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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 10, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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it is wednesday, may 10. cap story 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. fbi director comey is out. trans decision sending shockwaves throughout the nation's capitol this morning. democrats on the hillside and the decision was senate minority leader chuck schumer telling the president he was making a big mistake. the white house to the airwaves to defend the decision. >> you certainly lost the confidence for members of both sides. republicans and democrats in the house and senate and frankly most importantly lost the confidence of the american people. >> first question the administration has to do there is why now. if the administration had objections to the way director comey handled the clinton investigation, they had those objections the minute the president got into office. maria: details over who will replace comey now it's on.
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the move comes as transgressed off with russia to the commander-in-chief said to me when its foreign minister lavrov serbey eight. what can we expect from that meeting later on? police are carrying out this morning. disney looking for magic when it comes to espn. the latest earnings report. we will break down the numbers coming out. opening for the dow industrials down 50 points at the open. the other averages down fractionally at this moment appeared in europe, stocks mostly lower. st 100 is higher a quarter of a percent, but the cac quarante trading fractionally lower. japan and hong kong. china and korea down. pepsico spices up and teams up with 711 to set set customers taste buds on fire. we've got a look at the nutri coming out. all the stories coming up.
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fox business network dagen mcdowell. riverfront investment group chairman and chief investment officer michael jones with us. kirsten haglund is here. good to see you. what a big day. dagen: big night. big everything. maria: and president trump sat down with the last april, he basically foreshadowed this. he said i had confidence in comey, but come about, he went through all the things he thought were wrong with the way comey conducted himself. a lot of them talking about the fbi come up organization of the agencies. that's an issue. dagen: you in that interview pressed president trump on why is jim comey still in that job in something you've discussed on the program since the election and what went down. by acting now, that is causing kind of a fire's armed. maria: because they are the
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middle the russia probe investigation, which has been going on a long time and we continue to hear no evidence of collusion in the investigation keeps going on. >> i think the big question is as you pointed out, it was a mystery at the beginning. if you think about it, comey was clumsy and how he handled don't tell the attorney general to move forward with the prosecution. he was even clumsier with the sober revelation that he be up in the investigation. politically he just didn't seem to have the chops to be the fbi are. why is he still there? why is he now letting go? >> to be fair he was in a tough spot with his loss after his loss had a meeting on the plane with bill clinton two days before hillary clinton was interviewed by the fbi. dagen: but he's damaged goods by the time of the election. so they acted now, we can discuss it later, but there is a reasonable explanation now.
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maria: will talk about that this morning. joining us is former under secretary of state for political affairs under george w. bush, nicholas barnes is here. assistant director jan testerman with us. fox news senior judicial analyst judge napolitano is here. john hogan is here and the lucky county sheriff david clarke is here as well. he's being talked about his potential replacement along with three of their names we will give you coming out. start a new of washington right now. president trump fired jim comey over his handling of the e-mail investigation. in a letter sent yesterday, the president said while i greatly appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions that i am not under investigation, i nevertheless concur with the department of justice that you are not able to effectively lead the bureau. comey's dismissal comes as the agency continues the investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election and russian ties to campuses
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this. most recently under fire from you stating how many sensitive e-mails hillary clinton aide forwarded to her husband, anthony weiner. i was just last week gave nonetheless, here's what the president told me about keeping comey around just last month. >> people are wondering us are wondering if scratching their heads with so many obama era staffers are here. for example, was a mistake not to ask jim comey to set down for the fbi at the outset of your presidency. >> no, it's not too late. i have confidence that we will see what happened. it is going to be interesting. we have to just come about, so many people want to come into this administration. they are so excited about this administration and what is happening. they occurs, law-enforcement people. everybody wants to come into this administration. don't forget when jim comey cannot come a saint hillary clinton. he saved her life.
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i call a comey one. i joke about it a little bit. but he was pretty most judges, she was guilty on every charge and then he said she was essentially okay. maria: joining us now is deputy of the counter terror division. good to have you in the program. thanks for joining us this morning. your reaction to the firing. >> well, all of this was set in motion. so many people talk about when he decided to come out and tell the whole world that essentially was going to pass on doing anything with hillary clinton. think about point, even in the fbi, there were a lot of scratching head and a lot of people wondering what all of this was about. quite frankly, he missed the decision. it was essentially very simple. referral of this to the department of justice in that they make a decision. for some reason he decided to go ahead and do what he did.
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i really think that is what this is all about. i don't think this involves the discussion of russian pollution. i don't think this includes anything nefarious. in the department of justice we all know the fbi subordinate to the attorney general and the fbi director has the answer to the attorney general. the rules are pretty clear on anybody doing a press conference and they apply to everybody and that is you have to get permission from the department of justice to do these kinds of things. he kind of went off on his own. people never quite understood. i didn't quite understand that. at the same time, we have to understand he served his country well for many years. this is one of those things that is washington d.c. us. that's like glad i live in tampa cisco now. it is just one of those things. i think he made the wrong call and it all caught up with him. i don't think it reflects on the white house are all these other things usually are.
