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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  May 7, 2017 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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that is our show. we will see you next week on the new time slot. friday. fox business. name? from south carolina. >> happy birthday. how old are they turning? >> two big actions in washington, democrats talking about everything they got in the spending bill and house republicans bragging about their health care bill which could face major changes in the senate. the worry is the impact both will have on our national debt. should taxpayers be worried? this is bulls and bears. john layfield, emily and -- welcome to everybody. you say hold onto our wallets.
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>> conservatives like myself, the administration of george w. bush talking about the national debt is so big it is a civil rights issue burdening the next generation, young americans and this bill, looking at the opportunity for a true conservative administration, this compromise increases funding to amtrak, funding dc's metro, the irs at the same level and government agencies, it is not worth what we are doing to the national debt, we got some cuts, cut regulations, if we want to tackle the national debt this administration has the opportunity to take the right steps, this is not a step in the right direction. dagen: you love the government spending your money and that is what they are doing with that trillion dollar spending bill. >> back to november i understand the strategy, lose the presidency, lose congress, lose the senate, get what you want. winning, that would be it.
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i look through this, this is a bill. obama and clinton must -- all the clinton must me smiling because this bill, everything trump wanted to cut remained. emily pointed out the amtrak funding. wanted to cuts pacific coast salmon farming. that stayed in. for appalachian minors in their, puerto rico get the bile doubt. it is on mom and apple pie. we are out of money. instead of shrinking the government, instead of small government relying on what government should do we are back to the days of freespending, fdr, let's get a w out there which i wanted but at the cost as emily points out, the deficit and debt are going to explode. it is a horrible budget.
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dagen: you must love it. >> i'm not healthy, the healthcare bad -- it was a good week for democrats. and planned parenthood was protected, sanctuary cities. the epa. what else have we got? an extra $2 million, bipartisan issue, and increased military spending. what is interesting is whether something went on behind the scenes between republicans and donald trump, he doesn't care about reining in entitlement spending where republicans do. that will be a struggle. more than anything on the republican side. >> i worry about the debt all the time and don't understand why people in washington think money will be free-flowing forever as interest rates start rising and the cost, the debt
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burden becomes more severe. >> the cost of the debt burden has massed the problem. when president obama took office the debt doubled. doubled under president bush too, not like it is a republican or democrat issue. and when president obama took office debt service was 3 $40 billion. you double the debt, interest rates have gone down, $342 billion, $2 billion more, interest rates have gone down, you mask repercussions you had to deal with and more of the same. and the first year president obama's as president that we took in federal coffers and $3.9 trillion in fiscal year 2008 almost doubled, 3 $50
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million projected, and either way, we become puerto rico. dagen: blows up in our face. it passed in the house, cut spending by $1 trillion and takes a huge chunk out of medicaid which is entitlement reform. >> the problem is unlike the defending bill which did pass, the defense spending, $19 trillion, and huge deficit hits. and paying for premiums to subsidize, get to passes and tax increase, the medicaid expansion is not going away overnight, you
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can see when they score this thing, probably the higher deficit for the last few years than if we left it alone, and healthcare stocks expecting this, debt and deficit impact the next few years. dagen: even when they say they are cutting their budget tricks, and what the senate does with the healthcare bill. >> the buildup that was passed, when you look at the budget, in less you take the administration has a huge opportunity for conservative leadership, fiscally responsible leadership and continue funding things like the national endowment for the arts. $19 trillion to take care of and take tough measures.
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>> the arts budget, and in all, to promote creativity, you can cut something from every department. a ton of facts go around. >> taking care of the funding, and planned parenthood when people were worried about planned parenthood funding and fundraisers step in giving them millions. they will donate to them. >> you act like it is a line item, it is medicaid dollars, mostly lower income to the clinic that are near them. dagen: we need to step back inside $20 trillion in debt, helping fund the work of an artist that put a crucifix in bodily fluid. >> this as jessica points out,
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and the marketing strategy can point to any line item and bring motherhood. so many ways to go, and handled everything, fund the arts. the problem is, greatest spending other people's money. we can't afford these things, we have deficits as far as the eye can see. we have to make some cuts somewhere. i'm happy to cut the defense budget. and increase medicare which is out of money, the social security will be out of money, there is not one government program that won't go bankrupt in a few years.
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i would like democrats just once to take a red pencil to the budget and say this can go, they can't do it. dagen: you want to respond? >> grandchildren are pretty far down the line so i don't have a comment. dagen: john, you have the final word. >> whether the arts are good or bad doesn't matter when you are talking about a $4 trillion budget and a couple billion dollars, that is a rounding error, not a day's worth of interest expense. two thirds of the budget is social security, medicaid, medicaid, debt service, you have to do something with these entitlements, doing something like this makes people feel good and it is a good political football but does nothing overall. dagen: you will be starring in ads of pushing granny off a cliff. thanks. neil cavuto in business, what
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have you got? >> donald trump sounding like ronald reagan after the healthcare bill passes. someone here believing, joe piscopo not laughing, stephen colbert's comments. joe is here at the bottom of the hour. dagen: a new report says the obama administration -- thousands of americans during the election year and the national security advisor, i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. try super poligrip free.
