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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 13, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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there's more information on our website, we'll see you next week. [ woman vocalizing ] guys. my poolings. lou dobbs is coming up next. >> and good evening, everybody, i'm tom sullivan in for lou dobbs tonight and president trump today hitting back at the left wing national media, which has been printing all kinds of falsehoods about him since before he was elected. the latest is the new york times claiming that the president asked ousted fbi director james comey to pledge his loyalty to happen. something that mr. trump says is simply not true. and all the animosity likely to end with the media after the president warned comey against leaking to the press and floated the idea of, hey, how about canceling those press briefings?
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fox news chief white house correspondent john roberts has our report. >> tom, good evening. i can't ever remember a time when the president of the united states said what president trump did about james comey today. >> in the middle of a ferocious tweet storm from the president this morning, a remarkable shot across the bow to fired fbi director. the president warning quote james comey better hope that there are no tapons before he ss leaking to the press. the president was referring to three occasions on which he claims comey told him he was not being investigated with russia. >> he said it once during dinner and then twice in phone calls. >> whether president trump was recording his conversations. at the daily briefing today, secretary sean spicer refused to elaborate. >> i've talked to the president, the president has nothing to add to that. >> and if it was a threat against comey. >> that's not a threat.
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he was simply stating a fact. >> the tape's tweet was in reaction to a story in the new york times to pledge a loyalty to him. the president may have thought that comey was leaking the contents of their conversations. though, he today denied asking comey to pledge fealty to him. >> no, i didn't but i don't think it would be a bad question to ask. i think loyalty to the question, loyalty to the united states is important. you know, i mean, it depends on how you define loyalty. number one. number two, i don't know how that got there because i didn't ask that question. >> as the back story to comb's firing continues to evolve, it is becoming clear that the russia investigation was very much on the president's mind, and it continues to be. last night, unprompted, president trump said a letter from his tax attorney to senator lindseyy graham who said he had wanted to look into the president's business dealings with russia. the letter, dated march 8th stated that with the review of the last ten years of the president's tax return showed no income of any type from russian sources.
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no debt owed to russian lenders. no equity investments by russian persons in trump entities. but the president did make money from the 2013 ms. universe pageant held in moscow and the 96 million-dollar sale all of florida property to a russian billionaire. while leverages the president's tax returns, the returns themselves important not released. president trump also lashed out today at the media's coverage of the shifting explanations for comey's firing tweeting quote as a very active president with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with perfect accuracy. maybe the best thing to do would be to cancel all future press briefings and hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy. while the initial tweet appeared merely sarcastic, later the president seemed to be seriously considering canceling the daily briefing, simply despite media believes is unfair to him. >> these press conferences are, like, the biggest thing in daytime television.
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>> they are. >> okay? you see the ratings. they're blowing away everything on just about i think everything on daytime television. what i would love to do is stop them. >> the senate intelligence committee mark warner said if the president does, in fact, have tapes of his conversations with comey, those should be turned over to the appropriate committee straight away. and whether it was the president's tweet or he just didn't want to do it, james comey today said that he was not going to take up the senate intelligence committee on its invitation to appear before a closed hearing on tuesday. at the white house, john roberts, fox news. >> all right, john, thank you. and sources telling fox news tonight that the trump administration will begin interviews for fbi director tomorrow. joining me now to discuss mr. trump's tweet and the comey firing and the so-called witch hunt over alleged links between trump and russia, veteran of ten presidential campaigns, republican strategist fox news contributor the dean ed rollins. ed, what do you make of this?
