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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  February 23, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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tonight. it will be right here on foxbusiness. we are done for tonight. making money with charles payne is next. good evening. i'm charles payne. one of the largest manufacturing companies in america. it's bringing jobs back to the . they hand-picked this. they called the meeting a success. and praised the president. >> the opportunity to grow it even more than the 2% rate is there. and what i have noticed about this president is that is what he wants to do. very reaganesque with the
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commentary around growth. he was in the room with the president today and he joins me now. i just want to ask you. because he was a critic of donald trump during the campaign now same probably the most pro-business president of the founding father. and has the ability i was very supportive of trump from day one. as the chairman i have the opportunity and we all have have the same excitement and energy around this whole idea of focusing on manufacturing and revitalizing this area. i think the ceo ford this
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might have been his third or fourth trip to the white house. early on one of the trips he came out and said we might be on the cusp of an american renaissance manufacturing. we saw amazing manufacturing data. in its early. but are we already starting to see some of the anticipation and excitement manifest into reality. what were seen today is under spending. i think there has been a lack of focus. on my opinion they've have regulation after regulation. all of them worked against manufacturing. now for the first time as andrew talked about this president is very much to focus on bringing jobs back here. you focus on tax reform regulations infrastructure and education is what this president is very much focused on right now. this is what i call the manufacturing paradox. we focus on that one area.
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we know that's clear but some people say after they disappoint -- disappeared we also had output at an all-time high in gdp to our economy is over $2 trillion in fact other than china their number one or number two. the next four nations don't have the gdp that we do. is it such a problem outside of the jobs lost and does it mean that the job loss can't all be brought back. i grip walking the plant manager. i now run a great plant manufacturing. what's going on is manufacturing has changed so much over the last 15 or 25 years. we need the higher educated skilled workers to run these facilities. we can make more with automation.
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that's why they're always talking about this issue. a lot of my believers don't believe that it does. having said that i went to your site and you guys have something there. also in the role you talk about this because we are going to have millions of jobs that will organically happen whether the rules are changed or not. >> i need software people. we have our first day of two or manufacturing. at the software company. and it's designed in the software. these are higher paid jobs. you have more automation in and need higher skills. were getting older. my average workforce is getting older and older.
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i need to replace them with higher skilled workers. they are going to work here and we need that. that's what you see why you see there always talking about the stem programs with a higher education. >> we have a donald trump tweet that just came out. can we just bring that tweet up. you can see the s&p 500 renews the job pledge. the energy and excitement that were seen in the stock market you feel that now. do you feel like everyone's coming on board in your industry because there were some skeptics. from 15,000 members people are energized. i see my customer -based energized. run tax reform in education and infrastructure. i think this has a chance to be renaissance around manufacturing. you know how to make it through bad times and good times. let's bring in our panel. i have to tell you we have a
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lot of doubters in the manufacturing space. it feels like everyone has come around but now expectations are now extra narrowly high. this is the new normal. when you use the word excitement around donald trump and his policies the fact that he has proven that we can do better and we can do it from. when you look at the rust belt states you look at wisconsin and you see the blight. they know he can fix it. it's about 9% of our workforce.
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i just had a great conversation with emerson. you hear what i'm getting from them is the first time in a long time that you've have a white house that was receptive to potential solutions coming from the industry itself. instead of someone wagging their fingers. they are saying what can we do it right. the attitude counts. we are all both veterans of the trump campaign. i give a speech to hear in my hometown of chicago.
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a lot of the students are 20 years old. they have never seen america really grow, isn't that sad and pathetic. we are better than that. we cannot grow at one in 2% and be okay with it in the societal problem. on the side. can you revitalize manufacturing. yes we absolutely can. they are hustling it's dynamic and energetic. what we need is better policy and we need an attitude. it's not just policy. we need the belief the economy largelyves around that. if we believe we can do it we well. >> no doubt that in large part it goes with the self-fulfilling prophecy. charles: we just talked about technology and mathematics. do you feel like president trump is get to do something to help us and even push some of these companies like
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emerson is going to retrain it see you can have the workforce of tomorrow? >> he sat down this morning i will give you an inside tip. that is what happens behind the closed doors as he listens. he asks. he will go around. he have some of the brightest corporate mines in the room. he will act. he will get things done. as long as we have a congress that gets on board with the president trump agenda we will see this happen. it feels like the manufacturing renaissance has begun. you can tell something is definitely moving in the right direction. now gearing gearing up for a
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major tax overhaul. this is how aggressive it will be. is it can be enough. will break it up for you next.
