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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 8, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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will act differently. >> dr. pry, we thanks for being with us, it is alarming what you had to say, thank you for sharing, and come back soon as we discuss it further. thank you so mh very much. thank you for watching every night and here is lou dobbs and he's the best, keep it here. >> good evening, two former obama officials testified in a senate hearing on the obama spying scandal and russian influence in the election. among the these, james clapper admitted in one instance unmasking of members of congress just one time. any political motive in the single unmasking. >> sally yates says she never
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asked for unmasking of trump or his associates and she never leaked and that she tried to warn that general michael flynn could quote be essential ly black mailed by the russians. catherine herridge live in washington with the report. >> lou, it was an intense three-hour hearing that wrapped up about an hour ago, with testimony about flynn and the potential for blackmail. >> it's critical that we get to information to the white house. >> testifying before the committee, former obama white house, sally yates. the former acting attorney general testified she met twice in person and met with don mcgann because mike flynn did
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not discuss sanctions with russia, when the transcripts show the opposite. >> not only that the russians knew this, but they likely had proof of this information and that created a compromise situation, a situation where the national security advisors could essentially be black mailed by the russians. >> yates who would later lose her job for failing to back the trump travel ban felt the situation was serious. >> we told them we were giving them all of this information so that they could take action. >> and pressed on whether president obama warned president-elect trump not to hire flynn. >> president obama made known he wasn't a fan of general flynn which shouldn't come as a surprise and general flynn worked for president obama and was an outspoken critic of president obama. >> and flynn had the highest security clearance.
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if anybody, what should they do, why not if they were concerned. >> another tweet how classified information got into the media. >> and the senate should ask the questions. >> have either of you ever been an anonymous source in a news report about matters relating to mr. trump, hisssociations. >> no, absolutely not. >> and both confirmed members of the trump team were unmasked in intelligence reports. >> did either of you ever review classified documents in which mr. trump, his associates or members of congress had been unmasked? >> yes. >> you have? can you give us details here in this-- >> no, i can't. >> miss yates, have you? >> yes, i have. and no, i can't give you details. the former director of national
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intelligence was pressed on his conclusion there was no collusion between the administration and russia. >> i was not aware of the investigations. resigned and in neither witness could explain why the white house blocked access to information or barred him from national security discussions, lou. lou: catherine, thank you. what are we missing here? there is this long hearing. >> right. >> the testimony and moments of tension and great interest, but overall, very little was produced today and certainly, i think, most taxpayers would say they're disappointed at the productivity of the senate hearings? >> ihink this is one of the big take aways, that this russian campaign to meddle in the democratic process in the u.s. election has been highly
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successful because here we are six months later still arguing over what exactly happened on the kind of influence and the bottom line, the only reason that russia engages in this unconventional warfare and information campaigns because they cannot compete with the united states militarily or economically on a level playing field and that has been lost in the entire discussion, lou. lou: i think that's a terrific point. and i'm curious about your thoughts on this. i normally wouldn't ask you to step into the realm of opinion with, but would you project there will be a similar hearing about why the dnc was allowed to bar the fbi from investigating russian intrusion and the fbi accepted their willful rejection? >> i think on that particular issue, at least in terms of congressional testimony, that window is probably passed. i think for the time being. we had the oversight hearing on the senate side last week.
