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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  May 9, 2017 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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show at 4:00 p.m. on fox news channel. they love to tech off people. they say when you tick off people, people remember you. i built a career. that should be interesting. trish regan who doesn't tick off anyone, good seeing you. trish: thanks so much, neil. fallout over the testimony of former attorney general sally yates and former director of national intelligence james clapper. the big takeaway? no evidence of any collusion between the trump campaign and russia. that is the takeaway. you certainly won't hear it from the mainstream media these days. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." i want you to hear what james clapper said under oath. watch. >> whether there were improper contacts between the trump campaign and russian officials you said we did not include any evidence in our report. chuck todd i understand that, does it exist? you say not to my knowledge s that still accurate? >> it is.
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trish: okay. you hear that? there is no evidence of any collusion between trump and russia. so why don't we hear any of that pro the media, i want to know? governor of texas fighting back against sanctuary cities, suing officials in austin for refusing to enforce immigration law. will this new tactic curb illegal immigration? we're on it. venezuela on the brink of civil war. you have protesters rioting. children are starving to death. this country used to be one of the very richest in latin america. it was a major exporter of food. it had all that wealth thanks to oil. well, socialism has ruined it. we'll cover venezuela. i want to get back to the top story, sally yates hearing making waves in washington. adam shapiro has more. adam, the big takeaway here, good news people should be celebrating, james clapper under
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oath saying no, there was no collusion between donald trump campaign and russia itself. i mean that is the narrative that had been pushed over and over again by the mainstream mediaport port trish, sometimes the answer to one question can obviously raise self others. so former national intelligence director james clapper testified there was no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russian officials. president trump tweeted, director clapper reiterated what everybody including the fake media already knows. there is no evidence of collusion with russia and trump. but clapper also said he was unaware while serving as director of national intelligence that the fbi was conducting a counterintelligence investigation. yates on the other hand testified that the reason she contacted white house about former national security advisor michael flynn had to do with flynn's conversations with russian officials and his misleading statements if you want to call it lies, about those meetings to the white house, vice president, the and
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fbi. nothing else. >> not only did we believe the russians knew this, they likely had proof of this information. and, that created a compromise situation, a situation where the national security advisor essentially could be blackmailed by the russians. reporter: president trump tweeted, sally yates made the fake media extremely unhappy. she said nothing but old news. clapper and yates deny being the source which leaked classified information to the press. that information of course, the name of former general flynn. back to you. trish: thanks so much, adam shapiro. joining me for analysis, republican commentator mercedes schlapp, democratic strategist, don calloway. good to see both of you. mercedes, how does this stuff get leaked, and how bad is it that you have got sensitive information being leaked out into the mainstream media, and do you think in your heart of
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hearts that perhaps these folks have anything to do with it? >> definitely we know when there is a leak like this of classified information it's a criminal offense, it's a felony and i think that yesterday when you were watching that testimony it was very clear that senator lindsey graham was honing in on that with both clapper and yates. he wanted to get down to the bottom of it. he wanted to figure out, you aln essence figure out who the leaker is. i think that's where you're going to see senator graham take this, which is figuring out there is only a very small number of people, trish, who have access to this type of classified information, and it is going to have to be one of those. trish: will they admit it though, right? >> not a mater of admitting at this point. it is more of an investigation that -- trish: do you think maybe, there could be a paper trail from someone. >> i think there is. that is what, my understanding from yesterday's testimony there is a paper trail. there is a system in place that
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could determine where the classified information or who had access to classified information. you will see further investigation into this issue which is not what the democrats wanted to hear. the democrats wanted to focus whether there was collusion between president trump's team and russians. trish: that is narrative that needed to be spun. >> right. trish: don, this is what is keeping them alive at this point. let's not forget, all those people that did vote for hillary clinton, wanted to see her in the white house, they really feel robbed, they feel as though this couldn't possibly ever have happened on its own and there must be something nefarious by way of vladmir putin and donald trump involved. >> thanks, trish. i think it is important to remember absolutely, yes, director clapper yesterday said there was no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign and russia, however that is not to say that the russians didn't ject themselves into our electoral process. that, what director clapper said doesn't mitt bait the feelings
