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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 31, 2017 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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a couple arrests and the leaks will stop. charles: item number one, arrest the leakers. you know what else i like? lou dobbs. he's next. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. a major white house shake-up appears to be under way. president trump's white house communications director mike dubke resigning after three months on the job, departure could be the first of many changes to come. fox news correspondent kevin corke has our report from the white house. >> reporter: it was a sudden as it was heated, white house press secretary sean spicer's first on-camera briefing in over two weeks quickly unravelled after he was asked about the president's tweet on fake news. mr. trump writing russian officials must be laughing at u.s. and how a lame excuse for why the democrats lost the election has taken over on the
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fake news? asked today to give an example of that, mr. spicer said this. >> on friday, the president was having a great discussion at g7, and someone from the bbc and ultimately incoming reporter from the "new york times" retweeted the president was being rude by disrespecting the italian prime minister. >> reporter: after some reporters said that wasn't so much of a big deal, the press secretary shot back. >> the reason the president is frustrated is there is a perpetuation of false narratives, use of sources over and over again that are not happening and that is troubling. >> reporter: when the white house's communications director mike dubke confirmed he's resigned after three months on the job. dubke writing the reasons are personal but has been my great honor to serve president trump and this administration. dubke's decision to leave is not unprecedented. in fact, president obama's first communication director, ellen moran left for landing over at commerce.
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his departure seemed to confirm the president's frustration his job has been able to slow stories suggesting ties between the trump campaign and russia. none of which have been proven true. >> a spartan crowd at the white house, they need to beef it up and bring in talent who are dedicated to the president's agenda. >> reporter: talent like of that mr. trump's former campaign manager corey lewandowski, resume order to join a retooled white house war room. >> the president always surrounded himself with people who are able to work together and in a collaborative fashion are able to deal with the news of the day and think long-term and strategically. >> reporter: as the president's first agenda is challenging the status quo abrochltd his tweets that we have a massive trade deficit with germany and pay far less than they should on nato and military. very bad for the u.s. this will change. followed german chancellor
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angela merkel's suggestion, europe needs to put its destiny into its own hands. the president's refusal to back the paris climate accord at the g7. he chooses instead to study it further. in fact we learned today, we should learn now quickly what that might mean for u.s. participation in that multination accord. also, lou, we learned the president interviewed a couple more candidates for the vacant fbi director position. one of them, the former number two at the agency, a man by the name of james pistole. if that name sounds familiar, it should, he once headed the tsa am the other person interviewing today, former assistant attorney general christopher wren. lou? lou: kevin corke, thank you very much, from the white house. the pentagon successfully shot down an icbm during the first-ever test of its ground-based intercept system. the test occurred just two days after the north korean regime
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launched its ninth missile this year. the ground-based interceptor launched from california's vandenberg air force base shortly after 12:30 pacific time, a little more than an hour later, the pentagon confirmed it had successfully hit an icbm-class target over the pacific ocean. joining me now to discuss that successful intercept test, what it means both politically and militarily and how to deter the rising provocations of north korea and the passivity of china when it comes to north korea, retired four-star general, fox news military analyst, general jack keane, great to have you with us. >> good to be here, lou. lou: it was a success, and it was required to be almost given that it was a direct response to nine missile tests on the part of the north koreans. >> yeah, absolutely, and thankfully so that back in the 80s this was conceptualized as
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a potential growing threat we'd have a rogue state that could not be persuaded by deterrents as russia and china have been and have the capability to defend against the developing ballistic missile threat we are very much aware of now. and the technology is pretty remarkable stuff, as they say, a bullet hitting a bullet, the distance over 4,000 miles, hitting something traveling 16,000 miles an hour, it's hard to get your head around that kind of technology, but lou, the pentagon also characterizes our missile defense here as a limited defense system. this is hardly robust. we've got 36 interceptors, we're going to 44, and the ones that are in the silos right now average about 50% failure when we tested those systems, and hopefully this -- the first time we tested this intercept and likely this will be the one that would be used to replace the others. also north korea is developing solid fuel rockets and missiles