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and illinois and there is more rain on the way. dagen: this late make you feel paranoid, the obama administration asking intel on thousands of americans from the nsa last year and national security adviser susan rice says she will not testify this monday at a senate hearing on russia
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hacking and unmasking. taxpayers deserve to know what is going on. >> what is going on in two regards? the specific susan rice issue, she requested and information on trump's transition team, why was she doing that? she needs to come before congress. this is small potatoes, this is moving the deck chairs on the titanic. susan rice is someone else. the bigger issue is why does the nsa have this data. wire the names not rejected? why can someone from any administration request specific names from the nsa on american citizens. there has to be some oversight, something is broken down here. that is the bigger issue. let's tackle susan rice but that is not the main point. arthel: john, these people in washington seem to forget they answer to us because we pay
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their salaries and the bill than we are the citizens. >> they have completely forgotten that. you cannot over emphasize this point. the nsa is spying on american citizens that have done nothing wrong, people are able to get these names and use them internally or externally for political reasons, something is wrong with that but i agree about susan rice not participating in the senate hearing. becomes a circus about susan rice, trying to find out in a senate hearing about russians interference in the election, susan rice said she would testify in a classified hearing. they should get to the roots of this but if you make this into a political football it detracts from everything that needs to be done. dagen: don't we deserve to hear what she needs to say? i mean everybody. her excuse was it wasn't a bipartisan requests. it was only from lindsey graham. >> that is the most
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disappointing part of the response, if anyone has a reputation for being bipartisan on capitol hill it is lindsey graham and she issued a week excuse, you didn't give me enough time, you gave me two week notice but after the unmasking scandal she was available so to testify in front of congress is pretty important and seems disrespectful to the people you are serving. when we talk about sensitive issues that affect american people's lives, come before them. if you are not hiding anything, let's do that. the public deserves semantics from susan rice, the washington post fact checkers, she has issues with the truth. dagen: are these hearings worst taxpayer dollars? >> they are. it will be interesting to hear from sally yates, we heard after the wiretapping from republicans
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and democrats she didn't break procedure to know what was going on in trump tower so that without but i agree but the larger point please should talk about the nsa, who can be requesting this information and is curious the invitation was only 1-sided and i am a big fan of lindsay graham in the trump era, him and john mccain, really put the country above party in understanding what happened with russian interference in our election but why wasn't this a bipartisan request? is that the fault of the democrats or something being pushed i republicans to get susan right up there and make it about her? >> i'm with john layfield, the -- intelligence names released before the election, emails between trump people and the russians. you can take this further. if anything what happened to
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hillary lost for a lot of reasons so i don't see the point. the original point, if you are in many agencies that the this information there is no way you wouldn't do that. legally allowed to go through this stuff because of slippery things since 2001. that is the issue the american public is not aware of. dagen: they can spend our money however they see fit and go through our records, that is what it is. cashing in an hour from now. what have you got coming up? >> interviewing donald trump, his take on the media and fake news, building and paying for the border wall and a big surprise piece of legislation in a few days and democrats are getting on board. what could that be? you will find out at 11:30. dagen: we will be watching but appear first, house democrats
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arthel: the house launching a strike against north korea, lawmakers voting 419-want to slap stronger economic sanctions on the country in the wake of its latest missile test. hitting north korea's regime in the wallet will change its aggressive ways. >> it will. don't you wonder who the person was who didn't put sanctions on? china when they started turning
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back a crushed economy start cutting down in 2005, kim -- kim jung un is not paying his generals. >> we got this place defended by antimissile defense systems, got a lot of heat for meeting the guy, but sanctions for extinction problems that created black markets in the first place, it is about not allowing forced labor exports of goods and services. is that even allowed now? we are not doing regular trade with countries around them and causing this, it is only making the crazy dictator think he is at war with america which he is not really. dagen: if china helped enforce the sanctions more than they do that would be a step in the right direction. >> absolutely so they signaled they are not interested at all, with the united states has done with this bill north korea has
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sneaky ways, and what this does is close those loopholes. we are retching get up to 5 or 6, we have a long way to go. try us. we dare you. >> it is a good idea, the trump administration said iran has been cooperating, tough sanctions on them, a great economic tool and i would love china to be a partner in this, great to get some definitive clarity on what they are willing to do going forward. >> i tell you what. we are kind of like the chicago cubs in sanctions, how they used to be against north korea, trying sanctions with them since the 50s. are they better off or worse off? at minimum they are the same.
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i agree with sean, sanctions can work with the right sanctions in the only right sanction for north korea is cutting their offshore funding, where we seem unwilling to do that unless you do that, everything else is around you. dagen: the dude who voted against the sanctions is a republican from kentucky. thanks for joining us. no matter who wins the
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dagen: predictions. i don't know what that means, what is going to happen in the french elections but i like the friends is up 20%. >> colonel sanders is a real kentucky hero and the greatest military leader of all time. i love fried chicken.
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dagen: jonas. >> i don't have a horse in this derby race. cocktail culture, the mint julep is a growth area. thank you. >> a great group of people and they are not even doing it for the party, they are doing it for this country. >> donald trump saying house republicans putting country above party for passing the health care measure. sounds like he is taking a page from the gipper. before donald trump brings lawmakers putting the -- phil gramm was telling me earlier president reagan had a similar message more than 30 years ago. >> the day before the vote 30 republicans are uncommitted. reagan calls them down to the white house, sitting around the


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