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tv   FBN AM  FOX Business  May 22, 2017 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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they've been pampered their whole lives an the sad reality is you get slapped in the face all the time. you got to get tough. tree into breaking news this morning. big dad for president donald trump. arriving in israel in one hour where you'll meet with one of the united states greatest allies on restoring peace in the middle east. we will have a live report from jerusalem. good morning. i am the culpability fees. lauren: good morning. i'm lauren simonetti. we will have reaction to transfer his foreign speech as president. trade u.s. stock market futures after two weeks as telling for stocks. duff pictures at 16. s&p futures up half a point
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goodness that features a five. lauren: ford expected to announce the filing of the ceo today. breaking details. nicole: in sports, boston celtics came from 21-point down for dramatic last-second win over the cleveland cavaliers in the nba playoffs and the nhl playoffs got pittsburgh ottawa senators seven to 19 in game five of the eastern conference finals. lauren: five of 1:00 a.m. in new york. monday, may 22nd. your first look at morning markets and breaking news. nicole: president trump on the second step of his international trade in live report from blake burman and jerusalem awaiting his arrival. good morning, bleak. reporter: good morning or good afternoon because it's officially 12:01 here in jerusalem. president trampled the landing here in israel within the hour. about an hour person or a tel
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aviv videomaker rider flight over here too but is a stunning day in jerusalem on this morning, afternoon. a packed schedule for the president. the church, the western wall and then he will meet with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. their families will be together the first day of a two-day visit to israel. over the weekend, the president meeting with arab leaders therapeutic in a very anticipated speech in which his message was for them to get rid of isis. watch. >> drive them out. drive them out at their places of worship. drive them out of your communities. drive them out of your holy land and drive them out of this or peer training partners the
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message in which the united states is dealing with principled realism. a matter of common sense to think to see the arab world to engage in active relates to the fight against a citizen terrorism here in the middle east. as the president is set to arrive in israel, it is an historic event obviously in an historically taken aboard air force one. this'll be the first time that air force one will fight directly from saudi arabia to israel. there is a long, long play between the two nations are his discrepancy between israel and the arab world is different is to fight restrictions. air force one flying from saudi arabia here to israel. that's not normal and we are expecting the president to touch down here momentarily. we'll send it back to you. nicole: another step towards peace. plate or man cometh thank you so much. lauren: muslim leaders on its first overseas trip since taking office as president trump
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speaking to arab leaders yesterday. calling to confront terrorism from the raging pit the president announcing a six nation gulf cooperation council to combat financing of terrorism. >> article with a coalition of nations to share the aim of stamping out extremism and providing our children and hopeful future that does honor to god. nicole: chunk describing the fight against islamic extremism is a battle between good and evil rather than different faith, different civilization. train to first overseas trip comes as relationships between united dates and the regions change direction. for more, our cia covert operations officer and president of diligence, mike baker and former intelligence officer and repeat. good morning to both of you.
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the u.s. is changing direction on iran clearly. they seem to be giving up engagement and sinister than the rivalries in the mideast. what do you think is the beginning here? the beginning of what? >> the beginning of holding the balance of power in the middle east that the president and others testiness atropine over the past 10 years. things that the iranian nuclear deal, outreach to iran palace, particularly before the civil war and the prefrontal saudi's and made them worried about their ability to push back against iranian dominance of the middle east. lauren: mike baker, what is the possibility for the ultimate dealmaker, president trump to reach the ultimate deal of peace between israel and palestine? >> not against the current administration but the are done. it is sort of the holy grail
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that every administration reaches word is peace in the middle east. i think it is important for them to make some effort, but i think they need to be pragmatic about it and not get down and another round where it's not really going anywhere because you don't have to willing partners and got a segment of the middle east that finds it had been teachers do not have peace in that sense. train to what you think the president trump speech a little backing off of islam extremism? can you give me a thought on the speech? >> i thought it was very strong. he raised the issue of islamic involvement with terrorism and called some of those regimes to the carpet. i did think there is a missing the fact that the president never asked for that terrorism is coming from. both he and rex tillerson said earlier we are not going to get involved with the type of
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domestic machine you have, but clearly some relationship between the fact there's no democracies in the middle east. really no liberal states at all in the middle east is the only region producing islamic terrorism. good messages but also questions unanswered. >> u.s. real estate. it is pragmatic. looking for ways to describe it. a refreshing change is from the past eight years. i do think his comments about drive them off in the place of worship was about as far realistically as you could go a step. you have to take this incrementally i believe. i think that it signals a shift. in working with iran. this is all about a traditional balance of power. nicole: thank you post so much.