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we still have that due on the house side. but i think the focus will be primarily on the unmasking, whether it was done appropriately and at what level, whether it was done by the nsa or by the fbi as part of this counter intelligence investigation which was so secret they never shared it with the director of national intelligence last year, which is pretty remarkable given that's what they were investigating. lou: extraordinary. catherine, as always, thank you for your terrific reporting. >> you're welcome. catherine herridge from washington d.c. and joining me to discuss clapper's admission and how the information got to the media. and the veteran of ten presidential campaignsand republican strategist, ed rollins, pulitzer prize contributor, and michael goodwin. let me start, michael, what did
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we learn and what the point? >> well, look, i think the most important thing in all of this, lou, is this question of unmasking and leaking. it seemed to be a side line. the democrats don't want to know anything about that and don't want to ask questions about it, they simply want to try to focus on russia and trump. there's nothing there, there anywhere so far. lou: how many times will a federal foreclosure or a former federal foreclosure have to say there is no evidence of anything between the trump organization and the russian government? >> right and to yates' beg thing that she told the white house that michael flynn could have been blackmailed. we know that because of leaks. lou: right. >> somebody leaked that of the the only thing we learned today is clapper asked for unmasking, but he wouldn't say who was involved, because that's classified. so, this is a replay of the comey. they can say whatever they want, but as soon as they get
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into a thick question, it's classified. these hearings, i think, are frustrating. lou: frustrating and also, sort of puts to the lie the idea that we have oversight through congress and the senate over our intelligence agencies. they're being told to go stick it in the nicest and most pompous of ways, of course. >> if this continues in the process, it's a total waste of time and i think the reality there's eight or ten people who have that kind of influence or have the influence to see the classified documents. someone leaked it. i think if i was the judge that basically issued the fisa agreement i would ask for those individuals to come in, raise their right hand and basically tell me who said what, where, when and how under oath. i don't know if they legally could do that, but i would if they were acting on the power of the fisa judge and he ought to know who released. lou: what do you make of trump being told by obama not to hire flynn. >> yeah.
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>> well, and again, i thought the timing was interesting. of course this story leaked to the new york times on the day of the hearing seems to me to be an obvious attempt to steer the conversation toward russia and trump. and away from the leaks. away from the unmasking. it's very much about continuing the pro-obama story line. >> the reality is flynn made some judgments after he was out of the military, and he took some clients he shouldn't have taken, he made some contacts. that's all out there today and i think the reality, it's not-- it doesn't prove anything other than the fact he made bad judgments and he's been resigned over it. but i think to say that, you know, all of this back and forth, he was cleared by one white house and not cleared by another or the president basically said don't -- he was dismissed as head of the intelligence of the military because he wasn't a good manager. that had nothing to do with
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whether he was a source of bad information, so, i think to a certain extent, i'm not defending the bad judgment, just defending you cant trash his pa past. lou: well, bloomberg reporting that washington loves and apologize for the coughing fit that just captured me. >> is it something we said? >> it was something that you said. >> it's classified? >> which of you the said what and got the reaction. that market loves mcmaster, but trump doesn't. this was like more fake news or does it look like inside into a potential problem? i will say at the outset, mcmaster has never been a man who looked to me, even in the presence of the president, like he was being ordered. it was always, it looked like he was be beseeched the way he sort of received the president. your thought, ed? >> my thought is mcmasters who has an extraordinary military record and well-regarded wrote
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a book called dereletion of duty", the defense, the state, the cia, make sure that the president is getting all of the annals. i think he fixed the system what, personality conflicts? >> i think that's right. and the article on bloomberg, lays out some examples of where the president thought mcmaster was pushing him into a corner, not giving him options and not letting him ask questions about the briefing. lou: personnel decisions and choices and mcmaster being a little hauty at least in the reporting of blake, who is a terrific reporter, being hauty
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as what thought of as his permissions of the president? >> the president always reserves the right to reject the ideas and to demand other ideas to come forward instead. it seemed according to the reporting mcmasters tried to put trump into the corner and that he only had one option. he said something on chris wallace's show, he said the president asked me. i thought, no, the president, the commander-in-chief ordered you. he needs to acknowledge that. he needs to get back in his head that he's an advisor and he has a very important job. lou: if you're sitting in the white house. >> he's an advisor. lou: and you don't have the sense to understand where you are and who you're working for, get him the hell out. >> i think at this point, hopefully he can stay for a while and hopefully he can get his profile down and do what he needs to do. lou: yeah, i was just sending the logic a bit. thank you both as always,
