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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  May 8, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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i'm jamie colby. thanks for watching "strange inheritance." and remember -- you can't take it with you. drain to breaking news this morning. former investment banker said they defeats right-wing nationalist marine le pen. good morning. i am nicole petallides. >> good morning. cheryl casone and for lauren simonetti patent hup health care bill heads to senate. former president barack obama calls for courage for democrats to repeal obamacare. nicole: 80% of s&p 500 companies reporting strong earnings. u.s. stock market futures slightly to the downside. .futures down 39.
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s&p futures on four. nasdaq futures down eight after records on friday. cheryl: investors in japan coming back from a holiday. the nikkei index searching about 2.3% and in china to shanghai as you can see down just a little bit. basically flat. nicole: in europe stocks after a mixed bag. cac quarante is down three quarters of 1%. german dax down the third of 1% of the london ftse up fractionally. cheryl: the euro hitting a seven-month high overnight after the french election defeat of candidate marine le pen. we'll be following the report. the euro on your screen versus the u.s. dollar. true to warren buffett holds court in comes out swinging against border tax plan. liz claman is buried the story. cheryl: comcast and charter set to announce a partnership to answer the pressing business of
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mobile telecom. all the details this morning. train to the prime chance in the cleveland cavaliers with the toronto raptors in a marathon team in baseball as the yankees go 18 minutes against the chicago cubs. chicago cubs. we'll have highlights. cheryl: and is 5:01 a.m. here in new york. welcome to "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. nicole: nice to see you, cheryl. glad you're here. president trump congratulates french president-elect emanuel macron after the 49ers investment candidate defeated marine le pen by a big margin. the president tweedy and congratulations to emanuel macron on his big win today is the next president of france. and it's very much forward to working with him. cheryl: ashley webster life in paris. following of course the events there. ashley.
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reporter: good morning, cheryl. yes come in the end it wasn't even a contest you can do is close to 66% of french voters picking emanuel macron over 34% for marine le pen it an even bigger gap than predicted by the polls. last night we witnessed a lot of celebration in central palace in the area around the louvre where macron decided to hold his party and address the people they are. they were waving their french flags, popping champagne commencing in the marseilles. it should be pointed out this is a very divisive and at times very ugly campaign and there are still many people who do not like mr. macron. you could say those people who voted for doing so more to block marine sub five. this is something macron nose and address in his speech after the tories.
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>> i know there are those in our country when that to carry out extreme votes and i respect them. i also know the anger, the concerned come into doubt that many of you have also expressed. and it is my responsibility to hear them. reporter: it's going to be hard for macron to heal this country. he actually spoke with pride about the $11 million she received. she could very well be back in the political landscape in 2022 next french ections held for president. she's even considering changing the name of her party. the national front because this association with the extreme right and controversial issues. immigration, greater security in france's role in the e.u. from a very big topic still in this country. now it's up to emanuel macron to
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make it all work. legislative elections next month will be really interesting to see if macron can gather enough support to get a coalition government together to put through his policies. cheryl: that's going to be the big fight in france as the election. thank you very much. appreciate it. nicole: thank you on ashley pritchard has on ashley patroness now, political analyst kirsten haglund. so, emanuel macron is the new president of france. what does that mean for u.s. regulation on trent relations? donald trump is looking forward to working with him. what does it mean? >> president trump did not endorse le pen that he did speak favorably of her. we are very similar. to get a hang about emanuel macron is that he is more pro-american dan marine le pen. his love for the pro-free trade in developing a stronger
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partnership with angela merkel. of those things pro-nato are good for the u.s. you don't like french president among any allies is more inward looking and outward looking. this is global threats. we need strong partners. as about macron is more promilitary. you learned every time he and the french military engaged in the world, his numbers were not. they see there really is a role. cheryl: actually mentioned something crucial here. if the parliamentary elections in one month and this has really exposed in france if he really nationalist tone. marine le pen would've been a pariah five years ago as a candidate. now she gave him at least a run for her money and the tone is still the underlying tone in france. they're worried about immigration. they're immigration. they're right about the sudan refugee crisis. a lot of people are not happy with the e.u., want to get out of the e.u. >> is interesting that there had
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been a candidate who was more anti-e.u. and more anti-immigrant than marine le pen and having the real anti-semitism, the person in the candidate might have one. so this is not such a huge when forceout five ideologically as people are saying. as all across europe they are not so pro-e.u. they are not that open about it. even ensure many comment angela merkel facing elections this fall and she knows what her party say we can't ran on the pro-e.u. stance because they are afraid of blood gender or their support for populist parties. a real pumpkin actor do, but france has to show strength and convince germany they can get their domestic economy going. cheryl: you were just talking about prince lala and. we are looking up at pictures now out of paris. the two are participated in a ceremony. the day begins and is well underway. live pictures as you just
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brought that back. chris didn't, thank you very much. to the battle over health care. a third team member gop passing a planned under public and health care bill in the senate narrowly approved by the house last week. president obama calling on members to show courage in the health care debate. after receiving the profiler encouraging word award from the kennedy family. >> does require some courage to champion the vulnerable and the sick and infirm, and those who often have no access to the corridors of power. nicole: also watching senator dianne feinste tried to block efforts. >> my position is and i believe this is the democratic position. job repealed by medicare.
