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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 24, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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trees. lou: thanks for being with us. and that's it for us tonight. good night from new charles: we never turn on lou dobbs, he is next. lou: a new reported exposes obama administration's shocking abuse of power. circa news reporting obama's national security agency spied on american citizens with impunity, violated the constitution, and received a free pass from left wing national media for 8 fue full years, more than one out of 20 internet 70s conducted by nsa violated u.s. private information laws, fox news chief in washington correspondent, james rosen has
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our report. reporter: -- day president obama visited los angeles, last october to yuck it up with jimmy kimmel, lawyers for national security agency were quietly informing court that nsa ha systemicly violated rights of khan less americans. -- countless americans, a subject covered on kimmel's program. >> people expect the government to monitor this enough to protect them from bad guys, but, they worry that if government is in their too much then that who will protect them from government. reporter: declassified documents obtained by circa show fiso court rebuked the administration with greater frequency than previously disclosed to courts, nsa analyst used u.s. person offers to querrey the results of internet upstream collection even though nsa section 7022 minimize procedures prohibited such querreys, prefers to
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precaution that government supposed to take to ensure that infring infringements -- americans right is mi minimum. >> tonight for first time we can say there has been a finding some of that spying on american vi violated law. reporter: in 2011 fisa court determined they were distinguish witdeficient. the judge's 11 that nsa had never enacted changes if promised to make, nsa inspector general and office of compliance for operation have been conducting other reviews covering different time periods, with preliminary results suggesting that the problem of the widespread during all periods of review. >> there is a linear connection between excessive
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acquisition of data. avail bill tie of unmasking that produces real true names of human being whose e-mail, text and phone calls were subject of this, and then, the selective revelation of those names. reporter: sense doo senator rand paul, of kentucky called this an amazing abuse of power, a spokesman for former president obama did not return a request for comment. these disclosures are timelize, one of the primary means by which u.s. citizen get caught up in surveillance is up for reauthorization by congress at year's end. lou: this will be an interesting process, 702, intelligence community, says it is essential it is clearly being abused by the obama administration, and nearly every respect. this is an administration
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whose cia spied on senate at inte intelligence committee, spy scandal led by susan rice, james this is a story, a scandal that worsens by the day it seems. >> i know something about being placed under saw have a -- surveillance by the obama administration, and so i suspect we've not heard the last. lou: james thanks so much, irony did not escape me but for a moment, thank you, we appreciate your report. fox news tonight releasing new polls onraudulent russia scandal, if there were russian efforts to i to influence our presidential elect last year, 49% said it had no affect on the outcome of the election, and 44% said it helped donald trump, 45% said that special counsel investigation will reveal there was n no coordination between trump campaign and russia.
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>> now joining me to discuss fake news russia scandal, shameful obama spy scandal that worsens and more chris farrell, director of investigation, and research at judicial watch, this gets worse by as i said seemin seemingly the day, the week. the obama administration was spying on america, the violating the constitution, and doing so with a tone that would have had us u all disbelieved any such account during his presidency, national left wing media was complete is, over -- come blisbliss it -- come com >> this reckless criminal by a
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halfior, i pray to god attorney general has a grand jury empanelled this is stuff that people have to go to jail over, this can't be glossed over or talked about, you know an unfortunate incident. this is government agencies, knowingly, willfully lying to the fisa court, this is an administration that has weaponizzed intelligence agented for political purposes just like the irs. this is of an abuse of power and authority, like we've never seen here. lou: and part of this -- court, fisa court killing it a
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lack o candor, are you kidding me? >> this is contempt, there should have been u.s. marshals taking various attorneys who made misrepresentation into custody there has to be a hardball approach to this, it cannot be let's just talk it away. there are members of the super 8 or "gang of 8" on the hill, who i believe have guilty knowledge of this. went on for years, this was a expansion on authority that was recklessa the best word. lou: i'm going to further this a bit if i may in terms of what it represents. it represents an explanation as well as fanatical attacks on the part of the left in this country on president trump, and his first his transition team then his administration. this is a group of 8, as you
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suggest in the most powerful men and women in congress and senate, who have oversight responsibilities and beyond that, other committees that have oversight over the intelligence community, they had to know that these rights of american citizens were being trampled by the nsa, by other agencies. >> you are right. lou: in addition you have a fbi director in james comey who refused to prosecute who refused to investigate, and to bring consequence to those who are violating laws, obviously so whether it be irs targets of conservatives or "fast and furious" or the clinton foundation which was an obvious and obvious criminal enterprise. here we are with a national left wing media that is