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newly confirmed treasury secretary making headlines today reinforcing in the white the white house commitment to sweeping tax overhaul here is what the wall street veterans. >> tax reform is our number one objective.
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we need to make sure that the middle income gets a tax cut. we need to make sure that businesses are competitive with the rest of the world. i think it's taking us sometime. it is a very aggressive position and we will get it done. charles: joe, let me ask you. obviously tax reform is complicated. a lot of people are wondering ronald reagan when he came and he lowered taxes he did it quickly and then they waited years before he actually did a so-called tax reform. are they playing with fire. and maybe not even getting it done this year. >> let me ask you a question. why the heck is congress on recess. there is a political revolution going on. they are missing it. i agree. here is the beauty about steve. he's not a politician donald
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trump not a politician and they are the ones that are saying let's get this thing done by august. and you have most of the republican politicians in dc were pooh-poohing even that and shaking their heads. cut taxes now immediately. >> that is where everyone is gonna be tonight and tomorrow. do you think they are going to hear this. president trump made specific promises to the american public and we have bought into it look at the stock market. look at sentiment readings. the only people that can messes up in my mind is the gop in washington. it looks like can a try. i think for the trump
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presidency the most important thing to get past is what is going to spur gdp growth. if you lower the rate from 40% right now to around 20 of 15% you will have gdp growth over time. it's doubling. a separate from looking at them on a personal level. the how to get rid of different loopholes and deductions. it will bog the process down. just like reagan did. and then look at tax reform and push that a little bit further down the line. it all seems very gimmicky. they talked about the different ways of scoring it. it was dynamic scoring it takes to the fact. you don't lose revenue when more people spend their money
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at a lower tax rate. as money is moving through it. this is crazy. even paul ryan came out yesterday and promise that the tax reform would be revenue neutral. since when do republicans give a damn is returning money to the american people is just a bunch of baloney. this should be the easiest argument in the world for republicans to make. for to get the american people back more of their own money. american businesses as well to your point. it gets pushed into society and isn't that where we hit really organic growth. that is reinvestment. they were investing by about
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5%. it's been 1.7 percent. if we need to get the economy started right away. we need him to start investing in growing their business. that's the way to do it. repatriation. it would help stimulate the economy. i know that larry and stephen moore and all of the former economic advisers are advocates of this. i think we will see immediate economic growth. we will still borrow trillions from other countries. thank you both very much. coming up it was a big time promise that helped propel donald trump. they are worried about the pottery barn rule. the one that says you only in this case were talking about obama care next.
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charles: now we know the timeline for president trump's economic agenda and while don't worry you can get it all done. i don't see if you look at the market. the markets are speaking. a lot of confidence in the trump administration. let me start with you. there is no doubt that it reflects all of that. even some encouraging economic developments.
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a lot of people on wall street and other folks are wondering why not lower in those taxes. do those major reform down the road. and then tackle obama care. you have to keep key elements of it. it will just be complicated and expensive to do right. it's complicate it. i think they're taking their time doing it. they're not just filled up with democrats who are mad that they are going to repeal it and not do with a promise to do. they were given the senate they were given the presidency. and they made a promise in the last four elections that they would repeal it. it's hard for them to say we will do it down the road. have to get started now.
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your policies are being written right now. and they are being priced out right now. what they're doing is they would rather take the heat right now in the first two months for people say they're not moving fast enough or repealing it right away. and telling them what they are good to do next. they would rather get it right. when they passed obama care and pushed it through and all of the problems that ensued after. here's the thing. if we know it's been a disaster in a couple of healthcare ceos talk about this thing imploded on itself. what kind of risk are we talking about and what kind of alternatives are we talking about. we have operations in canada, and germany in japan i think what's obvious to me as a
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canadian and as a ceo is it's important to be able to deliver healthcare in a cohesive way to your citizens and whether that obama care a small country like canada and say we can replicate that in america. absolutely. i love the fact that as a country they believe in basic healthcare the most important part of the equation is that next-generation medications for people the people want to support. they supported the 21st century cures act. to support this kind of innovations we need next generations innovations. the top diplomats the battle
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is still going on. we will discuss it all now.
