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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 23, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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that means that's the death of vat. lou: history. >> thank you. charles: here is lou dobbs. lou: good evening, british prime minister theresa may tonight has raised united kingdom terrorist threat level to severe to critical, highest possible threat level, following last night's attack in manchester, heightened alert after islamic state claimed responbili f what is britain's deadliest radical islamist terrorist attack since 2005. last night suicide bombing killed 22 people. injured 59 others. in manchester arena. the bomber 22-year-old was the
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son libyan immigrants, lived just 3 1/2 miles from the arena, he detonated a homemade bomb. 10:30 p.m. local time as pop star ariana grande was wrapping' a concert, crowds of children and teenagers were leaving the venue. speaking from bethlehem president trump denounced the radical islamic terrorist as evil loser. >> so many young beautiful, innocent people, living, enjoying their lives, murdered by evil losers in life. i won't call them monsters. because they would like that term. they would think that is a great name. i will call them from now on losers. because that is what they are. they are losers.
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>> one of many concerns now is whether western leaders will continue with the stupidity anpassivity that makes radical islamic terrorism possible, manchester is home to a large muslim population that soared in recent years, there were 80,000 muslims in manchester at time of last census in 2011 -- 122% increase in that population from 2001. rick leventhal is in manchester our report. reporter: a different scene 24 hours after the attack, no sire rings, no screaming kids, no terrifying parents. a heavy police present still, the officers will soon be joined by british armed forces on orders from prime minister primwho is concerned.
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a stunned nation trying to make sense of a senseless act. manchester police serving two accept warrants, one involving controlled explosion in hunt for crews. >> a scene of chaos and panic at largest indoor concert venu the uk after a suicide bomber detonatedded an improvised explosive device, in a public area between the venue and the adjoining victoria train station. just as a ariana grande concert had ended. dote natio - >> it was chaos. frightening. terrifying. >> i was really nervous about what would happen. as soon as i heard the bang, i just decided to run. >> we heard screaming. everyone was running from the back.
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>> felt like a flash. then everyone was running back up the stairs panicking, screaming. >> at least 22 were killed by the blast, dozens more wounded by flying shrapnel, 18-year-old student juror gina was among the deed, a pop music fan who met the singer two years ago, and posted her picture on instagram, 8-year-old, described as a beautiful little girl, her mother and sisters among those recovering in 8 area hospitals, british prime minister theresa may visited the woundd. >> this is an absolutely barkov ache -- barbaric attack to cut off young lives in this way, this is devastating, and our thoughts and prayers must be with their families and friends as this ho horrendous tragedy. reporter: bomber 22-year-old salman, a brit with libyan
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origins, a 23-year-old man also arrested in connection with investigation of the bomber, just beginning. >> our policy with police counterterrorism, and security partners, is to continue toestae or working as part of a wilder network. reporter: tuesday evening thousands of mourners show their loves for a victims at a vigil in albert square, with signing, scandals and a moment of -- candles and a moment of sesilence. back to you. lou: thank you. >> rick left know tha leventhal reporting, here is what we know so far about the bomber, he was born in manchester in 1994, son of libyan refugees who fled the gadhafi regime.
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and he was reportedly known to british authorities, they did not believe he imposed a threat to. joining me now to discuss the manchester, terrorist attack, investigation, latest warning from pretty ir british government, steve rogers, good to h i could not help but notice the sign in which they were talking about love for all, hatred forone. it is irrelevant to at is happening in this manchester. and unfortunately so many parts of europe and in the world? >> who withic so mucic exception of president trump, world leaders have to understand we're at war, this is not criminal action, this is war, the rules of engagement must change when you are at war, the rules of
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engagement in france, and england and germany have not changed, here they will change because now we have a president who recognized what this is, a war. lou: approaching 16 years in this war. without victory. without resolution. it is preposterous that our leaders do not with the exception of president trump, do not want to change their outlook, their perspective or their approach. >> it is the political correct policies that take us down a path that will destroy country by country, look at germany. look at in france, now british are reaping the wages of policies that are killing their people, not the enemy, this has to change. hopefully this will be wake-up call to change their policies. lou: idea that these attacks are becoming more frequent. two months ago westminster attack in the u.k.