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utterly complicit with their act we essence, but their own aggressive eagerness to join with the left. >> well, obama administration is part of this technique in doing this. always involved. when they weaponiz the user they have lois lerner and her circle communicating with justice department about criminal prosecution they wrapped fbi who went through 1.25 million irs files, they were complicit in the act they are not going to prosecute them, they are involved in it, the same with nsa, and any intelligence agents that were used to collect intelligence much agents themselves are complicit, they are very, very slow to respond to react to cooperate with ig's, it is really a racket, it needs an
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attorney general to launch a grand jury and break this once and for all. lou: attorney general sessions is the man responsible here, and he has to do something. if we're going to see this swamp drained. if we're going to see this kind of behavior, this conduct, this criminal conduct abusive couldn't duc -- conduct of government power we have to have consequences, people have to be prosecuted as you said. do you believe the attorney general will initiate those investigations and seek those consequences? >> he damn well better, i mean, the constitution is at risk i am not exaggerating. this not hyperbolic television talk, we cannot allow office, and agent of federal government to violate the fourth amendment this grossly, thumb their nose at courts and
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everyone just walks away, it cannot happy, there has to be a criminal prosecution. charles: christopher el thank you -- ferrell, thank you. >> now, we rely on the attorney general. we're coming right back with much more stay with us. >> white house budget director mick mulvaney presenting taxpayer first budget. >> we're not kicking any deserves person off of the program we want to help people. lou: president trump has begun to fulfill his promise to era -- eradicate ms-13. >> ms-13 wil will be gone safety isn't a list of boxes to check. it's taking the best technologies out there
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built for business. lou: the trump administration, deporting 400 gang members to el salvador this year.
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compared to 534 in all of last year. allowing in gang members who arrived as illegal teenagers in 2014, border security a priority of president trump. and certainly in his first budget proposal as well. budget director, mick mulvaney today presented the president's plan telling house budget committee that backlash from the dems is unwarranted. >> in washington d.c., if we spend $100 on a program last year, and $100 on a program this year back home we would call this a freeze, in washington we call it a cut. if we spend $100 on a program last year and $ $104 this year, at home we call that a increase, in washington, we call it a cut.
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cut. cut. >> bill would reduce official deficit, and lower premiums and increase number of unensured by 23 million, my next guest is skeptical of the scoring saying that measure is important step toward reducing premiums and returns healthcare decision making to the american people, joining me now, congressman dave brad, a member of freedom caucus and serves on house budget committee, congressman, great to have you with us, budget director talking directly on the budget committee, and talking in language that they understand and appreciate. he is right. when he was talking about the fact that no matter how you do the math, in washington d.c., it is a cut. instead of what it
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abraham lincoln said that you could say a dog's tail is a leg, and ask how many legs dog has, and the answer is still 4, it is still not a leg just because someone said so. washington the swamp is awash in this nonsense. >> right. the press will never give you the full context, mick had it just right, but bigger context with $100 trillion short on mandatory spending programs. kids don't get it, you don't hear a word of contact from the press -- context from the press that would forward narrative of the republicans. so many stream press in favor of enhancing government, but they won't det that kids don't have programs left. have you $100 tril i don't
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know itrillion in under funded. this budget is great. biggest part is economic growth, mick went to detail how they arrived, that is modest. we did tax cut in confident -- 1920s, and we're saying three%. lou: let's not be selective. we watch tax cut of 2001-2003 they were huge. as you know. and result was an anemic increase in jobs, must disappointing in post world war ii era. there are no guarantees here. at least if we do a honest balance assessment of the empirical evidence. we also know, if that money is not targeted in its investment
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by corporate american repatriation, if the corporate america is not properly incentivized and by the way, if there is not -- investment, this being repatrioted. it is for not. this is a very, a significantly more in public to this point. >> i agree, but i push back a hair. on jfk and reagan piece, you do not have bureaucratic states. lou: i was not talking about them, i was talking specifically about bush tax cuts of 2001. >> that is still i in context of a huge federal government. we have zero .7 economic growth under obama last quarter due -- >> i am raisinga an exception to a pattern that was were suggesting would lead to 3%
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growth. we have 20 trillion in debt, we don't know what is going to happen because we have spent ourselves into what we hope will not be oblivion. what is -- what are odds of getting this through congress, getting your speaker by the way, what is he doing! talking about a budget -- a border adjustment tax again? he is challenging the president of the united states who just happens to be leader of his party, they are in the same part. he is behaving like a, a ad a -- adolescents. >> mnuchin came in yesterday, and down played that is an inhouse food fight.