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of hellory supporters like myself. doesn't mean russia didn't interfere, objective truth from 22 independent intelligence agencies last five months russia absolutely did interfere. we have not found evidence of collusion twine the trump campaign and russian hackers. there may not be. it should not be conflated that director clapper yesterday said there was not, he did say there was not collusion he did not say there was not hacking. he did not say there was not interfering. we have to make sure talking about two different topics. it is unfortunate that the president intimated in hess tweets acting attorney general yates was involved in the leaks. she has been a career honorable servant of the department of justice. trish: i don't i they -- >> i don't think he went that far. ask that question about the leakers around classified information is exactly the question several of these republicans asked her. that is a very fair question to ask yates and clapper. >> it's a reasonable question to ask, unfortunate, to me, my
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reading of that tweet intimate she knows something or may have had something to do with it. to impune sally yates integrity. >> i think you're taking it way too far. trish: i will leave it there. we have a market treading a little bit lower. off about the 30 points. stocks turning around here this afternoon. wall street, they have something to celebrate here right now. you have got basically earnings looking overwhelmingly positive. 87% of the companies report having reported on track that they're going to beat earnings. highest report on top to bottom line beats in 13 years, this according to b-of-a right now. naaq trading a bit higher. you have also got a little bit of calmness in these markets following emanuel macron victory, former rothschild banker in france for that election. i want to take a look at the vix. this is an important gauge for everybody to watch. what the vix measures is any
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kind of fear in the market. right now, it's low! it's really low. look at that 9.88. that tells you there is no fear in this market. 23-low! global markets are seemingly very stable or at least u.s. markets here but some eninvestors are worried, these volatility levels, when you see the vix that low, maybe that's a warning sign? maybe that means everybody is getting a little too complacent. you need to then start to pull money off the stable. we'll see what the professionals think. bullseye brief author, adam johnson, hodges capital management ceo, craig hodges, and our own lori rothman standing by at the new york stock exchange. are traders telling you about that? are they concerned at all? the vix is cheap. there is no fear out there. does that create fear among some? >> yeah. so concerned, trish, this could be a trap. the vix only dropped below the
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10 level 10 times i believe in its entire history. when you see the complacency you wonder what is around the corner? traders telling me something is going to happen. the market is consolidating around the highs f you look at things on the table, tax reform, fed tells us the economy is in good shape, you mentioned solid earnings. those are all on the backburner. of course they could come back and could have a catalyst like that, snap of your fingers, but right now there is nothing to get worried about. trish: here is what i would say. i go to adam for his thoughts on this i've been watching the vix for ages. i look at this, i can tell you there have beetimes in my career, specifically going back to 2006 and 2007, as we got closer and closer to the meltdown in 2008. there were times i couldn't sleep at home at night. along with viewers. i was very worried, following
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all of this as we do in this business, day in, day out, you can almost feel it. you know when the bubble is starting to happen. you know when there is warning signs. the truth there is not a ton of warning signs. i understand why the vix is this low right now. adam, your thoughts? >> that is exactly right. syria didn't rob markets. north korea didn't rock markets. the french election didn't rock markets. earnings employment, has been the story. it is still the story. the vix is just reflecting the fact we can continue rising. trish you mentioned a couple times in your career when you have seen the vix go as low as it is, lori mentioned only 10 times it has gone below, or 10 times in history, look at those times the market was able to rally. the vix stayed low, markets kept going up. it is just a reflection of wall of money, central bank markets pushing money. this thing can go longer. >> when i stirs start telling
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you i get scared, i often get scared because i follow this day in, day out, i get scared a little before the masses but there is not a ton out there right now. the only thing, perhaps, craig, will throw off the market, we'll get plenty of warning signs when 2 does, if nada gets done from washington. >> the jury is still out on that. but the room thing i see, a lot of this may be the proliferation of passive investing. people just don't worry about which stocks they own. they don't worry if they're in the right or wrong stocks. they buy all the indexes and don't worry about it. trish: i don't know if that is entirely true. that is one of the arguments being discussed. >> most of the trades done by computers aren't even looking at stocks. looking aluations. that is is most of is going on. trish: they know. the trade is reflective of that earnings miss.