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the in france, and paris, the attack on potential 20, -- april 20, april 7, sweden, april 3, russia, and uk on march 22, at westminister, what could have been an attempted attack on parliament itself. against the louvre knife attack, germany, the berlin christmas market. these are accelerating in frequency and now in deadly affect. >> first of all let's understand they use terrorist attack these are military combacombatants trained to destroy their enemies, we are their enemies, they are changing their targets, this individual had a backpack, he knew he could not get in, they find out where the most people
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will be, to do the most damage, it was this exit. lou: what are we going to do? i mean, we can understand that the a crowd exotic a pro -- exiting a protected and secure venue is more vulnerable when they are leaving, only thing that will save lives to destroy the islamic state. and how are we going to kill -- i don't hear a discussion, by anyone other than again than president trump, and some of his advisers about killing the enemy. >> we'll have to do thins tha things that tome bin that people don't like for us to do,s president is right, getting a world coalition, and respond militarily in middle east. we need tow need to unleash our law enforcement officers, and we need to unleash the
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nsa, we need to understand that this enemy has to be killed econom eradicated off of the face of the earth. lou: at same time we don't have to give up our rights as citizen, and tolerate an nsa intruding to lives of citizens . we need to focus on perspective enemy and make determination. >> how about when they move into the country, stlai t -- they have to assimilate to our life. lou: thank you. >> coming right back, much more ahead stay with us. >> president trump calls for a worldwide effort to crush radical islamist terror. >> we must drive out the terrorists and the extremists, obliterated that evil idead o
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ideology and produc pro toke and defend our citizens and people of the world. lou: we take up the trump administration's affor effort to win the war. >> and taxpayer first budget. >> we're serious about the wall. lou: conservative commentator michelle malkin will join us next. new parodontax. the toothpaste that helps prevent bleeding gums. if you spit blood when you brush or floss you may have gum problems and could be on the journey to much worse. help stop the journey of gum disease. try new parodontax toothpaste. ♪
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lou: trump administration today unveiling first budget $4.1 trillion brand, new foundation for american greatness, $200 billion for infrastructure, $1.6 billion to build the wall, $19 billion a new parental leave plan. and proposes more than $600 billion in cuts to medicaid to balance the budget over next decade. >> new that it balances for first time in 10 years, previous administration gave up on that, if i take money from you, and i have no intention of giving it back,
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that is not debt that is theft. lou: joining me now discuss what director mulvaney is calling a taxpayer first budget. and the trump administration's effort to build that border wall, michelle malkin. on crt v .com, michelle great to have you here, this is some budget, $4.1 trillion, and actually we get a down payment, or perhaps a installment, on the wall. what do you make of it? >> i think this is a solid down payment on donald trump's most important promise. that is building that wall. making sure that our land, sea, and airports of security are in fact secure. so with regard to the physical infrastructure and manpower increases along the southern border, i think that americans
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who of all political persuasions and brack gow background, who supporter donald trump because of the security will be happy. you have 32 miles of wall funded by this on the southern border with reinforcements of fencing in san diego, where apprehensions are highest, you have huge increases in border patrol agents, customs and border patrol, and federal immigration enforcement. i believe that the folks that dhs and trump administration at highest levels know we need comprehensive border security, th is it is t st the wall, right. lou: i love that. >> comprehensive enforcement entails increasing number of criminal investigators for example.
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and paying attention to all aspects of security, there is some good stuff in here to increase maritime security as well. and make sure that airport security gets bolstered too. lou: as you look at all money spent, this is the beginning of a turn, a dramatic turn, with fiscal 18 budget, it is also a very controversial cut in spending that i think that caught a lot of people in both parties by surprise. key spending cuts medicaid and children's health insurance program. food stamps, student loan program. disability program. your reaction on that. to some of the criticism that president is receiving from the primarily the left.