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take those factions like the individual market which have some problems than it and deal with it and fix the sections and it can be done. cheryl: the white house chief of staff continues to make a big push for the plan. >> we believe there is a better product. there's a better service, more options, more choices. they are going to report republicans and say we are not going to see the obamacare system which is failing and collapsing continue in a longer. we will do something better and do our job as legislators to get this thing done. nicole: mitch mcconnell has said there's no russian plan to take their time to get it right. cheryl: former acting attorney general sally yates is on capitol hill today to testify in russia's 10 tonight on the 2016th presidential election. she blew former national
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security adviser michael flynn was compromised. gates told the white house lynn was not forthcoming to vice president is about contacts with the russian ambassador during the transition. president trump fire sector should refuse to defend his original tribal band. you can see key testimony live here on fox business network. nicole: global market action of the night action of the night. the nikkei's close. they had holiday last week. the five day weekend and is the nearly one point ip or hide closed higher by 2.3%. hong kong hang seng apostle 1%. chris kospi at 2.4%. shanghai composite index down three quarters of 1% despite good numbers on exports from china. cheryl: look of course look of course eight u.s. markets on the heels of the victory and france by emanuel macron. the ftse barely higher right now. the french and extend 30 points.
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germany done 36. we should point out that markets overseas last week going into the election were actually rising higher. cheryl: look at u.s. market features painted down three weeks in a row assad the s&p and nasdaq. s&p and nasdaq closing record has coined a little bit right now. nasdaq futures and seven. dow futures down 39. cheryl: that's the u.s. story. we'll done 6.5% for the week. the market driver in the u.s. go down 5 cents. gold just barely higher. three dollars. nicole: comcast and charter communications will release a wireless communications that would allow companies to share information about wireless phone services and negotiate with phone, equipment and service providers. the deal prevents comcast and charter making major wireless
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deals without the other's consent for one year. rumors circulated about possible deals involving major telecom companies. comcast has 27% in the past year. charter shares at 47% in the past year. cheryl: we've got a lot coming out. stay with us because the oracle of omaha, warren buffett at the berkshire annual made in and comes out swinging against the plan for border attacks. >> yamagata companies in the end that gets hurt. the selected sales tax. cheryl: liz claman, more from omaha. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news.
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tree and 35:15 a.m. here in new york in the future caught up what's happening now. francis cheryl: former investigator. the pro-european union centrist emanuel macron defeated the right-wing candidate marine le pen. seen as a projection. emanuel macron promises to unite a divided france. paul ryan at the health care bill over the weekend. critics charge in the bill was rushed through with little debate, that sour grapes from the last call to the rescue
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mission. cable giants comcast and charter predications will announce a wireless partnership today. the companies would share information about wireless phone services and negotiate with phones come equipped service providers. the bill reportedly preventing comcast and charter for making t consent for one year. a look at u.s. stock market futures on monday. a little bit of pressure with big events over and frances taken at the the election pointing lower by 43. nasdaq pointing lower by nine. that is what is happening now. nicole. nicole: cheryl, thank you a ball straight including reaction french election and heavy dose of corporate earnings. joining us now, barry james, portfolio investor at research. good morning. >> good morning. tragedy that did hit a seven-month high of and we saw
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emanuel macron when the french presidency. as come off that high since the election. however, what does this mean overall for u.s. investors? >> well, first of all there's a big sigh of relief in europe right now. as that translates back to the united states, it will kind of be ho-hum. i don't think the is that much of a fight here. the one thing we cld see as it does give the european central bank room to start raising rates. probably our fed would have an all clear in june to do the same. so that would be one thing that said, christ the atlantic to the united states. we don't see a major impact overall i'm investing in the united states. cheryl: here in the u.s. a lot of the corporate earnings coming out your disney reporting tomorrow. 80% of the s&p 500 already reporting.