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lauren: brand choice confirming the white house chief of staff reince priebus is making a return to the bike has to the white house after traveling with president trump or the white house telling us beyond the return had been planned all along to get a head start. that is nonstop speculation that his position as chief of staff could be an deputy. >> asia and how things are ferrying. the nikkei, hong kong hang seng each gaining. or is cost with record is 1%. shanghai composite down half of 1%. lauren: clariion shares surging on the deal between huntsman and clearing to switzerland elsewhere. you can see at paris. see cac quarante update team. we do want to break in right now to let you know donald trump has just arrived in israel. that cannot live pictures right now. air force one coming in.
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nicole: this is obviously a monumental flight is the first time to have her first fund come from saudi arabia come straight to jerusalem where there is a tarmac. this is part of his trip you continue on after this trip to italy. g7, nato. there is a plain come air force one landed in israel right now. lauren: was mr. that is never done because of diplomatic relations between saudi arabia and israel. the flight on time are relatively close, landing right now in tel aviv. nicole: let's get back to your market check if stockmarket features at the same time as we keep a keen eye on this arrival in israel. looking at stock market futures this morning slightly higher for dow futures.
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lauren: up 21 points. nicole: 21 points to the upside. lauren: if you look at commodities this morning, we can show you how oily gold are doing at this hour. oil prices are slightly higher. $50.71. go to $1.20. nicole: president trump has been released in his budget tomorrow. reportedly will include some steep changes as filing cuts in entitlement and predict the balanced budget in 10 years. how wall street react to this? joining commit senior portfolio manager cometh thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. nicole: what do you think? what's on tap for the budget in the market? >> we think the economy is going quite well. the european economy is also moving forward as well as the emerging markets, i.e. china. somewhat overvalued. when it comes to public policy
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here fiscal policy, we think that will come up with the budget agreement in the early part of 2018. when you look at 10 years come that there would be a deficit nonetheless historically post-world war ii to deficit spend between two and 3.5%. again, we are going to get somewhat more of a fiscal stimulus. the economy overall going into 2018 that were around 2.5%. lauren: will receive 3% growth? >> we have an aging population and workforce participation rates that are quite low due in part because of labor force participation rate. a 3% growth rate is quite nice guitar expert patient of course is about 2.5%. >> also your thoughts on the market reacts to the budget this week. >> the market has fully anticipated the budget deal and
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that is why the market has gone up roughly 16% year-over-year. earnings are really solid. investors should look for a 5% to 6% total return. lauren: thanks, chad gave president trump has arrived in israel. we will bring you the arrival ceremony by from tel aviv. stay with us. you're watching trans and, your first look at morning markets and breaking news. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit bp developed new, industry-leading software
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lauren: welcome back to train five mph you rather cannot live shots of what is going on in tel aviv israel where air force one to sign where air force one just landed from saudi arabia. now i'm the second part of his first foreign trip as president of the united states. this is quite comic your son has been joining us now. happy monday. historic day for the president. he just finished a monumental speech in saudi arabia. rally allies to help us defeat terrorism and now he arrives in israel. your thoughts in saudi arabia next patience for it today.