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i get you, and i'm all for you guys picking stocks and people being selective but i don't think you're seeing overall complacency. in other words what you're trying to suggest our market system isn't working. >> oh, it is working. trish: it still is. why is that, adam. >> it is working, earnings and enemployment. that is the whole story. we have americans back to work. our employment rate is lowest in decades down at 4.4%. earnings growth of 11%. this, trish, is an outstanding time for people to be long, to be invested. you understand why the vix is as low as it is. will it stay there forever? no, probably not. will there be a correction at some point? sure, markets don't go up forever but there is strong combination of earnings and employment. trish: there are naysayers out there. craig, not to put too much words in your mouth, there is concern there is complacency. i believe in the american capitalist system. people have money on the line, via a machine or via an
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individual, if a company gets tripped up, if things start to get south, if we're looking at any kind of systemic crisis resembling anything like 2008, people, craig, trade off of that? >> i am bullish on the market. i think this is another factor. there has not been, i mean a lot of people have missed this move. there is still a lot of money on the sidelines. there just hasn't been the corrections in order to get back in. we've only had four moves of 1% since the election. that is unbelievable. anytime there is a selloff it seems it is absorbed rather quickly which tells you that stocks are the place to be. there are really not a lot of alternatives other tn stks at this point. trish: i agree with you. i agree with you. good to see all of you. a lot going on in venezuela, a place where things aren't so good right now. venezuela today, on the brink of an all-out civil war. this as the government loses control amid violent protests,
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mass starvation. you know the majority of citizens have actually lost an average of 19-pound. babies are dying right now from starvation. i spent time in venezuela. this is one of latin america's richest countries t had so much opportunity in front of it because of its oil. but i'll tell you, what has happened. socialism has happened to venezuela. via chavez, via maduro. we'll talk all about it, why you should fear bernie sanders's style socialism here in the united states of america. whether it's connecting one of the world's most innovative campuses.
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due to your first accident. switch and you could save $509 on auto insurance. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™ liberty mutual insurance. trish: today venezuela on the brink of all-out civil war as
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riots break out with 37 people dead, 700 people wounded, 1800 people imprisoned since april. the average venezuelan has lost 20 pounds. babies are starving to death. people are digging through garbage to find anything to eat. there is no medicine. all of this despite having the world's largest oil reserves. a country once latin america's richest nation, exporter of food is now destitute. isn't this the product of socialism? joining us right now, "washington examiner" editorial director and hugo, i've been down there, i've been to caracas, i spent, i may have told viewers before, i spent weeks chasing hugo chavez all over venezuela trying to get interview with him. they keep promising manana and i would show up at some rally he would talk and talk, try to get in. didn't happen.
2:19 pm
the network said do your job here stateside. >> right. trish: but i did get to meet a lot of people and i saw hugo first-hand what the country was dealing with. on one hand, yeah they had some stuff handed out by the government. they had super cheap gas, because all of that was subsidized. on the other hand no one there hat -- had a future. no one could work toward anything because the reality the government was going to take it away. are we now looking at effects if you would of actual socialism? >> you know, trish, venezuela is an object lesson what happens with extreme forms of socialism. the, it was, as you say a country which was the richest in south america t has huge proven oil reserves like saudi arabia, yet here it is where people are picking through garbage. the scenes that you were just playing of, show a desperate people.
