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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  February 28, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EST

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visits. thank you so much for watching us on what could be a history making day here on wall street. >> now, "mornings with maria" begins right now. >> life or my nation's capitol, maria bartiromo with special coverage of president trump's address to the congress. maria: good tuesday morning. thanks for joining us. i maria bartiromo. live from washington this morning. this tuesday, february 28th. her top stories right now pays 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. the joint session of congress tonight. the first time since taking office. commander-in-chief to lay out his plans for massive spending on defense and infrastructure. >> we are going to make it easier for states to invest in infrastructure and i will have a big statement tomorrow night and infrastructure. we spent 6 trillion in the middle east and we have potholes all of our highways and roads.
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so we are going to take care of that. infrastructure, start spending on infrastructure big. maria: live coverage of the president's address tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. stay right here in the fox business network as business network as we take you live to be addressed. the cabinet is one step closer to being complete. the senate last night or when wilbur ross, commerce secretary and 72-27 vote. he will be sworn into office this morning. features syndicate markets will open next although we are coming off of another record high yesterday. the dow closed at a record for the 12th consecutive section. a.k.a. non-today would be 13 record closes in a row which is never happen in the dow's 120 year history. markets are mixed right now. stay very close to the flat line. europe stocks looking for direction as well. you see the cac and dax down fractionally across the board.
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in asia overnight, markets mixed. the asian indices of the shanghai composite enemy can kospi enemy can kospi all up with the hang seng in hong kong lowered by three quarters of a percent. tragedy in california to report four people killed, two others injured after a small plane crashed into a home. latest on the survivors coming out. toccata pleading guilty. the billion $-dol$-dol lar-sign to the airbag scandal. starbucks is adding to its menu. the new i.c.e. drinks just in time for spring time. we've got all of that coming up. antonio brown posts bond for the pittsburgh steelers. we are breaking down the wide receivers massive new contract this morning and it is massive. joining me to talk about it this morning right here in washington, dagen mcdowell. global economics editor john houston rap and we will be joined by rachel campos duffy.
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good to see everybody. maria: great setting back in washington as a preview the president's plans tonight. >> big increases in defense spending, infrastructure spending and it sounds like he's directing his agencies to cut back spending in places like the epa and state department. the money going overseas who wants to keep it at home. >> what does he say about the repeal and replace of obama cared because again he conceded yesterday that help life unbelievably complex. according to president trump and tax reform. there is a lineup the bottom of an article in "the new york times" today that might give investors pause. on the tax or farm package. maria: a lot to talk about that. we will continue that this morning. turn the conversation, veterans affairs secretary commander second secretary from the president category to speak out. we heard from the treasury secretary today.
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mnuchin this morning. david shelton. chief strategist for the 2008 presidential campaign is that this and tennessee congresswoman marsha bought for them. although congressman tim ryan will walk through the democrats plan a former chief of staff under bush 43 and president and ceo josh bolten. we will talk with him about it. the show has to stay right there and do stay with us as we kick it out their top story. president trump to outline his agenda on health care, tax reform and spending at the joint congress tonight. good morning to you. >> more details on the president's speech and as you mention he will discuss a number of initiatives including help care reform infrastructure and other issues. the accomplishments of his first month, in particular executive
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orders and supreme court nominee. the president sat down with fox and friends for a preview of his remarks. within. >> colicky newspeak for the hard and say what i want to do. we have a really terrific health care plan coming out. obamacare has been a disaster. it's way out of control. i'll be talking about the military. i'll be talking about the border. on the border and throughout our country, we are getting the bad ones out. the bad people, gang members, drug lords, in some cases murder. >> we expect his most concrete purchase initiative will be his call for another $54 billion in defense spending. he will ask congress for a 10% increase. administration officials say however the broad aim of the speech will be the renewal of america and the optimistic vision for all americans.
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maria. maria: will be watching that. we are focused on where the spending of the. peter branscum at thank you. rachel campos duffy with us this morning. senior white house official describing president trump's reach is the renewal of the american spirit. >> is a great way to describe it. this lab did not dance like nobody's business tonight. the inauguration was a big speech, but those at 12:00 in the afternoon. this is primetime. ople want to see what is going to stay. they are bringing in guest demo mix it up. i hear meryl streep nikon. i heard she was invited. they are bringing trimmers on all kinds of people to mix it up. he's got a real opportunity to give a message. >> the wordpress rosie o'donnell was going to be protesting outside. that will be exciting. in terms of the audience, what
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is your take on this? cannot say we want to bring someone who came here as an immigrant, now an american citizen that contributes to our country in a good way message to the president. dagen: what message are they trying to send? the distinction between illegal immigrants that he addresses this so many people in this country think illegal immigration is a problem. we are not talking about legal immigrants will come to this country whether it is through these doesn't have gotten green cards, that is not the message. either way, and his move to stop illegal immigration, and he has said we are not going to touch dreamers or children who are here under the deferred action on children under a president obama that is number one. and if the democrats are shelling out. the denizens who did not show up
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to the inauguration, at least they'll be there. i dare them to do. that will happen. >> what are the important things we have to think about is the president announces his plans for spending. he will need democratic support. 50 votes to pass his appropriation measures. he's got to find somebody to reach out. if he wants to increase military spending, infrastructure spending and cut back agencies. dagen: he made the democrats for the replacement of obamacare in the senate as well. the repeal is easy. you get a simple majority under reconciliation. but it is the replacement and that becomes a huge hurdle. maria: that is why they did obamacare for his repeated one has to do with needing the extra vote for tax reform. they do that during the budget reconcilireconcili ation and feel it's an easier path to get that done. that's why obamacare his first.
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dagen: in the new york times it is the last paragraph of an article about the health care law and it mentions as these mnuchin, the treasury secretary told you they want tax reform tax cuts for businesses and middle-class americans in time for august recess that the last line says since health care must be addressed first, tax legislation could easily be pushed into 2018 according to members of congress and administration officials. >> even mnuchin has set august is ambitious. when he sat down with us, he had knowledge that might go a little. >> they still have the fall to finish this stuff. maria: the expectation is just fundamental, but it gets done this year and not 2018. maria: they tried to take the expectations down little by little in terms of the way they speak to officials about this. stephen mnuchin says clearly the impact will be in 2018.
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what really took our expectations down for us when we were here in washington, remember ted cruz was the first person to say. we thought we were going to get tax reform right away. ever since then they've been taking expert patient down. we've been looking for a $20 billion boost in military spending. the president has hinted at more infrastructure spending during a meeting with governors. he said this yesterday at the white house. >> we are going to make it easier for states to invest in infrastrucre and i will ve a big statement tomorrow night i'm infrastructure. we spent 6 trillion the middle east and would pot holes all over our highways and roads. maria: on that note, infrastructure stocks as the commander-in-chief's announcement. this is one of the areas that has been leading this family. the infrastructure construction in. >> this is an area where he might be able to get some democratic finance.
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you want people on both sides. the obama administration is in structure spending, too. the other reason we sought infrastructures talks reacting yesterday as we haven't heard a lot about. a lot of talk about repealing on replacing obama cared, military spending and tax cuts. we have record about the infrastructure pieces. the fact that he is bringing that up again makes you think it's on the agenda. maria: in the military spending side, his proposed increase in defense spending $54 billion is only 18.5 billion above levels proposed by president obama ended short of what the likes of senator john mccain want. the trump administration talking a little over $600 billion he had mccain wants 640. so when you talk about additional spending, it could go further. >> the big question for me is how do you pay for this.
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it's easy to convince money on capitol hill. how is it going to be able to get the cuts in these other programs? dagen: no changes to medicare or social security. those are the big thing is synonymous. >> theodicy answers bigger deficits. as he has said so many times, $20 trillion debt. how you do all this? >> they'll put the dead over the long term and look at it over the long-term and not look at that as a near-term priority. they've got a lot of plans. they have to do that. >> they think they can grow out of this as well. you can't grow out. >> not out of the entitlement. the scene had take airplanes that cost billions of dollars am not millions of dollars off the price of people at back then to do that. he auilder.
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unlike the stimulus, i don't know what came out of that. i can't find a road that was built on that. this is somebody's head is going to want to do this. he let congress know this is a huge priority and people trust him with as part of a. they like him. they think is the one to do it. maria: will keep navigating. fox business network led to the address tonight is a joint session of congress tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. "mornings with maria" will be allied with washington d.c. with an analysis as well. we will have the full analysis tomorrow with all the names you want to weigh in. a sharp break when they come back from a tragedy in california. a plane has crashed into a home killing four people, injuring two others. that is coming next. details of the japanese auto parts maker agrees to pay $1 billion fine and the airbag
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scandal. automakers getting caught up in. we will be right back with that.
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when you finance through gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. maria: welcome back. a small plane has crashed living for people to hear cheryl casone with the details. >> from our studios in new york, the plane crashed into two homes killing at least four and injuring two others. cell phone video caught the
6:17 am
moment of the crash. huge flames and thick smoke following the next version. witnesses described a chaotic scene. >> we saw a lot of people panicking. they were exiting. firefighters were taking people to safety. >> has been, why is fighting back after cheerleading event. fire officials say one was thrown from a back seat of the plane but remarkably the girl had only minor injuries. they also survived the crash we should save. now pleading guilty of fraud in paying a billion dollars for concealing a defect for millions of the arafat. as is blamed for 11.and more than 100 80 injuries worldwide. america not a history have all been 69 million airbags.
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investors await president trump addressed congress tonight. it will be watching earnings from target before the bell this morning. we will get a look at the company. domino's pizza and i say. the parent of snapchat gearing up for the $3.2 billion ipo thursday ahead of the big debut, it expects investors to buy as much as a quarter of the shares to agree not to sell them for a year. this could be a demand pretty high for this offering, maria. an evaluation of between 18.5 and 22.3 billion that's not going to list on the new york stock exchange. the ticker will be a snap. this era headlines. maria: when we come back, president trump why he claims obama is behind the recent town
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maria: welcome back.