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>> yeah, usual suspects, big government chicken little alarmists are reacting to this as it fits a draconian flash, what we're really talking about are promising steps in right direction, and slowing the rate of growth of government at all levels, from the entitlement expansionist and democratic party, you will have the usual hugh and cry that maybes are -- babies are having food snatched from them, and old people are going to die, die, die. i think that american people are tired of that kind of overreach, this is a step in the right direction. as long as trump administration holds fast on it. lou: as long as best wing of democratic party exists there
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will be a. >> idea of moving medicaid back to the states. this is critically important to change the tone of the conversation, the conversation itself, and put people back to work. this president has been focused from the beginning. before the beginning, on creating jobs, it is brightened the outlook for millions of americans already. >> indeed, pro american taxpayer, it is pro american family, pro american citizen, take medical spendinfor example, in many of these states, you have open border democrats who hijacked modic cade spending to steer it away
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with disabled families. this what happened in chicago, i covered the example of families of disabled children who have been kicked back to the back of the the line. and you know what trump administration is saying, no more of that. it is those so-called radical progressive policies that have robbed american families. where are the democrats to stands up for that. lou: michelle thank you. vote in our poll, question is, do you believe president trump is right to call radical islamic terrorists, their supporters and sympathizers, evil losers? and call for their obliteration? cast your vote on lou dobbs. on wall street, stocks closing higher, dow up 43, s&p gained 4, nasdaq up 5, volume on big
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board, light trading. >> 3.2 billion shares, new home sales down more than 11%. and justic justice suing fiat chrysler, accused software cheating on emissions. up next, speaker paul ryan. >> we have not heard from him for a while. he could not stand it. once again proving he is far removed from reality. i'll bridge -- bring ryan back through the commentary. stay with us, a lot more ahead. stay with us. finally. hey ron! they're finally taking down that schwab billboard. oh, not so fast, carl. ♪ oh no. schwab, again?
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lou: a few thoughts on the
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intermittent delusions o delusie speaker of the house. we thought for a few days the speaker of the house would ally himself with his party. but today's politico headline reminds us of the broad deep divide between ryan and reality. here is the headline. "ryan bucks white house setting up clash on taxes." it appears ryan is pushing his border adjustment tax despite opposition from the president and his administration. he claimed his plan is the smart way to go. there is nothing smart about opposing the nation's leader, your party's leader, and the president of the united states.
11:28 pm
the ways and means committee encouraging its members to pitch ryan's border adjustment tax as into made in america tax end quote. ryan apparent has no shame. he worked against donald trump in the campaign. he refused to work for president trump and his agenda. he failed to garner sufficient votes to pass a healthcare bill first go-around. and the second effort succeeded only because of the immense efforts of the president. now the bill passed by the house earlier this month still hasn't made it to the senate, with ryan waiting on a score from the cbo, despite the agency's lousy track record, perhaps the speaker is trying to use healthcare as leverage with the president to get his tax plan, you know, art of the deal and all that. which would mean the speaker's
11:29 pm
way is neither better or smarter or anything more than. >> the delusion in all they had to do from the very beginning was to keep grinning and remain quiet. but no. quotation of the evening. this from phillip k. dick. reality is that which when you stop believing in it doesn't go away. there is still no evidence whatsoever of any collusion between president trump and russia. >> when you learn of russians efforts, did you have evidence of a connection between the trump campaign and russian state tors? >> i don't do evidence. lou: what is congress doing with all those investigations and
11:30 pm
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lou: breaking news into the
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investigation of and he interference into the presidential election. president trump hired a special attorney. and a source telling fox news comey is ready for an interview with robert mueller. one has to think he better be. comey had been scheduled to testify before house oversight. former cia director john brennan testified in front of the house intelligence committee. he was grilled on russian interference in the election. offering know evidence that anyone from the trump campaign conspired or collude with russia. >> i'm aware of intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between russian officials and u.s. persons
11:35 pm
involved in the trump campaign. i don't know whether or not such collusion, that's your term, stuff collusion existed. >> i asked you about collusion, coordination and conspiracy. and you used the word contact. >> i don't have sufficient information to make a determination whether to cooperation, complicity or collusion was taking place. lou: you have got to wonder about that fella. all of this coming from a man with his fair share of controversy in hits career. in 2008 a contractor for the firm he led improperly went through the passport files of senator john mccain. and then senator obama. and yes, hillary clinton. in only one firm went through
11:36 pm
the files of both obama and mccain. the firm run by no one other than downbrennan. in 2011. he was caught lying when he claimed the drone strikes caused no civilian deaths in pakistan. then the cia spying on the computers of the senate intelligence committee. his cia spying on the oversight committee for his agency. the senate intelligence committee which brennan also lied about. brennan at the time told senator feinstein, quote, nothing could be further from the truth. some four months later a cia internal investigation revealed the cia did spy on the senate intelligence committee. he did apologize.