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great to see you, my friends. we're coming right back, much more straight ahead. stay with us. >> dozens of conservative groups urging president trump to ditch the paris agreement. >> we're going to cancel the paris climate agreement and stop all payments of the united states tax dollars to u.n. global warming programs. >> but his daughter ivanka may have a lot to say about whether the president is running hot or cold on the paris agreement. we take it up with governor mike huckabee next here. and president obama making an almost pathetic desperate plea to lawmakers to help save his failing, dying, obamacare program. we'll take up obama's post ♪ here comes the fun with sea-doo. ♪
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>> first daughter, ivanka trump is set to meet with epa administrator scott pruett at the white house tomorrow morning to talk about whether the trump administration should withdraw the united states from the paris agreement on climate change. the president's daughter, a leading backer of the paris deal, even brought climate activist al gore, say it isn't so, to trump towers during the
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presidential transition. joining me now to discuss the trump agenda, the latest on repeal and replacement of obamacare and much more, former presidential candidate himself, governor of arkansas, mike huckabee. great to have you here. >> thank you, lou, great being here. lou: i want to start with, if we may, this hearing today. it just keeps producing nothing. and yet, this thing goes ones trump-russian allegations and there's only one point of contact as best i can tell and that's between the dnc and its servers and the russians. >> the most important thing, back off at look at 30,000 feet. we know that russia is a bad actor, we know they're not acting in the best interest of the united states. so we don't have to have a hearing for that. here is what we need a hearing, who the heck in the u.s. government broke the law by leaking this information and why. now, that worries me because our people have sworn an
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allegiance that they're going to obey the law. somebody didn't, lou, and that's the biggest question we need to get the answer to. lou: and some other questions, who in the obama administration who gave the order to surveil the trump transition team and it turns out, his campaign team, and who knows what else and how long in the white house itself? these are questions that are live and obviously important, and the left wing national media can't bring itself quite to look seriously and study and research and investigate. >> well, these are grenades that the pins have been pulled out of. it's simply at this point, it's a matter of whether or not somebody is going to get to the bottom of it and find out who the heck is behind this. lou: let me ask a question, should not the trump presidency, the administration be finding this out? i know it may to some seem, well, unseemly, but it's a national security issue amongst
11:20 pm
other things, and a matter of law. shouldn't they be holding the hearings and carrying out the investigations to find out who did this to them? >> absolutely, they should and at some point, let's hope that we find out who is behind it and that there is a full accountability held. i don't think the hearings today produced a lot, other than some posturing and everybody got to posture and got tv time, but as far as providing significant answs, that's not going to come until they go into a closed session and they can do the classified stuff, although, i have to be honest, i heard ed and mike, michael goodwin both say and i agree with them, that that's a convenient excuse when you don't want to answer a question, i can't talk about that, it's classified. well, you know, cry me a river because at some point you better answer some questions. >> clapper, comey and sally yates never looked so comfortable before congress as when they were saying, that's
11:21 pm
classified and the citizens like you and me, we have to wait our turn, i guess. i want to turn to the trump agenda, this president moving forward now. he's gotten apparently the cooperation of the house leadership. now, what happens with the senate leadership? >> it's going to be a totally different ball game. in the legislative process it's always been said by the house membe members, the democrats are our opponents, but the senate is our enemy and that's pretty accurate in every legislative body. you have the opposition party and they're the opponents, but that other body of people, they're the enemy and that's the way it works. so there's going to be an incredible clash of ideas, but that's what this process is supposed to be. for those who are frustrated by it, i would say, just go back and remember, the founders put it in this way so that things didn't happen as quickly as obamacare did, that was a total collapse, and failure. lou: governor, as always, great to see you. >> thanks, lou, great to be
11:22 pm
with you. lou: thanks for being here. be sure to vote in our poll tonight. would you like to hear a little less from president obama? just a little? cast your vote on twitter@loudobbs. follow me on twitter, like me on facebook, follow me on instagram @lou dobbs. the dow up 5, the nasdaq and both closing at new all-time highs. who is responsible tore that? it's an interesting point, go back to november 8th and you see this line. i'm not going to mention any names tonit. volume on the big board 3.4 billion shares, apple's market cap topping 800 billion for the first time ever. shares of apple up nearly 3% today. sinclair broadcast group announcing it will buy tribune media, that's an almost $4 billion deal giving sinclair
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control of 215 local television situations. a reminder to listen to my report throw times a day coast to coast on the salem radio network. up next, president obama pleads with congress to protect, to resurrect obamacare. . >> i hope that current members of congress recall that it does require some courage to champion the vulnerable and the sick and the infirm. lou: have you noticed rested up and vacay as he is, the president doesn't seem to be speaking any faster than he did. his determined meddling is the subject of my commentary and i promise to be gentle. the prime real estate in the swamp that desperately needs draining. we'll have that stunning story next. stay with us.
