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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  May 3, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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maybe not as difficult as people have thought. why does he believe this. they may not be as difficult. i think both of these leaders have the confidence that they have. the relationship that he's built to visually and that trust and respect that they head for them. i think in discussions f them. feels very optimistic on the share shared goal that everybody has. there are a lot of issues that had to get covered. they respect the ability to want to get that done. i think this is something that he really wants to have happen. >> that is the most popular thing in obama care.
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i think the president wants to do everything i can. we're changing to a system where who knows what happens. that governor may seek a waiver. hopefully that fund is going to cover their pre-existing conditions. it is a big change for people who live with those kinds of illnesses. we have a very diffet view of this. my view and i think the president of you is that obama care -- obamacare if you have a pre-existing condition and you no longer had a healthcare provider or your premiums are going to the roof then you don't have a coverage and we just read that. why change the pre-existing conditions.
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we are strengthening. lived in everything we can. sure he can. i think the fundamental point that seems to be getting lost is that if you have obama care right now in case after case you are losing it. if you have a pre-existing condition and you have a card that says obamacare then you don't have coverage. we are guaranteeing it. they made it very clear that pre-existing conditions are covered in the bill under every scenario. i don't know how much clear you conceded. we don't know why the white house is going so hard.
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you just said a few minutes ago it's literally impossible to analyze the impact. when the speaker in the majority leader would want too. our job is to work as hard as we can. to want to see the healthcare health care system improve. that's what we've done. it will be up to the house leadership to decide when to vote. see make you dismayed guaranteed to the american people. that was literally impossible to know. the president has made it very clear on numerous occasions that he's going to make sure that it gets covered.
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it did shut down potentially. he was frustrated by democrats. the president said he was going to win for all americans. >> i think it is a process he is frustrated with. i think that's why he fought so hard for this. they obstruct routine things that they supposedly are for and doing everything they can two obstruct. they're out there working to try to get that. issues that they are having with the members of the senate. he is understandably frustrated.
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the goals and objectives he set out with the american people. into deal with multiple layers of obstructionism. you have the 60 vote threshold. with the legislative conditions. what would change between now and september to give you confidence that we will get funding for those walls. >> when you come in there was a lot that was already carried over. it's just not a continuing resolution. they already had increases or underlying policy in them. this bill will reflect in 2018 the president's priorities in working with the house and the senate. thank you guys very much.
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>> they hope that they will tackle both the revised health care plan and the 2017 they hope that they will tackle both the revised health care plan and the 2017 now regarding healthcare obama care is dying on the vine but that? hanging over whether people with pre-existing conditions can count on being covered without pain a fortune. we are not getting rid of it were strengthening it. with the rest of our viewers what did you interpret from that? >> they are trying to get to 216 votes. as early as tomorrow is what has been said by many. as soon as the votes are there a about will get scheduled. the vice president is here in the capital leadership talking
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to members who may be on the senate. there is a concern that existed going back to the debate during the last year's campaign. ensuring that we are doing in our power to address the commitment. into also take care of those individuals. which we smart about our policy and be effective as possible. some of you who care so deeply working so hard on it. >> just minutes ago congressman freedom caucus chairman said the amendment offered by that. they are proposing about $8 billion over five years to help people with pre-existing medical conditions. they are supporting that. is a game changer. and could we see the vote by tomorrow.