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at 13.5% from a year ago. do you think the earnings season has been stronger in what he think that means going forward? >> well, i think we've been in a rebound if you go. companies have been down for so long. six quarters in a row of declining earnings growth that we are starting to see a little bit of a rebound this kind of normal and what we would like to see. reduce heat of course at the employment numbers and the like and the like and some of the retail numbers, some of the larger items out there for some consumers have been buying big-ticket items. that kind of is getting a little bit of help to earning of a row. nicole: racing record close racing record closes for s&p and nasdaq. still upset with potential? >> we think we're any topping phase right now. things don't make a lot of sense to us. field marvin song was going on. this docs are running and very cheap stocks are not running.
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the quality isn't doing very well. companies with no earnings season money in the last 12 months and march of over 16% of income as attorneys. and companies like tesla. 4000 cars sold in march versus ford which sold over 200,008 tesla is worth more than ford. cheryl: we thank you for your insight. there were just talking about it as a teen parent disney continuing their winning streak. this is at the box office. >> fear, jealousy. this is our duty, the cleansing. transfer the second guardians of the galaxy has the second highest opening weekend of the year. in sports, lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers sweeping the toronto raptors in a marathon game and this was the yankees got 18 innings against the cubs. we'll have the highlights.
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cheryl: disney has tramped again at the box office. ghosts and some another, but at a patient for the greatest galaxy with $145 million in debut weekend.
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trailing in second place, the fate of the fears bring an end 8.5 million. boss baby bouncing back up to the number three spot to $6 million for the comedy how to be a to be a latin lover took force plays rounding out the top five this week. disney's "beauty & the beast" another $5 million for the disney had. cheryl: cleveland cavaliers continues to erupt through the playoffs for the second straight week against iraq is. a sprained left ankle. fourth-quarter raptors on the comeback. it's a jumper by cap a month and a raptors go up the line. fans excited that for a minute left. irving tries in scores under three minutes left. lebron james next three of his 35 points. go on to win at 109-1 of two.
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game four, wizards and celtics with this one. wizard takeover john wallop now the past two junior for the land. visitors on a 26-nothing when. the two-handed jam then they went to a 21-102 to tie the series at two games apiece. in hockey, predators against the blues. ryan johansson gets a pass in the slot, puts it in. they're going to the western conference finals for the fourth time they play the winner of edmonton anaheim. others tied the series at three. and this. chicago. yankees and cubs place two games with the baseball. last nights game going feet teen minutes. bases loaded. his anthony reyes. kinesin can again tied it for taking one for the team.
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the cubs playing some defense pop-up to the left, crash harbor comes in, make that great catch, were seen there. buckley has. buckley has not hurt on that play. the 18th inning hit a fielder's choice, a rufor the yankees would 5394. a record 48 strikeouts in this game. and this game ended after 2:00 a.m. cheryl: would've laughed at game seven. coming up, the job of appealing and replacing obama cared and had to the senate. a look of the changes to senate could make to the house health care bill. >> everyone is excited and ready to go to work and take the time necessary to look at this bill, make improvements where they need to be made and then be brought back for a conference. cheryl: the white house congratulating the new french
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president, emanuel macron. but the new french president means for the united states. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪ that's why a cutting edgeworld. university counts on centurylink to keep their global campus connected. and why a pro football team chose us to deliver fiber-enabled broadband to more than 65,000 fans. and why a leading car brand counts on us to keep their dealer network streamlined and nimble. businesses count on communication, and communication counts on centurylink.