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see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. learn more about better breathing at >> the trump administration today defending its revised extreme vetting order before the 4th sircircuit court of appeals. the case is being heard-- are you ready for this, how it might go, heard by 13 of the court's judges. ten were appointed by democrats. acting solicitor general jeffrey wall arguing the
11:29 pm
president's authority over immigration policy carries more weight than compromise during a political campaign. >> the statements were ambiguous, the president talking about countries and territories that have known links to groups leak isis and al qaeda. lou: the left wing 9th circuit court will hear arguments the case next week. the three judges there appointed by president clinton. a few thoughts now on a man working full-time against president trump, a man who has worked against, many would say, against the interest of the rights for years. president obama left the oval office some three and a half months ago and since then, his intervention, his interference in the trump administration's agenda only worsens by the day. this former president's actions are now utterly outside the tradition of of former presidents, who have historically always given way
11:30 pm
to the newly elected president. and the obama actions are conscious, willfully and insulting and subversive. it's not too strong a word for obama's mendacity and that of the left. last night, mr. obama urged congress to save his disastrous and rapidly deteriorating signature law, even though the former president and the dems never had either the courage, as he put it, or the integrity to fix the flawed aca over a period of about seven years. mr. obama is now desperately working to try to save more of his polarizing, even toxic legacy. the paris climate agreement, the former president delivering a speech on climate change in italy tomorrow. his speech timed to be the same day as the trump administration meets to consider leaving the paris climate agreement. obama's ego couldn't resist
11:31 pm
weighing in on president trump's executive orders either and ahead of yesterday's election in france, obama endorsed emmanuel macron as he claimed he's not planning to get involved in many elections now. in his final presidential press conference, mr. obama said he would only speak when he felt, quote, core values are at stake, adding this. >> it's important for me to take some time to process this amazing experience that we've gone through. i want to be quiet a little bit and not hear myself talk so darn much. lou: let me assure the former president, most americans definitely join you in you desires to be quieter and for you to be heard far, far less. and for you to show every bit as much respect for the president who succeeded you as president george w. bush did for you.
11:32 pm
now, the quotation of the evening, this from coach john wooden, who said this, quote, talent is god-given, be humble. fame is man given, be grateful. con seat is self-given, be careful. we're coming right back with much more. . >> the pressure is now on the senate to pass the g.o.p. health care bill. >> now the focus can be, after we got our budget funding bills through, on the senate side on health care. >> yeah. >> i expects them to do it and i don't think it will take that long for them to act. lou: what will the senate do? will it deliver and secure a health care victory for all americans? aaron and matt join us next. and terrifying heights and treacherous terrain not enough to scare off these base jumpers. we'll show you their death defying stunts coming up here next. stay with us.