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that they have tested and when you are using solid fuel, it doesn't give us the long lead time, because we'll be able to surveil the preparations of the launch vehicle, and that cuts down our reaction time. so this threat is growing, we do have technology to defend against it, but this is the last resort technology. lou: you know, general, i can't help but cast back to the presidential campaign, the election of 2016, and i think about it was donald trump at every turn who challenged china, challenged in point of fact, russia as well as china, and focused on north korea and talked about how this country must respond. a weakened military, and an r&d program that desperately needs funding. and we're having these sort of,
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how would i say, arcane and relevant debates by so many of our agust senators who seem to be oblivious to the threats that are not only present and clear, but also they are existential. >> yeah, when you looked at military capabilities, you put your finger on any area that you want, offensive missile development, not what it should be. missile defense, not what it should be. the number of surface ships and submarines that we have, not what it should be. new long range bombers, ground force capability. every single one of the areas we're lagging behind where we should be. and the budget that's gone forward for defense is not what it should be. i totally disagree with the administration putting forward the defense of the budget. $40 billion underfunded as far as what we believe is necessary. lou: yeah, what is necessary
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and it is a budget that has, for eight years been starved. i use eight years because that is the presidency of mr. obama, but the fact is, republicans and democrats share immense responsibility for guth our military, for absolutely refusing to deal with the immense waste in the pentagon and amongst the contractors who support the greatest public-private partnership in the world. it is astonishing what the last eight years permitted, what president obama did and refused to do in the way of bolstering our defense, and actually leaving the country forward so that he could lead the free world and his successor as well. in some respects it's a marvel there still is a free world. >> it's sad commentary, and he'll pay a price for it in history.
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not only has our defense been underfunded for years but so disengaged us from the world itself stepping off the global leadership stage that our adversaries have been emboldened, and we're facing syrians, russian, north korea, and china threats and we're on a collision course with china and north korea, i think these guys are likely gaming us. the president is impressed by what the president of china has told him. we haven't seen anything to date that is effective results in north korea standing down their capability. i think we're on a significant collision court with them. lou: that collision course set in motion perhaps long ago, but accelerated through the passivity of the policies of the obama administration. it amounts to nothing as this president is talking about these threats, but it is also instructed to take a look what he's actually doing, and moving
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a third carrier strike force into the sea of japan, speaks volumes about the level of threat that he sees and the response that he has prepared to order. >> i totally agree with that. we have put the military option back on the table, certainly to get their attention in a way that no one believes the obama administration would reach towards. also i'm convinced we've got to push back on china's militaryism in the south china sea, the east china sea, and take a comprehensive approach to dealing with china. what they have successfully accomplished inside the country and outside the country is they want to have economic relationships but accept us politically in all the challenges we cause politically. that's what goes on inside the country and goes on outside country geopolitically, and we have got to push back on them comprehensively. lou: as we look at their
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economy slowing, their debt rising and production capacity obviously has been built up to a point that's unsustainable now with those economic challenges china becomes more likely to be destabilized or adventurous or both. general jack keane, as always, great to have you with us. >> good talking with you, lou. lou: we're coming right back. much more straight ahead. much, much more. stay with us. as north korea's threats against the united states escalate, the pentagon today carried out a successful interception of an icbm missile. >> the bottom line is it would be a catastrophic war if this turns into combat. if we're not able to resolve this situation to a diplomatic means. lou: gord an chang joins me on the trump administration's efforts to crush north korea's nuclear ambitions.
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and radical islamist terrorists set off two bombs in baghdad, killing dozens of people. that story and the battle to defeat radical islamist terrorism here next.
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. lou: north korean leader kim jong-un today vowed to send a bigger as he put it gift package to the united states after north korea carried out its third missile test in three weeks. the warning to president trump comes after south korea conducted a joint drill with a u.s. supersonic b-1b lancer bomber yesterday. my next guest says north korea is about four years away from a nuclear warhead that could hit the contiguous 48 states. joining me forbes contributor, china expert, gordon chang. gordon, good to have you here. you've just heard general jack keane, former vice chief of the army, say straightforwardly, he thinks that the real issue here is china and the collision course that they are on with the united states. your thoughts. >> absolutely correct.
