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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  May 26, 2017 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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trish: you have got to be able to handle it. >> it doesn't matter if you are republican or democrat. it was so far out of line -- trish: but it had with donald trump. >> nothing to do with donald trump. trish: that's it for us tonight. my thanks to lou for letting me sit in this spot. i'll see you tomorrow on the intelligence report. good night. kennedy: tonight, president trump scolds nato members for not paying their fair share. but president obama is lecturing trump. did he forget he's no longer in charge. we have the cost estimate for the healthcare bill. is it worth it? ready for longer lines at the airport? yay! john stossel is here on the
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tsa's ridiculous safety plan. former president base obsessed with donald trump. he followed donald to deutschland. as president trump tripses around the continent, he's riding his coat tails and trying to steal some limelight as he stalks his successor. he won't mention the new president by name, but even when the name trump isn't on his lips web's always on his mind. >> if this new world we live in, we can't isolate ourselves. we can't hide behind a wall. kennedy: there is another common denominator. her name is angela. president obama always happened up her lady love. he was so obsessed with her affection he once directed his spy agencies to listen in on her
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conversations to make sure she wasn't two-timing him. obama is riding the trump train to europe. he cried marcia, ma char, ma char all the time. earlier this month he said you get the politicians you deserve. sow basically people voted for the opposite of him so they don't get him. if he can't have the presidency, he will just take it attention instead. remember when he was so wrong about truck last february. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. and the reason is because i have a lot of faith in the american people. and i think they recognize that being president is a serious job. kennedy: perhaps that's why they voted for the diametric opposite because only thing the 44th president was serious about was
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raising his profile in europe and using his power to expands the surveillance state to te a battering ram with which to destroy the constitution. i know it sucks to lose. but worse is to hog the spotlight, compromise your dignity and endlessly display your big bruised ego that is powerless to overturn a humiliating defeat. you won because you are here. i'm kennedy. [♪] president trump's first big meeting at nato went off without a hitch. what a splash he made when the president called out alliance members for not paying their dues. >> nato members must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations. but 23 of the 28 member nations
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are still not paying what they should be paying and what they are suppose to be paying for their defense. kennedy: they weren't clapping along there. how weird. of all the nato members, the u.s. spends by far the most on defense. $664 billion in 2016. the u.k. pays $57 billion. will the negotiator-in-chief get the other guys to pony up? so trey, those faces were so priceless as president was lecturing them. is he wrong in his assessment? >> looking at the news these
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dwaits trump presidency is like reading thompson novel where you don't know what the hell is going on. you say did he really say that? kennedy: the gonzo presidency. >> sometimes there is a method to the trump madness. let's look at way merkel did agree to pay more in her percentage to nato. while i radicalally disagree with democrat and republican foreign policy in bombing syria, while by the may be a gonzo presidency, sometimes it has led to a few solutions. kennedy: you have may have disagreements with nato. but the one thing that i will say is it's so annoying to see politicians to say one thing stateside and flap their gums in the opposite when they go overseas.
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>> this reminds me of when margaret thatcher joined the community. and years later she gave nato the grtestift they have ever gone the, the dissolution of the soviet union. this guy means what he says. we have to work with america. let's give him what he wants. kennedy: if you are opposed to the one-world government, don't accept the protocol and veneer. what i also like is the president is going over and meeting with the e.u. and meeting with the secretary saying, come on, guys, and they are worried because he was on the side of brexit, hoping that would be a bellwether for his election and it turns out there were similarities. >> now theresa may is on the side of breks it and she is not dealing with him very well.