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what's your just overall -- >> my overall opinion is the president certainly had the right to choose his own person to run the fbi. probably would have been better to do on january 20th, and that's not the issue. and what i would have done if i were -- when i removed him is i would have said thank you for your 30 years of government service. he was a deputy attorney general, he was a u.s. attorney, obviously been fbi director for four years, and let him go and then go find someone to perfectly put in that position and move forward. absolutely no evidence whatsoever the president being involved in this russia stuff. that investigation is going to continue to run. but right now to the people of the fbi, you have to say thank you. the people worked very hard. mr. comey worked very hard. it's just time to move forward. the problem you have now is all of this controversy. and throwing out the word tapes today, which watergate, like, what tapes? and i think to a certain extent, my assumption is there are no tapes and if there are, we certainly are going to know about it pretty quick and
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someone ought to walk in and say mr. president, a couple of presidents paid a heavy price, whatever. and best if you don't have that. >> so is this simply donald trump getting used to being president as opposed to running his organization? because you've got -- i heard dana on her podcast talking about the communication team wasn't used properly. that you go in, and you set up a plan and say here's what we're going to say. here's how it's going to go down. >> absolutely. it's the critical thing in any -- whether it's the campaign or in the white house, and i worked in a couple of white houses. you always have a story of the week or story of the day. if the president wanted to fire him on tuesday, you basically wait until wednesday. you say here's who's going to go out and talk. here's what you're going to say. you don't have your press operation out there doing one and things saying one story, and you tweeting the others. i admire the fact the president says i want to basically put things in writing and send them out. that's called a press release. it has gone on for 100 years.
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or presidential statement. >> sure. >> and then it gets signed off and checked on. that's not the problem we've had in this campaign or this presidency. he gets that little tweet in the morning and express an opinion. >> but remember early on, this is -- i can't remember the exact. just prior to him taking the inauguration, they were talking about maybe moving it over to the old executive office building, having the old big theater over there and the washington press core, the white house press core went crazy saying no. no. no. we have our special little room here that we want to ask questions. so he was going to expand it. and now he's thinking about cutting it off completely. is this just him doing jiu-jitsu with the media? >> i think some of that. the people who are in the white house press core are the best in most cases the best of the journalists in the world. it's a very aggressive, they're very smart people, and it's a peer group, you know? so you always want to be on the cutting edge. and i think the reality is ones an adversary relationship white house people and ones one's an inclusive. the reality is you don't have
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to do a press conference every day. but if you don't, the reporters are people. it's a 24-hour news cycle we live in. they're going to want to know the story. so if they don't get it from sean spicer or sarah huckabee or the white house, they're going to go to a source and they're not going to stop reporting, and they're not going to stop looking at things. so at the end of the day here, you can fix this and the best way to fix it is to get the president to say all right. what is my plan? what is my press plan? what is my communications plan? we're going to europe next week. it's very, very important they have a a great trip there. he has to get a perfect fbi person picked that's not going to be controversial and move this thing forward and quit talking about comey. >> well, look, i think a lot of people look at this and think it's great entertainment. i'm more concerned about is this going to -- his role with the media has been what it is here in new york for a long, long time. that's not going to change. my concern in his role and relationship with congress, is he going to be able to get the
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tax cuts and the obamacare repeal and those big legislative pieces done? >> at the end of the day, that's all that matters. he doesn't care about the fact he's got lousy numbers. his attitude is who cares about that. i have bad numbers, and i won the presidency. the problem is when he has bad approval numbers, his party has bad approval numbers. and a dramatic drop off between the democrats and the republicans. they're sitting up there where they're basically all enthused about having tough battles on all the things you talked about, health care. when people talking about what happens if you lose the house? where is the president giving you cover? and that's what he has to -- >> pay attention. my two cents is that the president is focused on that legislatively. >> and that's all they're going to care about. people are not going to care about comey or any of the rest of it in november of 2018. but they are going to care if there's a health care bill or tax bill. >> i agree with you. ed rollins, always great to talk to you. >> thank you. >> we're coming right back and much, much more. so stay with us.