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charles: president trump sending his top diplomats south of the border to discuss a thurm of issues with -- a number of
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issues with our neighbors. secretary of state rex tillerson stressing the importance of one, bilateral trade. >> we agreed that our two countries should seize the opportunity to modernize and strengthen our trade and energy relationship. charles: and secretary of homeland security john kelly emphasizing the need for a strong border. >> what happens in mexico also affects the security of the united states, and what happens in the united states affects security in mexico. we have a co-responsibility to manage our shared border. charles: here to discuss, henry nunez, joe walsh and governor jan i brewer. governor, it's been a long time. want to start with you. the wall's a big deal, feels like it's going up. not really a lot of talk about who's going to pay for it, but more importantly, why we need it, why it's so important. >> well, i think it's real important, first and foremost, because donald trump promised it would be done. our border needs to be secure to keep us safe inside our country and, obviously, a country
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without borders is no country at all. it just, we're just overrun with illegal immigration and drug trafficking, so i'm very, very thrilled that he promised it on his campaign, and he's going to deliver. and i think it will be done. charles: oh, i think it's going to be done, no doubt about it. you have some pushback, some economists even on, even libertarian thinking economists are saying it's a waste of time. it could be a $20 billion white elephant boondoggle, and it won't do the things that are promised. are you this that camp? >> oh, absolutely. it's going to be a lot more than $20 billion. what they're saying is $6.5 million per hill for a single layer of fence, and that doesn't count the enormous amount of private property that's going to be taken by the government in order to build this. we have to also realize that the flow of illegal immigrants across the border now is about what it was in the early 1970s. it's crashed since the beginning of the great recession. so this wall, whatever the governor is saying, might have
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been an effective tool 15 years ago, but it's 15 years too late to really make a difference because the flow of unauthorized immigrants is so low. finish. charles: here's the thing though, joe, i tell you what's not at an all-time low, drug addiction from drugs coming from mexico and the job losses particularly in some of those southern states and the crime waves around this country that people believe that, hey, we first and foremost as a deterrent, it makes sense that we secure and control our own borders, joe. >> look, walls work. there's a wall around the white house. many of us have walls and and gates in the homes we live in. hey, charles, this is why donald trump got elected. [laughter] the wall, literally and fig figuratively. >> yeah, yeah. >> finally, finally, he got elected because we wanted somebody who would control our border. now, if it's just a wall, i agree we need more than that. we need manpower down there, we need technology, drones, the whole thing.
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but we need to control our borders, and we're finally going to get it done. >> mexican illegal immigrants didn't take jobs from workers in michigan and ohio and pennsylvania who voted for donald trump. that's just a simple nonsense, it's a talking point, it doesn't make any kind of sense. charles: joe? >> that's bull, they do. absolutely, they do. >> really? mexican illegal immigrants are the reason why detroit has gone bust? really, seriously? >> yeah -- [laughter] illegals in this country take -- and that may be funny to you, my friend -- >> what about west virginia which has a 1% -- charles: one at a time. >> suffering more than any other state. is that because of immigrants? charles: let me bring in henry because, you know, i thought this was an incredible olive branch considering how abruptly the mexican president canceled his trip to america last month. to send two top diplomats to mexico for this meeting, and yet what we're hearing in the press particularly from the mexican press is that mexicanss and the hispanics are offended by all of this. should they really be offended,
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henry? >> well, i think mexicans are offended by the way this president has talked about them and their families -- charles: what about being offended about the idea of a wall, about an idea of adjusting our trade with them? should anyone be offended by the idea of stopping the inflow of drugs? >> well, i'm from the border, and the governor understands that we have hills and miles and -- miles and miles and miles of offense. this is kind of assuming that our border is not secure today, that this is a group of people who have not tried to build over the course of many, many years, many generations common sense economic development. so it's not -- people are offended by the way that they and their families have been talked about. everybody wants a place that makes sense. i think people want to quit treating the border between the united states and mexico as the back door, and instead treat it as the front be door to economic opportunity -- front door to economic opportunity. we all want that.