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he's a nationalist and he wants to pull out of nato. but we don't know what's going on. james comey is testifying over russia. and they are very aware of what's happening. the utility of donald trump sending this message about donald trump. he's a spokesperson for vladimir putin and they are aware of it. is this a crazy nationalist being used by the russian federation. kennedy: being russian, how do you responds to that? is this presidency a mouth piece for putin and in opposition of the e.u. >> putin is persuasive and coherent. kennedy: we have more on the
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manchester terror investigation in just a little bit. but first up the president's next big event on his trip is the g-7 trip to italy. the leaders of those countries will be questioning the president on a number of topics including trade, refugees and climate change. this is an even bigger test we have seen in saudi arabia and the vatican and some of these nato members. you have got italy who will push the president to take more refugees and several of these western european countries who want answers on climate change, particularly the new president of france who wants to know if we are pulling out. >> something that has been somewhat consistent is when he meets with people won on one, he
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tends -- one-on-one, he tends to be a little more influenced by them. he is malleable. whether that happens out of this meeting, time will tell. >> this is his wheel house. if someone is dealing with real tess state all around the world. this is something he's good at, glad-handing and cutting deals. if there is one thing he will be good at other than driving the left hysterical, this is this forte. kennedy: why is this trip going oh well for him. >> going so well. the bar is really high right now. kennedy: i think the low expectations and low poll numbers, so people assumed it would be a disaster at every turn. but he's been on message. he hasn't been on twitter, and he's been charge the pants off people.
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>> there is also an 8-hour time difference. i want to heart insider -- i want to hear the insider perspective. kennedy: why aren't we getting leaks? >> the leaks are in the white house. >> it comes when he's in washington, d.c. it's a disturbing trend. kennedy: ways also disturbing, i'm going to see the panel a little bit later. i love the panel. malice, i adore you. now to the manchester terror attack. police say they arrested a half dozen suspects and the investigation stretches from the u.k. back to libya. but the leak of intelligence information has become a big issue. those sensitive details ended up
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on the front page of the "new york times." so where will this investigation go next? are the leaks hurting the chances of solving the case? joining me now brian suits. welcome back. >> hey, any time. kennedy: you have unfortunately been in three suicide bombing similar to this. you have more experience than anyone i personally know. how do we prevent this from happening? i guess that's the ultimate question. the big fear is these things will start happening in the united states. >> we had an option in iraq and baghdad and it was don't give them the event. don't public size in a week in advance you are going to take doctors to some neighborhood and provide a tempting target. if you are recruiting young men to join the iraqi police.
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when they are in line you spread them out like norwegians waiting for a bus. we don't have that concept in the united states. you move the perimeters out. there is one enormous deterrent that no one is supposed to talk about ever and it was told to me by a sunni imam, it's letting a pig eat the remains of a suicide bomb. even if you don't mean it, if you simply state that a suicide bomber's re-mains will be eaten by a pig, they are true believe, they won't do it. i'm just passing on what was being told to me that could not believe we were tolerating the suicide vests and bombers in baghdad. he said that would end if you flew a pig in from serbia.
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kennedy: why does it have to be a serbian pig. >> because of email. >> this there will get you a lot of hate email. refer them to me. kennedy: these non-traditional approaches are fine when you are dealing with cold blood murderers who have no problem killing innocent children. 7 of the people who died in manchester were understood the age of 18. this guy was clearly part of a network. this was not a lone wolf. those are some of the attacks we have seen in the united states. people who self-radicalize. this is someone who had a bomb given to them by another person who was very adept at bomb making. >> and we have to get over the i can't believe they would target that. believe it. what's important is you have to believe that they believe it. stop calling them crazy. what they are doing is a rational thought process.
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they think they are doing their victims a favor. if you are saying what effect will it have in it will just harden the british people's resolve. we have to break that circle and use their own beliefs against them. fit was hindu, different deal. an irish guy, announce no whiskey will be served at your wake. you have to get inside their heads instead of taking away our civil liberties or canceling u2's encore. kennedy: if we live in constant fear, if we live in a police state, then terrorism has been successful and we cannot accept that. that is an unacceptable option in this country. >> in california i should be able to have a concealed carry pistol. i have been through suicide bombs.
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for a year and a half in baghdad this was our job. somebody like me should easily be able to get a conceal carry permit. kennedy: more honest and well-trained people should. there should be the expectation that know one final word for our viewers is entering a gun-free zone. i want to ask you about the leaks. theresa may said she is going to confront the president about the intelligence leaks because someone from the u.k. leaked that. >> they had to get those pictures from somewhere. somebody leaked it across the atlantic -- they didn't like the. they shared it. and somebody probably in the f.b.i. but also probably maybe in a local police department, a local large east coast police department with direct links with scotland yard and mi-5
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could have done it. they should have their clearance pulled and should be flogged in the public square. kennedy: we'll see some flogging soon. >> say hi to the guy about the >> say hi to the guy about the deal with the thing.