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>> the white house confirming that short list of potential candidates to replace former fbi director james comey. >> the president is now focused on making sure that he finds a replacement that has the leadership qualities to lead the fbi. that's it. plane and simple. >> who will president trump choose to service our next fbi director? former cia operations officer scott joins us next and russia sending its fighter jets dangerously close to a navy aircraft and the carl vincent strike group. we'll talk about the we'll talk about the intensifying russian
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. gerri: russia engaged in more provocative behavior. defense officials today confirming that a russian fighter plane passed within 20 feet of a u.s. navy reconnaissance plan over the black sea. it was armed with six air-to-air missiles under its wing as it but said the u.s. navy potassiu as it but said the airspace. it's very rare for a russian jet to intercept a jet while armed, making this highly provocative. and another incident yesterday, russian jet 24 passed into the south korean
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air defense zone prompting south korean military to scramble two of its fighter jets to the sea of japan. the russian jet came within 70 miles of the uss carl vincent strike group, which arrived in the area last month. so the white house today also confirming its short list for fbi director, among them being considered, former police commissioner ray kelly. former house intel chairman mike rodgers, congressman tray gowdy, john, and acting fbi director andrew mccabe. senator cornyn is among those being reviewed in this process tomorrow. joining me now to discuss russia's provocations, trump's decision to fire comey, the white house's efforts to replace the director. former cia thoracohost of the station chief podcast, scott and where do you want to start with this, scott? let's start with russia. >> sure. >> that's an area you know. and the fact that they are
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doing these provocations means what? >> well, the russia has always conducted provocations against our forces particularly in the soviet time. however, they are increasing lately because putin's increased confidence in dealing with the international community, which, you know, has not stood up to him for the past eight years or so. >> yeah. but there's a new sheriff in town. >> that's right. so -- >> is this a test on donald trump? >> it is a test, certainly. the russians will continue to move forward until they feel resistance. so perhaps the russians willful that on the diplomatic front as we continue to point out russia's actions and sanctions against them in places like the ukraine and all. and also in syria. >> so the president's going to be meeting vladimir putin in a few months at the g20 meeting, i believe it is. >> right. >> and so is that a place where these kinds of things can settle down? >> certainly it will be. it will be. i think a personal meeting will do a lot to kind of de -- diminish the current tensions that we have. and of course, i fear that a
4:17 am
lot of our relations are also being adversely affected by this constant russian collusion story that's baselyless but it is being circulated in the u.s. media constantly. we have some legitimate problems with russia that we need to negotiate. however, it makes it more complicated for our diplomats to do their job if there's constant rhetoric being thrown about in the american press that really is baseless against russia. >> well, there's two parts of it. there's the part but it was somebody on the trump campaign in some sort of collusion. that's on that investigation. but there's the other part about the russia's interfering in our election, the dnc hack, and some of those certain things. i mean, i don't think russia's -- correct me if i'm wrong, are embarrassed about that. >> no. the russians are -- can often be attacked. they were very blatant in the recent french elections, taking definitely the side of marine le pen. pretty open. however, i believe that there is success, if you want to call it that, in our election primarily due
4:18 am
to the fact that we don't have a very vibrant bipartisan press. so it allows russia to exploit some of these -- the lack of bipartisanship in our media and basically carry forth with their mission. >> well, there has to be somebody in the russian government who's getting bonuses right now because of the fact that all of this -- they're getting more mileage out of this than they ever thought they were going to get about disrupting our democracy, taking apart this country, taking the unification, if there is any and taking it apart. >> that's right. we need to take a serious look at what is russian interference in the election. and we also need to seriously investigate, for instance, some of the -- not too clean ties that we're -- that have been shown to be john podesta and russia as well as hillary clinton and russia. so a real investigation to this has not only got to continue doing what we're doing right now, but needs to increase the spirit of the investigation by looking at
4:19 am
things like podesta's russian assistance to john podesta's business. >> and his brother received big fees. >> exactly. >> so i think as well that's an area they may open up. if they start digging around in there, they may find something they don't want to find. but let me get to real quickly, the rogue of the fbi nominees may be that we just showed a few minutes ago. do you have any preference on any of them? >> i think it would do well to perhaps appoint someone who is a professional attorney or professional officer, perhaps member of the fbi, rather thanoe certainly in this current climate, there's going to be a lot of push back from the democratic side on any politically-backed candidate. >> i agree with you. i know law enforcement likes to have someone from their own thing. >> right. exactly. >> but there's also people saying maybe the leaks are coming from the fbi, so maybe you need an outside professor. >> right. exactly.