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charles: governor brew we are, you saw this -- brewer, you saw this first hand. it is a porous border. it has not been a deterrent. you, in fact, really are convinced this is one piece of the puzzle, but a major piece. >> absolutely. we need our borders secured, and we know that we need more boots on the ground. donald trump has done that, 10,000 more i.c.e. agents, 5,000 more border patrol. we also need technology to enforce that. the bottom line is, is our border needs to be secured and, of course, we want commerce to go across those borders legally. unfortunately, most of the commerce that's coming across is drugs and drug cartels and smugglers and sex trafficking, and we all pay the price for that. and the american public is fed up. and that is why donald trump got elected. they want our border secure, they want to feel safe in their homes and on their streets. charles: alex, real quick. >> the size of the border patrol has more than doubled since 2004.
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if you want to see big government in action, take a look at what has happened on the border. it's more secure than it's been for almost our entire lives, more peaceful than a lot of people want to admit. and you want to see a big growth in government, a big, especially pensive -- expensive program by washington, d.c., you increase the size of border patrol -- >> that is a joke. that is a joke. [inaudible conversations] >> customs and border web site to get the facts yourself -- charles: joe? >> put me on with alex, i'll happily debate your open borders -- >> i hope you bring your facts, sir. charles: it is so good, we are going to bring you guys back, because it's a very contentious debate, and the stakes are extraordinary hi high. thank you all very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. charles: the dow edged its way back to a record close, the tenth in a row.
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coming up, we're going to talk about the trump rally and the administration's plan for the country going forward and also get a definition or at least an explanation of what is economic nationalism. we'll be right back. had. the classes, the friends, the independence. and since we planned for it, that student debt is the one experience, i'm glad she'll miss when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise this is one gorgeous truck. special edition. oh, did i say there's only one special edition? because, actually there's 5. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me! it's truck month!
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and we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here. ♪ ♪ charles: trump staffers reince priebus and steve bannon speaking at cpac earlier today, and while they agreed on most things, they did differ widely on the role of the media and what's going to happen in the future. next. ard jones office, like sue suggested. thanks for doing this, dad. so i thought it might be time to talk about a financial strategy. you mean pay him back? knowing your future is about more than just you. so let's start talking about your long-term goals. multiplied by 14,000 financial advisors, it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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charles: well, the dow finished higher for the tenth straight session, in fact, this is the best run since 1987, but there are some signs of stress in this rally including scuttlebutt of a delay in implementation of the infrastructure plan. u.s. steel in particular taking it real hard. now, you know, i've had a hard time seeing republicans blowing any of this in part because of the immediate need for infrastructure and bipartisan agreement, but still stocks,
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look at that, steel down bigtime, taking it on the chin. also the reaction as a cautionary tale for what could happen to the broader rally. i mean, if this falls apart, what happens if the gop can't make president trump's promises come true? well, let's bring in steve cortez, he knows all about this. steve, one site talked about infrastructure being kicked back until next year, and these stocks get hammered. you've got to wonder, we know the stakes are high. steve bannon -- i'm sorry, steven mnuchin, rather, spoke with maria bartiromo, and they understand the market is a reflection of donald trump. this is the trump rally. but tell me the risk now. >> right. now, and listen, i think, charles, you bring up an important point. there is political risk. and so i would tell investors as much as i love donald trump, as hard as i campaigned for him, it's not necessarily that you should pile in at these highs because there's going to be fits and starts. i think the economy is going to start to grow at a pace that we
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haven't seen since the, literally, the last century. i think the stock market is headed demonstrably higher. but having said that, there are going to be fits and starts along the way, and part of it is the political process this washington. exactly as you talk about. so infrastructure, i think this is a key. are we going to get it done this year? yes, i think we're going to, but there's a lot of doubt this wall street's mind, and you're exactly right. that's why, i think, today we got hit a bit. but also keep it in context, charles. compared to where we rallied from from october, it's almost meaningless. charles: yeah, i know, i told people to buy u.s. steel, and it was up almost 100% since electioning night. it's not a big deal. today on the stage of cing pack you have reince priebus and steve bannon at the same time, and bannon made a remark about economic nationalism. let's take a listen. >> i think if you look at the lines of work, i break it into three buckets. the first is national security and sovereignty.