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president trump living president obama for the country's lack of unity. watch. >> i also thinks it's politics. >> bush was in going after clinton. clinton is going after bush. >> you never know what's happening behind the scenes. i think president obama is behind it because people are certainly behind it. maria: former chief strategist for the clintons 2008 presidential campaign marked as with the sunset. what do you make of this? >> i think it's unfortunate because today, trump had to reach out to the other side. that's a critical opportunity he got with this speech today. why divided up this early in the morning. a mistake in my view. maria: love, i definitely agree that there is no room for sort of pointing fingers and we have all the big issues at hand but the president and everyone else is deal with.
6:24 am
and president obama/speech to the country committee did say organized a few times. if you don't like what's going on, get up and make some noise. he did say things like that in the last speech. >> the president has to get democrats and republicans applauding tonight. if this gets so rough during the day, democrats will start boycotting. look at the opposite of what he's looking for. >> six speeches, presidential speeches. when he sat to get everybody applauding, talk about that. why is that so important to get the whole room by a man right away? >> the reaction of the road and the willingness of everyone to applaud him his gold for him. i remember in 98 we didn't know whether the country would impeach president clinton until they stood up and applauded it. he has a similar moment. democrats have never applauded them. he's got to start over something that the military so that he
6:25 am
gets everybody applauding. remember, he will talk about infrastructure and taxes. he'll talk about immigration and a lot was said on their hands. he needs a key moment of unity to make a speech successful because that's what people look for at home. >> do you think he's looking at it that way? he's so unconventional. his inaugurals each is not what most people expected. very america first. he could come at this from a different angle. >> keycode. if it gets raucous, remember it can do and that herbert harris poll last week. 73% want democrats to work with republicans. so if he doesn't show that tonight, his ratings will start to really go down. maria: if the democrats behave so badly that it ends up making him look bad. maybe he doesn't feel like he has to try to win them over other than talking about the
6:26 am
military as he said. the more they misbehave, the more that gave their tickets to code pink and really sort of hash tag resists. it will make the dems look bad. >> what we've seen the first time this republicans have a higher image in "the wall street journal" pulled and democrats. i don't think the strategy has been working. tonight the democrats will do better if they can show some unity around some key issues and resistance around others. >> you make a great point. i interviewed congressman lynch of the bringing with him tonight a pakistani born dr. who was here in america. use legally here, do great things for this country in terms of his work. i kept pushing back saying there's a difference between the legal and legal. why bring the gas anyways? why not go sleeves rolled up,
6:27 am
ready to work and get the people's business done. let's just get to work. >> the balcony traditionally has been used. usually the most important thing he can add to his speech. democrats are doing it in reverse. they say what about the guys he's excluding? what about the people who may be here illegally but are operating legally and all in our laws. i think it is fair that they raise that issue. the business community wants to hear about infrastructure and tax cuts. if they don't hear that, there'll be some serious negative consequences. >> there have been a slew of polls over the last few days including "the wall street journal"'s polls which show that the public is for the president's policy they have questions about the way he's pretty vague. what jumped out at you from these polls? what did you learn and how they
6:28 am
are receiving it? >> his ratings are no lower than the obama sir clintons during most of the presidency. he's in the high 40s in most of the polls. came out of the 40% job approval. he hasn't reached over to the rest of the country, but he's got a strong base. people support a good measure of his policies. he will bring change, but the division that he's creating, comment like the obama thing really are creating holding them back from being president. >> do you really think there isn't a group of obama loyalists that may very well be behind the protesters? >> remember, trump is in fact all in a strategy of dividing the country.
6:29 am
maria: president obama did that a fair amount. the republican assault on every turn. >> for every action there's a reaction in politics. i think the protests are real. maria: the first community organizer president. it's very clear because i went to a town hall with my husband yesterday. it was very well -- they have a strategy. they organized ahead of time. they made an hour before the town hall stars. there's an organization behind it. that's fine. people should come and talk to their congressmen. they have the next president really putting its weight behind that is the money. it's divisive. maria: we don't know what the president is doing. he is living right here for a reason. without now how about the
6:30 am
president is, that the group associated with the obama campaign, the word is. >> george soros is involved hugely amiss. >> israel sentiment behind this protest. maria: before we go, your take on tom perez. >> i think it's great that he won. democrats and a lot of jewish supporters and donors would have real problems had he not won. maria: that's the guy that a lot of moderate good one. >> shows is that you bring the party together. they cannot do that pretty well because the scare was that the party would take such a turn to the left. >> why do you say jewish donors? >> there is a lot of concern for
6:31 am
example. there is no longer support democrats. maria: because of his comments about israel. >> it really started up. i do think they brought the party together. democrats are in better shape if the question is then delegate a legislative strategy here that make sense in response to trot. maria: in response to let the people want. it's about economic issues that people are hoping democrats focus on. great insights from you is always good mark and joining us there. we'll take a short break. president trump speaking to a joint session of congress tonight. military spending and what it means for your security. new drinks at starbucks. ever just coming to the menu just in time for spring. will be back in two minutes.
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maria: good tuesday morning, welcome back, everybody, i'm maria bartiromo, we are coming to you from washington. it is tuesday february 28th, your top stories right now 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. president trump will address a joint session of congress tonight for the first time as commander in chief. the president is expected to stretch unity during the speech, however, before taking the stage the president blamed his predecessor for tensions in the country. >> i think that president obama is behind it because his people are certainly behind it and some
6:35 am
of the leaks possibly come from that group, you know, some of the leak which is are very serious leaks because they are bad in terms of national security, but i also understand that's politics and in terms of him being behind things that's politics and it will probably continue. maria: fox business network will bring you live coverage of the president's address tonight. stay was on the fox business network as we will have full analysis and live coverage of that presidential address. it could be another record day in wall street, futures indicating futures are flat right now. dow is coming off of a record, 12th consecutive record high yesterday. tieing the record set 30 years ago. a gain today would be a 13th record close in a row. that's never happened in the dow 120-year history. all-time record territory.
6:36 am
take a look at turn intent markets, stocks are searching for direction there with fractional gain. target revenue misses expectation, as you see there, we are watching earnings, estimates on both earnings and revenue, the numbers on the bottom of your screen. we will take a look at the stock in a moment. shanghai and nikkei as well as the kospi up. hang seng in hong kong down. well, at least 15 people injured in another crash at brazil's carnival celebration. the details after a float collapses, plus warren buffet taking a big bite out of apple, why it's betting big on the technology giant and starbucks is add to go menu, how can you soon get your hands on the new ice drinks just in time for spring. details on the upscale roastery. we are breaking down the massive new contract with the pittsburgh steelers, we want to hear about that. first top storieinhe half
6:37 am
hour, that's a top priority for president tr the president's first budget proposal will include 54 billion-dollar increase in defense spending. military stocks like lockheed martin racing on rallied on the news, the move will likely garner plenty of public support. the latest fox news poll shows that 45% of americans think the country is spending too little on military. what are your thoughts on budget, dagen? dagen: it's a balancing act for president trump that he promised to increase spending on defense, 10% increase there, a little more than $400 billion but not at the evaluates that say a senator john mccain has been calling for. we should also point out that his budget director mick mulvaney, senator mccain did not like him, didn't really like him because he has been a deficit hawk and so, i think, that you're getting -- you're getting something for people who want
6:38 am
greater military spending, greater defense spending but also people who worry about a 20 trillion-dollar debt. maria: when you speak to military people, jon, they always say that we've got the oldest fleet in the navy in decades, you've got the oldest armament in decades, we need upgrade particularly as it relates to technology. jon: absolutely. as dagen pointed out there's always been tension between deficit hawks and military hawks and we see it between mulvaney and mccain, that's something that the president has to wrestle with as he tries to take the ideas that he's going to be talking about tonight and turn them into actual policy. there's tension inside the republican party and within his plans between controlling all of the debt, controlling the deficit and achieving all of the goals that he want to set out, tax reform, military spending, infrastructure spending and most importantly as you said earlier, there's going to be no talk
6:39 am
tonight about doing anything on social security and medicare. they were clear about that. >> which is -- which to somebody worried about the debt and the looming tsunami of -- medicare is going to go broke, the hospital trust fund goes broke 11 years from now and we will only be able to pay 87 cents on the dollar in benefits. 69% of our budget is mandatory spending on entitlements and interest on the debt. so more than two-thirds, they have no control over. so when you start talking about cutting the epa, you really just chipping away. jon: what he's going to be talking is talking on discretionary programs, foreign aide, foreign diplomacy, america first, but you can't solve these problems in the long run just by cutting back -- maria: when was the last time a politician come out and said, i promise you this, and i'm taking this back, for those people who are receiving social security and medicare and medicaid, they
6:40 am
don't want those programs touched. dagen: they are taking more than paid in. jon: you tell people who are in 30's and 40's, you might have to expect to work a little bit longer. maria: and most people understand that, right? they get -- >> at some point they are going to get nothing if the system goes bankrupt. maria: exactly. that's what i'm saying. jon: it's a third rail. nobody in this town can get it and the president himself -- dagen: even the most conservative people when they close to retirement, i'm getting mine, i'm taking mine. i have arguments with my parents about this all of the time. they say, well, i paid, i but you're taking more than you paid in that's why you're broke. >> mark zuckerberg doesn't need it. there's some way that we can cut
6:41 am
back on certain incomes that people -- maria: you know, a business guy like a ken has been on the program, i don't want the social security check that i get. >> don't send it to him. >> there are certain pockets of the population that understand that this is not happening over the long-term and they're not expecting it and yet the leadership is afraid, they're afraid to make that move because that will be the political ad, they took your social security. dagen: ran you off the cliff ad. >> i was at a town hall yesterday where a woman was in tears, i depend on this, please tell me -- this is very real. jon: they have a hard time get ago cross the message, we want to give people 10, 20, 30 years to prepare to work a few extra months in their life. any time they try to raise that idea, it immediately gets translated in your taking social security from older people. maria: exactly. former president george w. bush
6:42 am
sat down with sawn hannity, the former president said he was frustrated when u.s. troops pulled out of iraq but he still believes isis can be defeated, listen. >> yes, it frustrated me and it -- i think what people have got to realize is this bunch of thugs can be defeated because we did so with the surge. and we can win again. and so you've heard both presidents after my time say we are going to degrade and defeat isis and i say go get them because they can be degraded and defeated. >> when you look back at some of the conversation that president bush has had as it relates to the topic in the past, he's been very clear, he said, if we pull out of iraq, this will create another problem, this will motivate and empower another group and we don't know what their names are right now, this was years ago he said this and now we know what happened, isis was created. dagen. dagen: that's one of the reasons
6:43 am
that it was reassure to go see general mattis go to iraq. he knows that. the civil war that if we pull out of iraq at this point -- we have to discuss actually adding troops. we have several thousand troops in iraq. we have to discus that. that's why general mattis was reassure to go pay that visit very early on in the trump administration. maria: yeah, jon. jon: we are seeing the iraqis now make some progress and in mosul even though it's a tough battle and isis is using drones against -- maria: right, i saw that. >> if he says her wing go defeat isis in speech tonight he's going to get standing ovation. people want him to do this. we can do this, we can defeat barbarians, people want to hear that and will get bipartisan support. maria: he needs to get the room on their feet and in unity. we will see about that. we will take a short break.