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maria: trade for comic timing of it is being questioned. the media asking if this is related to the russian probe. dagen: and senators from both sides of the aisle. we heard from senator uck humer would've thought was no fan of jim 10. senator schumer talkingbout the timing of it, but also senator richard her. his opinion is critical because the set of the senate intelligence committee. mark warner, the minority leader on that panel also concerned about the timing. there may be some explanation as to why now. you have deputy attorney general rod rosenstein who has just learned last month and is critical for him to step in. he was seen as a very nonpolitical figure to look into jim comey in his handling of the e-mail investigation and it was a report from him that was released yesterday. rosenstein said comey's actions
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at the discount is terry was talking about last summer badly damaged the fbi. they have a director who understands the gravity of the mistakes. this is critically important. again, it always goes to something you brought up early on. the people who work in the trump administration, these roles have not been filled. only within the last several weeks that rod rosenstein, deputy ag has stepped into his role. that might explain why now. maria: bloody thing, it terry, do you agree with that? >>ey probably began an inquiry last year sometime after the july press confce about by theay. it sometimes takes many months to have this completed. i have a confluence of everything coming together. if he bought the department of justice. the decision-makers. kind of the inquiry done. i'm sure direct your comey has
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talked to people about his decision and has said similar things to what he told congress. people finally have to make decision, seems like he would do this the same all over again. at some point you have to just decide what you're going to do and move on and i think they decided it is time to do this because the fbi internally is probably affect it by what he did at some of these other things that happen. for example, a lot of people i talk to send flashier have expressed amazement at the way the energy of hillary clinton was put together. that's another problem and is bigger problem and a speaker and a lot of problem and a speaker and a lot of waste in the press conference. when you start telling fbi agents how to do interviews and when you hear stories that make us sound like there were more people in the but they hillary clinton team than there were fbi agents during the interview which is probably to comment
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their simulations you have to scratch your head about again. none of the rest of us to be treated like that. that is not a late fbi interviews happen. you don't have the subject come in and allocating its share wearing a crown. it just doesn't work that way. strange issues that if it's recorded, it's not going to be recorded but i know what jim comey to do the interview. again, it was that recorded which is extraordinary. michael jones, will mean that the leak stopped. >> it now, i think it is probably too much to think that comey is the source of all the leaks. maria: but did he stop them? there's a culture that starts at the top. >> is a good point. i think probably the leaks as much as anything are so many competing power centers in the white house. they'll have different motivations. i'm not sure, is the fbi really
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going to be focused that much on the team especially some of the reforms post-watergate. the question i have is if i were in the white house, i would be focused a lot less on the press conference in july and i'd be focused an awful lot more in how he handled the reopening of the investigation in a covert cac quarante is that within trust her. usually handled and it really showed a kind of lack of awareness of the political sensitivity of the fbi are. >> last week he testified, huma abedeen had transferred hundreds of thousands of e-mails to anthony laptop here that we found that it wasn't hundreds of thousands of e-mails at all. fredricka had to basically amend his testimony. >> "the wall street journal" has incredible as are recorded on the front page but there is a
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growing frustration within the white house that jim comey step up and say very firmly there were no ties in terms of the trump administration in the campaign in russia. these are my words that he was a show pony showing up in the tv cameras a little too much. the white house is saying president chun provided the recommendations of jeff sessions and the deputy ag who i mentioned, rod rosenstein in terms of inspiring, terms of inspiring, if there is a set of the fbi comment is the leaks and president trump ordered it. that's my speculation to be clear about that. maria: all really good points he made and be a slave the truth is we don't have any evidence of any collusion between trump and the russians at this investigation keeps going on. my question is how much is this costing? we keep coming up with nothing.
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in any event, that's another conversation. good to have you on the program. >> thank you, maria. maria: anti-terror raids in the eastern part of the country. when the crackdown next.
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maria: welcome back to developing germany. police detained several islamist suspects. cheryl casone with the details. >> that's right.
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several islamic militants in the eastern city of love take coing to german media. police in the city confirmed several propertie were searched earlier this morning. according to several media reports, local reports, the operation allegedly targeted suspected members of the islamic state and other organizations in the series of a war. we'll keep you posted as to give her details this morning. meanwhile, an emergency declared in washington state at the hanford nuclear reserve after a tunnel full of radioactive train cars collapsed. thousands of workers were warned to take cover from the 20 by 20-foot area that suffered that collapse. all nonessential employees were sent home early. hanford spokesperson said there is no indication contamination spread during the event. officials continue to monitor the air quality and work on how to fix the tunnel. according to the department of energy, 20 million pieces of uranium metal for nine nuclear reactors have now been made.
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tech giant apple has acquired the hardware maker guided. it has updated its privacy policy to enhance the acquisition. also makes the apple watch after they have a sleep monitor which gets placed under a bed sheet and assault on apple's online store. very compatible with the watch for the acquisition personally tracking is a very sought-after feature for the apple watch. a lot of watches. disney coming out "after the bell." they did report makes second-quarter numbers. the company be done in the $1.50 per share above the analysts estimate that they missed on revenue of 13.3 billion. this is of course coming and continued weakness at espn which they talked about in the wake of recent fats affect the intestines of on-air talent. they give their subscribers in the quarter. 12 million action glosses over the last six years. there was some good news in there.