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>> this is an incredible day. whenever strongest allies in the middle east. the only real functioning and thriving democracy. whenever strongest allies is that national security can turn. this is a very important visit. though his interest in the middle east beach was this real shift in policy with iran. this is some and israel carries deeply about not only because of the nuclear threat but the fact that iran funds hezbollah bread on the northern border of israel with lebanon. a strong stance president trump took on iran is very positive for israel. he's visiting the western wall, delay said judaism is visiting the holocaust memorial amused he had which is very important to the jewish people. it should be a good trip for the president all around good optically for whenever strongest allies. nicole: right. we are also being joined by pablo manriquez says. your thoughts as we watch now as
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president trump arrives here in israel. assad meeting with prime minister benjamin netanyahu again. >> town yesterday and a lot of interesting ways. we have to commend our allies for putting together a tremendous amount such short shortcomings that included leaders throughout the arab world because we need these leaders just like israel to fight basis in a robust way than president trump has promised. there's a lot of questions by the israeli people just like the vatican. overall, the dixon logistics of the trip are brilliant. they've really done a lot to solidify our position of strength in the world. but also show any compassion. the ark of the trip beginning in saudi arabia and as we mentioned yesterday, 90, 95% of the big guns are islamic and israel been
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one of our strongest allies in pope francis which is allotted the audience looking forward to as well. we'll have soared as it aligned with questions of compassion but i think a lot of the domestic audience. >> by dissent than president trump said. if we can bring three-phase can bring three-phase come at islam, christianity and judaism together we could achieve world peace. you said something before it occurs then, august or thoughts on this. the difference in town for eight years under president obama. we saw america apologize for past sins and try to negotiate with our enemies. this is president trump saying there is a stark difference between good and evil and we are not going to stand for evil anymore and we are reaching out to allies around the world particularly in the middle east to fix this problem and annihilate the terrorists.
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>> security is one of his biggest issues. a bus in the campaign and now as well. it's a big concern considering everything going on with domestic policy. the shift in tone is immense. the real shift in saying we're going to work with people based on security concerns in business not in a human rights basis which some senators here in the state were not so pleased with. that shows he's committed to security at all costs in the trip is another example of that. nicole: keeping a close eye on donald trump's arrival. they are in the tarmac in tel aviv, israel. keep your right here the fox business network for the latest breaking news. we will be right back.
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nicole: breaking news as we have a keen eye on air force one in tel aviv, israel arriving on the tarmac. street to blake burman in jerusalem. blake. reporter: hike on a there. good morning from jerusalem. i think you guys just came to me. a busy one in jerusalem. what you watch right now is an hour north to tel aviv as we await the arrival of president trump on the ground here in israel. he will be here for two days and make several stops at several meetings over the city. tel aviv where he is right now expecting a ceremony to last about 20 to 25 minutes or so. the prime minister benjamin netanyahu there on the ground. after the ceremony the president will fly by marineland to jerusalem take about 10, 15, 20 minutes or so in an active offense. he will meet with president redland, with the prime minister benjamin netanyahu. president trump will visit
5:24 am
several of the holy sites here. that being the church of the sub six of the western wall and israel. tomorrow it's off to more meetings as the president will mean and i find that the palestinian leader mark mohd abbas. this is an historic precedent as so many before him now trying to tackle the peace process. over the weekend, president trump was in saudi arabia talking with muslim leaders in date arab world trying to get them to step up the fight against al qaeda, terrorism in general. the president is here in jerusalem. today's underground awaiting the president's arrival as he steps off air force one. lauren and nicole, maybe having some audio issues so i'll send it back to you. lauren: blake berman can take it back. want to highlight how important it is. the first president of the united states to do so and yield a danish jerusalem. that is where christians believe jesus christ is varied and
5:25 am
resurrected this is a coming together of the fates and president reaching out to all of them. nicole: also looking at live pictures of prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his wife waiting on the tarmac. two planes arrived in the first air force one out in our president donald trump. the second is the staff and as we noted from blake, go have been traveling on marine one to jerusalem. let's bring in our guest kristin haglund and pablo manriquez to talk about this monumental first-rate that the united states. as we look at these pictures and see the groundbreaking he's doing, your thoughts. >> very important to make this trip and interest in the first trip abroad for the president that he chose these three countries. it's essential in shows this aspect of foreign powers become achieving mideast mideast peace is a priority.