6:44 am
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maria: we are coming to you live from our country's capital with the tbornlgous sun rise behind us. as you see there. we are enjoying the beautiful moment here in washington as we preview the president's speech tonight. markets are looking flat but we are watching a couple names on the move. target shares to watch, the stock is plummeting this morning. they missed it on both revenue and earnings. 1.45 lower -- 1.45 a share, target shares look like this morning, down better than 12%,
6:48 am
down 12% on target. goldman is lowering price target on the stock and they issued a sale rating on tesla. that rating is centered on concerns over the company's upcoming model 3 sedan. priceline reporting earnings versus 13.01 that was expected. the stock is up better than 11% this year alone. an accident where a float marring the carnival. cheryl: this time the top of the float collapsed. two of the victims in serious condition, one with head trauma. the parade had to be stopped 25 minutes, the show was allowed to go on and police are investigating the cause of that accident.
6:49 am
on sunday you may remember 20 people were hurt when a float crashed into a fence. well, warren buffet has taken a bigger share of apple. now more than double what it was at the start of the year. owns 133 million shares of apple. at the end of last year the figure was 57 million after recent apple buying now sits at $18 billion. well, starbucks introducing two new drinks. just in time for spring, hits stores today for a limited time. starbucks making another addition it's not to the menu, though, they will open one of the roasteries in milan, italy, marking first store in italy. they plan to open 30 roasteries worldwide, we should say. the oscars ratings tanked to the lowest in nine years. 32.9million viewers turned in,
6:50 am
that is more than a million less than last year and now we are learning more about the best picture disaster, an oscar first. >> there's a mistake, moonlight, you guys, won best picture. moonlight won. >> this is not a joke, i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. this is not a joke, moonlight has won best picture. cheryl: minutes before bryan they gave to wrong envelope, he tweeted this photo of best actress winner emma stone in the stage, calling tweets reportedly not sank by the academy. he deleted the tweet later and all other posts he had made during the show, maria. the story continues, thank you out in dc. maria: so he was tweeting and maybe got distracted and gave the wrong envelope. oops. big oops. thank you so much, cheryl,
6:51 am
coming up it's a done deal, antonio brown, details on massive contract. live in washington on a beautiful tuesday morning. dna to fight disease. there are over 100 million pieces of dna in every sample. with the microsoft cloud, we can analyze the data faster than ever before. if we can detect new viruses before they spread, we may someday prevent outbreaks before they begin. that $100k is not exactly a fortune. well, a 103 how long did it take you two to save that? a long time. then it's a fortune. i told you we had a fortune. get closer to your investment goals with a conversation.
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6:54 am
maria: welcome back, the pittsburgh steelers making antonio brown the nfl's highest paid wide receiver yesterday, jared max with the details. jariar good morning, maria. more passes in the last four years than any receiver in nfl history during the same time span. to the pittsburgh steelers that's what brown can do for you. antonio brown who caught 12 touchdowns and 1300 yards last season has signed a new contract to keep him in the steelers
6:55 am
uniform and four-year extension calls for $68 million, average salary 17 million a year, 2 million more than cincinnati's a.j. green. tim tebow got into the batter's box for the first time yesterday at new york mets spring training, trying to make another career in professional baseball, tebow showed up strength, florida gators smashed nine home runs in batting practice yesterday, impressed baseball scouts. adidas, giving away an island to any profootball prospect at the nfl combine who with break the record for fastest 40-yard dash 4.7 seconds set by chris johnson nine years ago, but the player uld have to be wearing adidas5 star 40 cleats and agree to wear them for the entire upcoming season.
6:56 am
now, should a player break the record, he can wind up with own island. maria: yeah, i mean, jared, that's pretty incredible. i want to switch gears and ask you about warren buffet that employees have a chance to within -- win a million dollars, what do you think about that? do you think somebody will predict the sweet 16 perfectly? >> that's unlikely. that's predicting 16 out of 16 from a field that starts with 68 teams but they've done this contest before, warren buffet last had, he gave out $50,000 to different employees for each guessing the most correct picks during the ncaa tournament and the most consecutive picks during the tournament. i love seeing the new contests
6:57 am
that are going on in sports. adidas, thing, cool stuff. dagen: mathematically impossible, literally impossible to predict the sweet 16. there's no chance in -- [inaudible conversations] maria: right. already, jared, pretty tough odds there, jared max thank you, you should catch jared max every day or check it out on siriusxm 115. uber seeing setbacks after reports of traffic violations, more on the investigation next hour, mornings with maria continues live from wash, back in a moment.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> live from our nation's capitol here is maria bartiromo with special coverage of president trump's address to the joint congress. maria: thank you so much for joining us, i'm maria bartiromo, coming to you live from washington, d.c. this morning ahead of the president's address tonight, it is tuesday february 28th, your top stories right now, 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. president trump set to address a joint session of congress tonight for the first time since taking office. while the commander in chief is expected to stress unity during that speech, the guests at the event showed division. president trump's guests will include victims of illegal immigrant crime while democrats have invited immigrants and refugees. democrats were on the attack on president trump's ahead of
7:01 am
tonight's speech. >> 40 days and after his inauguration, president trump and the republican congress will have not lifted a finger to create jobs or raise wages for hard-working families. these actions were worst than the conditions that fueled his candidacy. president trump engaged in a bait and switch agenda. no jobs, no retirement security and no health security. maria: among the top issues tonight obamacare certainly, the democrats plan to use former kentucky governor steve to highlight the program success in response to tonight's speech. fox business network is taking you live to the coverage of the president's speech tonight. we will have live coverage of president trump's address and analysis throughout the night. meanwhile it could be a record day in wall street. check out the markets right here. we are coming off of 12 straight
7:02 am
record closes for the markets and today could be a 13th, take a look at the markets, we are looking at fractional moves right now. this record was set 30 years ago of 12 straight. a gain today on the dow industrials would be a 13th record high for this market which would break the record. in europe take a look at markets, stocks are searching for direction this morning. european ibic's up fractionally in london but down in germany, in asia you will see here fractional moves, biggest performance was hong kong. security lapse that could have put security information of nearly a million people at risk. talk about an out of world vacation, spacex wants to send you and a friend on a trip around the moon. plus, it is the hug that's going viral, the cute seal of approval
7:03 am
coming up. we will bring you the pictures coming up this morning. coming up this morning to join the conversation david is with us, this is the secretary to join us this morning, we heard from steven mnuchin and we will hear from va secretary david and business round table president and ceo john bolton, a new role for mr. bolton, he will tell us about it. former chief of staff under bill clinton is here and former undersecretary of defense for policy under president george w. bush. you don't want to miss a moment, so do stay with us this morning. president trump set to detail policy. members of the house and senate will not be the only ones in attendance, maureen scalia will join first lady melania trump at the address.
