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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  May 15, 2017 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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to maria bartiromo, "mornings with maria." tre to good morning, everybody. thanks for joining us. it is monday, may 15th. top stories at 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. cyberattack with a list of a hundred thousand organizations hitting over 150 countries on friday. experts warn it could get much worse today. what you need to know as you boot up this morning. austria markets looking like this. features indicate a mixed opening. now investors up by 20 points. nasdaq and s&p 500 close to the flat line. stacks are searching for direction as well. cac quarante lower this morning. in asia overnight, stocks mostly higher. take a look with the best performer in hong kong. the hang seng index up 1%. make average to an in japan. searches on for a jab on for jim comey's replacement. who was on the list to be the next director of the fbi. the president might announce that as soon as this friday. the fallout over the firing,
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president trump facing questions from the side of the aisle over the timing of his decision and his tweets that hinted his conversation with comey may have been recorded. >> at barricades commend the president should turn them over immediately. to destroy them and be a violation of law. if there are no tapes to me should apologize to james comey and the american people for misleading them. a special prosecutor can look into these states greater republican should be stepping up to the plate in joining us for a special prosecutor. maria: more on the fallout. rising tensions over north korea. another missile in his later show of force or the growing fears that the country claims up with an escape boat carrying a nuclear warhead. lyft gets behind the wheel with waymo as they team up for self driving cars creeping up low for uber.
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the attempt scandal is far from over. new questions this morning the company is facing of the massive front ahead. the number of accounts much higher than we thought. making the best of a bad situation. surrounded amtrak passengers take on grinch of their own hands. i want pizza delivery man went above and beyond. all those stories and more. shelby holidays with us this morning. diversified financial consultant president dominic comella and bolstering partner's president, lee carter. good morning. >> good morning. maria: happy monday to you. big cybersecurity threat. friday we heard about this. the movie got been the authority impacted so many businesses and hospitals. >> it's all over the world. russia, japan, brazil and the u.s. it is terrifying stuff. i am a skillet for a bit lucky that it's mostly just an encryption issue. they are demanding money but it hasn't disrupted but it could possibly disrupting the future.
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maria: read somewhere. >> they been talking about something like this for years that would happen soon year later. a real indicator that could be a global problem. maria: tell us that there is an impact this morning. a big show ahead. coming up this morning, judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is here. for much on campaign advisor wally faris will join us. seedier of the brewer group, jack brewer is with us today. plus, whitewater independent counsel robert ray will join us. stay with us. first we take. first detected over were cyberchaos. cybersecurity experts warn that a crippling ransom were attacked urges already disables and 200,000 computers in more than 150 countries since friday make it worse today when employees return to their computers to start the work week. firmer director of national intelligence james clapper had to say when asked about this yesterday and he said is just the beginning. >> that is thecern that
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monday wn everyone returns to the office that this rent somewhere in attack will be even larger. this is a very serious problem and i think it's going to grow. maria: joining us now is cybersecurity by circumvented by the scope international paul viola. good to see you. thank you for joining us. explain what took place over the weekend. it won a creditor or one a cry. >> it could be actors in china. i happen to think it's in europe. this has russia written although for it. they're a business model. hackers follow a certain project tree. people going in this direction will typically come from eastern europe. the manner in which they are doing that, when they examine the proposition , they look to exploit human technical weakness. that's got nonstate russian actors with all over it.
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maria: much of a known terms as e-mails e-mails are getting hoodwinked by this? >> this is nothing new. we are not in the genesis of this whatsoever. this has been around for a while. look at over 4000 attacks a day just in the united states. 300% increase since 2015. this is a pin as you mentioned earlier. just a pin globally. this should be a wake-up call but it's not. but we should look for is the fact that this model does nothing more than exploit human weakness and technical vulnerability. it looks at the basic difference between i.t. and cyber. he knows we are not spending money and someone said earlier about hospitals. this is a great business model. we are not prepared for it. we are not looking at the anticrime method. >> when you say it's nothing new, but is there was this came from the vulnerability exposed by the nsa. microsoft lawyers contend that the nsa in the u.s. could have
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contributed to this because they have tools that were leaked. but can this law enforcement agencies do? while this change protocol moving forward? >> that is the most telling question. this is enough to the police or federal bond for us. their point of access is actually through the human asset inside any organization. when we allow the information to come in procedurally, the information is clicked, uploaded in your system. the interesting part of that is the code can live in a system and we don't know how bob. i.t. scans won't take it out. the true anticrime well, but an i.t. skin will pick it up. >> so what do we do? >> best part is it's completely avoidable. to start, embracing anticrime method with respect to managing infrastructure work. not the basic i.t. we know they're invaluable, but we have to go anticrime.
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we have to look at the true to greet these criminals get into her work place that encounter that was something that will take them up on the outside and said it before they get in. it's amazing how many employees will click on information and not dramatically comes into the system. they shouldn't be opening up. maria: is there something today that is in terms of what it looks like? >> is a matter to us. at the end of the day, these e-mails the senators who did you know what you're looking for. for example, if you're a hospital in that administrator, whoever it may be gets an e-mail that says something that looks like it's your major business whether it be a pharmaceutical issue or whatever the case may be. they don't look at who it's coming from, they just open it. if the sense of urgency about opening, opening. just taking a little bit longer and validating his son the other end of the e-mail can actually
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stop this. >> this might sound like a silly question, but should individuals pay the ransom? they have to? >> the other participants not negotiated correctly, these guys will raise the stakes. try to jump into quickly, for way too long and all of a sudden now this number 20,000 to 30,040,000. smaller firms, law firms, wealth management terms, anybody that's got information housed that has financial information inside of it. those are the ones that get hit next chart inside the united states. maria: the highest profile victims was french automaker which was forced to shut down factories across europe. >> you're in the united states. >> think about it, maria. everything the factory does is run by a computer. all they have to do is free at. >> these are firms that spend billions of dollars to protect themselves. this is not a little guy with a
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little office that these are corporate corporations that spend billions of dollars to protect themselves. the yacht technology and software. you can even imagine this could happen in today's world. >> that's the incredible part of this business model, dominic. it's not a matter of this sophisticated hacking group coming hacking group come in and encounter the encryption we have. they simply asked winning basic human weakness. trained to now, when the workers arrived at one of the plants, normally the tv is better at the plans show direction from the company. this morning, the tv screens are usually at a staff the company productivity have this message. demand in french for $300 in ransom. two clocks counting down the time to deliver the payments before the factory files were deleted. this is crazy. >> and it's only $300. why so low? >> is basically showing that will show you what i can do.
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i'm going to play with you. that's all it is at this point. >> had enough to pay the $300 at the end of it? >> you don't know. history tells us the last three years that you pay, you get everything back. it's a big pat but they will put on. that's why it is nothing new, but yet this is just really in the embryonic stage of this business model taking off because they realize now that they've done their vulnerability assessment, now they watch the price come up and see how much more aggressive they are not letting go. >> do you think this is going to contribute to more people don't try to do this? >> the model is successful. >> you can expect that. especially since as, in a hunch about where we are weak. the positive part is the fact that we can clearly avoid this. if we go back to basics in the work place, if we take our i.t. and we had anticrime, what i
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mean by that is we have to look at it through the eyes of the people breaking in. not from our eyes, but there's an train our employees monthly, so do not certain information will train them not to open certain information. sounds overly simplistic. but that's the business model. maria: some companies are forced to be shutting down. everything is directed by computers. they are asking them or pay them big coin. >> that's the part about this. as soon as they send you the message they've taken control of the server, they say go up an account. >> is displayed to into the big coin game for government step in and put a stop to it? >> i would hope so. big coin has been used. we've been investigating cases. the governments do nothing about it. >> how hard is it to track these guys?
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>> it's really not that hard. at the end of the day if we put our effort to it, we must look to the scene, we can certain length. maria: microsoft has announced being they are releasing a patch so that they can actually help companies push back on this. i don't know if that's going to be a is. >> gloria, it's band at the close over the wound but the wound is still going to occur. we have to go back from the beginning and make sure we doubt that people gain access. all that is going to do is fix the dinner he broken. >> they still have to go and install the patch. the company doesn't go uninstall it, you didn't create it. >> exactly. go back to manufacturing. if the person on the other end is still not trained properly and they open up enough they shouldn't, you just open up the door. but the best security system on but a feather fedora print, what
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difference does it make? >> people talk about cybersecurity in terms of a home. you cannot adore, but if they get in, they are in your home. what's the risk for companies have been attacked and maybe pay the man said, their staff has been decrypted? >> making sure they build a system. learn from their mistakes. identify whether the code is fair. that is the big part. organizations need to be assessing to see if it starred in the system. if it is, it is, they fortify the system. the party that had come and make sure that you educate from an i.t. perspective your corporate infrastructure to the extent your backup is such that if in fact they put a padlock on the system through my system exists here and it existed there as well. it costs a little bit of money on the front end but at the end of the day much smarter business. maria: we will leave it there. thank you so much. this is an incredible story. we will be right back. stay with us.