5:26 am
especially the foreign policy apparatus in this administration is taking a pragmatic and realistic view of this process. we have a hardliner and security come of benjamin netanyahu as well as sunday. there has not been an easy pass couple of years for these two is still a lot of division. definitely a first step both presidents of the west bank in palestine and israel are eager to show president trump they want to work on this. they want to seek a deal for the next couple days will be interesting to see how president trump is able to handle these strong leaders. lauren: looking at pictures of benjamin netanyahu. you can argue that tensions have been somewhat strange recently. would you make that argument? >> i would. the u.s. and israel have been a little bit strained in the last few years. one of the things that buy to see from the israel visit that perhaps we didn't see the saudi
5:27 am
arabia visit is the inclusion of more women's voices. the first lady was a tremendous ambassador to our country. she had to say descended from air force one and became -- continue to be this iconic first lady the world over is admiring. israel has more gender equality in things like that and need to be part of the narrative because yesterday the president spoke to a room full of milk, largely strongman makers from the islamic world. this trip to israel allows him to pay the tour is more like what is the female voice going to be in this foreign policy agenda? >> i wanted to bring a guest mike baker and andrew peak silvia forecasts for forecast that all chatting about the arrival of, watching benjamin netanyahu was dumped trump arrives there. your thoughts on what we just heard in saudi arabia the president giving his tone to
5:28 am
being tough on terrorism, now moving here to tel aviv and jerusalem where he really will work hard and peace deals between the israelis and has enhanced. make. >> again, every administration has to do it. maybe i'm cynical. i've seen a lot of cycles with the administration comes in and says let's work on the middle east peace issue. again, you have to do it. everyone needs to be realistic about this. without willing partners on both sides of the discussion, we will have a problem reaching a deal. >> do believe donald trump has successfully revived u.s. credibility with the strip? >> yeah, it takes a period it was revived from day one when he made it clear he wouldn't continue policies of president obama insulting towards iran in the middle east in encouraging the growth of iranian power. i think his work on the peace deal in israel is something he has to do like mike said.
5:29 am
but he also gets a lot of edited to the sunni arab states like saudi arabia that really benefit domestically from having their close allies in the united states working on an issue very important to their populations. many populations care deeply about the palestinian cause and want to see this resolved. nicole: pablo, your thoughts. obvious a great welcome from donald trump in saudi arabia for signage and a huge book on which it really surprise them people. he's really doing his best to try to give us a feeling of unity around the world. >> years. this is again an indicator of the maturity or the maturing of the presidency. besides a speech yesterday was a lot different than speeches we've heard before that were easier to criticize. i watched his speech at another network and it took them half an hour before they could find the points they wanted to attack,
5:30 am
which before there were things that were more obvious about the rest. there is a maturing of the presidency going on. this trip is allowing for the processes by which create consolidated communications like especially through the speech yesterday in ways that make us proud to have a president representing us on the foreign stage. a lot of people were concerned that him going out into this hornets nest of a region with this bombastic rhetoric that he had during the campaign is going to be a problem that could hurt united states, reputation and markets a broad group that hasn't been the case at all. a lot of people presently surprised by that. nicole: pablo commented on how much negativity here. when you open a news paper you see such negative headlines about sun in so many of us he is groundbreaking and bringing people together. harvard out what this study. 80% of media coverage for
5:31 am
