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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  June 3, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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now. because the time to think about tomorrow is today. everybody. charles: good evening i'm charles payne. another monster day for the stock market as all the major equity embassies hit all-time highs. many of you are now eager to get back in. but you're also ready to make huge mistakes. i have one of the best lessons for you later on in this show. but first, congratulations. it's been one day since president trump declared the u.s. will withdraw from the paris climate accord and guess what? apocalypse hasn't happened yet. the president deploying his army of patriots today to defend that decision of putting america first and into the trenches, they went. watch.
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>> the arctic ice shelves melting. why are the highest temperatures of the decade -- essentially the hottest temperatures we've seen on record. >> we've actually been in a hiatus since the late 1990s. charles: joining me now one of my favorite climatologists peter morici. peter, the fact of the matter this wasn't even about climate, was it? it was about economics. >> absolutely. this deal was a terrible deal. i wrote that in the watch man times two years ago and on fox's website and so forth. i mean, basically it committed china to start cutting back co2 emissions in 2030 and until then, it could grow. heck, our emissions are lower now than 1990 because american industry has been responding on its own. it does not need the administrative states. by the way, i have sandbags by my back door. and they didn't get wet. charles: yeah, i got -- i am on a rowboat this weekend, though. i'll keep it somewhere in the house, maybe the garage just
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in case. it feels to me, peter, and maybe you can help me here. former president obama and europeans always kind of had this social justice, do the right thing for the environment thing, and they make and form these policies and then try to add an economic vinier to them to make it seem like there was a reason for doing it, other than the fact that, you know, they -- environmentalists came first. >> well, my feeling is the economic problem went away. our big concern was the switching from coal over to other fuels for electrical utilities and making cars more energy efficient. well, the reality is technology is changing very quickly for the cars and we'll be in electric cars before you know it. more than that, the internal combustion engine is getting more efficient at all times. shell gas has changed the side. in your mind is there any possible - >> we are going to pause for a station toet our fox stations
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join us. >> this is an incident in london tonight. it is an apparent terrorist attack. in a busy night, this is unfolding just a few weeks after the islamic terrorist mode people down on the nearby westminster bridge killing four people there and injuring 50. that bridge close to where this is happening, the london bridge. the newspaper, the son which is owned by 21st century fox reports that a white van apparently mode people down here there also reports of stabbings and shots fired. the police have not confirmed that. great britain has been under high alert for possible terrorist incidents. this, they are worried and their fear of many, they are at the heart of the west insulation and the heart of
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london. a potential attack with people mowing people down. reports of all this is not yet confirmed. the police, listen to the live coverage. courts we were basically guided
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out. there were a lot of police. armed police. we are basically guided away from the area. then we got kind of as far away from the area as we could as quickly as possible. >> entirely understandably for you say in your words you believe you arrived in the aftermath of the incident. one witness that we spoke you just before you suggested he had substantial gunfire, rapid gunfire. tremendous gunfire in fact he said. you did not. >> we do not have gunfire. but when we were sitting in the back of the taxi we were - for a moment. i said to the man driving, please, clearly something is going on.
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please lock the doors. we then saw a group of people running northward over the bridge. clearly, people in a real estate of something happening. >> we hope you get home safe and soon. many thanks for speaking to us. for the viewers just tuning in let's update you to what has been happening. police have described this as a major incident on london bridge. a number of reports and a number of injuries after a vehicle has said to have plowed into pedestrians. the gentleman we were just speaking to suggested that they were injured people on both sides of the road. and did not believe that it was an accident. we heard a little bit earlier from an eyewitness that lives
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in a flat just adjacent to the bridge just next to london bridge. he said he heard tremendous was before the police were there. certainly there have been a number of reports coming in. most recently and specifically from the - news agency. they say there was attack that happened in the immediate aftermath of the injuries caused by the vehicle. some suggestion of it being a white van and brought some people down. emergency services there in tremendous numbers. ambulance, police. and a correspondence there. >> i just was walking out of the station and there were
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police. in the street. some were coming by car and others were running. then we just got the traffic was stopped. one guy was telling them to go in this direction. but i do not know exactly where they were going. and then a guy was wearing - and then i went to the london bridge station. five minutes after that it was evacuated. everybody coming out of the station and now the police asked us again to move down the street and there are people in the street but most of the people are not.>> and it
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appears in the pictures we are looking at that they are being directed out of the area by the police. >> the police asked people to move and they did. and everybody left. >> when the station itself was evacuated, how is that made? was it one of the messages that they have? i'm just trying to get an idea of what you were told when you were told to leave the station. >> i was not inside the station at the moment. i was outside the station. i saw people coming out of the station. and a few minutes after that we were told to leave the street so we went down a little bit. i was not inside the station when they asked people to leave. >> and of course this being a saturday night in london. one presumes there are quite a lot of people on the streets at this time.