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think again. it's time to shake up your lineup. the alerian mlp etf can diversify your equity portfolio and add potential income. bring amlp into the game. before investing, consider the fund's investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. read the prospectus carefully at maria: welcome back. the county jail in illinois on my donkey does that cause the people called out sick for mother's day. cheryl casone. reporter: that's right. every 2% of the jail employees didn't show up for work yesterday. 86 called in sick for a 120 others took off under the family medical leave act. a spokeswoman for the county sheriff's department land for mother's day holiday and the
6:17 am
beautiful weather for the issue. at the first time something like this has happened. it shows him knock down last year as on mother's day because of sick as. back in may of 2015, 600 correctional officers caught up the day of the big mini patio fight. cook county jail from one of the largest in the nation has 9000 inmates there. other headlines it's morning. more trouble for united good the airline for us to send out an alert after a flight attendant accidentally post did the cockpit access codes online. these codes are for special keypads of flight attendants use to open the door. despite the mistake you make of of information at their other security measures in place on aircraft that does allow pilots to override. any attempt to get into the cot bed. the issue has since been resolved. united shares up 5% year-to-date. a lot of news crossing this year on united. watch out goober appeared google self driving car division waymo
6:18 am
is teaming up with it to speed up autonomous technology. the partnership going to let its technology reach more people in more places. google shares up 32% year-over-year. finally this morning, remembering a hollywood legend. powers who's died yesterday from natural causes. his tumors and decades appearing on the big and small screens is best known for his villainous roles than dead words, agents of shield and the western classic tunes down. -- tombstone. >> don't go around here. >> i'm retired. >> good. that's real good. turn average losses they he won
6:19 am
an emmy for his betrayal of jim jones. the story of jim jones. he leaves behind a wife and two children, maria. a memorial is going to be hot in texas, his home state at some point. maria: inc. so much, cheryl. we will take a break. when we come back from an oral virus outbreak. the illness against 32 schools. saudi arabia back. that has oil up almost 3% right now. back in a moment right here. ♪ whether you're after supreme performance... advanced intelligence...
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maria: retail earnings in full swing. big names this week. guesstimate target, alibaba.
6:23 am
the retailers such as macy's. what is happening retail right now? one day a bomb last week macy's sold off 17%. you are really seen underwhelming numbers in this group. >> yeah, a real story about the haves and have-nots are the amazons of the world doing it and we expect wal-mart numbers later this week did they finally improve their web based business. looks like that starting stakeout. he is macy's, jcpenney is anything target just getting crushed. maria: you think this is more of a story of strength in online and selective strength within the sect or that is numerous as we? >> we looked at the consumer numbers. they are weaker than expected, the air not terrible. it seems that consumers focus for the push these dollars in the amazons of the world are winning and macy's or not. the business model is changing.
6:24 am
>> t. think that jcpenney, all of these will be retooling themselves to computer are we going to look at a whole new set of amazons coming up in the future? >> you have to reinvent yourself. it's a cycle. they haven't done a good job. i want to come back to wal-mart because i was critical of them a year ago that there would race business was horrible. they went out and made two major purchases. all of a sudden their sales are good. they started from a smaller base, but the sales are growing faster. they have not. >> that's going to the success of their integration of these businesses as well. other companies, online-based retailers don't match. it doesn't work with customers. the systems are joined together very well. those companies just fade away.
6:25 am
part of the theme here this so fascinating i read this week in "the wall street journal," and sun is into furniture. they are building warehouses, opening brick-and-mortar, all the things you should be doing right now. why are these companies who are online first signing success with her converters? >> so, amazon has figured it out, figured out the formula. they got into the food business. maria: gated warehouses more than brick-and-mortar. they need a place to store goods so they can deliver it in three hours. >> look at businesses like sears for five years ago, 10 years ago they would've seen the writing on the wall. they still haven't been able to reinvent themselves. true to oil up as one of 3%. saudi arabia and russia said opec led crude production cup would be extended into 2018. >> this is not good, maria. they been talking about this for
6:26 am
a while. as expected they would push out this cut in production. it would help their own production, their revenue stream and help the u.s. human that producers in the 90s tasted of higher prices. oil has been range bound between 45, low 50s did we expect to to stay there because the united states continues to be a leading growth production. maria: we are down to just around 50. take a break when we come back from attention rested with a carrier. a new missile can carry a nuclear warhead. average after a bar in portland promises free whiskey for life if the person punches one particular white house adviser. the controversy coming next. ♪ what if technology
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. . .
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maria: good monday morning, welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday may 15th, here your top stories 6:30 a.m. on the east coast. the search for jim comey's replacement heats up this morning. interviews underway amid fall-out over firing and timing. his tweet that hinted his
6:30 am
conversation with comey may have been recorded. growing concerns over nuclear north korea testing another missile over the weekend sparking outrage in the international community. >> the international community is concerned. it's not just us against them anymore. now you're going to see the entire international community isolate north korea and let them know that this is not acceptable. maria: more on the rising threat this morning. new fears over cyber-attacks. at least 100,000 organizations got hit. how hackers are holding hollywood and favorite shows hostage, coming up. why the mass i have fraud may be much larger than anybody expected? on wall street, futures are indicating mixed market. dow up 30 points so far.
6:31 am
ftse is up a fraction and the cac quarante and dax are down a fraction. under fire this morning over new deal, reportedly offering patron s for life if they bunch steve bannon, if they punch him. the special delivery coming pizza delivery while stuck on the train. the searm for jim comey's replacement. trump administration reportedly wants to have a new fbi director in place by tend of the week, some of the names under consideration including acting fbi director andrew mccabe, mike rogers who has been endorsed by current and former fbi agents, democrats have even suggested
6:32 am
judge merrick garland who was president obama's obama for supreme court. former cia senior intel officer lieutenant tony chafer. give us your take on who would be a good fit in the bureau. >> look, i like tray gowdy and i will be honest, i think you need to have somebody that's very aggressive to try to set a favorable course for the fbi. a lot of folks were disappointed with james comey. again, talking to folks firsthand face to face, they would bring to him problems, challenges, some of which were going back decades and he he refused to deal with them in an adult way. i think what we have seen on the outside, here and there putting his nose into things and pulling back was also going on in the inside. so whoever is selected has to
6:33 am
have a steady hand of how it functions of the law and how to bring about this and move it in a possible way. mr. gowdy would have a good shot at that. >> i heard many people and i'm a pollster f they bring somebody in that's in politics, a politician that they're not going to be not be nonpartisan. they would rather somebody law and order. do you think he would have a hard time coming in as a politician or do people want to see somebody that's nonpartisan, no political background? >> great question, if you brought in a politician just kind of someone who was liked by the president with no prior background or ability, then i think you would have the problem. tray gowdy is a former prosecutor, as much as i would have concerns with someone say who came out of the food industry that became a congressman, i don't see that
6:34 am
with congressman gowdy. a very seasoned individual with a lot of background and frankly he would understand to fix a lot of the things having done oversight. the oversight piece plus experience as prosecutor gives him good credentials. >> colonel, this is shelby holiday, democrats are certainly using this as an opportunity to gain some leverage and delay the gop's agenda. we heard senator chuck schumer this weekend, for example, say democrats may not vote to confirm anyone if they're partisan and there's no special prosecutor appointed. so do you think republicans should keep that in mind as the white house is choosing an fbi replacement because they do have -- they've in a time crunch and have a lot to get to in terms of tax reform and health care and the fbi director situation is holding them up, should they consider that? are no. if i were the democrats i would plow straight ahead.
6:35 am
i would be done with chuck schumer and nonsense. let's be clear, democrats were calling for comey's head long before trump showed up. they're actually doing things to undermine their own cause, as far as i'm concerned the republicans have been the adults in the room. comey had to go, he's gone, move forward with the agenda. don't let the democrats get you off your game. maria: right, that's their main point just resist and obstruct and that's what they're doing. we know that the democrats wanted comey out, they blamed him for hillary clinton's lost and they are all saying abuse of power, this, that, trump questioning the timing of it. so how is the president going to just not allow the noise to slow down the agenda. you know, lee making the point in the commercial break, we are
6:36 am
all focused on all other things other than tax reform and health care reform. >> part of it, maria, they have to slam, counterthe other side's narrative and you that be being precise and continuous. i think the president has been -- the whole tape thing is still out there. i think it's got him off their game. that bright shiny object has them looking over here while they are trying to move forward. they need to play a better game of this than the democrats and i think they are starting to do that. maria: can they do it, lee. lee: they would have to start getting discipline and right now there doesn't appear to be clear discipline with the message coming out of the white house and gop. i think the fbi director needs to be appoint an go back to talk about what's most important which is health care, which is tax reform. this whole thing is a whole lot of smoke and mirrors. >> self-inflicted. maria: that too.
6:37 am
>> you say that you think that it was a smart strategy to talk about the tapes, i say it's another 3-4 days we are talking about the days not health care and tax reform. that's actually going to delay the process of health care and tax reform and the american people want to see results. maria: yeah. lee: they want to see things impact their pocketbooks. maria: i guess he was trying to stop jim comey from leaking things. he's basically trying to put it out there like, well, you know, maybe what you said to me x -- about x, y, z will be out there given the fact that you're over there leaking the dinner to the new york times. was that his goal, do you think, colonel? >> absolutely. we know now beyond a shadow of a doubt that there's leaks. i think james comey and some other folks directly under comey were probably leaking, so i think this is a way of trying to put a shot across --
6:38 am
maria: i wonder if the leaks stop now that he's gone. >> we will see. >> donald trump said on three separate occasions you told me i'm not under investigation, that prompts questions about what occasions, where did you tell him he was not under investigation. that's how the dinner came up. does donald trump need to be more careful about what he tweets? >> i think he does what he does for purposes of throwing people in certain direction. he knows the effect of his tweets, so i think there's a couple of things playing out here. first, comey, i think, is a central figure of a lot of the leaks because he and his deputy were the ones, i think, giving -- if they didn't leak, they gave it to folks that did and this is a way of cutting it off and frankly i think whoever replaces comey needs to be investigating comey and his staff for the leaks. lee: let's cut to the chase, what do you think the american people need to be concerned about?
