen plans, that have been put forward, and if you look at all those plans, i would say about 75% of those plans have a lot of commonality so there is broad agreement on some. l of the reform need to take place other areas you iron out that is what putting a legislative process together is about you run a bill
8:35 am
through committee offer amendments on floor put it through, own tax reform a lot of good things republicans in house are doing board adjustment tax is going to be major sticking point in the senate but increasingly i think in the house the question is doing the border adjustment effectively 20% tax on imports, is that going to outweigh some other good that is in the tax reform, and there is more and more people on the conservative said say that is the case. >> congressman what ways the path forward with border adjustment tax some say if not in bill you probably have to sunset this because of deficit concerns if in the bill you can go something bigger in terms of he reform you might hurt customers hard to see where republicans go from here where do you think the path forward lies. >> i think important with border adjustment yes consumers pay more at walmart effectively a tax increase on them but also important, that
8:36 am
towns it will harm some of our small yemeni sized manufactures that use foreign component parts all those parts that go into their product will no longer be deductible at all a higher tax bill as a result you do not want to do anything that is going to damage the economy so i think there is debate in the house about what it will do the thing is we don't really know what it will do, i mean you can bring an economist in say one thing another economist can say something else, but it is kind of unchattered territory i think a lot of us myself included have a little bit of an hennhenn in you don't worry about budget neutrality people say will increase deficit we said he would want less government almost if you do tax reform tax cuts you are going to get higher deficits meaning government spending on auto pilot i don't think that needs to be the case. >> so congressman when you look at the deficit side, the
8:37 am
president wants to do a tax cut, the idea of tax reform difficult wants to increase military funding wants to do infrastructure plan, wants to keep socially net of social security medicaid medicare build a wall hiring another 15,000 homeland security give me idea how you think policy is getting through where deficits don't balloon? >> well, i think the infrastructure is somewhat of a different beast they assumed they could get a tlost a democrat support for that especially if big spending bill i think if you are seeing democratic voters are telling guys oppose trump originally i don't know that you should -- >> my question is with you how do you see policy okay, when you have tax cuts in increased spending and you were saying you are concerned about the deficit how do you. >> that circle i see trillions of dollars coming through on deficits if that plan continues as is.
8:38 am
>> well, we can do reductions nonmilitary domestic spending we can do things like welfare he reform requiring work requirements for able bodied recipients different budgets put forward with house republicans have shown ways to save money on that end. you do need more military spending but i would say even within that, there is going to be an effort in the congress you have seen the president himself try to call out some of the bad spending that happens in the pentagon bureaucracy and some overruns you may have a net increase in disinformation but if you can root out some of the waste that will help the fight a great deal at the end of the day, the money is not spent unless congress appropriates it we have opportunity to prune back in areas that we don't necessarily think are useful. >> congressman one of your democratic colleagues will be in washington today, in d.c. filing a lawsuit over the removal of the controversial painting from capitol hill that depicts police officers
8:39 am
as pigs your reaction to that. >> i think it is a forgive allows suit rules of the house are very clear nobody has a right to put art in this hallway it is a program, that is established by the congress, there are certain guidelines, and i just don't think, in the house of our national legislature, that we want to be advertising treating law enforcement as pigs, it is as grow tefk people are tree to do it do it on your dime you don't have right to have congress hang it for. >> is this o symbolic of the dwidz between two political parties different political persuasions this is what you are fighting over? >> well, i think that -- it may be emblematic in washington get outside washington what percentage americans would think acceptable there maybe some for sure i think the we overwhelming majority of the american people would look at that i think that they would
8:40 am
say that that is a grotesque painting should not be in the national capitol. >> want to go back on affordable care act the idea you think we could replace it what would you replace it with to have 20 million people who are currently what would you do with medicaid expansion, that is obviously critically important especially for preventative care? >> well, sir, i think this idea of replace i don't want our own 2000-page bill congress cannot solve all problems with one massive bill the repeal should then be -- followed with he reform some of the reforms you have to do, evolve protect health savings accounts allowing people apply insurance they want without government, refreshereding their plans illegal that includes across state lines, some of the medicaid expansion would have happened anyway, people who were eligible for medicaid regardless of obamacare, then i think it is
8:41 am
important to note some people on these exchanges obamacare exchanges how aed health insurance principle of plans were canceled they were forced into plans with high deductibles high premiums. >> thank you for being here covered a lot of ground congressman de santis take carry. >> restaurant brands international owner of burger king announcing it had will acquire popeye price tag 1.8 billion dollars, 789 dollars a share you can take a look -- popeye louisiana kitchen big move upside, more than 16% there, popeyes all cylinders i am a vegetable tar january but chicken is deliciousn. >> coming up if trump rally rolls on despite opposition to the policies stuart varney gives his take the deal on why verizon is not backing down from yahoo! playout the massive data breaches.