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nicole: breaking news this morning. french voters elect a new president. emanuel macron defeats ripping nationalists, marine le pen. we'll have the reaction of analysis for you. good warning. i had nicole petallides. if cheryl: good morning. i am cheryl casone and for tradeport today. former president barack obama calls for courage from democrats to oppose repealing about medicare. true duty to% of the s&p 500 companies reported strong earnings. u.s. stock market futures after record-setting day on friday. both of those tightly to the
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downside redoubt features down 40. nicole: in a shack on investors in japan come back from a holiday a little bit of a bite me. the nikkei surging 2.3%. in china, a tiny bit of pressure. the shanghai composite down .79% right now. nicole: stock market stood is fairly higher but taken in stride here, we did see the cac quarante fallback three quarters of 1%. the london cap fractionally. cheryl: and currency committee or hit a seven-month high overnight after the french election but the anti-europe candidate marine le pen. $1.9 d.c. pressure in the u.s. dollar. warren boxer at the annual meeting and comes out swinging against the border tax plan. liz claman right there with the story. cheryl: comcast and charter to
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enter the bruising business of mobile telecom. we will have all the details for you. comey sports, lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers sweep toronto raptors in a marathon game in baseball as the yankees go 18 innings against chicago cubs. all the highlights for you. cheryl: 5:31 a.m. in new york. welcome to "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. nicole: present term congratulate the last emanuel macron after the former investment banker defeat of far right candidate in yesterday's runoff. the president treating last night congratulations to emanuel macron on his big win today is the next president of france. i look very much to working with him. cheryl: ashley webster life in paris. it's got all the latest. good morning, ashley.
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reporter: good morning to you, cheryl. very busy weekend. in the end it wasn't even close. emanuel macron picking up 66% of the vote. 44% former rain le pen but was really an effort to block le len then vote for emanuel macron. 34 when he came in. picking up the details. so, the mainstream political parties. socialists and republicans not that demanding. they are out of it. emanuel macron form just about a year ago. the question is what do we know about it? on the campaign trail he would cut 120,000 government jobs. he said he would cut public spending by 65 billion u.s. dollars. he will bring the unemployment rate around 10% in france to
5:34 am
below 7%. all of that makes him sound like a republican, but is also in favor of reforming the labor laws. very straight on hiring and firing. that's why companies in france love emanuel macron. as a former investment maker who became a millionaire in the banking world. the question is what is he going to be like in the political world. variants or 10 esc is support by the parties to form a government that can put through those policies. meanwhile, marine macron gave a concession speech and spoke of the pride she had been garnering 11 million votes. this is a country divided. there are concerns about uncontrolled immigration, open borders and the influence of russell is in the e.u. of a french policy. the populist views we've seen in the u.k. and the united states
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are still very much alive in france and that is the task in order to bring this country together. back to you. cheryl: ashley webster, live in paris. now to the battle over health care. 13 member gop working group crafting a plan to pass the republican health care bill in the senate approved a measure to dismantle about a careless narrowly approved last week. calling on members to show courage in the health care debate. he spoke last night in boston after receiving the profile in courage award from the kennedy family. >> does require some courage to champion the vulnerable and the sick and the infirm, those who often have no access to the corridors of power. cheryl: democratic senator dianne feinstein tried to block the republican effort.
5:36 am
>> my position is that i believe this is the democratic position. don't repeal about medicare. take those sections like the individual market, which has some problems than it and deal with it and fix those sections. and it can be done. cheryl: the white house chief of staff reince priebus continues to make a big push for the gop health care plan. >> we would've a better product for the time people see the premiums are lowered from a better, more choices, and reward the republicans they said we are not going to fail and collapse any longer. we'll do something better to do her job as legislators to get this thing done. cheryl: mitch mcconnell has said there is no russian plan to take their time to get it done right. transferred to the health care bill now heads to the senate returned to talk about this,
5:37 am
political analyst kirsten haglund. the senate has to work to change this. the preexisting condition is some thing friends and venture. paul ryan spares this is fine. they still will be able to convert if you have preexisting conditions. >> right, that is the language going out there. the problem with preexisting conditions right now is it's drastically underfunded. plus minutes of the health care bill in the house that put a billion dollars into cash for those states that use the waiver so they wouldn't have to cover those. we know that the costs are going to be much, much higher than that. one thing the senate is a can of adequately funding this was indicate expansion. the pullbacks carried from senders that are up for grabs are really looking at dates for this benefited greatly from the medicaid expansion. going back to their constituents is going to be itself. cheryl: the cbo never scored this.