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lou: he should throw it the hell out. >> the speaker changed language a little bit today, i don't think that will end up in it. lou: can you just go over to his office, say, speaker ryan, you are embarrassing republican conference, time to get behind the president and start making damn sense not even your policies make sense now. >> that is what we're asking president trump to get out front message on this. we are going to have democrats exa come in as well withious -- usual critique of supply side, i want too spell out after the home, demand curve, consumer supply curve, every business is supply curve, if you help supply side you help every business, the democrats are running against the supply side of the economy that is hard to believe, we can't message, i am urging our speaker head of senate secretary mnuchin.
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>> we have to get beyond that supply curve to the budget, we have too get to the consequences of what is done with that budget. this is -- this is a rareity. >> it is. lou: go get em. >> i am all in, pro growth, increase military, gets rid of bureaucratic state, starts a massive welfare to work project, a win-win, not paying for government program, giving people dignity of getting back in work force, i taught economic for years. if everyone gets in workforce that say huge gain for our economy. lou: referring to your background a professor of economics, the bell is ridges in class. >> good class lou. lou: we'll wait a while before you give me a grade, we'll talk a few more times. >> you always do great. lou: great to see you. >> thank you. lou: vote in our poll, do you
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believe that national left wing media is come bliss it. -- com complicit? in the shameful obama spy scandal that is growing by the day. wall street stocks closed higher, dow up 75. s&p you of 6. closing at a new all-time high, nasdaq up 24. volume on big board, picking up to 3.4 billion shares, existing home sales slipped down more than 2%. and's minder to listen to my reports 3 times a day coast-to-coast on salem radio network, up next, house speaker ryan defending out offed fbi director -- ousted fbi director jim comey, we needed it. >> i like jim comey. i know there are people who are concerned about decisions he made, i think he was put into an impossible position.
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lou: a few thoughts on
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i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit lou: joining me to talk about our pious president, the fight against radical is large terrorism and more.