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>> listen, scott thank you. i appreciate you coming on today. be sure to vote in tonight's poll because, well, do you believe that the national media will ever stop its campaign of disinformation against president trump? cast your vote on twitter @loudobbs. and a reminder to follow lieu on twitter @loudobbs. like the show on facebook and instagram. meanwhile on wall street, stocks closing mixed. the dow falling 23 points. the nasdaq went up 5 points today. volume on the big board 3.3 billion. and for the week between the dow and the s&p down a fraction. the nasdaq posting fractional weekly gains. and growing trouble for wells fargo, the bank may have opened as many as 3.5 million unauthorized accounts. 1.4million more than previously reported. huge, isn't it?
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and a reminder to listen to lou's financial reports three times a day coast to coast on the salem radio north carolina. now, up next, attorney general jeff sessions today removing to restore law and order in this country. >> i have empowered our prosecutors to charge and pursue the most serious offense as i believe the law requires. it means that we're going to meet our responsibility to enforce the law with judgment and fairness. >> and we'll have a full report coming up with that. and north korea warning the u.s. it should think twice before imposing tougher sanctions against the road regime. we'll take up the rising tensions between north korea and washington. stay with us. a lot more is straight ahead.
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>> president trump today fulfilling his promise to be the law and order president. his attorney general jeff sessions organized prosecutors to seek tougher sentences for drug offenders rebecause you agree policies of the obama administration. fox news correspondent peter ducey has our report. >> you drug dealers are going to prison. >> and with that, a trump campaign promise of law and order became an instruction for america's law enforcement. a two-page memo from the attorney general warns criminals. prosecutors will now almost always pursue charges with the longest possible sentences. and mandatory minimum
4:27 am
sentences will even apply to drugs offenses with which the last administration tried to be lenient and consider nonviolent. >> we are returning to the enforcement of the laws as passed by congress, plane and simple. if you are a drug trafficker, we will not look the other way. >> that's a major change from an obama administration approach designed to reduce prison populations. >> a primary driver of this mass incarceration phenomenon is our drug laws are mandatory minimum sentencing around drug laws. >> one of obama's attorney generals says quote the policy announced today is not tough on crime. it is dumb on crime. but the trump white house says the change was carefully crafted. >> policy was formulated after extensive consultation with the prosecutors to handle these cases each and every day around the country. >> prison reform advocates are alarmed by the prospect of a return to the war on drugs. >> the problem with the war on
4:28 am
drugs was that it swept up not just people engaged in high level drug offending but lots of people in the lower levels of the drug trade that had very little impact on drug use and abuse. >> on capitol hill, democrats and at least one republican are scoffing at this new policy too. senator rand paul says quote mandatory minimum sentences have unfairly and disproportionately for too long. attorney general's new policy will. but attorney general sees things differently. >> when they say holder crowd and president obama say go easy on this stuff, they want you to think what they're talking about is some guy sitting in his room toking up on a joint. that's not the kasey lansdale we're talking about. they didn't prosecute major drug-dealing cases and this has created more of a problem. >> i was with the attorney general in west virginia yesterday when he announced a more aggressive approach to rounding up drug dealers.
4:29 am
and now he's saying what he wants to do once they are in custody. sessions is not proposing any new laws, just saying that this department will no longer pick and choose which ones to enforce. tom. >> all right. thank you, peter ducey. in the meantime, a massive international cyber attack hitting tens of thousands of computers in at least 74 countries, including the uk, russia, japan. the attack affecting fedex here and causing hospitals to turn away patients. hackers use a so-called ransomware tool. they stole it from the nsa. our national security agency, which blocks people from using their computers until they pay some sort of digital currency like bitcoin. it's pretty massive. we're coming right back with much more, so, please, stay with us. >> the dems in utter disarray over comey's firing.