2:20 pm
you know, when people get desperate, at the tyranny, the tyranny will drag down and they will get more desperate. eventually there is an explosion. trish: i think about the oil reserves, you mentioned rivaling saudi arabia, venezuelans boasting to me they had more than saudi arabia. they had the oronoco region, this was thick, tar-like oil. they needed technology, hugo to refine that stuff. but what did they do? they came in and took over all the oil companies that were there in the oronoco region. they took over the u.s. companies, french companies, there investing in that very technology that hugo, they needed in order to get the oil out of the ground. as a result they never moved that forward. all that oil is still sitting there. there is no ability to get it out. thisth is because they
2:21 pm
wanted control at the expense frankly of their people. >> that is exactly -- the great fallacy of socialism amongst many is that the government has all the expertise. if you have the right people at the top making all of these decision, then somehow or another they come up with a wonderful plan that will suit everybody, rather than letting people make individual decisions and experts, for example, oil companies, knowing how to get the oil out of the ground and turning it into money for the venezuelan people. they expropriate those things. they nationalize companies and, it leads to ruin and it's happened every time that govemes do this. every time socialism tries to run anything it is always a disaster. trish: let me ask you this. what do you think the difference is between hugo chavez and nicolas maduro? chavez certainly had we can say more charisma and maduro but reality they have the same economic principles, in of
2:22 pm
themselves are faulty and unworkable? >> chavez obviously had the charisma as you say, he was elected but the thing with maduro, in the face of crisis, there is talk about a constitutional convention but then he he is talking about him being the one to choose people at the constitutional convention to change the constitution. he's clinging on by his fingernails now. opposition is growing. he doesn't have that charisma. trish: do you think it is going to happen? we keep saying it is on the brink of civil war. >> they are already riots in the streets as you say. i think one of the things thatte extent to which the military, where the top brass apparently not desperate at moment but the soldiers are feeling the same sort of suffering as the population. if top brass of the military find that they are not being able to control the soldiers, then i think the top brass are likely to demand a change in government.
2:23 pm
trish: hugo, thank you so much. i will remind the viewers of this important quote right now by thomas jefferson. a government that is big enough to give you everything you want is also strong enough to take it away. the left right now losing its mind over president obama -- president obama's repeal -- obamacare, the president's obamacare repeal and replace plan. there we go staging mock funerals and die-in protests, even encouraging folks to ship their own ashes, rather morbid. if they die without health care. ship your ass? my goodness. ship them to republican lawmakers, the left says. this all effort to derail obamacare, and the reform that is about to take place. we're going to separate the fact from fiction next. kearns. it's t to finally meet you. nice to meet you too. your parents have been talking about you for years.
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sorry about that. they're all about me saving for a house, or starting a college fund for my son. actually, i want to know what you're thinking. have a seat. knowing that the most important goals are yours. multiplied by 14,000 financial advisors, it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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. trish: okay!
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the scare tactics live on. protesters are holding mock funerals, threatening to ship the ashes of dead people to republican lawmakers. some planning, quote, die-in events. get it? and, of course, the ads are already coming out, as you could imagine, they are targeting republicans all ahead of 2018, all about health care. watch. >> congresswoman mcsally voted for disastrous health ca repeal opposed byp and the american canr society. mcsally voted to raise costs and cut coverage for millions, to charge five times more for people over 50. mcsally voted yes though the bill makes coverage completely unaffordable to people with preexisting conditions. congressman mcsally, how could do you this to us? . trish: scared yet? the question is whether or not
2:28 pm
the over-the-top tactics actually work? what's going to happen because 2018, that's right around the corner and republicans could face a backlash at the ballot box all as a result of obamacare repeal and replace. mercedes schlapp and don calloway are back with me. that ad, when you lay it out there, you think about the fact that, yes, insurance companies can charge five times as much for an older patient as they can for a younger patient. but i'm guessing the older patient is that much more costly to the insurance company. >> right. trish: than the young 22-year-old patient. >> the tactics definitely work. we saw that even during the time of romney's presidential campaign when they were talking about entitlement reform and basically the democrats basically said they're going to throw the seniors over the cliff. so it is effective. i do have to say that the script that hasn't been written and the ads that we're not seeing enough of is the obamacare failure.