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disney parks are an increased 9%. studio entertainment increased 21%. obviously big part of that was the "beauty & the beast," nasa had a nice above the continuation of the "star wars" franchise in the fiscal second quarter for disney. they expect in the free market. maria: cheryl, thank you it may come back, volatility in the market. what it means for a buying opportunity. pepsi getting fired up the soda giant teams up with 711 to put a hot hot twist on a cold tree. look at the new drink is to follow the breaking news of the morning. jim comey out at the fbi next. ♪
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maria: welcome back to futures indicate a lower opening for the broader average. down astros down 50 points. one night of investors are looking at is the lack of volatility in the mark. wall street so-called tiered gates close at the lowest level in 25 years monday. is that an ominous sign that people are not worried about anything? jimmy montgomery, chief investment strategist. good to see you. your reaction to the volatility. is this something to worry about? >> for the lack thereof. >> the point in terms of it being the grand legacy and distribute -- or indicative of perversely low rest. we also look at a couple things, for the minneapolis paper reserves published a survey that reported respondents to less
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than 10% expected a 20% correction or more in the next six months, the lowest since 2007. the yield crash index which is a contrarian indicator by way of once again asking respondents the likelihood of an imminent crash. the lowest in more than 10 years. a couple of their input that while you could challenge the efficacy of the index are all pointing to the same thing. a lot of liquidity around the web looking to be treated more favorably than perhaps where they are in a local basis. the u.s. has a low beta equity for us by volatility standards. there's a principle principle alive and well. maria: no alternative. >> the fact that things are reasonably good. we have a sanguine view about economic conditions at the moment. put that all together and there's a reason it's deserved to be low. the lowest since 1993 is a debate, but it should be low. >> the low volatility seems to be more of a complacency masher. are you more worried about complacency versus euphoria,
6:25 am
which tends to be the market environment where you tend to get worried. >> i agree with you there. assess and said, when everybody is greedier euphoric. i think we don't have necessarily euphoria as much as complacent day, which i think means the overdue correction that everybody is six back to you, not us necessarily considerable in size or duration, but it likely to seems primed is one that should be blocked rather than necessarily derail it. the complacency is buried in an environment where it might not take bad news, just disappointing news on the political front by way of corporate tax reform not coming through as quickly worth its corporate tax reform light tax reform light, not the same impact on profitability the markets but a big down payment
6:26 am
on. dagen: that tell you that the fired jim, today's stock market is that you have a new firestorm that just started down in washington d.c. and certainly now turns the attention of all lawmakers either the house or senate at this comment to the fbi investigations have any potential collusion between the tribe campaign and russia. you name it. now they're really distraught at abc. how does that play out in the market? >> you are right to consuming resources that would either be sequencing of health care reform and getting that results like congress and the administration can move on the corporate tax reform. to the extent these things are a component where we can get some massive upside surprises coupled with with the massive downside surprises are manting in the down side issues now and it continues to soar to usurp what the market wants most, which is corporate tax reform.
6:27 am
>> interesting point you raise. is that when markets are down? it's only 50 points. i'm wondering if what train for his famous play now. that may connect the dots here. there is a distraction going on. the agenda gets pushed out. >> there's an element of that. was kind of see what we'll get a earnings seasons,, which has been good. trade to 15% higher profits. >> revenues up 5.3%. that's very good. how many times can you buy that? kind of situation with the markets stuck in search of a catalyst at the moment and this is a deposited catalyst to say the least. >> i wondered to announcements made about a possible troop after troops going into afghanistan, the possibility of engagement in middle east by mongering uninformed policy front for so many threats and potentially getting involved in afghanistan, does that have an effect on how people invest in the market as well? >> different phases of confrontation over the years
6:28 am
hasn't necessarily put the market back on his heels. at the same time you did not cannot have a tricked economic impact a way of measuring its influence here in the u.s., it is once again causing consternation as it relates to geopolitically committee which we are to go have some height associated with it not only the middle east, that north korea ran tconfrontations between norh korea. maria: sounds like you've got your money market in stocks but you are not bite you right now. >> definitely. one has to be careful about where they are allocating capital today traded most favorably. maria: we will leave it there. great to see you. in terms of the fact her, give me one you think is worth dying right here. >> from a contrarian standpoint, one of the good energy. the supply demand situation will evolve into one for demand will usurp the inventory that exist
6:29 am
at the moment and help push up energy prices. trade too great to see you. thank you so much. u.s.-russia relations for president trams sitting down with what america top diplomat white house. what to ask it as tensions continue to rise in the face that the fbi had out. troubling times in the sky. passengers getting into a fistfight of lord a southwest flight. keeping major airlines in the spotlight. back in a minute. ♪ ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife
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.. good wednesday morning. thank you for being with us. it is wednesday may 10. 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. president trump set to meet with the foreign foreign minister later today. the shocking decision to fire fbi director james comey. democratic -- democrats on the hill slamming it. and so his decision should be welcomed by democrats.