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>> president trump fulfilling a campaign promise to appoint conservatives to the courts announcing the nominations of ten judges to the courts. the list includes two nominees previously floated for the supreme court, judges joan larson and david strauss, lower courts stocked with obama appointees, president trump
11:37 pm
needs to fill 129 vacancies. joining me now to discuss the deep state judiciary, the today's senate hearing. white house correspondent at the independent journal view, aaron, good to have you with us. chairman of the american conservative union, matt, good to see you. aaron, let me start with 1 vacancies? one court in north carolina has been vacant for 11 years for crying out loud. your thoughts about both the opportunity and the direction, the speed of the obama administration in filling those vacancies? >> well, look, part of this was because mitch mcconnell as senate majority leader went really slowly in fulfilling some of those open judgeships during the obama administration, so it created more opportunity for the trump administration to fulfill a lot of these openings with more conservative judges. now, you're hearing from a number of democratic senators who are upset the way that the
11:38 pm
trump administration created the list of potential judges to fill the openings came from the heritage foundation and conservative entities, but you have to think, of course, the trump administration is going to go to conservative groups to get their take on who they want to fill the openings. that's a campaign promise it full the courts with conservative judges and justices. lou: as president obama did in his instance in the case of the 4th circuit court. ten of 13 are democrats. matt, your take. >> the republicans have finally decide today fight fire with fire. for decades, democrat presidents and democrats in the senate worked together to stop hard core conservative republican nominees and they just, they were able to push their nominees through as republicans kind of had a last
11:39 pm
approach. and to allow donald trump to pick that swing, that important swing seat on the supreme court with neil gorsuch. it's big-time, lou. lou: and it looks if the rumors, if you will, not street rumors, but i guess the hallway rumors. judicial system are accurate in suggesting one of the justi refire as early as this summer. erin, let's turn to mcmaster,' l lie-- eli at bloomberg is saying a conflict of general hr mcmaster and the president of the united states. is this an overentitled general, who just cannot find his place? what is going on here in your judgment? >> well, i think in part the
11:40 pm
president should have known, having looked into mcmasters' background and i've talked to a number of nfc officials from the obama administration who actually actually saw this coming based on mcmasters' history in iraq and that he wanted to do some nation building, if you will. some of the different modeling that he came up with while he was in iraq. so, this absolutely clashes with some of the vision that donald trump was talking about on the campaign trail. so, of course, these two men were going to come to blows at some level because they have different visions. lou: figuratively speaking. >> yes. lou: i have to say, matt, the fact that the national security advisor would advise the president not to use the term radical islamist terrorist. >> we've been there. lou: that's so disappointing to me, i just can't even go into imagine what else mcmaster might be thinking. this is a man who watched this
11:41 pm
president campaign. your thoughts and, oh, my, what are we to do now? >> these are early steps in the administration and i have great confidence that donald trump knows his own head and he understands the policies that got him to be president and knit had his heart. i think as he takes the first steps, i think what they did in syria was correct with the bombing and you can take two or three more steps and next we're in a quagmire and nation building. i hope that this administration just continues to hue the right course because the consequences are tobig to explain. lou: a counsellor to this president to suggest that he not name the enemy after what we've learned in a long war, thank you, david petraeus for giving the name. this is preposterous. we need generals who can win, we don't need semantic artists, either advising the president
11:42 pm
or leading those in uniform. it's just -- i am so deeply disappointed in in national security advisor, i can't express it. erin, good to have you with us, matt, thanks so much. >> thanks, lou. lou: please roll the video and we'll show you fearless flyers taking to the skies of utah. the group of base jumpers effortlessly leaping and flipping off a peek in utah, as you see them next to the rock face before pulling their chutes and landing safely on the canyon floor, all the while taking in the stunning scenery and taking it in rather close up. up next, texas cracking down against sanctuary cities and subjecting authorities who do not comply with immigration officials and immigration law, to tough new penalties. >> they could be subject to
11:43 pm
jail time. that means they could be subject to being removed from office. isn't this quasi insane, that we have to enforce law officers to enforce the law. lou: and the governor of the lou: and the governor of the great state of texas greg i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off. lou: and the governor of the great state of texas greg start at the new
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>> the governor of the great state of texas, gregg abbott signed a bill into law banning sanctuary citi in the stat of tension text and takes effect in september. the legislation gives police the authority to question and local communities and entities from passing laws to prohibit such law enforcement officers and for charges against law enforcement officials who refuse to cooperate with federal authorities. fines up to $25,000 for repeat offenders. and here to tell us more about the first state in the union to put real teeth prohibition against sanctuary cities.