11:37 pm
my next guest says brennan's cia was one of the biggest consumers of unmasked intelligence on u.s. citizens. extraordinary that his cia would be involved from your reporting in a large, large scale unmasking of u.s. citizens which i think it's fair to say is against the law. >> it probably isn't against the law because barack obama changed a lot of the rules. but in 2011 barack obama made it easier to do details searches into the nsa data safe that was supposed to be kept in a lock box of information owfnlt s. citizens. when the cia was formed its mission was not to spy on
11:38 pm
americans. lou: first the spying in any form, irrespective of the law passed is on its face unconstitutional because it's spying on u.s. citizens. then to unmask them because you have a foreign subject or target for surveillance, that's a cute trick. reverse targeting as it's being called in the trade. and it's all too happily tolerated by the leadership of a large number of our intelligence agencies. >> that's right. tomorrow we'll have a big story that will indicate for the first time possible legal violations. constitutional violations of americans privacy on a large scale under barack obama. we'll get this story broken before people go to bed. but this scandal goes further. we are getting into the first true legal violations.
11:39 pm
let me press just a bit if i may. violations by whom? >> by the intelligence community on barack obama's watch using the rules he put into place in 2011. we'll be more detailed in a few hours as we finish up our reporting. lou: we are at a peculiar place the in our country's history where we are talking about destroying isis as a president who was passive through 8 years of his time in office and was immensely aggressive against the citizens of this country in attacking their rights. sueilling them improperly in my judgment. and i can't understand why there hasn't been a hue and cry with the civil rights organizations and the aclu about a presidency that was ineffectual in confronting our enemies, destroying our enemies, but has
11:40 pm
been so effective in frankly destroying rights. >> the aclu will be quoted in our story tomorrow. they have been jumping up and down for the past five years saying they had a bad feel being this, and i think tomorrow their suspicions will be confirmed. all of your reporting is absolutely critical to the country and to our we will fair. we appreciate all you do. thanks so much. please roll the video. this golfer making a grand entrance. luxury thompson -- luxie thompson, this is her. and she is arriving at the first tee at gainesville championship by parachute. skydiving in 10 dam with a u.s.
11:41 pm
navy seal which i think is the safest way to do a tandem jump. thompson went on to win the tournament, by the way, calling the leap a lifelong dream with a big payoff. president trump traveling to rome after receiving a warm, enthusiastic welcome from israel's prime minister netanyahu after his first trip abroad. >> i want you to know how much we appreciate the change in american policy on iran, and i want to you know how much we appreciate the reassertion of american leadership in the middle east. lou: israel's ambassador to the united nations joins me next. ♪ when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites.
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lou: the president called on the palestinian authority to end its policy -- >> peace, never take root in an environment where violence is tolerated. funded.
11:46 pm
and even reward. the terrorists and extremists and those who give them aid and comfort must be driven out from our society forever. lou: my next guest says prime minister netanyahu has been urging the palestinians to sit and negotiate since 2009, but all he h seen ishe continued glorify case of terror. joining us us the u.s. ambassador to the -- israeli ambassador to the united nations. the president and the saudis reaching a tremendous business deal, almost a half trillion dollars over the course of the next decade. but there was a statement by saudi arabia of how well they regard him and respect him.
11:47 pm
they couldn't have asked for a better welcome. your reaction to their treatment of him, their hospitality. >> in jerusalem, the saudis in are you yak, and when we talk about what's coming from iran, radical islam. we share the same idea. maybe we don't have the same relationship with the saudis, but we share the same interests. president trump flew directly from riyadh to tel aviv. it draws a direct line from saudi arabia and tel aviv. lou: it was perhaps to some a small matter, this direct flight on air force one from riyadh to the holy land in israel. but it's the first time it's
11:48 pm
happened and hugely symbolic. so it augurs well. now with prime minister netanyahu, the two men couldn't have produced a more striking contrast to the images of prime minister netanyahu and former president barack obama. these two men obviously are friends. >> i want to reminds you what happened last december when the security council of the u.n., the u.s. pushed for a shameful resolution that tried to impose a solution on the israelis. today we saw a different kinds of leadership coming to jers will be speaking to the israeli people, encouraging them move forward, but not imposing on them. and not coming to the security council to impose such a resolution. lou: the president is bringing is leadership back to the middle east.