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what was said over and over again. as soon as the votes are there the vote on the bill is going to get scheduled on the house floor. the freedom caucus as they were doing the interviews with you and others in just a few weeks ago. they were opposed to the bill. they were negotiating in good faith to try to bring down premiums and represent their home districts and states and then your people with the more moderate members who were undecided or leaning against the bill. because obviously you are republican in the blue state of new york. and there are many people who are not convinced that those with pre-existing conditions will be covered because it will leave it up to the states to decide whether they want to cover that and if not then give it 8 billion-dollar kitty to put together here. is that enough to end. it's not as if people with
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pre-existing conditions are always rolling in the dough. they probably spent a lot of money on their pre-existing health problems. if you cannot afford ear covered your coverage you don't really had access to it being from new york state which is a blue state also has a long history going back way before the aca with regards to the essential health benefits. covering people. the laws, the roles have been a long -- around for a long time. with regards to the macarthur amendment. i don't anticipate. the state legislature to be requesting waivers from thos aspects but what i do expect you will see that waiver request been made because they want to have additional options. but i don't believe at all that that waiver request is going to be coming. you see that we could see a
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vote on this healthcare bill health care bill by tomorrow is that a possibility. >> i believe that as soon as the votes are there. there will be a move to go to the house floor. >> thank you so much for getting in front of the camera as all of this is developing. we are seeing a bull market and a tiny for the first time today. less than an hour ago. we have very hit heist of the session. the economic expansion has flowed. before the release of the news.
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they filed for the largest that restructuring in u.s. history. now it's up to federal judges to figure out who will be paid back. here is how the accurate get and we are seeing that come back. so much of it has to do with apple. also a member of the doubt 30. that is what is coloring the markets reds. all you have to do is look at apple's chart. it opened quite dramatically lower.
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part of what is going on there. they have weaker revenue results. it has been driving the day. tim cook said iphone sales are on pause. he said consumers are waiting for the next iphone. but with 70% of companies having reported earnings the trend overall for earnings in this quarter is very strong. the taco bell parent yum is trending higher. after hot sales of that and also did better than accept -- expected profits. okay. it's down -- it's 40 minutes away. 20,955 is where we stand right now. first it was autonation and now another wall street titan 's road raging against the electric car. we have the details on the
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harsh words. in is tim cook really blaming people waiting for the iphone eight for the lackluster sales of numbers on the iphone. we get to our expert traders on the floor. that is all coming up next on count on.
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before tesla releases the quarterly report. he let it go on that charismatic ceo elon musk. today they are saying for the time being investors remain hypnotize. other bubble basket stocks. they are reminiscent of bubble. stormy weather in short bill. when it comes to shorts.
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also joined aside from teddy and alan we have the tesla reporter tim higgins. look at this market here. it was rather dovish today. in the markets took it we are slightly higher now. i wouldn't say were jumping for joy. we had been negative all day. i think the market is pretty much showing what they expected to hear. there was nothing and that seems months away. for the moment. they are back in the front seat of the car. in the economy kind of bumps along they are advancing the interest rates. he mentioned the federal
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reserve they wrote in their statement that they do see a slight slowing and economic growth but the auto sales the march jobs report which was a bad miss. is that just a few shaky pieces of data or something more. are you seen any change in the trading flows on the floor there. in the past couple of weeks. after the big bump on monday and tuesday last week. even though it continues to make a few records almost every day. there was slim to no chance that they would raise rates today. i think like you said earlier. it's really all about earnings and earnings growth is double-digit for this quarter. that is what is truly driving the market. the rest has been filtered out on a day-to-day basis.
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it is quite an impressive earnings report. give us a sense of what you expect. >> people that watch tesla the earnings in some way don't matter it's all in the momentum. investors are going to be looking very closely for anything they said about the new $35,000 sedan and how it's doing. as you look at the chart. forget that. over the year has done stellar maneuvering there and now you have david i horn. they are hypnotizing shareholders. do you see a little bit of that in a bubblelike quality there. there is a lot of excitement around it. if you look at what previous automakers have done it doesn't make a lot of sense to
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old-timers. but then he tweeted out last month. these shares are based upon future potential and investors look at it they're talking about self driving cars and solar panels that will power these vehicles, semi trucks and all sorts of things that really exciting people. >> it was a good short. it shows you what i know. i think david einhorn is right. the question is when. eventually everybody is right. i think the stock is still a price. but i had been wrong. this is a very narrow metric. the best selling luxury large vehicle as you look at these
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numbers it shows that some people are ready to spend funds here. >> we're looking at a dow jones holding on here. with 39 minutes before the closing bell rings. we have disney as the biggest laggard on the dow 30 heat map. it's like a new digital network. but nothing wayne down weight watchers at this hour. shares hitting more than one year high up 19% after reporting a 16% gain in subscribers. they are loving oprah winfrey as much as she loves that. she has a big chunk of stock. she has a big chunk of stock.