11:48 pm
he signed the legislation into law and we are pleased to welcome the governor of texas, greg abbott. great to have you here, congratulations, i know that you worked hard, fought hard for this legislation. and what has been the reaction in the state? >> well, first, i do want to thank the members who work in that capitol hilding behind me, without the house and senate passing it, i wouldn't have been able to sign it, but the people in the state of texas are very strongly supportive of this for one simple reason, and they understand that the primary role of government is to keep them safe. this law takes a step in that regard. as you know, we had right here in travis county, a sheriff who was releasing from jail those who were-- ice requested to be put on hold. some dangerous-- >> sanctuary sully. >> allowed people out on the street posing dangers like what we saw with the killer that killed kate steinley. >> we will not allow that type of crime to occur in the state
11:49 pm
of texas. lou: i have to suppose there will be all sorts of appeals. i don't know where you're headed in the courts, but surely, no one these days in any quarter of america lets a law like this stand without it being attacked from the left energetically. >> right, and lou, signed it last night. a lawsuit was filed today. so you are exactly right. [laughter] >> however, i will tell you this, there's one provision of the law that's considered to be the most controversial provision, however, we will win on that issue because it is basically part of the arizona law that was appealed all the wato the united states supreme court. this part was upheld by the united states supreme court as being completely constitutional, and so, i feel very confident that texas law will pass constitutional muster. lou: governor, at this point i can only say congratulations. it is an important step forward. i know that one of the
11:50 pm
objections has been that the quote, unquote, hispanic community, that is usually used as the expression for those who are representing the interests of specifically illegal immigrants, you-- am i correct about this? you won more than half of the hispanic vote in texas? >> lou, it was about 44, 45%. let me directly address your point. the hispanic like any community wants to be safe, they don't want people who are dangerous criminals out on the streets and also understand that now more than half the people coming across our border, they're not from mexico, they're from across the entire world, and so, it's necessary for us to have laws like this to protect our citizens from harm. i don't care what your racial background is, you want to be safe, my job is to keep you safe. lou: and doing a great job for the great state of texas and
11:51 pm
all texans. governor, good to have you with us, congratulations again. >> thank you, lou. lou: governor gregg abbott, truly one of the great governors in this country. it turns out there may be a strong reason north korea threatened to reduce the united states to ashes. we'll be joined tonight by an expert who warns north korea could be preparing for a catastrophic attack and he will be using our power grid, kim jong-un. that's the fear. we'll tell you what the facts are. my guest coming up here next, peter price. stay with us. there's nothing traditional about my small business so when
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between one to ten kilotons and most of the north korean weapons tested have been in the yield range. moreover, we were told by experts in 2004 they demarched the emp commission to warn us the design for the weapon had supposedly accidentally been transferred to north korea, that there were russian scientists and chinese scientists helping the north koreans develop that weapon and predicted in a few years, this was back in 2004 mind you the north koreans would test one, the first test was a few years later in 200 and 6 had this very low yield. most people thought was a failure but that's exactly what a super emp weapon would look
11:59 pm
like, low yield and puts out a strong gamma pulse. >> is our government, is our military prepared for against any emp attack, for the most part, i would assume the civilian sectors of our economy and nation are not, but at least our government and our military, are they prepareed? >> they're prepared for some kinds of emp attack, from nuclear weapons of conventional design, but a super emp weapon creates such extraordinary emp fields they would exceed the hardening requirements that we have generally followed for military forces. >> and the question is -- we're out of time, but the obvious question is why in the world have we not taken out these satellites, then, if they present such a serious threat? >> that question is one they can't answer. you know, the obama administration was loathe to even talk about emp at all, i'm hoping that this administration
12:00 am
will act differently. >> dr. pry, we thanks for being with us, it is alarming what you had to say, thank you for sharing, and come back soon as we discuss it further. thank you so thanks for being with us tonight. join us tomorrow, good night from new york. >> tonight house republicans are celebrating their senate counterparts are rejiggering and former president obama is reminiscing. judge andrew napolitano hopped on the health care carousel and hillary clinton still unable to get over election loss taking swipes at the media and seattle's mayor wants to tax diet soda because he says it tackles white privilege. good lord, grab a straw! time to sip freedom juice. president obama was busy gum flapping, bravely accepted a profiles in courage award for destroying the american health care system with, obamacare and legacy at a critical impasse, mr. obama found time to beg republican lawmakers to salvage


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