4:30 am
>> they have absolutely no message. the message is resist, obstruct, deny, insult, insinuate. >> has the party completely lost it? lee carter and fred barns join us next on the dems melt down. and these base jumpers going way up for a breathtaking view and their next death defying stunt. stay with us. stay with us. we'll bring you the video of
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♪but above all this i wish you love♪ ♪and i will always love you ♪i will always love you, i ♪will always love you ♪i, i will always love you, i...♪ tom: president trump speaking
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out about his morning to fbi director comey leagues and comments during an interview set to air tomorrow night 9:00 eastern on the "fox news" channel. >> with that the idea in the tweet you said there might need warnings? >> that i can't talk about. all i want is for comey to be honest and i hope he will be. i'm not sure he will be. tom: joining me now the executive editor for "the weekly standard" and "fox news" exhibitor fred warne's and partner at ms. lansky and hard nurse, lee carter. start with you lee. i side you when you came into the building. you walked into the green room. i was kind behind you. you looked and went what a week. yeah pretty much. >> this is the week we say thank god it's friday and hopefully they can put this behind them. it's been a horrific week for
4:35 am
the president and administration. they should be a week we are talking about health care and talking about tax reform. they have a plan and they are moving things forward. the health care vote on friday in the senate said they were going to revisit that move things later. aetna dropped out of the health care change and now what are we talking about? russia, comey. it's a total distraction and they can't let it go. it's a shame. it's unfortunate and we are going the wrong direction. tom: fred? a week ago we were talking about what a great week president trump had. the ups and downs of politics. >> he only has one person to blame for this being such a bad week and that's himself. he had every right to fire comey, james comey the fbi director. but then he had to start elaborating on it. yet undercut the rationale that he got from his aides and the justice department and repeated
4:36 am
by his press people. now he's talking about well maybe the conversations were taped and so on. i mean this is very destructive and it makes it hard for others, other republicans for instance but there is a way out and that is to name a respected professional fbi director. he needs to do that soon. there's a lot to choose from. he could pick a democrat that he needs to get it right. tom: i would think leahy would need to do it, you don't want to look like you are rushing it but you have to kind of rush it. if we are going to get back to talking about health care or tax bills and other things like that better get this thing off the table. >> we know he was thinking about it for a a while. he had a interview with maria bartiromo in april where he said it was something he was considering. you would hope he has people that he might be thinking about putting out there and putting forth right away and he's got to
4:37 am
do it quickly and it has to be somebody who is nonpartisan who everybody can get behind and we can start moving forward. tom: a lot of the people that are really solid supporters of the president, they are moving one ounce on any of this. they love the battle with the media. they love the battle with the democrats. >> they are not a majority in america. he does have a base. they are loyal but they -- there are not enough of them to reelect him and not enough to keep democrats from doing very well in the midterm elections next year. the president has to start thinking about that because they are so important. the democrats the house of representatives certainly have a chance to do that. he will find b a lot harder than it is today. tom: handicap for me fred. what are the chances of an
4:38 am
obamacare repeal, replace, repair whatever you want to call it. what are the chances of hitting that legislation done this year? >> they are disclosed as they were last week but i think they are still good. republicans are going to have to realize that they might not get exactly what they want. conservatives in the house are going to have to accept the fact that moderates in the senate are going to insist on it and the choice if it's successful is going to come down to a choice between a replacement for obamacare or keeping obamacare itself so i think that should be an easy vote for. tom: let me get lee to handicap this. what are the chances? >> i totally agree there totally agree there'll be compromises along the way. they have demonstrated they can make compromises. i think definitely is a possible four to go through?
4:39 am
i think we have a tough road ahead because we are talking about all the wrong things but we need to be selling the plan that is in front of us not having conversations that are distractions. tom: fred barnes and lee carter thank you very much. meantime roll the video. these thrill seekers are going to do an incredible stunt. tim howell along with his friends in southern france before why not, leaving off the cliff's edge. the base jumpers fall in their shoot safely gliding toward the ground in an amazing feat. would you want to try that sometime? up next to russia, oh yeah they are stepping up their provocations. this time south korea and uss carl makes a strike group in the region to deter another adversary. trump transition team chai run skinner joins me next with that threat analysis.