transfers from hundred days is negative. nicole: is anyone surprised by that? lauren: not surprised, but the conversation we're having right now. >> this is the first real step out into the world to the first sign of what is trump's foreign policy agenda. it's all very positive so far. the interesting thing about benjamin made yahoo! and israel is very different government in saudi arabia have been a monarchy. benjamin netanyahu has faced some opposition and power to stand up in the face of some of these peace deals. that's interesting to watch him ordered ministers to the tarmac. not because they did monaco are given by president trump that there wasn't time for a handshake. be in a democratic society that israel is comforted time-share fumblings. wonderful to see a democratic ally. marine one takes about 15, 20 minutes to get from jerusalem to
5:32 am
tel aviv. an extremely small country which is why partnerships between israel and the middle east are so. they can't stand on their own. after allison partnerships in the region. trade to check with blake irvin and jerusalem to see what he's adding a file. we are going to mike baker as we talk about the steps here going forward in the criticism of donald trump has received. mike, what would you say might be one of the critiques of the trip thus far and how would she battle it? what would your response? >> one of the seats on the left in portions of the media will be this notion that we are abandoning iran and just as favorite alike did ronnie bush set out to point out as a moderate and the idea they are reaching out to the world just as president trump is pivoting away from them. the way to battle that is to
5:33 am
just continually beat on on this idea that somehow the head of iran's is a moderate. he wouldn't be good enough for clerics want him be there. to continue efforts with their weaponization program. they continue to support terrorism in the region and around the world. is going to be the effort to say how could you do this? there's still disbelief in some areas at the lab at the every nuclear deal is a brilliant pathway to peace and that is frankly not sense. lauren: watching video right now. the steps being pushed close to air force one is donald trump will soon get ready to defend those steps as he embarks on the second leg of his first foreign trip as president of the united states. saudi arabia first, palestine tomorrow. entropy, what do you expect the president to say momentarily. >> you talk about the close strategic and ties between the
5:34 am
united states and israel. he will talk about the importance of a mutually beneficial peace agreement. he'll talk about the threat of iran. but i expect him not to do is put any kind of public pressure and israel. this is a real misstep of the apartment in 2009 where they began their relationship with israel in their approach towards middle eastern peace by pressuring israel on the settlement which was scuttled the palestinian relations with israel amid the palestinians very hard line on beginning negotiations which ultimately founded. true to how is the media going to handle what's happening at home with the budget and fbi potential is coming in at the fbi director and all this abroad? >> another busy, busy news week. big things happening on the hill. testifying before the senate
5:35 am
committees on the fbi's russia probe will continue to be in the headlines. as those proposed cuts to medicaid and other entitlement programs donald trump has proposed, just proposed in his budget. a lot of debate obviously when entitlement programs are potentially on the chopping block that upsets a lot of people. there will be a lot of talk there. the focus this week will be on the foreign policy agenda and the trip to bob and going to the vatican will be a beautiful scene not only visually but also emotionally for so many people around the world. it will be about back-and-forth between crises domestically in the drama in the house and senate versus these wonderful pictures in the middle east. >> as we watch video from overseas, chief of -- reince priebus expected to come back to the united states to work on the budget proposal for tomorrow. >> right. the budget proposal like to middle east trip in both cases the president runs the risk of over promising and under delivering.
5:36 am
andrew pointed out very correctly that peace between israel and palestine might not have been taken have been taken up residence lifetime and if that's not the case it will be another broken promise by the president. another thing we keep in mind if he made a lot of promises on the campaign trail about health care in the budget proposes $800 had to medicare and that is just not something the american people, especially elderly americans who punish republicans up and down the coast throughout the country and town homes will be able to palette. a lot of promising going on here. not necessarily a whole lot of delivery. 80 moderate his tone a little more with some of the things he's saying are possible. nicole: we are waiting for president donald trump to appear in the doorway of air force one, come down this airs expecting to hear from him as well as benjamin that yahoo! and others are waiting.