2:29 pm
it's a fact of the collapse of the individual health care market system, the fact that consumers have fewer choices, the fact we've seen premiums rise, skyrocketing in the different states. that's the story that's not being told effectively, i think coming from the republican side and gives the democrats the advantage to celt story, the one bill being a bad bill. tris i think telection was a referendum on many things, including obamacare, and so now the american people want some kind of fix, but i got tell you this is complicated stuff and no easy fix to this, there is absolutely no easy fix. so do republicans now run the risk of having opened pandora's box of making it seemingly worse. let's not forget as mercedes points out, there are states where you can't get health insurance anymore because the
2:30 pm
private insurers have headed for the hills. >> trish, who knew health care could be so complicated, right? a couple of very important things about the business case where the repeal bill was a very, very bad idea. as you point out and we discussed last week, the age tax for patients 50 to 64 could be detrimental to those who have to pay potentially up to five times the cost. trish: they cost the insurer more, right? i'm sorry, but if you're 75 years old versus 22 years old, you're going to be more costly to insure. >> absolutely, ages 50 to 64. what if you're a healthy professional 52 to 55-year-old, you're not that much greater cost risk. trish: than a 22-year-old? >> all speculative. secondly, what about the decimation of -- trish: sounds like you're on the 22-year-old's side, sorry. >> decimation of medicare and
2:31 pm
medicaid which will ruin the federally qualified health centers. trish: right, you shouldn't be getting the government handout. you pay your fair share like everyone else. it's not fair, you pay. >> the fqhc's are often the only medical provider for so much of the republican rural voting base and those will be absolutely decimated under the current proposal. and it's very important that we talk about preexisting conditions here. yes, this current bill does protect those with preexisting conditions, if and only if they maintainontiguous coverage. >> i know you are filibustering the segment. let me be very clear. when it comes to the states, there is a requirement in that bill that they would have to make sure that the states meet that preexisting condition requirements. >> if the patient maintains contiguous coverage. what's that mean? trish: hang on, hang on, hang on. >> this is what happens when you create this type of entitlement.
2:32 pm
then the mentality in the american person is saying, well, i have to depend on government in order to pay for my health care. >> preexisting conditions is not a -- preexisting condition is not an entitlement. >> very difficult to roll back the entitlement which is why we're seeing what we're seeing. trish: don, i have a question to mercedes. look, i looked this through and i have my concerns on both sides about this, i'm not playing politics here, and not being partisan, my concern, one when it comes to preexisting conditions is you pull all the people in one pool and now the state has to negotiate on behalf of those people. that concerns me because i don't trust the state to be able to have a decent negotiation with the insurance companies. i think the insurance companies are too smart. the other thing that concerns me, mercedes, is this idea that if you somehow lapse, if you don't have insurance for two
2:33 pm
months, they can jack up costs as much as 30% because that feels onerous, like the credit card companies, you miss one payment, and instead of paying 6 or 7% interest, you are slapped with 32. >> i think that's why you see the senate decided they're going to rewrite the bill. they'll take the better parts of the house bill, and i think that there are a lot of those concerns, including the fact that for example, they are ncerned about cutting off medicaid expansion to the stes and dealing with the premiums for older individuals, they're very concerned they want to see safety net there, so it is kind of what you find when you see the free market battling it out with the government to a certain extent. i think that -- trish: a lot of work to be done. >> the fact is the way we were going, the road we were taking with obamacare is just not an option. trish: i agree, the insurance companies weren't going to be in the business anymore, you were heading straight to the single-payer system, the government or nothing.
2:34 pm
don, good to see you. >> good to see you, trish. trish: mercedes, a pleasure as always. >> thank you. trish: the governor is taking issues into his own hands suing austin officials for refusal to enforce immigration law. will the tactics work? we're asking a former sheriff next.
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. trish: whole lot going on right now. welcome back, everyone. i'm trish regan. quick look at markets here.
2:38 pm
s&p 500 and the nasdaq hitting all-time highs earlier today. you can see backing off the levels as we look at s&p that has just turned slightly negative. nasdaq hanging on in the green, a lot of good earnings to talk about, that is helping things along. take a look at tech stocks. you've got apple and amazon today doing pretty well. all helping to fuel here these gains here as we watch apple and amazon, google struggling a little more. all hit record highs, google backing off from, that the others as well, we'll continue watching this through the close of trading. quick looked at ten year, the yield on the ten year hitting a five week high, up 2.4%, investors are selling the treasuries, the yields are going up. it's going to cost you, it's going to cost you less to buy u.s. debt but in return, you're going to get a bigger yield.