4:40 am
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tom: north korea today issued a new warning to the u.s. after the house last week overwhelmingly voted to impose new sanctions against the regime over his nuclear program. "fox news" correspondent benjamin hall has our report. >> north korea has taken an unusual step in a protest to the u.s. congress. on may 4 the house voted in favor of tough new sanctions against the north and in our state responded in writing condemning them as -- against humanity. as the first official action by north korea's foreign affairs committee which was refined last month after 19 years to improve relations with the rest of the world that the north korean vice
4:45 am
foreign minister showed no such signs. >> america is not just to intensify its attempts at isolation. it's also going all out to try and eliminate our supreme leader. >> this a reference to north koreans claimed last week that the cia and south korean intelligence service to assassinate kim jong-un with a chemical weapon and today they demanded the exhibition of the spy chief on the left accusing him of being the mastermind. after the swearing in of south korean president relations between the neighbors could get closer. president moon has said he favors expanded economic relations with the north and dialogue. >> if necessary i will fly straight to washington. i will go to beijing and tokyo and if the conditions allow to pyongyang as well. >> today president putin also reached out telling moon in a phonecall that russia was ready to play a constructive role in
4:46 am
the north korean issues and he would be pleased to welcome a special envoy. the election of president moon of south korea could be hugely significant. he is himself the son of north korean refugees. he opposes the deployment of the u.s. thaad antimissile defense system and now with russia reaching out it was interesting to see who he works with. tom: benjamin hall thank you very much. meantime joining me now to discuss tensions with north korean president trump's firstborn trip karen skinner the founding director of the institute for politics and strategy at carnegie mellon university and fellow at the hoover institution. let's start with north korea. what is going on? was going to happen especially with the change in the leadership and it feels like it's a much colder relationship with the north -- new south korean president. >> well i think let's start with north korea itself.
4:47 am
i think what we are really facing a leader who is becoming increasingly unhinged because he is watching the country becoming isolated in the international system. the trump administration in the first 100 days and beyond has done an amazing job of further isolating north korea by building an international coalition against the country making claim to everyone that it is not just on the korean peninsula, not just for the chinese, not just for the americans but a threat to the entire globe. the congressional bill that passed in the house, the sanctions bill in a very divided congress is remarkable because it was almost unanimous in its support in it's an extremely tough sanctions bill. i think the strikes for the
4:48 am
north koreans and the new south korean government that is much more liberal it shows both sides theirs was often the trump administration and in the congress with which he is working. it's a phenomenal period in u.s. foreign policy frankly. tom: is this new leader going to not ruin but certainly diminish the efforts as you describe what donald trump has done in the first 100 days has been absolutely amazing. is it all going to be forgotten with the south korean leader saying let's be friends? >> i don't think so because as we will talk about president trump's embarking on his first foreign policy venture abroad to talk about what he means by america first and how it affects the rest of the world. he is building allies in a way that general mcmaster describes on his upcoming trip. i thought he spoke to the
4:49 am
attempt by this administration to not tie itself to any one nation but to build a broad base and diverse coalition of states that want to bring tolerance and corporation. south korea won't be able test the united states in this effort that is incredibly ambitious and will further isolate north korea i think coming on the heels of the beginning of this trip combined with the sanctions bill in the house the north koreans and south koreans i think are put on notice that the united states is going to solve as best it can the north korea problem which really means according to president trump denuclearize in the country. it looks like data something that could happen in president trump's first term in the diplomatic offensive continues.
4:50 am
tom: let's hope so. let's hope they are made able to make continued progress. kyra and skinner thank you for your expertise. >> thank you. tom: nasa is celebrating a big milestone today, its 200th spacewalk on the international space station. it was delayed by a small glitch, a water leak in the equipment that powers the space suits that once i got that fixed astronauts peggy whitson and jack fisher successfully completed maintenance on the international space station including an adapter for a new international docking port for commercial crews and spacecraft. a new way to plug-in. up next president trump blasting democratic obstruction specifically. we are talking about chuck schumer. >> he doesn't have control of his power. he is not a good leader and i think it's going to be tough for me to work with him.