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>> yes, yes a lot of people were coming out of the station. most of them are gone now. it is pretty empty. but the people walking by, you see them go up the street. >> how have people been reacting? we have seen many cases moving past you. have people been responding with panic or fear, uncertainty? >> the people coming out of the station are pretty calm. it was no panic. i saw people running from near the scene of the incident. they were running down the street. i saw two people running but mainly it was quiet. the police officers were shopping to leave. people didn't want to panic or
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anything. >> these are live pictures. this is the closest that we can get to the london bridge. in the direction that the police officers are heading. they are having shields and helmets. we should repeat we spoke a little earlier to a man who lives close to london bridge. he suggested that there was gunfire. and we spoke a few moments ago to -- who is traveling across the bridge in a taxi and what he thought was the immediate aftermath of the incident. he did not hear any gunfire however, what he did see were people moving away at speed. past his taxi having already seen a number of people injured to the sides of the road. and we spoke to another witness. >> we came out onto the road and looked to my left and there was a guy.
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i thought he was just drunk he was lying on the floor. and then a couple seconds later, about three people ran past the guys that were with him - they started to tending to the guy on the floor. i think they started leaving the officers of the road towards the london bridge. we did walk past the person on the floor. but we he looked in a bad way. i cannot tell if he was hit by something or shot or anything like that. people were coming from the london bridge direction. >> again we are reporting on an apparent terrorist attack that we are witnessing in real time at the london bridge.
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witnesses say a white van plowed into pedestrians there. multiple injuries have been reported.witnesses saying people are also stabbed and ots were fired. thiss not been confirmed. itish media reporting at this hour. three men jumped out of the white van that plowed over people and started randomly diving pedestrians. that is from the pedestrians, witnesses, media. but not confirmed by the police. clearly though there are concerns of terrorist attacks in london at - after the westminster bridge incident. that was four or five weeks ago. clearly the scene of panic and fear and concern in a saturday night. this speaks volumes of the threat of terrorism that we all now face. please stay tuned. fox news channel and this station will have continuing story.
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>> if you don't stand up, you get run over. and what's happening to me has never happened, ever. in the history of this great country. he broke me. he broke me. he broke. and then i was, like, no, this isn't right. this is not right. charles: kathy griffin has a serious melt down, of course the alt left provocativer. there it is right there. she posed with a bloody
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imitation of president trump's decapitated head. and now all of a sudden he's the bad guy. he and his family are attacking her. this goes beyond perhaps liberal hypocrisy. but it doesn't stop there. roll tape. >> the message is clear. criticize, lose your job. and that's what happened to kathy. charles: so if everyone who criticized the president lost their jobs, then there would be 138,000 -- there wouldn't be 138,000 jobs added to this month's jobs report. here to discuss, gregg, let me start with you. even though madison just got her law degree, and i'll be weighing in on her expertise as well. you written that legally, it's a felony to knowingly and willfully make a threat against the president of the united states. his decapitated head comes very close, no? >> yeah. the secret service contacted her. they're investigating. yeah, it's a crime. the trouble is they would have
