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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  February 23, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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and putting americans back to work already. he is rebuilding the military, and putting our enemies on notice. he is supporting law enforcement, and ending illegal immigration, once and for all. he is rolling back big government. and slashing through rid tape, he is upholding the constitution, restoring culture of life, and president donald trump is leading the fight too repeal and replace obamacare. [cheers and applause] and let me assure you, america's obamacare nightmare is about to end. you know, despite the best
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effort of liberal activists, and town halls in the country, the american people know better. obamacare has failed. and obamacare must go. this failed law is crippling the american economy and crushing the american people, talk about your fake news, look at the promises that liberals made about obamacare. remember they told us that cast of insurance would go down. they told us if you like your doctor, you can keep them. they told us if you like your health plan you can keep it, now we all know the truth. today americans are paying $3,000 more a year on average for la health insurance. higher costs, fewer choices, worse care. that is obamacare.
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if that were not bad enough, obamacare is a job killer, everyone in america knows it we're about to change that. by repealing obam obamacare economyliminating mandates and intrusion in your business and lives, and with president trump's leadership, obamacare will be replaced with something that i actually works, something built on freedom and individual responsibility. president trump and i want everyone to have assess to quality and afford ain'able health insurance, which is why we're building a better law. buy insurance across state lines, make sure that americans with preexisting
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conditions have access to health insurance, and security they need, and we'll give states freedom and flexibility too take care of the least fortunate in the way nat wor that will work in their state and their community. despite all fear mongering from the left, make n no mistake. we'll have an orderly system to the health care system this puts american people first. then we rebuild the american military. we will restore the arsenal of democracy, provide our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guard with the resources they need, and training to accomplish their mission, and come home safe, and we'll00 down and destroy isis its at source, so it can no longer threat ep ou threaten our nation or our
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families. [cheers and applause] we're going to get this economy moving again, by cutting taxes for working family, small businesses and family farm, we're goin going to rescind unconstitutional executive orders signed by barack obama. under president trump's leadership, we'll continue to rein in wasteful government spending and restore fiscal responsibility to washington d.c., en act realliedcasion reform that gives family more choices and recognize that education is a state and local funk function.
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and under president trump, no state will ever be forced to adopt the common core. [cheers and applause] yeah. i'm proud to stand with the president who is doing all this and more. i am proud to stand with the president who stands with our most cherished ally. the jewish state of israel. israel's fight is our fight. her cause is our cause. her values, are our values. and under president trump, america will stand with israel. [cheers and applause] maybe most of all, maybe most
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of all, i am grateful and honored to serve with the president, who will uphold our constitution and sante -- sanctity of human life. because of president trump, life is winning in america again. last month he reinstated mexico city policy, preventing funding for organization that promote or perform abortions. and when it comes to highest court in the land, in judge
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gorsuch, president trump kept his word. to nominate a new justice to the supreme court who will uphold our constitution and all of the god-given liberties enshrined in it, in the tradition of the late, and great justice scalia. men and women of the conservative movement, this is our time. i promise you, that president and i will work our hearts out to make america safe again, make america prosperous again. the success of our movement, and more personally -- importantly of our country, depends on you as it does on us. we must -- we must all of us rise to the challenge before
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us, tomorrow and every day after that -- there after. the other side is not sitting idle. now more than ever, as we did before when the movement won back the congress in 2010, and won back the white house in 2016, we got to do what we did before. we got to mobilize, and march forward, as if it is the most important time in the history of our move am, because it is. -- movement. because it is. men and women of this movement, there is no time like the presents. make sure voices heard. in town halls with your family and friends, on the internet, and social media and all those places where common sense, conservative messages are most
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desperately needed, this is our time. from this day forward, make america great again, president trump and i need every ounce of your energy and enthusiasm, convict, courage, and passion, and we need one more thing. we need your prayers. last month, i took my oath of office. administered by the great justice clarence thomas. you know for this grandson of an irish immigrant, it is hard to describe the privilege that i and my family felt that day. i put my left-hand on the bible that was used by the
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40th president of the united states, back in january of 1981. what was uncanny about that moment, as i opened that bieb tolbible to the versus he had it opened on that day, it is the same verse that i most often quoted as i campaigned across this country on behalf of our new president, in days ahead as we work and advance that cause too restore our country, we i think would do well to remember those words. if his people who are called by his name, will humble themselves and pray, he will do like he has always done, he will hear from heaven. and he will hee heal this
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land, this one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. [cheers and applause] reflecting on those timeless truths and the work we have to do, my fellow americans, it's time. but i am confident. i am confident with your help, and with god's help, and with president donald trump in the white house, i know, that the best days for america are yet to come.