7:04 am
joining me right now marcia blackburn and tim ryan. first time we are hearing from the president first inauguration day. what do you make of what's happening in terms of the guest congresswoman blackburn? >> everybody has an opportunity to bring in someone, discussions that are going on and i just hope everyone remembers they are there as a guest of the house. maria: what about you congressman ryan? >> it's important to highlight, it's a tradition of who the president invites,ho members of congress invite and we are highlight it is fact that there will be hundreds of thousands if not millions of people thrown off of health care if there's a complete repeal of the affordable care act and i think it's important to put faces to that policy issue and let people look people in the eye and say,
7:05 am
you're not going to be covered. maria: we should point out that the president was said that there's not going to be any interruption and people will not lose their health care, that's what the president was clear about. >> the republican plan that was also put forward that said potentially millions of people were going to be thrown. now, let's go back to the campaign where trump campaigned at almost every rally, marcia and said we are going to rip it up and throw it away and repeal immediately. he talked for a year about doing that -- maria: not that he would throw anyone off the plan. >> you can't do both. >> of course, you can do both. >> how? what's the plan? >> there is a way to go through this process and to make certain that what we do is improve the options that are there and, tim, you know, as well as i do, the goal to make everybody have
7:06 am
affordable health care. obamacare is imploding and it's not affordable. you can talk to those that are delivering health care and talk about the lack of reimbursement for the care that is delivered and, maria, the choice is are you going to have a system that implodes and have nothing or are we going to fix this so that there is access to affordable health care for all americans, that's the choice. maria: how do you attack this, congressman, arizona that we are seeing increases of 116%, families cannot afford this? >> does it need tweak, fix, i'm in, let's fix it. there are obviously issues with something this big, this comprehensive that will need adjusted as we go, but the reality of it is when you talk about medicaid expansion as john kasich said on the weekend talk shows, the governor of ohio about hundreds of people, 700,000 in ohio have benefited from the medicaid expansion, if
7:07 am
you look at the credits given to people to help them afford to be able to pay for health care, those are essential elements of the health care. maria: you saying you don't want obamacare touched? >> i'm telling you we can fix it if there's undo premium increases, issues with competition. >> here is part of the structural flaw -- >> why do you have to repeal it? maria: it's too expensive. >> no, i'm not going to let you get by with that. >> this will actual -- no, no. this is an important point. you can't let this go unanswered. maria participate what's -- maria: what's your point? >> the affordable care act brings down the deficit by 100 plus billion dollars in the second ten years it's over a trillion dollars of deficit reduction on -- maria: so you think we should have a plan for 20 years and just wait --
7:08 am
>> if you have 20 million people in what is the obamacare realm, you have 11 million people, 12 million people that are in the medicaid expansion but then when you look at the exchange, 9 million people, 2 million people can afford the product without a subsidy, only 2 million people. 7million people can't afford it unless they're getting a subsidy. it is too expensive to afford. now, the other kicker in this is when people get it, you know, what they say, we can't use it because deductibles are so high, it's structurally flawed. it does not work. maria: you're always paying out of your pocket and never reach that level. >> so we saw some of the problems with obamacare over the last four years -- six years,
7:09 am
there were bills out to help fix some of the problems, where were the democrats in the fixes over the last five, six years that the republicans were putting forward? maria: that's a very good question. >> ironic question that they tried to do straight repeal. throughout the whole process of actually trying to put it together, we got no cooperation from the republicans at all. we could have very easily -- maria: 60% of the people didn't want it. it was pretty clear that the president went around structures and pushed it through even though poll after poll showed that people didn't want it. >> it was the house and the senate that voted on it. all i'm saying the republicans fought this the entire way through, if we -- maria: their constituents didn't know what it was. [inaudible]
7:10 am
>> 1400 times in the 2300 page bill it gives the authority to the secretary of health and human services, why did they do that? they didn't want those items in statute, they wanted to be able to go in and manipulate the system. >> that's such a misrepresentation of the process. there's nothing that we pas over here that we send to executive branch and say you have to make rules for this. it's the american healthcare system. you guys try to simplify this and you're doing a disservice to the american people. this is a complicated issue. sit at the table and be a part of the solution and you guys -- maria: but the president didn't sit out at the table. >> he reached out to the republicans through the entire process. maria: did he reach out? >> no, he did not. we have tried to bring forward
7:11 am
things that will improve the delivery of health care that will solve the problems whether it's reimbursement with cms, whether it's the 1115 waiver system and no, we met with open arms from those on the white house and the administration -- absolutely not. [laughter] >> this is the biggest rewrite of history, the republicans had no interest, they used this as a political issue from day one. maria: there was a reason donald trump won the presidency, the american people were frustrated and they were upset by what was going on in washington. they were upset by the executive orders it probably was as much about barack obama as much as hillary clinton, do you agree with that? is that the reason why donald trump won? >> barack obama had a job's bill at the congress for years. he kept trying to work with republicans, look, don't take my word for it. maria: his priority was health care.
7:12 am
he pushed health care through. >> let's provide context for the viewer. mitch mcconnell said, my sole responsibility is to make barack obama a one-term president. that was the top republican in the senate and from that comment and the behavior of the republicans in the house not working with the president, not working with democrats saying we are going to use this opportunity that the people have given us to shut barack obama down and the democrats -- they weren't part of the process. he went around them after that. he went around them after that after they showed no willingness to work and now all of a sudden every republican in america -- [inaudible] >> now we are at the state of the union, joint session of congress we see this #resist attitude coming, so are the democrats going look at what they perceive the republicans did in terms of obstructing obama's agenda and are they going to say, we are going to do
7:13 am
it differently, we are going reach across the aisle and help the country move forward? maria: what about that? >> to be determined, i think. many of us including me, myself has said from the very beginning, he's elected president, we should try to work with him. he did nothing in -- maria, he campaigned on jobs, the economy, he was going to open up the steel mills and reopen coal mines, here we are, how many weeks later, where is the trillion dollar transportation bill, why would you pick -- maria: with all due respect it's been a month. >> within a month we had -- we had the stimulus bill passed. maria: of urgent need. >> people voted for him because they are still in a massive recession. maria: democrats are going to be bringing legal immigrants, why
7:14 am
not go to the speech with your sleeves rolled up and get the people's business done? [laughter] >> that's the attitude that we would love to see. >> this is a complete reversal when president obama was in, marcia. >> no, it is not. >> complete reversal. >> so many times that we have brought good-solid ideas to the table. there are times, remember when -- maria: everybody knows harry reid got in the middle of everything and stopped any legislation. >> that's right, 400 bills. maria: everybody knows that. >> what we are saying, come on, guys, there's things on the table, we need to get them done and let's get them to the president's desk. it is time to get the country moving again, the american people voted for us, that's why donald trump is president, let's bring our best efforts to bare. maria: the people want you guys to work together. >> you're the president, set the tone. pick the transportation bill, trillion dollars, broadband in
7:15 am
every corner of the country. maria: and military spending, it looks like the country wants military spending. >> well, we do -- [inaudible] >> let's do it, marcia, you and i should do that. >> thank you, we will be right a back. a talented workforce, and world-class innovations. like in plattsburgh, where the most advanced transportation is already en route. and in corning, where the future is materializing. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today at
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7:17 am
maria: welcome back to a special edition of mornings with maria this morning, we are live in from our nation's capitol.
7:18 am
it is a gorgeous sunrise behind me. take a look. we are enjoying this beautiful day here in washington. meanwhile a top executive of uber who recently joined the company from google has resigned. cheryl casone with the details and back story there. cheryl: i have the story and not the sunrise in new york city like you have, maria. amid resigned for not disclosing a sexual harassment charge in former employer, he denies he sexually harassed anyone while he was at google, uber has been dealing with charge of discriminatory and sexist behavior at their company. and while speaking of self-driving uber cars, "the new york times" recording that the cars missed at least six red lights and had nothing to do with human error, problems with the mathing programs the blame on that incident. hackers recently exposed the
7:19 am
conversations of nearly a million owners of cloud pets, they make the stuffed cats, dogs that you use to talk to your kids with. the animal is suppose today deliver message that you record via app through phone. security experts say it's warning the parents that have the pets to be aware of what they're giving their children specially if they are using cloud pets, by the way. spacex wants to send humans into deep space, the company owned by elon musk already delivers cargo to space station for nasa, now they hope to begin taking tourists around the moon within two years, spacex has accepted significant deposit from two unidentified private citizens who want to fly around the moon. it would last abou a week. hope they enjoy that trip, i will be watching from the ground, maria, and those are
7:20 am
your headlines. maria: president trump meeting with lawmakers and business leaders to jumpstart his number one priority, pass of repealing and replacing obamacare. what's on the president's agenda coming up this morning a cancer diagnosis can
7:21 am
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7:23 am
>> you have the biggest of the big. that's very impressive. we just had a great meeting with the governors on the horrible effects that obamacare has had and we are going the change it and straighten it out and we have a plan that's going to be fantastic. it'll be released fairly soon. maria: that was president trump speaking during a meeting with the ceo's of the country's health insurance. joining us right now former chief of staff under bush 43,
7:24 am
josh bolton joining us. josh, good to see you. thanks so much for joining us. first give us expectation for the big speech tonight. what should president trump be thinking in terms of what's most important as you have seen this before being the chief of staff, what do you think he's going to be front and center in where he should focus? >> well, every state of the union or this is a state of the union and should give the president to set priorities, from the standpoint of the whole u.s. economy, most important thing the president can do is really get the ball rolling on three key priorities, tax reform, regulatory reform and investment and infrastructure. there's a tremendous opportunity sitting right there for the republican congress for the president. maria: i agree with you.
7:25 am
are you comfortable the timing that the president has layed out because so far we are looking at tax reform really having a biggermpact in 2018 as opposed to this year, we had steven mnuchin on the program yesterday who was clear that we are not going see a real plan probably until the summer time, august. >> you know, we would like to see it move as fast as possible, secretary mnuchin is right that it's going to be hard to have a plan actually implemented before 2018, but the whole business community would like to see tax reform done as rapidly as possible in 2017, but they've got a lot on their plate. maria: what kind of an impact tax reform to have on economic growth? >> if it's a good tax reform and by good a tax reform that's substantially lowers corporate rates to an internationally competitive level and a tax reform that shifts us toward a territorial system of taxation, if it's that kind of tax reform,
7:26 am
it'll have a huge impact on the economy. it's an enormous opportunity because we have kept our economy shackled by a way outdated system. maria: not only that but regulation, you have rollback of regulation along side, how important is that in. >> huge also. that portion is already under way. the administration has taken really important steps both in terms of process and addressing specific regulations that are tieing up business unnecessarily, we can protect our health, our safety, our environment without unnecessarily making it so difficult for the businesses in america to create jobs and they are on the way of doing that. that'll be rolling out over the course of the year. maria: i want to ask you about your business round table new job as well, congratulations on that. >> thank you. >> let me take you back to when you were the chief of staff, what do you recommend the president do if he gets
7:27 am
interrupted tonight, if there are people who are protesting, we know that rosie o'donnell is expected to be outside leading a protest, we know that a lot of democrats are taking guest who is are immigrants or are trying to make a point of the diversified country that we love, what should president trump do in that regard? >> rise above. this is the moment to be presidential. campaign is over, now the country wants to come together behind one president. you know, i think the vast majority of the country whether they voted for president trump or not want to see him succeed and now is his opportunity to be really presidential and lead the country towards some of the priorities that i just mentioned. maria: as you take on this new role what's your priority at the business round table? >> tax, that is huge for the companies that are members of the brt, we have 200 ceo's who participate in it. they represent some of the biggest companies in the united
7:28 am
states, employ 15 million people. maria: are they happy with president trump? >> you know, they are very excited about the opportunity that his changes in policy might pose. tax reform, regulation, the infrastructure. that's why you see so much bounce in the stock market and you feel it among the members of the brt as well. think -- they think there's a great opportunity and tonight is the opportunity for the president to get the ball rolling. maria: thank you, josh bolten us there.secretary of affairs joins live back in a minute
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
>> here again with maria bartiromo. president trump and the joint special session of congress be applied to washington d.c. maria: coming to live from washington d.c. i maria bartiromo. tuesday convicted or 28. top story 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. president trump will address a joint session of congress for the first time as commander-in-chief. among the issues, defense. the president expect to call for a massive increase in spending to defend our country. >> this budget will be a public safety and national security budget. very much based on those two and plenty of other things. very strong.