2:39 pm
2.41% on the ten year. futures pricing in nearly 90% probability that the fed will raise rates in june. take a look at this video right here. furious passengers fighting each other and the police after learning their flight was canceled and they'd miss a graduation ceremy. customers enraged there after 11 spirit airline flights were canceled. 26 were delayed and it was due to a labor dispute between the airline and its pilots union. and just now, a federal court granting spirit a temporary restraining order compelling the pilots to, quote, return to status quo, but customers clearly not happy there. shares of spirit down 2.7% right now. let's get to texas. preemptively suing the city of austin and travis county to uphold new law banning sanctuary cities in the state. texas lieutenant governor dan
2:40 pm
patrick telling charles payne the state will not back down from enforcing the law even if local officials try and get it in the way. here's an excerpt from the interview. watch. >> the legislature has spoken because the people have spoken. if we have local elected officials including some in law enforcement, who will defy the law, they are subject to fines and they're subject to going to jail, and we will follow up, we're serious about protecting our citizens. trish: does anyone find it odd, just a little bit odd here? we're going to get to paul in a second, guys, i want to ask the viewers a question. is it odd that we have to actually force people by law to enforce the law? in other words, we need them, our lawmakers, our law enforcers to do their jobs and the texas governor is saying you're going do it or else.
2:41 pm
paul babeu, former sheriff of arizona, pinal county, i find it odd and i find it sad. >> it is. trish: because we should be a nation of laws and how can you have the laws if you're not going to enfor them in the first place? >> that's the whole point, and what we've been dealing with is the lawlessness over the past eight years, and the lack of enforcement of immigration laws. this is in their interest, so we're doing this for the benefit of the citizens within those jurisdictions to say, look, we're not talking about all the illegals here, 11 to 14 million who are here. we're talking about the real bad ones committing additional crimes in the country to the level they're booked into jail, many of them who are serving jail sentences, and upon their release, all we're asking is to follow the law, to hold them
2:42 pm
for 48-hour period as an i.c.e. detainer and turn them over to federal law enforcement. that's all we're asking, and they're saying no, we're not going to notify you, we're not going to hold them and release them. trish: that, i find disturbing, and i've told the viewers before, we've looked through the documents that show hundreds of people that were arrested and charged and often convicted of crimes and yet, i.c.e. is pretty much powerless, the feds can't do a darn thing, they can't get rid of the people because the local county sheriff is like no way, we're a sanctuary city. >> right. trish: paul, there seems to be something really wrong when you have a system in place that is designed to protect people that are here legally and yet people can take such advantage, i would say, for political reasons. >> it is. trish: is that what's going that the county sheriff is getting elected? >> it is. sally hernandez, she's a sheriff there in travis county has done just that, ran on the
2:43 pm
whole pledge she's not going to enforce the law, not going to turn over criminal illegals to i.c.e.. this is where there's a two-pronged approach here. attorney general sessions with our president trump saying there's going to be a penalty if you don't enforce the law and coopate th us, turning over the criminals that you're not going to get federalras and funding, and now here, governor abbott, what a hero of the month here, other governors should show this strong leadership to have the force of state law that you will be fined $25,000 plus, it will be a class a misdemeanor, and if you're the sheriff, guess what? you get removed from office. city council's mayors better wake up. trish: we started to see the legal challenges. >> no doubt. trish: let's not forget, and tell the viewer, this is not something that is an executive order that the governor of texas signed. this is something lawmakers decided upon. >> exactly.
2:44 pm
trish: the problem is so out of control in texas. >> it is, and we could have a disagreement, all americans, about what we do with the 14 million illegals who are here. folks, let's dial this back. we're talking about the million criminals who are dangerous to our communities and our families. let's put america first and enforce the laws. that's all we're doing here. trish: paul babeu, thank you so much. >> thank you, liz. trish: the outrageous smear of president trump, a new study shows colbert isn't the only one trashing trump. in other words, this new study confirms the bias against our president, well media critic howie kurtz is here and he's got all the intel for you. that's next. think again.
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was the target of over a thousand jokes in first months of office far more than president obama, and you are all aware, remember that disgusting, despicable awful joke that colbert made? if you can call it a joke. i'm not going to call it a joke, it was uncalled for on network television. anyway, they're pouncing on him. of course. is this reflective of media bias or comedians doing their job? i'm joined by howie kurtz our media critic at fox. howie, what say you? >> all comedians poke at presidents, part of the job description, in the days of johnny carson, jay leno, a gentle poking and hitting republicans and democrats. it is clear that virtually the entire lineup of late night comics, bill maher told a crude sexual joke about the president and his daughter that i'm not going to allude to on the air are fervently anti-trump and that's reflective of entire monologue.