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let's get to work. thank you. god bless you. god bless america. ♪ ♪ lou: vice president pence, addressing cpac, tomorrow the president addressing the gathering.
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i'll be there as well, we now join kennedy in progress, good night from new york. >> we have en grained within us a don't hatred of communism, but now it seems left who was mindful and vigilant of anticommunism wave that swept the country particularly the 50s, now it seems they have give en into this hysteria, where is the line? when should we be mindful this is just government propaganda? >> there are legitimate questions surrounding russia, including the role they played in hacking podesta e-mails, whether there was ain't intention to influence the outcome of the election. we have had no real accounting of that question. just anonymous leaks when are
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dubious, and worthy of skepticism. i think that broader issue comes to questions, do we want to be confrontational with and belligerent today russia as a lot of democrats seem to, confront them in syria uor ukraine or where our interesting don't coincide. as well as whether we should regard critics of the 2ke78craticritics of biel -- or on payroll of putin as democrats love say their critics are being. very capable military. kennedy: interesting. one that you document well, glen thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, secretary
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of state rex tillerson got a chilly reception in mexico. it is not just our neighbor to south who are unhappy with the trump administration policy. later in the show, most americans change the channel when celebrity get political during award shows, how far into sunday's oscars will put start changing the channel. the party panel sets up to discuss, coming up. dearthere's no other way to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced. our senses awake. our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say...if you love something
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set it free. see you around, giulia
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you're a funny guy. best of the oscars. funny how? how am i funny? scorsese finally wins. could you double check the envelope? show me best picture. what's the difference? show me best actor. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very much. get all the greatest scripted and unscripted oscar moments on xfinity x1.
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the oscars, live sunday, february 26th 7eâ4p on abc. kennedy: or rex, sexy rexy. as you know mexico's president has voice the displeasure with trump immigration plan, and vowed nevero to pay for border wall. but now it appears that mexican government gained an unlikely ally in opposition to the wall, some texas republicans, that is right, more than half of 2000 mile border is in texas. and a lot of that land, privately owned by upset constituents that finds that border wall could turn into
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mother of all eminent domain fights. alex joins me, welcome. >> thank you. kennedy: i've been talking about imminent domain -- eminent domain. i rail think that the biggest sticking point, building that massive wall will be eminent domain, what do you see from the texas republicans? >> a good sign, we have a lot of people who are concerned about border security, paying attention to property rights of the people who live on the border, they would like more border security and more agents and fancy high-tech gizmos to enforce the border better, but they don't' a big wall, cutting properties in half. maybe on side on mexico side.
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and half on american side. i think that is under appreciated, when they do the cost estimates of saying how much a border wall all cost, they always ignore the cost of taking and paying cite bus contribution or compensation to land owners. kennedy: right, it is a public taking. as we learned yesterday, it can be 20 times the value of the property that the government ends up paying out, because a lot of these land owners, in a state like texas, which is a very unique place, they don't take kindly to the government reaching in and grabbing their stuff. and you know not going to take many of these cases to go to court, and hold up constructed for a number of years. >> right, we saw this when the first portion of border wall began in 2000s, we saw some of those cases delay the start of
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cons -- for years in the area. have you a guy, his family has been rankin ranchers for generations, and. >> have you one in texas representative, herd saying, that the border wall is most expensive and least effective, and i think when people start poking around and figuring out the cost of such things, they will realize that it is really not worst it because people can get over around and through the wall, and not to mention over staying visas, thank you, alex. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, 88% of americans think that retiring comfortably defines of american dream, but only a third of us are saving enough to retirement will you be working for your life?