6:33 am
in all due respect you are making a very big mistake. the fallout from the decision to fire coming. a striking new video shows passengers in a brawl. the latest disservice for the industry. the markets are looking lower. the tone is negative. it's higher here in london. it's down to flat this morning. they were mixed. gains in japan and hong kong. pepsico teaming up with 711 to heat things up. taylor hurt junior set to go from bracing to renovation.
6:34 am
our top story this half hour. rex tillerson will meet with russian foreign minister. to discuss syria in ukraine. secretary tillerson spoke about his struggled relationship. the relationship between the two nations is a loris it's been since the cold war. he did not disagree. with spiraling down. it's getting worse. under president bush and harvard kennedy school professor. thank you so much for joining us. obviously the president has fired james comey the fbi director.
6:35 am
they are the most dangerous adversary in the world. we have a terrible relationship right now we've a crisis over ukraine of the season is to maintain a sanctions. and that we have a crisis over the issue a russian interference in our elections. i think this is a difficult meeting for president trump. it's his first meeting with the russian leader since the president has taken office. and that he has fired the fbi director he's been charged with abuse of power. i agree with that assessment. he's can have to raise this issue. any president republican or democrat would do that aggressively with the russians and warn them not to interfere in our elections. and it would've launched their own investigation. present trump has done none of that. there is a lot of pressure on them this morning. very unfortunate timing for
6:36 am
the white house that the russian foreign minister that they experienced leader showing up in the oval office. the stage looks different now than it did during the election. you'd elections in france. obviously you have those strikes in syria which to recruit relationship with the onsets in russia. do we have more leverage coming into this meeting with them when we would've just had that six months ago. normally i think we would have leverage but the russians and the president trump has failed to criticize russia publicly for any of these issues that we are talking about. he hasn't criticize russia on ukraine. and most importantly for americans he hasn't criticize them on interference in our election.
6:37 am
ordinarily he would say you would say that the united states because of the macron election normally you would say the united states has the advantage. they put themselves at a disadvantage. as you know they have stood up to the russians have been leaders of the west and we are in the unfortunate position right now where people think the leaders of the west is on drill merkel. i think they had spoken truth to power. they been very frank about our differences we haven't heard that from president trump. here is an opportunity for them to do that.
6:38 am
but as secretary of state in general a menace as the secretary of defense and in terms of pushing back against russia look no further than the airstrike in syria on the airbase. that alone spoke volumes about what we will and well not tolerate. in any system of government the most important is striking and that the american leader is not talking the same way as secretary of state. that's a real critical difference. and what really matters in our system is what the president of the united states said. i hope the president will warn the russians on syria because they had been bombing civilian targets and towns and cities in northern syria as well as they want to take their russians up on war crimes.
6:39 am
there has been a lot of focus on the russian interference. there has not been as much discussion. there was the document dump in the last moment of the french election. all of the eastern european election have some degree of online hacking type of interference is there a larger pattern. when does that come elevated. this didn't start last year. they did interfere with the campaign. they believe that russia is already interfering in elections. of course our intelligence community has said that russia did interfere.
6:40 am
where the most powerful country. this is an issue that president trump should take up. in the very first meeting with the russian leader. we will see if the issue comes up. she weighed in on how the administration should handle russia. for cooperation with russia. but there is some i think what you saw with secretary tillerson when he was in moscow a little while ago was a warning to be pretty tough. it will gain a measure of respect. was someone who admires strength. to have set things with the tone with russia.
6:41 am
but you what the president to be more adamant about it. he speaks the american people he needs to stand up for the russians. i've great admiration for her. i think she is right. they actually respect people who are strong. he doesn't respect people who talk nicely to him. he wants people we will leave it there. take a break. trouble in the skies again. passengers breaking out into a fist fight. look at these pictures. the later -- the latest incident.
6:42 am
well have a look at the new drink coming up.
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markets under pressure last night. under some fractional selling pressure. a rough morning for yelp. it is a 2532 in the premarket. the miss expectation. it was up better than 20%. obviously investors are reacting to the slowdown in growth. sears will hold its annual stock today.
6:46 am
the stock has fallen from hundred $50 per share down to $10. it's on 22% year-over-year. a brawl to report. this is incredible. his cell phone video showing in the two men getting into a fight on a southwest flight shortly after the plane landed in burbank california. the punches start flying here. it's unclear it is unclear as to what prompted the fight. our employees are trained to de-escalate conflict.