5:38 am
they scored the first incarnation of health care which was of course pulled from the floor. all these experts coming out, that's going to kill the middle class. we don't have any numbers yet. cheryl: the senate is getting numbers. i wonder if that's bad for republicans. >> the senate is planning on waiting until they get the cbo score to get together details of the bill. mitch mcconnell is the next operator that does had to bring his coalition of republicans together to have an eye on the fact that everything they have to do to craft the bills has to be in line with reconciliation roles that they can pass with 51 votes rather than require 60 votes to get democrats on board. cheryl: what is the timing of this going to the senate, the president's desk. at the same time president obama asking for courage. >> they have to obviously take their time and that is that mitch mcconnell said. and as june is when insurance companies have to decide rates
5:39 am
for next year as to whether they'll participate in markets. that would be happening at the same time they push this through. cheryl: wait a minute to the senate wants to play hardball. they can delay it began with a laugh at obamacare for another year. >> either way ,-com,-com ma premiums will go up next year. that is just a big deal. democrats and republicans by premiums to go down. they want to see people dying in get out their plans. they just disagree on how to do it. people got to keep a real eye and understand that the changes are going to take effect for a while yet. nicole: kirsten haglund commit thank you so much. for more than a health care bill, tune into maria's interview with congressman kevin mccarthy 8:00 a.m. eastern time on the fox business network. nicole: one of the biggest players in the health care fight. former acting attorney general cap bas vote medal in the 2016
5:40 am
presidential election. used to tell the senate panel that she would former national security adviser michael flynn was compromised. yates told the white house fund is not forthcoming to vice president fence about his contact with the russian ambassador during the transition. president trump fired years after she refused to defend his original travel ban. you can see key parts of the testimony live today right here in the fox business network. true to the nikkei after the five-day week and after the holiday nearly 1.5 year the nikkei and japan. up to .3% of the korea kospi at 2.3% as well. hong kong hang seng up half of 1%. the shanghai composite index field and went to the downside. china down three quarters of 1% for the shanghai composite. cheryl: european markets buried in a bit of a cyberof the dead is expected, so they put him in
5:41 am
france. cac quarante is a strong week for the americas for the ftse up a three and the dax in germany down 40. nicole: despite the gallup three weeks in a row about 2.7% in the sixth, 46 days without a record is now going back to 61 days beside november. we did the records for the s&p 500 and nasdaq on friday. dow futures down 40 come as new features and three, nasdaq down seven. cheryl: a quick check of oil and gold 6.5%. the contract this morning. pulled up a little more than three. nicole: saudi arabia, iran, russia curbing output of oil. watch for that. the media company expected to report higher results for its latest quarter tomorrow. hope that the box office success of "beauty & the beast" that investors will listen for an
5:42 am
update on disney's tv division, particularly at espn which has seen slowing subscriber growth. fingering media after the closing bell. analysts look to post a wider loss for one year ago on higher revenue. tyson foods reports before the opening bell of the largest meat processor buying advanced foods is expected to report the results compared to one year ago. cheryl: coming up from the oracle of omaha warren buffett at the berkshire annual meeting in coming out swinging against the plan for border attacks. >> it won't be the companies in the end they get hurt. it's the sales tax to if they select in sales tax. cheryl: arab liz claman with much more from omaha. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news.
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tree in two good morning. thanks for defending them in your good friend sisterhood of the banker to the new president. the pro-european centrist emanuel macron defeating the right wing candidate marine le pen predictors of his rejection of the populace and taking hold in europe and macron promises to unite a divided france. minority leader paul ryan but the house bill. the bill was rushed through with little debate, the vines of the criticism is sour grapes from the left and because the bill arrest emission.
5:46 am
the bill now moves to the senate. reports say cable giant comcast and charter communications will announce a wireless partnership today. the deal would allow companies to share information about wireless services to negotiate together equipment and service providers. the two reportedly also agreed not to make any other ds without talking to each other first. after a record-setting day and friday for the s&p announced back, today down arrows slightly. dow futures down 45, nasdaq futures down eight. cheryl, that is what is happening now. cheryl: billionaire investor warren buffett and five hours answering questions through shareholders, journalists and analysts at berkshire hathaway's 52nd meeting in omaha, nebraska over the weekend. liz claman miscarriages at the meeting highlights an investor reaction. >> hey, guys. greetings from omaha, nebraska
5:47 am
where the throngs of shareholders had mostly left town but that is the chairman and ceo warren buffett made still making waves. the world's largest shareholder meeting picked up saturday. 35,000 as the truth that lies above the companies. he held up the limited edition fruit of the loom boxer shorts but this out and then shot and stabbed by the model train set but the real railroad coupons, burlington northern that he thought back in 2009. buffett said the shipments on the railroad have been proved that only because natural gas is slightly higher than $2 per unit. as soon as it goes to $2 or below, watch out. coal will be coming down. considering he has a lot of retail can the fruit of the loom, buffett told us the proposed border adjustment tax is not something he supports. >> you won't be a companies in the end they get hurt. it's a sales tax.