7:32 am
it will include an historic increase in defense spending to rebuild the depleted military of the united states of america. we must ensure that our courageous servicemen and women have the tools they need to deter war and when called upon to fight in our name, only to one thing. win. we have to win. we have to start winning wars again. maria: fox business network of the president's address at 9:00 p.m. eastern. st with us as with all announcements and live coverage tonight. while president trump looked to the past for inspiration? some of the top moments from the addresses to this morning. one sat to watch, temperatures plummeting in the free market. the retailer missed expectations when reported revenue and earnings done almost 13%. breaking down the numbers to give you the facts are in target. a record in wall street
7:33 am
nonetheless. markets really trading right around the flat line. again today with the 13th record close in the road for a dow jones industrial average which is never happen in the dow's 20 year history. in europe stuck searching for direction. european indices of most of the average is lower by a fraction. markets were mixed. take a look at asian markets where the hong kong hang seng index was the windows are down three quarters of 1%. the headache continues for sam's son print the details as the heir to the brand is indicted on bribery charges. move over tv. the massive amount of video we are watching a new two that the traditiontradition al television in the dust. the amazing amount of video people are watching. talk about a seal of approval. the adorable how going by role. first, top story this half hour keeping america safe. donald trump will seek an additional $54 billion in
7:34 am
spending for the department of defense funding make some speech in front of congress. yesterday commander-in-chief hinted at plans for the budget for addresses joint session of congress tonight. >> it will include historic rebuild the depleted military of the united states of ameri at a time when most needed. we must ensure that our courageous servicemen and women have tools they need to deter war and when called upon to fight in our name, only to one thing. win. we have start winning wars again. maria: veterans affairs secretary david shelton. it is great to have you on the program this morning. you have so many accolades to discuss. you're the sole obama appointee in this administration. you were confirmed unanimously. people were saying this is an easy one. you have been at the veterans affairs committee for the president to set up at the va
7:35 am
has been coming cap somebody who was there at the va. so you've got a great legacy as you come into this job. what do you expect to hear from the president tonight? >> i expect to hear strong support for making sure we care for men and women who have served our country. there is a commitment there in the 100 vote for the u.s. congress is not so much about me. it is really the country's commitment to making sure we do everything we can to deliver on our promise to veterans. maria: tell me one of the issues and how you fix the restoring trust and accountability at the va. what is your solution? >> we all know when the crisis in april 2014, we did that the country down. we did better veterans down. it's much easier to lose trust and it is to gain it back. we're slowly gaining the trust back and seen that happen as we
7:36 am
really begin to transform the va to be a system we are all proud of what again. maria: why? by with a spray tan time such a problem? how did it happen? >> i think it was two things. one of their lack of willingness to ask for resources related to care for her countries that are instantly fell behind. secondly, a culture in the va not willing to come forward and talk about what was really happening to hide those long wait times. frankly, no system is going to be able to regain trust if it isn't transparent and if it isn't accountable. maria: you set in the past of a veteran once to go to a private medical provider, then do it. people saw that in fantasy for privatization? is he going to change some day? what's your stance on that? >> i came from the private sector. when i entered veterans affairs i was hoping to see whether it made sense to privatize the va.
7:37 am
i quickly leard the va is a unique national resource, that we can't simply let veterans get all their care in the year. they'd be losing a lot of very valuable services important to care for men and women. i believe the solution is in and took ration of what is really right and best about the va as well as what is better and best about the private sector. our servicemen and women deserve the best about both these systems can get them. maria: because you are from the private sector, you have an opinion private sector running agencies. what do you think about the fact the president has surrounded himself with business people? >> we need in government or best practices for businesses. we need to take what is working to make sure government can function that way. when government gives, full regulation helmet it doesn't serve people well. having this private sector people in the government makes a lot of sense.
7:38 am
maria: without this new fox news poll officials voters have more faith in the military compared to other national institutions. 96% of those surveyed has great confidence in the military. last week he reported major changes coming to the department of veteran affairs did what can servicemen and women expect? >> that makes sense from a paper had the privilege of spending time with men and women in uniform, you can't help but feel proud. courageous americans that really should confidence in the country and i feel confident with them. the changes we need there to make va accountable to essentially be open and transparent about what is going on and give my choice that people can get the best of care wherever they need to get it. >> we exct the president tonight to oppose $54 billion increase snding on the military. how do you feel about that? where do y think the money at the go? when we speak to veterans, they
7:39 am
all tell us they need our resources. >> yeah, what i know from history that i know the president appreciates this. but they make a decision to send our men and women up to protect sms type or country, that is a lifetime commitment. when you create spending at the beginning of the defense department can be made to have the commitment of the way through for veterans. we are committed to her veterans for life. maria: can you identify areas needed in terms of extra spend? >> well, we have projections that show what the need is going to be. then when i'm back from our most recent can't like they're coming back with not only physical injuries, but invisible injuries of war. sometimes it takes additional resources to make sure we treat those invisible wounds. maria: that's a great point and something i think the president has mentioned as well. how do you convince someone who's watching you now have the
7:40 am
pleasure of the va return insider and someone who says look, this is broken. we need an outsider to come in and fix it. have you convince them we know this and you're the best man to lead this? >> it's not my job to convince people. i want people to watch the results. we know we have to do better and we are going to do better. i've been in government now about 18 months. that's long enough to understand how the system works and what the problems are. my discussions have been that we have to make changes quickly and been able to know what the problems i will allow us to do that as quick as any to do it. maria: meanwhile, president bush visited dell air force base yesterday. he signed copies of his new book honoring veterans. former commander-in-chief sat down for an interview with sean hannity and talked about his interactions with military families. watch this. >> i'm kind of a crier.
7:41 am
when a mom hugs me and talks about her son, it affected me. on the other hand, it's hard for many people to understand. when you go to walter reid and a soldier looks at shooters lost his leg and says i would do it again for you ride mountain bikes with these troops, some of them off so they could hack into combat. for a mother whose son lost whose son lost her life and said it wants you to know my son died doing what he wanted to do. if it's serious. maria: your reaction set theory. >> i recently had a chance to visit president bush at his library in dallas. i have a great deal of respect. i think the president like many of us after he spent us after he spent time at the men and women who serve our country, it impacts you. he truly feels the commitment to men and women and is looking painting and life commitment now to men and women is really
7:42 am
inspiring to me. >> when you look at today's military, the modern military versus what we saw 10 years ago, how do you make a distinction session mark what is different then what are the new realities that require a different take? >> the big difference is that so many people are injured on the battlefield now survive years ago this would have been injuries that would've killed them. we see people come back with absolutely devastating and complex types of injuries that now we are responsible for making sure we provide them with the best care. that complexity has really changed the va because we need to respond to those injuries. maria: have you respond effectively? what is it that you need in terms of new tools? >> i think it's in part a money issue, but that isn't the big goblin. fortunatefortunate ly, this president has made the decision to support her veterans with
7:43 am
resources they need. we also have to be looking for new and better ways to ensure we are managing and treating conditions coming back. this is new territory and that is by va model that provides care but does research. the largest research dedicated to veterans is helping us improve our care every day. >> when you hear the conversation taking place right now for example obamacare, what is your take away at knowing what you see that the va in terms of health care? >> well, i think what we know about the va is providing a comprehensive system of care that only physical treatment but the psychological social, economic treatment really is what people need to have been in my life. this comprehensive system of care has really been in part to let important countries veterans. maria: are you looking for anything specific you'd like to hear from the president tonight in that regard?
7:44 am
>> speak to the president. he is committed not only to a strong country and security, but making sure we honor our commitment. when we asked people to serve our country, that's a lifetime commitment. maria: thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. secretary david shulkin. glad to the president's address for a joint session of congress. six out of 9:00 p.m. analysis throughout the program. "mornings with maria" will be light will be light for in-depth analysis after we hit the president's address tonight to take a short break. we're live from washington and we will be right back. stay with us. ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me! it's truck month! find your tag for an average total value over $11,000 on chevy silverado all star editions when you finance through gm financial.
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new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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7:47 am
maria: welcome back. vice chairman of samsung. with the details now. >> prosecutors said south korea had a nasty type of samsung and rice chairman vijay and the other officials earlier today.
7:48 am
they polarized the country. pictures have been deeply involved in a scandal that led to the impeachment of south korea president. bribery, and thus a mac, perjury and concealing profit gained from criminal acts. youtube users around the world are now watching more than 1 million hours of video a day. experts say the number keeps going up as artificial intelligence continues to produce recommended videos to users. youtube threatening traditional television. nielsen data shows americans watch an average of 1.25 lead hours of live and recorded tv shows today. numbers are getting close. i dare you to find a cuter picture than this one. they feel in a japanese who was given a plush toy sealed by staff. he simply fell in love. he hugs the toy, but the toy and is back for a bright hear it these pictures have obviously gone viral.
7:49 am
the internet is another slow. this will all end up on a lot of phones. berea, those are the big stories from new york city. back to you. maria: it is so cute. cheryl, thank you so much. presidential watch a memory lane. how president trump will compare to his predecessor over the years. that is next, back in a moment. just like the people who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here. bp engineers use robotic ultrasound technology, so they can detect and repair corrosion before it ever becomes a problem. because safety is never being satisfied.