5:37 am
your thought on what should come out of all of this. >> what needs to come out of this is a consolidated strategy that brings in all three papers to make religion to fight aces bid that seems to be the promise of the trip. the last visit on this trip to the vatican will be an interesting one because it's going to paint it. hope frances isn't the military leader. he will be asking president trump moral questions like what are you doing to help the poorest of the port in your country? what are you doing to help the poorest of the poor abroad? we are talking about how we are going to destroy a space in it and there's a real possibility working together we can do this affect to believe. at the same time, pope frantisek u.s. when he visited the united states last year or so many lawmakers and americans across party lines is going to be a
5:38 am
humble check on the humility check for the president and his team. i hope that the outcome of the trip and the ark of the trip as i was saying in the previous block is brilliant the way they scheduled it. >> mike baker, soaking most president the first foreign trip is to canada or mexico. donald trumps as i spoke to both of those leaders on the phone. not only going overseas to the nation have to do with terrorism on their soil, and going to the holy site. this is something i don't agree traversing it for her. >> right. pablo did a good point earlier when he talked about the other networks having a difficult time here. sort of on their backs to the district is looking for ways to maybe find easy leverage point to criticize the trip. this was well orchestrated. it's important. it's not just orchestration is not just against it is important in terms of the countries he's
5:39 am
chosen. again, i would caution in terms of israel with pat the previous admin is ration made the same after asked about previous administrations and we have to be very realistic about where the effort for peace in the middle east goes. the speech to the saudis yesterday again struck a more pragmatic, more realistic tone and directly talked about terror and away we we haven't in that region for many years to miss several years. nicole: obviously we are anticipating president donald trump bidding with hope frances r. polk francis says he plans to be sincere of their president on the clear differences such as immigration and climate change when they hold this meeting in the vatican. the same time the pope also said he's going to keep an open mind, not pass judgment on the president until first listening to his views. this is so key.
5:40 am
what if the pope comes up and is not pleased with the things trump says? trump is such a deal maker. i get it done, right? >> also using -- nicole: donald trump appearing. first lady melania at the head in the top of the stairs as they arrived. going out down the stairs to meet prime minister benjamin netanyahu as well. lauren: president trump expected to make a short speech. as we wait for a come of blake burman with more on the ground in israel. reporter: hi there, yes. expecting a speech to last 15 or 20 minutes. watching president trump deplaned from air force one joined alongside his wife, the first lady melania trump. that group will make their way in a little while over here to jurors on. the president will take marineland by air from tel aviv to jerusalem for about albeit
5:41 am
basically a 24, 28 hour trip from their visiting some of the holiest sites, the church of the holy sepulchre, but several high-profile meetings. their families will have dinner at least the whites joining them as well. tomorrow it is a bethlehem for the president as he will then meet with the palestinian leader saturday. the line going forward essentially is this. the ball is in your corner. we saw yesterday in saudi arabia the president give that speech in which he said will join you. we will help you. we are doing a principled realism of common interest and common sense but you need to take up the fight. aboard air force one, the secretary of state rex tillerson was aching with reporters and passing on the same message saying the president is to engage in the peace process to get into the middle of this, to speak with the israeli prime minister and the palestinian
5:42 am
leader and basically try to figure out how sincere or the way forward for our site to engage in this essay, but some sort of solution, some compromise in peace deal that has metal daters for generations past. the president they are now on the ground in israel and we will see where this trip takes him. by the way, i believe you're keeping on the live shot. it is quite the site here in jerusalem if security is on the ground. it is tight. there is a little bit of a sense of calm here. it is quite unusual to see that or at least unique as the president is on the ground in jerusalem. security is tight, but a sense of these throughout the city as well. there were signs in jerusalem that they trump makes israel parade. i see no playoff picture and make america great again. the president now on the ground.
5:43 am
nicole: blake on my list as a patriot watching our president arrived at one of our key allies in israel as a just completed a great trip to saudi arabia, the president is taking on the world in the most positive way he knows how to does though and has obviously several steps ahead. they are now playing the national and done, hand on heart for everybody lined up on the tarmac in tel aviv, israel. lauren: said three of really driving it home. he says i don't think there's a time in history for quite some time of the nations, arab nations come israel come united states are facing this comment thread. the rest of isis, respite care research organization. extreme views as a threat to all of us. that seems to be the agreement from igra looking at now. hands on their hearts that the national anthem playing. the president, melania, tel aviv
5:44 am
israel. ♪ nicole: kirstein, as you look at these pictures as the national and this plane, first of all such a proud moment and we wish him peace and strength as it moves forward to meet all of the key leaders and continues on this trip as he works to make america great again, but her unity and peace around the world. >> obviously these are the homes of three major faiths. really good for people of faith in this country as well. evangelical christians view our relationship with israel very strong. they've been praying for him and this visit. it is also a huge part of this. israel and israelis of america. they love americans. i'll never forget being in the middle of the sea of galilee and they raise the american flag and play the national anthem. they love this country and they value our relationship.
