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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  June 4, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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decades. >> don't look at it for the next two decades. david: for 40, 50 years. thank you very much. have a wonderful weekend. that's it for forbes on fox, thanks for watching, keep is here, the number one business blocktinues with erbolling and cashin' in. eric: president trump taking on the elites of the world. pulling out of the paris climate agreement, criticizing germany for being unfair when it comes to trade and telling n.a.t.o. leaders to pay their fair share as they stood by snickering, and rolling their eyes. many are quick to bash our president, maybe this is what america needs, a president who looks out for american workers and taxpayers. i'm eric bolling, our crew this week, mercedes, lisa booth, rachel campos-duffy. he's calling everyone out, what do you think, is this good for america on the global stage? >> well, i have to tell you,
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eric, when i heard the president say i represent the people of pittsburgh not paris, i felt leak tlike the fourth of july. it's an amazing moment keeping his promise and and some cringe when he crashes their cocktail environment and tell them they need to foot the bill. but in middle america, they're smiling and doing a slow camp and a paris accord that disadvantages our workers and causes america to foot the bill of the pet project of the elites. the elites, the white collar jobs aren't affected, it's the farmers and coal mines and people in the factories in middle america that put president trump in the white house. so it's really quite an amazing moment to see him, really, keep his promise and put america and
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its workers first. eric: and mercedes, i've got to say, this is exactly what donald trump, candidate, ran on. he said he was going to be the anti-globalist, he want today pull out of n.a.t.o. and out of tpp and this paris climate accord is something that is a globalist agenda idea. >> right, i think, you know, you would argue that the nationalists, the populist, and he was loving every minute in the rose garden. you've got to go back to the paris climate agreement in essence, it was a flawed frame work that was set up. it was president obama who basically didn't go through the ratification process like the other 128 nations that did go through a ratification process in their legislature. the u.s. would have to play by a different set of rules. you would have china who could increase emissions until 2030.
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india in a contingency would want $2.5 billion to play. the frame work of the agreement itself was very flawed and so, i think for president trump, it was his moment to say this is for the american worker, this is about the american economy, and basically, going in and breaking the china. and i think that it was about time that this happened because we want to work with our foreign leaders, obviously, it's america not only first, but america's not going to go at it alone, but at the same time to the advantage for our economy and the working class. eric: exactly, lisa, hang in there. i want to bring in jessica. on the climate, i find it very, very hypocritical when all the leaders show up in their private planes, jessica. let's move on, show me that video when president trump was talking to the podium and the world leaders are there, spot shadowing, smirking world leaders.
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he's asking world leaders, macron on the left, asking them, do what you promised to do. in the treaty you promised to spend 2% of gdp on your own def about that? >> i'm wondering if that's before or after he pushed one of the n.a.t.o. leaders out of the way and that video exists and was hilarious. eric: it was montenegro. >> and push germany and-- remember, that montenegro, you can get pushed because you're tiny. anyway, what i would say, i've heard from a lot of people, that the premise of asking people to pay their fair share, the 2% they pledged is not ridiculous. what is ridiculous is to take over these moments to make it aggressive, to essentially yell at other foreign leaders to create an environment in which angela merkel has to stand up there and say we can no longer rely on the u.s. as she's next to prime minister modi. >> she pulled back those.
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>> and think about the prediction, we'll lose 8.2 trillion dollars over the course of the century by pulling out. eric: whoa, whoa, whoa. >> i don't want to talk to the climate. eric: let's not go too deep to that. the heritage foundation and we would lose $3 trillion had we stayed in it gdp. >> let's not go down the rabbit hole, the heritage foundation and the-- >> can i get in here. >> eric, eric. eric: i've got to bring in lisa and let you talk a little about the globalist, anti-globalist, america first agenda that donald trump won on and he's implementing it. >> let's be clear, president trump wanted n.a.t.o. members to spend more, he's unsuccessful at it. they're submitting reports and trying to move forward toward increasi increasing spend on defense and
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merkel committing more to defense. there are those under president trump that we didn't see under president obama. as to the climate agreement, i dare, i dare the democratic party to try to take that messaging to the american people in 2018 and 2020 and convince them that somehow this was a good deal by all reports we've seen, it's going to cost the american people trillions of dollars, millions of jobs. we're committed to decreasing our emissions to 2028. >> lisa. >> i'm not finished. and 2025 when china can increase their emissions by 2030. mit researchers telling us even if all countries are doing their part, the decrease is going to be-- impact is going to be negligible. i dare the democratic party to take that message. president trump is right on the money when he says i represent pittsburgh not paris, so i dare, jessica, i dare the democratic
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party to take that message to the american people. >> i guess there's a dare here. >> jessica has the study and we have the other study on our side. however, we have a split. let's do this, jessica, reality let's bring us back it reality. at least two days this week, the stock market made record brand new highs, knowing full well that donald trump was pulling out of the paris accord, clearly. they're smart people on wall street and betting with their pocket books. >> what about lloyd blankfein. eric: they believe that pulling out of the accord was a good deal. >> i don't think that's what it means. i mean, donald trump has seen, obviously, successes in the markets, and we know that barack obama did contribute to the gains, we'll give him credit, i'm all for it. when you have the heads of major corporations like goldman sachs, gary cohn has top economic advisor came out tweeting for the first time about this, because it's such a bad deal. when you have exxon, doesn't even want it. eric: that's not what i'm