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>> say hi to the guy about the deal with the thing. i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door.
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kennedy: the congressional budget office has released its report. house speaker paul ryan says the bill will lower premiums and give families more options than they have under obamacare. pennsylvania senator bob casey says it will you have a higher costs and less coverage. joining me to debate, anthony scaanthonyscaramucci, and richa.
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you both match the graphics. let's talk about healthcare. a lot of republicans are saying the cbo score doesn't matter because the cbo often gets it wrong. that doesn't bring a lot of comfort to americans who are worried that their premiums will skyrocket under any plan. >> this is a phase sort of plan. so phase one has to be reconciled in the senate. if you are using free market forces and you are dropping the sort of forced mandate, i think that's better long term for the american people and will relate to more competition. kennedy: it will be a state-by-state waiver. now that they have the cbo score, the senate is not going
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to take up the legislation. >> i'm horrified for the people who benefited from the affordable care act. so the cbo doesn't take into account is which states are waive out. so it's hard to know how you have got healthcare. when you have waive out that takes away the previous conditions and protections against skyrocketing conditions. kennedy: what it says is -- states don't have to charge the exact same thing for the guy on the subway who was heating a pint of haagen-dazs. >> you saw me on the subway this morning? >> those individls have to go into a high-risk pool. we also heard this week from mitch mcconnell who said well,
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you know, we are trying to figure it out. that's, oh, we don't have it together. kennedy: i wish there were more free market sources. >> i'm going to get in trouble with both parties. it's still locked into the special interests. the insurance companies and the doctors and hospitals. until we deregulate. this is a ronald reagan moment. when he broke up ma bell. you can bring the healthcare from 18% of the gdp down into the tens if you bring in deregulation. you have to switch the patient care model. doctors and insurance companies won't necessarily like that, but
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patient will like that. kennedy: ultimate control for them is over people's lives in health. >> i said healthcare and health insurance are two complete different things. that's argument democrats and republicans miss in washington. we are debating about health insurance, and we are forgetting health insurance gives you a coupon to get healthcare. we want to fix this healthcare system. kennedy: obamacare is a lot less than perfect. >> we have to change our mindset. >> start from scratch and reprogram the way we are delivering primary, secondary and tertiary care.
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kennedy: we have to have a paradigm shift. this bill doesn't do it. it will be unrecognizable when it gets to the house. >>it is delivering some free market element i happen to like. kennedy: i want to rub my fingers in the free market's hair, but i can't do that. >> the free market is the reason all three us are here. we would never make it without the free market. >> oh, stop. kennedy: you are a socialist with a great tie. that's why i love you,. >> i said in a socialist structure. kennedy: the tsa is testing a screening process that they say will make screening more secure. i'm ask john stossel if a below thed agency like the tsa is necessary.
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wow. college already yeah! we gotta go yeah (sfx:car starts, car door closes) ♪for all those times you stood by me♪ ♪for all the truth that you made me see♪ and remember... ♪for all the truth that you made me see♪ seatbelt. drive safe. call when i get there. ♪for all the joy you brought to my life♪ i...i love you. ♪for every dream you made come true♪ ♪for all the love i found in you♪ ♪for all the love i found in you♪ i love you too daddy. ♪you're the one who saw me through♪ ♪through it all and thanks...for, everything.
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♪you were my strength when i was weak♪ ♪you were my hopes when i couldn't speak♪ ♪because you loved me kennedy: before the break i asked you how many carry-on items does the tsa screen on a daily basis? the answer is $4.9 million.