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to prove that she intended to instigate an assassination of the president or some other violence against the president. that's very hard to prove. in terms of the other legal case, defamation, the president could actually try to sue her. parody satire protected speech, so is art and opinion is despicable and deeply offensive as what she did, you know, it probably would not survive a defamation case. charles: there is speech, though, that violates the first amendment. there are certain forms of speech that can be considered a crime. hate speech. >> yeah. hate speech. yelling fire in a crowded theater when there's no fire so on and so fourth. but none of that would apply here. i mean, look, the fact that kathy griffin didn't anticipate the enormous public fall out suggests that she's as dumb as a bucket of hair, and then she compounds her
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stupidity by trying to claim the mantle that she's the victim, even though she victimized the president, his family, his children, and so on and so fourth. i mean, lisa bloom ought to be ashamed of herself for trying to pedal that farce. charles: well, madison, she is trying to pedal it, and it's sort of shocking that kathy griffin would actually hire an attorney, and you wonder where it goes from here. >> right. i mean, i think from the very beginning, this was a desperate ploy for attention for someone with a failing career, quite frankly. and i've said it before. i'll say it again. just because the first amendment gives you the right to say something, doesn't mean it's what you should be saying or doing. she crossed the lines here. people on both sides of the line agreed with that. and she's taking a play right out of hillary clinton's playbook blaming everybody but herself. and in that press conference, she took time to blame the president, the psident's family, tucker cls, old white men. i can tell you right now she's not getting fired just because of old white men. i'm not an old white man, and i guarantee if i owned a club or restaurant that had her
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scheduled to perform, i would fire her from the gig too. i think it's absolutely radio ridiculous. she needs to sit down and shut up. charles: well, madison, she's not sitting down and shutting up. neither is hillary clinton. what do you make of they're trying to at least thrust themselves to the forefront of women's movement like they're the representative of representatives of women and the struggles and victim hood of women in america these days. >> i think it's embarrassing because there are real struggles that women face in different areas of life. and for them to get up there and say my personal failures and bad decisions are sexism just takes away from the people who are really affected by that. hillary clinton lost because she ran a bad campaign. kathy griffin, you know, struggles in her career because she's not really that funny. and what she did like i said before, crossed the line. charles: gregg, i've been reading articles too where she actually before this said that baron trump was fair game. she suggested or hinted that
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she would go after him and apparently he was watching tv when all of this unfolded. and this had a devastating impact on him. again, maybe there's no legal case here. but there's something so terrible about that. >> she is a person who would do anything for attention. it's this sort of look at me, look at me. i mean, look at all the other stuff she's done. undressing in time square on new year's eve on national television. that was pretty awful to experience. we were all traumatized by that. look, we know attention getters in our life, they're sort of pathetic all rolled into one. she's the quintessential attention seeker and, you know, she glommed onto lisa bloom, who would walk a mile for a camera and a controversy, so there you go. charles: perfect match. guys, thank you, both, very much. what if i told you that germany chancellor angela merkel and ge ceo made threats that could actually be music to your ears and your wallets? that's right.
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american taxpayers, maybe we won't have to do all the heavy lifting after all. we'll be right back
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charles: so remember when angela merkel said europe might have to go to loan? well, she was joined by ge ceo who tweeted this last night. the paris agreement, climate change industry must now lead and not depend on the government. you know, i think both of them met meant those comments as threats. but wouldn't it be great if taxpayers stopped subsidizing nations and businesses? here togues, peter morici is back with matt welch. kristen, let me ask you. to being i said to myself.