8:42 am
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8:45 am
dagen: we are 45 minutes away from the opening bell, take a look at stocks on the move this morning, yahoo!, watching that new details around the company deal with verizon, the two companies the o officially agreed to cut merger price 3350 modals -- 350 million dollars, yahoo! shares in premarket trading, but yahoo! that is albatross around the neck that data breach up 3/4 of 1% apple expected to unveil new versions of ipad at an event next month rumors reporting debut will include
8:46 am
four different sizes of ipad pro, shares of apple moving up. this morning. backlash over president trump's policies not scaring off wall street investors. the trump rally poised for another return today, ahead of expected revision to the president's immigration executive order that travel order, host of "varney & company", stuart varney joining us now with his thoughts. >> thoughts? you are own a rant or what? >> i do, always. >> just add up the opposition to president trump groups and sectors of our society that are diametrically opposed to mr. trump determined to stop him undermine him reverse anything that he does look at this the entire media with just a few exception, all opposed to trump colleges ah universally opposed to donald trump federal bureaucrats epa intelligence agencies leaking bad stuff about president
8:47 am
trump there is opposition for you, teachers unionize environmentalists, all democrats and few republicans, all united in opposition to president trump, yet despite all of that, we have a new record to the dow industrials almost every day we are going to hit a new record high this morning, we are probably going get real close to 20,000 -- 20700 added 2.7 trillion dollars wealth two society since election day that is what we've got it is the trump rally, despite the hysterical opposition i find it fascinating wild underreported when did you see a front page "new york times" or "washington post", heralding this massive increase in our national wealthy you will never see it! but we will. >> i don't read those papers. >> i do every morning i like to see what on opposition is
8:48 am
up to fascinated by it. >> oi a "the wall street journal" kind of gal. >> to the exactly on border with president either. >> stuart, thank ashley webster sent e-mail i said terror attack in marseilles it was nice sent me an e-mail that is the family that we have here. >> thank you. >> sure thing. >> stuart varney 9:00 a.m. eastern has 12 minutes from now. and coming up everybody speaking of family we are family here at fox business and fox news, we are going to remember our colleague or i dear friend family member brenda buttner passed away yesterday a look back at our colleague's incredible life coming up. ♪
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♪ dagen: hi i am brenda buttner there is bulls and bears thanks so much having me follow a super model i have been on cover popular mechanics. >> you are right. >> what do you make of this -- >> i think really -- this itself a very important business story i am talking about the hunkiest member of the new york city fire department anybody start a fire to meet you. >> more power than they deserve get out there, and tell your story. >> a few of our favorite moments with our colleague friend brenda buttner host of
8:53 am
"bulls & bears" since inception passed away yesterday after a courageous battle with cancer she shared with all of you on twitter, so courageously joining me group president fox news contributor gary b. smith, we watched those clips you were on bulls and bears with brenda from day one a close friend of hers off air i watched clips that is why everybody loved her so much because that is her spirit. that is her intelligence, that is her depth and he personality humor why we loved her so much. >> exactly dagen tough for me to get through i thought of brenda kind of the two brenned as the brenda that we saw on tv the professional -- she probably was smartest person in the room, but you never knew it she it was never,
8:54 am
ever, ever about brenda on the show, and i think her genius two things as the host, her warmth which shined through every time and her ability to make everyone else on the show look so great. the other part was i can remember times i was in new york, during the break she would turn to you, and touch you on the arm, and say gary tell me how katherine is how is she doing at bryn mawr? would remember not only names of kids and wife the names of your dog. >> i was thinking that when you said that always, she loved animals that was part of our personality one of her passions loved motorcycles, rhodes scholar went to harvard would ask me how ramon charlie were doing when she was away,
8:55 am
and sick in the last year that is what we e-mailed about. >> exactly so remarkable it was never fake or phony like she had a rolodex there, she truly wanted to know, and i think it was that and you saw in it the clips, her warmth, and her spirit, i mean, look there is -- there is a lot of great hosts i love you dagen, your fantastic every one is different in their own way, but the things that was -- about brenda was she was just such a great heart i think that is why i -- i was i have been choked up now for the last 24 hours or so and i know a lot of people share that same sentiment. >> there was only one brenda buttner only ever be one brenda buttner i want to -- i talk about when she was sick, she communicated directly with
8:56 am
all the people who loved her so much, her longtime audience i noticed someone tweeted yesterday for me brenda was face of fox business high. >> beautiful to viewer and to us in private. >> exactly, dagen, brenda and i started way back late 90s if you can believe it together -- i am thankful shared past 20 years. >> i encourage everybody to watch neil's tribute to brenda you hear that voice you hear that laugh, it will make you smile blessings prayers to her two daughters, godspeed brenda. we'll be right back. thanks dagen. this is the silverado special edition.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
dagen: new video of president trump arriving at the museum of african-american history and culture. taking a tour of the museum. final thoughts. >> everyone should put their iphone congressman tim ryan of
9:00 am
ohio, new type of democrat, more to the center talking about economics and the need to increase wages nonstop. >> we are more excited about what came through in the segment. >> we are thinking about brenda butner and her family today. you hear the sadness invoices at 1211 avenue of the america. dagen: thank you. "varney and company" now. stuart: thank you, republicans split on tax cuts. so what? investors are ignoring it and the dow is heading for another record. this must be the umpteenth of the year, tuesday morning, it is a repeat of what we have seen so often, extreme political division but stocks keep going up. look at that, the dow's close on friday, 20,00624. it will open today with a gain of 60 or 70 points and that will push the dow close to a 27700.


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