5:48 am
a selective sales-tax and imported products basically. when the dollar appriates enough, that will take care of it. so i doubt very much that it passes. >> buffet consumed more than four cherry cokes. he earns 400 million shares of coca-cola that turns out to be 17% stake more than a billion dollars. when discussion turned to one of berkshire's holdings, american express can i get nothing but praise for the company is impatient analysts question fundamentals. we ran into amex chairman and ceo who gave us an exclusive window into his business right now. >> as he told you the first quarter was to be a very good quarter and we feel very good about momentum rebuilding. reporter: the meeting may be overcome at the fox business viewers are open for an event at
5:49 am
3:00 p.m. on countdown to the closing bell. sit in line with warren buffett, his vice chair charlie munger and bill gates, cofounder of microsoft. you won't want to miss it. i'll see you then. back to you in new york. cheryl: will see 3:00 p.m. eastern time. nicole: that the senior meteorologist jim is deemed is standing by with your forecast. in sports, lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers beat the toronto raptors in a marathon game. baseball communicates the 18 innings against the chicago cubs. did you stay up past 2:00 a.m. to see what happens? we'll have all the highlights. you are watching "fbn:am," your first look at morning markets and breaking news. ♪ you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here,
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cheryl: time now for sports. clearly the the cavaliers continued a scene of the the playoffs to the team going for second straight sweep with the raptors. he sprained left ankle fourth quarter on the combat. a jumper and is followed by kevin love. raptors go up one. four minutes left. pirate irving drives and scores. calves that were three minutes left on this one. lebron james with three of his 35 points. 19-1 of two escapes the series. spurs and rockets game four. patrick beverley with a heavy heart after the passing of his grandfather. beverly has a triple for the first point of the game.
5:54 am
rock is setting the tone early. the reverse jihad cruisers 31251 of four win. this series is now tied at two. predators against the blues. but demand for the goal. the predators take the series and are going the western conference final. they play the winner of anaheim. oil strike that series that three. the yankees in the cubs played two with the baseball. last night game. bases loaded. a run comes in. the teams tied at four. rizzo taking one for the team. cubs playing some defense. sure for coming in and makes a great catch of the stands. let's watch it again.
5:55 am
luckily wasn't hurt on this one. the top of the 18. the fielders choice, iran yankees went up 5-4. frederick, a record 48 strikeouts in the 19 and he appeared a lot of good things. >> before you head out, a literature monday forecast. fox senior meteorologist janice dean. good morning. reporter: good morning. the temperatures in place 30s and 40s. freeze advisories, watches and warnings are in effect until 9:00 a.m. ask them in the cooler air here is going to continue to be cool throughout much of the work week is that area of low pressure that remains in place. meanwhile, across the west we do have unsettled weather affair. the forecast, the rain will move
5:56 am
out, and temperatures positive for much of the region's warmer than average temperatures hit the midwest will clear out here with temperatures around 84 in kansas city in the west will remain unsettled this week with cooler temperatures as well. back to you. cheryl: janice, welcome back. we will play better cashless way to pay your kids their allowance. you are watching "fbn:am."
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nicole: the amount can't the amount kids get firearms has risen and that's inspired a new way of paying it. europe they start up doing business this week offering a pre-loaded visa debit card for kids allowance. it's intended to be funded and carefully monitor their parents or teenagers through the company targeting 2 billion teens in the first 18 months of operation charging a monthly fee of 200 bucks. among affluent families, lasses average $100 a week on average. kids are getting about $18 a week among our house was measured. transfer i got about 20 bucks a week for allowance. hundred dollars?
6:00 am
that is there for "fbn:am." let's send it over to maria bartiromo. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us. i maria bartiromo. monday, may 8th be a 6:00 a.m. on the east coast at this stage is set for health care showdown in the senate. democrats blasted the plan to repeal and replace upon the care. paul ryan defended the legislation yesterday. >> obama carries collapsing. what good is obamacare for anybody lead among preexisting conditions if you don't have a help insurance plan you can even get. this is a rescue mission. maria: former president obama waded back into the health care debate. his urgent plea to lawmakers as he fights for his legacy have been a period france has spoken. centrist emanuel macron will service the next next president of france. what right-wing nationalist marina le pen means for your swinging. 's


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