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>> i'm somebody thanks markets are great for solving problems. it doesn't mean that i don't think there's no role for government, especially on the issue with the environment. dealing with internallities when i do something that causes harm to something else, the government has a role to step in there. but that's very different from massive subsidies from industries and stuff like that. so to the extent that we can have some kind of framework that protects the environment but markets do what they do, i think that's a good thing. charles: matt, of course angela merkel upset about the whole g7 nato meeting and, you know, the rumor that maybe they'll create their own army or armed forces. i think that's music to the ears of american taxpayers, and we just came from eight years of government picking winners and losers. subsidizing, overwhelmingly these big projects like three $2.3 billion solar farms that ended up with ten employees
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who don't work while punishing businesses like coal. >> angela merkel; right? we've been helping to guarantee the peace and security of western europe for the last 70 years and rightfully so. it has been a wonderful project. it's amazing to watch the political class absolutely freak out because she made these comments about how we can't completely rely on the u.s. to depend on our future and our fate. well, you know what? that sounds kind of good. donald trump might have kind of blundered his way into that. he might have said silly things about the trade deficit with germany, which i think are silly. however, germany should be doing this. emmanuel macron should be the guy standing up to vladimir putin more than donald trump is, and you're absolutely right. we should not be picking winners and losers. the way to get cleaner, and this is the trend anywhere with the environment is to get richer. richer countries pollute less. right now, we're kind of on target to go through and get to those levels of the paris agreement that barack obama promised because of fracking, which we talked about earlier in the show. so don't do things that let
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you get less rich. charles: well, peter, we've spent billions of dollars saving the world, in particular saving europe a couple of times. if they can't pay 2%, i don't know on how they're going to raise money for their own army. but, again, it sounds like music to the ears of american taxpayers that all of these these people are indignant they can't get president trump to put their mission before americas. >> there's germany not spending enough on defense and huge trade surplus. trump was right on that, and i have support on that issue from modern democratic economists, not people that were associated with clinton. there are a number of studies that are coming out that that's a problem and requiring them on to spend more is good news. it is absolutely absurd that we should be guaranteeing german security with our money and the lives of our young people. when they will not go in harms way, and they spend half as much as we do as a share of their gross national product. you know, this is great. i think what angela merkel was saying were things to try to
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motivate the political -- the voters in germany because she has been inclined to move in that direction and has received political resistance. so all of this is good. i view donald trump's trip to the middle east and europe as a great success. he motivated people to do a lot of very positive things. we don't have time to go through them all now. but he certainly did, and this is one of them. charles: kristen, i do want to ask you. elon musk is one of the guys who quit the advisory board. also an extraordinary recipient of taxpayer subsidies for all of his businesses. he flies around in one of the most beautiful private jets you could imagine. do you really think he's going to walk away from any of those freebies from the government? >> well, i mean, look, i would love for everybody in america to be able to drive a car that doesn't emit a ton of carbon, but i don't want the government to bankrupt so that companies can get rich off of the process of doing it.
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if elon musk wants to quit the president's counsel, i'm fascinating pulling out of the paris agreement that didn't have much teeth to it in the first place that this is the red line that's making a lot of these ceos walk away from the president. it seems perplexing to me, for sure. charles: it seems to me they already have one foot out the door. guys, thank you very much. meanwhile, former fbi director james comey is set to testify next week. but could president trump actually get in the way? there is a chance he could stop it legally. we're going to discuss that with an all-star panel. next.
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charles: former fbi director james comey scheduled to testify on capitol hill next thursday. all eyes will be on this but here's the thing, we are learning perhaps president trump could try to block only from testifying and discussing the conversation by asserting executive executive privilege could write a senior adviser kellyanne conway said president trump will decide whether to invoke those presidential powers next week. joining me now to discuss gregg jarrett and tom fitton. let me ask you first, this is the moment of truth, the moment we have all sort have been waiting for. not too long ago earlier today senator graham said he thinks this whole thing is going to turn into a hit job or could turn into a hit job on president trump. your thoughts? >> certainly the reports and comey has been fired about his
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disgust for the president shows that he doesn't like him and doesn't like to testify in a way to make the president look good but that's neither here or there politically and frankly that will probably make call me look bad if he betrays confidences. i don't think the white house should prevent comey from testifying even though they have probably a legal leg to stand on. a legal right to but if comey is smart he will testify generally about his impressions from the meetings with the president without disclosing the specifics of what he was told. you just cannot have fbi detractors betraying confidences like that and comey despite his biases against the president i hope is smart enough to understand that he can't disclose without breaking confidence. >> certain things will be redacted but the key here is all these memos that he wrote and the phonecalls and meetings that they are asked to read those outlawed verbatim then it might
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turn into some form of a hit job. if he went home after one of those meeting said said the president push me around and he typed out those words. >> my guess is the most incriminating part of it was to the reporter by the colleagues of james comey and that was flynn is a good guy and i hope we can be clear. hoping and wishing that something happened isn't the same as directing and ordering which could arguably be obstruction. obstruction. c i would encourage the administration to take this approach to release the comey notes, all the memos he wrote. the clintons and the meetings between bill clinton and loretta lynch. are there notes like back? if he was only writing notes about donald trump certainly it suggests he added in for donald trump. if their other out there and memos to the file buddy was writing after meetings with
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other political meetings with administration's previous day should be released as well. my view is let it all come come out the dutchess rowan's testimony. let's get the document out there so people can judge them themselves. charles: executive privilege, could they use that? >> they could invoke that lawyers probably won't. their lawyers have -- you commented publicly about the conversation and it would be political suicide like the president is trying to cover up criminality when in fact there is no crime if the words are as stated in comey's memo. charles: let me ask you about the other part of the white house legal document to travel moratorium being pushed to the supreme court. >> it has a better chance in the supreme court. kennedy will be the swing vote so we'll wait and see but with the lower courts did is they well exceeded their authority by looking campaign rhetoric.