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you know, the north koreans couldn't bark nor bite as they say without china because china provides more than 90% of external trade, most of their food, most of their oil, plus the technology for the missiles. missiles that the north koreans tested on august 24th, february 12 and may 21st look like they come from the jl 1 submarine launch missile. fished out of the sea north korean missiles clearly from china, and you go through this in the nuclear weapons program, some of the semi process materiale that the north koreans have come from china. lou: gordon, you're saying this, one, the chinese are providing technology. secondly, they're providing design. and thirdly, they are providing, if not manufacture, the products themselves that are being used in those missiles. >> yes, and also that the missiles are carried on mobile launchers. those mobile launchers are chinese. we saw this april 15th in the
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big parade and the canister looks like it's chinese as well. we're not worried about north korea's longest rage missile, the taepo-dong 2. it takes weeks to assemble, fuel, test. we worry about the mobile missiles. north korea has mobile missiles because china sold them to launchers. >> the threat we now have a third strike force moving into the sea of japan. your judgment. is that third carrier strike force there because of north korea, or is it there because of china? >> it's probably because of china, and the reason is we've got now two carriers in the sea of japan, ronald reagan and the carl vinson. i think with the nimitz coming into the western pacific, what they're doing is covering the rest of the region to make sure the chinese don't try something provocative when we've concentrated all our force up north. you know china, as general keen pointed out. lou: they've been provocative in the south china sea.
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they're being provocative, and the united states has intelligence services and the pentagon have been relatively quiescent. that is strangling the public's right to know when it comes to the degree of involvement of china in the north korean missile program and presumably as well, their nuclear weapons program. >> yeah, definitely their nuclear weapons program because components for north korea's nukes come across the chinese border, that's resent. as well as uranium. lou: what is the united states to do? this is not only a difficult, complex challenge, it's downright daunting. >> first thing is what president trump is already doing -- lou: okay, what do we do from here? >> the other thing we need to do is start imposing sanctions on chinese financials and the enterprises that are supplying this materiale. lou: look, you and i have known
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each other for many a year, we won't get into all the years. we're friends. and this audience has followed you and me throughout that period, and they deserve straight talk here. sanctionses don't work, economic sanctions don't work, and you than. so what is the point of that? >> well, the sanctions are loose and they're also not in force. lou: no, no, no, no, no. i want to press this. what is the united states to do, because it's mochrie what we do with iran. it is mockery what we have done over the course of three presidencies with the north koreans and what we have done with china. it's an exercise in absurdity. what is the responsible, effectively policy choice for this president going forward to blunt the chinese expansionism. >> first of all, i think what
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we have to do is talk to beijing in public as well as private and impose costs on beijing for what it's doing. this is south china sea, east china sea, cyberattacks, predatory trade practices. what they're doing to taiwan. the range of it. we have given them a lot of free passes over the years, clearly that is no longer acceptable because the chinese think they can do whatever they want. lou: what you're saying is, if we had not elected donald trump as president, we wouldn't be having the discussion and they would be continuing to run all over the region? >> right, and i think that president trump is going to have to take measures that are going to be politically unpopular, but we know he has the will to do that, because we've heard him talk -- lou: there's another great threat here, isn't there? you heard sean spicer, the white house press secretary talking about the left-wing media adoration of false narratives. another fancy washington term
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for lies, and this is a time when the public deserves honest journalism, honest reporting, and they're getting none of it out of that crowd. >> especially because the u.s. faces existential threats, not just north korea, but iran down the road and china today. we need to have those conversations on a national level because we're going to have to make difficult choices to protect the american people. and previous administrations haven't done that. north korea, did not become instantly dangerous on january 20. lou: no, by the way, the very bias, they love to call it bias, these are complicit journalists, they didn't say a word as president obama pursued policies that made kim jong-un's threats all the more real and all the more difficult for the succeeding president to resolve. out west, they would say damn their hides. thank you very much, appreciate
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it. >> thanks, lou. lou: on wall street, stocks closing lower for a second straight session. dow down 51 points, the s&p down 3. the nasdaq fell seven points. volume 3.1 billion shares. the yield on the ten-year treasury falling three basis points today, now down to 2.21%, lowest level in two weeks and that yield suggesting that the fed is moving in the opposite direction of the markets. who will prevail? amazon hitting a new milestone with shares topping the $1,000 mark before closing just below it. shares of amazon up 33% so far this year, putting its market cap at almost a half trillion dollars. 478 billion. wow. a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day, coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. up next, lawmakers in one