5:45 am
not just about the officials here, ministers and the people who have shepherded israel since 1948, but the israeli people love americans as well. lauren: that is such a good point. it seems as though, that america was such a rate administration and cat apologizing for america's pastimes. this is embracing her greatness. >> absolutely. start from a position of strength and go for there for your influence comes from. it is of real mistake of the previous administration to assume terrorism in the middle east comes out of american power of a response to american actions when it is the list of grievances of terrorist organizations like al qaeda run everything from the christian reconquest sustained to the genocide in bosnia. american actions are what keep middle eastern or safe among us. trade to interpeak, thank you
5:46 am
for joining us on this monumental arrival in tel aviv, israel. we turn now to pablo recast, democratic strategist joining us as we watch the survival and anticipation to canadians going forward. there's so much much hope on this trip. what would be the one critique that is front and center? >> women spread so far. but then again, obviously yesterday he had to play to his audience. nicole: can you give us an example of what you're talking about? >> sure. yesterday was a roomful of men and we spoke about military strength and the one inserted in a glancing way he did touch on the importance of the equality of women, but i think we can do more. israel has allowed our track record for equal rights because the president so far with his
5:47 am
daughter and first lady. true to vodka has done a wonderful job. women living in saudi arabia. she's working behind the scenes as well. certainly. she is. she really is. we have an opportunity for the vote to really come out and be a little bit more at the forefront of what we talk about here. isis was the focus inciting isis and kelly isis and killing isis over the weekend. as we proceed through the early we, the one thing i'd like to see more of. lauren: at the right of him is he president red line. we ask that donald trump to speak for 15 or more minute momentarily. mike baker, would you ask back from the speech today? will that he a message coming from the white house? abolishing airport. will it be set it be safe be different he speaks in israel?
5:48 am
>> is going to acknowledge the strong ties between our two countries. he will indicate that there is a shift now over the past eight years in terms of dealing an alliance with israel. at the same time, there will be a sense that they can manage it to indicate as far as defeat in the middle east can isis, we need more from you in the region. this is a matter we all have to be working on together to the availability of each country's resources. i think there's going to be a pragmatic tone set with the speech, but it will be emotional. let's put it that way. nicole: is emotional watching his speech in saudi arabia. as pictures, watching the strip step is to and what can come out of it is monumental.
5:49 am
as i watch this walk and everybody has hope for peace between israelis and palestinians and president trump has been working at benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas. so many critics say so -- same story. it should find the words of something happens. >> if you're looking at history and what happened so far would be easy to be more pessimistic than not. what is different this time is the factor potentially arab nations and other nations invested in the deal. before that when bill clinton was trying to broker peace between entertainment as he has done and encouragement at arab nations. one of the reasons they are patient did not support going into making a deal was not a
5:50 am
situation might look different on the heels of saudi arabia of saudi arabia. that could offer extra leverage in its peace talks. >> i wonder what they are saying. you see donald trump and bibi netanyahu whispered to each other. they are all expected to have dinner with the family's later today. these are good relations and not good relations between this entire region definitely working to establish relations to defeat the common enemy, which is terrorism. >> mike baker up on the podium now and keeping a keen eye on him. sitting on the podium as we wait to hear from donald trump. your thoughts now surveyed on the speech. >> i'm looking forward to this beach because there's a process for creating speeches but in the white house is becoming more sophisticated.