6:39 am
people are not sure what to be concerned about? is it russia, is there collusion, something going on, is it that comey wasn't doing his job, is it about the leaks, what should the american people need to be focused on and be reassured by the time there's a new fbi director on friday? >> russia is a threat. they're no good. vladimir putin is a thug. we are doing a thing on capitol hill regarding election security, russia had nothing to do with it. you need to be concerned about the fact that james comey was politicizing everything about the fbi both inside and out and he did thicks to undermine security to the point where we saw multiple terror attacks, orlando, new york, san bernardino, boston, all under his watch. so he was completely incomplettent in managing that part of the mission and most importantly now, it looks like they were involved in unmasking u.s. citizens supporting a previous white house agenda. those are the things i'm most concerned about.
6:40 am
you need to find somebody that's competent to go forward from this point. maria: do you think we will see a new investigation on unmasking and leaking? >> i certainly hope so. i was appalled when comey asked about with tray gowdy saying he's not interested. maria: he is interested in the potential collusion between the trump and the russians. >> precisely, it's the political narrative. maria: incredible. let's talk about north korea for a moment. successfully tested another new kind of long-range missile over the weekend yesterday, capable of carrying a nuclear war head, un embassador nikki haley condemned the launch yesterday, here is what she said. >> you first have to get into kim jong un's which is he's in a state of paranoia and incredibly concerned about anything around him. this was a message to south korea after the election and so what we are going to do is continue to tighten the screws. he feels it. we will continue whether it's
6:41 am
sanctions, whether it's press statements, anything that we have to do. maria: colonel, what do you think, should the u.s. be instituting more sanctions against north korea right now? >> we have the break the paradigm. >> colonel, we have imposed every sanction on the planet against this country. what is left there to do? how much more can we possibly isolate them than what's already been done? >> they continue to be the black market of the planet. i know this frightens people. it's all about un. if you can influence his thinking and make it personal, he would moderate his behavior. it's all about regime survival. we tend to forget that.
6:42 am
people of north korea don't matter to un. it's all about him. maria: right. >> we have to do things to influence him. the nuclear weapon, this is something to be concerned about. they have done about developing weapons, all the blasts, tests they've done. they have been trying to develop a miniaturized war head. this can hit us in california and hawaii. this is no small issue. we have to take a very serious take on this and do something to counter his capability and frankly i think next time what we will see another nuclear test trying to test nuclear weapons which would go on top of this launch system. maria: pretty incredible. we will see you soon. >> thank you. maria: wells fargo under fire once again. lawyers say the company may have created 3 and a half million fake accounts, much worse than we thought. pizza delivery hits the rail, they delivered it. details coming up, back in a
6:43 am
moment. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall... predictable is one thing you need in retirement to help protect what you've earned and ensure it lasts. introducing brighthouse financial. a new company established by metlife to specialize in annuities & life insurance. talk to your advisor about a brighter financial future.
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maria: welcome back, we are looking at a mixed opening. dow industrials up 30 points right now. a couple of names on the move. wal-mart among the big names reporting this week. investors are hoping that sales turning. the stock is up over 15% over the last year. home depot another top retailer reporting this week. analysts are expecting 1.61 a share there. jeffreys raising price to $182 a share. home depot shares 156 and change up 17% in 2017. schools in a northern california county hit by an outbreak of
6:47 am
norovirus. cheryl: pretty serious, maria. yolo county on alert after 1,000 students, teachers and staff at 32 schools contracted the gastro intestinal illness. the number of sick people is increasing every day at a very alarming rate. the outbreak was confirmed at the university of california davis campus, norovirus, highly contagious and easily spread when people touch contaminated surfaces or come close contact with people that already have it. well, another headline this morning, number of unauthorized accounts at wells fargo maybe far more than originally thought. the new estimate appeared in filing in federal court in san francisco last week. lawyers seeking approval of 142 million-dollar settlement over the accounts, wells fargo may have opened 3.5 million unauthorized customer account. 1.4million more than previous reported by federal regulators. wells fargo say it is new
6:48 am
estimate is based on hypothetical scenario. so they're not confirming this yet. wells fargo, stock down almost 4% so far this year. well, a promotion offered by a bar in oregon is drawing a lot of criticism this morning. take a look at the bottom of the receipt, punch steve bannon, get free wisconsin county for life -- whiskey for life. that's getting hatred. imagine if it would have been against president obama or his staff? anyway. a lot of people on social media upset about this. finally, it was pizza delivery like no other. after an hour delay he got hungry and ordered pizza from a nearby shop. the delivery guy jumps over water and found car, we should add the train arrived at dc unit
6:49 am
station three hours late according to amtrak's website. right or wrong decision, i'm going to go with right. back to you. maria: i hoped he shared the pizza with everybody else in the car. that's funny that he found exactly where he was. >> give the delivery guy a raise. maria: that's cute. cyber-attacks are hitting tinsletown. advice to hollywood trying to protect data.
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
♪ ♪ maria: welcome back on this beautiful monday morning. the unprecedented cyber-attack we are talking about all morning. it's expected to spread on as workers log on across the world. microsoft not the only one can vulnerabilities, hollywood is facing own hacking issues this morning. fbi is giving pretty surprising fbi. tracy with details. >> hollywood insiders say the advice they've getting pay hackers the ransom which in some cases may be easier than trying to fight the cyber crinl nals. hacking one of the biggest threat companies are facing as we are seeing netflix recently learned the consequences of not waying up. hackers demanded roughly $60,000 or else content would be released. netflix ignored the warning and
6:54 am
ten episodes of the upcoming season of orange is the new black was post online several weeks ahead of the series launch just last we president trump signed executive order designed to improve the nation's cybersecurity. executive order outlines three top priorities, protect federal networks, update old systems and have all department and agency head work together to better protect credittal information. the order also highlights the problem of robot networks, networks of private computers are infected with malicious software and controlled as a group without the owner's knowledge. the president is asking the secretaries and agencies to report to one another and and keep all of the information contained. maria: keep it contained but it's not been contained. we were talking earlier about the massive global hack that's taken place over the weekend.
6:55 am
it was force today shut down factories. >> fbi and nsa met on saturday for another meeting. so they are with this executive order they want to review the systems within 90 days. this may come sooner with the latest cybersecurity attack. maria: you wonder what the white house can do at this point. >> in the last year we have seen the social security administration get hacked, we have seen the va hacked, we have seen the irs get hacked. again, this is nothing new. where is our government been in creating barriers to protect ourselves? >> they have been trying with all of the previous administrations but this is an issue that's ongoing and hard to get ahead of the hackers. >> millions of dollars that flow in the internet and they can't do anything about it. if you pay up you will face less
6:56 am
of a risk? >> is it better to pay and, you know, with the -- >> cross fingers? >> with the hopes the content won't be released or take the chances and ignore the warnings and see what happens. maria: our top guest earlier said you have to pay the ransom in bit coin. it's extraordinary. >> yeah. vanity fair pointed out that hollywood is so interconnected. even if netflix is hacked. you have agents, talent companies, actors who may have scripts, all of this is so vulnerable. maria: tracee carrasco there. the company has changed so much in the 20 years since it went public. next hour on mornings with maria. we will check it out, back in a minute there's nothing traditional about my small business so when
6:57 am
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fast connections everywhere. that's how you outmaneuver. at angie's list, we believe there are certain things you can count on, like what goes down doesn't always come back up. ♪ [ toilet flushes ] ♪ so when you need a plumber, you can count on us to help you find the right person for the job. discover all the ways we can help at angie's list. because your home is where our heart is. maria: good monday morning, welcome back, thank you so much for joining us. happy monday. i'm maria bartiromo and it is monday may 15th, top stories right now 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. new questions under surveillance under president obama. senator rand paul telling me that he and another senator were surveilled by the former
7:00 am
administration during 2016 campaign. former speaker of the house newt gringrich weigh in on the allegations. >> enormous breakdown of the rule of law, you had it with the clinton foundation and you had it with barack obama, you had it with the staff, when you send national security adviser out to lie on six television shows about benghazi the sunday than american embassador is killed, you know she's lying, you can tell there's a collapse of any kind of honesty and any kind of measure of enforcing basic sound principles. i'm not at all surprise that had the obama administration was prepared to flout the rules. maria: more on surveillance concerns coming up as people are speculating who is the other surveilled. revised executive order set to be reviewed in seattle today.
7:01 am
a hundred thousand organizations hit in 50 countries. what you need to know as you boot up this morning. plus happy birthday amazon, celebrating 20 years since ipo. if you invested $10,000 in amazon back in 1997, the gogo years, you would have a cool $5 million today, wow. we are breaking down the company's incredible run and incredible success. amazon up today at $962 a share. on wall street markets look like this, futures indicating a higher opening, dow industrials up 40 points right now. s&p 500 also in the plus column. the nasdaq is negative. in new york stocks are searching for direction certainly this morning. the cac quarante and dax inexare lower. fractional moves there. in asia stocks higher with the exception of japan. nikkei average down just a fraction. miss dc taking the crown at miss
7:02 am
usa pageant after speaking out on health care in america. honoring one of our nation's hero, patrick cane gave soldier. all the stories coming up this morning and joining me to talk about it senior video reporter shelby holiday is here. pollster and the president of maslansky + partners lee carter. the story of rand paul is a blockbuster, i feel on thursday on fox news senator rand paul joined me and said, i know, i've been told by reporters and lawyers that the obama administration was listening to my phone calls, you know, spying on my correspondence and i know another senator who had said to me that he's confirmed that he also was spied on. now, crazy about this asking what the senator is. i have ruled out senator ted cruz, i don't know if it's marco rubio but somebody made an interesting point this morning.