6:43 pm
the second line of work is what i refer to as economic nationalism. the third, broadly, line of work is what is deconstruction of the administrative state. the rule of law is going to exist when you talk about our sovereignty and you talk about immigration. charles: no member of the trump team has been maligned as much as steve bannon in the media, and when he uses the word "nationalism," that's obviously a red flag for them. he said economic nationalism, what does that mean? >> right. this is so important, charles. so often the mainstream media says white nationalism. it has nothing to do with being white, it's nationalism, it has to do with being american. this is incredibly important. what he has said is we've created in this country over the last few decades an administrative state in washington, d.c. that exists for its own self-aggrandizement to the detriment of the rest of the country. and that's not just my opinion. look at income reports. four of the five top reporting income counties in america are
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in the washington, d.c. metro area. that's not because they're more productive, it's not because they work harder than the rest of america, it's because washington, d.c. has become a siphon be, a leech on the rest of america. and what bannon has said and what trump has said, more importantly, is we are coming to town not to tinker on the edges, but to smash that system and unleash the potential of all of america and to smash that crony system, rigged system that the american people rebelled against in this recent election. charles: tell you what, it is a daunting task, but they are laser-like focused. steve cortez, thank you very much. really appreciate it. >> thank you. charles: when we come back, it's like one flew over the cuckoo's nest. we're talking about the democratickic meltdown that's getting worse. ♪
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>> donald trump has already done a number of things which legitimately raise the question of impeachment. i think we need to begin investigations to not go after donald trump, but to protect hur constitution and the presidency of the united states. charles: well, that was congressman keith ellison riling up the base. in fact, this guy could be the future dnc chair this just a few days. -- in just a few days. if this is the case, is this the kind of rhetoric we can continue to see from democrats? joining me now, henry nine cross and lisa booth. lisa, a lot of folks, i guess this is deflecting that he's doing, congressman ellison, because this guy's got so much baggage, and the notion that the dnc may pick him as their leader boggles the mind. >> well, it certainly does, particularly if you look at some of the things he has written in the past, just blatantly racist,
6:49 pm
and seeing president trump needs to be impeached is crazy town as well. there's a reason why nancy pelosi and democratic leaders are trying to tone down that type of talk. but, look, the reality is i hope this is what the democratic party goes towards, because they're just doubling down on the same failed progressive policies that have really cost them historic margins on the state and federal level and has really relegated them to a coastal party with concentrations in states like california, massachusetts and new york. if that's the line they want to walk, go for it. be my guest. charles: i hear you. republican ares rooting for your self-implosion, you're dnc financial chair, henry, how do you explain the cries that donald trump is a racist when you're going to possibly put someone in charge who has said quite lofty and praiseful things of louis farrakhan and others? >> there are a number of candidates for the next chairmanship of the dnc --
6:50 pm
charles: are any of them capitalists? >> and they all -- of course they are. i'm a capitalist. they all have their opinion about what the party should stand for. but the most important conversation that is happening right now is a conversation amongst the people around the country who have amazing energy and want to see the democratic party move forward in a logical manner and who are designing the rebuilding of the dnc. charles: let me ask you, henry, because i don't want to run out of time. is moving forward embracing all americans instead of gender and racial politics and saying, hey, particularly going back to the middle of this country, white working class workers, hey, we didn't forget about you, we didn't take you for granted, because it looks like you're going to go further in the wrong direction. >> well, moving forward is reminding the american people that the party of opportunity no matter where you came from, a small town or a poor neighborhood, is the party that is, starts with a d, the democratic party. and i have to say that it's not
6:51 pm
the democratic party that's in meltdown. it seems like the white house is in a meltdown s and i don't think that anybody has to be talking about what -- >> charles. >> -- an impeachment of the presidency, because -- [inaudible conversations] charles: i mean, that's why -- >> charles. charles: let me bring lisa in for a moment. please, lisa. >> the democratic party these to win seats like the ten senators that are up for re-election in states that president trump won. that's their problem right now. yes, they're hunkering down and appealing to their liberal base, but that's not going to, one, win them back the senate or congress, and that's certainly not going to help them win national elections. i think that's the big problem, and i think rahm emanuel put it really well recently when he was calling on the democratic party to moderate and stop fighting what they perceive as moral victories because that's not going to help win elections. as we all know, you can't win elections if you don't have the numbers in congress to enact these policy changes. and that's the problem for the
6:52 pm
be democrats right now. they don't are the numbers, and the direction they're heading in is certainly not going to get -- >> i disagree. charles: angrily flailing away and talking about impeachment and socialist candidates, i just think, you know, listen, i'd love to see a loyal opposition party because this is a country of checks and balances. thank you both very much, appreciate it. >> thank you, charles. charles: i've got to shift the topic, because we've got some sad news at fox business and fox news today. alan colmes, a fox news original and dear friend to all of us, died after a brief illness. he was also, of course, a longtime radio host with wabc and wnbc, he was an author, he even was a stand-up comedian. it was my pleasure to get to know him, and i enjoyed our frequent impromptu hallway conversations. i i can tell you right now, he was a real good guy, a real happy person. blessings to his family. alan was 66 years old. we'll be right back.