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it's midwest highest number. if you thought that makes the security line up bearable, just wait because the agency is look into make the searches even more invasive. you have to place electronics bigger than cell phones and books into bins. john stossel. airport lines. if you have ts tax precheck. john: you skip this with precheck. kennedy: now we are entering the summer months and they will be long and unbearable. john: because it's the tsa. sometimes they still mess up and send you in the normal lines. they are doing this in a dozen airports. i can't fault them for trying something new.
12:31 am
they have evidence the larger electronics might be a problem, they need to check for that. but they are just bad eight. when they reluctantly give up control and say kansas city, orlando, san francisco, you can bring in a private contractor. they go through faster and people say the people are nicer. we have contests where you can win a thousand bucks if you are faster at finding the can two band and repacking luggage. the government just does everything the same way all the time. kennedy: you will see a bunch of tsa agents standing around and there is a lane completely closed. you ask yourself what is the purpose of the tsa, does it make us safer. i think the people who work there by and large want to help people out and keep flights
12:32 am
safe. it's easy to make fun of them. but it's not them, it's the bureaucracy. adding layers on to it only ves us a false sense of security that makes us less fe. john: they haven't shown they have prevented any attacks. just that they deter people from doing something. they have 50% turnover. working for the government is not fun. they are advertising on pizza boxes. i would think that's a security threat bringing people into the tsa and it does not stand for thousands standing around. '. >> i'm only one in the world who
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is safe from the anti-gluten argument. you keep -- never minds. kennedy: i'm make something gluten free and you will eat those words. john tossle thank you so much. a special congressional election montana and georgia. there they were spoalsds to be a referendum on donald trump's presidency but it turned into a referendum on one candidate's wrestling skills. he did not appreciate a reporter rush into his office and sticking a recorder in his face. the last guy who came in here did the same thing. get the hell out of here.
12:34 am
the last guy did the same damn thing. >> you just body slammed me and broke my glasses. kennedy: police charged gianforte with misdemeanor assault, but it may not hurt him. the party panel is back with the breakdown of all the possibilities. but hope any not my glasses. trey, you have been in that position. you have had tape-recorders thrust in your face by randy reporters. >> and i have been a journalist. so i have been that jerk with the tape-recorder and camera. i have been on both sides of it. you cannot take a 5-minute segment out of one person's life and say they are a terrible person for everything they have done.
12:35 am
kennedy: there are a number of horrific things i'm thinking. he seems like a decent guy. a family guy with children. he loves to watch wwe. but we did, i don't think that disqualifies him or makes him unfit to serve in if the united states congress. kennedy: michael do you have words right now? >> i remember 1984 where a certain reporter asked a wrestler if wrestling was fake. however, you remember during the campaign president trump was saying he would be ex cutting reporters. this is another campaign promise the president has broken. kennedy: does this hurt him or is this the kinds of thing for the 30% who are remaining and
12:36 am
voting as we speak in montana. they might look at this and say, good, another politician who is fed up with the nolesy media. >> my guess if i'm going to put on my electoral math hat. or my bonnet. my guess is that those voters who would be turned on by that already voted. i'm hoping the reasonable ones learning about this are the ones who will show up at the polls. kennedy: you think democrats are lazy? >> i think a lot of them are independent, and and lot of them are women. >> that's why she couldn't shatter the glass ceiling.
12:37 am
kennedy: oh. i want to thank you for coming all the way from florida to be here tonight as our special congressional envoy. >> it's great to be here. any time. michael malice, a dream come michael malice, a dream come true, a legend for the ages. michael malice, a dream come true, a legend for the ages. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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kennedy: hi, how are you? when it comes to surveysans, the united king dome is said to have one of the most strict and invasive program in the world. critics slammed the new law that gives british intelligence agencies new power to spy on its certain seasons. as we saw this week, the intense scrutiny did not stop a terrorist attack. here to discuss is dr. ron paul, host of the ron paul liberty report. welcome back, dr. paul. so it's strike when you see that this is a newly passed law that is supposed to give the people of great britain some measure of
12:42 am
comfort knowing their government is keeping an eye on the bad guys and that's supposed to keep everyone safer. what does it say to about the overeven controversiment of the surveillance state? >> it doesn't work. it failed and is exactly the opposite. they are coming back and saying we need a stronger law. they sort of blame the u.s. for revealing the things that had gone on. they are trying to pro tech themselves. this traditionally the way governments work. whetheit's foreign policy store security problems it doesn't work. when it fails they say we need more of it. if there is a program that isn't working, we need to spends more, we need to bail out more. it's always more and more because they are obsessed with it. they don't understand what freedom and liberty means. governments should thereby not
12:43 am
for his obsession with security. but if that's the only thing you care about, you know, you sacrifice too much liberty, you can give safety and security to a slave, but that doesn't solve your problem. kennedy: it's the implicit freedom that's missing and it makes you shake your head. what are some of the differences between the u.k. and the united states? a lot of people tend to think we have similar forms of government but they don't operate under a constitution over there. civil liberties are not built into if the framework of their government. ron: it's a good idea some people would argue we don't do so well following our constitution when it comes to the 4th amendment. this is the tragedy of it all, they don't follow the rules, and congress is derelict in enforcing the rules.