11:49 pm
it's important, and i believe everyone believes so. it's also bringing it appears vladimir putin and russia back to the middle east, if you will. he's looking for peace, he's looking for a way forward in nearly every conflict in that region. he's also looking to ends the syrian conflicts. the islamic state. what do you think will be required for success? >> out won't be easy. we saw in syria many people were involved in the fight. but we were concerned about iran in syria. iran wants to stay in syria. in lebanon, they want to found the organization in syria. we are cautious by the and we share the with our american friends. in any agreement we have to make
11:50 pm
sure the iranians are not sitting on the bored with israel. lou: i think the president made it as clear as he possibly could and straightforward by saying of the iranians, they will not have a nuclear weapon. he's not a man shying away from straight talk pen as he is at the center of what has been a volatile middle east for decades. >> there was a very strong statement made by the president. it's about the threat coming from iran. he had the same talks with the leaders of the arab world. and we believe we'll see a change. we can't continue and sit idly by. lou: that is not in the president's plan. anything idl
11:51 pm
all of america has already learned. thanks so much, ambassador. thanks for being with us. up next, president trump calling for all civilized nations to unite against radical islamic terrorism. >> we must drive out the terrorists and extremist s from the our midst. protect and defend our citizens and people of the world. we'll take up the central message of the president's first trip abroad. ♪ you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast-acting, long-lasting relief, try doctor recommended gaviscon. it quickly neutralizes stomach acid and helps keep acid down for hours. relieve heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon.
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lou: in our online poll we asked do you believe the trump administration should bring lawsuits and criminal complaints for season version and the deep state? 82% of you say yes. let's start with this extraordinary budget put forward by the budget director today, the trump budget is $4.1
11:56 pm
trillion with a 10-year plan of balancing the budget. >> it goes after quite a few sacred cows. it reminded me of bill clinton of all people. it was his idea to have people pick themselves up and get off the social safety net. lou: a lot of people forget welfare reform was authored in the children and administration. >> and he's going after disability. lou: it was considered the obama slush funds. matting with your reaction to the budget? matt: what's interesting when you try socialism like we did under obama, all the poverty programs got much worse. if we can get the economy moving
11:57 pm
and get people back to work and make americans feel better and have higher take-home pay, some of these budgetary problems will be solved. i give mick mulvaney and the president credit for taking on these questions. is the government too big and do too much? i think most americans think it does. lou: think all of those ads that the federal government spent money on, inviting everyone to jump on to disability and food stamps. we are watching those numbers fall like a rock. it's so dramatic already, and we are four months into this presidency. and it's inspiring. your sense of the economy itself? >> i think we are still stuttering about. i am hoping the atlanta fed's
11:58 pm
prediction that the second quarter gdp looks to be in the quarter% range, i hope they are right. lou: we are not hearing a people from the fake news people in is no effort whatsoever to talk about the changing national mood. you don't see a single takeout, not a single essay anywhere in the left wing national media, the "post," and the "new york times." and that mood, that spirit, it's pallable across the country. >>it is, paint's impossible for those news outlets to stop what's happening spontaneously across the country. they are losing even more credibility in voices coming out of new york and washington and they are turning to other places to get their information. it's a positive thing this grassroots revolt happening
11:59 pm
around the country is the thing that will encourage republicans in congress to take the hard steps to reform taxes and healthcare and make these budget decisions. lou: paul ryan. what's wrong with the man. he's trying to put a 20% consumer tax forward. >> it puts the nail in the coffin of brick and mortar retailers to do something like that. lou: kevin brady chairing the powerful ways and means committee is going along with this speaker. it looks like we may be seeing the end of the speaker's run if he continues to buck the president. >> when they tell us the house and senate and the white house are going to get on the same page with principles, i think
12:00 am
that means that's the death of vat. lou: be with you us tomorrow. senator david perdue joins us. ken report horrific attack on a concert full of children and their parents. we'll have the latest on the manchester bombing. with the busy memorial day weekend just days away. how can you protect yourself. tim carney crunches the numbers on who are the biggest winners and losers. freedom is sacred. there is no greater display of freedom than an american pop superstar singing at the top of her lungs to a crowd arena full of preteen


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