5:51 am
as a democrat in america and i was with what i thought was very abrasive. understood the audience of the term supporters who elected him, but then the larger american audience. the stakes couldn't be higher for the speeches on the strip. not only is the entire nation watching, the entire world is watching. i'm really happy with the communications team at the white house for developing a plan to review and put the thesis through several review pieces as it goes live. it leaves oppositional knotwork scratching their heads on how to attack it. it's going to be difficult to pivot from domestic issues over here when he gets back from the trip. >> president trump getting an
5:52 am
official welcome for the president of israel. let's take a quick listen. >> israel needs a strong united states. the united states also needs a strong israel. in the middle east, an area that suffers from terrorism and madness between the united states and israel shall time. the bond between us, but also we share common values we share the hope for peace. the people of israel are excited by your arrival and have great expectations from this business.
5:53 am
we thank you for your commitment to israel's ability to face the threats of today and tomorrow. mr. president, today we honor to host you in jerusalem. we are honored to have you here with us as we mark the years of jerusalem. it makes us happy to know that the most important ally recognized the significance of jerusalem to jewish people all around the world. jerusalem is the beating heart of the jewish people for 3000 years. mr. president, you come here to israel and saudi arabia.
5:54 am
you will visit the holy church and then you are going to the vatican. in just one journey, he will visit the three holiest places. we each had different beliefs, but we all worship the same god. we can work together towards a better future. we shall continue to do so together, mr. president. [speaking in native tongue] welcome to israel. god bless you. god bless you, mr. president.
5:55 am
god bless america. god bless israel. [applause] lauren: that was israeli president rivlin said we had different beliefs but we worship the same god. it's an honor to host here in jerusalem. he'll bring a new, cure sin. he did speak about the importance of jerusalem. at least they contested topic you >> , trump has shifted positions on. here's a look now prime minister benjamin netanyahu as he takes the mic. >> president rivlin and his wife, president trump, madam first lady, donald, melania,
5:56 am
welcome, a very warm welcome to israel. [applause] your visit here, mr. president, is truly historic. never before has the worst foreign trip of a president of the united states included a visit to israel. thank you, mr. president. [applause] thank you or this powerful expression of their friendship to israel. mr. president, yesterday in saudi arabia you delivered a speech of clarity and conviction . he called on our nations to
5:57 am
drive terrorists and extremists. the forces of civilization to confront the forces of barbarism. mr. president, for 69 years, israel has been doing precisely that. these manned the front lines, fight terrorism and built a moderate jewish state in doing so, mr. president, we protected all faiths. muslims, christians, everyone. throughout the middle east, christian communities decimated. maynard is persecuted. proud to have a growing community with the right of all. mr. president, israel shares the commit to peace express today.
5:58 am
liberty made these with egypt and jordan and israel's hand is extended in peace to honor neighbors including palestinians. the pcc is a genuine and durable one and which the jewish state is recognized. security remains in israel's hands of the conflict ends once and for all. mr. president, you just flew firm for the two tel aviv. i hope one day a prime minister will be out to fly from tel aviv to riyadh. do your first trip to our region proved to be and historic milestone on the path towards reconciliation and peace. i look forward to working with you in the years ahead to
5:59 am
advance security, prosperity and peace. i'm confident under your leadership the remarkable alliance between israel and the united states will become ever greater, ever stronger. donald and melania, the entire u.s. delegation on behalf of the government and the people of israel, we welcome you to the state of israel. may god with you, mr. president. may god bless israel and may god left the united states of america. [applause] [speaking in native tongue] ladies and gentlemen, the
6:00 am
honorable donald jay trump, president of the united states of america. [applause] >> thank you and shalom. it is wonderful to be here in israel. president rivlin, mrs. rivlin, prime minister benjamin netanyahu, mrs. netanyahu commit thank you are a match. i am deeply grateful and very honored to be with you. i'm a first trip overseas as president, i have come to the sacred and ancient land to reaffirm the unbreakable bond between the united they and the state of israel.


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