6:47 am
half-million customers who fly southwest every day. they're actually backing their employees on this one. an alarming new health study. researchers say there may be a link between common painkillers and heart attacks. the study suggested taking into inflammatory. 711 is turning up the heat. they were introducing pepsi fire at some stores in michigan. this starts cold but finishes hot. all right finally this. this nevada teen pretty happy today. he won a year supply of free
6:48 am
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maria: welcome back. an nba showdown in houston. over time overtime and another starting player down with an
6:53 am
injury. exciting game five in san antonio blessing. leonard scored 22 points including this basket in the second quarter but leonard suffered a left ankle injury. james harden this is overtime he is trying for the three-point shot. they don't allow the shot to get out. they hold on for a victory leonard said that he will be able to play game six tomorrow the spurs celebrate. customarily a cool customer. he was ejected for the second straight game. he was tossed by the home plate umpire. the marlins have lost 11 out
6:54 am
of 14 games. mcelroy has assigned a ten year contract. to use their golf clubs into their bags. now mcelroy had been without the sponsorship this is the end of last year. still he also has a $200 million deal the numbers are incredible. he is get to be working with his wife on the diy network. degen will you be watching. i am a big fan this year is as last year. i was a longtime tony stewart fan. he's very down to earth.
6:55 am
his wife amy who he just married by the way under yousif last year is a lovely person as well. he wants to do some tv because he is clearly worked on his accent. i think this is a response like it was with a fixer-upper. that is an hd tv show. let's get 70 to go against the pur chip and joanna. he is the most popular driver. he has a gigantic installed fan base. and he's really funny. junior is just like that. he's like an old shoe. he makes you comfortable.
6:56 am
and the going to key west. they have this certain charm. one of my favorite cities in the world you think what you do with those homes. no fantasy fest in key west. was a great spot for that. will be a nice spot for them also. junior has a long career ahead of them. it's going to be cool to watch. thank you jared. catches reports on fox news headline. the online giant makes getting free shipping even easier. a busy news morning stay with
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faster than ever before. if we can detect new viruses before they spread, we may someday prevent outbreaks before they begin. just like the people every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be with customer contracts, agreements to lease a space or protecting your work. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you, every step of the way. so you can focus on what you do and we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here. welcome back. good wednesday morning everybody. it is wednesday may 10. your top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. james comey is out. president trump's decision to fire him sending shockwaves
7:00 am
throughout the nation's capital this morning. the democrats on the hill arts limited art assignment the decision. he was making a big mistake the white house defends that decision. >> the president when giving these regulations made a decision to accept their conclusions and to remove director james comey and we begin that restoration of confidence. menstruation have the same questions. they should have fired him on the day they came into office. the details over the debate over who will replace him now. a fireworks explosion killed at least 14 people in the southern part of the country. in the very latest on the blast coming up this morning. it's set to release the first earnings report. it's going public after the bell tonight. the stock is down 2% this morning. they are expected to be down
7:01 am
about 50 points today. also lower this morning. the stocks are searching for direction. the other major averages are down fractionally. in asia overnight mix markets as well. the winners were japan and hong kong. china and korea percent. china and korea percent. /is the competition in prices. what it means for your wallet and who are you going to call scientists and name a newly discovered dinosaur movie classic that is 75 million years in the making. that's coming up. to me to talk all about business network dagen mcdowell. the political analyst. a big morning this morning. a lot of news. and we already are talking about a commercial break who is going to replace james coming out.
7:02 am
setting for another g capitol hill battle. as i can be a fun thing to watch either. they will try to grandstand and make a name for themselves. the supreme court nomination everybody expected it was going to be a conservative nomination. in this instance he has this conflict of interest because of the ongoing russian investigation. 's got to come up with someone who has the absolute sterling replica -- reputation for independence and also has the experience that people believe he could actually take on the president if it were necessary. i think we agree there is a long wait between now and then before there's any kind of investigation but it has to be something that people believe would take it that far. i just want to highlight the fact that you pressed them on this when you interviewed him.
7:03 am
iconic journalist you are. >> i think the answer to my question really for saturday what was to come. i have confidence in him but but but. there was a big a story coming. and now we know he was digging about it. the former u.s. attorney is with us this morning he has some ideas about who he would like to see as the have of the fbi john hoban is here as well. will talk about it and talk to them coming up. a major shakeup in washington. the justice department citing his probe into hillary clinton's handling of classified information. in the presence letter he also brought up the russian investigation. here is what the president wrote to james comey.
7:04 am
. >> i greatly appreciate you informing me on three separate occasions that i am not under investigation i nevertheless concur with the justice department that you are not able to effectively lead the bureau. the lawmakers are reacting to the news as a trumpet ministration said he was no longer fit for the job watch. the first question the administration has to answer is why now. if the administration had objectives to the way he handled the clinton investigation they have those objections the minute the present got into office. but they did not fire him them when it happened today. >> we have to find somebody who can restore credibility back to this department that certainly wasn't director
7:05 am
comey. it's one of the reasons he can no longer serve in that role. >> joining me right now on the phone is the former assistant director also with me as the chief political correspondence. in the fox news contributor. it's good to see both. i think you so much for joining us. let me kick it off with you. you and i had had this discussion before about the independence of the fbi and the fact that so many agencies have become politicized and you had been ready -- really critical of james coming in comey in the past. >> and i'm glad this actually happens. it's a good thing for this country and the morale of the fbi. the agents to a do a great job no matter what. but it turns out he was not cut to be the fbi director. he made his fatal mistake when the criminal referral was sent over to the fbi. in the fbi was not able to get the attorney general to prove that investigation.