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state topping this dysfunction that marks d.c. where lawmakers are accusing each other of assault and threatening each other's lives
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. lou: my commentary tonight was originally focused on a congress that doesn't work about, which we had such high hopes, a republican majority in the house and the senate, ushering in president trump's bold legislative agenda. instead, there's intraparty, and that party is the gop, squabbling and delaying and a clock about to run out on health care and possibly tax reform, and then they all go on vacation and there are only 43 scheduled legislative workdays left before the end of the fiscal year. 43. think about that. but in one state, they've got a
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group of lawmakers where they bring high passion to their work. some protests as well and some threats of violence on the floor of the house in texas. fox news casey stegall with our report. >> reporter: a scuffle breaks out between texas lawmakers on what was intended to be an uneventful end to the 2017 legislative session. >>, if you don't want things like that to happen on the house floor. >> reporter: poncho navarez says he was upset after hearing one of his republican colleagues called federal immigration authorities on protesters who had descended on the capitol in opposition to a new law that bans so-called sanctuary cities. state representative matt rinaldi phoned the feds that witnesses say the two elected leaders got in each other's faces and even tossed around threats. >> you heard him say i'm going to --
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>> put a bullet in your head. >> in his direction. >> reporter: rinaldi admitted to saying he'd shoot congressman navarez, only in self-defense, something the democrats say never happened. >> i can say whatever i want without impunity. there is repercussion. >> reporter: earlier in the day, protesters became disrupted in the gallery setting off an explosive chain of events. >> the chair asks the sergeant-at-arms and the department of public safety to remove all persons from the gallery. >> reporter: police were called into boot those interfering with official business. congressman rinaldi called immigrations and customs enforcement since some of the demonstrators were holding signs saying they were in the country illegally. congress says there were no such signs and i.c.e. says they were never called. later conceded his behavior was to get a reaction.
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>> you say things to insight people. >> okay. >> that's exactly what i did. >> reporter: despite monday's debacle in austin, the governor may have to call a special legislative session to get to business items that they could not address this go-around. in dallas, casey stegall, fox news. lou: casey stegall, thank you very much. a lot happening in texas, don't mess with texas. we're coming right back. much more straight ahead. stay with us. the white house is working hard to smoke out the leakers in the white house. >> outrageous, i don't know why people do it it. jeopardizes not only investigations but puts people's lives in jeopardy. lou: the president is committed to finding and removing those criminal leakers. we take it all up with sarah carter. and this bold, daring athlete performs a balancing act unlike any you've seen before.
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we bring you the remarkable video straight ahead. we'll be right back.
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. lou: president trump again lark out at leaks straight out of the white house. president trump tweeted this --
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joining us now is the friend to discuss this threat to the white house, to the country, posed by anonymous leaks and the complicit left-wing national media. joined by sarah carter, national security war correspondent for circa news, and sarah, great to have you with us. is the president right? >> this is what i think, lou. i mean i believe that these reporters are talking to people. it doesn't mean what the people are saying are true. a lot of times they take small little pieces of truth, especially from the intelligence community, if we're to believe the leaks are from the intel community, what they do is give a situation that was accurate, but then the information they're giving is only partially truths. so when it gets out there, it become a false narrative. this is something we need to be
4:37 am
concerned about. this is the problem with consistently relying on anonymous sources and it creates a fake, false narrative. lou: a fake, false narrative and we fall into, oftentimes, the habit of going along with the left-wing national media's use of false narratives. what we're talking about are damn lies and talking about complicit reporters, because they know better. when you and i have ever used anonymous sources and every journalist has, it doesn't become derigored, it doesn't become the standard of your craft, it's done for rare and exceptional, explicit purposes given a hugely important story. but one in which the reporter and the editors of the publication understand with great conviction that the public's right to know is paramount.
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this is drivel that is pouring out of washington, d.c., and through the leakers and the white house. i mean, come thoshgs is pure complicity by the left-wing media, they are doing it for a political purpose. >> you have to be very careful as a journalist. i cover intelligence and national security, we have multiple sources verifying the information and that there's actually an allegation. i can't allege that somebody is the target of an investigation unless i have facts to back up that. and i can't just throw that out as hyperbole and that becomes the problem here. like you're dragging people through the mud without evidence to support. that another huge problem, lou, is when you're leaking on investigations like we saw with the manchester bomber. those leaks, that information showing a second trigger, showing the actual photographs of the bomb by the bomb maker, revealed signatures out there, so al qaeda or isis, the al qaeda bomb maker, others involved in this were tipped off.