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♪ liz: breaking news. something eggsextraordinary -- extraordinary ght now. you're looking live at what is the debate between two french presidential candidates. they are fighting over bailouts, government bailouts. this is the same fight that many people in america had during the financial crisis. former banker and send tryster eman you -- emanuel macron saying government shouldn't puck
3:28 pm
winners and losers. if companies fail, so be it. marine le pen says he is feeding off misery of employees who lose their jobs. live pictures of the french presidential debate is having at this moment in paris outside city area. they are debating going to the polls for the runoff taking place sunday. the election commanding worldwide attention, at least so much so, fox business's ashley webster in paris. what is is the sentiment on the ground about this debate? it started to get feisty. we were listening in on the commercial break. reporter: it has been very entertaining. it is two hours, 20 minutes long. it is about 20 million viewers watching it right now, very first question to both candidates i thought was a softball. are you kidding me? boy the gloves were dropped.
3:29 pm
they went for each other's throat right at the beginning. emanuel macron, 39-year-old investment banker calling marine le pen who wants to take france out of the world and curley up into it is own little ball where france should be a member of the world and you out there extolling virtues of france. marine le pen saying macron, he is just an investment banker, elitist who has no idea, he is very naive. he is very i am ma she says. great stuff. by the way the papers today, as you can imagine, it says. [speaking french] challenges of an historic debate. this today in france,. [speaking french] debate are to the ages. what is interesting, liz, for decades the socialist, republican party in france dominated politics here. neither of those parties are a
3:30 pm
part of it anymore. whoever wins means that will be a new era in french politics. however, if marine le pen wins, who knows what happens next. she has been very anti-european union. she says she is going to hold a referendum for france to get out of the eu. not surprisingly germany and brussels watching carefully. how does she stand in the polls? she is down 20 point as we speak. it is about turnout. a lot of people spoken to quite frankly don't like either candidate. if that means voter turnout is low, marine le pen could be in with a chance. who knows what happens next. lots to play for. fascinating stuff, liz. liz: very similar to what we've seen here in america between donald trump and hillary clinton. this is really feisty debates. ashley, thank you very much. by the way, ashley is there because, again this could gyrate
3:31 pm
the markets on monday. before then you've got to stay with fox business. we're covering this moment by moment. closing bell ringing in 30 minutes. the dow is up five points. would peace in the middle east unleash a global renaissance of sorts. the cost of conflict clearly weighing on palestinian president mahmoud abbas. today he spoke of the future and hopeful two-state, yes you heard me correctly, a two-state solution in a joint address with president trump as the white house. former ambassador from israel to the u.s. danny alon. joins me from washington, d.c. does he believe president abbas's statement? that coming up on "countdown." [student] i can just quit school and get a job. [ex student] daddy's here. [wife] hi
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>> translator: mr. president, our at that time gibbing option, our strategic choice bring a two-state palestinian state with its capital of east jerusalem that lives in peace and stability, with the state of israel based on the borders of 1967. liz: palestinian president mahmoud abbas standing with president trump, sitting with him as well, addressing the american press. abbas calling for the two-state solution to reach peace with israel. they held a private working lunch with the white house to discuss how to reach the elusive peace deal which is something that many american presidents have tried but failed to accomplish. the meeting comes as abbas ordered electricity funding cut off for the gaza strip, putting hamas, which is terrorist organization, under increased pressure. hamas historically sought the destruction of israel.