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kennedy: woo, look at them neon glasses. hi, so glad to have you.
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according to new research, less than one-third of americans are saving money in retirement accounts. high income earnerser more likely to save than low income earnings, that is so weird. growing college debt is offsetting young people's saving, many people don't realize they can invest in a 401(k). california, oregon, and maryland and connecticut are experimenting with requiring companies to retirement plans. good plan or doubling down on wasteful big government. let me ask brian bre welcome. >> thank you. kennedy: a lot of people have not recovered.
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not a big surprise, that younger yenratio generations not stalking their ponds with cash. >> they are buried in student debt. problem is, when you are young, you don't think about retirement, you don't understand power of compound interest, how much it matters to save money what you are younger versus older, have you an economy that is not growing, people save money for retirement with a growing economy they feel they have money to spare, when the economy is not growing people are not thinking 50 years down the road, they are thinking, how do i stay in high my home. kennedy: and they did not have such cool stuff 50 years ago, right now there so much cool stuff i have to buy, i have two phones. is this just government trying to scare us into more government programs? what is really going on.
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>> they are saying that they are talking about employer provider retirement, about a third of americans are in an employer provider, this is not only way, most people rely on social security. not entirely. it is not true only one in three americans are saving, they have retirement asset, they might not do it threw their employers and why in. >> 12 cents of every dollar you make comes off the top to pay for social security. people have a notion, that social security will be out there for me, that say problem, can you blame people for thinking that way, when social security has been billed as a great program. kennedy: a forced saving plan, we don't need another forced saving plan, but the problem is that social security will not remain solvent.
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>> no, went 20 years, it will not be -- within 20 years it will not be able to pay its promised benefits. most people don't know that. they report this we talk about a massive retir retirement crisis, then states like california, oregon, and connecticut, say, hey employers you have to provide a retirement account or first them to enroll in a state plan, oh, good another state plan to take care of the tate plastate plan that is not working, that is my problem with calling this a crisis, we end up with the bad solutions. kennedy: they will raises retirement age so high, we're going to pick berries we're going to be 150s. >> do what you can. reporter. kennedy: eat the berries then stab your coworker with your
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pencil. >> and stake their berries. >> all right, coming up, who do you think is more likely -- alcohol, teenagers who do well in school or dirty teens who cut class. panel returns to discuss it next. with every and paycheck... you've earned your medicare. it was a deal that was made long ago, and aarp believes it should be honored. thankfully, president trump does too. "i am going to protect and save your social security and your medicare. you made a deal a long time ago." now, it's congress' turn. tell them to protect medicare.
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kennedy: or, oscars are
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sunday, a bunch of liberal elites railing against the president they hate, so instead of enjoying our temporary escape from reality, we get to see meryl streep railing about the election. you may en up changing channel, 66% of trump supporters turn off the tv when they start giving political speeches. it is worth watching? oscars? participant else is back. -- participan party panel is back. it used to be everyone hadon oscar party and wear gowns and delight and cry at speeches. what happen snd. >> happened? >> i am going too a premardi
8:36 pm
gras party. they don't make moves that people want to see or pay for. that is good money, people can sit home and watch netflix, that is funny, this has to affect their business. for making movies, they don't top see the movies, that is majority of people. a best picture winner, and those see a nice oscar bump after the awards season, but you know if people are tuning out, you will not see bottom line, do you think there are film company heads who are telling some of the actors and screen writers and other award winners, layoff the political speech, we have hoo half the country to appeal to. >> their asthetic is so different, people go to movies for escapism, a move last year like spotlight, and then
8:37 pm