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charles: well, the cpac convention kicking off today, and president trump will address the annual conference of conservatives tomorrow. vice president pence is going to get the crowd all fired up in just a little bit, later on tonight. meanwhile, some of the president's top deputies took to the stage earlier today in a show of unity, even if they differed on some things like the media. roll tape. >> i think there's hope that it's going to change. we sit here every day, and the president pumps out all this work, and the executive orders, and punching through the promises that he made to the american people, so we're hoping that the media would catch up immediately. >> the reasons reince and i are good partners, we can disagree. it's going to get worse every day. the corporatist, globalist media that are adamantly opposed -- [cheers and applause]
6:57 pm
adamantly opposed to to an economic nationalist ageneral. da. -- agenda. if you think they are going to give you your country back without a fight, you are sadly mistaken. [applause] every day it is going to be a fight. charles: here to discuss, kelly ridell and ryan gur dusky. guys, on my twitter page, i have a poll be up about this. 4% said the media will come aren't, 32% say the media fights for the elites, and 64% said the media is the enemy of the people. what's the consensus down there, ryan? >> yeah, you know, no, that's pretty much, pretty close to the consensus. they view mainstream media outlets as absolutely the enemy to the trump administration. but there was real unity between ban, this on and priebus on -- ban, this on and priebus on the agenda, and really they show a marriage and a merger of ideas. charles: kelly, it was very authentic because they both showed that, hey, we don't
6:58 pm
agree, we're not always on the same page, but we share the same mission. that did come across, at least watching it. did you feel that as well, kelly? >> yeah. and, you know, it's very important because republican party is being redefined by president donald trump. and you have reince priebus, who is very much the establishment part of the party representing the r, this c, and then you've -- rnc, and then you've got the pop list version that donald trump has brought in with steve bannon. you could see that with the answers, what are you most prouded of trump's agenda so far, license said it was the appointment be of gore such to the supreme court which is what a lot of these establishment republicans applauded whereas ban, this on went right after tpp, it's not participating in tpp, and that's the populist wing. when, you know, ban, this on -- bannon also said if the republican party can unify both the populist, the establishment as well as the forgotten man in the midwest. it is a powerful, powerful force that will be reckoned with here
6:59 pm
in d.c. charles: ryan, any pushback on that? i know there won't be any visible pushback, but do you fill believe that the -- still believe that the paul ryans and mitch mcconnells of the world are not ready to cede the entire party or cause to donald trump? >> well, paul ryan went to the border to look at a possible, a possibility of a wall. i think he was looking at what they have to get into. but there's definitely some staffers and some people that are in the congress who are absolutely opposed to trump still, justin amash is vocally speaking out, so, yes, there's absolutely a pushback and the fight for the future of the republican party is well underway, but the populists have a better foothold than they ever had before. charles: has it ever been this exciting down there, kelly? >> you know, i was here from the beginning, cpac really feels different this year, you know?
7:00 pm
my sense, this is mike pence's stomping ground. he's more of an establishment republican, he gave addresses here for several years, and so this is his crowd, but it's kind of turned more towards trump supporters, and we're seeing more -- charles: well, guess what? >> -- new faces at cpac. charles: it's going to be -- [inaudible] in about an hour. see you soon. lou: secretary of state tillerson and secretary of homeland security kelly both today pledging to work with mexico to improve border security. >> there's no mistaking that the rule of law matters along both sides of our border. lou: general kelly leading the tough talk to president trump to who vowed to increase deportations of criminal illegal immigrants. >> we're getting really bad dudes out of this country, and at a rate that nobody's ever seen before. lou: tonight i'll be talking with one of the country's leaders on border security, texas governor greg ab without. he's pushing -- babb ott to.


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