3:37 pm
abbas turns the screws on palestinian fundamentalist group, they said they have disassociated themselves with the muslim brotherhood. what does this say to the israeli people? when will they see peace during the long time foes during the trump presidency. former ambassador to the u.s. joins us. ambassador are you buying what mahmood abbas appears to be pushing? >> well, you unfortunatelying liz, this is not very convincing this is not the first time abbas is talking peace in english but at the same time in arabic to his own people he seeks basically the destruction of israel. he teaches his children from first grade on they are to claim not just judea and samaria or gaza which they have ruled by hamas, negative greff, and
3:38 pm
entire israel. abbas himself, the time as meets the president in the white house, he continues to pay and support terrorist and their families, incitement. one more thing, liz. he continues with what i call a political terror. just yesterday the palestinians pushed a very outrageous resolution in unesco saying that israel has no link to our most sacred place, jerusalem, the temple mount. he continues to deny and rewrite history this is really what the israelis see, not what he talks in english, but what he says in arabic in his own people, and mostly what he does. liz: ambassador, when you bring up president trump, are we closer to or further from peace with president donald trump versus previous presidents? >> well i think liz, very commendable that the president is trying heads on to crack a
3:39 pm
very, very tough problem that eight presidents before him tried and failed. they didn't fail because of their own doings. they failed because the palestinian intransigence. if we see a difference now, remains to be seen. i think the most important thing i take away from the meet something is where the president insisted that first, the palestinians should step up to the negotiating table without any preconditions, as they have done all the time. and also, that peace can not be imposed. certainly not by the u.n., as abbas wants because they have the -- >> u.n., we have seen is bitterly anti-semitic on balance but nikki haley, our new u.n. ambassador to the u.n. is working hard not to force them to be, but good luck with that. let's get to the economic question and i don't mean to slow this conversation down, i mean to speed it up. everyone who looks at these thgs historically says that when you have economic success that tends to really help juice
3:40 pm
an economy and end these types of conflicts. so to that end, this company sodastream, publicly-traded, started in israel by an israeli, daniel birnbaum. he had a factory that employed so many palestinians and wanted to expand and wanted to move to the negev desert they needed work permits which the government did not grant. listen what he said to fox business a couple years ago. can you bring 200 palestinian workers there to work there? >> unfortunately the israeli government has not been help youful facilitating that. we tried to get them work permits. right now we're down to 40 palestinians working with us. i'm not too hopeful for the continuatino of that. liz: what about that ambassador? can the israeli government try and after vetting security issues allow palestinians to come work and maybe that helps bridge some of the ban? >> absolutely. we've been trying all along to
3:41 pm
help the palestinian economy to the extent it doesn't harm our security and doesn't allow killing, murdering of israelis but the issue is not what we do. the issue is what the palestinians do. since the oslo started almost 24 years ago -- liz: as low accords. >> palestinians receive per capita more than europeans since world war ii in the marshall plan. the problem is the money did not go where it should go. it went into the pockets of palestinian leaders and also went to finance terrorism. liz: building the tunnels that were discovered in 2015 that caused a huge conflict and much death. ambassador, thank you. we're watching this closely. but your sense is that israelis are not going to buy what mahmoud abbas today at white house? >> he will be judged by what he does, not by what he says. he is saying all along different things than he was doing.
3:42 pm
liz: ambassador danny ayalon, former israeli ambassador to the united states. always good to see you. >> good to see you,. liz: 19 minutes to to. the dow is kinging to a little bit of green. we're up 4 points, 20,954. derek jeter and jeb bush are up at bat for the miami marlins. they want to buy it out right. charlie gasparino has details what they need to do to hit it out of the park to become the new owners of the florida franchise. it goes beyond a big chunk of change. charlie raises it next on "countdown."