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maria: welcome back. president trump banged in his first address to congress and history shows speech could have a lasting impact. tremendous buzz presidential historian, author of the new book in the lawrence, doug wead is at best. good to have you on the program. thank you joining us. how do you think the speech will compare to those before him? >> i think he's going to be very different. i think he will be on a stage to
7:53 am
talk about the economy and make america great and his critics will say, and his close friends will say some little bizarre thing, but i've learned in researching game of thorns when is he is off message, he's on message. one is restore america, me it right again in the second essay no politician. when he deviates, he's still on message. maria: guys at the more sometimes gets them in trouble. one of the most emotional address is most emotional addresses was from lyndon johnson, sworn in days after the assassination of john f. kennedy. watch this. >> all i have that would have given gladly not to be standing here today. the words are sad enough to express our sense of loss. no words are strong enough to
7:54 am
express our determination, to continue the trust of america that he began. maria: obviously, this was an emotional moment in time. but explain the emotional impact this had on the country. >> yes, this is a tough time for the country, ever full-time and from lyndon johnson personally. >> this is a devastating man country moment. he was the dominating force in washington that he was not destined reverie to live in the shadow of john f. kennedy, d.c. on upstart who took power. so personally, this is a frustrating moment or lyndon johnson. he knew the role he was destined to play by history. maria: we are expecting a lot about the economy. rollback of regulation. that is something president reagan brought up in his address. take a look. >> almost 8 million americans are out of work.
7:55 am
these are people who want to be productive. the threat of layoffs and unemployment hang over millions and all who work our first treated by their inability to keep up with inflation. we must begin now. but people are watching and waiting. they don't demand their goals. they do expect us to act. let us act together. maria: act together. your thoughts. >> reagan gave one of the future beaches to the joint sessions where he did what he said he was going to do and i expect donald trump to be that kind of president. most of the speeches when you study them, they get the speech and do the exact opposite. it's uncanny. in this case, trump like reagan will do what is telegraphing. maria: can you balance this presidential demeanor, but also be donald trump? >> i wanted to call out if any democrats have called him a billion.
7:56 am
i wanted to point to them and call them by name. i would actually love to see that. it's not presidential, but it could be trumped in. maria: i'd like to hear them say congressmen, such and such, you're within illegal immigrate to illegal immigrate to send terrific things. that's the kind we want. >> what i'm looking that earthy undertones of andrew jackson. this is what we got in the non-hero. steve b. and then was very involved in this. it had a lot of america first nationalist undertones that hearken back to andrew jackson. do you think we're going to see that in this feature are we going to see a different kind of president? >> we are seeing it in his handling of the media because andrew jackson was devastated by what the media did to his wife that killed his wife and eight at the media, organized his own
7:57 am
network of news papers to oppose them. in game of thorns i get into the media problems donald trump has ended a staggering. the left and the right are opposed to the sky. much has to do about china. i have to say this. my name is on the boat, but the people who really gave the information to me her sources who risk their jobs. they were with hillary clinton for 10, 15, 20 years. some people in china risk their lives to get this information about the chinese flow of money to the clintons. it is a serious issue. maria: at is a serious issue. the book is game of thorns. we expect it's going to be a big seller. we'll be right back. i don't know even where to start with that. first, let's taka look at your financial pn and see what we can do. ok, so we've got... we'll listen. we'll talk. 'll an. baird. first, let's taka look at your financial pn why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph.
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nation's capital maria bartiromo with special coverage. >> good tuesday morning welcome back thanks for joining us have to morning i am maria bartiromo. right here in d.c. tuesday, february 28th top stories 8:00 a.m. president trump will address a joint session of congress for the first time as examine commander in chief, the president is expected to stress unite during his speech, however before taking the stage the president blamed his predecessor for tensions in the country. >> i think that president obama is bind the it because his people are certainly behind is, and some of the leaks possibly come from that
8:01 am
group some of the leeks really very series leeks very bad in terms of national security. but i also understand that is politics. and in terms of him being behind things, that is politics, and it will probably continue. maria: fox business network is bringing you live coverage of the president's speech tonight, the address begins 9:00 pm eastern, we will be there live, with analysis for you, right after a story of survival a small plane crashes into a home killing three cheerleader onboard alive the details coming up, target shares sinking in premarket this morning retail admits expectations on revenue and earnings the stock is plummets down 13% break down the numbers coming up, the parent company of snapchat expected to debut on wall street thursday what you need to know ahead of the opened initial public offering in environment where we have not seen a lot of ipos, could be record on wall street take a look at futures indicating a flat opening this morning, this has
8:02 am
been the situation, every morning and, yet, at the end of the day, we see another record high close another gain today would be a 13th record close in a row that is never happened. in the dow 120-year history. in europe this morning stocks are searching for direction, take a look at eurozone indices ft 100 up a fraction cac quarante. dax lower asia overnight mixed hang seng in hong kong weakoest leaping down 3/4 of 1% a tweet maybe for biggest mistake in oscar story the best picture snafu not only make plaguing the years, details after the night delivers a ratings bomb all coming up joining me to talk all about it fox business network dagen mcdowell, "the wall street journal" global he haddior johnson johnson, ranchel cam pell duffy good to see you great either show. >> excitement billed up further president gives second big speech.
8:03 am
>> you have been great in terms of outlining what is positive are. >> more spending on military, more spending on infrastructure, less spending on domestic programs state department outreach to rest of the world america first. >> looking to see what melania trump is wearing tonight. >> that is important! that is important! dagen: not a going to touch medicaid social security said on trail people worried about debt looming tidal wave tsunami entitlement programs i think that is of note concern, by the way, i still want to point out if this president and congress gets bogged down in repeal and replace obamacare you start getting toward tend of 2017, with a he tax reform that is going to be not good news for markets. >> that is why you know we are talking about the market potentially a record 13th straight day of increases at
8:04 am
some point market is going to ask is delivering are we getting what he promised. >> right. >> hangs in the balance. maria: talking about that this morning former chief of staff under clinton mac mack lattery undersecretary of defense doug feith with us host of "varney & company" stuart varney a big program stay with us this hour we kick off right now with top story, that is the president, set to outline this is agenda on health care tax reform, infrastructure, and military spending. during his address to a joint session of congress, tonight. he peter barnes at white house white house with details. >> more deals from president about tonight's speech the president will talk about accomplishments during first month or so here in office. including those executive orders talks about keeping creating jobs in united states
8:05 am
discuss that range of issues, that you just mentioned, and maybe take credit for the stock market, and those recent records, he did on "fox & friends" this morning. >> take a look what is going on with stock market, trillions of dollars of value have been created since i won election, trillions, and -- in fact very interesting on friday, looked like for the first time 1 x 12 sessions market might go down, down, down, down, was 15 seconds left all of a sudden it shot up. >> big initiative tonight, of course, is his plan to ask congress for 54 billion dollars, in about additional spending on defense aides say that is a 10% increase defense stocks up, on that news, and administration official also saying the broad theme of the speech tonight is renewal of the american spirit and optimistic vision for all americans, maria. maria: voo peter thank you so much the latest there bring in
8:06 am
mac mclarty former chief of staff under president clinton good to see you. >> glad to be here. >> what do you want to hear from the president tonight. >> i would like to hear, really, first a concrete outline what he is going to do i think the speech more positive i think will call for unity, how that proceeds we have to wait and see. >> look, we know roughly speaking that he wants to increase military spending we know that roughly speaking he wants to come out with a tax plan and repeaand replace obamacare are you onboard with those initiatives? >> not totally. i think he will lay out framework, you know the president proposes the congress disposses, so he will lay out framework will work through congress various committees i think there is concern expressed about substantial increase in military budget we all want to support our troops we had 15 years of war equipment deleted no question, on the other hand, someone had privilege to work with president who did balance the budget i am
8:07 am
concerned about the budget, and the impact there, and you even have the military speaking about not -- not weakening the state department, it is essentially we have soft diplomacy engagement strong military power. >> scan we talk white house you ran a white house, there is a lot of different factions in white house, we have budget hawks, we have the populous wing of bannon we have nationalists what is your read of how this white house is operating anding the factions there any different than anything you saw when running the white house. >> well -- liftoffs also a a challenge any white house, president trump came from outside, governor clinton came from being a governor. after 12 years the republicans being in office, but i think reince priebus is capable knows washington there are always power centers in washington not unique to trump
8:08 am
administration they need to prioritize get a handle what they are doing move forward with plan not unlike what maria outlined on speech and this is good evening to do that. >> are they all in line do you think when you look at what the priorities are from counselors around to him reince priebus. >> a couple points i think you want different points of view in white house any president wants -- ceos whatever. >> you don't want yes men around. >> the challenge for chief priebus to be honest broker, and same thing with national security advisory take different views put in form that gives president option to make decision close on a decision. that is what is important in any platform. >> great point. >> how pr democrats going to treat -- >> talking about that earlier, i hope carefully nimbly if he calls for more jobs do you stand applaud for that or not going to be tricky for them, i think they need to -- to pick, pick their disagreements so to speak carefully. >> you make a great point a good question because tonight
8:09 am
we know there will be protests outside. tonight we know guests of certain democrats who may actually you know, resist what the president part times are how should president trump handle that. >> he had practice at handling it during the campaign, [laughter], it could play in his favor i hope though tonight, not to be polyannish i hope it is a serious address about serious issues call for unity, very serious thoughtful speech received that manner. >> some guests invited are people we would expect but there is talk that they may have given some tickets to protesters who may jump up we saw reaction you know when joe said you lie people expect sense of decor um respect for the office of president should something happen disruptive we
8:10 am
see numbers saying country is saying we are moving right direction, what happens to democrats if they look like a party of -- of resistance of disruption, and just really trying to put -- a stop to him even just getting off the ground even with -- barack obama looking like he is beating this may be a few miles away. >> i would take exception to final point but i think your other points appropriately made if you look at the democratically governors, association, their comments, they made very much, as very much same thing you agent just echoed we've got to be for something else as democrats for a growth agenda how we going to get this economy moving includes everybody, so they just can't be against president trump they need to pick and pick battles very carefully. >> do they have that is there something that they are for? other than against donald trump. >> i think you are seeing oe.