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whether they're in libya or manchester, they got information and they can move and skedaddle out of there before our guys can get in and grab them. lou: how do you begin to comprehend who in the united states leaked that information? because we know the president has confirmed also theresa may, the prime minister of the uk. theresa may acknowledging the united states leaked that material, or much of it. >> certainly somebody in the intelligence community, somebody involved in the counterintelligence operation here who had access to those documents. and let's go all the way back to michael flynn, you know, lou, the lieutenant general, the leaking of his name, his name itself which was unmasked was highly classified. only a small group of people had access to the name. we have to ask ourselves is something going to happen here? will there be investigation into the leakers, and if so, i
4:40 am
think something will happen where it will stop to some extent. if nobody is punished for this, and i'm not talking about punishing people for hearsay, real leaks of intelligence that affect our intelligence community. lou: let's be clear, we were told that the white house had identified at least three individuals who had leaked and that there would be consequences. we have yet to hear the identification of those three, certainly been no public consequence, and we're also acknowledging now a greater vulnerability than we had realized before about this, this government, and that is maybe we really can't control the flow of information, and our intelligence services are so limited that they cannot identify and turn over those who are leaking classified information. if so, we have a -- that is a
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crisis of immense proportions. >> i think we do have a crisis of immense proportions, it's easy, lou, and i talked to many people, many sources who said it would be very simple to find out who leaked especially some of the most highly sensitive classified data. whether that's regarding the name of mike flynn or regarding the manchester bombing leaks and other leaks. the problem is you need someone that's going to be willing to lead an investigation, whether that's the department of justice or somebody else, and you can't ask the fox to guard the hen house, right? >> i certainly won't quibble with those who think it can be done readily. i think they're mistaken. i truly believe the permanent bureaucracy, the deep state is so entrenched with those who have a high partisan objective that it is going to take an extraordinary effort to root them out. sara, it is great as always,
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and good to see and you talk with you about these issues, and i can't wait for your next story in circa. >> thank you so much. lou. lou: sara carter. please roll the video, this brave man, look at this, terrifying heights for a balancing act in the french alps, why would you do it anywhere else. he carefully rides his bike along a narrow slack line suspended, are you ready for this? almost 9,000 feet in the air. he makes it across. his balance, amazing. his courage, stunning. the fete, absurd in my opinion. he spent a year and a half preparing for his extraordinary feat, and good on him, i don't know what possesses anyone to do that. i do not understand it. up next, the islamic state claiming responsibility for
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bombings that killed dozens in baghdad. the suicide attacks days after president trump vowed to eradicate the radical islamist group and lieutenant tony shaffer takes up the fight. stay with us. he'll be here next. so, tell me young man. do you remember what your dad and i taught you about hands only cpr? yes. uh, kind of. if you see a teen or adult suddenly collapse, the first thing you do is...? call 9-1-1. and the second thing you do is? push hard and fast in the center of the chest at a rate of at least one hundred beats per minute. who even knows what one hundred beats per minute even sounds like? ♪ well, you can tell by the way i use my walk, ♪ ♪ i'm a woman's man: no time to talk. ♪ ♪ music loud and women warm, ♪ i've been kicked around ♪ since i was born. and now it's all right. ♪ ♪ it's ok. and you may look the other way ♪
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. lou: two massive car bombs killing at lead 31 people in baghdad today. one attack outside a popular ice cream shop. a second bombing near a government office. the islamic state claimed responsibility for both attacks days before the start of ramadan. joining me to discuss the war against radical islamist terror and much, much more, senior fellow at london center for policy research. lieutenant colonel tony shaffer. great to have you with us. >> thank you for having me. lou: let's start with, it's fascinating and frightening, the power of the deep state right now. >> right. lou: and their ability to blunt the power of the president of the united states with leaks, with disinformation. it's extraordinary. we were told of three leakers had been identified, at least
4:48 am
three, and there would be consequences presumably, firing, and we have heard nothing sense. what do you make of it. >> two things, i'd like to believe this is going to be diligent but detailed, and lou, you got to get all the scoop, you got to to be very thorough. i'd like to believe they're going to make this stick. you got to to make examples these folks, and frankly this relates directly to the unmasking and very horrific things. and one of our folks, good friend of mine, dennis kucinich, you've had him on before, dennis recognizes it's truly orwellian tothe potential damage done by people on the inside doing these leaks and these sorts of compromises. you got to document everything, when you document, it you've got to be willing to go all the way regarding prosecution, that's another piece of this.