7:03 am
they said it could be bernie sanders. >> interesting. >> can you imagine that? maria: bernie sanders was another senator running for president. >> details matter, we want to know why they were tapped. >> don't you need a court order -- a judge that authorize it is surveillance? maria: we will talk to judge andrew napolitano. former trump campaign policy adviser whalid phares is here. robert ray joins us as well. you don't want to miss a moment of it. do stay with us. let's kick it up with the controversy unmasking of u.s. senators. senator rand paul he was caught up in the survey lanes and he wasn't the only member of the senate to receive that news. watch. >> but i've gotten two reporters
7:04 am
that came up that say that multiple sources, some of it has been published already saying that the obama administration was looking at my private information and there are rumors of other people who ran for president as well, i'm trying to get to the bottom of this. i've asked the white house to look at the logs of all the previous obama administration to see if they were searching my name or unmasking me in any way. i know one senator that confided in me that he was surveilled by the obama administration including phone calls. maria: apparently they got con fir mags. these are strong accusations, your thoughts? >> well, they're most likely true. surveillance, acquisition in a digital version of every key stroke in every computer and every communication and every cell phone and landline phone, storage which is the maintenance of the digital version of these
7:05 am
communications and unmasking which is accessing the data and finding out the names of the people who were actually surveilled. so it is beyond dispute that the nsa has access to, if it wants, it would be unlawful for them to do this, every phone call of every person in the united states of america since 2005, takes it back to a republican administration, george w. bush, 2005 which is when this program began. justice scalia told me he often thought that the court was being surveilled and he told me that probably about four or -- four or five years ago. maria: wow. >> surveillance acquisition of information, unmasking accessing information. maria: step one in the surveillance, why would the obama administration using government resources to spy on anybody running against hillary clinton? i mean, that is just wrong. >> it is exactly correct. it is the use to which the raw
7:06 am
intelligence data can be put that makes it criminal. so it's hard to believe but if they had to unmask senator paul's name in order to understand a conversation he was having with a foreign agent and the foreign agent was harmful to the united states, they can do that. that's not what he's talking about. they're talking about unmasking him when he's having a conversation with his campaign manager when he's running in 2016. maria: unmaivelging of michael flynn and spying is separate and apart. he's talking about running for president in the fall of 2016 he was surveilled and spied on by the obama administration. >> portions of the conversation with embassador kislyak were to
7:07 am
embarra flynn. the use of intelligence data for political purposes is a felony. same crime as hacking which depending on how much is done between 5 and 10 years in federal prison. maria: if another senator comes forward with the same story, i was surveilled, could president obama be called to testify on this? >> well, anybody who was involved in the receipt or use of the information once unmasked could be called. the fbi should be able because they leave electronic fingerprints, find out who did the unmasking in senator paul's case and trace where that information went and who used it. if it ended up in the west wing, did it ended up in the oval office, did it end up in the hands of other political opponents.
7:08 am
lee: they're allow today gather it but not -- >> they're not allowed to gather it but they do because their belief is to gather everything about everybody and swift through and look for the bad people. unfortunately sometimes you find the bad people too late. they discovered communications of the orlando killer and the san bernardino killers after the killings took place. i have often argued and a lot of people with me and a lot of people disagree with me that it's too much information. it's information overload. you follow the fourth amendment, you not only leave innocent people alone, you are forced to focus on people as to whom there's a suspicion of wrong-doing. >> under fu eisa, it is legal for the government to surveil embassador k -- kislyak, they
7:09 am
are involved, they are swept up in the surveillance. maria: good place to hide behind, anyway. >> the unmasking of senator paul and the using of what he said. let's assume he spoke to kislyak. i think he's talking about a private political conversation that has nothing to do with foreign powers. maria: that's exactly right. this has nothing to do with the russia story. >> the leak of that information for political purposes whether it's made public or not or whether opponents just used it, that's a felony. >> unmasking itself is not illegal, using the name that was unmasked for political purposes is the problem? >> unmausking it's illegal if done for other reason than security. >> they have to go to a judge and get permission for that unmasking or they had completely the right to do it on their own and then find criminal intent? >> the nsa has standards for unmasking.
7:10 am
the principal unmasker by her own acknowledgment is susan rice. we have the five conversations and we need them unmasked. we know who the foreign agent is, we don't know who the americans are. there's american mentioned in the conversation, we need the tapes that you have of that person and his or her conversations. so you can see how this begins to explode. it's the corruption of the american intelligence community when information is used for political purposes. maria: we will see if bernie sanders or marco rubio comes out and say they were also spied on. the way rand paul said he was spied on. ninth circuit court of appeals is set to hear arguments stemming from the hawaii order, three judges democrats appointed by clinton, what's the
7:11 am
significance of today's hearing? >> decision by federal court in maryland to stay the portion of the executive order that blocked immigration from six countries. today we are -- we will hear in seattle but before the ninth circuit court of appeals appeal from a hawaii federal judge who joined enforcement of the entire order. both federal district court orders were based on the same thing, the words of candidate trump and his animosity, i'm summarizing what the court said towards muslims. they both characterize this not as an immigration ban but as a muslim ban. if it is a muslim ban, based on religion, the bar is so high, impossible for the government to jump over that bar and justify it. so the question is can the courts use the words of candidate trump against
7:12 am
president trump. i'm sorry to say the answer is yes. the supreme court doesn't like when this is done but it permits the courts to do it. maria: wow. we will be watching that. judge, great insights as always. judge napolitano there. hacking attack wreak havoc on companies across the world. why experts say the problem can get worse today. ipo turns 20, how the company has changed and going public two decades ago, back in a moment.
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
maria: a big warning as you turn on your computer today, a massive cyber-attack hit at least 150 countries across the world and experts are saying it's going to keep growing. it could get worse today, cheryl casone with all the details, cheryl. cheryl: that's right, the story not over, maria. companies could see problems this morning as whooshingers boot up their pc's following weekend attacks. companies in asia are reporting slowdowns. a global hunt underway for the hackers that affected businesses, hospital and government agencies and at least 150 countrs. the victs include american
7:16 am
shipping gia fedex, french auto maker and japanese auto maker nissan. the ransom appears to exploit vulnerability in microsoft windows that was reportedly identified by the nsa and later it leaked on the internet. experts say to protect yourself make sure that you have all updates installed for your computer so your windows running computer needs to have its updates done now. man has died after setting himself on fire on facebook live. he lit himself up and ran into a crowded bar. well, several people they threw shirts onto him to smoother the flames. the gentleman comes charging in the room on fire from head to foot screaming. >> it looked like a movie, like someone wearing a suit. there were some people who thought that it was a joke. cheryl: witnesses say that ex-girlfriend whom he has a
7:17 am
history of domestic violence was working just a few feet away. he was arrested last august after strangling his ex and threatening to kill her. well, another headline this morning, honest company announcing a voluntary recall of their baby wipes over a possible mold problem. the company, of course, cofounded by actress jessica alba says it doesn't think the wipes presentfully health dangers but they are recalling certain lot numbers in the u.s. and canada, quote, out of abundance of caution. the recall wipes can be return today point of purchase for a full refund. well, a new miss usa was crowned last night. she is 25-year-old caira mccalluohg. she took a lot of heat on social med on the answer to the question is health care a right
7:18 am
or a privilege. here you go. >> i see firsthand that for one to have health care you need to have jobs so therefore we need to continue to cultivate this environment that we are given the opportunities to have health care as well as jobs to all the american citizens worldwide. cheryl: well, maria, some people on twitter said that mccullough should be disqualified for that comment. there's debate on twitter about whether or not that was appropriate to say. maria: why? cheryl: it's a controversial topic, i think, and people are heated and upset and emotional about health care and that was a heated question but probably for that reason. maria: you want the person to have opinions, you want them to be well read on the issues and yet she comes out with our answer and now she's been criticized for what she believes. low lee i don't understand.
7:19 am
>> that's a pretty forward health care answer. everybody should have jobs to pay for money. doesn't seem that controversial. maria: right, doesn't seem controversial to me either. the flavor with buzz, nonalcoholic beer for the first time ever. amazon marks 20 years since public debut, a look back at the company's incredible journey. stay with us time's up, insufficient we're on prenatal and administrative paperwork... your days of drowning people are numbered.