2:49 pm
trish: that bothers me, i think maher and colbert have crossed a line that should not be crossed. they feel it is open season on this guy. but you don't stoop to that. it's unnecessary, disgusting and seems to be no actual penalty or punishment for the guys doing this? >> certainly not from cbs which in effect approved the colbert joke, it wasn't something he blurted out. it was scripted in a pretaped show. have you trevor oliver and samanthabee and seth meyers going after trump as the butt of harmless jokes. trish: it's mean, howie, it's mean. >> mean doesn't begin to get at it. but no great uproar in the media. the colbert thing has been covered. stephen colbert, has he gone too far?
2:50 pm
if he told the joke or somebody like him about barack obama, it would be front page, all over the tv and that has not been the case. trish: you're right. a shame. howie kurtz, thank you so much. >> i like when you agree with me. trish: you know i usually do. everybody watch "mediabuzz" every sunday fox news at 11:00 a.m. eastern. reports that president trump is urged by top aides to send more troops into afghanistan to beat back the taliban. it's the most consequential decision to face this young administration. but why are they going into afghanistan and why is it the taliban? why are we not heading to syria and fighting isis. general jack keane is in the house. he'll tell us why. liberty mutual stood with us when a fire destroyed the living room. we were able to replace everything in it. liberty did what? liberty mutual paid to replace all of our property that was damaged. and we didn't have to touch our savings.
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. trish: president trump under pressure from his cabinet to up our game in afghanistan including sending in more troops to fight the taliban. according to the "washington post" the man pushing is general h.r. mcmaster. reports say trump's closest advisers are skeptical of the idea saying it goes against campaign promises like putting the fight against isis first. i want to know what fox news military analyst general jack keane thinks. he join us right now. hello, general, good to have you back. >> good to be here, trish. trish: you got syria, you got afghanistan and committing the resources to afghanistan first? >> let me say a couple things first. it's an absolute disgrace we've been in afghanistan for 16 years and at a stage now where the war is not winnable. that's largely driven by two presidents' policies, one president bush, prioritized iraq over afghanistan and
2:55 pm
afghanistan for five years. president obama realized he had to do something about the situation. he did the afghan surge that petraeus and mcchrystal were recommending but 25% less forces to accomplish the mission and pulled them out after 15 months. at that point, this is 2011, afghanistan was doomed to the protracted state it is now. so president trump, when he says he's got a mess here, does. what's he going do? one, he could pull away and get another situation like we have in iraq, a breeding ground for radical islamists. trish: don't want that. >> two, leave the status quo, protracted war. trish: don't want that. >> so three, we got to do something decisive to turn it around in the afghan and security forces to get a political solution, that's going to take more troops, as distasteful as that is, that's the answer. trish: general, did this fall to the back burner under the
2:56 pm
obama administration? afghanistan increasingly sort of lost its focus in terms of what we needed to do there? and thus, as you point out, he's inherited this mess, he's got to fix it. we've got fix it. but at the same time, we have to deal with syria. so from a resource perspective, and you've said, by the way, you don't think $54 billion is enough. what do you want to see us commit, general? >> you made a very good point here. president obama, the truth is, he never put the effort in to convince the american people why afghanistan still mattered. that's one. number two, he never put the resources in and developed a strategy to win. his focus from the beginning was how quickly can i get out of afghanistan, so he's turned over this horrific situation to president trump and he's got to cope with it. trish: general keane, thank you so much, sir? >> good talking with you, trish. trish: i'm going to be right back.
2:57 pm
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. trish: you know i love hearing from you, send me a tweet at -- or follow me on facebook -- tell me what you thought of today's show, keep the dialogue going. bernie sanders style of socialism is unraveling before our very eyes in venezuela. we're going to talk about it online, see you there. connell mcshane is here for liz claman. >> we're going to talk health care as the dems want in. breaking news, all 48 democratic and independent senators sending a letter to the majority leader. mitch mcconnell today asking to be part of a bipartisan discussion to fix the broken health care system, now they want a bipartisan transparent working on this, democrats say, the letter comes a day after reports that the trump administration was leaving the heavy lifting on health care to the majority leaders. telling us that this is true bipartisanship or it's just more posturing by the democrats.


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