4:49 am
>> and it is truly orwellan when we have a national left-wing press that has given one president a ride for eight years and we learn his passivity, his aversion to actions and responsibility has led to immense threats against national security, and he has strengthened our enemies, i'm referring specifically to president obama in eight years in office, and now president trump is faced on threats seemingly from every quarter and a media that is subversive. >> you hit the nail on the head, lou. look, what you said is the key. president obama took the elements of nation state and turned them internally on his enemies. think about. this the great power, the great good that can be done with effective intelligence collection, with the great technology developed by our intelligence community was
4:50 am
turned on its ear to focus on the political threats not the external threats. that's what we're living with here. to fix the change of momentum, the past eight years is going to take time, i think president trump is learning right now, lou, the people who helped elect him ain't necessarily the folks to drain the swamp. you have to have people to understand the swamp to start draining it effectively. that's what the president is trying to do right now. >> i would question one thing in this, that is the idea of time. washington seems to regard a clock as an anachronism, and really we need to accelerate our efforts rather than plot along. we have so many smart people, surely there must be among them not plotters, maybe a couple? >> lou, you and i both know when we met years ago and started talking, i was fighting the deep state years ago, and the one of the most effective
4:51 am
tools the deep state has is wasting time. wearing you down. and that's part of the strategy they're doing right now. trying to wear down the president. lou: let's crank it up. >> i'm ready to crank it up. personnel is policy. president trump has to pick the right people who are going to run at his pace. a lot of the folks he's picked, lou, sadly are not keeping up with him, and he's starting to recognize that. >> if we put it in no other terms, find people with his energy and work ethic and integrity. that's all. that's what we need. >> that's it. i'm with you. he's look in that direction. lou: we make it sound so simple. lieutenant colonel tony shaffer. thank you very much. >> thanks, lou. >> i think the relationship the president has had with merkel, he would describe as fairly unbelievable. they get along very well.
4:52 am
he has a lot of respect for her. lou: we'll be talking about that relationship and much more. mercedes schlapp and charlie hurt join me next. stay with us.
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lou: in our downline poll we asked do you think the media
4:56 am
there ever give the president the credit he deserves for his successful foreign trip? we are talking about liars. we are talking about complicit operatives, not journalists and they pretend to such and are acquitted, i guess respect as such. can this go on, charlie? >> it has gone on for so long i don't see it stopping anytime soon. just watch their coverage of this middle east tour. it was a terrific trip. he had a lot of good meetings. the scandals the media is trying
4:57 am
to make out of this like macron squeezing his hand too hard or the president shoving his way to the front of the line. lou: we are the world's only super power and we are asked to behave like we are a balkan state. >> the mainstream media, they were so critical when he spoke to the nato allies. yet they were quick to enlarge that president trump was a rock star in germany while he was meeting in angela markle. the america voter cheering on the president for saying, hey,
4:58 am
pay your fair dues. because if we are paul for one and one for all, be part of it and make sure you pay the dues on the financial obligations you need to pay for. i think the president was a champion for the american people abroad. lou: of course he is. most americans had never thought about the fact that america is paying twice as much as germany. trump for even raising the idea there should be an ajust. while a third of the budget goes to public welfare which taxpayers in america are effectively supporting. >> it's a direct support. every time germany does haven't
4:59 am
to spend on nato operation wheeze pay for goes into social welfare problems. they might not like the message they are getting, but it is the message the american voter gave to donald trump and elected him to deliver. so they are very pleased with this. lou: i would think everyone in washington is beginning to understand it's the dawning of a new era, the trump era. >> way want the president to do is basically build his own -- lou: you are counseling the president? what language did i use that con founded the moment? >> was it french? i'm trying to figure out. was it german? lou: with my deepest apologies we have to break because we are at the end of the broadcast.
5:00 am
we'll find out what you really think on that issue next time. thank you both. thanks for being with us. tomorrow lauren: breaking news this morning. kathy griffin under fire after posting with a beheaded president drop. >> in the line and then i crossed it. i went way too far. good morning, everybody. but forward. >> good morning. and cheryl casone. the president's attended a church mission or as michael flynn agrees to hand over his business and personal records. the growing controversy now includes members of the


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