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pastor, we are glad to have you the president calling the meeting with pope francis the honor of a lifetime. this is a president we have seen at the western wall, israel. this is -- these images are of a man who is elevated himself over the course of the past year, perhaps two years as a campaign, rough and ready to a man who is showing a side of himself as spiritual side. that is extraordinarily engaging. >> you have might notice on his twitter account there is a picture of the president with his hand on the western wall saying he was praying for wisdom from god. every believer ought to celebrate that. today's meeting could have had
11:37 pm
many awkward turs to it when you consider the comments both men have made. the pope accused the president of not being a christian because of his plans to build a wall and compared his populism with naziism. lou: it seems to me the pope is the one who should be seeking counsel and some forgiveness. that's a very harsh view for a pontiff to express. >> it was pretty harsh. yet we saw president trump turn the other cheek. when those men emerged from that meting, they looked like bffs. i think it was a wise choice for the president and the pope. lou: i think the president is taking some time to constrain his socialist impulses, if you
11:38 pm
will, and these bizarre yesterday expresses from time to time. the grandiose ambitious to first interstate fear in the politics of other nations is really quite something. >> it is, lou. i think the pope is a sincere man. i just think he's sincerely wrong when it comes to the role of golf in protecting -- the role of government in protecting its citizens. the foam confuses the church with the role of government which is to protect its citizens. it's god who thought of the idea of walls. i think the pope is confused about the role of government and the church. lou: you would think that confusion would be lifted
11:39 pm
because each time he looks up to the at vat cane sees a massive wall that protects him. the middle east peace the president is trying to energize that effort between the palestinians and the is railies. your thoughts about the prospects. >> those of us who are christians and read the bible know there won't be lasting peace until the prince of peace jesus christ returns. a temporary peace is better than no peace, and that's why i applaud what the president is doing. lou: it does seem in life so much is temporary. peace i suppose we should expect to be not different than nature and life itself. thanks for being with us. please role the video now. this daredevil duo taking a wild
11:40 pm
ride. one man climbing on the back of a woman in a wing suit, leaping off the peak for a wing suit ride. the pair soaring dangerously close to the rocks before the man let go. a heart-stopping ride and plunge. up next, speaker ryan working against the trump white house, continuing to push a border adjustment tax. he decided james comey is not a nut job. my next guest says ryan's oppress alice dead on arrival in the upper chamber. ♪
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lou: president trump in brussels for the nato summit meeting that takes place tomorrow. secretary of state tillerson is traveling with the president, an talked about the push to get allies to do much more to combat the islamic state. >> they have been an observer, but they have become more engaged in the fight to defeat isis. the secretary-general believes
11:45 pm
it will be an important step for them to take. there are a couple countries still thinking it over. i have had meetings with one of those. they will support nato joining and becoming a normal member. lou: president trump will address the issue only 5 of the nearly 80 nato members meet. here at home, joining us is senator david perdue, a member of several committees, foreign relations and judiciary. let's begin with the president's trip. he has been met with enthusiastic, warm ceremonies and demonstrations and leaders all seemingly rushing to be at
11:46 pm
his side. how does this compare to your expectations? >> isn't it a contrast to the first trip president trump took where he visited 7 muslim countries and forgot to visit israel. but president obama seems to be getting better press internationally than is at home. what we see is the world responding to him. i traveled a lot over the last two years talking to heads of state. the number one request they had was america needs to step up and lead again. that doesn't mean 100,000 troops on the surface of syria. but we need to coalesce against terrorism and get our economy going again. lou: whether the president talks about nato in the middle east, he is talking about partnerships
11:47 pm
and relationships with these countries. he's not talking about dominating them or sitting aside and sort of with a sense of superiority commenting on what they are doing correctly or incorrectly. this is a president setting an entirely different tone for american leadership. >> that's absolutely correct. we saw in the campaign. we had a different kind of candidate. he's not an idea throg, he's a pragmatist an wants to get results. europe needs to step up to help fund their own defense. this is a local solution where we need all the partners engaged. but they need leadership from america to do that. lou: turning to matter's here at home, mitch mcconnell saying he
11:48 pm
don't know how he will get 50 votes right now for the healthcare legislation. what are we running into here when the leaders of our two house, mitch mcconnell and speaker ryan don't seem as though they are exactly lined up shoulder to shoulder with the president of the united states and the leader of their party. >> you see the same thing in healthcare. this is one where results will win the day. i'm hopeful we'll get to a result on healthcare. but the best we can hope for is 50 votes and that's a dangerous place to be. we should have been working on this past six years. the solution is complicated. but it's not impossible. lou, this is a crisis. obamacare is collapsing under its own weight. there are 1,100 counties across
11:49 pm
is country down to one provider in the individual market. we have seen premium increases of 40% alone. we have to make sure these people don't lose insurance, too. and we can do that with structural changes. the medicaid situation, we have to make sure preexisting conditions aren't ignored. this is an opportunity to reach into the future and lessen the curve of liability we built up the last several years. lou: getting to the issue of leadership. that's mcconnell withholding his cooperation in support of the president. speaker ryan for crying out loud coming out and capriciously saying he doesn't think that former f.b.i. director james comey is a nut job.