8:11 am
merge early in trump administration early in terms of those of the democrats gets together moving forward. >> you said you take issue with what rachel said i want to play a sound bite from president trump he basically says no, president obama is behind some of this listen to this. >> okay. >> no, i think he is behind it, i also think it is politics, that is the way it is and look i have a -- >> but bush wasn't going after clinton clinton wasn't going after bush. >> you he never know what is happening behind the scenes you are probably right or possibly right you never know, i think that president obama is behind it because his people certainly are behind it. maria: is it a stretch to say that his people are behind at the protesters loyalists to president obama. >> i think there is some natural agreement from people that supported president obama perhaps when president obama's administration i think president trump said you never know is probably the key phrase but to say i think, suggest that president obama is personally engaged i don't
8:12 am
think there is any real -- evidence to suggest that is the zmies definitely encouraged it through statements he made, and i would say that -- i don't think we should normalize a ex president nom really giving new president a chance to -- to i mean this is highly unusual the level of involvement, and most presidents sort of recede into background. >> president bush said president clinton did although president trump has been critical of president obama so in counter punching narrative you could say that i don't expect president obama actively engaged. >> a success if? >> it is a positive speech, as kind of a ronald reaganex or bill clintonex, possibly for bipartisan support. >> thank you for joining is
8:13 am
max mclarty live to the president joint address to congress tonight 9:00 pm eastern stay with us, as we have full coverage tonight, coming up we will snapchat will company have a picture-perfect debut on wall street details on snap's highly anticipated ipo target stocks in premarket down 13% after disappointing fourth quarter a closerk at earnings back in a moment. ♪ across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today at
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. .
8:16 am
maria: welcome back small plane crashing into two houses in southern california, cheryl casone with details now. cheryl: maria fire officials say one teenager was throne from a backseat of the plane but remarkably the girl only had minor injuries, three people were killed aircraft crashed after taking off from riverside municipal airport video caught the moment of the crash you can see huge flames and thick smoke following that explosion. >> we saw, a lot of people panicking, things going on we saw -- the neighbors, exiting -- exiting, firefighters were -- taking people to safety. cheryl: a husband wife three teenagers on that ple, the we flying home to san jose after a weekend cheer leading event at disneyland. >> analysts at ubs say costco my boost membership fee putting on note to investors saying the chain basic
8:17 am
membership increasing 5 dollars, a fee for executive membership going to rise 10, 120 every year, might announce hikes on thursday when they release a second quarter earnings, costco did increase membership fees by 10% other countries in taiwan korea japan, mexico even uk,ings costco has not confirmed but during earnings call ceo said time might be ripe for that hike, we will see on thursday. well, president donald trump preparing to address a joint session of congress for the first time tonight. >> all i can do speak from hart say what i want to do we have a terrifically i believe health care plan coming up we have to understand obamacare has been a disaster out of control i will factual about military the border on the border, and throughout our country, we are getting the
8:18 am
bad ones out the bad people. gang members, druglords, some cases murderers. will have. cheryl: expected to declare early progress on his campaign promises. well, let's take a look at target shares being hit hard this morning guys company reported sales earnings that missed expectations the arbiter hurt by a disappointing holiday quarter talked about it this morning the stock, earnings came in buck 14 a share missed 1.51, they also said the outlook for fiscal year 2017 is also maria going to miss analysts expectation, so about the quarter certainly retailers under pressure because of folks like amazon, those are headlines back to you. maria: for sure that is it, tough tough quarter dagen mcdowell jon hilsenrath, first time from the president since inauguration rachel. >> prime time expect huge
8:19 am
ratings to talk about these ratings -- expect -- >> right. >> the oscar ratings down i think going to take a lot of pleasure seeing his own ratings going up, this guy knows how to do a show very unpredictable i think going to be very interesting i mentioned millennia ivanka what they are going to wear i think it is a moment for the republicans. >> there is two things looking at one going to be attention who is in gallery so much talk who democrats are inviting republicans are inviting. we are going to hear more about that from than usually one thing, the other thing think a being immigration where does he stand. >> you know where he stands on immigration. >> important between legal and illegal if we hit 3% or more, we need more legal immigration
8:20 am
not less because the population is aging, and because we have all these baby boomers, retiring. >> -- always been the -- that is and border security so if you want immigration reform secure border a populist very popular getting out violent criminals. >> very participate talking about differentiating legal from illegal some sir kelz they are confusing it as if president doesn't want legal immigration has he said -- >> this has been opportunity for him to make that distinction, of the liberalize and democrats always talk about immigration as a whole that is not what we are talking about we are talking about securing the homeland period. >> that is absolutely right still ahead president trump seeks to beef up military
8:21 am
defense spending increase expected first fiscal budget, everything you need to know about snap hotly anticipated wall street debut this week, back in a moment. ♪
8:22 am
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8:24 am
. maria: welcome back, wall street gears up for biggest intelligent ipos in years, snap the parent company snapchat not expected to follow the same path as other social media giants, but facebook twitter like other silicon valley giants snap does not have headquarters cofounder ceo spiegel is unconventional leader according to "the wall street journal" how will the snap ipo be different than facebook. >> story all about unusual
8:25 am
leadership of snap ceo is not a very open communicative person do you know whether or not like big meetings with staff, is to i think there is going to be questions about management, how is management going to run the company. >> i tell you one thing right not to sell for three billion dollars back in the day right offered 3 billion dollars. >> oh -- >> why not sell offered 3-billion-dollar, here he is with 20 plus billion-dollar ipo. >> engaged to miranda carr actress orlando bloom former homegirl if you will. so there you go. >> we know that about him, might be a -- got a model on arm. >> a big test, for wall street because this is our first big tech ipo in a while, and you know we have to see if wall street embraces it like facebook. >> i think a great point because this is not a good ipo period right now. >> it is not a lot of i big deals.
8:26 am
>> it hasn't been wall street on fire if a hot ipo out of snap it could be something that paesdz momentum. >> i will tell you bracing it young people teens on they love this stock. >> how loyal will they be to your -- even to -- >> right. >> is it facebook or twitter going to be big question. >> exactly. >> to buy ipo -- >> rich peterson said look for february 2017 will be the lowest monthly count of ipos since march of 16, four. >> have how o do you reconcile that look at nasdaq how high you would think in a market like this that more companies would be coming out, and ipoing if you get a good one out of snap you might see others following behind it. >> i wondered why normally you go public when markets are rallying really strong performance yet you are not seeing that. >> absolutely, and maybe a sign that the momentum we're seeing in market is -- is -- not sustainable.
8:27 am
>> we will see, the markets are waiting for he tax reform talking about this forever here but 13% since election day. >> you have seen, the bonds rising with stocks unusual, so somebody is wrong in that equation, gross loss or risky assets. >> we had a story in the paper yesterday about a reversal starting to see people buying bonds. >> i said bonds rising. >> prices are rising yields falling maybe people are starting to question the kind of growth. >> i read the journal, jon. >> i know that. >> talking about that for sometime, as well a short break when we come back building a best defense president trump's pledge to increase military spend whering money will come from a warren buffett doubling down on apple shares back in a moment.
8:28 am
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. . >> announcer: maria bartiromo with special coverage of president trump's draefs to the joint session of congress live from washington, d.c. . >> good tuesday morning welcome back everybody i am maria bartiromo, this morning, in washington, it is tuesday, february 28 your top stories right now 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. epresident trump, set to address the joint session of congress tonight, for the first time since taking office, the commander in chief is expected to address many issues, including taking care of our veterans, earlier in the program i spoke with
8:31 am
secretary veterans affairs david shulkin about his role so far. >> i have been in government now about 18 months that is long enough to understand how this system workers where the problems are my discussions with the president have been that we have to make these changes being able to know where the problems are is going to allow us to do that quick as we need to do it. >> fox business network is taking you live to the president's address 9:00 pm eastern join are us throughout the day today, for full analysis as well the president prepares to address congress his cabinet one step closer to being complete senate confirming wilbur ross customers secretary 72-27 vote subordinate into office this morning, chaers sinking in premarket realer missed expectations revenue and earnings per share we have breaking down numbers. warren buffett taking a bite out of apple getting big on apple shares. it could about a record day on wall street futures
8:32 am
indicating, market will open like this. we are off highs in certainly we are pretty flat to the -- to the break even line if we do see a record today, because this has been a the case open lower by the end of the day, close higher the gain would be a 13th record close in a row that never happened in dow 1220-year history getting breaking news right now fourth thae quarter gdp outgrew at rate of 1.9% this is second estimate this is below expectations the estimate calls for growth 2.1%, gdp hitting tape right now, about markets, as you see, are reacting in europe stocks searching for direction, this morning take a look at eurozone indices you will see fractional movers up in london and paris, but even dax index has turned positive, european markets trading higher even if just by a fraction. in asia overnight markets mixed take a look big moves hang seng in hong kong do dodown /4
8:33 am
of 1%, picture of kellyanne conway goes viral will white house take criticism sitting down? we will talk about that picture that is going viral. plus a tweet maybe to blame a tweet for the biggest mistake in oscar history the man in charge, of the envelopes may have been more concerned about social media and sending out tweets pictures than handing over the right envelope top story this half hour tournament trump focusing on defense seeking a historic 54-billion-dollar increase in defense spending, pursuing cuts everywhere else. >> 40 days, after his inauguration, president trump and republican congress will have not lifted a finger to create jobs raise wages for hardworking american families. these actions will worsen the conditions that fueled his candidacy president trump engaged in a bit and -- a a
8:34 am
bit and switch agenda no jobs no retirement security no health security. >> i point out he is seeking cuts elsewhere not everywhere else, pardon me on that joining us right now former undersecretary of defense for policy under bush 43 doug feith with us undersecretary good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> glad to be with you. >> the president says he wants the u.s. to be better prepared if called to fight what is your take on expectations, that he wants to raise military spending by 54 billion dollars? >> well, the defense budget was pretty he severely slashed throughout the obama administration, and united states continues to have large worldwide defense about responsibilities. but we have not had a budget in recent years that allowed us to allows us to actually have the kind of military capabilities that would allow to us fulfill responsibilities. >> you want to see more spending on military then. >> i do, i think it is an important thing, i think that
8:35 am