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the supreme court itself is never done that in my guess is the supreme court will be critical of the lower court judges for doing that. campaign rhetoric changes all the time. you can't hold that against the guy when he becomes president and when he justifies within the order the reason national security for naming the six nations. charles: tom how are you going to handicap that? >> i think the president is likely to have his order reaffirmed if not immediately over the immediate term next fall but it's absolutely right that analysis and not only that but the courts let their anti-trump animus get in the way. basically what they have said is if the other president had done this it would be okay but because president trump said a few things here on the outside as you have pointed out during the campaign he can do what would otherwise be legal for any other president. this anti-trump animus is not
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only to arrange in the media, some in congress and some in the f. a. i but it looks like some court judges are getting bound up in the craziness too. charles: gentlemen thank you both very much and meanwhile the major avenues keep chugging along. you know what i always say, rev up at diesel. my take on it. i'm going to make you some money. we will be right back.
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charles: and executive says that ♪ there's nothing traditional about my small business. i count on my dell small business advisor for tech advice. with one phone call, i get products that suit my needs, and i get back to business. ♪
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survey. i think it was way off but there were a couple of points that made sense and in the end i think that's probably what helped the stock or could look beyond this backward looking date in the first place so that said the unemployment rate, the real unemployment rate declined to 8.4% from 9.4% at the beginning of the year to 9.7% a year ago. guys that's absolutely huge and then there were the increases in construction and mining jobs. that matches the strong trend for selected in the job report from adp. i continued to believe that you have to be these industrial names and material names. i promised you a special report and i will have a complete of the weekend. in the meantime let me give you a investment lesson. last i exchanged e-mails with one of the viewers and it disturbed me so much i had to share with you tonight to the notion of knowing what stock is
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a bye based on the share price and then compoundi that with the idea that theower the share price is the greater upside is the biggest killer for investors particularly a beginning investor. if you were sent me an e-mail and says hello i'm interested in joining your group although i'm concerned that you are only pushing large-cap stocks. a recommendation to buy tw at $140 is ridiculous for the average investor. my reply with all due respect judging investments based on share price of valuation. large-cap stocks do not have limited upside. you are itching to make every mistake in the book. starting with topline growth pricing power market share gains market expansion positive cash flow trends balance rate trends technical moves and formations and finally management history and execution. let me tell you something you do not have to be rich but you have
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to be smart and not swing blindly for the fences. the bottom line is you the viewer, the investor must own great american companies. they are easy to measure monitor and yet even the best companies can tap overbought stocks or oversold stocks that basing an entire portfolio on a proposition of buying so-called cheap stocks is investment suicide. i like what i'm seeing with the hard data overall in this economy and i love what i'm hearing for management and i really think this rally continues and of course there could be some bumps in the road but don't thing -- make this -- america's coming back in the stock market is a reflection of that. by the way we have a special programming note for you. tonight "wall street week" 8:00 p.m. and maria bartiromo who will interview home depot co-founder kendall and john.
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ken langone. >> i think the opportunities of america the next 25 years no matter how hard our politicians try to screwed up the opportunity is phenomenal. charles: after watching "wall street week" catch a new episode of bob massey the "property man." coming up here the federal student loan program spiraling out of control to the trump administration said something
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