11:50 pm
while opposing -- proposing a ridiculous border adjustment tax of 20%. and fighting the president on it. what in the world does this president have to do? what does your conference have to do? what does the republican party have to do to get these so-called leaders straightened out? >> i'm just a business guy. i'm not a psychologist. i can't tell you what's going through the brain of paul ryan. lou: i don't want to know, believe me, senator. >> in the business world you have to get results or you lose your position as a leader. this two-year period, 17-18 republicans have to learn to govern again. this two-year period is a probation period, not a mandate. we passed 14 bills to move on regulation and the president is acting on that.
11:51 pm
but now comes the heavy lifting. we have to give our version for healthcare a solid vote. and we have to pass this tax package. lou: senator david perdue, thank you. up next, the obama spy scandal worsens by the day. we take up the president's shocking spying on americans. stay with us. we are coming right back.
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lou: in our online poll last night we asked, do you believe president trump is right to call radical islamic terrorists evil losers and call for their obliteration? 98% of you say yes he's absolutely correct. joining me to talk about the president's war against the left-wing media. mollie, fake news the latest poll, harvard-harris says 5% of voters say the media is publishing fake news. the numbers are higher among
11:56 pm
republicans than democrats. mollie: the numbers see a little bit low given we have major national media getting tories wrong. we had a story yesterday that president trump violated all sorts of protocols sharing with the philippine president. and it was based on an anonymous leak. it turns out it was public information. there is a major problem with our media not checking sources and doing due diligence and they are getting in trouble for it. lou: how much of this do you think is purposeful deceit and attack rather than simply incompetence and mistakes? >> i would estimate 10 million
11:57 pm
percent purposeful. the russian story is a crime nobody can locate. who, what, where, when, no one can tell you what happened. i can't tell you a story of one person in this country influenced by anything russian. lou: this preposterous concoction of the russian-trump collusion, it's just stunning to me that once that's abated. there is no evidence of it. no one with the guts to deny it even though we have known for months it's a joke. now the media is turning to say do you know the president was asking the heads of two intelligence agencies to publicly disavow the story as if that were scandalous rather than common sense and reasonable.
11:58 pm
mollie: it's interesting the media shift alleging nothing short of spree on and a stooge of vladimir putin now they are saying the real charge is obstruction of justice because donald trump was denying it's a true story. saying i want you to go public with the fact it's a made up story. there is major soul searching that should be had by the media how they have pushed one of the most delusional conspiracy theories ever to come across many news pages, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of self-introspection. even how they keep repeating the same supposedly breaking news every few weeks. there were conversations between somebody who might be russian and someone who might be in the trump campaign. >> blame james comey for this.
11:59 pm
he had 8 months of investigation. blame paul ryan for defending comey. put these two alligators in the swamp. they put swamp before country. lou: just when we thought speaker ryan had ghont line with his party and national interest. now they are saying james comey is a splendid fellow and not a nut job. and here we go with more of the same. this president is putting up with more vicious nonsense and petty, vicious nonsense than any president in history, mollie. you get the last word. mollie: it's one thing for donald trump to give his feeling on comey, they don't need to be shared by paul ryan. the republicans need to wake up and see the for rest forest fore
12:00 am
trees. lou: thanks foreing with us. and that's it for us tonight. good night fro york. kennedy: did the manchester bomber act alone? and did political correctness make it harder to stop terrorism. more allegations that obama administration illegally spied on americans. where is the outrage? grab your gear. we are going in. the new budget is here. while the plumper version of the white house spending blueprint is a $3.6 trillion cost cutter. it will spend $46 trillion over the same period of time and there are some


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