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maria: welcome back, amazon's ipo debut 20 years ago and if you did not invest now you missed on big return. 10,000-dollar stock 20 years ago. dominic at $460 billion, the fourth largest market cap in the s&p 500, incredible. dominick: this started out as the earth's big bookstore. this started online bookstore and recently as 2008 this was a 37-dollar stock. it reinvented itself and becoming the world's largest retailer and reinvention and allowed the stock to explode, earnings to explode, it's justified. lee: i owned that stock when it was the world's biggest bookstore, i thought this is going to kill the bookstore so i
7:24 am
sold it. [laughter] lee lieu lee: but it is amazing. they are going bricks and mortar and everybody is going online. dominick: look, if we all had a cristal ball that it worked, this would be easy. you're throwing a dart in the wall and you're hoping the one in your hand is going to work. maria: would you put new money to work here today after the huge run-up we have seen. does this have more legs to it? dominick: if it continues down the path that it's been going, reinvention and expansion, we talked about getting into super market business, we talked about now getting into furniture business. it's drones, delivery systems, buying its own airplanes, it's recreating itself every day, if the revenues are there, if the profits are there, then the price is justified. maria: profits haven't always been there and there's still a
7:25 am
question about profitability. for some reason the investors over this whole run not caring that the company hasn't really generated much profitability. it was taken those earnings and dumping them back into the company and growing it, finally they decide today turn the switch on and the stock has gone through the roof. >> how much credit do you give jeff bezos because we focus on tech companies and the leadership that they're under and he's been able to disrupt industry after industry -- dominick: think about the criticism he got for not putting profits first, by putting -- taking all the revenue and putting it back to the company. >> that's true. dominick: he wakes up one day and hasn't done so bad for himself or company or shareholders. [laughter] lee: first in the bookstore and then retail. are there other companies that are totally disrupting categories that might be a good buy at this point?
7:26 am
dominick: i'm not recommending any stock but you look at what uber has done. disrupted the transportation system. airbnb disrupting the hotel system. there are companies coming in and they're creating a new world in terms of commerce, but making it successful and being successful 10 and 20 years down the road that takes something special. maria: there's old-style company like a ford motor, for example, that's retransitions itself. it's not a vehicle company anymore, it's calling itself a transportation company. they are talking about driverless cars, transporting people like an uber. so they're trying to disrupt themselves. dominick: they're trying. they have to adapt to the new world and reinvent themselves. ford, i've driven a ford car recently, i was genuinely surprised what a good-quality car it was. genuinely surprised in all fairness but the stock had a rough time. maria: when we come back president trump on the global
7:27 am
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even as his critics have the immigration band there is a narrative that it is so bad for foreign policy. that all of them hate us now. and yet all of the push
7:34 am
against the president was done here. the media and the positions taken. i'm talking about egypt. when they visited the united states twice. i'm talking about many areas being engulfed. and also in social media. you would see that the image per trade is not exactly what is happening and the region. when you look at what the obama administration did with our relationship with saudi arabia and jordan and they were just staunch allies of ours. they were afraid at best are we looking for a new renaissance in our relationship with the middle east. >> the media there cause it
7:35 am
bringing back the warmth to the relationship. there was a negative between washington and some of these capitals the ambience was not very good over the last three years. now they see there is a change of course. that's why some of the leaders have come like the leader of saudi arabia and now of course the new leader. it will be interesting how they address them and the region. i thing it's think it's interesting that this meeting comes on the day when a court is hearing the travel ban some of these cases hinge on the fact that donald trump is trying to ban muslims. it gives an opportunity to show it's not an anti- muslim fan. is not based on religion. do you think anything will come out of this meeting.
7:36 am
any sort of deals been struck here. of course you have the whole economic aspect. are the statements by the leader more importantly when the president will go there he will not meet just with the saudis he will meet with many arab leaders. that's basically a game changer in terms of how to describe this demonstration. of course france comes to mind. this one in french president emmanuel macron. he was sworn in last night. he will be meeting with president trump for lunch and brussels next in brussels next week according to senior officials. >> he is appointing a prime minister very fast because he knows he's on a timetable very tight. his legislative elections are
7:37 am
going to be in june. he needed and he is any showing international credentials and he wants his meeting with president trump to be successful. he wants to show that he can deal with international politics. he will try to be a very positive in those meetings. >> i also think it's interesting donald trump i've been talking to investment advisors. they say they were surprised to hear him tweeting about it. not necessarily endorsing candidates but cheering on a pretty far right movement over there. do you think macron and trump will get off on the right foot. >> they do like the appeal of the far right candidates. and didn't present obama
7:38 am
endorsed macron. what you expect from their relationship. he can do it now as a politician. the u.s. president did not endorse. however the current president may find common ground with president trump because of what you've just mentioned. the american challenges with international issues. i think now that he has been elected as president he is going to converse with president trump. >> let me ask you about the turkey meeting. is that how you would describe it. he would have to. there are some issues of tension between turkey and the
7:39 am
united and the united states with regard to the operations in syria with regard to the cards. the united states has a questions for turkey with regards to its alliance and the agreement with iran and russia. and turkey has many questions. they're trying to create a new strategy which he calls a new day. >> so macron is going to meet with merkel right away. you think that the exit from the eu will be paramount right away. on the one hand they have have the position of principal. on the other hand this is a power. and they still have with the uk alone issues with the
7:40 am
counterterrorism. they will try to find a middle way between criminalizing -- criticizing the departure. >> of all this happening right now what do you think is the most important for the president. i think europe is a classical place. there will be strategies. but his new area is going to the heart of the arab and muslim world. and then go to israel after that. i dig it's and it's really a historic trip in my view. >> thank you for your insights on this. still have chelsea manning set to walk free this week. they will continue to receive healthcare benefits after the release.
7:41 am
the epic flock at the box office. it's all coming up next.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
maria: chelsea manning will receive healthcare and benefits after she is released this week from military prison. we've all of the details now. so an army spokespson tells today that she will remain on active duty after she leaves the prison on wednesday. she was granted clemency by president obama and the final days of his and menstruation and green some and the military and now president trump. bradley manning who transitioned to chelsea was convicted in 2013 public and of leaking hundreds of thousands of secret government documents to wikileaks.
7:45 am
no word on where she's in a base or who she will report too. heineken has launched a non- alcoholic version of its famous beer. low or no alcohol beverages. they will sell 0.0. the european market they are actually grouped by about 5%. maybe there is a market. it has half the calories of regular heineken or a regular coca-cola. okay. king arthur legend of the sward row early -- royally bombed at the box office. the man who did the made about
7:46 am
14.7 million dollars in its opening weekend alone. a lot less than what it cost to make. the volume two remained on top for the second week in a row. earning $63 million also beating king arthur. it brought in 17 and half million. the fate of the furious state and entertainment because he set to star in king of the jungle. the movie is based on the wired magazine article called john mcafee's last stand. it tells the true story cashed in his fortune left civilization and moved into a compound in belize. there are accusations that he have a role in two murders in belize so his quite the
7:47 am
colorful character. does the broad public really know who he is i know they know now. if he makes a major promotion there. number two in new jersey. the fond farewell. it's all from an iconic player. [music] don't you worry about a thing. don't you worry about a thing. and at $4.95, you can trade with a clear advantage. fidelity, where smarter investors will always be.
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>> i just want to say happy mother's day to all of the mothers out there especially a mom my grandmother my sister
7:51 am
and my wife who is very soon going to be a mother. memories fade but family is forever. i will be eternally grateful to be a part of the yankees family. i cannot think you guys and up. that was the world series champion doug jeter. the team officially retired the number two jersey. joining us to discuss that in other news and sports. jack great to see you. this man is the definition of class and all in all of sports. i played for the new york giants everyone has respect for him and just as he go out was so much character in class
7:52 am
if the stories that we need to see in sports nowadays. i want to get you to give the take on what he is set to cash in. i know you had issues with this. student athletes like the michigan quarterback is reacting to these reports a same i'm over broke and the big ten commissioner making money on it. >> this makes my front -- flesh crawl. i played college football at my first child at 19 years old. it would not allow me to work. you have these kids that are played college football the big 10 is estimated to bring in half a billion dollars this year alone and you have these kids that are allowed to work. there's no health insurance once again playing and you limit them across the board they can't even pursue the
7:53 am
degree path because they're playing college football. >> you have the colleges and universities making billions televising the games and the final four in basketball. they are all sponging off of these athletes who are basically dirt poor. they are coming from colleges the tv networks everything sponges off of these kids and most of them never make it to the pros. they never really make a dollar. >> i'm a fiscal conservative but this is un-american if you want i know what modern-day slavery his look at that and how it is put together. you're not allowing these kids a normal american opportunity to go out and pursue their careers and they're not even giving them health coverage. >> they need to pay the players.
7:54 am
when you go out and you play every day you should give them some kind of compensation when you're generating this type of revenue. but wouldn't it be great to have a little bit of a financial education and those of four years some of the players to go pro and they make millions of dollars and going from nothing to something huge. and with this give them a chance to understand the value of a dollar? >> they give players opportunities to learn about finances once you make it to the lake. when you give a kid and education you cannot pursue a degree in whatever you want to when you're playing college football. as a full-time job. i've lived it. the only reason why they were able to do that was because i took a degree path. i could not go on and be in premed.
7:55 am
president trump please a step in there. andthe face of mad men nfl. i heard they're some of there's some of you that might be worried about something called the manning curse. i think it's safe to say we've gone a bit overboard. there is no curse and there's no need for this bubble. the thing is ridiculous. i have a plan b. presented the safety zone and a much bigger better bubble.
7:56 am
>> if you look over the history though the last 20 does. seventeen of those injured in that season. i voted for him you feel like you're at the pinnacle and then you think you're untouchable. one person that can break this curse as him. and then there is the chicago blackhawks receiving accolades for giving his first class airline seats. he took to twitter. he gave up his first class
7:57 am
seat to a soldier. what a class act. has 16,000 likes and more than 4,000 retweets. >> we hear so much negative stuff about professional athletes and you continue to highlight stories like that. i will give you and applies myself. we will take a break. crippling cyber attack. the new fears from world leaders as they won this issue is going to get worse today. office with you, even though i'm here. it's almost like the virtual reality of business communications. no, it's reality. intuitive one touch video conferencing is a reality. and now it's included at no additional cost with vonage business. call now and see why 3,000 companies a month are switching to vonage.