you come back, you look at what is going on this year, moon light, you think, i don't know if i am running over to that movie, this is they have to persuade people. kennedy: people railing against the fact that, action movies and marvel movies and big blockbusters, i have said, that is what people want to see, if you are paying, you have to have something big and massive, this year there is great writing. >> yes, and i wonder if hollywood lost center of cultural -- it once was, it big, but i think that starting to lose some steam, i learned through newspapers of, coody pie, a number of followers,
8:38 pm
there is new stars that are rising outside of hollywood, i wonder if that lessens central focus. reporterfocus. kennedy: there are few big box office stars that can open a movie, it depends on so many more variables, people are not that simplistic, they get what they need from a place called netflix and they can smoke reefer, and eat popcorn and swedish fish while a are watching it. >> ask yourself, is my child smart or dumb, if they are on the honor roll there is as gone chance they have rolled something else,'stude fro study shows students with higher ir iqs more likely to smoke weed and take illegal drugs than fellow classmates, this could be because they are
8:39 pm
open to new experiences and higher achieving student are found in more a mora -- forever -- a affluent areas. i think it is the. >> i don't know if true, my experience, from when i went to high school there was a mixed bag, there were smart kids that smoked marijuana, many more kids that were not that smart, i am see a more may be of perverse passa . -- is that true. >> i think that from my personal experience, i grew up in a poor neighborhood in grabbinbrooklyn, i was told
8:40 pm
to stay away, but then i went to a prep school oh, my, they were a lot of drugs. kennedy: that has been my experience. is having grown up in a private and public school setting, the public schoolkids showed up later to the drug party. >> drugs are bad. this study means i was a total idiot in high school, i did not smoke pot, i was a bun head, i was in ballet seven days a week. kennedy: a bun head? i never heard that. >> oh, yeah that is the li -- lengtho. >> they have that legacy in at harvard, then they are investment bankers and president and ted cruz. >> thank you so much. >> always appreciate it, coming up, lawmakers are
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floating an idea to crackdown on protesters who turn violent, it may come. judge alex will join me to explain right here. ♪ across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today at dearthere's no other way to say this.
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kennedy: welcome back, political protests have been a bedrock of this nation's democracy since its very founding, a political revolution that started it. now lawmakers in one state, made a chilling move that could curtail one of our basic freedoms to gripe the government, approving a bill to allow prosecutor to cease assets of anyone who plans or protesprotest that turns violent. is it fair for planners to have their stuff taken by the government, or what if there is a false flag attack. and lives are ruined to fit anan agenda.
8:46 pm
will it hole up i in -- hold up in court. judge ferrer. here you are. >> a full day. kennedy: this is troubling. it seems there are free speech implications that lead to seizure of property. reredefining rioting in arizona, we're not looking at full bill yet. the use of reco is not unco uncommon for things like this. if they are planning ongoing after people who just peacefully plan a protest, then it turns violence. that will never hold up. it we hav violates first amendment, you have to have a criminal mind set. you don't have to commit the act that is at core of laws
8:47 pm
like conspiracy. get them to point where they are on verge of committing a crime, it depends on how the law is written, if they are going after, we're behind closed-doors planning a riot, saying we'll plow thes throw the chairs through windows, then yes, we are commit a crime. kennedy: there are not laws already on the books that punish that criminal activity? you are right, state has to prove that there was that conspiracy, between people before they went out and started throwing bricks and molotav cocktails at cops. >> that is the argument from democrats who oppose it, saying there are already laws. that true. reco statutes have more power. so they -- it gives law enforcement more tools. as long as they can do it constitutionally it gives them
8:48 pm
a stronger case, against the perpetrate or. >> i guess, you know mentality circumstance among these republican lawmakers, in arizona, the people that are planning these protests, are bad, because they are not politically aligned with us, and you have anarchists who glom on to them, they routinely turn them into violent exchanges, with police, their we need -- we need to stop it before it starts, but if you intimidate enough people, who disagree with you, they are not going to protest, that seems to be the point, silence their speech. >> that would not be constitutional. argument, i have heard comments about law saying it will allow them to arrest everyone at a protest, even if they were not involved in vie lent, only way you could do that, if you have heferre evidence that people at protest were planning violent. you have plenty of people who go out to protest, then someone, sometimes not even from the group, from out of town, they come in, and they