7:06 am
anybody that's in this business knows you cannot really conduct a serious investigation without the ability to compel evidence and things to happen to look at computers. that whole thing from the very beginning was set to be a hollow fox investigation. at that point what he should have done in my view was to stand up or call the attorney general on-site look, we will have a serious investigation here or were not for not i'm in have a press conference and i'm going to consider resigning from the bureau. the dance went on and when the music stopped he have this press conference which was something very crazy from the standpoint of how things normally work. even with the shallow investigation laying out predicates of nine to ten
7:07 am
major felonies including violation of the espionage and then he turns around and says we've concluded that hillary clinton really didn't know what she was doing. her mind was clouded. she didn't realize that the stuff had to be protected give me a break. this woman in the first lady of the united states for eight years. and traveling around and seen the people carry the football and all of that. the nonsense and then to take the decision away from her was that the decision to make. and of course if you're not going to indict someone can never lay out the criminal predicate he's basically a good person. he didn't have the tools to really be the fbi director he may have been a good assistant
7:08 am
attorney general. it was illogical the things he did. he put the credibility basically under the bus. and kept driving over it. these are all of the issues that were brought up to me when i posed the question to the president. i asked him specifically. a lot of people are questioning them. let's listen to this. some staffers are still here. was it a mistake not to ask james comey to step down at the outset of your presidency. >> i have confidence in him. we will see what happens. it will be interesting. when james comey came out he saved her life.
7:09 am
when he was reading those charges she was guilty of every charge. then he said that she was essentially okay. that she was essentially okay. now byron, everybody saying sang why now wine at the beginning. does it have to do with the probe going on into the fbi. it has yielded nothing. this is one of the weird things where there is actually a lot of bipartisan opinion that he kind of deserved to be fired and certainly as far as democrats are concerned if a lame-duck president obama had fired him i think they would've all cheered. so timing and context are everything in this. i think what your interview suggested was that there was a process that was going on the
7:10 am
have at the roots in the trump transition where there were people that wanted to fire him once the president took office but they also wanted to have kind of a full staffing of this and they wanted to have a deputy attorney general and place to do this. and indeed rod rosenstein has been in office i think for a couple of weeks and now this happens. i think you could say that the trump people were waiting until they have the full team in place to actually do this by waiting they have made this look as if this is a reaction to the whole russia investigation. so now are they on offense or defense. you did another interview and it's interested in this. he talked to him on your sunday show. he was in favor of of him
7:11 am
during the transition. and then you said why not do it now. it can't really happen now because he's got himself embroiled in a dispute and it would look like he has been fired for political reasons. i think what he said turned out to be the case. you also discuss the issue around this. what did agents i think now. how are they feeling now the president has taken that off of the fbi. and who do you want to see in the job. >> i have no scientific way of telling you exactly how the agents feel. i can only to tell you that my view is they are pleased. they did not look good. the public was is very confused about what was going on in the fbi for good reason.
7:12 am
i think they are looking for leadership. they need somebody that has a strong investigative history has a high ethics and a great work ethic. and hopefully has a varied experiences in life so they can carry on. and someone that has some prestige and can deal with the public and the public would believe could hold back political attempts to politicize the fbi. i think i just excluded probably 99 percent of the people. >> one of the issues here. we've spoken out this and i spoke with john f crest as well. the fact that some the agencies have been politicized and that is one issue here. the white house sought as we
7:13 am
need to take out james comey so people some people cannot trust once again. it has been really taken over by politics. it is unfortunate. that's kind of the whole world. i think the most important factor right now for a new fbi director is that has to be a person who can get some democratic votes on capitol hill. i think it would look pretty bad at present trump fires the fbi director and then hires a new one and hasn't confirmed on a partyline vote in the senate. the deputy attorney general that confirmed a couple weeks ago. with the 94 to six vote. all democrats voted for him. i think certainly to make this thing go forward more smoothly i think you can say the president needs to pick a candidate who can get substantial democratic support to go along with the unanimous
7:14 am
republican. is not the one. we appreciate your time this morning. we won't be right back. breaking news. ostriches don't really stick vitheir heads in the horns on their helmets. and a real john deere is actually real affordable.
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you learn something new everyday. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors.
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7:17 am
welcome back we breaking his present trump just tweeted this on the fbi. the democrats have said some of the worst things about james comey. now they play so sad. meanwhile at least 14 people are dead this morning following a fireworks explosion in mexico. >> eleven of the 14 who died we should say her children. they are being stored in a house that have a religious celebration. it fell on top of those. they're a big part of holiday celebrations. but the accidental blasts have been relatively common in the country especially over the last few months.