4:51 am
we will see. hopefully what will happen is in 18 we will elect republican -- republican senators. we are going to elect some more republicans without having to go through that. tom: steve forbes joins me next to discuss the legislative
4:52 am
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tom: in our on line poll last
4:55 am
night we asked you, do you believe that doj should open its investigations of the clintons band -- e-mails. 95% of you shouted, yes it should be reopened. it'll be interesting to see if that does happen to president trump raising new agreement easing market barriers for the u.s. and china. mr. trump tweeting china just agreed that the u.s. will be allowed to sell major products into china once again. this is real news. joining me now forbes media chairman and editor-in-chief steve forbes and steve the news has been overwhelmed by all things russia, komi, russia back and forth. this was good news but i don't know if it's great. it's the first step but maybe some good things to come. was it that big of a trade deal, the size of it i guess is what
4:56 am
i'm concerned about. >> we do a lot of agricultural trade with china, tens of billions ofollars each year both ways. it was a good step in the writer action and sends a message to countries like japan who has been putting up barriers to our agricultural products so it's going to wipe out the deficit? know but it will move the trade terrier and it shows that trumps meeting with xi might have scored some free periods. tom: that's the thing. the commerce secretary was saying today that this is usually something that takes years to hammer out. i do want to make it sound like small potatoes. we have such a huge trade deficit with china it will take many more of these of what a lot of agricultural people will be very happy in the fact that it happened so quickly is the most amazing thing. >> it also shows the chinese are very aware of our own political situation. they let in some products in critical states that have
4:57 am
senators in washington all to their credit. they are playing a lot of good games here. they are moving barriers whatever it does to trade deficits and surpluses. it's good all around. tom: that mar-a-lago meeting evidently went over big because it did evidently reach a trade toga we haven't seen before. you and i have talked before about your concerns before all this regarding komi about are the republicans going to be get the health care bill through? are they going to be able to get a tax bill through? do you see this as a temporary spike in other news or is this going to make it more difficult for the president to get what he wants? >> short-term it makes it more difficult but it underscores
4:58 am
don't have her repeat. don't bring a something new that is irrelevant. the china deal would have been nice and shown some real progress in terms of the trade bill in terms of health care and taxes those are the two biggies. to get this economy moving will people feel it next year, he will be in the birdseed as we used to say but if you have these distractions and self-inflicted wounds, republicans are going to look at the polls. people don't have much of a back bone. tom: this is a lot of the exact same comments that we made during the campaign. oh my gosh he is just gone off the rails. focus on the campaign and so but he still won and that's what i think his thinking is, i can go up and do these things and have my war with the media and still get my tax bill done. >> no one cares about the war with the media but they are
4:59 am
worried about you have have to get those two big things done especially a tax bill. make it so people get that nice big refund in april of next year but as you get all these distractions you are not going to get this legislation through so yes he can go on his own but he's got to get his party through it. he needs republican senators next year so he doesn't get hung up on this reconciliation process. tom: the nattering nabobs as we used to call them are alrady saying the republicans are going to lose the house and they are going to lose the senate. they have already handicaps 2018 elections. if the elections were held tomorrow who knows what the turnout would he. elections today would not go well but next year, it's november and they have time to put this thing together and that's why he should focus. get good short things like the china deal, big things like the
5:00 am
tax cut. republicans will be fined. my message to to the present is focus, focus, focus. tom: steve forbes thank you as always great things for joining us. lou is. kennedy: acting fbi director andrew mccabe says comey still has the support of the rank-and-file contradicting white house claims. bret baier joins me on all the comey fallout and could new leadership at the fbi reopened the investigation investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail? in the report says it is possible plus a hollywood action theme. former green beret terry shepherd separates fact from fiction. grab some popcorn kick back and enjoy the show. it's a talking point parade and the ongoing comey carnage and the president led the hypocrisy charge by calling out democrats who had prev


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