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saying. let's bring it-- wall street says new record highs, putting in money for the future of the economic growth, not what president obama did eight years ago. it's for the future and if jessica's studies were right and there's going to be $8 trillion of lost gdp, there's no one in their right mind on wall street that would put money into that. >> it's fascinating. the piece on the startups they were going to struggle because of paris climate agreement and then you have this individual come out and basically say he's running one of the companies, oh, no, our investments are going to b fine. yes, it's disheartening that we're not part of the paris climate agreement, but clean energy, those investments are going to continue because the united states is a leader in terms of innovation, of clean energy, as well as oil and energy production. so, i think that even say that that's going to impact the investment in these companies, i think, is ridiculous and i also think when you're talking about the taxpayers have to foot the pill, $2.5 billion that would have to go to a green climate
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fund that was not authorized by the congress. i mean, i find that would be incredibly troubling and i think that's why-- i think there's a certain-- i think there's a sense that it's okay that we don't need to be part of this international agreement which creates international oversight of what we can and cannot do. eric: coming up, hillary clinton blames fake news for causing her to lose the election. and
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>> there have been some studies done since the election that if you look, let's take facebook, if you look at facebook, the vast majority of the news, news items posted were fake. eric: oh, brother. why blame yourself when you can blame someone else or everyone else for that matter? hillary clinton busy this week pointing the finger at fake news on sites like facebook for her huge election loss. mercedes, let me get this straight.
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the media bashed president trump when he mentions fakes news. and now-- >> i didn't know that hillary clinton was a news analyst, that's a new title for her. we constantly see the double standard hillary clinton talking fake news versus donald trump talking fake news and there's no uproar coming from the media and part of it is because, while hillary clinton's spending her time blaming the media, blaming the dnc and everyone except for may be her husband, it's very telling of the fact that when you look back at the election, it was very clear that donald trump received far more negative coverage than hillary clinton, number one, and number two, it was not because of what-- how the media was covering the two candidates. i mean, hillary clinton had everything in her favor, from the polls, to the amount of money that she spent. eric: right. >> so, i think that for her to say, well, it's all the fake news that caused the uproar is insane because what we've seen
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in so much of this election process, has been that the fake news actually, it goes both ways. eric: not only does it go both ways, lisa, it's also the treatment of the mainstream media. so donald trump says fake news, their heads explode and hillary clinton says fake news, oh, maybe fake news had something to do with it. >> and there are reports that then candidate trump received 91% of the coverage was negative. one week alone. the unsubstantiated sexual misconduct allegations, received coveragesen wikileaks 36 minutes of coverage. this is a joke from hillary clinton. she had everything at her disposal. spent double the amount of money that then candidate donald trump spent. she had the dnc rig the primary in favor of her. there are reports leading up to the election, a month before that she had five times the amount of boots on the ground
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and the amount of staff that then candidate donald trump had. so she literally had everything that she could possibly need and/or want to win an election and she managed to lose. i'm over the excuses from hillary clinton. she was a horrible candidate. and i could go over the litany of mistake the campaign made and the only reason she lost the election is because of her. eric: rachel, is it time for ms. clinton to fade off into the sunset and retire? >> does she not have any friends that tell her how bad this looks for her? she needs to go away, give it some rest, give it breathing room and come back. the reason why the media is not calling out hillary clinton and is calling out trump is because trump was calling them out. msn, mainstream media. hillary is saying this is the work of bloggers planting fake stories and i'm still trying to figure out what are these stories that affected all the coal miners and the factory workers and the farmers and the
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people who voted for donald trump? it makes no sense. nobody made up the story about her server. nobody made up the story about the quid pro quo going on at the state department and her husband's foundation. by the way, if i hear someone say that she had a messaging problem one more time, my head is going to explode. hillary clinton had a policy problem. eric: right, right. >> one last thing, eric, can i say in the same interview she blamed the fake news on building up or putting in fake numbers in donald trump's twitter account, saying that his twitter followers, a lot of them were fake. go to a trump rally and you saw the energy was there. go to a hillary rally, there was no energy, there was not nearly the kind of support that donald trump had. eric: on further analysis, turns out a lot of hillary clinton's own twitter followers were fake as well. jessica, last word, a lot to digest. >> there's too much and i have
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no time, so much wrong that was said, jessica. >> come on, be nice to me, guys. eric: we found a friend for hillary. >> i am. i was screaming at these rallies: okay when hillary clinton is talking fake news, alice jones, not cnn and the times. >> she went after the new york times. >> please, i get like two seconds. eric: let me finish. >> okay. second point here the main strome media has been calling her out. joe scarboro called her pathetic. david axelrod says that james comey didn't make her go to wisconsin. and that hillary clinton blames everyone, but herself. there are people part of the mainstream media who you abhor who are appalled what she's doing and make her take responsibility in nicer language than you, lisa. the role that russia interference may have played and voter i.d. laws in wisconsin
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important to make sure that we do about eter. hillary clinton lost, i get it, we're sad, president trump, rah, rah, rah. i'm done. eric: the u.s. had successfully looked at an anti-missile system looked at an anti-missile system after north korea whuuuuuat?rtgage offer from the bank today. you never just get one offer. go to and shop multiple loan offers for free! free? yeah. could save thousands. you should probably buy me dinner.