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on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. liz: we're getting some breaking news from agriculture secretary sonny perdue involving nafta and how it would affect farmers. but this is interesting. he obviously has been questioned about the immigration plan that
3:47 pm
president trump has. he is saying about immigration enforcement, that it is quote aimed at criminals, not farmworkers. he is also saying saying that ta is crafting a proposal for immigrant workers for u.s. dairies. farmers he says will not get a worse deal in nafta renegotiations. the president either way has to look at u.s. economy as a whole, not particular sectors. he said u.s. fruit, sugar, dairy producers could benefit from a revamp of the north atlantic trade agreement. where is it? can we show it? i left it in my bag. there they are. my key to the "oracle of omaha"'s kingdom. these are the berkshire hathaway an oomph shareholder meeting press passes. i'm heading to the gate to the west after the show tomorrow. i will be there friday and saturday, bringing live update from what is arguably the most
3:48 pm
fascinating shareholder meeting on the planet. close to 40,000 people show up. and i'm going to be lynch tweeting @lizclaman on twitter, and check out all of this. the main event, warren buffett, his vice-chair, charlie monger, bill gates, who is a board member, the richest minds joining me live on "countdown." between those three guys we have close to a trillion dollars in net worth. maybe even closer. monday, 3:00 p.m. eastern right here on "countdown." we have breaking news in the ongoing bidding war for the miami marlins. jeb bush and derek jeter, last we checked in with charlie gasparino, they had a big chunk of money they had to find to put up enough to afford the team. charlie says he has more details live from the milken conference in beverly hills with details. what is happening, charlie?
3:49 pm
>> bankers for jeb and jeter, led by greg fleming the former number two at morgan stanley. he is leading banking effort to raise money, as much as a billion dollars so the team of jeb bush and derek jeter can buy the miami marlins. what they are telling people they are increasingly optimistic they would get the money. as we've been reporting in the past, frequently on, they thought it was an uphill battle that they would need a lot of investors. from what we understand they're going foreign potential investors, for silent partners, foreign silent part in to drum up the money necessary. they know here in the u.s., if you put in $100 million for this, remember the deal, the bid is 1.34 billion. jeb and jeter by themselves have about 200 million. they have to raise a lot of cash and a lot of checks. if you get in americans to put in money, 100 million, they want a say in the team, a management role. essentially jeb and jeter do not
3:50 pm
want to give up, relinquish the management role. what they're looking at is foreign investors and what fleming is telling people he is increasingly optimistic. now when will this deal get done? it is anybody's guess. we think around june you but fleming is telling people it is moving forward. it is moving in their direction and he can -- they think they can get the money. liz, it is a never a done deal until it's a done deal. major league baseball has been very reticent about all this. hey, we have to see the cash. major league baseball wants cash instead of financing. they don't want a team heavily indebted. miami marlins loses money as is, it is heavily indebted. the fat lady hasn't sung yet. this is what we're hearing. greg fleming is telling people he he is increasingly optimistic he will raise the money. one other thing that is interesting, there was a report, i can't remember where, said anthony scaramucci, our old colleague at fox business is involved raising money for
3:51 pm
invest tore outreach. fleming is telling people point-blank, that is not the case. he is not involved in this deal. just thought i would circle that one make sure everybody knows. anthony scaramucci is not involved in the investor outreach to make this thing happen. back to you, liz. liz: charlie, when are you coming home? you enough already in beverly hills. >> i'm having such an amazing time. growing to eight miles for lunch. liz: get the westwood sandwich. turkey on rye with coleslaw and russian dressing. which is basically ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together but. >> by the way, ketchup, one of my favorite condiments. ketchup is like calf area to me. liz: that ketchup is a meal to me. charlie, thank you. seriously, bring that back to me. and one of their -- charlie gasparino, safe journey back. we have markets solidly in the
3:52 pm
green if you call 12 points to the upside solid. not exactly. we are moving to upside after languishing in the red until the fed came out 2:00 p.m. eastern said they are leaving rates unchanged. we're coming back with much more. to folks everywhere whose diabetic... ...nerve pain shoots and burns its way into your day... ...i hear you. when that pain makes simple errands simply unbearable... ...i hear you. i hear you because my dad struggled with this pain. make sure your doctor hears you too. so folks, don't wait. step on up. and talk to your doctor. because you have places to go... ...and people who can't wait for you to get there. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands... step on up and talk to your doctor today.