7:18 am
cameras aboard the space station captured video this is tropical cyclone donna. she is currently over the south pacific. this is the most powerful tropical cyclone ever recorded in history. donna has passed near the french territory. it's really fascinating and beautiful pictures. amazon is no lowering the minimum order. this comes as they are having a price war with walmart. it remains to be seen if they will lower their free shipping but that retailers offer free two-day shipping. going the other way they just kind of quietly raise their minimum back up to 35. at one point was 50. i don't know what target is doing.
7:19 am
only a week after we told you about the midnight mocha. it's another when we do not had. the banana split frappuccino. you need to order off the secret menu. as you know you ask the barista if you want the banana split frappuccino and then you will get it. it's a secret menu item. if to be in the know. i'm afraid i will fall in love with it so we do not had an onset. >> is the first when they introduced that is actually tempting to me. is two types of tea. with that shot a shot of peppermint in it. if you're like a little achy and have a spring cold it does
7:20 am
work. they have these kind of medicinal things. he actually can vince me to get one offset. snap incorporation set to release that. how they stepped up against facebook and twitter. we will check in markets when we come back. is there something strange in your neighborhood. new dinosaur fossils found in montana. it's all coming up in a moment. you always pay
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it's all coming up in a moment. breaking news of this morning. here's what the president said. he will be replaced by someone who will do a far better job. people are speculating he will take the job. it's a big date for snap chat. they released the first quarterly earnings since going public. estimates are calling for the company to lose money. a loss of 19 cents per share is expected. the second is already under pressure. take a look. >> expectations are fairly low. it was very honest about their user growth when they went public that it was ready levying out and not really
7:25 am
accelerated in the way that it was. in nine to ten million new users. i figure that is about right. but really the whole pitch isn't so much user growth anymore we know that's probably not can it be the hockey stick that was seen on certain networks in the past. their audience is a premium. it is a better sort of audience. because it skews so young. and they are very engaged in close -- at least according to them. the people that don't have money that aren't even in are even in the workforce yet. they do tend to set the agenda in terms of culture. it's obviously a very coveted demographic. there is definitely a lot of proof in these. it is very silent once you are in step ten when you are
7:26 am
throwing out your stories everything is designed to keep you in the act. just to keep you engaged. it is kind of in there. they are skewing older and more global. do you think they will out of some growth. with snap chat i will be the new facebook that all of that young users are gonna stay on the platform. i think they will stay on the platform but they will also get older as well. that is going to happen eventually. i'm glad that you mentioned the international component. if they are going to grow the users they had two choices. when you can go for older people and bring them into the app. and as a possible thing.
7:27 am
the other thing i could do is go international. there they are can have huge problems because in various regions their other messaging apps. snap chat has some differentiator that really brings in the demographic in those regions. it is very questionable. everybody can do filters now. you can put the dog ears on your had or whatever. speak about the strategy with snap chat. with a very clear route. as a user experience was elongated. are they trying to monetize the big user base.
7:28 am
they will probably slide quarter over quarter. they have an ad model. the big thing that set chat has the newer publishers stories. this is where there are media organizations that basically put their news into snap chat. it's a very captive audience whereas like the internet as a media company you are competing with everything else on the internet and there is literally thousands and millions. it's a very exclusive club. everything is designed to keep people in that experience so the ad sol there absolve there is easier. as more of an attractive thing to publishers and advertisers.
7:29 am
what is the utilization rate. i would say it's probably lower. the main product is snapping friends and throughout your story to people. there is very little compared to facebook where there's tons and tons of it. chat is much cleaner. there is really only a few places to do stuff and snap chat. they been doing in center to everybody. and the numbers are looking pretty good. we have to jump pete, good to see you. we appreciate you joining us. we will continue the conversation on markets this morning. first president donald trump fired. james comey setting up a political firestorm for
7:30 am
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>> welcome back good wednesday morning everybody. thank you for joining us. it is wednesday, may 10. your top stories right now 7:30 a.m. on east coast. president trump oust fbi director james comey. immigrants are questioning the
7:33 am
timing of the decisions the republican say that's ridiculous. the president did not fire the entire fbi he fired the director of the fbi. and any suggestion that this is somehow going to stop the fbi investigation of the attempt by the russians to influence the election is really absurd. present trump just wait in a minute ago. the democrats have said some of the worst things about james comey including the fact that he should be fired but now now they play. he will do a far better job bringing back the spirit of the fbi. he lost the confidence of almost everyone. when things calm down they
7:34 am
will be thanking me. this fallout from the department development coming up this morning. the tough stance on illegal immigration. another twist in the aaron hernandez case. he threw out the murder conviction following his suicide. futures indicating a decline of about 50 points. the other majors are down disaffection. take a look. the average shows fractional declines. there up one third of 1% in london. china and korea were lower. present trump spurred the luxury real estate boom. it is seen a spike in high-end home sales. and scientists call on the ghostbusters to name a newly discovered dinosaur. we get right to the top story
7:35 am
right now. tensions rising over concerns about the russian investigation. the democrats are renewing their calls for a special prosecutor. a stunning development. what did you think of the president's decision to fire james comey and do we need a special prosecutor. yes it is a stunning development. we start with a couple of basics. they really had a ten year term. they serve at the pleasure of the president. they can fire them for any reason or for no reason. second, the president is absolutely right when he said that he lost the ability to lead. it happened almost at the singular moment 11:00 in the moment. when he took it to the podium and announced what he did not had the authority to
7:36 am
announce. the hillary clinton would not be prosecuted for espionage but by the way here is all of the damning evidence we head against her. that was one of the more spectacular and outrageous statements than fbi director could make many facts -- and effexor in the the comments about in the public revolution though it was not to be true. every time he tried to explain it i got worse. what was the effect of all of this. a disaffected the fbi director who at one point have a pristine reputation in law enforcement. from the rank and file. and when you can't lead the rank and file. they have to have a certain rapport and respect for him and he lost that from so many of them.