12:44 am
they ariters careless by the or they write a law that says you can't spy on americans. oral they go around it. not you information is coming out. but the fisa courts think, wow, illegal spying. kennedy: they are wrist slapping the nsa. what would you tell your fans in the u.k. tonight about how to keep their country safer? >> believing in the principle of liberty and know where it comes from. a society that prevents liberty. when they overly react with spying on law-biding citizens, that's an act of aggression against the people. if you understand what liberty is about. you have rules against the violence but you don't punish the innocent people. we did a bit of that after 9/11 to say, well we have to do it. but more americans lost liberty
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than we punished those who were responsible. it's ongoing. kennedy: i want to thank you very much. we'll talk to you again soon. do tigers have baby showers? if they do, this gal puts her friends through a long afternoon. they are so cute. they are so cute. say carl, we have a question about your brokerage fees. fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $4.95 per trade? uhhh. and i was wondering if your brokerage offers some sort of guarantee? guarantee? where we can get our fees and commissions back if we're not happy. so can you offer me what schwab is offering? what's with all the questions? ask your broker if they're offering $4.95 online equity trades and a satisfaction guarantee.
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kennedy: triple aaa expect 34 million americans will take a road trip this memorial day weekend. tell me what to do, ritchie. this is the "topical storm." topic number 1. a ping on was caught smuggling 170 ecstasy pills into kuwait. police say the bird flew across the border from iraq and they
12:50 am
began tracking it after they noticed it was playing with glow sticks and started sweating profusely. as we went to air, the bird had been placed in a local sanctuary where he has been hitting on every ping on in sight. d eversight. paris hilton is back in the news. i am totally kidding. i don't even know if she like tramp music. but i know the human trust fund is teaming up to create an apparel line called bottle service for babies.
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it's aimed at deejays under the age of 10. everyone like to say that paris and the fat jew have contribute nothing to society. but if this clothing line happens, the two of you have contribute to something, a terrible idea. the fat view should continue with what he does best, stealing comedians' jokes on twitter. my hot pink dress is blushing. i have seen the videos, plural. the los angeles lakers have hired kim kardashian's long-time trainer. he has trained kim since she was 17 and he pls to use the same techniques on the lakers.
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if that doesn't boost attendance, chris jenner has offered a few softly lit promotion videos. peterson was hoping to sign with a professional team. but all he had was the lakers who lost 56 games last year. it was technically 57 if you count the father-son game. they even covered the 9-point spread. topic number 4. big news for the children of china. no, apple hasn't started paying them. but if they do get a day off from the iphone factory thereby four new tiger cubs to check out at the zoo. the cubs were born a month ago and they went on display for the first time this week. their mom is expected to join
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them next week when she goes on the maury povich show to find out who the father is. she is a b word. do they call cats that? i know they call dogs that. topic number five. like a sober dance party with the light on. he once in a while it's good to keep yourself esteem in check. that's why i have viewer mail. jan says you should try contacts. thanks, jan, i tried all the contacts in your mom's phone and they only reached who bows and carneys. get kennedy off the air. i almost soiled myself because your tweet was so boring. cynthia tweets, use a normal
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