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could get worse what you need to know as you boot up this morning, wall street markets mixed as you see dow industrials s&p 500 higher, dow expected to open up 30 points nasdaq negative right now in europe stocks are accepting for direction, weaving more earnings coming out set tone for markets european indices mixed fft 100 up fractional moves asia overnight, similar story stocks are mostly higher with the exception of japan, down a fraction. search for jim comey's replacement who is on that short list to be next fbi
8:01 am
director the fallout over firing continues, this morning, president trump, is facing questions, from both sides the of the aisle over the time of his decision, and his tweet that behind his conversations with comeyay ha bee recorded. >> i think about time to pick somebody that comes from within the ranks of such a reputation that has no political background at all, that can go into the job on day one, you know the fbi director to me like appointing a judge the president actually appoints a judge, but the judge is -- >> fallout this morning coming up tensions over north korea, the country tested yet another missile, in its latest show of force, the country claims weapon is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead across the world united airlines cockpit access codes accidental posted online. yes, online. >> the major safety concerns coming up, safety in the air
8:02 am
to safety at home, we've got security system taking internet by storm this morning, about those who is the -- of them all he retailers hope they bring back magic for the struggling industry, going to need more than mirrors retail essentialing infer pressure we tell you about it come up this morning joining me to talk about it senior provide reporter holiday is here the president of financial consultants is here, and president, lee carter here this morning good to see everybody, a quiet day big stories the few out there. >> i am surprised markets are not moving much after huge cyberattack to me that is significant. >> -- for about a month, s&p has not moved up and down more than a percent, about a month so we are in a quiet period maria: do you think the about markets are expecting the tax reform health care he realism to come this year and until, we have any evidence that things go horribly wrong with that, there is a pretty much
8:03 am
-- >> we've got to look to enumerate start this year s&p you up 6. % dow up almost 6% a lot of expectations were that we get tax reform we get infrastructure spending, would pump capital into the economy noise out of washington. >> the market has slowed, so i think this pause we have gone through the last month, really a realization that hey things just going to take while longer than president trump originally projected. >> do you this can last week made people think even longer? >> well, let's not forget mnuchin said we are not growing 3% wilbur ross said not o growing 3% this year getting a realization that the economy is going to take a little bit longer, to get this momentum, really 2018 story. >> tax -- reform. >> noise isn't helping. >> top story this hour, cyberchaos no reaction from markets to this president trump ordered emergency meetings to address the glob
8:04 am
cyberattack that is expected to spread this morning, fox business network blake burman covering story at white house with latest. good morning to you -- >> good morning to you as well president trump at the white house over weekend we can tell you that a good portion of his weekend was spent dealing with this massive pal ware attack sweeping globe white house official tells me there were meetings at the white house involving the president both on friday and another one, again, saturday morning. this white house official tells me that the president was also continually updated as needed throughout the weekend, in regards to this attack. 100,000 organizations, so far it is believed affected by this, in some 150 countries, countries all across the globe, some of the biggest countries in the world among them russia, china, spain, britain, france uas it u.s. all dealing with million ware attack receiver days ironically, this has spread starting a day after the president at the white house
8:05 am
signed an executive order trying to shore up the country, at least as relates to the federal government the ability to be able to deal with cybersecurity and the homeland security adviser had a fairly dire warning as it related to cybersecurity on thursday, listen. >> the trendline is going in the wrong direction we see additional attacks, additional numbers volume occasional addition successes that trouble us best way i want to know quantify that. >> remains unclear if official meeting on books for president trump today dealing with this however, that is white house official put it to me continually updated, as needed. >> back to you. maria: thank you so much blake burman with latest there, top story this hour, the search for jim comey's replacement trump administration clearing wants new 20 director by end of week names under consideration andrew mccabe going to throw his hat congressman trey gowdy talked about quite a bit, former congressman mike he
8:06 am
rogers all been endorsed by counterby some current former fbi agents democrats suggested judge merri garland president obama's pick for the supreme court. also, on that list is ray kelly i another for fact has spoken to trump about the job, we want to bring in former white house whitewater independent council former prosecutor himself robert ray. >> good to see you thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning. >> i want to get your take on special prosecutor brought in here who do you think is a good fit to lead fbi. >> i think i agree with senator graham we need to return to someone, not political. that doesn't necessarily mean someone within the fbi. but it does mean someone that can be confirmed has a reputation for being independent, the job was designed that way in wake of jhe does gar hoover a congress i'm poefd 10ier term to carry over into the presidency from
8:07 am
one party to another. >> i think you make a very good point rod rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, people are debating what he should have done or should have said in terms of that memo he sent, about jim comey, do you think he needs to bring in a special prosecutor? >> i have said for sometime, the answer is at least at this point is no, until there is is credible evidence to suggest collusion, and that it was orchestrated at the top ranks of the trump campaign, my view is that it is still premature, there is no question, though, that the -- you know the firing of jim comey, has increased pressure as it would be expected to have done i am sure president was revived of in a before he made decision there is no question it increases pressure, on mr. rosenstein to whether a special prosecutor is warranted. >> you have to question the idea that we still don't have any evidence, of this -- of that so-called collusion to trump and russians no evidence of it yet this investigation
8:08 am
keeps going on now in tenth month there is no investigation that we know of about the unabout masking about the leeking. >> the firing of jim comey president acknowledged going to slow investigation until replacement is noun why ask you to by the end of the week ifs it is possible to name aponte submit to senate for confirmation, look, i mean i had a job where my charter was prompt, responsible and cost-effective by statute. i think on first word just prompt so it has gone on a while, and you take the president at this is word i think we should there will be no evidence found of collusion, then he is entitled to an expeditious are those los angeles as well as country we don't need to be saddled much longer people need to get to it, fbi director needs to be found the investigation needs to go forward, and it is either there or not there, and then release findings get on
8:09 am
and business of the country. >> one of the things that i think is so hard about this how do you prove negative that nothing happened when so much narrative out there so much chatter, people don't necessarily know what they're talking about collusion what is the issue, so how do you put it to bed. >> well political vacuums are dangerous in some sense hard to prove a negative on the other hand, factual about a criminal deviation, he either have evidence proo beyond all possible doubt somebody committed a crime if they didn't there is no there is not insufficient evidence you seedh need to wrap it up move on. >> if a shred of evidence would be out agencies share information raw data if they had this much evidence of collusion. >> maria -- >> i think that is right. >> this is a charade often investigation. >> i think that is right, but that is what you have investigations to determine. >> right. >> and they prompt, responsible cost-effective manner you get to it, and find
8:10 am
out worone way or another. >> cannot be partisan member has to be somebody independent, who is neutral, how does the senate ability to go nuclear impact that independence of the fbi director. >> well the fact is, of course, that if republicans are united, and get behind a nominee, they don't need democratic support in order to get fbi director in place whether or not wise i think another question, look, i think, the country always rises to the occasion with regard to the to big matters replacing an fbi director, no matter your views about jim comey what the president did, that is a big matter, why? because it is intended to be in some sense above politics because of the power that the fbi director wields, and intended to be a 10-year term picking somebody left presumably into the job next administration no matter what
8:11 am
happens, you know i believe, that -- bipartisan support in connection with big matter is important technically why you are correct, you know in a in an environment you on the need after nuclear action 51 votes to get somebody confirmed is possible not desirable it is probably not best interests of the country i think bipartisan support would be a desirable result. >> what you said probably is would going to get confirmed somebody with law enforcement somebody has investigative, as opposed to political chops. >> i think right you could pick a senator might you know be readily confirmed you could pick a judge, but you know the job of being fbi director is to be an investigator. >> law enforcement. >> law enforcement. rather that comes from prosecutorial ranks of the investigative ranks you try to fill the job with somebody who can actual do the job not just because they can be confirmed.