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liz. breaking news, we heard from representative lee zelden, at least one of big issues is going to a vote on the house floor. we have a live picture up. the issue is, the house begun the vote, entire house on the bill to fund the government through sent 30th, because otherwise we shut down on saturday. remember, the cr, continuing resolution to keep it open a week ago. that would expire friday at midnight. this would fund the government until september 30th. which is the end of the fiscal 2017 year. the senate will vote on it tomorrow. but right now we're watching this closely.
3:56 pm
"after the bell" will also keep an eye on the vote. for now the entire house is voting at the moment on that bill to fund the government through september. to facebook. facebook hitting an all-time high earlier today. markets on that news. s&p, nasdaq are at record highs. facebook moving higher. tesla is falling 2% ahead of this afternoon's earnings. lori on the floor of the new york stock exchange. lori, about the earnings, yes, are traders looking at flashing news from the house? reporter: indeed, liz. the fed obviously this afternoon, really blowing off the slower than expected gdp. that is really what the focus is. looks like the dow is holding on to mild gains here as we approach the closing bell. all eyes of course on facebook and tesla shares. both lower even though facebook hit another high earlier today. they're fading a little bit closing off. tesla, widening losses 81 cents
3:57 pm
a share. watch model 3 news, this is the model for the masses. that is how it is characterized. the rollout date is july. you want to see if they stick with that schedule. this is what drove shares of tesla to earlier records. back to you. liz: thank you very much, lori rothman. as we're witnessing right now since election day, politics has really been affecting money and moving stocks. your money, your stocks, three sectors may have seen some of the biggest impact, biotech and pharma. you remember president trump says he needs to overhaul the health care system. they are quote, getting away with murder with high drug prices. telecom, fcc under president trump is pushing to remove net neutrality and for-profit colleges made a resurgence, when the president was elected because he would roll back some obama era rules that were stymieing some of these companies. are there still ways to play
3:58 pm
each sector even if the news isn't amazing. we have the guy doing that. thorn berg management, conner brown. i would have thought the pharma sector would get hammered the hardest because he has people on both sides of aisle saying drug prices are too high yet you're bigging gilead. >> it turns out legislation is hard, legislation is hard. as we think about the opportunities for legislation time pack stocks, what we really want a company that we think deserves valuation or higher valuation on the fundamentals. perhaps has some upside if legislation works out or the case of pharma weighs on valuation of the stock that could be a opportunity. >> liz: netflix is not a tell bomb but they need the pipes that the telecoms own to move their stuff through freely. what do you think will really happen with that issue? >> we own netflix. we're excited about their competitive position and we
3:59 pm
think it's such a strong competitive position that it's really hard to start to play them to extract value if you're comcast, for example. a great indication of that is comcast including netflix content within their x 1 platform, turning over any fight that would have been in the past and moving forward with netflix as a partner actually. liz: president obama, one would say, the way he felt about for-profit colleges hurt those companies pretty dramatically. >> yeah. liz: you feel there is opportunity for lift here. your particular pick? >> grand canyon education. again we thought even under a democratic regime grand canyon was standout. they have a ground university, division one sports teams. look for them in the ncaa tournament on basketball court. they were positioned to do well even under harsh environment legislatively. things are better and stock has responded. liz: connor brown is very gutsy. he doesn't care what happens, no matter what happens in the
4:00 pm
political arena the money arena has opportunity. >> absolutely. liz: thank you. closing bell rings. [closing bell rings] fed announcement in the rear view mirror. s&p 500, nasdaq lagging a bit. that is the closing bell. we have david and melissa action-packed hour. david: dow struggling for gains in the final minutes and nasdaq and s&p remain firmly in the red. i'm david asman. melissa: i'm melissa francis. this is "after the bell." here is what we got for you on this very busy hour. facebook and tesla on deck with results any moment. wall street expecting another strong quarter from facebook. tesla stock up nearly 50% this year, is expected to he see big moves when its report comes out. we'll bring it to you. the house voting to keep the government funded until september. the results on this we're hearing republicans are coming together now on health care as the presidt


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