7:37 am
he was in a really hard spot. she head at the meeting with bill clinton on the tarmac today's beach for hillary clinton was going to be interviewed by the fbi but even before that don't you think there was a massive pressure not to prosecute hillary clinton because he knew were his ball stood on it. >> i defended him for that appearance in july because of what she did meeting with president clinton but that critical why now and the firing does go back to rob rosenstein. finally he was confirmed a month ago. he is considered to be a straight shooter completely not artisan. a judge, he essentially wrote in this briefing on james comey that i think the trumpet ministration was probably waiting for to use.
7:38 am
he wrote essentially what he said. about the july fifth the thing. there are three other people rth of the fbi director and the justice department one of whom was sally yates. if that behavior on this case was deplorable and there should be some legal response to that. but her deputy director was a person to him the fbi director the number two person directly under her she is the person. they will quietly blow the below the radar screen. here is the evidence here's what you do. when he said we don't think we can prove the case this is what caused a lot of our ears to go up. he used the wrong legal standard. he said i don't think we can prove intent.
7:39 am
for which the government doesn't have to prove intent. this is the person who used to be the first lady of the country she was secretary of state and she was a senator from new york she doesn't understand safe keeping. she would have a very hard time explaining to a jury how she could not keep a secret things like satellite photos. the other thing is they are out in force basically saying the president as having is having an abuse of power. in their reaction to the firing it reminded me of what hillary clinton said just a week ago about losing the 2016 race. here's what she said just a week ago. >> i would take full responsibility. i am very aware of the challenges and the shortfalls that we have.
7:40 am
with the russian wikileaks. with the doubts of the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off. >> however they got what they got revealed the truth which was the shenanigans going on behind the scenes to undermine bernie sanders in the early part of that. i think it was an abuse of power for him to announce the reopening of the investigation. i think even though it benefited donald trump politically i think he realized that he had been so is connected from agents in the field that it was time for him to go. >> does it politicize the agency even more.
7:41 am
they have the fight setting up on capitol hill he just played right into the hands of the democrats who are trying to licane him. did last night. they get to go in the secret rooms with the have of the cia. and look at the nation's most delicate highly protected secrets. he walked on that room saying this is one of the finest that i have ever dealt with. there is more here than meets the eye. who decides if this is a special prosecutor. the new largely unknown but will respected in the legal community rob rosenstein.
7:42 am
he has the ability to do that. do you think they are going to go down that route or do you think present trump in leadership in the senate will try to divert it onto mccain's suggestion where they just create a senate committee dedicated for this investigation. which has the advantage of the republican majority and the special prosecutor. you watch that it can be brought back. the russians attempts to affect the election. if they are investigating an alleged connection between donald trump's campaign and russian intelligence neither of those investigations would be disrupted in any way by the removal of the fbi director. they've artie said including james clapper that there's no evidence of any collusion.
7:43 am
in this respect he did the right thing by not speaking about investigation still ongoing. if he have just passed the evidence. their profound rules that you do not give snapshot a snapshot view so public of a criminal investigation. >> the testimony was full of innuendo about that russian investigation. and now he's out of a job. and then there's sally yates who knows it but can't tell you. we will be right back.
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7:46 am
i judge a racing at murder conviction against aaron hernandez.
7:47 am
cheryl casone. the judge ruled that the conviction must be dismissed because of the long-standing case law said a conviction is not final until a court has decided the merit of the defendants appeal. the prosecutor said they will appeal this ruling because he have forfeited his right to an appeal when he took his own life in prison last month. the united states is seen a decrease in the number of people detained trade across the southern border. they fell 60% from march to april. they were the lowest in 17 years. the spring and summer months typically see a spike in them trying to get into the country. the push is having an effect. a south korean fishing boat collided with the uss lake champagne.
7:48 am
when the navy warship was conducting operations in international waters near the korean peninsula. it has been with the aircraft carrier strike group. it did not had a working radio. luckily no injuries have been reported in this incident. finally this. is not everyday you can talk about newly discovered dinosaur species. especially from the ghostbusters. the dinosaur which lived about the -- is any 5 million years ago. they resemble the dual from ghostbusters. it also has a sledge hammer like club on its tail. it was discovered by accident the scientists were digging up another dinosaur. so yes, named after the ghostbusters movie. it's interesting. coming up is that trump bump change in changing the
7:49 am
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