8:12 am
>> kelly. >> clearly has the investigative chops clearly has experience, and clearly has experience involving terrorism and international matters, that is a relevant factor -- john kennedy used to say beer you tear fence down find out why it was put up we had a lot of things in jim comey you got to find somebody who you know is of that caliber. >> great point good to see you. thank you so much turbulence united airlines to tell you about the airlines' response after a crew member compromised security posting a code into the cockpit on line. >> mile-an-hour mirror on wall can brand-new intelligent save them all, retailers turning magic mirror to fight fallen sales we will tell you about it stay with us.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
. . maria: weapon back security fears escalating after access codes to united airlines congress pit doors were posted online jeff flock from chicago o'hare airport with the story, jeff good morning to you. reporter: -- >> so we can report this morning, problems associated with that, but united admitting indeed thecodes ones cockpit that has been afying focus since 9/11 those codes were posted online. yun not giving a lot of details statement reads
8:16 am
unitde. utilizes a number of measures to keep flight deduction secure beyond door access info cockpits maim secure apparently involves making sure the pilots know who is on the other side of the door before they open it up. however, we asked a number of questions united did not answer nothing transparent about all of this we asked what protocols were, what do you actually have go through in order to get through that door, was the posting intentional or not or inadvertently? has anybody been grounded suspended as a result of this. >> and how often do they change codes united not saying anything about any of that. of course, this comes on the heels of the problem that united had with the passenger dragged from the flight certainly a pr problem there, and maybe out of you abundance of caution they flagged this, they admitted to this released the information that they had this possibly problem they emphasized to us though maria this was not a breach nobody
8:17 am
hacked into the system to get the codes, and their pilots association tells fox business that the problem has been so offed, the door codes changed there is not a problem, worth pointing out maybe the stock since dragged incident stock up about 10%, in last month, up 70% for the year not bad for an airline that had some problems. >> thank you jeff flock, this morning, north korea is claiming that its successfully launched long rang ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear war headed cheryl casone with that. cheryl: first successful test four attempts experts say step forward to develop a nuke missile capable of reaching u.s. mainland, u.n. ambassador nikki haley says u.s. will put pressure on north korea to end its nuclear program. >> cord cutting continues to
8:18 am
change tv game "the wall street journal" reporting fast five years nearly 8 million u.s. households abandoned cable networks racing to get channels on screaming bundles companies like how a lou youtube tv picky about what channels they care companies like viacom, anc, ame, discovery being left out of new bundles. >> a famous new york deli gearing up to ship its corn beef around the world what happened the deli famous scene from when harry met sally was shot plans to open a facility in new jersey next year exciting for them, this her, wished you had a magic mirror trying on clothes in a dressing room? what i like to call skinny mirror they don't seem to put in there imagine mirrors allow to you connect to help choose color styles face time video chats, make a 360 degree video of yourself twirling like
8:19 am
model is doing, ralph lauren already have these neiman-marcus. >> retailers want people to come in and back to the store this is their -- >> i like it. >> i like it the address is going to turn colors. >> i don't think a camera in the dressing room -- >> [laughter] >> maria me twirling is not a good thing. >> [laughter] >> a little freaky with cameras in the he dressing room you are right -- >> coming up high-tech surveillance cameras keeping families safe from intruders about false alarms earnings on wall street retailer, what is it to expect major retailers target walmart, back in a minute. ostriches don't really stick vitheir heads in the horns on their helmets.
8:20 am
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retailer has been story earnings there in full swing some of the big names to report this week, as you see there walmart, target, dykes sporting goods alibaba coming out this week markets lower on friday following reports from retailers in particular macy's down 17% on stock after weaker-than-expected earnings and revenue the company had a -- a mixed guide answer for rest of the year joining us charles schwab sr., vice president chief investment, liz ann great to see you -- >> we are talking about how earnings are doing well up 15% first quarter revenue up 6% first quarter yet retail not participating. >> actually the consumers in okay shape here, certainly, parts of traditional retail bricks-and-mortar space is be luggageered -- beleaguered -- way overstored in the country,
8:24 am
i mean you know average number of square feet per member of the population is 6 or 7 times, the global norm, so we are now just seeing a rush to consolidate i think a long time coming. maria: you look at backdrop for stocks which are the fundamentals earnings backdrop getting better despite retail stores. >> not only did we see a much higher beat rate for bottom line this yaert but higher beat rate for topline i think we are getting a nominal story in terms of earnings but also the economy, and i think that is been more important backdrop why market has done o well so much focus on whether it is policy related, i think that is a small component of it i think helps explain some of the spreads between the soft and hard data but the actual kickoff in the hard data improvement in global growth o improvement in earnings, many cases predated the election, i think that has been most important support for this latest move in the
8:25 am
market. >> the consumer -- not spending at malls, they are seeing stores close left and right, what retailers are capitalizing on this strong consumer at this point who is doing well. >> you know i don't cover individual companies but i would say that one of the trends that i think is most impactful experience over traditional goods, clearly the consumer right now has the ability to go online, not only to shop but also to price compare so i think one of the biggest forces that is important is that this is disinflationary more broadly not just the amazon effect scomhooerz in many ways are much smarter smarter in terms of how to be consumers but also smarter in keeping discretionary in line not having it rise off the back of higher debt burdens, so i think that elongates the cycle here, it may not mean we get
8:26 am
the pop in the economy, related to the consumer like we have in prior cycles but i think we have a smarter healthier dee leveraging mind shet consumer. >> oil up 3% talking earlier saudi arabia and russia, ministers there said they are agreeing to opec led production cut that would be extended to 2018. your take on that. >> 3 1/2% higher on oil right now. >> i think range bound i think we get moves like this, that shoots up short term but i think we are sort of in 40 to 60 dollar range, a little bit of a sweet spot because it is certainly high enough that it is above break even, across the board, we said the shale producers low enough that still is supportive of the consumption side of our economy, so a that is, you know if i could divine where oil prices are sort of stays in this range 50r7b i this i the best environment. >> i think to jump in i heard a number last week, the sheer
8:27 am
volume out of equity funds into international astounding number have you seen that in your -- >> we have emerging markets. >> keep that in mind -- stronger consistently this entire market, even if you include etf just look at he domestically equity flows include etf obviously much more properly. >> mutual funds that is a remarkable sign. >> retailing. >> yes, you look at the spread between institutionalization real, real has consistently been draining from u.s., versus international, now, exposure to equities, is up by virtual of the fact exposure that investors had to equities, has appreciated, so significantly, but this -- this is not a new story of limited enthusiasm for the u.s., although it is it is a
8:28 am
newe story for the increased enthusiasm toward any one u.s. >> top story in the journal mutual funds mutual funds loss as much as 5.4 billion dollars past five years since solid investments in puerto rico bombed that is top story in journal when you have zero percent interest rates you look at yield the yield puerto rico 14% or something got pushed quick liz ann looking at market what we have seen since election day would you put money to work here for the long term. >> i would be more careful putting money to work here we have been overweight to u.s. large caps, and that recently was to reflect the a little bit of a desire to be a bit defensive, so i think we could get volatility but i think in context of ongoing secular bull market i don't knee finale any time soon. >> take a look at markets we have seen pretty good rally last 10 minutes, the markets are now at highs of the
8:29 am
morning here, and we are expecting to dow to open up about 50 points, last really literally 15 minutes we have seen sizable move in stocks coming up a rod block in the fight to repeal and replace obamacare new light for republican health care plan alibaba, how much is he one way or the other after watershed year for his company back in a moment. ugh, see, you need a loan, you put on a suit, you go crawling to the bank. this is how i dress to get a mortgage. i just go to lendingtree. i calculate how much home i can afford. i get multiple offers to compare side by side. and the best part is... the banks come crawling to me. everything you need to get a better mortgage. clothing optional. lendingtree, when banks compete, you win. okay! ...awkward.
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maria: welcome back happy
8:32 am
monday everybody thank you for joining us. i'm maria bartiromo, it is monday, may 15, your top stories right now, 8:30 a.m. on the east coast, the battle over health care still raging on capitol hill a poll shows nearly half country believers the remediate passed bill, is a bad idea. debate made its way to the stage at the miss usa panelist miss d.c. taking the crown after speaking out about health care in america what she said that has liberalize fuming this morning, jack ma in alibaba reportedly richest man in china wealth could go hi, what you need to know ahead of earnings report this week, on wall street markets are rallying now take a look what has occurred in the last 20 minutes, dow industrials up 50 points right here, s&p 500 also in plus column nasdaq back-and-forth now back negative again down one point, futures are certainly near highs right now in europe stocks are searching for direction to look at eurozone indices fulfillment higher cac quarante. dax index lower, all of the above, a fractional moving in, asia overnight,
8:33 am
stocks finished mostly higher nikkei average was one holdout down a fraction. changing the way we think about security we've got new alarm systems that warns your family can tell difference between your dog and home intruder. >> talk about in-flight chasings a helicopter lands at marine corps, so pilot could get food! the outrage on radio. >> "saturday night live" sparks out rainl. >> for those don't know me my meaux is mac huckabee my southern a southern hamburger. >> does anybody get that? the skit may have gone for a tar. >> majority of americans not too happy about house republican health care legislation, 48% say the reason we passed bill a bad idea according to poll by nbc news and journal" as conservative senate republicans are looking to cut more from medicaid
8:34 am
could drop millions from coverage according to "the wall street journal" utah senator mike lee disappear heading that change weighed in. >> what we're trying to do is republicans bring back real health care reform we -- introduce federalism premarket forces in a way that will bring down cost of health care to america's middle class who suffered balanced since obamacare took effect. >> dr. good to see you thanks for weighing. >> good to see you. >> do you think cutting medicaid faces resistance from centrist republicans. >> definitely i think that the whole problem here is that, you know, the -- the democrats have spent like drunken sailors republicans left to clean up mess be criticized for it i don't think we should be surprised that this is going to be pushback because whenever you give tons of stuff away to tons of people pulling back acting like adults is also a a little bit complicated for people.
8:35 am
maria: . >> do you think that there is any part of this really the republicans have not done a good job selling what it is they are trying to put down it seems to me, they are talking about choice talking about everything people saying health care is a right, and almost like having a different debate than most americans are having, at home. >> i think that is true the thing about conservatives they never really have been great articulateing would be of the things they need to get better as definitely that part of the communication, but i think also, we really are in a place in culture we just accept irresponsibility lack of adulting as i like to tell people we really do have to be the parents sometimes in situation, and that is not always the fun role but it is usually the better role more responsible role certainly the role that is better fewest of
8:36 am
america. >> i think lee brings up a great point i was at congressman mcarthur's town hall last week people have real concerns about their own health care a personal issue, it goes straight to their heart when they hear about perhaps getting their hair cut what would you message to the world when you are talking about cutting medicaid putting on a budget, not necessarily taking care away from people, but how do you spin that in a positive way so people don't panic think they will lose their doctor lose their care? >> well, you know to talk about sustainability when it comes to the environment, but never seem to care about sustainability when it comes to government programs that they created, built we absolutely cannot afford, and so keeping people poor is not compassion i think that message can resonate with people this is boot straps people getting back on feet, this was never designed to be what it has become it was
8:37 am
supposed to be for the most destitute, 73 million people in america there is no way numbers are not logical not sustainable, they are not compassionate and not helping people come out of poverty. >> meanwhile, the newly crowned miss usa sparking outrage apparently from far left this morning what she said last night during the competition, when asked if she thinks health care is a privilege or a right. >> -- the one to have health care you need to have a job therefore we need to continue to cultivate this environment that we're given opportunities to have health care as well jobs to all-american citizens worldwide. maria: what did you think about her answer? >> i thought amazing my daughter was technicalitiesing me from pageant amazing two answers i loved one was, steved of calling it feminism how aboequallyism.