-- we have large parts of our infrastructure there recently there have been some attention paid to how nuclear infrastructure for example has are a deteriorated greatly enormously dangerous if countries around the world depended on united states for decades for their security because of our nuclear umbrella begin to worry about integrity of our nuclear umbrella because we have not been investing enough that makes for a much more dangerous world. >> sure does, dagen? . >>. dagen: trump administration proposal will take defense budget to 603 billion dollars that is still short of say what a senator john mccain wants closesh to 640 billion do you think the trump administration should do more in terms of increasing defense spending. >> well, there are a lot of details to be dietei baited wha senator mccrain rep thornberry have said in the house have to
8:36 am
be taken seriously, there is going to be a debate between mysterious people in congress and the administration, and i think there is a strong argument to be made that administration has not gone far enough. >> there is going to be a debate within trump administration too because mick null mull vein. >> budget detractor deficit hawke one of the reasons mb kaine didn't care for him. >> people want upgraded airplanes ships armor for troops a lot of people -- maybe in between where barack obama was, and not quite where john mccain wants him to be -- but you know, military will have to find ways where they can streamline, and do things more efficiently so they can meet budget cuts. >> conditian he do that. >> perennial question always good idea to cut fat i don't thing you are going to be able
8:37 am
to solve if problem simply by cutting fat the serious harm that was done, by the see questration cuts obama years needs remedied. >> where do you believe the cuts -- need love we've got oldest navy in decades oldest army in decades, how do i characterize and assess where we we're today what needs to be done? >> well, i mean i think you -- you flag some of the major issues, our -- our navy needs more platforms we need more capabilities in basically all the services. we have -- we have for example in asia had a policy that the beginning of the bush administration, we said the real strategic interests in united states, require us to build up our capabilities in asia, some work was done in
8:38 am
that regard. then president obama, came in, and made the point about pivot to go asia way of essentially reaffirming we need to do more to focus on strategic interests in asia because asia is economically strategically enormous important in order to do what we need to do in asia we need long range military capabilities, that is air capabilities, naval capabilities, the like, all thov is enormously expensive and requires us to build up our forces. >> donald trump has said that he -- he is asking other countries benefiting from our military expenditures to step up so is that going to reduce some financial pressure on us? >> well, i think that -- president trump has said some things that i think have some merit, and are also a problem. >> okay. >> what he said that has merit is -- what every american president in basically since cold war began was saying
8:39 am
which is we would like greater contributions from our allies that is another perennial. >> he said things i think really not constructive not accurate about how key allies are free loweders i don't think fair description. >> are you assured by general mattis, he has gone begins a some things his boss said when torture not taking iraq oil standing by allies does that reassure you -- >> it does i think general mattis' understanding of the importance of or i alliances is far more sound than the campaign rhetoric that came from mr. trump during the campaign, and even unfortunately some of the things he said since he has been president, i hope that he
8:40 am
i hope that president trump will take advice remains to be seen. >> how has that comment about free loaders impacted friends across the world. >> i think -- i mean in my conversations with -- with representatives from a number of those countries, it has made them question whether president trump is going to continue to uphold the relationships continue to uphold the alliance obligations that we have. and we -- i don't think it is in our interests that we call those alliance into question. >> what if some of them should be paying off how do get -- >> as i said, it has been a perennial problem that we have encouraged and not always successfully our allies to contribute more. i am happy to see that some many of our allies are responding to mr. trump by
8:41 am
saying they are going to increase their defense spending that is a positive thing, i give president trump credit for that. this needs to be calibrated without questioning fundamentally when we remain true to commitment. >> it was american people when they hear donald trump -- you have to care, more about your liberty and freedom than we do. and i think that -- as americans feel like some are free loaders i don't know how you strike that balance between making them feel we're not going to leave you at the same time putting pressure veer plea on them at least to get them to pay their fair share. >> i see the i see the populist appeal of that rhetoric but i tell you i think very short sighted because -- what i am focused on, is the interests of the american people, it is not in
8:42 am
our interests to have our allies doubt our reliability. that will ultimately is not a way to punish allies that you think are not contributing enough we are punishing ourselves if we damage alliances allie annes i think responsible american official would make this clear to the american public, these alliances, have kept the security situation relatively quiet around a large part of the world, to be enormous benefit of american people created a platform on which enormous amount of economic growth has occurred, where trade occurs, and if we damage that general struck for security in the world we are damaging our own economy. >> yeah. >> great to have insights thanks so much we appreciate you joining us undersecretary doug feith joining us fox business network taking you live to the president's joint address to congress tonight, join us for special coverage all day leading to address 9:00 pm tonight we will be
8:43 am
live here on "mornings with maria" full analysis tomorrow morning markets new records under president trump mainstream media focused on blacker against president stuart varney has thoughts on that coming up a kellyanne conway photo not sitting well with critics a picture of the white house adviser going viral this morning. back in a moment.
8:44 am
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appointments available now. . maria: welcome back, markets flat this morning, although we are expecting couple big movers warren buffett for example taking a bigger share of apple buffett berkshire hathaway stake in apple more than double what it was the start of the year. berkshire owns 133 million shares of apple up from 57 million, certainly made money on that move berkshire hathaway stake now about 1 billion dollars, take a look pat shares right now at 137 dollars in premarket amazon "time" magazine reporting the company is working to give
8:47 am
alexa the ability to distinguish who is talking to it. the report says that the capability being called voice id has been in development since 2015, amazon shares up almost 3% this morning, in the premarket. market poised for 13th straight record breaking day, the mainstream media seems trump rally cold shoulder stuart varney joins from us new york how do you give this cold shore willed 1% since election day 6% since start of the inquiry wow no if we close even one point higher today, it will be truly an historic event on wall street, because we have never seen 13 consecutive records in the 120-year history of the dow industrials. now, look at this i've got new york names, actually paid for a copy this morning here it is. >> [laughter] >> not on front page no mention of the wall street rally trump really on front page so i turned to the
8:48 am
business section, called business day. not a single notion. >> are you kidding me. >> not meanings you go to page b7, to find any mention of the rally, looking for it -- fast here it says -- wall street closes at new highs again, tucked down bottom corner b7 i splashed out big time "washington post" here it is not on the front page he they do have an economy section page 8 well of what do you think the lead is in "the washington post" on this historic day? i will tell you. it is apple shareholders set to vote on whether to force the company to make its leadership more diverse. maria: [laughter] >> i rest my case! media -- this is totaling dishonesty. maria: three trillion dollars market wealthy created only 3 trends.
8:49 am
>> a trillion here, there pretty soon big money you know what i mean if people are not watching fox business maria stuart everybody else, they wouldn't know that history is being made in our economy, on our markets, they would not know it. 100 million people will benefit directly from what we've seen on wall street no mention. dishonesty. >> you make a great point. >> my rant is over. >> there is the issue you are not getting the full story that is the point, i know you have more in 10 minutes we will see you then. >> thanks you maria. >> "varney & company" top of the hour 9:00 a.m. eastern thank you, stuart after "mornings with maria" next ruining oscars in 140 characters or less twitter maybe to blame for best picture mix-up at academy awards, then hypocrites claiming kellyanne conway is not putting her best foot forward in the oval office, the picture of the white house revive going viral this morning back in a minute. your insurance company
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maria: welcome back, get this if -- white house adviser kellyanne conway is going viral this morning the photo social media after the picture of conway with feet on coach in the oval office joining us kirsten haglund to talk more about this good to see you first of all. >> good to see you. >> thanks for joining us, what do you think, are critics making a i'll big deal out of nothing or does this bother. >> you outrageous about 52,000 tweets this morning about this incident, you know -- such a really, really great meeting that is going on in the oval office for that where that picture is taken with president trump, as you can see, with leaders, from black
8:54 am
colleges universities a really, really incredible thing, shining spotlight on something doesn't matter, and i should say, conservatives you jumped on president obama when he head photo taken in oval office feet on desk table next to couch this is political fodder we expect it but nothing worse than what happened with bill clinton in oval office i think piem can give kellyanne a break. >> good point you see that kind of reaction to the antics there, with bill clinton, and moneeka lewinsky, feet on couch how about respect. >> momma mcdowell would say don't future feet on furniture particularly oft office optics are bad president trump understands optics better than neighbor he is a great showman, that does not -- represent his administration well. >> do we know if shoes on walking. >> i think if you are -- i don't know if shoes are on
8:55 am
clearly trying to ta a better picture, there are white house photographers there she didn't need taking that picture doesn't need listen i hate saying that bile kellyanne conway an i have kids i would be furious if they sat take a look at neighbor's house let alone in the oval office. >> either has shoes on shoes on couch. >> bad. >> this is walk around the oval office with no shoes on. >> there is a lot of people there, right this is an important meeting happening. >> has historic black colleges, that makes it that much worse, so -- >> listen -- >> disrespectful to them i don't think president obama should have had feet on desk i don't think her feet should be there. >> in the oval office all bad. >> that is a abridge -- real far. >> what about this more about blunder around the world wrong movie awarded best picture at
8:56 am
oscars here is what we know pricewaterhousecoopers accountant he is to blame because just minutes before brian gave warner wolf wrong envelope tweeting out a photo of best actress winner backstage the award mix-up happened three minutes rarity backstage tweet reportedly not sanctioned he later deleted tweet during the show what bb that do you think he deleted tweets didn't want people to as i you are focused on tweet gave warner wolf wrong envelope. >> that is what happened, absolutely, he didn't want pricewaterhousecoopers to find out as well. first i felt bad for this guy don't publish his name foept probably feels awful then you see pictures coming out, of course, you know backstage with once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you want to catch that shot post it, but -- people get in trouble with postings, you know that in
8:57 am
last couple years 127 bests from people trying to take selfies we have to be careful what we post, so i felt bad for the guy you are there to do a jobbed by a to do one thing right look at what happened -- >> i feel bad for him i know when we are live on tv, i am over here i want to get something that our guest said immediately out make sure my followers know what was said on show i tweet out quickly the truth is to can make a membering focusing on too many things. >> if you are -- that wasn't your show. >> right back final floats all-star panel right here. aaaahh!! ooohh!! uh! holy mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. which one's your favorite? come home with me! it's truck month! find your tag for an average total value over $11,000
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>> thanks to our fantastic panel. see you tomorrow. "varney & company" starts right now. here is stuart. stuart: i'll take it, maria. we say it frequently, sit back and watch history unfold. we're saying it again today because what's happening in politics and money is indeed historic.


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