8:49 pm
turn it violent. kennedy: that is what they do. aanarchists are agitators, they are in small groups, may don't care about the message, they are not there to support, they just like to throw stuff. >> and destroy property. the application of that law would not be upheld. that respect it has to be based on evidence of criminal conduct planned or performed. kennedy: i woulding is that the conservatives, in arizona go back to the constitution, and worry about protecting our freedom, not punishing people before they did anything, judge alex -- i almost called you doctor, thank you. >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, are pandas holding up -- find out, topical storm is next. show me co accidents reported
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kennedy: time for part of the show that clings to your leg, and never lets g, go, the topical storm. a panda, in china is having a naughty fling with its keeper leg, no matter how much bamboo, no matter where he moves the living stuffed
8:54 pm
animal. little buddy keeps coming back, bring it back here. i have my ope own baby panda at home, as many as you know, my little guy, lemmy, steals cheerios. at least when lemmy is fully grown, he won't snap off my leg, like a bamboo chute and beat n me to death with it. animals are fun, and dogs again, superior. topic two. >> have you heard of finland. yeah me neither. a scandinavian country in pre-russia part of europe, one
8:55 pm
thing they do to have fun is make ice car carousel in winter. ooh. kennedy: that seems like a good wholesome activity. more pleasant than jumping into a frozen pool. >> it's cold. kennedy: stop. he fractured his -- topic 3. bring it in for a talk about drunk driving, first, it is never okay, all right in don't drink and drive, ever.
8:56 pm
but if you do, and cops catch you, down make it hard or yourself. be helpful, be polite, ask to speak to an attorney, then, when cop seems to ease up, as they do, just steal the police car. come on. but don't try to beat your sobriety test by doing a cartwheel with you cannot walk properly. >> face that direction for me. with your whole body. we're not doing yoga. put your hands down. >> we. >> i did not ask you to do a somaa somersault. >> you told her to put her hands down. she is a trained gymnast, he put her hands down, and did a fine cartwheel, she is a regular -- mary lou.
8:57 pm
in the arresting officer studies at droulliard and asked you to perform an entire choreographed dance number, go ahead. >> you know what would be good, i did a kick, then a barrel turn, then ha! you know. that would be -- >> is really good, are you a dancer. >> no, no, i am just drunk. >> >> they got you, he reminded my of the guy in "blazing saddles," the sheriff is near. topic 4. if you are whic competitive and suffer from male pattern baldness, you should plan your next vacation in -- city in japan. home of a bald man's club but competitive baldness games like a suction cup tug-of-war,
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i would like to see that added to 2020 olympics. if you have hair there are other tug-of-war events in japan you can get into, like pantyhose tug-of-war. they are so emphatic. the winner is prime minister, then you go tote go golfing with our president. yes. >> topic 5, some of you are like, can we get a melugin on the president. i'm with her. a telemarketer who can text, tweet, e-mail and sneak in your window to watch you sleep, i can not escape the annoyance, or pleasure of viewer mail. chris, said, go back to cnn.
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or wherever you came from. go back to your mom, but, she just came from the porch. you are wasting your intelligence and ed -- edcation education, quit screeching, ucla, fight, fight, fight. >> i did not waste my education at all. >> lastly, marty, do you still sing kennedy? like an angel. ♪ your a grand old flag ♪ a high-flying flag, thank you for watching. you can follow me on twitter and instagram. this is a the business
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network. e-mail kennedy. have a beautiful thursday. until we meet again, good-bye. >> indian drawings 1,000 years old. >> we never even took time to look at them. >> what they discover rocks their world. >> there's one there, one there, one there. and look at that panel over there. >> we were blown away. >> they said, "we don't think you have a clue what you have here." >> they're betting the ranch on their strange inheritance. >> we've actually hung from a thread for a long time. >> the rock art's very, very valuable. >> but does it pay to own a national treasure? >> what does it feel like to have this wall in your family? ♪ ♪


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