8:38 am
>> health care is a privilege so funny the whole night if you watched pageant i did celebrating how diverse top five were even only one kau caucasian diversity is okay in skin color but diversity is not okay in terms of thoughts ideas political perspective they need to check themselves on this i thought she did a great job. >> you mentioned sustainability as government programs, last week announced they are going to bailout on obamacare program, why do you think most americans still don't understand that this system is going to collapse just a matter of time? >> well you go to doctor, and if you don't lose weight you are going to die, or if you don't stop smoking you are going to die, and then we survey the patient and say hey, do you like dieting did you like quitting smoking nobody ever likes the cure for what to keep them from going off the cliff that is really
8:39 am
where we are this is not sustainable we know that. there are people americans are losing their health insurance coverage and so there is no choice here, america needs a deet to stop smoking if you ask what the process is probably going to say "no" but good for them. >> so i found over and over again looking at messaging, messaging anti, not for what you are for always fails reacting not acting you are going to lose i can go to biggest problems that we're seeing out there in republican health care bill not talking about what it is going to do we are going to talk about what it is protecting from us what do you see it that is going to do? >> great, great -- that is such a great point i like that -- optimistic kind of -- glass half full answer as apparent isn't it funny sometimes talking about messaging, to people who are -- become so dependent on handouts you have to think like a mom and you
8:40 am
have to -- positive, instead of saying what is actually good for them but i think a great point i think that -- you know, people actually being healthy people not losing coverage people being able to go to the doctor, they choose to go to, and i think going back to a time when people could actually save the health care dollars they don't use, those sorts of things to appeal to middle class families struggling through outrageous premium increases we have seen from obamacare i think a very positive, we absolutely need to message it great point. >> great to see you thanks so much for joining the conversation. >> coming up next "saturday night live" tackles team trump some say the sketch show went too far this weekend. >> prehistoric find incredible for his ill scientists say is
8:41 am
so rare as rare as a winning lotto ticket, back in a minute. equalism.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
. maria: welcome back, 45 minutes away from the opening bell for a moon, markets looking higher here dow industrials expect to open up 45 points take a look at names on the move this morning, target among big names to watch in retailer, it is set to report first quarter earnings this wednesday, analysts are expecting earnings 912 cents a share, about at target stock down better than 20 -- 22%, this year we are also watching walmart the big kahuna of sector investors hope will help turn around downward trend or retail on thursday analysts expecting earnings 96 cents a share at walmart up better than 15%, over the last year, there is a new name leading the list of china's
8:45 am
richest people cheryl casone with details. cheryl: , maria alibaba group chairman jack ma overtaking the chairman of wanda group wealthiest man in china according to estimates ma's fortunate 39' oi billion dollars. >> ma's powdery by increase alibaba share price e-commerce company profit continues to grow premarket up almost a percent. >> check out this video, from sydney, australia happened on saturday, a man leaving with order from macdonald gets a helicopter -- he landed it had chopper next to mcdonald's got order walked in walked out left, a spokesperson from australia civil aviation safety authority said not technically legal if he had permission from owner of the property maybe debating in australia. >> paleontologists swooning over 110-million-dollar-year-old dinosaur fossil in canada, it
8:46 am
was found by heavy equipment operator six years ago alberta scientists analyzing it since, "national geographic" reports one of the best preserved dinosaur fossils found it would have been approximately 1-feet long, 30,000 pounds scientists say level of tosization so is rare like winning the lottery. finally this initiative bc "saturday night live" tarting white house deputy secretary sarah huckabee sanders many say this skit went too far. >> good morning, guys, to be here today for those who don't know me any father is mac huckabee mother a big southern hamburger, okay, and obviously, i am hilarious like my daddy. >> okay. so as you know filled in for sean spicer at last week's briefing, outrage on twitter about one said so everyone is
8:47 am
cool with "snl" people say they went of a tar. >> we're not cool with it we are all talking about it earlier, i don't know what is funny about trying to make fun of her appearance i think sarah huckabee sanders did ab excellent job last couple weeks getting high grades from everybody on both sides of the aisle for being a straight talker straight sthoort i don't -- do you get. >> it i don't get it. >> i don't get the joke did you get. >> it i was very disappointed i can look at things find them to be hilarious, i can't look at sean spicer without thinking about melissa mccarthy it can be funny i don't think it was funny i don't get the joke basically shamed themselves frankly. maria: ditto shame to yourself. >> a high-tech cameras that can stop intruders without setting off falls alarms we tell you about cool new gadgets, stay with us. ♪
8:48 am
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8:52 am
maing officer jeff gilmartin good to see you he thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you so much, good to be here. >> pretty cool walk us through owe the techn works awesome, an interactive device in your home you tell things you care about, it tells you with those things happen, you can ask specific questions by phone app you can say things, as you saw, tell me if kids don't come home from school on time what the dog did while i was gone, even ask very specific questions tell me if you see, the kids rinunning by garage middle of the night. >> on heels of a massive cyberattack was not directed at people's homes cameras but certainly a concern, in minds how do you sell this to people so worried about their own personal cameras being hacked into. >> absolutely, i think you have to be very careful about who you buy your devices from, acquiesce obviously, huge amount of time that we spend
8:53 am
on privacy security protocols we have grades security encryptions, connections, so we spend a huge amount of time thinking about this, obviously when we are were weren't in home looking at most sensitive data privacy security paramount to us. maria: the past we heard about amazon echo recording conversations computer webcams filming people without anybody knowing it apple storing history without consent, is this product any different? >> so we don't start any day without consent don't look at data without consent, so this is really -- a way to see about it this is a transaction you pay money to review your data the extent of transaction we don't sell data don't review it everything is securely encrypted completely privacy only people that are allowed to see it you and people that are authorized.
8:54 am
>> now you say that can tell difference between a dog the dog walking you whatever you want to be in there can you take a look to see how your dog is doing when not there how does it all work. >> have in terms of -- >> of course. yes, so to give you example i have two devices one front door one front room my dog is on coach all day i look on her see how she is doing we have two-way audio i can check on her, i can speak to her, through the device, and we also have a feature we built as soon as we -- from my the way to think we like to be interactive people on other end have opportunity to be able to speak so you so i have a five-year-old son loves to say hi he can run up to the device wave high understand what waving is so i get notification at work, and i can actually if i have time just open up the app start talking to him live a i
8:55 am
delightful way to stay connected. >> what is cost when available. >> we starting selling on web site thursday we started building the devise plan to ship in september it is artificial intelligence software self-driving car intelligent he founders helped pioneerer charge a bundled of hardware and service $399 for first year we have additional year bundled for significant discounts after your understandel ends $10 a month. >> i like pop-ups everything going on in the house pretty cool thanks very much. >> thank you. jessica gilmartin we will watch developments final thoughts from all-star panel back in a minute. ♪ i miss you -- ♪ i miss you
8:56 am
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on mattress firmness? fortunately there's a bed where you both get what you want every night. enter sleep number and the semi-annual sale going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! only at a sleep number store. oh, and right now it's our lowest price ever on our temperature balancing i8 bed. save $700. go to for a store near you. ♪ ♪ rumor has it, rumor has it ♪ >> welcome back, final thoughts for the all-star panel, lee carter. >> can't wait to see who the fbi director is going to be to
8:59 am
get back on message, tax reform and i want to hear from the american people. >> markets have been snoozing for a month and extremely low volatility. it's time to rebalance your portfolio. take an opportunity to rebalance. maria: rebalance, adding new money or switch things around? >> i would like to look at health care, growth stocks have done well. might be time to take profits off the table. rebalance. maria: shell be. >> looking at markets, i think we got away with one with the security breach. luckily it hasn't caused much harm. what a wakeup call. next time it could go to your infrastructure, to banks and i think people around the world need to wake up, not just companies, but individuals realize you're responsible for yourself and your company. maria: it's true. i would think there's more impact from the global cyber attack. >> i'm shocked. maria: we haven't seen it.
9:00 am
>> primarily because it happened mostly overseas. maria: they said it will get worse today. we will see if it does. have a great show. see you tomorrow same time, same place. seize the day. "varney & company," and here is charles payne. >> i'm charles payne, stuart will be back on thursday. we begin with the massive worldwide cyber attack. the word unprecedented is being used to describe this attack that hit hundreds of thousands of people and organizations and 150 and continues to spread this morning. it really is, even though the damage has been mitigated, it has been significant enough that it's believed to be the world's biggest on-line extortion attack ever. cyber security stocks right now, indicating higher this morning. meanwhile, in china, 1.4 trillion dollar plan to build roadways


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