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in. eric: the u.s. is flexing its military might this week. the pentagon successfully testing a new missile defense stem after north korea fires another ballistic missile into the sea of japan. u.s. war ships are taking part
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in a major military drill with japan. at least president trump wanted military spending and maybe there's a good reason for doing that? >> i do. the u.s. army chief of staff you said not too long ago, to the house arms services committee, that we're ill-prepared and he has grave concerns for us fighting a power like north korea or iran. and there's discussion about the military unpreparedness. i think we should do everything we can. eric: let me get the liberal in here. less military spending. >> i'm a hillary hawk and i think we could take the 1.6 billion for the border wall and spend it on important programs for the country and maybe give it to the state department and be diplomatic leaders and health and stuff like that. eric: your thoughts on the crazy world getting crazier, should we spend more? >> we cannot be a diplomatic
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leader with north korea, there's no negotiating there with that insane dictator. and i believe that the priority of nuclear strike deterrents is important, it reminds me of the days of ronald reagan when he launched the strategic defense initiative. incredibly important because at the end we're looking at a long-range nuclear missile that could be launched, you know, in the next four years in the hands of the north koreans and we need to be prepared. eric: rachel, bring it home. >> i just want to tell you that all of this military spending is raising the morale in the military. my husband-- my father is a 30-year vet and he said that the morale among vets and active duty that he speaks to is equivalent to the morale we saw when reagan was elected after carter. this is good for the military and by the way, that test has a long way to go. there were some problems launching at night so we need to keep investing. eric: i've got to leave it right there. what president trump is doing what president trump is doing for you and the
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america's veterans are on the tour of their lives. at dav we're on a mission to help veterans of all generations get the benefits they've earned. help us support more victories for veterans. go to
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>> i want to say thanks to our cashin' in crew for joining us. great week, everybody. time to wake up america. it's amazing to me how biased the mainstream media is. every time i think they can't get worse, they do. while the mainstream media spent the last two weeks microamlizing russian ties. the commander-in-chief was quietly putting up serious points on the presidential scoreboard. the mainstream media spent the last few weeks in deep dives surrounding russian collusion with donald trump. guess what that uncovered. koefefe. and it lot of it. and the speech struck the right tone with the allies on board, we will defeat terrors. job creation numbers have been solid and stock market records a new high almost every day and that's investor confidence for
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the future. no investor in his right mind places money on the past, solely on the economic future. sorry, obama lovers, this is trump's economy now and this trump's economy now. and you didn't hear that. neil gorsuch was seated on the supreme court, that's one of the biggest win. and why a vote for trump was a vote for conservativism in the supreme court. look at the picture on the supreme court class of 2017. it's a picasso in this conservative's eyes. back to the media for a second. it pains me to say that these people are in the same profession as i am. albeit we're far away from each other on the journalism spectrum, i do opinion journalism so i can have a lean and i admit that i lean, i lean right in that it's right for the country. so tune in to cashin' in every week and get real news on economy, on the jobs, the jobs
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outlook ap war on terror and crazy communist dictators or tune into the others that deal in with fake news and how muc >> lou: good evening, everybody. president trump today announced a decision sure to rattle globalist and environmental extremist and left wing know nothing that care little about the unfair or destructive consequences of the paris agreement and our way of life. president trump reached out to the tems and envio in renegotiating the paris accord or leading with him a now agreement that is


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